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2023.04.01 07:28 InevitablePangolin45 update in case anyone cares.

I am not sure if anyone will even see this post (or even care) but here is an update.
I lied about a few things in the other post(lying on the internet? im shocked). The ages were a lie, and we are both guys. I was just trying to make my unique situation less noticeable in case someone recognized me. It doesnt matter now though if he sees this post.
We broke up. there was just no trust about the food issue and he wouldnt stop trying to eat my food. I looked into and got locking containers that can go in the fridge but he said it was a violation of trust and broke up with me. I dont really get how I was the one being untrustworthy but oh well...
I will probably go back to the dating scene and try to find someone else who respects my boundaries, but I think that might be hard to find someone as good. We both lived in our bedrooms, I dont think I will be able to find someone as good as that honestly. That is why the whole food thing confuses me tbh, he was perfectly ok with having separate bedrooms (I think he preferred it too tbh), but was not okay with having seperate food. Idk, humans are unqie, no point in trying to understand others i guess
In regards to commenters saying I need therapy, I am pretty against that, my quirks are part of who I am, I would rather find someone who is ok with them than change myself. I know that will be very hard (maybe impossible) but I will keep on trying.
If anybody does read this sorry for the poor grammar and spelling, I am tired and going to bed but didnt know if the account would still be logged on in the morning. (just came back to this pc to see it still logged in) if it is still logged on cool, I dont think I will respond anyways, I dont have anything else to say I think?
I dont know what else to do so I will do a fake q and a here.
q: what is your favorite color?
a:gray grey? or blue or purple
q: you sound like a horrible person
a: thats not a question
q: why are you a horrible person?
a: I dont think its fair to say ones unique comforts and discomforts makes them a horrible person, I also dont think its fair to force them to be uncomfortable to better fit in
q: thats a stupid reponse
a: yep
q:whats your favorite animal?
a: I like plants a lot, I dont think that counts though, in fact thats a requirement for a dating partner, he has to not want pets, they are too chaotic and unnecessary.
q: will you be ok?
a: yes the breakup was a bit ago, I am fine then and am fine now. only thing that has really changed is I no longer have anyone to do romantic stuff with.
q: whats the deal with the kids?
a: idk I was just making stuff up there tbh, we hadnt discussed kids too often, but if we did have kids I dont see what I suggested being that much of a problem tbh.
q: can I date you?
a: anybody who is asking that after seeing these reddit posts is not serious.(yes I am that egotistical to think someone might want to date me)
q: who are you really?
a: I am not giving any more personal info, thankfully I lie to my coworkers so all of this stuff doesnt equal me to them.
I guess thats all i have to say. I dont mean to sound so mean to myself in the questions and answers, just kind of answerings some stuff i got in private messages. If you dont think I sound mean enough then sorry, if it makes you feel better I dont t hink of myself as a good person. Not because of this whole ordeal but more so lack of me doing good deeds.
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2023.04.01 07:27 s0urp0wer Should I do it..?

I’m 23. Fresh out of college and I have a great opportunity to move to florida.
One of my childhood/long life friends went to college there, works there, lives there still..etc. We’ve been sisters-from-another-mister our whole lives. Literally since we were 3 years old. Even if we go months without talking and seeing each other, we always pick right back up as if we were still right by each other’s side. Shes basically the sister i never had lol. She’s offering me a place to stay and a really good job with her work that im also qualified for. The thing is- I live in ohio. I moved back in with my dad after I graduated college. He has a medical history. I love him to death, and he’s probably the main reason as to what’s holding me back. I have two siblings that live in Colorado, and don’t really keep in touch or visit much. Another that does live with my dad and I, but he has a history with addiction and he’s unfortunately very unpredictable. I can’t trust him alone with my dad for more than a few days. As much as i want to trust that everything will be okay, I just can’t. Nor do I want my dad to keep taking the responsibility over my brother’s poor actions and basically taking care of him/pulling him out of whatever trouble he finds himself in. He’s given my brother some ultimatums, which it just had to come down to, so lately, he’s been clean and doing very well. But we never know if or when he’s going to spiral again. That’s what’s holding me back. Nobody is really here to look after my dad. If I did move to florida, of course I would always pay for him to come visit and i would visit any chance I get for sure. But it’s in those in-between times that worries me.
I’m torn between “You’re young, you should do it!” and “What about dad?”
Any advice ?
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2023.04.01 07:27 Kittery203456 Losing Hearing & my Voice

My (23F, 5’5, 130lbs) docs don’t know what to do with me. Because they don’t have an answer— I keep getting pawned off.
I’m 23 and from the outside I guess I do look normal. But I feel FAR from it. I’ve been in a steady decline the last 3 years especially. I don’t really drink and I do not smoke. I did notice if I do drink my symptoms can sometimes be more apparent— so I cut alcohol out.
My medical history includes polyps disease in my sinuses, multiple surgeries to remove them, skin issues that won’t go away (these spots have been here three years but my derms refuse to biopsy— I think primarily because they’re on my face). But fatigue, neck pain/pressure (back sides of neck), sporadic hoarseness and persistent hearing loss have become my most prominent issues.
Since October I’ve been having issues with my left ear. My eardrum arched in and I was treated for a middle ear infection but there wasn’t any improvement. I was given multiple courses of antibiotics and then steroids to hope it reduced swelling to clear the hypothetical infection when the antibiotics didn’t work. Again— repeated treatments for this hypothetical infection since October with no improvement. I’ve never had an ear infection prior to this. Only sinus infections.
I followed up with my ENT two weeks ago and he said the inflammation in my left ear was interesting and definitely more visible. He ordered a CT to see what was going on. The report read that my CT was normal in regards to my ears and sinus (which was interesting to me because a sinus CT has never been normal for me bc of the previous surgeries and polyps). The only thing it noted was a 5mm nodule on my thyroid. Oddly enough I don’t think that’s what’s going on with me. I don’t think it is a thyroid issue.
Separately, I’ve been seeing an immunologist at this same clinic. My ANA’s were negative for lupus and I was diagnosed with Sjogrens despite negative ANA’s and no formal biopsy. I physically present with the symptoms so my ENT and Ophthalmologist bounced how I presented to them, to each other, to confirm it. I will be getting a formal biopsy done soon but it hasn’t happened yet— I’ve just rolled with the diagnosis this last year because it makes sense with my symptoms. I do want to make it clear the my ENT made a point to feel my salivary glands and noted they were massive (something the CT report stated was normal).
I’m anxious that somebody did not actually review my CT. I’m confused how it would show my left ear normal or my salivary glands as normal when those are the most prominent issues my doctors have honed in on with me. THEN— I’m scared that it actually is normal and it’s all in my head. But I don’t know how I could will hearing loss or the inflammation my ENT treated.
I’m getting anxious because today I got the same pain in my right ear that I did in my left back in October. Things sound muffled and it physically hurts. I want to describe it as swimmers ear but it’s different?
I think everything relates to something autoimmune but I’m having a hard time understanding how hearing loss or hoarseness could solely be caused by Sjogrens.
Are there tests or certain disorders I should be asking about? If we believe my CT is actually clear what could be causing my hearing loss and the pain in my eardrums?
I’m hoping I covered all my bases, but I’m writing this from bed after a very long shift. I hope it reads well. I’m appreciative of any insight.
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2023.04.01 07:27 gehx K63 Wireless Keyboard's light effects turn off when I enable a Mural in icue

as the title says, when I apply a Mural Effect in icue it turns off the lighting effect for the K63 wireless keyboard...is there a way to use Murals and have the lighting effect stay on for the K63?? The only way to get the lighting effect back on for the K63 kb is to turn off the Murals. There's obviously a conflict. I have no idea what to look for.
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2023.04.01 07:27 ChallengeGlad404 25M can't get over 24F ex-girlfriend

Hi Reddit,
My ex-girlfriend, 20F at the time and I, 21M at the time, broke up about 4 years ago after two years of dating. It was a tumultuous period for me, and it was very hard for me to get over her considering the circumstances of the breakup and how closely aligned/close we were before. But, after counseling and general psych stuff to work on abandonment issues, I moved on. I have been focusing on my career and life ambitions and I am currently in a relationship with someone else that I have been seeing for about a year.
The issue is, about 6 months before I started seeing this new person - I ran into my ex at a party. She told me she still loved me and asked if I felt the same way - I wanted to say yes but I didn't and I don't know why. I think maybe out of some unforeseen need to 'get back' at her. But, the worst part is that I realized I did still love her. We tried to be friends briefly, but after she started seeing someone - she said we shouldn't talk anymore.
I tried to move on again and when I started dating this new person, everything was fine for quite some time. Unfortunately, my ex and I have started to work in the same area of the CBD, so I see her often. Whenever I do, my stomach feels sick, my knees go weak and I get all clammy - not able to think straight for the next few hours. This is a very unfamiliar feeling for me as I do not feel this way at all regarding any of my other exes.
We ran into each other a professional networking event, but after chatting briefly - she said she would be right back and I hid amongst a crowd of people I didn't know in order to avoid the pressing questions I knew she would have about my life (has been this way before). I saw her looking for me in the crowd, but I didn't go to her. After I recovered from my stupor, I went to look for her and realized she had left early. I decided to message her, but after two exchanges, she left me on read.
We obviously have unfinished business, but I'm not sure how to approach it with her. I'm still seeing this person and for all intents and purposes I assume she's still seeing the same person she was last year. I have no idea what to do generally, but I have some ideas to bounce off the wall.
  1. I still love this person, but don't want to hurt my current partner. However, I need closure. How do I go about asking my ex for this closure without creating an environment where she feels like I'm trying to pressure her one way or the other?
  2. If you think this is too far gone, how do I go about moving on so I can get to work without feeling like I shouldn't have eaten breakfast?
  3. If this isn't too far gone, is it even a good idea to break up with my current partner and roll the dice on someone I haven't been with in years? Without knowing if she still feels the same way?
TL;DR: Been broken up for 4 years and still can't get over my ex. Doesn't help that last year she said the same thing. Wondering what to do about it because I see her very regularly and have stupidly strong physical reactions to it. Both have partners, but I can't get her out of my head.
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2023.04.01 07:26 ThrowRA_Sunny_Lee45 Me[38F], my brother-in-law Jack[38M], my newlywed husband Rob[36F], and the entire family situation is turning toxic, awkward, and difficult to navigate

I have 1 older brother, 3 older sisters, 1 younger brother, and 2 younger sisters. I was born from an Asian country. My mom had a stroke awhile ago like their mom. While my dad passed away about 10 years ago. My oldest sister and I are living in the US.
Beginning in 2020, I traveled to the US country for vacation and my aunt heard a relative around for any recommendation regarding a potential husband(Rob) for me. My aunt and uncle reached out to them and recommended me. I was accepted by their family and we decided to move forward with the process and they allowed me to live in their house and I worked at their family owned business.
Their mom had a stroke around mid 2021, which caused her to be paralyzed on the left side, needing assistance for moving around, and doing daily activities. Their family has not been the same and the situation affected all of us living in the house. Their mom is in bed most of the time and speaks to whomever she can speak with especially with her family and I.
Within 1 year, I eventually got to know their family and got closer to Rob. We both decided to get married late 2021 with the support from both side of the family.
My mom-in-law and I would have conversations about her worries and concerns for her family's future for more than a year now because their mom is in bed most of the time and not completely there anymore.
My mom-in-law asked me to look/recommend someone for Jack. I saw an opportunity to recommend one of my sister that is currently living in my country because this will align with my main agenda by bringing my family members over to the US because the living standard is better over here than in the other country, I will be given praise from my family and extended family that I was capable to do such a thing in a small amount of time. At this point, I'm making a power move for one of my sister to come over to the US for a better future. And I see Jack as a potential candidate to do it. I will have more control, power, and influence on both side of the family near the future.
Their mom is in agreement with me because their mom is liking the recommended sister that will be great for the family and from how my sister is religiously devoted. In actuality, my oldest sister and I truly love our family that is overseas, and I'm feeling obligated with responsibility to do anything to bring one of my sisters over to the US for a better future.
So I planned an overseas trip and brought Jack along so he can get to know the family and especially my recommended sister.
After 3-4 months from the overseas trip, Jack's parents have been insisting him to do it rather he likes it or not because his parents realized the overseas trip potentially didn't bring any connection/meaningful relationship with my recommended sister. And I can see it as well. His personality is okay, but needs to change a lot. He has no friends, not finished with college, lives inside the room comes in and out for eating then goes back inside. I don't trust him anymore. I thought I could get him on my side for sure but it seems like it is too much manipulation, he notices.
I was having long conversations with my oldest sister before traveling overseas and if I played it right then I could narrow one of my sisters for Jack without me suggesting any other options outside the family for him. My plan was to want more from my family-in-laws and trick/brainwash their mind to doing such a thing for my family without having to directly ask Jack and reveal my true intentions. I believe this has to do with me wanting more from my family-in-laws and human nature to take advantage of someone and people around them.
Jack has 4 older brothers and his parents. The second and third have moved out. His oldest brother(married to me), the fourth, and Jack(the youngest) along with their parents living under the same household.
If Jack does bring one of my sisters over to the US and things fallout between the relationship then it would have been still a win-win situation for my family because she would had the opportunity to stay in the US.
The positive consequences for my family and I far out weigh the negative consequences with bringing one of my sister over to the US.
I lived with my family-in-laws for 3 years so far and I work hard with high motivation and lots of interest because I'm having tax incentives with being married to Rob getting extremely supportive from my family-in-laws. I'm saving my money and I will most likely be in control of the family business with Rob near the future. So, I'm sitting pretty well by staying with my family-in-laws for the past 3 years, rent free, utilities free, and support from my family-in-laws. I want more because I see the opportunity, the power, and influence I have on my family-in-laws. Having money, living in the US, sharing it with my family that is overseas shows where I stand with my family overseas and my influence on the people around me after coming to the US. Almost like showing dominance over another individual or family household member.
I'm well respected because I'm a hard worker, dedicated, and a highly motivated individual. However, I believe I might be asking for too much at this point. My oldest sister's agenda and my agenda is not right when you incorporate more things that involve families from our family because I believe it is wrong to a certain degree it would be better if it was someone outside my family members or not have even planned it out to begin with. Things need to happen organically not forcefully or manipulatively because the relationship will not last long term. Sometimes, I don't care and do it because I want things and I do it regardless. My oldest sister and I are thankful for what we currently have because it can all slip away easily.
My newlywed husband Rob agrees with me because he is now married to me and I love my spouse more than anybody else. Rob tells me everything and say things to me because he worries for his family and he loves his mom, but I need to know more things about his family and I have high interest with things from my overseas family.
Their mom is out of the picture because of her illness and she is highly influenced by her current state of mind. She is extremely devoted to religion along with Rob and I. Their dad doesn't care that much, but is still trying to do his best to mediate the situation for what happened before the overseas trip, during the overseas trip, and up until now.
At this point for me, I'm willing to do things because it has some meaning or associated with things I love near to my heart. At this age, I believe you either have high interest or doing it out of love.
Tl;dr: I need help with inputs, opinions, and suggestions from anyone, if what I did was extremely wrong, toxic, or just using them and my family-in-laws. It seems like I'm desperate to bringing one of my sister over because my family overseas is having no luck, so I'm trying to push my luck onto my family overseas. I did give back to my country and gave money I worked(tax free) from the support of his family business overseas. I do naturally want control, obedience, loyalty, and cooperation from the family despite knowing the family in such a small amount of time. Do you think they will think I'm manipulative, by being toxic, harmful, and controlling?
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2023.04.01 07:26 RationalMentality EAS_w007 Error code

EAS_w007 Error code
So I had my 2013 Model S 85 serviced to get its Rear drive unit replaced, I get the car back and now the Air Suspension won't adjust when it didn't have this issue previously, I tried asking a service rep about it and he said they can look at it again, but later in the day when I checked the app, they wanted to charge me 265 to diagnose something that they possibly messed up, Should not pay for them to resolve this, like I already paid 7400 for the drive unit repair, they are gonna be like that and charge me again when my car didn't go into service with its air suspension uneven.
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2023.04.01 07:26 Beneficial_Most2868 Online MBA @ Louisiana Tech?

Online MBA @ Louisiana Tech, worth it with my circumstances?
I earned an MSIS degree out of undergrad and not including internships, I now have two years of full time experience as a Business Systems Analyst. I’ve broken 6 figs and now working in government admin.
I am interested in enrolling into Louisiana Tech’s Online General MBA due to cost, their willingness to transfer my MSIS credits, and for wanting to be back in school in general.
Best case scenario, I would only need to complete 21 credits, and as reference:
(~$7000 remaining units) - ($400 reimbursement x 7 courses) = $7000 - $2800 = ~4200
Is it worth the ~4k for this AACSB degree? I know for gov positions and on my team I’ll be able to “check the box” and I am also intrigued by the curriculum. How will future employers view this degree given my working experiences will be earned concurrently on the west coast? I am seeing their college of business in general is top 100 in the US, but not sure if that even matters after the top 25-50. Be gentle please lol, I appreciate any feedback
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2023.04.01 07:25 Winter_Lab5663 Car towed illegally.

My car was towed from the Urban Outfitters on bardstown rd parking lot last night, and after looking into the KY towing laws I’m somewhat certain it was towed illegally.
For background, I parked in the urban outfitters lot because it was the only lot without signs saying “No Parking” or “Customer Parking on Only”, and as such I thought it was alright to park at.
When I came back to the lot 2 hours later and found my car missing I looked for any towing signs to call but none were to be found so I reported it stolen to the police.
It wasn’t until the next day during broad daylight that I was able to find a no parking sign posted 15 feet up on an un-illuminated sign on one side of the parking lot.
So my question at this point is this: am I shit out of luck for parking somewhere that appeared to be safe, or can I dispute the towing charge?
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2023.04.01 07:25 foxxyfafalove99 What was his type?

I dislike him as a person now, and that feeling has strengthened ever since I actually got a boyfriend (as I’ve realized that he would have been a terrible partner for and to me, that while my boyfriend and I have had some issues, dating him would have proven to be terrible.)
But he was my longest crush, and my crush on him started in 9th grade (ended at some point in 10th grade, during online schooling.) I understood he wasn’t always the best person, but I genuinely did like him in 9th grade. I remember he didn’t say the best things abt me at first (was openly surprised that I had a 4.0 GPA when he passed me by - said “damn, you have a 4.0? I can’t believe my eyes!” I guess bc in English I always sounded nervous when I talked, I had English w him and transferred out.) I remember he and his friends asked me smthn once and then laughed at me.
Obviously, that’s not why I started to like him. I started to like him bc I got the sense that underneath that, he was capable of being empathetic. I remember he once glanced at me in class and I think he noticed I looked sad and I could tell out the corner of my eye that he empathized. I remember he seemed to be nice to me after that or like as nice as I could be? I started to have a crush on him when we worked on a project together, bc he was nice to me and I j remembered in middle school guys hadn’t been. As a black girl who had a gap between her teeth, I hadn’t thought any guy ever could be nice to me (he is mixed but.) He wasn’t 100% nice, don’t get me wrong lol - I mentioned I looked bad and he said “you don’t look that bad.” I called him cute when he seemed insecure abt his appearance. I think he got the vibe that I liked him, as I remember he gave me a certain look. I remember I offered to tutor him in math (he was failing algebra 1, and misspelled the word basketball) while we were working together, but I think he kinda felt I liked him or got that vibe
Well.. I know that he got that vibe, bc I remember when we came back from winter break (I guess January 2020, which is tough to even think of) he was talking to his friend and said “I got a message from a girl who said she was in love w me over break. I thought it was my-name…” and glanced back at me, and then said, “but I decided it couldn’t be.“ I remember he said it loud and it threw me off. I actually did do it. I noticed him glancing me over later and he shook his head but not in like an “argh I’m mad” way
He was generally nice to me (or fake idk) but I remember what rlly got me is when he was talking to his friend Jaz abt me. So he had been staring at me and jaz asked if he “dug” me. He shook his head and said no, that he was trying to figure out why I always look sad. He then said, “Besides, I couldn’t go out w her. She’s average. 5/10” and then looked at me as if he were taking in my features and said “actually, below average. 4/10”
I think he suspected I was the one who owned the acc that kept saying they were in love w him, but he never directly confronted me abt it (I think he complained tho? To his friends.) I remember he once stared at me from across the schoolyard even tho he was already late to class (well, he was always late) when I was talking to a friend for track? But idk why. And once in the halls I was w my friend and he started staring at me, I stared back. He was w his friends, I remember he glanced my body over idk
The last incident I remember w him before quarantine happened is that during a class discussion I messed up and said smthn that didn’t make sense. His friend shoved his desk into mine after but I remember he seemed concerned abt me but also was probably wondering why I messed up
After that I remember he said my name in an irritated fashion during online schooling. I was over him by the time junior yr started. I have a boyfriend now, I know he noticed this (I told my boyfriend I used to like him he mentioned he’s an “asshole.” A lot of ppl have said that, even his friend Kevin did when I mentioned I used to like him. Some like him, some don’t.) I’m v glad now that I never dated him. He would have been a terrible boyfriend.
He was on good terms w my boyfriend’s ex in freshman yr, I remember this (I think they went to middle school w them) even tho my boyfriend’s ex isn’t conventionally attractive (I thought she was below average, my boyfriend thought she was below average.) I know my boyfriend’s ex had a rlly messed up life to a point where she had an adoptive mom in freshman yr. I get the vibe that he knew this and was maybe partly nice to me bc he suspected I had rlly bad parents and knew I was depressed
I remember I partly liked him, even though this might sound weird, bc he struck me as the kind of guy I could help - the type who’s life really wasn’t going in a good direction. I remember he once shouted out in class that he knew who the bloods and Crips were (I couldn’t help but think to myself that it’s awful that he knew who they were but couldn’t spell the word basketball)
My friend complained abt how he made fun of her for having acne when I mentioned he called me a 4/10. Another friend of mine mentioned she hadn’t known him well but knew he “wasn’t chill”
He actually played basketball, I remember he was kicked off the team in freshman yr bc his grades were too low (I only remember this bc he said it out loud in class)
I learned last yr that he has a little sister (she was in my PE class.) It surprised me, bc he doesn’t give off big brother vibes. I hate guys who have younger sisters but rate women. I get the vibe that they don’t have good parents (not that he had ever said his parents were abusive, I am just moreso guessing that based off how he turned out.)
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2023.04.01 07:25 aggressive__donut Draw this g3 with the mouth of this frog and the orange-red eye of this frog in front of gun this time please references here

Draw this g3 with the mouth of this frog and the orange-red eye of this frog in front of gun this time please references here
Please draw this g3 with mouth of open frog jn front and red orange eyes after it still in front of gun
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2023.04.01 07:25 Peachy_pi32 I think my cat died

I live with my boyfriend and his parents, I’ve always been a “not my house not my rules” type of person, but I’ve always been irked that his parents let my cats outside when I don’t want them to be (my cats are from a litter that my bf’s dad’s cat had that we couldn’t get rid of. We spent weeks trying and after almost giving them to horrible people we decided to just keep them. Also my bf and I have vocalized that we don’t want them outside). My boyfriend and I are in the process of getting a new apartment- the only thing that’s making it take so long is we’re trying to make sure where we end up is cat friendly (not many places are), but I feel like we were too late. My baby came home more than a few days ago with a light limp, but he seemed to be walking fine otherwise and was acting his usual self- I thought he got in a small fight with his brother bc it’s common for that to happen. The next day he wasn’t even walking on the leg and it looked twice as big as his other arm, there was no fur loss and he was getting physically uncomfortable when I tried my best to check for scratches. The next day the fur on his arm was gone and he had two gashes that were about a 1/4 -1/2 inch apart I wanted to take a picture of the wound but my phone dies turned off as I was pushing the photo button. I tried my best to clean him up and my bf’s mom tended to him while I watched my niece for her so I wasn’t aware that she was trying to put hydrogen peroxide on the wound until he ran off and out of the house and he hasn’t been back since. My bf and I bought the proper antibacterial today and I had emailed a vet clinic as soon as my phone turned back on, but I think we were too late. He was so different yesterday, he was really sad and kept crying to go outside and I wouldn’t let him, but he ended up getting out anyways and I can’t stop thinking about him. My boyfriend told me he’s okay and he’ll be back, but he wasn’t there. He didn’t see how he looked or how he sounded and I know how some cats get when they’re about to pass. He always shows up after a while of being outside but he hasn’t been back at all and I want to throw up. I just want my baby.
I’m sorry if this is long but I don’t know what to do, I’ve checked outside, but I can’t find him. I can’t stop crying and I don’t know what to do.
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2023.04.01 07:25 4GIVEANFORGET Looking for electric piano

Just moved here for a few months till I get back to Maui. Looking to rent or buy electric piano to distract me.
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2023.04.01 07:25 ktm5141 Paul Reed is one of the league’s elite “hustle” guys

These are Paul Reed’s ranks among NBA players per 100 possessions:
Total rebounds: 16.9 (13th) Offensive rebounds: 7.1 (4th) Steals: 3.0 (4th) Blocks 3.3 (8th)
Paul Reed is the only player in the NBA this year to rank in the top 25 in steals and blocks per 100 possessions. Over the last 5 years (as far back as I was willing to look), no player has been top 10 in offensive rebounds, steals, and blocks per 100 possessions. These stats don’t necessarily mean he is some dominant player (Andre Drummond fills out these categories surprisingly well), but he makes his presence felt. Paul reed can also switch unlike DrummGod so he’s actually playable in the postseason.
In a team of generally slow, low-energy players, BBall Paul brings the exact juice off the bench that this team needs. He is weird, but he is a joy to watch.
Source: https://www.basketball-reference.com/leagues/NBA_2023_per_poss.html
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2023.04.01 07:24 qatar1983 Prompt: My friend gives me the "Storyteller Recipe" technique: the story

Prompt: My friend gives me the
Here's How it works!
Under your chapter place the Prompts and enjoy with Midjourney
Hit likes and share it
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2023.04.01 07:24 reidstampede2021 Major opinion change

Hello everyone, reidstampede2021 here. I'm known on this sub as a Duncan apologist, but today, I woke up and decided that my opinions have to change. Yep, I've now officially decided that Duncan (or Dumbcan as I will be referring to this awful excuse for a character from now on) is now my new least favourite character. Let's discuss why.
C'mon, he's most morally awful character in the entire series and a colossal Karma Houdini. Like people seriously think Chris is worse in both of these categories? WTF, take a look at Dumbcan! In Island, he bullied Harold for LITERALLY NO REASON! I mean, sure, he was leaving his clothes all over the cabin and refusing to take ownership of situation, but seriously Dumbcan, you're supposed to be a tough guy, TAKE IT LIKE A FUCKING MAN! Not only that, he made minor sexist comments towards Courtney, Gwen and Heather (who shouldn't actually be the season villain since Dumbcan is much worse than her morally), proving that he is literally Ben Shapiro, and further proof of that occurs when he forms an ALL-MALE alliance to boot the girls one by one! In addition, he also fat-shamed Leshawna and scared Courtney and DJ with his stupid fucking hook. He also gets no karma for his actions since Harold rigged out Courtney instead of him (worst decision ever btw). If you find Dumbcan to be good in TDI, then I hope you get bullied. But if you think that's bad, in Action he's even worse! Right from the get-go, he starts deliberately manipulating Gwen into Trent is crazy when he says "4 letters in your name, 5 letters in Trent's, put em together and you get...". WTH Dumbcan, you were clearly manipulating Gwen there, there's no way in HELL that that was just an inaccurate assumption. Forget the networks, Dumbcan is the REAL mastermind of the Gwent breakup. After that, he then starts bullying Harold even more FOR NO REASON (Harold rigging out Courtney is not even close to a valid reason), and I don't care if it's mostly slapstick, it's horrible! Speaking of slapstick, while that is mostly what Courtney's so-called """""abuse""""" was in Season 2, it still felt so good seeing her constantly beat the shit out of this dickhead, especially considering how close he was getting with Gwen early in the season. The 32 page letter was also totally justified since I hate his piercings too, plus given Courtney's infinite wisdom, she clearly must just be trying to steer him away from a life of crime and keep him out jail (which he doesn't deserve since he's irredeemable and should be in jail for life). However, since all of that (plus all the times Harold got back at him) are just slapstick, Dumbcan is still a massive Karma Houdini this season, even more so since he outranks ALL of his victims (Trent, Gwen, Leshawna (for getting her booted for his own selfish means), Lindsay (for laughing after she voted herself off), Harold and Courtney) and makes the FINAL 2. Thank god Beth won in my country, otherwise I'd have to pay for a new TV. If you find Dumbcan to be good in TDA, then I hope that your relationship gets sabotaged. However, to repeat the words of Billy Mays "But wait, there's more!" in World Tour. WT Episode 1 is simultaneously one of the best and worst episodes of the show, since Dumbcan quits and boy oh boy did that make me happy, since now Courtney and Gwen can patch up their fallout from least season (which was also Dumbcan's fault). But no, since the writers favour Dumbcan so much, they bring him back in London and he screws the raltable king out of the game (no it wasn't Alejandro's fault, I don't care if he orchestrated it). Then after that, he does his worst action yet: HE CHEATS ON COURTNEY, HIS PERFECT GF WHO ALWAYS TREATED HIM WELL! Not only that, Tyler gets booted in Area 51, making this the 2376017537th time a true-blue underdog gets booted in favour of this writer's pet Karma Houdini jerkface named Dumbcan. Then in Australia, he NEARLY KILLS CODY FOR NO REASON WITH THE DINGO (Also Cody punching him in Greece is TDWT's best scene, change my mind), in addition to helping Gwen do delinquencies and sabotaging votes throughout Episode 16. And he makes the final 5 and outranks his victims (Noah, Tyler, Gwen and Courtney) yet AGAIN, though at the very least some of victims outrank him (Cody and Alejandro (I don't care that Alejandro is the villain, if he's opposing Dumbcan, then he's always in the right)), but he's still a raging Karma Houdini since him getting constantly beaten up is just slapstick, while everything he does is meant to be taken seriously (it's painfully obvious). Honestly WT would be 746291 times better if Dumbcan went feral instead of Ezekiel, change my mind. If you find TDWT Dumbcan to be good, then I hope you get cheated on. Then there's All Stars, which officially brings him to the point of no return. The fact that he appears in an All Stars season AT ALL is an insult. I don't care that he made the final 5 three times, he's such a fucking jerk and I never want to see him ever again. For the first three episodes, Dumbcan is actually nice to Gwen....NOT! He's clearly just continuing to deceive and manipulate her and he doesn't even help her with Courtney. Then after he deceives and manipulates her some more by taking a leech in Episode 3, the writers switch him to Team Hero and Courtney to Team Villain. WHAT! DO WRITERS THINK THIS WALKING KIDNEY STONE IS A HERO! GODDAMN IT, HE REALLY IS THE BIGGEST WRITER'S PET IN THE SHOW! Whilst he is on the "heroes" team (I say heroes in inverted commas since they are no longer heroic at all now that Dumbcan is on their team) are actually...SORT OF NICE TO HIM? WHAT! CAN'T THEY SEE THAT HE'S IRREDEEMABLE? Especially Zoey, why is she friends with him? Doesn't she know that she is just another naive girl for Dumbcan to deceive and manipulate? Speaking of Dumbcan deceiving and manipulating, Gwen comes to her senses in Episode 5 and dumps Dumbcan for talking about Courtney. I don't care that that was put in just to make Dumbcan seem even more unlikeable than he already is (and that's really saying a lot) and to give Gwen a good excuse to dump him, because really if I were Gwen I would dump him for no reason other than the fact that he's Dumbcan and he's the worst fictional character ever created. Episode 6 and 7 Dumbcan are the only tolerable Dumbcan episodes in the entire series since most of time he's just being made fun of for being """"nice"""" by the based Courtney and Gwen the ever-so-based Chris McLean. Though the fact that they paint him in the right compared to Mal sucks, considering that Dumbcan is far worse and far more irredeemable than him. Then in Episode 8, he blows up Chris's house and is arrested. Yes, even CHRIS is a victim of Dumbcan now. Now you might think that I'd enjoy this consdering what I've said about Dumbcan in this rant, but I don't enjoy this for one reason: it wasn't real karma. Remember that this happened because he blew up Chris's house (which is still horrible and irredeemable, don't get me wrong) but didn't happen because of any of the other bad things that he did in the past. Though there is a way this scene could be made better, and I borrowed this from this great fanfiction named Courtney's Crusade For Redemption. The way to give him REAL karma would be to not only send him to jail for blowing up the house, but make sure Zoey and all of his other friends end their friendships with him (why they haven't done that sooner, I have no idea), have everyone basically treat him like he's some sort of monster for blowing up the house, have Chris blacklist him (thus banning him from the show forever), and have him be given the maximum sentence for arson. But alas, that did not happen, and Dumbcan remains the biggest Karma Houdini in the series.
Anyways, I think this sums up my thoughts on Dumbcan fully, and why I think he's the worst character in TD history.
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2023.04.01 07:24 toefarmer 32 F. Currently seeking options and advice for and after major dental work (explanation in body text). Teeth, and health, are my number ones, but I’d like to hear your opinions on what types of procedures(not necessarily permanent or expensive) would best benefit me. Thank you so much!

32 F. Currently seeking options and advice for and after major dental work (explanation in body text). Teeth, and health, are my number ones, but I’d like to hear your opinions on what types of procedures(not necessarily permanent or expensive) would best benefit me. Thank you so much!
TL;DR 32yo mom, suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum during back to back pregnancies ending 12/20 and 04/22. Started out with beautiful, healthy, capable teeth and 3 years and two babies later I now resemble someone who lived a very hard life of addiction and am now recovering, or not. I’m currently still awake due to the pain, was quoted 16k for less than half of the fix, and am hoping that maybe a random redditor who happens to be well-connected in the U.S. dental scene may see my story and know of options out there that I’m not aware of.
Just a quick backstory. March of 2021 I had not even the faintest whispers of decay on any of my teeth. I’d never had braces so they weren’t celebrity straight, but I always pretended like I was across the pond and my (albeit very slightly) crooked smile was endearing and made me unique. I found out I was pregnant with my toddler baby, and first girl. Prior to this I had 3 very healthy , almost almost comfortable pregnancies where I gained upwards of a whole other adult human and gave birth to 8 and 9 pounds babies with almost zero complications.
10 years and a divorce later and I’m happily pregnant with the baby girl I never even allowed myself to dream I may have. Cue Hyperemesis Gravidarum for 9 months, a total pregnancy weight gain of 4 pounds, and the healthiest 7.11 pound baby girl that we had tucked into her very own bed at home less than 18 hours later. Just as I was planning to start working on the absolute bedlam that took place in my mouth while growing this fantastical daughter of mine, I found out I was pregnant once more. This was very decidedly for more reasons than one, the very last of my offspring and I decided to let their gender be a surprise.
Cue 9 more months of vomiting 4-20+ times PER DAY, every single day, but thankfully even though I look about 40 years older, she was and has been the picture of healthy, bouncing baby girl as well. My caboose will be one year old soon, and I finally mustered up the courage to walk into a dentists office I found on the Delta website and see just how bad it actually was. I was quoted 16,000, and that includes my “premier plus 15 word descriptor of Delta Dental “insurance”, for only the top half of my jaw. And my lower teeth are significantly more decayed than my top, I’m assuming from the physics of vomitus.
I’m looking in to my options, and also the current level of decay, and I believe that All on Four implants are going to be the best for me. They are stationary with 4 implants holstering the “plates” in, not nearly as expensive as individual implants and/or veneers, and with me hoping to need a few more years of effort out of these chompers of mine, I think it’s the most practical solution. If anyone knows of affordable options, dental assistance (even if income-based. Mom of 5 here) or even any programs that I might could apply for, that would be fantastic! And I’d still really like to read what improvements you all think would enhance the naturally good and kinda blur over the not so pretty parts as a woman rapidly approaching my mids.
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2023.04.01 07:23 to0ties Can anyone tell me what is going on with this plant?

Can anyone tell me what is going on with this plant?
It’s a water sprite and it’s been looking pretty dead but I left it in there because I wasn’t sure if it was just melting and it would come back. Tonight I noticed that it’s very deceased-looking in the middle, but it has a brand new baby right at the top. What is happening??? I’m very new to aquatic plants so I apologize for being stupid.
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2023.04.01 07:23 jayjester After a long mythic dry spell I got this pack.

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2023.04.01 07:22 itsduhneese When do you give up trying?

My husband (36m) and I (34f) have been together since 2008. Married in 2014. We have two kids, a 5 year old and a 2.5 year old. He didn't grow up in a house of love. His parents are still together today but absolutely hate eachother and make no attempt to hide it. My parents started off rough as they were young (my mom was 19 when I was born) but then managed to go through some counseling about 7 years into it and managed to have a strong, healthy relationship. I think because of this we both have very different expectations on what a marriage should look like.
I am a patient person. But I am exhausted. My husband has been in this state of "the grass is greener on the other side" for years. He lost a chance at what he thought was his dream job around 2013 and he's been trying to find his calling since. This has led to him job jumping. It was okay though as I was employed at a municipality making decent money. I was there for almost 9 years, then covid hit and we both were wanting a change of pace from our Seattle area lives. We decided to move to Texas due to the high wages and low cost of living that would allow me to stay home with our children. Almost immediately he hated the job and started looking elsewhere. He's always wanted to live in Florida so when he had an opportunity to move 4 months later, we did. We bought a house. Financially, we are struggling on a single income here due to the higher cost of living. I am having a hard time finding remote employment. Daycare is expensive so in person work is almost pointless. We were discussing going back to Washington where we would resume our old lives of both of us working. I can't help but feel resentment as the job I gave up to come here was something I could've stayed at for 30 years. But now it is gone with little to no chance of returning to. I can tell my husband is stressed out at his current job and he also feels like a failure for not being able to make it work living here. However, he is now taking out that frustration on myself and our kids. He's actually taken out his frustration with himself on us fairly regularly, even back in Washington, but I thought moving would make things better. He normally just yells and punches holes in the wall or throws things on the floor to break them.
If you know toddlers, they are mess makers. My husband hates clutter and messes. I can't physically follow their every move picking up after them like he wants so I get all sorts of snide comments like " the house is a mess; you do nothing but watch TikTok while I'm at work all day." Funny enough, I only watch Tiktok while I am laying next to our children as they fall asleep. He wants nothing to do with spending time with our kids because he "needs a break". Since our son was born 2.5 years ago, the only break I had was going to work, one overnight wedding I was a bridesmaid in (he had his parents help with the kids), and a single evening where his brother watched our kids for 5 hours while we went out for dinner and drinks. Hell, he went on an overnight fishing trip with his dad when our son was 3 days old, leaving me to take care of myself, the newborn, and our toddler alone. My husband says I don't need breaks because I don't work a real job and it's my job to take care of our kids. My husband goes to work, comes home, sits on the couch and watches TV or goes fishing a couple blocks away from our house, then sits in his room on his computer drinking beer. This happens most nights. He can't even bother to sit down and eat dinner with me and the kids 90% of the time. The other day, he blew up at me. I know he was also stressed from his job as he asked for a schedule adjustment and was denied. His tablet fell out of the window sill he kept it on during a storm that happened a couple days prior. There was a thunder roar that knocked several items off our shelves so I am guessing thats when the tablet fell. The screen broke. He was so mad that he grabbed any toy that was around him of our kids and threw it. He stomped on our daughter's barbie car. Broke our son's hot wheels ramp that he adored. Smashed a robotic dinosaur our neighbor gave to our son. Threw their table but luckily it didn't break since it's plastic. Tried throwing a paw patrol tower at the couch but luckily it didn't break either. It still was enough to upset our kids (and me) though. Said he was done with us and couldn't wait to be on his own without us. The tablet was 9 years old and could be replaced for $30 on ebay. I have an iPad he could use so it wasn't like it was the last device in our household. Hell, the kids even have tablets (with broken glass on the screens but acceptable enough for their use and anyone else's) that he could've taken from them for his 30 minute workout. He's threatened divorce before but never follows through. He claims it's just to "put me in my place and scare me into behaving". A few months ago, he told me he is planning to leave me once he finds the right job to stay at, estimating no more than 3 years left. He's said he doesn't love me and on a separate occasion I brought it up and asked if he would stay if I said the same to him and he replied "no". He goes through phases where he seems to hate me and our kids and then he tolerates us and then back to hating us. I keep thinking things will get better like it did for my parents, but I am getting weak. I don't want my kids to grow up thinking this is normal. At what point do I give up? Or do I keep at it waiting for improvement? Will it ever improve? My kids are getting to the point where they are disrespectful at times to me and I can't help but wonder if it is in part because they don't see their father respecting me. If he doesn't why should they? Has anyone here been in a similiar situation? Did it get better or did you leave? I'm afraid to leave. I don't want to be alone. But I also crave love and affection. We haven't slept in the same bed since our son was born because he can't handle his sleep being interupted when he has to be up early for work. I understand that, but he continues to sleep in the guestroom even on weekends. I've told him multiple times that I need love and affection to be happy and motivated but he doesn't want to provide it. On one occasion, he told me he knows that I need those things but he doesn't want to give them to me because I don't deserve it. I try to clean and tidy up our house once our kids go to sleep, but it's never clean enough according to him. I'm at the point where I am giving up. Why put a ton of effort into something he's just going to say I didn't do well enough? I want to feel important. I want to feel loved. I just want physical touch. I want my kids to see their parents love eachother and never settle in their own relationships for what I have with my husband. But I'm scared to leave. I don't want to have to share my kids with him, especially considering he seems them more as a burden than anything, but I know he is entitled to time with them if we separate. Plus now I don't have a job which really makes things difficult. I would've been fine on my own had we not left Washington and I kept my job. I just don't know what to do.
tl;dr My husband takes his personal frustration out on me. I'm deprived of affection. I keep thinking it will get better but it hasn't. When do you give up trying?
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2023.04.01 07:22 MiaIGuess Too nervous about my crush

Omg i was sitting down with my friends because our feet hurt from dancing in heels, and I turned to look back at the dance floor. My crush did this head turn thing while dancing and made eye-contact with my while smiling in this really pretty pose and oml- I immediately looked down and just stared at my knees while kicking my feet. LIKE AAAAAA STOP BEING SO ATTRACTIVE MY HEART CAN'T IT. I saw them dancing with a guy though... I don't think he was their date because I didn't see them together after that. I wish I had the courage to tell them I like them, but I'm super insecure from my last situationship which was pretty toxic, and have this personal image of myself where I doubt anybody would like me. Every time I get those butterflies my brain goes, "you've got no chance". And it makes me sad. I just want to do couple things with a person I like and feel important to someone.
Bitter-sweet story I guess :/
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2023.04.01 07:21 Geovannyrice Dhanteras Quotes, Greetings and Wishes Card

Dhanteras Quotes, Greetings and Wishes Card
On this very auspicious day of Dhanteras, people wish happiness, wealth, and prosperity for their families. They celebrate all five days of Diwali, but Dhanteras is considered a day to worship the goddess Laxmi, a goddess of wealth. On Dhanteras, people do pooja in their homes, offices, or workplaces and distribute sweets & gifts to convince goddess Laxmi that she will shower her blessing on them. Moreover, people also give the best Happy Dhanteras wishes to their close family members, relatives, and friends.
You can wish and greet those who live within your city or nearby to your home, but for those who live far from your city, online greetings card or ecard for Happy Dhanteras will help you to stay connected with your beloved family or friends. We have a superior range of happy Dhanteras cards to customize with your message and photos. We have a range of best happy Dhanteras quotes, images, and messages with the latest designs. If you are looking for the best happy Dhanteras templates for everyone, pick your favorite Dhanteras card and send your best wishes and blessing to everyone.
ShubhDhanteras Messages and quotes with a photo of showering Golden coins that marks wishes of prosperity, wealth, and good fortune in your life.
This exquisite ShubhDhanteras greeting on a shaded maroon background with a rain of golden coins and a white text depicting a quote of prosperity and wealth is impressive. Just add your name below, and this is a perfect Dhanteras image to share on all your WhatsApp groups, WhatsApp status and social media posts for Free.
In India, golden coins depict the auspicious symbol of blessings from the Devi Lakshmiji, a goddess of wealth and prosperity. Sending this image, quotes, and messages to your close friends or family members can lighten up their faces with a wink. So, what's holding you back?
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