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2023.03.27 19:41 MuddlingThru82 Entirely lost and desperate for help

I have been trying to create a personal Facebook account with my real name, real info, etc. A few months ago, I created it with my personal email address - that I never give out. I was shut down, I don't remember if it was right away but I think so. Maybe it was my picture, which I've used elsewhere on the web. To be fair, I go by my married name personally and my maiden name professionally. I appealed and was denied, Community Standards, I don't know why. I didn't even get a chance to post a single thing for cripe's sake! Just found another appeal link online to upload ID. I added my driver's license which (of course) matches my face & name. Immediate message - previous appeal was final, 180d had passed (which I'm surprised at but whatever).
Today I tried to create an account with another email, mostly my real name (real first, part of last) and my face pic. I entered some of my info and asked some family to "friend" me. I didn't want it to look like I was creating a shell account and violate CS. Somewhere I must have made a mistake - I got a warning that I was adding too fast & at risk of violating CS but that made no sense? Just by adding my college & previous employers, places lived? I wanted my friends to be able to find me. Maybe I shouldn't have used my pic and put up a picture of a tree or my feet!
This is insane. I've easily created accounts for my dog, cat, kids - with no personal pictures and without generic last names (especially for my kids - and yes, they were of age). I even have another junk account with a pic of a movie character. But I can't have a real pic of me?
I'm not sure what to do. I'm locked out of truly legitimate ways of creating my own real account. Thus I guess I need to try AGAIN to create a personal account, albeit a little more carefully (stealthily). I'm not sure if it's:
  1. My IP address (try TOR, cell phone not on wifi, library computer, changing my sub address on my router since my family's had no issues? I don't have a VPN)?
  2. Adding detailed info or face pic?
  3. I'm used a different email address since my main is now permanently locked out - maybe I can't use Apple's Hide My Email? I have a bunch of gmail and yahoo email addresses I could use.
What is it that's getting me flagged? After I create a new account, how long would I have to wait to change Dog Name to my Real Name without getting shut down? Can I add a depixilated pic of me eventually?
The irony abounds. I can create fake accounts for forums and the stupid games I used to play, but I can't create a real account for me because Meta says I'm not me & by my own nature, I violate Community Standards.
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2023.03.27 19:40 dgfhddghhvxb Rachel Zegler lands next movie role with Scream 6 and Sabrina stars

Y2K will be a millennial comedy film. West Side Story star Rachel Zegler has landed her next movie role in upcoming comedy Y2K.
According to Deadline, Zegler will star alongside Scream 6 star Mason Gooding and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's Lachlan Watson.
The film, which has been written by Evan Winter, is set on New Year's Eve 1999 and sees two school students decide to crash a party before the new millennium. However, when the clock hits midnight, the evening becomes more wild than anyone could've imagined.
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2023.03.27 19:39 JuneBeary 21F - Looking for friends to game or watch movies with!

Hello! I’m Juni! I’m here looking for people that I click with and can game with! My friend and I are actually gonna be gaming or watching a movie later today if anyone wants to join!
Recently I’ve been playing
I have a lot of fun texting friends through out the day when I’m working as it makes the day go by so much faster! I also love to call and game/watch movies and such when I have free time. I’m usually around to game at night :) I tend to have crackhead energy sometimes so watch out for that lmao. SOmething else I love is spoopy horror movies! I am obsessed with dinos and would love anything to do with them. Oh! And I have an old lil yorkie named Bear.
I actually have an about me link pinned on my profile where you can learn more about me and what I enjoy! <3
If you’re down to talk, shoot me a message with some info about you! 18-30 only please! Have a great rest of your day!
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2023.03.27 19:38 salamislam897 Worldwide Box office income of John Wick chapter 4.

Baba Yaga has punched his way into cinemas worldwide in a pulse-raising fashion. Lionsgate's John Wick: Chapter 4 has taken the global box office by storm this weekend, with a franchise-best opening of $73.5 million in North American Cinemas and a staggering $137.5 million worldwide. The Keanu Reeves gun-slinging action vehicle debuted at number one in all the 71 international markets it screened in this weekend, culminating in $64 million in overseas earnings, blowing away all pre-release estimates. So yeah, we're thinking he's back.
The hype train has been rolling along at high speed in the build-up to John Wick: Chapter 4's release thanks to a killer marketing campaign and the results are plain for all to see. Audiences have raved at the film, driving huge numbers to theaters and earning the film an A CinemaScore—also a franchise-best—and critics have also been loving the visceral on-screen offering that only Mr. Wick can provide, as the film boasts an impressive 95% Certified Fresh Rotten Tomatoes Score. John Wick: Chapter 4 started the weekend by earning $8.9 million in Thursday previews and a further $29.4 million on Friday, leading to predictions for a franchise-best $70 million-plus opening weekend and Reeves, along with director Chad Stahelski and a stellar-supporting cast have delivered.
John Wick: Chapter 4 played at 3,855 locations as well as 1,692 premium format screens such as IMAX. The franchise-best numbers were drawn from an audience of 69% male and 70% over 25. Internationally, the audience was more diverse across the board, but John Wick: Chapter 4's audience as a whole has come together to generate a number of incredible milestones. The film is only the ninth in the last four decades that has set a franchise record with its fourth installment and of those nine movies, John Wick: Chapter 4 is among five that have continued a trend of eclipsing the box office success of its predecessor. John Wick opened to $14 million, John Wick: Chapter 2 opened to $30.4 million and John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum previously held the franchise benchmark with $56.8 million. The records for John Wick: Chapter 4 extend outside the franchise as well—becoming the biggest R-rated opening post-pandemic, thwarting 2021's Halloween Kills' return of $49.4 million. In 2023, only one film bettered John Wick: Chapter 4's domestic opening, Disney's Marvel offering Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which saw a return of $106.1 million.
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2023.03.27 19:37 moviesremastered Old Ben Kenobi: The Tusken Raid Edit by Movies Remastered [Movie] (Changes) V1

Old Ben Kenobi: The Tusken Raid Edit by Movies Remastered [Movie] (Changes)
This is a 3 hour movie edit of the Kenobi tv series. The goal was to improve Reva's character completely i.e. making her way more intimidating and menacing as an antagonist. Focusing more on Kenobi from the get go and removing his weakness at the start and giving both Kenobi and Vader more PTSD from their previous encounter. We've also included a bunch of new VFX shots, VOs and 20+ scores from various other Star Wars soundtracks.
This movie now has one of the biggest plot twists since Empire strikes back.
Original Runtime: 5:33:08 MR Cut Runtime: 2:59:34 1920x804p h264 encoder AC3 5.1 Surround Sound Type: TV to Movie - Fanmix Releases only on MR Discord to members with an active Disney+ Subscription. Invite link here:
• Insert Fanedit warning
• Insert MR logo
• Add Disney Star Wars intro
• Add new old ben Kenobi title Scene.
• Remove Nostalgic prequel intro. While this was cool on the first watch, It doesn’t have much impact the second time
• Remove Order 66 intro. While this is a good scene, it was obviously an intro to Reva. I was hoping to use it later in the edit and thankfully that happens.
• Remove intro to inquisitors. I don’t even know where to start with this scene. There were so many things wrong with it that I just removed the whole thing.
• Recolourgrade the entire edit to match the original trilogy colour palette.
• Open with pan down to Desert Stingray and Kenobi at work. We’ve been waiting years to see Kenobi so just open with him. This also allows you to sink slowly into Ben’s life from the start.
• Remove terrible mid wide shot of “worker” literally faking working.
• Cut Jawa saying “You know, you really do stink”
• Remove prequel flashback in Kenobi’s dream sequence. I could write a whole page on why I removed this but a lot of these don’t make sense. Removing them gives a more dramatic jumpcut nightmare feel.
• Remove Luke intro scene. Ben watching Luke from afar makes no sense here. Removing it from this point and adding it later, after Owen warns Ben to stay away lifts Ben and Owens character roles to show they will always do what’s best for Luke.
• Rearrange night shots with Ben and remove one day. This now shows that Ben’s PTSD night terrors have kept him awake all night. He’s now cleans and delivered Luke’s toy, meets the Jedi in the desert and goes to work without sleep.
• Remove parts of the Jedi talking to Kenobi in the desert. Doing this makes the Jedi less familiar with Ben.
• Remove Leia’s whole intro scene. While Leia in the tree was cute, this whole intro just felt like fanservice packed with memba berries. They should’ve shown Leia’s parents not allowing her out and being overbearing towards her, this would’ve given her more of an arc.
• Make a cut before Fifth Brother walks in.
• Add Inquisitors ship flyover, shadow and landing shots from the opening scene. We’re now comfortable in Kenobi’s world so it’s time to shake things up with the introduction of the antagonists.
• Add Kenobi looking over.
• Remove A LOT of Revas dialogue. She now doesn’t say a single word before cutting off the woman’s hand. This intro instantly gives Reva badass statue and the “show don’t tell” approach.
• Cut Reva smiling continuity error.
• Rearrange the villagers to help hide new dialogue arrangements.
• Sharpen up the conversation between Owen and Reva. Having Reva comeback at Owen faster makes her more menacing.
• Remove Reva screaming dialogue. Her being seen losing her cool ruins any tension built prior.
• Rearrange Villager shots to create a pause after Revas threat.
• Add orchestral stab as we cut back to Fifth Brothers reaction.
• Extend the closeup to Kenobi’s reaction using time mapping. This also creates a longer pause for tension
• Add Village background noise to 5.1 channels to create an uncomfortable silence and tension.
• Remove Revas dialogue and answering back to Fifth Brother. In this edit he is clearly in charge and doesn’t take back chat. This not only shows dominance by the Fifth Brother at the start but helps Revas arc when climbing ranks.
• Add Villager footage removed from earlier to create more uncomfortable silence.
• Add Villager background noise to create tension.
• Cut Revas cheesy “next time” line. *facepalm.
• Remove talk in alleyway with Fifth Brother and Reva. Reva has followed orders in this edit so there is no need to show this “disagreement”
• Perfect time to introduce Leia after wrapping the antagonist intro.
• Add “Leia’s Theme” as we see her.
• Remove weird look from Leia. I couldn’t quite tell what the direction for this shot was but removing it shows there is only animosity after her Cousin disrespects the Droid and not before.
• Remove entire scene between Leia and Parents. This just shows bad parenting. Leia is royalty and was in the right here. She shouldn’t accept rudeness or disrespect.
• Add Alderaan forest flyover to create a transition into Leia running away.
• Add music over flyover to create seamless transition.
• Trim terrible chase scene. While I could’ve trimmed more, I wanted to leave enough to show Leia’s agility without it seeming like a parody.
• Add Luke’s introduction scene from earlier. This now fits perfectly as Kenobi is checking on the boy after seeing the Jedi hanging in the square.
• Add “The Force Suite” track to introduce Luke.
• Remove Bail saying “One last fight”. This line makes NO sense and just leaving it on “For Leia” should be enough.
• Add traditional Star Wars circular transition.
• Remove dialogue from ticket lady.
• Remove cheesy Lightsaber flash. Kenobi would be stupid to do this IRL. It’s clearly fan service.
• Remove credit outro.
• Remove episode 2 intro.
• Fix audio for seamless transition.
• Add “The 501st Theme” track over beggar Clone trooper.
• Remove super cool black kid scene. I loved this kid! He was one of the best actors in this show but he builds up to a scene I’ve now removed. L
• Cut entire “Fake Jedi” scene. I really liked the concept idea but I can’t stand the actor making it feel like a pantomime.
• Speed ramp Kenobi’s fight with the two thugs. Doing this cuts down on the taller guy waiting to be hit and makes the scene more fluid.
• Fix audio for above shot.
• Fix the terrible stomach punch. Those few extra frames make it linger instead of feeling light a quick hit.
• Remove weird pause and continuity error between Kenobi and Leia first meet. Kenobi stops but then keeps walking back in the following closeup shot.
• Remove Reva saying “Where is he?” The whole team are off their face on Spice. Reva not knowing this makes her seem inexperienced with the drug, thus making her look stupid for asking the question.
• Add Lip-sync VFX to stop Revas mouth from moving.
• Add unused Star Wars footage from unused Lucas Film tv show pilot..
• Upscale above footage from 702p to 1080p
• Add colourgrade to above footage.
• Add film grain to above footage that matches Kenobi footage
• Intercut new footage with Leia and Kenobi scenes to create tension.
• Add Lion raw and Grizzly bear growl to Leia being scared. Without this Leia has nothing to be freaked out by.
• Remove Reva saying “I brought Kenobi here” She shouldn’t be a position to talk back to her superiors at this stage.
• Remove Leia’s snooty “Grand Daughter” comment. Please stop adding “awkward comedy” Disney!
• Cut Leia’s awkward reaction.
• Transition from new explosion footage into Kenobi to hide continuity error with his hood.
• Remove Kenobi almost catching Leia. That’s the third time she’s in arms reach but no one catches her. WTF?
• Remove all of Revas Parcor and wirework shots.
• Remove Haja rooftop scene.
• Trim out Kenobi shouting “Leia!” so many times.
• Remove more Reva Parcor.
• Time map Revas jump shot.
• Trim down Leia’s jump. Kenobi still has powers in this edit so no need for the dramatics.
• Remove original dramatic score. There is no need for the this fake emotion as Kenobi has force powers.
• Add Kenobi several grunt sounds as he struggles to lift Leia
• Add “The Ways of the Force” track.
• Trim Haja meeting Kenobi. This is their first-time meeting so he shouldn’t know who he is at all.
• Remove Haja and Reva meeting. Reva showing mind reading skills at this point makes her scene with Owen stupid.
• Add “Anakin’s Dream” track over Kenobi talking about Padme.
• Remove Reva suggesting Kenobi didn’t know Vader was alive.
• Remove Reva mentioning Anakin Skywalker. Reva doesn’t know he’s Vader in this edit.
• Remove Reva saying “We will destroy you!”. Please stop with the over dramatics.
• Remove credit outro
• Remove episode 3 intro
• Add water draining from Vader Bacta tank shot from Rogue One.
• Remove Reva mentioning Anakin Skywalker.
• Add “Krenic’s Aspirations” track to Revas hologram with Vader.
• Add “Anakin’s Dark Deeds” track to Kenobi’s vision
• Remove Reva saying “Do it now!” She’s still punching above her station. NOPE!
• Remove Kenobi’s dialogue about Tall. This is just an audience reminder that he said this in the last episode. STOP MAKING THE AUDIENCE STUPID!
• Replace Kenobi’s dialogue to “We’ve been walking around for hours, Leia. No one is coming”. This shows they’ve been there more than 5 seconds before Kenobi gets frustrated.
• Remove Leia saying “This is my frie… this is my father”. This shows her as building confidence in this scene.
• Remove Stormtrooper saying “It’s a long way”. We don’t really get the impression of distance so this line feels odd.
• Add new Trooper line “oh, come on! We all love a good story.”
• Fix stupid gate scene. Kenobi has no reason to shoot the controls. They can just walk around it. STOP IT!
• Add new Gate VFX shot.
• Remove Tala “Come on!” line. Not opening with that adds to the confusion of the scene.
• Cut Leia pulling out L0la shot. This just feels odd and slows down pacing
• Remove Kenobi saying “It’s not your fault, Leia” It totally is her fault!
• Add “hope” track over Vader entrance.
• Add man screaming and choking sound fx
• Add neck breaking sound fx
• Add mother screaming “My baby!”
• Add woman screaming and dragged sound fx
• Add neck breaking sound fx
• Fix above fx to match 5.1 channels
• Add girl high pitch scream.
• Tighten up the first encounter between Vader and Kenobi
• Remove shots of Kenobi running away like a coward. No need for that in this edit.
• Add “Clash of Lightsabers” track
• Remove original stereo track to replace with soundtrack.
• Remove Kenobi running away again. PLEASE STOP!
• Remove Shot of Kenobi lost. This pacing is terrible. Get to the fight, already!
• Remove Ilene looking at Nathan. Slight continuity error in Nathans head position.
• Add “Anakin’s Dark Deeds” track
• Fix soundtrack above accordingly to scenes.
• Add Palatine, Padme and Kenobi flashback audio from S3E17 Clone Wars
• Add Padme dialogue from ROTS. “I love you!”
• Add Anakin dialogue from Clone Wars “I HATE you!”
• Add Padme dialogue from ROTS. “Anakin, You’re a good person. Don’t do this.”
• Trying to give Vader a reason for stopping during the confusing fire scene.
• Add new Trooper dialogue “Sir, The Third Sister has located the girl”. This gives Vader an excuse to leave a situation that was now clearly causing him PTSD.
• Add new VFX shot of Leia not turning her head to see the dead Pilot. This way Reva manipulates Leia into thinking she’s a friend.
• Remove Credit outro
• Remove title intro to episode 4.
• Remove ALL Vader and Kenobi flashbacks from Bacta tank scene. Vader doesn’t have time to go back to a Bacta tank at this point as he’s on his way to kill Reva.
• Add first shots from earlier to replace Vader’s flashbacks.
• Fix audio after removing Vader’s flashbacks.
• Time map after Kenobi saying “Where’s Leia?”
• Add traditional Star Wars anti clockwise wipe transition.
• Remove Leia’s interrogation with Reva
• Remove Reva trying to read Leia’s mind. Reason same as earlier.
• Remove Reva telling Leia “Obi-wan is dead”
• Remove weird scene on Jabiim. People don’t change their minds that quickly.
• Remove Leia torture.
• Remove Leia’s rescuers
• Remove Inquisitorious transitional shot.
• Remove all of Leia being kidnapped for the second time. Absolute FILLER!!
• Remove Tala’s awful Inquisitions entrance
• Remove Kenobi swimming into Inquisitions
• Remove Jedi frozen scene.
• Remove Tala fight with Troopers.
• Remove Tala and Kenobi “escape”
• Remove shocking Wade death. Oh, NO! not Wade!!!!
• Remove terrible shots of Reva up against a Snow Speeders weapons. PLEASE STOP!
• Insert shot of ship delivering Leia. She is now safe and doesn’t need kidnapping again.
• Add brand new VFX shots of Vader’s shuttle arriving at Inquisitorious.
• Add Vader’s suite theme
• Insert Tala and Kenobi on the ship. This shot is now them going to pick up Leia, unharmed.
• Remove “WADE’S DEAD! Scene. WTF is Wade??
• Add brand new VFX shots of Vader’s shuttle landing at Inquisitorious.
• Cut to Vader arriving to choke out Reva.
• Remove Fifth Brothers reaction shot and dialogue. This doesn’t happen in this edit.
• Transition Vader’s dialogue to sync with his aggression.
• Cut to Leia on ship safe and holding Kenobi’s hand.
• Add fade to black
• Add Palpatine cameo shot. This now shows Vader is holding back but Palpatine has sensed Vader’s PTSD flashes of Padme and his past which allowed Kenobi to escape.
• Remove Credit outro
• Remove Episode 5 intro
• Add de-aged footage to Anakin
• Add edge blur to make the flashback scenes more dreamy.
• Remove Kenobi meeting Haja. He still doesn’t really know who he is yet.
• Cut boring exposition about the “old trade root”
• Add “Vader’s theme” track over him looking into hyperspace.
• Cut L0la opening a door. HOW???
• Cut Reva saying “Fire!” terrible delivery of that line.
• Cut Reva saying “Light ‘em up!” MAKE IT STOP!
• Fix music transition
• Remove Bails message. HE WOULDN’T DO THAT!
• Add new VFX to Pager. This now gets the audience asking what the message could be? Instead of spoon feeding them every bit of information.
• Remove awful shaky closeup on Reva.
• Add mind reading sound fx from Force Awakens. This now shows that Kenobi is in Revas mind.
• Remove Kenobi saying “you knew who he was” Reva doesn’t know Vader is Anakin in this edit.
• Add confused reaction from Reva as Kenobi tells her “Anakin IS Vader!”. This makes for a HUGE plot twist. Reva joined the Sith because she saw a Jedi killing younglings. She sees the Jedi as evil and is hunting Anakin. This information that he is actually Vader shocks her entire world and existence in this moment.
• Add fade to white
• Add opening Order 66 intro from earlier. This now shows us what Kenobi saw when he read her mind.
• Add fade to white
• Transition in to current Order 66 footage.
• Remove Kenobi saying “you’re not serving him. You’re hunting him” While this is a great line, it now makes no sense in this edit.
• Remove Haja saying “He said it was a red breaker” HE’S JUST SO ANNOYING!
• Cut Haja saying “Leia are you close”. Having the pause builds tension and shows Leia is still paying attention to everything around her.
• Add de-aged footage to Anakin’s flashback.
• Remove Kenobi hold Lightsaber to the floor. IT’S A LIGHTSABER! It would cut through the floor or at least make a mark. *facepalm
• Add de-aged footage to Anakin’s flashback
• Reposition final flashback battle to just after Kenobi saying “let’s get to the transport”. This helps slow down Vader’s attack and helps with pacing.
• Add de-aged footage to Anakin’s flashback.
• Trim out Vader pulling down first ship.
• Add “Anakin’s Betrayal” track
• Add people screaming sound fx. This shows people are scared and Vader is feeding of that fear.
• Insert Reva behind Vader from later on
• Add 4k closeup of ship flying away. There is no second ship in this edit. Reva is the reason Kenobi escapes. He helping him shows she finally believed what he told her about Anakin, giving her the strength to turn on her Master.
• Add closeup shot of Vader
• Add new VFX shot a Reva’s Lightsaber reflecting in Vader’s eyes as “Anakin’s Betrayal” track plays.
• Remove shots of Vader ripping the ship apart. I loved these shots but there wasn’t a way of keeping them without keeping the second ship. GUTTED!
• Remove all shots of crashed ship in the background of fight scenes
• Retime the fight scene to fit new score.
• Transition from “Anakin’s Betrayal” to “Anakin’s Dark Deeds”.
• Transition back into “Anakin’s Betrayal” as GI entrance.
• Cut shot of crashed ship from wide shot of Revas death.
• Add “Anakin’s Betrayal” over Kenobi having a funny feeling about this.
• Remove Credit outro
• Remove Episode 5 intro
• Remove Reva on Tatooine opening shot.
• Transition ship battle sounds over Luke dreaming. This makes for a cool transition as it shows Luke dreaming of becoming a Pilot, while at the same time fading into an actual battle.
• Remove Star Destroyer shots. This allows us to not be dropped into the middle of the battle but allows the fear to grow.
• Cut straight to Kenobi closeup of the ship being attacked.
• Insert Star Destroyer shot from earlier. This now shows the real threat and gives the audience new insight as the battle progresses.
• Insert Vader saying “Increase fire power”. This now shows a bigger threat after Kenobi was told the hyperdrive is out. This ups the intensity of the chase instead of just showing everything from the start.
• From the ship getting hit, Cut to Leia and Kenobi having a fight. This shows the build of anxiety within the ship.
• Trim Haja and Kenobi’s interaction after Leia’s strop. The shows editing is awful here so I’ve tried to fix it.
• Trim out Haja’s dialogue about being a fake jedi. He’s not in this cut.
• Add Introduction to Luke and Owen entering shop.
• Cut straight to Beru at the homestead. This keeps the intensity of this scene building. We still don’t know what the threat is at this point.
• Insert Tusken sounds in the distance.
• Insert Tusken footage
• Insert Tusken Scout footage.
• Remove all mention of Reva from the Homestead dialogue.
• Add Tusken sound fx in the background.
• Cut Kenobi saying “but you won’t always be” creepy old man vibes.
• Cut Kenobi’s talk with Qui-Wan. This doesn’t sit right with me.
• Remove GI dialogue about not following one small ship. They stay on course in this edit.
• Add Vader saying “Have my ship prepared!” Insert taken from Rebels
• Remove wide shots of the Star Destroyer turning to chase Kenobi. They stay on course all the way in this edit.
• This also creates a seamless transition for Vader saying “I will face him alone!” NICE!
• Add traditional Star Wars wipe transition
• Insert wide night shot of the homestead.
• Insert Owen talking to Luke about the Tusken attack.
• Remove Homestead shot of Tuskens breaking the parameter,
• Cut to Vader’s shuttle shot
• Edit Battle sequence into one long fight.
• Add “Obi-wan vs Vader Theme” by Samuel Kim
• Trim continuity errors during fight.
• Remove all shots of Reva attacking the Homestead. It’s the Tuskens job in this edit.
• Insert Tusken Scout shot at night
• Insert Tusken attack footage. (various shots used from TBOBF, Mando and OT
• Add Tusken sound fx
• Transition score between new footage and Owen shooting.
• Colourgrade all new Tusken shots to match night shots.
• Add new Tusken VFX gun shots, flashed and nighttime kill shots.
• Transition from Luke running away to Kenobi buried.
• Continue Samuel Kim soundtrack over fight sequence recommencing.
• Use wide drone shot of the battle from earlier to hide continuity error in fight.
• Trim down fight sequence to match score timing.
• Add shots of Luke running in the mountains
• Add Tusken dogs chasing Luke
• Add Tusken scream sound
• Add Lightsaber ignition sound
• Add Tusken dog turning its head.
• Add swinging Saber sound fx
• Add dog yelping sound fx
• Add Luke falling after hearing dogs scream.
• Add more lightsabre swinging sounds
• Cut to Kenobi on the ship sensing Luke is in danger.
• Add dog yelps to Reva’s closeup. This shows she’s just slaughtered every dog and Tusken
• Light all-night scenes from this point on. The original is SO dark you can only see what’s happening if you watch it in a blacked out room.
• Add “A New Hope End Credits Theme” as new outro
• Add Movies Remastered crew credits.
• Add MR logo outro
• Add Disney+ Lightsaber outro
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2023.03.27 19:37 thx_for_the_fish_ How often do you hang out with your family? Can you force them?

I work with projects that has me traveling all over the world, I can be home 3-4 weeks, then gone for a few weeks. So I always stressed the importance of dinner time, we eat together when I’m home, and leave the table when we’re all done. Weekends we watch movies/series together, it’s difficult to find something all loves to watch, but we suffer together right?
If they are off school for a few days I often book a hotel somewhere as I have points to spend, so I get rooms for free. We go shopping, eat out, what ever.
My kids are 13/15, and I’m feeling a change, they’d rather do their own thing and I don’t want to hold them back, just family time is important to me.
They’re a bit spoiled, ”do we HAVE to go to a spa hotel just because there is no school for a week” and I’m like, DUDE, I grew up poor, if I say spa, we spa! Lol.
Anyway, I’m afraid to miss them too much, yeah? Also, they seem to like it, but also understand they do it… as a sacrifice? Like, OK, lets watch a movie then (fucks sake). Is it just teenage mood swings, or do I force them to hang out too much?
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2023.03.27 19:36 Intoempty EOS Webcam Utility Pro - make manual movie mode settings persist / stick

I'm using the EOS Webcam Utility Pro with an EOS 77D, and passing it through nVidia Broadcast so I can do background removal (but this doesn't matter to my question.) It's plugged into a USB charger, so I leave it "on" in movie mode all the time and press the shutter button to activate it. The issue is that every time I turn on the camera -- it starts at 1/1000 exposure and f5.6, so I have to manually adjust it back down to f2.8 and 1/30 every single time I enable the camera.
The physical "lock" button is set on the camera, and if I start the camera in movie mode _without_ plugging it in, it does remember the f.28 1/30 setting I want.
Is EOS Utility Pro forcing the settings on the camera each time? I was naughty and didn't subscribe for Pro, but it still seems to work.
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2023.03.27 19:35 FlashRewind Lowest Budget Monster Movies that still have great effects

Hello, I'm doing research for future budget ideas for a film I hope to make. I googled "Low budget Monster movies" and all I found was BEST LOW BUDGET MOVIES THAT KILLED IN THE BOX OFFICE. I don't care about Halloween or Blair Witch or Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Those movies were great and low budget but they were minimal on special effects. What I really want to know is, what are the lowest budget movies with a lot of gory practical special effects that are still decent? I would really appreciate some insight. Thanks
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2023.03.27 19:35 tomkalbfus Can AIs put actors and singers out of business? The above is a video about voice cloning. AIs can produce images of people who are long gone or never existed and clone their voices too. For instance one might produce the next Star Wars movie with AI starring the actors Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart. There is work being done on turning the novels of Timothy Zahn Heir to the Empire into a computer generated movie, the animation is somewhat crude, but it's a start.
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2023.03.27 19:34 ydkjordan From the guys that gave you Head

Started my journey through my flash sale haul this weekend with the America Lost and Found box set and going chronologically I went Head first.
I knew of Jack Nicholson’s involvement in the later films of this collection but had no idea how he and Bob Rafelson were connected to the Monkees.
Head is a film that exists as an oddity, with the participants all having a different idea of what it is.
This got me digging in a bit and reading and check out these quotes:
"You'll get very different answers from them. It's like Rashomon."
"We were pawns in something we helped create but had no control over," he says crossly. "We should have made Ghostbusters, OK?"
"The simile of a rock in the water is too mild for how badly that movie did."
"There's some weight behind the idea that Bob and Bert wanted to wreck the Monkees, to stop it cold in its tracks," says Tork. "I've never known for sure. Bert and Bob might have thought out loud: 'Let's kill the Monkees!' Or they may have not thought so out loud but at some unconscious level, they were sick of the Monkees and wanted to do something else."
"I did what he told me, but I can't say that I ever had any heart connection with him." His favourite scene, in which he recounts what he has learned from an Indian mystic, was actually directed by Nicholson.
Jones thinks Rafelson and Nicholson were just "practising their film techniques. They were throwing us to the 'gators at that point."
But Rafelson honestly believed it would work. "Bob was disappointed because he had hoped that the movie transcended the group's name…”
Originally called Changes, the movie was retitled Head, partly as a drug reference and partly so that Raybert's next production, Easy Rider, could be marketed with the slogan "From the guys who gave you Head" – a plan torpedoed by Head's box-office nosedive.
Other random to tidbits (not part of the article)
Something else fun that I noticed while watching the film.
The opening shows Mickey jumping off a bridge “symbolically” to the Porpoise song (theme from “Head”)
I immediately recognized the song and was convinced I heard it in Vanilla Sky
Someone was just posting on this sub about Vanilla Sky so I thought I would share this serendipitous event -spoiler
>! The theme song from Head is used during a key moment where David (Cruise) is finally succumbing to the insanity of his condition and serves as the final clue that this is all happening in his…head. Also remember that David’s choice scenario involves jumping much like Mickey does at the beginning of Head !<
That part where the song plays is actually one of my favorite scenes from Vanilla Sky because it’s so uncomfortable.
Seems too connected to be random so I’m guessing Crowe did this on porpoise.
So I pulled the song up on Apple Music and the credits show Jack Nicholson and Carole King lol (among others)
However, it think this is a function of the dialog from the film being present in the soundtrack and Nicholson and Rafelson are not credited in the greatest hits.
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2023.03.27 19:34 ToothpickInCockhole How to ask someone to hang out as friends?

This is probably me overthinking, so I’ll keep this short. I’m 22m, senior in college but I’m gonna have a 5th year. I have no friends (outcast for most of middle and high school and I lost my social skills during covid) despite being pretty well-adjusted and attractive. There’s a guy in one of my classes who I get along with pretty well. We like a lot of the same movies and shows, but we’ve never hung out outside of class. Would it be weird to just ask “Hey man you wanna go see John Wick 4 sometime this week?”
I guess I’m just afraid he’d make up some excuse and then I’d feel even worse.
I also think I might have some hang ups because the only time I’ve ever asked someone to hangout like this is with girls. I think I associate 1 on 1 hangouts with romance because that’s the only situations I’ve really been 1 on 1 with someone.
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2023.03.27 19:32 katichance I (20F) liked this guy (22M) for so long, but our first time “doing things” isn’t what i thought it’d be, what do i do?

i don’t want to get into too much detail, but i’ve been talking everyday with this guy i met for several months now, we both have been putting in the effort, our conversations were never very deep, usually just casual, but it didn’t matter to me because i was happy just to be talking to him
he’s a great guy who i like a lot, i think he’s funny, cute, very sweet and considerate of my feelings at all times which is refreshing for me, we have a bit in common but i feel like we’ve never had a deep conversation, like the kind of conversation where you really start to connect with the person
we went out a couple times before but nothing happened, recently we hung out again at my place and we finally kissed! (i should note that i’ve never actually done anything with anyone before so everything i’m doing with him is a first)
i was surprised tho, because when he kissed me i didn’t really feel anything, we moved on to doing some other things (we didn’t go all the way but still lots of physical things happening) and i still didn’t really feel any kind of “spark” or “butterflies” and i wasn’t that turned on either despite trying to be, and i was just so confused the whole time
i’m definitely the kind of person to overthink things, i do it all the time with other things as well, but i can’t tell if that’s what’s happening here, i’ve been trying to tell myself the last couple of days that not everything is how the movies show it, that it could have just been my nerves (we were both shaking a bit so i guess we were both nervous) that i have to give it another try because i really do like him, and that i have to get out of my own head to enjoy next time, or that maybe we just need to get to know each other better to build that emotional connection
but then thoughts i don’t like go in my head, thoughts like “would it have felt better if it were someone else?” “do i really like him or the idea of what we could be?” “have i been wrong this whole time?” “I’m still so young, shouldn’t i explore other options?”
i’m sorry this is long i’m just so confused and don’t know what to do, i will say there were some things i liked, like when he’d stopped kissing me a couple times to just look at me and smile, which made me smile too, he checked up on me occasionally to make sure everything he was doing was okay with me, it was all very sweet
i guess what i’m asking is are these feelings i’m having normal? what are your experiences and do i need to just give this some time? i wanna give him a chance but i don’t want to waste either of our times, please let me know any advice is appreciated!
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2023.03.27 19:32 Smart-Sat Take your entertainment experience to the next level with IPTV, where the possibilities are endless and the prices are unbeatable.

Take your entertainment experience to the next level with IPTV, where the possibilities are endless and the prices are unbeatable. submitted by Smart-Sat to iptvfree4u [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 19:32 Repulsive-Tour8456 25M - LDN/Europe - Looking for a long-term friend(s)

I'm 25 and currently living in London, and I'm looking for some people who share similar interests — primarily for some long-term friends! Of course, I am open-minded and willing to get into your hobbies — always up to learning something new.
So a small bit about me... In my free time, whenever I get some between my work days or after work if I have energy, I do enjoy long and aimless walks around London — just dropping somewhere in Central London and walking in different directions. I do go to the gym regularly, as well as do some swimming, which helps me to keep myself occupied. I enjoy either going to the movies or catching up on my crime TV shows, and the list is endless. If it's a grim day, I do load up my computer from time to time and enjoy some games — action, RTS, adventure and simulation games are my go-to, probably too many to list all here. If there's a good comedy gig somewhere in London — you bet I will be there. So if games are something that you enjoy doing, let me know what games you play, and maybe we can team up! I work full-time and it's shift work, so sometimes my schedule is all over the place, but it is still manageable and I have not had any issues before. I come with an accent, some have said it sounds American, others said it's Scandinavian — only one way to find out, but some of the words are difficult to pronounce and always result in a good laugh.
Now the big question, is what I'm after. I hope for someone of similar age, whether you are a bit younger or older does not really matter — just want to have that mutual respect and understanding, someone who is looking for a very similar thing. I live in London, and it is always nice to get to know someone from close to you, but if you live further away — that's not a problem, we can be game buddies. Whether it's online friends or in-person friends — I'm down for both.
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2023.03.27 19:30 Deathcrunch9000 49 M Dad USA - looking for a fellow magical being. Seeking my tribe.

I'm looking for anyone who enjoys being lost in the woods. Someone who is open to the idea of true magic. Pagan, witchy, crystals, whatever way you connect to something spiritual, I'd love to chat about and share with you.
I have all the regular geek culture interests; movies, video games, genre fiction, etc. Fiction: Tolkien, Moore, Straczynski, RE Howard, too many to list. Film: Fincher, Scorsese, Spielberg, Ridley Scott, David Lynch. Games: RDR1, Ultima 4, Skyrim, World of Warcraft.
I've been working in the video game industry for a few decades. On the side I run tabletop rpgs, have made a few one-page-rpgs, working on a full system. I also write but not enough; I would love to write more.
I'd prefer chatting over email or here. I have no experience with this. I'd love to find someone to chat to regularly. I am a good listener and can offer some wisdom/alternate perspective on things.
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2023.03.27 19:30 ArianaGrandesCumm How Can I Conquer Lust? What sin do you struggle most with?

Tldr - Hello. As someone fairly new to Christianity, however I have grown up in a religious portuguese catholic household. I have read Genesis, John and now onto Luke. I believe in god and want to live purely in the sexual regard and follow his words. It is a huge part of my search for god's glow. I was curious of what sins seem to rear their ugly head most with you all. Only if you care to share. If not I ask for advice on how we conquer lust so I can be saved and walk closer to Jesus Christ my Sheppard. I feel shame I have battled this. For far too long.
Being fairly new to Christianity I wanted to approach all of you in the way Pharroah approached Joseph with a dream I had. I know we may not be able to decipher them as he could through god but may gods devine intution help me find meaning and better christian values through you all as a community. Thank you for any help.
I have struggled with lust. Of all sins it seems to be the one that rears it's ugly head. I constantly feel myself getting the urge to either envy celebrities or feel anamored by celebrity beauty. The world is filled with desensitized 20 somethings who think nothing of laying with their friends wife. In a blink of an eye you can drown in tempt. A common but crucial sin. Hollywood Satanism feeds off promoting sex. In every TV show. So many movies. I get lost. I hate to confess that I often think of very sinful sex practices. Adultery ect..
The pros so far are I have saved myself for marraige in the eyes of god and am still a virgin despite 3 relationships. However in the digital sense of reddit I have had phone sex with depraved people dozens of times. I am in a 3 year christian catholic relationship with my catholic girlfriend but the temptations can often be strong as 20 oxen. For both of us. We both used to lust for celebrities so giving that sin up for god is both rewarding but can be hard. I agree with Jesus. That just thinking of sleeping with a woman means adultery has already been committed in the heart.
In this dream. Their is an empty department store. With this beautiful woman. But I never looked on her in the lustful way please preface with this. But she was beautiful in ways mortals can't imagine. But not just in looks. She was like a blanket on a cold winter night. A mother's guidance. A sisterly heroic beauty. More like a golden glow of admiration. Her glow was bright. Never lust. She had long flowing red hair, and an all white buttoned shirt. And she was running but too fast to catch. Playfully letting me catch up just to race me and win. When I followed her their was gardens, warmth, and love. It felt like returning home. She had red hair like strawberry spun silk and a very soothing voice. All she said was "your hair. You ever think of curling it?" She was like someone I've known my whole life. I feel like ive met her before but I haven't. As we got close to the end of the path. I seen my brothers and thought of calling my gf.
As I followed her. These men appeared. Friends from high school. I found myself in an air vent. And these were a bad crowd. They instantly started claiming that I was invited to a party and I had to show up 30 minutes early. They started claiming that the man we were waiting for had sex with Jenna Ortega and other A list celebrities. Listing people he had sex with. They talked disgustingly about women essentially like a hollywood orgy I was being pushed towards. And I instantly got unsettled and said I was gonna go home.
I ran and fought with one of their members after disrespecting their leader. The leader that we were waiting for was dressed in all black and had black curly hair. Olive skin and a chizzled jaw line. I told him he was a liar.
I began trying to find the red hair angel again and found myself in a vent shaft. Angel was rightt. The bad crowd was left.
I became a bumble bee and began flying trying to find the angel. Doors were closing. I barely made it through.
In between dreaming id wake up in real life to my.hands moving in wierd ways and voices saying they will make me one of their strongest ______ I can't tell the last word. I was sit up in bed moving my hands like solving a rubiks cube but fast. Really fast.
The dream finishes with a man being drowned in oil. And his brother taking him out. Removing his kidney and emptying his kidney of oil and refilling it with blood.
To me this was god showing me that the angel guides me to family and my gf. And temptation is with the devil. And far from my home. The feelings I felt reflected this feeling of forewarning. I believe the father wants me to win over the devils temptations. The syrpent for me is hollywood. They use sex to sell satanism. I know this. Sex is an easy tempt. The devil sleeping with some celebrities in exchange for fame may be true. Or this could be more symbolic. But either way i'm afraid of these desires. How do we ignore human tempt?
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2023.03.27 19:30 AutoModerator To the new Members of our community!

Dear New Members of supersexyscenes,
I want to take a moment to welcome you to our wonderful community and thank you for joining us. We are thrilled to have you here and look forward to hearing your unique perspectives and contributions.
Our subreddit is a place where you can connect with people from all over the world who share similar interests and are turned on seeing hot scenes in movies/tv-shows/songs. Whether you're here to discuss the latest celebrity posts, share your favorite content, or simply connect with like-minded individuals, supersexyscenes has something for everyone.
As you navigate through the community, don't be afraid to comment on the posts, share your thoughts, and engage with others. Our community is made up of people from all walks of life who are eager to see, get horny, and fap together.
So once again, welcome to supersexyscenes! We're excited to have you here and can't wait to see what you bring to the "cum"munity. 🍆✊🏻💦💦
Best regards,
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2023.03.27 19:30 Adventurous_Drama938 12 Best Movies That Are Under 90 Minutes Long

Has anybody noticed that movies these days seem to be getting longer and longer? Films like The Batman and No Time to Die clock in at almost three hours, and The Irishman and Avengers: Endgame pass the 180-minute mark. Now more than ever, audiences are having to control their bladders and feel their backsides go numb from sitting for so long.
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2023.03.27 19:29 RandomFuckingUser Looking for Movies About a Man Finding Happiness Outside of Relationships

I'm looking for movies where the main character, who is a man, comes to the realization that he doesn't need to be in a romantic relationship to be happy. I'm not looking for traditional romance movies, so no happy endings with the protagonist getting into a relationship.
I'd appreciate it if you could recommend movies without giving away too much of the plot, just the title and maybe the year it was released. It would be great to have a mix of popular and not-so-popular films, as well as some non-English language movies.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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2023.03.27 19:28 astralrocker2001 The Adjustment Bureau (2011): The agents are tasked by their mysterious leader the "Chairman" with enforcing his plan for humanity by controlling and manipulating society. (The truth of the world is communicated through movies!)

The Adjustment Bureau (2011): The agents are tasked by their mysterious leader the submitted by astralrocker2001 to OccultConspiracy [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 19:25 TheHelpfulDad BluRay disc and/or folders component for ripping or playing

Even though I’ve used FOOBAR for a long time and play a wide variety of formats with it, I’ve yet to find a way to play a BluRay disc, folders copied to hard drive, or an .iso of a PureAudio or Movie BluRay.
I have Abbey Road and Sgt Pepper that I’d like to play both surround and Stereo versions in FOOBAR, but have yet to be successful directly. I’ve ripped them both to FLAC with other tools, but would like to play them like my “on hard drive” copies of DVD Audio.
Am I not seeing it, or is it not possible?
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2023.03.27 19:24 3niti14045 Aye, swashbuckling Cap'n!

Aye, swashbuckling Cap'n! submitted by 3niti14045 to ChatGPT [link] [comments]