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2023.06.02 06:35 Analyst214 Country Options If DACA ends

As you know a lot of folks are worried about the impending case the DACA program faces and the odds are not looking too good but there is good news if you have skills and know English
I myself lost confidence in our politicians long ago and have taken fate into my own hands and will give up my DACA at the end of this year. I have a degree and have skills that allow me to pursue options I encourage you guys and gals to pursue the same of course you will get hate if you are not included which is fine that is the world
  1. Option number one is Canada they offer a skilled visa option called FSWP if you have a degree in a demand field and some experience you can apply for this visa. It does not require a sponsorship just a good CRS score that values criteria such as Age, skills, degree, experience etc if you meet the points threshold then you may apply for the visa and as a DACA recepaint you have a good chance of getting it....Its permanent residence within SIX Months and offer a path to citizenship
  1. I am doing this one personally I have always wanted to travel to Australia and their finance and tech sector is strong. I am doing the Skilled Worker Australian 189 Visa....Similar to Canadas this one does not need sponsorship either and relies on a points system based on your field of work called an ANZAC code...just like Canada your place of birth does not matter unlike the US immigration system. If you meet the points threshold and score an 8 or above on the IELTS English test then you may be invited to costs 4000 USD and it is permanent residence similar to a green card for the US and can be a citizen within 4 years if you choose to.

  1. This one is interesting Spain now offers a digital nomad visa I am pursing this as well that allows people from all over the world apply if they are a remote worker and earn 30k USD...for US workers like us this is easy since the salaries are high here.
Here is the interesting part I know 80% of DACA recipients are Mexican ..Spain has a clause that if you are from a former Spanish colony including Mexico you can gain Spanish citizenship in 2 YEARS !...This means you can become a de facto EU citizen in 2 years which is insane because it takes 10 years otherwise and can work in any EU country
This digital nomad visa establishes "residencia" which is key because not all visas count towards the two years needed for citizenship can get the visa for 1 year then renew for another 2 but by 2 years you may apply for citizenship

  1. Like me and most of you have family here and wish to return there is the TN visa which is easy to get if you are a Mexican or Canadian Citizen if you have a degree and a career in a skilled does NOT require sponsorship which is a great thing as long as you have a job offer in the US you can apply and can get it as soon as 1 week !

There is also the H1b Visas and the EB3 which im personally getting as well through my job but it requires sponsorship and years of experience....remember if you have accrued more than 1 year of unlawful time in the US you won't be eligible for these visas unless you get a waiver ...there are 3 and 10 years bans which you can do research on

It may shock some at the thought of leaving the US and families but it may be a reality a lot of us will face if this program ends. But if you want a good life and have skills which DACA allows us to get you have options and dont have to live with the anxiety of it all because I know I did for many years since I got DACA in 2012 when I was 18.....
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2023.06.02 06:34 Zer0-the-assassin Thankfully I have a surplus of sweaters

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2023.06.02 06:34 MeasurementNormal737 Tw: potential SA. Is it rape if i said no after we started?

I went over to hook up with someone. We had talked for months and we had a good time once before the only other time we hooked up.
Once we started having sex, they started talking strangely, saying they were into violating boundaries, and led me to believe they were not being honest about their history/status/intentions. They also said that they were hoping i wouldnt notice if they took the condom off. I tried to redirect, tell the person to stop or get a new condom, asked for a break multiple times but they didnt. After a bit longer they stopped but i was crying and they still kept groping me/touching me. They were my ride home.
I got dressed and they got on top of me again and wanted to go again, but listened when i said no this time. They had also mentioned wanting to do more/worse so I remember feeling lucky they didnt rape me. But then when i confided in a friend they said it was rape. And it feels really difficult to understand and comprehend that it could have been “that bad”
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2023.06.02 06:34 6KRichard To waste these times. Good houre of night Sir Thomas

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2023.06.02 06:34 madambleu I’ve lost 20 lbs! 5’3 CW: 125 lbs

I’ve lost 20 lbs! 5’3 CW: 125 lbs
Hi everyone-
Just a little motivation for all looking to reach their GW. I went through a horrendous break up and a rough patch in life in general. Losing weight has not only allowed me to realign with my mind and body, but also feel better about my health and inner world. I started at 145 lbs (not pictured in the screenshot) and am now 125 lbs. My GW is 120 lbs. I am petite, so weight shows much faster on my frame.
However, related to the general post- I have realized that after losing weight, there was a lot of mindlessness to the way that I treat myself during times where I weigh more than I’d like to…
I didn’t slow down and enjoy making meals. It was about what was fast and would “get my hunger out of the way” or “what tastes good now and would make me forget about my stress.”
Things I’ve learned:
  1. Partners, friends, family, and co-workers affect your habits more than you can imagine. Do your coworkers eat out a lot and you join them out of guilt? Does your partner not share a healthy lifestyle? Yes, you are two individuals but your lifestyle together must be sustainable in all aspects- including health, if you want to flourish together! The same applies to friends and other parties.
  2. Slow down. If you’re cooking, take the time to find an exciting recipe and remind yourself to not rush the process. Spending time with food in a different way- I.e. seeing cooking as part of the eating experience is an exciting way to expand your horizons in eating less, but savoring more. Try to plate your foods in a way that you would plate it in a ‘fine dining’ restaurant. Make every meal exciting!
  3. Hydrate. Water is your friend. Tea is your friend. I’ve seen a lot of conversation around this in the thread. Have a cup of water. If you’re still hungry, of course it’s time to eat, but most of the time, people mix the two. Lately, I mix up a homemade matcha (using 8 oz skim milk) latte to mix it up a little.
  4. Break up the day with short walks. If you’re not in the mood for walking, take a chance and take your laptop to a cafe at the very least and get some steps in. I notice that once I’m out, it’s much easier to continue exploring. Lately, I take the long way to the grocery store and get a lot more steps in.
Thanks to this subreddit for all its support!
I hope this is helpful to some folks.
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2023.06.02 06:34 Time_Thought_3694 Main Mission and Daily Task Rework?

Main Mission and Daily Task Rework?
This Mission still exists up to this date. We all know that War mode in Shindo got butchered a few months ago. A lot of Mission and Task in the L tabs seem to be out of date. Rell hasn't touched this mechanic of the game for a long time now. I'd say that it needs a rework to keep the players interested in this game
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2023.06.02 06:34 thousndsuny How is your friendship with women?

For years I’ve been struggling to find a healthy female friend. And when I do, I end up having to move out of the city/country.
I’ve been friends with this woman for 2 years. We have similar interests, enjoy same things and share our experiences/problems. She listens to my stories, understands me well. Gets excited for me whenever I buy new stuff. She’s helped me whenever I passed out after drinking too much.
Things I don’t like about her is that she doesn’t pay for her share every time we go to restaurants or movies. I’ve talked about it and she’s been paying, well not always. For this reason I’ve reduced going out with her, made friends from Reddit so that I have people to go out with.
Sometimes when I’m hanging out with her at her place she asks me to get her water from her kitchen. Says she’s lazy to get up. She also comes over to my place during lunch time so that she doesn’t have to cook at home. We don’t mind her eating at our place, it’s just that we don’t have enough food to feed an extra member last minute.
One time we met a guy at a bar, she was talking to him and I barely had the chance to talk to him as I was busy with other friends. Next day she tells me that the guy was interested in her and not me. And that he didn’t show interest when I tried talking to him. I don’t remember that though and it didn’t bother me. But I was surprised why would she tell me this.
In the beginning when we just started talking I followed her on insta, she didn’t follow back. Later I learnt that she doesn’t take a day to follow back unknown men. Well she followed back after 6 months and that too when I was drunk. She thought I wouldn’t remember next day.
Why have I been keeping up with this for so long? Probably because I was feeling very lonely and I needed a friend. Also, for being there when I needed someone.
What are the things you let go in your friendships?
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2023.06.02 06:34 Holiday-Young8598 Tips to improve Hebrew

Hello everyone, I hope you are well. I would appreciate anybody’s tips on improving Hebrew for religious purposes.
I grew up reform but after becoming involved with Chabad on campus I’ve become more observant. I re-learned Hebrew and can Daven the three services in Hebrew.
Although I know the meaning of a decent amount of Hebrew words, I find it difficult to understand the meaning as I work through the prayers. Also, reading through the Tanach, Talmud, and commentaries in English is great, but they loose their essence. Finally, I find myself stuttering to get through some sections at times.
I understand it’s ultimately about practice, but any books, services, or general advice would be appreciated greatly, especially if you did not grow up with or forgot Hebrew. I would also like to learn modern Hebrew to teach it to my children one day BzH, but that is separate discussion.
Thanks for your help in advance.
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2023.06.02 06:33 Amazing_Sell_992 I need some help fixing Chromium on my laptop.

I need some help fixing Chromium on my laptop.
Whenever Edge crashes, I get these messages, 99% of them look like these 2.
"Local ID": "4f42b4f9-d174-4a24-b6ac-b83bd4fe85b1",
"Upload ID": "4f42b4f9-d174-4a24-b6ac-b83bd4fe85b1",
"Bucket ID": "f2220c148ecda62a1e5143196f40bfc7",
"Cab ID": "",
"Capture Time": "Wednesday, May 31, 2023 at 3:57:37 PM",
"Upload Time": "Wednesday, May 31, 2023 at 3:57:38 PM",
"State": "Reported",
"P1": "msedge.exe",
"P2": "113.0.1774.57",
"P3": "msedge_elf.dll",
"P4": "113.0.1774.57",
"P5": "2374823",
"P6": "gpu-process",
"P7": "0x517a7ed",
"P8": "0"
"Local ID": "8382ba39-e912-4454-819c-5481e424f5b4",
"Upload ID": "8382ba39-e912-4454-819c-5481e424f5b4",
"Bucket ID": "269eeb677bf4f51c044a2a46794e2cd0",
"Cab ID": "",
"Capture Time": "Sunday, May 28, 2023 at 4:50:35 PM",
"Upload Time": "Sunday, May 28, 2023 at 4:50:35 PM",
"State": "Reported",
"P1": "msedge.exe",
"P2": "113.0.1774.50",
"P3": "msedge_elf.dll",
"P4": "113.0.1774.50",
"P5": "2374807",
"P6": "gpu-process",
"P7": "0x517a7ed",
"P8": "0"
I do not know how to fix this issue and Microsoft and Lenovo (my laptop [W11 pro, Legion 5i Pro gen 7] manufacturer) have been of no help. Does anyone have a clue on how to fix this as I prefer to use Edge?
I just started using Chrome to see if it was just Edge but it was not. Chrome also crashes but not as frequent as Edge yet and not as noticeable. I think it might have something to do with Chromium in general. It might have something to do with my system but I am not really sure about it.
These are the chrome errors I get:
These are all just from today.
I have even tried using OperaGX, it crashes relatively rarely (1-2 times a day). Nothing seems to be working that I have tried and Microsoft help has sadly found that the only thing they could do is fully reset my laptop.
Here is also a list of all of the debugging steps I have done with the help of Microsoft and Lenovo:

Also, deleted the old post as I thought that my issue was fixed before I realized it was not as well as that I should have switched it from the Bug flair to fixed. Sorry about that.
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2023.06.02 06:33 Careful_Resource_435 What’s better taking a shower or taking a bath?

My husband mentioned that he was cleaner than me because he always takes baths and I take showers. I told him I wouldn’t want to keep bathing in the same water the whole time. So which is it bath or shower?
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2023.06.02 06:33 Quacksack1 I don't think I will ever be loved

It hurts to think about. Nobody will miss me if I died tonight. It would probably be days before people even noticed I wasn't around anymore. I just wish that someone loved me. Everyone says to love yourself but I honestly don't know how. I know that sounds stupid but honestly how? What about myself should I love. Obviously there must not be much to love if nobody else has yet. I just want to stop hating myself. I get dealt a bad hand and everyone acts like I should just fix it all on my own while simultaneously preaching to reach out for help if you need it, only to repeat the same self help shitck again. I hate myself and I don't want to be alive. I'd rather not wake up, but then all of a sudden people care, but only enough to prevent me from following up on the thought, then I'm on my own again. I can't find peace if I'm alive. I can't find love or compassion. I want to hurt myself because its the only time people care to make any effort. I don't think I can get better, and I'm tired of being ignored. I'm not going to keep going through this. If I can't be happy then I will kill myself and I won't let anyone take that from me after others have already tried to take so much from me as is.
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2023.06.02 06:33 makarastar Shadow of the Tomb Raider - caches / bugs

I have completed the main game - and am now trying to 100% find all the relics / caches etc
There is a bug in the Cache count in the "Cozumel" area - where even if you find all 3 caches, it only shows 2
I fixed it by following advice on the Steam forums to exit to the main menu / then resume the game - and sure enough it then showed all 3 caches as found
A deeper fix is to "Verify integrity of files" for the game in Steam (did that just now)
How annoying!
I am now in another area that is showing I have only found 4 of 9 caches
I know you can "reveal" the location of caches by finding some sort of Treasure maps (can't remember what they're called - Back packs maybe...?)
But just wondering...before I waste any more time looking for caches I may have already found...are there any other bugged areas (like Cozumel is) ?
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2023.06.02 06:33 PL12345678 I tried searching this, but I can’t find it. Planks not giving me a “time” anymore.

Just like the title says: my plank exercise keeps just giving me “0:00” everyday. I’m not sure how I broke it, but I don’t really love coming up with the times myself because I like how Fitbod progresses me. Anyone know how to fix this? I will say, it used to give me times for my sets.
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2023.06.02 06:33 Pretend_Froyo8639 Hidden Funkos at Funko HQ?

Hidden Funkos at Funko HQ?
Went to Funko HQ in Everett,WA and searched around the store got some nice pieces and then found whitebeard just sitting behind some plushies in a rack completely hidden, then went to the comic covers and right behind the little decoration wall was Jinbe like ??? I didn’t even see the commons in the store so I wonder if they hide some around the store at times.
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2023.06.02 06:33 Fluffydress Long time married redditors, if you met your spouse for the first time today, what current characteristics would make you want to go on a date with them, or not going to date with them?

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2023.06.02 06:33 MeasurementNormal737 Tw: potential SA. Is it rape if i said no after we started?

I went over to hook up with someone. We had talked for months and we had a good time once before the only other time we hooked up.
Once we started having sex, they started talking strangely, saying they were into violating boundaries, and led me to believe they were not being honest about their history/status/intentions. They also said that they were hoping i wouldnt notice if they took the condom off. I tried to redirect, tell the person to stop or get a new condom, asked for a break multiple times but they didnt. After a bit longer they stopped but i was crying and they still kept groping me/touching me. They were my ride home.
I got dressed and they got on top of me again and wanted to go again, but listened when i said no this time. They had also mentioned wanting to do more/worse so I remember feeling lucky they didnt rape me. But then when i confided in a friend they said it was rape. And it feels really difficult to understand and comprehend that it could have been “that bad”
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2023.06.02 06:33 HCAisms A free idea for those looking for a career change.

So I use to be married to a nurse (RN, BSN) who worked CVICU and cardiac transplant. By the time I was near the end of my residency she was burnt out and ready for a change. She was very social media savvy, excellent reading and writing skills (36 on ACT English and Reading sections) and over all pleasant. She took it upon herself to contact the rapper Logic's label social media manager asking if they would be interested in having a nurse travel with them to help maintain artists health. Nutrition, IV fluids, mental health and critical decision maker if the artist needed medical attention. While she did have a husband (me) who was a physician it was made clear no prescriptions of any kind and I would be available for advice.
Anyway we ended up getting divorced and never signed the contract. I have not kept up nor am I interested but there was definitely a market for musicians to have a nurse travel with them for what I described. I am giving this info out for free because I will do nothing with it.
It should be noted we both knew several successful southern rappers, electronic musicians and event promoters so we were aware of the culture behind the scenes. Probably not for everyone but if you know how to stay out of trouble and not see certain things definitely a 6 figure job. Obviously potential to start your own company.
Hopefully this is useful to someone looking for a career change.
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2023.06.02 06:33 maiege I’m a 25 yo F with no idea what to do with my life.

I’m 25 years old. I’ve bounced around jobs several times and have never been happy with what I’m doing. I thought I was enjoying my current career but it’s just making me depressed like the others. I feel like my time is ticking and I have absolutely no idea what to do. I feel lost and depressed.
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2023.06.02 06:33 travk534 May Feedback Thread - Post Your Feedback Requests Here

Hello thesidehustle community! It's time for our May Feedback Thread. This is the perfect opportunity to get constructive criticism and helpful feedback on your side hustle projects.
Whether you're just starting out or looking to improve, this thread is for you. Please follow the rules and guidelines below when posting your feedback requests. Let's help each other grow and succeed!

1/ Are there any guidelines for giving feedback on thesidehustle
Yes, there are guidelines for giving feedback on thesidehustle. When posting your feedback, it's important to follow these guidelines to ensure that your feedback is helpful and constructive. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

By following these guidelines, you can provide valuable feedback that will help other members of the community improve their side hustle projects.

2/ How can you balance positive and negative feedback when giving feedback on thesidehustle
Balancing positive and negative feedback is important when giving feedback on thesidehustle. Here are some tips to help you find the right balance:

By following these tips, you can provide feedback that is helpful, constructive, and balanced. Remember, the goal of feedback is to help the recipient improve, so it's important to provide both positive and negative feedback in a way that is constructive and actionable.
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2023.06.02 06:32 goodguysystem What are your guy’s thoughts on caress of steel by rush?

This album is pretty controversial that when the band had first come up with it, the label threatened to let them go unless they made a hit album. I believe somebody even said “what the hell is this?” My relationship with the album is weird. I think bastille day is just okay, I think I’m going bald is a goofy tune that is fun to listen to for irony, I don’t like lakeside park since it’s too poppy, the Necromancer is my favourite rush song of all time, and the fountain of lamneth is a song that probably should’ve been flowed into better since it’s like “ok, here’s 2 minutes, here’s 3 minutes and here’s another 2 minutes etc..” which ruins the song a lot for me but the guitar solo is great.
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2023.06.02 06:32 THEASTARO Saying things you don't mean or True feelings?

Not sure how to start this but my wife is going through severe post partum depression. However I've studied up however I could to be supportive. I work full time and I come home some nights I do dinner,I clean, on the weekends I be sure to wake up with baby at 6am to take care of him so she can sleep in on the weekends. I basically try my best to be a man,father,husband, and someone she can count on.
She's a stay at home mom with our 4 month old. She's going through it rough. Many issues that are causing this however the reason I'm writing this post to say the least is....we just had major fight. This one tore me up and I genuinely have noone to talk to.
She feels alone and I say this everytime it's brought to let her know that she is not alone,she is heard, even if she feels these ways I am here. She has told me previously that she feels nothing towards me. She has no love or energy of affection in her for me. Apparently that's normal? However I can be patient but when it comes to fights she says the worst. That she is tired of us, that she wants me to leave her alone. She is the type to say her peace...then shutdown and not respond. Maybe it's the parental exhaustion but I pushed to talk and not go to bed angry. Well she just said more isolating things that she does not need me, I annoy her, I need to leave her alone.
I need some insight. I love her more than anything and I can and will change to be a better partner for her however this is destroying me.. between full time job, coming home to be a dad, trying to find myself as a man and father. Then giving love but getting burned back. I just feel like I'm drowning. She isn't budging and I would love to go couple therapy however she has every excuse or reason not to.
This is a disorganized post but I needed to rant. Is anyone going through this. How can I improve my situation or please share your experience. I am scared, exhausted,and just frustrated.
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2023.06.02 06:32 Icecutter42 I'm sorry

I apologize for my imperfections and the problems I had. I should have communicated them to you better. My love for you is, and always has been, greater than for anyone else. I regret not having my own place when we started dating, and I'm sorry for still living with my dad at that time. I wish I could have been more established for you. I made mistakes and focused too much on myself, neglecting our future together. If given the chance, I would redo everything to ensure the success of our relationship.
I want to emphasize that our breakup was not solely my fault. We had issues with intimacy, and upon reflection, you made me feel responsible for all of it. However, I don't believe the blame lies entirely with me. I had boundless love for you, but you didn't allow me to express it. Our intimacy became a constant source of anxiety for me. The last six months were devoid of joy because I knew you would criticize something being wrong. It reached a point where I no longer desired intimacy because I felt inadequate. I wish I could have fulfilled your desires more effectively.
In my attempts to make you happy, I bought groceries, woke up early to cook you breakfast, did the dishes, cleaned your apartment, went about of my way to make sure you had a good day and called you after work to ask about your day. Unfortunately, I often encountered annoyance or silence. I acknowledge my flaws, I said stupid things and acted childish but I never received the commitment from you that I needed to find happiness.
I also want to acknowledge the differences in our opinions and upbringings. We come from distinct backgrounds with unique perspectives, and that sometimes caused friction between us. However, it's essential to recognize that neither of us is inherently right or wrong. Our differences should have been an opportunity for growth and understanding, but instead, I often felt like I was constantly walking on eggshells around you.
I genuitnely believe that a healthy relationship requires open communication, mutual respect, and the willingness to work through challenges together. Unfortunately, I often felt hesitant to express my true thoughts and feelings because I feared it would lead to further tension between us. It was not a conducive environment for both of us to thrive.
I still care for you deeply, and I genuinely wish things could have been different. Looking back, I realize there were things I could have done better, but it's important for both of us to acknowledge our own shortcomings and take responsibility for our actions.
I hope that we can find a way to move forward, whether that means finding closure or potentially rebuilding our relationship with a stronger foundation.
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