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2021.07.01 22:01 matthiasproject863 project863submissions

hello everyone this is a place where you can post Matthias or project 863 memes. Have fun and remember to breath.

2022.04.04 06:27 reply_man place89squad

We are the team of streamers from Russia, taking the first time participant in Place War. Let's connect and get better!

2023.03.29 21:20 owosuruwu [LFG] [CHAOS] [LIGHT] [SAVAGES] [STATIC] Looking for semi-casual static to clear this tier and then the next!! (uk)

looking for a raid static to clear P6S-P8S and then looking to possibly do next-tier raids.
I can play MCH (626) PLD (621) SAM (621) and SMN (621)
I have past experience of some shb savages, and of course P1S - P5S
i can join discord and vc, i am available every day any time but preferably not Thursdays
Character is Bimini Bon-Boulash on spriggan
DM me on discord @ Rāt#0069 if you think im a good fit for your group, wanna hear more?, dont hesitate to ask me anything!
i also have a message in the ffxiv recruit discord: Look for bimini bon boulash( chaos) in the eu recruit > static lfg
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2023.03.29 15:33 Fluid-Groseille [Ffxiv] FF14 Endwalker Niveau maximum Type de contenu & iLvl Loot Timeline

[Ffxiv] FF14 Endwalker Niveau maximum Type de contenu & iLvl Loot Timeline
Comme je m’ennuie actuellement à attendre la fin de la maintenance, j’ai décidé de faire des recherches sur les calendriers de publication des correctifs passés et le type de contenu associé et l’ilvl des pertes de loot. En tant que joueur qui n’a commencé à jouer que pendant ShB, c’est tout nouveau pour moi mais je trouve que le rythme des sorties de contenu régulières et relativement prévisibles est très satisfaisant.
Le but du graphique ci-dessous est de montrer ma supposition du type de contenu et des pertes de butin ilvl auxquelles nous devrions nous attendre à chaque futur patch EW.
* J’ai fait une hypothèse en utilisant 4 mois entre les versions majeures de patchs
* J’ai utilisé les versions de contenu ShB et les distributions de loot ilvl comme guide.
Remarque: J’ai remarqué que ShB a publié 2 essais EX en 5.2x mais SB a publié 2 essais EX en 5.3x. Quelqu’un sait pourquoi il y avait cette variation?
FF14 Endwalker Max Level Content Type & iLvl Loot Timeline
Pour les joueurs FF14 plus expérimentés, faites-moi savoir si vous avez des corrections ou d’autres suggestions sur ce graphique.
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2023.03.26 20:28 ianmarvinchua [SEA][LFG][SAVAGE][ELEMENTAL][CASTER][STATIC][Casual - sHC] - Tier 3 Savage Raid Onwards and Extreme Trials

Took a 3 month (Dec -March) break from FFXIV. Logs below. 570 Days Subscribed to FFXIV. Have not done the 6.3 Extreme Trial
Exp: UwU, P1-P8s
IGN: Aqua [email protected]
Language: EN
Main: SMN
Time zone GMT+8:00 : 9PM-1AM Mon-Sun
Logs: Aqua Farron - Tonberry - FF Logs
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2023.03.20 10:44 LeChat_Perlipopette [Ffxiv] PF P8S Gorgone 2 couleur ?

Hier soir, j'ai rejoint un groupe dans partyfinder, P8S practice FF. Le groupe est arrivé à Dog/Gorgon2 mais n'a pas su comment s'y prendre correctement à Gorgon 2. Il semble que PF utilise les paires de couleurs de Gorgone 2. Quelqu'un peut-il m'expliquer comment les paires de couleurs fonctionnent dans PF ?
Je voulais apprendre le combat comment PF le fait puisque ma statique fait une pause jusqu'à fin janvier 2023. Notre groupe a juste fait des positions statiques et fait les choses différemment de la façon dont pf le fait.
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2023.03.09 08:59 LeChat_Perlipopette [Ffxiv] Chronologie de la partie 1 de P8S

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2023.03.05 23:19 yacksyzn [PLF] [STATIC] [SAVAGE] [MNK] [sMC]

MNK Main looking to clear the current Savage Tier. (P5S - P8S) Want to clear before patch 6.4. The Group should be comfortable with having a filthy streamer in their midst, cause that’s what I am and that’s what I’d be focusing on for this content.
My experience with raiding has been primarily through Endwalker Savage Raids (P1S and up.) I’ve nearly cleared the first savage Tier, got to P4S P2 ACT 3 and have since moved on to clear P5S - Currently Working on P6S.
I live on the West Coast so I go off of PST and work an 8-5 on weekdays, so my prime raid times are Friday - Sunday. (Preferably Saturdays) I stream FFXIV Friday - Sunday, which is why it’s important for the group to be alright with it.
For the most part, I’m a goofy easygoing fella that just wants to play the content he’s paying for and I’d be grateful if I was considered into your group.
Character Name: Snackyyz Yackyyz
Thank you, feel free to DM me if you consider me. Discord: Snackyyz#7590
Twitter: @ snackyyz
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2023.03.04 01:22 TheOrdealOpprotunist [NA] [LFG] [Static] [HC] [sHC] P8S and General Static Search!

Looking for a group to join for P8S (need the Abyssos Sickle) but also for all other raids. I'm a bit backed up on them and would love to get them off my list while making new FFXIV friends and having fun. :)
I'm a ReapeNin main!
Discord is: Tovah Wulfie#8936
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2023.02.28 01:51 TheOrdealOpprotunist [NA] [LFG] [Static] [HC] [sHC] P8S and General Static Search!

Looking for a group to join for P8S (need the Abyssos Sickle) but also for all other raids. I'm a bit backed up on them and would love to get them off my list while making new FFXIV friends and having fun. :)
Discord is: Tovah Wulfie#8936
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2023.02.27 21:47 FreePowerForAll [Static][LF1M]][Savage][MIDCORE][p8s reclears]

[7/8 Static][LF1M]][Savage][MIDCORE][p8s reclears][Aether]
Looking for a non-PLD Off-tank. We are at P8S reclears and want to progress into ultimates and next raid tier. Reclears on Saturdays 6:00 PST.
Future Raid times: 6:00-9:00 PST FRI/SAT 5:00-8:00 PST SUN
Discord for callouts, strategizing, talking & having fun, when progging. Must be on time for raids. Basic knowledge of a mechanics and your class in FFXIV A good, constructive attitude without unnecessary drama.
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2023.02.27 13:22 LeWOOHP [Ffxiv] Chronologie de la partie 2 de P8S

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2023.02.25 18:16 Aurorastellamaris [Primal][Excalibur][FC][LFM]- Come Join The best Raid FC out there!

Recruitment is OPEN! We are recruiting around 30 players with at least one level 90 who are interested in raiding and being part of a raiding community.
Across is a raid-focused FC which both aims to help introduce players to FFXIV's high-end raid content, but also serve as a community for like-minded raiders.
Fun Across Stats:
Raid % Cleared (of 122 members (not including alts) P5S 73% P6S 71% P7S 68% P8S P1 51% P8S P2 42% Ultimate* 35%
*At least one ultimate cleared
Services Offered: - Across REWARDS members who raid and help others to raid within the FC in mog station prize raffles. - Bi-weekly and monthly challenges that can be completed on your time, rewarded in mog station prize raffles. - Hosted events across a wide range of content including ultimate, savage, extreme, unreal, maps, fates, and more! - Free crafted battle gear at the beginning of each raid tier. - Free Pots & Food throughout the tier. - Chocobo Leveling and Free onions for birds past level 10! - Class mentorship program! - Active Discord.
Across also hosts non-raid content and events such as maps, fate grinds, fashion shows, elaborate scavenger hunts, and more!
If you are in a Free Company that claims to "do everything," but never seems to actually do anything, maybe its time for a change! Consider a community with a common goal that explores even the most challenging aspects of FFXIV.
----------------------------------------------------HOW TO APPLY----------------------------------------------------------------
  1. Join our FC Discord at https://discord.gg/acrossfc
  2. Click the channel "xiv-fc-application"
  3. Open a ticket and give us a brief description of your XIV history and why you want to join Across!
An Operator (Officer) will reach out to you and help you with the application and invite!
NOTE! Currently vetting players very carefully and may wait list as spots open up.
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2023.02.24 20:27 ArcherRSF Garlean lore guide and Roleplaying primer [spoilers]

Garlean lore guide and Roleplaying primer [spoilers]
hi ffxiv, I'd like to present to your attention a Garlean roleplaying and lore guide, compiled from different sources in a cooperative effort of several roleplayers.

Garlean RP character primer

The picture symbolises a straight, paved road on the way to Garlean RP this document will hopefully provide to some of us
The guide covers basics, Garlean state timeline, status and lore of key locations, provinces and castra, societal hierarchy, education and politics, military (including legio structure, tools of war, information about legions themselves and their status) as well as a racial lore guide, extrapolated from available NPCs and canon sources. So for example, you'd know which Ala Mhigan Seeker tribes could be feasibly made conscripts or that the IVth legion would be most likely destination for imperial Vieras, for example.
The guide is descriptive, rather than prescriptive and is meant to be a collection of existing lore for those who want to delve deeper into available material concerning the antagonist we've known for most expansions. I hope the document will be useful to others: given the amount of available lore, it's frequently updated and you're welcome to post suggestions if something doesn't seem right.
Above all, please refer to the disclaimer in the document: PLEASE HAVE FUN.
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2023.02.22 10:31 friedlyCreature Any tips to solve recent Lag and Delay issues? Is it even still a thing for others ?

Some weeks ago a friend of mine started to complain about heavy AOE delays and general lag he couldnt fix, which was kinda a bummer because they were finally about to clear p8s, for me everything seemed to be working fine.
But the last two days hit really different - for example i see people rubberbunding, walking through tethers, standing still and zooming at pantokrator, wont get pantokrator AOEs on my side (so two pizzas will just go off at the same time) or at TEA the proton baits do not get onto me but im right on front of the boss. Asking my friend he also still experiences those problems like those.
Going back to my latest VODs i see a relation of this delay in a lot of consistency issues, like casts not beeing queued, weaved heales not going out strangely. It wasnt like "that unplayable" like yesterday where every panto stuff happened at once and i was able to pull my weight luckily.
Seeing posts like these makes me wonder if anyone else is suffering or knows how to improve gameplay if something like that happens again, because rebooting the client/computer did not seem to help and i don't want to waste progg hours on malding about panto aoes KEK
Lag and delay since patch : ffxiv (reddit.com)
Anyone been lagging out since the patch? : ffxiv (reddit.com)

So whats your experience?
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2023.02.21 06:20 Klutzy_Natural7962 FFXIV [Static] [LFM][P8S] 7 of 8 Queer-led Static looking to replace Tank or Melee [Tu & Th Evenings]

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2023.02.19 20:35 SilentSoren Long Overdue Updates from Soren - Feb 19 2023

Hey everyone,
Apologies for my silence over the last while, to be honest I lost track of time as I've been tinkering on some side projects and when I realized just how long it'd been I wanted to return to you all with a lot of work in hand to share! This will be an update post that I'm going to order updates in descending relevancy here:
1) Book Updates and going forward
TL;DR: New archetypes, Project Meteor Survivor revamps to be added alongside whatever new class drops in the future. Posting as individual links for feedback gathering.
I've recently updated the book with some minor fixes to typos and links out to the full class builds of the classes that were relegated to being archetypes. Though these are just on their first pass I'm very happy to officially share the following:
a) Ala Mhigan Monk: https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-MsVvj8LfTbi-dK2RzKq
b) Doman Ninja: https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-MsVxFF8t9MaowCHJ6JR
c) Gridanian Bard: https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-MsWr9-Q6vahBybdylyH
d) Sultansworn Paladin: https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-MsWsK5TNJKs570qWY-M
Eventually the full class versions of the archetypes will be integrated into the book fully, likely alongside whatever new class we're going to be getting.
I hope you'll enjoy these and once we have the new classes for the next expansion revealed I'll do my best to ensure that they don't take as long to get pulled together. I'm going to post these individually as well to take in feedback.
As always you can find the live link to the overall book here: https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-LsDqsNbupzeLhkTIcPv
A link to the PDF is available in the Preface and the changelog is kept on the final page! I plan to fix up some imagery stuff next in terms of book quality as a lot of picture links broke or due to clean ups didn't work with the way text was displayed on the page.
Also going forward, I'd like to promise you guys that I'll do better in keeping up with the subreddit and messaging but I know I'll fall off in time, that being said I'll do my best to keep up but I've got too many plates spinning IRL and can offer no guarantees.
That being said I'm proud of how the community has grown itself and evolved over time. Keep it up everyone!
2) The OGL Fiasco
TL;DR: I'm continuing to develop for 5e, encourage others to fill the gap, might do one offs for other systems.
That was certainly a thing that happened. I didn't speak up as I wanted to see where the cards would land around that whole situation and now that things seem to have calmed down I'm ready to speak on it.
On my end, I'm going to continue developing this book for 5th Edition of D&D. Its the system I know and am really well in tune with the balance of. I know some folks will be disappointed by that but it is what it is.
I've tried my hand at Pathfinder in the past and on a personal level I found it too crunchy and confusing. I know its very similar to 3.5e which I had played but something about it just didn't click for me. If I were to try and develop a second book for PFE1 or PFE2 it would be such a massive endeavour for me to learn the system thoroughly enough to homebrew for it that I can't commit the time to it.
That being said I do highly support people who would like to try and develop for that game system and really any game system for that manner.
I know there are other systems that are now in development too (Kobold Press' Project Black Flag and MCDM's game) but I can't speak on those til the game comes out and if I'm interested by what they have I'm going to say maybe to them, though it'd probably just be one offs, the 5e book took me 5 years over time to create so declaring my intent to develop this full book for another system just isn't feasible. There's 19 classes in the book as of today's post. But hey, one offs might be really fun to flex creative muscles!
3) Where have you been?
TL;DR: IRL kicked my butt, I'm doing well now, Thanks for the support, keep on being awesome <3
I won't draw this piece out too much but motivation took a long time to come back to me after losing my mom and I've had to pick up a lot of the slack to support my family. Along with that I've had a lot of shifting at work which has left me as one of the only people who are able to onboard new clients. So all around IRL has been kicking my ass a bit. I've even been struggling to find time to do the streaming stuff too which was the escape from the tough IRL stuff going on.
That being said, I've managed to steady my ship and its not all bad. Over the last year I set out on a weight loss journey which I found great success on! And I've been spending more time with firends, got back into running a campaign and have been doing savage raiding on FFXIV (as of today we're at enrage on P8S, a little slow compared to everyone else but we're almost there!). I'm finally bringing things back around and hope that today is a first step in me keeping my best foot forward.
So thank you to everyone for their patience, I know a lot of people are very invested in this project and I'll continue to do my best to support it and encourage all of you to continue to indulge your own creative spirits as well!
Also once again, a special thank to your Rifle as well for keeping order while I've been a negligent creator out in the wild.
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2023.02.16 12:13 Tremera [MMORPG] NASA, Zoom, Disappointed Dad, and other words you wouldn't expect to hear about a fantasy game: (yet another) FFXIV raiding drama

Imagine that you wake up one day, go to a subreddit for a fantasy game, and unexpectedly get greeted by one shitpost after another, an abundance of NASA mentions, and a general atmosphere resembling Troy bringing pizza to a burning room.
What happened? Well, let me explain.

Necessary Glossary

What is FFXIV?

It's a subscription-based MMORPG that was developed and published by Square Enix with the story set in a fantasy world. Initially released in 2010, re-released in 2013 as a remake "A Realm Reborn", counting four major expansions by now, and still kicking. The introduction is often done by memetic copypasta "Have you heard about the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, which includes a free trial that includes the entirety of "A Realm Reborn" AND the award-winning "Heavensward" expansion up to level 60 with no restrictions on playtime".

World First?

You see, (some) people are competitive. And what is the better way to show off than to be the very first person (or group) in the whole world to do something, be it solving riddles and puzzles in Destiny 2 or getting the new shiny mount in World of Warcraft. But in MMOs, it's most often applied to the race of finishing new difficult content.
Unlike similar dramas from the aforementioned WoW, World First in FFXIV usually barely have any official recognition (you will see why soon enough) and doesn't include much developers' participation. So, no hastily cutting bosses' health in halves. The dramas are brewed by the very same thing that created and maintained the whole race event: the game's community.

How hard could it be?

In total there are six levels of difficulties in the group content in FFXIV: Normal -> Hard -> Extreme -> Unreal -> Savage -> Ultimate. The combinations are depending on the type of content: for example, dungeons (instanced fight with three bosses and tons of mobs that is designed for a group of 4 people) have Normal and Hard difficulties, while alliance raids (instanced fight with four bosses and a handful of mobs that is designed for 24 players) have only Normal difficulty. Usually, the world first race happens only in the two last tiers: Savage difficulty level for raids and Ultimates that are their own thing. And while Savage has its share of smaller dramas like when your sanity dies with each bite of the boss or 1% nerf accompanied with "git gud" in business writing, today we are spinning the tale of Ultimates.
True to its name, Ultimate is the hardest challenge that requires 8 players to defeat 1 boss to get the shiniest weapon to show off, unique achievements, titles, and maybe some things for in-game portraits. Posed as a "but what if?" scenario story-wise, Ultimates take the already existing fight of the Savage difficulty and then floor the pedal, adding more complicated mechanics, unforgiving DPS/healing checks, tight timers, and dramatic turns of the story.
At the moment, there are 5 Ultimates, with the latest being added to the game merely a month ago:
  1. The Weapon's Refrain (Ultimate) (a.k.a. Ultima Weapon (Ultimate) due to the name of the original fight, and yes, it's abbreviated as UWU);
  2. The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate) (abbreviated as TUCoB);
  3. The Epic of Alexander (Ultimate) (a.k.a. TEA);
  4. Dragonsong's Reprise (Ultimate) (a.k.a. DSR, where a typo could cause a bit of confusion due to existsance of the raid Delibrum Reginae (Savage) that was abbreviated as DRS);
  5. The Omega Protocol (Ultimate) (TOP and the star of today's show).

TOP is dropped

The day is January 24, 2023. The newest Ultimate is released: The Omega Protocol, the new step in the story of the mechanical lifeform Omega who is trying to comprehend the power of an anime protagonist through the series of battles. And just like that, the race begins.
The start was rough. The previous Ultimate was considered to be the toughest fight in the entire game, and many people expected traditional series escalation. The developers tried their best to reassure that TOP won't be designed to have higher difficulty, however, in the end, the battle turned to be just as hard if not even worse, with its clear time surpassing that of the previous Ultimate.

Stack Overflow

The complexity of the fight aside, there was one minor but important detail that caused a lot of brick walls for players to crash into. Hear, hear, an old issue reared its ugly head from the depths of the 10-year-old code: buffs limit.
From ye olden times there was a limitation of how many buffs (positive status effects) and debuffs (negative status effects) can be applied to an entity, being it a playable character or non-playable entity, from non-hostile creatures roaming around in the open world to bosses in dungeons and raids. Which is 30 status effects per entity at once.
The limit was reasonably high and couldn't be achieved under normal circumstances... or so the developers thought. In fact, the limit was easily achievable even during the earliest stages of the game. All you had to do was either go to the alliance raid for 24 players or hunt a world boss (no limitations for the number of participants whatsoever). 5 or even more players with DoT-centered class ("Damage over time" - a debuff that actively damages the target over a few seconds and may have additional effects like slowness, vulnerability, etc.), various debuffs from the rest, boss's own buffs, and voila, the limit is reached. And once the limit is hit, it prevents any other status effects from being applied to the target, as there are simply no available slots for them.
Eventually, part of this issue was patched out: the limit has been increased for bosses, now including 30 status effects that are both active and visible under the entity's HP bar, and 30 more slots for the status effects that are active but not visible. Unfortunately, the limit was fixed only for the non-playable entities. It was never changed for playable characters.
The leveling progression added new abilities, class reworks reduced the number of applicable debuffs but increased the number of self or party-wide buffs, a new 2-minute meta that required pouring every single beneficial effect at once to achieve the damage output burst, status effects from food and potions, additional content-specific statuses like "Lost Actions" in Bozja, debuffs from enemies... it was a question of time when the limit could be reached on playable characters. And it did pose a problem serious enough to be included in the guides as the players had to periodically run a macro or manually get rid of some buffs to get space for something more useful or necessary at the moment.
Naturally, the playerbase found a way to use the inconvenience to their advantage: hit the limit of buffs on the character so that the instant-kill debuff won't be applied due to a lack of slots. It was patched out by giving the statuses applied by the boss the highest priority. However, in the end, the limit itself still remained the same for the playable characters, rediscovered from time to time when the tank's invulnerability status suddenly doesn't apply right after their health drops to 1.
To see this old issue reappearing in Ultimate was unexpected at best, as the developers usually spend a lot of time balancing and polishing these high-end fights. Even the mentioned 1% nerf in Savage was something of an aberration. Such an oversight in Ultimate raised quite a number of brows with the players questioning the quality of the test group or memeing about the fight being a secret buff for Machinists (a class rarely seen in high-end content due to lack of party-wide buffs that is not compensated by higher base damage). Some also joked about the issue weirdly making sense: the buff limit was reached primarily because of the sheer number of status effects applied by the boss, and Omega, being a quite petty machine, wouldn't be above using loopholes in game mechanics to break the fourth wall and cheese the fight.
As of today, the issue of the buff limit still remains untouched. Teams in Ultimate had to adjust their strategies and group compositions, while the community speculates on the technical aspects of the fix complexity and hopes for changes with the next expansion.

Divine Retribution

Days go by. The Omega Protocol stands undefeated. The progress time now exceeds that of DSR, the hardest Ultimate.
The day is January 30, 2023. Over 5 pm UTC. Japanese team UNNAMED_ tweets about finally finishing the battle and emerging the World First conquerors of TOP, attaching their victory screenshot. They didn't stream, and the video with the victorious attempt is not published yet, but it hardly raises any questions. Streaming is not mandatory after all, as the race event is not supported officially, and it's considered to be a good sport to wait for the second and third teams to finish before publishing your video. The credibility of the team isn't doubted either: they are well-known raiders and were the world first to finish Abyssos, the latest Savage raid series.
Alas, the tweet, congratulations, and victory fanfare aged like milk.
Merely a couple of hours after the announcement, the video of UNNAMED_'s gameplay is suddenly published and starts to circulate. (Original is deleted by now, see the mirror or one of the reuploads)
The video is labeled "Zoom Hack Omega Ultimate", and, well, the name speaks for itself. With help of some third-party plugins, the team zoomed the camera view of one of its members way past the limits available in the unmodded game. Not to mention the huge parser window in the bottom left corner, visible hitboxes, team cooldowns tracker (not to be confused with buff timers), additional timer, and who knows what else. Quite obviously, none of the listed features are available in the game itself.
And as a cherry on top of the drama: the video description lists in-game names of all participants, and the video itself was posted on the new YouTube account whose name translates as "Divine Punishment". According to the account description, it was created on January 28, while the video was initially uploaded and hidden on January 29. The timing and other details lead to an avalanche of theories regarding the nature of this leak. The most popular assumption was about the video being the result of a quarrel inside the team: one of the helpers (additional members of the team who don't participate in clearing 8-men content directly but help by coordinating the team, analyzing the fight mechanics or by other means in exchange for the help with their own clear at the later date) felt wronged by UNNAMED_'s decisions and decided to have their revenge by exposing the entire team.

But how could zoom help?

All teams run the Ultimate "blind" - meaning that they don't know the mechanics of the fight beforehand and have to learn them in the process. This may be quite tricky with many things happening at once, colorful splashes of character abilities and other effects, glowing waypoint markers on the arena, a giant boss model in your face, and other things obfuscating the view. Moving your camera far away negates these flaws and gives the watching helper an opportunity to properly analyze the ongoing fight and to come up with a fitting strategy more quickly.
In TLDR suggested on FFXIV subreddit: imagine having a race through a labyrinth, but you have a friend who helps you navigate with the info from a drone soaring above the maze.

But what's wrong with third-party tools?

Strictly speaking, everything.
Since the game is playable on PC, it's technically possible to install modifications, plugins, or other third-party tools that alter various game aspects however you wish. The term includes everything from outright cheats to harmless client-side changes like texture replacement.
Every single modification goes against the User Agreement, and their usage is not encouraged by Square Enix. However, the developers also tend to hold on to a compromise: as long as the modification is harmless, client-sided (the result of it are visible only to you), and doesn't give you an unfair advantage over other players, they tend to stick to the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. This gave some sort of leeway for players to the usage of more decorative modifications like changing the text font in the in-game dialogues, replacing the 10-year-old hairstyle model with a more elaborate one, or simply placing the giant JUICY label on Zenos's ass. As long, as you don't openly show off your modded game, you are not caught and therefore not bannable. And with each new drama even loosely related to modifications of the game, the modding community has +1 to their fear of this equilibrium going off the rails and all mods being banned regardless of details.
In the more grey-ish area are the modifications related to gameplay. Over the years the community came up with many tools to cover the issues and user-unfriendly parts of the gameplay way before they are patched by the developers. The developers usually watch these mods more closely, as they do affect the gameplay and give an advantage over other players. However, they also pay more attention to the issues covered by those mods. For example, there was an issue with the waypoint markers in the new Savage raid: during the fight the arena circles between two shapes, but since the second shape doesn't exist at the start of the fight, you can't place waypoint markers on it. And due to the difference in sizes, the markers can't be automatically transferred from the first arena shape. A special waypoint layout was distributed among the players that somehow placed markers on both arena shapes. Later, in the official letter, it was revealed that the layout was created with third-party tools. However, due to the nature of the issue and the fact that many users may have downloaded this layout without knowing what's wrong with it, only the original creator of the layout met penalties, and the arena shapes were fixed in the game to allow a legitimate way of placing the waymarks.
All of that put Square Enix in a tough position regarding the Ultimate race: the modifications are very widespread, and some of them like the parser (a tool providing the analysis of all fight data such as the amount of damage, healing, shields, etc.) are considered to be a must-have for high-end content. However, they are also officially prohibited. It led to some outbreaks like the official statement after the World First in DSR where the winner published a video of their clear with a third-party tool in plain sight. And as a result of that, Square Enix now refrains from any official recognition of World First race and doesn't congratulate the winners.

The Backslash

With the drama so fresh (literally an hour or two separated the tweet from UNNAMED_ and the publishing of the exposing video) and for an event that lasted almost a whole week, the community reacted with impressive speed.
On a positive note: everything was buried under tons and tons of memes. People photoshopped the screenshot of zoomed view to astronaut photos, or to a screenshot of an FFXIV character that appeared on the moon once, or to an image of a CSGO player caught hacking on her own stream, or (legitimately) zooming their camera really far in other gameplay activities like a mahjong match, or just cracking one space/moon/NASA/zoom joke after another. Or memeing about Dragoons specifically, because the exposing video was from a Dragoon POV, and the class' gameplay revolves around high jumps that on itself is a butt of many jokes.
On a negative note: 5ch, 8ch, and other parts of the community were on a manhunt. Some forms were less harmful, like creating a new sight-attracting character with a pun name and placing them near AFKing player characters of UNNAMED_ team - a somehow common form of protest on Japanese servers. Other forms were borderline harassment like mass reporting for the usage of mods or outright threats of doxing. On an even worse note: it wasn't the first time. Similar events already happened with DSR World First race, when the winners (European team Neverland) were harassed by Japanese playerbase for posting their clear video with mods on. The fact that UNNAMED_ was a Japanese team only added fuel to the flame.
The speculations about the fallout inside UNNAMED_ team weren't doing them any favors either: the rumors about backtracking on the promise of the clear for helpers were still spreading. Although the statement (translation) from one of the team members rebutted those theories, claiming that there was no conflict inside the team, and the footage was intended to be private but was leaked due to unauthorized access to the player's account.
This statement wasn't received well either. "But everyone else does the same" wasn't a good excuse to begin with, and after the DSR witch hunt, many people took it as an attempt to shift the blame to non-Japanese players. Even as Eis, one of the players who took World First in Abyssos Savage with UNNAMED_, announced deletion of their character as an apology for using mods in the previous race, it was considered to be an overdramatic gesture with little real consequences: change of playable character would help avoid being blacklisted by the raiding community, the story skips are available in the game shop, and most of the in-game items can be either transferred via Intermediary or earned anew without much effort.

Disappointed Dad

With the drama so big, the official verdict was a question of time.
On January 31 the game's Producer and Director, Naoki Yoshida, posted the official letter regarding the whole Ultimate situation. According to the letter, not only the developers' team will conduct their own investigation, but the whole concept of Ultimates is questioned. This type of content is designed to be an ultimate test of players, clearable without any additional tools. Seeing as raider teams use them anyway to make the fight easier, the developers don't see much sense in creating new Ultimates.
The exasperated tone of the letter and notion about Yoshida personally refusing to recognize UNNAMED_ as World First opened the gates to the flood of "I'm not mad, I'm disappointed" dad memes.
Later it was revealed (translation) that the spoils of the clear (including shiny weapon, achievement, in-game title, etc.) are being revoked for the whole UNNAMED_ team, but the accounts of the players not directly responsible for the cheats (i.e. not those whos POV was caught on the video with mods on) will not be suspended.


The drama raged on all FFXIV subreddits for about a week, but eventually faded away, giving place to a new third-party tool drama.
For the raiding community, it was sort of a regular Tuesday, as modding dramas are happening in nearly every race. Even the old UWU didn't escape that fate when the raiders used a mod to handle one specific mechanic with very harsh timing. Although, this time MogTalk (a fan site dedicated to raiding races in FFXIV) completely erased UNNAMED_'s TOP clear from their logs and announced that all future charity raid-related events will have a mandatory streaming caveat.
And a day after the cheating drama, the race of TOP was won by Neverland with 1032 clear attempts.
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2023.02.15 09:56 IMustTurd Nobody mixes DNA with my girlfriend.

Nobody mixes DNA with my girlfriend.
This new P8S mechanic is making me uncomfortable.
I can't stand it when other players try to mix DNA with my FFXIV girlfriend, and if we aren't paired up, I wipe the party (Reasonably so since I don't wanna see that) and I just get kicked out for it. (Bannable offense btw)
to make matters worse, the few times I mix DNA with her, it makes some deformed creature. this is just a really offensive mechanic all around really.

People don't understand

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2023.02.13 06:30 Enchanting-1 [LFG] [Static] [NA] [Savage]

-Smn main looking for a savage static for current tier and for upcoming 6.4 tier as well. -Took a long bring from ffxiv and recently just came back and started raiding again within the last week or so. I have been doing pf and so far only made it to P8s P1 enrage. -The only real raiding experience I have is from last tier and this current tier so far. -A group that wants to do ultimates is a plus but not required -Would pefer a group at my prog point or more but I dont mind going back, if there are fast learners. -The only logs I really have are from last tier. I have some from this tier but I only have like 1 kill per fight so far. -Overall looking for a nice group who is consistent and with perfer heavy raid hours but if not than just consistent (: Availability: Avaliable Everyday but Saturday and after 4pm Est.
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2023.02.07 14:48 LeChat_Perlipopette [Ffxiv] Chronologie de la partie 1 de P8S

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2023.02.06 04:58 necrofeelzya Just found out my(M22) ex(FTM22) was likely entertaining his current BF while we we’re together, am I allowed to feel angry?

(This is a long post but skip to “current day” if you don’t wanna read “allat”)
My ex and I split up on September 26th 2022. Things had suddenly gotten rocky the week prior to our split with less contact and emotional distance, I even found out he redownloaded tinder which I confronted him about and resolved within minutes (a common theme for the few disagreements we did have).
Fast forward to a week after our break up I find his discord banner is of his FFXIV character cuddling with another person character and his bio has “T4T” a common dating acronym for trans folk so I asked him about this. He said “It’s just a trans guy I met 2 weeks ago (the week things got rocky) , he’s just a friend.” I chose to dismiss my feelings and believe him.
Fast forward another week I see love song lyrics in his bio along with another banner change to artwork his “friend” made of their characters making out, which was incredibly triggering so I confided in him again which he responded “It’s just a part of romantic RP, our characters are together but we’re platonic. Beside we both just got out of relationships and aren’t ready for that. I’ll take it down since it’s distressing” Due to my ignorance of the FFXIV RP scene and his accommodation for me, I chose to trust him.
Fast forward a couple days later his banner once again changed to artwork his “friend” made of their characters now both naked and kissing which was the “straw that broke the camels back”. I went to him and laid out a timeline of events that were alarming even saying “I don’t want you to feel as though I’m accusing you, I simply can’t move forward if I feel as though I was used or my trust has been broken, let’s discuss this so we can both move forward”. To which he replied “What exactly do you want to discuss? I’ve told you multiple times he’s just a friend. I’m getting very, very irate that you have this accusatory tone or that you’re trying to get me to crack”. I replied by saying “Then answer literally any of the specifics I’ve laid out because you still haven’t. I’m sorry if “”he’s just a friend”” doesn’t suffice after everything I’ve been seeing over the past 3 weeks, please.”
After 3 hours without a response I just drop it and tell him “Look, I’m gonna sift through these emotions and stuff by myself. I refuse to sacrifice our friendship over this” to which he replied “You already have, I’m so anxious I’m having a panic attack I just can’t deal with this.” He promptly blocked me (only on discord) after.
I’m scrolling through my FFXIV timeline for saucy GPOSE content and find my ex’s friend who’s apparently a prominent GPOSER in the community. After scrolling through their account I felt a stinging pain in my chest and memories of my ex and I started flooding back to me. I knew I should let the sleeping dog lie but I told myself “maybe this’ll give us closure, just knowing how he’s doing now.” So I went to the friends “following” list and sure enough I found my ex.
After a couple of minutes of hesitation I finally clicked his profile to find out him and his “friend” are now married (In game) with his likely current BF drawing porn of the two’s characters. They made a piece called ‘In your arms’ A WEEK AFTER MY EX BLOCKED ME. I scrambled to reopen our old discord chat to find “❤️ HIS” in their bio. This needless to say sent me over the edge and into a self harm incident.
I was there for him every step of our relationship. I learned how to be a proper dom for him and studied sub psychology to better please him. I constantly spend time with him and made him feel special by serenading him. I’d work constantly to put a smile on his face. I spent whole days on call with him so he wouldn’t feel lonely. I bought a PS5 just to play 1 game with him since I knew FFXIV was his hyperfixation. I supported him wholeheartedly when he came out as trans. I was there when he got his blood work done. I learned proper needle care so I could better administer his testosterone injections. I wholeheartedly supported kinks he was shy about and encouraged him to feel more prideful about them. I can’t help but feel betrayed. After everything I did. After all my effort. Even after he affirmed that I was the perfect BF the day of our split. Why? I did everything right? Why’d things turn out this way?
Am I allowed to feel angry?
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2023.02.05 06:19 hazusu Timelines in media that are complete horseshit

So in FFXIV, you kill like 3 to 5 gods, repel an imperial invasion, go on a journey in the northern lands and uncover and foil a millenia long ploy, establish an amicable relationship between both factions in a millenia long war, sail half the world, liberate Doma, liberate Ala Mhigo, get isekai'd and journey through and save an entirely different world (although it's only a continent at this point) WHILE your original world is on a war, sail AGAIN to an island in the north, march into Garlemald, and save the World from apocalypse. And I'm skipping a ton of shit. During all these events, your trusty pal Alphinaud continues to be 16, so all of this shit happens in under 12 months. Tnat's ignoring all the optional stuff that can happen like raids and job storylines. I call horseshit.
What other media has some timelines that are complete bullshit?
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2023.02.03 17:30 JamesJerryLewis [Ffxiv] Chronologie de la partie 2 de P8S

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