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Snark about the SEVERELY pleasant Rod family

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2023.03.23 20:36 ollee32 Help me keep them straight

Long time lurker, first time poster. This sub has made me LOL so hard in recent months when I’ve gone through some personal shit. Now I’m realizing, crap I am full on hooked and I cannot for the life of me keep the Duggar women straight in my head. I need a breakdown of the older ones at least (Jill, Jessa, jinger, etc). Like which one is the one we want to save? Which is known for what (personality trait/spouse/etc). I want to be an informed snarker!
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2023.03.21 00:09 Megalodon481 Who was driving the lawsuits against the city?

In the aftermath of the first Pest scandal, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy sued Springdale, Washington County, some public officials, and the magazine companies over the release and publishing of the police report.
Interestingly, Pest himself filed his own lawsuit about the police report against the same parties two months after his sisters filed their lawsuit. Whether or not this was coordinated by JB, Pest was trying to couch himself as some equivalent "victim" of the police report. However, his lawsuit was dismissed after just 3 months, while his sisters' lawsuit would go on for almost 5 years before ultimately being dismissed as well.
Do you think the daughters filed and pursued the lawsuit totally of their own volition? Or do you think JB pressured his daughters to pursue the lawsuit because he wanted to enforce the Duggar narrative that the disclosure of the police report was worse than the abuse itself? Or were both factors at play?
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2023.03.18 02:11 SwissCheese4Collagen The Nostrils McBeardsley Power Hour: OfNostrils AMA / I answer YOUR most asked questions

The Nostrils McBeardsley Power Hour: OfNostrils AMA / I answer YOUR most asked questions
Good evenin' snarkers, Happy Green Beer Day, Happy Day 2 of March Madness to those cussing Princeton, and Happy Fri-Yay! The Luck of the Nostrils has smiled upon us for the weekly vlog wherein OfNostrils does her very own little This Old Fundie House/AMA crossover while she waits for her friends to come over for a playdate. Nostrils double checks who is coming over before he leaves to go to whatever the hell it is that he does. At this point I'm starting to think he's on a cleaner crew for the sooper sek'rit Fundie Intelligence Agency. If I go missing after typing that out, just know I talked shit to the bitter end and I trust y'all to avenge me. J/k but just in case it turns out to be true, I know y'all got this lol.
Nostrils is going to work, not only happily announcing he's leaving, but obnoxiously announcing that he's leaving.
As Nostrils puts both Giddy-Up and Austina on the counter to jump and give him a hug before he leaves, OfNostrils gets her new storage Cube thing and gets started on Question 1.
TL:DR version, 5 weeks/ASAP to the fam, then halfway with the first 3, ASAP with this one
The first question appeals to OfNostrils' font of knowledge, an oxymoron if I've ever heard one, about when it's socially appropes to announce a pregnancy. Basically, Earth Mother Jill started a tradition of announcing the second she missed her period to the family and then at roughly 4 months to the world, or as soon as she negotiated with People and TLC.
TL;DR Elaborate tote system
Fundie Marie Kondo answers the next question about how she organizes toys with a very elaborate explanation about a simple system. The synopsis is that all the toys get put in a tote, she then allows Giddy-Up and Austina to get out one tote at a time and then put it away before getting out another. Daycares everywhere need to implement this groundbreaking organization system.
TL;DR 30, 4-5
So as OfNostrils assembles, she gets to more questions about Maybe Edwin Definitely James, like how far along she is. She says 30 weeks but she will probably be induced a couple weeks early. She also says that they want 4-5 kids, but that she doesn't know. I guess Nostrils' quiver isn't full yet.
Austina pops in as we get to the real questions
Someone asks if Nostrils likes doing the YouTube videos. She says that he is liking it better, and getting more comfortable on camera since it's a weekly thing. Yeah, we noticed he was reaaaaal comfy bitching his beard off about how bad Austina's diaper was at the Olive Garden.
From the woman herself, they're homeschooling...
OfNostrils comfirms our worst fears as she says she is homeschooling. She doesn't have a program in place but she's working on it. RIP Education in the Nostrils McBeardsley house.
She doesn't say anything other than they won't pick a name until after the baby is born
We get a huge explanation about how she started a tradition of picking the final name when she holds the baby, but she has a short list and until she says otherwise I'm sticking with Maybe Edwin Definitely James from a previous recap when she did a Get Ready With Me.
\"I'm super spoiled\"...I mean...
The next question is about how often she gets to see her sisters. She says she's super spoiled and lucky that Nostrils lets her go out whenever she wants and that she sees them often...wait for it...once or twice every 3 or so months. Nice to know they use Duggar Time on the calendar too?
This one was one she asked herself.
After moving the camera because Austina was knocking it over, she says people ask if she misses being on the tv show but she didn't flash a card up. It turns out she does not miss it, but she does miss the camera crew because they saw them once a week from the time she was 6 until after she was married. She states a few times that show should have ended earlier but that she doesn't miss it...on her weekly vlog where she is answering questions about her pregnancy and frequently shows her kids in bed or states of undress. Somehow, I'm having difficulty believing her sincerity here.
Duggar Math time
OfNostrils proves she isn't the best at counting because she says Giddy-up will be 5 and a half in May when Maybe Edwin Definitely James (which side note, does actually fit in with her early 1900's farmer vibe pretty well). As Giddy-Up's almost birthday buddy I can assure you that he won't be 5 and a half until the end of August. As for Austina, she does end up right because she says not quite three and iirc, Austina will be a couple months shy of 3.
It's not an international babymoon like Kath! got, but she's hanging on to the RV camping trips this summer
We get a heads up about an RV camping trip in a few weeks, and who has "Put newborn under the Grill" on their 2023 bingo card? Anyways, she keeps going and mentions that she would be fine taking the new baby on as many camping trips as they want once he's 4 weeks old. Uh-oh, is she going to be an RV influencer now? She moved the cube storage into the kids' closet and pops a squat in the living room.
This was the most stupid shit....I'll be laughing at this one for hours
Okay guys, someone *cough* Jingle *cough, cough* asks her what made her decide to wear pants and jeans. Ya'll, she and Nostrils PRAYED on it for YEARS. They SCOURED the Bible for guidance and my God I'm surprised these chucklefucks can decide how many shit tickets they need to wipe with if they don't have a Bible to consult. Who the actual fuck needs to ask a 5,000 year old piece of paper if they can wear pants over their labia, but also simultaneously shits on Magic 8 balls and beer? Then has the audacity to say her 95 second (it felt like it) ramble about pants was a "short" answer. I swear to little baby Jeezus...
TL;Dr Bedtime
The answer to the next one is entirely earthshattering and hang on to your hats because the secret to their "alone time" is putting the kids to bed at 7:30-8 PM Trial Time. Then they have a few hours to "watch a movie, talk, or work on a project" before they themselves call it a night. You don't say.
This question was Jingle I almost bet the farm on it...
This one was a doozy too, and in answer to what God has been teaching her (spoiler alert, it's not common fucking sense) she says she prayed that she would have spiritual growth and that it doesn't matter what type of religion you follow as long as you follow God. A wise friend told her this says OfNostrils, and led her to be more purposeful in her life and parenting. She wants to be a more purposeful mother and now we know what OfNostrils and Jingle talked about during Jere-Maw's soccer game.
Thank God, she's almost done
Someone asks her what her favorite thing about each of Nostrils: The Next Generation is. She begins to say that they are at fun ages but before she can fully answer, Austina pops in to report that her baby bear has been put to bed. She has also thrown all of her pacies in the trash. When OfNostrils praises her for it, Austina says she put her bear in there too. OfNostrils repeats that it was her pacies and Austina gives up and goes about her business.
Fundie Matilda doesn't care about the filming schedule
Finally she gets to her bland-lib answers
Finally, OfNostrils goes down the hallway and says that Austina's empathy (she doesn't use the word but describes it) and sharing are her favorite things. Giddy-Up is a people person and loves everyone he meets. Yep, sounds like a Fundie parent complimenting their kids alright.
Fundie Matilda does her best butler impression and announces their guests as her mother blathers on. She is instructed to let them in.
She does the hand to camera honors herself this week.
And with the arrival of the playdate participants, the vlog ends. Austina is sent to open the door and let them in and OfNostrils puts a bow on this week's offering and I'm off to celebrate Purdue getting upset and pray IU wrecks Kent State. Catch ya on the flip side snarkers, have a great night and a better tomorrow!
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2023.03.16 18:10 Ohnoudidint200 Famy, the fame-hungry, hungry hypocrite

Gawd I really can’t stand Famy! She has such “selective outrage” (thanks for the idea Chris Rock!!) shes all over the place with the the Duggs- one minute she’s calling herself Any Duggar, TO GET ATTENTION the next it’s King, then she publicly condemns Pest, J’Boob, Meech and their teachings, TO GET ATTENTION then she fucking inserts herself in a “ positive” light into the comments on Jingles IG, Jill’s, etc… TO GET ATTENTION!! It’s like she uses them for when she needs ATTENTION, good or bad! I guess it’s true- any publicly is good publicly but c’mon Famy- if u really want nothing to do with your extended family then just move on and stop trying to squeeze your last few seconds of “ fame” from them cuz you’re way more pathetic than all of them combined considering THEY were the ones that had a show!!!
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2023.03.05 14:06 Red_bug91 Could this page be JillPM?

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2023.03.04 09:10 UCgirl “I’m not brainwashed. Just ask my dad!” As said by Jen making fun of Jed in the most recent Fundie Fridays’ Duggar episode. (Trigger Warning Josh and miscarriage)

Jen from Fundie Fridays has delivered yet another wonderful Duggar video. I hope I didn’t spoil the video too much by quoting Jen’s joke “I’m not brainwashed! Just ask my father!” Jen had just shown a video of Jed and his wife (no idea of her name, sorry). He was basically saying that his dad did not brainwash him…just go ask him! Yes, literally, except he used more words. But Jen’s joke made me laugh! I’m sure Jed’s video was an attempt at damage control in response to Jinger’s book calling out the IBLP cult and brainwashing perpetrated by Jim Bob and Michelle. Oh, just in case anyone is curious, OfJed claims to have a mind of her own as well...
Jen addressed Jessa’s recent miscarriage and the Duggar hypocrisy of Jessa having a D&C while the same procedure is not permitted by law for other in need. I won’t get into everything Jen said but I will say that I think she handled the “conversation” well. While what happened to Jessa is heartbreaking, their family continues to champion reproductive laws that endanger women. Plus they even lack the medical knowledge to fully comprehend the laws they push.
Jen also provides updates on J’Pest (who I will call “Anna’s Boy” ala the infamous Jean purse that said “Joshy’s Girl”). Plus Jen reviews Jinger’s book and covers the Duggar x Girl Defined crossover.
I didn’t want to provide a direct link to the Fundy Fridays video as I wasn’t sure if it was allowed. Just go on YouTube and search for Fundy Fridays. The most recent Duggar episode was released on Friday. She has several other Duggar episodes as well if you are craving some additional Duggar Snarking. Fundy Fridays has videos that cover many of our commonly snarked upon fundies if you happen to need brought up to speed on anybody.
And for light-hearted fare, she has a parody of a Lawson Bates song and music video. She also made a trip to The Ark Experience (or maybe it was The Creation Museum…or maybe it was both). There are also four, yes FOUR, Halloween episodes about Jill Rodrigues. Each Rodrigues episode contains a wonderful skit of increasing quality each year! Then she provides a Rodrigues family update.
Just go support Fundy Fridays in general if you are a snarkers. I always come away learning something and I’ve been a snarker for quite awhile. Their content is well researched.
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2023.03.02 22:26 source-commonsense Some throwback media coverage of the Duggar family & Jim Bob's political floundering (1999-2002)

Nuclear family explodes

The Daily Times Feburary 21, 1999
State Rep. Jim Bob Duggar and his wife, Michelle, have more than a nuclear family. Consider it a nuclear explosion family.
In the last 10 years, they've had 11 children, including two sets of twins. Mrs. Duggar also has had one miscarriage. The young couple -- he's 33, she's 32 -- consider their children a blessing from God. For now, they've set no limit on the number of children they will have.
"I love them. She loves them," says Duggar, "We've welcomed each one into our family."
Duggar, who does real estate work and recently sold a car sales business, is one of the 57 new House members this year. A Republican, he represents Springdale, but he and his family are living in a friend's very large home in Conway so they can be together during the months of the session. The friend is living elsewhere.
If Duggar can keep track of bills as well as he he keeps track of his children, he shouldn't have any trouble. He takes one or two children with him to work or, these days, to the session so he can get to know them and they can get to know him.
He and his family pray together every morning and the children help get him ready for work. While Duggar was putting on his socks one day, his 2 year-old son waddled over to Daddy's shoes and brought them to him.
At the end of a day at the Legislature, Duggar can tick off the names and ages of his children just as easily as singing "Do Re Mi" -- Joshua, 10; Jana and John David, 9; Jill, 7; Jessa, 6; Jinger, 5; Joseph, 4; Josiah, 2; Joyanna, 1: Jeremiah and Jedidiah, born Dec. 30.
Mrs. Duggar is mother and teacher to her children. She holds school at home, now a 5,000-square-foot ranch house on an expansive lot, shaded by a broad maple tree. Her grandmother also had two sets of twins.
"We rise anywhere from 7 to 7:30, 8 in the morning. We all get around the table and we have our devotions together. We pray and then I have story time with them, just like a biography of great Christians. We eat breakfast and then Dad leaves for work," she says.
Schedules for each child are neatly written on separate sheets of paper. Each is assigned housekeeping responsibilities, in addition to their school duties. The schedules line the side of the refrigerator. On a table nearby are styrofoam drinking cups, each with a child's name on it.
Each child also has a set of chores. "It works great," Mrs. Duggar says. "They think it's great. It's part of life and making things happen. It gives them a sense of responsibility."
"We're not just having these babies just to be having the children," Mrs. Duggar insists. "We're raising these children and desiring to train them to instruct them and to teach them in the right way."

13 Children Add Up To Asset For Challenger

QuiverFull September 9, 2001
Jim Bob Duggar looks calm. He might even be calm. There's not a strand out of place on his Ken-doll hair. This is remarkable not only because there are 13 children playing at his feet--his 13 children--but also because he's a state representative waging a long-shot campaign for the U.S. Senate.
There are people more stressed after a trip to the grocery store than this man seemingly is on his worst day. "I just feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing," says Jim Bob, a 36-year-old lifelong Springdale resident who has been known as a one-issue politician--a conservative Republican who cares only about stopping abortions.
Now, Jim Bob is known as the candidate with enough moxie--or perhaps not enough sense--to challenge incumbent Sen. Tim Hutchinson in the Republican primary.
Those 13 children, born during Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's 17 years of marriage, are family values personified. They're a highly visible asset facing a GOP incumbent viewed as politically vulnerable in 2002 because of his divorce and second marriage to a former Senate staff member.
"We're going to do it together as a family," Michelle, 34, says of the race. "It's not just, 'Daddy's doing this.' ... We stick together like glue."
The "we" includes Joshua, "Joshy," 13; twins Jana, "Banana," and John-David, 11; Jill "Muffin," 10; Jessa, "Blessa," 8; Jinger, "Jin-Jin," 7; Joseph, "Joe-Joe," 6; Josiah, "Siah," 5; Joy-Anna, "Jogees," 3; "The Dynamic Duo" twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah, 2; Jason, "Jay Bird," 1, who with "The Dynamic Duo" forms "The Three Musketeers"; and James, 8 weeks.
Jim Bob regularly brings his children, whom Michelle home schools, to Little Rock and the state Capitol where his eldest, Joshua, is known as "Governor."
"God put us in there," the Baptist says of winning his first political race in 1999. "We just knew this is the way our family is going to serve our community."
Jim Bob wasn't involved in politics until Bill Clinton was elected president in 1992.
"I saw how things were," he says. He supported Republican Fay Boozman's failed U.S. Senate race. During this time, he went to a Little Rock rally to back a state ban on partial-birth abortions. Thousands of people showed for the protest, but Jim Bob says, "Still, a lot of those senators and representatives did not vote the right way."
So Jim Bob prayed.
"I prayed, 'Lord, I would be willing to run for office,' " he says. "I'd vote the right way."
Jim Bob didn't run the next election cycle because the timing didn't feel right. But he ran and won in 1999, when he temporarily moved his family to Little Rock for the legislative session and sold all his businesses to concentrate on politics.
He has had various jobs through the years. Michelle jokes that she read a list of the Top 10 worst jobs, and her husband has had seven of them, including insurance salesman and used car salesman.
The Duggars had a turning point in their lives 11 years ago when Jim Bob attended a meeting that discussed financial freedom through living a debt-free life. Michelle eventually attended the meeting, too, and now she and Jim Bob conduct the seminars out of their home.
By getting out of debt and not purchasing anything unless they have cash, the Duggars have saved enough to make investments in such things as rental and commercial property. Their investments have done so well that Jim Bob doesn't have to work a full-time job.
"I've learned self control and also a lot about construction," he says. And, "All these different businesses that I've been in have really given me a broad perspective of what the average person has to go through every day."
Because of his work situation, says Mary Duggar, Jim Bob's mother, "He probably gets to spend more time with his family than most men do."
"I'm very careful on what events I go to," Jim Bob says. "I just try to prioritize."
Back when the Duggars only had a few kids and were living at a home on their car lot, Jim Bob was the victim of an armed robbery during which he was bound and gagged. The incident helps him keep things in perspective today.
"I feel like I'm living on overtime," Jim Bob says, "so politics is nothing."
Politics really does seem like nothing compared to a house almost literally full of children. Just ask Michelle.
She had a desperate, blunt conversation with God one day while standing amid piles of laundry--and this is back when she only had seven children.
"I love 'em, but I think I'm going to go crazy!" she cried to the Lord.
"It was a sacrifice to praise God at that point," Michelle says. But she did. She started singing a song to honor him. Within a week, the children's piano teacher, Ruth Anita Anderson, whom they've come to call Nana, made an offer to help with the laundry.
"God just provided Nana," Michelle says.
Her laundry room today is equipped with two washers and three dryers. There are bins and bins of presorted clothes with labels clearly addressing what clothes are where. Two deep freezers also happen to be in the room, which is just off the kitchen.
Off the other side of the laundry room is the family's closet--the only closet used for clothes in the entire house. Both for space and convenience, the family keeps its clothes together. They don't use dressers because there's more room without them. And the bedroom closets--the children share three bedrooms and lots of bunk beds--are used for storage for such things as each child's violin.
"We are working on a family orchestra," Michelle says. " 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' is about as far as we get."
It's amazing to watch 15 people in action in a 2,450-square-foot house. Eight recliners fill the front family room, but there are no coffee tables to clutter anyone's path. Michelle has packed away her knickknacks until the children are grown and gone. Family photographs and other pictures on the walls are some of the house's only decorations.
A photocopier adorns the end table next to Michelle and Jim Bob's bed, and there's a file cabinet in her closet.
The one-family closet works well in part since the kids are constantly growing and clothes are passed from one child to the next. Michelle and the children also make many of their own clothes and buy items from Goodwill. Jim Bob says he probably spends less for clothes on his 13 children than do parents of two children.
"Now, food's a different matter," he says. The Duggars spend an average of $1,000 a month on food.
Michelle goes to the grocery store every other day to pick up three gallons of milk and fresh fruits and vegetables instead of making one big weekly trip with four or five grocery carts.
"I don't like to do it that way," she says. "It just almost overwhelms the poor cashier when we come through."
If it takes this many special arrangements and this much preparation simply to live, why would Jim Bob complicate things by joining the Legislature and, now, running for the Senate? Doesn't he have enough to handle at home?
"Our family is our hobby," says Jim Bob, who doesn't have pursuits like golf or tennis. Though when the family does play sports, Jill says, "We have a whole team here."
"Two teams," Jim Bob says.
The former Michelle Ruark has an easygoing openness and friendliness that extends to each person she meets. As she and Jim Bob sit on the plastic blue auditorium seats that serve as the family's dining room chairs, she rests her hand on her husband's leg and joyfully proclaims her beliefs in God, Jim Bob and the sanctity of family. Strains of "Amazing Grace" can be heard from the next room where her children practice piano and violin in one of the girls' rooms that doubles as a music room.
But Jim Bob doesn't for one second forget that a reporter is in the room, and he guards what both he and his wife say. When talk turns to his primary race against Hutchinson, Michelle starts telling of the day Jim Bob decided to challenge him.
Jim Bob quickly lets her know there's one part of the story they won't be telling. Michelle questions his decision, not seeing a problem with sharing it. But then, following a few brief whispers, she smiles and simply goes on with the part she can tell.
Michelle was headed out the door to a prayer meeting when Jim Bob brought up the idea of running for Senate. He said he felt pressed to run and asked Michelle to pray about it.
"I just felt like I should run," Jim Bob says. "It's not because I am so smart."
Jim Bob supported Hutchinson in past races. He says his decision to run now has nothing to do with Hutchinson's martial troubles, including his remarriage after divorcing his wife of 29 years. Jim Bob doesn't even bring up the issues, which have kept the state--specifically past and present Hutchinson supporters in Northwest Arkansas--talking.
State Rep. Jeremy Hutchinson, Tim Hutchinson's son, practically was Jim Bob's legislative seatmate when Jim Bob made his Senate decision.
"It's nothing against you or your family," Jim Bob told the younger Hutchinson, who wasn't happy but listened.
Next, Jim Bob called Tim Hutchinson.
"I hope you can relate to this a little bit having been a pastor before, but I feel called to run for a seat--your seat," Jim Bob told him.
"I'm just gonna run a clean race," Jim Bob continued. "Are you committed to running a clean race? "And he said, 'Oh, yeah,' [and] kind of laughed," Jim Bob says.
Hutchinson didn't return a call for comment for this story.
An editorial cartoon that ran in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette when Jim Bob announced his candidacy hangs on the Duggars' dining room wall. It shows Jim Bob as a tiny Republican elephant kicking a huge boxer, who represents Hutchinson. The caption reads: "The first challenge came from unexpected quarters."
"We're not in it to kick [anyone]," Joshua says in defense of his father. "We're in the race because we feel God has told us to run. We're not against any of our opponents in any way."
The Duggars consider the Bible something of an owner's manual, a how-to for life. They sometimes employ "time outs" to discipline their children, but they also think the Bible teaches parents to spank and even instructs on how to do it.
The children and Michelle recite a new Bible passage each morning, and they have actions to go with the words. For instance, when reciting Exodus 20, verses 1-17, the children run a finger along their necks in a quick swipe, as if killing themselves, as they read the passage, "Thou shall not kill."
Religion wasn't always the focal point of Michelle's life.
She was 15 and had been living in Springdale since age 4 when a friend talked to her about a movie that told of the end of the world. Michelle wanted to make sure she'd be ready, so when her friend invited her to a revival, she eagerly went.
Jim Bob and a friend were making visitations to reach out to potential church members, and his friend said that a girl named Michelle had just committed her life to God. He also mentioned that she was a cheerleader.
"Well, let's go see her!" Jim Bob said.
They were married 2 1/2 years later.
Jim Bob, who has only one sibling, and Michelle, who is the youngest of seven, didn't know how many children they wanted to have. And they didn't have any for the first four years they were married. They even used birth control until they decided the pills weren't right for them. They decided having children was for God to control--not them.
"I would like to have more," Michelle says.
They don't always agree, but Jim Bob and Michelle try to resolve disputes before the sun goes down each night, which they say the Bible instructs them to do. Michelle also believes she is to be submissive to Jim Bob, which she says does not mean he treats her like a doormat but that he is the head of the household.
"We don't have a perfect marriage," Jim Bob says. "There's not a perfect marriage out there."
Nor are there perfect children. But the Duggar children, at least on the surface, appear to come awfully close.
The older Duggar children all take care of the younger ones through a buddy system.
"The little guys just think the big guys hung the moon," Michelle says.
Without being asked, the older children will get the younger ones' meals or change their diapers. Each child has particular chores, like taking out the trash, that he or she automatically does. Josh is the family grill expert and makes dinner so his parents are free to visit.
"You're my buddy," Jim Bob smiles and says to Michelle as he brings her lunch.
Joshua leads an eloquent, heartfelt prayer while everyone joins hands around the table to pray. All the children seem to be more articulate than others their ages.
When 1-year-old Jason falls to the floor and starts throwing a fit, one glance from his mother and quick wag of her finger ends the incident almost even before it begins. His training should be through by age 12, when Jim Bob and Michelle hope all their children are trained well enough to stand alone.
"I don't want them to be just good kids," Michelle says. "I want it to go deeper than that." Michelle says the desire to see her children be successful, "That's what keeps me going."
Joshua was 5 when the Duggars made the decision to home school their children. They clearly are careful about their children's outside influences. Though the family owns a TV, it's rarely on, even when their father makes an appearance.
"There's a lot of attitudes and actions that we just don't want the children to imitate," Jim Bob says. When a proposal he made in the state Legislature wound up on Politically Incorrect, Jim Bob had to call a friend to tape it for him.
Jim Bob and Michelle are willing to share their lives with readers because they want to encourage them, through their story, to turn to God. But even by standards of an average Christian household, the Duggars are extreme.
The girls exclusively wear dresses and skirts. The children wear wet suits instead of bathing suits when they go in the water in order to be modest.
"When they get a little older, they'll have to make the decision on what they want to do," Jim Bob says of wearing swimsuits.
For now, the kids don't appear to mind. Instead of recognizing that they're different, they seem to recognize how lucky they are in some ways.
"You always have someone to play with," Jill says. "And there are lots of birthdays."
When the Duggars went on vacation in 1999 to Washington, D.C., they got attention wherever they went. They walked in a single-file line through the city's sidewalks so they wouldn't take up too much space. Each child wore the same color, and Joshua brought up the rear to make sure everyone stayed together. His parents couldn't understand why he kept stopping to talk to strangers.
"I've had several people ask me when we go out, 'Now, what school is this?' or, 'What organization are you in?' " Joshua says. "Somebody's always asking us something."
The family can all travel together in one vehicle because the family car happens to be a church van, which sports a Bush bumper sticker and another one that says: "Evolution is a Lie: Save America Please."
When the Duggars dine out as a family--and they can tell you exactly which restaurants have children's specials on which nights of the week in the Springdale area--heads turn when they walk in. Waiters literally stop and stare.
"We do make a bit of a commotion when we enter a place," Michelle says. "We're a little hard to forget."
A majority of the children sit at one table, with the rest at the adult table. Jim Bob and Michelle hardly have to even bother turning around during the meal to check on anyone's behavior.
"The buddies will usually inform us if we need to help with somebody," Michelle says.
Since the birth of 8-week-old James, Michelle has had a particularly difficult time breast-feeding. Every two hours she's in considerable pain, but it doesn't seem to affect her countenance.
During a family portrait, Jim Bob gives Michelle a playful kiss, and she looks at him with the love and happiness of a newlywed--rather than a woman who has been married for 17 years, is home schooling 12 children, breast-feeding a 13th and is helping launch a Senate campaign.
She's in a minority, but Michelle confidently declares, "It is a winnable race."
Not that the family is depending on it. "If we win, wonderful," Michelle says. "If we lose, wonderful. We just wanna serve."
Speculation is Jim Bob won't get the chance this time. One poll shows he has only 4-percent name recognition in the state. He points out, though, that fellow Republican and former Gov. Frank White likes to say he only had 3-percent recognition when he went on to beat Clinton.
Marty Ryall, executive director of the Arkansas Republican Party, thinks differently.
"Tim's campaign would have to implode," he says of Jim Bob's chances.
"There's probably a handful of people ... that may still be angry with Tim," Ryall says. "Tim has made amends with most of those. I know he's visited with a lot of them."
Ryall tried to talk Duggar into running for another position--any of five open races across the state.
He "just encouraged him to lower his sites a little," Ryall says. "He told me he was determined to run for the U.S. Senate. ... He's really doing what he feels like he is compelled to do."
Jim Bob accepts campaign contributions, but he doesn't solicit them. Hutchinson has $1.5 million in his coffers. Jim Bob has $250,000--all his own money.
"People with money are going to support the incumbent," Jim Bob says. "They just don't want to burn a bridge with the incumbent."
Some of those same people have assured Jim Bob that he'll get their support should he defeat Hutchinson, he says.
Jim Bob has been told it takes a minimum of $500,000 to win the seat.
"Money isn't everything," his mother says reassuringly.
Jim Bob argues that a third of the primary is in conservative Benton County, where he thinks he'll have a chance of competing strongly. If he beats Hutchinson in the primary, he'll face Attorney General Mark Pryor in the general election. Pryor, of course, starts the race with extra name recognition thanks to his father, former U.S. Sen. David Pryor.
"Jim Bob's at peace about it," Mary Duggar says of whether her son wins or loses.
"I know everybody believes this is totally impossible, a total long shot," Jim Bob says.
But he has 14 extremely strong supporters living in his own house, even if only one of them can vote.

Issues? How 'Bout Singin??

Talk Business & Politics April 29, 2002
Many of the Republican women in Washington County are irritated with Jim Bob Duggar, who is running against incumbent Tim Hutchinson in the May 21 Republican primary for U.S. Senate.
The problem? They can’t ever seem to get Duggar to address any of the issues.
At a Washington County Republican Women luncheon on April 24, each candidate was given only three minutes to talk about issues. Instead, Duggar paraded some of his 13 children up to the front and had them sing a song.
Anne Britton, a candidate for constable and member of the group, tried to stop the Duggar clan from singing and get him to talk instead. But Duggar dismissed her in front of the group by saying, “Well, you’re a Hutchinson supporter.”
The kids sang, and Duggar said he would answer questions after the event.
“He’s clearly exploiting his kids,” Britton said the next day. “I told him it’s bordering on child abuse. I’ve had it.”
“We wanted to hear from the candidates themselves,” said Renee Oelschlaeger, president of the Republican women’s group. “There comes a time where you have to stop hiding behind your family.”
“He has pulled this stunt at other events,” said Robin Lundstrum, a member of the Republican women’s group. “I am just very disappointed with his behavior.”
Duggar, who lives in Springdale, has served in the Arkansas House of Representatives since 1999. His Internet site, www.jimbob.info, addresses his anti-abortion stance, but that’s about it.
We hear Duggar claims to have the same view on the issues that Hutchinson has. If that’s true, then why is he running for Tim’s seat?
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2023.03.02 07:16 Strawberrybanshee Grading the name themes

I'm supposed to be working on an assignment but I'm bored and thinking about Fundie naming themes.

Anyway It all started when JB and Meech decided to do a J theme. They said that they had a Josh and a John and didn't want Jana to feel left out. Which I don't believe that for one second and think it all about Jim Bob's first letter.
But several of the Duggar kids have name themes. Some are okay some are just ???? So here is my not asked for opinion on each one.

JB and Meech's J theme: Okay I actually know a few families that have a J name theme and all did it better than these two. Usually both parents have a J theme so that's already a point off for Boob and Meech. JB and Meech also chose a few terrible names. Meech wanted an Anna but they just had to do a J theme so we get Jana. Jinger has a fucked up spelling. Joe and Josiah immediately follow each other. Jana, Joy Anna and Johanna. And we get Jedidiah. No Julie, No Jacob, No Jaqueline, No Judy (Seriously they are missing the J long u sound. Nope we get Jinger and Jana and Jed.
Grade: F for unoriginality and for choosing terrible names.

Josh and Anna's M theme: In another world where Josh wasn't a total piece of shit, they would have gotten an A. After Meech births out 19 kids her oldest son honor's her by naming his kids after her letter and I find that kind of sweet. But its Josh... and that ruined any sweetness.
Grade: F- solely for Josh. Josh does not get any grade higher than an F. Anna also had the audacity to name of her girls Madyson.

John and Abby: Grace and Charlie... doesn't seem to be a theme so BORING
Grade: F

Jill and Derek: Erm... there was speculation that they were doing and EL theme ad the end of their kid's names but then Freddy happened. Anytime I hear Israel's name I think Israel Keys. I actually don't hate the Rick, Derek, and Frederick thing even though it makes me want to read Frederick as Fre-DERICK.
Grade: D. The el theme wouldn't have been terrible and a more subtle version of the first letter themes. But Freddy threw a wrench in that theory.

Jessa and Ben: If Jessa had just done plants for all her kids she would have gotten an A+. There's a lot of good boy plant names. Ash, Ceder, Rowan. But she went with... 19th century preachers... which is off the wall and she chose the name Spurgeon of all things. Spurgeon is a terrible name but it does give a lot of LULZ. No seriously, names like Spurgeon are why I'm invested in any ridiculous famous family. Celebs gave us names like Audio Science and Pilot Inspecktor. The Duggars gave me Spurgeon.
Grade: B for the plants and for the WTF theme for the boys and for giving us the gift of Spurgeon.

Jinger and Jeremy: I had to look up their kids names. Felicity and Evangeline. Well their not terrible, there is just no theme. Evangeline makes me think of Neon Genesis Evangelion so...
Grade: C

Joe and Kendra: Is their theme double letters? Cities in Texas? What is the name of number four? How do I grade this?
Grade: Double letters: D for unimaginative
Cities in Texas: B for the randomness

Josiah and Lauren: They are doing an alphabet theme but well... miscarriages also get a letter which makes it so that no one would know that there is an alphabet theme.
Grade: C. Its a theme but it isn't a theme.

Joy and Austen. I had to look up their kids names but it looks like no theme so far. If it's not a letter theme, I don't know that Joy could think up another.
Grade: F for no theme.

Jed and Jer only have one kid so no theme's yet. We'll see what they do with Jed's second.
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2023.03.01 17:02 SwissCheese4Collagen SNARK MADNESS RESULTS 64 Flairs and Counting Pts 1 and 2

First of all thank you to all of you for being amazing in nominating and voting so we can get this together. It was surprisingly organized for the amount of interaction there was and everyone was so positive, you all are amazing and deserve a Chocolate Mess, whether it's your birthday or not! Secondly, I realize we had a few minor snags, but they were easy to iron out and we look like we are ready to roll on Friday morning. I am forever grateful for your patience. Finally, I also realize that there will be a lot of outright amazing flairs that won't be competing in this tournament due to the nature of tournaments, but if everyone has fun (and the mods allow it) we could potentially have another one someday. Just a reminder that going forward this contest is going to be based on which flair makes you laugh harder, and no other criteria so have fun!

*****ETA: At 5PM EST, alternates will be announced for the flairs without a user tagged*****
These were the final results at 10 AM EST.
#1 Seeds (note, on laptop and can't emoji)
At Least I Have a Flair- illustratorno9988
Tots Fired - upstatestruggler
Jason's #1 Hater- ourlumpygorl
Tots And Prayers- APW25
#2 Seeds
Tots & Prayers- too-anxious
Explain It Like I'm Joy- thecupiswhiteandblue
Schrodinger's Uterus- Paging Schrodinger's Uterus
TotSpeed ToughCalm
Bobye Loblaw's Law Blog _goaskAlice
#3 Seeds
Jana's Unfertilized Angel Eggs- paging Jana's Unfertilized Angel Eggs
Cummies for the Lord cactusplantlady
Skeletons In The Prayer Closet- That_Girl_Cray
Screaming from the Orchestra Pit- EstesParkRanger
7 Kids & Stopping- Ms_Insomnia
#4 Seeds
JimBob's Lego Hair of Fury- pickleknits
Mother is breeding- FillTheHoleInMyLife
the whole cult and Caboodle- noyoujump
Publicitee and Privacee Vuolo- therealslimkatea
#5 Seeds
Sure, Jan(a)- honeywheeler
Mother is grifting for the Lord- mediumcupcake7602
Jesus Swept- TorontoTransish
Periodic Table of Joyful Availability- sheilae409
#6 Seeds
M<3chelle- Paging M<3chelle
“Stanley Steamer the Birth Couch Cleaner!” u/scarlettshimmer
Born to be Mild- topsidersandsunshine
Has someone been downloading Wisdom Booklets? IndependencePlus5557
Judge Brooks: Patron Saint of Allowing That- bibbidiblue
#7 Seeds
Birth or Get Off the Pot- countkahlua
Le Router FR- hairlessdonkey
Joyfully Unavailable- paging Joyfully Unavailable
It's not a warehouse, it's a ware-home teresasdorters
Meech's Trampoline Cervix- zoodee89
#8 Seeds
Jana's Vibrating Jet-Ski- somerset-316
God-honoring church closet cherry popping- DarlinThatSmile
The Lost Boys Coup d'Tot- Emmylems21
Hobby Lobby Hammurabi Robbing Hobby- TheRealSnorkel
I will keep editing to add the other half of the field, but here is the first half. If you know the user with an unclaimed flair, let me know!
#9 Seeds
God-honoring sex swing- Yeetaylor
BOP Season of Life- LiquidEthaneLover
Joyfully Defrauding the Neighbors- thisisntshakespeare
Mother's breastfeeding the dog- palecapricorn
#10 Seeds
Firefighting skirts: practical and fashionable- lab24601
Fuck it up Henree- mysteriam
Dark Web Car Salesman- Paging Dark Web Car Salesman
Classic Teat and Yeet Maneuver unicorn--sprinkles
A Faithful Uterus for the Lord- Q1go
#11 Seeds
Hilary's Halfway House for Wayward Lost Duggar Boys- ElleDeeNS
The Duggars, the human version of Lake Karachay- blizard896
Little Birthing Couch of Horrors- cjs300
Pecans in the Attic- juatdoingwhatimtold
#12 Seeds
Sweep Me Kindra- SecondhandBirthCouch
Real Housewives of Medicorps- realitytvjunkie
Jesus would like to be removed from this narrative- kittenkin
JimBob's Creamy Clam Hole- aIaskathunderfuck
# 13 Seeds
Jed, Jedd and Jeddy- zellakate
Not a side Huggar- Paging Not a side Huggar
Anybody here Belieeeeve it?- LudaChrist- theMudbloodSlytherin
Tater Tot Assessment Committee- drunk-on-the-amtrak
The Loyalty Song (Taylor's Version)- sweetpea_d
#14 Seeds
Heaven, hell or jail- paging Heaven hell or jail
Josh's evil French twin, Jacques Duggar 11summers
Ma Dyson Duggar- uptown_squirrel17
Vasectomy Kid Reversal Choir- peoplegrower
No one else in my life will talk about these losers- asskickinlibrarian
#15 Seeds
Dim Bob and the Prisoner of Arkansas- coldplay91
'Homer Simpson backing into the bushes' hairline- jellyfish1297
Meech's Blessing Cannon- Paging Meech's Blessing Cannon
Explain Like I'm Joy- prophy__wife
Notorious B.I.N.- laceyisreallyrad
#16 Seeds
Panic! In The Laundry Room- clovisson
DuggarsSnark Law School, class of 2021- particular_wallaby67
Jana the House Elf- TheUninspiredArtisit
Jill's "Fuck You" Hair- notmyrealnametn

That's our competitors, thanks everyone for nominating!

ETA2: Alternate Boogaloo: The following flairs have been used as alternates after some appeared to go unclaimed and untagged. Welcome new seeds and good luck!
TotSpeed ToughCalm
Cummies for the Lord cactusplantlady
“Stanley Steamer the Birth Couch Cleaner!” u/scarlettshimmer
It's not a warehouse, it's a ware-home teresasdorters
Classic Teat and Yeet Maneuver unicorn--sprinkles
Anybody here Belieeeeve it?- LudaChrist- theMudbloodSlytherin
Josh's evil French twin, Jacques Duggar 11summers
Explain Like I'm Joy- prophy__wife
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2023.03.01 00:44 Thr0waw4y6789998212 Found this in my local charity shop today… The woman who walked in after me bought it.

Found this in my local charity shop today… The woman who walked in after me bought it. submitted by Thr0waw4y6789998212 to DuggarsSnark [link] [comments]

2023.02.27 21:59 1701anonymous1701 Who was the first subject that got you into the snarking multiverse

I'll start. I once went to treatment with Kat, a subject from IF and MS. Randomly came across a post about them and at first was horrified, but I did a bit more reading and that answered some nagging questions I had about their illnesses (e.g., claiming tachycardia, but their pulse was low during vitals), and I've been here since.
Also, around the same time, I started snarking on the Duggars, which lead to learning about Jill and Shrek Rodrigues, BDong, and a whole host of other snarkable people.
Who introduced you to the world of snark?
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2023.02.26 18:55 1701anonymous1701 Approved subjects

This is just a start, with more to be added as people request.
Please comment with other subjects you'd like to see featured here. If possible, could you also add a small blurb about them for the sake of others who may not be familiar with them. Also, I'm not as familiar with Di and Angie as I am with others, so if someone could write up a couple of sentences about them, that would be awesome!
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2023.02.22 20:50 lillyarchive Am I Missing Anything?

I am working on a project and trying to get all the Duggar updates together from late May 2022- the current day for each kid. I feel like my memory is failing me and I'm missing some stuff. If ya'll could help me out that would be so awesome.

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2023.02.21 20:39 Neat_Antelope_6511 Why are they convinced everything is for clicks?

Ive been a lurker on both here and the unnamed subs for a while and one thing that utterly pissed me off is how they are convinced everything is clickbait for attention or they are dragging stuff out.
I can see it for those who are pseudo-influencers like Paul or ABS, But Jillpm? Even Karissa? God (or should i say lord daniel?) Forbid someone doesnt say something while going through things when they were searching every single post for whispers on their private lives (See the 5 posts i counted that got deleted over Jills recent miscarriage and those who leaked Karissa's)
They do nothing for one day or dont right away say what is going on and suddenly its for attention? Look at Morgans birth when they were posting stuff from Patreon subs and speculating that Morgan just peed or that they didnt post after the traumatic birth because they wanted clicks. These are the duggars or bates, they are not getting articles about how they breathe, so how would it matter when it was only the followers they already had who was seeing stuff.
And dont get me started on the tine deaf comments on Jill's recent video, one commenter said they werent going to show sympathy for queerphobes and another who just said the zygote? when 1. Why the fuck is this getting posted when it is a private matter (i know it was posted publicly, but it isnt some big thing it is her talking about her person grief of loosing a wanted baby. Nothing to do with fundamentalism ) and 2. Why are you going out of your way to say that you dont feel sorry for that happening? I am a bi woman who has lost two wanted pregnancies, i wasnt popping with a bump but i was far enough along with both. Does it not matter too or are you just picking and choosing just like the people you hate but are obsessed with.
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2023.02.20 21:53 Blizard896 Updated Rankings of Duggars on INES Part 2

I had to break up this post into multiple parts because it’s long as hell.
Link to part 1
In this post, I rank the Duggars at an accident level 5 to 7 rank.

Ranking Accidents

Note here that the INES is a logarithmic scale, meaning that each step is 10 times worse than the last so that’s how I’ll judge them. I give some information about the scale at each level.
Plus, when I rank them in each individual category, it’s going from least dangerous in the category to most dangerous in that category. Also, when names are italicized I kept their original rank, and when bolded I changed it.


Accidents will have an effect on locations outside of the nuclear plant. There are usually deaths in these cases. So these are the Duggars/Duggar adjacent who spread their shit loud and proud.
Level 5: Accidents with Wider Consequences
There are at least a couple deaths here. The reactor core is severely damaged, which in layman’s terms: very sucky, very bad. Windscale is ranked here. This is something that’s actually really odd to me but Three Mile Island is ranked here (I’ll expand if you want to know why I find it odd), I thought it was at a level 4 in my original post. These Duggars/Duggar adjacent individuals are very dangerous because of their outreach or actions.
Claire mostly because of the essential oil guacamole. Joking about that bit, but she’s pretty dangerous because of who her parents are and what they do. She was a means for deeper cult connections and that increased her rank after I learned more.
Jinger is higher than before because now she’s published a “I hoped from one cult to the other” book that encourages people to, instead of deconstructing their terrible and dangerous beliefs, jump into another cult that’s has awful beliefs. One is terrible and one is awful, but they both suck. I do feel bad for her, but she’s caused more damage by encouraging this than when I ranked her previously.
Joy and Nostrils although the nickname changed the rank hasn’t. They worsen their situation and endanger their kids.
Jill has been ranked a level higher because she seems to be reverting in her progress by, in my opinion that I’ve formulated from evidence she’s posted on Instagram, homeschooling her kids.
Amy because she doesn’t understand why it’s wrong to constantly inject yourself into a crime that you have only the slightest amount of involvement with, which is being a cousin. She’s also had a history of attention seeking by doing deplorable things like posting pictures of a stillborn Jubilee without Michelle’s or Jim Bob’s permission while still at the funeral. I would rank her higher but at this point, she’s more of a nuisance than anything else.
Seaworlds have maintained their rank for the same reason as my original rank, they are worsening their situation and support the philosophy of the House of Boob.
Level 6: Serious Accident
The core is extremely damaged, the greater public is exposed to high levels of damaging radiation, we are running around like Micheal Scott telling everyone to “stay fuc##ng calm.” There’s only one accident that’s ranked here, the Kystym Disaster. Although, I argue that it’s rank doesn’t reflect the true fuckery of what went down and it needs a higher rank because, in my unprofessional opinion, it’s worse than Chernobyl because of the purposeful contamination (I’ll expand if you ask). Ranked here are the Duggars/Duggar adjacent people who are just a little better than their parents, remember it’s a logarithmic scale of sucky.
Jana is higher than before because apparently she’s a massive bitch according to multiple AMAs. If you’re a polite bigot, you get a lower rank, if you’re a mean bigot, you get a higher rank. She’s still on the low end of level 6 though.
Dewerk has been raised because he can now be a hateful dickbitch to the general population as a prosecutor, making him more dangerous than before.
Books because he’s just becoming more and more insufferable for my senses every day. I just want to curse him with having to stub his toe daily.
Justin because he’s seemingly in support of Pest by attending his trial and, if memory serves me correct, he was supposedly upset about the guilty verdict. He also just gives me major douche energy. I changed my mind when I updated this by giving him a higher rank because I just kinda felt like it honestly.
Planes because MEDICcorps, and he’s also just nasty. He’s ranked higher than Abbie, even though she’s also involved, because he’s the ringleader and I firmly believe she’s following his lead in that scheme.
Level 7: Major Accident
All I’ll say is think Chernobyl and Fukushima. These are the most dangerous Duggars/Duggar adjacent people.
Note here that with Grandma Mary and Anna I’ve actually tied them as being equally sucky
Pa Keller because he’s a nasty dickwad that sold his daughter to the highest bidder.
Hillary because of their “”””””””””””””””rehab””””””””””””””””” facilities for pedophiles. I didn’t know her involvement when I originally made this so she was raised.
Meech not explaining why a child beating, checked out mother is ranked this high.
David Waller (Pecans) because he enabled Bill Gothard to abuse girls and supposedly sat in the room while he did so.
Rim Job not explaining why this anthropomorphized broken yard rake is ranked this high.
Pest do I have to explain why the convicted pedophile and sex offender Joshua James Duggar is ranked at a level 7? Okay moving on.


The best way to describe this family and their effects on society is with my flair, they are the human equivalent to Lake Karachay, a small lake in the Russian Ural Mountains that was a dumping ground for nuclear waste from the Soviet Union’s disaster of a nuclear plant Mayak before and after the Kyshtym disaster. I’ll expand in a comment if anyone is interested but I’ll finish this post here along with my rankings.
Thank you for reading these monsters of posts, I really appreciate it :)
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2023.02.16 22:29 Frei1993 Which episodes do you recommend me to snark?

I'll be babysitting my brother the next two days and I need something to watch on my laptop. So I would be happy to watch some 19KAC to entertain myself. Which episodes would you recommend? I have seen the whole first season, Granpa Duggar's funeral one and the ones about Jill's wedding as I can recall now.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.02.14 02:50 _snottielottie When will Timmy Get Married/Have A Baby? Rodridata Analysis

Since DuggarData is taking a hiatus from data analysis, I thought I would use her data to figure out when Timmy and Heidi would meet relationship milestones. I'll be doing this by averaging how long each event took Nurie/Nathan and Kaylee/Jonathan (I'm finding all the dates for K+J from her blog's archive because I don't use facebook so I can't check JillPm's posts. So I may be off by 1or 2 days)
Rodlet Average:
Timmy/Heidi Predictions Based on Averages:
Okay this is the most math I've done since high school the end :)
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2023.02.08 23:59 Megalodon481 Did D'Wreck's social media posts and exclusion from the show precipitate the rift with JB?

As the sub reminds us, D'Wreck is not a nice guy. I vaguely recalled his posts denouncing Jazz Jennings. But thanks to information from prior posters, I now realize D'Wreck was perhaps the biggest online right-wing blowhard among the Duggar in-laws. Quite an achievement, considering his competition. He even disparaged the Parkland shooting survivors.
Although I glanced the flair "Derick's on Social Media Again," I never put two and two together since the coverage of him and Jill became quasi-sympathetic after the Pest arrest. What I also did not recall was that the Jazz Jennings posts allegedly caused him to be excluded from Counting On.
The way D'Wreck tries to tell it now, he and Jill distanced themselves from JB and the show because they were not being paid and they were realizing how Jill had been exploited and harmed for so long. He tries to portray it as an act of moral outrage and defending the honor of his wife. Do you think it was just growing moral outrage? Or do you think D'Wreck's exclusion from the show may have precipitated or accelerated his break from JB? Even though he and Jill were not being paid, maybe D'Wreck was willing to tolerate that because he thought he could still benefit collaterally. And once that was taken away and he was left out of the show completely, did that become too bitter of a pill for him to swallow?
submitted by Megalodon481 to DuggarsSnark [link] [comments]

2023.02.07 15:13 celebnationofficial Jill Duggar Releases Statement After Brother Josh Duggar’s Arrest, Child Porn Charges: ‘It Is Very Sad’ Counting On alum Jill Dillard (née) Dugg...

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2023.02.06 22:06 LiquidEthaneLover Grasping at (name) straws

Perhaps it was due to the lack of sleep thanks to my kid kicking my ribs outside my body, lack of breakfast, extra meds I'm still on to deal with a cold that won't quit, but this came to mind and I instantly became enraged.
While taking a shower this am, after diligently checking for delicious crackers to avoid sweeping on this sub, something, like lightning, came over me (and no, it wasn't a change in water temp).
If this has been discussed before, I will gladly remove it (if it isn't removed by the mods first, ha)!
Hang on a sec, I'll go into more detail.
The boys names are: convicted sexual criminal Joshua James Duggar, followed by his MALE siblings: John-David, Joseph, Josiah, Justin (coming from justice/righteousness), Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, Jackson (son of John). All obviously fucking biblical names or with a clear equivalent in Hebrew or Latin.
The unworthy, unclean, subservient FEMALE sibling names: Jana (close enough to the Roman god Janus), Jill (there's a Hebrew equivalent? perhaps meaning youthful?), Jessa (comparable to Yiskah?), Jinger (dafuq, that shit can't even come close to being in the bible), Joy, Johannah (IMNSHO the only that looks obvsiously biblical), Jordyn, Josie, and Jubilee (Shalom). Sure Joy and Jubilee and some of the middle initials are virtues and what not. But come on! Even Pest had a similar thing going on with Michael and Marcus (poor Mason). The girls? Probably left that task to Anna. Which is perhaps why we have a Madyson.
For some reason I can't grasp quite yet, it bothered me that the amabs in the Duggar family sport clear biblical (or even Hebrew) names, while the girls have ... common, not special, meh names?
Please tell me I'm not the only one who has noticed this/is somewhat bothered by it.
OK. Back to work. Snark diligently, y'all!
submitted by LiquidEthaneLover to DuggarsSnark [link] [comments]

2023.02.05 18:03 celebnationofficial Counting On’s Jill Duggar Breaks Silence on Brother Josh’s Arrest: ‘It Is Very Sad’ Counting On alum Jill Dillard (née Dugga...

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