Odlums flour near me

link cable crafting make me sad :(

2023.03.29 08:17 craniel_ link cable crafting make me sad :(

i caught my scyther and i wanna evolve it into scizor, but i gotta kill the ender dragon because it requires chorus fruit for the link cable. i don’t like that. why can’t it be amethyst or smth. i’m sitting here in my cottage house full iron armor with my scyther who’s holding a metal coat and me being sad because i don’t wanna fight the ender dragon until near the end of my playthrough. someone change this immediately‼️‼️‼️
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2023.03.29 08:16 HateForYou Dear people around me

Please stop confusing reality with your imagination. If you think I know something but I tell you otherwise, you don't have to pretend like I'm an idiot. Your assumptions about my life based solely on your observation of my appearance have absolutely no value, especially for me. Besides that, we most likely are almost strangers. So why you act like we're not? Oh, right, you thought I would be friendly, you thought that I find your existence precious, you thought I would like your joke, you thought that I'm not going to get away after just throwing few words. Now what you do? Would you accept that you have mistaken my personality with your fiction? Of course not! You're one of those who have minimal awareness about their surroundings and by chance also the reason for my hatred of the human race. Instead of thinking about anything rational, you decide that I'm too negative and that now I'm your enemy. What I see is: you input anything, I give neutral results and simply don't react much, interaction ends. Why our relationship (if we had any in the first place) worsens then? Well, that was only my point of view, where the offering end is best adviced to find a better opportunity to waste my time with something you thought I find interesting. For example: when not in the middle of my work or when you do have a free time and you're not just ignoring your duties. Meanwhile from their perspective, I shall not be allowed to differ from them. They can't imagine that their believes build on sweet clouds of candy made from their rotting mind may get instantly destroyed by someone who's not deceived so easily. What do they feel when the thing actually gets destroyed? That's the fun part. They feel betrayed, they feel like being hurt, they feel disoriented. They aren't able to resist the urge to hurt me back, quite frankly, they don't even try to resist Because it's impossible so that their thoughts aren't true, right? You, the reader might ask me, the writer, the following question: Why you seem so confident in your thoughts about people near you? To that I say - I am not. Life is so unpredictable that almost nothing has a pattern, humans are no exception to that. I'm not saying that everyone I see becomes my enemy. I would really love the opposite and I tried a lot of times to make good things to others. But it all ends with tears and hatred I feel to everybody, including myself. That obviously wasn't worth the years I spend repeating the process. In the end I have one real friend, and tons of failed stories. All I'm saying is - if interacting with people wasn't such an undescribable mess, I wouldn't be so discouraged to socialize and I wouldn't be so encouraged to think that you're most likely nothing but bad consequences for my life. All I wrote before might be true, might be false, might be enough or not. Even might be completely irrelevant, if the subject I kept mentioning was actually a surprisingly intelligent being, whose intentions are to doom everyone near and I've became a fool for falling into it. To be honest, my rightness is worthless here. Something far more valuable is the fact that this loop of poisoning everything is inevitable and it scares me. No matter how many shadows in see or how much light do I produce, I feel powerless. Is there a way to overcome this? I think not. The whole thing just leaves many question I'd need to find a therapist to help me find answers. Like, who's to blame? Me? Them? Us? What's the cause? How to reverse everything? For now though, let's think we need none of that and just try to survive.
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2023.03.29 08:14 Actually_Vyror 27 [M4F] Wait! Stop! Can you smile?

See how cute you are when you smile? You just lit up the whole room! .^
Hiya! The names Aaron. 27M from USA KY. I'm happy with sharing pictures later on, but I'm 5'10, white, short dark hair, chubby, and wear glasses.
I'm really hoping to find someone who, in a sense, makes me feel complete. A missing puzzle piece to a perfect, beautiful picture. I live a stable life, I have a good job, pay my bills on time, got a house and car, in just missing someone to share it all with.
Some of my hobbies are:
-Video Games: this is where I spend most of my days. Currently I'm jumping around, but some of my favorite games are WoW, FFXIV, Phasmophobia, Apex Legends, Persona, Pokemon, Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Conan Exiles.
-Reading: I love to read. Fantasy is by far my favorite, but I can also enjoy a good sci-fi or romance. I'm also quite fond of manga and webtoons. I'm always buying new books to sit on my shelf. It's like my dragon hoard.
-Anime: I do watch some anime, but not nearly as much as I use too. A few of my favorites though are Grimgar no Ash, Steins Gate, Monster, and Code Geass.
Writing/DnD: I combined these because I love to write, and I often use my stories as campaigns in DnD. Forever DM here. Always looking for people to share my ideas with!
Sooo with that, I hope something here catches your eye. I mostly use discord for messaging:). I thank you for reading this far! I'll keep the food warm!
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2023.03.29 08:14 leximarie147 So over my cat, please help

Okay for context I have 2 cats, 2 dogs, a 4 month old and a 2 year old.
Cat that I cant stand pukes all the time (have taken him to the vet several times, vet says he is fine), pees on things whenever I'm pregnant, and he was kind of thrown on me by one of my mom's friends a while back and felt I couldn't say no. The only reason he is still in my house is because my female cat cuddles him sometimes and I don't want to break her heart.
But I am absolutely sick of this cat. He is just so disgusting and I can't handle it I'm so overstimulated by the wet noises he makes all the time. I don't know what to do or who to give him to. I'd like to rehome him to someone I know just so he is taken care of and so he and my other cat can see eachother sometimes, and I don't want to guilt anyone into taking him like I was guilted. (Previous owners knew about his issues and did not disclose)
He also has nearly suffocated both of my children when they were younger (he isnt allowed in their rooms but has snuck in before and climbed in their cribs) and scratches on doors and wakes them up. There is just a lot of built up frustration but I want to make sure he is still safe and happy. I've never rehomed an animal and needed to rant. I'm usually the person that adopts and takes care of any animal in need but I'm at my breaking point :(
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2023.03.29 08:13 salinamelanie I’m so tired of people thinking my ocd is nothing like they have no idea how it has fcking ruined my life and made it a living hell and how fcking powerful i would be now if i didn’t have ocd like i’m not even joking

no bc would i really have a lot more friends and have done tons of more work and maybe be on the way for a successful career and a luxurious life by now if i never had ocd? everyone literally EVERYONE told me that no i wouldn’t it’s about who i am it has nothing to do with if i have a mental illness or not like why do millions of other people also struggle mentally or maybe even have it worse than me but they’re still super productive and have done a lot of important stuff and have lots of friends and admirers and a happy life but not me? but seriously i spend a LOT of time doing things that are completely unnecessary and i’m aware of that and can imagine how MUCH i could’ve done instead if i haven’t been doing these stupid compulsions. like for example on normal days it would take me 1 second to tap on a button on my phone and that’s it and then there are days where there’s a number i don’t like or consider unlucky in the date or something and i will spend like 5 minutes trying to tap on the same button the right way without this without that i have to avoid touching any on this side of the screen etc etc or something unpleasant will happen (and by “touching” i mean having my hand(s) neaclose to something bc idc i’m touching something even when i’m like 10 inches away from it). there you can see how long 5 minutes is compared to 1 second (300x). yeah there was a time when it took me 2 hours to copy a music file from my phone to my laptop and put it on google drive and there wasn’t even a single technical issue. and also countless other things and it has been happening for years now. and yet everyone around me has the audacity to tell me that my life would still be the same without ocd i’m just like everybody else except i’m lazy and not trying hard and making efforts and working and i just have too much free time and love acting up for attention and sympathy etc BRUH as if i don’t have billions of other better things to do like my notes are the biggest mess ever i have LISTS of a BUNCH of things to do and countless plans i’m very much excited about and they’re just getting longer day by day but i CANT get my a*s up and do them because I HAVE FCKING OCD and i’ve had them in my notes for like 6 years now and have only accomplished like 1% of them because i’m STRUGGLING and i know what i do is incredibly stupid and i could’ve just done this and not that but i can’t help it i have to make sure everything goes right as all costs
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2023.03.29 08:12 Such_Ad_5370 How did you all handle your anxiety and mental health in the last few months? Please give some suggestions

I'm a dropper in Kota. I got 99.1XX percentile in January attempt. We had completed only 75% syllabus till then unfortunately, so couldn't do my best. I've been struggling with my mental health since last 2 years as far as I can recall. I was suicidal in 2021 the whole time but atleast the suicidal tendencies have gone. I used to have panic attacks as well but now I rarely do. So that's good. But There's no sign of joy or pleasure of doing anything in my life. All this negativity just surrounds me constantly.
I have no friends, I don't talk to people. I thought it was the best to focus on studies only this year. It probably was the correct thing to do.
Anxiety has always been an issue for me. Anxiety and perfectionism, they r a bad combination. I've been trying to remove this perfectionist attitude but it just doesn't go away. it just makes me feel worthless when I can't have a perfect day of 12-13 hours of studying. I've been trying to give my best but I just haven't been able to achieve that. It feels like I lose every single day. I'm currently scoring about 200-220 in jee mains mocks and mostly focusing on advanced. I should feel confident about myself and my future atleast. But everything seems dark and gloomy.
I don't know what branch I should enter into. I see everybody going into CS but I don't know if I'm interested in it. I wish to go to Guwahati, closer to nature and that climate. I'm trying to land Guwahati MNC, idk if I'll make it or not. I heard about EE/ECE as well but I'm not sure if it has much scope in India or not. I want to make a rational decision both on basis of interest and scope, don't want to make a one way decision for future regrets. Thoughts like what if I can't do it, what if I'm already out of that race for that rank, what ifs are just surrounding me all the time. I want to give my best but rn all I've been doing is nearly 9 hours on average maybe. I look at advanced and I am generally able to solve nearly 60-65% questions on average. But this anxiety and negativity, sorry maybe I've said the same thing over and over, I don't know.
I really wish I could make myself come out of this state. Sometimes I feel like happiness is just way more important that all of this. It really is. I don't remember the last time I was genuinely happy and content with my life. Maybe I'm just overreacting to things. How did u all manage your mental health during this time?
Please give me some suggestions.
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2023.03.29 08:12 extraaccoutn How likely am I to get sick?

My brother and sister were v*ing yesterday (Monday). My mom and dad are not sick (yet). I only saw my siblings each once on Sunday, but it was only a brief encounter with no touching. I have not seen them since before they got sick (except for today when I was out of my room to get paper towels, I saw my sister but I ran away).
I have been washing my hands when I can, but I have only left my room into the house 6 times in the past 2 days. I pee outside, wear an N-95 mask and wash my hands 3x when I have to go poo, I have food and water in my room, and I have a door to outside from my room that I leave the house from my personal car to feed my horse.
I was with my dogs yesterday (Monday) and I worry they could have had the virus on them, and then maybe I touched my lips then licked them. I do not touch my food. I do not put my hands in my mouth. I have been using Lysol wipes but they aren't bleach so I feel extremely contaminated. Tomorrow I am going to buy bleach and bleach everything in my room. I have not consumed any food that they would have touched or been near. The vent in my room is connected to my sister's on the other side of the house. I know because I smell her candles when she lights them. I closed it as much as I could, but air still comes through.
I only spoke to my mom once on Monday from a distance. Nobody is allowed in my room. No dogs, only my cat who isn't allowed in the house, and no people. They are not allowed to even open my door.
My plan is to quarantine like this for 2 weeks. I may try to see my dogs because they will be lonely and I miss them so much, but I am so scared. How likely is it for me to get sick? What else can I do?
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2023.03.29 08:12 ImClvudii No Assessment Email

So I had applied for a Retail Sales Consultant position near me & I had completed & submitted the application, then my dashboard said that there was an action required & that i was emailed an assessment test but...I haven't received such assessment email. I don't know if this means I was instantly rejected or not but I need help.
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2023.03.29 08:11 DontWeDoItInTheRoad I haven't listen to much Em yet, but after listening to the MMLP a few times this is my ranking so far. let me know your thoughts!

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2023.03.29 08:11 YourFreelanceWriter AZ Aldi- Dollar Tree × Trader Joe's?

I have heard about Aldi for years, and I was excited for one to open up somewhat near my house in the Phoenix metro area.
But is not that impressive? I expected more? It's not as inexpensive as I thought it would be.
It honestly reminds me of a hybrid of a Dollar Tree and Trader Joe's.
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2023.03.29 08:10 whatsascreenname Pregnant cat near labour can't keep food down, it's been about 1.5 days of this

Basically the title. I'm fostering a lovely, sweet mama kitty pregnant with her first litter of 5 kittens. She is super friendly so the foster org thinks she was raised in a house and then abandoned.
She's right near term and showing signs of labour happening soon. Her appetite has been on/off for about 3 days and you can see a *ton* of movement in her belly - her babies must be doing kung fu in there and are getting ready to come out!
However, for the last day and a half she has been vomiting. Her stomach was empty at first, this afternoon she ate some kibble and threw up about half of it. She ate some more this evening and threw up again a few hours later, no kibble this time.
Should I be worried? I know vomiting can happen during the first phase of labour but this has gone on longer than 6-12 hours. She seems very close to term but is not showing other signs of being in labour yet. She won't let me leave the room without meowing like mad, so I'm staying with her. What do I do?
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2023.03.29 08:10 Beelzebubbbbles 41M, 7 months sober, 70 lbs down and never going back

Last august I had my ex-gf and best friend die as I held her hand in the hospital. The consequences of drinking never really hit me until I saw her there in the bed, yellowed skin and being given morphine every half hour. The sound of her lasts breaths will stick with me forever. I tried my damndest to drink myself to death while trying to maintain some what of a normal life.
I dont know what changed or clicked but one day I just went to the get a gym membership and never looked back. I dont preach or get on my other friends about their drinking but I've never been more convinced that alcohol is just a poison. It was detrimental to every aspect of my life. Mentally, physically, socially, professionally. I dont want it any where near my life any more.
I let her down by not being a better person, so wrapped up in my own depression and self medication that I couldnt see what was happening to her. I'm living a better life for my Meredith and dont intend to ever let her memory down. Its a constant fight but I know now that I'm strong enough to face it. The next time a friend needs me, I will be there.
Anyways, thats my ramblings for the day. Thanks to those who took the time to read it.
To anyone struggling, I'm there with you and for you. Good luck, I love you all.
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2023.03.29 08:09 BedroomOk8200 Cool Lighting Technique I Noticed

Cool Lighting Technique I Noticed
I saw the movie recently when it was available in the theater near me and I noticed that they were frequently using the lighting technique where they constantly revolve the main light source on the subject's face, changing how the face of the subject looks drastically. For reference, see the video linked.
In the movie, it was used for Michelle Yeoh's character, Evelyn, seemingly whenever they were showing montages of quick universe glimpses. It seems to me that the changing look effect that this technique had on faces was used to emphasize the different versions of Evelyn in the different universes shown.
Anyways, besides sharing it just because I thought it was cool, I wanted to know:
-is there a formal name for this technique? -has it been used before in any other popular movies?
I'm no film buff, so if it's actually a common technique that I just never noticed before, I wouldn't be surprised, but I just remember seeing this video on Youtube way back and I was just amazed to see it explicitly used here.
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2023.03.29 08:09 Neuxo_ Stuck between my best friend and another potential love interest

I am M(22) and my bestfriend is F(23). We met in high school after we both ended our long term relationships and both decided to be strictly FWB. This carried on for a long while and we became really close to each other until she admitted to me that she had feelings for me. I did not feel comfortable at the time in being in a committed relationship and was not sure on my feelings towards her. So we both decided to continue how we were being really close friends along with the benefits meanwhile being exclusive to each other. This went on for a few years and we continued to be basically "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" but without the official labels. We hanged out together nearly everyday and would constantly talk on the daily together.
Slowly after time I began to develop feelings for her and was deciding on whether or not to make it official between us. But during this time she moved away for college and we could only see each other a couple times a month. So I figured being in a long distance relationship would be difficult for the both of us. We both decided to become strictly friends with no benefits whatsoever after that and it has been that way for about over half a year. We continue to talk on the daily and we are still each others closest friends who have shared many life experiences together.
I recently reconnected with an old acquittance F(23) and we hit it off and began hanging out together and talking daily as well. While it has been strictly a friendship, she has began demonstrating feelings towards me and I am unsure about my own feelings towards her as a love interest considering I am stuck on my bestfriend who will be moving back in half a year. I have started developing some sort of feelings towards my acquittance as well but fear committing to her due to the thought of losing my bestfriend who I have confused feelings about.
Now I am stuck between choosing a potential love interest in the present or my bestfriend in the future. If I choose to commit to the potential love interest, I am losing my closest bestfriend of 4 years who I may or may not have a relationship with in the near future. I fear losing both my bestfriend and my old acquittance as we have grown quite close. It feels like I am at a standstill not sure which direction to take that doesn't hurt anyone.
Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.
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2023.03.29 08:08 FunkyAddy I hate 311 now

I grew up loving 311. “Down” and the Blue album as a whole, got me hooked. Then I went back to ‘Music’ and ‘Grassroots’, got more hooked, all while ‘Transistor’ was newly released. That was the time to be a 311 fan. then a few years later, ‘Soundsystem’ released (superb record). “Come Original” debuted on TRL at #8 with Nick and SA live on air. Thats when I knew it was all downhill from here. Sure enough it was, in terms of rock songs. They later had “Amber” and Cure cover, “Love Song” reaching some kind of popularity. but nothing matching the Blue album’s recognition.
I just watched a live video of them from last year and holy fuck did I cringe many times. Both Nick and SA just look like fucking nerds up there, like 30+ years of touring has made them MORE awkward.?! How does that happen? Tim and Nut dont move around nearly as much as they used to but don’t look nearly as awkward, and Chad looks like he’s too tied into the click to realize he’s even playing a show. Not to mention, the songs they played were among the weakest in their catalogue.
WTF happened?? Is Nick that much of a control freak that the band must water down? They got rad tunes. Why dont they utilize their strengths?
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2023.03.29 08:06 Thrwaway9008 20 chub hairy 5.5 in

Looking to do some carplay and jerk off with someone and cum. 5’8 210 wm. Near alameda and havana Add me on snap josh_k80
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2023.03.29 08:06 healingtouche Provide your Child with the Best Eye Care Service in Delhi

Provide your Child with the Best Eye Care Service in Delhi
Your child must receive the greatest medical attention possible as a parent. This is crucial when it comes to eye care because untreated eye issues can have long-term effects. Your child’s vision health may depend on you finding a local Child Eye Specialist Near Me. Provide your Child with the Best Eye Care Service in Delhi.

Pediatric ophthalmologists, also referred to as child eye specialists, are medical professionals who focus on the identification and management of eye conditions in young patients. These professionals are prepared to handle the particular difficulties children’s eye health presents since they have additional training in paediatric eye care. Healing Touch Eye Center is one of the most reputed eye care hospitals in Vikaspuri and Janakpuri, Delhi, with its team of professionals and modern equipment Healing Touch is a revolutionary name when it comes to eye care. Dr Piyush Kapoor eye specialist at Healing Touch Eye centre has years of experience in the eye care industry and is also known to provide the best eye care services.

Services at Healing Touch Eye Center

Patients of all ages, including children, can receive a variety of eye care services at Healing Touch Eye Centre. Some of our services consist of:
  • •Pediatric eye exams: Pediatric ophthalmologists at Healing Touch Eye Centre are experts in doing thorough eye exams on kids of all ages. For your child’s comfort and to avoid any stress, they make use of kid-friendly tools and methods.
  • •Treatment for amblyopia: Amblyopia, also referred to as lazy eye, is a condition that impairs vision in one or both eyes. To aid your child’s eyesight, Healing Touch Eye Centre offers amblyopia treatment alternatives including patching, atropine pills, and vision therapy.
  • Treatment for Strabismus: Strabismus, often known as crossed eyes, is a condition where the eyes are not correctly aligned. To address this disease, Healing Touch Eye Centre provides solutions such as vision therapy, surgery, and corrective eyewear.
  • •Controlling myopia: Nearsightedness, often known as myopia. It is a disorder that makes distant things appear fuzzy. Healing Touch Eye Centre offers myopia management alternatives such as orthokeratology (ortho-k) lenses and atropine drops to assist slow down the progression of myopia in youngsters.
  • •Contact lens fittings and a large assortment of glasses are available for kids of all ages at Healing Touch Eye Centre. Your child may require a specific set of glasses or contact lenses, which their optometrists can assist you in locating.
To sum up, Healing Touch Eye Centre in Vikaspuri and Janakpuri. Healing Touch Eye Centre provides a wide range of paediatric eye care services. Such as paediatric eye exams, amblyopia and strabismus treatment, myopia control, glasses, and contact lens fittings. It is the perfect location for children to receive top-notch eye treatment thanks to their team of specialists and kid-friendly equipment. Provide your Child with the Best Eye Care Service in Delhi
What makes Healing Touch the best choice for eye treatment?
• Pediatric specialization: Dr. Piyush Kapoor’s eye specialist has vast experience in treating children’s eye issues. He is a specialist in handling the special requirements of children.
• Child-friendly environment: Healing Touch has a kid-friendly setting that can assist reduce anxiety. And make the kid feel more at ease throughout the eye exam or treatment.
• Advanced technology: Our hospital has state-of-the-art eye care types of equipment with the latest technology to offer more precise diagnoses and treatments. Which can improve the outcomes for kids.
• Experienced doctors and personnel: Our experienced doctors and staff give high-quality care. And have the required skills to handle any potential issues that may develop during treatment.
Note: Also Please Like Share and Comment on a Facebook Page.
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2023.03.29 08:06 ruchikatomar23 Preschool for 4 Year Olds Near Me

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2023.03.29 08:04 distasj No more

Have been struggling with quitting over the last month Managed to quit for 7 says before a stressful situation triggered me to buy a packet Dad had a triple bypass and grandfather so in my history. Today found out mum had a minor one that she didn't even know about it previously I had a blood test last year with high cholesterol and sugar . After that I lost nearly 20kg but couldn't get rid of the darts. Haven't had my blood tested sjnce I'm throwing this packet away now , vowing to never have a puff again Going to get blood rechecked next wek Hoping for support and tips on what helps others to stay quit for good
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2023.03.29 08:03 BankingBaOps Scrum or lean six sigma green belt cert for Citi Bank in 1 year

Should I pursue a lean six sigma green belt from my university costs 3k?
I am currently a senior at my University. I just got the offer to join Wells Fargo in their OPs department upon my graduation. I need to go to a different state to work for a year starting this July 2023.
I want to back to where I live, and the only bank near me is Citi Bank. I am interested in pursuing a career in Business Analyst and Operations. Will a lean six sigma green belt cert have me find something at Citi in a year after Wells Fargo?
I need to stay where I live right now to take care of my single mom.
I am open to any suggestions and advice! Thank you!
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2023.03.29 08:02 Fun_Woodpecker_3405 Pushing COVID tests fails to account that some stores are just so much easier to push COVID tests out at

Floater pharmacist whose seen the COVID test push for extra hours, and a lot of pharmacies in my district, because they are not begging for extra tech hours. Like stores where if u r a part timer with full availability, ur getting 35-40 hours a week cuz the store has plenty of hours, and the place is just constantly too slammed to bother.
Also, at least before the push, stores in more affluent areas, families and grandparents would usually come on the 30 day mark to pick up their tests every 30 days. I notice this that we don't really have to push them in more affluent areas, cuz we already have the multiple full families and all the grandparents who are gonna come in to get them on the daily. I worked at stores that do much higher volume in lower socioeconomic areas, yet do way fewer COVID tests on the daily.
Also, hard to push them in stores near college campuses cyz college students dont need a box of them, but those stores tend to be understaffed so the PMs aint begging for extra tech hours.
But areas that are high Medicaid/Medicare and not conservative, once we started pushing the COVID tests , we could send them out left and right and people would keep coming . Have families of 7-8 people who will all get COVID tests, and we'll give them 4 every 2 weeks.
I'm in Massachusetts, but worked in Florida, and comparatively, we are much less conservative but I still hear from stories from techs specifically from a couple pharmacies in my district, about us pushing the COVID propaganda, and patients telling them stuff, like the vaccine gives people COVID, and other anti COVID hysteria. Have heard stories from patients claiming COVID vaccine is leading to mass death and other crazy stuff. One patient said in front of me, I identify as trans-vaccinated, and I was like wtf. I didn't bother but the techs asked what that means to him ,and his explanation I was like Jesus.
Not to get political but a lot of these same people are on Medicaid when conservatives were tryna cut Medicaid, so just food for thought.
Overheard, some people say if CVS is pushing the COVID tests, they must not be good cuz why would CVS be looking out for their health cuz they make money off sick people, and I was like warmer at least comparatively,
Also, you you reach a plateau with a COVID tests, and some of these goals like 250 scripts a week are just super unrealistic, and they just keep upping the goals. Like yeah we could meet 150 a week easily at first, but now that we've been pushing it for a month, a lot of people that would say yes in the past don't want any more boxes, so we're pushing out way less even when we try yet they keep upping our goals.
Like DL starts with goal of 150 a week, then 175, then 190, then 210, then 250, without realizing you've exhausted ur existing base, cuz they don't want a million boxes, and it's not remotely possible to meet that goal.
The only store where they keep hitting the goals tend to be non-conservative high Medicaid/Medicare areas cuz like 80 percent of people will qualify and u can really just keep upping ur total
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2023.03.29 08:01 TigerAgreeable6809 30M with a few options of MA near me

30M trying to learn realistic self defense.
So i found a place that has Judo twice a week, kind of distant from my home. I always wanted to do Judo but im aware that Judo is hard on the body, specially adults. Good teachers tho. But from what i looked online is takes some time to get decent at Judo.
There is this other place with a big gym near home, where they teach BJJ, go into competitions and stuff, and you pay by class and not a monthly fee. No mandatory branded gi's also. The place is legit. And given my career and stuff paying only for the days i show up seems like a great deal. So far i like this the most.
There is this place near home that has Taekwondo and Hapkido, they seem real nice people with experience (medals and championships won by the teachers) but they dont spar and maybe pad work only. Most of students are children (ofc there are some adults). I dont know if i will learn a lot there, because of the focus of this place, but i honestly think that in a hardcore Hapkido place there is a lot of decent things to learn. That seems a long discussion.
If i try BJJ (or Judo) what kind of minor injuries should i expect?
Should i give the Hapkido place a chance? I dont wanna go into bullshido with knifes and stuff, i just wanna learn enough to hold my own without getting hurt bad enough to interfeer on my career, losing job days etc.
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