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A place to write a letter you don't intend to send.

2023.03.29 08:12 Important_Boot8677 The White Paper Dream of Sharbi - A Prophecy to Sustain and Upgrade Beverly Hills 90211 Podcast Studios

Dream Location: 8582 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Once upon a time in the sun-kissed hills of Beverly Hills 90211, there was a Hollywood producer named George Anton. George was facing a dilemma; he couldn't find any sponsors for his beloved podcast shows. As the days went by, his worry deepened, and he often found himself wondering how he could keep his dream alive.
One fateful night, George drifted into a deep slumber, not knowing that he was about to embark on a life-changing journey. As he slept, he dreamt of himself as a mysterious youtube boy named Logan, https://youtu.be/TERj78gAIKs wearing sunglasses, talking about an intriguing token called Sharbi. George, feeling drawn to the token, followed the platform until he stumbled upon amother video featuring a financial religious figure prophet: https://youtu.be/yxbUZ8EhEeQ
Curiosity piqued, George dove deeper into the world of Sharbi, captivated by its unique tokenomics and community-driven approach. He found himself in awe of the project's growth and the strong sense of camaraderie among its supporters. It was then that George realized that Sharbi might just be the answer he had been seeking.
The next morning, George woke up feeling rejuvenated, with a newfound sense of purpose. He couldn't shake the feeling that Sharbi was a prophecy he needed to follow. Eager to find out more, George conducted thorough research and discovered that Sharbi was not only a promising cryptocurrency but also a thriving community of passionate believers.
With great enthusiasm, George decided to invest in a relationship with Sharbi, and as if by magic, things began to change for the better. The Beverly Hills 90211 Podcast Studios started to flourish, attracting new sponsors and collaborations with each passing day. Now the podcast hosts are paid in Sharbi. All guests receive 1000 Sharbi every TV Show appearance. George Anton pays the hosts of the show in Sharbi.
Inspired by his prophetic dream, George shared the story of Sharbi with his podcast audience, recounting the tale of the ‘sunglasses Logan“ and the financial religious figure prophet. His listeners were captivated by the enchanting story, and they too felt the allure of Sharbi that kept growing as the female dog surpassed her husband’s market-cap.
As the time went by, the podcast studio continued to thrive, fueled by the powerful monetary energy of Sharbi and its community. George and his team laughed, cried, and rejoiced in their success, cherishing the mysterious dream that had brought them to this new and exciting chapter.
George Anton even anvoided for being sued for promoting unregistered securities. An ongoing dream in the metaverse.
And so, the legend of Sharbi and the Beverly Hills 90211 Podcast Studios was born. https://youtube.com/shorts/ELyoJgJSMH0?feature=share A prophecy foretold in a dream, a prophet with a guiding light of wealth transfer https://youtu.be/h3wopphznWY that led to prosperity and happiness for all those who believed in its power. The story of Sharbi became a beacon of hope, inspiring people far and wide to embrace the magic of this unique token, and together, they created a world where dreams and reality intertwined.
The end... or rather, the beginning. YouTube.com/AntonPictures ——- disclaimer: George Anton owns Sharbi tokens. Not a financial advice. For entertainment purposes only.
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2023.03.29 08:12 No-Young6289 my (19f) riends started dating (20f & 19m), and I don't know what to do

LDR+description: My 2 friends started dating, ones freshly out of a relationship, the other was reluctant to pursue because of another girl.
Writing this from an anonymous account, but let's dive in, there's a lot that goes into this situation, so apologies for the long read, but i am in desperate need for advice.
So I (19 f) have been good friends with J (19 M) for 4 years now, J and I began working with eachother this year, and about 2 months ago, R (20 F) began working with us.
When R began working all three of us clicked, specifically R and I, we got really close because she had just left her boyfriend, and I had left mine a few months before meeting her, and our relationships were very similar, so we bonded really quickly.
About 2 weeks ago, R started making advances on J, simple hand holding nothing crazy, but J let me know because he didn't know what to do, he was interested in another girl, didn't find R very attractive, and anytime I asked him the question "are you interested in R because you like her, or is it just because she likes you" he'd respond with "I don't know", which me and our other friend both agreed sounded like he knew it was because she liked him, not bc of his genuine interest.
I also brought up concerns about how R was freshly out of a relationship, and still talked about her ex a lot, it seemed to be a very traumatic relationship, and only having been out of it for about 2 months, was rather quick, and she may just be using him as a replacement (I said this as it's something I've done, and recognize other people do aswell)
Quick recap as to key points: R is freshly out of a relationship, J doesn't seem to genuinely like R, and has made it clear before her being interested that he wasn't a fan of her in the way of dating.
J kept asking for advice and all I would say is "I'm staying out of this because I'm the female bestfriend and will be the one likely to get burned" (J was not a fan)
Recently R ditched me to hang out with J (found out through J), and to complicated the situation even more, J is my supervisor, and has been putting me on a separate lunch than usual leaving me out of the group.
NOW IF YOUVE READ THIS FAR, thank you, and here's my dilemma.
I feel selfish, I'm Upset with J for going for my friend, despite hearing him say things about how her nose is to big, or she's not his type, etc.
I'm upset with R for ditching me and not letting me know, along with seeming to use my friend as a quick move on method instead of processing her breakup (this is just a theory tho)
So recently, I've taken some steps back from both of them, and R came crying to me about how she felt bad for not telling me about J and her (I already
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2023.03.29 08:12 Difficult_While_1564 Anyone know what they’re surveying? I’ve seen them multiple times the past few weeks near the Ukraine/Belarus border

Anyone know what they’re surveying? I’ve seen them multiple times the past few weeks near the Ukraine/Belarus border submitted by Difficult_While_1564 to flightradar24 [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 08:12 evhl_esports Join the Community-Based EVHL!

Hi Everyone! I’m sure you’ve seen the jersey posts in other communities that loved using my content for their own benefit but wouldn’t allow me to benefit from my own content.
I just wanted to share that the EVHL, the league you’ve seen posting jerseys for years and years is finally going to actually play games again and I want this community and it’s members to be a big part of it!
Now is the best time to start your EVHL career! Create your own avatar, pick your favorite team, customize your player, then watch along on twitch and participate in the discord community to see your player improve over the course their career.
Games will be live-streamed on Twitch, game replays posted to YouTube, and full user stat tracking along with league standings will be kept on the website!
Appreciate you all reading this post, hope to see you in the discord and on twitch soon!
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2023.03.29 08:12 Chaotic-Wanderer Coworker mad when I complain that they don’t do anything

Context: I’m a 20(F) and I was working with my bf 18(M) we had precious experience working at food related services so our job was dishwashing and general cleaning.
The first 2 months were fine, we were learning the ropes of the location, where to get more cleaning supplies, where to get mops and brooms, and where to throw out trash. The work wasn’t inherently hard but it was stressful especially when we had rushed and we worked from 4pm-12am The Dishroom also had ventilation issued and was dusty so we would sometimes come home itchy.
It was alright for the most part until I got a tailbone injury but still needed to work to pay for rent.
Around the 2 month mark I started noticing small things, coworkers going missing for large chunks of time, first 30 minutes, then an hour, then an hour and thirty.
Normally I wouldn’t care as long as it doesn’t effect me or actively make my job harder, but over time it did, I would find that me and my bf would be the only ones in the Dishroom and we would be struggling to get the dishes that the cooks and sheets needed, it didn’t help that the manager would come in ask where everyone else was and I didn’t have an answer so he’d get mad.
Coupled with the tailbone pain and feeling overwhelmed I started to get more irritated by my co workers , it felt like they could just go of where ever and I was supposed to deal with whatever mess they left behind.
This went on for about 5 more months until I decided to leave, having to deal with constant rushes with no support from people who were supposed to be helping us got really irritating, they wouldn’t communicate what they were doing, the only options were on lunch, cleaning, in the bathroom or on a smoke break.
But when they did show up they would either have no dishes or a cart after an hour. Keep in mind during all of this me and my bf are doing dishes non-stop.
I even asked where one of them was to the manager but he didn’t know either. And I would look for them when I had the chance and they weren’t in any of the usual spots.
So I just it more frustrated especially when they would pop in the Dishroom and there was stuff that needed to be done but they would just walk back out. Today was my last day since I can’t deal with this anymore and me and my bf were talking to a new co worker about where our coworker was and I explained to them that they often disappear and how today was our last day and then my lazy coworker walks in and hears, then he is mad the rest of the day at me for telling them that, he even complained about me to some of the cooks (WHILE WE WERE CLEANING OUT THE MACHINE TAKING OUT THE TRASH AND CLEANING THE ROOM)
Anyways I’m going to door dash from now on, i don’t want to come home with aching back pain everyday just so I can be taken advantage of by a lazy coworkes. just hope he can deal with the workload now that were gone.
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2023.03.29 08:12 ASGfan Episodic Review - My Ellen (S4, E3)

This is the 3rd episode of season 4 and so far this season, we’ve had dog death, infidelity and corruption, but if you were looking for a lighthearted and whimsical episode to balance things out, you won’t find it here. We begin with the Ingalls girls making the trek after school to the Taylor residence, where Laura plays a part in successfully convincing Mrs. Taylor to let her daughter Ellen go swimming with them. Laura wants to use a shortcut across Busby’s place, but Mary threatens to tell Pa. Laura thinks the better of it, knowing Mary would keep her promise. They take off for the pond with a grown man watching their activities from the bushes. As it turns out, he isn’t the only one as two boys try to peep in on the girls swimming. Carrie wanders over and asks them what they are doing. The boys reply that they’re fishing, but Carrie doesn’t buy that and asks them what they are fishing with. You can mark these boys down as the first people in the universe to be outsmarted by Carrie. Carrie yells over to Laura and she, Ellen and Mary all duck down in the pond. The boys head for the hills while Laura and Mary resurface. Ellen does not. Precious moments tick by as Mary yells and admonishes Ellen for not returning. Mary is usually smarter than this. The next thing we know, it’s nightfall and the torches and canoes are out and it’s pretty clear they’re looking for a body now. How exactly Ellen drowned remains unclear. Standard Walnut Grove funeral with Reverend Alden presiding. Mrs. Taylor naturally has some trouble accepting her daughter’s death as she breaks down at the casket. Remarkably, she resumes her composure and blames Laura for the incident. Laura starts to wonder if she really is responsible, but Pa tells her she is not. Back at the Taylor residence, Reverend Alden stops by with some bible passages he thought might be of some comfort. Mrs. Taylor is not in a religious mood and evicts Alden and shouts “And take your damn book with you” while throwing the Bible at him and staring icy cold daggers at him in the process. Wild. Mrs. Taylor goes through Ellen’s mementoes a little later. Her husband walks in and now his wife is directing some of the blame at him. Eloise orders him to get out.
Over at the mill, Jonathan goes for a ride in the wheel and gets dizzy. He heads over to the Mercantile for a sarsaparilla and Reverend Alden gives him some serious crap over it, thinking that he’s drunk. This is a fairly long sequence for something that isn’t integral to the plot. This is also during that weird 4-5 episode period in between where Jonathan was introduced, but we hadn’t seen Alice or Andy yet. Alden catches up with Charles at the mill and asks him to ask Caroline to talk to Mrs. Taylor since he was getting nowhere with his efforts. Charles obliges and Caroline obliges, but she heads over to the Taylor residence to find Mr. Taylor on his way out and Mrs. Taylor not in the mood to talk and still blaming Laura for what happened. The next day, the girls are walking to school when Laura gets the idea to take some flowers to Mrs. Taylor. Mary warns her about cutting across Busby’s again, but Laura isn’t going to be dissuade this time. Laura knocks on Mrs. Taylor’s door, which pops right open. She hands Mrs. Taylor the flowers, which was apparently something Ellen did often. Mrs. Taylor goes in and out of reality, occasionally mistaking Laura for Ellen. It should be noted Laura has blonde highlights in her hair for this episode and Ellen was blonde. I’m not sure why they couldn’t just make Ellen the same hair color as Laura, but whatever. Mrs. Taylor asks Laura to fetch some apples from the fruit cellar and as Laura does, she pulls up the ladder, thus trapping Laura in the dark cellar. She then takes Laura’s flowers and books and heads out of the house.
Mary runs over to the mill from the school to inform Pa that Laura never made it to class and that she planned to go over to Mrs. Taylor’s using Busby’s place as a shortcut. Strangely, Charles and Jonathan aren’t too concerned about it. Nonetheless, they decide to check over at Mrs. Taylor’s, who denies having seen Laura that day. The guys decide to check out Busby’s place next, and we see Busby (who is a bit slow) looking at the picture book. Jonathan finds the picture book a little later and he and Charles round up some men, but nobody finds anything more of note today.
The next day, Mrs. Taylor heads over to the mercantile, where she purchases birthday candles, a birthday doll and mentions that her daughter Ellen brought her flowers yesterday. This weirds out Harriet. An absolutely unreal chain of events follows next as the men finally close in on Busby, who takes off running and Mr. Taylor shoots him in the head and nearly kills him. Keep in mind that Busby is mentally slow and hasn’t been found guilty of any crime or even charged with one. The men take Busby over to Doc Baker’s and while he’s recuperating, Charles gives him the third degree on Laura’s whereabouts, then grabs him by the collar and starts to rough him up. CHARLES INGALLS CHOKES INNOCENT PEOPLE WHO WERE JUST SHOT IN THE HEAD! Garvey gets Charles to back off. Busby responds much better to Garvey’s soft-spoken approach and answers the questions as best he can. He just wanted to look at the pictures. Busby’s got a lot of face with a honking nose and enormous lips. Surreal moment as Garvey tells Busby “Nobody here going to hurt you”, when the man that just shot him and that man that just choked him are in the room. Busby eventually passes out. Harriet busts in and informs the men about all the weirdness with Mrs. Taylor in the mercantile. Pa rushes over to the Taylor residence, but just as he does that, Laura has outsmarted Mrs. Taylor and found a way out of the cellar. Eloise gives chase and tackles Laura in a last-ditch effort, but they collapse by Ellen’s grave and reality has finally started to sink in for Mrs. Taylor. Pa reunites with Laura. Finally, after 45 minutes of child death, suggestions of child molestation and murder and innocent people being horribly attacked, we get a touching moment as Laura befriends Busby and gives him the picture book back.
Gah, that was just horrifying. Mrs. Taylor apparently suffers no consequences for kidnapping and false imprisonment. We don’t even get the “They decided to have another child” ending. Nope, nothing.
EPISODE WINNERS – Harriet once again, for leading the men in the right direction and Laura as well for enduring what she did and having the ability to outsmart and adult to get away.
EPISODE LOSERS – Mr. Taylor for being trigger happy, Mrs. Taylor for her crimes, and Charles for kicking people when they’re down.
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2023.03.29 08:12 AutoModerator [Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery

Get the course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/copy-paste-agency-iman-gadzhi/
[Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery
You’ve stumbled across this page for a reason.
It’s not because you’ve heard of this crazy new business model called ‘SMMA’ and it’s not because you’re struggling to sign your first client.
It’s because you’re exasperated. You’re frustrated. And you know you can do better.
You’re stuck in a pair of “golden handcuffs”: running a mildly-successful agency but beholden to your clients, your staff, and your phone.
You’ve broken the one inviolable rule of running an agency and not kept a full pipeline.
You know that you can reach the upper echelon of agency owners making six-and-seven figures, whilst working less than six-and-seven hours a week.
You just don’t know how…
My name’s Iman Gadzhi and since 2017, I’ve run IAG Media. In this time, I’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, enjoyed six-figure months and made my clients millions.
I’ve also lost multiple clients in a row, been over-worked and chained to the agency that I started to give me freedom.
All the while, I’ve refined, tweaked and optimized my agency whilst also creating GrowYourAgency.com – the world’s largest education company for agency owners.
But in early 2020, I realised there was a problem. For every beginner agency owner desperate to sign their first client, there were three experienced agency owners desperate for guidance, systems and processes, and a solution to their broken agency model.
It’s why I created Copy Paste Agency…
…not so I can show you how to sign a client or perform basic outreach.
So you could take, copy and paste the exact methods I use in my own agency into your agency.
Copy Paste Agency students learn:
How I continue to run a multiple-six-figure agency from home with a skeleton staff and minimal expenses.
How to command higher retainers… and retain those clients for longer.
How to automate, delegate, and optimize every area of your agency from lead generation and sales to service delivery and client communication.
Plus get access to the latest tools and software used by my own agency, IAG Media such as reporting templates.
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2023.03.29 08:11 ripred3 MicroChess Update: Money for Nothing..

This is a quick update about some of the data structure and algorithmic changes that I am making as I clean up the program and implement the minimax algorithm. I came up with this structure yesterday and it works extremely well in terms of the speed improvements and the reduction of the RAM requirements of the program.
Throughout the code there are a lot of places where we need to convert from the board index (0-63) and the row and column that the location represents using one or more of these formulas:
 // convert a column and row into a board index index = col + row * 8; // convert a board index to the column col = index % 8; // or col = index & 7; // convert a board index to the row col = index / 8; // or col = (index >> 3) & 7; 
So the code is full of places where all 3 variables (index, col, and row) are needed just in order to calculate these values. This also takes up extra stack space or executes calculations that I wish I didn't have to pay for in terms of the memory used and the additional runtime execution. So I came up with this data structure:
/** * @brief conv1_t struct represents a single chess piece location in 8 bits. * * The struct cleverly packs the data for a chess piece location into 2 bytes. It * uses a union of two structures to allow for easy access to the data in two * different formats. The first structure, pt, is a bitfield that is laid out as * † follows: * * 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 * +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+------+ * col row type side * +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+------+ * * The second structure, ndx, is laid out as follows: * * 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 * +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+------+ * index type side * +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+------+ * * The idea behind the design is that the col and row fields are easily accessed * when scanning the chess board in row-major order, while the index field is * easily accessed when looping over an array of pieces. Additionally, assigning * to the col and row fields automatically / magically performs the calculations * `index = col + row * 8` and `col = ndx % 8, row = index / 8` implicitly, thanks * to the clever use of the union and the resulting alignment of the bitfields! * * Let me say that again: The math and conversion between the col/row and the * 0 - 63 and the (col,row) pairs automatically happens without having to apply * the `index = col + row * 8`, `col = index % 8`, or the `row = index / 8` * expressions! To understand this realize that dividing by 8 or multiplying by * 8 is the same operation as shifting a value 3 bits up or down. By aligning * the bitfields the way we are, we are forcing the 3 bits that store the row * to implicitly be 3 bits to the left of the col bitfield when viewed from * perspective of the ndx.index field! Binary numbers are cool! * * The struct provides a set of getter and setter methods to safely access the * bit fields, as well as constructors to initialize the values of the fields. * * Forcing all access to go through the the setters and getters is not just * there to ensure that the fields cannot be accessed except through the * methods; they serve a higher purpose. All bitfields should be able to be * accessed in two bitwise assembly instructions: A shift operation (<< or >>) * and a masking AND instruction. By providing these accessors we guarantee * that all code produced by the compiler will use two assembly instructions per * access worst-case when accessing any of these fields. Without this it is * possible for the compiler to generate some inefficient code such as loading * the entire structure into memory just to perform an operation on one of the * fields and then throwing the temporary stack object away. * * † The actual layout with respect to the order of the fields in memory is * up to the compiler based on the processor architecture. The intent and * optimal storage is still achieved however regardless of the order in * physical memory. * */ struct conv1_t { private: union { struct { uint8_t col : 3, ///< The column value of the position. row : 3, ///< The row value of the position. type : 3, ///< The type of piece (pawn, knight, etc.) at the position. side : 1; ///< The side (white or black) of the piece at the position. } pt; ///< A struct used to compactly store the values and to access /// the member fields of the union in a type-safe manner. struct { uint8_t index : 6, ///< The index of the position in the board array. type : 3, ///< The type of piece (pawn, knight, etc.) at the position. side : 1; ///< The side (white or black) of the piece at the position. } ndx; ///< A struct used to compactly store the values and to access /// the member fields of the union in a type-safe manner. } u; ///< A union used to store the position information in two /// different ways, for different use cases. public: /** * @brief Default constructor. Initializes the piece to an empty black piece at (0, 0). */ conv1_t() : u{ 0, 0, Empty, Black } {} /** * @brief Constructor that takes an index and initializes the piece to the corresponding row and column. * * @param index The index of the piece, where 0 represents the top-left square on the board. */ conv1_t(uint8_t index) { u.ndx.index = index; u.ndx.type = Empty; u.ndx.side = Black; } /** * @brief Constructor that takes an index, type, and side, and initializes the piece to those values. * * @param index The index of the piece, where 0 represents the top-left square on the board. * @param type The type of the piece. * @param side The side of the piece. */ conv1_t(uint8_t index, uint8_t type, uint8_t side) { u.ndx.index = index; u.ndx.type = type; u.ndx.side = side; } /** * @brief Constructor that takes a column and row, and initializes the piece to those values. * * @param col The column of the piece, where 0 represents the leftmost column on the board. * @param row The row of the piece, where 0 represents the top row on the board. */ conv1_t(uint8_t col, uint8_t row) : u{ col, row, Empty, Black } {} /** * @brief Setters for the structure. * */ void set_index(uint8_t value) { u.ndx.index = value; } void set_col(uint8_t value) { u.pt.col = value; } void set_row(uint8_t value) { u.pt.row = value; } void set_type(uint8_t value) { u.pt.type = u.ndx.type = value; } void set_side(uint8_t value) { u.pt.side = u.ndx.side = value; } /** * @brief Getters for the structure. * */ uint8_t get_index() const { return u.ndx.index; } uint8_t get_col() const { return u.pt.col; } uint8_t get_row() const { return u.pt.row; } uint8_t get_type() const { return u.pt.type; } uint8_t get_side() const { return u.pt.side; } }; // conv1_t /** * @brief Struct representing a chess move. * * The struct contains two `conv1_t` members, `from` and `to`, representing the * starting and ending positions of the move, respectively. */ struct conv2_t { private: conv1_t from, to; public: /** * @brief Default constructor. Initializes both positions to (0, 0). */ conv2_t() : from(), to() {} /** * @brief Constructor that takes the indices of the start and end positions. * * @param from_index The index of the starting position. * @param to_index The index of the ending position. */ conv2_t(uint8_t from_index, uint8_t to_index) : from(from_index), to(to_index) {} /** * @brief Constructor that takes the coordinates of the start and end positions. * * @param from_col The column of the starting position. * @param from_row The row of the starting position. * @param to_col The column of the ending position. * @param to_row The row of the ending position. */ conv2_t(uint8_t from_col, uint8_t from_row, uint8_t to_col, uint8_t to_row) : from(from_col, from_row), to(to_col, to_row) {} /** * @brief Constructor that takes two `conv1_t` objects to represent the start and end positions. * * @param from_ The starting position. * @param to_ The ending position. */ conv2_t(const conv1_t& from_, const conv1_t& to_) : from(from_), to(to_) {} void set_from_index(uint8_t value) { from.set_index(value); } void set_from_col(uint8_t value) { from.set_col(value); } void set_from_row(uint8_t value) { from.set_row(value); } void set_from_type(uint8_t value) { from.set_type(value); } void set_from_side(uint8_t value) { from.set_side(value); } void set_to_index(uint8_t value) { to.set_index(value); } void set_to_col(uint8_t value) { to.set_col(value); } void set_to_row(uint8_t value) { to.set_row(value); } void set_to_type(uint8_t value) { to.set_type(value); } void set_to_side(uint8_t value) { to.set_side(value); } uint8_t get_from_index() const { return from.get_index(); } uint8_t get_from_col() const { return from.get_col(); } uint8_t get_from_row() const { return from.get_row(); } uint8_t get_from_type() const { return from.get_type(); } uint8_t get_from_side() const { return from.get_side(); } uint8_t get_to_index() const { return to.get_index(); } uint8_t get_to_col() const { return to.get_col(); } uint8_t get_to_row() const { return to.get_row(); } uint8_t get_to_type() const { return to.get_type(); } uint8_t get_to_side() const { return to.get_side(); } }; // conv2_t 
All the Best!
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2023.03.29 08:11 yoyoacab Made my first order and am a little confused about shipping

So I’ve finally made my first order but I’m a little confused with how shipping costs work on my side. The customer in total has paid $31, 11 of those going to the “shipping price”.
I’ve been under the impression that the shipping price is included in the revenue to help sellers pay for labels and all that but my revenue on the dashboard is only the price of my product!
I’d really appreciate any help on this topic
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2023.03.29 08:11 Elbirri Favorite meme impact = low?

im gonna start a poll about all default memes in rimworld, starting with impact low.
for the rest im gonna split in other polls cus the maximum options are 6.
tell us, why you like that meme?
View Poll
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2023.03.29 08:11 velxy1 Are floating signs still possible?

I tried this with spamming spacebar after my word but nothing happened. Im still newer to the game so I have no clue about any commands in valheim.
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2023.03.29 08:11 cantdrinkguy Happy 1 Year Anniversary

Happy 1 year anniversary. 365 days is a long time to be in a relationship, especially as a college student. I mean, that’s 365 more days in a relationship than I’ve ever been haha. But seriously, that’s great.
When I saw your 1 year anniversary instagram post, I couldn’t help but feel sadness. But why? I was over you… I even kept you on social media, because after a few months, I really was over you. Even when you’d occasionally post you new boyfriend on your story, I wouldn’t even be that mad. I would start feeling sad, but then I’d remember that you’re happy, and that made me happy. Even when I’d hear our mutual friend mention you and your boyfriend. Even when I heard you telling someone how great he is. But today? I just feel sadness.
Maybe because we didn’t work out. Maybe because my biggest relationship fear actually happened with you. I asked out a friend, and despite fears of our friendship ending, you said yes! Dates were great, but something felt off. Eventually, before we even made things official, you ended things. It hurt both of us. You said it was because mentally you were in a rough spot and you couldn’t give 100%. I believe that, but I can’t help but think it was something I did. Perhaps because I didn’t know how to be a significant other. (I was even to scared to make a move and hold your hand haha). It hurt having no contact. It hurt not being in your life anymore, even as a friend. It hurt seeing you again 6 months later. It hurt befriending you again, know that friendship was all it could be. It hurt knowing you now had a boyfriend. It hurt telling you that I couldn’t be your friend anymore. It hurt when you said you understood…
It’s been over a year, and I still miss you. But as you drift out of my life, this time for good, I try to put on a smile. I smile because I’m hopeful. Hopeful that someday I’ll meet someone special. Hopeful that I’ll continue to love myself and the person I’ve become. And despite the pain it can sometime bring me, I smile because you’re happy.
Happy 1 Year Anniversary
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2023.03.29 08:11 Sensitive_Recover556 Dad just mentioned suicide

I've (18M) been on vacation for the past few days with my mom and dad, and things have been a little bit tense overall. My dad has always been a bit sensitive and very open about his mental health, especially in regards to struggling with dysthymia and depression. Tonight, when we were walking around on the beach after some serious tension in the family, he begin hinting at suicide. At first, it was in reference to the idea of nonbeing, then more explicitly about how he found the samurai code to be brave in its own right. (He taught english in Japan for 20 or so years)
Eventually, he caved and explicitly said that sometimes he contemplates suicide and doesn't want to live. My mom and I immediately went to support him, but he kept saying he was fine and just to enjoy the sunset. I have never seen him like this before, and after awhile he said that he didn't want to die in the moment, that be wasn't planning on killing himself "within the next year, at least", and so on. I have never, ever seen him like this, and this is the first and only time my dad has ever just completely broken down to such an extent.
He then, after some more frantic talk, said that he absolutely wouldn't, especially if I would feel responsivle. We went back to the hotel room where things were largely in silence for a long time, with him laying in bed. He went to take a very long shower, came out, and said firmly that he wouldn't kill himself. I repeatedly floated calling services immediately but he was adamant that it was something he needed to say, not that he intended to do.
My mom and I both told him we loved him, and he reciprocated. She seems to be in a state of shock.
He told us that sometimes he loves life too much, and that's what makes it so painful for him. He said that more than depressed, he feels cruelly attached to living. He seems very very distant, and has fallen asleep without many more words (aside from giving me the Hemingway quote (his favorite author) about how life breaks people, but they heal, while others resist it, and are killed by it. The end of the quote basically states that for those who aren't exceptional, life will take its time, though it does get to all of us.)
He has always felt responsible for so many things that aren't his fault, often times including my own struggles and those of his mother (who he sadly has a poor relationship with, due to her role in his upbringing). He's also tried SSRIs, which stopped working some years back, SNRIs, and even moderate psilocybin and MDMA doses. Nothing seems to work. He has been an amazing dad throughout the years, but feels terrible for the few mistakes he's made. I've tried on and on to convince him that my own mental health issues aren't his fault, but he's been adamant.
He's also been very insistent on "getting things sorted out" and "making things right". He can't seem to elaborate on what these things mean. He's seemed much worse mentally these past few months, which I suspect may also be related to the fact that his father (with whom he is very close) is likely slipping into dementia.
We are driving home tomorrow. I need help and advice on what the fuck to do. I'm going to college in the fall and am shit scared and feel like the floor has just been torn out from under me. Please help.
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2023.03.29 08:11 stupidly_puzzled My boyfriend as well as his brother is calling me "chudail" as a joke. Should I be serious about it or should I 'learn to take a joke '?

I'm a Bengali and my bf is from UP. He used to often throw this "chudail" joke on me and I used take it in a fun way too. Sometimes I too used to tell me him that I've possessed him and he has no way to escape and all (ik we are cringe). So it was all fine until it was within us. But recently his brother, who is of my age, made the same joke on me through a meme. I acted normal in front of them and told "yeah that's exactly what we do" but idk why deep down somewhere I didn't like it.
Actually after overthinking about it for quite some time I'm feeling like they are saying all these to me just because I'm a Bengali! Like he knew about our differences from the beginning itself. I didn't insist him to be in a relationship with me. Then why so I have to bear this always? There are many points about him that I can make fun of but I'm not because I know that he'll not like it and might get hurt.
I know that if I tell him about all this he'll not say that again. But I expected this much basic good behaviour from his family. Till the joke was within us it was fun but I can't take it anymore if his whole family starts teasing me for my ethnicity.
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2023.03.29 08:11 SeptenSweets New Player Questions

Hello! I'd like to preface this by saying I'm not trying to complain and am actually really loving Lost Ark so far. The graphics are amazing, story is enjoyable, combat is unique, and I assume lots of people like the game based on how many bots there are in the starting area.
I recently picked up Lost Ark and just hit combat level 39 on my Artist. I see a lot of places talking about how raids and cool gear upgrades are available at level 50, which I assume isn't too far away, but I'm a little confused on how long that'll take me. I currently have 38 hours on the game, and I don't know if that's typical or not. I'm just wondering how much longer it should take me to get to play with other people, because it's pretty lonely in the earlier areas.
I usually complete games pretty fast which is why I'm curious. I've been completing all the quests I come across and collecting mokoko seeds but other than hitting that stupid barricade on Mount Zagoras for like 40 minutes, I haven't really been doing anything too crazy or out of the way. Should I be farther along by now? Is there something I'm missing?
Also, when do I get cute outfits? The ones I'm getting now are basically recolors of the same crop top and booty shorts (I don't mind the style it's just that this green + brown combo is giving me hives), and I'm really jealous of the cute mage outfits I keep seeing on the bots. Are there any outfits I can get for actual money? When I open the shop I just see a couple simple coats and some baseball outfits (?) but sometimes on the loading screen I see an "Artist outfit" promotion. Are those actual gear sets I'd have to level up to be able to buy?
This is a lot of questions rolled into one and sorry for the wall of text! I'm just kind of twiddling my thumbs atm because I find the combat not super challenging thanks to the new character buff. I haven't died or even been close once, is the class I chose overpowered or something? It is still fun but I want to play with other people. Also not used to Reddit so let me know if I should format posts differently or word things in a different way :)
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2023.03.29 08:11 Mindless_Macaron_798 Relationship advice

Relationship Advice Please
Hi. I (15F) have been dating a 15F who we will call “Dani” for almost two months. This relationship started off well, but over the past few weeks I’ve noticed it has become I guess “toxic”. She has these moments where she will feel like she isn’t good enough for me, and will tell me. I help her, then the next day, she will tell me “I was gonna break up with you but you stopped me”. It hurt. She will break up with me, unless I prove to her that I want her to date me. She will make me be on the edge of tears, and it is so mentally challenging. She makes me fight for her, for reasons I don’t know. And when we’re together all she talks about is her ex. That isn’t even the worst part. Last weekend, my grandfather passed away and I had to go across the country and will be there until the end of April to be there for my family. Dani was deverstated by the news, not about my grandfather, but about me. She wanted me to delay the flight so she could see me. She keeps complaining about me being away, she doesn’t care about my grandfather, and wants me to come home right now. She wants me to skip his funeral, which I’m not going to. She wants me to be with her 24/7 and threatens to break up with me if I don’t. She cries whenever I leave, and becomes suicidal. It is beyond mentally draining. I myself suffer from mental illness and experience suicidal thoughts and am in therapy. All this stuff is making my mental health worse but I don’t know what to do
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2023.03.29 08:11 Shho3214 Parents please don't live through your sons or daughters.

The day after a breakdown. I typing this and I'm done with it. I can't deal with the threats anymore. I almost tipped my breaking point recently and almost cut myself. This isn't the first, second, or even third time. Its the fourth time I contemplated suicide. I'm 19 with a father whose always been over bearing and controlling. Saying things like "Nobody cares how you feel/think" or Yelling and comparing me for not living a life like another son and even something as small as not getting on my college's social media page my first semester on campus. He's always tried to get me to be him when I was younger. In ways of forcing me to hang out with people that aren't my crowd and calling me a no life loser for not going out every weekend, I just cant take it anymore. Let me be clear, a parent can always push a child by acting like a role model in front of them or even punishing their kid when they are doing something obviously bad. But punishing dosen't always have to be physical threats or destroying them mentally. ESPECIALLY FOR MISTAKES. If a son did something bad 5 years ago like telling a lie and now you always assume EVERYTHING they say is a lie, you'll never have a good relationship with your kid. I'm going to class, getting good grades, paying bills on time, and making a small group of friends. Do you know what caused my dad to be so mad that he threatened to stop supporting me and cause me to have a breakdown through saying no things a parent should say to a son? A simple noise complaint. I was talking to my girlfriend to loud in the living room(close to the neighbors bedroom) and I didn't know the neighbor could hear me until they called the apartment agency. My dad has a HUGE issue with assuming things and because I loved to call my girlfriend everyday back in the states "all day" and the agency that they called said they could hear "they could hear him and his girlfriend day and night." My dad assumed I was bothering EVERYONE and I was selfish for saying I'm gonna do it again!!!! Little did my dad hear behind all his yelling on the phone, I told him I was sorry and was gonna talk quieter. If he asked for my story after the agency, he would understand I AM IN JAPAN and my gf is IN AMERICA(13 hr timezone). I also have classes and get home late from college, so there is 0 POSSIBLE WAY that they hear me on the phone like that and they're easily over reacting. But my dad would rather take the agency's side... What type of father takes a stranger's word over their own son and then dosen't even let him speak. He never tries to listen and then tells me to "stop calling your gf at the apartment!" and "its not normal to call a girlfriend for long!". The man with 3 divorces is telling me how to live my love life because of how it caused one complaint. Look i made a mistake and was loud I understand. I won't do it again. Is it needed to threaten me because I say "I will still call my girlfriend." ? I don't leave my apartment on the weekends because I love staying home. I don't go out and make everyone my friend. I don't care for parties or fitting in with the cool kids. Please stop calling me names because I'm not you or the dream son you wished I was. I'm sorry I hated football and gave up my scholarship because I didn't see a future of where I was gonna make it in college playing it after my knee injury. I'm sorry I wasn't "Thinking about you while quitting football." STOP SAYING IT WHEN YOU TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT ME ON THE TOPIC OF COLLEGE. He pays for alot and believes his money is what makes a good dad. I say thank you and always say I deeply appreciate it. BUT I'M NOT A BRAIN SLAVE BECAUSE YOUR DOING BASIC DUTIES AS A FATHER. I can't not talk to him since hes helping me live in japan, But I will always remember every single word he's said; Every single belittling word for being a introvert, Every threat, Every lashing till I got bruises, Every hand you put on my throat when I was younger, Every single name you called me because I'm not your image of how you want me to be, and Every contradicting and wrong assumption you think is fact. A really big announcement for anyone thinking of having a kid. PLEASE TREAT THEM LIKE HUMAN BEINGS WHEN THEY GET OLDER. treat them like a friend when they get older and don't act like a loan shark because of how you payed of things when they were younger. This will result you getting stuck in a retirement home alone and if my siblings won't take my dad, The retirement home always will.
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2023.03.29 08:11 nanawhite1071 66.99$Food Vacuum Sealer Machine,Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer 85KPA 8-IN-1 Mason Jar Sealer with 2 Covers and 2 Rolls Vacuum Sealer Bags(7.8’’/11’’*169 inch) Seal/Dry/Moist/Canister Vacuum for Food Storage

66.99$Food Vacuum Sealer Machine,Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer 85KPA 8-IN-1 Mason Jar Sealer with 2 Covers and 2 Rolls Vacuum Sealer Bags(7.8’’/11’’*169 inch) Seal/Dry/Moist/Canister Vacuum for Food Storage submitted by nanawhite1071 to ReviewRequests [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 08:11 AutoModerator [Get] Super Lumen – The LinkedIn Ads Course

[Get] Super Lumen – The LinkedIn Ads Course
Get the course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/super-lumen-the-linkedin-ads-course/
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Why do this course
By the end of the course, you will know your way around the LinkedIn Ads platform and you will be highly confident to start generating leads consistently for your own business or for other people in a matter of days. We hold nothing back in this course, you will be an absolute pro.
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I have condensed all my knowledge after spending tens-of-thousands on the platform into a few hours of video, showing you the exact systems we use as an agency, so you will save a lot of time. Everything I have learned is neatly organised for you to learn from, step by step, organised in a way which is designed to make you learn fast. You will go from zero to hero quickly.
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How to use LinkedIn tracking, the Insight pixel, how to implement it on your website, and how to use it to analyse your audience.
Remarketing for ninjas – remarketing is essential to stay top-of-mind, and to keep every prospect that interacts with your business interested in you and your products or services.
How to get the lowest cost per click (CPC), cost per lead (CPL) and cost per scheduled phone call.
Mastering the follow-up. Learn what the big sales teams do with the leads they generate and how to turn the MQL to a SQL (Marketing Qualified Lead to Sales Qualified Lead) to a paying customer or client.
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2023.03.29 08:10 imnotreallysure-- Restarting all over... Again

Since 2016, I've had over 10 jobs. All blue collar work (I install security systems). Early this year, I was fired for absences. Took another job, and I'm already about to quit tomorrow morning. I've got another job already lined up to start next week.. I'm just so tired of this..
Everyone has problems, I'll be the last to dismiss anyones issues or tell someone to "suck it up", but sometimes, I wish I could just suck it up and work my ass off and end this cycle...
When I was a young child, my families house was burnt down due to arson. My sister went down a bad path of heroin addiction and owed the wrong person a miniscule amount of money, and so they retaliated by taking away everything my parents worked for, the lives of our pets, and our sense of security. Nothing was the same after that... Mom wouldn't let my sister go despite years of trying to help her in every way. This caused resentment from my father. They're now still dealing with my sister living with them. Basically 2 babysitters for my now 30 year old sister and her child. They're miserable and I see it every time I see them. They're not sad or suicidal... They're just not themselves... And they haven't been since that day in 2009.. they just sort of gave up on all their ambitions, gave up on progress and have just been stagnant since.. Another issue that's stemmed from my house being burnt down, and primarily the reason I am in this mess today, is my irrational fears..
I wake up every day before work, always with some degree of panic, sadness, and feelings of imminent doom. I fear I won't make it home, or something will happen to my fiance or daughter while I'm across state working... I can go about 2 weeks to a month before I burn out and need to take a sick day or 2. This sometimes spirals into more than that because I just simply can't go to work in the morning. I hate leaving my family while having that dark shadow over me. They're all I want in that time.
I'm never without work for more than a few weeks, it's easy to find jobs in my field... But on top of my issues, I HATE the job. I hate never knowing if I'll be home before sundown to kiss my daughter goodnight. Or be able to cook my family dinner. Simple things... I want a work from home job so badly. But I can never find one that pays enough, so I just stay in this industry and hope one day something clicks and I stick it out. I thought this job would be the one, things were a lot more laid back than my previous role, until 2 weeks went by and people started showing their true colors, making jokes about my personal appearance and basically tried to hide it, It didn't sadden me, it just made me feel immediately disconnected from these guys.
I always find a way to allow my depression and lack of care to land me in these spots. I have a good life on paper, decent house, healthy daughter, great fiance... But here I am finding ways to despise leaving bed everyday. How do people do it? I just simply want to wake up everyday, not have a care, and just show up.
All the things I have to work hard for, and for some reason, I just get to a point where I don't care... But inside, I deeply want to care. My family deserves more. I have so much pressure on me to fix this, and to give my family the best life possible. I can't do that like this. I save enough to scrape by and move onto the next job. I'm always tight on money. Why am I like this? How do I fix this? I want to find myself again. I want to succeed. I DO NOT ever plan on giving up. But I NEED to do better than I am now...
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2023.03.29 08:10 Mindless_Macaron_798 Advice please

Relationship Advice Please
Hi. I (15F) have been dating a 15F who we will call “Dani” for almost two months. This relationship started off well, but over the past few weeks I’ve noticed it has become I guess “toxic”. She has these moments where she will feel like she isn’t good enough for me, and will tell me. I help her, then the next day, she will tell me “I was gonna break up with you but you stopped me”. It hurt. She will break up with me, unless I prove to her that I want her to date me. She will make me be on the edge of tears, and it is so mentally challenging. She makes me fight for her, for reasons I don’t know. And when we’re together all she talks about is her ex. That isn’t even the worst part. Last weekend, my grandfather passed away and I had to go across the country and will be there until the end of April to be there for my family. Dani was deverstated by the news, not about my grandfather, but about me. She wanted me to delay the flight so she could see me. She keeps complaining about me being away, she doesn’t care about my grandfather, and wants me to come home right now. She wants me to skip his funeral, which I’m not going to. She wants me to be with her 24/7 and threatens to break up with me if I don’t. She cries whenever I leave, and becomes suicidal. It is beyond mentally draining. I myself suffer from mental illness and experience suicidal thoughts and am in therapy. All this stuff is making my mental health worse but I don’t know what to do
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2023.03.29 08:10 Binic-AbrasiveTools Just 5 Steps! Get Rid of Swirl Marks Easily!

Just 5 Steps! Get Rid of Swirl Marks Easily!
Are you tired of seeing those unsightly swirl marks on your freshly sanded surface? Well, fear not! Removing swirl marks from orbital sanding is a lot easier than you might think. Now, I'll show you a few tips and tricks to help you achieve that smooth, flawless finish you're after.
Firstly, let's define what we mean by "swirl marks." Swirl marks are circular scratches that appear on the surface of your sanded material. They are usually caused by using a sanding pad that's too coarse or by applying too much pressure while sanding.
So, how do we remove these pesky swirl marks? Here are a few steps to follow:
Step 1: Identify the Swirl
Marks Before you start to fix the problem, it's important to identify where the swirl marks are. Shine a light at an angle onto the surface of your sanded material. The light will reflect off the scratches, making them more visible.

Step 2: Choose the Right Sandpaper
Choose a finer grit sandpaper than what caused the swirl marks in the first place. For example, if you used 120 grit sandpaper and caused swirl marks, switch to 180 or 220 grit sandpaper for the next round of sanding. This will help to smooth out the scratches and reduce the appearance of swirl marks.

Step 3: Use a Sanding Sealer
To use a sanding sealer, apply a thin coat to the surface of the wood and let it dry completely. Once it’s dry, sand the surface with a higher grit sandpaper in the direction of the wood grain. This should help to eliminate the swirl marks.

Step 4: Use a Finishing Pad
Once you have sanded with the finer grit sandpaper, switch to a foam finishing pad. These pads are designed to be gentler on the surface and will help to further reduce the appearance of swirl marks.

Step 5: Polish the Surface
Finally, use a polishing compound and a clean, soft cloth to buff the surface to a smooth finish. This will remove any remaining swirl marks and leave you with a flawless, polished surface.

Now that you know how to remove swirl marks from orbital sanding, it's time to put these tips into action! Don't let those pesky scratches ruin your hard work. Follow these steps and you'll be able to achieve that perfect, flawless finish every time.
We'd love to hear from you – have you ever had to deal with swirl marks? What tips and tricks have worked for you? Share your experiences in the comments below!
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