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2023.04.01 07:30 NimblyBimblyMeyow I’m not sure what happened, but I’m just hoping to know if anyone else has experienced something similar.

I’ll try to keep this brief, but I had the weirdest mc, I’m confused, and just hoping to see if anyone else has experienced something similar.
Husband and I decided to start trying officially on February 6th, so I stopped taking my birth control that night. I ovulated a few weeks later, and then 8 days later, I had the strongest cramps I’ve ever experienced in my life. They were so strong, they were what I believe may have been minor contractions. It felt like my uterus was struck by lightning, and then I had an alternating burning sensation with these odd lightning waves along with spotting for 2 days, and then it all stopped.
I tested positive shortly after, only to find that the tests on the following days faded until the last one I had taken was stark white.
It’s been 3 weeks since then, and then a few days ago, I woke up and fortunately got to the toilet before seeing what I can only describe as the lava lamp goo in deep red coming from my vagina. It was the heaviest and most painful experience I’ve had with this, and it freaked me out.
That continued for an hour, and then stopped, only for there to be residual spotting until today when it got heavier, but more akin to a normal period.
I’m not looking for medical advice or anything like that, as I’m going to see my doctor about this soon, I’m just hoping to see if anyone else has experienced anything similar because that was the weirdest experience I’ve ever had.
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2023.04.01 07:30 Brother_L0ngfoot UFOs

Obama talking about it:
Article full text (quotes from linked 60 Minutes episode):
Bombshell UFO Report: U.S. Military Encounters UFOs ‘Every Day’ That Far Exceed Its Tech, Capabilities
An explosive report featured on CBS News’s “60 Minutes” featured several former U.S. military officials who talked about what the U.S. government knows about unidentified aerial phenomena — UAP —more commonly referred to as UFOs.
The segment comes ahead of a report that the military is supposed to deliver to Congress by next month. Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said in a recent interview that the findings will shock people because “frankly, there are a lot more sightings than have been made public.”
Newsworthy quotes from the “60 Minutes” segment:
Lue Elizondo, former U.S. Military official that led the U.S. government’s effort to investigate UAP: “Imagine a technology that can do 600-to-700 g-forces, that can fly at 13,000 miles an hour, that can evade radar and that can fly through air and water and possibly space. And oh, by the way, has no obvious signs of propulsion, no wings, no control surfaces and yet still can defy the natural effects of Earth’s gravity. That’s precisely what we’re seeing.” Elizondo on explanations for what people are witnessing: “In some cases there are simple explanations for what people are witnessing. But there are some that, that are not. We’re not just simply jumping to a conclusion that’s saying, ‘Oh, that’s a UAP out there.’ We’re going through our due diligence. Is it some sort of new type of cruise missile technology that China has developed? Is it some sort of high-altitude balloon that’s conducting reconnaissance? Ultimately when you have exhausted all those what ifs and you’re still left with the fact that this is in our airspace and it’s real, that’s when it becomes compelling, and that’s when it becomes problematic.” Ryan Graves, former Navy pilot Lieutenant, on how often the U.S. Military encounters UAPs on the East Coast: “Every day. Every day for at least a couple years.” Graves on what he thinks the objects are: “I would say, you know, the highest probability is it’s a threat observation program.” Chris Mellon, served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence for Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush, and was on the staff of the Senate Intelligence Committee: “… these vehicles seem to have unlimited loiter time, which we don’t have. We’re limited in terms of altitude, it’s hard to design something that functions well at ground level that can go, 60,000 or 80,000 feet and then drop down to the deck or drop to 20,000 feet. And you know, and it’s like a straight vertical line … in seconds. … Then the acceleration is beyond any, far beyond anything that we, that we’re capable of … There’s nothing we could build that would be strong enough to endure that amount of force and acceleration.” 
The segment also documented a case from 2004 where two U.S. Navy pilots with the USS Nimitz carrier strike group were training about 100 miles southwest of San Diego and encountered a UAP that they claim descended 80,000 feet in a matter of only a few seconds. The pilots said that when they got close to the object after tracking it that it disappeared because of the speed that it was able to accelerate.
"Foo Fighters" from WW2
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2023.04.01 07:30 user22568899 my boyfriend who was on ritalin from elementary school to high school, struggles with empathy

basically title. we have been together over a year and whenever there’s an issue and i’m upset he cannot understand me. he tries solving this problem immediately without comforting me. he sounds robotic almost when he does this (very monotone and flat) and repeats very similar lines everytime. we have talked extensively about this and he just doesn’t know how to comfort me, even when i explain it to him.
i feel like being on this medicine for so long (he was an emotionless zombie) never allowed him to properly develop good communication skills and empathy. i want this relationship to work, but if we can’t solve this it’s not going to. any advice? he wants to be more receptive to my feelings and be able to comfort me emotionally, but doesn’t know what steps to take.
being able to hear anyone else’s perspective with similar issues would also help me be a lot more understanding of his mindset as well. any insight or anything at all would be super helpful
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2023.04.01 07:30 Paperswisscheese Favorite Character Moment of Naruto Part One/Shippuden?

That moment Sasuke protected Naruto from Haku. The minute this dude "awakened" his Sharingan I was like "he is that guy right now" For me that's a big deal. I haaaaated Shippuden Sasuke cause I didn't like how so much of Part Two focused on him. I wanted to know more about the Chunin Exams and what Village they were going to for them. And I never got that 😭😭But Part One Sasuke was just different. It was heartbreaking seeing this kid who was trying to hold everything together so he could be with this new dysfunctional family (Sakura and Naruto) be this Tragic Villain by endgame all because of circumstances. Any time he did try to protect his friends who mattered most there was always some villain trying to get in the way.
I'm never forgetting that moment Sasuke was able to keep up with Haku, spinning him around man😂😂Dude really said "I'm bridging that gap right now!"
My second moment has to be Temujin. Just the character. Everything about him was cool. His sword, cool, his powers, cool, his backstory, cool. The fact he looked like a Medieval Link? Cool. Loved the way they incorporated Steampunk/Dieselpunk to the series, it fit a whole lot better than Boruto's Ninja Tec imo.
What was the moment in the series that made you go like: "this character is next level, no one else is the cream of the crop, this character is now protagonist level etc etc"?
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2023.04.01 07:30 Suebik Sexual assault trauma

Hello everyone, I am posting on behalf of my spouse. I have her permission to post this.
When we were first started dating she explained to me about a incident that happened before we met and started dating, now fast forward and we have been married now for 3 years, been together for 5.
I am a veteran and have been diagnosed with PTSD. How ever my wife has not been diagnosed but we are in agreement she has some sort of trauma form what has happen.
Now I have been given the chance to take part in a medical study for Vets in the form of a SGB shot. The organization was and is for veterans only and sadly my wife does not qualify.
I have searched online for some information and to see if I can find an organization that helps anyone. Money is tight right now and the shot is pretty expensive at the moment and will probably never get cheaper and insurance won’t pay for it.
After seeing how much it has helped me, it has given my wife hope it could help her.
Does anyone know about any organization or anything at all that would help? I appreciate any and all help you have to offer.
I apologize if this is the wrong sub to ask or if this is out of line.
Thank you
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2023.04.01 07:30 baberbots should i wait

me and my girlfriend of four months broke up, usually break ups don’t affect me as much but this one hurts. I’ve gotten used to heartbreaks and short relationships but I really saw a future with this one. She ended things because she wanted to focus on herself get a better job find a new place to live because her lease was ending. And I guess she wasn’t really ready for a relationship. Because I think I was a rebound, but over the four months we have been together I started to love her more and more each day we danced under the stars she taught me new things. Introduce me to new hobbies, told me her dreams. And wanted me to be in them. She said I was her soulmate that I was the best boyfriend she’s ever had and that she loved me, but then broke up with me. She told me that I should move on, but I told her that I will always wait because she’s the one that I want to spend my life with. She told me that she would stay in contact with me and for the first few days she did, but then stopped. I promised her that we would go to all the places that she always wanted to go to do all the things that you wanted to do and I intend to keep that promise. For the last week she has been very distant. I asked her if she would be able to call or hang out just to catch up and see how she was doing. I’m worried sick about her, she barely eats She used to be suicidal, but I don’t know if she is anymore. I just want to know how she is doing and if she needs anything. I love her too much to move on, and I wanna spend more time with her I don’t wanna go to the place is she wanted to go I want to do the things she wanted to do, after all, I made a promise. I don’t know what to do.
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2023.04.01 07:29 raoul_music I met Avey tonight

I met Avey tonight
Oh my god guys. First of all, Brooklyn show was incredible. Was my first time at a solo AnCo member show. Got there super early to be up close and center. Waited outside the venue after the show, with my copies of Feels and 7s. I had never met any of the Collective. An hour in, it was just me and another guy I met at the show. I was about to give up. Back door opens, and we see Avey loading his gear into his van. I went up to him nervously after he was finished, and told him everything I wanted to say to him about how much his music has impacted me. He was so nice! And he signed my two records 🥲 Life doesn’t feel real right now
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2023.04.01 07:29 teh__Doctor Is the salary guide from Hay's legit?

Is the salary guide from Hay's legit?
I've been working as a devops/cloud engineer for 2 years and from what it looks like based on Hay's salary guide, I get paid very little compared to the 160-200k range for the various roles on there. I still get paid 100k which is good for me, but I wonder if I'm being stiffed. My work is a mixture of DevOps/Platform/SRE on AWS cloud depending on the day.
I can't quite leave the company at the moment, issues with personal life, but I am hoping I can jump jobs in a couple months. In the meantime, is it reasonable for me to ask for better pay? If so, how would I approach it? I have no communication channel with HR, I got a 3% raise last year (making it a hundred) but that was about it and the managers are project specific.
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2023.04.01 07:29 Extractvanilla Feel anxiety about going on dates after emotionally abusive relationship

My ex used to call me ugly and fat almost daily and l lost all my confidence and esteem. I ghosted him and just disappeared from his life because l realized he was killing me slowly.
As l now rebuild my life l am struggling with worries that men l will meet will think l’m fat and ugly even though one guyl kinda talked to briefly said you are so cute. I’m scared l will chase away good people because of this trauma. I’m trying my best to heal and sometimes when this guy asks me to meet him or to hang out l feel pressured and shut down because I’m worried about how he thinks l look. I hate this and i wish l had never met my abuser but l continue fighting everyday because l refuse to let someone l treated with nothing but love and care while they gave me hate and abuse in return define my future.
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2023.04.01 07:29 andrewpat2006 How to remove Childs second Surname during immigration procedures.

My daughter was born in Mexico, im her biological father and my name is on her birth certificate, traditionally she has My last name and Her mother's last name. That's how they do it in Mexico. We will begin immigration procedures soon, her mother and I will be married and name change during her i485 adjustment, daughter end result after i485 adjusting status then she will be a US Citizen after filing N600 since she will meet the criteria At what point during both process am I able to legally drop the second last name and have her retain the single last name like her mother will have?
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2023.04.01 07:28 spykid2000 Leah Black come back to us!

I am so happy with how well received and amazing housewives of miami is doing. IMO it’s the best current standing franchise. Since S5 is over, i went back to rewatch the og seasons 1-3 and i’m obsessed. and a huge piece that’s missing my opinion is the coral gables queen herself, Leah Black. She brought so much to the table. even when i was a teen watching the original seasons, i found her magnetic. is she petty? yes. Mean sense of humor? yes. but she was also funny, and kind in her unique way. she lives a fabulous life and was very much the matriarch type. anyone else a LB fan?
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2023.04.01 07:28 detroit_muslim_man_ I'm 25 and I messed up my early 20a

How do I stop thinking about the past?
Worked since I was 15 , had 30k cash saved up until 2021, got myself into these meme stocks , every paycheck I get would be used into meme stocks
2022 was sports gambling addiction where again my paycheck , anything remains after bills would go to gambling straight to losses
2023, I have decided to quit Both and on building wealth again
I get mad thinking how much I messed up in the last 2 years that I would have 100k+ saved up and now in the year of 2023 I'm starting myself from 0 and working it back.up.
My salary has been 50k for the last few years and my monthly expenses are $1300 (rent+utilties+insurances)
Do I hate myself for my dumb mistakes in the past ?
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2023.04.01 07:28 Realistic_Rabbit_545 I'm bad at raids, how do I get better?

I've only completed Vault of Glass with some buddies and yesterday King's Fall with a sherpa team. I really try my best but I strongly feel like I'm the weakest link on my team and I'm pulling everyone down with me. I find it really difficult to learn different mechanics there is so much to learn in such a short time. Even when I played with a sherpa and they explained everything and were chill and patient I feel so bad 'cause I am really trying my best but I feel like it doesn't really show.
How do I get better or am I really just extra dumb or something?
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2023.04.01 07:28 InevitablePangolin45 update in case anyone cares.

I am not sure if anyone will even see this post (or even care) but here is an update.
I lied about a few things in the other post(lying on the internet? im shocked). The ages were a lie, and we are both guys. I was just trying to make my unique situation less noticeable in case someone recognized me. It doesnt matter now though if he sees this post.
We broke up. there was just no trust about the food issue and he wouldnt stop trying to eat my food. I looked into and got locking containers that can go in the fridge but he said it was a violation of trust and broke up with me. I dont really get how I was the one being untrustworthy but oh well...
I will probably go back to the dating scene and try to find someone else who respects my boundaries, but I think that might be hard to find someone as good. We both lived in our bedrooms, I dont think I will be able to find someone as good as that honestly. That is why the whole food thing confuses me tbh, he was perfectly ok with having separate bedrooms (I think he preferred it too tbh), but was not okay with having seperate food. Idk, humans are unqie, no point in trying to understand others i guess
In regards to commenters saying I need therapy, I am pretty against that, my quirks are part of who I am, I would rather find someone who is ok with them than change myself. I know that will be very hard (maybe impossible) but I will keep on trying.
If anybody does read this sorry for the poor grammar and spelling, I am tired and going to bed but didnt know if the account would still be logged on in the morning. (just came back to this pc to see it still logged in) if it is still logged on cool, I dont think I will respond anyways, I dont have anything else to say I think?
I dont know what else to do so I will do a fake q and a here.
q: what is your favorite color?
a:gray grey? or blue or purple
q: you sound like a horrible person
a: thats not a question
q: why are you a horrible person?
a: I dont think its fair to say ones unique comforts and discomforts makes them a horrible person, I also dont think its fair to force them to be uncomfortable to better fit in
q: thats a stupid reponse
a: yep
q:whats your favorite animal?
a: I like plants a lot, I dont think that counts though, in fact thats a requirement for a dating partner, he has to not want pets, they are too chaotic and unnecessary.
q: will you be ok?
a: yes the breakup was a bit ago, I am fine then and am fine now. only thing that has really changed is I no longer have anyone to do romantic stuff with.
q: whats the deal with the kids?
a: idk I was just making stuff up there tbh, we hadnt discussed kids too often, but if we did have kids I dont see what I suggested being that much of a problem tbh.
q: can I date you?
a: anybody who is asking that after seeing these reddit posts is not serious.(yes I am that egotistical to think someone might want to date me)
q: who are you really?
a: I am not giving any more personal info, thankfully I lie to my coworkers so all of this stuff doesnt equal me to them.
I guess thats all i have to say. I dont mean to sound so mean to myself in the questions and answers, just kind of answerings some stuff i got in private messages. If you dont think I sound mean enough then sorry, if it makes you feel better I dont t hink of myself as a good person. Not because of this whole ordeal but more so lack of me doing good deeds.
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2023.04.01 07:27 throwra123S Abandoned by my mother who is now 42F at the age of 5. I'm a 24F

Abandoned and constantly betrayed by my mother at age of (5) that it affects my interest in relationships. After she left me, I moved countries with my father and brother whenever I tried to get to know her she'd betray me.. I used to travel continents for her only for her to not want to see me after a day, l've always wondered if somethings wrong with me that l'm unwanted and hated. When I became an adult she tried to ruin any friendship or relationship she found out about and telling people I'm not worthy.. She never hated my brother but he's never given her a chance to get to know him. Previous relationship was toxic but I was attached to the person because it was the first time to give myself a chance. constantly got stabbed because I was trying to fix something that I didn't ruin. I do not date easily, I felt this family attachment with my ex that I had to stay during the betrayal and disrespect because I was afraid to let the feeling of someone being there go, I was reliving my childhood.. I realised ¡was unconsciously trying to fix what I didn't break so I can have a taste of stability. I used to blame myself thinking I'm hard to love. I am very confident and I act so brave but I struggle and nobody would guess me. I do not talk to my ex or my mother, however how do I get rid of the betrayal feeling I have towards these two.. and the soft spot for my ex. How do I know I stop blaming myself?
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2023.04.01 07:27 653C The Simplicity of Truth

I wouldn't say I'm setting up anything, though I do take responsibility for the description I wrote. I reference my own life and experience for how I lived in delusions for a while until I woke up.
I rebelled against God, lost my way, wandered through systems of belief and religions, found something beyond belief. Faith is beyond belief.
My experience is such that the dividing line of the delusional and the awake is Faith. That is because the truth is that Spirit is the source of material existence and all science and all miracles proceed from the Spiritual reality of existence.
Faith is, at its simplest and most foundational, a recognition of that.
So escaping the delusions of the dreams (such things are the various convincing, persuasive illusory realms, beliefs, ideas and realities) is only something that can be achieved through comprehension of the Truth of Faith.
The beginning of it is the process of awakening. To be awake is to directly ascertain for oneself, through one's own direct experience, that Faith is True and that all Truth is from Faith.
To be awakened is to be established in Faith and there is only one Way for that, which is given by God and in relation to God. The rebellion against God, and the illusions of separateness began with that rebellion, was the beginning of loss of Faith and a descent into the madness and confusion of materialism (and beliefs of science and that the material could ever govern the spiritual, which is a lie).
So all attempts to re-establish the connection to Truth and Faith that seeks to avoiding the Way which is given by God is a lie, because any and all who seek to reconnect with God would listen to Him and accept His Way.
Those who profess otherwise are dishonest about Who they really value (they value themselves more than God, which points to the endless cycle of egoic delusions of grandeur and loss of self-worth that spirals them endlessly in slavery to their sin, their material attachments, and the cause-and-effects of their own self-imprisonment, for which they alone are to blame).
As such, God who is patient and loving and merciful allows them to blaspheme and distort the truth to the most unbearable (for us) extent and proportion, so they might be saved. Thus, as they continue to rebel against the Way, they condemn themselves and pave their own path to hell.
For there is only one Way and only two directions on the Way: the direction towards Truth and Faith and God, and the direction towards Deception, towards Sin (which leads to death and debased material entanglements) and Hell (which is recognizing how deeply one had been decieved by their own arrogance, and how they have no hope you return, because the Way which was given to them has been taken from them).
Even all cause and effect begins and ends in spirit, including all paths of rebellion which can only be corrected through repentance (stopping and turning around to return to Truth and Faith and God). All the wisdom and knowledge of science and karma, all technologies and even practical miracles and prophecies, all such things are subject to the rule of God and his love and mercy towards us who willingly, at the beginning and day by day rebel against His will and His creation, rejecting the Way in favor of our own path, to "become like Gods" as well follow the deception at the beginning - reveling against God's love and kindness towards us in nourishing us through the Spirit and giving us all that we need - in favor of disobedience and interference with God's Way (because we are deceived).
In the end, we pay the price if we don't turn back (repent).
We were not crested to be wild but all of that is the curse which follows our dissent and revision against the Natural way. The natural way is God's design.
So we descend into the deception of evolution and adapting to the material, rather than being reformed and renewed in the spiritual, born anew in the Spirit that can only be granted by God, according to His will.
The Truth in itself is not complicated but the complications result from deception, degradation and decay which follows sin.
The only Son of God has said: I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE.
The emphasis is on the word "the" in my writing here. There are many paths away from God and only one Way back to God. There are many "truths" in the form of systems, beliefs, dreams, illusions, magics, ideas, deceptions and experiences. There is only one Faith which is THE Truth.
There is only one Life, because we are not all separate but One, in the Life of Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of the Heavenly Father.
We can cut ourselves off from the Life in rejecting Jesus Christ but it doesn't change the Truth that he is the only Son of the Life-giving Heavenly Father. Through Faith in Him as THE Way, we return to Life and are born anew as the Sons and Daughters of the Life-giver who gives us the Way, not to be earned but as a gift of liberation from the endless traps and cycles of slavery and attachment to sin.
Faith, as a basis of being awakened, is the source of all High Reason, of all Coherence and Truth, of all Beauty and Life. Faith allows us to return to the Way and experience the real source of all peace and joy and Love.
Jesus showed to us the greatness of Love of the Father and gives us the Way to the Love (for he said that none can come to the Father except through him). Jesus is the Only Way.
Those who reach for the Love of the Heavenly Father in any "way" aside from Jesus Christ, which is the Way given to us by the Heavenly Father, are defiling the Holy Love of the Heavenly Father, lying about their love for Him (since they oppose His will) and are storing up wrath for themselves on the day of judgment.
The Heavenly Father is merciful and kind and patient. He doesn't want anyone to be lost but for all to be saved. That is why there is still time to repent. It doesn't mean that defiling what is holy has no retribution. Some believe that since they are not immediately punished or that some evil or wicked people seem to get away with their misdeeds.
After all, we can seek the evidence in the material (unfaith) or we can seek the truth in the spirit (faith). Faith is the basis of all reason and rationality, the source of all science and miracles, and the only Way to live a real life. Through reconnecting with God according to the Way he has given us: his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.
The truth is as simple as can be, but lies multiply lies into confusion and complexity to distract away from the truth.
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2023.04.01 07:27 Icy_Breakfast5759 Website easter egg??

I was just reading older chapters and the firefly that sits above reader settings flew across the bottom half of my screen! How cute and cool!! Anyone else seen this or notice a pattern to it??
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2023.04.01 07:27 Bitcoinz_Tech Binance's $1B Recovery Fund Moved to Corporate Wallet Despite CZ's Promise of 'Native Crypto' and Transparency

Recently, CZ, the CEO of Binance, announced on Twitter that the exchange would move its $1 billion recovery fund into "native crypto" with transparency. However, it appears that Binance has since moved the funds into a corporate wallet.
The announcement by CZ was welcomed by many in the cryptocurrency community who saw it as a positive move towards greater transparency. The $1 billion recovery fund was created to protect users in the event of a security breach. By moving it into "native crypto," CZ was suggesting that the funds would be stored in a cryptocurrency wallet, rather than a traditional bank account.
However, it now appears that Binance has moved the funds into a corporate wallet, which has raised questions about the exchange's commitment to transparency. The move has been criticized by some in the cryptocurrency community who argue that it undermines CZ's original announcement.
Binance has responded to the criticism by stating that the funds are still held in a "secure and safe" manner and that they are committed to transparency. However, the move has raised concerns about the overall security of the exchange.
This is not the first time that Binance has been criticized for its handling of funds. In 2019, the exchange suffered a security breach that resulted in the loss of 7,000 bitcoins. At the time, Binance created the recovery fund to protect users from such incidents in the future.
The move by Binance to move the recovery fund into a corporate wallet has highlighted the need for greater transparency in the cryptocurrency industry. With the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), there is a growing need for exchanges to be more transparent about their operations and the security of users' funds.
In conclusion, while CZ's original announcement about moving the recovery fund into "native crypto" was a positive step towards greater transparency, the subsequent move to a corporate wallet has raised concerns about the security of funds. It remains to be seen how Binance will address these concerns and whether they will take steps to improve transparency in the future.
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2023.04.01 07:27 hopface Coming from FR 245 music to.....Which??? (help please!)

I've been using the FR 245 music for almost 4 years now. I want to upgrade but not sure where to go. I apologize in advance because I know there's so many - "what should I buy?" posts out there.
Been looking at the venu 2 plus because it's similar size of what I'm used to but should I just hold off for a venu 3? Or.....FR 265 maybe?
I don't run nearly as much as I used to. I mostly do BJJ and peloton rides/bootcamps with the occasional run outside. Im hoping to get better sleep tracking and a better HR monitor since the 245 is kinda crap. Battery life is very important. I was going to get the pixel watch until I saw how bad the battery was.
All recommendations and feedback are appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.04.01 07:27 Kittery203456 Losing Hearing & my Voice

My (23F, 5’5, 130lbs) docs don’t know what to do with me. Because they don’t have an answer— I keep getting pawned off.
I’m 23 and from the outside I guess I do look normal. But I feel FAR from it. I’ve been in a steady decline the last 3 years especially. I don’t really drink and I do not smoke. I did notice if I do drink my symptoms can sometimes be more apparent— so I cut alcohol out.
My medical history includes polyps disease in my sinuses, multiple surgeries to remove them, skin issues that won’t go away (these spots have been here three years but my derms refuse to biopsy— I think primarily because they’re on my face). But fatigue, neck pain/pressure (back sides of neck), sporadic hoarseness and persistent hearing loss have become my most prominent issues.
Since October I’ve been having issues with my left ear. My eardrum arched in and I was treated for a middle ear infection but there wasn’t any improvement. I was given multiple courses of antibiotics and then steroids to hope it reduced swelling to clear the hypothetical infection when the antibiotics didn’t work. Again— repeated treatments for this hypothetical infection since October with no improvement. I’ve never had an ear infection prior to this. Only sinus infections.
I followed up with my ENT two weeks ago and he said the inflammation in my left ear was interesting and definitely more visible. He ordered a CT to see what was going on. The report read that my CT was normal in regards to my ears and sinus (which was interesting to me because a sinus CT has never been normal for me bc of the previous surgeries and polyps). The only thing it noted was a 5mm nodule on my thyroid. Oddly enough I don’t think that’s what’s going on with me. I don’t think it is a thyroid issue.
Separately, I’ve been seeing an immunologist at this same clinic. My ANA’s were negative for lupus and I was diagnosed with Sjogrens despite negative ANA’s and no formal biopsy. I physically present with the symptoms so my ENT and Ophthalmologist bounced how I presented to them, to each other, to confirm it. I will be getting a formal biopsy done soon but it hasn’t happened yet— I’ve just rolled with the diagnosis this last year because it makes sense with my symptoms. I do want to make it clear the my ENT made a point to feel my salivary glands and noted they were massive (something the CT report stated was normal).
I’m anxious that somebody did not actually review my CT. I’m confused how it would show my left ear normal or my salivary glands as normal when those are the most prominent issues my doctors have honed in on with me. THEN— I’m scared that it actually is normal and it’s all in my head. But I don’t know how I could will hearing loss or the inflammation my ENT treated.
I’m getting anxious because today I got the same pain in my right ear that I did in my left back in October. Things sound muffled and it physically hurts. I want to describe it as swimmers ear but it’s different?
I think everything relates to something autoimmune but I’m having a hard time understanding how hearing loss or hoarseness could solely be caused by Sjogrens.
Are there tests or certain disorders I should be asking about? If we believe my CT is actually clear what could be causing my hearing loss and the pain in my eardrums?
I’m hoping I covered all my bases, but I’m writing this from bed after a very long shift. I hope it reads well. I’m appreciative of any insight.
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2023.04.01 07:27 almunshid Confused about a dream

So I had a dream around 5-6 years ago which didn’t feel like a normal, fuzzy dream, I am 100% sure it was a Ru’yaa.
Back then ISIS was booming and my dumb self was seriously considering joining them as I ate their propaganda. I was debating joining them or not for a loooong time.
Then I had the dream. The prophet ﷺ was there, standing on the ground, while I was on a horse. I did not see the prophets face for some reason (it was shadowy). The horse was confused as to go forward or back. Then the prophet said:
“ألحقت بالركب يا مُثنى أم تأخرت؟"
“Did you catch the ride, O Muthanna, or were you late?”
Now any arabic speaker here will agree 100% that this is exactly how the prophet speaks. This dream still makes me think about the ISIS thing I know they were barbaric people, I know they killed thousands of muslims, made suicide halal etc but it still makes me think.
I didn’t end up going anyway for some reason, and I’m glad I made that decision
Forgot to mention, Al Muthanna is a name of a commander in the rashidun army.
What you guys think?
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2023.04.01 07:27 plantsplantsplaaants Heightened sense of smell for specific things?

I’ve slowly been losing my sense of smell over the last decade. It’s barely there at all now, but I can smell really strong odors. I can also smell things that are migraine triggers and I can smell them much (MUCH) better than others around me. Even when others can barely smell it I can easily detect it as a migraine trigger in the air (usually a strong chemical like a solvent). I can sometimes smell it but often times I can just tell it’s there without actually smelling it. That all sort of makes sense to me, but something weird happened today. I was easily able to smell my corpse flower starting to bloom (rotting flesh smell!) and two other people without loss of smell couldn’t smell it at all. It didn’t feel like a migraine trigger and it wasn’t a chemical smell so I was surprised that I could smell it more easily than others. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
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