Amazon reusable sandwich bags

Reusable Seal Silicone Food Fresh Bag The days of plastic bags are officially numbered! The perfect solution to reusable food storage and snack packing is here. In four adorable colors, you get a temperature resistant silicone bag that’s easy to clean, easy to pack, and completely sealable!

2023.04.01 06:13 Ralfop Reusable Seal Silicone Food Fresh Bag The days of plastic bags are officially numbered! The perfect solution to reusable food storage and snack packing is here. In four adorable colors, you get a temperature resistant silicone bag that’s easy to clean, easy to pack, and completely sealable!

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2023.04.01 06:06 Rude_Care1782 Custom Logo Printed Foldable Reusable Non Woven Bag with Metal Button Folding Recyclable Non Woven Shopping Bags

Custom Logo Printed Foldable Reusable Non Woven Bag with Metal Button Folding Recyclable Non Woven Shopping Bags
1 #Shoulder Bags #fashion bag #tote bag #bag for women
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2023.04.01 04:59 meme-scraperr Ok I think I have a problem

Probably ate 400g+ of sugar today. Complete family size bag of cookies, sugary drinks/tea, soda, ice-cream, chocolate chips straight out of the bag, honey sandwiches (yes just bread and honey), sugary cereal, coffee creamer.
I keep trying to restart but I feel like complete trash by day 2. I grew up on sugar and quit once my freshman year of college. I remember crazy headaches and irritability. But now Idk it seems even harder.
I’m skinny so I feel fine but I just feel soulless without some kind of sugar intake
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2023.04.01 04:54 Raging_Coffee How does a normal person eat? Rambling & mental reviewing of today.

CW: mention of what I ate I guess
So today, I tried really hard to eat as normal as possible, but oftentimes, I have been wondering if i am eating "correctly."
Like does a normal person do this? Do they do that? Idk what normal person does or how they eat.
I think I ate normal maybe first half of day:
Breakfast: overnight oats, yogurt, blueberries, cold brew with cream to go!!
Lunch: chicken & cheese sandwich, carrots from the bag, hummus
Tbh these have been standard meals my whole life. On a week day, I just want to eat and move on.
Then I had to have a snack, but wasn't hungry & I was out of the house. I decided to try a protein shake because I had never tried one, but then my brain was all mad like "but protein drinks are safe for some people so maybe you're just disordered!!" even though I actually wanted to try it? I ended up liking it pretty good too, which was nice. I do like liquid calories and I think they are practical on the go especially.
I ate a banana when I got home. I love banana lmao.
Dinner: I don't eat dinner on days I work (1-2× per week), which I don't think is completely disordered?? I don't know!! I pack snacks with me and just eat them at work when I get hungry, or I eat the stuff we have for snacks at work. Like if the intention isn't disordered, I don't think something inherently is. I just graze, basically.
I packed snacks but ended up only having my GoMacro bar since I was sent home early (tornado). Normally I would pick a NuGo bar, but I did the GoMacro since it had more calories.
When I got home I lounged around, did 15 min yoga, and ate a crumbl cookie slice, some fruit, spoonful of frosting, over the course of several hours. It felt organic to me, but idk.
I don't know how many calories I ate today, so I guess that's the win.
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2023.04.01 04:06 Mascott106 Is there a "safe" soft shutter button attachment?

Hey all, I recently sent out my X100V for repair after winding up with the "mushy" shutter button issue. I used a cheap soft shutter button I got off of Amazon, and reading into it it looks like that may have contributed. I never overtightened it, it never took a hit, nothing, just one night it came out of my bag without haptic feedback.
So now that I have the camera back in definitely not using the same soft shutter button - are there any "known good" soft shutter attachments? Or is the real answer just to not use anything on the shutter button?
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2023.04.01 03:56 mynamenotu Blonde Espresso substitute

Hey guys, I'm a former 240 partner who tragically got hooked on blonde espresso. What is a good retail- available substitute (as in, Amazon or supermarkets) for it? I don't actually want to give starbucks my money and have no feasible access to markout hook ups so I need a replacement. I acquired a bag today using my boyfriend's stars so I could buy myself more time to search. Please help!
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2023.04.01 03:47 BoyMom2MandM Damaged package = damaged car

I picked up all packages from center, no issues with them and went on my way. 1hr later I grab a box from my backseat and it’s damp. I pick it up and it falls apart and motor oil was covering it and then the inside of my car… along with my hands. I called support and they told me I couldn’t throw it away and had to return it… so my car smelled horrible for the remainder of my drive and luckily I had a plastic bag to put it in. My back seat is a wreck, my NorthFace $260 raincoat has motor oil on both sleeves now.
Will Amazon cover to replace this? The support center had no clue and told me to call back on Monday!?!?!
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2023.04.01 03:16 BroMandi [Amazon] Ruffles Potato Chips Variety Pack-1 oz, 40 bags-$17.49 [Deal Price: $17.49]

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2023.04.01 02:57 hellaredditor Question about stores that use DoorDash for delivery...

So I had a weird scenario tonight and it was nothing more than annoying. Delivery app was down, couldn't get ahold of the driver. The cust. service for delivery app told me the driver said, amongst other things, "House with a red door, I delivered it to a kid." Not only am I a 30-something man with a beard, I ran out and chased him trying to ask if he had the missing item. Delivery service app was down so I couldn't call him, rate him, message him, etc. but like, he wasn't even moving his car when I was chasing and waving to him. I just wanted 1/3rd of my order, price didn't factor in to it. Regardless, my question:
When an outsourced driver picks up an order to be delivered, is it the store's, or the driver's responsibility to ensure all items are in the bag? Lets say it's as simple as a drink, something he might've have to grab from over the counter, I know the store the small shit is outside the main line where JM employees make their masterpieces.
Like I said it was only annoying but the guy was a dick after the fact when the cust. service rep repeated what he said about the delivery.
I've worked countless food service/catering/bartending jobs in my life and sure a single small cost item is nothing for most people, even me, but to just brush it off because I'm a "kid" was kind of a weird route to take. I couldn't rate him because of the [aforementioned] app being down (when three items were ordered that's like 2/3 success rate which to me is a 66.66% or 3.3/5 stars) nor could I adjust my tip or call the dude to ask if he had the item in the car as I was chasing him down the street. Fortunately I'm not averse to running but I did recently tear my MCL so maybe I was just a bit slow.
I thought of another question for JM store employees: have you experience some weird issues with outsourced delivery? If so, I'd be interested to hear some weird/funny/obnoxious ones.
I don't miss working in food service but I do believe everyone should. I DO miss the chill vibe and chill friends I made working in food/beverage service. I love JM's staff (across multiple states that I've lived in, it seems to be a standard *y'all are chill, I'd work with ya*). It's a sandwich chain so it seems that you're not there to take it too seriously but still deliver a quality product/experience whatever. I called the local shop manager back to apologize for the fiasco and thank her for her patience (the call started w/ her, then delivery service [who also had to call her] and then after I called to thank her). Food service is a thankless gig and if you haven't experienced it you should, no I believe you MUST unless you have some hard hard agoraphobia. I loved it for the experience, how tips are worthwhile and should be meaningful [my first job paid like 2.73/hr or something ridiculous, so I had to provide good service to make a buck, minus tip out to babuss/kitchen). I stayed until something better came along, and the anxiety of dealing with nightmare customers made it easy to walk away, but I always love that it's something I have in my back pocket. I prefer bartending now but could serve or prepare again.
TLDR: Outsourced driver was lowkey [high key] a douche. I've worked in the industry, the small stuff gets to me bc I always wanted to strive to make people feel like nothing was amiss. Made the effort to contact delivery/chase/flag him down. His driving away while looking at me pushed my buttons, called delivery service, drive said he delivered to a kid [I'm in my 30s]. Maybe that's flattering. J'mikes employees/managers with similar stories, whats the craziest shit you've had to deal with? Outside of me tonight.
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2023.04.01 02:45 6Five_SS Lets Talk Pre Germination

Lets Talk Pre Germination
I’m trying to refine my process for Pre germinating my Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass seed.
Testing is ongoing right now (working on 1/2/3days in water to see what’s fastest). Pictured is pre-germinated seed that was placed in soil after 3 days (left), 6 days (mid), and 7 days (right).
Total time to sprouting (including the time in water) was 7 days, 10, and 12 days. Basically, each group needed 4 days out of the water to sprout.
I’m using Paint Strainer bags from Amazon, much cleaner to use than burlap sacs. Refresh the water every 12 hours. To spread, I’ll mix with Milorganite (pictured) like I did last fall for my (partly successful) full renovation.
PRG sprouts quickest with just 1 day in water. 1 day in water turned into sprouts on day 4. 2 days in water became sprouts on day 5.
I kept some KBG in water for 12 days, it never sprouted.
I’ll post again when I have a conclusion for my final test. This is Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass from Seed World USA, tested 12/2022.
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2023.04.01 02:41 chr0me28 [US-CA] [H] Keebio Quefrency Split Keyboard, A LOT of Base Set Keycaps (MT3 Camillo, Dev/TTY, DSA Dolch, DSA Elven + Minila Dye, DSA 9009, XDA Crayon), Tangerine Milk Switches x90, Paypal [W] 7V Weight & Badge, Paypal

Hi MM, selling a few items off listed below, all in excellent condition! Looking to ship CONUS only, shipping is not included in pricing. Prices listed! Local to 94066, open to meetups.
Updated / New Timestamps Quefrency Older Timestamp. Soundtest here!
Item Description Price
Keebio Quefrency - link Barebone fully modified/tuned. Hotswap PCB, layout in bullets directly below Right side: 2.75u spaceba1.25u/ 1.25u__3x1u Left side is 2.25u spaceba4x1.25u with macro columns. Durock v2 smokey clear, modified/tuned. The case is from Tree Dog Studio - link. Top Color: Soul Black PLA Bottom Color: Jessie Clear PETG. Ergodox Tenting Kit, Laser cut plate & case foam from P3DStore. USB-C connectors (short) for connecting the two sides - link. $150 shipped
Item Description Price
Dark Tangerine Milks - Lubed x90 (Linear) New Condition, purchased from u/chandaddypurps but they have a weird crunching noise when pressed hard and he stopped responding to me, so selling for cheap. $25 shipped
Item Description Price
MT3 Camillo Keycap Set Like new, full base set. $60 shipped in bags
MT3 Dev/TTY Like new, full base set + extra spacebars kit. $90 shipped in bags
DSA Elven + YMDK DSA Profile 61 64 68 Minila Dye Subimation 60% Keycaps Thick PBT(Gray Red Mixed) Like new, I mixed the two sets and too lazy to separate, so will sell together. $25 shipped in bags
YMDK DSA Profile 9009 Dye Sub Like new, 125 set. $20 shipped in bags
Item Description Price
Mammoth75 Brass Plate Some scratches from switch puller, otherwise like new. $60 shipped in bags
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2023.04.01 02:27 Merrymak3r [Amazon]Emergency Survival Kit and First Aid Kit 182 Pcs Gear Tool Tactical First Aid Kit Trauma Bag with Molle Pouch for Camping Hiking Outdoor Adventure $29.60 (Was $39.99)

[Amazon]Emergency Survival Kit and First Aid Kit 182 Pcs Gear Tool Tactical First Aid Kit Trauma Bag with Molle Pouch for Camping Hiking Outdoor Adventure $29.60 (Was $39.99)
I just picked this up on sale with an additional 20% off coupon that applied at check out. I received it today and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the items included. I don't think you could buy the multi-tool, shovel tool, and knife, for what you get in this entire package. This would be a perfect item for someone getting into camping/backing/prepping. Myself, I am planning on using this for a Get Home Bag to stash on my trunk, after making a few minor changes(removing a few items I think I'll never use, add a few more first aid items and water purification tablets). May actually pick up a 2nd to throw in my S.O.'s vehicle as well!
Emergency Survival Kit and First Aid Kit 182 Pcs Gear Tool Tactical First Aid Kit Trauma Bag with Molle Pouch for Camping Hiking Outdoor Adventure
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2023.04.01 02:14 RandomGamecube Got my free Wendy's! Took the day off to claim the promotion. Anyone else?

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2023.04.01 01:50 RemotePersimmon678 12 days in London and Paris with Osprey Fairview 55

Literally sitting in an airport bar because my flight’s been delayed, so what better time to share my packing list! I’m a mid-30s nonbinary person.
I have my Osprey Fairview 55 split into the 40L bag and the 15L daypack. This worked very well for me on my last international trip, 11 days in Japan in 2019. I also have a packable 25L bag that is empty at the bottom of my larger pack that can be used for gifts and souvenirs and checked on the way home.
I’ll be working for a few days so I have my laptop for work.
On Me
Large Bag
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2023.04.01 01:44 Kratangg The JJW Law firm-"We can get you out of legal trouble!"

The JJW Law firm-
Namesake: Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol
User: Johnson Johnson Wrong Esq.
Wearable stand
Power: Ø
Speed: Ø
Range: A
Durability: E
Precision: E
Potential: C
A pair of oversized checkered boots and gauntlets summoned onto the user. Each piece is connected to the user's spine and each other via metallic cords.
DWM’s primary ability allows the user to completely control the movements of others, so long as they precisely mimic the target’s movements beforehand. The period of control’s duration lasts as long as the period of mimicry, and forces targets to move as the user does. Simply, the user copies the target’s movements, then puppets them to follow theirs.
The ability can be applied to people, humanoid stands, corpses, and would eventually extend to any intentionally humanoid object.
While capable of harming stands and serving as a minimal amount of defensive armor, they provide the user with no additional strength.
User information/backstory:
Johnson Johnson Wrong began, as many do, from humble beginnings. A lower class kid from south Georgia, he managed to skid under the eye of the law despite his sketchy dealings and unsavory compatriots. This not only gave him powerful experience and valuable connections, but the money he needed to fulfill his dream-paying his way through law school! He passed the bar with flying colors, and moved on to his duties as a defense attorney.
He was very good at his job. He was not nationally known, and had no desire to be, but was the first choice for legal assistance in certain circles. There was a certain je ne sais quoi to Johnson that lent itself to great feats within the courtroom. He himself went on trial twice for suspected murder, yet was acquitted both times while representing himself. This understated profile, remarkable yet unorthodox skill, and tendency to occupy the same establishments as many of his clientele were enough to catch the eye of a wealthy beneficiary.
Vincent Niche, multimillionaire and shipping empire giant, has wandered into their sights seeking mercenaries of versatile skillsets to embark on a mission alongside him. The danger would be steep, but the reward steeper. The unusual situation this high profile individual was putting himself in, and the relatively seedy location he was employing "no questions asked" mercenaries from implied suspicious business. Johnson this man seemed likely to require a very expensive lawyer.
His application, as well as several others', were eagerly accepted. The freelancers were introduced to each other, some having already been acquainted. Soon, additional information was provided and they were gathered in Niche's office. They were given a group briefing, specifying the mission details as 'recovering an artifact' deep within the Amazon Rainforest. They would convene at his property in Brazil in one month's time. They were to prepare by then, and board a cruise heading to their destination complimentary of Niche. They would be given a personalized weapon and equipped before boarding a helicopter and exploring various sites. There was a high possibility of life-threatening combat, as Niche's estranged sister, Gretchen, was pursuing the same goal with her own highly skilled team. They would be paid five million dollars each upon mission completion. They were then dismissed without elaboration. Johnson was fascinated, his mind racing at how to take full advantage of his new rich, yet clearly eccentric and naïve client. Though, there were preparations to be made. He took the squad suit shopping in an effort to make his less appearance-conscious coworkers more presentable, and prepared his wit for the trip. This would be quite the fascinating outing.
Their relaxing journey was more eventful than anticipated as they were forced to combat a group of attackers bearing a full armory of weapons and explosives. Yet, the incident became more and more bizarre as it progressed. Each and every one of the ridiculously well-armed assailants had the same face, voice, and general incompetence. This was somehow a literal one man army consisting of the same person over and over. What more, they vanished in a burst of light upon sustaining any injury. They left no trace of their existence aside from their dropped weapons, and the confusion only arose as they shot their way into the security office their ringleader was holed up in. The man, identifying himself as 'Doopli Trooper', was far more articulate and competent than his subordinates, despite being the same person once again. He was alert, a skilled combatant, and seemed to be miming finger guns.
A small scuffle broke out before Doopli threw himself out a window. Yet, he seemingly landed on his back 30 feet down completely unharmed. Throughout the ensuing chase, he amassed more of himself out of thin air. They were used as meat shields, diversions, and gymnastic partners as the group had him on the run.
This was becoming a problem.
It took nearly an hour overall, but eventually Doopli would slow down due to exhaustion. He was apprehended and fell unconscious. It was strange, though. The man seemed on the verge of death despite not sustaining a single injury. The ship would proceed to harbor, being met by Speedwagon employees as soon as it arrived. Johnson’s suspicions only grew alongside the other mercenaries as Doopli was taken into the company’s custody and their squad was whisked away to an underground bunker within the rainforest.
Niche greeted them, the group immediately demanding answers. The supernatural experience of a magically appearing clone army had made this job somehow even more suspect than it already was, and their benefactor NEEDED to explain himself.
Niche was dismissive, telling them that all would be understood in due time as per the outcome of Section 7E of their contracts.
Section 7E…Johnson had combed over the contract a multitude of times before signing, but that paragraph was particularly odd. Seemingly nonsense meant to fill a word count or cover every hypothetical, “The possible life-risking effects of new skill or weapon acquisition” released liability of death or injury during the process of equipping employees prior to mission start. No matter how unorthodox the methods. This seemed to be a roundabout way of covering gun safety and workers comp, among a litany of other factors.
These thoughts traversed Johnson’s mind as they were directed to stand in a line and introduce themselves to a one-armed old man Niche referred to as ‘the SWF boss’. The man took each of their hands, giving a strange riddle in a pleased tone as he moved along the line. Johnson felt uneasy as the man looked into his eyes, telling him “You bring others to move at your pace, dancing to your own tune with high ambition.” What this meant was unclear, but deep down, it felt as if his very being had been exposed and peered into. Producing an arrow from thin air, they were told to observe a screen to the left for further instruction. After the concerning news that they were the third attempted team, everything went black. He woke up an indeterminate amount of time later, the man sitting by his bedside. Johnson’s groggy realization upon blinking reality back into existence was clear: The contract was shit.
His compatriots seemed to have similar feelings, though their complaints were quickly silenced by Niche, or more accurately, the strange being they noticed standing beside him. They were introduced to the concept of ‘stands’, and told that their survival meant they were worthy. They merely needed to practice and they would uncover their hidden potential. The next day was precisely that, as the mercs one by one discovered their abilities. During this time, they were also given the true details of their mission. An immortal bird, a fellow stand user, was in possession of a coin originating from Niche’s ancestor. This coin contained their stand, which granted its user a lifespan proportional to their material wealth. They were to assist Niche to breach the bird’s solid gold temple and retrieve the coin before his sister could. Once again, it was nonsense.
Johnson looked down at his new gauntlets as the others greeted the final employee, whose arrival was delayed by a plane crash. This…this would be interesting. A whole breadth of possibilities were opened before Johnson. Now, he just needed to complete this assignment. The journey would have a rough start, as their base was attacked by Gretchen’s crew before they were fully prepared. They were forced to evacuate into the jungle, and the race towards a solid gold temple began prematurely. Their first encounter was bizarre, to say the least. The group came across an abandoned logging camp full of instruments, and were swiftly attacked by a flying frog and a tree covered in mouths. Johnson spent a majority of the fight as a saxophone.
The encounters only increased in brutality from that point forward, as Gretchen’s crew relentlessly attacked them at every turn. Despite this, they won at every turn, even taking in an ‘ally’ from the other side, and eventually a prisoneguide that turned traitor the second they could. These fights provided immense practice for the mercs, and Johnson unlocked more and more of their power. He was the lynchpin of several fights, and eventually learned he could control anything intended to be humanoid, including stands, stand constructs, and corpses… During the final showdown with the bulk of Gretchen’s remaining crew, the team was separated in a building collapse initiated by one of the enemies and aided by an encroaching army of plant monsters. Johnson struggled against a small team of enemy users that kept them under constant surveillance and control via their ability synergy. All he could see was a bound man in a straight jacket and a state of sensory deprivation. A second stand swam through the floor, watching him…just staring. They seemed to have perfect control of the area somehow, and Johnson’s inability to control the bound man made an approach seem impossible. Though, he was smarter, better at bluffing, and was able to kill their heavy hitter through ridiculous means that involved a corpse, several guns, and using his gauntlets like…gloves. He approached the other two members of the team, who had been obscured by a chunk of rubble.
They immediately surrendered, guiding him through the crumbling facility and using their abilities to heal him. They additionally insisted they join up as a newly formed team, as Johnson had just killed their third member. While reluctant at first, Johnson realized how advantageous this was, and accepted their deal as the first two lackeys for his “law firm”.
The escape after his encounter was just as perilous, with the crew frantically avoiding prehensile plants and a giant vegetation monster Johnson was able to control and hold back. He gave out, but bought the few precious seconds their helicopter escape route needed to arrive.
They were able to get an actual night’s sleep, and headed out the next morning to breach the temple. The entire structure was solid gold, and filled to the brim with ancient doubloons. They were confronted by an absolute kaiju of a stand, which swiftly dealt with Gretchen’s last minion before turning its soul-reading gaze at them. The fight was horrifying, and resulted in physical and mental trauma before a precise shot from the resident sniper killed the bird. They had lost one crew member in the process of securing the coin during the fight, but it was over. The stand collapsed into itself as all went quiet.
Right afterwards, Gretchen confronted them and demanded the coin. It took the combined effort of the entire crew to overcome her Art of War and overwhelming physical strength in a manner that was frankly overkill.
Now it was over.

The temple started collapsing, forcing the crew to make it out by the skin of their teeth at the end of a very, very long mission.
NOW it was over, actually.
Niche was very pleased with his crew and their success, giving them their reward and whatever they could carry from the golden temple. Many of the mercenaries continued working with Niche or the SWF as everyone looked towards the future, but Johnson had other plans.
His reward was put towards his own Law Firm, compound, and manpower. Further pushing his stand to the limits revealed he had control over nonliving humanoid objects like the statues that would now line his yard. He began scouting out people from different walks of life as bodyguards or mercenaries with select skills. Most importantly, he needed stand users. Anyone in a rough spot that could be recruited or manipulated was high priority, and his growing underground reputation as the best stand user attorney in the business was a fantastic boon. Many of his cases resulted in the recruitment of valuable allies and minions, from clients to other attorneys. Continuing to this day, he has high hopes, and equally high ambitions…perhaps that immortality-granting coin should belong to him…he deserved it, after all...
(Former) “Team Dredge”
Namesake: Operator by Jim Croce
User: J.D.
Integrated Phenomenon stand
Power: Ø
Speed: B (Transfer speed)
Range: E* (Activation; no range limitation once ‘plugged in’.)
Durability: C
Precision: A
Potential: A
The user’s head appears concave and mechanical. Dozens of dual input wires float around their skull as if plugged into an invisible sphere.
The user can ‘plug’ others into their stand by inserting one of its many wires into the air in front of them. That line is now connected to that specific individual and cannot be reused until ‘unplugged’ and reinserted. This effect lasts until the former happens, or a recipient dies. Senses, sensations, thoughts, and even injuries can be transferred and sent between willing members of the network with absolute freedom and few limits, passing through the user and their stand.
User information/backstory:
Team leader and only competent strategist of the trio, J.D. stressfully held his crew of mercs together through job after job with a solid record of success. His ability was pure utility, and the only users he could acquire were oddballs with little direct combative ability, but his (relatively) keen mind lent itself to develop a system of synergy for their strange and limited powersets. In his system, the three would be constantly connected via 「Operator」, allowing precise use of 「S&M」 through third-person vision courtesy of 「Wolfpack」. This method served them well through many missions, though they were overcome by Johnson, despite him being a hare away from death, when weak link Bell’s stand was caught and its eyes covered.
One line is always connected, though he refuses to reveal to whom. He simply dodges the question, a sadness behind his eyes.
Namesake: Wolfpack by Sabaton
User: S. Merci Bell
Nonhuman stand
Power: D
Speed: C
Range: B
Durability: B
Precision: B
Potential: E
「Wolfpack」 is a simple stand with a simple ability-it is a submarine that can dip into any material as if it were liquid, with two separate options for sight. The user can see out of both its face and periscope at any time, even both simultaneously for split vision. This is relegated to separate eyes. If they so desire, the user may enter the cramped, hollow interior of 「Wolfpack」 for travel purposes.
User information/backstory:
Hawaiian shirt clad recon specialist of the team, his stand was the most technically active portion of J.D. strategy. 「Wolfpack」 was required to be attentive and observant at all times, but this job was rarely stressed over. Lax and carefree, Bell’s attitude would often take the brunt of punishment or blame in bad situations as the punching bag, whether it was his fault or not.
Namesake: S&M by Rihanna
User: ??? (Deceased)
Humanoid Effect stand
Power: B
Speed: B
Range: C
Durability: E (Can be forcibly deactivated with the slightest disturbance to the user)
Precision: A
Potential: D
A slightly frosted translucent sphere around the user.
When all of the user’s sensory information and movement are restricted, the gain complete telepathic control over everything in a 15 meter diameter sphere around them.
User information/backstory:
The heavy hitter of the team, his ability is only viable through the use of their leader’s strategy, though he was never seen as more than a tool in this regard. The others found him unsettling…for good reason, and his death at the hands of Johnson was only mourned so far as it limited their potency as a team.
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2023.04.01 01:26 Rude_Care1782 Custom Print RPET PP Laminated Non Woven Shopping Grocery Bag Eco Friendly Recycle Non-woven Bag

Custom Print RPET PP Laminated Non Woven Shopping Grocery Bag Eco Friendly Recycle Non-woven Bag
1 #Shoulder Bags #fashion bag #tote bag #bag for women
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2023.04.01 00:30 Acceptable_Roll_7257 Airing out some grievances... (New P&M Associate) (Heavy rant)

Hi Staples! Can you believe this is my first time making a reddit account? It's crazy what working at Staples can do to an individual...
This post is mostly a rant; a detailing of my experience since starting work as a P&M Associate a few months ago. My goal with this post is, as it says on the title, to just air out my grievances- but if you find yourself relating to or having any similar stories mentioned in this post, sharing down in the comments is much appreciated. I feel like it's easy to feel alone working here...
Also if there are mistakes/confusing parts to this, I'm just not proofreading it. Will clarify in replies if needed. Also apologizing for how word-heavy it is- I have to talk a lot.
My first impression of Staples was not positive. The day of my interview I walked in and went straight to the P&M "corner" (as I believe it is being called on here. Lol. Perfect name for it). There were two employees working there (who I have since become quite close with!) who were clearly slammed with orders, and I saw them glance up at me a couple of times, but it took more than 5 minutes before they could walk over and ask what I needed. I remember thinking that, if they're so busy back there that they can't acknowledge a potential customer- can I really handle the work? (Spoiler alert: I could, but not happily, anyways.)
Fast forward to the first weeks of working, I realized almost immediately that there was this strange distribution of tasks at P&M and a glaring issue with store management.
Order intake, order production (And the whole bag of beans associated with that!); iPostal; returns for THREE return services (Amazon, Express, Happy); then drop-offs; and another aspect I had never experienced in my years working as a part-timer in retail... Walkie Talkies. Not only is this WAY too much for one department to be handling, it's also unreasonable to expect us to keep up everything efficiently...
Naturally with a retail job, customer service is just the cherry on top. I've seen a few posts mentioning this but I have noticed this influx of incredibly rude, demanding, entitled customers! And as a side note- isn't it the most irritating thing to have customers wait with their bodies pressed up against the counter, watching, waiting waiting waiting pretending to look irritated as if that's going to make me work faster?
The worst of it, I can only categorize into two-halves.
...Back to management. The most disorganized and unreliable I've ever seen. Just some highlights I've had to face from the MOD:
Well, a few months later and I'm just now getting a good hold on things. Us part-timers have managed as best as we could. Most shifts we don't have our Supervisor so we have to hold down the fort. I feel bad having to message our Supervisor on their off-days, alongside messaging other coworkers, but that's just how we've had to do things at our store.
Most of us working at the department are college students/really young. Even our print Supervisor is. I just find it very unfortunate that we're doing good work, getting paid just a bit above the regular cashier (no offense to any cashiers reading!), then having to deal with duties that someone higher up should be dealing with.
I do like the work. I find it fascinating. I think it does develop some well-needed workforce skills and gives me some perspective on how businesses operate. But. Heavyhearted But. It's one of the most draining jobs I've had to do thus far.
I've run out of things to say, believe it or not. But I do feel a bit better after writing all of this out. Again, any comments are appreciated. Hope you guys have a good April.
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2023.03.31 23:13 fede-106 Install Amazon Games - Quick Guide

Quick guide to install Amazon games on the steam deck 1) Go to desktop mode 2)From your browser download the Amazon games launcher from the official webpage 3) Go to the Discover app and search for ProtonUp-Qt and install it. 4) In ProtonUp-Qt select add version, in compatibility tool select GE-Proton and select the latest (currently I'm using GE-Proton7-53) and press install. 5) when GE Proton has finished installing, open steam, on the bottom left press add game, and add non-steam game, select browse, and select the Amazon launcher you previously downloaded and finally press add selected programs 6)go to you steam library and select Amazon games setup, right click on it and press properties, in the compatibility tab select the version of GE-Proton you previously downloaded. If it is not showing, exit steam and open it again. 7) open the Amazon installer line a normal game and let it install 8) To check where the launcher got installed, when it finishes installing, open dolphin (the file manager), on the sandwich menu at the top right enable show hidden files, then go to home/deck/.local/share/Steam/compatdata And search for the file with the latest date, that should be the folder with Amazon games on it Open the Forder you suspect it has the lancher and go to pxf/driver_c/users/steam useAppData/Local/Amazon Games/App/Amazon Games.exe 9) Go again to steam and add another non steam game, this time locate and select the Amazon Games.exe we found in the last step. Same as before when you add it to your library , go to properties and select the version of GE proton you installed. 10) delete from steam Amazon games setup, this won't delete the folder with Amazon games 11) launch and enjoy
I don't know about the rest, but when I tried to do the same but with normal proton Amazon games would crash after 30 seconds
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2023.03.31 22:59 aknirala Suggestion for 8-9" tablet with calling capability.

I am planning to buy an Android tablet which I can use as phone as well. Previously I was thinking of buying 6.8" phone, but after some thought I think an ~ 8" tablet would be a better choice. Best I have found so far: I do not use phone that much, like never want to do photo editing, facebook surfing etc on phone.
- I prefer large screen, so that I can read papers, articles etc conveniently while standing in line or outside. This is my primary use case.
- It must support Mint mobile sim as I think that is the cheapest for my needs.
- I always use headphone to make a call, so 8 or 8.7" does not matter. I believe 8.7" would be portable. Although I usually carry a bag, but if needed maybe I can fit it in my cargo pocket.
- I need good RAM, so that I can have multiple apps open. I would also want decent memory.
Some of the added stuff I would like, but its fine if I don't have it:
- Display ports, like it would be great if I could connect an USB-C and then connect mouse/keyboard and a 32" display if I need to say work.
- Accordingly if it has good processor that would be great. I won't mind it being heavy if it has good performance.
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