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A subreddit for fans of Mike Judge's 1997 animated series "King Of The Hill"

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Taste the meat not the heat.

2021.03.22 11:11 QueerPapi KingOfTheHillFanfic

A collection of 7 short stories giving us a glimpse of what Arlen is like through the eyes of today. The introduction of PC culture, aftermath of a global pandemic and the strengthening of the Black Life Matter movement. The world has changed and exploring Arlen more in depth as the set of these short stories take place 20 years after the series ended. *This is just Fanfic.

2023.03.29 08:27 Vazael Pound pick up, one of those phone errors I have been seeing posted?

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2023.03.29 08:25 Valyriablackdread 2 questions

  1. Do they ever reprint or restock Marvel Gallery editions? I missed Wolverine Weapon X Gallery Edition, sadly I got really back into comics and buying hardcovers after this released. I also can't believe how reasonably priced these Marvel versions of Absolute editions are.
  2. Instocktrades every week new books are added to their red tag sale. I was wondering how long the red tag sale goes until?
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2023.03.29 08:25 idrinkismokeitscush Recent pick ups!

Recent pick ups!
Just some recent pick ups of mine, both online and a local show.
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2023.03.29 08:23 Cabinooty24 Best Ooty Taxi- Cabinooty

Are you trying to get the most affordable and best Ooty taxi to move about the city?Get a taxi from Cabinooty and spend your weekend soaking up the natural splendour of the city known as the Queen of Hills. We provides affordable and reliable taxi service in Ooty. Book a taxi now!
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2023.03.29 08:22 Theocean12 Happy with our NIU MQI+ Sport Scooter!!

After weeks and weeks of deliberating between getting a standing scooter like a Ninebot ES4, or an ebike like the Radrunner plus, Lectric 3.0 or Ariel X-Class, we ultimately ended up with a 2022 NIU MQI+ Sport electric scootemoped, and we couldn't be happier! Max speed about 30 mph, range between 35-40 miles, and carries two people easily.
We have been driving around Seattle city with two people on it, and haven't had any problems going up any hills except for the steepest one we could find (about grade 16-17), where we got 2/3rds of the way up and then I had to get off the back and my husband was able to ride up the rest of the hill. Otherwise, it has crushed every other hill up to grade 15 with both of us on it to our surprise!
Sometimes we wonder if going with the Ariel X or D ebike would have been more fun, but the NIU is really practical and comfortable. We got it to commute within the city and do errands/groceries. The main reason we went with the NIU in the end were the safety features. It has a built in GPS in case it's stolen, good alarm and motion sensing detector that alerts you on the phone if your bike is touched, moved or knocked over. We figured it would be much easier to lift one of the other 55-75lb ebikes into someone's truck, as opposed to this 160lb motorbike. Coupled with a thick chain lock that has an alarm if anyone touches it, we feel pretty secure with the NIU!
If there was one thing we wish we had, it's the ability to get on the highway! Dreaming of the Onyx RCR motorbike... maybe in the future when we're tired of the NIU, but for now we're really enjoying it! The GT Evo is an option two, but that was about double the price of the MQI Sport at about $6000, and there has been a lot of reported problems with it. So far though we've been really happy with The NIU Scooter, and would definitely recommend it for anyone considering it!
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2023.03.29 08:22 f1newsbot ‘We were built for racing, unlike Vegas’: COTA boss not concerned by new F1 rivals

Just this past weekend, the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas held one of its biggest events on its annual calendar: the NASCAR Cup Series.
After a decade of the US Grand Prix at COTA – interrupted only by Covid – Formula 1 appears to have finally found a solid footing in America. Rather than fizzle out like so many other attempts to establish a US race over the decades, attendance at COTA has grown over recent years to the point where it now boasts the largest crowd of the season in terms of total attendance over the race weekend.
F1’s arrival at COTA in 2012 ended its five-year absence from the USA. Now it is one of three American rounds on the 2023 F1 calendar. The introduction of the Miami Grand Prix last year and the much-hyped addition of the Las Vegas Grand Prix near the end of this season means there is effectively a race in the east, west and centre of world’s wealthiest nation.
But COTA chairman Bobby Epstein is confident the popularity of the Texan race will not be diminished by the recent emergence of two rivals in the same country, as F1’s popularity enjoys a boom period in America.
Epstein admits that when he first got involved with the sport over 10 years ago: “I can’t say I was an avid, diehard F1 fan.”
“Because it was very hard to follow the sport in the US until more recently,” he told the Black Book Motorsport Forum. “Austin was a fast-growing city and I had this piece of property – my only real estate investment actually – and the idea came up about the possibility of bringing Formula 1 to Austin.
“I really thought this was a great opportunity to do something for the communities where we live, as well as something that we could make a profit on and we’d have some fun with, and would make a big difference.”
“The more we talked about and thought about it, we really looked at this as an opportunity to build a world-class entertainment destination, and with F1 as the cornerstone gives us a wonderful brand to start with,” he says. “It brought crowds right away. Our goal for the campus is to make this a place where people want to come and have fun and build memories with friends and family. F1 is one part of that overall picture.”
The United States Grand Prix may have secured record attendances over the last two seasons, but Epstein is under no illusions that the sport is cresting a large ‘Drive to Survive’ wave, growing very popular with casual fans as well as hardcore motorsport fanatics. He says all major motorsport series – be it F1, IndyCar NASCAR or otherwise – need to find ways of trying to hold onto those more casual race-goers.
“In IndyCar, when we’re in Indianapolis, one week you have a quarter-of-a-million people,” he explains. “You take the exact same product, put it in a different but similar venue, but a different location, and you see that attendance is ten or 15% of what it might have been, or less, sometimes. That tells you that’s where the difference is between a ‘diehard fan’ and the ‘event fan’.
“It’s not that we don’t offer the best experience for the diehard motorsports fan. But as is the case in any sport, you’re going to have to appeal to what I call the ‘second tier’ below the diehard fan – it’s not their hobby, it’s not their passion.
“We’re absolutely living, breathing, diehard fans of motorsport. But those sports aren’t going to survive on our interest alone. It’s going to have to be a step down of interest to the casual fan, who is also a fan of an event, and want to be a part it.”
He believes COTA has certain features which particularly appeal to dedicated fans who know what makes a good motor racing venue to spectate at. “If you’re a diehard motorsports fan, you’ll notice if you come to COTA and you’ll hopefully go away and say ‘that was the best sight line, that was the best view, I saw some action’.
“Because of the hills, you can see five or six turns from a general admission seat, and you can see seven or eight or nine from the reserved seats. That’s unusual, and the diehard fan will recognise that as unusual. The casual fan will just accept it, but they will notice.”
However Epstein is firm in his conviction that motorsport promoters cannot ignore the casual end of the market. “We have to recognise that the percentage of people that are the diehard fans is not enough to sustain the sport alone.
“For any of the motorsport events, the sport itself might survive on TV, but we have to talk about what’s the future, not just in motorsport. What’s the future of motorsport venues, and the sports themselves? I hope we’ve done a good job of utilising that.”
When it comes to the addition of two other American races on the calendar, Epstein believes there is room for Miami and Las Vegas to coexist with COTA, as the US Grand Prix offers a different kind of race experience to the other two.
“Sometimes competition is good,” he says. “So as long as there’s enough fans, we can have a lot more.
“But I think our goal is to always be unique and stand out and give the focus on the fans and just do the best we can. I do think for the ticket-buying fan base, we have to be careful and make sure there’s enough fans in the US to buy tickets to sustain it as a venue.
“We have advantages over others, so I welcome the competition from that standpoint. I do think the fans that choose to be repeat visitors will choose to come to COTA because we have an advantage.
“We were built for racing. The strip in Vegas was not necessarily built for racing, but it’s a fun place. It’s an international world-class destination.
“It’s going to make great TV. I don’t know how long people go back and buy tickets for it.”
While Italy and Germany once regularly held two races per year, it’s rare to see as many as three in a single country. “They’re obviously competitors,” Epstein concedes, but “I think we have an advantage.”
“There’s a difference, all three events right now are so uniquely different that they [can] all survive.”
One striking difference between the new Las Vegas Grand Prix and the COTA round which will take place a month before it is on the undercard. While no support races will take place at Vegas, COTA featured Formula 4 and the W Series last year.
Epstein admits Las Vegas may prove an interesting case study of how much other racing fans actually want on a grand prix weekend. “You have to look at the type of support races sometimes,” he explains, “But the fans are going to answer that question.
He admits some races failed to draw the attention of fans last year. “We saw W Series really struggle as a support race. The fans didn’t go to the seats, and they didn’t really watch it enough.
“So maybe that tells me that they’re not as important. I think we’ll find out. I hope they’re important, because it’s one of the factors that differentiates us with Las Vegas not going for.
“We think the fans want a lot of value for their investment and I think they want more content. We’ve got 30 hours of ‘programming’. If we find out that all people needed was two hours, we waste a whole lot of effort and a whole lot of money.
“I like to think that they want more content. Whether it’s support races they want or they want a music concert, we got both. But I’m not sure.”
The world championship has a long history in the United States from the early days when the Indianapolis 500 was a points-paying round to dedicated road courses, the rise of street races and temporary return to Indianapolis before Austin arrived. But while the race has drifted between being on and off the calendar over the decades, it seems that the race has finally found a permanent home.
“I think it’s sustainable,” he insists.
“Let’s say we do believe the Netflix effect is real, and that it’s been tremendous, and say what are the components of that? One is the danger and excitement. That’s not going to change. I think Survivor has been on TV 20-plus years – that has that thrill effect to it. And then I think The Bachelor – that has sort of the heartthrob, romance sex-appeal. That’s what you got in F1. So the outlook from the Netflix effect standpoint should be really strong, and it’ll continue for a long time.
“Then I’d ask ‘what about the events?’. Not just the sport, but what’s the sustainability of the events and why do people go? Because that’s what we focus on. Are we going to be here five, ten, 15 years from now? One of the hardest things to buy – what you can’t buy – is tradition.
“You look at some sporting events and ask why are they still around? Indianapolis 500. Why does it draw so many people, or the Kentucky Derby? Or some of these events that were around before TV? People had to go to experience them, and it became a tradition. It becomes a family tradition. And once you have tradition, that’s it.”
Epstein says COTA’s race has already become a traditional fixture for many who attend. “One thing COTA had, because it had a head start on the other events that are taking place in the US, is we have found now that there’s a tradition to families coming back. We see it in our repeat visitors.
“So I think we’ll sustain because we’ve created an atmosphere that people want to come back to. And then for the sports themselves, I think what they offer, and with the Netflix-type connection, the future should be good.”
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2023.03.29 08:21 Elegant_Sweet_9612 Get Ready For An Unforgettable Adventure Activities In Udaipur

Get Ready For An Unforgettable Adventure Activities In Udaipur
Udaipur is a beautiful city located in the Rajasthan state of India. It is also known as “The City of Lakes” because of its natural beauty and picturesque landscapes. Udaipur is a popular tourist destination that offers a variety of activities, attractions, and experiences. One such attraction is the Adventure Park, located in the heart of Udaipur.
Adventure park in Udaipur:
The Adventure Park in Udaipur is just the perfect place for adventure enthusiasts to get their adrenaline rush. Whether you are looking for a fun activity or an exciting challenge, the Adventure Park has it all. So if you’re in Udaipur and looking for a place to have some fun and get your adrenaline pumping, head over to the Adventure Park and have a blast.
The Adventure Park is an ideal spot for thrill seekers and adventure lovers. It offers a wide range of activities like rock climbing, rappelling, zip lining, trekking, and many more.
Rock climbing:
Udaipur is known for its picturesque lakes and beautiful forts, but it is also an ideal destination for rock climbing. There are several areas where one can experience the thrill of rock climbing in Udaipur. The most popular amongst these is the Aravalli hills located near the Udaipur city limits. With its steep ridges, caves and other natural features, the Aravalli hills offer a thrilling rock climbing experience.
Rappelling in Udaipur is a popular adventure activity. The city is a great location for rappelling with its stunning views and rugged terrain. Numerous operators provide rappelling packages for both beginners and experts.
Popular rappelling sites near Udaipur include Kumbhalgarh Fort, the hills near Ranakpur, the Aravalli hills, and the Monsoon Palace. You can also explore the city's many lakes and canals by rappelling.
The park also features an artificial lake, a “floating” restaurant, and other fun activities like bungee jumping, trampoline, and more. The Adventure Park is a great way to spend a day with your family or friends. It has something for everyone and will provide hours of fun and excitement.
Paragliding in Udaipur:
Udaipur, India is quickly becoming one of the most popular paragliding destinations in the world. With its stunning views of the Aravalli hills, lakes and cityscape, it is no wonder why paragliders flock to the city. Paragliding in Udaipur is an experience like no other.
The views are absolutely stunning and the feeling of being in the air is simply indescribable. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paraglider, Udaipur has something to offer everyone. Most paragliding in Udaipur takes place near Gulab Sagar Lake.
The lake is surrounded by the Aravalli hills, providing the perfect backdrop for some breathtaking views. The area is ideal for paragliding, as the hills are not too high, and the winds are generally calm, allowing for a safe and enjoyable flight.
Paragliders can also enjoy the views of the city as they glide over it. Udaipur is full of stunning architecture and monuments, making it the perfect place to take in the sights from the sky.
The Adventure Park Udaipur is just the perfect place for adventure enthusiasts to get their adrenaline rush. Whether you are looking for a fun activity or an exciting challenge, the Adventure Park has it all. The park is well-maintained and offers a safe and secure environment for its visitors. The staff is friendly and helpful, making sure that everyone has a great time.
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2023.03.29 08:19 Worldly-Telephone761 I finally did it...

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2023.03.29 08:19 getitrightt 20[f4mm] Seeing where this goes

Yea so , I’ve always had a fantasy of having a threesome with two guys. Gay porn is what i get off too the most , I just looveee how dominant & animalistic you men can be.
I’m a 5’1 Hispanic girl , a hundred pounds soaking wet . Im looking for white muscular guys that fall on the dominant side. So if you’re interested and fit the bill please send a message. Im open but what im looking for will be prioritized . No nudes and stats would be appreciated thank you
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2023.03.29 08:19 ComradeFrunze [NEWS] Markus Salvator von Habsburg elected as King of Lotharingia

March 18, 2033
Markus Salvator von Habsburg from the Grand Principality of Kranjska-Istria-Bilogorje has been chosen and elected by the Regency Council to serve as the Kingdom of Lotharingia's monarch. He has chosen the name Lotaro/Lothaire/LothaLotharius III in honor of the two previous medieval kings of the name of Lotharingia.
The election of a nobleman from a CEEC country comes as a controversy to many Germans of Lotharingia, especially those who supported the election of Prince Kurt Wilhelm von Preussen or Prince Friedrich August von Wettin. However, many of the Regency Council believed that Markus Salvator was the superior choice. Owing to his seniority, German-speaking origin, and his Catholic faith, it is believed that the presence of various Frenchmen in the Regency Council posited him as a compromise candidate.
Despite pressure from some of his supporters, claimant to the title of King of France, Louis d’Orléans, refused to accept candidacy for King of Lotharingia. The Count of Paris refused to partake despite pressure from his brother Charles, and his denunciation of the new monarch quickly led to the Royalists for an Illustrious Order being dissolved by Charles d'Orléans, who promptly resigned from the cabinet.
Jérôme Napoléon Bonaparte, son of the late Léopold Napoléon Bonaparte, arrived from his self-imposed exile in Bavaria on March 20, requesting Lotharingian citizenship which was then granted. He swore his loyalty to King Lothaire III and pledged to serve the Kingdom of Lotharingia and that he does not wish to restore the French Empire or the French Federation.
With his role now fulfilled, Friedrich Ziegler is no longer regent and will continue serve as both President of the Christian Socialist Party of Lotharingia and as Speaker of the Superior Council of Lotharingia.
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2023.03.29 08:17 backwardcotinus A woman dressed up as a form of Batgirl in 1904, 57 years before the comic character of Batgirl existed (she premiered in 1961).

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2023.03.29 08:17 Tobi-Shades1 Anybody hyped for Summer of Symbiotes?

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2023.03.29 08:16 mkayqa Volunteer Action Call - *TONIGHT* WED 3/29 @ 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT / 2:30pm HT

Reminder: Marianne2024 Volunteer Action Call
Wed 3/29 @ 8:30pm ET / 7:30pm CT / 6:30pm MT / 5:30pm PT / 4:30pm AKT / 3:30pm HT
Things are moving quickly ...if you want this to happen, then:
  1. sign up to volunteer:
  2. join the volunteer action call:
  3. make a donation (even if only $1 as the number of unique donors will be used to judge whether Marianne can really do this):
  4. learn her policy platform:
  5. talk to friends & family about this campaign...
The first step is asking folks to have HOPE, to not give into the idea that nothing will change.... then to take action themselves, even small actions get the snowball rolling down the hill get on the email list, and/or to donate even if only $1.
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2023.03.29 08:15 rainyforest IIL songs with driving synths, what other songs are like this?

Don't know exactly how to explain this, but basically songs that have their melodies driven by heavy synth cords. For example:
The beginning of Take my Breath — the Weekend.
Little Dark Age — MGMT
The Moment — Tame Impala
Instant Crush — Daft Punk
New Theory — Washed Out
Safe and Sound — Capital Cities
On Melancholy Hill — Gorillaz
Julius — Strfkr
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2023.03.29 08:15 candidFIRE Why is rakdos midrange a top deck?

I stubbornly play this deck and I feel like it constantly gets overwhelmed/stomped on by faster, go-wide decks in my meta like mono blue spirits, mono white humans, angels, Mono Green devotion, greasefang (smfh) etc.
I have decent removal, hand disruption, FoTMB, quality creatures and even sweepers in the side, but it just feels like the deck is lacking against these aggressive decks in the meta. It's almost comical how fast these decks are at rebuilding even after a well-timed extinction event.
It's either that or every one of my opponents just happens to be drawing extremely well, every game. Do I just need more reps against these decks?
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2023.03.29 08:15 rosequeenofamerica Is it me or does Reddit have way more non-Christian’s on here than I remembered?

Just scrolling on here, I download this app on and off but wow. So much hatred, so much shaming, and so much evil on this app. It seems to me there’s only about 5% of people who are Christian on this app. I was reading a comment on a post where someone was basically saying it was ok for the transgender woman to shoot up the school in Nashville. It’s sad to see the enemy is getting bolder and louder but at the same time it means that he knows his time is coming to an end sooner than we think. Jesus is on the way! Make way for our True King.
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2023.03.29 08:15 Helloitspastel Help

Hi again! I'm hoping someone can help me
I've been looking for a manhwa that I've had on my reading list for a while, but I seem to have forgotten the name of it. Please help me! This manhwa is supposed to be mainstream and is really popular. I think solo leveling and this manhwa came out the same year..or maybe i discovered them the same time (I don’t know)
From what I can remember, the story follows:
  1. The main character reincarnates or regresses back to a younger age,
  2. He was a king in his previous life or he is about to become one.
  3. He's pretty strong with magic. (I think)
  4. The cover art featured him sitting on a throne as a child, if I'm not mistaken.
Please help
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2023.03.29 08:15 lukasvictoria Looking for advice

Hello, everyone. I'm 25 years old and since I was 15-16, I started masturbating regularly. Most people see masturbation as healthy and necessary to explore your sexuality and because it feels good (and for a majority of women, it is) but since the beginning for me it became a problem. I did it almost every day, if not every day, and sometimes like two to four times in a row. Like, compulsively.
Then, porn comes in the picture and it all gets even worse. I try to quit it, I am ok for a while and then I relapse. I'm ok right now, I stopped watching but I keep compulsively masturbating pretty often, and it makes me feel horrible and guilty. Not because sexual pleasure is something to be ashamed of, but because I do it just for the sake of doing it. It's not even really pleasurable anymore. So I joined this subreddit looking for help and share experiences and all that. I hope I can quit it someday or get to a healthy point.
It is worth saying that I also struggle with social media addiction (right now I deactivated all my apps) and binge eating. So maybe all of this is a part of a bigger problem.
Sorry if this post is all over the place but I don't know what to do at this point. The most logical solution is therapy, but I think it would be useful to share experiences and interact with other women facing the same problems too.
I wish all of you here the best of luck with your journey 💖
PS: Creepy dudes stay out of the comments or my DMs, this is not the place to be a horny mf
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2023.03.29 08:14 Naive_Possibility707 34M trying to make a new friend

Here's my poor attempt to sell myself like a bad infomercial. My social circle is pretty much limited to people I work with or short conversations with customers. I live in the US on the East Coast but grew up on the West Coast. I have two high-energy dogs, an Australian shepherd mix and huskie mix. I have a 1 year old son. I do enjoy cooking and making new dishes, but I am by far the worst baker. My favorite TV show is the office, please don't say parks and rec is better. I've had many random jobs in the past, with even random stories to go along with. I'm a bit of a nerd, I have a comic collection and random Star Wars collectibles, but I'm not ashamed. I have a few tattoos that have no meaning at all, and I plan on getting more soon. My music taste is stuck in the early 2000s rock, punk, and screamo. I'm just trying to make a friend outside of work.
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2023.03.29 08:13 lakomadt Dragon riding Robb Stark fics.

Do you guys know any fics where Robb ends up riding a dragon, and being the king of the 7 Kingdoms? I've this idea floating around in my head for a while now.
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2023.03.29 08:12 Important_Boot8677 The White Paper Dream of Sharbi - A Prophecy to Sustain and Upgrade Beverly Hills 90211 Podcast Studios

Dream Location: 8582 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Once upon a time in the sun-kissed hills of Beverly Hills 90211, there was a Hollywood producer named George Anton. George was facing a dilemma; he couldn't find any sponsors for his beloved podcast shows. As the days went by, his worry deepened, and he often found himself wondering how he could keep his dream alive.
One fateful night, George drifted into a deep slumber, not knowing that he was about to embark on a life-changing journey. As he slept, he dreamt of himself as a mysterious youtube boy named Logan, wearing sunglasses, talking about an intriguing token called Sharbi. George, feeling drawn to the token, followed the platform until he stumbled upon amother video featuring a financial religious figure prophet:
Curiosity piqued, George dove deeper into the world of Sharbi, captivated by its unique tokenomics and community-driven approach. He found himself in awe of the project's growth and the strong sense of camaraderie among its supporters. It was then that George realized that Sharbi might just be the answer he had been seeking.
The next morning, George woke up feeling rejuvenated, with a newfound sense of purpose. He couldn't shake the feeling that Sharbi was a prophecy he needed to follow. Eager to find out more, George conducted thorough research and discovered that Sharbi was not only a promising cryptocurrency but also a thriving community of passionate believers.
With great enthusiasm, George decided to invest in a relationship with Sharbi, and as if by magic, things began to change for the better. The Beverly Hills 90211 Podcast Studios started to flourish, attracting new sponsors and collaborations with each passing day. Now the podcast hosts are paid in Sharbi. All guests receive 1000 Sharbi every TV Show appearance. George Anton pays the hosts of the show in Sharbi.
Inspired by his prophetic dream, George shared the story of Sharbi with his podcast audience, recounting the tale of the ‘sunglasses Logan“ and the financial religious figure prophet. His listeners were captivated by the enchanting story, and they too felt the allure of Sharbi that kept growing as the female dog surpassed her husband’s market-cap.
As the time went by, the podcast studio continued to thrive, fueled by the powerful monetary energy of Sharbi and its community. George and his team laughed, cried, and rejoiced in their success, cherishing the mysterious dream that had brought them to this new and exciting chapter.
George Anton even anvoided for being sued for promoting unregistered securities. An ongoing dream in the metaverse.
And so, the legend of Sharbi and the Beverly Hills 90211 Podcast Studios was born. A prophecy foretold in a dream, a prophet with a guiding light of wealth transfer that led to prosperity and happiness for all those who believed in its power. The story of Sharbi became a beacon of hope, inspiring people far and wide to embrace the magic of this unique token, and together, they created a world where dreams and reality intertwined.
The end... or rather, the beginning. ——- disclaimer: George Anton owns Sharbi tokens. Not a financial advice. For entertainment purposes only.
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2023.03.29 08:12 ASGfan Episodic Review - My Ellen (S4, E3)

This is the 3rd episode of season 4 and so far this season, we’ve had dog death, infidelity and corruption, but if you were looking for a lighthearted and whimsical episode to balance things out, you won’t find it here. We begin with the Ingalls girls making the trek after school to the Taylor residence, where Laura plays a part in successfully convincing Mrs. Taylor to let her daughter Ellen go swimming with them. Laura wants to use a shortcut across Busby’s place, but Mary threatens to tell Pa. Laura thinks the better of it, knowing Mary would keep her promise. They take off for the pond with a grown man watching their activities from the bushes. As it turns out, he isn’t the only one as two boys try to peep in on the girls swimming. Carrie wanders over and asks them what they are doing. The boys reply that they’re fishing, but Carrie doesn’t buy that and asks them what they are fishing with. You can mark these boys down as the first people in the universe to be outsmarted by Carrie. Carrie yells over to Laura and she, Ellen and Mary all duck down in the pond. The boys head for the hills while Laura and Mary resurface. Ellen does not. Precious moments tick by as Mary yells and admonishes Ellen for not returning. Mary is usually smarter than this. The next thing we know, it’s nightfall and the torches and canoes are out and it’s pretty clear they’re looking for a body now. How exactly Ellen drowned remains unclear. Standard Walnut Grove funeral with Reverend Alden presiding. Mrs. Taylor naturally has some trouble accepting her daughter’s death as she breaks down at the casket. Remarkably, she resumes her composure and blames Laura for the incident. Laura starts to wonder if she really is responsible, but Pa tells her she is not. Back at the Taylor residence, Reverend Alden stops by with some bible passages he thought might be of some comfort. Mrs. Taylor is not in a religious mood and evicts Alden and shouts “And take your damn book with you” while throwing the Bible at him and staring icy cold daggers at him in the process. Wild. Mrs. Taylor goes through Ellen’s mementoes a little later. Her husband walks in and now his wife is directing some of the blame at him. Eloise orders him to get out.
Over at the mill, Jonathan goes for a ride in the wheel and gets dizzy. He heads over to the Mercantile for a sarsaparilla and Reverend Alden gives him some serious crap over it, thinking that he’s drunk. This is a fairly long sequence for something that isn’t integral to the plot. This is also during that weird 4-5 episode period in between where Jonathan was introduced, but we hadn’t seen Alice or Andy yet. Alden catches up with Charles at the mill and asks him to ask Caroline to talk to Mrs. Taylor since he was getting nowhere with his efforts. Charles obliges and Caroline obliges, but she heads over to the Taylor residence to find Mr. Taylor on his way out and Mrs. Taylor not in the mood to talk and still blaming Laura for what happened. The next day, the girls are walking to school when Laura gets the idea to take some flowers to Mrs. Taylor. Mary warns her about cutting across Busby’s again, but Laura isn’t going to be dissuade this time. Laura knocks on Mrs. Taylor’s door, which pops right open. She hands Mrs. Taylor the flowers, which was apparently something Ellen did often. Mrs. Taylor goes in and out of reality, occasionally mistaking Laura for Ellen. It should be noted Laura has blonde highlights in her hair for this episode and Ellen was blonde. I’m not sure why they couldn’t just make Ellen the same hair color as Laura, but whatever. Mrs. Taylor asks Laura to fetch some apples from the fruit cellar and as Laura does, she pulls up the ladder, thus trapping Laura in the dark cellar. She then takes Laura’s flowers and books and heads out of the house.
Mary runs over to the mill from the school to inform Pa that Laura never made it to class and that she planned to go over to Mrs. Taylor’s using Busby’s place as a shortcut. Strangely, Charles and Jonathan aren’t too concerned about it. Nonetheless, they decide to check over at Mrs. Taylor’s, who denies having seen Laura that day. The guys decide to check out Busby’s place next, and we see Busby (who is a bit slow) looking at the picture book. Jonathan finds the picture book a little later and he and Charles round up some men, but nobody finds anything more of note today.
The next day, Mrs. Taylor heads over to the mercantile, where she purchases birthday candles, a birthday doll and mentions that her daughter Ellen brought her flowers yesterday. This weirds out Harriet. An absolutely unreal chain of events follows next as the men finally close in on Busby, who takes off running and Mr. Taylor shoots him in the head and nearly kills him. Keep in mind that Busby is mentally slow and hasn’t been found guilty of any crime or even charged with one. The men take Busby over to Doc Baker’s and while he’s recuperating, Charles gives him the third degree on Laura’s whereabouts, then grabs him by the collar and starts to rough him up. CHARLES INGALLS CHOKES INNOCENT PEOPLE WHO WERE JUST SHOT IN THE HEAD! Garvey gets Charles to back off. Busby responds much better to Garvey’s soft-spoken approach and answers the questions as best he can. He just wanted to look at the pictures. Surreal moment as Garvey tells Busby “Nobody here going to hurt you”, when the man that just shot him and that man that just choked him are in the room. Busby eventually passes out. Harriet busts in and informs the men about all the weirdness with Mrs. Taylor in the mercantile. Pa rushes over to the Taylor residence, but just as he does that, Laura has outsmarted Mrs. Taylor and found a way out of the cellar. Eloise gives chase and tackles Laura in a last-ditch effort, but they collapse by Ellen’s grave and reality has finally started to sink in for Mrs. Taylor. Pa reunites with Laura. Finally, after 45 minutes of child death, suggestions of child molestation and murder and innocent people being horribly attacked, we get a touching moment as Laura befriends Busby and gives him the picture book back.
Gah, that was just horrifying. Mrs. Taylor apparently suffers no consequences for kidnapping and false imprisonment. We don’t even get the “They decided to have another child” ending. Nope, nothing.
EPISODE WINNERS – Harriet once again, for leading the men in the right direction and Laura as well for enduring what she did and having the ability to outsmart an adult to get away.
EPISODE LOSERS – Mr. Taylor for being trigger happy, Mrs. Taylor for her crimes, and Charles for kicking people when they’re down.
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