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2023.03.27 19:36 NamelessOneMCD Some fun quotes from our favorite cat

"Fat is where flavor comes from."
“Do you want to put gas in your body? I mean you shouldn't want to."
'I've got all my ducks in a row. Well, I don't have my two ducks in a row; they're in two different rows right now."
“Also fun fact - You can brush TNT but it won't do anything; just like you can brush your teeth and you'll find that it's good for you, or so dentists would have you believe.”
“If you're not bankrupting those you love what's even the point of living?"
"I hope that today has been an eye-opening experience for all of you. Because if your eyes aren't open, then you're watching live streams wrong.”
"And then I get hungry and I cook some vegetables... you know, you can see this stream falling apart right now."
"Yeah I think that's a thing that is a thing. Speaking I things that are things…”
"Aren't all lamps microphones and aren't all microphones lamps. If you ignore the fact that that's not true, that's pretty profound, right?"
"Or I can just skip straight to diamonds if I use one simple technique that the Creepers don't want you to know about.”
"Same with pirahnas - pirahnas can only attack you when you're on land, and guns can only get you when you're in water."
"Hoe the gravel, as you do."
"I would disown my four-year old if they built this. Actually, I would disown my four-year old for a lot of things.”
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2023.03.27 19:36 Sodaman_Onzo Unified Guide to The Infinite Sea: Royalty Edition Part Two

Unified Guide to The Infinite Sea
Royalty Edition
By Michael Porter
Part Two
Ok! Book 3. Lords Of Infinity!!!
Funds 12864, Income 180 Crowns
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 51, Health 65
I, Mike, of the house of Porter…
This is a façade: Wulfram has some deeper purpose in mind, speaking like this.
Wulfram is mistaken; we must maintain our defenses, regardless of the difficulty.
Time to gain foothold in the Royalist camp.
Wulfram’s words must be answered, and I will answer them.
Talking to Elson’s Dad doesn’t really matter.
My pardon sir, do you address me?
You speak of him in the past tense, does that mean…
Does he truly mean to leave the realm defenseless?
Someone had to. If not me, then who?
Or perhaps a more foolish one. I’ve made enemies today.
Someone must defend the army’s interests.
Does his majesty approve?
Wulfram is your enemy. Don’t accept his invitation to the Rendower Club.
My apologies, your Grace, but I am already spoken for this evening.
So it’s off to Lord Palliser’s unofficial military club. You get a variety of Rep choices here, and you can pick several. Meeting with, in my case, Blaylock and Sandoral gains you 2nd Squadron Loyalty for later in the game, Speaking to Lord Marcus gets you a bonus with Havenport.
I’d rather catch up with Blaylock and Sandoral.
Good evening, Blaylock, Sandoral.
I thought I would see how the two of you were doing.
If you’ll excuse me, I think I ought to see what everyone else is up to.
Perhaps I ought to speak with Lord Marcus.
How fares your brother, the Duke?
That is all, I ought to be going.
Palliser announces the formation of his military club.
It seems like a good idea, but such endeavors are never as easy as they seem.
Chapter One
Funds 12864, Income 180 Crowns
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 59, Health 65
Rest assured that I will not let them down, Saundersley.
The lessons of war have made me stronger. I’ll not abandon them.
I shall try to inspire them, convince them that we are bound for greater things.
You are aiming to marry Kat, so…
…the talks came to nothing. There was no engagement.
There is already someone else I have in mind.
We will be spending most of this run in the capital. You want your fief to grow, so give your tenants a break on their rent.
It is not an unreasonable request, given the circumstances. I’ll grant it.
No, I am merely a little overwhelmed. I shall figure it out with time.
We have no debt, and I intend for it to stay that way. The only way the massive project works is if you spend most of the game at your fief, and you miss out on a huge amount of stuff. I usually fix up the shrine to help your tenants get a long with the refugees later.
The village could use some improvements.
Let’s see to refurbishing the village shrine.
Finish managing the estate and continue.
There must be some way to keep myself occupied.
I ought to practice speaking and carrying myself…
Lord Karol Loch comes for a visit, and you can hire him (since you captured him in the war). He does an excellent job managing your lands while you’re away at the capital.
What happened to you since the end of the war?
You would be most welcome to stay here a while.
My mother has a…strong personality.
And what of your mother? And your sisters? Do they still live?
Perhaps I ought to go back inside.
It is something to consider, at least.
I have more power than one might think. It is merely more subtle in nature.
The realm needs me; I must go to Aetoria and make my voice heard.
Chapter Two
Funds 13809, Income 180 Crowns, Estate Revenue 300, Expenses 375 (+105)
Soldiering 51, Charisma 65, Intellect 53, Reputation 59, Health 65
I appoint Loch as my estate manager.
You still have your trusty Runegun, so…
I will not allow myself to be robbed by common thieves. I fight back!
Whatever their reasons, they betrayed their uniforms; the noose is too good for them.
Alright, time to pick your home! We are Royalists, and wealthy, so renting the former trading house at Victory Square nets you a huge influence bonus with the Crown.
Take a closer look at townhouses around Victory Square.
Former trading house or no, a huge townhouse is worth the price.
Open the letter from Lady Katarina.
Take a look at the letter from Garing.
Finish dealing with personal correspondence…
Loch wants to repair your home. Send him 1000 crown.
Now it’s time to choose a Club. There are advantages to each. I’m trying to shift the Navy’s support to the Queen in the final battle, so I’ll apply to the Admiralty Club.
Membership in the Admiralty Club appeals to me, perhaps…
I must make a visit to Admiralty House in person.
You misundersta-
I thought I’d take a look around, I was thinking of joining.
I mean to apply for membership immediately.
My military record is all the argument I need.
Chapter Three
Funds 12499, Income 180 Crowns, Estate Revenue 290, Expenses 400, Rent 200, Staff 80 (-210)
Soldiering 51, Charisma 65, Intellect 53, Reputation 76, Health 65
Not sure exactly why we’re meeting Wulfram here instead of the Queen. The Admiralty Club leans toward the Wulframites which we want to change. So…
I should take this chance to speak with the Duchess in confidence.
His Grace seems to treat you more as an equal than most.
Why me? Why note join yourself?
I fear I must decline.
The Commission must go forward unimpeded, the army must be reformed.
Wulfram goes too far! I vote against!
Yes, I mean to put myself on the Commission.
I need only allow my reputation to do the talking for me.
Ok, you are on the Army Reform Commission. This has more effect on the next game I think than this one. Us doing the Secret Mission has a big impact on what we can do and achieve. As far a how modern armies win battles, we want Hawthorne’s faction to win.
I’d like to see what Hawthorne and those infantry officers are up to.
Forgive me for asking, but is a permanent logistics corps really necessary?
A new sort of army, sir?
Do the other groups think as you do? Palliser and Castermaine?
I think I’d best speak to the others as well.
I should like to see what Palliser and his group are discussing.
What was it you were discussing before, about scouts?
You mentioned basic principles. What did you mean?
What is your opinion of the other groups?
I suppose I’d best go.
My vote is the King’s, for better or worse.
Loch wants to build a fence. Send him $400. You also had to pay out a special expense of $500. Being Lord is hard.
Chapter Four
Funds 11275, Income 180, Estate Revenue 276, Expenses 400, Rent 200, Staff 80 (-224)
Soldiering 51, Charisma 65, Intellect 53, Reputation 78, Health 65
I thank you for the compliment, Your Excellency.
He really didn’t, did he?
Shall I call upon you sometime?
A horrific winter descends. Donation lady shows up. The way it seems to work is that the less we donate to the poor, the more it benefits Wulframite power. Those freezing poor people who didn’t get the support of a noble will help him later. Fortunately, we also happen to be wealthy and debt free.
Very well, I shall make a donation.
Give at least 2000 crowns.
Loch wants to improve the Fence he built. Send 900 crowns.
Alright we have many options for furthering our cause. First things first, lets go visit Kat.
I would like to make some calls upon my friends and acquaintances.
I reacquaint myself with Lady Katarina.
I should have known your coldness was a ruse.
Have there been any serious candidates…for marriage, I mean?
Then what is to become of…us?
It doesn’t matter! I’ll fight for my beloved’s hand, impossibility or not!
I must turn my attention to the Army Reform Commission.
Hawthorne is right. It is the senior officers who best know the science of war.
I should do what I can to support the cause of raising Hunter of Wolfswood to Sainthood.
Shit, Hunter’s cause is being turned into a Wolframite plot.
Given your Grace’s opposition to the army, it is curious that you would champion a soldier’s memory.
Did you know Lord Wolfswood well, Your Grace?
How shall matters progress from here?
If Wulfram insists upon associating himself with this campaign, then I must oppose it.
I mean to see about enhancing my reputation and influence.
I should work towards increasing my stature within the Admiralty Club.
I vote against the Duke of Wulfram’s budget.
Even though I’m sure they’re up to something, there’s no penalty for saying no. Plus the King wants it.
If the Kian are willing to assist us, then that is only for the good.
Loch crushed the invasion of your Fief by the roadsmen. No shocker there.
He now wants to repair the roads. Send him 500 crowns.
The Club sounds like a good way to spend a winter.
The first rule of Fight Club is don’t talk about Fight Club.
You may, sir.
The chance of discovery cannot be too great if I keep my bets minimal.
Who wants to know?
Why yes, I am thinking of it.
No, to take coin would be beneath me.
Loch wants to fix up the stables and outbuildings. Send him 1000 crowns.
I must stay in Aetoria. I have obligations here I must fulfil.
Chapter Five
Funds 6468, Income 180, Estate Revenue 410, Expenses 400, Rent 200, Staff 80 (-90)
Soldiering 49, Charisma 62, Intellect 51, Reputation 69, Health 65
The Elf is departing the capital. Good riddance.
Perhaps the pressures of the post have finally cracked him.
We must gather support for the Kian treaty.
A treaty with the Kian would be in our best interests.
I must ensure that my own allies are not lured away by anti-treaty arguments.
So you’ve started winning over the Admiralty Club. Time for the Army Reform Commission. Stopping Castermain nets you support with the other two groups.
I’d better stop Castermaine before he scuttles the idea of standard officer training altogether…
And now for the big treaty vote.
It is my duty to speak in support of the Kian treaty.
I vote in favor of the treaty and the King’s budget.
The treaty is passed! Yay.
Not able to win over the Government, Wulfram unleashes the common people onto the Old City. The government puts the rioting down, hard.
Chapter Six
Funds 6468, Income 180, Estate Revenue 410, Expenses 400, Rent 200, Staff 80 (-90)
Soldiering 49, Charisma 62, Intellect 51, Reputation 69, Health 65
Good, the King cannot tolerate rebellion…
I do not see why it ought not be done.
If your Highness is so certain, then why not seek a warrant for his arrest?
So, what happens now?
Very well, I’ve made my decision.
The Crown has my support, Your Highness.
Loch wants to fix up the Tenant Cottages. Send 500 crowns.
Donation time again.
What would be an appropriate donation? I should make some inquiries.
Yes, I think I will make a donation.
They will not drive me out of the Cortes!
No, I will go after the opposition with all the powers at my disposal.
The King is dead.
Chapter Seven
Funds 3756, Income 270, Estate Revenue 438, Expenses 400, Rent 200, Staff 80 (+28)
Soldiering 49, Charisma 62, Intellect 51, Reputation 53, Health 65
I am well, sir-and very pleased to be under your command once more.
Then we must avoid being seen as associated with one faction or the other.
Very well, then. What is required of me?
The questions don’t matter.
Enough of this. To work.
Before all else, soldiers must have discipline!
I am still a soldier, and I mean to restore my abilities to what they once were.
Your answers to Garing don’t matter.
Time to save the Army Reform Commission.
No compromise: this Commission cannot hamstring itself for the sake of political expediency.
And now for a very awkward dinner party.
You speak as if we were at war.
I did what duty required of me, no more than that.
To hell with neutrality.
This is all assuming that the Queen agrees.
What if the Queen decides otherwise? What if she refuses your offer?
Those who still support the previous policy may object.
I am a Queen’s officer, Your Grace. If she commands it, I shall obey.
I spoke only my convictions, sir.
Chapter Eight
Funds 3756, Income 270, Estate Revenue 438, Expenses 400, Rent 200, Staff 80 (+28)
Soldiering 49, Charisma 62, Intellect 51, Reputation 53, Health 65
First Squad Discipline 24, Moral 33, Loyalty 20, Strength 80
Second Squad Discipline 23, Moral 23, Loyalty 19, Strength 65
Third Squad Discipline 60, Moral 55, Loyalty 15, Strength 40
More riots. You crap troops don’t have the stats to succeed at any of this so we will take a moral hit.
We should keep our distance and observe, but no more unless necessary.
Dragoons! Fall back, and regroup on me!
I shall endeavor to make it do, sir.
Loch wants to expand your cropland. Send him 1000 crowns.
I mean to take this seriously. Seal off the streets, find me some witnesses.
Arrest someone who resembles the description, someone who won’t be missed. He’ll do.
Back to the Army Reform Commission. Push through the new weapons.
We cannot afford to discount the advantages new weapon designs provide.
The Commission should recommend full and immediate adoption.
First Squadron is the softest of the lot, I’ll pitch in there.
We are the Queen’s Dragoons; naturally we must offer the Queen’s partisans protection.
Chapter Nine
Funds 2811, Income 270, Estate Revenue 470, Expenses 480, Rent 200, Staff 80 (-20)
Soldiering 49, Charisma 62, Intellect 51, Reputation 44, Health 65
First Squad Discipline 27, Moral 36, Loyalty 24, Strength 64
Second Squad Discipline 35, Moral 33, Loyalty 32, Strength 52
Third Squad Discipline 60, Moral 55, Loyalty 15, Strength 40
Saints above, Sir Caius. It is good to see you again.
Your Caz conversation doesn’t matter.
On the contrary, it is her devotion to duty which attracts me, among other things.
Twenty or so men will serve my purposes well enough. First Squadron may take the rest.
I will handpick the best men and leave the rest for First Squadron.
So, at this point we are down to our last 2901 crowns. The income on our fief is finally in the positive, just barely. Loch is asking for 2000 crowns to build more stables. I think we’ll start rebuilding the finances instead.
I am a loyal Queen’s Officer. I’ll not sup with her enemies.
I do not warrant it worth the risk.
Ok we get four activities to do.
I might still use my connections at the club to strengthen my position.
I mean to use my influence at the club to advance the goals of my faction.
I take a personal hand in the regiment’s drill, to prepare them for what is to come.
First Squadron is most in want of drill, it should take priority.
If I am to rely upon the men, I must ensure they are loyal to me.
There’s no better way to secure a soldier’s loyalty than through coin.
The enlisted men would certainly react well to getting a bonus of two months’ pay.
I must look to restoring my own physical and mental fitness.
My ability to lead and inspire has dulled over the years; I must hone it again.
Chapter Ten
Funds 501, Income 270, Estate Revenue 500, Expenses 400, Rent 200, Staff 80 (+90)
Soldiering 49, Charisma 65, Intellect 51, Reputation 44, Health 65
First Squad Discipline 33, Moral 29, Loyalty 29, Strength 96
Second Squad Discipline 40, Moral 38, Loyalty 48, Strength 60
Third Squad Discipline 62, Moral 57, Loyalty 23, Strength 40
Of course, sir. I understand entirely.
I will do my utmost to rise to the occasion.
First squadron will go to Captain Blaylock.
Embody the Houseguard. Should the Royalist party have need of it, then it shall be ready.
Ask about support from the Kian.
Your grain traders impoverish our country! Your treaty caused riots in our city! You are already involved!
Don’t ask about the fleet.
How many Houseguards has Wulfram rallied?
How are we to respond to all this?
I will offer the best counsel I can, your Majesty.
We should seize the initiative, attack Wulfram now, before he is ready.
Very well, I believe you. What does her Majesty wish of me?
He will not find us so easily cowed, that’s for sure.
I ought to see if there’s anything I can do at the club.
A traitor with a loaded musket is within thirty paces of my sovereign! Protect the Queen!
Chapter Eleven
Funds 501, Income 270, Estate Revenue 500, Expenses 400, Rent 200, Staff 80 (+90)
Soldiering 49, Charisma 65, Intellect 51, Reputation 44, Health 65
First Squad Discipline 39, Moral 28, Loyalty 28, Strength 96
Second Squad Discipline 40, Moral 38, Loyalty 48, Strength 60
Third Squad Discipline 62, Moral 57, Loyalty 23, Strength 40
We have delayed long enough. Squadrons to form column and prepare to advance!
We must try to drive the mob off, without bloodshed if possible.
I can spare a few to help fortify Grenadier Square.
I can afford to waste no more time. We ride on to the Northern Keep, now!
What needs to be done? What do you mean by that?
Very well, my lord. Send your volunteers in. We have your backs.
Give me a few minutes, I’ll convince them otherwise.
To your places, Let’s not keep her Majesty waiting.
Saints above, am I glad to see you.
Ok we won the easy part.
Of course, Majesty. I understand completely.
How do we fare elsewhere in the city?
No more questions, Majesty.
This is the opportunity…
I will do my utmost, sir.
We have no time for delays: send in the Grenadiers!
Have we any word from Lord Pallister, regarding the guns he took from the Takaran Embassy?
Very well. Let us see to the disposition of our forces.
I’ll send for the Takaran guns and arm the militias with them.
No more delays. It’s time to launch the assault!
Why should my line troops die?
Send in the militias.
Ok, don’t want to push our luck. We will commit the main troops.
Bring up the Dragoons and send them across.
We should shoot to disable one of Crittenden’s ships, without harming her crew.
Normally I would just blow up one of the rebel ships, but we get bonus Royal forces for this option.
Funds 501, Income 270, Estate Revenue 500, Expenses 400, Rent 200, Staff 80 (+90)
Soldiering 49, Charisma 65, Intellect 51, Reputation 44, Health 65
First Squad Discipline 36, Moral 26, Loyalty 28, Strength 74
Second Squad Discipline 38, Moral 39, Loyalty 48, Strength 42
Third Squad Discipline 62, Moral 57, Loyalty 23, Strength 32
And I am very pleased to see you as well, my lady.
I knew what I was doing, and I knew the risks.
Ask her the questions.
It will be as you command, Majesty.
I assure you, the regiment shall make itself worthy of such an honor.
A brigade! Imagine what I might accomplish with such a command!
Ask her the questions.
You get promoted and the Queen promises to make you Earl of Castermaine.
I shall do my utmost to be worthy of this honor, Majesty.
With every measure of strength and courage, Majesty.
On to Book 4: Wars Of Infinity….
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2023.03.27 19:36 Citizensnorlax broke and lost and confused

I make "too much" in my area to qualify for any kind of assistance and yet I'm still reduced to surviving almost solely on rice and tap water with very few opportunities to afford more nutritional variance. The food banks all require proof of income and I'm worried I'll just be turned away again because apparently my expenses, which are rent, power, a basic internet package and fuel for the commute to work, don't matter.
I'm just frustrated and at a loss on how to legally obtain more food.
Any and all guidance is appreciated.
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2023.03.27 19:36 DJ_Baxter_Blaise A lease I’m about to sign if for a possible illegal dwelling, would it be bad to live there?

Chicago, IL
I am about to sign a lease for a unit that is $1250 a month but I suspect it is an illegal dwelling based on my effort to get a certificate of occupancy or proof of building permit. The response was basically “we cannot confirm nor deny the legality of the dwelling, but it is cheap and most garden units are illegal dwellings in Chicago anyways”
Do I sign? Should I worry about safety? What happens if it is deemed illegal/unsafe but I signed the lease?
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2023.03.27 19:35 unsuspectingandstuff How to get used to waking up at 5 AM?

Hey guys so I (23F) moved in with my boyfriend (26M) and he rents this house from his parents (45F and 50M). There are some projects in the house that my boyfriend was helping them out with the last couple of years since it’s an old house and they’ve always fixed up all of their houses with beautiful renovations, it’s basically what my boyfriend has done since he learned how to use tools and was even a common after school activity for him. Since moving in here though, he had been compensated for it. However, he also works full time and a few months ago, he told them he wouldn’t be able to do it anymore so they’ve been coming over more often and working on the yard themselves. Sometimes we’ll get a text letting us know that they’re on their way, other times my boyfriend will already be home so I’ll just come back from school or work or the gym and see their car in the driveway.
The other day my boyfriend’s dad came over at 8 AM. My boyfriend didn’t get his text so he was in his computer room playing his game with his headset on. We had stayed up late the night before and wanted to leave for before noon that day for some plans we had made to spend in another city so I wanted to catch up on sleep since I had been working 12 hour shifts the previous 3 days. I heard knocking at the back door but I had assumed my boyfriend would get it since I need to be dressed and have my teeth brushed before facing anyone. More knocking, then I heard his dad calling him, and then I heard the back door open and he knocked on one of our doors. Our dog started barking and his dad was telling the dog to wake us up (even though I was the only one in bed) so I guess my boyfriend still didn’t hear over his game on the headset. I texted my boyfriend but by the time he saw my message, his dad had already left.
Later that day, his mom texted me to ask my boyfriend to call them to see why we didn’t answer. My boyfriend basically told them it was an invasion of our privacy to just come in like that (and I mean honestly yeah we are a couple alone in a house) but he didn’t say that, he just said because we were sleeping at that time. His mom didn’t reply and we went on with our day.
This morning, my boyfriend left for work and I was in our room getting ready for the gym. I hear the back gate open which is right next to our room’s door to the backyard and his dad was on the phone with someone, I assume talking very loud so I can hear.
“We wake up at 4 AM we would’ve been out already and fucking doing shit by 8 AM.” He sounded pretty mad because I just heard another slew of muffled cussing which surprised me since this all happened the other day. I guess my question is, how do you guys make it a habit to wake up that early? I hate to come off as lazy or unproductive to them, but it’s really hard since I have full time school and work so I really value sleep on my days off. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
TLDR: boyfriend’s parents come over at random times so how can I get used to waking up earlier?
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2023.03.27 19:35 Odd-Internal-2639 Suggestions for a small wedding lunch around Prague 1 (rooftops?)

Hi folks me and my gf are planning to get married ends of May in Prague 1 (close to the astronomical clock) after it we want to have a lunch in a restaurant somewhere not that far and if possible good view (rooftop), or nice environment. We found terasauprince (perfect view, bad too many bad reviews about small amount of food and not the kindest service apart from the high prices) any advice for something similar but better service not gourmet? Thank you in advance
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2023.03.27 19:35 Lawineer Small Business Owners: Staying more organized with expenses?

Being a SB owner is great, and it has a lot of tax perks on top of it. However, I'm having trouble really viewing what the heck I'm doing because "quasi business" and "core business" expenses blend together.
A perfect example is meals. A lot of them are truly 100% legitimate business meals that are "required." IE: If I was a W2 employee, I could expense it. Others are trying out new restaurants and doing market research (one business I have is a restaurant). Same with going to get drinks.Another example is travel. Some are absolutely nothing but work. Others.. well, I wouldn't go to the seminar if it was in my town, but a seminar in Key West while it's snowing here sounds great!And of course there are other little things. I have a fancy coffee machine at the office because that's for me/employees and deductible whereas it's not in my kitchen. If I didn't use it, I doubt I'd have one that nice. I more or less go out to lunch every day with someone for work purposes, because after the write off, it's not worth bringing food from home.
Obviously those expenses are a lot different than my office rent, payroll, copier, etc.
Does anyone have a good way they organize their finances? For obvious reasons I want to put everything under the business, but it's hard to see what I'm actually doing. Things are fine (knock on wood) so I really don't need to track them, which is why I think I'm probably being a lot sloppier than I should be.
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2023.03.27 19:35 MassageRxLA The Benefits of Continuing Education for Massage Therapists: Become a Master of Your Craft with Rx Therapy Clinic"

The Benefits of Continuing Education for Massage Therapists: Become a Master of Your Craft with Rx Therapy Clinic
Massage therapy is a rewarding and dynamic career that involves working with clients to improve their health and well-being through manual manipulation of soft tissue. While many massage therapists complete a comprehensive education program and become licensed, continuing education is essential to stay current with the latest techniques, research, and standards in the field.
One reason why massage therapists should continue their education is to deepen their understanding of anatomy and physiology. By keeping up to date with the latest scientific research, therapists can enhance their ability to assess and treat a wide range of conditions. This can include learning about new techniques for addressing chronic pain, improving range of motion, and reducing stress and anxiety.
In addition to improving their technical skills, continuing education can also help massage therapists stay informed about changes in the industry. For example, new laws and regulations regarding licensing and insurance requirements may impact how therapists practice and interact with clients. By staying informed, therapists can make informed decisions and adapt their practices to meet evolving industry standards.
Continuing education can also help massage therapists differentiate themselves in a competitive market. By attending workshops, conferences, and other training opportunities, therapists can develop specialized skills that set them apart from their peers. This can include niche specialties like sports massage, prenatal massage, or myofascial release, which can attract a specific clientele and lead to increased demand for their services.
Finally, continuing education can help massage therapists maintain their professional credibility and earn the trust of clients. By staying informed about the latest research and techniques, therapists can communicate with clients in a clear and informed manner, build their confidence in their abilities, and create a sense of trust and rapport that is essential to a successful client-therapist relationship.
In conclusion, continuing education is essential for massage therapists who want to stay current with the latest techniques, research, and standards in the industry. By deepening their knowledge of anatomy and physiology, staying informed about changes in the industry, developing specialized skills, and maintaining their professional credibility, therapists can enhance their ability to serve clients and build a successful practice.
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2023.03.27 19:35 johnjohnnyc BILT account available credit

I've had my BILT card for two months and the first month I used it to pay rent, then paid the card off from my Chase checking account. No issue.
This month I did the exact same and my available credit didn't update. After a week and a half I called in and was sent to a department that asked me for "proof" of the payment via screenshots of my Chase checking account statement. They said my available credit would not be updated until I did this.
Has anyone else encountered this issue? I'm not really comfortable giving them this information and I really shouldn't have to, this is 2023 not 1993.
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2023.03.27 19:34 StepwiseUndrape574 Grand Theft Auto is no stranger to add-on content,

Grand Theft Auto is no stranger to add-on content, but the latest in a long line of leaks suggests Rockstar might be taking a bit of a different approach for the long-awaited sequel — splitting up parts of the game to repackage as DLC.
The rumor comes from established Rockstar leaker Tez2, who says Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently targeting a release in holiday 2024 “which has been pushed back multiple times.” Tez2 adds the game may be pushed back again, into to 2025.
Furthermore, Tez2 claims Rockstar is considering breaking up the game’s content into post-launch DLC, to ensure the game can meet a release date. If GTA 6 launches in 2024, it will be a whopping 11 years since the last release in the franchise.
This wouldn’t be an unprecedented move from Rockstar, considering the approach the studio has taken with GTA Online, incrementally releasing massive updates and new story content. Notably, however, GTA 5 didn’t feature any additional story content, just updates to the Online portion of the game.
GTA Online GTA Online has managed to stay relevant for a decade with consistent updates, and it makes sense Rockstar would pivot to that same approach to single-player content.ROCKSTAR Taking this approach would let Rockstar more easily hit whatever internal timeline is established for GTA 6, and provide a road map of content to make post-launch more appealing to players. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time this kind of rumor has been brought up by Tez2, as last August the leaker reported GTA 6 would “expand over time,” adding on new cities after launch.
The easiest approach would be to create content that ties into both the single-player and multiplayer aspects of GTA 6, and creating new cities in-game could do just that. New locations could be fully playable in the online portion, while also adding on hand-crafted stories and missions. This would allow Rockstar to continue the overwhelming success of GTA Online, while story content could help attract new players or those that might not care to engage with multiplayer.
This tactic of splitting up elements of the game as DLC is something Nintendo has been using for years, to great success. Mario Strikers: Battle League, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Nintendo Switch Sports, have all seen scheduled add-ons for new content, even years after their initial release. At this point, it’s not clear how much of a live-service element there will be for GTA 6, but this Nintendo-like approach would allow Rockstar to retain players who are primarily interested in single-player experiences.
GTA 5 Although GTA 5 never received single-player DLC, Rockstar’s director of design said in a 2017 interview the studio would “love to do more single-player add-ons for games in the future.”ROCKSTAR Nintendo stands apart from other developers, though, in that typically these updates are free or bundled with a Switch Online subscription. It’s a smart move, as games like Mario Strikers, which would typically have a very short shelf life, suddenly provide players with more of a reason to stick with it for the long haul. It also allows Nintendo to continue to sell its older, first-party titles with minimal discounts.
There’s no video game property in existence bigger than Grand Theft Auto, and a report in 2020 estimated GTA Online made a staggering $600 million in 2019. Even in 2023, it continues to hold an enviable place in the sales charts month after month. The popularity of GTA Online has only continued to increase over the years, and that mainstream success is exactly what’s poised to make GTA 6 such a massive success.
Breaking up content into DLC lets Rockstar bring GTA 6 back into the conversation every six months, year, or whatever release timeline suits the studio and the community best. Seeing a big GTA 6 update in a State of Play or other presentation will likely bring thousands of players flocking back to the game, and considering GTA 5 and GTA Online are still alive and kicking a decade later, it’s easy to say Rockstar is hoping for lightning to strike twice with GTA 6.
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2023.03.27 19:34 Sodaman_Onzo Unified Guide to The Infinite Sea: Royal Edition Part One

Unified Guide to The Infinite Sea
Royalty Edition
By Michael Porter
Part One
People you tend to gravitate toward as a loyal member of The Royal Camp…
You also want romance Katarina, as she is a member of the richest family in the game and needed for the secret mission. You’ll end up being friends with Cazarosta. You’ll also have to make nice with Lefebvre, even though he’s an ass. You “save” the daughter of your greatest enemy, for the enormous ransom…
Sabers of Infinity
We start off with your character arriving at Military School.
Choose to observe the men training outside.
Try to offer some excuse explaining my lateness.
Being from the Capital puts your lands close to the Royal Camp, reduces your families standing debt, and gives your character some stat bonuses.
Choose the capital city, Aetoria.
I went with Age 18. Age 14 takes away from some of your other skills for some extra intelligence. You get stat bonuses for being older but playing through the next 3 to 5 games I’d like to start off a bit younger.
Choose A set of books on philosophy and the natural sciences.
You start Chapter 1 with 55 crowns.
Your Soldiering is 32, Charisma 40, Intellect 48, Reputation 16
Choose At your service to be polite to your future friends. If you are rude to Cazarosta you score bonus points with Elson, but he disappears at the end of Sabers. Other than affecting some comments from his Dad in Lords and your rep with Grenadier Square, you get more out of being friends with Cazarosta. Go through all the questions until tomorrow’s training.
This regimen is impossible! I am barely surviving!
I do all right, but academics have never been my strong suit.
I have already become fast friends with many of my fellow officers.
Go look for Cazarosta.
I’m trying to find an option to boost my Charisma.
Practice sparring and marksmanship with Cazarosta.
Which is enough to Stay behind: I must try to help Elson.
You have now cemented your friendships.
You start Chapter 2 with 60 crowns.
Your Soldiering is 32, Charisma 60, Intellect 48, Reputation 26
You need to get your Charisma to at least 65 for the Secret Mission, so go with
Try to socialize with the common sailors.
Since you were able to max your friendship with Cazarosta during training choose Take Command! We should not leave the conduct of the battle to a mere sergeant!
He will allow you to.
I hold up the boarding party and try to figure out what it is.
Be cautious: We can hold midships and force the Antari to come to us.
You pick up a sweet 150 crowns and a decoration. God Save The King!
You start chapter 3 with 210 wealth.
Soldiering 32, Charisma 64, Intellect 48, Reputation 32
Choose Of Course, I would not turn down a chance at leisure before I receive my orders.
Play Tassenswerd
I select a sergeant and assemble my unit first.
Go with Decide that none of these men will do. Lanzerel is still unassigned, might I request him instead? Sergeant Lanzerel has many admirable qualities the others do not.
Go with Buy a horse from a merchant with my own funds.
My first time playing I assumed I would be penalized for going with the biggest most expensive horse. Just go with it.
Buy Thunderer
You start Chapter 4 with 140 wealth.
Soldiering 32, Charisma 64, Intellect 48, Reputation 38
Drill my men relentlessly.
Choose any of the four choices.
You meet the infamous Captain Hunter. Damn the horses! Ride at full speed!
Pocketing the seals would be a money-making opportunity, but you don’t quite have the Intellect to pull it off.
Set the seals exactly as the diagram says…
Care for the horses.
Cut firing loops.
Block the road.
And now for the battle. Mount up! We’re going to charge the enemy!
You now decide on how to split the ransom money. Your men could use a loyalty boost for King and country.
Generously: I split the money between my men…
For the newspaper question answer however you like.
Nets you 240 crowns.
Request cavalry reserve duty.
You start Chapter 5 with 670 crowns.
Soldiering 32, Charisma 64, Intellect 53, Reputation 42, Health 65
Your men have 40 Discipline, 30 Moral, and 40 Loyalty
Ask your commander all the questions.
Choose Extra shot and powder.
To be prepared for anything
That this moron will shortly get all of his men killed. He must be delt with.
Lieutenant Carrecort, you are a disgrace…
He is. Now you have to back it up.
I am a better leader.
Try a frontal assault.
The Crown shows no mercy Carrecort is an incompetent and a disgrace…
A Runegun could come in handy! Keep the weapon for myself.
Return to patrol duty.
You start Chapter 6 with 265 Crowns
Soldiering 47, Charisma 64, Intellect 53, Reputation 45
Your men have 40 Discipline, 35 Moral, and 50 Loyalty
I pick the Eastern route…
Your goal here is not to piss off Lefebvre as you need his cooperation for the secret mission in game two.
Approach them: Ask what they are talking about.
You have enough loyalty for them to spill the beans.
Try to convince them.
Now you need Lefebvre to spill the beans. You have the stats to convince him.
Try to convince Lefebvre give me more answers.
Tell them that I am under Lefebvre’s orders to offer them assistance.
Find the others.
No need to be rude. Escort them back as guests.
Keep quiet. Lefebvre will pay you 100 crowns, and you get a few points with him for not turning him in. You need his cooperation for the Secret Mission.
You start Chapter 7 with 425 Crowns
Soldiering 47, Charisma 64, Intellect 53, Reputation 45
Your soldiers have Discipline 40, Moral 40, Loyalty 55
You can choose whatever you want.
You need to learn Antari for the Secret Mission.
Learn the Antari Language.
I pick the men from my old patrol.
The men need discipline above all else…
If the army…
My men stand as ready as they’ll ever be…
You start Chapter 8 with 605 Crowns
Soldiering 47, Charisma 64, Intellect 53, Reputation 40
Your soldiers have Discipline 40, Moral 35, Loyalty 55
You can choose any of the three choices.
You can choose any of the three choices.
I haven’t decided quite yet.
Eat with Cazarosta.
I stick to small talk.
You don’t quite have the intellect stats to push your own plan through.
Elson’s plan is better.
Choose whichever of the four choices you would like.
You start Chapter 9 with 605 Crowns
Soldiering 51, Charisma 64, Intellect 53, Reputation 42
Your soldiers have Discipline 40, Moral 35, Loyalty 55
Now for the battle.
Wait until Elson meets the enemy in battle, then move in.
Set the Antari camp aflame immediately but leave the civilians a way out.
Fire off a parting shot at the Antari to speed them on their way, but no more.
You start Chapter 10 with 605 Crowns
Soldiering 51, Charisma 64, Intellect 53, Reputation 42
Your soldiers have Discipline 40, Moral 35, Loyalty 55
Talk through the choices with Elson and then I excuse myself and retire to my room…
Urg, the Elves…
Take a look.
You can choose whatever choice you want.
We don’t have enough rep to make a huge splash, go with
Rank, last name, and regiment will be fine, thank you.
You can choose whatever choices you want.
Talk to anyone accept Cazarosta.
You start Chapter 11 with 605 Crowns
Soldiering 51, Charisma 64, Intellect 53, Reputation 42
Your soldiers have Discipline 40, Moral 35, Loyalty 55
And now for the mother of all battles!!
Choose whatever you want.
Spend some time with Elson.
I spend the evening with my men.
Choose whatever you want for Elson.
Choose whatever you want for Elson.
Say whatever you want to your men.
Agree with whoever you choose.
What shall be our next move.
Volunteer to guard the castle with Cazarosta…
I try to convince him of the tactical merit…
Very well, we will stand and hold this position then.
Wait for Cazarosta to say something.
Surely, I shall. Tell us the truth.
Wittelbrook is a lost cause, I speak to his men instead.
Block the passage between the two castle towers with my men alone.
I should find a way to make my defensive position more formidable. A barricade, perhaps.
I want to bottle the Antari into a narrower passage, to slow them down.
I cannot leave, but I can allow my men to. I shall let everyone not willing to fight to the death escape with their lives.
Be clever: Find a way to unhorse the Hussar and gut him before he can recover.
You start Chapter 12 (Epilogue) with 605 Crowns
Soldiering 51, Charisma 64, Intellect 53, Reputation 66
Your soldiers have Discipline 40, Moral 50 Loyalty 70
We live!! .
Listen to all the Keane options.
The King knights you. You rock. Thus starts game 2.
Guns of Infinity
Chapter 1 starts you with 605 Crowns and 30 Income
Soldiering 51, Charisma 64, Intellect 53, Reputation 35, Health 65
Your men have Discipline 25, Moral 30, Loyalty 35, Strength 100
Whatever you choose, your men will fail.
You’re right Staff sergeant. Changes need to be made.
Very good, Staff-sergeant, see that it is done.
Chapter 2 starts you with 605 Crowns and 30 Income
Soldiering 51, Charisma 64, Intellect 53, Reputation 35, Health 65
Your men have Discipline 25, Moral 30, Loyalty 35, Strength 96
The Duke of Cunaris isn’t happen with your results.
We’ve already identified the root causes, and my Staff-sergeant is already working on it.
Your sort of friends with Cazarosta so
Chat. Choices don’t matter.
Family decisions. Your relationship with your father doesn’t matter. You want your mother to be alive, and she might as well like you (You get bonus health in game three). No siblings, each one adds 3000 debt to the family.
Excitement; I want to know what news…
My mother and I are quite close.
I am an only child.
The amount of your debt paid off compared to important choices you have to make is negligible.
I send back nothing.
Since you got Knighted, you are gifted a lovely set of Bane-Infused Armor and weapons. I’ve found that most situations are improved by you wearing it, but I still like to have the option.
I shall decide on a case-by-case basis.
Your Lieutenant pick doesn’t matter.
3rd Troop, Under Lieutenant Blaylock.
Your opinion doesn’t matter.
Extra drill costs you loyalty, Rewarding the best costs you moral, Working itself out doesn’t. I went with…
I order extra drill…
You still need 65 Charisma to win the Secret Mission, so go with
Self-Improvement; I seek to improve…
Investigating the boxes does nothing.
It’s not worth the trouble.
Chapter 3 starts you with 1385 Crowns and 30 Income
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 35, Health 65
Your men have Discipline 51, Moral 49, Loyalty 48, Strength 100
You meet Katarina for the first time. She’s rich as F$%^
My squadron is the best in the regiment, I swear it.
The questions don’t matter.
Order the men to maintain normal readiness.
I don’t like losing men. You break even with your Katarina rep for doing this but
Give them a good volley to speed them on their way.
We were still able to kill some of them with that volley.
Your questions to her don’t matter.
As far as the disposition of your men, you want to get there as soon as you can without losing carts. You don’t have the soldiering to send a detachment ahead to hold the bridge, but you have enough troop stats to take the bridge. Your best bet is
I order the column to make moderate haste.
I charge with my lead troop to sweep the Antari off the bridge.
Your answer to the Lt. doesn’t matter.
Your feelings don’t matter.
Chapter 4 starts you with 1415 Crowns and 30 Income
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 35, Health 65
Your men have Discipline 51, Moral 47, Loyalty 48, Strength 99
Your charisma is high enough for
I try to turn the tables with a bluff of my own.
The questions don’t matter.
Keane’s questions don’t matter.
No; there is none to be spared.
Supporting Hunter effects your rep in Lords of Infinity, but ultimately isn’t that important.
Choose what you want.
You are now given choices on different activities you can do. You can do 3 out of the 4.
I shall visit Master Garing and see what he is up to.
The first two questions don’t matter.
Might I take a look at your plans?
Now this next bit is purely speculation. There’s really no immediate payoff, or payoff in Lords of Infinity other than getting his new tech adopted by the military. But investing in his new gun designs are bound to pay off eventually, right? Giving him 600 crowns boosts your rep with him in Lords of Infinity. Or don’t, it doesn’t really affect anything right away. I chose…
I would be happy to invest in this project.
I would like to see how Lady Katarina is fairing.
In fact, I did.
Ask her the four questions.
Since you are friends with Cazarosta, and he is her brother, she will apologize for being a bit$% when you first met.
There is no need to apologize.
I would hope earnestly to gain her deep affection, perhaps even more.
I want to make sure my men are doing well.
I call a staff meeting and get my subordinates to figure out a solution.
Now you have to decide if you want to command the Forlorn Hope. It gets you a free promotion to Major, you get decorated…there are some benefits. I picked taking part in the main battle. If you go on the Forlorn Hope, you take at least 15% to 20% losses and your health gets knocked down to like 45-50. In the long run, it’s not worth it. You still want to go into the tent. Yielding to Catarosta gets you a huge bonus with him.
I’ll volunteer for the Forlorn Hope; glory calls to me!
It is good to see you, Sir Caius.
Yes, I suppose I shall.
Chapter 5 starts you with 885 Crowns and 30 Income
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 35, Health 65
Your men have Discipline 51, Moral 48, Loyalty 48, Strength 99
Keane questions don’t matter. Skip the battering ram question.
Blaylock questions don’t matter.
Wear your armor.
Attack without Keane. Your men don’t need the moral hit from him being a coward, you take a slight rep hit.
Saints damn him! If Keane is missing, we’ll do without him.
Keane had the right of it; (NOT) I will keep my men in column.
You’ll take some losses, but your sergeant will protest, and you gain some independence points.
Lanzerel’s right; it’d be best to spread out into extended order.
The questions don’t matter.
Hawkins will win the fight on the walls.
I assign men to clear the walls.
Third Squadron and Lieutenant Hawkins.
I assign men to guard the flanks.
Sixth Squadron and Lieutenant Blaylock.
I assign men to guide the reinforcements.
First Squadron and Lieutenant Butler.
I send my remaining men to support the main attack.
Your choice doesn’t matter.
When you’ve more experience, such things will come naturally.
You don’t have the stats to stop them from looting.
The men have fought hard for their victory, best to let them savor it.
Chapter 6 starts you with 915 Crowns and 30 Income
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 31, Health 65
Your men have Discipline 51, Moral 53, Loyalty 53, Strength 91
Well, that was an adventure.
Your choice doesn’t matter.
Far too lenient.
The sack disgusts me as much as it does you.
Agree to act as Blaylock’s second.
Then I must congratulate you on your victory.
You might thank me next time seeking out my council before things go too far.
I’ll request as many replacements as I can.
What you think of the Takarans doesn’t matter.
Talking to Cassius doesn’t matter.
Chapter 7 starts you with 290 Crowns and 0 Income
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 37, Health 65
Your men have Discipline 45, Moral 55, Loyalty 52, Strength 100
Spend time with Katarina. Secret Mission $$ she’s rich $$.
I would like to spend my time getting to know Lady Katarina better.
She totally brushes you off, but you got the relationship points anyway.
Be polite to Lewis.
Major Ebenezer d’al Scrooge, Royal Dragoons. At your service, sir.
Very good, we’ll lend a hand.
Letting Cassius fight pisses off Katarina, Telling him to stay pisses him off, telling him to protect Kat gets you positive points for both.
Your Excellency, would you please head to the rear, for the lady’s sake at least.
No, I will take charge.
You don’t have the discipline or moral to succeed at the charge, and if it fails you’ll take heavy losses. You also don’t have sats to cover the retreat, but less people will die.
I order Lewes to retreat and have my dragoons cover him.
We did our duty, that was all.
Lewes give you the “Not All Bastards, Are You” achievement. (Not a real thing lol).
To please Kat.
Given the circumstances, caution would be best; we go east.
It would only be sensible…
Get more Kat rep.
I’ll show my men where our countrymen died in order to stoke the fires of vengeance.
You have enough Charisma to buy food, 120 crowns. To have a shot at pulling off the secret mission we don’t want to take the troop stat hit for the other options.
We will buy from the locals.
Scrooge throws up a little in his mouth.
This is my responsibility as squadron commander; I shall take on the cost myself.
Chapter 8 starts you with 1045 Crowns and 30 Income
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 33
Your men have Discipline 45, Moral 57, Loyalty 54, Strength 96
I would trust his excellency to handle himself.
For the next choice you are essentially trading Reputation to score points with Kat. In this instance it is better to hold onto that rep.
The proposal is admirable but utterly impractical for a kingdom at war.
Your King summons you. An opportunity to earn the ultra-rare royal favor stat.
I kneel, presenting myself as if I were at court.
Not all, sire; some change is needed, and one must decide on an individual basis.
You views don’t matter.
You take a small moral and rep hit if you let Sandoral attend the salon twice, but you get independence for your officers.
Consider it done, Lieutenant.
You may attend, if you relate to me the substance of the discussions afterwards.
Yes, I would very much like to be a major.
Donations to Hunter’s family are not vital to the Royal cause. However.
Fifty crown would be a fair donation for a man of my position.
Your opinion doesn’t matter.
Chapter 9 starts you with 325 Crowns and 35 Income
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 39, Health 65
Your men have Discipline 45, Moral 50, Loyalty 54, Strength 96
Your Dad died. Sorry? Your opinion doesn’t matter.
I shall be wanting to fight this battle in armor.
We shall ride right through them.
Let us not see if I can rattle their nerves.
Now you could pick up an easy 650 crowns here by joining the looters, but you take massive stat hits. We want to make it through that 25,000 crown secret mission.
I’ll deal with the looters later; my orders come first.
That was a compliment, I think; nothing lost in humoring him.
Since you captured the enemy commander in the first battle of Sabers of Infinity, he just got captured again. You can hire him to run your lands in Lords of Infinity.
Of course. You may lead me to him directly.
Why would you grieve so at the death of an enemy.
I must present to you my compliments; you fought well.
Shall you be ransomed soon?
Should you want for employment, you may inquire after me when this war ends.
I shall call upon and spend time with a personal acquaintance.
I shall call upon Lady Katarina.
You don’t have enough rep for the easiest option.
Surely, there must be fuel for purchase somewhere.
Now Kat drops by to offer you the Secret Mission.
For you? Anything.
Chapter 10 starts you with 314 Crowns and 35 Income
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 48, Health 65
Your men have Discipline 45, Moral 50, Loyalty 58, Strength 93
Since you never turned Lefebvre for his illegal activities, you should have his cooperation.
Then I am glad Grenadier Square had the judgement to offer their support.
Kat shows her appreciation.
Cue Suicide Mission Soundtrack!! (Rolling Thunder 2 -12- Hopeless Mission (SEGA GEN/MD) - OST - YouTube)
Your questions don’t matter.
Then let us see it to the very end, together.
I see if any of the men have problems I could resolve.
There’s no point in taking risks; I’ll put my armour on.
I’ll stay here; I shouldn’t abandon my men.
I form the men up in close order around the gate.
Stand firm! Hold the line!
I order my men to aim high.
I rally my men in the hopes of capturing her in a sudden rush.
I cannot allow her to escape; precautions must be taken.
I was following my orders.
Epilogue starts you with 14364 Crowns and 35 Income
Soldiering 53, Charisma 65, Intellect 55, Reputation 51, Health 65
Your men have Discipline 45, Moral 71, Loyalty 60, Strength 39
I have no sympathy for cowards…
I bought the promotion; it would be a great help should Tierra find itself at war in the future.
I shall be inheriting a seat on the Cortes…
Why, that is a marvelous idea!
Why, of course, I expected this!
The honour of merely receiving such a medal is reward enough for me.
Both have proved steady allies apart, together they would prove even more formidable.
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2023.03.27 19:34 LoveMangaBuddy Read Ai ga Shinu no wa Kimi no sei - Chapter 31 - MangaPuma

Aoi and Isumi were childhood friends who often played with each other, but before they knew it they drifted apart and became high school students. In the past, Aoi confessed to Isumi; however, for some reason, she cannot remember his exact response. And so the two end up getting into a fight over a trivial matter... ... Read Ai ga Shinu no wa Kimi no sei - Chapter 31 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.03.27 19:34 alidreamx Personal loan until I secure a new job?

So, I got laid off my job recently, at the worst time possible. Right after I moved out of my parents house and got my own apartment. I had no issues paying my rent or bills until now. I’m self employed and I sometimes paid off my rent with my credit card as a last minute option. But they shut down my account today because of 1 returned payment, and I do not have enough to pay rent with my debit card.
My plan is to take a $4,000 - $6,000 personal loan out, just to help me pay for the next 1 or 2 months of rent until I can secure a new job. Most likely the loan will only be for one month of rent, as I’m getting a new job this upcoming month of April. My car payment is $280 a month, car insurance is $250 and my rent is $1,000. I’m currently looking at $20 an hour jobs in my area, where I’d be making $40-50k a year. I’m also self employed and make $10,000 a year with that as well.
I read on this subreddit personal loans aren’t good ideas, however, it’s my only option right now. If you recommend a certain loan amount that would be best for me, please let me know! And I’m curious what is a good pay off time, a few months, or a few years? And once I get this job, I will be able to pay the loan off over time. No, I don’t have any friends or family who will loan to me. No, I can’t move back into my parents house, they won’t let me. I have no friends or family around either, as I just moved into a new city by myself.
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2023.03.27 19:34 Jalapen-yo-mouth Answer your phone!

This past Saturday I got a shift in our medical center area (San Antonio Texas) I was happy I ended 5 minutes away from home so taking packages back was out of the question even though I had a shift at 5 am next day. This blocked sucked so bad I got every damn apartment building in that area. One complex needed a fob to access the building, then at the elevator, and then to access each floor after the elevator. I had 7 packages to drop in that one place and I spammed called every one on that list at 7 am. I know I woke up all of them. I don’t care if you worked the Night Shift or just finished doing open heart surgery and want to rest. Your fault for not putting the hours to reliever just be happy I wasn’t calling you at 3 or 4 am!
Thank you for coming to my TED talk!
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2023.03.27 19:33 dialecticalbiologist Quitting Job After 9 months?

Hi everyone, I started a research job (FT, in person) in August and plan to quit in May due to a variety of reasons (I hate how toxic my coworkers are, I have my MCAT coming up (6/3) I’m leaving the city by the beginning of the summer). I enjoyed the job though and saved up money to transition as I take my test and find a new job in the new city. But when I interviewed with the people they expected me to be here for two years which I also intended but I found myself in a weird spot where my coworkers are very mean to me and belittle me often, they’re very cliquey and I’m not involved in most of the things, ordering food w/o etc. not trying to sound like a victim but hopefully you get it. I find myself crying a lot but I’ve learned a lot about managing and working with chatty people because this is surely not going to be my first exposure as I pursue med school. I already have a good/strong research background (non trad here) and really took this job so I can save up money. But I definitely feel bad for wanting to quit early although I have more pressing issues like doing well on the Mcat and making sure I’m applying this cycle. I can’t also afford to live in this city by myself, and my bf is moving to a different cheaper city and it is yet another opportunity to start fresh and new. My rent is going up more than 50% of my salary and it is and will become unbearable. Shit is so expensive and moving to a new cheaper city might make my life a little easier. So I do have many valid reasons.
I am pending a LOR from one of the PIs I worked with in this job and once I receive it I was planning to put in my two week notice afterward. Is this a shitty move? I read on Reddit that it really doesn’t affect me as much in terms of my application and I will have things lined up to make sure I’m not bumming around after my Mcat. Let me know, and be totally honest because that’s what is important here! Thank you!
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2023.03.27 19:33 DonJulio_2x Moving/Exploring NYC Dilemma

Hey everyone i’m having a problem with my plans with nyc. I’m an international student from Nigeria. When I first moved to America I was in Dallas, TX. I recently transferred schools to New Jersey because I was thinking of moving/working in nyc. My reason being Texas felt comfortable and relaxing for me.
I feel like i’m too young to be relaxed. The city gives me vibes of people with a personality and I wanted to be in a hustle/innovative/diverse culture which is in nyc, I believe. My problem is people tell me how expensive it is and unsafe. I’m not dirty but smells and trash doesn’t faze me lol as far as it doesn’t affect my living situation. I feel like when it comes to paying rent i won’t have a problem with that as I would/have secured a good paying job. I’m also trying to get into fashion and this seems like the city to help me learn on it.
People tell me stay in Jersey because it’s cheaper and safer but idk i really want to experience it because “One Life to the fullest”. If i’m commuting then i’m not experience that’s my philosophy. My problem is the safety, I plan on staying in Manhattan Valley/Upper West Side and i’m working from 52nd - 59th street, I don’t want to say the exact street but yeah. If anyone can help me with a clearer view I’ll appreciate it!
God Bless you all!
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2023.03.27 19:33 Ill_Coat9903 About to be homeless

Hello everyone , since 2 month's , I got medical problem's with my father , a lot of surgery's for his swollen leg , he cant really move to much we needed to by him diapers , and a lot of medication , which in my country they are not so really cheap , im from Europe , me and my family spend our money to buy all the stuff he needed while he is in hospital , payed for the surgery's , and now I am behind rent with 2 month's , my landlord was gentle enough to understand the situation until now , but now he asked me for at least 1 month rent , becouse he can't wait anymore , and he will need to kick me out if i don't pay.
I just begging for some help with the rent , anything would help me to give something to him at least , one month of rent is 275$ but if I manage to pay at least half month with your help guy 's so i can figure out how to pay the rest , i only get paid on the end of april ... the landlord told me he can t wait so much
I can send any kind of proof you guy's need :(
Thank you for your time and even a share of the story would help a lot :( , thank you again to all of you:(
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2023.03.27 19:33 Maleficent-Reveal-41 Thoughts on constructing my own ideology over time

I have made an observation that ideologies and ideological thinking has a tendency to over-generalize matters and prescribe over-general solutions to problems. What I note in some brands of conservatism for instance is that it tends to function off the universal idea that if only we had better values and character, if only we fell back into old traditions and went back to the way things where, then society would stop falling apart. Similarly in Anarchism it uses the universal prescription that we should abolish all hierarchies.
This is not to say that universal solutions are incorrect. Rather, it's to say that I want to avoid getting trapped in a myopic viewpoint which ignores particular cases and circumstances that may contradict the ideological viewpoint that I am holding. I also do not want to forget the possibility of such specific deviations from the viewpoint as existing. This in my eyes does not mean I'm no longer a self-proclaimed Anarchist-Communist but rather would, on the basis of the observation, wish to freely construct and enrichen my ideology by taking inspiration from other even more diverse ideologies. For instance say, conservatism and liberalism, and then repurpose those ideas for my own interpretation of those ideas and modify it to better cohere with my overall Anarchist sentiment.
It's more of an "over an extended period of time" and is certainly concerned with circumventing getting lost in over-generality and the Great Solution, whilst ignoring other specific cases that may exist and other varieties of smaller solutions to smaller and complex problems that may exist that escape the idealistic model I may have.
It's more to say that I am avoiding seeing every problem as a nail because I only have a hammer.
I could charmingly name my own ideology "Raynism"
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2023.03.27 19:32 Successful-Map-3737 Ethernet Configuration Help

So I rent an older house with 4 other roommates. The house is relatively large and the walls are thick enough to the point where we need a wifi extender upstairs to reach two of the five rooms so everyone can have a solid WiFi connection.
We all game casually, but more recently I've gotten into streaming and playing more seriously. I've noticed significant packet loss and lag when gaming, which has become such an issue that I'm looking for solutions.
I'm just looking for the best way to get ethernet to my room. We already have two very long ethernet cords running upstairs, one goes to my roommate's computer and another to the extender. Ultimately, I am trying to avoid having a 3rd cord being run from downstairs.
I recently tried to set up a powerline adapter in hopes of an easy solution, but the speeds were slowed significantly. I've even looked into a MoCA adapter, but hilariously the Coax cable in my room has been cut so that is no longer an option.
So now I'm thinking about purchasing an ethernet splitter. My plan is to take the ethernet cord that's currently connected wifi extender and connect that to the splitter. Then buy a smaller wire to connect to the WiFi extender and then run my own connection from the splitter.
It's all a bit convoluted, which is why I am wondering if there's an easier solution to the problem. Any advice is greatly appreciated :)
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2023.03.27 19:32 Soupb4 Room in 2 bed 2 bath available june 1st

I have a room opening in my 2 bed 2 bath apartment in Eckington, DC available June 1st. Not looking to sublease, full 12 month lease only. Rent is $1,355/month. Access to 2 rooftops, pool, gym. DM for questions or pics.
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2023.03.27 19:32 Ill_Coat9903 About to be homeless

Hello everyone , since 2 month's , I got medical problem's with my father , a lot of surgery's for his swollen leg , he cant really move to much we needed to by him diapers , and a lot of medication , which in my country they are not so really cheap , im from Europe , me and my family spend our money to buy all the stuff he needed while he is in hospital , payed for the surgery's , and now I am behind rent with 2 month's , my landlord was gentle enough to understand the situation until now , but now he asked me for at least 1 month rent , becouse he can't wait anymore , and he will need to kick me out if i don't pay.
I just begging for some help with the rent , anything would help me to give something to him at least , one month of rent is 275$ but if I manage to pay at least half month with your help guy 's so i can figure out how to pay the rest , i only get paid on the end of april ... the landlord told me he can t wait so much
I can send any kind of proof you guy's need :(
Thank you for your time and even a share of the story would help a lot :( , thank you again to all of you:(
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2023.03.27 19:31 Alternative_Past6698 LBTT Additional Dwelling Supplement - Scotland

Afternoon everyone, need some advice.
My girlfriend and I are buying our first home.
She owns a small share of her parents property in Poland. We both currently live in rented accomodation in Scotland. The house we are buying is £135,000. Would we pay ADS on this property even if this would be our main residence and we would both be residing at the new property full-time. Her dad currently lives in the property in Poland and my partner has not lived there for over 20 years and receives nothing from it.
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