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2023.04.01 06:17 Right_Trick_5848 [H] 60-75% Most Payments [W] Amazon GC UK/DE Steam Wallet: Any Currency UK/GBP: Most Gift Cards e.g Sainsburys, Morrisons, Love2shop, Nike, Adidas

~Rates are for paypal G&S, if paypal F&F then 5% less, if anything else then 15% less.
UK: Amazon Physical, Asda, Currys, Argos, Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons, John Lewis, Love2Shop etc @ 75%
UK: Amazon Digital, Nike, Adidas, Justeat, Wickes, Ikea, Screwfix, Deliveroo, Ubereats, Cex, Uber, Game, B&Q, TKMax, Whsmiths, M&S etc @ 70%
Razergold Global/USA @ 70%
Steam: Any currency @ 65%
Amazon DE Germany 60%
Star.bucks: Any currency @ 55%
~If no proof of source of gift card or low value then 5% less
Some less popular UK gift cards will be lower rate.
***Impersonators (DO NOT TRADE WITH): Right-Trick-5848, righttick_5848 Note the misspellings, note the dash "-" instead of the underscore "_", always verify it is me in PMs
My confirmed trades pinned in my profile (plus GCX registered "Experienced trader")
*can pay by cashapp, transferwise, paypal, skrill, revolut, most crypto listed on binance, ethereum eth, litecoin ltc, bitcoin btc.
gift codes vouchers
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2023.04.01 06:16 2korean PSA: Don't let your AP's obsession with education/universities/prestige wreck you, your self esteem, and your life for years to come

It's a fair statement to say that Asian Americans (in general) are fucking obsessed with getting into their dream schools.
The obsession is one that most of us don't examine that closely. Rather, it just became a part of our identity somewhere along the road paved with AP shitbricks.
If this insane obsession were closely examined, I'd bet a whole bunch of people would realize that they have no fucking clue why they HAVE TO attend XYZ school because in reality, it's the APs obsession that we slowly but surely became brainwashed with/indoctrinated into.
What the fuck are we doing exactly?
Further, if we took a moment and got a bit of clarity, we'd see how much of our teenage years are being wasted away, studying like maniacs, dreaming up ways to be one of the few who are offered admission, freaking out day and night about how it's all going to play out....all while being subjected to AP bullshit.
Moving on...
More often than not, "our" dream school or the "right" school (as per AP standards) are hyper-glorified institutions that are highly ranked by some arbitrary shit like US News and have abysmally low acceptance rates. In conjunction, these factors are the shit that's going to end up making us feel like elite, next-level Asians who shit gold or subpar Asians who have failed at life, failed themselves, failed their families, and deserve to feel like failures for the next 65 years.
I've seen both types. As far as the ones who did not get into their school of choice....
I've seen the guy who dreamed of going to one fucking university since he was 7, aced everything, did all the right shit, and didn't get in. His AP dad made sure his son felt like a fucking loser and never let him live it down.
Reluctantly, this guy went to what he felt was a second rate school. Mired in depression, unable to overcome his sense of failure and feeling like a loser, he dropped out and wandered from job to job, bartender to cashier, fired to fired. To this day, he is immensely depressed and has completely let himself go, whereas before he was a happy, hopeful kid.
His own friend went through the exact same experience. He ended up commiting suicide.
The ones who did get in...
Let me tell you right now kids, just because your homeboy or homegirl got into the OMG-UNIVERSITY and you didn't doesn't mean jack shit.
There are countless students who commit suicide at top ranked colleges and there are countless students who either drop out or are academically dismissed from those institutions.
It is not the holy land. There are no care bears, sunshine, rainbows, and shitting glitter. Depression, anxiety, and stress run rampant and unattended to and then a new obsession comes into the fray in the form of grad school. It never ends, once you let it take over your entire life.
Anecdotal story of sorts:
Two Korean chicks had their respective dream schools. Both chicks were subjected to AP abuse, trauma, and had a fractured sense of self esteem.
Both were admitted into the school of their choice.
One went to Stanford with a partial scholarship. The other went to Berkeley with a full scholarship.
Fast forward 10 years and both chicks are miserable cunts. Their dream school accomplishment didn't mean all that much in the grand scheme of things. Both became women who hurt on the inside, haunted by decades of AP bullshit.
And guess what? Today both chicks laugh at their former selves; those younger iterations of who they were, and all the stupid notions they had that some fucking big ticket was going to give them the keys to the proverbial palace and life would be splendid.
Tldr: don't live for your APs dreams. Create your own dreams, draw inspiration from them and use your brain poweemotional energy/valuable time figuring out how to make decent money doing what makes you happy and inspired...because I promise you, "that" school is not the answer.
Ramble and a half. Hope it helps someone/anyone.
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2023.04.01 06:16 babab0l I did my own scaling since I couldn't find a good one

Most people who scale DS characters either low ball them too much and underestimate the characters or wank them to the heavens so I'm gonna start doing my scaling and share my opinion on this. - I'll be very strict and low-ball a little because I hate wanking characters - we'll be starting with the upper moon 6 our second favorite pair of siblings gyutaro and daki and make our way up to muzan. - I started with them because they're the most characters that are chaotic in scaling some people put them at low as building level ahem vsbw and some lunatic put them at outer since gyutaro said he could kill Buddha. - let's start with gyutaro : he's the elder sibling and the stronger of the two he's also the true holder of the rank upper 6 so he's the more relevant of the two
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2023.04.01 06:15 Mr_macguyser BEGINNINGS

So, hello! I'm Matrix, I'm 22m and recently was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes. It was ignored for a long time and I'm.... Very behind on managing sugar levels.
My A1C was 12 in February and my BS was 498 on that day. I've since gotten it down to a 200 fasting and spikes of around 260-300. I'm aware this is still not at all good. I'm on a fast acting and a slow acting insulin pen. (Humalog and Levemir.) It's been, rough to say the least. Is it normal to feel like shit within like an hour of insulin? I always get gas-like abdominal pain and even some mild chest pain, it's worse at the last injections of the night so I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong.
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2023.04.01 06:15 melodylemonaderocky Nets Tickets StubHub Coupon Code

Check out the link for Nets Tickets StubHub Coupon Code. Once on the website, you'll have access to a variety of coupons, promo codes, and discount deals that are updated regularly to help you save on your purchase.
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2023.04.01 06:15 lupusmortuus I am fishing SO much garbage

I took a break from Stardew for a few months, but I don't remember fishing up this much trash when I last played. Consistently, I'm catching significantly more garbage than fish at a ratio of about 4:1. I was able to complete Linus' quest in a single morning which was nice, but it's not so nice for quests that involve fishing, or for trying to catch fish in general. Fortunately I finished the fish bundle in the Community Center before it really became a problem.
It's happening everywhere too. On my beach farm, on the regular beach, in the river, in the lake. The majority of my hits during the fishing minigame at the fair were trash. Over the course of the Night Market I spent from 6-12 each night fishing in the submarine. I caught 7 midnight squids, 3 spookfish, 1 blobfish, and 38 seaweed. This is also with level 10 fishing and an iridium rod, complete with bait and a dressed spinner. It's been going on for a few in-game weeks. I've been building some fish ponds so the excess of seaweed has been helpful, but ironically I'm catching almost no green algae either. And it only took me 4 casts to snag a lava eel.
Is there something weird going on with the trash rates? I've heard a couple other reports of people catching almost only trash, but generally either their fishing level was low or they were at the standard farm pond. That plus the fact the game hasn't updated since this started happening leads me to believe I just have comically bad luck
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2023.04.01 06:15 HannaVictoria Otome Villainess(/Villain) Concepts & House Rules (making your own encouraged!) + 3rd party dlc with the nsfl picture censored :
Story Concepts
*Early Start+Peggy Sue-In Character= If the 'heroine' enters the story earlier there is more time to thwart her attempts to thwart the 'villainess', be it with power of friendship or with a plot.
*Fierce Foe(2x+)+Peggy Sue=A reason for Fierce Foe.
*True Villainy+Peggy Sue=Might not be an alternate timeline
*Yuri Heroine/Yaoi Hero+There's Two of Them/Double Route = Doesn't have to be the fiance, but it could also be all of them. Could result in a *very* complicated polycules (good luck with societies that pass property strictly using lineage)
*Dark Secret->Poor Reputation: the secret gets out and morphs into the other flaw.
*Matriarchy/Patriarchy+Behind Every Great (Wo)man= The one of the favored gender acts as a "face" for their combined ambitions. In cases both partners in crime are the disfavored gender, an accomplice can stand in.
*Matriarchy+Patriarchy= Very Rigid Gender roles. Oppression and privilege is universal, gender only determines which version your snared in. Villain & Villainess would need to work together to navigate this. (Might be a good idea to encourage the heroine right these wrongs specifically)
*Double Route+Equal Friend/Enemy= could make for a powerful ally if not choosing to steer the heroine down their path. Could burn bridges if the opposite.
NPC Concepts:
*Equal Friendship+Equal Enemy=Two Faced
*Ghost In The Flesh+Surprisingly Useful Skill= The player has taught the villainess the skill for some reason
*Behind Every Great Woman+Any Minion=same concept, but with any minion. Even stronger if applied to heroine's companions!
*A.I.+High Magic=Sentient Golem that can exist in all tech levels
*Admirer(Fiance)+In Love=You are his Queen, and that history is going to be there no matter what. But if you really cross the line, the betrayal he feels will be very personal possibly netting you a bigger heep of trouble
*Admirer(Fiance)->Villain DLC= use the villain DLC to make a demon with the face of an angel... or maybe this devil isn't so bad after all? Construct a fiance using the DLC flaws, traits, etc.
*Game<->DLC= Use DLC's masculine traits to make a prince or exchange the DLCs masc traits for their femme counterparts to make a feminine minion.
*Resourceful Servant+Minion of Your Own(maid/butler)= A servant lower on the totem pole that answers to them.
*Goddess of Beauty+Unattractive= The two cancel each other out in such a way its a complete coin toss which trait will effect a given person. Will they see the beauty or its flaws?
*Most Traits+Anything You Can Do...= She is godlike at your Marvelous Talents, Magical Prodigy when your a Magic User & will revolutionize it if your a Prodigy, Goddess of Battle to your Lady of Battle, Scientific Revolution means a Medieval society may have Steampunk Spaceships in her lifetime.
Ghost in the Flesh Interactions:
*Ghost in the Flesh<->Mental traits & flaws= different minds, different strengths and skills. Useful as allies, dangerous if enemies.
*Not A Fan+Ghost in the Flesh: Under normal circumstances the original villainess would (presumably) only have her counterparts word of her fate? Here, they'd both be in the dark? Both seem pretty story rich.
Alternate Endings/Paths:
*Criminal Underworld: Inspired by the Delinquent trait, basically she climbs her way up the ladder & becomes Queen of Crime. Two versions: one where this was her fallback & another where she's leading a double life. Can result in escaping the consequences of Nunnery, Exile and Death (at least for awhile)
*Seize The Means of Production!: It takes some serious guts to organize the common man against your former peers, but the Impoverished Villainess is doing just that! Why do they trust her? Good question. Lots of story to explore there.
*Adventure in a Far Off Land: Exile worked out pretty well for them. Perhaps they married an emperor, perhaps they found a god tier artifact? Regardless, they maybe might be able to try returning to their homeland as say... a conqueror? If they so chose.
*Power Behind the Throne: Disgrace ending subverted through not playing by their rules. Backroom deals, blackmail, extortion, maybe some assassination. They have no "true" power, people may not even know their the puppeteer, but they're there!
*Mother Superior: Contrary to popular belief, there were way worse lives to have in the middle ages than a nun. While the real world church did a lot to curb nuns power, they could still amass a surprising amount of temporal power. And the not taking Patriarchy could effectively uncap that.
*Death is only the Beginning: Has she crawled up from hell or descended from the heavens? Ghosts are often benign, benevolent or malevolent. What she is would depend on who she was.
Wait, what if they actually want to be the Villainess?:
*The Graft: Society is inherently corrupt in ways the Villainess can use to their advantage.
*Pay no attention to the Box!: Uncharacteristically stealthy for a woman of standing.
*Righteous Support: A genuinely good (or flawed but with good principles) organization is 100% behind the villainess. This does not per se make them against the heroine though.
*???: OP is a diehard good playthrough type & this is honestly starting to get upsetting to think about.
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2023.04.01 06:15 tyronpiteauvl [Method] TikTok Geo Targeting From Any Country To Any Country Bonus TikTok Android / iOS Stitch Method Download

[Method] TikTok Geo Targeting From Any Country To Any Country Bonus TikTok Android / iOS Stitch Method Download
[Method] TikTok Geo Targeting From Any Country To Any Country Bonus TikTok Android / iOS Stitch Method Download (28.4 MB)
What You Get?

WHAT I AM OFFERING?Online course with tutorials and videos.

MANY QUESTIONS EVERYDAY ON BHW: -how to target TikTok to the USA? -how to target TikTok to any country? -how to bypass TikTok shadowban? -why do my videos have zero views? -why do my videos have <500 views? -how to get the TikTok stitch method? -what proxy we can use with TikTok? -what vpn use with TikTok?
THE COURSE: My new course will teach you exactly how to trick TikTok and make it treat you as a normal US user. (or any country you choose). The method is not yet described on the BHW forum. You will be surprised how we configure our devices to become invisible to TikTok. Correct device configuration tutorials with videos, images, and step-by-step instructions.THE TIKTOK STITCH METHOD: Most wanted method for last weeks in the TikTok category a) Android version, how to make TikTok stitch on Android, how to prevent TikTok from fixing the method b) iOS version, how to make TikTok stitch on iOS, how to prevent TikTok from fixing the methodTHE COURSE CONTAINS ALSO MANY OTHER TUTORIALS: -how to create and manage multiple TikTok accounts without turning TikTok red light -changing your videos to bypass TikTok algorithms in several ways: online, Davinci Resolve, Filmora, and FFMPEG with complete code snippets and video tutorials -adult bonus, how to upload adult videos on TikTok without guidelines strikes, how to change them and the source of the material; video tutorials -conversion and basic cloaking, tutorials about using links in TikTok bio, comments, and videos -troubleshooting, where I describe basic problems with TikTok views and guidelines + how to fix themWHAT DO YOU GET? -access to the online course, URL only for buyers! -buyers will receive direct contact to me ask questions
Q: Can TikTok fix targeting? A: TikTok can fix everything, but we are acting like a normal users, for example from the USA. It’s really, really hard to find our location using methods from this courseQ: Can TikTok fix stitch methods? A: They can and they will, but I have posted methods that will prevent TikTok from fixing it for us. Where guys from the forum will have a problem, buyers will have a working solution TikTok can start to stop pushing these videos and this is the only situation we will not fixQ: Show me your money! A: This is not a money-making method. This is the correct targeting method, bypassing TikTok detection, bonus methods like stitchQ: What is the stitch method? A: This is for people who know what is and they hardly want to get it. Also, it’s the bonus method for targeting method Q: What I can do with that method? A: What do you want! Promote CPA? Promote OnlyFans models? Dropshipping? Sell Clickbank or own products? It’s up to you Q: Why you are selling it? A: For money. There is a place on TikTok and there is hype for TikTok. There are billions of accounts and videos on TikTok. 90 more smart people will not make a difference. Q: What is the investment? A: $15 for proxy, $1-$3 for SIM card. You need to have also phone, laptop, or desktop with a Windows system. It’s possible to do with Mac OS, but it’s the harder way Please note, if you start uploading more you need a bigger investment in proxy for a longer period. Q: Is it the online website with videos and tutorials? A: Yes, but you cannot see the URL. Reason are hackers who will try to leak it without paying. Below you have screenshots of my website Q: Do you guarantee I will make money? A: No, it’s not the money-making method Q: Do you guarantee that my videos will get views? A: No, because except for the correct targeting, it’s very important what you are uploading. TikTok is not the magic box with millions of views. If your videos are not interesting to people you will not cross 1000 views with them. The USA market is also saturated. I suggest trying less saturated markets like the UK or Brazil
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2023.04.01 06:14 Sorin61 Exploring Edible Mushrooms for Diabetes: Unveiling Their Role in Prevention and Treatment [03 - 2023

Diabetes mellitus is a complex illness in which the body does not create enough insulin to control blood glucose levels. Worldwide, this disease is life-threatening and requires low-cost, side-effect-free medicine. Due to adverse effects, many synthetic hypoglycemic medications for diabetes fail. Mushrooms are known to contain natural bioactive components that may be anti-diabetic; thus, scientists are now targeting them.
Mushroom-derived functional foods and dietary supplements can delay the onset of potentially fatal diseases and help treat pre-existing conditions, which leads to the successful prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes, which is restricted to the breakdown of complex polysaccharides by pancreatic-amylase and the suppression of intestinal-glucosidase.
Many mushroom species are particularly helpful in lowering blood glucose levels and alleviating diabetes symptoms. Hypoglycaemic effects have been observed in investigations on Agaricussu brufescens, Agaricus bisporus, Cordyceps sinensis, Inonotus obliqus, Coprinus comatus, Ganoderma lucidum, Phellinus linteus, Pleurotus spp., Poria cocos, and Sparassis crispa. For diabetics, edible mushrooms are high in protein, vitamins, and minerals and low in fat and cholesterol.
The study found that bioactive metabolites isolated from mushrooms, such as polysaccharides, proteins, dietary fibers, and many pharmacologically active compounds, as well as solvent extracts of mushrooms with unknown metabolites, have anti-diabetic potential in vivo and in vitro, though few are in clinical trials.
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2023.04.01 06:14 FalseGod46 Time to rant about her latest vlog

Okay so in her latest vlog she basically gets the Eurostar to Paris and does nothing for a whole day and then the vlog jumps to her being back in Utah.
First of all she manages to utter a compliment about the Eiffel Tower without suffering from a brain haemorrhage so I'm super duper proud of her! Then immediately afterwards states she won't go up the Eiffel Tower as the line to get in is huge (yet done LOTS of previous research and totally could've booked tickets before getting there but she was clearly feeling quirky and spontaneous!!!) and complains that you have to pay to walk up lots of stairs. The entitlement was oozing only a couple of minutes into the vlog.
She then goes on to say that they want to try some of the local..... French food. I put lots of dots because it actually took her a few minutes to think of what type of cuisine France is famous for. It's okay honey, we can tell from the size of your forehead that it takes a while for thoughts to translate into words, hell the Eurostar journey is probably quicker! She then almost said Italian food and asked her dad where Italian food was from... I don't need to come up with some snarky comment here because the idiocy speaks for itself.
Whilst traipsing through Paris she goes on to say that they are just going to check out some food places and shops because they aren't 'educated' enough for any of the monuments and museums to go and see them... and here was me thinking that museums and monuments were places for people to go and LEARN about history. I didn't know you need a whole ass art degree in order to visit the Louvre! The sheer level of ignorance is amazing, I'm honestly impressed at the level of disinterest she has yet she made so much effort to go there and essentially waste a day of her holiday. You go girl!
Basically she sucks and her vlogs do not do London or Paris justice.
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2023.04.01 06:14 PromoCoupons2020 { 25OFF } Papa John's Free Delivery Code 50% Off 2023

{ 25OFF } Papa John's Free Delivery Code 50% Off 2023
Papa Johns Promo Codes 50 Off Entire Meal 2023
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  • Papa Johns Promo Codes 50 Off Entire Meal 2023: GET30
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Papa Johns Coupon Code 2023
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2023.04.01 06:14 niqhtclub b4 tracer vod review request

im mainly a support main but i played tracer back in ow1, so i do know a bit of what im doing. i (think) i did ok this game for my level, but im wondering what i could have done diffrently and how to improve. at the end, i was just trying to stall for my team, so pls ignore that lol
code - [GSN3Y7] map - circut royale user - asmoday characters played - just tracer lol
any feedback would be appritated <3
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Bringing your business back online after a crisis or natural disaster is known as business continuity (BC). The management of unexpected "lights out" events within your organization is the focus of BC. However, there is a limit, which is defined by the number of outages. You can primarily plan for four outage scenarios: vendor outage, site outage, people or skill outage, and technology outage.
The essential steps for a comprehensive business continuity plan are outlined below.
  1. Determining which activities are essential to the mission and require a continuity plan. To evaluate the necessity for BCP, one requirement is to figure out a big business setting. A unit of an organization is broken up into mission-critical teams and services like revenue-generating services (RGS) for businesses that make money, customer-facing services for non-profits, essential infrastructure services (EIS) like power, utilities, IT, and security, and delayed start services (DSS), which are services that can wait until an emergency occurs. You can prioritize recovery with this assessment. EIS recovered first, RGS recovered second, and DSS recovered last.📷
  2. A business term called "maximum tolerable period of disruption" (MTPOD) indicates how many hours you are willing to be out of business. The degree of tolerance varies from organization to service. For a bank, it may be insignificant, while for the service industry, it may be insignificant. Prescriptive, not indicative). Because it determines the speed of recovery strategies, it is critical to agree on this term.
  3. Recovery time objective (RTO) is a metric for planning for continuity. It responds to inquiries like "how quickly do we plan" to recover? This is by and large set at 75% of the MTPOD esteem.
  4. Determine the minimum service target following a disaster using minimum service levels (MSL). The question can be "what minimum services are to be guaranteed as per SLA agreed" for organizations whose service delivery is customer-facing. You may have two or more layers of recovery as an organization, starting with minimum recovery immediately and scaling up to a recovery level
  5. Continuity Planning: Plan for outages (building not available) rather than events like fire. You probably have event-wise plans already. Those plans are intended to forestall. Planning for interruptions is business continuity. They may generally be 4. Technology outages, people/skills outages, vendor outages, and site outages. They are able to be more, but you get the point. Each needs its own plan. "All preventive controls have failed – now how do we restore?" is the planning assumption.
  6. Continuity Strategies: There are two to three choices for each outage. Skills transfer, a suitable vendor, or an increase in manpower are examples of people outages. Skill insourcing, a different vendor, or increasing capacity from the same vendor are all options for vendor outage planning. Work from home, working from another location, and working from both locations are all examples of location outages. A technology outage can be warm, cold, or hot. Your selection of options is influenced by risk and budget.
  7. Strategies for Testing and Tests: Your continuity strategy is necessary for your testing. All options are available, from reviewing documents on the tabletop to turning off the main power completely. Recovery within RTO should be guaranteed by your test result. Your BCP is as good or bad as how well you do in tests.
  8. Monitoring: Make a dashboard for the purpose of monitoring. Both dynamic and static events should be included in items on the dashboard. A new customer's acquisition is one example of a dynamic event that could challenge all of your current business continuity metrics. Test results and whether they correspond to the intended RTO are examples of static events. You have a great continuity plan in place if you spend 30 minutes a month on the BCM dashboard.
    1. Step 1: Conducting a Business Impact Analysis (BIA): The purpose of a BIA is to determine what your company values most and how long it can operate without it without losing money. If you're a bank, you could say that my customers won't wait outside the ATM if they don't get cash. Using the same logic, ask your customers how long they can wait. This analysis gives you two values: your maximum acceptable outage (MAO) and your revenue generating services (RGS). Both of these - will decide your business coherence plan (BCP). They will answer 'what to reestablish' and 'how quick'?
    2. Step 2: Risk Assessment: This step looks at your readiness to guarantee availability. It identifies your single point of failure for each of the four capabilities: vendor outage, outage of technology, outage of people or skills, and outage of the site. It inquires whether you are prepared or require a strategy. A plan strategy is formed from the flaws that have been found.📷
    3. Step 3: You can choose your business continuity strategy based on your budget and the issues you want to address. Additionally, this is a decision where an imminent failure is likely. There are options for each outage scenario. For instance, for innovation blackout - you have overt repetitiveness, cold site, warm site and hot site.
    4. Step 4: The BC plans, which include a structure for incident management, reflect the list of plans against each scenario, who will do what, and how quickly we will recover, as well as continuity plans based on outages and incident-wise plans. Plans that are written down show your company's formal approach. Without documentation, there is no official "intent."
    5. Step 5: BC Testing The following and most important step is to test the plans on the list above. BC is not possible without testing. Testing approaches start from Tabletop activities (most economical) to Turning off the mains (generally costly) - all choices are accessible relying on the certainty you wish to have. Additionally, determine whether your plans will guarantee the same time as the MAO specifies.
    6. Step 6: Internal Audit: If you want ISO 22301, you should also conduct an internal audit to ensure compliance with all requirements and the MAO objectives. This will prevent the auditors from questioning your overall goals for business continuity.
    7. Step 7: Training and communication are additional components that will guarantee your BC ROI. A more aware populace results in a more aware implementation which reduces the likelihood of failure.
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2023.04.01 06:13 AmirBormand Tagging profiles but using social media posting tool

I have realized most social media posting tools don't tag at the profile level (for example with LinkedIn). What is the strategy for handling that? Let's say I want to mention a guest on a podcast episode...just post it manually in LinkedIn? Or go back to the automated post from Buffer and mention them in the comments?
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2023.04.01 06:12 TroublingSlovakian How do you get good?

I'm level 9 right now and I'm constantly getting shit on by pmcs, I have a 40% survival rate but that's usually only when I don't run into real pmcs, ai scavs/player scavs aren't usually an issue since their gear is shit.
I was ascendant in valorant so I'm fairly good at fps games in general but that doesn't translate to this game at all. The aiming down sight thing feels weird too. Running offline games and killing scavs doesn't feel like good practice either.
I'm almost out of my free edge of darkness gear at this point, but I have 1.3m in the bank. I can't buy m4s except for the barter which is kind of annoying..
Should I just sell all of my nice guns and buy like 10 ak74us and just run factory over and over for practice? I've got a 100k m4 and a 150k 416 and judging by my past gunfights it's probably not worth it for me to take those into raid.
I thought about flaring this post as issue but I figured skill issue wasn't what it meant :'}
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2023.04.01 06:12 MilkCarten34 and its applications (even microsoft) are not responding anymore

This problem is only happening on for some reason. I need help on fixing this problem because I do not know what to do!
Error message on Opera Gx : took too long to respond.
( This problem also affected the website, game launcher, and microsoft version of Roblox )
Edit : Forgot to add error code : ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT
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2023.04.01 06:12 coastraise Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint 2.0 (Updated Course)

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2023.04.01 06:12 trippyv Decisions decisions decisions

A few things about my personal situation: - no super sexy universities or companies in my resume: T10 engineering school (public university), F500 company that's relatively well known - live in the Bay Area, would like to continue working in the Bay Area post graduation but eventually (5-10 years later) see myself moving to Chicago where there's family support - primarily interested in niche tech startups (product, marketing, strategy roles), but want to keep the doors to big tech and MBB open
High level thoughts on each school:
Kellogg - seems to be the safe bet, decent penetration into startups in the Bay Area, amazing for big tech and MBB, love the campus town vibes
Haas - amazing for Bay Area startups, big tech, and Bay Area MBB. Puzzled about whether I will have a network in Chicago when I eventually move, seems a bit lacking when it comes to the depth of classes to choose from (comparatively)
Booth - seems to be the weakest among the three for Bay Area startups, amazing for MBB, good for big tech but again not as great as Kellogg or Haas, not a great fan of the city living during MBA but fan of the flexible curriculum
View Poll
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2023.04.01 06:12 SadPatienceOoh shell-shocked, academics-heavy international RIZZES columbia aos

Posted a more extensive one like a week ago ago here. This is my post-Ivy Day update.
Demographics: southeast asian female, full-pay, private school that sends 1-2 to ivies each year (<100 per cohort), ofc no hooks
Intended Major(s): physics, philosophy, & CS/Math/English depending on school
ECs: leadership position in 2 social justice youth orgs, 1 club leadership position, started school's literary magazine, independent CS/dev projects, music (hobby), club sport (hobby), volunteered at local orphanage, school newspaper, debate club member
Awards: 2 regional math competitions, 2 entrepreneurship competitions, 2 school dept awards (none of them are prestigious, pretty far from AMC/AIME level etc)
*Did not publish anything. Did not "found" anything besides the smallish lit mag. Never did research. Did many of my ECs for only 1-2 years bcs I moved around schools a lot.
Essays: Common app was unconventional and philosophical (yet personal), perhaps to the point of being slightly strange. Supplementals varied but my best ones (Yale, Columbia, Amherst) would be 8-9/10; worst ones (Stanford lol) probably 5/10.
Recs: Probably very good, 7-9/10 (at least according to my counselor). Very close with 2 of my recommenders. One teacher offered to write me an additional rec so I submitted 3 + counselor.
Other: Submitted creative writing portfolio to Columbia & Swarthmore for fun, probably had no impact though since I was never published in magazines. Just wrote for fun (& catharsis).

Accepted: COLUMBIA, Swarthmore, (Oxford with full ride)
Rejected: Williams, Amherst, Yale, Stanford
Waitlisted: Wellesley

  1. My amazing school counselor always emphasized "fit", and while I always thought it made sense, actually going through the admissions cycle made me believe in it 100%. I'm not discounting the fact that I got a MASSIVE amount of luck here, or that many applicants demonstrating fit were still rejected, but the schools I got into are the places where I could truly see myself thriving while fully being myself. Where I exemplified the qualities explicitly spelled out in the college's admissions websites (which yall should definitely scour!) or implied through their curriculum, essay prompts, etc.
  2. Not everyone has or needs insane ECs of the caliber I see in this sub to get in. When I discovered A2C at the end of junior year, I lost all hope and thought I had near-zero chance of getting into a T50, let alone a T20 (whatever that means). But I genuinely believe that some applicants, perhaps many, may be valued for "softer" and more abstract parts of their application like the vibe they bring or way of thinking. Or something completely different. If anything, the rigidly constructed profiles I often see on this sub might backfire for being too cookie-cutter or unrealistic—but this is just my very limited and subjective take.
  3. On the other hand, this sub has been IMMENSELY helpful in the essay writing process. I am extremely grateful to the ex-AOs and private counselors here for providing extensive guides and advice FOR FREE, and for your deep insight into college admissions and life in general.
  4. Essays don't have to be the most polished, well-written, New Yorker-worthy thing you ever wrote. What's far more important is that they actually reveal something meaningful about you. I wrote my essays in a massive time crunch bcs of procrastination & personal reasons, and while I think I'm a pretty good writer, they sounded slightly awkward upon rereading. However, they were highly personal, something nobody else could have written.
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2023.04.01 06:11 RSracks Question about ngu idle item sets

Can I delete an item once its level 100 even if i can't get the rest of the set yet, for example the tuba of time, its in a set collection where I won't be able to complete for a long whilst due to the rest of the items unlocked at later levels. So can I delete the tuba of time and still get the set bonus later on in time or do I need it in the inventory
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2023.04.01 06:11 HaiBrim How long do replacement titles take to arrive in the Mail?

I am waiting on my title to trade in my car (literally the last thing I’m waiting for) and I went to my county tag office on Monday (March 27th) to request a replacement title since I lost mine previously. As of Friday morning the status of my title stated that it was printed (and assumed mailed.) With the title only going from one zip code to another in the same city, I figured it wouldn’t take that long but was curious. How long did it take for you to get your replacement title?
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2023.04.01 06:11 autotldr 10 Chinese aircraft cross Taiwan Strait median line, island’s defence ministry says

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 33%. (I'm a bot)
Ten Chinese aircraft crossed the Taiwan Strait median line, normally an unofficial barrier between the mainland and the island, Taiwan's defence ministry has said.
Nine Chinese fighter jets and one military drone crossed the median line in the 24 hours to 6am on Saturday, the ministry said in its daily report on Chinese military activities.
Taiwan sent aircraft to warn away the Chinese aircraft, while missile systems monitored them, the ministry said, using standard wording for its response.
Taiwan, which China claims as its own territory, has complained in recent years of almost daily missions by the Chinese air force near the democratically governed island, often in the south-western part of its air defence identification zone.
China staged war games around Taiwan in August after the then speaker, Nancy Pelosi, visited Taipei and has continued military activities near Taiwan, though on a reduced scale.
Separately, nine Chinese aircraft crossed the median line on Friday carrying out combat readiness patrols, a move that Taiwan's defence ministry said "Deliberately created tension" and undermined peace and stability.
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