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Myrtle Beach, SC

2010.11.24 07:54 Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach, SC and surrounding areas of Conway, North Myrtle Beach, Socastee, Aynor, Georgetown and more.

2013.02.11 23:48 PowdersvilleBeast Powdersville

For those people that call that little almost-town called Powdersville home!

2009.01.09 14:54 South Carolina News and Discussion

South Carolina is the best Carolina!

2023.03.28 01:23 EmergencyPause9491 "SHAVING my 12 year old daughter’s hair."

Hello everybody! I have been making summaries of every video because not everyone watches their channel but still likes to know what’s going on. I have released a bunch already. If you want to read them, you can go to my profile and check them out.
Let's get to it:
"SHAVING my 12 year old daughter’s hair."
What’s up fam?
She just finished her workout class; she and Chris are going to the dance studio to help install floors. The old one is brittle. Chris slaps Jesss on the ass (she had to leave it in the vlog). They are also going help transport some props.
Later she takes Landen to football practice. On the way there Landen realizes he forgot something so they have to go back home, on the way back to practice he realizes he forgot something else. Mimi is going to bring it. The weather is nice.
She is back home. She talks with Addie about packing for a dance competition and St. Patrick’s Day. Jesss is talking to her dad (step), she doesn’t know his age. The boys are home from practice. The twins are eating McDonald’s, she says she only allows them to eat that once a week.
Lilia is putting everything together for the competition. Lilia is doing a last-minute choreography. She will be dancing as two people and only has five seconds to put a jacket on, and later to take it off. The production is based on the movie “Teen beach”. They have met one of the actors twice. Jesss is helping the girls practice.
Next day…
The leprechaun “was there”. He left a note. The milk is green now and so is the toilet water.
Title: Lilia is getting ready for the dance. The back of her hair has grown. (for those who don’t know they have been shaving the back of Lilia head because she has “thick Puerto-rican hair”, which basically means Lilia has a hard time brushing it and they don’t know how maintain it). Lilia asks Chris to do it. He does.
Some clips of the girls dancing. Lilia is able to do choreography.
End of Video
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2023.03.28 01:16 Nuthin2Hide Nurse moving to CA- is Ventura the right place?

My spouse and I are moving and deciding where to live: Ventura, Long Beach, or North San Diego County.
We love the Ventura area but when asking around we heard some complaints and wanted to see if they were true. We would be living coastal or near a hospital, no kids, $3k/month budget for rent/utilities.
Top complaints: Water is always cold, weather isn't as nice as SD, it smells bad in the summer, and crime is high.
When I visited it was winter but the people were friendly, it felt safe, and we are big nature lovers so we enjoyed the green space. We are part of the LGBTQ+ community and I feel that wouldn't be an issue there. I visited Ventura, Oxnard, and Port Hueneme and definitely felt pulled to Ventura but am open to any coastal area with a good hospital.
Any advice, insight, warnings, places to avoid, etc are welcome!
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2023.03.28 00:45 thefugue Do you get a lot of scam leads? Seems like someone tries to scam me every six months or so.

It’s not super lazy scamming either. Newest one reached out through Yelp, had me contact by text. Had me go back and forth over estimates for like two days. Sends me a “location” for the event- something I’d asked about initially that they glossed over. They want to pay with a credit card, etc. All of this to get to a “I’m going to be out of town during the event (out of town for your family reunion I’m supposed to film?? ). Can you charge me an extra $3k to pay the event planner at the event?”
Dog if the event planner’s making 3k they don’t need me running your credit card for them.
In december it was a guy who was going to be having construction done and he needed several hours of drone footage. Nobody does construction here in December, nobody needs hours of footage of ANYTHING that isn’t for security purposes, and the guy gives me an address unprompted that time- which was an ally between two houses in a beach community that nobody’s ever going to be building a damn thing in.
Anyone have this kind of nonsense happen to them? Think this is all one guy with too much time on his hands that just hasn’t figured out that I’m not biting?
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2023.03.28 00:44 frodo2397 Leaving the Bay Area for somewhere less congested & expensive

Hi, I'm 26M and I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. I currently live near San Jose. I do like where I live (amazing weather, industry, geography, culture minus the politics), but I don't like that I will never be able to afford a nice house even with a medium-high income working in the tech industry. Traffic congestion is once again becoming depressing, and the dating scene for men is also pretty rough in this area.
Top priorities: 1) Moderately affordable, and low taxes (think $400-600k for a small house, not $1.5m like it is here). 2) Decent weather (not too humid or hot especially). 3) Good community/dating scene. 4) I love hiking, riding my bike, going to the beach, etc.; access to nature would be nice. 5) Access to medical care is important. 6) Traffic congestion is a significant motivator. 7) Good level of personal & economic freedom (most other states/regions should do better...). 8) Restaurants & food scene.
In terms of metro areas, I was thinking about Reno/Carson City, NV; Vancouver, WA; Spokane, WA; Olympia, WA; Medford, OR; Provo, UT; Flagstaff, AZ; or possibly closer to home like Santa Rosa, CA; American Canyon, CA; or Hollister, CA. Ideally, I would still be within a day's drive of the bay. Are there other places that I should consider?
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2023.03.27 23:58 xXREPTILEXx Looking for a crew (awkward I know)

Looking for a group to join or make a new crew, I don't have anyone with a pc rig that can run SC, or pc friends in general. All I want is a group of dudes to have fun with SC, I mainly do PvE stuff, pvp is okay (just stressful sometimes) I'd love to start a Arma group to have fun with, gmod, war thunder and sometimes cod. Looking for an older group 20+?
If this isn't allowed I'll take the post down
I also love long walks on the beach and moonlight dinners.
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2023.03.27 23:41 jranga Shanann's letter to Chris - your thoughts?

The morning SW left for the Arizona trip, she sent CW a text message. She thanked him for letting her hold him, and told him his letter was on the counter. She wrote that she hoped he would write her a letter in return.
The letter was found in the trash. There may be pages missing. There also appear to be multiple versions of the letter from SW’s phone photos. She was sending drafts to her friends for their input. Note that documentaries do not show the letter in its entirety and leave out essential context.
I do not know why she wrote the letter. I thought it might be an exercise from the Hold Me Tight book, but did not find any such direction in the book. There is a single sentence towards the end in the longterm maintenance section where the author suggests couples do romantic gestures, including leaving letters for each other.
I’ve included the letter text here and my own completely subjective thoughts, and am eager to read your thoughts and feedback. What do you think her intentions were with this letter? Do you think any of it struck a chord with CW? Did she make any good points? What could she have done better?
Short version of my 2 cents: this letter is really sad because SW is wearing her heart on her sleeve and really seems to have tried hard. But it is a complete misfire. Her words claim that CW has a problem and something is wrong with him, but that she wants to help him fix it because he’s worth it and she loves him. She never acknowledges her wrongdoings, or that she may have had a role in their troubles, or what he may want. HE needs to tell HER how to fix things. She makes a thinly veiled reference to the first estrangement with his family and how “they” fixed it. Umm, no, they didn’t make an effort to reconcile. They made a baby and the Watts learned via social media and got in touch, along with $1k in gifts. Would they have reconciled if they weren’t so fertile? Regardless, I am sure SW meant well. But this letter seems like something she should have read to him in person so that she could gauge his reaction and let him comment. Leaving it for him to read, with a request for him to write a letter in return (a letter saying what? At least spell out in the letter what you want in a return note), just seems an unnecessary dramatic step that may work well in Hallmark movies but not real life.
Part One
The letter: My Dearest Chris, I don’t know where to begin….I am so lost for words. I can’t even explain how hard this pain hurts. The last 5 weeks have been so hard. I missed everything about you. I missed your morning breath, your touch, your lips against mine. I miss holding you! I missed smelling you in the sheets. I missed talking to you in person. I missed watching you laugh and play with the kids. I love seeing their smile with you. I missed seeing you naked and on top of me making love to me OMG. I missed having you around when I felt alone and upset. I just flat out missed the hell out of you.
My thoughts: this reads like a letter from an involuntary separation, such as a military deployment or something that the couple could not control. SW is saying it’s been “so hard”, but she planned this. This was a fun but unnecessary trip. She knew she would be away from her husband for 5+ weeks but took the trip anyway. (I am not in the camp that believes the NC trip was a trial separation – she was talking about this trip in April. I just don’t believe they were actively trying to get pregnant while planning a trial separation to start months later.) So my first reaction upon reading this would be “Umm, you wanted this. You did this and now you complain that it was hard? How about how it made me feel?”. SW does not make any acknowledgement that it might have been hard for him, or that she won’t plan such a long trip in the future.
The first thing she says she missed about him is, no joking, his morning breath. Morning breath is gross and most people are embarrassed by it. I think she meant this as she missed even the nasty or annoying stuff that you can’t avoid when you live with someone. There’s a movie, perhaps The Parent Trap, when one character says to his ex-wife that he missed his dull razors from her shaving her legs, or maybe seeing pantyhose drying in the bathroom. So I get that. You love someone enough that you even missed the icky things.
But to have it as the very first thing? That would not sit well with me. Out of all the things you can think of, you write morning breath? That may have turned off CW to the rest of the letter. I don’t think they had the kind of marriage where they laughed about toilet humor.
Also, the paragraph is nearly all “I” statements. SW is writing about how she misses what he did for her and how he made her feel. Not US playing together with OUR children. Not US talking and laughing together. Not US cooking dinner together and watching the sunset. Even the statement about their intimate life is HIM making love TO HER. Not making love to each other.
If I were reading this from someone I no longer loved, I might feel sorry for the person but would likely feel that the person only cared about what I did for them, not that they loved me.
Part Two
The letter: I really don’t know how “we fell out of compatibility”. The only major thing that happened was everything going down with your family. I can’t change what happened, but I can try to work things out with you with them. But there has to be a mutual respect for everyone. I definitely deserve an apology because of Celeste. I can suck up her going against everything I said to our kid. But our daughter’s life can’t be replaced. You said you would call them and handle it. From there the strain grew stronger and stronger. The only time I have ever seen you this closed off was after our wedding. You were so hurt and angry you were done with them. When we found out we were pregnant I wanted to help you fix the hurt and pain. I knew it hurt you! We worked together to help you through it.
I don’t want to lose you EVER. I will suck up and be civil with your family because I love you. But there has to be the same respect on the other end. That is what’s right.
My thoughts: She seems to be quoting CW with the “we fell out compatibility” statement, which is the same thing she repeated to her friends in their communications. She references the “only major thing” as being Nutgate, but there was so much more. She does not mention the fights she had with CW, the night she made him sleep on the couch because he did not want to have sex, or the disastrous Myrtle Beach trip. She is trying to blame him for their marital problems for failing to fix Nutgate, and does not offer any acknowledgement of her wrongdoing. She seems to be playing dumb her and avoiding her role in this. To boot, when referencing their wedding, she fails to acknowledge that CW was “done with them” for HER. He chose her over his family, and then she tries to take credit for fixing him.
The most egregious is her demand for an apology and her crass use of “suck up” when referring to his family, when I think she is actually referring to his mother. She is demanding respect. Sucking up is not the same as giving respect. Being civil is not SW being gracious; it’s expected of adults. I also find it very telling that she references CiW going “against everything I said to our kid” which seems a direct reference to Cece’s behavioral problems and tantrum. This means CiW and SW were not on the same page with instructing Cece.
A better approach would have been for her to acknowledge Nutgate and say off the bat that she loves his family and does not want him to feel he has to choose. She could say she knows CiW would never intentionally hurt Cece but that she is the mother and CiW needs to agree to her parenting decisions. She could admit to hurt feelings on all sides and say she wants to reconcile, that she does not want another estrangement. Instead she’s mildly complaining that he didn’t “handle it”. It also would have been helpful for her to say she appreciates that CW is stuck in the middle and ask for his help in proctoring a conversation between her and his mother.
I think I would be mildly offended after reading this part of the letter. It may have reinforced CW’s hatred of SW at reading how she was sugar-coating Nutgate and trying to say she wants him to fix the issue because SHE loves HIM, as if she is doing him a favor, not that it’s the right thing to do. She’s trying to make him think he is the problem, and does nothing to acknowledge her role.
Part Three
The letter: I can’t lose you. I won’t lose you without a fight. I will fight for your love, fight for us! I can’t imagine life without you. Scares me to death every day you go to work or we are apart flying away. I will do anything always for you, us!
This is the hardest thing I have ever gone through but you are worth it. Just talk to me. Tell me what you need. I love you baby with all my heart. Happy anniversary! Love always Shanann
My thoughts: SW was probably unaware, but she wasn’t giving him a choice here. She is setting the conditions, and her conditions are that SHE can’t lose HIM. Nope, he’s gotta stay. It sounds like a threat, particularly when she repeatedly uses the word “fight”. A better letter would have said something like “I don’t want to lose you; please give me a chance”, even if it meant eating crow. She needs to find some way to garner some sympathy and let him hear her out. It’s ok for her to let him know what she wants, but she can’t demand it.
She says she’ll do anything, but in the letter she says she won’t compromise on Nutgate. It’s also weird to me that she says she is scared when he goes to work or they fly separately. I think she is referring to his physical safety, perhaps the long commute or using dangerous equipment. But she wanted him to take that job. He’s never mentioned her fears for his safety in anything documented, nor did SW ever reference fear for his safety elsewhere. This feels like a cheap attempt to find an example of how she could lose him otherwise. And flying apart? I don’t think he went anywhere on his own the way she did. This makes no sense. If he were saying it to her, I could understand given all of the voluntary leisure trips she took.
One of the worst things in the letter: she says the situation is the hardest thing she has gone through, but he’s worth it. WTF? She is implicitly blaming him. HE did this to HER, but SHE will be the bigger person because he’s worth it. A better approach would have been, again, to say that this is hard for them both, for his family, and the girls. Show him the problem is bigger than the two of them and that she wants to fix it. To her credit, she does somewhat ask him to help her when saying “Tell me what you need” but a better statement would have been “Would you please talk to me with some ideas for how I can reconcile with your family?” and not put the burden on what HE needs to her HER. It sounds condescending.
Thanks to anyone who read this far. The letter is referenced so often as something SW was doing to save the marriage, but shortly after leaving this letter she was saying awful things about him to her friends and completely changed her tune.
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2023.03.27 23:21 errol_timo_malcom A demolition crane in Myrtle Beach tipped over and made an unscheduled renovation of the adjacent condo on 3/27/23

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2023.03.27 22:07 SouthNagsHead Moselle Sells for $2.6 Million - Far Less than the $3.9 Million it was Listed For

Moselle Sells for $2.6 Million - Far Less than the $3.9 Million it was Listed For
Daily Mail - (Condensed to comply with Reddit photo limit)
South Carolina hunting lodge where Alex Murdaugh murdered wife Maggie and son Paul sells for $2.6m Daily Mail Online
The South Carolina hunting lodge where Alex Murdaugh murdered wife Maggie and son Paul sells for $2.6m to two buyers - far less than the $3.9m it was listed for.
  • The property was the scene of the gristly double murder of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh by disgraced legal scion Alex in June 2021
  • It sold on Wednesday for $2,663,676 to two buyers with the proceeds going in part to pay for Alex's outstanding legal fees
  • Before the property went on sale countless items belonging to the Murdaugh family were put under the hammer
A hunting lodge that previously belonged to the Murdaugh family has sold for $2.6million to two buyers – less than the $3.9million it was originally listed for.
The property, Moselle, in South Carolina, was the scene of the gristly double murder of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh by disgraced legal scion Alex in June 2021.
They were found shot dead near the dog kennels on the property, with Alex found guilty of the killings and handed two consecutive life sentences in March.
It is claimed that Murdaugh owed more than $2million on the property in outstanding mortgage payments.
But the 1,772-acre property was sold for a significant amount less than it was listed for originally by Crosby Land Company.
They put it up for sale at $3.9million, and boasted its equipment shed, enclosed shop, and the now infamous 12 dog kennels on the property.
The property, Moselle, in South Carolina, was the scene of the gristly double murder of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh by disgraced legal scion Alex in June 2021

The listing said: 'The property boasts over 2.5 miles of river frontage, offering freshwater fishing, kayaking, and abundant deer, turkey, and waterfowl populations.
'The river has vehicular accessibility for launching at several locations throughout the property and with 3 miles of improved roads; these areas are accessible 365 days of the year.'
It sold on Wednesday for $2,663,676 according to documents obtained by News 2, nearly ten years after Murdaugh bought the property from his friend Barrett Boulware.
He then transferred ownership of the hunting cabin to his wife Maggie for just $5, with documents for her states stating that she owned 'fee simple absolute interest' in the property.
Proceeds for the sale are reportedly being put towards Alex Murdaugh's outstanding legal fees, Palmetto State Bank, Buster Murdaugh and victims of the infamous 2019 boat crash, according to Fox Carolina.
The new owners, James Ayer and Jeffrey Godley, decided to clear the house after their purchase and put all its contents up for auction.
Before the property went on sale countless items belonging to the Murdaugh family were put under the hammer last week.
The items include boxes of spent shotgun shells and a hunting shirt marked with 'Alex' inside the collar.
It is claimed that Murdaugh owed more than $2million on the property in outstanding mortgage payments
It sold on Wednesday for $2,663,676 according to documents obtained by News 2, nearly ten years after Murdaugh bought the property from his friend Barrett Boulware
Before the property went on sale countless items belonging to the Murdaugh family were put under the hammer last week including a shirt bearing Alex Murdaugh's name
A pair of wooden chairs and a table-lamp up for auction from the Murdaugh estate last week. They put it up for sale at $3.9million, and boasted its equipment shed, enclosed shop, and the now infamous 12 dog kennels on the property
Also up for auction is furniture from the house, decoy ducks, grisly lamps made from turtle shells, and even a smiling decorative skull.
Murdaugh was given two consecutive life sentences for the murders after the month-long trial captured the nation's attention.
Scenes from inside the warehouse where the auction was held showed rows of possessions laid out across long tables, as prospective bidders sorted through the items that once filled the sprawling country home of the prominent southern family.
Among the more expensive items on sale were lamps emblazoned with turtle shells, which sold for $800, a Yeti tumbler for $400, and mounted long horns which were given a hefty $10,000 price tag.
The first item auctioned off was an animal trap, which went for $500, which was later followed by a pair of rocking chairs for $850, and a couch from the family mansion, which fetched $30,000 after an intense bidding war.
Leather furniture up for sale at the Murdaugh estate auction
The furniture up for auction consisted of a set of leather couches and armchairs, along with countless wooden tables, bureaus, bedframes, bookshelves, and lamps
The quail pen at the Murdaugh Moselle property close to the kennels where the murders took place
A trio of beds up for auction from the Murdaugh estate on Thursday afternoon
Murdaugh is currently housed in high-security Kirkland Correctional Institution, one of South Carolina's most notorious prisons
In addition to Murdaugh's own camouflaged shirt, numerous pairs of hunting boots could be seen in the inventory, along with a hat bearing a South Carolina Highway Patrol baseball cap.
And on top of the boxes of shotgun shells, boxes of unused rifle bullets were up for auction, along with a hunting crossbow, rifle scopes, and what appeared to be a case for a rifle or shotgun.
After purchasing a bike owned by Maggie Murdaugh, Erin Craig told he was planning to put the item on display in a storefront because 'it will serve its purpose best where people can look at it instead of it going to somebody's backyard.'
Craig added that he paid over $3,000 for a variety of items from the Murdaugh auction, including an American flag, some Richard Alexander Murdaugh monogrammed glasses, and one of Paul Murdaugh's wallets.
The furniture up for auction consisted of a set of leather couches and armchairs, along with countless wooden tables, bureaus, bedframes, bookshelves, and lamps.
Murdaugh called 911 on the evening of June 7, 2021, saying he found his son and wife dead when he returned home from a one-hour visit with his mother, who has dementia
Numerous tomes from the South Carolina family's home were on sale at the auction in Pembroke, Georgia
Before the auction started, countless people could be seen sifting through the items that once filled the Murdaugh home
A money bag from one of the banks Murdaugh was known to pick up cash from
There were also various household appliances, cameras, thermoses, tools and toolboxes, a pair of salt and pepper shakers decorated with The Grinch, flashlights, and household decor.
Before the auction started, countless people could be seen sifting through the items that once filled the Murdaugh home.
Murdaugh is currently housed in high-security Kirkland Correctional Institution, one of South Carolina's most notorious prisons.
And while the disgraced former lawyer escaped the death penalty for the murder of his wife Maggie and son Paul, prosecutors recently revealed they are seeking a third life sentence conviction for financial crimes, which would mean Murdaugh will spend the rest of his life behind bars due to the state's 'three strikes' law.
He is currently appealing his murder convictions, but the state is specifically seeking three additional convictions for breach of trust totaling $10,000 or more.
After purchasing a bike owned by Maggie Murdaugh, Erin Craig told he was planning to put the item on display in a storefront because 'it will serve its purpose best where people can look at it instead of it going to somebody's backyard'

A man looks through a box of wine up for auction at the Murdaugh estate sale Thursday
Amongst Murdaugh's expansive firearm collection up for auction was a pair of scopes
Three additional convictions on the breach of trust charges would result in a life sentence, removing his chance of parole.
Murdaugh called 911 on the evening of June 7, 2021, saying he found his son and wife dead when he returned home from a one-hour visit with his mother, who has dementia.
Authorities said Paul was shot twice with a shotgun, each round loaded with different sized shot, while Maggie was struck with four or five bullets from a rifle.
A crime scene report suggested that both victims were shot in the head after initially being wounded near dog kennels on the Murdaughs' sprawling rural property.
Attorney Dick Harpootlian filed Murdaugh's appeal to the South Carolina Court of Appeals.
The now-disbarred attorney admitted stealing millions of dollars from the family firm and clients, saying he needed the money to fund his drug habit.
Before he was charged with murder, Murdaugh was in jail awaiting trial on about 100 other charges ranging from insurance fraud to tax evasion.
Crowds sift through piles of antlers up for sale on Thursday afternoon at the auction
Decoy ducks up for auction at the Murdaugh estate on Thursday afternoon
It comes after the only surviving member of the family Buster Murdaugh, Maggie and Alex eldest son, denied 'vicious rumors' that he was involved in Stephen Smith's death after the teen's family raised $60,000 to exhume his body.
Buster Murdaugh - surviving son of murderer Alex - has vehemently denied rumors he was linked to the 19 year-old's death in 2015.
Cops remain tight-lipped on a potential motive and suspects for the killing, but are said to believe that Stephen's killer is known to a number of people.
Smith was found dead in the middle of the road near the Murdaugh’s home in 2015 with several injuries investigators say were not consistent with a road traffic accident.
Buster, 26, the sole surviving son of the disgraced legal scion Alex, who was found guilty of brutally murdering his wife Maggie and younger son Paul, was named in several police reports at the time as having a relationship with Stephen, who was gay.
Boxes of shotgun shells, bullets, and rifle clips up for auction from the Murdaugh estate
A magazine full of ammunition, a camera, and a box of shotgun shells up for auction
All three of the men in the Murdaugh family, Buster, Alex, and Paul, have now been accused of having a hand in the death of someone in their hometown of Colleton County.
Paul was indicted after being accused of driving a boat in a fatal collision which killed Mallory Beach, 19, in 2019. The case was not resolved before his death.
Alex's guilty verdict and a Netflix and HBO special on the murders has sparked renewed interest in the suspected murder of Smith.
Law enforcement say they now have time to investigate following the conclusion of the double murder trial - and feel people in the small town could feel more comfortable coming forward with information.
It could have severe implications for Buster, who has never been interviewed as part of the probe into Smith’s death, despite being named in several police reports.
It is unclear when Smith's body is set to be exhumed, but investigators say they are now focused on the probe.
In June 2021, revealed that police investigating the teen's suspicious death probed witnesses over any relationship the dead boy may have had with the heir to a powerful South Carolina legal dynasty.
A hunting crossbow up for sale at the Murdaugh estate sale on Thursday afternoon
Lamps made out of turtle shells up for auction at the Murdaugh home sale on Thursday.
A wall of hunting trophies up for auction from the Murdaughs' mansion
Since then, Netflix and HBO documentaries have alleged rumors had swirled in the small town that Buster and his late younger brother Paul were potentially involved in Smith's death.
On Monday, Buster released a statement denying the 'vicious rumors' that he was involved in Smith's death.
Smith’s mother Sandy has always maintained that her son, who was gay, was the victim of a hate crime and the murder covered-up.
Initial investigators found no evidence of any vehicle accident, were convinced that the victim had a gunshot wound above his right eye, and received tips questioning whether Smith had a relationship with Buster.
In another curious inclusion, an officer noted a tip called in on December 18 by a man claiming that his stepson had named a local guy as the one who 'struck and killed Stephen Smith.'
The tipster then failed to return any calls and when finally reached, 'stated that the reason that he was passing this information on was because Randy Murdaugh told him to call.'
Randy is Paul and Buster's uncle, patriarch Alex Murdaugh's brother. He offered to take Smith’s case pro-bono at the time of his death.
Hunting boots belonging to the Murdaugh family up for auction on Thursday afternoon
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2023.03.27 22:02 StrivingJarl SGR: Cutscene 01 & 02, & Green Hill

SGR: Cutscene 01 & 02, & Green Hill
AO3 Link
Instead of immediately jumping into Green Hill Act 1, we start off with a cutscene! Sure, it’s always nice to jump straight into the action, but I feel it’s better to give context to everything first. Now, let’s get to the first cutscene!
Cutscene 1: An Invitation To Party!
We start off with a shot of the morning sky, with the sun shining and a few clouds in the air. And as the camera pans down, a sandy beach area resembling Emerald Beach from Sonic Battle is seen, with nearby palm trees, a sidewalk, and many kinds of buildings.
On the sandy shore, there’s humans, anthro animals, small animals, and even Chao messing around, chatting, or just making their daily commute. But the camera focuses on someone relaxing in a reclining chair, with a foldable umbrella, and a table where a boom box (Which is playing some past Sonic song, such as “It Doesn’t Matter” or “Emerald Beach”) and an empty Chaos Cola can rest on top.
And on this chair, we see none other than our beloved blue hero…
Sonic The Hedgehog, with sunglasses covering his eyes and a smile on his face, looks out at the sparkling ocean, arms folded behind his head while laying down, before taking a deep breath.
Sonic: “Ahhh…no better way to start the day off than this…”
Sonic: “A nice cold drink…a great view of the ocean shoreline…and a sunny day at the beach…”
Sonic: “Yep…I feel like this is gonna be a good day…”
After saying that, Sonic closes his eyes, and has a moment of silence. However, within a few seconds, one of his ears wiggles a bit, where he opens his eyes and looks over to the side to see that something is approaching him. Curious, he jumps out of his chair and walks towards it, where he’s able to figure out what it is as it get closer.
The remote-control robot from Tails Adventure flies up to Sonic, carrying an envelope with a two-tails sticker on it in it’s mouth, before dropping it in the hedgehog’s hands. Smiling, Sonic gives the robot a quick head pat and opens up the envelope to read it, while the robot flies away.
We then get a shot of the letter inside, which is written and voiced by Tails.
“Hey Sonic! I hope this letter has reached you! And hopefully, you aren’t in the middle of another crazy adventure right now!”
“But regardless, there’s something I want to show you back at my lab in the Mystic Ruins! So, come over when you’re able to!”
“Though, DO take your time getting there! The fastest thing alive doesn’t need to rush everywhere he goes!”
“Hope to see you soon! - Tails.”
The camera goes back to viewing Sonic, who lightly chuckles as he puts the letter away.
Sonic: “Heheheh! At this point, he should know that’s not happening!”
Sonic: “He’s probably just working on some cool invention, and hasn’t worked out all the kinks yet.”
Sonic: “But no matter what’s going on, I’m heading over now!”
Throwing his sunglasses off towards the chair, Sonic speeds off the beach, with many of the people there either looking at him in amazement, or getting blown away a bit. Some of them even wave or call out to him. He also throws his Chaos Cola can into a nearby recycling bin on his way out of Emerald Town, and runs across the mountains, leaving a blue streak behind him.
This leads to the camera panning up to the sky, and then going back down to show the Mystic Ruins. Specifically, the area where Tails’ Workshop resides, along with some sort of commotion going on…
While the remote robot stands on top of the workshop, scanning the area for something, the nearby cliff place next to the building has Tails seemingly talking with a few people, hiding behind some kind of blue curtain circled around something. There’s also a couple of chairs and tables with different foods, drinks, plates, cups, etc.
???: “Tails, is this REALLY necessary?”
Tails: “Of course it is! It’s supposed to be a surprise!”
Tails: “Trust me! He’s gonna love this!”
???: “Even still, you couldn’t have made a larger circle here? It’s feeling a bit crowded.”
Tails: “Don’t worry! Knowing Sonic, it won’t be long before-”
Before Tails can finish, the remote robot suddenly starts making a beeping noise, leading to the fox looking back out at the Mystic Ruins area, knowing the hedgehog of the hour is fast approaching.
Tails: “He’s coming! Everyone shush!”
Quickly, Tails gets behind the blue drapes, and not too long after, Sonic comes in and skeets to a halt as he notices the curtain, having a curious expression.
Sonic: “Uhh…Tails? Are you hiding behind there? Trying out some magic tricks this time around? Maybe even a change of clothes?”
Sonic: “Actually, wait…we normally don’t wear-”
Without warning, the curtains go down as Tails and many other friends of Sonic (With some wearing party hats) surround a table full of different foods, drinks, and party decorations like balloons. In the center of the table is a birthday cake with the Sonic Team logo on it, and set next to the table on the ground is a bunch of presents (Some with very nice packaging, and others…not so much).
Everyone: “SURPRISE!”
Everyone from the original birthday scene is present. However, there’s an addition! A BIG addition! Yes, Big The Cat (And also Froggy, who’s hanging out on his shoulder) is here this time! Because you can never exclude Big!
Anyways, party poppers are set off, and Sonic stands there, completely surprised to see this, but quickly puts on a smile and says a few words as he walks towards them.
Sonic: “You guys…you didn’t need to go this far for me!”
Amy: “How could we not? It’s your birthday, Sonic! You need to celebrate!”
Rouge: “Plus, we went to all this trouble to surprise you. Don’t tell us you don’t appreciate it?”
Sonic: “I definitely appreciate it! This is really nice!”
Sonic: “Though, I would have been just fine with another day of adventures! My birthday doesn’t have to be any sort of big event!”
Cream: “Well, this time, it’s different, Mr. Sonic! It’s what you deserve after all you’ve done for the world!”
Cream: “Besides, it’ll be fun!”
Cheese: “Chao! Chao!”
Sonic: “Heheh…I can definitely agree on that. Thanks a lot, everyone.”
With that exchange over, everyone gets to enjoy the party. There’s a few groups of characters chatting with one another, while snacking on some food or having a nice drink. This is mainly for some fun interactions between these characters, but also to explain some things, like why they showed up to the party, and other stuff.
The first group is Vector (With two hot dogs on hand), Rouge (Drinking some lemonade), Espio (Occasionally taking a bite out of a cupcake), and Amy (Also occasionally biting into her own cupcake).
Amy: “I gotta say, it’s really nice that you three decided to come here! I wasn’t sure if any of you were even considering the idea!”
Rouge: “Please. I never miss out on a good party.”
Vector: “Same here! Especially with some good food!”
Vector: “Plus, Charmy wouldn’t stop bugging us about coming along, despite all the work we do at the Detective Agency!”
Espio: “Indeed. I could barely get a minute’s worth of training most of the time.”
Rouge: “Figures. You three always seem to be on the clock.”
Vector: “All part of being a good detective, in my eyes! I can’t afford to let any good work pass me by!”
Vector: “Speaking of good work, you don’t have any important G.U.N. missions or tomb-raiding going on, Rouge?”
Rouge: “Possibly. I think it’s more fun to speculate.”
Amy: “Come on, Rouge! We know you want to spend some time around Knuckles!”
Rouge: “Heheh…I’ll certainly get around to harassing him at some point during this party…”
Rouge: “And I’m sure you’ll try and make a few moves on Sonic too, right, Amy?”
Amy: “No! Not today! I don’t wanna bother him with that stuff!”
Amy: “But…I’ll certainly come up with something for later…”
Vector: “Ehh…no offense Amy, but at this point, maybe it’s best to quit it?”
Espio: “Just let her have at it, Vector. Her determination doesn’t waver for any moment.”
Espio: “Much like the flavor of this cupcake…it’s really delicious…”
Amy: “Ah! I’m happy to hear that, Espio! Me, Cream, and Vanilla worked hard on all the treats here!”
Amy: “Especially since we had to make so many…”
Vector: “Your efforts were definitely not in vain!”
Vector: “I swear, anything that lady makes is five-star restaurant material!”
Rouge: “Oh? Pretty high praise.”
Rouge: “Granted, I can’t say I disagree, but if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you have quite the liking towards Vanilla.”
Vector: “Ahhhh…well…I just…!”
Espio: “When we have the time, us and Charmy come by her home to relax.”
Amy: “Oh yeah! We’ve had plenty of fun!”
Amy: “Like this one time where Vector-”
Vector: “Amy, p-please drop it! The point is that the food is amazing!”
Rouge: “Please! I HAVE to hear some of this, Amy!”
Amy: “Heheheh….well…if you insist…”
Vector is clearly embarrassed about whatever story Amy’s gonna talk about, while Rouge just smiles in delight. Espio, on the other hand, continues to eat his cupcake calmly.
Then, we cut to the second group, where Charmy and Big (With Froggy on his head) are quickly scarfing down a bunch of baked goods on a table, while Cream and Cheese watch, munching on their own cupcakes. However, it’s obvious that Charmy isn’t anywhere close to Big, who has basically finished everything on his side of the table, licking his lips with a satisfied smile.
Charmy: “Gosh, Big! How are you eating everything so fast!?”
Big: “Fast? I’m just doing it like I normally do…and the food is really tasty…”
Cream: “Even so, Mr. Big, you should slow down a little when you eat. You could end up getting a stomach-ache!”
Big: “What’s a stomach-ache?”
Froggy: “Ribbit.”
Cream: “Uhhh…nevermind…”
Cream: “Anyways, it’s nice to spend time with everyone again! I can’t remember how long it’s been since we all got to see each other!”
Cheese: “Chao!”
Charmy: “Yeah! And this time, it’s not because some bad guy is causing trouble!”
Charmy: “Though, I had to beg Espio and Vector to be here…it feels like all we do nowadays is work!”
Big: “I’m always fishing with Froggy in the Mystic Ruins. And I don’t really go out too often.”
Big: “Unless Froggy runs off somewhere again…”
Froggy: “Ribbit!”
Cream: “Hmm. I asked Mom, Chocola, and Gemerl to come with me to this party, but they weren’t too interested.”
Cream: “But I’m just glad to be able to have fun with my friends!”
Big: “Uh-huh. Could I come over to your place sometime?”
Charmy: “Me too! Your mom’s honey tarts are the best!”
Cream: “Of course! I’ll ask her as soon as I get home!”
Charmy, Big, Cream, and Cheese all share big smiles on their faces, as they continue to have fun together.
And for the last group, Sonic (Enjoying two Chili-Dogs), Tails (Also eating a Chili-Dog), Blaze (Munching on two cupcakes), and Knuckles (Drinking some lemonade) are chatting near the table with the birthday cake and birthday gifts.
Sonic: “So, not that I don’t appreciate having you two here, but don’t you both got some gems to guard back home?”
Knuckles: “Admittedly, I wasn’t interested in coming when Tails sent me the invite.”
Knuckles: “Though, after thinking about it for a bit…I figured I could just take the Master Emerald with me. It’s not ideal, but I figured I could spend a day off.”
Knuckles: “Especially since it’s for a good reason.”
Sonic: “Heheh! So you consider me MORE important than the Master Emerald?”
Knuckles: “Pfft! As if!”
Blaze: “Well, as for me, I likely wouldn’t have even known about this event if I had anything big going on back in the Sol Dimension.”
Blaze: “But ever since I cleaned up the last of Captain Whisker’s crew, things have been very peaceful.”
Blaze: “So, since the Jeweled Scepter is kept under tight guard back home, and I can take the Sol Emeralds with me, I sometimes take visits to Cream’s house when I’m free.”
Tails: “What about Marine? Did she want to come?”
Blaze: “Yes, but she felt she should stay in case anything happened. You’d be surprised at her growth compared to when we first met.”
Sonic: “That’s good to hear. I’d love to see what she’s capable of now!”
Sonic: “But back to the previous subject, I’m guessing Cream told you about the party?”
Blaze: “Yes. I had to make some preparations back home before I came here.”
Blaze: “And I must ask…how old are you now?”
Sonic: “Pretty sure I’m 15.”
Knuckles: “Wait, I thought you already were?”
Tails: “Me too.”
Sonic: “Ohhhh…right…but…huh…?”
Blaze: “...Nevermind. What matters is that you’re enjoying yourself.”
Sonic: “Definitely! This is a nice gathering!”
Knuckles: “Even though we’re missing some people…”
Tails: “Right…I DID send many more invites…”
Tails: “Shadow, Omega, the Babylon Rogues, countless others.”
Tails: “However, they either stated they were busy, weren’t interested, or just didn’t respond at all.”
Blaze: “Hmm. A shame.”
Sonic: “It’s cool. I don’t need every person in the world to celebrate my birthday.”
Sonic: “Besides, knowing Jet, I’d probably get a little aggravated.”
Tails: “Yeah, he’s one of the few who responded. You can guess how it was written, but I’m certain he was hoping things went well for you today.”
Tails: “Shadow also did the same. Said he was on an important mission with Omega, but he said happy birthday.”
Knuckles: “Figures. That guy always seems to be busy with something.”
Knuckles: “Actually…what about Silver?”
Blaze: “Silver? Who’s that?”
Sonic: “Time-traveling hedgehog from the future. Long story.”
Sonic: “And self-explanatory.”
Tails: “Right…but I certainly wanted to send him an invite!”
Tails: “Not to mention he probably would have loved to show up, too!”
Sonic: “Well, he’s likely enjoying his fixed future. Best to just let him have at it.”
Knuckles: “Or maybe he’ll come back later on because of ANOTHER crisis?”
Blaze: “I hope not. I may not know much about this Silver person, but something tells me he’s been through more than enough.”
Sonic: “Agreed. The guy deserves to be happy.”
Tails, Knuckles, and Blaze nod in agreement, before continuing to chat. And then, the scene cuts to a little while later, where everyone gathers near the table with the birthday cake, and Amy stands in front of it.
Amy: “Alright everyone! Who’s ready for some birthday cake?”
Everyone: “Yeah!”
Grabbing a knife at the table, Amy gets to cutting the cake and serving pieces to everyone. However, before the knife can even touch the frosting…a sudden, chilly gust of wind hits everyone, while knocking over a few cups.
A few people shiver a bit when the wind hits them, while others just have a curious expression.
Cream: “Brrr…! I didn’t think the weather was gonna be cold today!”
Espio: “It’s not the weather…I feel a great darkness coming our way…”
Knuckles: “This isn’t another one of Eggman’s plots, is it!?”
Sonic: “He’s the kind of guy who likes to make an entrance…this feels more subtle…”
Tails: “Look! Up there!”
Tails points up at the sky, where a strange, purple mist is present, before suddenly BURSTING in a giant, flaming portal in the shape of a gear. It also releases a shockwave that knocks everything off the tables, and even causes a few people to lose their balance for a moment or straight up fall down onto the ground.
Immediately, everyone is on-guard, with looks of either determination or slight fear, as they stare at the portal. And out of it…comes a strange, shadowy creature with different kinds of gears attached to it…
The creature roars, laser-focused on the group, who are trying to figure out what the heck is going on.
Charmy: “What is that thing!?”
Blaze: “That’s not important! It’s clearly here with the intent to attack us!”
Amy: “Right! But they chose the wrong time to cause us trouble!”
All of the heroes are ready to throw down, but…the beast then creates some smaller time-portals (Which show off some of the playable levels in this rewrite), which start to suck in each of the heroes, one-by-one. Starting with Cream & Cheese.
While Amy and Big try to hold onto her, it ends up not doing anything. This greatly angers the two of them, alongside the other heroes, as they attempt to fight against the beast to no avail, while the rest of them keep being sent into the portals.
Next is Espio, followed by Blaze, Rouge, Big (Who accidentally goes straight through his portal), Vector, Charmy (Who attempts to fly away from his portal), Knuckles, Amy, and finally Tails. The last of which, Sonic desperately holds onto his best pal, but loses his grip, as the latter gets sucked into his portal, shouting Sonic’s name.
This leaves the blue blur as the last one left, and he’s FAR from calm.
Sonic: “Rrrrrgggghhh! I don’t know WHAT you are, or WHAT you want! But if you don’t give my friends back, I’m gonna-!?”
Before the hedgehog can finish his threat, the beast starts to build up energy. In a desperate attempt for a final strike, Sonic rushes up towards it, trying to land a punch. But just as he’s about to reach the beast…it releases a giant purple flash that eclipses the entire area, as the screen fades to white, ending the scene…

Okay! First cutscene done! Now, I would explain the changes I made here in this scene, but I feel much of it is either self-explanatory, or not really necessary to discuss. Though, feel free to ask about anything, if you're interested!
Now, let's go 88 miles per hour and head back to the past for the next scene!

Cutscene 02: A Not-So-Normal Day
Once again in a bright blue sky, the camera merely shows a couple of clouds and the shining sun for a moment…but then, some kind of red plane whooshes by.
The Classic Tornado 1. However, we do not see who’s in the pilot seat yet. Only where the plane is flying towards…a familiar island with some notable landmarks, like checkerboard hills, some city sky-scrapers, and an abandoned metropolis near the mountains…
This…is South Island....
As the plane lands at the grassy plains, we then get a closer look at the area, where many hills, loop-de-loops, totem-poles, waterfalls, palm trees, and strange flowers are seen, alongside some small animals like blue birds, squirrels, pigs, roosters, and rabbits. Plus, a sign that says "You are welcome! Green Hill."
Immediately, the animals notice the Tornado fly in, and some move out of the way in order to not get run over. Many of them stare at the plane, knowing exactly who owns it. And as the pilot jumps out of the Tornado’s seat, we see our same blue hero. Only…younger…

Render By Nibroc-Rock on DeviantArt
The Classic version of Sonic The Hedgehog takes off his yellow pilot goggles, smiling as he looks at the area and animals around him. Already, a few of them come in, eager to see their good friend, and the blue hedgehog responds in kind by interacting with them.
Sonic: “Hey, you guys! Long time no see! How’s everything going?”
While not being able to speak, the animals make it clear they’re doing just fine, which is a satisfying answer to Sonic.
Sonic: “Heh! Glad to see I haven’t missed out on any action!”
Sonic: “Though…juuuust to make sure, I’m gonna make a few laps around the island! Any objections?”
No animal seems to have any objections, and with an eager smile, the young hedgehog nods.
Sonic: “Sweet! I’ll try not to cause too big a ruckus around here!”
Without any warning, Sonic immediately runs off, leaving a light blue streak behind him, as a few animals jump a bit in surprise, and then looking off at the blue blur’s direction in amazement.
After that comes a sequence where Classic Sonic goes through Green Hill, running around, pin-ponging across different structures, performing various tricks and abilities like the spindash, and occasionally messing up a bit here and there, but quickly recovering and continuing on, pretending it didn’t happen.
Sometimes, he comes across a couple of animals, and they have a few interactions. From helping them out a bit, to simply waving at them, and other such actions.
This sequence is to show what’s similar, but different about this younger hedgehog. He’s still kind, confident, and always up for a good adventure, but is also less experienced and trying to come off as cooler than he actually is at points. You know, to show a more “90’s attitude.”
But eventually, a few minutes in, Sonic runs down an open area without a care, only to start shivering a bit, while also looking like he’s about to sneeze. So, after skitting to a stop (Which takes a moment), he takes a handkerchief from behind him, and sneezes into it.
Sonic: “ACHOO!”
As he wipes his nose and puts the handkerchief away, Sonic questions the strange chill he was just hit with.
Sonic: “That was weird…I was expecting today to be completely sunny…guess I should go find shelter before it starts to…?”
His words wander off as one of his ears wiggle a bit, which leads to him looking up at the sky, where that same purple mist from the previous scene is visible. This confuses Sonic quite a bit.
Sonic: “What the heck…?”
With his attention on the mist, without warning, it bursts into the giant purple portal and releases a shockwave that knocks Sonic right off his feet in shock.
Sonic: “WOAH!”
Once again, the shadowy creature that crashed Modern Sonic’s birthday party appears from the portal, roaring and seemingly staring right at Classic Sonic, who looks intimidated and a bit anxious, but still feigning confidence and snark as he gets back up.
Sonic: “O-Okay then…this is DEFINITELY not a normal day…”
Now having better composure, Sonic gets into a fighting stance, and throws a few punches similar to Sonic The Fighters as he smacktalks.
Sonic: “Alright, buddy! You want a piece of Sonic The Hedgehog!? Well, you better be ready! Because it’ll only take a second for me to get up there and knock your teeth in!”
Sonic: “Unless you’re too scared to face me!?”
The creature…doesn’t respond in any manner…which makes the young hedgehog uncomfortable.
Sonic: “Uhhhhh…? Hellooo!? Is anybody in there!?”
Again, without any response, the creature starts to build up energy, which leads to Sonic keeping his guard up, though he’s clearly worried about what’s gonna happen. And after a few seconds, a purple flash is released around the area, which causes the young hedgehog to shield his eyes as the camera fades to white for a moment.
However…it quickly returns to normal as Sonic notices he’s perfectly fine, and so is everything around him, confusing him even more.
Sonic: “...I am SO confused right now…”
Sonic: “Was that thing real? Or was there something funny in that Chili-Dog I ate yesterday?”
Before Sonic can question it further, one of his ears wiggles again, as what sounds like nearby machine noises (Like motor-wheels, bee-buzzing, and stuff getting blown up) is heard, which leads to him looking around the area and noticing a couple of animals being chased by a group of familiar badniks, resembling lady-bugs, bees, and chameleons.
Sonic: “Badniks? I thought I smashed every single one here!”
WIthout another word, the blue blur rushes towards the badniks, and takes care of them with some acrobatic skills, and moves like the spin-attack and spin-dash. It doesn’t take long, and once he’s done, he makes note of how there’s nothing left of them but busted parts. No animals to be seen.
Sonic: “No animal batteries, either? That’s weird…”
Though, he just shrugs it off, and walks over to the animals to make sure they’re alright.
Sonic: “You guys okay? None of you were kidnapped or anything?”
The animals nod, grateful for the help. This leads to the young hedgehog scratching his head in confusion as he thinks about what exactly is going on.
Sonic: “Here I was, thinking I could take a nice run around South Island again to relax a bit, and instead, I got some weird nightmare demon and empty bots to bash.”
Sonic: “But…I definitely can’t turn down another adventure! Especially if there’s people in danger!”
Sonic: “And I’m certain good ‘ol Robuttnik has a hand in this, like always! So, I think I can start my search by finding him!”
Sonic: “Though, regardless of who’s behind all of this, I’m gonna take them down in a flash!”
With a heroic pose, and the animals cheering him on, Sonic speeds off across the Green Hills as the scene ends, leading to Green Hill Act 1…

Ah! This was a fun one to write about! Now, let’s cover the changes here!
First, I wanted to establish WHY Classic Sonic (Or CS, for short) was in Green Hill when we first see him here. Because in the original game, after completing Green Hill Act 1, he’s just kinda…running around. It’s not really said what point in time CS comes from. Just that it has to be around Sonic 2, since he knows Tails. So, I wanted to change that right here.
In this rewrite, this version of CS comes from AFTER Sonic 1, CD, 2, and 3K. So, he knows Tails, Amy, and Knuckles, has experience with the Chaos Emeralds power, and overall, he’s been through plenty, but still isn’t as experienced as his Modern self. And as for his reasons for coming to Green Hill on South Island, it’s to both check on his friends there, and to relax a bit by running around.
While we’re at it, I made plenty of changes with CS here. Obviously, I made him less of a cute mime, and more of a cocky, but kind guy who likes to come off as cooler than he is at times. Something that shows more attitude akin to the 90s. Since….you know…that’s what Sonic was like back then. He wasn’t some cute mascot character. He’s a too-cool-for-school character that left an impression. And that’s what I was going for with this version of CS.
Plus, I wanted to show some differences between Classic and Modern Sonic here with these two scenes. Modern Sonic (MS for short) is more relaxed and mature, while Classic Sonic is more eager to mess around and cause a ruckus. MS relaxes at the beach with a nice cold drink. CS relaxes by running around a whole island and showing off some cool moves. Both different, but at their core, they’re the same kind, adventure loving guy.
Lastly, I wanted to establish why CS was smashing badniks since, assuming this version of the character wasn’t taken from Sonic 1, there wouldn’t be any real reason for him to be destroying any robots due to likely taking care of it beforehand. Plus, in the actual game, the robot enemies don’t have anything inside of them when destroyed. So, I worked that into the story here by showing that the badniks aren’t powered by animals. It’s not too important, but it’s still nice to add on.
Alrighty! With all that covered, we can FINALLY cover the actual levels here! I’m looking forward to these ones! Now, let’s start with…

Obviously, as the first ever Sonic level in the first ever Sonic game, this area gets to stay here, despite how much Sega and Sonic Team has milked this place to the point that the milk is way past it’s expiration date. But this was BEFORE then, where Green Hill was mainly featured in spin-offs, which is more acceptable. Besides, in the actual Generations, this level not only looked amazing and had great music remixes, but it was plenty fun for both Sonic’s!
Though, what could be improved here? Well, for Act 1, my only real criticism is how short the level is when rushing through it. Sure, it’s fun to speed-run, and you get an achievement for it, but personally, I’d prefer to have the level be a little longer so that it leaves more of an impact. Other than that, I’ve got nothing to add on here. It’s already plenty of fun, so what do I have to change?
As for Act 2, again, I don’t have much to say other than making the level a little longer, and accommodating the changes I made to Modern Sonic’s gameplay in the last video. Plus, I would like that giant totem-pole set-piece from the 3DS version to be included in some manner, since I find it pretty cool. Other than that, I don’t have much.
I also want to add here that, like Sonic Frontiers, I think it’d be cool if both Sonic’s would sometimes comment on their surroundings, and nearby objects and enemies. I think it’d be fun and cool to see how Sonic feels about the world around him. In fact, I've come up with a bunch of possible lines! Though, I'm not sure if I'll be posting them anytime soon.

Anyways! With all of that covered, we'll get to what Modern Sonic is up to next time!

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2023.03.27 21:58 joetorn I might have found a video game that could work for online Survivor…

If you’ve never heard of it… it’s a Viking survival game in which the world is procedurally generated. In terms of Survivor-y stuff, there is a day/night cycle in which game tells you exactly which day it is, (“day 1”) also varying weather patterns, beaches, oceans, forests, plenty of space and resources to build up big fun challenges for contestants. I was already thinking about an obstacle course. You can have up to 10 players in a lobby; so i was thinking 9 contestants (all make jury) with 1 host and 2 finalists.
Just seems like more fun than the Sim’s, which I’ve seen people do, though never multiplayer. Paired with a discord for the social elements, I think this could work quite well… if anyone finds this exciting, please let me know!
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2023.03.27 21:27 susuchai [FINAL DRAFT] Itinerary Check - 15 Days in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka (& day trips to nearby cities)

Hello all! I'm going for 15 Days in May (after Golden Week) with a friend and would like your opinion on the final draft of my itinerary below. Any advice would be appreciated.
Tokyo (Landing) (1 Day)
May 9

Kyoto (3 Days)
May 10 (North & Arashiyama)
May 11 (Higashiyama)
May 12 (Central)

Osaka (& Nara, Kobe) (3 Days)
May 13 (Nara Day & Osaka Night)
May 14 (Kobe Day & Osaka Night)
May 15 (Osaka Day & Night)

Tokyo (& Yokohama, Hakone, Fujiguchiko, and Departure) (8 Days)
May 16 (Central area, Akihabara, and Shinjuku night)
May 17 (Asakusa)
May 18 (Odaiba)
May 19 (Ghibli Museum & Yokohama)
May 20 (Hakone)
May 21 (Kawaguchiko)
May 22 (Shibuya shopping & others)
May 23 (Departure)
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2023.03.27 20:07 NoAstronomer9990 How do I (F19) approach the guy I’ve been speaking to (M20) about how I miss how we used to talk

(Sorry this is all over the place) So I started talking to this guy on bumble late December early January, we exchanged snapchats and have been talking on there since, at first we would talk every day multiple times a day but now it’s sorta stopped, now we rarely speak and he leaves me on delivered for more than half a day, we have one conversation and then it repeats itself. In early February we went out on a date (which I had to ask him on) it went really well and we ended it with a kiss and him telling me that he can’t wait to see me again. We haven’t gone out since even through I’ve asked if he wants to, which he says he does, but never says when he’s free. It’s started going downhill for a lack of better words over the past 6 ish weeks, there’d be points where he texts me multiple times a day again calling me love and other cute pet names, even one time when he got a bit drunk he texted me and said he loves me for the first time. I just want some advice on how to approach him asking what happened or if he still wants to keep us going because I’m kinda losing hope. Any questions lmk.
For context I live on campus at uni and he lives at home in the city over its around a 30 min train journey. Also his mum was apprehensive about us meeting because we met online, according to him it was because he hasn’t been honest in the past about ppl he’s met online, ofc we met anyways, he also said his mum wasn’t too keen on him coming to where I stay for uni, now that I’m thinking about it idk weather that’s him saying that or actually his mum because he’s always saying he wants to come see me, or at least he used too.
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2023.03.27 19:56 r4zv How to split 8 days between Seville and Algarve?

I'll be landing in Faro on April 17th and then flying away on the 25th.
I'd like to visit a Salsa club once, maybe spend some time on a beach if the weather is nice enough, enjoy the local cuisine, architecture and nature.
I was thinking of spending the first 2 days in Faro, then taking a bus to Seville where I would spend 3 days, and then going back to Faro for the last 3 days. While in Faro, I was thinking of taking daytrips to Tavira and Lagos via train and a boat trip to Ria Formosa.
Does this sound like a decent enough plan, or would you do it differently?
Do you think it's a good idea to rent a condo in Olhão instead of Faro?
Would you rent a car while in Portugal?
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2023.03.27 19:22 raredontstare Reddit helps brighten the day of a Holocaust Survivor.

I am NOT OP. Original post by deleted account on AskReddit
trigger warnings: holocaust

My stepdad's 87y.o. mother is a Holocaust survivor who spends her days mourning her lost family and friends. She has been very depressed lately and I was hoping some random strangers could send her some cards to brighten her day!
ORIGINAL POST - 14th November 2010
Anne was born in Poland. When she was 16 she was forced into the Warsaw ghetto where she spent the next 4 years. When the ghetto was closed, she was sent to 2 different concentration camps before she was liberated by the Russian army. Although 4 of her siblings survived, her parents, 2 sisters, grandparents, and many other relatives were killed. She and her siblings eventually came to the United States and made new lives for themselves. She married and had 3 children. Sadly, she lost her 27 year old daughter in a tragic accident. Anne is now 87…she can no longer drive due to poor vision and hearing and is feeling isolated and lonely at home. Much of her day is spent thinking about the past and mourning her lost family and friends. It would be so awesome if some wonderful strangers could fill her mailbox with letters of encouragement and love.
Thanks for considering this!
Edit: Just to clarify, the address above is my stepdad's business address and he and my mom will be checking out the cards before they give them to her. =p
Second Edit: Thanks so much everyone for the tremendous response on this post! I'm fairly sure we'll be getting more mail than we can handle so I removed the address and related info... We will be sure to post a follow-up ASAP! Thanks again! =)

UPDATE - 29th December 2010
All in all, we received 58 postcards, drawings, gifts, and letters from all over the world. Click here to check out the Google Map
Some of the most memorable include:
There were so many kind and wonderful sentiments expressed in the letters and brought tears to all of our eyes...truly incredible.
Anne was totally amazed, she couldn't believe complete strangers would care enough about her to send her these things. Anne never learned to write English very well, so she really couldn't reply the way she would have liked. She said to please thank everyone so much for their kindness and warm wishes.
This is what Reddit is all about, you guys are amazing. Thank you again from the bottom of my family's hearts.

Reminder - I am not the original poster.
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2023.03.27 19:18 scrambled_brain88 A Crossroad Leading To The Beach

This intro might be cliché. I am a non native english speaker, trying to tell my experience. So, i hope you can understand what i write despite my grammars and my odd choice of sentences or phrases.
That was the end of 2014. I worked as an internet cafe server in a small town called Kefamenanu in Timor island, near the border of Indonesia and Timor Leste. But Kefa (as the locals called their beloved town) is in the Indonesia territory. I just stayed there for only 5 months at that moment, never going anywhere outside the town yet.
Being a server, i met a lot kind of people. I made friend with some locals and few newcomers from another province or another country. My closest friends was Joe; the journalist from Australia, and Rudy; a young soldier from Indonesian Army who served to guard the borders. We have something in common that made us closer; newcomers from another place.
So, it was December, near the Christmas holiday. We were not decided what we going to do with our short time of vacation yet, it's not quite enough time to go back to our home to see our family. Joe came with an idea to visit one of beach in Timor island near Kefa, called Wini. Decision was made, it will be fun we think, despite we never go there before. Just overheard from locals that Wini beach is a magical place.
We prepared all our needs for 3 days stay. Camping gears, foods, and some gifts for the villagers there. Rudy bring his boss's personal vehicle for our ride, its a 4WD modified Jeep-like car, suited for wilderness and off track trip. We heard from locals that our journey will be through some broken pavement roads with pot holes everywhere. Joe preparing for his photography hobby too, including his underwater camera and all other expensive gears, and he demanded to be there at 4 pm on sunset to capture the golden hour or whatever he meant.
Our car went from Kefa downtown at 10 am, estimated trip will be 5 hours. Rudy was on the steering wheel, i took seat beside him. Joe on the passenger seat behind me, occasionally cursing when the road go bumpy, while holding his expensive gears briefcase. Our eyes spoiled with beautiful view; limestone hillside with green trees, and sometimes we stop our car for a moment to let the wild boar's family crossing the road.
I spotted an awesome place, i asked Rudy to pull over. We stopped on the side of the road that has big old sandal wood tree, or we Indonesian often called it with Cendana. The scenery is stunning, Joe did not miss the chance to snap a lot of pictures there. We stop for about 20 minutes to take some rest. We are close to our destination, just few more kilometers away. The blue horizontal ocean line was seen from this spot.
The trip is continued, for about 15 Km away from our stop earlier, we stumbled upon a crossroad. Rudy stopped again, he asked us which turn heading to the beach. As i recall, the locals never mentioned there is any crossroad near the beach, there is no sign too. They said just go north, its only one pavement road to the beach. Then Rudy turn on the built in GPS-set on the car dashboard, military style display, i dont understand how to read that. He told us, the left turn is heading to the village, because it's read as wide flat terrrain on GPS. Right turn is closer to the shore.
We dicided to take the right turn.
As we went to the right turn, we changed our plan. Who knows, we can found surprising amazing spot like earlier. Beside, It's already 4 pm, Joe set his camera ready to capture the sunset. The sound of the ocean waves was heard closer and closer.
There was something off though, time seems like fly away. We only drive for couple minutes from the crossroad, but the sky getting darker quickly. We barely see the pavement road ahead. All of sudden Rudy hit brake, me and Joe cursed on him almost at the same time. As Rudy turn on head lamp, we saw a fallen tree in front of us, blocking our way. It was like the tree popped up from nowhere, and we just realized that pavement road was gone, changed with dirt road.
The fallen tree wasn't a big deal, we took care of it. We continued with caution. Sky is getting darker, there goes the golden hour said Joe disappointed. As we drive slowly, we saw an elderly man standing on left side of the road. He wearing traditional tribe headband, white goatee beard, topless, with black cotton long pants, and barefoot. There is a bunch of fire woods on his shoulder, he hold it with his left hand. He seems didn't notice us. I greet him as polite as possible, but he didn't reply. His vision was empty, like seeing in the distance. We were a little creeped out.
We passed that creepy man meters away, when i feel something is wrong. Like paranoia, feeling someone or something watching us, it was sickening in my stomach. I asked Joe and Rudy, they feel pretty much the same. Without any further thought, Rudy already took a hard turn around. We need to go back. As we heading the opposite direction, we are shocked. The road was gone! Like we stranded in the middle of nowhere, the sound of ocean was gone too. There were only small trees, scrubs, and bushes. We stunned for about some seconds. My voice crack the silent, i asked Rudy what we going to do. Rudy grunting and hit the gas pedal, he don't care, he just drive straight ahead. We were all in silence, only the roaring engine was heard.
After struggling on off road track, we finally reached the village's gate, "Selamat Datang di Pantai Wini" bold letter painted on it like that. I feel relieved, a civilization, mean we going to meet real people. We were still in silence, i took a glimpse of Rudy's face, he is sweating a lot, skin ran pale, his eyes is watering, he gripped the steering wheel strongly like he going to break it. I checked Joe from rearview mirror, his face burried on his both palm, i slightly hear a whimpering. And me, i still feel my stomach like being punched.
It was 8 pm already. Rudy parked the car near the dock. We sat down in a Lopo, 3 by 3 meters bungalow without walls, with coconut logs cut in half as long chair. Still in silence... For about an hour we lost in our own thought, trying to make a sense what just happened minutes ago. I think it happened so fast. But in actual time, we were lost almost 2-3 hours or so.
Our dead silence broke when someone greeted us, that was some young villagers passing by. They offered us to stay and get some rest at village head's (Chief) guest house. We try to hide our terrified face and trembling body, until one of the villagers find out that something wrong happened to us. He just smile, like mocking us. Then he lead us to meet the Chief. The villagers were friendly, their Chief is a middle aged man with deep voice with broken Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia). It seems he knew what we have been through. Rudy stayed at guest house with the Chief, while me and Joe went to nearest mechanic workshop to fix the car, the front bumper is almost fell off becuse we hit the small trees, it need to be welded.
Joe and me back to the guest house. Rudy accompanied by Chief and two elderly men, their conversation seems serious. We greeted them, Rudy was a little startled. I asked what is going on, he said he gonna tell us in the morning. After have some dinner and clean up, we get some rest. Rudy took his place on the sofa, Joe set his sleeping bag at the terrace on the floor, and i sat on rocking chair near Joe. We can't sleep.
In the morning, we have some black coffee and fried sweet potato as breakfast. While watching villagers docking their fishing boat ashore, they came from night fishing, and the beach look alive in that time.
Rudy began to tell us something he talked about with Chief last night; Rudy was interogated, he told all what happened to Chief. It turns out, we met the black magic shaman. It is rare for visitors to experienced thing like that. The shaman was a common villagers like the rest, but somehow he practicing black magic and being banned from village. Then he went to the woods lived as a hermit. More shocked thing, that incident was happened couple of decade ago, when Chief was a little kid. Its like the shaman never aged. Thats why the other two elderly men was called by Chief, to give us a blessing as protection. Then Rudy give us 2 talismans, a wristband made from roots. Rudy already wear one. Chief said that one of us was tagged as victim, once the shaman get us, he will sacrifice our souls for ritual. But Chief can't address who is the target, it could be me, Joe, or Rudy.
So, it can be said that our vacation is messed up. We cancelled all our plan. Chief suggested we must go back to the town immediately. Our car was ready, all fixed. We attended some little rituals held by Chief himself, for our safety. After saying thank's for the villagers hospitality and handed some gifts to them, we heading to the town. Along the way home, we still got the goosebumps. Especially when we pass through the first road turn. There was no cross road! Just common road turn. We just drove in silent, not a single converation is made. When suddenly Joe shouted out,
"Bloody hell!"
While he look back. There was the shaman, standing beside the big tree we stopped yesterday. Grinning.
Now i lived in Java, in my own hometown. That was my weirdest experience in my life. I still keep in touch with Rudy and Joe. If one of us recall about that story, we try not to bring it in our conversation. Joe said, that was his terrifying Christmas gift ever.
PS. Joe, Rudy. If you guys find this story here. Give me a call, it's been awhile.
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2023.03.27 18:17 jaymeare85 Ideas for island/areas for very calm beaches during December

I am traveling this (mid)December with a family member that has a certain neuro disability. This limits us to beaches with very calm or no waves/current. It's ideal if these beaches aren't too overcrowded as said disability makes crowds difficult.
I know this is a lot to ask. But maybe someone here has an idea.
We're interested in Kauai because of everything we've ready. But the calm, less-crowded beach for wading and swimming is our highest priority.
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2023.03.27 17:54 GarfieldDaCat Any recommendations for good beach spots in April/May? (Western Hemisphere)

Long story short, I've been back at home in the US for the last 2 months working a lot. Also, unfortunately I had covid about 3 weeks ago and I have been dealing with residual brain fog. I need a bit of a reset, both mentally and physically. I'm looking for a place where I can spend ~2 weeks of vacation and then another 2-4 weeks working remotely.
I'd love to spend some more time in SEA, but since I work in a client-facing role now, the hours just do not line up for me. Also is a bit of a pain to get to/from.
My place of relaxation has always been the beach, but living in the Northeastern US, it's not close to beach weather yet.
Just because I'm looking for a bit of a mental break doesn't necessarily mean I need to be in some secluded place. I don't mind cities or larger towns.
I've traveled a bit through LATAM and I speak passable Spanish that got me around Colombia just fine.
Was thinking maybe Mexico but I've heard there can be bad algae blooms on the Yucatan now.
Here's what places I'm considering so far:
Looking to book stuff in the next few days so was curious so hear if anyone on here had some other suggestions.
I'm pretty adventurous and love just choosing a place and jetting off so hit me with some recs!
Thank you in advance :)
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2023.03.27 17:51 DrifloonEmpire 2015 Jeep Cherokee - Host of issues

Ever since the end of last December I feel like my 2015 Cherokee's been slowly going to hell. I just had it inspected a couple of weeks ago, and while they had to replace the brake assembly they told me nothing else was wrong with the car (they even drove it awhile afterwards at my request to assure me!). Here are the issues this car has been having:
I'm at wits end with this car. Clearly nothing seems to be wrong with this car, according to the very reputable mechanics who inspected it a couple of weeks ago. Shocks and struts typically last 80,000 miles and my car has done less than half of that. My tires aren't worn down, no engine lights are coming on, the brakes were fixed (so it can't be those), anything causing burning would've been caught during inspection, there's no strange/sweet smells so the heater core can't be having trouble, etc. Any idea what could've sent my car straight to hell?
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2023.03.27 17:38 la_volpe_rossa India itinerary advice

Hi, I got some really great advice for traveling around India when I posted here a week ago. Now I'm trying to plan a trip to southern India starting in mid November for 3 weeks and I would love to get more help from this subreddit.
My initial thoughts after doing some research was to go Chennai - Mahabalipuram- Thanjavur - Madurai - Munnar - Kochi -Alappuzha - Kannur- fly to Bengaluru and then fly home. After doing a bit more research, I found out that it gets quite rainy in Tamil Nadu and Kerala in October - November due to a North Eastern monsoon. It seems the rain stops in December (my trip would end around Dec 2nd), but it feels risky to get rained out my whole trip. I wonder if any Indian redditors or people who traveled in the south during that time could chime in?
Also, that first route doesn't go to Hampi, which is a place I definitely would love to visit. Today, I drew up an alternative itinerary using climate data on Wikipedia that should increase my chances of sunny skies. Something like Mumbai - Ellora caves - Vijayapura - Badami - Hampi - Mysuru - Kannur - Kochi - Alappuzha then back to Kochi to fly to Bangalore and home. Others have told me to skip Mysuru, but it seems like the most logical stop between Hampi and Kerala. I'd probably have to cut some stops to make this itinerary work in a 3 week trip. Any suggestions to modify this new route?
Am I overthinking this whole weather thing? Am I trying to fit too much into one trip? Someone told me to just focus on Kerala, but I feel like that would sort of limit my experience, not to mention the risk of monsoon rain. I feel a touch overwhelmed with all this and would love some feedback, help, or advice. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.27 16:17 Kirch_figgums B&A Trail Marathon - 26 March 2023

Race Information


A: Sub 3:20 Yes
B: PR (3:28:40) Yes




In 2021, I was 35 years old, 5'10", 200 lbs., and a new father. I'd been fit before, and overweight before, and fit again, and overweight again. The stress of work, parenting, and the new COVID-restricted world had taken a toll on me. In August of 2021, I started running to lose weight. Along the way, I fell in love with running, especially at longer distances. The longer I went, the more I enjoyed it. In January of 2021, I told my wife I wanted to run a marathon, and that I wanted to finish in under 3:30. I used the Hal Higdon Intermediate 2 Plan, and I finished in 3:28:40. Training was hard, I was in a ton of pain, had to take a week off because of COVID, another two weeks off because of knee pain that wouldn't go away, and after I finished, all I could think about was when I could race again, and how fast I could go next time.
I started training on 7 December for my next race, using the the Hal Higdon Advanced 1 training plan, with a goal of finishing in under 3:20. The program was definitely tougher, and included hills, tempo runs, and intervals, all of which were new to me. These were great pieces of my training and I attribute a lot of my growth as a runner to these activities. My body also held up much better this time around. No injuries, and I only missed one run, a 4 mile recovery run on a Tuesday after my last 20 mile training run. The week of that last run my wife, my son, and I all had the stomach flu. I pushed through and ran the 20 miler anyway, vomiting profusely around mile 7. I would not do that run again if I had a do-over, as it left me dehydrated and weak for several days afterward.
All told, from 7 December through race day I ran 691.7 miles for a total duration of 101:51:29. My average pace across my training was 8:50. I'm proud of how hard I trained and missing only one day, and I'm encouraged to think I can up my volume again for my next training plan.


In my first marathon, I bonked hard at mile 20. I was determined to not let that happen again, and my reading led me to believe I needed to carbo-load for the 48 hours leading up to the race to avoid this. My goal was 4 grams of carbs per pound of bodyweight (640 grams) but I topped out at 500 grams on both days before feeling absolutely stuffed. Seriously, how do you eat that many carbs?
The night before the race, I had a glass of whiskey to help calm my nerves and turned in around 9:45. I woke up at 4 am, an hour before my alarm, and my body was ready to go. I stretched in my room, then snuck downstairs trying not to wake anyone up. I had a bowl of oatmeal with bananas, raisins, and almond butter, and a cup of coffee.
My wife had left little post-it notes throughout the house - on my bowl for oatmeal, on our coffee machine, on my race-day clothes, on our front door - just little things to encourage me. Even though she was asleep, it was really important for me to feel her support and encouragement, knowing that she cared about how much this day meant to me.
I hopped in the car at 6:15, drove to the race start, arriving at 7. Hit the bathroom, stretched, and did a quarter-mile warmup at a very slow pace. I queued up and waited for the 7:30 start, which actually came at 7:32. The last two minutes of waiting to take off felt like an eternity.


This second marathon was a radically different experience from the first in so many ways. It was a much smaller race, and the half and full ran concurrently for the first 13 miles. Over those first 13 miles, I felt like I had boundless energy. I was breathing easily, able to talk to people that I ran with from time to time. I had to constantly remind myself (aloud) not to pick up the pace. I was receiving splits in my headphones from my FitBit and I was right on track for where I needed to be. I wanted to keep the race nice and even so I'd have something left for the end.
There was a significant down hill at mile 6, and I resisted the temptation to charge down it. Just before mile 7, the hill levels at a turnaround point, and we were sent back up the hill. I found someone with an even stride and a good pace and asked if I could just sit on his hip on the way up the hill, because I was worried about taking it too fast or too slow. I saw that guy at the post-race meal and was able to thank him for his help up the hill. Thanks again, man!
I took two 8 oz water bottled and 4 GUs on my running belt, with a fueling strategy of eating a gel at 5, 10, 15, and 20. I stuck to that, and it seemed to help. I had a little GI distress after the second gel that I thought would turn into a cramp, but it didn't. I've never been more relieved to let out a burp as I was when that one came.
At mile 13, the half marathoners split off to head to the finish, which took about 2/3 of the runners off the course. It was a dramatic exodus. Over the next 6 miles, I slowly caught and passed a few pockets of runners on the way to the mile 19 turnaround. I felt really good throughout this stretch and like I still had an extra gear to give. Thanks to the cop at mile 17/18 who kept me from missing a trail turn and heading off down the wrong road. That was a close one!
Once I hit the mile 19 turnaround, I passed plenty of runners heading for the turnaround, but the number of runners ahead of me really thinned out. There were long stretches where there was really no one in front of me for hundreds of yards. I don't think I was ready for the psychological impact of this, and I think it contributed to my slowdown over the next few miles. I'll be ready for this if I do another small race.
Despite my best efforts, I did hit the wall at mile 22. It wasn't a full bonk, but my legs went from fresh to unbelievably heavy in an instant. I really had to gut it out for those last few miles, hoping that the splits I'd been getting from my FitBit were accurate and that I'd have time to spare. My wife and son had left the house later in the morning to meet me at the finish line, and knowing they'd be there was motivating to keep my legs churning.
When I turned the corner for the last stretch of the race, the clock read 3:19 flat. I might have squeaked under without picking it up, but I summoned whatever I had left to haul ass to the finish line. I cut it closer than I wanted to, but when I crossed the finish line under my goal, I let out this incredibly cathartic scream. I made it.


Big hug from my wife and son. They told me they were proud of me, and I was really proud of myself, too. It was so special to share that moment with them. My wife has been a huge supporter of me on this journey, taking on solo parenting for long stretches on the weekend so I can pursue this passion and drive out to run around on trails for hours. Sharing the joy of success with her meant so much. Putting the medal on my son and sharing the post-race meal with him was great. He was thrilled they had pizza.
I caught up with people who I'd run with over the course of the morning, sharing encouragement, congratulations, and fist bumps. I know I will likely never see most of these folks again, but the little connections built over the morning were really meaningful to me.
The most striking difference after this race compared with my first is that my body doesn't feel like a total wasteland. After my first race, I couldn't walk normally for days. Today, I'm... mostly fine. My quads are heavy, and I have one ruined toe that is grossly blistered, but otherwise I feel fine and I'm looking forward to a recovery run on Thursday or Friday. Part of me feels guilty about this, like if I'd actually given my all, I'd be a wreck today. But mostly I'm hoping this is what it feels like to run subsequent marathons, and that my body is just adapting to the challenge.
I'm excited to keep pushing myself. I know it will be hard, but I'm committed to reaching a BQ time over the next couple races. I'm going to follow the Pfitz 18/70 next time, and really focus on zone training. I'm going to work on my nutrition, too. I think I can eat better and perform better with more focus. I haven't settled on a fall race yet, but I'm going to train to run sub 3:10. Here's hoping.
This was a great race, and a great event put on by the Annapolis Striders. The weather was beautiful, the people were awesome, and it was a really memorable experience from start to finish. Thanks to all the volunteers and police officers who spared their time to direct traffic, hand out water, and give support in so many ways. On to the next one.
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2023.03.27 15:09 han_tatar Relocating to Cyprus (long post)

Hello everyone,
I'm a 25 years old Romanian man interested to relocate to Cyprus.
To give a bit of background, I was born in one of the best (if not the best cities to live in Romania) in terms of education, healthcare, job opportunities etc. . Naturally because of this, I've spent almost my whole life here up until I graduated the university with a bachelor in computer science (June 2019). Because at that time I've already had 2 years of experience working as a software developer (I started working shortly after having finished the first year in the university) I've got an offer from Austria (Vienna) which I accepted. I've decided to relocate mostly because I was following the stereotype that life in Western/Central Europe is better than in Eastern Europe.
Eventually I moved to Vienna in December 2019 but yeah, that's just before the pandemic has begun. The upcoming months were a complete nightmare as I couldn't visit my family due to the closed borders nor I could make any friends there because of the lockdowns. Also, the job was a complete disaster because it was one of those 'bait and switch' scenarios in which they advertised the position for one project but eventually I worked on a completely different one. Due to all these downsides I've decided to resign and return home as soon as the borders have been reopened in July 2020. Shortly after I've got a great job here and I've spent the last 3 years developing myself and eventually became a Senior Developer.
Now, I'm so tired and bored of everything here. I feel like I cannot build anything anymore as my whole past is concentrated around this place. I've literally developed anxiety as I've realised how much of a daily routine my life has been lately. It's just like the work that Sisyphus has received from Hades. For some people this stability and routine is great and I can fully understand that, but for me it started to be a nightmare as I still want to learn more about beautiful cultures and meet new people. Especially now when I have almost 6 years of experience in the IT industry thus getting a job abroad would be easier.
This time as I've gathered let's say, more wisdom 😄, I don't want to consider stereotypes and follow the herd behaviour. I thought about the things that I like to do and the stuff specific to the Romanian culture in order to choose a potential new long term destination. Regarding myself, I have a rather healthy lifestyle as I'm pescatarian (love fish and sea food) while not drinking alcoholic beverages and not smoking and I love swimming, cycling and running. Also I'm not a big fan of cold weather. All these facts made me consider a Mediterranean country including: Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Then, because the majority of people in Romania are Orthodox I shortlisted Greece and Cyprus whose majority of people share the same religion hence we have the same public holidays for Christmas, Easter etc. In terms of these two countries, I'd prefer Cyprus because I visited Thessaloniki last year and I found it way too crowded and exhausting (I assume Athens is even worse).
My plan is to visit Nicosia in a couple of months and stay there for something like 2 weeks and if I'll like it I'll start to learn Greek (I have time and access to a very good and complex course) in order to target a potential relocation starting from the summer of the next year.
My only concern is whether or not I'll be able to integrate in the society based on my traits that I've already mentioned. Do you think that I'll be able to meet new people and make friends (considering that I target a relocation after I'll be familiar with the Greek language)? For example, in Vienna it was very hard to make friends as my colleagues would only discuss stuff related to work or news and wouldn't want to go out outside of working hours for any activity whether it was watching a movie, going for a hike or cycling (of course before the pandemic).
Thank you very much for any advice and also for reading this rather long post!
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2023.03.27 15:05 sohanicat123 How To Choose the Right Baby Beach Tent

How To Choose the Right Baby Beach Tent
It's time to hit the beach with your little one, but you want to make sure they're protected from the sun. A baby beach tent can be a great way to do just that, but there are a few factors to consider before investing in one. We've put together this guide to help you find the perfect baby beach tent for your needs.

Ultraviolet Protection

Make sure the fabric blocks at least 97 percent of UV rays. Baby skin is incredibly sensitive, and it's essential that you choose a beach tent with ample UV protection to keep your little one safe. Look for a beach tent fabric that blocks at least 97 percent of the sun's ultraviolet rays — this will ensure your baby enjoys maximum protection from the sun. Keep an eye out for tents labeled with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating of 50+ for optimal results.

Size and Shape

Choose an appropriate size for your needs and one that is easy to set up. Consider how much space you'll need in the beach tent to keep your baby comfortable, and look for one that fits those specific dimensions. Think about the shape of the tent as well — a cabana-style model may be easier to set up than a dome-style one and offer more room for all their toys, clothes and sandcastle building supplies! You'll also want to ensure it's light enough to carry around easily when folded up.


Look for strong poles, anchoring systems, and sandbags for added stability
A beach tent can blow away in strong winds and be a hazard for your baby. Before buying, check how robust the poles are and make sure there are anchoring systems like sandbags that you can fill with sand to add more weight and stability. You may even want to consider bringing along extra guy lines or stakes to tie the tent down further.

Ease of Assembly

Make sure you can easily assemble your tent in just a few minutes
Ease of assembly is an important factor when choosing your baby beach tent. Consider how many pieces the tent comes in, and whether you need to use tools to assemble it. If you are traveling with a baby and will be relying on the tent during times of inclement weather, make sure that you can quickly and easily set up the tent in just a few minutes without difficulty.

Continue Reading

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