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This is a place for fellow skiers to meet up with each other. Just remember: NO SOURCING! If you would like to meet up with other skiers, post your area code and PM others in the same location as you.

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Co-op community for the game Code Vein. Available on PS4, XB1 and PC.

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2023.04.01 05:35 Kentukkis How Faceit Ruins esports Dreams (#FaceitFIXit 2023). The cry of the soul of thousands of CIS players and not only. PART 2

We have learnt all the main problems of the platform. And as we managed to find out, in fact, 40 percent of the platform pursue only one goal: boost elo at any cost.
In general, I like the phrase "elo at any cost" the most. What can I say if I, a person who wants comprehensive development in the game, am already tired of fighting off the claims of haters, smurfs, new accounts, pack of abusers and other dishonest people who, like drug addicts, start the same record, "azaza, you are an eternal 2k prisoner, how people can watch you".
And I decided to try the easiest way that most of you use. I started to play with guys who fit my internal criteria.
Neither new accounts, nor 4k elo tryharders, but ordinary guys. I, at that time a 2200 elo player, was forced to hammer 3k elo players for a couple of weeks how to properly play elementary default on maps.
RachelR: "Listen, please. Here we have 2 absolutely similar situations. When -HexaR- went lurking, when he shouldn't have done it. But you're going anyway. How Zhenya should watch everything? He's helping you somehow. He's strafing there, trying to watch something, seeing you off, you know? Your lurking. It is initially wrong, it should not have been in principle. But he's trying to help you. Because of you, he is being killed, damn it. And the two of you are being buried on the ramp precisely because of you, because of this move. And then the next move: he's ALREADY in the gap, he's not on the ramp, he's already in the gap. You're sitting on 50 cent, watching smoke. You're just looking at the smoke. Not even strafing. 2 absolutely identical situations. Absolutely! You're playing CS like playing dm. Here you have launched dm, shooting. You're only looking through your scope. And you press the buttons, you kill someone. Only here you still have grenades. Well, a map is neither Mirage nor Dust2, some new textures. Well, run and shoot. Great. You kill someone there, you find frags, but what's the use, where is the impact of these frags? Well, it's just, I say, guys, it shouldn't be that you have 2200 elo noob, a YouTuber, telling you off like that."
I was looking for the rounds, I was watching the demos with them, and in the end, literally in 60 matches, I managed to up almost 500 elo without any strain.
And do you know what amused me the most in this situation? The system of elo came to us from chess. And if in chess elo shows the real level of the player, then CS is still a team game in which, in fact, little depends on you alone.
And those who play chess will understand me perfectly. Just imagine if a beginner in chess of 1500 elo was telling a world-class grandmaster how to walk a knight on a chessboard.
Yes, the example seems absurd, but in fact it is. I have 2200 elo on Faceit, and I have to, in fact, re-teach the guys to play CS, because apart from shooting, they, in fact, did not know anything. Not did not know, did not attach importance to it, probably.
There was an inflation of elo on Faceit like 2 years ago. Level 10 can be obtained by getting 2000 elo, but there are already as many as 15 thousand people in the European Faceit with 3k elo or more.
It's time to update the system of elo, or adjust it, because if we don't do this in the next year or two, then we will already start receiving players who have 10k elo.
I have already touched on how to recycle the elo system in the clauses above. Either add solo and team rating, or limit people's search for a map after reaching certain elo, or change the system of ruthless balance to +25 and -25 elo.
Something needs to be done. I would even say it is necessary. But instead, Faceit has been trying for many years to deal with, in quotes, toxicity in lobby chats or in matches itself with the help of some bot with artificial intelligence, at the same time absolutely not touching and not recycling those systems that need it most.
Elo at the moment equals prestige in real life. Like an expensive car in the modern world.
If you are a streamer with elo below 3000, then you are considered a noob and no one will watch you. But the problem is that no one ever looks at how this streamer got these numbers.
Personally I am ready to sit on low elo for at least a few more years, but I will be honest, first of all, with myself.
Modern elo does not reflect the skill of the player. Modern elo reflects only the approximate level of the player's shooting. And not always.
If speaking out everything that has accumulated, then you probably don't need to stop.
I'm probably going to take too much on myself now, and forgive me for that, but I want to speak on behalf of the entire CIS community.
And no, I will not speak for Russia. I will speak for Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, etc. I think that our region is treated absolutely badly.
We take the 71st season of the European FPL and look at how many esports players have played in this hub over the past month.
There were 85 of them. How many of them are CIS players? 18! I.e. every fifth player represents our region.
But FPL is probably too much. There are still quite celestial being there, so let's look at something closer, namely FPL-C.
People are already playing more actively here. 181 active players per month. 59 of them represent the CIS region, which is 32% of the active audience of the hub!
If this does not mean anything, then let's just take the last qualification in FPL-C, in which both trips to the coveted pro hub were taken by CIS players.
If even now Faceit considers us not worthy of more comfortable conditions for the game, then we take the rating from the European Face It.
19 out of 50, i.e. almost half of the players, represent the CIS region.
If that's not enough, then let's take the very top top.
We take the 20 best players in the world according to the HLTV rating for 2022 and are being surprised that as many as 7 people, i.e. 35%, are CIS guys.
Dear Faceit, do you know where the city Almaty is located?
It is one of the largest cities in Kazakhstan. Do you know what ping is there? Minimum 100! Almaty
Why for so many years you didn’t try to help one of the strongest and largest regions of your platform and still have not even tried to make servers, not in Moscow, in light of events in the world I understand that this is simply impossible, but at least in the same Kazakhstan or Georgia?
Why exactly should we put up with discomfort?
Look at your grid of servers in America, where a minimum number of players play, but it covers absolutely the entire area of the region. America servers
While your huge audience from Siberia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia and other countries is forced to play on servers that are very compactly located in small Europe? small Europe?
Yes, I do not dispute that you gave us the opportunity to play on Moscow servers in separate CIS hubs, but, again, for a fee. Of course, you don't care, and you won't even try to fix this really important problem, but I couldn't help but mention it.
For our region, CS is a ticket to life, just like conditional football in poor countries. It is our players who have the most exorbitant motivation to develop in this game.
And instead of expanding your audience at the expense of the most motivated people in CS, you don't care about us and think that it is okay. Yes, of course.
Although what am I talking about? If Valve has already united our region with Europe and removed a separate CIS qualification for the major, while 2 of the last 3 majors were won by CIS guys.
Therefore, in principle, I understand that Faceit will not help us.
If not Faceit, then what? Unfortunately, nothing. Even if ESEA with its huge finances could not beat Faceit in fair competition, then, to be honest, I do not believe that anyone else can.
Well, we won't play MM on 64 tickrate against cheaters in every game. Our Fastcup-type counterparts, unfortunately, are not even close to Faceit.
It just so happened that Faceit is a monopolist, and monopoly never leads to good.
The ultimate idea of monopoly is not to allow new platforms to develop and at the same time not to get into what is already in demand. Faceit will start moving only when it will have a powerful competitor.
And personally I see the only way out is the release of the source 2 in CS itself, and the addition of a completely new and redesigned matchmaking by the Valve themselves with huge investments in anti-cheat and with listening to the audience.
After all, as far as I know, Dota and Valorant were able to make an interesting and attractive matchmaking, then why they haven't done it in CS yet – I don't understand.
I hope someday we will see something like this happen in CS. But until then, it seems, we will have to put up with all the problems of Faceit, because anyway, no matter what, we love this asshole.
A participant of the challenge: « Well, in general, I'm glad that we have Faceit. Really. Because there are some possibilities. We have to thank the universe. I'm not joking. This is not sarcasm. If not Faceit, then what? Where else would you get the opportunity to try to achieve something in CS? It is clear that this platform can be improved. In short, yes, there were moments when I already thought I wanted to quit this platform when I was performing a solo challenge, but in the end I thought that I've been playing solo all my life and, in principle, I had to get used to it. And finally, I got used to it, calmed down, came to terms with it and now I'm playing solo Faceit not suffering. You have to love Faceit. Love what you do. And then Faceit will love you for sure.»
Why did I make this text? Well, it's probably a childhood dream to reach out to the head manager, who, perhaps, after watching this video, will decide to do good, if I can say so, from people - for people.
And I couldn't help but speak out, because a lot had accumulated on my soul. I am not indifferent to CS, and I am not indifferent to Faceit, because it is, in fact, the good platform.
But most of all I care about guys who, just like me, spend thousands of hours on CS for the sake of some of their goals.
And the only thing I want is for these thousands and tens of thousands of hours to be spent for them in a pleasant, honest and fair game, and not behind garages with a jar of yaga with boosters, smurfs and bullying for small elo.
All information from the source
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2023.04.01 05:33 Mojo-Gumbo Looking for dank alleyway for my divorce party

Yo! First time posting and typing on my phone, so bear with me. I'm finally getting rid of my cheating ex in September and I'm planning a divorce party for the summer. I've always wanted to have a grungy alleyway party since I was a teen, so I'm looking for a shady spot that I can use for a few hours for my party. I would really appreciate recommendations for spaces I can use.
I would need to be allowed to set up a couple of trash cans and bring my own booze and stuff. Preferably, there's a lot of rats, but some stray cats, or at least a view of them, will suffice. I would also prefer a private space over a public park, but if a public park has a dark and dingy corner where I can throw this party, then I'll take it! Lastly, nothing too big. I'm only inviting less than fifteen people, so honestly, if there's an alley behind a bar with a dumpster, it'll probably be good enough.
I'm located in the southeast area of Houston, and I'm willing to travel maybe 30-40 minutes to the location, but please nothing too far!
I know this is super specific, but if you want an idea of what I'm hoping for, think of the movie Fight Club (1999), the scene when they're in the grimy basement. I know that's a long shot, but I'm hoping this City can come together and find me somewhere sketchy!
Thanks in advance, and don't tell my ex!
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2023.04.01 05:33 vsop221b Should I change my landline to a mobile phone in the house?

The landline has been our main phone and phone number for years, but we both have mobile phones and numbers we use a lot for most things. I don't want to risk losing my main phone when I'm out and about and that is our primary number for banks, etc. And our 911 lifeline if need be. It's also there when the power goes out, which it does from time to time here.
However, the landline carrier is now charging about $80 mo. for basic service without even a connection to "long distance" carrier which is sometimes needed even for calls within our own area code!
So I'm considering replacing it by buying a decent mobile phone like maybe a Pixel 6a and a $15 mo. Prepaid plan (T-Mobile?) and keeping it on a charger in the house.
Is there any reason not to do this?
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2023.04.01 05:29 throwaway_slumlord_ House currently uninhabitable due to leaks a mold. Do I pay rent tomorrow? [CA]

Going to try to keep this vague which is why I’m using a throwaway. I know everyone will say to get a lawyer and we are working on that but having difficulty getting a timely consult given tomorrow is the first.
Our landlord has known for over a year now that our roof was leaking and we had water damage in the house. He has not done anything about it until recently despite repeated complaints, when he started gutting the walls (hasn’t fixed the roof yet), uncovered tons of rotting wood and mold and started hanging dry wall back over it without doing proper remediation. I called code enforcement and I am now confident the work will be done appropriately as they will require permits and inspections. They are currently drafting a notice of violation that I will receive a copy of and the inspector told me privately we would likely qualify for relocation and vacation allowance at the expense of the landlord while this is remedied, but that it will be at least a couple of weeks until this document is available and things are official.
We were both experiencing symptoms from the mold spore exposure (headaches, sore throat) and have vacated the house to an Airbnb on the advice of our physicians. Our landlord has offered to pay for this but right now we just have their word and they are a known liar. We are trying to determine whether we should pay our rent tomorrow in full, pay it with the cost of our current Airbnb deducted (booked short term but it sounds like this will actually be a multi month project given the state of the risers, roof decking and studs and headings in the wall), or simply not pay. I am having trouble locating an electronic copy of the lease but will go back to the house to search tomorrow.
I can offer more clarification in the comments as needed and I understand replies do not constitute legal advice but I am just hoping to have some guidance on our rights. This is in San Mateo County.
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2023.04.01 05:24 adaptivereverselink Found out after sale that attic expansion was permitted as storage, but at viewing it was displayed as a bedroom.

We recently closed on a house that had an expanded attic. Everything in there looked as a bedroom: From something like 7 windows, wall-installed bedside reading lamps to king size bed at viewing. After closing, I learned that it was permitted as storage.
There could be fairly benign reasons for this - wrong type of window for egress, a stair step in front of the bedroom door that could be fixable with a reasonable amount of money. My biggest worry though is that the permitting as storage might be due to the ceiling height (ceiling is sloped, ranging from 6'8" to 6'11" in height) and am not sure if there's anything that could be done to bring it up to code in that case.
Obviously there could be more minor issues (e.g. it might just have been cheaper to permit it as storage), but my main concern is that there is no way that this can be permitted as bedroom and it'll come to haunt us when we try to sell the house.
The house is located in a hot market Washington, King County where this particular homeowner is currently sleepless.
My preferred option would be to get it properly permitted and do the work that's needed. If there's a way to not be on the hook for those costs - especially if it turns out there is no way to get it permitted as livable area - I'd love to hear if that was just on us for missing this, or if our real estate agent screwed up to the point that they are liable because they didn't point this out to us.
Anybody have any thoughts on potential reasons for the discrepancy between permit as storage and usage as bedroom or how we can best approach this?
Picture of room entrance:
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2023.04.01 05:22 srvcaptdelhi Service apartments Delhi offering cozy Comfort at affordability

Are you looking for a luxurious and comfortable stay while on the go? Look no further than service apartments! Service apartments offer the perfect blend of luxury living and cozy comfort, making them the perfect choice for travelers. In this blog post, we explore why service apartments are better than hotels, the facilities and amenities they offer, and why they are worth considering for all travelers. Let’s dive in!
Service apartments better than hotel
Service apartments offer a unique and luxurious living experience that is unmatched by any hotel. With their cozy environment and spacious accommodations, service apartments are becoming increasingly popular among travelers looking for a more comfortable, luxurious stay. Compared to hotels, Service Apartments Delhi provides more space, privacy, and convenience for extended stays all at an affordable price.
Unlike traditional hotels, service apartments come with fully self-contained kitchenettes that allow guests to prepare meals themselves. This saves both time and money as there is no need to eat out every night or buy expensive takeaways. Additionally, many service apartments also include high-speed internet access and other amenities such as in-room laundry services and even gyms – perfect for those who want to keep up with their exercise routine while travelling.📷
Service apartments Accommodation
Service apartments offer luxurious living without compromising on comfort. With amenities such as state-of-the-art kitchens, spacious bedrooms, and relaxing outdoor spaces, they provide a home away from home experience that is ideal for both short and long term stays.
The facilities and amenities in Service Apartments in South Delhi vary depending on the location and size of the property. Generally speaking, they will include all the basic comforts you would expect from a luxury apartment, such as high quality furniture, appliances, modern fixtures and fittings. In addition to this many service apartments also offer extra features like gyms and swimming pools to further enhance your stay.
The kitchens in these properties are typically well equipped with all the utensils you need to cook up a delicious meal or prepare breakfast before work each day. They also come with luxury features such as granite countertops or stainless steel appliances for those who want an extra touch of elegance in their kitchen.
When it comes to bedrooms, service apartments generally feature large beds with plush linens for a comfortable night’s sleep. They may even come with en-suite bathrooms filled with modern fixtures and designer tiles for added luxury during your stay.
Finally, Service Apartments Noida offer outdoor areas such as terraces or gardens that can be used to relax after a long day at work or entertain guests over dinner parties. These areas are often equipped with stylish furniture pieces so you can enjoy al fresco dining in style!
Service apartments offer a great way to enjoy luxury living with cozy comfort. The amenities provided are plentiful and include everything from high-end furniture pieces, modern appliances and fixtures to gyms, swimming pools and outdoor areas for entertaining. All in all, service apartments provide the perfect combination of luxury living with all the comforts of home. Whether you’re looking for a place to stay during business trips or a luxurious getaway for your family, service apartments will ensure that you have everything you need for a comfortable stay
Source Url-
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2023.04.01 05:16 savoysuit What is this pain?

I'm a 37 year old male, 6'2, 167 lbs, non-smoker, not overweight, casual drinker. In February of 2022 (It's almost April of 2023 now) I started noticing what felt like a strained muscle in my upper right chest area just undearound the collarbone, but it mostly only occurred when taking deep breaths or sort of "activating" my chest muscles with certain positions or movements. I am fairly active athletically, so thought perhaps I'd strained something. However, it never went away... and it wasn't sensitive to the touch like a sore muscle would be. So it couldn't have been that.
It changed very slightly over the year... it no longer usually causes discomfort when I breathe deeply, but I can feel it in some positions, or when I make certain movements (twisting to the left to look behind me, for example - but twisting to the right is fine). It is never sharp, just dull. Sleeping on my right side makes it a bit sore so I try not to. Additionally, it's not so much under the collarbone as much as it is in the zone under the collarbone closer to the sternum... and slightly down (if that makes sense. It's hard to pinpoint a location as it's more of a general zone. (if I press down hard just below my right collarbone, it seems to trigger it)
The discomfort isn't always as present (but never totally gone either). There have been weeks at a time when I almost forgot about it - slept on my right side and everything. Then, maybe I did something that brought it back. It's hard to know what triggers it. I wonder if it's diet - I don't drink that much (maybe once a week, often less than that) - but if I have had a night where I had a little more to drink... maybe it gets triggered? Hard to tell for sure.
I was diagnosed with GERD in 2013 but haven't had significant flair-ups for some time (only if I really overdo it with certain food or drink). I get heartburn from time to time. PPI's don't make a difference for this soreness though. I have continued to train athletically - not overdoing it, but I guess that's all relative. My main activity is running and cycling, with a bit of weight training every now and then. I wondered if it might be persistent costochondritis, but the symptoms don't match. I pop or crack my sternum dozens of times per day (which sometimes helps the discomfort just slightly), especially when straightening from a period of slouching. This has been going on for years, with varying frequency (but never goes away). But from what I understand costochondritis means that the area would be sensitive to the touch (which it isn't, or not much).
I am concerned that this is some kind of cancer - perhaps lung or - due to the GERD, esophagus cancer (or something else I don't know like chest cancer of some sort). Could a growing tumor be causing this? Could it be musculoskeletal?
I went to see a family doctor in September of 2022, but he didn't seem concerned at all. He moved my arm about in various positions and asked if it caused pain, which it never did. I wonder if he was a bit too casual about it. However, seeing as this isn't going away... it's not normal to just have this there forever either.
Any advice or thoughts would be very much appreciated! Thank you!
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2023.04.01 05:15 Claymortality Anyone able to help other students and families facing renoviction in IV?

TLDR; If you can come show support Tuesday 9:00AM at 105 East Anapamu St, SB (board hearing room) it could potentially help a lot of current/future students and families from becoming homeless.
So I originally posted a couple weeks ago about CBC/Sweeps evicting like 240ish units, many of them 3-4 bedroom. These units are diverse--full of families, students, elderly, section 8/low income, multiple pets, etc. Many people have been here for 30+ years with multiple generations of family members. I took my original post down because it was cited in an article that didn't represent our community with respect.
Basically, landlords use the term "renovation" in order to get past California rent caps, as well as to evict lower income/section 8 tenants. Currently, they don't need to prove they're going to actually do anything or that it's even necessary. This then has a snowball effect on the rest of the IV/Goleta/SB area.
One person mentioned that this renoviction would likely be 5%+ of all IV rental units, and 30% of low income housing on the southern coast of SB county. This means that not only will housing be even more difficult for us students to find, it will also be so much more expensive. Many students will be evicted in the middle of spring quarter or finals week. But, worst of all, we are looking at 1000+ people that will no longer have homes, many of whom are disabled and have no where else to go. Also, keep in mind, this isn't the only place in IV this is/has been happening to.
The city of SB has recently passed an emergency ordinance on renovictions because this problem is so rampant. Unfortunately, this doesn't apply to IV as we're unincorporated, so we need a county wide ban.
This Tuesday (4th) starting at 9:00AM there will be a meeting for residents to give public comment to the county. I know a lot of us have class (I definitely do) but if anyone is willing or able to show up, give public comment, or even just coordinate a carpool it would be greatly appreciated. The more people we have to fill the hearing room the better.
The location is: County Administrative Building, Board Hearing Room, Fourth Floor, 105 East Anapamu St, Santa Barbara.
A lot of people in the four buildings will be graduating this spring and/or weren't planning on renewing their leases--so I feel it if maybe some people don't care. We're just trying to get as many on board as possible to help current/future students and families who may not otherwise know they have a choice. Okay, sorry for the essay. If anyone can help DM me or leave a comment please. Also sorry for any spelling/format errors--this isn't my forte.
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2023.04.01 05:14 Helpful_Bumblebee421 Affordable Dental Cleanings 🦷🪥

Hello, I am a 3rd semester dental hygiene student at Milwaukee Area Technical College. I am looking for patients to fill my schedule this semester who are in need of a dental cleaning! Im looking to schedule anyone ages 3+! Appointments are 3 hours and more than one appointment will be needed to complete. This includes exam by dentist, oral cancer screening, full set of xrays, cleaning, stain removing polish and fluoride treatment! 🦷 COST: Cost for adults is only $40! Cost for children 12 and under is $35! This is a great opportunity for those without dental insurance!
LOCATION: 700 W Highland Ave. Milwaukee, WI
Please feel free to reach out to set something up with me! This is a judgement free zone if you haven’t seen a dentist in a while! It even helps me more if it’s been a while for you! Thank you! 🪥🦷☺️
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2023.04.01 05:12 GeauxDubya2404 I recently downloaded NordVPN and set my location to evade a blackout area and watch Astros games. Now, instead of my Wi-Fi sign, I get this. What is this?

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2023.04.01 05:10 Lifeunsubscribe the baby Tomruk 🥰

the baby Tomruk 🥰
agh i just can’t stop taking pictures of her
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2023.04.01 05:09 BmoreBlueJay Looking for Napa winery recommendations that can accommodate walk ins for a sub-60 minute visit/tasting near Yountville or between Yountville and Union?

Hi All! We have a short window between 10:30am and 2:30pm tastings and would like to pick up a quick lunch and then hit a third Napa Valley winery for a tasting. Ideally it would be at 1pm and end by 1:45pm.
I’ve looked at a few in the area like Cakebread, Hess, etc. but they seem to frown upon walk ins and short visits (unless I’m getting the wrong impression online). We’ll be heading up Mt Veeder after this Middle tasting so want the location to be either in or just south of Yountville (between Yountville and Union).
Any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated? In terms of the wine itself, we’re open to tasting whatever, but at least for reds we generally prefer medium-bodied, savory, classic, with flavors that lean earthy, mineral, cassis, berry, etc. The preference would also be for higher end producers that are hard to get in the East, but open to any suggestions large or small.
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2023.04.01 05:08 TheHobo Another floor plan critique post, ADU this time

Another floor plan critique post, ADU this time
This is a garage conversion, so the exterior walls are set in.. wood and concrete I guess. 24x30 garage with 10x10 mudroom, existing entry door and bath door, everything else is new here. Garage door was on the right.
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2023.04.01 05:08 kooteas Free yard sale!

I'm clearing up some room in my inventory so I've set out a couple hundred items (furniture, clothes, etc) along the airport area and west side of my island.
Dodo code is L65DX
Thanks again to everyone that helped clear out my recipe hoarding stash yesterday!
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2023.04.01 05:01 Susmitakhatun Skup wózków widłowych wszystkie miasta

Skup wózków widłowych wszystkie miasta
Auto scrap Katowice - scrapping of damaged and accident vehicles
Auto Złom Szczerbowski is a company with traditions. We have been operating on the car and truck scrap market since 2005. We accept post-accident, damaged, dilapidated, post-flood or simply gas cars that threaten other road users with their presence on the road. We scrap cars of all makes and models from Katowice and the surrounding area Skup wózków widłowych wszystkie miasta .
We offer legal and trouble-free car scrapping for cash. Be sure to contact us and get a free valuation of your car .

Competitive prices

The big advantage of using auto scrap quip is that we buy and scrap cars for cash. Reliable valuation of cars is done by our specially trained employees. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the quip price we propose is the maximum price. Nowhere else will you get more money for your gaze or damaged car.
You don't have to go anywhere. All you have to do is call us and our employee will come to any place indicated by you and make a free car valuation. Residents of Katowice and the surrounding area have been using our services for years, as evidenced by many positive opinions about our Auto Scrap.

Car scrapping for Katowice residents - free transport

Are you worried about how to deliver your old car to our headquarters? Unnecessarily!
When deciding to use the services of Auto Złom Szczerbowski, you don't have to worry about renting a tow truck to transport your accident car. At no extra charge, our driver will come to the indicated address and pick up the faulty car straight from your property. Quickly, efficiently and most importantly, free of charge.
Remember: We buy accident cars from Silesia and Lesser Poland.
We complete all formalities within 24 hours.

I gave my car for scrap, now what?

After receiving a certificate of scrapping from us, go to the Department of Communication where the vehicle was registered. Residents of Katowice must go to the Driving License and Vehicle Registration Office located at ul. Francuska 70. The office is open joke on Mondays from 7:30 to 17:00, and on other days of the week from 7:30 to 15:30. It is also worth going to your insurer, because for the unused period of liability insurance, we are entitled to a refund of the overpaid premium
Legal car scrapping
Everything we do with the vehicle you sell is legal. This means that after the transaction you will receive a document confirming the scrapping of the vehicle. You do not have to worry that your vehicle will end up in an illegal landfill, where it will be a great threat to the environment.
People who care about the environment can rest easy. Our vehicle disassembly station safely removes hazardous substances from the Skup wózków widłowych wszystkie miasta , which are then handed over to legally operating companies for disposal.
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Scrapping cars Katowice - auto shrot - disassembly and scrapping of cars

Every car will end up in a junkyard someday. If this moment has come for your vehicle, use the car scrapping services in Katowice provided by Auto-Kurek. We focus on comprehensive vehicle disassembly services. With us you will get rid of a faulty or even a damaged car. Auto cassation Katowice and the surrounding area is an offer you can't refuse, see for yourself by choosing us today!

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  • 43-190 Mikołów
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  • REGON: 241 215 998
  • Office contact: (+48) 570-298-672(+48) 531-273-444 Contact - containers
  • (debris removal):
  • (+48) 530-303-183(+48)
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2023.04.01 05:00 DrewInstallsDoors POV Hardware Installs Start to Finish

Well hello there friend. 😊 My name is Andrew and I have been installing commercial door hardware for the last 20 years. I recently started recording POV installs when I have the opportunity. I would love it if you would check them out and let me know what you think. I appreciate your time and would love any feedback. Thank you very much! Located in the Northern California area.
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2023.04.01 05:00 AcrillixOfficial My First 2 Full Months

My First 2 Full Months
I have just completed my 2nd full month of doing Roadie. I see a lot of people who are interested in doing Roadie but wondering about pay. With this post I hope to show my personal experience through data and personal anecdote.
Is Roadie Worth It? I think is the most asked and basic question. The easiest answer is: It depends. For me, it is absolutely worth it. My expenses are oil changes, gas, and credit cards.
How much do you make per hour? In my personal experience, I make on average $23.80 an hour. Which is definitely a lot more than McDonalds. But I only work about 7 hours a week, Monday thru Friday. In my area, this is about all I can do unless I wish to travel further out.
How many trips do you do? Well, it depends. Some days are busier than others. I average about 40 trips a week. So that's about $4.58 per trip.
Okay but what about mileage? In my case, I do travel a bit more than probably most but that is because I live in a rural area. On Roadie, my mileage shows 1,500. So that's like 136 miles a week. But remember I only work 7h a week.
So here's my stats
Final Review: It is in my opinion, that Roadie is a great app for supplementing income but for MOST should NOT be solely depended on. The very bad part about Roadie is that when gigs are batched together, you will be paid considerably lower than if they were separate. We're talking $5-6 lower PER gig. I have complained to Support many times about this, sent in feedback, etc, but I am not expecting anything to change there. The app also has many problems, often crashing, slow to function, and silent updates that remove essential features such as saving copies of your photos to your phone. I have also had to contact Support many times, and what I can say with certainty is that all support people are very helpful and willing to help you. BUT, sometimes they just take FOREVER to either get to you (queue) or to process the request. Once, I had to make a return due to no apartment number on the address, so I contacted Support, waited on hold for a half hour, then it took another half hour while they were working on it, which then they asked me to drive back to the attempted delivery location (I left because of how long it was taking) and comped me $1 for the mile I drove. But yesterday, I needed to make a return but the app kept crashing everytime I tried to do it, so I chatted in and the person made the return for me in a few minutes.

Let me know what your thoughts are on what i've shared here. What's your experience?
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2023.04.01 04:59 El-Madrasah What is e-learning Quran?

What is e-learning Quran?
The Quran is the holy book of Islam, and its teachings are central to the lives of millions of
Muslims worldwide. Learning the Quran is not only a religious obligation for Muslims, but also a way to deepen their understanding of the faith and draw closer to God. With the rise of e-learning, it has become easier than ever before to access Quranic education from anywhere in the world. In this article, we will explore the benefits of e-learning Quran
What is e-learning Quran?
E-learning Quran refers to the use of technology to facilitate the teaching and learning of the Quran. This can take many forms, including online courses, mobile apps, and virtual classrooms. E-lerning Quran can be accessed from anywhere in the world, as long as the learner has an internet connection. This has made it possible for Muslims from all over the world to access Quranic education, regardless of their location or economic status.
The benefits of e-learning Quran
E-learning Quran offers a number of benefits over traditional forms of Quranic education. One of the main advantages is flexibility. With e-learning Quran, learners can access the content at any time and from anywhere. This means that they can fit their Quranic studies around their work or other commitments, making it easier to balance their religious and secular lives.
Another benefit of e-learning Quran is that it is often more affordable than traditional forms of Quranic education. Online courses and mobile apps are often free or available at a lower cost than in-person classes. This makes Quranic education more accessible to a wider range of learners, regardless of their financial situation.
E-learning Quran also allows learners to progress at their own pace. Traditional forms of Quranic education often involve a set curriculum and a fixed pace of learning. With e-learning Quran, learners can take as much time as they need to master a particular concept or verse. This can be particularly helpful for those who struggle with certain parts of the Quran, as they can spend more time on these areas without feeling rushed.
Finally, e-learning Quran can be more engaging than traditional forms of Quranic education. With the use of multimedia tools, such as videos and interactive quizzes, learners can engage with the content in a more immersive way. This can help to keep learners motivated and interested in their studies.
E-learning Quran has emerged as a powerful tool for Muslims seeking to deepen their understanding of the Quran. With its flexibility, affordability, and engaging multimedia tools, e-learning Quran offers a number of benefits over traditional forms of Quranic education. As the Muslim population grows and the demand for Quranic education increases, the "learn Quran" keyword has become a popular search term for those seeking to access Quranic education online. Whether through online courses, mobile apps, or virtual classrooms, e-learning Quran is helping Muslims all over the world to deepen their understanding of the Quran and draw closer to God.
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2023.04.01 04:53 Baltusnik Bad Batch Solution

Hey everyone on here complaining, I am saying this coming from being in your position not too long ago. I remember the early days of small item orders with less then 2 MI drop offs worth $17-18. My wife and I went exploring one week after scouting out tbe demographics of the zone nearest to where she lived. I was aiming for an area heavily populated with upscale customers and preferably difficult for others to reach or discouraging in some way, or unthought of in some way. I found my answer playing around with the app one night as I was shopping for myself at the publix closest to my wife's house as I flipped the app on just to see. I had never tried this publix beforeb because my wife's neighborhood and surrounding area were not the best in town. I was amazed when I saw 5-6 orders with less then 10 (usually < 5) with drop off distsncences all so close to the exact same distance it couldnt be coincidencental. Upon further investigation of each drop off location, I happened across an island like strip right off a major highway near an international airport. On this island there were so many wealthy neighborhoods and upscale apartments all piled ontop of one another and absolutely no grocery stores or restaurants within reach without jumping onto that mess of a highway. The publix nearest to this area I knew very well and I'm sure many of you in the Tampa area know well also. The publix on Kennedy was unique in demographics as was in design. It was one of the smallest yet fastest publix I ever shopped at, however with great strengths come great weakness, this stores being constant shortages of inventory as the day went on. This proved to be a big enough issue in the fulfillment of orders and maximazion of potential profits that Instacart needed to take action. Their solution was simple, redirect to a larger, even higher demand store that was well adept at handling large surges of demand, coinciding with the surging demand of the previously mentioned islands inhabitants. (Late night snacks, wines, fruits, etc). On a map and on paper you wouldn't even think this publix would even be considered, but because of both locations proximity to the major highway, as well as the lack of traffic at that time of night and minimal lights maybe 2 or 3 between the two with a speed limit of 70 mph (if you go 70 in florida you literally will be run over so doing 80-90 mph is nothing to police or the grandma in the car behind you flipping you off because you are only going 82 miles per hour and "you" are the reason she is late to watch the same episode of jeopardy she watches every night. Oh and by the way there are Lanes on either side of me open...) the trip duration was less then 10 minutes and there back was less then 15 total. Seeing the potential my wife and I decided to take advantage of the situation and used our one car two person steategy to shuttle as many of these effortless and lucrative orders as we possibly could (5-10 items usued to take me maybe 5-10 minutes often less then 5 minutes to have shopped, checked out, baggeded and loaded worth $15-20 per batch. Let's do some math, it takes 5 - 10 min to shop and another 10 -15 to get there and back. At worst you are looking at $15.00 for 25 minutes or around 35 an hour and at best around $80.00 an hour (and these are hours of breezy work with high chances of 5 stars as well tip increases and cash tips.) Point being is start thinking outside of the box everyone. Go where others aren't, see what others haven't, learn your area and use every resource / strength you have to find a solution and reach your goals. If your goal is you want better or more batch opportunities then ask yourself what am I willing to do in order to reach thus goal. If your answer isn't anything then you may not want this to be your job as badly as you will need to In order to get to the levels you desire to attain. Know that Instacart needs the majority of its active shoppers during surge demand time periods. Know also that there simply are not enough orders during the non peak hours quite yet (although I have noticed a steady increase) to sustain all of the desires of the active shoppers during non peak hours. What's the solution? Test everyone, see who is who and what is what, see who takes and completes the not so great orders with integrity, and start to merit out batches to those who have proven themselves)
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2023.04.01 04:49 Distinct-Oil-3212 Null Reference Exception for my RTS game

Hi, these scripts are used for my RTS game, any script could have an error that could lead to the null reference exception, but it says that the null is coming from the MoveTo Function in the Unit RTS code
RTS Controller Script #1:
using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using CodeMonkey.Utils; public class GameRTSController : MonoBehaviour { [SerializeField] private Transform selectionAreaTransform = null;
private Vector3 startPosition; private List selectedUnitRTSList; private void Awake() { selectedUnitRTSList = new List(); selectionAreaTransform.gameObject.SetActive(false); } private void Update() { if(Input.GetMouseButtonDown(1)){ Debug.Log("Working"); Vector3 moveToPosition = Mouse3D.GetMouseWorldPosition();
List targetPositionList = GetPositionListAround(moveToPosition, new float[]{10f, 20f, 30f}, new int []{5, 10, 20}); int targetPositionListIndex = 0; foreach (UnitRTS unitRTS in selectedUnitRTSList){ unitRTS.MoveTo(targetPositionList[targetPositionListIndex]); targetPositionListIndex = targetPositionListIndex + 1 % targetPositionList.Count; } } if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0) && !UtilsClass.IsPointerOverUI()) { selectionAreaTransform.gameObject.SetActive(true); startPosition = Mouse3D.GetMouseWorldPosition(); DeselectAllUnits(); } if (Input.GetMouseButton(0)) { // Left Mouse Button Held Down CalculateSelectionLowerLeftUpperRight(out Vector3 lowerLeft, out Vector3 upperRight); selectionAreaTransform.position = lowerLeft; selectionAreaTransform.localScale = upperRight - lowerLeft; } if (Input.GetMouseButtonUp(0)) { // Hide visual even if over the UI selectionAreaTransform.gameObject.SetActive(false); } if (Input.GetMouseButtonUp(0) && !UtilsClass.IsPointerOverUI()) { CalculateSelectionLowerLeftUpperRight(out Vector3 lowerLeft, out Vector3 upperRight); // Calculate Center and Extents Vector3 selectionCenterPosition = new Vector3( lowerLeft.x + ((upperRight.x - lowerLeft.x) / 2f), 0, lowerLeft.z + ((upperRight.z - lowerLeft.z) / 2f) ); Vector3 halfExtents = new Vector3( (upperRight.x - lowerLeft.x) * .5f, 1, (upperRight.z - lowerLeft.z) * .5f ); // Set min size float minSelectionSize = .5f; if (halfExtents.x < minSelectionSize) halfExtents.x = minSelectionSize; if (halfExtents.z < minSelectionSize) halfExtents.z = minSelectionSize; // Find Objects within Selection Area Collider[] colliderArray = Physics.OverlapBox(selectionCenterPosition, halfExtents); foreach (Collider collider in colliderArray) { if (collider.TryGetComponent(out UnitRTS unitRTS)) { unitRTS.SetSelectedVisible(true); selectedUnitRTSList.Add(unitRTS); } } }
private void CalculateSelectionLowerLeftUpperRight(out Vector3 lowerLeft, out Vector3 upperRight) { Vector3 currentMousePosition = Mouse3D.GetMouseWorldPosition(); lowerLeft = new Vector3( Mathf.Min(startPosition.x, currentMousePosition.x), 0, Mathf.Min(startPosition.z, currentMousePosition.z) ); upperRight = new Vector3( Mathf.Max(startPosition.x, currentMousePosition.x), 0, Mathf.Max(startPosition.z, currentMousePosition.z) ); } private void DeselectAllUnits() { foreach (UnitRTS unitRTS in selectedUnitRTSList) { unitRTS.SetSelectedVisible(false); } selectedUnitRTSList.Clear(); } public List GetSelectedUnitList() { return selectedUnitRTSList; } private List GetPositionListAround(Vector3 startPosition, float[] ringDistanceArray, int[] ringPositionCountArray){ List positionList = new List(); positionList.Add(startPosition); for (int i = 0; i< ringDistanceArray.Length; i++){ positionList.AddRange(GetPositionListAround(startPosition, ringDistanceArray[i], ringPositionCountArray[i])); } return positionList; }
private List GetPositionListAround(Vector3 startPosition, float distance, int positionCount){ List positionList = new List(); for (int i = 0; i< positionCount; i++){ float angle = i * (360f/ positionCount); Vector3 dir = ApplyRotationToVector(new Vector3(1, 0), angle); Vector3 position = startPosition + dir * distance; positionList.Add(position); } return positionList; } private Vector3 ApplyRotationToVector(Vector3 vec, float angle){ return Quaternion.Euler(0, 0, angle) * vec; } }
UnitRTS Code:
using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class UnitRTS : MonoBehaviour { private GameObject selectedGameObject; private IMovePosition movePosition;
private void Awake(){ selectedGameObject = transform.Find("Selected").gameObject; SetSelectedVisible(false); } public void SetSelectedVisible(bool visible){ selectedGameObject.SetActive(visible); } public void MoveTo(Vector3 targetPosition){ movePosition.SetMovePosition(targetPosition); } } IMovePosition:
using System; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public interface IMovePosition{ void SetMovePosition(Vector3 movePosition); }
using System; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class MovePositionDirect : MonoBehaviour, IMovePosition { private Vector3 movePosition;
private void Awake(){ movePosition = transform.position;
} public void SetMovePosition(Vector3 movePosition){ this.movePosition = movePosition; }
private void Update(){ Vector3 moveDir = (movePosition - transform.position).normalized; if(Vector3.Distance(movePosition, transform.position) < 1f) moveDir =; GetComponent().SetVelocity(moveDir); } }
Move Velocity Code:
using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class MoveVelocity3D : MonoBehaviour, IMoveVelocity { [SerializeField] private float moveSpeed = 50f; private Vector3 velocityVector; private new Rigidbody rigidbody; private void Awake() { rigidbody = GetComponent(); } public void SetVelocity(Vector3 velocityVector) { this.velocityVector = velocityVector; } private void FixedUpdate() { rigidbody.velocity = velocityVector * moveSpeed; } public void Disable() { this.enabled = false; rigidbody.velocity =; } public void Enable() { this.enabled = true; } }
Velocity Code:
using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine;
public interface IMoveVelocity{ void SetVelocity(Vector3 velocityVector); void Disable(); void Enable(); }

Can anyone please help me? Thank you, I know its alot but I have no idea what to do
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2023.04.01 04:47 FlipSideOrbit CFXDRIFT - Eco Drift Server

CFXDrift / Freeroam Economy server

(connect code "a8lko5" or discord 3Zjrcwddcx)

With over 10 custom tracks that don't effect you being able to drive where you want on the main GTA map, we bring you a Drift and Freeroam server with over 200+ cars (MORE BEING ADDED EVERYDAY), and a free car request area in our discord, with a guarantee of getting that car or another very close alike in within a few days of that request!
Try and get the highest score on our drift feature with leaderboards, use the car radio feature to play music from youtube or use our casino to gamble your earnings. Purchase cars you like as you progress and use any method you want
We are looking for people just to chill, drift, drive around and just use it as a place to relax and have fun, such a large variety of cars from BMW, Mazda, Nissans, Corvettes to Drivable Porta Pottys and scooby doo machines. come check them out.
I think i'm also the only FIVEM drift server to have photos (with spawn codes) of EVERY car that they have in the server, categorised in discord.
Come tell us what you think of our server here: ( or join directly using connection code (a8lko5) (YOU MUST BE IN DISCORD BEFORE JOINING)
PS The dealerships, define what car you get, EG drift dealership will give you a selection of drift cars, freeroam dealer will give you non driftable cars, well you get the point
NOTES: now CFXDrift is a year old, and is more than just a FIVEM server, we dont use Vmenu otherwise we would be similar to other servers out there, you can find a list of our features, and in progress updates on the discord just use the code at the top of this post
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2023.04.01 04:47 Adventurous-Plant419 Michael Alcock King, Joshua Myers, Andrew Cash, Mark Essick, with overt deliberate negligence on the part of the entire Board of Sonoma County Supervisors, stole 6 years of my life, after their employee Virgil Smith almost killed me and caused me serious injury.

I just want people to know that the Sonoma County government is corrupt. They spent 186 million dollars on a "new courthouse" that is 163k square feet, which works out to $1,100 per square foot, which is over double the second most expensive building I could find was, and over four times the average price per square foot of palaces and museums. And it's just going to look like a giant portable. This is to house some of the most corrupt people in this County, who all make $200-350+k per year (I am including their benefits in that, but not their pension). The entire DA's Office has a vendetta against Civil Rights in general, and will literally knowingly commit criminal violations of laws for the purpose of covering up serious criminal misconduct on the part of Sonoma County employees.
Lynda Hopkins took money from the law enforcement unions, and turns a willfully blind eye to it.
The County Office of Legal Counsel is literally a crime syndicate.
In 2015, the Sheriff's Office had a veritable torture ring in the jail.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. They lied about the existence of these videos, and "lost" the one where they gave one of the inmates internal bleeding, with a knee to their back.
There was a lawsuit about it. It was called the "Yard Counseling Case". There are news articles about it.
There was an official, written policy, called "Yard Counseling", later its name was changed to "Behavior Counseling" which dictated that for arbitrary punitive measures, Sheriff's Office personnel should extract inmates from their cells individually (which meant slamming their heads onto the door frames on the way out and other abuse), and isolate them, and putting them into "pain compliance" techniques (literally, by definition, torture) for extended periods of time while "counseling" them, which meant wearing no name tags, ski masks and riot gear, carrying a shotgun with them, and insulting them in explicit language for over 20 minutes.
This official written policy was acknowledged by Rob Giordano in a video, where he lies that no inmates where injured, uploaded to YouTube in 2018, when they finally addressed this official written policy, and the practice of torturing inmates without reasonable cause (leading exercise routines, for example).
In 2021, they saw one of the victims of this torture ring, who had sued them and had won, at a peaceful protest, and shot him with a grenade launcher while hiding on a rooftop in the face with a crowd control grenade, which exploded on impact and caused horrific injury that I don't care to describe.
In 2017, I was almost killed by application of a "carotid hold" / lateral vascular neck restraint, by a sheriff's deputy, for literally no reason. A knee was placed on my lower back while I was on the ground on my stomach as well, which caused a serious injury to my kidney, which was the worst injury of my life. I have also been diagnosed with an organic brain injury and cognitive impairment. I was tested for the same type of cognitive impairment before the incident and there is a marked difference, and I have about 30 pages describing the differences I've noticed / troubles I've had in my cognitive functioning. There was no probable cause to arrest me, and I was polite and compliant with all the instructions given to me, and this was confirmed by witnesses. I was punished for invoking my right to remain silent, then my arm was grabbed and yanked up behind me, and then a carotid hold was applied because my body pivoted after the deputy grabbed and yanked my arm.
This occurred UNDER A CAMERA and IN FRONT OF WITNESSES. I called the Sheriff's Office the next day said I want to "make an official complaint in writing". I was transferred to Captain of Internal Affairs, Captain Mark Essick. I repeated my request, verbatim. He responded, verbatim: "We don't do that. Why don't you tell me what happened." I did. I told him it happened right under a camera. He said "The camera can't record." I asked for confirmation. He said the cameras "Don't have recording technology installed."
I asked the County for a claim form. They ignored my request, and instructed me to report the incident to IOLERO. IOLERO requested I meet with Internal Affairs, and I said fine.
Sgt. Andy Cash called me and scheduled me for a meeting at the Sheriff's den. I was made to walk first and guided upstairs to a meeting room, and then patted down for weapons, and the interview was recorded. For 75 minutes I was deposed about happened. He asked me repeatedly about my mental state after the incident. I admitted that I was upset after the incident, and he acted like that justified the whole incident. He explicitly promised to interview the 4 deputies who witnessed the event in addition to the 2 deputies who participated, as well as the arresting officer (who I told him would confirm that I was polite and cooperative), which he agreed "would confirm [my] demeanor", and a bystander witness I told him about.
I complained to IOLERO director Jerry Threet. Mr. Threet agreed that that was inappropriate, then resigned without reviewing the investigation.
For about 4 years review of the investigation was put on hold because IOLERO staff quit, and when more staff was hired, they complained of being understaffed. They had a budget of over a million dollars but only had 2 employees. They only reviewed one case per four months. And they put off "backlogged" cases and focused on new cases. My complaint was finally reviewed by Interim Director Garrick Byers who clearly stated that the investigation was not conducted appropriately. I have the letter from him. That still has never been made public.
After the interview with Internal Affairs, I corresponded with Lynda Hopkins, and she refused to give her opinion on the matter. I specifically complained that the carotid hold was being used recklessly, and it is a dangerous technique. This was in 2018. She forwarded me to Janell Crane, who then had me meet with Kristi Schultz.
I contacted the DA's Office and spoke to Richard Celli (who made $346k in 2017, and has gunned down two unarmed people, and was convicted by a jury in one of the civil cases brought against him by one of the victim's family, but the sentence was overturned by a judge, while working for the SRPD). The first time I spoke to Mr. Celli, he told me that another law enforcement agency should take my case. After that first time, him and the rest of the DA's Office openly refused to comply with the Victims' Rights Laws (CA Con Art. 1 S. 28), and the "policies" (which are legally binding under CA Con Art 5 S. 13) of the Attorney General stating clearly that they are to take complaints from victims if it can't be resolved with the department.
After the first talk with Mr. Celli, I called Rohnert Park Police as I was instructed, and they 3-way called the Sheriff's office and then transferred me. I spent about 30 minutes reporting the incident to a deputy, and he asked me questions in a fair manner. I called RPPD back and talked to the arresting officer and he positively clearly confirmed that I was "polite, calm, compliant, and cooperative" (or something nearly verbatim, I can't remember exactly any more).
Andrew Cash called me the next day, at precisely 7:00 AM. He told me he was driving. He was extremely confrontational with me. He said "There were 6 deputies [referring to the two who used excessive force on me, and 4 witness deputies]. You were combative." This was false. He had only interviewed one of the 4 witness deputies, and the other 3 had provided written statements. They said that they had witnessed force being used, that they had not participated in the use of force to the best of their memory, and that I "did not appear to be resisting". But again, he had promised explicitly to interview the 4 deputy witnesses, and the arresting officer
Internal Affairs exonerated the officers. The letter was signed by Eddie Engram, captain of Internal Affairs. I called Mr. Engram, and had an hour long conversation with him, and he told me to contact Sgt. Cash after April 1st.
I filed a federal claim on the last day that it was due.
Mr. Cash referred me to Legal Counselor, Kara Abelson.
Ms. Abelson spent a year and a half refusing to comply with the Public Records Act, the Rules of Procedure, and the Rules of Professional Conduct. She refused to provide me documents that I was entitled to under law, including the incident report written by Deputies Jacquelin Fazzio and Virgil Smith, and the recorded interviews that he promised he would conduct, and stated pretty clearly that he had conducted.
Kara Abelson spent a year and a half trying to claim that my federal complaint was time barred by 1 day when it wasn't. The judge (Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers) entertained this and forced me to respond SEVEN TIMES, before she finally admitted that the "law wouldn't allow [her] to dismiss my complaint".
After a year and a half, Kara Abelson finally withdrew from the case after I started citing the Rules of Professional Conduct to her that require her to resign or withdraw from the case rather than defend a civil case where defense isn't warranted. Nobody had disputed any of the allegations I had made. In fact, Eddie Engram had confirmed that what I said happened was not disputed by the evidence.
At some point around this time, either before or after Ms. Abelson withdrew, the 2 incident reports written by the two deputies, the written statements by 3 of the 4 witness deputies, and the recorded interviews with me, the 2 deputies who assaulted me, and 1 of the eye witness deputies, were provided, along with various other records from the facility. In the recorded interview, and the incident report, the deputies admitted that Virgil Smith had applied the carotid hold.
I had also reported the incident to the State Attorney General Public Inquiry Unite (Lupe Zinzin). She had told me, over and over and over, that the local DA's are required to take complaints from civilians in these situations. She refused to call the DA's Office, though. The DA's Office (Richard Celli, Mark Azzouni, David Kahl) refused to take a complaint from me. They (including the receptionists) hung up on me every time I called after no more than 2 minutes, for no reason, transferred me to dead lines, never returned any voicemails I managed to leave, told me explicitly that if I send a complaint, they will throw it away, and didn't care, at all, what the laws were. The receptionists also refuse to provide their names. The Attorney General's Office told me to send them a complaint, so I did. The DA's Office acknowledged receiving the complaint. But later said that they did not have a record of it, meaning they threw it away.
The Attorney General's Office finally agreed to take a complaint from me. It sat on their desk for a year. I finally called them, concerned that evidence was being destroyed, and left a voicemail for Casey Hallinan requesting that they request copies of the physical evidence from the Sheriff's Office. Literally 2 days after that voicemail, a letter was sent to me signed by Sharon Loughner with Casey Hallinan CC'ed on the letter, stating that they would "take no action", and blamed the incident on me. I had not received the letter though, and called and spoke to Ms. Hallinan, who was extremely rude. After that, the Attorney General's Office hang up on me as soon as they find out it's me, for no reason. There has since been a bystander witness who saw the whole thing, and it has come to light that the cameras did record, that no upgrades were ever performed like Ms. Abelson alleged, the cameras do continuously record (as of 2019), and they just lied through their teeth about the camera for 4 straight years. The Attorney General's Office does not care. They violate the laws, and do not care what the laws are.
Sonoma County Office of Legal Counsel attorney Michael King took over after Ms. Abelson withdrew. Right off the bat, Mr. King told me that my motions were deficient - a contention he has repeated frequently, since then. I asked him how. He changed the subject, and to this day has NEVER given any explanation as to how any of my motions are deficient.
He continued to claim that my claim was time barred, filing frivolous motions, in blatant violation of the rules of professional conduct, after I cited the rules to him, constituting explicit legal misconduct.
As I said, the judge finally agreed to open Discovery after a year and a half of full time work trying to fight for my right to not be nearly murdered for no reason.
Lawyers do not take these cases unless there is undeniable proof of blatant guilt, along with undeniable proof of catastrophic injury. Multiple law firms have confirmed that it takes over a million dollars worth of legal work to get these cases to trial.
The judge also promised me a pro bono attorney "if you make it past summary judgment".
The judge scheduled us for Alternative Dispute Resolution hearing with a magistrate judge. Mr. King elicited an offer from me, which I spent about 2 weeks working on, trying to make it as agreeable as possible. But then for the hearing, his written offer was to waive charging me his attorneys fees. The judge confirmed that there was no legal basis for him to do that - it would be illegal. He had been ordered to participate in this hearing, and there was a legal obligation under the Rules of Procedure to try in good faith to settle the case. He violated the order and the rule of procedure (26 (f)).
All of my motions were completely ignored for no reason.
Mr. King / Defendant Virgil Smith lied about the cameras. They said "Denies the existence of cameras capable of recording in the vicinity", in writing, under oath. They never disputed that he put his knee on top of my back with all his weight on it.
Mr. King refused to comply with his Discovery obligations. I had to file about 4 different motions pertaining to their refusal to comply with the laws regarding disclosure of evidence.
Upon receiving an official Discovery request for records of camera equipment, I received a letter signed under by Mr. King (nearly 4 years after the incident) stating that the cameras CAN RECORD. But stating "tasks must be performed" to start the recording function, and stating that all records pertaining to the equipment that was installed at the time HAD BEEN DESTROYED (literally a federal and state crime, a civil tort violation, and a sanctionable act of legal misconduct).
Mr. King refused to schedule any of the witnesses for deposition, demanded MY deposition BEFORE he would even schedule the two deputies who assaulted me, even though I had been requesting depositions with other witnesses for over a month, and refused to schedule anyone else, he refused to answer interrogatories, he refused to provide copies of the policies from the time of the incident. He tried to pass off a weird spreadsheet with the word camera on it as proof that upgrades had been done to the cameras. He refused to provide complete training records for the deputies. He refused to provide details about the training. He refused to provide blueprints of the facility, refused to provide photos of the cameras at the location, refused to provide still images showing which direction the cameras were pointing, refused to provide photos of the deputies so I could schedule depositions efficiently.
The judge erroneously dismissed my Equal Protection claims, construing them as Due Process and Employment Discrimination claims, which are different types of claims than Equal Protection claims against a government actor. The government cannot arbitrarily treat anyone disparately. The Court also dismissed my "Monell" claim against the municipality for their "policies, customs, or practices", but left me leave to amend that claim. And she waited until Discovery opened over 1.5 years into litigation, to do this, forcing me to amend the complaint DURING DISCOVERY which was only open for a limited amount of time, instead of any point in the 1.5 years prior to that.
In the recorded interview with Andrew Cash and one of the witness deputies, she spontaneously states that Mr. Cash instructed her to review the written statements made by the two deputies who assaulted me prior to the interview. Another deputy witness confirmed that Mr. Cash had instructed her to review the written reports by the two deputies who assaulted me prior to her providing Mr. Cash with a written statement as well.
The judge finally retaliated against me, without rational basis, for filing motions, which I had filed because I was being illegally obstructed from preserving evidence, by withdrawing leave to amend regarding the "Monell" claim (I had stated a clear Monell claim to begin with, but the judge literally has an aversion to reading, and relies on guessing, and is biased against pro se litigants; I am summarizing well over 100 pages, if not well over double that, of motions, objections, and replies and the judge's responsive orders).
She did however, finally schedule a hearing with a Discovery referee magistrate. All my motions (and the months of work I was required to do dictated by the various rules) was completely disregarded, and both me and Mr. King were given 2 pages each (double spaced) to go over discovery issues, even though I had filed about 4 different motions about various issues, and he hadn't filed ANY, at that time.
During conference I was required to do in accordance with the Rules, Mr. King repeatedly tried to establish that I had committed crimes during the course of conferring which was my legal obligation, without having any rational basis to believe what he was trying to establish. He demanded evidence that would exist, and he kept repeating every lie he could come up with to the judge. The judge would either get annoyed at me if I addressed any of Mr. King's baseless accusations, or take his statements at face value for being 100% true.
Mr. King finally "compromised" and agreed to schedule depositions with me (as long as Mr. King wanted to) and the two deputies who had assaulted me (for 25 minutes each or something) all simultaneously, but refused to schedule anyone else, even though this was grossly advantageous to him. One of the eye witness deputies later confirmed that he had "consulted" her over 4 times prior to the trial. During this deposition, Mr. King asked me where a family member of mine works. He had spent about 30-40 minutes trying to convince me that I can tell him anything, that the entire record was designated confidential, that I had nothing to worry about - and at a deposition, you are obligated to answer the questions unless they are harassing. Mr. King also requested contact information for counselors from over 10 years ago, and that was the only question I didn't answer - I told him to provide the request in writing. At some point after that, I told Mr. King to not contact my family member at her workplace, and Mr. King responded "unless you fully and completely cooperate" with his request for contact information for counselors from 10 years+ ago.
At the hearing, the Discovery Magistrate (Donna M. Ryu) discussed matters only with Mr. King, without including me. He told her that the 4 eye witness deputies "saw nothing" and "weren't there" (verbatim) trying to get her to deny me my request to take their deposition. She asked him if he would get them to sign fresh "sworn declarations", "under oath" (Judge Ryu's words, verbatim) stating this. Mr. King said yes, absolutely, he would. Judge Ryu asked me "Would that be okay?" I said "No." She started laughing, and asked me why, and I explained that I had explicitly described various interactions with them that had taken place while the carotid hold was still being applied to me, and that they had stated in their written statements that they had witnessed force being used, and that was "not resisting". She confirmed that this was all true with Mr. King and that he already knew all of this, and ordered him to cooperate with scheduling them for deposition.
After that, they went back to discussing matters only with eachother, and I was excluded from discussion. This was an hour long hearing, and at about the 45 minute mark, Mr. King was again lying to the magistrate judge, and when he had finished, I interjected, "That's not true". Judge Ryu shouted "Stop! Stop stop stop stop stop!" And then very assertively explained to me the importance of not interrupting people for the convenience of the court reporter / transcriber. I was excluded from the rest of the hearing.
At some point at either this hearing or the next one, I cited the legal requirement for the parties to disclose contact information for witnesses. I cited the rule of procedure. Judge Ryu responded, "Mr. King is a lawyer!" as if that alone justified his refusal to provide me contact information for witnesses.
Mr. King refused to provide both written statements from the eye witness deputies, and to schedule them for deposition, and stated that if he provided written statements, they would be copied and pasted versions of the same statements previously provided, signed under oath (nowhere saying that they "saw nothing" or "weren't there").
Mr. King kept threatening to go to my family member's workplace unless I provided him contact information for counselors from 10+ years ago, DURING a DEPOSITION, without him providing any written request for the information.
He also interfered with scheduling the witnesses for deposition, with the Court reporter that I had hired, disregarded the schedule that I had set, and set them each for 30 minutes, which raised the cost of deposition from an estimated about $700 to about $4,000, and said this was my one and only chance.
The Federal Pro Bono Project / the Justice & Diversity Center is an organization that receives seven million dollars a year in public funding and is under contract with the Federal District Court to work with the Court to provide legal consultation to pro se litigants. I had about 19 appointments with them, about 18 with Abby Herzberg, and 1 with Rosemarie Maliekel. Ms. Herzberg was precisely 15 minutes late to every single appointment, repeatedly gave me horrible advice ("just wait", do nothing, "don't file this", despite admitting that the entire motion was valid, directly causing excessive delay and the spoliation of crucial evidence). She also yelled at me aggressively on two occasions because I had brought up state laws, which were being currently violated against me, because the Court had dismissed my "state claims" because Sonoma County refused to supply with a state tort claim form when I first asked, reasoning that was not relevant to the state laws being currently violated against me. After Ms. Herzberg yelled at me the second time, I requested an appointment with Ms. Maliekel. Ms. Maliekel spent the entire appointment ranting at me about irrelevant issues, and kept talking over me and interrupting me. I was polite but eventually asked "can I finish what I was saying?" She responded "No!" and kept ranting at me.
I had repeatedly asked about how to properly get medical evidence, and about expert witnesses. Ms. Herzberg ignored my questions and spent nearly the entirety of almost every single appointment reading through the rules, without letting me speak at all, even to summarize the relevant sections of the rules that I had read.
On a video on their webpage (on the Court's website, because they are a "partner project" with the Court), Abby Herzberg explicitly demonstrates a clear understanding of the fact that the Court provides funding for expert witnesses, despite ignoring my questions about and spending nearly the entirety of almost every single appointment either reading rules or pretending to.
Discovery was closed.
Mr. King rehashed the legally baseless and frivolous "time barred" claim in a Motion for Summary Judgment. I was required to respond to it twice. I was required to answer all his "undisputed material facts" under threat of terminating my entire case, but he refused to answer mine. He lied over and over to the judges. As I said, the judge ruled that the laws "wouldn't allow her to" dismiss my entire case and rejected his Motion for Summary Judgement.
The Court ordered the Federal Pro Bono Project (FPBP) to put me on a list for attorneys seeking clients. Ms. Herzberg told me that if I filed any motions, that the FPBP would not cooperate with the Court's order, until 1 month before my trial, instead of 6 months before. She also said that a law firm had reached out to them about my case over a month prior to that, and that the staff at the FPBP had not followed up. My filing privileges were then revoked by the Court.
An attorney, David Ratner, reached out to me, and scheduled an initial consultation, over Zoom, at which he stated he "hates cops", and gave a showing of being enthusiastic. I explicitly told him that I wanted to make sure we were on the same page as far as what to "aim for". I told him that I had been working for FIVE YEARS, that I had almost died, that I had suffered two different extremely serious injuries. I told him that what I asked for was consistent with the most similar case (the Esa Wroth case of 2013) that I knew of (an ask of three million dollars). This was coincidental. I was not aware of the Esa Wroth case when I came up with that number. I agonized over that, and spent a lot of time trying to come up with a fair amount, and described the methods I used to come up with that number in detail in court documents. Mr. Ratner explicitly agreed to aim for that.
Mr. Ratner, and his partner, Shelley Mollineaux, who was set to represent me at trial under Mr. Ratner's supervision, then both went dark for over a month. They ignored my emails, voicemails, and messages that I left with their receptionists. There was a hearing, and then Mr. Ratner emailed me demanding "all the documents" that I had. I had over 50 gb of files across thousands of files, and spent about a month working with his paralegals sending them batches of files, and providing all the information they asked me for. Mr. Ratner forwarded me an email from Mr. King where King accused me of violating a court order regarding providing medical providers and the physical addresses of my entire family and my friends, which was false -- the Court had ordered me to provide him CONTACT information, at a second hearing, which wasn't significant, and I had fully and completely complied in good faith with all the Court's orders. Mr. Ratner accused me of not sending him "anything", after I had spent at least several weeks with his paralegals sending them batches of files and information, and he simultaneously threatened to ask the judge for leave to withdraw.
There had been major delays with medical evaluation due in large part to Covid, as well as delayed discovery of brain injury, which is very common, and other factors.
With trial set, Mr. Ratner forwarded me an offer from Defendants for $5,000. Upon discussion (which was 100% in email because he refused to talk over the phone and Ms. Mollineaux completely ignored me), he accused me of not doing Discovery right. I pointed him to the video I referred to earlier, which I had found since Mr. Ratner took my case, but wasn't aware of when I was interacting with the FPBP, where the FPBP (Abby Herzberg), and various District Judges from the Court I was litigating in, state that it is general policy (and it is official policy under the Court's General Order 25) to REOPEN DISCOVERY when a pro bono attorney comes onto the case, and to FUND DEPOSITION AND EXPERT WITNESS FEES.
Mr. Ratner stated he "won't file any motions" and ultimately elected to withdraw from the case over fulfill his legal obligations under the Rules of Professional Conduct. The Court thanked him and granted him permission to withdraw. The FPBP refused to put me back on the list. I was forced into trial BY MYSELF, at 1-2 months prior to trial, after 2-3 months of my time being completely wasted by Mr. Ratner and his law firm.
I went through the appropriate legal process to submit an expert witness. The Court, as usual, completely ignored my motions, but allowed me to use him after I went through the entire legal process, and paid him thousands of dollars without knowing if I would be granted permission or not, and provided the Court a report stating that the carotid hold was ILLEGAL unless the subject exhibited "assaultive behavior" and that Defendants had never alleged any behavior of mine that constituted "assaultive behavior" (under POST Basic). The expert was a Master level instructor at a police academy and former SWAT.
Mr. King provided his pre-trial disclosures, and it contained a document from Rohnert Park police department which had been extensively redacted on the copy that they had provided to me. The new copy contained the contact information for the bystander witness. I called him, and he confirmed that he saw the entire thing, that I had never yelled at the deputies before the first deputy grabbed my arm, and that I was not resisting at any point in time. I told the judge this. She had me call him at a hearing, and both me and Mr. King were allowed a couple of minutes to ask him questions, where he refused to admit that I was even "wiggling" when Mr. King badgered him.
The judge then refused to allow him to appear over Zoom, and refused to summon him to the trial.
At the trial, the Judge accused me falsely of firing my attorney, and explicitly prohibited me from telling the jury that the Defendants had LIED about the camera's ability to record. She explicitly prohibited me from submitting scientific evidence about the carotid hold. She allowed Mr. King to make extremely defamatory false remarks about me and my past which had a huge impact on the jury's perception of things. At a pretrial hearing, we had gone over about 110 documents that I wanted to present at the trial. She vetted about 40 as admissible at the hearing, but at the trial she only let me submit about 5. Defendants were allowed to submit a SECOND expert witness, both of whom worked for the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office. The first was Andrew Cash. The second was James Naugle who had been disclosed literally a week before trial, without a report, and without allowing me to take his deposition. She refused to allow me to ask Mr. Naugle about case laws, or about information pertaining to the carotid hold. The Court refused to summon any of my treating physicians, whom I had provided the names and contact information for in my disclosures at the end of Discovery and some in my initial disclosures, and I had complied with Mr. King's written requests for information or objected within the boundaries of the law, in good faith, and complied with the Court's orders, in good faith.
I had informed the Court that I was scheduled for medical evaluations for brain injury AFTER THE TRIAL. The Court completely ignored this.
So it was my word against theirs. 5 years, at the time of the mistrial, to get a mockery of a trial, and have the jurors' time completely wasted. The jury wrote me a letter thanking me or something, but awarded me nothing.
I was diagnosed with organic brain injury after the trial. I had a similar test prior to the incident and had absolutely no problems and answered every question with no trouble. I now score in the FOURTH PERCENTILE on those areas.
Despite its length, this has been a short summary of all the events over the past 6 years. Much has been summarized, and much has been left out. I tried my best to balance completeness with leaving out irrelevant details.
There is no record of any misconduct on the part of anyone involved in this that is available to any law enforcement agencies or to the public. Nobody has been disciplined. No investigation was ever conducted. I was almost killed and was seriously injured, under a camera, and in front of witnesses, and spent 6 years working with the government. The government has done precisely NOTHING.
The County now routinely retaliates against me whenever we interact, in blatant violation of various laws.
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