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2023.04.01 07:38 just_juannicolas Retrieve Unsent Messages from a grown man contacting my cousin, help!

My cousin who is still in elementary (7th Grade) had a recent conversation of a grown man from a different city. In my cousins Facebook account, I checked that they'll meet after my cousins class, go to McDonalds and going to a hotel. Now I've intercepted this very early on that's why I know so getting to the point, is there any way for me to retrieve unsent Messages, because the man started unsending his messages so we wouldn't find any proof, I only saw the messages, I didn't get to take screenshots of it and I'd like to report this man since he is a teacher from a different school.
Please help, I really want proof of all this and send it to officials and the principal of the man's school.
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2023.04.01 07:38 International_Tip527 Y'all ever go, "Why, Author?"

Kind of frustrated because the webtoon for Heeran Love Song/Twilight poem is so good for me right now. I know most of the readers are divided and dislike both mls (and I'm not a fan of either visual but Yato is extra not my type), but I honestly kind of love the general? He's not great, but he's got understandable flaws. He liked a girl. He wanted the girl. He was told to fight for her, and became a successful general for said girl. It's not romantic (he's even admitted to lusting for her more than loving her), but like, I get it? Respect?? That's some dedication for some shiny hair.
More than that, he gets Soru and is upset at first (he put his life on the line and gave his all for something that didn't come in clutch, like bruh moment but I understand) but he starts to feel protective over her. He dislikes when she purely gives out her body even though he went to war over another girl's. It's character development for me. He's dumb but I like it.
It would be FINE if he wasn't ml if only...the webtoon progressed as if he wasn't? Why do they bother with the arc of him starting to like her, starting to care for her, and STRAIGHT UP refusing to hand her over?? To demons, for healing, etc. He wants her protected and safe. I know it may be slow for people who want immediately head-over-heels I'll-destroy-everyone-but-you perfect handsome powerful rich CEO-but-in-fantasy lover, but I just like him. I like that he doesn't change immediately because that's just...boring. And yeah ig they wanted to make him look like he was a viable option as a male lead, but the focus the story got really made it seem like he was a husband that cared?? It's not some kind of isekai where we see him secretly plotting away but never saying anything out of concern to the fl. Like he straight up goes "quit being this way??" like mans keepin it real and as much as I love Soru like bro ain't wrong even if he's a mule going about it
Knowing that he gets progressively worse just makes me sigh. It's one thing to pull a bait and switch and it's another to organically lead the story only to hastily make a switch. And no, him starting to "hate Soru" for illogical reasons, suddenly "get jealous/envious," or go all "psycho mode on Yato" isn't an organic flip. It doesn't feel like the webtoon is going in the same direction of the story, which means it's going to be severely disappointing when it does. If Yato was going to be the ml they should have kept him as the same emotionally-constipated idiot. What's the point of giving him an arc of protecting Soru?? Now I like him? He feels real? He's not a demon who doesn't understand feelings and hasn't stolen her eyes and isn't super old and known her since she was a child? Stole her eyes when she was a child? Sure he's a demon, evaluate him in demon context, but don't ship him with Soru then.
I just don't buy the "but humans are just as bad as demons and hurt each other" because like why justify him? Why make him seem good? Why is he a confused puppy that just kills? I would like him more if he was more methodical in killing. Like even if he killed the same amount, if it was more reason based and less "wandering around killing" because the writer seems to want to give him plausible deniability over SLAUGHTER and that's just laughable imo
Sorry but I laughed at that. It will be a cold day in hell before I like the "we've known each other since we were children trope" and it's funny they think I'll like it if he wasn't even a child himself at the time.
Also feel this way with other second mls like Eclis from Villains are Destined to Die (I love Callisto it's just...we been knew it would be the emperor) and just a few other tropes that were shoved in to make something else (usually an overdone trope) happen. Like, yeah, I'm not going to like the character when it happens, but there was a writer in charge of that. They had an organic story and they chose to stagger the flow in order to fit someone else in there.
tldr; idk, I know I'm going to hate a best friend/male lead when you MAKE him god-awful garbage, but if it feels inorganic/feels like it was written to make the plot go how you want then I'm not going to dislike the character as much as i am the planning of the writing
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2023.04.01 07:38 Dazzling_Royal1116 Yuumi nerfs/milio release conspirancy?

Well this is kinda funny : this nerfs happening the same day a new enchanter is being added to the game WITH A NEW SKIN, WITH BORDER EVENT CHROMA (money) And as I'm not the only one I guess,, milio is in some way similar to yuumi, I mean they are both like 99% utility, heal shield, I liked milio on the first match and I think he sorta came as a replacement for us, main supps (so we get upset, we don't play yuumi anymore, and test our new toy, they knowing almost any main enchanter will love, and end up buying the skin, some others even the pass for border and chroma, etc. So to me this thing is all about matketing and making money for riot, they don't give a fucking flying dildo about yuumi or the players who love her and the game.! Maybe I'm kinda parabolic because I'm so fucking high rn, but I feel it's somehow true .
(I post this on some thread a couple of seconds ago and I feel like I need to share this thought to all the yuumi mains community! no one ever mentioned this, and and now that it came up to me I need to know if some one else think this, maybe, is something possible? Or I just need to call my dealer and tell him how good this shit is? )
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2023.04.01 07:38 diversalarums Anyone else sad at this time of year?

I'm in Central Florida and one thing I love about Florida is the winters. Not just that it's cool, but I live for being able to leave my windows open. Even when it's cold I have them cracked. But then the temps begin to edge up and suddenly highs are in the upper 80s. Then it's time to batten down the hatches, knowing that I won't be able to open my windows for at least another 7 months, until after Halloween or later.
I don't hate the summer and I love Florida all year round. But I especially love the cool air -- being able to smell flowers, listen to birds without the sound of the A/C, smell the rain, have a fresh breeze blowing thru. Just feeling a little sad right now and wondered if anyone else felt the same way.
I still wouldn't live up north, tho. No offense to any non-Floridians lurking here, but no snow for me. :)
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Been a while. ITS ME BUT BEETLEJUICE AND I LOVE IT I DONT REALLY CARE HOW BAD IT IS I LOVE IT NOW HAVE A LOVLEY DAY/NIGHT LOVE YOU MUAH submitted by Faithmars56 to smalldigital_artists [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 07:37 RipAltruistic2256 Ghost from a Past Life

Not a “BOO” ghost, just someone who disappeared without a trace and haven’t been seen or heard from by anyone in years.
Went to high school with them, not in any classes as they were the grade above me, but we were friends through another friend (also the grade above me). When they both graduated, I wasn’t in contact with either of them anymore. Nothing bad, just lost contact. I eventually came into contact with one of them after a few years and we still hang out often but the other has gone missing. Before they went MIA, they had me on Facebook but under a different name. I realised they were coming out as trans and was in the middle of a downward spiral mentally that led to them deleting all their social media and changing their number. I don’t remember their name (just their dead name - which they obviously don’t go by on social media) so I can’t search for them online. They obviously wanted to distance themselves from their past life.
After I wanna say 6 years of absolutely zero contact with any friends or family, I saw them in person. I was at a local record store the other day and a few minutes before I cashed out and left, they walked in with who I assume to be their partner. I had to do a triple take before I realised I was looking at a ghost. They looked at me but I’m fairly certain they didn’t recognise me. I look different than I used to and they didn’t noticeably seem nervous, awkward, or happy to see me. It was as if they were looking at a complete stranger. I didn’t know how to walk up and say hi as I genuinely miss this person. I didn’t want to walk up and call them by their dead name, and I didn’t want to awkwardly ask “do you recognise me?”. I immediately texted my friend with “guess who I just saw?” And left it at that.
They looked happy and healthy, and that makes me very happy. I miss them as they were a good friend, but I didn’t want to possibly trigger them or make them feel uncomfortable. If I see them again, which I doubt, what should I do?
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2023.04.01 07:37 SheIsNotAPipe Dissociation gives me intense anxiety

(CW for mentions of suicidal ideation)
Hi all,
If you look at my post history, you would be able to see I've been going through quite the time the past two years. I have complex PTSD (still have a hard time admitting it and validating my emotions) from many different events which occurred when I was a teenager. I experienced my first real dissociative episode in 2021 - mostly really intense derealization which lasted for several weeks. This year, I have been dealing with 24/7 physical pain - this on top of my already existing tendency to want to leave my body have been a nightmare. I feel severely dissociated 90% of the time - sometimes, I will have a few good days, but it's few and far between.
The way I experience dissociation seems to not necessarily be similar to the way I hear many trauma survivors describe it. I've heard many folks say that dissociation gives them relief from their heightened and emotions and anxiety. I definitley feel that my dissociation is protecting me from something that my brain refuses to process - however, when I dissociated, it makes me INCREDIBLY anxious. It's like I'm super aware of what's happening. It feels almost like I can feel my soul trying to get out of my body - this feeling of "splitting" is super distinct from anything I've ever experienced, and the anxiety it causes me is unbearable. It feels like every waking moment is too painful to get through.
I am seeing a therapist, and just came out of a residential treatment program. I've been feeling incredibly incredibly hopeless, still. All my therapist seems to be able to tell me is that it takes time to get the dissociation to stop. I feel like I'm in such excruciating pain all day every day that I need it to get at least a little better now. I obsess over suicide constantly, because if mental health professional can't help me, I have no idea where to turn. It feels like my skin doesn't fit correctly, and I just want out of my body.
Any suggestions would be helpful. I really need some help figuring out how to deal with this.
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2023.04.01 07:37 Legal_Finance_8185 My dog is annoyingly protective, how do I tell her I’m fine?

Context: I live with my family, my dog sees them everyday ever since she was a pup. When I am not there she is very lovey dovey with them(my family) and chill. However, when I come home and go up to my room my dog thinks it’s necessary to bark at anyone who comes up the stairs or god forbid comes near me. I thought it was excitement at seeing them at first but she growls at them if they approach me. She doesn’t do this when I approach them or when they approach her, only when they approach me. She is an 11 month old maltese and I have never praised this behaviour, nor has anyone else. Does anyone know why she does this and how I could possibly let her know nobody will hurt me?
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2023.04.01 07:37 ThrowRA_5289 My (25F) boyfriend (28M) quit his job and derailed our moving plans

My (25F) boyfriend (28M) quit his job and now are moving plans are ruined Hi…I’m having the worst time coming to a decision about the future of this relationship. I really love my boyfriend, but we’ve been going through a really rough patch, the first of our relationship. We never fight, we have great communication skills and we’re honest and loving with one another. However, 2023 has been hard.
My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years and have been discussing moving in together over the last 6 months. I hate the city that we currently live in and decided on a new place to move to.
Also for context, my boyfriend is a bit of a job hopper. I met him unemployed and it did not bother me at the time as our finances were separate. He has never asked me for money or favors, and I have never felt leeched off of, even though he has gone through several bouts of unemployment/employment.
Anyways, in regards to moving, my lease ends in April. He agreed to break his lease and/or find someone to sublease his room in his apartment since his ends later on in the year. However recently my partner had a really bad day at work that causes him to quit on the spot. I knew this job was not the best on him mentally and I really tried to support his decision, but it sort of left me holding the bag financially for the move that was supposed to happen in April. I let him know that I wished he had lined something up (since I knew he hated his job for months) or had planned with me before hand so that we could really figure out things together. He let me know that it would be ok and that he would find a job immediately. He also was disappointed to hear me set a hard boundary as I told him I did not want to take care of both of us financially in moving together. I understand where he’s coming from and why that hurts, but I’m nervous that that kind of financial dependence could change the dynamics of our relationship for the worst.
It is April now and he has not found a job. At this point, the move is up in the air. I am currently making plans to move in temporarily at his place with him while he continues to look. It’s less than ideal, but I really want to make things work and I know the job hunt has been hard. He says as soon as he finds something we can move. But I haven’t heard him even mention going on an interview. And to my surprise, he said he hadn’t even contacted the leasing office about “potentially” breaking his lease. These things have made it hard to trust him and hope things will get better. I feel like because of his decisions, I am also now in this weird limbo where we can’t move on to the next chapter.
Again, I feel really emotionally fulfilled in our relationship but the logistics of this move and his rocky financial situation make me really unsure about our future together.
TLDR; my job hopping boyfriend quit his job and it derailed our moving plans.
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2023.04.01 07:37 Positive_Week_2274 Dropped MacBook Pro late 2011

Can anyone point me in the right direction here? Dropped my MacBook Pro late 2011….wouldn’t turn on and was beeping 3 times…opened her up and the ram had popped out….put it back and it turned on but it then made me re install the os for some reason. It didn’t give me the option to install it on my SSD which is where it was previously. Installed it onto the main HD (only option it gave me) and am now wondering where all my files are. Apparently the HD is fine and I can see that it’s still full…just not sure why I can’t see the HD and all my files. Any idea how I can now get os back onto my SSD and how I can get all my apps and files and old desktop back?? 😱 thanks in advance
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2023.04.01 07:37 ManHoleGame Conversation with my preaching partner…

Had a conversation with my preaching partner, and I asked him the question ‘do you think that after observing a historical time scale (I used civilized with was risky) has the world getting better or worse?’
I went on to say if u bring a person from the past to the future would he believe that this is heaven or utopia?
He said no if you bring Abraham to this century he’d probably not like the morality of people (to which in my mind I wanted to reply “I don’t know if Abraham is qualified to judge us, especially after what he did, but u know too risky)
He said diseases have increased as time passed, to which I said mortality rates of many diseases have reduced thanks to modern meds, and then I said “in the past when we were in the wild and separated into small groups it was harder for disease to spread, but now that we’ve come together” he cut me off and said that’s a different thing… but I thought it was a good answer to that question 😭
He immediately moved on to morality, and I allowed him to speak as much as possible (I didn't enjoy it because I knew he going to start a homophobic rant)… I was waiting for him to stop so that I can fire back with the immorality of the past (slavery, witch burning, women’s rights, wars, and political attitudes) but I had to leave, he said he wanted to continue the conversation, so you guy offer suggestions for next time...
Btw I don't normally do this...
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2023.04.01 07:37 XxHeinzBeanzxX Changing Allegiance

I'm so sorry fellow bears but I can't do this anymore.
I can't just sit here and be 2nd best in Scotland while Celtic have big sexy Ange and are dominating and spending huge money.
Look at all the trophies they're winning. I want to be part of all that winning aswell. It's not fun watching them be so happy and successful.
And the Asian players! My god the Asian players. They are so sexy and good at football. LOOK HOW FAST MAEDA IS. Imagine getting to watch that every game.
I hereby resign my Bearship, no longer am I staunch. I now support Celtic and big sexy Ange.
I am sorry to my family. They will probably disown me for this and I am sorry once again to the bears but I just can't be 2nd best anymore. So I must say farewell.
I look forward to meeting my fellow tims at Celtic Park next Saturday for the Old Firm.
Hail Hail! 🍀
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2023.04.01 07:37 DrawingAltruistic205 Does Telegram work in Iran? Best VPN App for telegram in Iran Reddit 2023

I'm planning to visit Iran next year and I want to stay connected with my friends and family using Telegram. I heard that Telegram is very popular in Iran, but it is also blocked by the government. Is that true? How can I access Telegram in Iran without risking my privacy and security?
I did some research and I found out that the best way to use Telegram in Iran is to use a VPN app that can bypass the censorship and encryption of the Iranian regime. A VPN app can also protect your online activity from being monitored or traced by anyone.
There are many VPN apps out there, but I want to recommend one that I have been using for a while and I think it is the best VPN app for Telegram in Iran. It is called Coverme VPN App. Coverme VPN App is a fast, reliable, and easy-to-use VPN app that works with Telegram and other SNS platforms. It has servers in many countries, including some near Iran, so you can get a good connection speed and quality. It also has a strong encryption and a no-log policy, so your data and identity are safe and anonymous.
Coverme VPN App is available for both Android and iOS devices, and you can download it from the Google Play Store or the App Store. You can also get a free trial for 7 days to test it out before you buy it. The subscription plans are very affordable and flexible, and you can cancel anytime.
If you are looking for a VPN app to use Telegram in Iran, I highly recommend Coverme VPN App. It is the best VPN app for Telegram in Iran Reddit 2023. You can check out their website for more information
I hope this helps you guys. Stay safe and enjoy your trip to Iran!
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2023.04.01 07:36 compubomb I have several Areca Raid Controllers

I have several generation of Areca Raid Controllers. What is going on with the US Distribution of these devices? It's not that long ago that one of my best friends was a huge proponent of their gear saying that any hardware raid controller of theirs was solid because the drives were essentially interchangeable, you could upgrade raids by just buying an improved raid controller. Anywho.. my main gripe right now I'm seeing is I finally had a BBU/BBM balloon up on me, and I have to replace the battery module and it's quite difficult to source these batteries without resorting to ebay and sketchy sellers. Is hardware raid dead? All the drives I have on these raid controllers are Toshiba Mega Store drives, or some variant of the Backblaze's recommendation list.
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2023.04.01 07:36 Minute-Level1642 My Review of Apothocarium Lodi

My Review of Apothocarium Lodi
So went to APOTHECARIUM on 3/30 & again today.
Let me keep it is short & simple, don’t want to lose track of thought.
First off, the online ordering was flawed, they recently changed a setting that would automatically ask if medical / recreational. That wasn’t working yet was able to make an order, even though I needed to change pick up time & slightly modify / add to my order. I called on the phone to be told”I can’t help with online orders,but if you come into the store we can fix it.” Ok, even though I wanted to use the drive through. Now I have to park to go get my order. Them once inside, it’s a madhouse. 4-5 registers for recreational & 2 for medical. All these people being helped & im waiting, (there was an elderly gentleman getting 25 gage vapes),$504 worth so he did kinda slow things up a bit. Then I ask the manager to at least correct my order, after his complaints on how busy it is he finally takes care of he, in his haste to get rid of me, he didn’t check the order giving me an extra bag 1/4 Oz of Gage Dream Candy flower littles. $125 extra bag for my troubles sounds good to me.
Then I went back today to get my $25 reward for spending $500 (since October of 22) it cost $45.90 for 2 1/8th of Botanist Sour Banana littles/Ube Cake littles.
Parking lot was impossible 15 mins just to park, at least this time no wait time once inside, other than they couldn’t find my order. Once they did I was out.
Based on the fact they gave away an extra $125 bag because being lazy & not doing his job. I can only imagine all the stuff he lost or gave away.
I’m confident I will never return & I’d advise all to find other alternatives to this dispensary. Did I mention the Gage flower for $125 was 3 months old. Dry as dirt & if I paid for it, I’d want a refund.
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2023.04.01 07:36 gobblox38 Drunk driver hits parked car in residential zone

Drunk driver hits parked car in residential zone
The owners of the parked car watched as a drunk driver turned the corner into their residential street. They saw the driver "tearing ass" around the corner, nearly hitting a parked car, before slamming into their parked vehicle.
"We don't have insurance coverage to repair that old thing," the owner of the parked car said.
"People speed down this street all the time," said another resident, "it's worse on Friday night because that's when drunk drivers are on the road."
When I asked the police about a public statement, he said, "a dui is a misdemeanor, he'll sit in a drunk tank tonight and be released in the morning."
All of this happened in a car dependent residential zone, with some walkability, in a Denver suburb. The punishment is so light because there are few viable transit options. RTD (Regional Transportation District, the bus and train company) has cut services in the area since the 2020 covid lockdown. Drunk driving is treated so lightly, even though property damage occurred, because this region is heavily dependent on personal vehicle transit. The family that watched their vehicle get smashed are now in a tight financial situation simply because their car is totalled. If we had decent mass transit, the legal system would have revoked the license on the drunk driver after his first dui. Yes, he is a repeat offender, as admitted to the police during his arrest. If we had decent mass transit, the owners of the parked car wouldn't be financially devastated because some other person was irresponsible.
"Can I ask you a question?" another homeowner said to a police officer, "can you put a police station [at the corner]?" The cop chuckled and eventually went back to his business. Little did she know. Development patterns started since the post WW2 era had built a neighborhood where the very notion of a community police station was impractical.
The members of the community, myself included, thanked the police officers on the scene for doing their jobs professionally and with respect to everyone. By the look in the patrolman's face, I could tell that he was disgusted that an obvious threat to the wellbeing of the community would be treated so lightly. In everyone's mind, the suspect, if convinced of intoxicated driving, should not be trusted to drive.
We once again come face to face with the underlying problem. If this person loses the privilege of driving a private motor vehicle, he is in economic ruin. If he's lucky, he has employment and housing near a bus stop. If he invests in a bicycle, he could take bike routes (to varying degrees of safety) to various bus/ rail stations. The odds are low on the latter due to the stigma of car brained society pushing the of riding the bus or biking is a punishment).
This is the community I live in. This is the community I want to improve. This is why I want to end car dependency. I want drunk people to see the bus as a viable solution for getting home. I want to see a transit system so reliable that the notion of driving intoxicated is "fucking bonkers." I want the loss of a private motor vehicle, lost through the actions of a random person, not be a factor in the ability to earn an income. My views are considered extreme. Why?
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2023.04.01 07:36 TrueRen_ Is it wise to use ChatGPT to answer some questions I might have about my O.S?

I've been using it to enter commands in the terminal but I just asked it to remind me of my specs that I mentioned in the log earlier in the conversion. It gave me the wrong information. Now I'm freaking out that this thing might have made me enter some malicious code? Or wrong stuff in the terminal. What can I do?
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2023.04.01 07:36 awkwarddumpster My Wife Will Never Love Me the Same.

It took me 3 years to realize this after my son was born and we are now having a second child on the way. FYI I love my son and would die for my children. But that does not mean it takes away from the love I have for my wife. However, my wife seems to only have a limited amount of love to spare, and my boy gets just about all of it. I do not remember a time my wife and I had a conversation that does not involve our child. I feel like a stranger in my own home. My boy loves me. He says so. He loves when Papa is home. Papa just does not want to be home because Mommy is a stranger. I want to leave....but will not do it because my child and future child need a father. What the fuck do I do...
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2023.04.01 07:36 Consistent-Head2355 Good product, useless support

I live in the UK, and have a 3 month old G15 Strix laptop that came with 1 year warranty. Started having a weird issue I couldn't fix, essentially artifacts and colour banding but only when the screen was showing low contrast/dark areas, to an unusable degree. So I send it off for RMA, ASUS provide the pickup service. 4 days later get an email stating voided warranty, quoting £300 (370$) for a full replacement of the entire LCD, frame and basically full top portion of the unit with attached images of a ~5 degree bend that wasn't there to that severity, as before it didn't close perfectly by a single millimeter but image shows an ugly upwards curve when shut. I go to the asus page for disputing an RMA quote, fill in details.... "service is temporarily unavailable" and it kept like this for 2 days. So I reply to the quote email with images, the actual problem I want fixed and proof that it wasn't damaged before shipping, asking them to possibly start the dispute process or at least give me an email of someone with authority. Nothing, ignored. Sent an explanation on my only options being pay the quote, pay for handling and get it returned still needing repairs, or it gets destroyed. Heres a customer support line have a nice day. Call the line, 5 minutes of poor quality mic-peaking pre recorded audio before a man with poor English skills asks my name, serial code, email (?) and finally I get to inquire. Raises his tone, ignores my claims of the device being damaged in transit, ignores my request for the unit to be actually diagnosed and not just have a full section replaced, gives me the same "pay or don't" ultimatum and it goes nowhere. Of course my email is now being spammed with promotional offers. Just paid to get it delivered back still damaged, but now with a lovely bend. I don't have the know how, time or funds to follow up a legal route.
Going to retire from using ASUS products, this is the last thing I'll ever buy from a company with this horrifically abysmal level of competence and customer service.
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2023.04.01 07:36 Mysterious-Golf1957 [LFP][FoundryVTT][free][5e]

We are just a couple guys getting together on [Thursdays @ 10:30pm EST] we usually play around 2-3 hours. We jump from one content to another as we travel around the realms. Looking for a couple more guys or girls to join us. 2 of us have been doing this campaign for 3 yrs now, looking to go for another 3.
I'm not interested in you making a character to 'fit' the party. Want you to play the character you want to play, the game can be altered around you. That being said, I do restrict my race choices a bit.
Send me your character contept complete with full description and mannerisms.
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2023.04.01 07:35 Aizat216777 Please destroy my steam page for Dash King
i created a steam page 1 month ago. and now i have 20 wishlists (sounds very bad)
this is my traffic statistic from recent week
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2023.04.01 07:35 humanwordarms i embarrass myself all the time

its quite obvious to anyone that knows me that i struggle in social situations. my overstimulation in public is so bad that my brain feels like it shuts off, and i do really embarrassing shit. i also cannot speak in front of a group of people as a 21 year old man without having a shaky voice. i feel like an awkward idiot and i dont know how to learn to be at peace with the fact that this is how i am right now. i feel super alone in this because i just learned that im autistic. if anyone would like to share their experiences / give some advice id appreciate it so much. thank uu
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