Septic tank service 30680 1500 gallon

2023 1500 Bighorn Quad Cab: Is it possible to get the stock 23 gallon fuel tank upgraded to the 33 gallon tank?

2023.03.29 02:01 TheMonkeyPickler 2023 1500 Bighorn Quad Cab: Is it possible to get the stock 23 gallon fuel tank upgraded to the 33 gallon tank?

I recently custom ordered a 2023 1500 Bighorn QuadCab Backcountry. For some reason for 2023 Ram decided to no longer let you spec the QuadCab Bighorn with the 33 gallon tank so I had to go with the stock 23 gallon tank since I wasn't going to pay close to 5k more for the crew cab just to get a fuel tank. Is it possible to get the tank upgraded to the 33 gallon tank and if so how much would it cost? Can I just ask the dealer to order the tank and install it?
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2023.03.28 21:36 shankska24 My Rivian R1T 1 month review

Rivian R1T 1 month review
The R1T is just a great vehicle all around. Great quality. Attention to detail. Feels well built. The tech is amazing. OTA updates, I think I have done a total of 4 updates now since I got the truck a month ago. Every update, new features added, changes to the vehicle, etc. I mostly drive in all purpose mode, but had take one “road trip” (more on that later) and drove a lot in conserve on that. Ride is smooth and quiet. It is effortless to drive, but thrilling at the same time. I almost compare to driving a sports car, because of how fast it is. I just love it and yet its still a truck when I get out. For comparison, I am coming from a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 denali. I’ve had a few years as the daily driver and to haul the family around, kids with 2 car seats. I have also had a fair share of “sports cars”, with the most recent being a 2019 BMW M2 competition. The quality of Rivian and this truck is up there with BMW, easily. This truck replaces my daily driver tho and I am thoroughly happy with it thus far.
The main driving factor and justification for me to get this truck was primarily how much I spent on gas last year. We have a lake house 180 miles from our primary residence we visit often during the summer. Also, the updated tech and safety of the truck helped. I have put almost 1000 miles on the truck in the past month. For around town, I have been around 1.7-2 mi/kwh. I have the 22” wheels. This has been in the 30s-40s ambient temperature mostly. Some warmer days mixed in there and coming full time in my Midwest region very soon to compare efficiency increase. For spring break we went down to our lake house a couple weeks back. I averaged 1.96 mi/kwh for the whole trip of almost 3 hours of driving. 90% of the drive, I switched to conserve mode as it was my first real EV road trip outside of a big city. I had tailwind for the trip down and temp was mid-40s. I was pleasantly surprised to arrive at our lake house with almost 100 mile range left in the “tank”. I charged up to 100% prior to leaving just to be sure and to get a good feel with the estimates and what to expect. Again, my first long drive/road trip. On the way back, quite the opposite. Major headwinds, 15-20 mph. colder temps. These 2 really crushed the range. I only was able to charge up to 97% to return home on the 180 mile trip, but I felt confident based on my experience and trip down a few days prior. I arrived home with 50 mile range, so the high winds and colder temps took away 30-40 miles of my range. It didn’t help that a third of the trip I drove ~84 mph. one thing I did learn tho is when you put in your destination on the navigation, the arrival range is very very accurate. I have come to trust this in the truck and gives me a sense of ease and confidence. It does adjust as you drive, so keep an eye on it, but without any major outside variables (wind, cold weather, etc), its usually right on the money.
My sierra had a tonneau cover. I really do miss having a tonneau cover. Unfortunately, my R1T does not have one. I am trying to hold off for the Rivian manual cover. Maybe I will break down and get a DIY or aftermarket one. Honestly, not sure tho. As a family of 4 and a dog. We were able to pack up all of our things for our week stay during spring break, with nothing required to go into the bed of the truck. The frunk is awesome and large. The gear tunnel is also awesome. Able to store all our luggage and items in these 2 areas no problem for our road trip. The access door from the back seat to the gear tunnel is awesome as well. I was able to strategically place the kids snacks and diaper bag for easy access during the drive. This was great to hide it away and give more room/space in the cabin.
I just love driving this truck. Everything about it. It’s a full electric truck, whats not to love. Like I said earlier, its almost like driving a sports car. Its quick and nimble. The throttle response is fantastic. The day I got the truck, I immediately configured the regen mode into high. Going into ownership of an EV, this is a mind shift and something that is easily prepared for. Its an EV, not an ICE. No more coasting, no more excessive braking. Regenerative braking is the future. I have no regrets of this and if you are prepared and understand this, you will not have any regrets either. Actually you will enjoy the driving experience with this. Is the high overwhelming? Maybe if you are not prepared, but not for me, no. I love the brake regen and I have become accustomed to it now. Seriously, why use the brakes? Its just amazing to drive with one pedal. The throttle is very responsive and I feel one with the input experience and deliver exactly what I want power wise the truck. Also, the let off (regen braking) is the exact same. Its second nature now. One thing I am pleasantly surprised with the power and regen braking is parking my truck. I back my truck into my garage at my house. Same with my old sierra. I HATED backing my old truck into the garage space because if I got caught on the lip to the garage floor, my goodness getting a half ton truck over a little 1 inch hump without thinking I would back through my house and into the back yard was ridiculous. The lag of the throttle, the quick transitioning from accelerator to braking. Horrendous. And I had no idea until I backed my new R1T into the same garage space. Its amazing. Power to all 4 wheels. I back over this 1 inch hump like its nothing and don’t even notice its there. With exact confidence in the power I am delivering to safely back into my garage space. Easily let off the accelerator to brake/stop and place the truck into park exactly where I wanted the truck.
The mobile charger is great that comes with the truck. The 120v traditional plug and the 240v 4 prong. The 120v is obviously slow, but good for certain situations. When I first got my truck, I used it for about 2 days until my hard wired charger got installed by the electrician. It worked. About 2 mi/hr. I was able to charge it from mid 40% to 70% in about 2 days. I also had to use the mobile charger at the lake house during spring break visit. When I first arrived, I just plugged into the 120v in the car port, as it was quick and easy, while I was able to focus on unpacking and getting the kids situated in the house. Thankfully we also had a 30 amp 3 prong that I am able to reach with an extension cord. I switched back and forth between the 2 plugs (120v/240v) to get the truck charged back up during the week, with numerous in town trips and lunch/dinner etc, eating away some of the battery charge I gained over time by being plugged in when parked at the house. The only gripe I have about this is the 4 prong is obviously the only adaptor today. I hope rivian releases more adaptors. I had to use an adaptor from the house 3 prong to 4 prong and the issue with this is the charger thinks its on a 40 amp circuit, when its on a 30 amp. I always kept forgetting to lower the charging amps to 24a every time I plugged into the 3 prong adaptor. Either way, it worked great and I got charged up to 97% in time to head back home. About 11 mi/hr if I recall correctly. Also, I am very lucky to have a tesla destination charger within a couple miles of my house. Conveniently located in a high traffic area we visit often, great restaurant and activities. I was able to plug into this tesla destination charger a couple times throughout the week when we were in the area by using the lectron adaptor and it worked flawlessly. I gained a lot of battery charge throughout the week doing this 2 or 3 times. One time I was already at 70%, so I went ahead and changed my charge limit to 85% to get some free juice while we were there and didn’t have to charge until next day at the house. Just a quick note on the hard wired wall charger, which is rivian, it works as you would expect. I have it set to the max 48 amp setting on a 60a circuit. I get 24 mi/hr when charging at home. I plug in every time I get home and no issues with it so far. Its quick and seamless. Always have enough range to do my daily driving as required and never have to worry about it. Never going to gas station again (at least to fill up a trucks gas tank), maybe yeah for my wifes tahoe or maybe to fill up a 5 gallon gas tank for the lawn mower and pressure washer haha. I have yet to test out DCFC on the truck. Honestly not sure when that time will come. I purchased the truck with full intentions of always charging at my house and at the lake house. That’s where I will charge 99% of the time. No plans or intentions of doing cross country, at least at this time, so DCFC will be far and in between for me. Luckily, they just installed an EVgo DCFC a block over from my house, so maybe I will test that out just to know the process and what to expect soon.
I had a couple things come up on the truck. Main thing being alignment being off. Steering wheel to the left, but pulled to the right. I went ahead and scheduled service right from the Rivian mobile app, which was great. Received a call back to get scheduled at my local service center. Was about a week and half out on a day that worked with my schedule. I also had something come up after I created the appointment and was easy to get my concern/issue easily added to my existing upcoming service appointment. I was able to receive a great R1T as a loaner vehicle, so that was awesome. I compare to past ICE cars I have had serviced, I would always get the low end vehicle they offered and dreaded the loaner in comparison to my car getting serviced. Ie my 2019 BMW M2 comp, I would get a 2020 bmw 328i, boo. The pickup process was very easy and seamless. They had my truck plugged in and fully charged to my set charge limit so that was awesome. It would be like a dealer filling up my gas tank after getting service done, which would never happen ha. All in all, a great service experience to get some small items addressed, so I am happy to experience this first hand and builds more confidence in the brand and my ownership of a Rivian.
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2023.03.28 02:04 DanielsRaisedBeds Privacy Screen Ideas Needed

OK, so my house sits on a sloping (barely mowable) hill, on the south side of the house (northern hemisphere) I built some terraced partially raised beds (one end of the bed is level to original grade, other end is a foot and a half to 2 feet above grade) next to a sidewalk I had put in 2 years ago to make getting to the basement easier, on the other side of the sidewalk is the septic tank and propane tank, I've designed out some more partially raised beds to go over here (septic field is FAR AWAY, minimum 60 feet, it's on another hill that slopes down into the backyard drainage swale that is 40-50 feet away and the septic had to be installed a minimum of 15 feet from that swale), this time i'm designing them so they can function as trellis's for grape vines and other things, I'm gonna do the grape vines on the lowest of the 3 tiers and that tier will have the top of the trellis around 10 feet above existing grade or 8 feet above the top of the raised bed, this results in the top level of terracing to only have 4 feet from the top of the raised bed to the trellis cross brace and is a foot or 2 from the propane tank, so this would make a perfect screen wall to hide the propane tank from 1 side but still allow access for servicing/filling, the raised bed will be about 12 feet wide and like i said earlier will be roughly 4 feet tall above the raised bed, Is there a good vegetable or something I could grow on that all year round to keep the screening effect all year? I'm in USDA Hardiness Zone 7b.

Side note, I know not to plant over a septic drain field but how close to a septic tank is safe for things like Grapes, Corn, watermelon, carrots and pumpkins? Pretty sure the tank is a concrete tank as it has a concrete top.
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2023.03.28 00:01 NasdaQQ Fraudulent septic tank inspection report. What are my options?

We have to provide our township with inspection reports of our septic tank (PSMA and Hydraulic Load Test) and have contracted a septic company in the area. We were not present when they were there and I did find it weird how quickly they performed the inspection and pumped out the septic tank.
Today we get a report saying that when they put water in the tank for the load test the drain field immediately became saturated and the test failed. They recommend replacing the drain field.
I looked at our ring camera that captures the entire service very clearly and the tech after digging the septic cover walls over to our hose bib, turns it on (water comes out), turns it off and walks back towards his partner saying “o shit there is no water”. Not only was there water and they willingly didn’t do the test but they gave us a report saying we need a new system?
We need these reports for our township so a failed system is a big deal for us. What are our options as far as reporting these people?
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2023.03.27 21:02 llrugby1 Vehicles stolen from farm, Venell Farms in Corvallis.

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2023.03.27 07:14 FIBROGRTAS Best FRP Rectangular Tanks Manufacturer in India

Over time, a variety of materials have been used to construct water and wastewater storage tanks. These systems lack many of the benefits of a fibreglass tank, such as its structural strength, resistance to corrosion, water tightness, low weight, and ease of installation. They are frequently built of non-reinforced concrete, although they may also be made of polyethylene and steel.
In Fibrograts FRP Rectangular Tanks, substances for storing drinking water, chemicals, caustics, ethanol, petroleum, extinguisher water, septic, water and sewage, and other applications are all combined. Designers, owners, and installers are becoming more and more interested in fibreglass tanks as they learn about their numerous advantages.

Advantages of FRP Rectangular Storage Tanks

  1. Corrosion Resistance: FRP tanks are highly resistant to corrosion and can withstand exposure to a wide range of chemicals, making them ideal for storing corrosive materials.
  2. Lightweight: FRP tanks are lightweight compared to steel tanks, making them easier to install and transport.
  3. Durability: FRP tanks have a long service life and can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, UV radiation, and heavy rains.
  4. Low Maintenance: FRP tanks require minimal maintenance, which reduces the operating costs and downtime associated with tank maintenance.
  5. Customizable: FRP tanks can be customized to meet specific storage requirements, including size, shape, and capacity.

Application or Uses of FRP Rectangular Tanks

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2023.03.27 05:20 TonyMacaroni19 Hmmmm, never been used you say?

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2023.03.26 18:44 WholeLottaMcLovin Hmmmm, never been used you say?

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2023.03.26 09:49 kevin19870909 Things need to know about ss manhole cover

Market demand for stainless steel manhole covers

The manhole cover is an indispensable part of the current city. It guards the safety of pedestrians and vehicles on the road. At the same time, it is responsible for eliminating the accumulation of water on urban roads.
With the development of society, stainless steel manhole covers are used in many places. Because the reinforced concrete manhole cover was brittle and easy to break before, it was gradually replaced by cast iron and ductile iron. At the same time, the manhole cover made of glass fiber reinforced plastic grille is also very popular. This kind of manhole cover is corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, and has a high degree of lightness. , The service life can be as long as 50 years! No matter what kind of manhole cover, no matter what material the manhole cover is, an underground well protection net (manhole cover protection net) must be placed under the manhole cover.
Most manhole covers are mainly circular. However, not all round manhole covers are sewer manhole covers. There are many types of manhole covers on urban roads. In addition to sewer manhole covers, there are also tap water, electricity, gas, communication cables, heat, and septic tank manhole covers. The sewer manhole cover usually has the words "rain" or "dirt" written on it to distinguish it from other manhole covers.
At present, the city's demand for manhole covers not only requires quality assurance, but also aesthetics, especially after installation, the effect must be good. So there is the advent of decorative manhole covers. There are many kinds of materials for decorative manhole covers, but stainless steel is the main material.
Stainless steel manhole covers are generally divided into 201 and 304.201 stainless steel refers to steel that is resistant to weak media such as atmosphere, steam and water, while acid-resistant steel refers to steel that is resistant to chemical corrosion media such as acid, alkali, and salt. 304 stainless steel refers to a common material in stainless steel, with a density of 7.93g/cm3, which is also called 18/8 stainless steel in the industry. High temperature resistance of 800 degrees, with good processing performance and high toughness, it is widely used in industry and furniture decoration industry and food industry. The size of underground sewage outlets in each city is different. For example, some roads with relatively small specifications have smaller sewage outlets, and some large sections of roads have wider sewage outlets. When installing the stainless steel manhole cover, be sure to measure the size of the sewage outlet in advance, and then choose different sizes of manhole covers according to the actual size, so as to ensure the smooth installation. If the size of the selected manhole cover is not the same as the size of the sewage pipe, then the installation will not be able to continue

Five advantages of stainless steel manhole cover

  1. Anti-theft: Compared with other material manhole covers, stainless steel manhole covers have higher firmness, small joint gaps, and it is difficult to pry open with ordinary tools. Anti-theft performance*
  2. Safety: The manhole cover must not only prevent theft, but also take responsibility for the safety of the pipeline construction personnel. Due to the use of steel support, the stainless steel manhole cover will not be crushed even if it reaches a destructive load to prevent all aspects of damage caused by falling;
  3. High precision: the stainless steel manhole cover adopts moulding, the gap between the cover and the seat is small, which greatly improves the road traffic performance and driving comfort;
  4. Convenient and beautiful: The stainless steel manhole cover is only two-thirds of the cast iron manhole cover, which brings great convenience to installation and inspection. So that the beauty of the overall environment is not destroyed
  5. Environmental protection: The manhole cover is open all year round and has high requirements for corrosion resistance. The stainless steel manhole cover is not only moisture-proof, good acid and alkali resistance, but also anti-aging and has a long service life.

Use of SS manhole cover

The main uses are as follows:
  1. Drainage engineering, applied to rainwater and sewage pipelines
  2. Water supply engineering, applied to tap water, fire fighting engineering, etc.
  3. Heating engineering, applied to heating arm line.
  4. Power supply engineering, applied to power supply cables, telecommunications engineering, telephone, communication cable pipelines.
  5. Landscape engineering, application and supporting integrated pipelines.
  6. Gas engineering, applied to gas engineering, natural gas pipelines, etc.
  7. Street lamp engineering, applied to power supply, lighting, cable pipeline

Why is stainless steel manhole cover not easy to be corroded?

Stainless steel manhole covers are usually used as invisible manhole covers due to its characteristics. And with the development of technology, the quality of stainless steel materials has become better and better.
Why is stainless steel manhole cover not easily corroded? The corrosion resistance of stainless steel depends on the material chromium, which is one of the components of steel. When alloying steel with chromium, the surface oxide is changed to a similar oxide formed on pure chromium metal. This can protect the surface of the manhole cover from further oxidation. This oxide layer is very thin and will not affect the surface gloss of the stainless steel manhole cover. When making stainless steel manhole covers, a specific method is also adopted to treat the surface of the manhole cover, so that the manhole cover produced is not only beautiful and generous, but also has a longer service life.

Why are stainless steel manhole covers popular?

Stainless steel manhole cover is a very popular manhole cover at present. It has many advantages, not only good anti-theft performance, but also corrosion resistance and long service life. The product can be installed in places such as sewage outlets, power supply areas, and traffic signals.

Where can the stainless steel manhole cover be used?

  1. The place where the stainless steel manhole cover is more commonly used is the sewage outlet. As we all know, there will be underground sewage pipes in every city. At intervals, the sewage pipe will have some nozzles. In order to increase the safety of the nozzle, the nozzle must be equipped with safety measures.
  2. In addition to the use of this stainless steel invisible manhole cover for the sewage outlet, some power supply areas are also used.
  3. In addition to being used in underground sewage outlets and power supply areas, stainless steel manhole covers can also be used in traffic signals, rainwater, gas and other occasions. With the requirements of urban construction for aesthetics, more and more cities have changed some traditional manhole covers into stainless steel invisible manhole covers.

Specification and size of stainless steel manhole

Different scenarios definitely have different requirements for the size and specifications of the manhole cover, so what are the common specifications of stainless steel manhole cover?
Stainless steel manhole covers are widely used in municipal engineering, garden engineering, real estate projects, for sewage wells, drainage wells, cable wells, etc. Because of their different drawings, the specifications and sizes are also different. According to the applicable site, we divide the stainless steel manhole covers into: The conventional sizes of municipal stainless steel manhole covers, garden stainless steel manhole covers, and local stainless steel manhole covers are as follows:
  1. Frame size:
The small size is generally more than 300mm in length, and the small size is usually square, used for sewage and drainage wells;
Large size is generally about 2800mm in length, mostly rectangular, usually used for cable wells; when the length is greater than 1000mm, load bearing is considered and it is recommended to divide into grids.
2, the thickness is usually divided into: 3 centimeters, 4 centimeters, 5 centimeters, 6 centimeters (mostly 4, 5 centimeters)
3, the height is usually divided into: 80H, 60H, 70H
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2023.03.25 16:55 SmooSat_Official [#SmooSatProTips] Electric Scooter vs. Car: How Much Money Can You Save on Your Daily Commute?

[#SmooSatProTips] Electric Scooter vs. Car: How Much Money Can You Save on Your Daily Commute?
An electric scooter is much less expensive to acquire and maintain than a car. Hence, switching to an e-scooter instead of your ordinary vehicle could be a sage decision to save money if you use your automobile for short journeys like the daily commute. We are all aware of the high cost of purchasing a car, particularly if we are considering a new model. On the other hand, electric scooters are much less expensive and capable of performing the tasks that most cars are relegated to. People using lightweight electric scooters to do their grocery shopping is getting more and more prevalent. As such, for daily commuters, this new wave of transportation is indeed changing the game by saving them hundreds of dollars a month – and even more if you factor in insurance, parking, time, etc. Research published by Georgia Tech, supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF)– one of the leading research universities in the US, reported that It saves time that accounts for approximately $536 per year. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Let’s dive in.
Are Electric Scooters Cheaper than a Car in both Long and Daily Commutes?
- Upfront Cost Differences
- Gas vs. Charging
- Parking
- Insurance
- Maintenance Costs
- Which Electric Scooter is Right for you?
Concluding Remarks
Are Electric Scooters Cheaper than a Car in both Long-Term and Daily Commutes?
It is crucial to consider many situations in which owning a commuter electric scooter is more affordable than owning a car that includes daily commutes. Only a portion of what you pay at the point of purchase is the actual cost of the vehicle. When you own a car, you have additional overhead expenses that don't apply to electric scooters. Let’s take a look at the details, supported by facts and figures.
Image credit: WIRED​​
Upfront Cost Differences
If you don't already have one, you can pay between $20,000 and $40,000 to buy a decent car. That costs several magnitudes more than an adult scooter. To obtain an estimate of the budget, you can search on Amazon or check out our entry-level or flagship – the SmooSat MAX. For a deeper dive into how cheaper they are compared to cars with distinctive features, check out our blog covering every model in our lines. Electric scooters are more affordable than cars, costing roughly $200 and $3,000 – a whopping 1/10th of a regular car. They are even cheaper if you want a children’s electric scooter for your child or a loved one.
Gas vs. Charging
Unlike gas-powered cars, adult electric scooters can travel several miles on a fully charged battery. Your automobile can only travel for a certain number of hours on a full gas tank. An electric scooter battery, however, is not expensive; with a charging cord and a power source, you may quickly have a fully charged battery. Compare this to driving a car, where the cost of gas is $0.15/mile. According to one research from Electric Scooter Guide, an electric scooter with long-range costs around $0.45 to charge fully and comes out to roughly $7.30 annually, significantly less expensive than even filling up one gas tank. So, the cost plummets significantly for a daily and city commute. If you are concerned that a lightweight electric scooter may not have the range for city commuting, revered platform MicroMobility released a breakdown that almost half of the city commutes are under 3 miles making electric scooters an excellent option.
Source: MicroMobility​​
Moreover, one of the largest tech platforms – WIRED, wrote -
“Part of the reason for that is that the cost of fueling an e-scooter is a little more than 1 percent of the cost of fueling even a car that delivers a respectable 28 miles per gallon. Over weeks, months, and years of commuting, those savings add up.”
Access to free parking spots is one of the benefits of using an adult scooter. While parking a car, you must pay a specific charge, but with an electric scooter, all you need to do is find a spot on the sidewalk where you can lock it securely. Getting a ticket for improper parking is always possible when driving a car, but it never arises when using an electric scooter. To park your finest lightweight electric scooter safely on the sidewalk during eclectic scooter city communing so you may go to your destination on your way to work, school, or the store, check for parking places there. And just like that – it’s free and safe.
The typical monthly payment for a car is in the hundreds or thousands of dollars per year range. The cost of insurance for your electric scooter will be just a tenth of the price for your automobile if you choose to insure your electric scooter, which Amazon offers as an option. You could pay less monthly insurance premiums if you're a lucky automobile driver and never have to file a claim. Would it be much better not to spend even a small monthly insurance premium? Absolutely! Moreover, electric scooter insurance is optional, especially for children’s electric scooters, and most commuter scooters do not even need it. It is not even a consideration for that demographic resulting in zero cost in this domain.
Maintenance Costs
There will always be items to purchase, update, and fix, and these automotive additions are expensive for cars. Several regular examinations should be performed, some of which should be daily. Typically, you will need the services of a mechanic, which you must also pay for. You end up shelling out roughly $1,000 for these at the end of the month. For electric scooters, it differs. An electric scooter for city commutes boasts maintenance costs that can never equal the initial purchase price. You can even replace the adult electric commuter scooter from Amazon if you are inside the warranty window.
Which Electric Scooter is Right for you?
Now that you see that an electric scooter is a viable alternative for daily commutes with significantly less cost and much more savings. You should make an informed decision on which one to get. Not all commuter electric scooters are created equal, and your needs may not fit another person’s, let alone a children’s electric scooter. So, to make this incredible investment to save thousands of dollars in your daily city commutes, check out our buying guide for a comprehensive take on which would be the right choice for you. Moreover, if you want to get a family member or your children such a sustainable electric scooter, our gift guide is a beautiful resource. To see what the most prominent platforms and publications, including Tom’s Guide, The Miami Herald, and The Street, among others, are saying about SmooSat, feel free to check out our media coverage blog for a compelling read.
Concluding Remarks
According to one research team, a high-capacity battery electric scooter with a 93-mile range costs around $0.45 to charge fully. With typical usage, this comes to roughly $7.30 annually, significantly less expensive than even filling up one gas tank. All of this adds up to an estimate that one dollar of electricity can go between 350 and 900 miles, which is unfathomable to owners of cars. Most of the staff at our company use the SmooSat SA3 Prime adult scooter, purchased for one-twentieth the price of a vehicle. Hence, electric scooters make perfect sense in city commuting. Additionally, there are astronomical combined expenditures of parking, tax, and car insurance as opposed to electric scooters.
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2023.03.25 15:01 KhoaFraelich 10 Logical Reasons Why Motorcycles Are Better Than Cars

10 Logical Reasons Why Motorcycles Are Better Than Cars
These undeniable facts illustrate why two wheels are better than four

We all know that even though cars and trucks make up a large portion of vehicles on the road, motorcycles are the mode of transportation that immediately commands attention with their "cool" factor.

There is nothing particularly unique or interesting about your typical sedan, SUV, or pickup truck, but any motorcycle causes people to briefly pause and stare at this unique marvel of engineering. Even if it happens to be a little Honda Grom. While most would suggest that there are more practical uses for cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks, there are just as many valid reasons why motorcycles are the unsung rulers of the road.

Motorcycles Have Better Gas Mileage
The price of gas can be a real pain in the butt depending on where you live, and it can cost you a big chunk of change out of your bank account every month. However, motorcycles don't really suffer that much at the pump. Because motorcycles are smaller than cars, they don't require huge engines to get them from A to B. This also means that despite having smaller fuel tanks (most range from 2-6 gallons), riders get more bang for their buck at the pump. A decent, fuel efficient car might get 30 MPG at best, most motorcycles average between 40 and 60 miles-per-gallon.

Motorcycles Don't Require As Much Maintenance
With cars, you have a lot of moving parts to take care of. You need regular oil changes, transmission service, tire rotation, replace cracked windshields, refill windshield wiper fluid, cleaning the interior, and dealing with that annoying "check engine" light. With motorcycles, you don't need to have that many worries hanging over your head. Other than bringing your bike in for routine service every few thousand miles, there isn't much you need stress over. Just keep it clean, don't beat the hell out of the engine, and not ride like an idiot. Outside of that, you are good to go!

Not Everyone Rides Motorcycles And That's A Good Thing
According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, approximately 8% of Americans ride motorcycles. It is that small percentage of people that take pride in being the black sheep. The fact is nearly everyone drives a car, and there is nothing special or unique about that. Unless your car can fly, double as a submarine, or travel through time, they are not that impressive.

Motorcycles are always noticed. They stick out like a two-wheeled thumb, and they come with a strong sense of pride in daring to be different. Motorcycle riders tend to have more adventurous, outgoing personalities that demand more out of life instead of coasting through by living some boring, cookie-cutter existence. Motorcyclists live to tell stories and connect with new people, because not everyone else is willing to take that extra leap of faith.

Motorcycles Don't Cost As Much As Cars
Unless you've got some serious coin to throw at a new Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide Limited, purchasing a motorcycle does not require you to have deep pockets. The prices of new and used cars have been increasing over the last few years thanks to high demand and constantly-disappearing inventory. With a motorcycle, you won't have to shell nearly as much cash for a dealer to hand you the keys. With many sporty motorcycles costing less than $10k, owning the title to one isn't as stressful as trying to pay off your car. Not to mention that motorcycles don't cost as much at the fuel pump. With many cars and trucks demanding at least $50 to fill up, you will be lucky if the cost to fill your motorcycle costs more than $20.

Finding A Parking Spot Is Much Easier
We've all had those moments where you're driving into the city, and you are scanning the streets for an open parking spot that isn't next to a fire hydrant. Depending on where you are, this can become a real pain. Worst case scenario you find a parking garage that requires you to pay through the nose for a spot. With motorcycles, you barely have that problem.

Thanks to their smaller size, motorcycles can easily maneuver and position themselves in open spaces that a regular car cannot. You can park parallel to the curb, or you can back it in with a more perpendicular parking position. Regardless of how you park, you can take comfort knowing you won't have to deal with as many headaches as some trying to find a good parking spot while driving a Chevy Silverado or GMC Hummer.

Motorcycles Are Much Better For Your Mental Health
Unless you are John Wick or a member of a 1-percenter club, there is no such thing as a frowning face on a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle is the same kind of sensory overload your dog feels when it sticks it head out of the window of a moving car. You feel the wind on your face, the humming of the engine, and your exposure to the natural world. They give you a brief hiatus from smartphones and other modern-day creature comforts to unplug and take a moment to relax. It's already enough to know just how crazy the world can be whenever you turn on the news. So hopping on a motorcycle and taking a vacation from the rest of the world will do your mental health a huge favor.

There is also the opportunity to increase your cognitive strength by teaching your body to operate a manual-shift vehicle without even thinking about it. The more practice you get, the more it feels like your body is simply acting and performing these functions on its own. Plus, because motorcycle riders are more aware of their surroundings, your reaction time to hazards improves. Being more aware of danger means more time for you to prepare, and properly react to every kind of obstacle.

You Can Actually Burn Calories While Riding
Not only do motorcycles improve your mental well-being, your body also gets its own workout. By using your body to physically maneuver, balance, and grasp your bike, you are also burning calories in the process. In a car, you are stuck in a prone position that isn't very physically demanding. But on a bike, you are using your back, arms, and legs to get you from point A to point B. Depending on the amount of activity, you can burn anywhere from 170 to 600 calories an hour on a motorcycle. A pretty fun way to get closer to that beach bod.

Community Of Like-Minded Individuals
If you are the only one in your friend group that rides a motorcycle, it can be kind of hard to connect when you are the only one that lives this kind of lifestyle. But the second you meet up with other bikers on your journeys, a connection is immediately forged. While there are certain clubs for car enthusiasts to connect with, most average drivers are not drawn to that sort of thing. But with motorcyclists, we want to know more about you, your bike, your story, adventures you've been on, where you're going, etc. In other words, motorcycles are a loud and fun social lubricant.

Adrenaline Junkies Love Motorcycles
Watch the X Games, or any sort of extreme-sport competition, and you will most certainly see some motorcycles involved. Being able to pack so much power into a small package is what many thrill-seekers find so attractive about riding a motorcycle. While there are some high-performance sports cars and muscle cars that can also get the job done, they usually require thousands of dollars in upgrades, as well as lots of skill behind the wheel.

On a motorcycle, all you need is a Class M license, some road, and you are ready to twist the throttle! You've got the wind in your face, the loud rumbling of the engine beneath you, and your heart beating in your chest reminding you that you are alive and in the moment. When was the last time you felt that way in a Honda Odyssey?

Motorcyclists Can Use The HOV Lane
Picture in your mind that you are on the highway while on your way to work. Traffic is backed up and the only lane that is moving is the HOV lane. Unfortunately, because you're driving by yourself, it would be illegal for you to take that lane. That is unless you're riding a motorcycle. In which case, the highway is your oyster and the HOV lane is that bright, shiny pearl you get to benefit from. Not only that, but you get to shave time off of your commute every morning. Pretty good perk for showing up to work both on-time and in the coolest way possible.

Source: Topspeed
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2023.03.24 22:37 Legitimate_Vast_3271 Update on Ohio Train Derailment

(This is an update to an earlier post concerning the Ohio train derailment.)
Here's why it's hard to clean up toxic waste from the East Palestine train derailment
". . . More than 700 tons of contaminated soil and nearly two million gallons of liquid have been collected from the derailment site, Ohio officials say, with much more left to clean up under the order of the Environmental Protection Agency.
The effort to remove vast amounts of contaminated soil and water from the small town in eastern Ohio has involved at least seven different licensed hazardous waste disposal facilities across four states: Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Texas. . .
. . . So far, more than 1.8 million gallons of wastewater have been collected from the derailment site, along with 700 tons of contaminated soil, according to the latest figures from the office of Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine.
Most of the water collected so far has already been transported to disposal facilities, officials say. . ."
"The source of the cargo in Madison, Illinois, was a shut-down uranium-rod production facility of the infamous Dow Chemical company (of Agent Orange notoriety), more recently operating under the cover name of Spectrulite. Since the mid-1990s, the radioactive site, located across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, has been under a “clean-up” (toxic containment) effort by the EPA, which has resisted designating the huge mess as a permanent hazardous waste dump. The chlorine-based compound inside the five suspect tanker cars was falsely described by the EPA and Norfolk Rail as “vinyl chloride”, a rather innocuous substance, in a cover-up of the actual content of highly volatile vinylidene chloride. The latter, a powerful oxidizing agent also known as 1,1 Dichloroethene, was used by Dow to clean uranium fuel rods at the Madison facility, where it has since been stored in steel holding tanks."
(That's what was spilled in Ohio when the train derailed. It contaminated the water and the soil. So they are sending it to different water treatment plants in different states.)
Wastewater from Ohio train derailment could be processed at Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant
" . . . Wastewater collected from the Ohio train derailment site could be treated in Maryland, Baltimore City and Baltimore County officials announced Friday afternoon.
Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott said the city received a letter late Thursday from contractor Clean Harbors Environmental and Industrial Services, stating that the company has been selected by the Environmental Protection Agency to treat and discharge the wastewater collected from rain water at the city-run Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant in Dundalk. . ."
(Just recently there was an explosion at the plant - probably just a coincidence ; )
Repairs underway at Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant after explosion last week
"The Department of Public works announced repairs to the centrifuge machines at the Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant, after a gas-led fire caused an explosion inside a city-contracted building on the premises last week."
Be sure you know where your water comes from.
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2023.03.24 20:20 needhelpweverything Where and how to donate very large fish aquarium?

125 gallon tank with stand. Beautiful but hard to maintain alone.
I've already contacted pet shops in the area and they have no suggestions or space to take it themselves.
Emptying and transporting will be an issue. Know of any specialty services for this type of situation?
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2023.03.24 20:09 RLS30076 Recommendations for Septic Tank Service?

It's time to have the ol' septic tank pumped out. Anybody have experience with any local companies? Good or bad, I'd appreciate your recommendations, otherwise I'll just be stabbing in the dark for who to go with.
If it matters, I'm located right in between Norcross and Peachtree Corners.
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2023.03.24 16:56 RooterSepticServices Get Your Septic System Running Smoothly with Rooter Septic Services

For professional septic pumping in Lawrenceville, look no further than Rooter Septic Services. Our team of licensed and insured technicians is committed to providing top-quality pumping services for all types of septic systems. Whether you need routine maintenance or emergency repairs, we have the skills and experience to handle the job quickly and efficiently. Choose Rooter Septic Services for all your septic pumping needs in Lawrenceville.
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2023.03.24 14:41 Charles0nline 2 Year Review of my Hyundai Veloster N

I recently crossed two years and 30k miles with my Hyundai Veloster N. I ordered the car slightly used off carvana (yes, I was very desperate to find one). The car is a 2020 Performance Blue car with the Performance package. Performance Package was a $2000 option, later standard on 2021+ Veloster Ns, that gave extra power, 19 in rims, better brakes, limited slip differential, and a valved exhaust. The bucket seats were not available and neither was the DCT on the 2020. Which is fine with me, I still prefer the bolstered cloth seats and the 6 speed manual. Car is still bone stock except for swapping out the Hyundai specfic Pirelli's for Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires.
After two years of ownership I still really enjoy this car. I've formed an attachment to it that I never expected. I'm still so impressed with how this car drives and I've got to drive a lot of truly amazing cars since purchasing my VN. GT350 (again), Camaro SS 1LE, two R35 GT-Rs (one I bought), and a 991.2 GT3 to name a few. They are all obviously on a completely different level of performance than the VN but, I can still return to the VN and have a great time behind the wheel. The VN hasn't been made irrelevant because I've driven better cars, if anything the opposite has happened. I've come to appreciate more so just how good the balance between the chassis, the steering, and the power is. The turn into corners is so responsive, you can feel the front end loading up through the steering, and you can get on the power early and feel the front e-diff working to put the power down as you rocket out of corners. In long sweeping corners you get enough feedback that you can approach your limits and hang on as you carry high speeds. It makes you confident as a driver and all together it just feels fantastic to drive quickly.
For me, there's only a few negatives worth mentioning. Your use case could be very different than mine so you may have more negatives. My biggest issues are with the transmission, engine, and the fuel economy. The manual transmission has moments of greatness where I really am surprised how great a shift felt. Other times, like the 1-2 gear shift, feel very clunky and like it refuses to go into gear. The engine is kind of boring. It makes good power all the way to its redline and feels like it could be revving much higher but, there's not much drama and if I'm parked, without the exhaust open, I occasionally wonder if the car is still running. The exhaust has all the character. Fuel economy isn't great in the city. Off boost in 5th/6th gear it's good 28-33 mpg but, on boost it's real bad and unfortunately from a stop it needs boost to get moving. You could argue some of this is on my driving style but, most of the time I'm not driving aggressive and I still see under 20mpg in the city and with a 12 gallon fuel tank it can go pretty quickly.
Maintenance for the car has been pretty routine. I get it serviced every 3-5k miles. All service done through my local Hyundai service center. Service breaks down as follows:

Cost Mileage Maintenance
$94.36 9k Oil, Oil Filer, Tire rotation
$96.25 12k Alignment
$63.81 13k Oil, Oil Filter
$267.31 17k Oil, (Oil, Cabin, Engine) Filter, Tire rotation, Throttle Body
$97.81 21k Oil, Oil Filter, Tire rotation
$76.46 25k Oil, Oil Filter
$621.88 29k Oil, (Oil, Cabin, Engine) Filter, Tire rotation, Throttle Body, A/C Refresh, Brake Fluid, Fuel Injector
$1,232.60 + $115.56 29k Four tires, Tire installation
Total: $2,666.04
Many owners report the fuel pump going out on these cars after 20k miles or so. I have not had that issue. The car hasn't really given me any issues. Only warranty repairs stuff is the clear coat on the rims was peeling and some heat shielding came loose and was vibrating against the exhaust. The interior has held up surprisingly well for being made out of plastic. There have been some interior rattles but, nothing too obnoxious or that I haven't been able to remedy.
Hyundai dealership experience is... okay. It definitely was a point of frustration in the beginning but, has since gotten better. I still think it has a ways to go but, after a few MYs of the VN, the Elantra N, and the Kona N it appears as though they've gotten more familiar with these cars. For example, they finally have the correct oil in stock for these cars.
Overall, I couldn't be more happy with my purchase and I know a lot of owner's that took a chance on this car feel the same way. If you really enjoy driving, the positives of this car far exceed the negatives. I usually have a plan for what car is next but, it has been such a treat to drive everyday that it is not going to be easy to replace. There's more options for "hot hatches" than in 2020 when I started looking but, I think at this point I'd have to go up market to find something more enjoyable.
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2023.03.24 08:21 solarenergy2023 Affordable Septic Pumping in Colorado

We’re more than just a septic tank pumping service. When you call our professionals, we will inspect you septic system for leaks or other issues. Only here at Affordable Septic Pumping.
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2023.03.24 07:52 solarenergy2023 Affordable Septic Pumping in Colorado

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2023.03.22 19:57 tiramisu403 Bad experience with Action furnace. Would not recommend.

*** UPDATE: Ryan T. Owner called and issued a refund for the diagnostic fee. Ryan was much more pleasant to work with and ensured I was taken care of. ***
On March 19, 2023, my water tank would not stay ignited.
I have used Action Furnace before and trusted the company 100% prior to this incident. Even my AC was installed by them.
On Sunday night we booked a diagnostic with Action Furnace.
On Monday, March 20, 2023. Their tech came out and diagnosed that the tank has a broken gas valve. The quotes were 1500 and wait 7-10 days for a new gas valve, or 4000 for a new 50 gallon water tank installed.
We did not have the luxury of waiting 7-10 days for hot water, and their new tank was more then 1500 dollars from other companies.
I found a company that was able to install the next day.
On Tuesday, after new water tank was installed, tech plugged it into ceiling power plug that the old tank was plugged into. The new tank would not light.
Tech proceeded to plug it into the wall instead and the new tank fired right up.
Tech then plugged in the old water tank and it also fired right up without issue. The fuse to the ceiling power plug was tripped.
I contacted Action Furnace to try and just get the diagnostic fee of 98 dollars back as a remediation of the situation. I was going to eat the cost of swapping a new tank in place of the old working tank because I respected Action Furnace as a business. If I was paying for the service of a diagnostic, I at least wished it was correct.
Action Furnace manager Alex said there is no way to prove that I didn't spend 1500 dollars to fix the broken gas valve to try and get back the 98 dollars diagnostic fee. (That cost would be on top of also paying for a new water tank).
I still have the old tank with the working gas valve in my basement.
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2023.03.22 17:42 lockylanky9 My Friend has his gas tank drilled through in the msu commuter lot

Be aware of people stealing gas from parked cars in msu parking lots and parking garages. My friend went to his car and there was a huge gas puddle next to his car. He had it towed to dealership and they told him that somebody had drilled through the tank to steal his (4 gallons) of gas that were in his car. Gas tank has to be replaced and costs 1500$ with a 1-2 week timeline due to the part needing to ship in.
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2023.03.22 17:15 DifficultTop4173 Citizen's Oil Co-op can save you money on heating oil and propane.

Citizen's Oil Co-op has been offering its members discounted pricing on heating oil and propane throughout Connecticut for over 30 years. We have pricing contracts with participating companies and service all towns in CT. For a small annual fee of $35 you can save hundreds of dollars every winter!
Our pricing for home heating oil is typically 50-80 cents below the state average in CT. The average Co-op member can save between $200-$800 annually depending on their usage. This weeks average price in the Co-op is $3.16 per gallon. We also have great rates on propane which depend on if you own or rent your tank and your annual usage.
The process is simple. Once you join the Co-op we will find the company in your area with the lowest pricing and confirm your membership with them. Next, a representative from that company will contact you directly to set up your account and schedule your first delivery at the discounted Co-op rate. All of our companies are full service and offer auto delivery and service contracts.
With the price of oil, and everything else, on the rise now is a great time to join and guarantee yourself fair pricing for next winter. I've talked to multiple people this last year that were in many cases paying more than a dollar per gallon than the Co-op price! If you want to rest assured you have a competitive price but don't want the hassle of shopping around every time you need a delivery than Citizen's Oil Co-op is for you.
In addition to having some of the best pricing for full service heating oil in the state, we also offer home energy audits, free insurance quotes, and free consultations for solar energy.
If you have questions, would like to check pricing, or join the Co-op you can call our office at 860-561-6011 or check out our website at Saving more. Together.
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2023.03.22 13:02 r_rconstruction Professional Septic Tank Cleaning in Midland TX - Affordable Rates

Looking for professional septic tank cleaning in Midland TX? Our team provides affordable services with high-quality results. Contact us today to schedule!
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