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2023.06.02 06:45 ac2334 Epic “Does It Run” Thread

My goal - to get every game from my expansive library to run. Going to post my findings to this thread as I make discoveries.
About me - a savvy tinkerer who has many years of computing and modding experience.
I will be updating this thread frequently and invite others to add what has worked for them as well as new games I haven’t gotten to yet.
Dissatisfied with protondb (although a very useful site), I decided to start a post since I am testing hundreds of games and having many successes. The fixes/guidelines will be shorthand but just ask here and I will reply with additional details.
Note: everything here is done manually and does not rely on Heroic, Lutris, etc. Unless otherwise noted, all games perform perfectly fine and run impressively.
One last note as to what to expect from this thread - all games discussed are games that I purchased myself - I aspire to have my entire gaming collection running on the deck, to include many exotic games that need to be ripped from cds such as Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow and Quantum of Solace, Bloodstone and 007 Legends (James Bond games), lesser-known games like Pariah, clever fixes borrowing from the hard work of others (who will be properly credited) for games like The Chronicles of Riddick…absolutely no emulation will be discussed here.
Working with no need for special proton compatibility layers or tweaks:
(just a few points of mention to those who have trouble with the list below…. 1: I don’t skimp on microSD card quality, I would highly recommend reading reviews and making sure the card you buy is authentic and rated fast enough for the deck. 2. ext4 is advised, certain games will not run at all on ntfs (though some do) 3. I use my deck around the home and this means I am often connected to power when I play, keep that in mind) 4. get familiar with the compdata and shadercache folders and use steamdb.info to get the correct steam game ids - often deleting old prefixes by deleting the entire folder for a particular game can resolve issues…you can also use the dev mode feature to delete all proton files from within the settings for a particular steam game)
Working OOTB: standard testing is launching game and playing it for about 5 minutes as I have a lot of games to test :)
Space Horror: System Shock 2023 Alien Isolation Aliens Fireteam Elite
Horror: Resident Evil 0 - force GE 7-49
Resident Evil Remastered - edited config to add fullscreen in desktop mode, but regardless, it works with cutscenes and all
Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil 3 Resident Evil 4 Resident Evil 5 Resident Evil 6 Resident Evil 7 Resident Evil 8 Outlast 1, 2 and Trials The Evil Within 1 & 2 Withering Rooms Stasis Cayne Bone Totem Horror Tales - The Wine Visage The Dark Pictures Anthology (Man of Medan, Little Hope, House of Ashes & Devil Inside Me) Dead Space (2023) The Callisto Protocol Amnesia, Final Revelations, A Machine for Pigs, Rebirth & Demo for upcoming The Bunker Soma
Fighting: Mortal Kombat 10 & 11 Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Killer Instinct Dead or Alive 5 Core Fighters - force GE 8-3, command line: PROTON_NO_ESYNC=1 PROTON_NO_FSYNC=1 %command%
Cyberpunk: Cyberpunk 2077 Deus Ex Mankind Divided
Dungeon CrawleRPG: being tested..
List of all Epic games working under GE Proton 8-3:
Dead Island 2 Mechwarrior 5 Worl War Z Rime Saints Row 3 Remastered Disco Elysium Manifold Garden Maneater The Captain Red Lantern F.I.S.T. - Forged In Shadow Torch Ancestors The Messenger Stories Untold Salt & Sacrifice Demon’s Tilt Ape Out Absolute Drift Beyond Blue Evo Legendary Collection
List of all Battle.net games working under GE Proton 8-3:
Diablo 2, 3 & 4
List of all Ubisoft games…in process
List of all Origin games….in process
List of all GOG games….in process
Tarkov yep, being tested
Star Citizen yep, being tested
Dual boot Windows 10 games (Modern Warfare 2, Cold War, etc.) yep, being tested
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2023.06.02 06:43 Emergency-Spinach-50 Seeking Push 3 accessories suggestions - XLR in adapter, longer USB-C cable, stand

I'm in line to get a push 3 non-standalone version. I'd like to plug an sm58 into one of the push's audio inputs, even if just for rough demo takes. I've also heard the USB-C cable is short, and that might be a problem for me. I'm going directly into the usb-c input on my m1 macbook pro and it'd be nice to power the whole unit just off the port but I can't seem to get a clear idea of if that's enough power regardless of cable. I also would like to keep it separate off my desk on a stand or something, and it would be especially nice if it could be used in a seated or standing position, and stay stable enough where I can operate the MPE well and hopefully where I won't easily tip it over by bumping it or something that could even be used as a stand at shows.
Questions numbered for simplicity.
  1. Will a mic into the 1/4" input be high quality or would I be better off going into the XLR on my focusrite scarlett solo and ignoring the audio inputs on the push? Would like to ditch the focusrite and just use one device if possible.
  2. What kind of adapter should I get for the mic XLR, balanced or unbalanced? I don't want a whole new cable, just an adapter to plug my existing mic XLR cable into.
  3. I see the cable it comes with have ferrites for shielding. I don't really know what that does or how necessary they are. If I use another cable should I find one that also has that?
  4. There are lots of different specs of usb-c cables. Is there a specific usb spec or minimum gbps data transfer or wattage I need?
  5. Any stands people have really loved for the push 2? Like I wrote above, would be awesome to find something good to use while sitting and standing. I see a bunch of cheap laptop stands on amazon that look fine for $50-70, but there's a higher tier of recommendations from past threads of stuff that costs like $200+ and I'm not sure which way to go
  6. Bonus question 6 for people with hands on ADAT experience which I've never used before: I've thought of getting a mic preamp unit that uses adat like the behringer ada8200. Is that practical to use while gigging if I wanted to input my guitar, bass, and mic all to the push? Optical cables have been finicky for me in the past and I feel like it would get knocked out of place just by the vibrations of live audio. My rack mount is on top of my bass amp and even that feels like an iffy idea for adat
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2023.06.02 06:43 manchapson 41 and just existing

I don't know why I'm writing this. I've written a similar post before a few months back. Maybe I'm just looking to affirm I'm not the only one who has been or currently is in this kind of headspace. Maybe looking to break the monotony of my life for a few brief minutes. I have no financial worries particularly. I have a decent job that whilst I don't love it I certainly don't hate it. It's pretty much as secure as any job can be these days and pays well. The hours suit my lifestyle and the guys I work with are generally sound. I own my own house and will be mortgage free very soon. I don't think I'm particularly ugly and I'm generally fit and healthy. I can get on well with nearly anybody on a superficial level. In many ways I'm very privileged and I don't underestimate the value of that. But that's it. There is nothing more in my life. 6 months ago my relationship that I thought would be 'the one' ended in the most brutal soul crushing manner. I thought we would marry and I would finally be a dad but it wasn't to be. I apparently wasn't enough for her. She left, taking my step son and the dog and I'm left with the cat (who I never liked particularly but she's grown on me). I do have friends but very few live close by, and they're married with kids and have their own lives to lead. I live on the other side of the world from my tiny remaining family (brothedad) but I was never very close to those to be honest. All the family I was close to have died. I've tried to start dating, but at my age it's kind of a shit show to be honest. Everyone has issues and we're all kind of broken. I'm trying to keep my hopes up that'll I'll meet someone but it's tough. I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that my chances of becoming a dad are getting less and less. It's obviously not impossible, but that window is slowly closing. Again I haven't lost hope but it's something I'm actively preparing myself for. Previously at dark points in my life I've turned to alcohol, and whilst I've managed to control it and get out of those dark places relatively unscathed, I'm making a conscious effort to not go there this time in case I can't escape it again. So far I'm being successful. There is more but I'm trying to not let this descend into a completely self pitying ramble. I'm trying to get myself out of this funk, organising things to look forward to and not turning down offers to go be social etc. My next consideration is therapy, something I would never previously have considered but I know I have to do something. If you've made it this far congratulations and thank you. I know it's not particularly interesting or coherent. Just my thoughts spewed out on a page. Hopefully my next year will be better than my last.
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2023.06.02 06:43 Far-Comfortable-8435 Do I have Autism!

Some doctors said yes some said no so I was never able to get a full diagnose but tbh I do not care much but I have gathered all questions from my aspergerchid.com with people with high functioning Autism and will answer each truthfully and you are welcome to share your opinion.
An emotional incident can determine the mood for the day. No not at all it will get better.
Becomes overwhelmed with too much verbal direction. This one yes just tell me 3 things thats it to do.
Calmed by external stimulation (e.g., soothing sound, brushing, rotating object, constant pressure). Nah I am always calm no point in worrying or getting mad.
Desires comfort items (e.g., blankets, teddy, rock, string). No just don't like sleeping in the dark.
Difficulty with loud or sudden sounds. No problems with noise im ok with super loud noise and sound just hard to talk over it or hear well.
Emotions can pass very suddenly or are drawn out for a long period of time. No my emotions go by at a normal paste. However, its silly to have time limits for emotions.
Inappropriate touching of self in public situations. Whattt????? ayooooo guys
Intolerance to certain food textures, colors or the way they are presented on the plate (e.g., one food can’t touch another). I prefer my food separate but i don't care tbh.
Laughs, cries or throws a tantrum for no apparent reason. Nope only thrown a tantrum once because I had a beyblade addiction when I was 12 and my mom would not get me a beyblade.
May need to be left alone to release tension and frustration. No not at all
Resists change in the environment (e.g., people, places, objects). I wish I had more change in my life.
Sensitivity or lack of sensitivity to sounds, textures, tastes, smells or light. Not really I have weak taste buds, selective hearing but loud or low sounds are good. Bright or dark is fine etc.
Tends to either tune out or break down when being reprimanded. Yeah but like you try getting yelled at for 3 hours because you did something dumb.
Unusually high or low pain tolerance. No its fine.
Difficulty transitioning from one activity to another in school. I am good with it but is that not necessary for school?
Difficulty with fine motor activities (e.g., coloring, printing, using scissors, gluing). I can do this but this seems like very low spectrum autism.
Difficulty with reading comprehension (e.g., can quote an answer, but unable to predict, summarize or find symbolism). No I can understand and summarize but suck at poems I can not get what they are saying for the life of me.
Excellent rote memory in some areas. In math yeah I can rember patterns and use them to pass.
Exceptionally high skills in some areas and very low in others. Huh? Yeah I am pretty average at things but would being super good at soccer but bad at video games be Autism? that seems to vague.
Resistance or inability to follow directions. Nah im good with it.
Short attention span for most lessons. Nah I use to but not anymore I can focus.
Allergies and food sensitivities. No not at all
Apparent lack of concern for personal hygiene (e.g., hair, teeth, body odor). Only when I am depressed as my hygiene and emotions are linked.
Appearance of hearing problems, but hearing has been checked and is fine. Yes actually my hearing is fine but I have trouble hearing.
Constipation. Nah
Difficulty changing from one floor surface to another (e.g., carpet to wood, sidewalk to grass). No not at all
Difficulty moving through a space (e.g., bumps into objects or people). No not at all
Frequent gas, burping or throwing up. Eww no
Incontinence of bowel and/or bladder. Sometimes
Irregular sleep patterns. Very much I love to stay up.
Odd or unnatural posture (e.g., rigid or floppy). Not at all
Seizure activity. I got highly checked for seizures it was a complete no but i do get leg jerks at night I hope I dont accidentally kick my future wife in the face in my sleep.
Unusual gait. No mot at all
Walks on toes. No I walk on my feet completely
Walks without swinging arms freely. No sometimes I walk hands free sometimes I walk with my hands in my jackets. Its whatever.
Aversion to answering questions about themselves. Ask away
Difficulty maintaining friendships. I have no friends so very much
Difficulty reading facial expressions and body language. I understand and can read them
Difficulty understanding group interactions. I understand them
Difficulty understanding jokes, figures of speech or sarcasm. I do understand just do not find every joke funny sorry people sometimes its just your not funny not someone else having autism.
Difficulty understanding the rules of conversation. No im good with understanding
Does not generally share observations or experiences with others. Yes. However, like why is our society forced to like the same things I like indie games and random animes and old stuff like why is me liking different things an issue?
Finds it easier to socialize with people that are older or younger, rather than peers of their own age. 1000000000% yesssss
Gives spontaneous comments which seem to have no connection to the current conversation. Yes I do not gonna lie
Makes honest, but inappropriate observations. Yes I do but it should be normalized to be honest sorry but sometimes some people be acting really goofy and you gotta tell them "Hey goofy you look like a clown with that make up done like that".
Minimal acknowledgement of others. I acknowledge others
Overly trusting or unable to read the motives behinds peoples’ actions. I can to an extent
Prefers to be alone, aloft or overly-friendly. Im a mixture of some alone time some communication time.
Resistance to being held or touched. No just for the love of god mom not when I am in the middle of eating or watching tv or in a game.
Responds to social interactions, but does not initiate them. Yes but i can initiate them just much rare.
Seems unable to understand another’s feelings. I understand feelings.
Talks excessively about one or two topics (e.g., dinosaurs, movies, etc.). No i talk about multiple things.
Tends to get too close when speaking to someone (i.e., lack of personal space). No people do deserve personal space.
Unaware of/disinterested in what is going on around them. I do have awareness issues.
Very little or no eye contact. I make eye contact all the time I am fine.
Causes injury to self (e.g., biting, banging head).
Difficulty attending to some tasks.
Difficulty sensing time (e.g., knowing how long 5 minutes is or 3 days or a month).
Difficulty transferring skills from one area to another.
Difficulty waiting for their turn (e.g., standing in line).
Extreme fear for no apparent reason.
Fascination with rotation.
Feels the need to fix or rearrange things.
Fine motor skills are developmentally behind peers (e.g., hand writing, tying shoes, using scissors, etc.).
Frustration is expressed in unusual ways. No its healthy
Gross motor skills are developmentally behind peers (e.g., riding a bike, skating, running). My motor skills are great.
Inability to perceive potentially dangerous situations. I know what is dangerous.
Many and varied collections. I have a game collection but why is this autism let people collect.
Obsessions with objects, ideas or desires. No not really.
Perfectionism in certain areas. No not at all
Play is often repetitive. no
Quotes movies or video games. I have never in my life
Ritualistic or compulsive behavior patterns (e.g., sniffing, licking, watching objects fall, flapping arms, spinning, rocking, humming, tapping, sucking, rubbing clothes). Never in my life
Transitioning from one activity to another is difficult. It is quite easy
Unexpected movements (e.g., running out into the street). I mean if my random leg jerk counts
Unusual attachment to objects. No never
Verbal outbursts. Nope never
Abnormal use of pitch, intonation, rhythm or stress while speaking. no
Difficulty understanding directional terms (e.g., front, back, before, after). I understand directions
Difficulty whispering. I can't whisper to save my life
Makes verbal sounds while listening (i.e., echolalia). nope not me at all
May have a very high vocabulary. average vocab for me but normalize higher vocab please
Often uses short, incomplete sentences. nope mot at all
Pronouns are often inappropriately used. no not at all
Repeats last words or phrases several times. no i may repeat once or twice if i mess up
Speech is abnormally loud or quiet. I speak low,mid, loud whatever
Speech started very early and then stopped for a period of time. nope
Uses a person’s name excessively when speaking to them. No never have
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2023.06.02 06:43 that_said Demiurge locks THAT for Ainz

Here I am in volume 11, and few things are concerning.
There was this dwarf that stole the ingot and ran away. Does it ever clear up in future volumes? My guess would be that he went insane and choose to go to the 2nd restricted area (lava pond with angler fish) to try and melt it there, but it's still weird.
Also, the fact Ainz made dwarfs addicted to himself aside, what is the mysterious THAT Demiurge mentions? Does it mean he'll keep quiet about MC seeing 10000 years into the future while planning? But then Ainz saying it'll be even more problematic makes no sense.
Well then, do help. Btw, I copied that part of the novel below.
“—So then is the reason you’re trying to spread the use of undead not to plant latent forces that could instantly become a military force loyal to you at a snap of your fingers but to make the whole world dependent on you? If you’re taking such a long view, that must be it. Truly formidable, my lord…”
Ainz had no idea what Demiurge had just said, but there was only one way for him to respond: I’d expect no less from you, Demiurge. You’ve seen through all my aims. But wasn’t that attitude what had been causing him issues? So instead…
“Hoh-hoh-hoh. I hadn’t thought that far, Demiurge.”
“…Oh, is that it? I see. I’ll lock THAT away where it’ll be safe.”
Demiurge’s quiet grin made Ainz break out in a mental cold sweat. Huh? What? Is what it…? I have a bad feeling that I just plunged into an even riskier situation…
But he didn’t know how to deal with it, so all he could do was force a smile. “Hoh-hoh-hoh. I’m counting on you, Demiurge.”
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2023.06.02 06:42 1kaze pihole on docker killing my internet every now and then

Hi All, I have pihole running as dns on docker in raspberry pi 4, and every now and then, like sometimes in 15 hours sometimes in 6 days, it kills my internet and I have to unplug power from rpi to reboot to get it working again. How I am sure about that pihole is doing is because on my router, I have to add dns server and point it to pihole/rpi, but there are 2 dns server option in my router. When I leave my dns server 2 as blank in router, and when pihole fails, my internet still works just not going through pihole. But recently i changed the both dns server in router and pointed both to pihole/rpi. This morning itself it broke the internet, one indicator that pihole is creating this is the yellow light on ethernet port in rpi keeps on continous blinking, that is the indicator I know that pihole is not working. If I keep my dns server option 2 as blank, my internet works but I am not able to access rpi via ssh. Also it seems rpi is not on network at all. Can someone help me debug this and solve it. It is quite annyoing.
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2023.06.02 06:42 iEat_Ass666 How do you approach a gf that left you?

I was with my ex for 5 years and she left me 6 months ago. I have improved my life over all. Started hitting the gym, getting a better paying job. Bought the car I wanted. I have also got in a new relationship (thought it would help) but nope. I can’t get over her. Two weeks ago, she wished me a happy birthday a day before my birthday and I told her thank you and she just hearted the message. Does that mean she misses me? why would she massage me? I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to text her because it will seem as am desperate for her and it’s not a good look.
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2023.06.02 06:42 Vaiolette It shouldn't bother me as much it does, and this is a total nitpick, but Azem crystal being abused for every situation really annoys me.

Ever since we regained Azem's powers to summon friends, it feels like every. single. time we need someone to help, we pull out the crystal and use the exact same animation. It was pretty cheeky at first and cool, like "haha she has lore accurate duty finder hahaha". Now it's just "Really??? Again????"
Regardless whether it makes sense or indeed, is even needed or not. In the ancient world, on the first, in the void, even on Etheirys ie. the latest raid story, we just rely on it 100% of the time.
At this point, the pure cinema magic of that first summoning against warrior of light is completely gone, and each time I see me walking into an arena, I just roll my eyes because I'm guaranteed going to pull out the crystal, look at it like I'm surprised at what it does even though I've used it now like literally 20 times, and summon some people from across the shards.
We used to either canonically be alone, or brought in our friends. I think it was so much more immersive, when the writers had to come up with a reason, when needed, to justify why we had a party with us, it added to our presence in the world; those scenes when the whole party walks into the arena together are some of my favs.
It felt much more impactful because Azem's power wasn't REALLY to just be able to summon in game duty finder on a whim, her true power was that she was able to rally people she MET to her cause through her TRAVELS, it was never to just call up a bunch of randoms from across the shards like it's being portrayed now.
Anyways, I'm just a little sick of Azem crystal and to a lesser degree, dynamis, appearing and instantly being jumped by the writers so they can milk it until it's dry and lame within two expansions. I really think we should still do Azem things as in, travel through a world, make friends, inspire, lead, and rally. When needed, bring THOSE people to our cause. Azem crystal should only be used in super dire situations when it is the last resort.
Watch next expansion when the writers come up with some contrived reason and break it or make it only usable for another three times or something after they themselves abused it endlessly for two expansions without restraint. When all they need to do was give us some restraint, since that feels like the type of hamfisted writing that this game sometimes devolves into.
Thank you for attending my rant.
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2023.06.02 06:42 clark_sloane I Watched 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom' (1984)

Yesterday, I watched the first three Indy films and posted my review of the first one. Tonight, I'll be covering the second, which is both my least favorite Indy film (keeping in mind that I've not seen Crystal Skull since it first came out and am not counting it in my ranking) and the one I've never seen before.
Now, before I get into it: this is a good movie. I had a lot of fun with it. That being said, I do have a lot of problems with it. The biggest, truthfully, was that I still don't understand why this was a prequel and not a sequel. Maybe, because I didn't watch it around the time that it came out, I'm missing some of the historical context for why it makes more sense as a prequel, but to me, it only served to undermine Indy's skepticism in Ark. There are multiple obviously supernatural events that Indy witnesses that go completely unexplained, and yet he doubts the legitimacy of the powers of the Ark. I get it from a character perspective, as we see Indy grow more selfless in his pursuit of treasures, except, Last Crusade kind of retroactively undermines that, since we see young Indy espousing the same view as Ark Indy: "that belongs in a museum".
The next problem I had was one that also might be marred by the fact that I didn't see this film as a child, but I don't get the hype around Short Round? He's funny, sure, but I don't think we spent enough time with his character, nor do I think they did anything interesting enough with him, to find him engaging.
Now, getting into my favorite part of the movie: Willie. Willie is my favorite Indy love interest (although, can you even call Elsa in Last Crusade a love interest?). I thought Kate Capshaw did a fantastic job playing her, and her rapport with Indy was so distinct from Marion's--I loved the hate-to-love-but-also-still-hate thing they had going on. Something else I really appreciated was that, although Willie does undergo a character arc where she becomes less self-absorbed and more active, she never does so at the expense of her femininity, which is a trap that I feel like a lot of storytellers fall into, and one that often lends itself to this misogynistic reading of the character being taken seriously *because* she throws off her femininity as if her feminine traits were what she was overcoming through her character arc.
Honestly, I think a lot of the reason I'd rank Temple of Doom as my least favorite of the Indy movies that matter is because of how little I actually have to say about it. To be honest, what I've stated is most of what I remember, even though I only saw this movie yesterday. While fun, I did find it to be the most forgettable of the three.
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2023.06.02 06:42 Aggressive_Employ_19 Why does my dad watch me sleep?

My dad always watches me while I sleep . Yesterday when I opened my eyes I saw my dad really close to my face like his nose were going to touch my nose and I obviously got uncomfortable and asked him why he was staring at me like that and he said he was just checking if I was sleeping properly. I felt really uncomfortable. I also told my mom about it but she said he is just caring for me .
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2023.06.02 06:41 Montyish Mutable Ambika Encoder

Hello All! My clickable encoder stopped working, and does nothing/does not click, when pressed. Obviously, this is a biggie, and makes it impossible to edit/change a lot of parameters/voices. Is this an easy fix that I can drop in? Also, why do these things always happen when you're most excited, and ready to get down to making music??
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2023.06.02 06:41 donkingkon A lighter-hearted lie

I stumbled across this cringey clickbait story that seems like a Jones-esque lie, but of the desperate self-aggrandizing variety without the really ugly garbage. Bob Rock, the producer of Metallica’s St. Anger, is quoted on a slew of music websites claiming that he randomly ran into Jimmy Page and Jack White- oh by the way, not to name drop, but Rock is close personal friends with each of them - and each of them stated how much they love St. Anger.
It would take serious evidence to convince me that 1. This guy knows Jimmy Page and Jack White beyond maybe brief interactions, 2. That Page and White have ever heard St. Anger, and 3. That Page and White think that Metallica’s St. Anger is well produced. The only source is a quote from Rock himself, repeated on all these sites.
I explained this to my wife, who looked at me confusedly. We made it through 1:56 of the titular track “St. Anger” before she forced me to turn it off. I was a teenager when it came out, so I have a weird nostalgia for the album. This does not keep me from recognizing that it is truly one of the most inexplicably worst produced albums ever.
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2023.06.02 06:40 TheSmallCheezeitMan I can't get a GF...Why?

I just had a weird thought. "why don't I get girls like people I know." Almost everyone on my sports team is in a relationship and my close group all have girls. But I don't. Why? (I'm going to keep myself vague but you get the idea.) I am above average height . I'm good at my sport. I lift weights. I think i'm kind and funny. I always make it a priority to try and help others. I don't have problems talking to others. I'm confident in myself for the most part. But I have never had any girl interested in me. (except one, but it was bad.) When I try to talk to girls they just never seem interested in me in that way. I just don't understand it. I'm not mad tho. Just confused. I don't need a gf to live. Nor do I go crazy for girls like other guys. I just live life. But ya.
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2023.06.02 06:40 TheEagleMan2001 [FO4] <-- Ignore that, works on all games in general. Guide For Modlist Preservation. Note this was first posted to Skyrim mods so replace mentions of Skyrim with Fallout

Why preserve your mod list? There are several reason you may want to preserve your mod list in the way I will be going through today. As the guide suggests, preserving your mod list will mean when you setup that "perfect" mod list, you only ever need to do it once then you can keep it forever whether you change PCs or a game update breaks all your mods or you wanna play different modded versions of the same game. For example when looking at FNV there's the option of playing normal FNV and TTW, due to the way the TTW installation works you can't really just create a new profile on your current instance and disable the TTW stuff, instead you would need to uninstall TTW and do your setup without it then reinstall TTW when you want to go back to it. While this may not be a huge hassle as the installer is quite simple, it is infinitely less annoying to just have them both installed at the same time and be able to run them separately without any need to uninstall and reinstall things. When looking at Skyrim even with the downgrade patcher people still constantly argue about whether or not you should downgrade and the Best of Both Worlds is also an option for the downgrade patcher, my own personal answer to this was to just have a list for all 3 versions of skyrim because why not. As stated this will also allow you to pass your preserved mod lists onto new PCs so if you ever change out your PC you can just keep playing like nothing ever happened without even needing to reinstall the game on your new PC. If you have a friend you've always wanted to share your mod list with but they don't wanna go through the hassle of setting it all up, now's your chance to share it with them without doing anything more than copy pasting onto a USB.
I also wanna point out that this guide will be specifically for MO2 since it will take advantage of the Portable Instance installation that Vortex doesn't have. I don't wanna discourage Vortex users from doing this but know that it's more annoying and it also won't support transferring the list from one computer to another because of the way vortex handles it's installed mods. I'm not talking about mod deployment here so don't bother saying anything about the hardlink deployment. What I mean is that if you take your mods sub folder within the main vortex folder and try to pass it to a vortex folder on your new PC it will not work as vortex doesn't have any support for this. Finally, note that doing this will take up a lot of space on your PC which is another reason I recommend MO2 since you can get a hard drive with a couple TB for cheap to use for storage then pass the modded instance you're actively using onto your main SSD which vortex will not allow without significant hassle.
To begin with I will go over how I organize my folder. Know that you don't have to have your stuff organized exactly like mine but you do need to make sure you have all the stuff you'll need within your modding folders that you'll wanna keep. If you don't have 2 drives on your PC then replace any where that says D:/ with C:/ instead
To start create a new folder under D: and name that folder modding. (D:/modding)
In your Modding folder create a folder called Base Games and this is where you will be backing up all of your base game files, this is what lets you get around the whole steam update stuff, to get your base game backups you go into your steam commonapps folder and just copy paste the whole game folder and that's all there is to it.
D:/modding/base games
D:/modding/base games/Skyrim SE
D:/modding/base games/Skyrim AE (Make sure to also run the game from this folder and download all your owned CC content so it's there and you don't have to do it ever again)
D:/modding/base games/Skyrim Future Update
D:/modding/base games/FNV
D:/modding/base games/FO3
When you have your base games backup up then we move on to getting a mod list setup. This is as simple as modding normally however you will begin to encounter issues with the multiple installation instances as you use tools like Dyndolod that auto scan your windows registry for the game install location which it will see as the first place you launched the game from so if you launched it when it was in steam folder then the dyndolod would look there for your game instead of your modding folder, I'll address this further on in this guide.
Create a new folder in your modding folder and this will be your actual mod list folder so as an example we'll call this list "A Dragonborns Fate" as their guide is quite useful and I would recommend it to anyone as a base for a new modlist on the current AE version. Inside this folder you'll want to have your MO2 portable instance installed there and then you'll also paste your game folder next to the MO2 folder
D:/modding/A Dragonborns Fate
D:/modding/A Dragonborns Fate/SkyrimAE
D:/modding/A Dragonborns Fate/MO2
While you're here also add folders for other things you may wanna keep stored. For people who setup dyndolod store your Texgen and Dyndolod outputs here so that you don't lose them in the future and you'll know which mod list each output is for so they don't get mixed up in the dyndolod folder. If you're someone who sets up custom DAR folders to customize all your animations I would also throw an animations folder in here so you can have animations specific to each list. For example I use the dynamic stances mod and I have several prebuilt folders saved for each stance that are specific to each instance so in one mod list I will have a certain combination of animations for my high stance but on another instance I made for a friend, the stances all have different animations from my own
D:/modding/A Dragonborns Fate/Texgen output
D:/modding/A Dragonborns Fate/Dyndolod output
D:/modding/A Dragonborns Fate/Animations
As I mentioned before, the modding process from here is exactly the same as normal, setup MO2 to handle nexus links and just setup your mod list like you normally would. For the most part you shouldn't have any issues with programs not finding your game folders since you can run them through MO2s virtual file system so things like the nemesis engine should work just fine. The only problem I've had is with Dyndolod since even after putting my game folders location in the argument line in MO2, dyndolod kept checking the windows registry and was looking into my skyrim instance in the base games folder and launching from the modpack folder didn't change the registry since the other instance is still there. I know some of you are reading windows registry and starting to get worried that the fix is super complicated because windows registry sounds like hackeit stuff. Editing your windows registry is incredibly easy and literally takes like 30 seconds but it will be a bit annoying since you would need to do it for both your SE and AE instance so dyndolod knows where to find them.
To start you'll wanna copy the path to your skyrim folder inside of the mod list folder so for this example you would be copying this path - D:/modding/A Dragonborns Fate/SkyrimAE
Next go down to your start menu and search registry editor and the windows app will pop up, when looking at the registry editor you will see a bunch of weirdly named folders on the left hand side, among those folders look for "HK_LOCAL_MACHINE". From there it will show several more folders and you wanna look for the "Software" folder. In the software dropdown look for "WOW6432Node". Finally, look for the Bethesda Software folder and there you will see "Skyrim Special Edition" when you click on the folder you will look over to the right side of the editor and you will see something there that says "default" and "installed path". To change the installation path simply double click the "installed path" and a little menu will pop up, in there just paste your folder location over the existing location and hit "OK"
At this stage you have a copy of your mod fully saved to your PC, permanently and you won't have to worry about future updates or having to scrap your mod list to make a new one which realistically you didn't have to do anyways when using MO2s profile system. If you're trying to pass this list to a new PC or to your friends PC you will now notice a little issue pops up. When you try to run the game you will be hit with a "download" button from steam since steam ID locks games to a specific PC. You can just go ahead and download Skyrim normally and then go through the hassle of redownloading CC content and telling MO2 to now use a new folder, also if you're using this to save a TTW list you'll need to reinstall TTW. When I started this I promised the ability to pass this to a new PC without extra setup on the new PC and this is where we will get into cracking your game files.
Before I go over this I want to make it clear that I'm not posting this to condone game piracy. Cracking has it's roots in game preservations just as much as it does with piracy so it's usually seen in a bad light. I want to make it clear that cracking your own game files is 100% legal as long as your aren't using them to redistribute the game to other people. Passing it over to your friend is absolutely Piracy and that includes giving them the AE content if they don't own it. I can' control what people do with this but know that if you pass this to someone who does not already own the content you're giving them that is considered piracy and is very much illegal.
I'm not gonna put the actual instructions for cracking here since that's already on the sites of the tools you'll be using. I will only link the tools here and the rest will be up to you. The main tools for cracking are going to be Steamless, and Goldberg emulator. These tools can be a bit tedious on their own but someone has graciously made an auto cracker that requires you to download the first 2 tools and then automates the process for you.
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2023.06.02 06:40 AutoModerator [Download Course] Mateusz Rutkowski – New Money Blueprint (Genkicourses.com)

[Download Course] Mateusz Rutkowski – New Money Blueprint (Genkicourses.com)
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Exactly how I started a multi-million dollar business from my bedroom.
In this course, I don’t talk about regurgitated strategies that should work “in theory” and “mindset” like most. Instead, we go through step by step and build a real live Shopify store that does over $350,000 in the first month of being live (profitable right from the get-go). I explain everything along the way and talk about how I scale much further from there!


If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at Genkicourses.site 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.02 06:39 skydecklover How is the DIGITS App These Days?

Hey /Tmobile.
For a few years now, I've maintained a second, disposable number via a third-party app (Hushed). This has been a great deal as I got a lifetime offer that renews yearly via StackSocial back in 2017. However, I find myself actually using the disposable number more than the credits I'm allotted for the year, so I need to either upgrade to a better package or find another solution. Digits seems like it would offer me unlimited talk/text through T-Mobile.
I've checked with Hushed and their FAQ says I can port the number out to another provider, so no issues there.
I figure I can either add the free "Proxy by DIGITS" line offered by the Scam Shield app to my account and port in there or port it in to one of the unused free lines on my account. I'm actually using a free voice line in a data-only device (yes it's working, no I don't understand how/why), so I could easily port in over that and use DIGITS to access it for voice/text.
Any regular (iOS) Digits app users here? Does the service/app work fairly reliably for you? I don't use this number for anything critical/important, but it's nice to have one to give to random services I don't want texting me or to someone new I don't fully trust with my real number yet.
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2023.06.02 06:39 EntranceFew3745 Heavy period after IUD removal

I had the Liletta IUD for 5 years. After the first year and a half with it, I got periods but they were very light or normal heavy periods and only lasted about 3-4days. I really only needed to wear a panty liner and I was good. Well, I got my iud removed almost a month ago and OMG. Is it normal to bleed so much after removal?! Before any birth control, I did have heavier periods but this is so much more than I thought was my normal then. It’s been almost a week of this and I’m even sleeping on towels because I keep bleeding on my sheets.. why am I bleeding so much after removal? What can I do?
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2023.06.02 06:38 lobstah_monstah Curbing and stopping reactive barking in an apartment

So I’ve been trying stop a bad habit my pup picked up from my roommates dog. The roommates dog used to be a guard dog before.The roommate never really got her to stop barking anytime someone was at the door or too close to the house.
The dogs got along fine but the problem is my dog, a 1 and 1/2 year old mini pincher picked up on the habit of barking anytime he hears noise outside and I just moved into a new apartment and really don’t want to piss off the neighbors.
So far I’ve been trying to keep treats in my pockets and if I hear the noise first I offer it and keep him distracted or make noise to associate with being quiet. I’m working on getting him to learn “quiet” as a command as well and only reward him with a treat if he doesn’t bark but he does it all day and night.
To distract him when he’s home alone and keep him quiet he usually has a frozen kong toy with kibble, ice and a little peanut butter in it. I’m going to get a noise machine or leave the tv on to have background noise of some sort but I’ve been trying to break this new habit for a little over a month now with minimal progress.
Any recommendations or resources to look at would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.02 06:37 critical_courtney [A Bargain for Bliss] — Chapter Ten (Sequel to The Fae Queen's Pet)

[A Bargain for Bliss] — Chapter Ten (Sequel to The Fae Queen's Pet)

Previous Chapter
Chapter Ten:
Heading back from axe combat training with Ceras, I detoured and headed to the lakeshore instead of the palace. Though I was right outside the gate, I wasn’t too interested in heading inside yet.
I wanted to sit in the sand and grass and wait to see if a ship carrying my girlfriend would sail by. It’d been a few weeks since Lily left Perth by boat for an assignment in the Tulip Court, and I’d missed her terribly since.
My bed was awful lonely, and I missed the late-night conversations we used to stay up and have, legs intertwined as we shared a chair and ate popcorn together.
Of course, I loved finally getting to spend some time with the queen as she’d been busy working on her proposal for Bliss. But Lily was a different kind of energy, and she occupied a separate piece of my heart, one that ached for her.
Pulling my legs up to my chest, I remembered that we’d be leaving for Kilgara, where every court in Faerie would meet on neutral ground while the rulers of each land decided who would host the upcoming Bliss.
I was to remain in my wolf form the entire time from the moment we left Featherstone until we returned for my protection of course. Supposedly, I would be harder to attack or capture when I weighed 200 pounds and had razor-sharp fangs and claws.
And I’m sure my inner wolf would appreciate the long spur to stretch her legs as we traveled beside the queen and put every wandering stare her way in its place.
That was two days from now, of course. And now. . . was now. In the moment, my heart, a piece of it, anyway, felt lonely. It missed the fae that connected with me on a more human level than the maelstrom of glamour that was her majesty.
While I sat there watching the occasional redeye buckfish leap from the water to catch a dragonfly on the surface, I heard a certain piskie approaching from the palace.
Barsilla’s wings buzzed as she flew around and into view, carrying the little clipboard she always had with her.
“Oh, hey Barsilla. Did you need something?” I asked, lifting my chin from my arms where it’d been resting while I sat there.
Varella’s left-hand lady cocked her head to the side, looked down at some tiny scribbling she had, and then stared back up at me.
“Ceras mentioned you seemed extra moody during your combat training today, and now I find you out here moping by the lake.”
I raised an eyebrow.
“I’m not moping,” I said, with all the convincing tone of a teenager stamping her foot. “I’m just. . . resting after a hard workout. That’s not illegal in the Raven Court, is it?”
Barsilla rolled her eyes like a mother dealing with a sulking teen. Dammit, what was that suddenly all I could think about?
“Your mortal emotions aren’t something the queen can afford to be distracted by right now, especially not with the summit coming up. And make no mistake, she will be distracted if she catches you moping. So, you might as well tell me what’s wrong so I can waste my time fixing it and avoid any diversions on the queen’s part,” the piskie said.
I let out a sigh and turned my attention back to the lake because my problem was simple to describe and impossible for Barsilla to fix. . . unless her magic included the ability to summon my girlfriend at the drop of a hat.
“I miss Lily. That’s all,” I said, putting my chin back down.
Barsilla opened her mouth and then closed it again. She thought before speaking, but I don’t think it did her a lot of good because she was still going to inevitably be a jerk about this.
“By the gods, you’re such a needy puppy!”
Then she rolled her eyes a second time.
“But that is a problem easily fixed. Follow me,” she said, and I stood, wondering what she intended to do.
Barsilla led me back into the palace and into a room I’d never been in before. Feathers stood outside the room protecting it but slide aside for Barsilla and me without a word.
The room we walked into was filled with paintings of ravens, crows, and magpies. Some sat in trees, some by rivers, and others under bushes, scavenging for fallen nuts and berries. There must have been about 20 paintings in different styles ranging from lifelike portraits to impressionist scenes.
“What is this place?” I asked, still looking around at all the artwork.
“This is the Hall of Winged Messengers. Our queen will sometimes use these birds to contact others discreetly,” Barsilla said, coming to rest in the seat of a large red velvet chair.
“She uses. . . the paintings to talk to other people?” I asked, scratching the back of my head and trying to picture how that would work.
Varella’s left-hand lady shook her head. But I did notice that she didn’t roll her eyes this time. That was progress. . . for me anyway. I tended to ask a lot of stupid questions. Or at least, questions faeries would find ignorant because I didn’t know any better.
Deciding to teach by example, Barsilla instructed me to select a bird and walk over to the painting it sat in. I still didn’t know what the hell I was doing, so I found a magpie with black and white feathers and blue-tipped wings. The painting it sat in showed the bird huddled between several wildflowers, perhaps hunting for something to make a nest with.
“Hold out your hand in front of the bird and say, ‘Queen Varella commands you to carry my words.’”
I wasn’t sure what would happen, but I slowly held out my right hand in front of the painting, palm up flat. Then I said, “Queen Varella commands you to carry my words.”
At first, nothing happened. And I gave Barsilla a look of suspicion. Was she making a joke of me? It would be like the fae to pull a prank like this on a mortal unfamiliar with their ways.
She just motioned that I turn back to the painting. When I did, a magpie hopped off the canvas, suddenly springing to life in a three-dimensional world. It flew off the artwork as if the oil paint was being rewound in time, returning to its paintbrush.
But instead of turning back into paint, the animal kept its form and hopped down into my open hand. I felt its thin twig-like talons hop across my hand as its head tilted from side to side. The bird looked like it was waking up from a long hibernation. Then it looked up at me with its red eyes, black dotted pupils focussed directly on my face.
Looking back at the canvas, I noticed the bird missing from its scenery. Only the wildflowers and sky remained.
The magpie continued to hop around in my hand, stretching its wings and turning its head this way and that.
“I. . . is this a real bird?” I asked, looking at the piskie that was just half the magpie’s size sitting across the room from me.
She hovered closer, and I expected the animal to see her as prey given their size difference. But the magpie made no move to leave my hand.
“That bird is made from the queen’s glamour, as you carry in your wolfheart. Only those with her majesty’s magic can call forth these birds and send them out into the world,” Barsilla said, motioning to the other ravens and crows. It was a room full of carrion callers.
Despite my expectations that the bird would start chirping or cawing in some way, I found the animal strangely silent. It might occasionally look away, but otherwise, the magpie seemed to do nothing more than observe me.
“So. . . how does this work exactly?” I asked. “Am I going to write a message on a tiny piece of paper, and this magpie will carry it to Lily? Like on Game of Thrones?”
Barsilla furrowed her brow.
“This isn’t a game, pet. And you don’t need to use a throne to send your message either. I swear, you mortals say the weirdest things. The first thing you need to do is hold the magpie up to your chest.”
“So it can hear who your heart beats for, who you want to send a message to. I still find it strange that not only does our queen have a soft spot for a mortal, but she’s also willing to share her puppy with her subordinate. Still, it’s not my place to question her,” Barsilla said.
I slowly held the magpie up to my chest as instructed. Part of me felt like I was still being pranked. But the magpie just hopped over to my pinky finger and placed its ear against my breast, closing its eyes and listening to my heartbeat.
“I will question you, though, royal pet. Describe for me your heart when you think of Lily. Then tell me how it compares to when you think about your mistress. I simply can’t imagine being in love with both of them, a queen, and a spy,” Barsilla asked.
When the bird was finished listening to my heartbeat, it skipped back into the center of my palm and started watching me again, presumably waiting for whatever message I was going to give the bird to carry.
And it wasn’t bad enough that I had to figure out the exact words I wanted to send to Lily. I had to answer prying questions from Barsilla about my feelings? Fuck. Even I didn’t understand my feelings half the time.
Polyamory was a new thing for me. Being gay took me long enough to understand. I mean — I understood on some level what it meant to look at girls in my high school and think, Fuck, she’s so pretty.
The way talking to a crush left my heart jogging in place like it was warming up for a marathon took weeks and months to sort out. Then I had to try to figure out if a girl felt the same way about me, and fuck was that even more difficult.
But I did figure it out eventually.
Now here I was still trying to figure out how to love two women at the same time when each made my heart quiver in different ways. They made other parts of me quiver as well. But that was neither here nor there.
And Barsilla wanted, what? An essay on how they made me feel? Shit. I’d have an easier time lecturing her on quantum physics.
“What do you want me to say?” I asked.
“I want you to tell me how two fae ladies I’ve known for much longer than you make a werewolf howl in heat,” Barsilla said.
I scoffed. No way was I telling the piskie things Varella and Lily had done to make me howl in ecstasy. But the more I thought about it, I realized she wasn’t asking about deeds, but emotions.
Fae weren’t like mortals. Their understanding of our emotions and motivations was limited to what they observed when they took a vacation in the realm where time still flows.
That’s part of the reason I connected so deeply to Lily. She was half-human, and that meant it was easier to talk to her about my fears and dreams, really lay them out on the bed sheets in front of her. And she understood. Gods, she understood. Maybe that was what Barsilla wanted here. . . to understand.
“Well. . . Lily — see — she makes me feel like there’s no one in the world except for us when we’re together. Like reality and all its problems and the people who make them are so far removed because she’s taken my hand and guided me to a place of gentle love and sweetness.”
The piskie wrote something down on her clipboard and nodded.
“And your mistress? How does she make you feel?”
Taking a deep breath, I considered the morning we’d had a couple days ago.
“My mistress. . . she makes me feel like I’m in the eye of a hurricane. All the power in the world to destroy anything that tries to do me harm while I’m kept safe and sound at the center of the storm. With her, I feel like I’m going to be swept away at any moment, but when it happens, the place I’ll be swept to is in her arms. And I trust that whether I’m on the ground or in the sky she’ll protect me.”
Barsilla smiled as she took more notes.
“What was all that about?” I asked, cocking my head to the side like the magpie in my hand.
She finished writing something and then looked back up at me.
“Now you know exactly how you feel about each of them. No more wishy-washy shit humans do. Love each of them with the full confidence that you can love two people at the same time and be loved by each of them simultaneously.”
With that, she started to fly over toward the door. Barsilla stopped just before opening the exit and looked back my way.
“When you’re ready to send your message, hold the magpie up into your direct gaze and speak to it as if it were Lily. The moment you look away or lose focus, it’ll fly away to carry your message, regardless of whether you were finished.”
Then, Varella’s left-hand lady left me alone with the magpie. I felt a little nervous about getting my message cut off. It didn’t take much to distract me. I suppose that was something I had in common with the corvid I was holding. My brain could think, shiny! at a moment’s notice. Perhaps that’s how I fell in love with two different faeries in the first place.
But instead of getting distracted, I thought about my girlfriend, the lesbian faerie I missed cuddling with every single night, the gay girl who wasn’t just part of my dreams, but my waking world as well.
Holding up the magpie about a foot from my face, I looked deep into its crimson eyes and said:
“Dear Lily, I miss you more than you can know. And I hope the bird that tracks you down over in the Tulip Court doesn’t make me sound too clingy. I’ve yet to see how fae react to clinginess. But in case it’s negative, do me a favor and pretend this message is a lot more breezy and cool than it actually is.
“Featherstone feels lonely without you. I’m happy when I’m with my mistress, but in other moments, my heart pines for the girl who plays board games with me in my room and holds me close when I bolt awake after a nightmare about my father until I come back to reality, safe and sound.
“But I know your mission is important. I would never ask you to come home early and risk disappointing our queen. So instead I’ll just ask two things. First, think of me in the moments when that mask you wear feels a little too tight and smothering. Remember that I’m here waiting for you in a place where you just get to be Lily, my girlfriend. Not a wing for the Raven Court. Second, come back to me safely. Because even though I know you’ve been doing this for years, and you’re the best spy my mistress has. . . I might still worry.
“Oh, and bring me back a cool Tulip Court souvenir if you can. Maybe a tulip? Actually — scratch that, magpie. That’s three things, and I said I’d only ask two. Seriously. Don’t repeat this part to my girlfriend. It’ll make me look stupid, like I don’t know how to use a winged messenger. So you’re not gonna say this last part, right?”
I was interrupted by the sound of Barsilla’s raucous laughter coming from outside in the hallways and looked away for a split second, fearing she’d overheard me.
When I looked back, only a single black and white feather remained in my hand.
“Aw, shit.”
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2023.06.02 06:37 globglothrowawayabor It feels like my (22M) gf (22F) is always trying to demean me!

I'm (22M) starting to think my GF (22F) is always trying to one up me
We've been together almost 2 years, she's my first for everything. I think I'm her 4th boyfriend? But 2nd serious relationship and according to her first non toxic relationship
Anyways, lately I feel like my GF is constantly trying to one up me, or be 'superior' in a way.
Like one instance (these all happened the past month), my GF was having issues with her wind shield wipers, the stick in her truck to control the windshield wipers wasn't fully sending the right signals to stop or start them. She called me and was complaining about it, I ask her if she wants me to look at it when she gets home... she kind of flips out and says "fuck no, I love you but I'd rather not have you fuck it up more and talk to a professional about it so it's done properly" I then tried saying "it's probably just something simple its most likely an is..." she cuts me off "idc! I'd rather it get done right and I know you dont know about this kind of stuff!" Then she hangs up and when she gets to my home tells me "I watched a video it's a super easy fix I can do it my self" then ignores me, proceeds to then ask my step dad to help her and basically kind of laughs at me the entire time it's being fixed like she knows more then me. I was annoyed at her attitude towards me so I just said "see it was easy" then she gets all cranky and says "no you couldn't have fuck off" normally I'd be proud but idk I was just annoyed maybe because I had a long 4 hour drive home from college that day too... I literally just graduated college with an electrical engineering degree... I have a job already making 75k/year... I have a step father who taught me a lot about cars... she knows this.
A second instance: her grandparents invited us out for dinner as I had just graduated college and they did this as a congratulations for me. They were asking me about my future and somehow the topic of me wanting to buy a new truck came up. I mentioned how I really want a new truck but they're getting expensive and before I could say anything else my GF butts in saying "oh well I bought my used truck for 28k and I can afford it" then kept talking about her and her truck... yeah well I use to be proud of her for it but she practically lives pay check to pay check and can't save money and yet she always cries about how she's worried I'll always be ahead if her making more money. She also always complains to me how I won't be able to afford a truck it's to expensive and how I don't really want one so I shouldn't get one. She also always gets annoyed whenever I mentioned getting a truck, today at dinner I only mentioned it since I just found out today my current car needs a lot in repairs (it's old) so it's probably better to just buy a new vehicle.. but as soon as I mentioned buying a truck she rolls her eyes and groans.. it just feels like she's somehow rubbing it in that she has a truck and I don't.
Which leads to a 3rd point, I then jokingly mentioned how I should buy a diesel, she gets kind of offended laughs at me like I couldn't handle it then says angrily "if you get a diesel before me, there's gonna be hell to pay" I look at her and ask very confusingly "why does it matter if I get one first?" She gets kind of mad says "it doesnt" the huffs and I say "exactly" then she gets really offended and says something about how itd be to much work for me and to expensive and how she hates my offensive jokes, I'm even more confused and ask what she's talking about and then she angrily says "sorry I get OFFENDED at OFFENSIVE jokes" I then just play along and say "you make offensive jokes all the time, why is it bad if I do? Oh wait youre a women so its different" (only said that cuz she her self has said since she's a women she can make offensive jokes) then she gets even more mad and just stomps away saying "I make offensive jokes because I have experienced it, you haven't!" I know this conversation took a really random turn, I'm just as confused as you are.
I have SO many more instances of where she's always trying to seem like she's smarter, or better then me, like she's always trying to be right about everything. I mention I need to replace my spark plugs and she tells me she will do it for me as I'd probably fuck it up but of course no offense to me she just knows I can be a bit scatter brained...
I'm realizing/seeing this happen a lot the past few months and I'm starting to get very annoyed at it and I'm not sure how to bring it up to her.
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2023.06.02 06:37 DjGothCroc New puppies, new problems.

My mom got some some puppies recently (pitties and 8 weeks old as of today.). They have been with us since 6 weeks which may be pertinent to this story. We have a brother and sister pair, the boy does regular puppy things and nips sometimes and all that they do until you teach them but can be calmed down/redirected fairly easily. The girl though, as much as we all love her, is a bit of a wild card. Today, she bit my mother and broke skin and tried to get her in the face as well but wasn't successful. During the time we've had her it seems that while her brother's behavior improves, her's is getting worse. She bites (not nips), she growls, she practices WWE moves on her brother, etc. And we can't redirect her. We are disciplining them both in the same manner. My mom is planning to take them both to training classes once they're old enough/have their needed shots but is there something we can do in the meantime? There have been talks of possibly just keeping the boy and giving the girl back to the person we got them from but I voted no on that. I don't really have a say though as they're not my dogs. Help? Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.02 06:37 sunflowerrr36 I don’t know why it matters

I recently thought I had lost the brand new hand cream I purchased. It was like a $20-something dollar hand cream from Fenty. I mourned the loss of it bc I treated myself for my birthday and it was one of the things I bought. The dollar amount may seem inconsequential but I have recently gotten into skincare so every bit of spending has the power to make or break my pathetic collection. The thing I wanted to get off my chest is that I’ve tried really hard to cling onto the slightest thing that could keep me here. And I thought why am I worryng about a dumb and relatively-cheap handcream when I never planned on sticking it out this long. And even still, no matter how hard I try, and believe me you, I am TRYING, so mf HARD, to continue, I don’t feel enough conviction in that anymore. I don’t care bc what’s the point? I can’t afford healthcare and the providers I get are awful and that’s just basic medical. I am broke, cannot afford proper care, and thought I am not “alone” I feel like I have no one. A lot of what I need is more so aiming for mental health, but every experience I have had was awful. I feel like a burden at this point bc I rely on ppl I know to talk to. And no matter how much I’ve cut back on, even venting ab something as inconsequential as work is met with disdain. So I just don’t talk to anyone, about anything. Idk, it sucks. That’s all.
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