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2023.03.25 18:16 TheTechCurveofficial How To Fix Water Damaged Bluetooth Headphones ?

How To Fix Water Damaged Bluetooth Headphones ?

How To Fix Water Damaged Bluetooth Headphones ?
  1. Firstly, you have to be quick and dry it as soon as possible as it comes in contact with water. Because if there is water in them for a long time, then they can be damaged permanently.
  2. To dry, you can shake them to remove excess water and then, use a dry towel or a cotton to clear visible wetness.
  3. Remove the earpads and take apart the headphones. Many headphones can open easily without the help of any tools. However, some headphones are glued on or require a prying tool to open.
  4. Now take a container which is covered with a lid and fill it with distilled water. Then, put the opened part of the headphones in it and close the container with lid. Don't worry, distilled water is used to remove any impurities that may have accumulated in your headphones. Because it is non-conducting and non-corrosive.
Read More
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2023.03.25 18:14 The_Biggest_Wheel The Best Death That Kubo Has Ever Written - The Kuchiki Rewrite

Byakuya is a fan-favorite character, which is why it’s always shocking to see so many fans prefer him dying in his fight with Äs Nödt; and I can’t really disagree with them.
Usually, fans want the fan-favorites to live which just shows how well done his “death” scene is. Everything about it is a master class in how you should write a death; Byakuya is a character that people genuinely care about so seeing him die would really resonate with the reader. That coupled with how the whole thing was executed with him entrusting the safety of the people dearest to him, Renji and Rukia, as well as safety of the Soul Society to Ichigo and you have a wonderful moment like this.
Unfortunately, this whole thing is completely undermined by his survival. Now those pleas to Ichigo are Null as Byakuya is still alive and can do those things himself. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Him surviving wouldn’t be an issue if he had a story worth telling but, besides a wonderful moment with Rukia, all Byakuya does is fight a couple of people with no particularly big impact on the story. Why keep him alive if he doesn’t a have anything worth keeping him around, undermining his character arc when his death was not only beautifully done but it could also serve as the perfect catalyst for developing Renji and Rukia.

1. The 29th Head of the Kuchiki Family

I really like how both Renji and Rukia grew so capable in this arc and were able to come into fray as powerful fighters; I genuinely did not expect it…but… what were their stories? They didn’t really have any character arcs. Rukia is deuteragonist of the series and she seemingly stopped getting any development after her fight with Aaroniero. She had a moment with her brother where he recognizes that she has become strong but Rukia’s story was never about becoming strong; her story was always about her poor upbringing and her relationship with the Kuchiki Family.
During the Soul Society Arc, Byakuya was a man who battled between choosing to honor the Kuchiki Family by obeying the law or save Rukia and disobey it. In the end he chose to save Rukia. To then have her take over the Kuchiki family as the 29th Head would mean that Byakuya has made the right choice. Thanks to him choosing his “pride” over the pride of his family, the Kuchiki Noble house now would have a leader worthy of continuing the their legacy. Now Rukia wanting to get stronger is given context and we understand her resolve to become strong.
The moment where Rukia deactivates her Bankai would now happen between her and Renji; an intimate moment like this would perfectly tell us their future together as they end up getting married. The scene would also include a small flashback happening between Rukia and Byakuya where they are seen training together for her Bankai, where he tells her that there will come time when he is no longer the head of Kuchiki family. When that time comes, Rukia has to be ready.
Rukia being the head of the family would also mean that the underlying issue that never gets addressed is brought up – how horrible the life in Rukongai is. As someone who grew up in those horrible conditions, Rukia would naturally want to change them now that she has the power to do so; an idea brought up in her fight with Yukio.
The underline motif of TYBW arc is “succession”; having Rukia’s story revolves around her struggle with the loss of her brother and the subsequent inheritance of his duties as the next head of the Kuchiki Family, as well as what that means to her, would be perfect arc for Rukia to be explored. It’s what As Notd’s fear could target.
Kuchiki Rukia, the 29th Head of the Kuchiki Family

2. The Captain That Never Was

Rukis’s story might not be about becoming strong, but for Renji, that is his lifelong goal. Ever since Rukia was adopted by the Kuchiki family, Renji’s mission was to become “good enough” for her, and to do that he aimed to surpass one man – Kuchiki Byakuya.
He trained hard until he became a Lieutenant and considered himself worthy of being close to Rukia; but after this he simply stopped. Despite getting not 1 but 2 Bankai and plenty of open spots for him to fill, Renji never becomes a Captain nor does he ever surpass Byakuya.
Having Renji finally do that as he unlocks his True Bankai and become the Captain of the 6th Division would signal (to him) that he is finally worthy to be beside Rukia. We know they end up together so this, coupled with the moment they share as Rukia deactivates her Bankai, could be the catalyst for their relationship.
It’s also quite fitting since Renji was the one to train with Rukia as she achieved her Bankai
The way I envisioned showing that Renji surpasses Byakuya is by having him facing off against Mask wielding Senbonzakura Kageyoshi; maybe Äs Nödt gave it to him to use it or something. Renji failed to beat it the last time with just a half of his Bankai so now, with his full Bankai he would manage to win; but this isn't really necessary. Renji could just beat up Mask like he does in original. That's also fine. Of course, this would be bitter-sweet moment as it wouldn’t actually be Byakuya that Renji has defeated...
Together, Renji and Rukia would each take over one of Byakuya’s positions and, as a Captain power couple, carry on his legacy.
The Kuchiki Family (minus Ichika), 12 Years after Yhwach’s defeat
I love when the characters we follow throughout the story gets rewarded for their achievements. I love how Rukia goes from an unseated Soul Reaper without any powers at the start, to the Captain of the Gotei 13 by the end, and I think Renji deserves the same. Also, can we please elaborate as to why Renji got only half of his Bankai?
Why though?

3. The Cherry Blossom and The Strawberry

Byakuya is a character that starts off as a villain hell-bent on upholding the law, pushing for the execution of his sister. Through his interactions with Ichigo, and his influence, Byakuya changes from law fanatic to someone wanting to protect his sister (his pride) more than anything. For changing him into the man he has now become, Byakuya is forever in Ichigo’s debt so much that he is willing to cut down his close friends just because they are enemies of Ichigo Kurosaki. This all culminates with Byakuya, at his deathbed, entrusting his duty and his pride to one man he respects the most - Ichigo.
Byakuya’s character development starts and ends with Ichigo. His character arc has now come full circle; to then go on and make him survive is a great disservice to his journey.
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2023.03.25 18:13 EuphoricAd4632 Possibly moving into the building next door to my therapist.

Throwaway account.
So this is a super strange situation overall. I’ve been in therapy since a year back and I really like my therapist, she’s been super helpful and supportive. We had some pretty bad rupture recently but I think we worked past it.
Me and my partner have to move out of our apartment super soon, my partners parents own the apartment and now have to use it themselves, so we need to buy an apartment asap. As I’m a student our budget is very tight but we found the perfect apartment that’s in our budget and ticked off all our boxes (we have very specific requirements so we were thrilled to find one that matched all our requirements). It’s also in the same area that my parents live in (which is important later).
So we did the viewing and everything was perfect with the apartment and we are deciding by the end of this weekend if we wanna put a bid on it. Well in our country housing associations (I think that’s what it’s called?) have a lot of public information online which we obviously looked up to make sure everything looks good. Well you can also see the names and ages of who lives in the association and to my surprise my therapists named popped up on the list, she lives in the building next door. So I’m freaking out right now.
I knew that my T lives in that area as I bumped into her while visiting my parents, we said hi and chatted shortly and she said that she lived close by. However there’s tons of apartments in the area so I really didn’t think we would end up looking at apartments in the same association.
I really hope that she won’t think we bought the apartment just because she lives there as she knows that I know that she lives there since we bumped into each other. which I guess is a far each, but you never know. I don’t really mind bumping into her so I don’t think I’ll have any issues with that. (I don’t think so at least). I won’t be able to tell her about this as we have to put in the bid before Sunday but I guess I can bring it up afterwards. I’m just scared that she will be freaked out I guess?
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2023.03.25 18:12 chiaroscurios Hormone Changes, Kinda Scared

(hrt, testosterone, self-doubt, anxiety)
hiya! I’m mostly looking for empathy and compassion and to know whether I’m alone in this experience or not. I’m super freaked out! I have an appt with my gender doc this Friday. But I feel so scared about my health and body rn, and just want to know if anyone has felt this (more about the feelings than the medical situation tbh) and how they approached those emotions.
I’m a baby trans. Came out nov 2021.
I’d been on test for ~2.5 months (late october 2022 to mid-december 2022) before what was supposed to be a 1 week break while i went to florida for the holidays turned into a 3 week break cause i got covid... which turned into a three month break because i had some scary heart issues and was feeling too overwhelmed to navigate second puberty simultaneously while i struggled to stabilize my health.
i started working with a naturopath to help me w post-covid, and we did a really detailed set of labs, including a hormone panel. i'd seen my t levels before, but never my estrogen + progesterone. my estrogen is... okay. but my progesterone is in menopause range (i'm 33). i feel like this "shouldn't upset me" because i'm wanting to have a more testosterone-informed physiology anyway, but... it does bother me? and it's freaking me out that it bothers me?
it seems really extreme to be facing menopause at 33 after only 8ish weeks on testosterone? idk what i'm looking for! but i'm super freaked out! i expected changes but i didn't expect menopause after only two months. it feels like a lot to process and i can't tell if it's normal or if i should be panicking about my body falling apart.
has this type of early menopause happened to anyone else here on t?
i'm worried that being upset about this means i'm "not trans" but it's... it's not that. i definitely want testosterone in my body, i am definitely not a woman. but i'm also just... overwhelmed maybe?
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2023.03.25 18:12 jptrnash My dog just bit another dog

Hello. My dog Bill (born 2017, about 35kg) is a rescue from Romania and used to be a street dog until 2020-21 when a group rescued him from a “death shelter” (not sure what it’s called) and a bit after that we adopted him. He is mixed but we don’t know what breeds.
He obviously has trauma from living on the streets and then from being abused in the “shelter”, but he is mostly well-behaved and really sweet.
In 2022 we moved to a slightly smaller apartment and he didn’t seem to have any problems. He was a little nervous at first but seemed to really like this new place.
He sometimes barks and growls at other dogs when we walk him but that has mostly stopped.
About 4-5 months ago he started barking loudly whenever we went to the kitchen, I assume it’s because we have gate that stops him from going in but he can still see us and it’s frustrating to him. If I leave the kitchen and sit outside with him he stops barking. No complaints from neighbours but I think they can hear him.
Around this time he also started to growl and lunge (never biting) at me whenever I try to enter the living room and he’s already in there. It happens when he has a toy/bone but also when he’s just chilling on the floor.
Today he went to a dogsitter because my mom is leaving town for a week and I’ll be busy with school, they have two dogs (adult female and puppy male) and everything was fine until Bill bit the puppy unprovoked. We don’t have another sitter to take him so this sitter offered to keep him this week and just keep him and the puppy separated. Mom and I don’t know what to do because we’re just gonna worry that he’s gonna hurt someone else.
I want to go to the vet with him but we won’t be able to until next week and mom said we most likely have to euthanise him.
Is that really the only option? Any advice is appreciated
(Sorry for the long post, I’m just very distraught right now)
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2023.03.25 18:11 innocentadviceseeker Should I move back to my old apartment complex?

This might be an weird post but decided to seek your opinions anyway. I lived in this apartment complex for almost 4 years. I had the best days of my life there. After finishing my grad school (I was 32 then), I got the type of job I wanted and then found a perfect place to live for me. It had everything I wanted - skyline views, walkable neighborhoods, best restaurants and bars of the city are also in that same area. I made some great friends from in complex, also made friends in the neighborhood as it is a very vibrant one. First time in my life I really started dating, some short term relationships. I was having the life I always wanted. Then I fell in love with women for a long term relationship, and at the one year mark of the relationship I moved in with her at her place. I would prefer if she would move to my place or we get a new apartment together but she said she cant afford that in my preferred neighborhoods. Anyway, after 1.5 years of living together we broke up. It is heartbreaking. I left her place and now traveling solo a bit while looking for apartments again.
I saw couple of good apartments in that complex I used to live. But I am questioning myself if really should go back here. Will it remind me of my good old days too much and make me depressed?
Most of the friends I knew have also left the city, which is very common in this city. It is a large city, but many people treat it as a transitional city; they come here for work and after few years they leave and settle in an actual city.
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2023.03.25 18:11 HermitCreature Just wanted to share how excited I am for my plans tomorrow…

Hey ✨✨! Tomorrow I am going with my bff ssubmarinee to an “Expohobby” here in our city, that will be held in a huge exposition venue. My bff has just told be there will also be stencil, seals, miniature sets apart from stationery stands, damn I am going to enter dancing under a cloud of my money to just go crazy on those stands.
I just wanted to share this with this lovely community because you all get the thrill of purchasing cards and any other supplies 🥰, I am looking forward to sending you all new exciting things!!
Did you have any favourite fairs you went to, where you just went on a shopping rampage and brought home a satisfying shopping haul?
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2023.03.25 18:10 callmedevilthebad Sound proofing room studio

I am planning to setup a small studio (not sure if it can be called a studio as it will have a PC and a mic). What can i do to soundproof rooms? so that my flatmates are not bothered by me recording my vocals ? and the other way around so that i can record in peace.I am not aware of any such setup as I haven't done this setup before this. Any help/tips are highly appreciated. Thanks
Edit: I will be doing this in my rented apartment because i live away from my house
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2023.03.25 18:09 ValhallaCraftSMP The ValhallaCraft [SMP] {Active Community}{No Resets}{Age 16+}{Java}{1.19}{Discord}

Who we are:

The ValhallaCraft SMP is a truly one of a kind SMP with lots of active players! The staff is top tier and has a combined 16 years running Minecraft servers. One thing that sets ValhallaCraft apart from other servers is the fact that we are so willing to bend to what the community wants. We are truly an ever-evolving SMP. We have tons of QOL features, and some pretty cool and unique ones too!


Custom in-house made features:

What sets us apart:

At the end of the day, the one thing that sets ValhallaCraft apart, is how much the players and staff genuinely care about the community. We like to call ValhallaCraft an "Active Development" server. This means that if the community wants a feature, we add it immediately. It’s grown into one big family, and we’d love for you to join it!

More information:

We never ask for donations, however, 20% of the funds from those who chose to, go to the NAMI organization. Donations will never give you an edge in our server either, meaning you can't buy things like crate keys or in-game currency for real life cash.

IP and Links:

Server Trailer
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2023.03.25 18:09 aracthedragon The water got shut off to my apartment building on Wednesday, and while it got turned back on in my bathroom, I don't have running water in my kitchen. Contacting my property manager hasn't gotten me anywhere. What should I do?

My apartment building had to get some plumbing work done, so on Wednesday, the water got shut off for most of the day.
On Thursday, I realized that I had running water in my bathroom, but not my kitchen. I called my rental property company, and the lady there told me to email my property manager. So I did, explaining that the water in my kitchen hasn't been running since water to the whole building got shut off.
He doesn't respond until Friday morning, and tells me to turn on the "diles" underneath my sink. I know this won't fix anything, because no one came into my apartment to shut those valves off to begin with, but whatever, I try that anyway. Of course, it doesn't turn my water back on.
I email him back around an hour after I got his email telling him this didn't work.
He has yet to respond, and I have a feeling that he won't be responding until Monday, if I'm lucky, and funnily enough, I would REALLY LIKE to have running water in my kitchen before then. Which, I know, crazy, right.
The property management company itself is also closed for the weekend.
Do I have any recourse here, or do I just gotta struggle to clean dishes in my tiny bathroom sink until my property manager deigns to grace me with his attention?
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2023.03.25 18:08 issuewithmyfatha something I have noticed, going from a teen parent into my 20s

For the first like 3 and half years of my sons life I was a teenager and then I finally turned 20.
For my situation absolutely nothing changed in my life apart from my age at that point. And I think I just got pregnant or something.
All of a sudden nobody had anything bad to say. I got comments like "Oh your an adult it's fine" or "it's nice to see a mature mother"
But even at 19 I would get people saying "You can't be a mature mother, you are 19. A baby still" Yes I get that but like nothing about me or my parenting changed when I turnt 20.
Anyone else experience this?
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2023.03.25 18:08 kiddiepoolkara Am I wrong for wanting to breakup? Or am I overreacting?

I (F24) and my boyfriend (M25) have been dating for about 5 years and we live together. We have only lived together for about a year and prior to that, he used to live about 30 minutes away from me in Delaware (I live in Pennsylvania). He has always shown signs of being apprehensive of living with me and I was honestly shocked that he signed the lease with me. But keep in mind it was his idea to live together in the first place. We lived perfectly for about a year but fast forward to present time. He loses his job from a random positive marijuana test and falls into a depression I’ve never seen him in before. I try to remedy it by taking him to the doctor, helping him look for new jobs, cooking for him every night whatever he wanted and even landed him an interview for a high paying job that he didn’t even want to do. I even offered to stay at the apartment and pay it off if he wanted to go back to his parents home in Delaware and work on himself for a little bit. All I asked him to do specifically was “LET ME KNOW”. He ended up doing just that. But he didn’t even let me know. He said he was going to his parents house for some documents and then texted me that he wasn’t coming back, but that he didn’t want to break up with me. I then asked if he would keep in touch with me back home in DE and he said he didn’t know if he could do that while he was working on himself. I felt really disrespected and told him that I wanted to break up because he didn’t have any regard for me and he got upset saying that I’m acting out of anger and saying things I don’t mean. Am I wrong for being so upset? He just left me here in this apartment we signed together with no notice and expected me to be okay. And then in top of it couldn’t even guarantee that he would stay in contact with me but wanted me to still be his “girlfriend”.
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2023.03.25 18:07 laurenodonnellf Adopt Mike! 12 weeks old, being fostered in NH, USA

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2023.03.25 18:06 Fkzoidkamai About the Residence Permit Card

Hello everyone,
I'm a prospective PhD student from Turkey that will head to Oslo next week with a skilled worker's residence permit. I'm probably going to stay in an Airbnb for a month or so, until I'm able to find an apartment around the area. I'm not sure if it's a question that I can surely find on the internet or not, because I'm not used to inquire about these sorts of things, but I've been unable to find a police appointment on UDI during the first week of my arrival and had to get an appointment for about two weeks after. Would this be ok? Also, will I need to extend my Airbnb until I receive the permit card, or do I need to go to the SUA if anything goes wrong (with or without an appointment) ?
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2023.03.25 18:05 nerdybear123 Adding multiple ear holes?

Adding multiple ear holes?
Edited and reposted to show a photo idea of the confusing explanation I'm trying to get at;)
Hi all:) i have been wanting to work up to a fully pierced side, as in vertically up (not doing anything like industrial/daith/ inner ear type stuff).
I currently have a 00 in my lobe and want to work upwards. How big is it possible to get an initial pierced hole and how far apart would it have to be from my first one? Do i just need to do it and then see how big i can get? I'm planning on going smaller the higher up my ear i go so the second might only be a 2 or a 4g.
Love all your piercings yall, it is so fun to see and find new goals and looks ;)
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2023.03.25 18:05 deejpro11 Who To Root For! Saturday 3/25/2023

Happy Saturday everyone! Welcome back to season 3 of Who To Root For!
Thanks to u/roastedhambone u/jocro and u/Squidpsyco for the suggestions and help with the format changes! Hope this is better for everyone!
For those who missed the first post I’ll summarize briefly: dual focus on these daily posts looking at the day’s schedule, with a chance of OKC still making the 10 seed (or higher), but also jumping as high as 9th in the Tankathon standings. I’ll cut out the focus on the tank if they get to 3 games ahead of CHI (or whoever is in 9 in the reverse standings). If there’s a backslide that put 7 or 8 within a game I’ll put the focus on those spots again.
Also because of how clumped the West is, here is the official NBA tiebreaker rules
Here are the current standings out West:
Record GB OKC H2H Conference
4. LAC 39-35 3-1 23-22
5. PHX 38-35 0.5 1-2 24-20
6. GSW 39-36 0.5 1-2 25-20
7. MIN 37-37 2.0 1-3 25-20
8. LAL 37-37 2.0 1-2 22-24
9. NOP 36-37 2.5 1-3 24-20
10. OKC 36-38 3.0 22-25
11. DAL 36-38 3.0 2-1 27-23
12. Utah 35-38 3.5 2-1 22-23
OKC and DAL both losing, plus LAL winning, broke up the 4-way tie. Now OKC is 10th because instead of the multi-team tiebreaker, it’s just the H2H with DAL which OKC clinched.
To sum up the reverse standings, OKC is projected to be in a tie for 11th (reminder that there are no tiebreakers for draft positioning, it’s a random drawing). CHI/Utah in 9th at 0.5 games back is the highest that’s reasonably still within reach if things fall apart. I reserve the right to course-correct on that if IND/POWAS in the 6-7-8 slots go on a mini run and OKC falters further.
Recap of last night’s games: Yeah let’s *really* move on. Besides the obvious, it was a pretty mixed bag - **BOS/TOMIL/CHA** winning we’re all bad for the tank; conversely the MIL win over Utah and especially the CHA win over DAL may save OKC’s play-in chances.
Here are tonight’s games with OKC traveling to finish off the road trip in POR tomorrow night:
**GAMES TO IGNORE**: BKN-MIA and MIL-DEN can both be safely ignored. If you don’t think OKC can catch PHX anymore then PHI-PHX can be added to that list too.
IND-ATL ATL ATL Keeps ATL’s pick above OKC’s whether or not they make the play-in
Utah-SAC Utah SAC Utah so they catch OKC and push OKC out of the play-in; SAC so Utah falls further out of the play-in race
PHI-PHX NA PHI Doesn’t matter for tanking, but if you hold out for OKC to catch PHX then you want them to lose as much as possible
NOP-LAC NOP LAC? These type of games are tough calls. For tanking you’d want NOP to win for LAC’s pick to worsen and OKC to stay beneath them in the standings. For the play-in you want NOP to lose games even at the cost of LAC improving their record and making the swap worthless
Have a great day everyone and stay safe!
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2023.03.25 18:05 jmack9991 …lol what?

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2023.03.25 18:05 mizerr Downhill riding at Loon Mountain in NH

Has anyone ridden downhill at Loon Mountain that can provide feedback? I have ridden Killington and Berkshire East many times but never Loon and I'm wondering if it is worth it.
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2023.03.25 18:05 Stupid_x_Spice Apartment locators?

Hey Y'all. I'm trying to find a rental home or apartment asap, and online seems to be riddled with scammers. I have contacted 4 different people about listings, and only 1 was not a scammer so far. I prefer working with apartment locators or realtors, but I'm having trouble finding apartment locators, and realtors that search for rentals. Is that a thing around here? If anyone has any advice or suggestions, please lmk. Thanks in advance. 🖤
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2023.03.25 18:04 Salicornia Sitting my friend's anxious dog - constant wimpering/teeth chattering and housetraining issues

Hi there, a year ago I fostered two puppies who were found in the forest with their mom and siblings; they were lab mixes and 6-7 weeks old. One of them was adopted by a young woman who later became my friend, so I am occasionally sitting the dog while she travels etc. and he is 1 year old now. I have a dog of my own (collie) and they are best buddies.
The problem is, his owner is facing plenty of mental health issues, especially anxiety, depression and PTSD (she is from Ukraine and there has been a war for the last year). but despite that is trying ; the dog is still kind of a mess. She never took him to walks like I did, for 2 hours or more, to burn his energy. He weights 80 pounds now, he has this piercing bark that he uses every time I leave the flat and won't stop til I get back. I agreed to have him for 5 days but it's been hours and I am drained already. He is constantly whimpering while he is awake even if I am only one room away (it started happening half a year ago) and I am really not sure if it is a training matter or separation anxiety. It should not be a medical issue, according to a vet. My friend has him in a studio flat so can't really face the same issue; i have a two storey flat with a spiral staircase, not appealing for dogs to walk on, meaning no door to separate bedroom from noises, and his whimpering and random barking can get overwhelming and sleep depriving.
2 months ago he started teeth chattering multiple times a day - it is only for a few seconds but it looks like he is having a mini-seizure. His owner said it was fine, it happens randomly, it comes and goes. Apart from that, housetraining - he still pees indoors as soon as he is left alone (we both have home office). Botht might be a neurological disorder and the owner is collaborating with a zoo psychologist and a trainer. He is not crate trained - allegedly he destroys even the metal crate. I own a metal crate and feed him there since the puppyhood, he goes in there with pleasure, however I have not tried closing it and leaving him there. He is overall anxious dog, it seems, can't stand being alone and even when you are near him, he is barking and whimpering. Presence of my dog won't help, long walks did pretty much no improvement and I've walked him for several hours today.
Should I try to crate training these days or will that make him more anxious? What can I do to make my following days (and his life) more bearable?
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2023.03.25 18:04 UrbanHippie82 How are your dreams?

Last night I had a dream a lady hired me to figure out why a circuit in her hybrid apartment complex horse stables kept tripping when the prior tennant would use a space heater. I discovered a subpanel with no deadfront fed by 12awg 700 feet through apartments and stables to another subpanel with a seperate disconnect "somewhere in the walls" she says, fed from a 3 phase meter main panel with lugs attached directly to exposed wooden wall studs. I woke up in a cold sweat. I'm taking the state cert next year. Do these dreams only get worse?
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2023.03.25 18:03 CrescentMoonAndStar A year of Duaa’s, Istikhara prayers and many dreams later…I’m thinking I should go for the man that broke my heart.

Salam everyone. My most serious potential and I knew it was the end for good as of April 2022. Meaning I haven’t spoken to him in almost a year.
We were getting to know each other for about a year until things started crumbling apart towards the end. Our families were involved in us getting to know each other and I really thought it would end in engagement as he was starting to shop for rings.
I feel horrible for admitting this but I’m a very prideful person, same as he. He even admitted we are not good together because we both have the stubborn, prideful mentality and both don’t want to come off as the “more interested” person after breaking things off.
I went as far as to let him chase me for a couple months after breaking things off, I was immature last year and thought playing games was going to pull him closer but after 2 months of trying to work things out between us he was fed up at my lack of effort and blocked me. I deserved that, I know.
I realized it that same hour because I was watching his social media pages very closely. Just because I was acting distant didn’t mean I didn’t really want him back. I wanted him and missed him so much I was just immature, but I have grown a lot since this experience.
I didn’t know what to do at that point because even after seeing I got blocked I still didn’t want to chase him down to amend things because of my pride.
As I battled with myself for the next few months on what to do I was finally forced to swallow my pride and reach out on his birthday in April 2022. I called him, we talked for a little bit and agreed to meet up the next day. I explained everything to him, poured my heart out, apologized for letting my pride get in the way and he was so cold towards me and said he will not disrespect himself by taking me back. So he left, and the final verdict of that conversation was it’s over for good and I will never hear from or see him again. I blocked his number on my drive home.
A few months later I got a request notification from him, but when I open it it’s blank and he blocked me again. A couple months after that I see a request for a different social media platform and this time he kept it there. So for the past 3 months he’s been viewing all of my content yet I haven’t said a word, and neither has he.
I’ve made so many Duaa’s asking Allah SWT to please bring me who He paired me with and let my heart heal from what is not meant for me. Yet even a year later this potential is still burned into my brain, I have dreams about him at least once a week, my heart can’t move on. Even when I tried getting to know other guys they always end up ghosting me or I find something wrong with him and cut it off. My ex-potential was the only man who ever gave me a fair chance and I messed it up.
What should I do? My parents and siblings are encouraging I reach out just to at least ask the purpose behind why he decided to unblock/re-add me on social media.
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