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2023.06.02 07:57 Aidoboy Happy Birthday to Me, I guess (The State of the Sub)

So… some heavy news today. How can I lighten the mood… Music recommendations!

It’s almost 1 AM here and I’m desperately trying to get this out so please excuse any formatting mistakes or half-formed thoughts.

Where I’m At

Recommended listening: World’s Smallest Violin by AJR
I was going to give you a bit longer of a rundown of my life’s story here, but I’ll give enough here to explain why it’s just the cliff notes. The first thing I want to make clear is that I never asked nor expected to become the head mod of three subreddits with a combined total of 1.8 million subscribers; it just sort of happened one day as the moderators above me drifted away.
I also originally had a more detailed breakdown of my medical story here but it boils down to this: I've been nauseous every day for the last 2.5 years culminating in not-quite-brain surgery three weeks ago. This leads up to Reddit making their third-party API changes clear the day before my birthday while I'm still suffering from splitting headaches from the aforementioned surgery. Fun!

Where Reddit’s At

Recommended listening: Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears or Pompeii by Bastille
I was planning on writing something here myself but you should really just go and read 📣 Had a call with Reddit to discuss pricing. Bad news for third-party apps, their announced pricing is close to Twitter's pricing, and Apollo would have to pay Reddit $20 million per year to keep running as-is. by u/iamthatis, the developer of Apollo.
You should also read An open letter on the state of affairs regarding the API pricing and third party apps and how that will impact moderators and communities. by u/BuckRowdy

The Future of My Subreddits

Recommended listening: Let It Go by Idina Menzel
I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet and I’m too drained to be sure of myself right now anyways, but Reddit killing off u/ljdawson’s Sync would take a lot of my enthusiasm with it. There’s rumbling of other moderators leaving the site or setting subs to private or protected. There’s a lot to consider and it’s almost 1 AM here.

How to Fill the Void

From u/Aidoboy

Recommended listening: Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder
I’ll include other moderator's reccomendations here as they respond to me.
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2023.06.02 07:56 almarwanmachinery A Throwback to Al Marwan's Contribution to Dubai Sanitization During the Pandemic

A Throwback to Al Marwan's Contribution to Dubai Sanitization During the Pandemic

Al Marwan's haulers featuring steam cleaning machines during the Dubai sanitization
Al Marwan collaborated with Dubai Municipality during its 11-day disinfection campaign to clean and sterilize the streets and roads of the emirate by offering the use of its heavy machinery to aid in the Dubai sanitation initiative, which was being conducted in collaboration with the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and covered 95+ roads.

Steam Cleaning in Action: The campaign began from Al Rigga street covering 95+ streets
Al Marwan's Machinery in Times of Need
We provided large water tankers and haulers to help clean and sanitize the city. For around two months, our trucks roamed the roads of Dubai, carrying a harmless disinfectant solution to clean streets and public facilities. The company, among other volunteering firms, received an appreciation award from Dubai Municipality honoring the voluntary efforts made by them for the betterment of the community.

Skilled Operators Harness the Power of Steam at Al Marwan workshop
In addition, we collaborated with the Clean Up the World initiative in Dubai. This initiative is a global campaign that aims to mobilize communities to clean up, fix up, and conserve the environment. To boost sustainability and protect the environment, the company has participated in several Clean Up the World campaigns in Dubai from 2011 to 2018, contributing to the clean-up efforts of parks, beaches, and other public areas. Such contributions have included the use of heavy machinery such as bulldozers and excavators, which have helped to remove large amounts of waste and debris quickly and efficiently. By participating in such initiatives, Al Marwan is helping to create a cleaner and healthier environment for the community to live in.
If you're looking for any support on your next project, don't hesitate to reach out to Al Marwan. Our team is here to help, and you can find more information about us on our website at almarwan.com.
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2023.06.02 07:55 AutoModerator [Download Course] Arielle Phoenix – Bulk Publishing System (Genkicourses.com)

[Download Course] Arielle Phoenix – Bulk Publishing System (Genkicourses.com)
Get the course here: [Download Course] Arielle Phoenix – Bulk Publishing System
Our website: https://www.genkicourses.site/product/arielle-phoenix-bulk-publishing-system/

What You Get:

While everybody and their mother is using
ChatGPT to add the same, easily detectable and repetitive content to their sites,
publishing one or two posts a day… and constantly looking over their shoulders,
obsessing over GPT-Detection tools…
Us Bulk Publishers are publishing 30-40 high-quality articles a day!


If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at Genkicourses.site 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.02 07:54 tfntfn Is it possible to gain muscle at the exact same rate as losing fat?

I am on a moderate caloric deficit (6' 3'', 209 lbs), consuming 1,900 kcal a day (I never eat out, so I know exactly what I eat), including 150g of protein. I have been lifting consistently for 5 months, doing full body workout (c. 1.5h/day, taking the last to failure). I would assess my fat level as fairly high, c. 25%.
Now, for third week in a row, I have recorded the exact same weight in the morning, 209 lbs. Based on my pee color, I am at the same level of hydration throughout the time.
Is it possible that I am gaining muscles at the same rate as losing fat, hence no weight loss? I know the power of newbie gains, but it seems to me that gaining 1.0-1.5 lb of muscle a weeks is fairly a lot.
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2023.06.02 07:52 HershelGibbs ChessTip - Stop resigning after making a single blunder

Played a friend the other day, we are both rated around 1000. He had a much better position than me and made one blunder which took him from +4 to -2. He then immediately resigned which I found odd since the game still felt playable. Checked some of his previous games and noticed he seems to do it often.
One of the most satisfying feelings in chess and a incredibly instructive one is blundering a piece/ being down and tightening your game and playing for a win/draw.
Unless your are a titled player (and even they make plenty of mistakes), the game is not over at +3/-3, stop acting like it is.
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2023.06.02 07:52 Westernererer The road work...

As someone living in the north end that needs to commute to north Edmonton most days, I am absolutely done. the last 3 years have been the same, I can barely get in and out of my neighbourhood without diverting through parking lots.
The "smart" lights are bad enough and now (again) council and city planners are blocking and tearing up all the roads.
We moved to St. Albert to have a little bit more space and a smaller community but I'm listing my house this week. We're moving back to Edmonton.
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2023.06.02 07:51 LamiaDrake Well. This could be a slight issue.

Contingency Sterlization Hub on a gas giant, size 55.
Looks like we aren't the only ones getting to toy with size 55 worlds. The contingency took one of the gas giants in this system for a sterliziation hub, and even with my entire fleet + all my vassals + a solid 60% of the community's ships, we don't have enough fleet power to actually do lasting damage to the world. Our ships blot out the system itself, and yet no one in the community took Colossus Project as an ascension perk. And so, we sit here, for... based on the rate at which devesation is increasing, what looks like 20 years of game time. At least I'll have plenty of time to build up my fleets for the final hub.
The orbiting fleets are, for reference, north of 5 million fleet power when taken in total.
Behold, the combined might of the ENTIRE GALACTIC COMMUNITY, as we... fail to so much as scratch the contingency's armor.
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2023.06.02 07:51 jeniquejacobs Health Insurance Shopping 101: Red Flags to Watch For

Health insurance policies are one of those things where you get exactly what you pay for. However, it’s fairly easy to be tricked into believing you’re getting great coverage. Here are certain things to watch for and key questions to ask to avoid enrolling into inadequate health plans that risk leaving you in financial ruin.
Short-Term Plans These plans are designed as TEMPORARY coverage for individuals in certain transitionary periods, like waiting for employer plan coverage to begin after getting a new job. Policies need to be renewed every 30-90 days in most states, at which point deductibles and coverage amounts start over and anything you received treatment for under during the previous policy period is considered a pre-existing condition. An important thing to remember here is that short-term plans DO NOT cover pre-existing conditions/injuries. These plans involve medical underwriting, which is not a problem by itself as it gives healthy individuals the opportunity of preferred rates. The problem is the underwriting is done at the time of a claim, giving the company full freedom to deny any charges. Most Short-Term plans have lifetime policy maximums on benefits of $1 million. Meaning if you run into a major claim and surpass that max, any excess is left for you to pay for. The network for these plans is extremely limited, if it even exists at all. Short-Term agents are deceptive and often use high pressure techniques to trick consumers and plan exclusions and limitations are frequently left untold. •Key questions: What’s my policy maximum benefit amount? What are the exclusions and limitations? What are the company credentials?
Discount Plans These plans work like a coupon at the grocery store and provide no benefits, they are not insurance. If you have a medical bill of $100,000, it may knock it down to $70,000 but that’s all it’s doing. Scammers promise a large network of providers who will give “large discounts” to plan members but don’t follow through with those promises. These agents are bottom of the barrel and won’t hesitate to lie about coverages. They also base the enrollment fee off of how much they think they can get you for and require payment upfront. If you talk to an agent for any policy and and the enrollment or initiation fee is higher than $100–run. •Key questions: What’s the name of the network? What are the company credentials? Is the company registered and licensed to sell health insurance in your state? What are my benefits?
Not all options outside of the ACA are scams, but these two definitely are. If you find yourself with any questions regarding the legitimacy of your health insurance, reach out to me.
Remember to do your research, INFORMED CONSUMERS ARE THE BEST CONSUMERS. For true options outside of ACA coverage, visit my company landing page here: https://www.nashvillehealthagency.com/jjacobs
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2023.06.02 07:49 EvilMadCannibalMonk Endzone

A quite harsh (EN/GER) PvE/RP server, active Admin, is welcoming all PvE/RP players who want to explore the large Prison Island of Scum at their own pace.
The start can be harsh since there are a lot more puppets roaming around in Towns and Bunkers
Name: ENDZONE (GEEN -- PvE/RP) IP: Location: EU West
Metabolism: Is lowered just a bit, eating twice a day is now enough. Mech Damage: Is set to 1.2 Puppets: x9 exterior, x5 inside, x3 Wild, spawn chance for all is 70%. Puppet Respawn-Timer in Bunkers and Towns is raised to 30 minutes, so once you have cleared out the hordes of Puppets, you get at least enough time to loot what you can before they are back. Suicide Puppets: Active Puppet Damage: 2.8 Loot rate: for stuff found in the world 1.2 and for containers 1.8 RP: more than welcome, but in no way a requirement or must-do to play on this server. NPC Trader: Are active, but a lot of items, like military equipment and almost all guns, scopes and large backpacks, are removed to encourage looting POIs and make that AK you find in some crate feel a lot more special. Magazines and basic Ammo types for any weapon are for sale at the Armory for a higher, price. Building mode: Unrestricted, few rules in place like not building in Areas that are patrolled by Mechs, don't block Bridges or main roads. Cargo Drops: Active, 30-45 minutes in-between Vehicles: A few Cars are scattered all over the Map, the same goes for dirt bikes and bicycles, more can be bought at the Traders or maybe bartered for with other players if anyone has a spare (Engine install works on the server) Nighttime: Will start at 22:00 and Sunrise is at 04:00 (max darkness) Restart times: 06:00 CEST and 18:00 CEST
Discord: https://discord.gg/SuGKYwEScS
-No Bot-shop no P2W, the server is Bot-free
-The start can be challenging if you just run into a town without any preparations because of the high number of Puppets, but the current settings keep it interesting even if you are fully geared out, there is always a risk of losing everything, crafting a bow is the best way to start off.
So if you are having problems just ask in chat, someone can give you a ride to a safer location or a Trader.
--Some additional Info:--
Trade Routes:
Salt: 1Kg Salt pack can be sold for a better profit at the C2 Trader and looted in bigger numbers at the Salt Ponds down in the Z2 Sector
Fishing: All types of fish can be sold to either the Saloon or the Boat-shop at any Trade Outpost, both will pay the same amount.
Hunting Animals: Animal heads from Bear, Wolf, Horse, Donkey, Goat, Buck, and Doe can be sold to any General Goods Trader.Any Saloon will pay some good money for skinned animals and animal parts (no steaks)
Puppet Hunter: At any general Goods trader Puppet heads and Eyes can be sold for a bit of cash.
Stalker: Depleted Plutonium and graphite can be sold to the Armory at any Outpost for a higher amount of money if you survive the Radiation...
Farming: Now your garden can be used to make some money as well, any Saloon will buy crops you can harvest from your garden for a little bit of rofit.
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2023.06.02 07:47 nmbengag Advice on Top Rated Badge

So, I just lost my top rated badge. Currently at 89%. 😭😭 I still have my perk, and within my two week threshold.
I really enjoy getting paid five days earlier. Lol. I know which client gave me the lower rating.
For context; I currently have a long-term client that I been working with for two years. I tried to take on another client but didn’t quite have the capacity. I also don’t think I have a capacity right now to take on another client right now..
My question is, do you think it is worth it to use the perk??
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2023.06.02 07:45 Witty-System-6069 26 [M4F] California/Anywhere. Searching For A Relationship.

Anyway, I live in California too, a state that I’m proud to call home and hopefully can live here the rest of my life too. Anyway, about me. I love to write poems, but people probably disagree with me that what I write isn’t really poetry. That’s understandable, people have different likes. The majority of what I write is dark/sad/somber, but I promise it’s not a reason to be concerned. I also write about love, hope, essentially all good feelings life has to offer.
I have an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts (Arts and Letters Emphasis) and a Certificate of Achievement in Communication Studies from Community College; and a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology from the university level.
Long story short, I’ve never been in a relationship before. I focused on my well-being in the six years I spent in college and searched for my personal values and that of what I’d like to find in a woman I may consider being in a relationship with. My personal values now are kindness, empathy, understanding. These are the 3 important values I hope a woman I meet has too. At the end of the day, we’re all people trying to get by in life and succeed as we see right. We all deserve to experience love and happiness, don’t we? I think that we do. I hope to meet a woman that believes in this too. Ultimately, I have a lot of love to give to the right woman. 😌
If this matters, I’m…
-165 pounds and on skinny side
-Black hair and brown eyes
When sending me a message or chat, please introduce yourself and not just say “hello.” I’d like to learn a little about you. I hope to meet a woman that’s at least 21. And yes, I’m fine talking to older woman too.
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2023.06.02 07:43 FirstLab8549 Advice on flashbacks and healing? TW for self-harm and attempted suicide.

Long read. Sorry, I don't know the reddicutte (hehe)
Ok quick backstory. Two days after I turned 18 I was sexually assaulted. (This happened 9 months ago.) He basically did anything he wanted to my body while I was half asleep and drunk. (He was 100% sober and I'm certain about that.) I was in university residence at the time and moved to a new building across campus. Then, I was raped while unconscious by a guy on my floor that basically claimed me as his girlfriend the day I moved in. This was more intense. He constantly sexually assaulted me before that point but I didn't realize until much later. After my floor found out, I was slut shamed and shunned because I 'broke his heart' after I realized he raped me and 'dumped' him. He lived in the room next to me for three months after that and he purposely used intimidation tactics on me during that time. This was 5 months ago.
Yesterday, I showed up for my job as a summer student at a museum. Part of my job is running school tours and day camps for kids in elementary school. Before my manager could introduce me to the kids, one of the students got up to quickly hug me. Which would have been okay if he would have asked. But he didn't and he shoved his face into my boobs and wrapped his arms around my lower body and it was pretty obvious that he knew it was wrong. It happened very quickly and it honestly shocked me. I'm a very understanding person but I kinda flipped out inside. I reacted appropriately and I kinda nervously laughed and put my arms in the air until his teacher said "remember personal space." Of course I didn't treat him any differently and I pretended like nothing happened. (I'm not trying to accuse a 6yo boy of anything but it's important to note that he made several other of my female coworkers uncomfortable with his touching. His teacher also brushed it off which I'm not happy about because it was very apparent that this wasn't a new thing. Maybe he could have been undiagnosed neurodivergent but I have a LOT of experience working with ND kids and he clearly had the ability to understand it was wrong. I'm neurodivergent and I knew not to do that at that age) I don't know why it triggered such a flashback but I just finished bawling my eyes out and digging my fingers into my body. I'm very good at keeping things cool but when my mom drove me home after work I mentally flipped out. I wanted to scream. It felt like it all came back at once. I'm very self conscious about my boobs because of what my rapist did to me. Most of my phantom touch occurs in my boobs so when the boy hugged me, I internally freaked out. I'm diagnosed with a general anxiety disorder and I have had many panic attacks. But this didn't feel anything like it. It felt like a life or death situation even though I was right beside my mom in the car. It felt like the world got brighter but in a distorted way, more like a picture but it was overexposed to the max. When I have a panic attack, I look around frantically and try to run or shake my hands or do literally anything to regulate the feeling. But this time it felt like I was melting into my seat, I was glued down. I couldn't feel any part of my body except where it met with the seat and I felt like I was falling. My eyes went wide like a deer in headlights and I stayed like that until I could calm down. My mom is half deaf on her right side so she couldn't hear my shaky breath and she didn't know I was upset. My mind was absolutely racing but I can't even remember what I was thinking about. I wasn't thinking like normal, I thought in emotions. A wave of anxiety, anger, frustration, and disgust conjured in me. It felt like I would pass out from overwhelm. This hasn't been the only time. I had them more in my dorm but not as severe. The last time it happened was in res after he cornered me in a dimly lit, unsurveillenced, low traffic stairwell. But it's getting unbearable. It feels like I will never go a day without thinking about my rapist. Every little thing reminds me of him. If I hear Spanish, I think of him and I want to rip my hair out. Try going one day without hearing/seeing something related to Spain or the Spanish language. I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere and it happens everyday. Like I said, I'm a pretty understanding person so I get it if I can't get trigger warnings, sincerely. I've had an intentional overdose and I've been self harming (self harm free since February 17th whooooo) since I was 13. In res I normally heard suicide/depression jokes daily. I honestly don't expect everyone around me to be aware of my trauma all of the time so unless someone makes a rape joke, I won't say anything. Again, personal opinion. I will gladly accommodate to other peoples triggers and I encourage them to advocate for themselves. (Also I just don't wanna tell them all that stuff.) But what can I do? How do I make it stop? I'm in a rural area so I can't get in with a doctor or therapist for at least a month+ for treatment/medication. It's not a location issue, health services is just crazy backlogged. (I'm Canadian, wait times are INSANE in rural communities.) Last time I went to a doctor at my university clinic she doubled my Abilify 10mgs and I think that's pretty much only used for people with schizophrenia. I've seen a psychiatrist since then, she said I for sure have general anxiety, depression, and ADHD (diagnosed at 17), and possibly Borderline Personality Disorder but I'm definitely not schizophrenic. Last time I went to the doctor in my town to ask about my self harm scars, he saw me for less than five minutes and prescribed me seroquel, another antipsychotic. I also went off of my antidepressant, mood stabilizer, and adhd medication in October and my psychiatrist thought it would be ok. So I'm a little leary of general practioners and I can't get in to see a psychiatrist until I'm back at university in September. I can't sleep and I smoke weed every night to fall asleep. I'm constantly snapping at my parents and it feels like I'm going crazy. I was such a happy girl. I was calm, collected, and successful. I went to university with glowing recommendations and scholarships to pay for almost my entire degree. My senior superlative was 'Most outgoing.' Now I despise anyone my age. I don't trust them. I'm an anxious mess who has nothing under control and I absolutely ruined my reputation. If it weren't for a good memory and expert cramming skills I would have flunked out. Everyday I wish that I could erase those nights from my memory. I relive them each and every night. Sooo any suggestions or (polite) thoughts/opinions?
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2023.06.02 07:42 sonygoup Tips on getting a remote job with no links!

Tips on getting a remote job with no links!
Alright, so the local job market starts to pick up in April/May and usually dips again by mid-July based on my recollection of hunting over the years. Yall could tell me if I'm wrong.
Most remote work requires a BSC with at least two years of working experience even if it's outside your field. Sometimes a BSC is enough to get you started.

So you want a remote job and think to your self I don't have the skills, 9/10 chances you do. Here's a list of things you need before we begin:
  1. A decent resume that is almost ATS (applicant tracking system aka a BOT) like and well written to show your skillsets for one or multiple roles. My stupid advice is to stick with applying to one role when you start then build from there. How do you make a CV? I used Resume.io free version, to build my resume then copy it into a template in MS Word, simple and effective enough. The most important part of a resume is explaining your work experience in the form of a job description. Using some of what your company JD says because most times we barely do any of it. Head over to google and find a JD that captures your day-to-day in phrases or terminology that makes it more fancy or worded as you actually doing something for them 8 hours a day. You could use copy.ai to rewrite as well. Paying for a professional CV writer is also a great option that's worth it use LinkedIn to find local ones, they cost 500-1500 TTD. Fiverr is less but you can get a random kid in Sri Lanka to do it for 15 USD but it's a gamble in terms of quality.
  2. New skills/certs that are in demand for the field should be looked into as well, no matter if the course has zero value but you learn something. These are everywhere on the internet go do a few and put in it. Googling "your job title top skills" should be enough to get you going.
  3. Create a LinkedIn account and add everybody of value that you know then from there start to look for recruiters. Outside of Trinidad is best as the opportunities are usually greater. Fill out that God damn linkedin profile with everything as it matters. Do a simple headshot as well with your cellphone and sunlight in office clothing. (Youtube it)
Now we hunt for Remote Recruiters, these are the people to have in your connections so that they could either connect you with a job, or another person or get new connections based on being connected to them. I know it sounds like a fucking game but it's networking and it helps you increase your chances of getting a LinkedIn message offer aka someone saying you're a fit for a random role. You won't believe the number of people that get jobs like this.

For locations, I added a few countries and you'd see a lot of people. My take is to look for the people that just started recruiting or have fewer connections. Why, because it would be easier to have a conversation with them and have them assist. Otherwise, follow the big boys too.
Adding your job title or field into the search bar with "remote recruiter" works to narrow the search down.
Key to LinkedIn is being fake nice and having social interaction via liking or commenting on people's post with something that adds value, use CHATGPT for that if you suck at social interaction it works!


  1. Youtube SEARCH interview tips and questions and answers, a lot of people don't do this and a lot of interviews I went had googled questions from start to finish. HR and hiring managers can be lazy and you don't have to remember them to understand the aim of the question and create answers.
  2. Interviewing is a skill and the only way to get better is to do a shit ton of em. No one is gonna teach you this unless you pay them so having a mentor is best, there is a free service called mentor club that I use to get help on almost anything work-related by real experts in the field.
  3. Self Confidence, not everyone has it but you need it for interviews to show that you're not nervous, shy, or bullshitting your way into the job. Being a character or liked gets you hired more than having the skill anywhere in the world. So being your corporate self is important during the interviews and showing character helps them to know you're not a dick unless that's what they're looking for.
  4. References- proof check your references before using them! Have a random friend call them and pretend to be an HR from some company to pre-screen these people. You could google reference check questions to give them. Not all references are good and you only know that once you use them. (I have a bad story about this life lesson! Mid-level engineer role & salty supervisor)
  5. Testing your interview skills, I forgot to mention this because its a kinda crazy but sticking with your interview style/method is good so you could gauge the effectiveness of it so you know after the first two based on their reactions and what needs to change. Making small changes helps so you begin to have a pattern of how to answer questions. DO NOT READ FROM A LIST OR READ ONLINE ANSWERS DURING AN INTERVIEW. Create points that you could reference during the interview if certain questions come up.

So now we head over to LinkedIn!
Yes, people actually get remote jobs on there, I did but it's a legit grind sometimes then other times you apply and get called 5 mins after for an interview and you get hired within two weeks of that to work for a company based in Mexico because you bullshitted a 30 min Spanish speaking meeting when you barely understood some of the questions fully but still answered in Spanish because we don't fail interviews. Also, I ended up seeing my high school bud/ old coworker get something in LATAM two years ago so I started exploring more and more. Then I found out a few trinis actually work for LATAM companies already you'd be surprised.
So we'd be targeting LATAM! Why Latam market because English speakers are needed to work in USA companies that won't hire directly. (Example) So you're being contracted through a LATAM company to work for a US company and make 25,000-40,000 USD+ a month based on your role. Don't go thinking you're gonna be getting a shit ton of money with no experience but it's gonna be more than $5000 ttd a month based on what I've seen.
Countries to search on LinkedIn - Mexico, Costa Rica, Columbia, Panama, and Guatemala.
Bonus is Netherlands, Belgium, Cayman Islands, Florida and Sweden. These are a bit harder to get interviews for but you get them. Usually, higher-skilled workers are needed.

Add in the job title, Country, and select a time period. I usually start with the last 24 hours then a week, select remote and use Easy Apply then turn off after applying for all the Easy Apply jobs. Easy apply is a great feature to apply for a shit ton of jobs but you need to fill out the applications for others to increase chances. More application = more interviews = more opportunities. I'd suggest spending at least 30 mins to 1 hour per day applying for jobs if you're unemployed, because WTF else do you have to do...

Interview Assessments? (Before the interview)
I personally hate these so if a company gives you one it's up to you to complete it. I just ignore it because it's a waste of time, had a co-worker do nearly 20 assignments from a company to be put in a pool and never called.
If you pass the first stage of the interview you usually get an assessment because you're remote and they need to assess your skills. These are usually somewhat complex and will be a pain in the ass to complete but Reddit and the internet exist for a reason. Find a community or discord with people that are better than you to help. Also please apply for jobs you're qualified for so you don't waste your time because some companies will set up interviews no matter what your CV looks like and waste both of yall time.
Anyway, this is how I used LinkedIn to find a job and socially interact with people on there as an introvert that doesn't care for more of them because linkedin is filled with more fake people that your favorite reality show on VH1.
Wait I forget the interview follow-up!
This is mad important for some roles as it lets the recruiter or hiring team know that you're really interested in the role. If you think you did decent enough to get the role use chatgpt to craft a follow up within a week and half or two weeks. Earlier in my career I got another role from following up.

I don't think I forgot anything on this so ask questions and give it a go, the most you have to lose is your time and energy. Its depressing to not have job and no income but keep pushing, don't show how much you want the job during the interview because companies will pay you less for that. Google salary ranges or just ask for 20k ttd converted to USD as that isn't much and they'll pay it without thinking while you make a nice salary to go buy that new car or house. Please make it a house it's the better investment because they can't steal that shit unless they move in illegally and then take you to court claiming they own it someone how and you lose it all and don't have a car or house but most importantly you got a job to buy it over again and a wealth of legal knowledge that's not gonna benefit you anytime soon so you just use it to bullshit the TTPS when you get pulled over for doing 150 on the highway...
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2023.06.02 07:41 OopsFruedianslip Advice Needed - Transmission & ABS Repair (Worth it?)

Advice Needed - Transmission & ABS Repair (Worth it?)
I have a 2011 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited with nearly 200K miles on it. One day the brake lights came on, and so I took the car into the shop and spent nearly $1K on new brake pads and rotors. Then, literally as I am leaving the shop, the break lights come on again. The shop thinks it's an electrical error and resets the system, and I drive away once more. However, as I am driving on the highway, my break lights start flashing, the traction control light (ABS) comes on, and the AT oil temp light comes on. The shop then tells me that there is something wrong with the transmission, and refers me to another shop. The shop runs some diagnostics and the codes that came up were: p0700, p2762, c0231, and c0232. They tell me that to repair the transmission and the ABS system it will cost nearly $3,000. The value on the car is somewhere between $4,000-$7,000 (I think).
I'm having trouble justifying paying for this when my car is at 200K miles. I don't know if spending an extra $3K is worth it (although I did just spend $1K on the brakes). I am a student in school, and need a car... I could lease or take out a loan for a new car. I am not sure what would be the best option though. Thoughts on whether you think it'd be worth it to repair it or better to just get a new car?
I put the quote I received in the post. I'm hoping someone can look it over and let me know if they think the cost is reasonable for the work. I haven't found another transmission shop around where I live (San Francisco).
If there is a better community to post this on, let me know.
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2023.06.02 07:40 OopsFruedianslip Advice Needed on Transmission Repair Cost (Worth it?)

I have a 2011 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited with nearly 200K miles on it. One day the brake lights came on, and so I took the car into the shop and spent nearly $1K on new brake pads and rotors. Then, literally as I am leaving the shop, the break lights come on again. The shop thinks it's an electrical error and resets the system, and I drive away once more. However, as I am driving on the highway, my break lights start flashing, the traction control light (ABS) comes on, and the AT oil temp light comes on. The shop then tells me that there is something wrong with the transmission, and refers me to another shop. The shop runs some diagnostics and the codes that came up were: p0700, p2762, c0231, and c0232. They tell me that to repair the transmission and the ABS system it will cost nearly $3,000. The value on the car is somewhere between $4,000-$7,000 (I think).
I'm having trouble justifying paying for this when my car is at 200K miles. I don't know if spending an extra $3K is worth it (although I did just spend $1K on the brakes). I am a student in school, and need a car... I could lease or take out a loan for a new car. I am not sure what would be the best option though. Thoughts on whether you think it'd be worth it to repair it or better to just get a new car?
I put the quote I received in this post too. I'm hoping someone can look it over and let me know if they think the cost is reasonable for the work. I haven't found another transmission shop around where I live (San Francisco).
If there is a better community to post this on, let me know.
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2023.06.02 07:40 nicholas19karr What would you guys change? Also, would anyone hire me with this resume?

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2023.06.02 07:39 girl_from_the_crypt Stuck on earth and looking for a job: My indie artist roommate appears to have grown her hair out

When you don’t see someone for a while, they tend to look kind of different the next time you meet. That’s not because they’ve actually changed, but rather due to your memory being inaccurate. Still, I don’t think my roommate has always had barnacles growing on her.
Kit Sutton did indeed look different. Beautiful, but different.
In the short time we’d been apart, her hair had grown to an impressive length. It trailed after her through the water as she effortlessly hopped from rock to rock before landing in front of us. She was even more scantily clad than usual; in fact, she wasn’t wearing anything at all. Her normally olive skin had adopted a pearlescent sheen, interrupted by the algae, starfish and seashells clinging to her body. Her eyes shone in the light of our torch and she regarded us with an unreadable expression, putting a hand to her hip.
"I can't believe you're actually here." She shook her head, sounding like she wasn't even sure herself what tone to strike. "You… you'd better leave. And fast. I-it's nice to see you, though."
I took a step forward and hugged her. She felt slippery. "I've missed you."
"Yeah. Me too. You should still go now."
"You need to come back," I said. "I'm sorry I ever gave up on you. There has to be a way for you to come back."
She shook her head. "Eva, you saw what my father can do. You saw the wave and you just saw his grotto guard. There's, like, a thousand more where that one came from."
"What are you doing here anyways? Isn't this a kinda way too lonely spot for you to hang out?" Elijah asked. "Doesn't seem very you."
"Yeah. It's… not." She rolled her eyes. "I'm basically grounded. My Dad's gonna keep me here for the next two hundred years or so. I'm not allowed to leave until he trusts me again."
"Two hundred years?" Eli echoed.
Kit massaged her temples. "I don't like it either, believe me." Looking up, a hopeful expression crossed her face. "How's Nettie?"
"She misses you," I told her.
"She does? That's, um… nice."
"It's cool, I know about you two."
"Oh. Well. I'm really glad she's thinking about me. Is that mean? Because I don't want her to be unhappy, it just feels good, you know?"
"I can imagine," I answered. "And it only proves my point. We have to get you out of here."
"Dude, I said no. You actually can't beat my father. I wish that was an option, but it's simply not."
"It's Chandra." She raised her head to fix me with a stern gaze. So empty, so joyless, so… unlike her. "It was nice being Kit and running around up top and living with you. Those were a good few years, and now here I am, paying the price. There is nothing you can do against my Dad."
Silence descended upon us for a sober couple seconds. I studied her expression, her set jaw and taut shoulders. "And what about you?" I asked. "Can you do something?"
Kit snorted. "You've never even seen me use any sort of powers."
"But you have them, don't you?"
"Actually, I do." She casually raised a hand, her wrist slowly describing a circle. Eli and I watched in astonished silence as a trail of water snaked its way up from the lake, arching above her head and trickling back down on the other side of the stepstone. Kit Sutton looked after it disinterestedly, then turned to us with a bored shrug. "I guess I can sorta control water."
Elijah was gaping at her. "Could you do this the whole time?"
"Nope. Only when I'm in my natural habitat. I'm the crown princess—" she spat out the words in discontent, forming air-quotes around them— "and the heiress to the throne, so I'm, like, ultra connected to my element or whatever. Not like my siblings."
"But as of now, you are stronger than them?" I queried. "Is there any possibility you could become stronger than your father, too?"
For a moment, she stared at me, her bottom lip caught between her teeth. "Actually, let me show you something." Her naked feet never once slipping on the wet stone, she proceeded towards the nearest platform rock, jumping off with ease and landing gracefully. After trading shrugs with Elijah Carter, we scrambled after her. She led us back a little ways and then down one of the other passages we'd glimpsed before, barely losing a word the whole time. I stopped trying to strike up a conversation, focusing solely on keeping up with her unnaturally sleek, swift steps.
"The olm you saw before was one of my father's guardians," she called out sharply over her shoulder. "The sea breeds giants, as they say. Or rather, Dad does. He keeps creating abominations like that, and he uses them to ward off outsiders in places where they don't belong. They're obviously not stopping me from running away again—you've seen that they'll obey me. But his Majesty has made it quite clear that if I break out, he's going to turn the town into a swamp. I'm not going to be responsible for people's deaths, or the loss of their homes. Especially not… not hers."
She came to a halt, squaring her shoulders. Above her head, I could make out the silhouette of an opening in the tunnel. "We're here. This… this should be enough proof that he'll make good on any threat he's ever uttered." She stepped aside to make way for us.
We hesitantly pushed past her and into the room that lay before us. It was different from all the others we'd seen thus far—it didn't lure one into a false sense of security with its descriptive beauty. In fact, the second the beam of our flashlight illuminated its interior, every last fiber of my being started to cry out to me, telling me to run. My flight instinct kicking in, I tried desperately to stay grounded somehow, to keep control. I couldn't allow myself to panic. This was a horrible time to end up going dimensions. I had to remain in this reality, no matter how difficult the sight before me was rendering the task.
I heard Elijah Carter gag beside me, his stomach revolting at what he saw. His hand abruptly flew to my shoulder, cold, sweat-slick fingers clamping down on my skin, hard enough to bruise. With my own stomach doing kick-flips inside my body, I could understand his reaction far too well. Instead of shrinking away, I reached up to graze his knuckles with my own, a fleeting touch I couldn't find the strength to hold. It was hard to be reassuring given the circumstances.
We were looking at a gallery of corpses. They lined the walls, the floor, the ceiling, all in different states of wholeness and decay. A viscous, transparent fluid was gluing them to the stone, fixing them in their respective places. In some spots, it looked quite shiny and fresh, while in others, it had hardened, encasing the dead bodies like clear, pale amber. It was an unorganized chaos, the carcasses strewn practically everywhere, some overlapping, some upside down. Some had their eyes still open, their faces eternally frozen in void, empty expressions of terror. Most bodies weren't even complete—arms, legs or heads were missing, pronounced bitemarks marring the aged yet well-preserved flesh.
Elijah and I found ourselves standing rooted to the ground, too terrified to move, too dazed to speak. My friend's dark gaze frantically raced over the walls, flickering across the horrid display, taking in the carnage. My own eyes seemed to be burning. My head was spinning, and I had to hold onto his arm to support myself—it felt as though my legs were about to give way beneath me.
A shimmering light at the center of the room caught my attention. Somehow finding it within me to steady myself, I took a couple faltering steps towards it. Elijah Carter followed suit and Kit Sutton wordlessly trailed after us. Stepping over the dozens and dozens of corpses in my way, I tried hard to keep my wits about me. When I finally reached its source, I was surprised to find it to be a pond, or rather a bottomless hole of water. Another connection to the sea, no doubt. The shine however seemed fine from within it, from down below where there would normally be just darkness. Looking in, the breath was once again stolen from my lungs. It felt rather like peering through a small window into a very large hall. I could only see a fracture of what lay beneath.
Hovering within the endless masses of water was the enormous statue of a woman. Her stony pale arms were raised, her hands reaching out almost pleadingly, as if she was hoping for someone to pull her up from her cold, abyssal grave. Her eyes, one of which was about the size of my head, were wide open, her colorless stare holding a wild, unreadable mix of emotions. Her lips were parted in a silent scream. An unearthly, bright glow surrounded her; it seemed to come from within her body rather than anywhere else. It was disturbingly beautiful.
"Her name was Calypso."
Kit's voice pulled me from my trance. When I turned to face her, she pointedly avoided my gaze. An idea took shape in my mind, created by the faint, wavery undertone of mourning in her words. "She was someone special, wasn't she?"
"My mother."
I swallowed, my pulse still thrumming in my ears. Stepping forward, I tentatively grasped my roommate's hand. She let go of a soft breath, the corner of her mouth twitching. "These people here have been rotting away for centuries. It's the worst punishment imaginable, isn't it. The lucky ones are dead before they get glued down, but the ones he's really angry at, he covers in that goo when they're, like, lethally injured. I don't quite know what this stuff is, but it slows down all those organic processes, the death, the decomposition…" She paused. "With Mom, it was different. He turned her to stone. The same kind that grows from the ground here, you know; that smooth, shiny kinda rock that looks real pretty."
"What did she do to piss off your Dad?"
"What did any of these poor fuckers do? Most of these are failed cult leaders, actually. You'd never guess how many cults the deep ones have dedicated to them. As for my mother, I don't know. I can't even remember her, to be honest." She shrugged with affected carelessness. "You see it now? My father is… just beyond comprehension."
"So are you, though, aren't you? If you think about it."
"Eva, I know you're trying to boost morale here, but it's not working. Please let me get you out of here. And for heaven's sake, don't come back."
She led us back through the labyrinth of tunnels and corridors, staying well behind when we caught the first glimpse of daylight.
"I promise I'll think of something," I told her. "I'll find a way to get you out."
She merely shook her head. "No, you won't. Just go home and look for a new roommate. Or move back in with Nettie. She'll be glad."
I clenched my teeth, but allowed Eli to press his palm to my back, guiding me towards the exit.
"Actually, just… just wait. Could you tell her I, like, miss her? A lot?" Kit shouted after us, a sudden note of warmth softening her voice.
Elijah turned back to her with a sad smile. "Of course."
We didn't return to the car straight away, instead walking along the shore for a little while. My extra limbs having retracted and Eli's face having returned to a less nauseous color, we didn't bear any outward traces of our experience in the cave. We didn’t talk much, but we almost leaned onto one other with how closely we stuck to each other’s side. Eventually, I gathered the strength to break the silence. “This can’t stand, obviously.”
“You still want to get her out?” He gave me a sidelong glance. “This is more for Nettie’s sake than anything else, isn’t it?”
“I do like Kit Sutton, and I miss her tremendously,” I stated. “But largely, it is.”
Elijah, having nothing else to add, gave a noncommittal grunt.
“Would you mind if I asked you something personal?” I asked.
“Try it and find out.”
“I was wondering about what Mary Markov said about you earlier,” I began. “An incident at a highschool.”
He sighed. Silence fell, and for a minute I thought he wouldn’t respond at all. Then, he slowed down, coming to a halt and turning to look out at the horizon. “So how do we do this, Shirley? You really want me to pour my heart out to you and let you in on my tragic past as we stare at the tossing waves? That’s a bit too romantic for the two of us, if you ask me.”
“But you’d let me in on your tragic past in a less romantic setting?”
“Oh sure, anytime,” he said lightly. “Well, not any time. I’d be okay talking to you about it, though. See, it doesn’t matter to me if you know or not, the problem is kinda the headspace and getting the words out of my mouth in the first place.”
“I’m glad you feel like you could do that with me.” I regarded his profile, noting how he swallowed and shut his eyes for a moment.
“Let’s go back to the car.”
So we did. Only that it wasn’t quite how we left it. Elijah noticed it first—a low, hissed curse escaped him as he bent down to inspect the damage. The back window had been smashed in. The brown folder Mary Markov had given me was gone.
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17: government work
18: something in the caves
19: shopping cart
20: olms and Jewels
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