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2023.03.25 18:53 lllllolllllolllll Hmm this sounds familiar.

Hmm this sounds familiar.
Did you cum in my burrito?
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2023.03.25 18:53 HairyAd3075 i put every marvel movie in chronological order!
i've seen letterboxd lists with every mcu movie in chronological order, x-men in chronological order, every non-mcu marvel movie, etc. but ive never seen a letterboxd list with every marvel movie in chronological order. after many hours, ive sorted every marvel movie in order, including the mcu, x-men, the fantastic four, spider-man, non-mcu, literally everything i could think of. i put the years and the tv shows into the notes of each movie and i will continue to update it as new movies come out. please leave suggestions in the comments of either this post or the letterboxd list!
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2023.03.25 18:51 HairyAd3075 i put every marvel movie in chronological order!
i've seen letterboxd lists with every mcu movie in chronological order, x-men in chronological order, every non-mcu marvel movie, etc. but ive never seen a letterboxd list with every marvel movie in chronological order. after many hours, ive sorted every marvel movie in order, including the mcu, x-men, the fantastic four, spider-man, non-mcu, literally everything i could think of. i put the years and the tv shows into the notes of each movie and i will continue to update it as new movies come out. please leave suggestions in the comments of either this post or the letterboxd list!
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2023.03.25 18:49 Kurtonio How Can I display nested JSON array from REST Data Source

Hey everyone!
I am trying to build an Ecommerce app that gets order data from a REST Data Source. I have synched the URL that was provided for me but it looks like there is a nest JSON array in the data that isnt discovering when I try and create the data.
What I am trying to do is have a page that displays all of the orders and their information. Then when you click into them you can see the list of items from the order.
Here is what the data coming in looks like:
 { "order_number": "79dd96df-f189-4442-81de-30f71ac1ad4b", "order_date": "12/23/2021", "first_name": "Vicki", "last_name": "Sandison", "email": "[email protected]", "ip_address": "", "credit_card": "5108757976296637", "currency_code": "USD", "city": "Cincinnati", "street": "83 Grim Center", "state": "Ohio", "postal_code": "45233", "log_data": "¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº–≠", "lines": [ { "product": "Napkin - Dinner, White", "quantity": 7, "price": "$71.33", "item_image": null }, { "product": "Pork - European Side Bacon", "quantity": 9, "price": "$102.25", "item_image": "" }, { "product": "Pie Filling - Cherry", "quantity": 5, "price": "$189.03", "item_image": null } ] } 
Here is what the 'lines' column looks like in apex:
Here is what I want it too look like:

This is from
How can I achieve this?
I am doing this as an assessment for a job interview and I am new to Oracle Apex. At this point I am ready to pay someone to get on a zoom call and help me. Thank you everyone!
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2023.03.25 18:49 east4mvp Underrated.

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2023.03.25 18:40 Jmeyers08 Anyone else think these look like they’re from Star Trek or something?

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2023.03.25 18:39 spinfinity My first Criterion haul in quite a while! Flash sale order and THEN a $50 loyalty gift card. 😈 My wife and I each picked 3 movies.

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2023.03.25 18:34 nicolas19961805 He does tho

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2023.03.25 18:33 iiTzWill I used ChatGPT to solve an unsolved cypher on BO3

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2023.03.25 18:30 KingFahad360 Ed, Edd, n Eddy Character Sheets.

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2023.03.25 18:29 sevendots Large screen prioritizing image quality, slim, for media and browsing internet while chillin on my sofa, preferably good battery life, with a $3k budget

~$3,000 I suppose
I want all of these things, but in order of preference: Large screen (17"-18"?) & great image quality, performance for many tabs/music/movies (no gaming), long battery life, good enough storage for library of movies, and good build quality
Pretty important, it's gonna be on my lap while on the sofa
I think I want a ~18" laptop, but I've never owned one before so it's hard to say. As large as reasonable while sitting on my lap, I suppose?
NO. There will be chrome with many tabs open, torrent, Spotify, maybe VLC, all at the same time
No gaming.
Good keyboard would be nice, good build quality is important, good battery life. I DON'T need: finger-print reader, touch-screen, good webcam/camera
I suppose I want something high-end for media?
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2023.03.25 18:28 KingFahad360 Ed, Edd, n Eddy Character Sheets.

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2023.03.25 18:28 Naijagyal999 Most Jurors are Bullies, Biased and Dumb AF: My Eye-Opening Experience as a Juror in a Criminal Case (The State of New Jersey v. William and Beverly Ong)

DISCLAIMER: This criminal trial ended in April 2022, and I am allowed to discuss my experience with the media/online. This post is intended to shed light on juror conduct behind closed doors. NO REAL NAMES OF JURORS WERE USED. The only real names used are the plaintiffs and defendants in the case, whose names are public information. This post is for readers who want the REAL nitty-gritty about juror deliberations and juror conduct.
I was a juror in a NJ criminal case involving an Iranian-American man named Babak Pasdar, who claimed that an elderly, Asian-American couple named William and Beverly Ong, made discriminatory remarks and terroristic threats toward him, such as saying “F***ing Muslim!” and “Trump is going to get you!” to him, making a gun and slit throat motion towards him and his family, flying an Israeli flag to allegedly antagonize him, etc. The actual trial (opening and closing statements, and witness testimonies) was completed in one day because there was NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE- no pictures, video, independent/unbiased witness testimonies, and no police reports were provided to the prosecution. I thought the case was cut and dry-there was no evidence, so we could not prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the Ongs were guilty of what they were being accused of.
Juror #3, Jen (a dumb, rude and condescending 20-something year-old Caucasian woman with a blonde, messy top knot bun) and juror #7, Pat (a 70-something year-old Caucasian woman with an equally mean and condescending attitude) dominated the entire conversation, saying how they “just feel” that Mr. Pasdar is telling the truth, and that the Ongs are guilty solely based off of Mr. Pasdar’s mannerisms/body language and “emotion” at the witness stand. Jen said that she didn’t like how Mr. and Mrs. Ong were whispering to each other, how Mr. Ong was shaking his head and mumbling under his breath, that their lawyer was nudging them to be quiet, and therefore, because of mannerisms/body language, they are guilty. I responded by saying that he may have been shaking his head because he felt that he was being lied on. One juror wondered out loud why Mr. Pasdar’s wife, Clara, (who is a former prosecutor herself), would corroborate Mr. Pasdar’s claims about the terroristic threats if she wasn’t actually there when it happened. I told the group that maybe he told his wife about what happened and she is just regurgitating what he told her, or maybe she could be flat-out lying and fabricating the story, being that we don’t know her personally or her morals-anything was possible in my mind. Suddenly, Pat gasped and yelled at me, “You think she is lying?!” I responded, “Maybe! You never know what someone is willing to say to defend their spouse”. She immediately responded with arrogance and defensiveness in her tone, “No, I don’t believe that! She is a lawyer and is held by the court of law to tell the truth and I just don’t believe at all that she would lie” (as if lawyers are always truthful *sarcasm*). The other jurors brought up topics that were unrelated to the case, were focused on details of the case that didn’t matter (i.e. the position of the house security cameras in the evidence pictures when this didn’t matter because there were no images and/or videos provided), were not paying attention to the legal standard of ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’, and were allowing jurors, like Pat and Jen, to bully them into abandoning their own beliefs or doubts about the case so that they can agree with them, giving the jury room a schoolyard vibe- if one didn’t want to be an outcast, join Pat, or else she would belittle and embarrass others into being quiet and questioning their own reasoning.
Some jurors didn’t speak at all, like one guy who constantly sat in the back of the room quietly, but voted “guilty” with no reasoning provided, probably because he had no backbone to make a dissenting decision. Mr. Pasdar on day 1, said that he had images, videos, and police reports, yet none were provided. The dummy Pat even said that his police reports “must be on file somewhere”. For all we know, he could be lying about the alleged “50-60 police reports”. They also asked, “Why would Mr. Pasdar go through the trouble of filing false police reports?”. Well #1- we have no proof of these reports, and #2- we know that he had some type of conflict with the Ongs’ daughter, Johanna, and maybe he is filing the lawsuit to spite them-just a possibility. There have been many plaintiffs who were in the right, and others whose lawsuits were frivolous and/or had no evidence to corroborate the claims. It is truly sad and disheartening when you have low-vibrational people with no legal training, or even basic understanding of the law, making long-lasting decisions that can affect someone’s life. Jen insinuated that the defense was trying to hide the “fact” that the Ongs did anything. Another juror, Ginger, interpreted Mr. Pasdar’s defensiveness about his own charges as “just being nervous about his innocence”-how gullible. It also shows how much people want to find the plaintiff innocent and the defendant guilty on anything no matter what. Ginger even said that “if we can’t find him/her guilty on this charge, maybe we can find him/her guilty on this other charge...”. I was floored-why such a desperation to find someone guilty? A not guilty verdict does not mean that the Ongs didn’t do anything, it just means that based on the extreme lack of evidence, we cannot find them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt- which is OKAY! A hung jury/mistrial is OKAY as well! Kevin noted the lack of evidence, only for Pat, Shirley, and Bertha to yell at him and scare him into being quiet. The defendants (contrary to what the slow jurors thought) have no obligation to defend themselves like the judge said MULTIPLE times. Just because they have been formally charged/indicted does not mean that they are guilty, like the judge said MULTIPLE times. The bullying continued from that day forward- jurors like Pat, Jen, and Shirley would gaslight and try to belittle an intelligent person like me, who was knowledgeable about the case, and I knew what I was talking about.
We all agreed on a not guilty verdict for the terrorism/terroristic threats charge-we agreed on the definition of terrorism/terrorize (which for some reason slow-minded Bertha did not understand it), and that Mr. Ong using the slit throat and gun motions did not constitute a terroristic threat conviction because we did not believe that Mr. Ong would actually cause bodily harm to Mr. Pasdar (produce an actual gun or slit his throat in real life). We did not believe that the hand gestures meant that Mr. Ong would reasonably cause serious fear of death for Mr. Pasdar or that it would be carried out. Since we believed that this threat was simply made to alarm, we all agreed on the not guilty verdict. The other two charges were contingent on this charge, so these were N/A. I then went on my lunch break thinking we would stick to our hung jury on the first charge. However, after the break, very quickly the foreman and Kevin caved. One of the jurors kept trying to rush through the day by continuously asking us to do a re-vote multiple times. Around 2 pm, the vote was now 11-1: I was the holdout. At this point, the Drab 4 (Pat, Jen, Shirley and Bertha) and I were going back and forth on whether the bias claim (“Isis”, “Taliban”) was true. The Drab 4 wrongly said that we must assume that all witness testimony is true- WRONG! I didn’t see this in the law handbook that we were provided. I asked the foreman to ask the judge to if we can assume that witness testimony is true unless refuted. I already knew that the answer was no, which is common sense, but common sense isn't so common amongst low-vibrational jurors. We walked back into the courtroom to hear the judge’s answer “No”, and lo and behold, I was correct! Still, this did not make a difference in their minds, nor did anyone apologize for saying that I was wrong in questioning the truthfulness of witness testimony.
I said that I have seen cases where people swear on the Bible and still lied, and Pat and I got into a very heated disagreement, and I could tell she was very irritated with me for not bowing down to her. I also didn’t remember there being any mention of bias statements in the police reports from my recollection of Mr. Pasdar’s testimony, but in true ganging-up-on-me fashion, the Drab 4 said that it was mentioned in the police reports, which I don’t believe is true because the defense team stated that the anti-Muslim statements were never noted in the police reports, but at this I point I started to shut down because everything I said would just go in one ear and out the other. Also, when I mentioned my knowledge of other people lying in witness testimonies and having innocent people be punished, Shirley then wrongly and angrily accused me of using my “personal beliefs” and my “opinions of other cases” to influence this case, and that what I was doing was not appropriate. I simply reiterated that “it’s not about personal beliefs, it’s just that I have seen other cases where people lie!”. The other jurors asked if there was anything that would change my mind- I said “No, I’m not sure I can”. Jen, in the nastiest, most condescending tone ever, said to me, “If you had these biases, you should have told the judge and the lawyers so that you would be deemed unfit to serve on the jury!”. Since when is knowing that someone may lie a bias?! Saying someone could lie is a personally belief?! I sarcastically retorted, “During voir dire questioning, I was never asked if questioning someone’s truthfulness is a bias, so I don’t know what you are referring to.” Being unsure about which verdict to give doesn’t mean that I am unwilling to see the other side and change my mind. Jen also previously made a comment about us not-guilty voters being “confused” and when I said that I would have preferred an unbiased, independent witness, before I could finish my statement, she rudely interrupted saying “well it doesn’t matter what your preference is...”. I even gave them an example of me lying about someone using a racial slur against me and taking them to court, and they still did not care.
The polite foreman tried to understand where I was coming from by referring me to the two clauses in the witness credibility section of the law handbook that he believed I was referring to, one of them mentioning bias. Ginger begrudgingly said that she could see where I was coming from regarding bias (which she wrongly pronounced as “BYE-YAZ”, showing that she didn’t know what bias was or even heard of the word before) from them being married, but in an exasperated tone, she said that she still didn’t believe that they were lying and didn’t understand me. Jen and a few others also agreed that witness testimonies are important or else we would never need witness testimonies in court. Jen yelled “Why have witness testimonies if we are assuming that they are not true?! Then we would never have witness testimonies! There would be no point in having them!”. I literally wanted to pull my hair out- we don’t assume testimonies are true or false right off the bat-we look at the witness’s credibility (which was in the law handbook) and then decide if we take their testimony as truth or not.
The jurors also got angry with me for stating the obvious- the interpretation of mannerisms/body language to determine credibility and truth in testimonies is subjective! Jen was mocking me, in a sarcastic tone, because she didn’t like that I was using them being married as a means of potential bias and them possibly consulting with each other on the case. I half-jokingly said that it is possible that they consulted with other on the case “at the dinner table”, and they all audibly groaned at my comment, as if what I said is impossible. Jen kept asking me if I would believe an ex-wife, or a stranger- not because she genuinely wanted me to give my answer, but because she wanted to find holes/lapses in my logic. They initially got excited when I said that I was willing to give a guilty verdict if the judge says that testimonies are assumed to be true (which I knew he would NOT say), but when the judge said that this is not the case, they reverted to demeaning and belittling me.
As the hours went by and 4 pm drew closer, the more irritable, impatient, tired, and nasty they became towards me. Voices were raised at me, people talked to me and questioned me with clear impatience and frustration in their voices (including the quiet guy in the back of the room, who almost never spoke, questioning my reasoning with an attitude). Last, but certainly not least, Pat yelled at me, in front of everyone, “WHAT’S THE F**KING HOLDOUT?!”. I immediately turned to her and calmly said, “Excuse me?! Don’t do that. Don’t ever curse at me again”. Embarrassed, she immediately apologized, saying she was sorry for cursing at me (on our way out of the building, going down the elevator, she tapped me on the shoulder and apologized for cursing at me a second time. I simply responded to her, in a monotone voice, “I understand you are passionate”, turned around and walked away). Kevin, the youngest one yet more mature than the others, came to my defense saying “Guys, don’t pressure her”. I told the entire room, “I will not be pressured into anything by anyone. We will listen to everyone’s opinions. Everyone’s opinion matters.” Pat then made a comment about me keeping 11 other people from going about their lives, and I responded that I and everyone else is entitled to take as much time as they need to come to a verdict that they believe is correct and can stand by. I will not rush through my decision or just go along with most of the group so that we can simply go home faster, or so that Jen can “pick up her kid from daycare on time”. This was not me being callous or inconsiderate-it was the truth! If coming in on subsequent days was going to be a problem or that they would be unavailable, then they, particularly Jen, should’ve spoken up and said this during the voir dire questioning-sounds familiar, Jen? As a juror, I wanted to examine both possibilities, Pasdar and Henderson lying, or them telling the truth. I wanted to remain impartial because that’s what you must do when you are on a jury-weigh both sides and not be biased, contrary to what Jen wrongly accused me of. Impartiality is why we were chosen to be on the jury in the first place- to make a sound verdict, the right decision. If I had an unwavering bias, why would I not want to get out of jury duty?
Before Thursday, April 14, we were at 8 guilty, 4 not guilty. On the penultimate day of jury duty, April 14, I became the infamous lone, holdout juror. Once we established the lack of evidence, we learned that witness testimony counts as evidence by law. Now this is where things got VERY HEATED. I will admit, it was and still is, a hard concept for me to grasp that by law, witness testimony can be used solely to convict. I and the other four not-guilty voters did not believe the witness testimony was enough. At this moment, Shirley, Jen, Pat, and Ginger got angry with us for not “agreeing with the laaaawwww”, as Jen put it in her irritating, Valley girl voice. Jen thought that she was so smart and slick by continuously asking us not-guilty voters in an aggressive manner, “So you guys are saying that Mr. Pasdar and his wife, who is an officer of the court, is committing PERJURY?! So that is what you are saying?! Yes or no?!”. Kevin and I said numerous times that we don’t know if they are lying or if they are telling the truth, and that is why we’re saying not guilty, because we cannot say beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Pasdar and his wife are being honest. We simply thought that there may be a possibility that they already have a contentious relationship with the Ongs and are just throwing the bias accusation into their lawsuit-just a possibility. We kept getting belittled for our viewpoints and made to seem as if we were crazy and not making any sense.
With my own independent thought process, I deeply examined why I was questioning their credibility, and I couldn’t find a reason as to why Mr. Pasdar would lie about these accusations and keep up the lie for six years- that just seemed absurd if they really were lying. They could’ve just filed a lawsuit for harassment and easily won the case (especially with the preponderance of the reports, minus the context of the report)-why would they add the bias charge if it weren’t true? Although I am not quite sure if this is the defense’s responsibility or not, I don’t believe that the defense did a good job at refuting the bias claims or diminishing Pasdar’s credibility (despite the mentioning of the false police report pending charge, which we had to remove from the record and could not consider in our deliberations).
Since I was the holdout vote, we came in on Tuesday, what would be our last deliberation day. The dummy Bertha asked “So is there anyone that has anything to say, or did anyone change their mind?”. I don’t know if she was addressing everyone, or specifically me, but I responded “At first, I said not guilty because I wanted to weigh both possibilities- them telling the truth or lying about the bias accusations, but then I thought to myself, how plausible or likely is it that they would make up these accusations and stand by the lie for the past 4-6 years? Also, the defense did not do an adequate job in refuting the bias claims or credibility of the witness. So based on MY OWN reasoning, I changed my vote to guilty”. Everyone let out a collective breath of relief that we were now unanimous, and people that had been nasty to me before were speaking to me kindly all of a sudden because I agreed with them- Ginger turned and happily said to me “Yeah, you’re reasoning makes sense because I just don’t think they would lie about that”. Pat turned to me and shadily said, “Well that’s what I had been saying all along. Why would they lie...”-I tuned her out. The foreman gave the guilty verdict for the bias/intimidation charge, then each juror confirmed the verdict, and we went home. A few months later, through the NJ Courts public Access site, I learned that Beverly Ong was sentenced to 2 days in jail with 1 year of probation- keep in mind that I told the jurors multiple times that we need to be mindful of our deliberations and verdict, which could possibly put the Ongs in jail, but Shirley and others constantly blew me off, saying “That’s not going to happen. I doubt they will serve jail time”. I also learned that Beverly and her daughter Johanna had been convicted of a similar crime (with Pasdar also) back in 2012! I sometimes wonder if the jurors broke the rules and looked up their previous conviction during the deliberations, but this is merely my own speculation-it may or may not be true.
This juror experience has been not only an eye-opening experience, but an extremely disappointing one in the sense that I have lost any small bit of faith that I had left in the 12-juror system. Having graduated with a minor in Psychology, I went into jury deliberations fully aware that peer pressure and groupthink were going to occur, yet it upset me to see grown adults, all ranging from their 20s to 70s, bully and peer pressure people into a particular verdict so that they could go home, disregard the judge’s instructions and the law booklet provided to us (I was the only one who thoroughly read it), make a verdict based off of feelings/emotions instead of logic, and in Jen’s case, rush out of there to pick up their child from daycare and avoid a lateness fee. Jen had the nerve to try to lecture me on juror conduct, yet she was seated in the front row of the court constantly using her phone and drinking water from her bottle, which we were told many times was not allowed. I wanted my verdict to be made on my own accord and reasoning, and for it to be a verdict that I could stand by, not because I was weak-minded and gave into peer pressure, which unfortunately was the case for a few jurors. I guess the lawyers did a good job in finding jurors who are easily manipulated, don’t follow direction well, and some who are clearly uneducated and have never done critical thinking in their lives, even at their old ages. It’s a shame that we jurors in our 20s had more couth and critical thinking skills than the 60–70-year-olds on the jury. These dummies constantly tried to gaslight me about certain facts of the case and got upset that it didn’t work on me. It also didn’t help that the spread-out dates of the trial contributed to jurors not recalling details of the case correctly (the trial lasted 5 days, but these 5 days were spread out over 4 weeks- March 29, April 6, 7, 14, and 19. I guess they can thank me for the extra $40 for coming in on April 19 *sarcasm*. Pat and Jen stupidly made themselves look like aggressors during the deliberation- they were exasperated because their condescension did not phase me one bit! I have my Master's degree from Columbia University and am well-versed in many topics and have common sense-something that Jen was lacking. When a few of the jurors asked why the Ongs did not go to the stand to defend themselves, I informed them that the defendants are not obligated to go to the stand because they could incriminate themselves (which the judge said multiple times, and I know this from my knowledge of previous court cases). Pat once again questioned my intelligence by rudely asking, “How do you know that?”. Knowing Beverly and her daughter were convicted of similar charges in 2012 adds credence to our verdict for this case and gives me a bit more comfort with our verdict, but not the way in which the other jurors came to the verdict.
Juror anonymity is a double-edged sword- it allows for confidentiality of deliberations, which is crucial for people to feel comfortable to state their opinions, but some jurors, like Jen and Pat, hide behind their anonymity, and the judge not being present in the room, to bully other jurors, and they never have the same energy when confronted-in front of the judge, they became mute. Also, after we agreed on the verdict, Kevin made a comment (not in connection to the verdict) about how he, as an Asian-American himself, knows “a lot of old Asian people that are racist” and some people in the room nodded along- this comment is highly inappropriate! It amazed me that no one pushed back on this racist anecdote, yet when I mentioned that there are people who are wrongly accused of crimes (which is 100% true), I was told, with an attitude, that I was bringing in “personal beliefs”. They didn’t like that I “had my mind made up”, but they had made their minds up also. The jurors would also pick and choose when to follow the judge’s instructions (i.e., Pat using her phone to look up the definition of words, although we were strictly told not to use our phones during deliberations).
Some readers may wonder why I am posting this a year after the trial ended- 1. I have other responsibilities/activities that I prefer to do, and I was contemplating just keeping these deliberations private (and my already-written post private), but keeping them private enables bullying and poor behavior in the deliberation room and would be a disservice to people like myself who are curious about juror deliberation conduct. Some readers may also wonder why I did not tell the judge or court clerk about my experience in the deliberation room- 1. He most likely would have told me to just brush it off and keep deliberating, and I say this because there was a point where we as a jury thought that it may be a mistrial, but he still pushed us to keep deliberating (which I think contributes to peer pressure, mental exhaustion, bullies having increased irritation with us jurors who stand our ground, etc.).
Some suggestions for juries in the future:
  1. Having professional jurors who have studied the law handbook well, are trained in proper juror conduct, etc. Have jurors receive training (i.e., a 1-2 hour long, online training) in which they read the law handbook and then answer some questions to test their knowledge of the material, before starting their jury duty.
  2. Having people with a legal background and/or formal education, etc.
I’m posting my experience to see if any of you have had a similar experience while being in a jury, or disagreed with my reasoning for the verdict, experience, emotions, etc. Jury duty is not like the movie 12 Angry Men- even if I changed one person’s mind, what about the other 10? The world needs to know that this is the unacceptable behavior that goes on behind the scenes during jury deliberations. I hope this post can be the catalyst to discussions on proper juror deliberation conduct, which I do not feel was emphasized enough by the judge. If I am chosen for another jury in the future, I hope it is for a civil case, where only the majority vote matters, not unanimous.
Also, what do you think about the law of witness credibility being used to determine the verdict?
TLDR: Rude and inept jurors tried to peer pressure me to come to a verdict quickly so that they could “pick up their kids from daycare”, and I was not having it. This is my experience with poor juror deliberation conduct in a criminal case. Has anyone else had a similar experience as a petit juror?
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2023.03.25 18:25 Suitable-Place-929 My two cents about sleep…for what it’s worth!

I want to start out by saying that absolutely every baby is different. Parenting advice in the real world and on the internet loves to disregard nuance and tell us to ALWAYS do this and NEVER do that. I personally am only three months in with my first child, so the things I’m about to share might go completely out the window if I ever have another!
But baby sleep is a huge topic in the parenting world. It’s one of the first things people ask you: “is s/he a ‘good’ sleeper?” It’s a complicated question that expects a simple answer. And if you reduce the complexity of the situation down to “no” for the sake of simplifying the conversation, you’re often met with loads of unsolicited advice about how you /should/ be handling it, or comparisons about how “so-n-so’s baby is already sleeping through the night”, etc. Whether or not it is their intention, it can make you feel as if you’re doing something wrong and that a change in your own behavior and execution (when you’re already exhausted and questioning every move you make as is!) is all that’s needed. Not to mention that the advice is always so black and white and accusatory—if you bed-share you don’t care about their safety!! If you don’t room-share you’re neglectful and heartless!! It’s exhausting and emotionally taxing trying to sort through it all when every single one of us is just trying to do what’s best for our child in the context of what works for our family.
As a person with ADHD, I learned for myself long ago that rigidity leads to failure and frustration. It does NOT work for me. For others it is a lifesaver, so take my perspective with a grain of salt.
But most people agree that the first few months are about survival. Babies don’t even begin to produce their own melatonin until around the three month mark. Some parents have had success with starting and sticking to sleep routines right out the gate, but like I said, I knew that was a recipe for disaster for me.
So I instead chose to take the pressure off of myself and go with the (albeit challenging) flow. We comfort nursed, nursed to sleep, contact napped, never transferred while “drowsy but awake” and instead waited until he was dead ass asleep in my arms, I responded to his cries asap (because that’s what felt right to me—only you know what choices are right for your situation! Letting your baby fuss is not abandonment!!), slept in the bassinet 98% of the time and followed the Safe Sleep Seven the other 2% of the time, when round the clock clusterfeeding had me falling asleep in extremely dangerous situations and I had a tough choice to make (that I swore I’d never make!)
I broke a lot of the rules that they say you have to follow in order to foster an independent sleeper. I think I actually broke every single one. Mostly out of survival and knowing that I’d become a wreck trying to stick to rigid expectations, but I also had this working theory that the more I showed him that I am here and willing to meet his needs (I saw comfort as a need), I wasn’t creating dependency but instead security. I thought about my own needs as an adult and how the support of trusted loved ones is actually what empowers me to be confident and independent. So I had hoped that the more I proved the safety net to him, the safer he’d feel when it was time to be more independent later on.
Just this past week we switched him to the crib across the room instead of the bedside bassinet. It made it harder for me to respond to him quickly, and I also wanted to start getting him to sleep more independently since I will be returning to work soon. And…….he did?? Without ever really practicing it before, he is able to self soothe and fall asleep/back to sleep with almost no assistance. When he fusses, I talk to him in a sweet voice and he calms back down (no touching/picking up, just vocal reassurance). That being said, I’m still flexible to his needs. If he’s having a hard time or starts crying for one reason or another, sometimes that calls for falling asleep in my arms, comfort nursing, etc. None of these things have interfered with the progress we’ve made towards independence, as the next time he can fall asleep unassisted just fine. (And the recent development of teething has meant that many comfort measures that interfere with a routine are needed.) He is a human with needs that might vary slightly (or majorly!) each day, and taking the pressure off of him to conform to any expectations was really just taking the pressure off of myself to follow every single rule for fear of failure.
I will say it again—every baby is different and every parent is different! Aside from a period of bad gas, we did not deal with colic, he was not one to cry “for no reason”, and I somehow found a way to go without pay for four months to extend my maternity leave, etc. All of these circumstances were mixed into the concoction of things that made this possible.
And attempting to follow a system (or lack of one) that is inconsistent with your own nature can be detrimental for all involved. I’m a little crunchy and a little silky and a lot of other things the internet can’t put labels on (humans are complex!!) but I worked with his needs and my own to find our own little path to success that works for us.
My point is not “Hey!!! Do everything I did!!!” so please do not take it as such. I simply want to offer a bit of hope to those who feel like they’re failing at following all the rules (from either camp!) and are worried that they’ll never reach their goal. And if sleep training is the lifesaver you always needed, BY ALL MEANS!!! You are not a neglectful monster, and if I’d had a different baby, maybe one that was less emotionally needy, that could have been the exact right move for us. But yes, there are many paths up the same mountain and it’s still a climb, but finding the path that makes the most sense to you can make all the difference.
If you’re still here, go get yourself a little treat. My attention span could NEVER lol.
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2023.03.25 18:20 coffee_and_flowers Based on my top 20 can you all recommend some films you think I'd like, also feel free to roast my taste :)

Based on my top 20 can you all recommend some films you think I'd like, also feel free to roast my taste :) submitted by coffee_and_flowers to Letterboxd [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 18:20 Penguin-Guy Problems setting up transcoding on Unraid

I built a new server after running Jellyfin for years on an overloaded RaspberryPi. Part of the reason was that more family members are streaming from my device and I'd like to use transcoding to reduce the used bandwith. I have an i5-5675C with intel Iris iGPU which I'd like to use for transcoding workload. The OS I'm using is Unraid version 6.11.5 running the latest available Jellyfin container.
I didn't find a way yet to successfully enable transcoding though. I followed the instructions in the manual and tried other write-ups on this subreddit, but I always end up with the following log:
 [2023-03-25 13:10:02.721 +01:00] [INF] [31] Jellyfin.Api.Helpers.MediaInfoHelper: User policy for "User". EnablePlaybackRemuxing: True EnableVideoPlaybackTranscoding: True EnableAudioPlaybackTranscoding: True [2023-03-25 13:10:02.721 +01:00] [INF] [31] Jellyfin.Api.Helpers.MediaInfoHelper: StreamBuilder.BuildVideoItem( Profile="Anonymous Profile", Path="/data/movies/Mediensammlung/Serien/The Last of Us/S01/", AudioStreamIndex=1, SubtitleStreamIndex=null ) => ( PlayMethod=Transcode, TranscodeReason=ContainerBitrateExceedsLimit ) "media:/videos/d69516a2-e0b6-5631-93e3-31b1f69cd370/master.m3u8?MediaSourceId=d69516a2e0b6563193e331b1f69cd370&VideoCodec=h264,h264&AudioCodec=aac,mp3&AudioStreamIndex=1&VideoBitrate=2616000&AudioBitrate=384000&MaxFramerate=25&api_key=&TranscodingMaxAudioChannels=2&RequireAvc=false&Tag=b5080298224fa5ea7f79585c1fc94268&SegmentContainer=ts&MinSegments=1&BreakOnNonKeyFrames=True&h264-level=40&h264-videobitdepth=8&h264-profile=high&h264-rangetype=SDR&h264-deinterlace=true&TranscodeReasons=ContainerBitrateExceedsLimit" [2023-03-25 13:10:02.741 +01:00] [INF] [11] Jellyfin.Api.Helpers.TranscodingJobHelper: Deleting partial stream file(s) "/transcode/bb5659ef25b4335db0e01b2631390ab6.m3u8" [2023-03-25 13:10:03.084 +01:00] [INF] [8] Jellyfin.Api.Controllers.DynamicHlsController: Current HLS implementation doesn't support non-keyframe breaks but one is requested, ignoring that request [2023-03-25 13:10:03.085 +01:00] [INF] [8] Jellyfin.Api.Helpers.TranscodingJobHelper: "/uslib/jellyfin-ffmpeg/ffmpeg" "-analyzeduration 200M -autorotate 0 -i file:\"/data/movies/Mediensammlung/Serien/The Last of Us/S01/\" -map_metadata -1 -map_chapters -1 -threads 0 -map 0:0 -map 0:1 -map -0:s -codec:v:0 h264_v4l2m2m -b:v 2616000 -maxrate 2616000 -bufsize 5232000 -level 40 -force_key_frames:0 \"expr:gte(t,0+n_forced*3)\" -g:v:0 75 -keyint_min:v:0 75 -vf \"setparams=color_primaries=bt709:color_trc=bt709:colorspace=bt709,scale=trunc(min(max(iw\,ih*a)\,1280)/64)*64:trunc(ow/a/2)*2,format=yuv420p\" -codec:a:0 libfdk_aac -ac 2 -ab 384000 -af \"volume=2\" -copyts -avoid_negative_ts disabled -max_muxing_queue_size 2048 -f hls -max_delay 5000000 -hls_time 3 -hls_segment_type mpegts -start_number 0 -hls_segment_filename \"/transcode/eb539ba9d26f7b90e685aaf8ecd56e03%d.ts\" -hls_playlist_type vod -hls_list_size 0 -y \"/transcode/eb539ba9d26f7b90e685aaf8ecd56e03.m3u8\"" [2023-03-25 13:10:03.156 +01:00] [ERR] [31] Jellyfin.Api.Helpers.TranscodingJobHelper: FFmpeg exited with code 1 [2023-03-25 13:10:03.200 +01:00] [ERR] [31] Jellyfin.Server.Middleware.ExceptionMiddleware: Error processing request. URL "GET" "/videos/d69516a2-e0b6-5631-93e3-31b1f69cd370/hls1/main/0.ts". MediaBrowser.Common.FfmpegException: FFmpeg exited with code 1 at Jellyfin.Api.Helpers.TranscodingJobHelper.StartFfMpeg(StreamState state, String outputPath, String commandLineArguments, HttpRequest request, TranscodingJobType transcodingJobType, CancellationTokenSource cancellationTokenSource, String workingDirectory) at Jellyfin.Api.Controllers.DynamicHlsController.GetDynamicSegment(StreamingRequestDto streamingRequest, Int32 segmentId) at Jellyfin.Api.Controllers.DynamicHlsController.GetHlsVideoSegment(Guid itemId, String playlistId, Int32 segmentId, String container, Int64 runtimeTicks, Int64 actualSegmentLengthTicks, Nullable`1 static, String params, String tag, String deviceProfileId, String playSessionId, String segmentContainer, Nullable`1 segmentLength, Nullable`1 minSegments, String mediaSourceId, String deviceId, String audioCodec, Nullable`1 enableAutoStreamCopy, Nullable`1 allowVideoStreamCopy, Nullable`1 allowAudioStreamCopy, Nullable`1 breakOnNonKeyFrames, Nullable`1 audioSampleRate, Nullable`1 maxAudioBitDepth, Nullable`1 audioBitRate, Nullable`1 audioChannels, Nullable`1 maxAudioChannels, String profile, String level, Nullable`1 framerate, Nullable`1 maxFramerate, Nullable`1 copyTimestamps, Nullable`1 startTimeTicks, Nullable`1 width, Nullable`1 height, Nullable`1 maxWidth, Nullable`1 maxHeight, Nullable`1 videoBitRate, Nullable`1 subtitleStreamIndex, Nullable`1 subtitleMethod, Nullable`1 maxRefFrames, Nullable`1 maxVideoBitDepth, Nullable`1 requireAvc, Nullable`1 deInterlace, Nullable`1 requireNonAnamorphic, Nullable`1 transcodingMaxAudioChannels, Nullable`1 cpuCoreLimit, String liveStreamId, Nullable`1 enableMpegtsM2TsMode, String videoCodec, String subtitleCodec, String transcodeReasons, Nullable`1 audioStreamIndex, Nullable`1 videoStreamIndex, Nullable`1 context, Dictionary`2 streamOptions) at lambda_method1158(Closure , Object ) at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Infrastructure.ActionMethodExecutor.TaskOfActionResultExecutor.Execute(IActionResultTypeMapper mapper, ObjectMethodExecutor executor, Object controller, Object[] arguments) at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Infrastructure.ControllerActionInvoker.g__Awaited12_0(ControllerActionInvoker invoker, ValueTask`1 actionResultValueTask) at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Infrastructure.ControllerActionInvoker.g__Awaited10_0(ControllerActionInvoker invoker, Task lastTask, State next, Scope scope, Object state, Boolean isCompleted) at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Infrastructure.ControllerActionInvoker.Rethrow(ActionExecutedContextSealed context) at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Infrastructure.ControllerActionInvoker.Next(State& next, Scope& scope, Object& state, Boolean& isCompleted) at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Infrastructure.ControllerActionInvoker.g__Awaited13_0(ControllerActionInvoker invoker, Task lastTask, State next, Scope scope, Object state, Boolean isCompleted) at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Infrastructure.ResourceInvoker.g__Awaited25_0(ResourceInvoker invoker, Task lastTask, State next, Scope scope, Object state, Boolean isCompleted) at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Infrastructure.ResourceInvoker.Rethrow(ResourceExecutedContextSealed context) at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Infrastructure.ResourceInvoker.Next(State& next, Scope& scope, Object& state, Boolean& isCompleted) at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Infrastructure.ResourceInvoker.g__Awaited20_0(ResourceInvoker invoker, Task lastTask, State next, Scope scope, Object state, Boolean isCompleted) at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Infrastructure.ResourceInvoker.g__Awaited17_0(ResourceInvoker invoker, Task task, IDisposable scope) at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Infrastructure.ResourceInvoker.g__Awaited17_0(ResourceInvoker invoker, Task task, IDisposable scope) at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Routing.EndpointMiddleware.g__AwaitRequestTask6_0(Endpoint endpoint, Task requestTask, ILogger logger) at Jellyfin.Server.Middleware.ServerStartupMessageMiddleware.Invoke(HttpContext httpContext, IServerApplicationHost serverApplicationHost, ILocalizationManager localizationManager) at Jellyfin.Server.Middleware.WebSocketHandlerMiddleware.Invoke(HttpContext httpContext, IWebSocketManager webSocketManager) at Jellyfin.Server.Middleware.IpBasedAccessValidationMiddleware.Invoke(HttpContext httpContext, INetworkManager networkManager) at Jellyfin.Server.Middleware.LanFilteringMiddleware.Invoke(HttpContext httpContext, INetworkManager networkManager, IServerConfigurationManager serverConfigurationManager) at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authorization.Policy.AuthorizationMiddlewareResultHandler.HandleAsync(RequestDelegate next, HttpContext context, AuthorizationPolicy policy, PolicyAuthorizationResult authorizeResult) at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authorization.AuthorizationMiddleware.Invoke(HttpContext context) at Jellyfin.Server.Middleware.QueryStringDecodingMiddleware.Invoke(HttpContext httpContext) at Swashbuckle.AspNetCore.ReDoc.ReDocMiddleware.Invoke(HttpContext httpContext) at Swashbuckle.AspNetCore.SwaggerUI.SwaggerUIMiddleware.Invoke(HttpContext httpContext) at Swashbuckle.AspNetCore.Swagger.SwaggerMiddleware.Invoke(HttpContext httpContext, ISwaggerProvider swaggerProvider) at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.AuthenticationMiddleware.Invoke(HttpContext context) at Jellyfin.Server.Middleware.RobotsRedirectionMiddleware.Invoke(HttpContext httpContext) at Jellyfin.Server.Middleware.LegacyEmbyRouteRewriteMiddleware.Invoke(HttpContext httpContext) at Microsoft.AspNetCore.ResponseCompression.ResponseCompressionMiddleware.InvokeCore(HttpContext context) at Jellyfin.Server.Middleware.ResponseTimeMiddleware.Invoke(HttpContext context, IServerConfigurationManager serverConfigurationManager) at Jellyfin.Server.Middleware.ExceptionMiddleware.Invoke(HttpContext context) [2023-03-25 13:10:03.326 +01:00] [INF] [31] Jellyfin.Api.Helpers.TranscodingJobHelper: Deleting partial stream file(s) "/transcode/eb539ba9d26f7b90e685aaf8ecd56e03.m3u8" [2023-03-25 13:10:04.839 +01:00] [INF] [31] Emby.Server.Implementations.Session.SessionManager: Playback stopped reported by app "Jellyfin Web" "10.8.9" playing "Wenn Du in der Dunkelheit verloren bist". Stopped at "0" ms 
I couldn't find any help yet abou this particular line:
Jellyfin.Server.Middleware.ExceptionMiddleware: Error processing request. URL "GET" "/videos/d69516a2-e0b6-5631-93e3-31b1f69cd370/hls1/main/0.ts" 
Maybe someone here had the same or a similar issue. Thanks in advance for any help!
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2023.03.25 18:15 SilverRoyce Are we understating the importance of PVOD? Lionsgate's Film Chief claims that $10-20M studio comedies can break even around 25M Domestic and a movie like Jerry B's Plane was, in 2023, on a margin basis 10 points more profitable than it would have been in 2019 when the film was greenlit.

From This podcast episode of The Town (20 minutes in)
When talking about Joy Ride, Drake Disputed Belloni's attempt to use a generic rule of thumb of profitability being around 50M-70M.
Belloni: given the marketing you'd have to make around 50-70M to break even [on Joy Ride, a film Lionsgate's Drake confirmed was produced for 10M-20M] [n.b. Belloni meant WW but Lionsgate's Drake interpreted that as a Domestic claim
Drake: to break even [incredulous] it would be a small fraction of that...those movies tend to break at well less than half of the numbers you announced.
Plane, an already released movie, was easier for him to talk about (UK, North American + Latin America rights). More than those rights would be worth for a film like Joy Ride.
on a margin basis [due to changing economics of film] on a margin basis 10 points more profitable than it would have been when Lionsgate Greenlit the movie [in November 2019?] when the film was greenlit.
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2023.03.25 18:10 JuniJuni8292 30 [M4M] Looking for a local cuddle buddy in Orlando Florida

30 M in Orlando, Florida looking for another guy for friends to cuddle, hang, watch sum movies, play video games, and enjoy each others company. I can host n looking for a regular bud for occasional cuddling.
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2023.03.25 18:06 ZeonoxButBetter Who needs a strategic advantage when it's fun?

A short one today And as usual accidental copy is truly unintentional
~Doofens reconnaissance asteroid ISEU-Inator~
~Sol Heliosphere~

I sat back in my seat on the bridge as we entered Sol. "Captain's log, we just entered the Humans system. All system nominal and it seems they haven't seen or recognized us yet" I speak to my old recording devices.

"Alright everyone, as planned we will set our course for a near Earth orbit to take some pictures and footage of their defenses. They shouldn't notices us now and hopefully will stay so until the end of the operation"
I short briefed my crew before moving on the mission. We should reach Earth in few weeks, and should be out of this place in another.

"Sir, could you explain our tactic once again?" one of my officer asked. "What is it? Do you doubt our master's decision?" I said half snapped. "N-no sir, it's just for some clarification"
"Ugh, this is what happens when you sleep through the mission briefing... Basically our plan is to infiltrate the human systems using this asteroid ship. This big girl is protected by a thick armor that can shroud our life signatures, so taking into account the weak sensory devices of Humans, it shouldn't be a problem for us"

"So, we just go in and out and taking some pictures..?"
"Inside this asteroid?"
"Hey, it's fine. Based on our intelligence the Humans, or any race in the confederation didn't know about this technique yet, it's still fresh from the thinkers' factory. So there shouldn't be any reason for the humans to blow up this thing up. It's literally just wasting their shells as far as they know" I reassure the officer.

It was only a few moments after that before I was startled by a warning from another of my officers.
"Humans ships 10 o'clock, around 15 miles!" He shouted in response to the apparition.
"Stay calm, shut down all external system, and keep low. They shouldn't detect us inside" I ordered as we watch our trajectory sending us closer to said ship.

My crew got a goosebumps or two as we passed the ship.
To be honest, I myself also had a little trouble controlling my heart rate. I mean the Humans may not have the greatest sensors, but they do has one of the most powerful kinetic weapons in the galaxy. Especially in this, most likely cruiser ship.

It was a few second before we finally passed the cruiser. We let out a relieved sigh as we started to drift away. "Haha, see. We're save, there is no strategic advantage in destroying us" I said jokingly before...

"The cruiser gun is turning at us! CAPTAIN!" I've caught off guard as the officer screamed. Looking back at the ship whose guns has been trained to us.
"What the-" It was only a split second before a bright white light covered the guns mount. And another second before everything went dark.

~Earth Cruiser Etalnia~
"I stand corrected Johnson, It is super fun to blow something up that provides no strategic advantage"
"As I said my friend, And hey, that was a good shooting practice"
"Yep, alright let's head home boys!"
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2023.03.25 18:03 majorgiant Weekend Update (#12)

Weekend Update (#12)

Last Chance

- LRG: Shin chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation -The Endless Seven-Day Journey (Switch/PS4)
- LRG: Skelattack (Switch/PS4)
- LRG: Doodle World Redrawn (NES)

New this week

- LRG: Lunark (NS/PS5)
Coming up next week
-SuRG: Atomik Run Gun Jump Gun
- LRG: Mighty Fight Federation open March 31st! Available on PS5 & PS4 (LIMITED)
- LRG: Deathwish Enforcers available for PS5, PS4 and Switch.

Other News this week

- A physical bundle including both Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon and [its sequel set] for PlayStation 4 and Switch on July 13 in Japan.
-Shikhondo: Soul Eater physical edition has been restocked at playasia This will be the final production batch, available as long as supplies last.
- Ikaruga (PS4 / NS) with an alternate cover and multi-language support has been set for June 29th in Japan. Per Play -Asia
- LEGO 2K Drive announced for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, Switch.
- RAG: multiple and unexpected manufacturing and logistical issues, we have had to push back some of our upcoming physical releases.
-Sonic Origins Plus for NintendoSwitch, PS4, PS5 & XboxSeries from SEGA coming June 23, 2023!
- Video Games Plus is excited to work with SelectaPlay once again to now announce Fight'N Rage for PS5 & NintendoSwitch coming July 28, 2023!
- Grisaia: Phantom Trigger 5.5 to 08 collection announced for Switch
- ANONYMOUS;CODE launches September 8 in the west
- GOODBYE WORLD coming to PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, and Xbox One
- LRG: Toodee and Topdee launches on our Distro line on 4/4!
- LRG: Neon City Riders: Super Powered Edition hits our Distro line in LIMITED quantities on 4/4! Available for Switch at Amazon & Limited Run with two exclusive covers!
- Miasma Chronicles will launch for consoles on June 9 in Europe and June 20 in North America
- xbox testing out lower moq for devs/publishers
- physically release The Tale Of Onogoro on #PSVR2 on May 25th!
- iam8bit has/had have a limited re-stock of Grim Fandango for Switch
- Noob launches on June 29
- Marsupilami Hoobadventure reprint (without the the first print bonuses, but with the free DLC noted on the cover) launches on May 10
- The Fox Awaits Me HANA will launch for Switch on November 2
- Neptunia GameMaker R:Evolution announced for PS5, PS4, and Switch
- New Pre-order in Asia. Drainus.

Giveaway Fund Stats

PlayAsia: Orders: 24, Sales 1, Balance US$ 5.25 (Orders change to sales (=money) once shipped)
VGP: Orders: 66, Balance CAD$ 124.14
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2023.03.25 17:54 Jayiie Weapon Enhancement Analysis: Beams, Cannons, and Mixed Setups: Post-Pilot Rework

Weapon Enhancement Analysis: Beams, Cannons, and Mixed Setups: Post-Pilot Rework

Last year with the release of Vanguard Specialist and the intel revamp I made a post comparing the various firings modes available too us for energy weapons. You can find that analysis here. Now with the Pilot rework having been out for around a month without any changes, I think its time to revisit this as we got a large improvement to Reroute Reserves to Weapons.
The link to the spreadsheet from last year remains the same for people interesting in seeing it.

Purpose and Scope

Before getting into the results, I wanted to clarify some things that seem to have been...misunderstood with the first post, mostly because people didn't seem to understand what I was doing with these.

Build Selection

The builds selected for break-point analysis are simply to get stat distributions for the various things that are impacted by energy weapon enhancements; notably these are:, Cat1, Cat2, CrtH, CrtD, Haste, and Weapon Power. While most of the nominal firing modes apply a final damage buff, some (like RRtW and ERL) apply indirect buffs which act like final modifiers with the opportunity for saturation. As such to really compare the lot of them we need to take these 6 values into consideration.
These builds were chosen not for any particular reason other than at the time they were very well known, easily and publicly accessible, and represented various reversible costs. These builds represent a spectrum of where players could be in the games sandbox and represented various building ideologies from many different perspectives in the community.
This is not a commentary on those builds. At the time of writing the first post I assumed that these representations could be abstracted and used to gauge an equivalent value for comparing builds. That is—at similar cost levels—the 6 values I was comparing against would be more or less equal regardless of the platform or build firing mode it was devoted too. I still believe this is a reasonable assumption to make. As such I am applying firing modes to ships that cannot actually use the power. Again, this is done as an abstraction of relative power and costing within the sandbox rather than an analysis of each build.

Basis of Firing Mode Advantages

This is not designed to evaluate the specific build choices of one to another. For example, I did not take into consideration Preferential Targeting when evaluating Beam Overload and Cannon Rapid Fire. While this is a viable and potentially very powerful starship trait, that would mean we are not comparing Beam Overload / Cannon Rapid Fire to the other modes but rather that of BO/CRF with Preferential. This has the same logical connection as using something like Insidious Tactics when talking about Surgical Strikes against the other modes.
Basically, in order to make this as much of a direct comparison as I can, we are removing any supporting traits. This includes uptime effects like firing mode extenders. While firing extenders modes again are very good, it doesn't help us to compare as several firing modes have different ways of achieving higher ability uptime.
As such, the next criteria missing from this when evaluating final numbers is the actual base damage of the weapons themselves. I am not taking into effect of applying the firing mode to a higher base damage weapon. Again the point is a comparison of firing modes, not firing modes and weapons. It is relatively easy to multiply the 'base dps' of a weapon type by a value than trying to compute and list all possible combinations of weapon types and the resulting firing modes.

Evaluation Criterion

The goal is to evaluate the relative power of each of the firing modes; 2 for Beams, 2 for Cannons, and 3 Specialist powers, at the appropriate ranks and seats. This is done by calculating the impact each has to the builds resting state without the firing mode and then applying the firing mode to the collection of stats.
There are some interesting build choices that do however change in these instances. The only suitable build change I am actually making to these ships is optimizing the spread of Dmg and CrtD mods on weapons and the choice of which Spire Tactical Console to take, Vulnerability Locators or Exciters. I did this because
  1. Not everyone from who we pulled builds from chooses to build using the optimal weapon mods so its hard to know if each build did the math or not. As such applying this to all builds for all weapon modes eliminates any potential bias this selection makes.
  2. Spire Tactical Console spreads are similarly unoptimized. This computation also changes depending on the firing mode, as something like Surgical Strikes offers a large Critical Chance and Critical Damage buffs, as well as Accuracy increases that also adjust these values. As such I felt it unfair to compare Surgical to the other modes without
This selection process is done inside the spreadsheet itself rather than any hand done calculation, and is the genesis of the module that exists inside TRINITY. As such these choices are handed out to automation rather than personal guess and helps reduce any potential bias in mode evaluation.


The hardest thing with this is making the choice to determine how to actual compare these values across build types. Since this is to create a comparison, I opted to take the overall average of the resulting Damage Modifier (DM') over the base Damage modifier (DM) before firing modes. While an average works, there are some interesting side effects. For example, the effects of Surgical Strikes, Reroute Reserves to Weapons, and Exceed Rated Limits are all stat buffs rather than a final damage value. As such these are not easily directly comparison. Surgical Strikes is the hardest to compare in this regard as the effects vary by around 40% from highest to lowest effective multiplier, while something like Cannon Rapid Fire is relatively consistent at only 0.8% variation. However, as we generate the graphs for both seats and ranks, we see that this variation is largely due to how impactful these powers can be at the lower end of the toolbox.
As a note, I've also included CSV as a single Target in all of these, just to show how much of that firing modes damage potential is wrapped up in the ability to hit 3 targets at once. The same can be said for FAW, but the numbers work out to be basically the same.

By Seat

Powers - Ens Effective Multiplier Damage Increase
FAW1 x1.943 +94.277%
BO1 x1.39 +39.007%
Powers - Lt. Effective Multiplier Damage Increase
CSV1 x2.914 +191.415%
FAW2 x2.069 +106.894%
BO2 x1.622 +62.175%
CRF1 x1.498 +49.768%
CSV1 (1 Target) x0.971 -2.862%
Powers - Lt.C Effective Multiplier Damage Increase
CSV2 x3.067 +206.69%
FAW3 x2.199 +119.914%
BO3 x1.853 +85.343%
RRtW1 x1.664 +66.45%
CRF2 x1.647 +64.745%
ERL1 x1.567 +56.733%
SS1 x1.501 +50.096%
CSV2 (1 Target) x1.022 +2.23%
Powers - Cmdr Effective Multiplier Damage Increase
CSV3 x3.225 +222.54%
RRtW3 x2.864 +186.446%
SS3 x2.278 +127.813%
RRtW2 x2.264 +126.448%
ERL3 x1.902 +90.153%
SS2 x1.88 +87.99%
CRF3 x1.797 +79.721%
ERL2 x1.734 +73.423%
CSV3 (1 Target) x1.075 +7.513%

By Rank

Powers - Rank 1 Effective Multiplier Damage Increase
CSV1 x2.914 +191.415%
FAW1 x1.943 +94.277%
RRtW1 x1.664 +66.45%
ERL1 x1.567 +56.733%
SS1 x1.501 +50.096%
CRF1 x1.498 +49.768%
BO1 x1.39 +39.007%
CSV1 (1 Target) x0.971 -2.862%
Powers - Rank 2 Effective Multiplier Damage Increase
CSV2 x3.067 +206.69%
RRtW2 x2.264 +126.448%
FAW2 x2.069 +106.894%
SS2 x1.88 +87.99%
ERL2 x1.734 +73.423%
CRF2 x1.647 +64.745%
BO2 x1.622 +62.175%
CSV2 (1 Target) x1.022 +2.23%
Powers - Rank 3 Effective Multiplier Damage Increase
CSV3 x3.225 +222.54%
RRtW3 x2.864 +186.446%
SS3 x2.278 +127.813%
FAW3 x2.199 +119.914%
ERL3 x1.902 +90.153%
BO3 x1.853 +85.343%
CRF3 x1.797 +79.721%
CSV3 (1 Target) x1.075 +7.513%
Note: These values take into account the lowered number of shots BO produces

Comments on RRtW and Engine Power

Somethings not included in all of this would be how engine power is drained when using RRtW, and if the power drains your power the ability shuts off. Since Reroute Reserves to Weapons 3 is now the power with the highest single target damage potential, granting a huge amount of haste at rank 3 and out pacing even Surgical Strikes 3, it's likely people will want to explore this power. This evaluation wasn't designed to cover the scope of that but I will talk about how the power appears to work some for people who want to use it.
Unlike regular firing modes, it appears that RRtW is an applied drain rather than a reduction to both current and target power values in the method that normal weapon firing works, and functions similar to the observations I made here. As such engine power recovery is dependent on EPS rather than power refund. This does mean that EPS is a much more significant influence on these builds as the target value for the engine subsystem hasn't been reduced (basically where 250% EPS would have cut it, we may want 350% or higher with RRtW).
In the previous post I did some computations and analysis and how to use these numbers; that method hasn't changed and I feel that it is still the best source for this discussion and will not be repeating those calculations here, simply because the only thing that has changed is RRtW.


Now that we have an appropriate approximation of the final modifier of weapon enhancements, we can do some interesting comparisons, without having to delve into calculators. This is a bit of an abstracted comparison but it should be good enough to gauge the relative effectiveness of various combinations of weapons and enhancements.

Weapon Base Damages

Weapon Type Base Damage Shots Cycle Time Effective DPS
Dual Heavy Cannon 290 4 5 232
Dual Cannon 193 6 5 231.6
Wide Arc Dual Beam Bank 400 4 7.5 213.33
Dual Beam Bank 260 4 5 208
Single Cannon 160 6 5 192
Beam Array 200 4 5 160
Omni (not Set) 200 4 5 160
Omni (Set) 188 4 5 150.4
Turret 100 6 5 120
For the purposes of this analysis I will be using this table for weapon stats. While there are a few exceptions to these values, they are by and large the overall values you will find.

Assumptions on RRtW calculations

From here on I will be making some assumptions here, simply because the amount of variables aren't very computable with this method. For example, RRtW drains power every single time the weapon cycle occurs. With only the 225% haste from rank 3, this means you are starting a new weapon cycle every 1.5s 5/(1+2.25), which means that you drain -8 engine power every 1.5s for every weapon slotted.
Now this is a drain, and can be mitigated with higher engine power setting and more EPS. These are choices that are not going to be universally present on all builds such as BO3 vs CRF3 vs SS3 and so on. We have an actual tool to compare these in the very minor build selection changes. I want to instead focus on the macro level overview of these build types. As such I will be comparing the RRtW sustained uptime in a theoretical sense. How any build reaches that point and the sacrifices they have to make to get that uptime is up to the user.
As a final note on this, RRtW seems to be higly susceptible to serve lag and large haste sources added in. Using something like the Altamid 3pc to get another 100% haste can, depending on the user, cause the weapons to stop firing altogether. These are things that we can replicate on paper but will depend largely on the users network performance to know.

Firing Mode Uptime; Better Damage or Higher Uptime

Lets take an example from the newly buffed RRtW vs the tried and true Beam Overload. We get Final Values of x2.864 for RRtW at rank 3 but x1.853 for Beam Overload 3. From here we can ask some questions? How long do we need to sustain RRtW for it to be better than a full uptime BO3?
That's a relatively simple calculation:
2.864*(t/15) + 1*(1-(t/15)) = 1.853 t = 6.86s 
So 6.86s is all we need on RRtW3 to be better than BO3, which is entirely doable. Therefore if you can maintain engine power above 0 long enough with RRtW3 active (in this case 6.86s or more) then even an unoptimized RRtW should provide more DPS than a full uptime BO3. However with RRtW we can do something interesting, and that's use cannons. So what happens when we compare BO3, CRF3 (1.797), and then RRtW3?
For this I'm going to compare 5 DHCs and 2 Turrets vs 5 DBBs vs 2 Omnis. There are other options and combinations (for example using both the Terran beam and cannon), but I want to make this a little more straight forward.
  • Dual Heavy Cannon: 232 dps
  • Dual Beam Bank: 213.33 dps
  • Turret: 120 dps
  • Omni (Set): 150.4 dps
  • Omni (not Set): 160 dps
For the two conditions then we get the weapon base DPS as being:
Cannons: 5*232 + 2*120 = 1400 Beams: 5*213.33 + 150.4 + 160 = 1377.05 
We then have the new formula:
(2.864*(t/15) + 1*(1-(t/15)))*1400 = 1.853*1377.05 t = 6.62s 
Therefore, we need to only sustain 6.625s of RRtW with cannons for it to theoretically do more damage than a full uptime BO3. We can do the same calculation for RRtW3 vs CRF3 and find:
(2.864*(t/15) + 1*(1-(t/15)))*1400 = 1.797*1400 x = 6.414 
Notice here as well since this is cannons to cannons, the 1400 base DPS appears on both sides. So brining into account weapon types and setups only matters when comparing non-similar weapon configurations.

Mixing Weapon Types

On that similar note, RRtW doesn't need us to compare only cannons or only beams, we can instead use a combination. Turrets are subjectively weak than omnis, but you can only slot two omnis at a time. What happens when we do the same calculations above but instead us two omnis in the back with cannons upfront?
Cannons + Omnis: 5*232 + 150.4 + 160 = 1470.4 
RRtW3 (C+O) vs BO3:
(2.864*(t/15) + 1*(1-(t/15)))*1470.4 = 1.853*1377.05 x = 5.92 
RRtW3 (C+O) vs CRF3:
(2.864*(t/15) + 1*(1-(t/15)))*1470.4 = 1.797*1400 x = 5.72 
So we see that again the time to maintain RRtW decreases as the overall DPS of the weapon configuration increases. Basically with the new RRtW if you can maintain 10s uptime it should be always better than the standard BO3 or CRF3 single target modes.

Specalist Single Target Modes

So....with that said, what about comparing ERL3 (x1.902), SS3 (x2.278), and RRtW3? They have the same benefits of mixing weapons, but don't suffer from the same penalties where the buff turns off when you run out of engine power. With Vanguard Specalist, these have a hard 15 second duration.
However not all Specialist firing mode ships are made the same. Most Intel Ships tend to be 5/3, Most Pilot Ships tend to be 5/2, and most Miracle Worker ships tend to be 4/4, and not all can slot DHCs so we will do both a BO and DHC setup. Lets compare these weapon setups to each other and attempt to find at what uptime RRtW3 breaks even.
5/3: 5 DHCs + 1 Turret + 2 Omnis: = 5*232 + 120 + 150.4 + 160 = 1590.4 5/2: 5 DHCs + 2 Omnis: = 5*232 + 150.4 + 160 = 1470.4 4/4 DHC: 4 DHCs + 2 Turrets + 2 Omnis: = 4*232 + 2*120 + 150.4 + 160 = 1478.4 4/4 DBB: 4 DBBs + 2 Turrets + 2 Omnis: = 4*213.33 + 2*120 + 150.4 + 160 = 1403.72 
So from this we can now look at our test conditions. Again, we are taking a macro level overview since we are assuming RRtW is maintainable engine power and hunting for the break even. We are comparing against the average weapon layouts, and not taking into account this like Tactical console slots or other supporting weapons. These things matter but we're doing a macro level analysis here to just throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks.
RRtW3 (5/2) vs SS3 (5/3)
(2.864*(t/15) + 1*(1-(t/15)))*1470.4 = 2.278*1590.4 x = 11.78 
So even with a weapon missing, we only need to sustain RRtW3 for 11.8s before we beat out a conventional 5/3 SS3 build.
RRtW3 (5/2) vs ERL3 (4/4 DHC)
(2.864*(t/15) + 1*(1-(t/15)))*1470.4 = 1.902*1478.4 x = 7.34 
RRtW3 (5/2) vs ERL3 (4/4 DBB)
(2.864*(t/15) + 1*(1-(t/15)))*1470.4 = 1.902*1403.72 x = 6.56 
As expected here, ERL gets trounced as RRtW doesn't even need a full 10s to beat it. This is again because we are comparing against a 4/4 setup. It doesn't look great for ERL as we propagate this to other conditions like 5/3 (where ERL gets beaten by RRtW3 at 8.5s).

Specialist Comments

Something not really taken into account here when comparing mode to mode is that not all specializations are made equal, but are also comprised of aspects not unique to the firing mode powers. Miracle Worker gets an extra slot, and some extra powers that help like Mixed Armament Synergy and Narrow Sensor Bands. Intel gets Override Subsystem Safeties and Unconventional System triggers, and Pilot gets Fly Her Apart. So when comparing firing modes like this it does leave out some rather large platform based considerations.
However, these are once again micro level build decisions that I didn't want to focus in to hard. While we can certainly do the math for these powers and thereby compare—on paper—firing modes and as a whole builds this way using these numbers, the math starts to get large, and because I suffer from scope creep I'm going to resist the urge to include them here to try and remain topical.

Stats Allocations

The last thing I want to talk about is how the impact of these 3 change as you change some stats. Things like power drain, Haste, Cat2, CrtH, and CrtD are all touched by these three specialist firing modes. When we plot these to a chart we get this:
Build Cat2 CrtH CrtD Haste SS3 RRtW3 ERL3
1 31.60% 12.62% 113.25% 0.00% 2.662 3.451 2.164
2 52.77% 21.63% 154.91% 5% 2.586 3.340 2.115
3 82.23% 74.80% 323.96% 45.67% 2.258 2.706 1.829
4 186.80% 62.96% 418.22% 36.50% 2.276 2.817 1.879
5 254.45% 61.03% 408.71% 36.50% 2.223 2.822 1.883
6 201.18% 44.01% 235.43% 40.50% 2.251 2.769 1.858
7 110.35% 60.73% 340.88% 40.67% 2.370 2.772 1.862
8 169.14% 54.55% 324.46% 36.50% 2.300 2.816 1.879
9 174.05% 77.24% 445.13% 36.50% 2.118 2.818 1.880
10 111.47% 46.40% 247.92% 25.50% 2.424 2.967 1.945
11 80.35% 74.68% 273.79% 22.08% 2.284 3.038 1.985
12 124.22% 65.60% 308.02% 36.50% 2.358 2.820 1.882
13 250.41% 74.18% 330.48% 52.75% 2.117 2.632 1.796
14 181.93% 79.60% 302.48% 45.00% 2.097 2.723 1.841
15 239.87% 95.43% 467.23% 69.83% 1.850 2.477 1.727
From this we can generate a graph comparing them. This does however get...messy. What we are seeing in this is that the builds which benefit the most from SS, ERL, and RRtW are ones without any stat bonuses. Rather we have an inverse ratio between the 4 major stats that are affected by Specialist firing modes (CrtH, CrtD, Cat2, and Haste) and the overall increase we get from the firing mode. We can make this graph a little better to read by condensing down Cat2, CrtH and CrtD into an equivalent Cat2 term and then we generate this graph here, which I think makes this a much better illustration of this idea.
Basically the more buffs you have, the less impactful the firing modes will be in comparison. We can see here that on the 15th build, Spencers Inquiry from last year, is only seeing about a 85% increase when comparing to normal firing under SS3 because the build is a naturally high CrtH value, so its missing a large chunk of what makes SS really good (that +30% CrtH).

Wrap Up

Well...that was a lot of math. I'm going to stop here because even when writing this I can feel peoples eyes start to glaze over.
Not anything surprising really from this. RRtW3 needs maintained uptime to compete, which comes at the cost of micro level build decisions which are almost impossible to calculate at this scale. When you can maintain that you get a huge damage buff, however at the potential cost of other build decisions. To deep dive into that is why we created TRINITY (found in the STOBetter Tools Section), which at the time of posting just released at version 1.0 along with many other things. If this is the sort of game/build theory you like to dabble in I highly encourage you to look into that spreadsheet and poke around with things.
Overall I think the pilot rework went really well and RRtW is in a very good spot. Its got trade offs but provides a huge amount of damage for those trades. I'm looking forward to using it myself as well as seeing what whacky things people come up with.
Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions or spot any errors please leave a comment!
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