Best hotels on coronado island

Where the NBA's best are staying

2020.06.17 01:38 mikeydale007 Where the NBA's best are staying

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort, a lakeside American Southwest-themed Disney Moderate Resort, is one of more than 20 hotels at Walt Disney World Resort, and is home to the NBA's best teams.

2017.10.19 10:34 Sunndaz skiathos holidays

Skiathos holidays skiathosholiday skiathos island greek island skyathos . Show your holiday pictures, video's and stories. Tell us about your favorite beaches, taverna's and excusions (in and around the island). Give advise (non-abusive) about places to stay - your favorite hotels, B & B's etc.

2019.08.03 04:17 princessareeb Voyagerstravels is a specialty tour operator for Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands and Peru.

2023.04.01 05:55 kryptokoinkrisp Demons/Evil Spirits in Orthodoxy

Before I begin, I know the main answer is “talk to your priest,” I’m mostly looking for guidance on how to approach this topic with him and what I can reasonably request. My son is ten years old and diagnosed on the autism spectrum, and we’ve been struggling with a fair amount of aggression from him. He’s had behavioral therapy intervention, and we’ve done our best to implement those strategies and come up with new ones that seem to work for a while, but when he gets particularly violent he is very difficult to control without a similar level of violence. It’s occurred to me before, and particularly in this last week’s Gospel reading from Mark 9, that there may be a spiritual component to the worst of these behaviors. I understand that an exorcism is part of baptism/chrismation, which I am seeking for us (I’m a single dad, baptized as a Protestant, this would be my son’s first baptism). I guess my question is what should I be asking of my priest that is in line with the tradition of the church and not some wild Hollywood fantasy based on a western tradition?
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2023.04.01 05:54 Pyxisss France now has an official Judo League with 12 teams

Here is the trailer:

There's like different teams representing different cities across the country organised in 4 brackets. The final event is the "Final 4" which takes place in Paris and the best teams wins the League Trophy. Here are last year's standings:
You can also take a look at last year's Final 4 :

All in all, it's a great new initiative by France's Judo Federation to try to bring back Judo since MMA has now taken France by storm. Even though Judo has declined in France, it still remains one of the biggest Judo nations in the world, after Japan of course. There are also other initiatives like the new. PSG Judo club that opened a couple years back under Teddy Riner as a captain. They often post "Inside" videos that show the backstages, how they train, etc. Here is the last one where they went to Georgia for the Judo Champions League where some of the best clubs from around the World competed. Unfortunately the PSG Judo videos only get like 5 to 10x less views than the PSG football ones but it's still a start.

These types of initiatives are great for Judo. Pushing club Judo and events will help raise the general public's interest in Judo. In France, people care about Judo only every 4 years for the Olympics. The more people care about Judo in general, the more events and content we will get. My hope is for the creation of an International Judo League or Championship like the UFC or Karate Combat, which was created to bring back Karate and honestly it's pretty awesome: .

Hopefully Judo will come back in the next years. In the meantime please watch and share content that you like around Judo in this sub. But of course nothing beats getting on the mats yourself :)
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2023.04.01 05:54 80HDlynn Sudden aggression. Need advice. Please help.

Hi. I’ll start off by saying I have an appointment with my vet to make sure nothing is going on medically and for a more thorough professional plan of action. I am willing to take any course of professional action to resolve this. In the meantime I would like ideas, opinions, and guidance.
I have two 3 year old Italian Greyhounds. They have been together since they were 4 months old and 9 months old. Have never had any aggression problems with either of them. A little sibling rivalry, jealousy, or competing for attention here or there.
Suddenly the younger of the two who is typically less dominant has started to get aggressive after they eat to the point that his hair stands up on his back and the fight starts to get so aggressive I feel like I need to intervene and separate them. They are fed out of separate bowls and fully finish eating (no food is in the bowl when this happens). There have been no changes to environment, diet, family schedule, or any controllable I can think of to cause this. It always happen after eating, and sometimes my other dog does not even interact, will just try to go to his bed or on another area of the room and my dog with sudden aggression will attack him. In the mean time I have tried ignoring this, distracting after meal time, feeding in separate rooms, nothing has worked so far. Other then after meal time these two are best friends and get along great. Is this considered food aggression? I will have my dog at the vet to make sure there are no underlying health issues that may be causing this behavior change, and will be willing to work with a trainer or behavioralist if recommended. I am just looking to see what you would classify this as, and what I can do in the meantime to prevent this type of behavior. Thanks so much if you have read all of this.
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2023.04.01 05:53 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA V Crowned Best-Selling Game Of The Decade, But Call Of Duty Dominates Top 10 List

The new decade has everyone feeling a little bit reflective, including fans of video games. The NPD Group, Inc. recently released a ton of information about the gaming market over the last ten years. This information included the best selling games of 2019 and the best selling games between 2010 and 2019. Grand Theft Auto V was the best selling game of the decade across all platforms, but the Call of Duty franchise truly won the 2010s.
The NPD Group, Inc. is a New York-based market research company that tracks twenty different industries. Mat Piscatella, a video games market research analyst, recently posted on Twitter the information that the company has gathered both over the last year and over the last decade. Grand Theft Auto V, with an estimated 110 million copies sold. However, the Call of Duty franchise may be the true MVP of the decade. Ten out of the fifteen most popular games in the 2010s were Call of Duty games. This includes the most recent addition to the franchise, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The best selling Call of Duty game was Call of Duty: Black Ops. The game was originally released in November 2010 for Microsoft Windows, the Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, and OS X and was later released on mobile. There may even be a reboot in 2020.
Several of the other best selling games of the decade are not a surprise. These games include Red Dead Redemption II, Minecraft, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Mario Kart 8, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, Destiny, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Star Wars Battlefront 2015. All of these games made a splash in the 2010s and some even inspired memes and their own cult followings.
The NPD Group, Inc. also released information about consoles. The Playstation 4 was the best selling console of the 2010s, while PS4 Dualshock 4 wireless controller in black was the best selling accessory. However, the Nintendo Switch dominated 2019. It was the best selling console of the year and Switch Pro controller was the best selling accessory.
call of duty modern warfare gameplay Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
The best-selling games of 2019 were a little more shocking. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was unsurprisingly the best selling game of 2019, but it was followed by NBA 2K20 and Madden NFL 20. They beat out games such as Borderlands 3, Kingdom Hearts III, and the Outer Worlds which were games that were generally better reviewed and received more hype.Games from series like NBA 2K and Madden NFL appear to have a strong, consistent fan base.
What can the numbers from the 2010s tell us about the video game industry? There have been a variety of interesting games that have come out in the last decade, but the most popular genres appear to be first person shooters and action adventure games. It also seems that many video game fans were drawn to the “open world” concept. Will these preferences continue to reign throughout the 2020s? NPD Group, Inc. reported that that video game spending in general declined in 2019, but it is still a major industry. What do you think HotHardware readers? What video game trends will be the most popular in the 2020s?
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2023.04.01 05:53 BluebirdLow6195 Found out my range is higher than i thought?

so i always thought my range was around c3-a5 turns out i can sing up to a c6 and (g6 on some days) i never thought i can go higher because of pretentiousness. there is a girl in my chorus class who’s an absolute asshole, she treats everyone like shit and since she’s the best singer (because she been training for so long) she swears she’s been than everyone. she sings soprano AKA soprano 1, she pretends she owns the position and doesn’t let anyone else sing soprano 1 other than 2 girls. it’s the holy trinity of soprano 1’s and they’re all just handed the notes. i feel like i’ve never reached my full potential because my teacher never asked anyone other than them if they can sing High C’s and what not. i’ve always strived to sing high and have 3 octaves and i’ve always had. it’s so crazy to me that i was unaware because i wasn’t allowed to show my full potential because of narcissism.
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2023.04.01 05:53 WestonJamson 5 Best Open Subtitles Alternatives to Download Subtitles

5 Best Open Subtitles Alternatives to Download Subtitles
It is a popular website for downloading subtitles for movies and TV shows. It has a wide range of subtitles in many languages. The website is easy to use and the subtitles are of good quality.
The platform comes with a few new functions, one of which is the fast download, upload, and search subtitles by OSDb protocol using special HASH. It has a large database of subtitles and also updates hundreds of subtitles daily. Another great feature is that it supports more than 30 different languages, which sets it apart from similar sites. You don't need to provide any personal information or go through a registration process to download or upload – you can just go to the site and enjoy all its features without any limitations!
We will discuss some of the Open Subtitles alternatives below:

Movies Subtitles: is a great resource for finding subtitles for your favourite movies. The site is easy to use and has a wide selection of subtitles available in many different languages. Whether you're looking for subtitles to watch a foreign film or you need subtitles to help you understand a movie that's in a different language, is a great place to start your search.


  • A searchable database of over 200,000 subtitles in more than 50 languages
  • The ability to filter results by language, genre, release date, and more
  • A user-friendly interface
  • The ability to download subtitles in a variety of formats
  • A built-in subtitle player
  • A news section featuring the latest movie news and trailers

Tv subtitles:

If you're looking for a way to watch your favourite TV shows without having to worry about understanding the spoken dialogue, then is the perfect site for you. This site offers an extensive collection of subtitles for popular TV shows, making it easy to follow along with the action. Best of all, the subtitles are available in a variety of languages, so you can choose the one that's best for you. Whether you're a fan of American sitcoms or British dramas, is sure to have the perfect subtitles for you.

Features: is an online repository of television subtitles. It offers a wide range of features, making it an invaluable resource for subtitle fans.
  • The site offers a comprehensive database of subtitles for popular television shows. It is constantly updated with new subtitles, making it an indispensable tool for subtitle fans.
  • The site also offers a handy search function that makes it easy to find the subtitles you need. You can search by show name, episode, or even by language.
  • net is an invaluable resource for subtitle fans. It offers a wide range of features, making it an indispensable tool for subtitle fans.

Yify Subtitles:

If you're looking for a website offering free subtitle downloads for your favourite movies and TV shows, you'll want to check out This website is packed with features that make it easy to find and download the subtitles you need.
To start, the website has an extensive database of movies and TV shows. This means that you're likely to find the subtitles you need for even the most obscure titles. And if you can't find what you're looking for, you can always request it from the site's team of subtitle experts.
Once you've found the subtitles you need, downloading is a breeze. You can choose to download them in a variety of formats, so you're sure to find one that's compatible with your media player. And if you ever have any problems, the website's customer support team is always on hand to help.

English Subtitles:

An English subtitle is a great resource for those looking to improve their English skills. The site offers a wide variety of subtitles for popular TV shows and movies, making it easy to find content that is both interesting and educational. The subtitles are available in both English and Spanish, making it a great resource for Spanish speakers looking to improve their English. In addition, the site offers a forum where users can discuss the subtitles and ask questions. This is a great feature for those who want to get the most out of their English learning experience.

Divx Subtitles: is a great site for finding subtitles for your favourite movies and TV shows. It's easy to use and has a huge database of subtitles to choose from. You can also submit new subtitles to the site, which is a great way to help other users out. The site is free to use, and you can even donate to the site if you want to help keep it running.
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2023.04.01 05:53 StalingradBaby Does college ranking and country impact employability possibilites, research impact and/or graduate admissions as a physics major?

I'm a recently graduated high school student from Colombia physics prospective student pondering a decision: I have the options of attending either my country's top university or a small LAC in California. My country's top university is ranked #220 (according to QS World University ranking) whereas the LAC is around #110 in LAC's in the US. I want to do some impactful research on college to maybe one day become an important member of the scientific community, and I also want to get into a T50 uni for graduate studies. Which option would you consider as the best? Also, I'm sorry if this post doesn't belong on this sub, I couldn't find any other where it would fit best.
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2023.04.01 05:53 Disastrous_Analyst_1 Bigme Inknote Color+: Thoughts from the First Day

My device arrived today and I've had a chance to play around with it a bit. Here are some early pros and cons.
But first, let me give some background on where I'm coming from. I've owned Boox devices, the Remarkable 2, and the Supernote. The Supernote is the device that I use for work and I don't see any devices replacing it anytime soon. I bought the Bigme Inknote Color+ to serve as a digital pad of paper on my desk to write ideas and keep to-do lists. I might read on it from time to time, but still have the Nova Air C for that purpose. In other words, I'm not asking this device to do much.
  1. I like the stylus. I'm not clear how to make use of the bluetooth buttons, but writing with it is nice. It's no Heart of Metal pen, but it is a competent stylus nonetheless.
  2. The sound and feel of writing is nice. It has a good scratching sound which I appreciate.
  3. Color in notetaking is good. Not really that different from the prior version of Kaliedo, but a bit better without any front lighting. The color comes out best with front lighting, and that's especially true for comics and images.
  4. The weight of the device is nice. Easy to hold in the hand.
  5. The interface is generally snappy and responsive. A slight delay when loading a note, but acceptable enough in my mind.
  6. You can import templates as PDFs by just connecting the device to the computer and dragging files onto the device. This will be essential as noted below.
  7. You can easily customize the screensaver by creating the image you want in a note and then setting that as your image. I created a PDF of the image I wanted, loaded that as a template into a note, and then saved it as my screen saver.
  8. The physical quality of the device is nice.
  9. Google Play store works as soon as you log in.
  1. The templates are atrocious. The selection is paltry, but more than that, the lines are inconsistent in terms of shading. It's not the device, because the lined template I imported looks fantastic. It's such an odd miss for this device, and frankly inexcusable. But ultimately it can be remedied as already noted.
  2. Notes can only be displayed as icons, you cannot change that view although you can change how they are sorted and it does allow for folders.
  3. If you order directly from Bigme, you get a free cover. If you order from GoodEReader you pay the same price and don't get a cover. I guess that's how they take their cut. I can't complain too much as the store listing never indicated a cover was included (although there is one in the stock photo). But still, I had to buy a cover for an additional $64.
  4. The magnet attachment that the stylus uses to cling to the side of the tablet is so weak it feels cheap, which is at odds with the remaining build quality. Not a huge deal in the end, but a misstep.
  5. No lasso tool in the notetaking app. So no moving handwriting around, no copying handwriting, etc.
  6. The menus are not terrible but are a tad layered which means you have to make 1-3 presses/swipes to get what you want. Boox does it better. It's not always clear what some menu items are until you try them.
Overall, I think of this device as a Boox lite, or Boox's little brother. It can do the main things Boox can do but lacks the depth of features Boox has underlying the surface. Still, for my use case, I have an eink notetaking device on a 10-inch screen that allows me to use color ink. It's probably a bit expensive for what I use it for, but I like gadgets so I'm not complaining. If Boox released a Tab Ultra with Kaliedo 3, or Gallery 3 if they can solve the problems we've seen thus far, I'd drop this device for that. But overall, I'm satisfied with what I've got.
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2023.04.01 05:53 ghost-at-ikea My (34F) partner (38M)’s parents explicitly said I couldn’t join him for a visit, and I have no idea why.

TLDR Been with serious BF for a year and have never had drama with his parents. Now they want him to visit explicitly without me, and won’t provide a reason. SOS.
Hi /relationships,
I've been with my boyfriend for a little over a year, but a very accelerated one. I'm 34 and he's 38, and we've both had long-term relationships in the past -- he is divorced; I'm not, but was in a long-term partnership of similar duration. Both his marriage and my LTR ended years before we met.
I'm very happy in our relationship. We're best friends -- we laugh together often, we sometimes collaborate professionally, and our sex life is great. I feel truly open, happy, and comfortable in our relationship, in a way that feels new for me. We're about two weeks away from closing on a house together, and I'm really excited about our future. We've discussed marriage and kids at length -- we both want those things, and with each other, but neither of us is in a rush. He's at a critical point in his career, and I'm leaving a 10-year stint in tech to begin law school in the fall. Getting married immediately is not top-of-mind for either of us, but I feel very strongly that we're in it for the long run.
We’ve spent significant time around one another’s family, since both groups are within driving distance of our home. My parents are divorced, and each side of my family is fairly robust -- I have siblings, and in total, 20+ cousins. My family is also generally very social -- they have their flaws, as all families do, but they're generally welcoming and enjoy meeting new people. My partner is invited to every holiday, every "we're coming to town" weekend, and every impromptu visit.
What's more, at this stage of my life, I'm able to enjoy relationships with my parents (mother, father, and stepmother) that feel mutually adult. They are my parents, without a doubt, but we relate as people first. I really like this dynamic, and I feel lucky to have it. I guess my point here is that I love my parents and stepmom a lot, and family is extremely important to me. At the same time, my parents recognize that I’m in my mid-30s, and they don’t order me around like I’m in high school.
His family is… nice on the surface, but things are feeling a little odd right now. They’re smaller -- just his parents and one grandparent, and they live together in a relatively rural location. He also has a sibling who no longer communicates with their parents, though my boyfriend and his sibling are close and I have met their spouse and kids on more than one occasion. This sibling lives further away.
With pleasantries out of the way, though... the whole vibe feels weird to me. Every time we go to visit them, we end up staying at their house for a minimum of 8 continuous hours (never leaving -- not for food, not for a walk, not to do... anything.) We've offered to drive to go into town, to go get pizza, to go to a park... it's always a "no." We also don't ever spend the night there, so we stay at a nearby hotel. This is at their request (and, according to him, isn't new.)
When we get there, my boyfriend spends the entire time alone with his dad while I sit upstairs with his mom and grandparent. His mom is extremely nice, but this dynamic has always felt odd to me -- it feels less-than-socially-graceful to spend the full length of a workday completely separated by gender and not hanging out as a group. We don't even eat meals together. I help his mom prep food, and they come get it and take it away. I understand and appreciate the need for 1:1 time, and I make sure to take time with my parents when I see them too... just not for 10 hours straight when I've brought my boyfriend to their home.
I’ve brought this up to him before, and he’s kinda shrugged it off, like “that’s just how they are.” It feels beyond weird to me.
From what I understand, his parents are pretty conservative in their social and political views. I've never discussed politics with them, nor have they tried to bring it up. With that being said, I know that I'm "visibly liberal" -- visible tattoos, Liberal Arts degree, have only ever lived in coastal cities, etc. It’s never been a problem before, and having seen photos of his ex, I don’t think the tattoos are the issue.
I've always gotten along with his parents well, in my opinion, and I find them to be kind and caring people who want the best for their son. We don't have major cultural differences -- his parents are Catholic; I was raised in the church, and while I no longer attend regularly, I'm not hostile to it at all. My boyfriend and I are similar in our views here -- we were both raised Catholic, we both feel okay about it, and neither of us has attended church regularly since long before we met.
Now, something different is happening.
We've always gone together to visit his (or my) family in the past, and his parents asked him to come by for a visit last weekend... not abnormal. When he responded that we would come up on Saturday, his parents explicitly asked him to come alone, and wouldn't say why. I feel totally blindsided by this, since I've made a really strong effort to get along with them -- even after a lot of thought, I can't pinpoint any disagreements I've had with either of them. They were so insistent that they told him not to come if I'd be joining, and he had to reschedule the trip.
While I'm not sure why they would have an issue with me, I think the bigger concern is that he's going *this weekend* without me at their request. To be totally clear -- I don't need or even really want to go, and if this had been positioned as "I'd like to spend some time alone with my family" (or friend, or colleagues, or whatever) I would be 100% on board. I'm concerned that they reacted so strongly to the thought of my boyfriend bringing me, and that he's okay with it.
He is 38 years old. I feel like this is an overreach on their part, especially since there hasn't been any conflict between us. My BF and I are living together, buying a home, and actively discussing marriage/kids. I feel concerned about his deference to such an odd request -- I can't imagine a situation where any one of my parents demanded, without providing any reason, that I come visit them *alone.* He agrees that this is odd, and we've talked about how it makes me uncomfortable. He says he doesn't know why they're asking for this, but that he doesn't think it's about me. I'm not sure -- it feels very weird.
I understand him going without me to see what's going on, but I'm also hurt that we're trying to build a life together and his parents a) probably don't like me and b) still get to tell him what to do to this extent. It makes me feel like I’m in high school again, and not in a good way.
Am I being crazy for feeling weird about this?
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2023.04.01 05:53 AcanthocephalaParty8 iPad vs tablet?

I’m working on a couple of 2D animated scenes for my studio art thesis that is coming up in April. I’m gonna be traveling a lot during that time so I would rather avoid lugging around my cintiq tablet to work from my computer. I have an iPad and have done a couple of rough animations on it previously. Since these scenes are going to be displayed on a television during my thesis show, I’m nervous about using an iPad to animate and whether that would ruin the quality of the scenes. Thoughts? If an iPad works as well as the tablet, what is the best app? Procreate?
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2023.04.01 05:52 Select-Pudding3129 How should I tell my GF to cool it with her independence?

Hi, I (22F) am seeking advice on approaching my GF (18F) on some issues I've seen with her. She has depression and anxiety, which can make communication difficult if you don't do things right, and I really wanna do this right by her. For both her and her kid.
I want to talk about how she stone-walled me and completely blew off my help when I wanted to help her study for the practice test for the ASVAB since she didn't score very well the first time. There was also the time when I was trying to see her progress with her job search since she got fired a few days prior, but she closed off as soon as I started asking her questions. I don't want her to let me in and depend on me completely. I don't want her to shut me out completely and just tell me that she wants to do it on her own. She also comments that she's not as smart as me or that I wouldn't understand her cause I had it better.
Each time, I tell her that I know I can't understand her and the things she's been through but that she shouldn't give up because of the past and that she should still try even though it's very difficult for her compared to others like me. I know easy for me to say.
Maybe, if it happened once or twice, I could blame it on myself, but she does this every time I try to help her or try to figure out a solution to one of her problems. She already has insecurities about this relationship, constantly asking me questions about whether or not I love her. I always reassure her, but this might put her into a depression if I don't word this right.
How should I bring this up in a way she knows I only want the best for her? I can see that she's trying, and it makes me feel amazing when she tells me about the things she gets done. Also, tell me if I'm doing anything wrong or not thinking clearly. I've never been good with delicate confrontations or relationships sometimes.
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2023.04.01 05:52 Preslee_650 My conclusion after reading red pill books

I’ve read a bunch of red pill books (rational male book 1 & 3 & 5, unplugged alpha, women deserve less, way of men, no more mr. Nice guy, mode one) and put in my 10,000 hours of consuming red pill content so the ideas would really take root in my mind.
In doing this I’ve come to a conclusion at a certain point you’ll notice all the red pill books begin to repeat the same ideas which makes sense. In noticing that I realized that what the red pill is advocating for is common sense knowledge.
The message is simple, have some damn self respect, don’t tolerate disrespect from anyone, stand up for yourself, don’t put anyone on a pedestal, be confident, work hard, be willing to walk away from anything, be the best version of yourself, treat others with kindness but maintain your backbone, sharpen your social skills, and don’t act like your walking on egg shells around women (examples-tease them, disagree, don’t tolerate disrespect, walk away if you don’t vibe with them, etc)
Leave a comment and let me know what you think.
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2023.04.01 05:52 0xbro Who knows the best spot on Topanga Canyon for a waterfall hike followed by lunch at the Inn of the Seventh Ray?

Who knows the best spot on Topanga Canyon for a waterfall hike followed by lunch at the Inn of the Seventh Ray? submitted by 0xbro to LosAngeles [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 05:52 heat_99 A hypothetical question as people and society after seeing Viduthalai and learning it's backdrop

After seeing Viduthalai and hearing of the real story vachathi behind it, got me thinking. I haven't endured any such hardships in my life, these people have gone to very high lengths to protect the land and resources. But in the opposite end, there are people who have succumbed and have given up on their land and resources knowing they can't fight and win against bigger adversaries.
My question being: Is it bad to give up and continue with life elsewhere or to avail facilities provided in the same place to overlook the actions of such governments and corporates, rather to fight them? Cause the fights may start in the first generation and after two or there they will opt for convenience and will betray the land and resources, bound to happen in one point or another. Also the rebels what are they offering, no hospitals, schools or even basic facilities. Either way if people need peace they have to conform.
Please give your thoughts. If people faced such situations, God forbid, my deepest sorry for them and there is always darkness before dawn is what I think when I am down. Hope for the best. Thanks.
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2023.04.01 05:52 NoEngineering1410 Idk the best sub for this, but what’s your opinion on an 8th Gen LaSabre and the other sedans like it?

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2023.04.01 05:52 ilovebabypigs Free NO interpretation, two-card oracle deck pulls

Using Starcodes Astro Oracle deck by Heather Robbins.
I will tell you the keyword written on the cards. Either message me your question or comment it down below.
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2023.04.01 05:51 AdStreet8986 Dear S

Dear s I’m really going to fucking miss you in group part of me wants to go back but I know it’s safe right now maybe in the future we’ll right our wrongs maybe not together but apart
I don’t know how to tell you this but I miss you so fucking much I didn’t realize how much of fucking would miss you after one art sessions we should have had so many more why is it one person that always ends up ruining the relationship I have with a best friend you said let’s add more people and we totally should have been able to but unfortunately f was so fucking feeling undermined bc of his partner situation goddamn I’m fucked right now I need the affirm but honestly I didn’t get much affirm in gro mainly when spoke up it was practice and then I guess I kind of controlled you to ask me the same way f did me
Fuck I should have stuck for myself from the beginning but hopefully it’s not like that you should have stuck up for me now you know what it feels like but it’s not what I wanted for us anyway good luck with everything that show is stolll something I may watch but it’s getting exhausting watching things after I end friendships is that normal to not talk about the show or watch the show when you’re still friends with some one and they recommend it find myself watching so many things lately in the past few years like a graveyard i was hesistant bc i hoped you did not devlope e carush on me
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2023.04.01 05:51 FlumpyTheObeseBird So me and my friends were playing a map where you drive on an endless road but while riding the octanes we realized that the roof barrier wasn’t there so we flew outwards to the distant islands and into this grey abyss. someone tell me if we hit a world record for the score we got on our octanes.

So me and my friends were playing a map where you drive on an endless road but while riding the octanes we realized that the roof barrier wasn’t there so we flew outwards to the distant islands and into this grey abyss. someone tell me if we hit a world record for the score we got on our octanes. submitted by FlumpyTheObeseBird to FortniteCreative [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 05:51 SirTawmis Nomad's Land - The Return of Jack Monroe.

I have always been a fan of Jack Monroe (Nomad). And I despise how he was killed off by Winter Soldier. So a few months out of boredom I wrote this... I posted it here (with images) too -

It’s something we do all the time; force of habit, superstitions, memorial – whatever the reason, we all have our traditions.
My name is Bucky Barnes. I was once known, throughout history, as Captain America’s side kick, “Bucky” fighting those Nazi soldiers, such as Red Skull, who sought to destroy the world. In that war, it was believed that both Captain America – Steve Rogers – and I had perished. Steve was found, frozen alive – in suspended animation, years after the war. I had also survived, but at the cost of my arm.
I wasn’t found by American soldiers, or friendlies. I was actually found by Russians, who took me – broken as I was – and gave me a robotic arm, and made me a part of their organization. You see, surviving the explosion had also destroyed my memories. I had no idea who I was – only the muscle memory of fighting, as I’d learned to do from Captain America.
As this “Winter Soldier” – I did a lot of things. A lot of things I wasn’t proud of. For example, I blew up a part of downtown Philadelphia and then tried to frame Jack Monroe, Captain America’s other “sidekick” for it. But it wasn’t enough that I was going to frame Jack Monroe, I also shot him, in cold blood, when he was defenseless and threw him in my trunk.
It would turn out that Captain America would get a hold of the Cosmic Cube and force me to remember everything. All of my sins. All of the things I’d done.

They forgave me. Said I wasn’t in control of who I was.
That made things worse, really. I wanted to feel like I should be punished. But Steve… he was shocked… maybe happy to see me alive. But when I told him what I’d done to Jack, I saw that pain in his face. The hurt. He wasn’t close to Jack – they’d have their difference, but I know Steve had always felt like Jack was the one that Steve could never help.
I ended up taking Jack’s body and burying it at Green-Wood in Brooklyn. I’ve made it a tradition to come out here – and say I am sorry. Because in the end, Jack didn’t have anyone. He’d lost touch with Steve Rogers, lost touch with the kid he’d adopted – she now goes by Julie Winters. I’ve found her. Send them money to take care of them every month as a mysterious benefactor. I don’t want the credit. I don’t want to be known. I just want to try and make some of the things I’ve done wrong, right now.

Imagine my surprise, when I arrived today – just like I did every year, and his grave is dug up. But there’s something weird – it’s not that someone dug up this grave. It’s like whoever was inside, clawed their way out. But how can that be? I know it’s Jack that was in this grave. And I shot him point blank. He was dead when I put him in the trunk. He was dead when I buried him here. I’m certain of it.

Three Months Ago…
Where am I?
I can barely move my arms? Am I in a coffin?
Memories… like a shattered mirror. Fragments. Broken. So many reflections. So many faces. Bucky. Nomad. Scourge.
Wait. What’s the last thing I remember?
Pull yourself together.
Pick up the pieces of the mirror.
My name is Jack. Jack Monroe.
Last thing I remember – there was someone – a drug lord in town – I was drinking at the bar. Went outside. Someone said my name.
Gunned me down.
Dear Lord, I am inside a coffin.
I take a deep breath – pull my arms close to my chest and push up on the roof of the coffin. It barely moves.
Then I remember Doctor Jane Foster. She said I was dying. My body was falling apart, killing itself.
How am I alive? If being gunned down didn’t kill me, then time should have finished me in.
And yet – as I push on this coffin lid, I can feel it giving way. It’s creaking. My strength had been giving out, just before I was gunned down – how is it back?

The lid finally cracks, breaks, and dirt begins pouring into the grave. It’s like swimming in concrete, digging my way out. When I finally breach, I take a deep breath of fresh air – and see I have just dug myself out of my own grave. A concrete marker reads:
Here Lies Jack Monroe;
A Hero The World Needed
Taken Too Soon.

That’s… nice.
As I pull myself out and sit on my own grave mound, I can see someone’s come by visiting my grave. Who? Cap, maybe?
Who gunned me down?
Was it one of those drug lords?
Was I getting too close?
I brush myself off – head over to a second hand clothing store, and manage to convince the store clerk to give me some clothes. I head back to the bar – see if they have some video footage.
The bartender tells me it’s been almost two years since he’s seen me.
Have I been gone for two years?
I ask about the video footage – he says he’s not sure if he has it that far back. He comes back and gives me a drive – said it’s been recorded over, but if I am techy enough I might be able to pull something off the drive.
I just happen to have a fair share of tech, if my storage space is still good. Should be. I prepaid it for ten years – told them I needed privacy. When I got free of the “Scourge” nanites, I ended up working with the Thunderbolts – even checked up on them a little later. But I kept the equipment I’d gathered when I worked as Scourge.
Going back – I am easily able to recover the old data on this drive. It takes a few sweeps of the program – but even when it’s done – I make it do a few more scans. Because it can’t be right.
The person who shot me – he looks a lot like Bucky Barnes, Steve’s side kick who died in World War II.
But every scan tells me this is the cleanest image – I’ll be damned, Bucky Barnes tried to kill me.
Well, he did kill me.

Today… Green-Wood Cemetery…
“What the Hell is going on?”
“When you came at me, you shot me in cold blood, in the dark, no chance to even fight,” a voice calls out from the dark. “I think the bullet proof Kevlar vest may have protected me, or something else… but I am going to give you a chance to explain yourself.”
Bucky Barnes turned around, “Who?”
“You don’t recognize the man you murdered?” the voice called back.
“I’ve murdered a few people in my time,” Bucky growled, hands going to his weapon he always carried. “Care to elaborate?”
“We had something in common, you and I,” the voice calls out. “We both fought side by side next to a Captain America. You fought next to Steve Rogers, I fought along side a slightly deranged man by the name of William Burnside.”
“Jack? Jack is that you?” Bucky called out, still unable to determine where Jack’s voice had been coming from.
“Winner, winner,” Jack Monroe’s voice replied. “So why did you do it?”
“Shoot you?” Bucky called out after a moment. “Would you believe mind control?”
“Another thing we have in common,” Jack responded. “I was mind controlled, as well, once. It’s amazing what they forgive when you tell someone that you were mind controlled, right? I shot a killed a young girl named Helen Takahama – better known as Jolt, from the Thunderbolts. Turns out, she’s got something in common with you and I – looks like she came back from the dead too. Just can’t keep a good fighter down, can you?”
“So why are you here? Why are you hiding? Why all the questions?” Bucky called out, his gun drawn. “Is this revenge?”
“Revenge?” Jack’s voice called out, almost laughing. “I don’t need revenge. But the thing is, I want to test myself. I’ve been out of the game. And I’ve done some reading on you – you took over Cap’s thing after he got ‘killed’ too. You’ve done a lot – even left a new version of the Thunderbolts… see how the thread of our lives keep weaving together? So pardon me if I give you the same treatment you gave me…”
At that moment, Jack, who’d used the Pym particles he’d used with the Scourge outfit, grew to incredible size, striking Bucky with an uppercut that sent him flying. “All of my life,” Jack continued, as he slammed his fist down into the ground, barely missing Bucky, “I’ve lived in someone else’s shadow. Whether it was William’s or Steve’s. If I wasn’t living in someone’s shadow, I was being manipulated.”
Bucky fired a number of rounds from his gun; but the bullets in his gun were not the kind that would kill a target – rather the electrical pulse would trigger upon impact. One bullet was enough to down an elephant easily – six shots into the enlarged Jack Monroe, and he wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down.
“When I was struggling with myself, when I was with Steve, he’d tell me about some of the things that Pym had gone through – his own crisis of life – even how Hawkeye, for awhile lost himself – going from archer to giant man! We all are weak. It wasn’t just me.”
As Bucky got to his feet and scrambled up a tree to get a clean shot Jack, out of nowhere – a glider nearly missed him – but he was able to duck, grab the bottom and swing himself on top of it, gaining control of the glider. This, he’d recognized as the same glider that Jack had used as Scourge. Bucky leapt at Jack from the glider, but at that moment Jack reduced himself to normal size; and the two tumbled on the ground before both standing on their feet.
Bucky had his gun at Jack’s temple, but Jack had drawn a short that had been shrunk to full size and had it under Bucky’s chin.
“Don’t make me pull this trigger, Jack.”
“Don’t make me pick your brain clean with my sword, then.”
Jack withdrew the blade first just as Bucky holstered his gun.
“What was this really about?” Bucky asked.
“It really was about proving I could still fight. When I dug myself up from that grave,” he gestured to the grave that he’d dug up again, “I was still trying to piece myself together. When I got out – I found out it’d been you who shot me. I didn’t know why. But as I did my research, I knew what happened. I started following you. Learned your pattern. Knew you made it a tradition to visit the grave, when I tapped into the cemetery’s surveillance footage. I even found the footage of myself – the time I thought I was beating up drug dealers, and in my confused state of mind, turns out it was every day people. But I don’t know why or how my strength came back. How my mind feels clear again. How I became me again.”
“Let me help you,” Bucky extended his hand. “I want to help. I want to make this,” he gestured between them. “Whatever this is – I want to make it right.”

Avengers Mansion
Hank Pym folded his arms across his chest as he stared at the computer read outs.
“What do you got for me, doc?” Jack asked, sitting in a chair nearby.
“As far as I can tell, Doctor Jane Foster was right,” Pym explained, pointing out some scans. “I can see here where you body seemed to be killing itself. Your immune system turned on itself. But, by the looks of it – when Bucky shot you – your body ‘died’ – but it didn’t really die. It simply shut down. As far as I can tell, between the super soldier serum that was destroying your body and the nanites – something created a very unique reaction. It literally appears as if your entire body went into a state of hibernation. The best way to describe this read out, Jack is that – your body underwent something similar to a caterpillar’s life – when they enter the cocoon stage – and during the pupa stage, the old body literally dies and a new body forms inside the protective shell known as a chrysalis. Your old body died, to make way to a new body that has adapted to all that’s been done to it, creating this new body. Your new body shows no signs of the serum at all – but you have super natural strength and agility, as we saw with the tests we’ve run.”
“So I am all cured?” Jack asked with a smirk.
“Cured, I guess, would be a way of explaining this,” Pym agreed. “I’d like to run some more tests – and test the limits of your strength and agility. It seems pretty close to Steve’s.”
“That’s all right, doc,” Jack stood up and put on his jacket. “I really don’t want to be compared to Steve anymore. I’m my own person now.”
To Be Continued?
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2023.04.01 05:51 Fear2010 Does India have their own Haunted Attractions, and what are your thoughts about it?

For those who know what I’m talking about, I know it sounds like the wrong time for me to ask that question. But as an American who isn’t a Hindu, It’s a question that I wanna ask you guys if you love watching horror movies and celebrate any holidays that shares common grounds with Halloween. Even if you don’t have something like that or at least similar over there where you walk through a building or a tent with movie quality sets and actors in costumes who pop out of their hiding spots to scare guests, I’d still like to see your thoughts about.
I love going to the Universal theme parks here in the States for Halloween Horror Nights where they do houses that are based on movies and original concepts, which influenced me to write my own haunted house attractions as an on paper type of experience. One of the ideas I written was inspired by the Hindu lore in a respectful way the best I could, and I thought to myself that y’all could do a review to see if I got the accuracy right, and at least made things sense in a way without getting myself too clueless. Even if there’s something you guys find to be a bit overboard, I can make a bit adjustment for a better execution if it were to happen in reality.
I wanna thank you all for having the time to read this post, and looking forward to see your responses cause I think you’ll be impressed with my idea that I written, and how open I am for some corrections.
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2023.04.01 05:51 vader-bader Should I look into TRIP?

Hi everyone!
A little bit of background information. I'm currently working in the US on a J-1 visa (physician) and have been here since 2018. Used to travel as a tourist before that too.
In the past, I had always had minimal issues with traveling and would get visa renewals expeditiously. In the beginning, I would not get mobile boarding passes and there were SSSS on my boarding passes now and then. But it all went away with time. Things had been pretty smooth since 2018.
Unfortunately, things have been....bizarre since 2022.
I traveled to visit my family for the first time after the pandemic and needed to get my J1 renewed. The usual quick process took over 3 months and required security clearance with the state department. That was new for me.
On landing back in the US, I was questioned extensively. In addition, I was told to write my number and email down "in case they wanted to contact me" at the port of entry. That..was something new. And I'm not sure what it even meant.
Now, even when trying to book flights or hotel trips through my credit card rewards at Chase, I have to call to get it done and cannot do it myself-which frankly is annoying... I've been told by Chase that there is a "security alert" against my name and I need to "call DHS" to get this fixed. Frankly, it's bordering on annoying if not borderline humiliating..
I am brown and do have a fairly common muslim name..however, that has always been the case. I am not entirely sure why this additional scrutiny is happening now. It's more puzzling that things have heightened despite the fact that I've been living here since 2018..and had a kid in that time. Life hasn't exactly been fun as a doctor these past few years...and I don't want this additional stress..
Is this something worth pursuing DHS's TRIP? Or would it be a waste of time? The idea of any travel gives me palpitations with all of this...and that is a problem because I have sick family members that I'd need to visit.
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2023.04.01 05:50 lmposter69 Headphones on Windows 7... Will it work?

I am using an old pc that a hotel was throwing away while my laptop gets fixed. The problem is the pc is stuck on windows 7 and I don't know how to get my Cloud Alpha S headphones to work on windows 7, any help will be appreciated
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