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Certain personalities work well together, but you knew that already, didn't you? /MBTIDating is a R4R style personals and dating advice subreddit for the 16 Myers-Briggs (MBTI) personality types.

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This subreddit is for questions and discussion related to testosterone replacement therapy and testosterone. It also focuses on lifestyle activities like exercise and nutrition for raising testosterone levels naturally or anything else related to testosterone the substance.

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The INTJ community for INTJ women.

2023.04.01 05:58 RealMe521 Get ready to level up your gambling game with Funarcade's unique reward system

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2023.04.01 05:58 Droptimal_Cox Last Input on Pad (Update) - Right Analog + Crouching Sonic Booms/Flash Kicks

Sorry about the focus and angle, I'll be working on a much bigger project that will go over this with a cleaner view.
Here's an update to the post on doing Daigo Gafro Box style Sonic Booms in SF5: Pads output Simultaneous and through in game SOCD defaults to Dominant Up and Forward. This effectively makes all Simultaneous SOCDs function like Last Input when it comes to specials since all charge moves end in those directions anyway. So to make sure you're not abusing Last Input SOCDs gimmicks, make sure you use a device set to Simultaneous SOCD like Capcom that you can go back to using the exact same do the exact same thing...wait...
In order swap the analog side, go into PS5 settings and there are options to swap in easily. You can also choose to mod the swap yourself if you don't want to always do this.
The crouching version takes a lil practice, but it's easy once you get a feel for it. I lift my thumb on the dpad to go from 1 to 4 a little early, then flick, and then hit the punch button. You have to make sure you aren't holding DOWN when you go to hit forward. The standing Sonic booms and flash kicks are extremely easy though.
SF6 will be different with Neutral SOCD...and well there's gonna be some new tech to go over in the near future with that.
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2023.04.01 05:58 Ok-Mastodon2016 what about these?

same as last time, if you have any good examples please tell me
Person A wants to slowly get into a relationship with Person B, but Person B notices the signs and rushes right into the relationship
smol high spirited beginner adventurer x big buff bartender with a heart of gold
big supernatural polycule raising a human child
two immortal beings, one good, one evil, take a liking to the mortal world and protect it from other entities
large dragon or magic creature x pet human
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2023.04.01 05:58 twiwiggy [UNI] advice on arts business mgmt degrees

hi! i'm currently a jc2 (arts stream!) and in theatre cca looking at uni options for 2024 :) i know it's still pretty early but...
i kinda rly want to study at NAFA but i doubt they offer arts management as a degree right (only as a dip)..? does anyone thus have any advice on LASALLE's arts management degree? what experience should i be trying to gather to show them to apply + what's it like if you've studied this / at LASALLE in general?
i'm def interested in doing something in the arts sector, but to stay more relevant to more jobs and less niche, do you think taking an arts management degree vs a full-fletched arts degree would help?
is it worth doing an arts degree in uni vs art schools? since arts schools would be more directed and specialised so probably provide better education for it...
i'm struggling looking for uni courses tbh LOL so does anyone know similar degrees related to or equivalent arts business management i can take from a sg uni?
if you have any advice toward uni appl in general please share too i rly js need advice HAHA thank u!!!!
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2023.04.01 05:58 Usmooze Am I taking the right decision to work in EM department?

I still have a long way ahead. I'm 18 right now. next year my med school starts. I am from a foreign country but will practice medicine in Uk via giving plab 1 and 2.
This past month I have been looking into different fields just for fun so I can have a little idea about different fields and explore the fields that I did not know.
I have been very interested in this Emergency Medicine field. However After looking for about 2 to 3 days I have been kind of sad that this field is like a nightmare. I come to here to ask is all this still true in 2023.
: Do EM doctors really have the worst schedule despite working only 12-14 days per month? can't it be fixed? disturbed circadian cycles every month? Don't you have to just work a specific amount of time each day and that's it for next 12-14 days? what am I getting wrong in this?
: The future of EM is dying? are EM doctors being replaced by different nurses? Is their future really in danger? If they get a job then they get at a way lower salary and benefits plus all the circadian cycle burden?
: Is the job really that stressful? I don't understand. It seems to offer one of the best lifestyles I have seen so far. You either get a very high payment or a good payment with many benefits.
: Is it becoming hard for EM doctors to find a job? As mentioned earlier is the department being filled with more and more nurses? Is the rate of EM doctors rising every year but no availability of jobs?
: Can an EM doctor also give a view of their everyday lifestyle. One at work and one during the holidays as they only work 12-14 shifts a month. Does the work effect your holidays? Do you feel tired all day? Is it difficult to be an EM doctor and at the same time have a family and be active with them?
: I still do not understand the disturbed circadian rhythm. If you have to work everyday suppose from 7-5 straight for a week then isn't that manageable? you have to work limited hours everyday. If they call you at night for work then you can simply ignore that. Or you can't or is it a bit different?
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2023.04.01 05:57 _Sevagoth_ Emotional dump post idk (also random motivation at the end)

Ya like reading??? No? Leave now. Yes? Enjoy your stay.
If you remember me I posted here about a year ago saying that I was planning on marrying my girlfriend soon as she turned 18 (for context I was 16 and she was 15 when we first started dating)
Well that went to shit, I won't lie. Almost 3 years of my life devoted to this person all leaning on one promise. "Do not let history repeat" lone behold it always does.
My first ex called me a r*pist and a cheater even though she cheated on me and then blamed me for it (she pressed charges but they were unfounded since she couldn't provide evidence and wouldn't submit to any DNA testing, obvious lies and everyone knew it) I'll call her "1" from here on out for simplicity sake.
"1" and my most recent relationship (I'll call her "2" for similar reasons to "1") were somewhere between acquaintances and loose friends, not really fitting into either. Not spending time together alot but would speak for a bit if they randomly met. "1" and "2" again weren't really on the best terms and when I started dating "2" she realized how terrible of a person "1" was and dropped her completely.
I always asked "2" if she would ever hurt me and she always responded with "never". I finally came out of my shell and stopped being afraid of dating and left the past behind.
Then it happened.
Turns out she cheated on me, I give her props for at least telling me and trying to apologize, but the damage was already done. I left her without a second thought, 3 years burned to the ground in 1 minute.
Will I say our relationship was 100% perfect? Absolutely not. I'm not some angelic being that's 100% perfect. I get angry, I have the small occasional drink, but I never take out my anger on anyone that doesn't deserve it and I don't loose control of myself. She's the same way, minus the drinking.
I'm not trying to make some sob story here but I want to say one thing for people in similar situations that can resonate with this story. You are more important than any girl ever could be, I threw away a lot to be with her. Friends, family, parties, even myself sometimes. For what? Her to up and decide to break the only promise she'd ever made to me? Focus on yourself and keep improving on your mind and health.
You don't need to be a gym rat to be attractive, just be a good person and be kind. Make sure you come first. Always. And always hold your partner to the same standard you hold yourself.
Do I regret any of it... Yeah... a lot actually. But it taught me that I'm more than what I think I am. And you are too.
One more thing, if you realize you know me irl because of my story don't go after either of these people. After all were still kinda just kids even though she's almost an adult and I'm 19. Kids make stupid mistakes all the time, it's if they learn from them or try to fix mistakes they made when they were younger.
Again, sorry for the text wall. Have a great day or evening.
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2023.04.01 05:57 AvgShitpostEnjoyer Why is autism a trend

People literally act like autism is something to be proud of, and they think it makes them "quirky", it doesn't. I have autism (I inherited it from my dad) and I've always been embarrassed to tell people irl because they'd think i'm an idiot. People who self diagnose or do a survey online and tell people they're autistic really piss me off, they like to excuse idiotic or weird behavior by saying "if you were autistic you'd understand" or "but i'm neurodivergent!" if someone is actually autistic they probably would not tell you (Unless they're low functioning)
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2023.04.01 05:57 MrsHong96 3rd Baby and I’ve never felt PPD like this

26(F) Married , I have 3 kids under 5 . I love my kids unconditionally and they truly saved my life . I experience some PPD with my second we were in between a move and I think being alone for the first time after moving I felt depressed . It didn’t last long and everything went back to my normal mom self. Now with my 3rd 7 months now I’ve fallen into what seems to be a rabbit hole of depression, mood swings, anxiety, overthinking, and crying all the time. I know I’m overwhelmed and stressed and I have finally spoken up to close family and my husband , and took the courage to make an appointment with my OB. But I feel as if Im still gearing up for this battle alone. No one asks me or asks for updates or just how are you. I’ve always been that super assertive involved person for others and I think it brought me down more getting that kid of reaction. My husband is non confrontational and I’m so passionate when I speak it goes left and he shuts down. Any time I feel vulnerable enough to express my feelings and what’s on my mind I get silence in return . He says he just doesn’t know what to say but that’s doesn’t help me. Sometimes I feel like escaping to my immediate family up north for some support during this time for me.
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2023.04.01 05:57 ThatVeganDude 36 [M4F] #LosAngeles : I'm caring, healthy, handsome & into nutrition, health, fitness, music, humor, mind expansion, learning, loving a partner <3🥑

In some ways I'm old fashioned, a hopeless yet hopeful romantic, preferring monogamy, and in other ways I'm progressive with my views in and out of bed. If we felt chemistry and you're in the Los Angeles or SoCal area, we could figure out hanging out and I could bribe you to enjoy veganism using my skills in the kitchen and the bedroom. If you're not vegan, no worries, I have the only meat you'll ever need.😍😉
But really, if you're just curious or open to it, I can share tips, resources, recipes, dishes I make, veganizing foods, discuss benefits, nutrition, health, fitness, ethics, etc. I like to prepare my own meals so I know what's in them, making them as whole food, healthful and organic as I can. I try to avoid most vegan junk foods, but I still eat some mock meats. I like to focus on "SOS free" meaning adding no/little salt, oil or sugar to my recipes, and no fried foods, but I have yet to give up some snack chips sometimes, like organic blue corn tortilla chips.
I like to entertain my mind with what I consider interesting and useful info. I'm into learning, listening, music, reading, watching some things, though not TV shows, but I could watch some if we were chilling, cuddling, relaxing together. I'm single, handsome, Caucasian, brown hair, blue eyes with an lean athletic body and am attracted to Caucasian, Latin, Middle Eastern and various mixed looks. I have some hippy vibe in me, into nature, fitness, training, health, researching improving life, things like longevity, anti-aging, cruelty free beauty/skincare. I'm open to woman who likes to stay fit or perhaps get back into it, to get fit, who may be naturally extra chesty womanly shaped, who may like a fun, motivational, inspirational workout-partner-friend. And if we felt dating chemistry, helping each other in person with even more interesting exercises and fitness fun.
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2023.04.01 05:57 AccioOllie2 Stable Diffusion Competition - Week 1 (Part 1)


Note: These settings change every part (and week) so read over them every time you submit! Theme: Parallel Style: Any Generation type: text2image Models: Any


Welcome to the (unofficial) Stable Diffusion Competition! I'm hoping that together we can make a mega competition with hundreds of people at some point in the near future (IE >10 year). So, let's get started. The rules will be listed below - don't worry! I tried not to make it to complicated.


Okay, well at this point I don't have much karma so I can't give awards (maybe if you upvote this post 😉)! But for right now, you'll get lots of upvotes if you submit a good image, so you get some karma. When I get more karma I'll give bigger awards, but for right now I'll give you some little ones.


When you are generating images, please keep in mind the theme (theme is given above in the 'Settings' area). I won't award someone's generation if they're image doesn't fit the theme. The theme will be quite generic, so think about many ways you can use the word. Be innovative! When voting, please downvote posts using the wrong theme, but please be lenient (if the image looks a little a little similar to what the theme is (for example, if the theme was 'Circle' and one of the people gave a city resembling a circle, that (most likely) would count) then that is fine).


To submit, please post your image as a comment to this post, but not a comment to an existing comment. This doesn't mean people can't comment images or at all or anything, I just won't count it as entering the competition. Also, when you submit, please provide your prompt, negative prompt, seed, and all the other properties. If you used a random seed, tap the recycle icon (♻) if you're using AUTOMATIC1111's stable-diffusion-webui. If you can't get a seed, please say so.


This kind of goes for granted, but if you like an image (and it fits the theme and qualifies), upvote it, if you dislike it (or it does not qualify), downvote it. If you have mixed feelings (IE you don't particularly like it or dislike it), leave it alone. You don't need to do this on every submission or anything like that, but do scroll down to the lesser upvoted submissions, give them a chance!


Q: What fine-tuned models/stable diffusion versions can I use? A: Most of the time you can use any models you want. But please check the 'Models' field in the setting section to check if that is the case. Sometimes I will give a model that is required to use (I will also provide a link, if you don't trust it, just search for the model).
Q: Do I need to use Stable Diffusion? Can I, for example, use Midjourney or Dall-e 2 instead? A: No. Only stable diffusion. It's recommended to use AUTOMATIC1111 (you'll most likely get better results), but it is a hassle to set up, so in that case use
Q: When does each part/week start at? A: Each week (the first part) should start every Friday in North America (US & Canada area), Wednesday in South America (Brazil area), Saturday in Europe (England, France, Spain, Ukraine, Germany, and many many many more area), and also Saturday in Asia and Austral-Asia (Japan, China, Australia, and New Zealand area). Whew. And for time, I'll probably start at noon (New Zealand time), so go translate that into other times, sorry but I'm not doing that again. For the second part I'll do it ~4 days.
Q: What are parts? A: The first part is where you get a lot of upvotes, the second is where you bathe in them. Well, depending on how good your image is. But, in all seriousness I'll declare the winner in next week's competition, which will be a sum of both their 1st part upvotes and 2nd part upvotes. Also, when you submit for your second part, show both your newly generated image for that part and the older one for the first part. So when people vote, they'll also take into consideration your first part. Note that you may submit into the second part without submitting into the first, or submit into the second without submitting in the first, but you'll get much less total upvotes.
Q: I want to suggest something. Can I do that? A: Certainly! If you want to suggest something for a future part/week, please type this: "SUGGESTION: [Your suggestion]"
Make sure 'suggestion' is spelled right, because I'll be using Ctrl-F to find suggestions. Higher upvoted suggestion have a higher chance to be implemented.
Q: Will you be submitting an image? A: Yes, I will. I don't want to be left out on all the fun, do I? And for the award, I'll just um, gift it to myself.
Q: I have a question about this competition that wasn't listed here. A: That's fine. Just type: "QUESTION: [Your question]" As a comment (spell 'question' right and mentioned above) and I'll try respond to it and maybe add it to the FAQ.
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2023.04.01 05:57 balala-123 my bf genuinely doesn’t think i’m funny

hey, so this is an anonymous account bc my bf has me on my actual one but i wanted to ask a question. my bf has told me before that i’m not funny as a joke and will joke around saying “i cant admit you’re funny” but i recently found a voicemail on my phone and 3 min long from abt a month ago and in it i can hear him talking to a friend and the friend is bringing up his gfs jokes and how she makes him laugh and my bf goes “nah my girl is genuinely not funny” and his friend just goes on to talk abt how he thinks is is super funny. the voice mail went on for abt another minute before it ends and it really hit me that he genuinely doesn’t find me funny and it hurts, idk if this is a big deal or if a lot of men don’t find their gfs funny but i started to cry a little after especially after hearing how his friend kept talking abt how funny his gf is. idk if i’m taking it too seriously but i feel like id want to be w someone who enjoys my humor. we’ve been together for 2 years and it just hit me that he has never found me funny in our whole relationship and idk how to feel, any advice ?
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2023.04.01 05:57 fxrmxrphxb Incoming freshman looking for a roommate (2023-2024)

Hey y’all, I’m a female MechE major looking for a future roommate. I’d like to dorm in westin, or if that’s filled then somewhere else in 6pack. Some things about me: - late to rise, late to sleep - generally neat/clean - prefer not to share personal belongings, but stuff like vacuum/fridge is good - work hard play hard (?)🥶 - generally laid back, and pretty even on the optimist-pessimist spectrum - i try to be very low drama - pan, I/ENFP, Sagittarius, agnostic - i like to consider myself an honest person cause my memory is too shit for anything else
I think this was a bit overkill, but if you’re interested please dm me🙏
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2023.04.01 05:56 abombdavis [WTS] Pedals, fractal fm3, pedaltrain and cases, cioks dc7, m8 tracker, Apollo twin x quad, and a midi switcher

Welp gotta bunch of stuff to purge. Want to sell mainly but trading is fun so make an offer!
Prices include shipping but not PayPal fees. Add 3% if you’d like goods and services.
Pics here!
Fractal fm3-(includes plexiglass covers)-$925
Chase bliss habit-$325
Chase bliss thermae-$425
Empress zoia (no box)-$375
Gfi cabzeus (balanced trs outputs, can include trs to xlr cables)-$175
Boss ev30 expression pedal-$90
Mod dwarf (really cool multi effects processosynth in the vein of the zoia or beebo but with a full web editor)-$300
Cioks dc7-$190
Dirtywave m8 (upgraded with a 128gb as card)-$615
UA Apollo twin x (quad core version and will include the heritage plugins too, also has decksaver)-$980
Silver pedaltrain 1 and matching mono case-$180
Mono m80 pro 2.0 case (the biggest pedalboard case they have, brand new with tags)-$170
Nobels ms-4 midi switcher (can use it to midi switch channels on an amp)-$30
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2023.04.01 05:56 Living_Honey_3842 Custody schedule change

Does anyone have experience with an ex trying to change custody after 5 years of having a stable schedule? Ex thinks I don’t work enough with him on extracurricular activities for the kids. The reality is he picked an activity for one daughter that is only 15 min from himself and 30 from me. My husband and I also have another younger child while he and stepmom do not have younger children. He always holds over my head that I have more time and i should do this and that whenever they request it. I’m ready to just say take it to court and see if you get 50/50. It’s basically 60/40 or 55/45 now. I’m a stay at home mom and he works full time so it’s been important to me to be with my girls since I can accommodate that and he’s at work anyways. Has anyone’s ex ever tried to change custody time over something small like this? I should add that kids are fine with schedule as is and it took a lot of adjusting to get them to this schedule because after he left and divorced I had primary custody of my kids for 4 years. Then he came back with a new wife and wanted 50/50 and to change the schedule within 1 week with no transition for the kids who had never even met stepmom.
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2023.04.01 05:56 TheTazarYoot Idea for extending the challenge into the late game

I absolutely love the most recent update but it got me thinking.
The revamp to the combats and end game challenge is a great way to address the combat but it’s less so addressing the out of combat party maintenance.
What if Warband members occasionally were forced to leave. They could give a days notice so you aren’t stuck with an immediate dropped party member but once you learn they have a life event that pulls them away from Warband you’ll need to find and hire a replacement. This would also make some of the reduced hiring cost feats more worthwhile.
Captains could be guaranteed to never leave and lieutenants could have a largely reduced chance to leave. Which would make those roles more interesting and valuable.
They could also implement a way for the former party members who had to leave, show back up in the future but with some experience and new equipment. There could be a messenger npc who could offer a service for a fee to put a call out for previous party members and see if they’re still alive or possibly leveled up in your absence and share their current location. (Higher chance of success with more positive relationship scores)
I feel like this would make for a better narrative than the party members simply sitting in the trade posts indefinitely without any progress or leveling up. It’s unlikely you’ll go back and pick up a dropped off party member once you start out leveling them. But if party members were forced to leave on occasion, that would require you take on lower level hires more often. There could also be a buff where any party members more than 2 level lower than your captain or highest member gain a double xp bonus so leveling up replacements isn’t as excruciating.
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2023.04.01 05:56 That1GuyNamedMatt Anyone else running into general trolling/cowards tonight?

Anyone else running into general trolling/cowards tonight?
Example one: Get killed by off radar player waiting in saloon, come back and start unloading on him, lag switches to the general store and switches lobbies
Example 2: Get killed by guy glitched inside of building where he can shoot you but all you shoot is a house, runs to fast travel as I’m in gun store, travels out and leaves lobby as I’m lighting him up
Example 3: literally just happened in the clip provided, fast travelled to Valentine same time as an off radar glitched and we have a standoff, they lose and switch lobbies immediately.
Like what’s going on tonight???
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2023.04.01 05:56 whyareweIikethis Where could I attain any information/lost media regarding the UFO crash in Magé, Brazil?

I’m sure if you’re clicking on this you’re already aware of which scenario I’m referring too, but on May 20th of 2020 there was widespread notice of a UFO crash in Brazil. #MageUFO swept across the internet. Videos, threads, and articles were being deleted as fast as they were uploaded.
I remember seeing one video where as usual the video quality was poor, but it was the audio that really caught my attention. The cameraman couldn’t hold the camera still to save his life but the sound of impact in the video was mind-blowing. Indescribable to an extent because I’ve never heard a noise quite like that. There was a point in the video you caught a glimpse of some sparks or fire in the distance, but nothing to be 100% convinced by. Intrigued I clicked off the video to find more and I could never find the video again. This is shortly after #MageUFO went trending on Twitter.
Although a few years have passed it’s bothering me more than ever. To this day I can only find the surface web articles and Reddit threads containing the same few videos available on YouTube. Twitter is also pretty vacant.
I’m making this in hopes of finding something regarding this event. Whether it be a name, video, archived threads, etc..
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2023.04.01 05:56 HelloMyNameIsDennis The Simple Attention Practice - Part 2c

One more thing I wanted to add,
When you see the points of tension and they cause you to react or draw you away into thought..
Once you become aware that you have been caught up in an emotion, or have been drawn into a stream of thinking... DO NOT JUDGE THE EMOTION OR THOUGHTS.
You don't want to judge them because it only causes you to become recaptured by the emotion or thoughts.
Also don't deny them by saying something to the effect of, "Oh,, I see the emotion of anger, but you don't matter.. you're small and nothing to me....", This is still judgement and attention and the ego feeds off it and pulls you back in, whether you see it or you don't at the moment..
Instead, notice the emotion or thought... Go, Silent.
Well, lets describe the Attention, or Awareness a little..
Attention is NOT emotions, it is also NOT thoughts, it is also in-fact, not fantasies and images....
Attention is not bias and it does not care what is good, bad, or ugly.
Attention does not want anything, nor does it seek for anything...
Attention only give light to, and feeds whatever it is focused on.

So, in knowing this.. All you have to do when you notice that you've been caught in the emotion or thoughts is to first go silent. And then place the Attention back on the next body part.

The reactionary, emotional, thought filled nerves in the body and mind may continue to fire, And LIKELY, it will fire even harder in order to gain back attention. It might feel like it's on fire and it'll shout and scream like a child, maybe it'll give off messages of panic and urgency telling you that you need to think about this, that or the other or harm might come to you.. you might be too late, you might end up missing something, etc....
That is completely fine!
Let it do whatever it feels it must do,
And here is another Big Key
KNOW.... REMEMBER.... you are NOT the emotion, you are NOT the reaction, and you are NOT the thoughts or the State..
You are the Attention,, you are Awareness.

This Knowledge is very easily forgotten in this process because it's actually covered up by lesser States. Once you overcome these lesser States, it's very obvious but until then, you'll just have to keep coming back to this reminder.
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2023.04.01 05:56 Hellohihey123456 What is With some People- Part 2!

What is With some People- Part 2!
Update to anyone who was on my previous post!
The buyer made ANOTHER fake account JUST to message me again. You really can't make this up.
Context for anyone who missed the original post and is now wondering what the heck this crazyness is about!
I had a bag listed. Buyer messaged me Sat asking for a lower price. I say sure and lower it. Then I don't hear from her, she blocks me or something, then messages me again Sun from a different account saying she can't see the item. Almost the entire day passes, she doesn't buy, and someone else buys in a bundle. Then sends me a message that I "promised her" (no?) and I should "have the day I deserved."
I truly am at a loss that this girl has now made two seperate accounts just to spam complain about her making up in her own head that I promised her to hold a bag for her and she is now pissed that someone else bought it.
At this point I don't care if her account name is shown. I crossed it off on my original post but clearly this person has some issues. Eat glass.
To everyone else- I hope ya'll have a great weekend!!
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2023.04.01 05:56 Suspicious-Aerie8312 English Language Descriptive Writing

Hi guys, I would really appreciate it if someone could read my descriptive essay and give feedback.
PS. Not a native speaker hehe.
Q. Describe a town or city centre in the early hours of the morning.
The town too had a soul of its own. It awoke, as the sun did. It bathed in the energising shower of light. The tranquil night– just moments ago, was now a thing of the past.
Roosters crowed, windows swung open and curtains were drawn. Light poured into the small unkept rooms where mothers struggled to wake their children, who were nestled; snuggled in their warm beds. The blissful previous night’s slumber reflected on those children's faces when illuminated by the glimmer of the morning rays.
The tide had turned, and the town unleashed itself. The bustling activity began like a cascading river overcoming a breaking dam. The marble water fountain in the town centre began with a jolt: streaks of clear water thrust out of the cupid’s arrow; the centrepiece, and jets of water sprouted from the snouts of the surrounding dolphin sculptures posing in playful leaps, flips and twists. All the streams of water met in a harmonious arch – flaunting a mini-rainbow as the golden beams of light met with the sprinkling of water.
The sloping clay roofs cast angular shadows on the narrow streets. The twisting Oak lined between alternating Tudor homes: its leaves radiated a warm glow and its delicate yet graceful branches stretched like a poised ballerina. On these branches, Robins chirped boisterously, squirrels with a sinuous grace rummaged for their hidden treasure and Warblers pecked at writhing worms.
Supple, old men basked in courtyards outside their ornate and weathered fences. Others swept the fallen leaves and Warbler droppings. The smell of fresh baking bread baking permeated through the open doors of bakeries. Stray dogs lay curled cosily on doorsteps. An inquisitive spotted cat pawed at the tinkling bell hanging on the bakery door. The low, mellow mooing of cows being milked echoed on the streets. The clanking and clattering of cutlery from surrounding kitchens mixed with the sizzling and hissing sounds of steeping tea from nearby tea houses in a cacophony of domestic simplicity.
Little boys and girls with combed hair swept to the side and curly pigtails, trudged slowly to school in their loose socks and drooping bags– while exchanging excited chatters and giggles.
Some rubbed their eyes sleepily while others with animated mannerisms exchanged exaggerated stories.
Then, the shutters opened, markets began crowding and the town centre soon enough filled with pairs sitting around the fountain, discussing the coming years’ crop yields and more. The air was filled with a multitude of ‘pleasantries’ along the lines of, “Lovely to see you again after so long, Martha!” and “When did you buy that new motorcycle Robert?”.
The day went on.
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2023.04.01 05:56 Preslee_650 My conclusion after reading red pill books

I’ve read a bunch of red pill books (rational male book 1 & 3 & 5, unplugged alpha, women deserve less, way of men, no more mr. Nice guy, mode one) and put in my 10,000 hours of consuming red pill content so the ideas would really take root in my mind.
In doing this I’ve come to a conclusion at a certain point you’ll notice all the red pill books begin to repeat the same ideas which makes sense. In noticing that I realized that what the red pill is advocating for is common sense knowledge.
The message is simple, have some damn self respect, don’t tolerate disrespect from anyone, stand up for yourself, don’t put anyone on a pedestal, be confident, work hard, be willing to walk away from anything, be the best version of yourself, treat others with kindness but maintain your backbone, sharpen your social skills, and don’t act like your walking on egg shells around women (examples-tease them, disagree, don’t tolerate disrespect, walk away if you don’t vibe with them, etc)
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2023.04.01 05:56 supermariogalxy $15,000 payment applied to my student loans, I did not authorize this.

Hi everyone! I’m in a bit of a weird situations and could use some advice.
Last week, I got a notice that my student loans were being transferred to Nelnet. I used to have Great Lakes. I have never made a payment on student loans before as i’m still in college. I didn’t create a new account on Nelnet and never gave them any bank info.
Tonight, I received an email from Nelnet saying “Thank you for you payment.” I looked and the payment was for $15,000!
I quickly made an account on Nelnet to figure out what was going on. The account and routing number the payment came from is not mine. The “paid by” line on the payment history just says “Account.”
I double checked and there are no saved payment profiles or authorized payers on my account. Like I said, i’ve never made a single payment towards student loans before because i’m still in college.
Any idea what’s going on? As far as I know I don’t qualify for any forgiveness right now or anything.
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