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Using bottled alkaline water to boost hardness, alkalinity and PH

2023.04.01 02:13 Viera95 Using bottled alkaline water to boost hardness, alkalinity and PH

Using bottled alkaline water to boost hardness, alkalinity and PH
Hi guys, might be a stupid question but here it gos. I’m cycling my first shrimp tank to get it ready for plants and then shrimp. I don’t trust my tap water at all so I filled the tank with bottled spring water. I tested the water with pool test strips and it shows PH 6.2 total hardness somewhere between 0 -100 and 0 alkalinity. Should I mix in some of the alkaline water to balance everything or should I try buying some shrimp mineral balance instead?
Thanks in advance for any advice!
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2023.03.31 20:14 Afro_garden I have to get out of here, even if it kills me. (Part 2)

(Part 1)

(Part 2)
The snores of Frank were now distant as Jack crept along quietly as to not betray his escape. Jack was equal-parts shocked and unsurprised. Carefully making his way to the shelf where he had stashed his belongings earlier in the day, Jack quietly slipped out of his Prison garb, and into his button-down flannel, and faded denim jeans with all the speed and grace he could muster. “This is going precisely as I knew it would” Jack thought, “But we’re not out of the woods yet, now comes the hard part.” Next was his trusty old pair of boots, how many years he wore these he was at a loss to recall. And with finality, his worn-out leather jacket that he had received as a birthday present from his wife.
Jack then reached the window on the far-side of the day room. Opening one of the Hardcover books on the shelf he had stashed there, Jack flipped it open to get his carefully stashed butter-knife, which he had won in a tense game of checkers with one of the livelier residents a few days prior. Straining every muscle to firmly, yet gently position the blade into the window pry it open like he practiced every day for the past few days. With little success, it would not move; it was as if Sunset Acre’s was playing one final joke on him. He could hear it, a breathless whisper, “you can never leave Jack, no one EVER LEAVES!” Jack began to lose hope, thinking on how any moment now the relief will arrive to wake up Frank. Frank will realize the lights in the security room are off, the lobby camera feeds are dark, and there is one less prisoner where they should be. Jack could feel his tears erupting, and began to cloud his vision. Then Jack got angry, “This isn’t the end, you can’t keep me here, IM LEAVING!” Jack growled through gritted teeth. With renewed vigor for his goal, he jammed the knife in the frame and pulled it with his whole body. The window flew open, slamming against the frame, Jack flying backwards to the floor, hitting the bookshelf, and the faded glass pane slid out of the rotting wood, with a booming CRASH! Exploded onto the concrete echoing across the building.
“Shit!” Jack yelped. His head was pounding from the blow, and his eyes still blurry from the tears, Jack felt the fresh air blowing through the window with ferocity. He could hear Frank vaulting over the desk. The now meaningless medical reports flying like autumn leaves, across the lobby. With every ounce of his being Jack raced to the open window. Blood was pumping harder than he had felt in years, for the first time in years, he felt alive! “Oh no you don’t Jack, GET. BACK. HERE!” Frank bellowed. Jack had then put a foot over the thresh hold of the now shattered window. “Goodbye Frank you ogre!” With a hearty laugh he jumped out of the building. Pulling the bookshelf behind him to buy himself a couple moments before Frank made it outside. Thankfully he did not fall farther than a couple feet, or he would have been in serious trouble.
Just as his boots hit the dirt, Jack began to jog faster than he believed was possible for his age. He rounded the corner of the building not 10 feet from the window he escaped from when he heard a pair of sneakers hit the dirt behind him. It astonished Jack how fast Frank was considering his size. ”Damn, I need to move now,” Jack thought in a panic as he rounded the corner of the parking lot where the storage units were. As he was ducking between the buildings, he frantically looked about, “plan I need a plan!,” “Streetlights ahead will give me away, no lights behind, but a tall fence, if I was 20 years younger maybe.” Jack was reaching a full-blown panic as he heard flanks mighty steps getting closer. Time seemed to slow down, as he frantically looked around. Just then, he noticed the garages across from him had some lights flickering, and a walkway between two had what looked to be a cane abandoned by its former master leaning in the alley. “Alright then, plan b.” Jack ran to the walkway looking to his right as Frank was maybe 10 paces away, “JACK! GET BACK HERE NOW!” Frank puffed. Big as he was, he had no cardio training, and Jack was counting on that. Once in the shadows of the alley between the two garages, he grasped the cane, and readied himself. How long it lay there without its master he did not know. A fine oaken polish, with a strangely carved bust of an eagle, wings outstretched in a cry complimenting its open beak.
Jack grasped the cane as if his very being depended on it. He did not have a moment to spare, all his plans of escape would fail if he didn’t succeed here and now. The window He did not plan on shattering, another unforeseen contingency. Jack, with the cane firmly grasped in his hands, stood on the corner of the building waiting. Just out of sight he could hear Frank’s massive legs pounding the gravel as he made chase. Jack counted, one…two…three! Jack swung with all the strength he could muster, the cane whistling like a switch collided with Frank’s bulbous nose just as he rounded the corner, just as Jack had planned. Blood splattering in every direction, Frank toppled to the ground screaming in agony. Jack then spit at him, “serves you right, ogre.” With triumphant steps, Jack ran down the dark road, Franks agonizing screams fading into the distance. Jack’s heart was pounding, All the planning, all the pain, agony, torment, it was over, he escaped, and now there was only one place to go, home.
As Jack kept track he had been jogging for at least a mile, all the training in the service never ceased to amaze him how much it had kept him in top condition. With enough distance between him and Sunset Acre’s he now slowed to a walk. Sweat was pouring out of him; his face was drenched. His unshaven beard was damp and dripping, he wiped his jacket sleeve across his face. Keeping his breathing steady, he did not stop, more distance he put between himself and the prison the better. His thoughts began to wander, the crisp air on his puffed red cheeks, now began to comfort him as he made the trip through the dark. His hands were chilly so he shoved them into his pockets, and he felt a book of matches, and a half a pack of smokes. Jack couldn’t even remember the last time he had a cigarette, let alone the fact he smoked in the first place, it had been far too long. He pulled one out, placed it in his lip, and struck the match on the box.
The smell of sulfur and the brief roar of flame reminding him of days long since passed. Jack then took a big puff of his cigarette, hacking uncontrollably he began to laugh. “Why do I have these?” Jack asked himself. “Well when in Rome,” and he took another drag. This time he did not lose his bearing, like a familiar friend the smoke comforted him. Jack happily strolled down the barren street, like a kid in a candy store. It had been an hour since his miraculous escape, looking down at his watch reading, 1:13am. Soon his thoughts began to wander to how Frank was doing with his recent nose adjustment. Even though that man had been the bane of Jack’s existence, it’s not like he truly hated the man. Some people are just wrong, born of evil stuff, and only get happiness from exacting that evil on others. Extracting every ounce of good, and love there is. At least that’s what Jack told himself.
“I betcha he’s still crying like a baby,” laughing to himself. As he watched the dark buildings pass him by Jack began to feel like he wasn’t really alone. Looking around at the empty homes, and flickering streetlights, Jack took another pull from his smoke, he felt like something was just darting out the corners of his vision, but only the afterimage is what he could see. “Shadows playin tricks tonight.” Jack snorted, flicking his spent cigarette to the wind. Jack was truly counting his blessings that the manager was not at work tonight. Frank was bad enough, but James was as bad as they come. James had a nasty reputation of being the sweetest man you could ever meet when the authorities had been called; however, once the coast was clear, this tiny bean pole of a man would become the devil himself. There weren’t many things that Jack was mortally afraid of, this man was it. Jack could only imagine what James would do to Frank when he got that call at 1am telling him that he had escaped. Jack laughed, “I bet when James is done with his ass he will wish his broken nose was the worst of it.” Feeling the freedom to choose his own path once again, Jack decided that it was time to get off the main road.
These streets, the houses, the smells of the trees shedding their winter shells brought a strange euphoria to Jack. Even though all this time had passed since he was a young man, he knew this town; hell, Jack could find his way in this dark with a blindfold if he fancied. Every house, was different than he remembered. The colors, siding and windows, all of it was strangely off. Like a watered-down version of what it should be, The swirling shadows and flickering lights of the late hours of the night would bring uneasiness to anyone; however, it did little to bother Jack. He knew exactly where he was going, most of this uneasiness he attributed to the darkness, and pale glow of the streetlamps.
With every step it seemed to Jack he was getting closer to his prize; however, he could not shake the feeling of being watched. As he was walking along the street the unmistakable sound of footsteps echoed behind him. Jack didn’t pay it much mind at first, but with each passing minute, it seemed like it got closer. “It really is a lovely night, for a walk.” Jack mused to himself, trying to not seem nervous. The footsteps behind him were in perfect unison with his own. The only thing was, the way the sound echoed off the nearby homes, was just barely out of sync with his footfalls. Every time he slowed, they slowed, if he did a slight misstep, they followed in kind. Jack knew he had a very long walk ahead, and the last thing he needed was to be distracted by some nighttime bandit, looking for his next score.
After what felt like half an hour of this Jack realized the footfalls did not get closer, they would maintain their distance. “alright that’s quite enough.” Jack said aloud, as he spun on his heels, to see his would-be assailant. Nothing. The vapors of his breath clouding up his eyes now, he stared back and forth across the empty street, only the pale moonlight creeping behind wispy clouds as his companion. “well guess I scared em off.” Jack chuckled victoriously. And turned around to continue his journey. When he was met face to face with a man. “Evenin’ Jack” the man rasped. Through the pale glow of the moonlight Jack was dead stiff, and suddenly very cold. Jacks jaw trembled, attempting to speak, to scream to do, well anything.
The man was really unassuming, a tweed jacket, to match his slacks, and the pale glow of the moonlight shining off his well-polished shoes. Adorned on the top of his head was a fancy looking hat, round at the crest, and the bill curved downward to conceal the man’s face in shadow. Jack stood there in sheer terror as he managed to finally utter out a meek, “H-hello sir, it is a nice evening.” All Jack could do was take a step backwards as the man grinned a smile of yellow teeth at Jacks apprehension. “Could I trouble you for a smoke Jack?” Reaching his hand out in a slow yet poised movement the man awaited his answer. “Uhm yeah, sure…” and pulled out his pack from his pocket, and flipped one out of the pack for the man to take. Gingerly grasping it in his long fingers, Jack noticed the shine of his leather gloves, and the iron grip on his brown briefcase.
“Not to be a bother Jack, but could I trouble you for a light?” The man asked lightly. “oh of course” Jack said, still wholly unsure of what to make of this situation. Still unable to see the features of this man’s face, and idea sprung, “I’ll strike the match low enough to get a good look at him, maybe I can figure out who he is.” Jack thought, striking the match and in the blaze of sulfur, he quickly stole a look. The light seemed to illuminate everything enough, however; the only part of his face that was clear his mouth, it was as if the shadows just swallowed all the light, and nothing but shadows remained. Leaning in the man sparked up the cigarette, and took a long draw from it. “ahh a fine brand, you have good taste Jack” as the man exhaled a plume of smoke into Jacks face. “Let’s walk together for a while Jack, it’s a long road ahead, and I could use some company.” The man stepped to the side, and ushered jack with a graceful bow, and a wave of his arm, the glow of the cigarette lightly illuminating his smile.
“As if I have a choice,” Jack thought to himself. “Would be a shame to spend this beautiful night alone; shall we?” Jack bluffed, trying to imitate the pointed candor of his new companion. Something about this felt wrong, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. As the two of them began to stride down the street, any lamps that illuminated the street, suddenly clipped off as the two of them drew near. Jack was aware that sometimes streetlamps would have issues, but every single one? For what Jack felt was an hour, they walked in silence. The man would hum a tune at times, and Jack could swear he heard it before, like trying to remember a dream, just out of reach. Jack was not sure at this point who was leading the way, he did feel like he was walking home, the roads looked familiar, the scenery seemed familiar, but everything felt, twisted, distorted, as if looking into a mirror in the dark. Shadows seemed to dance around the two of them, light never daring to get close.
The silence was finally broken as the man finally spoke, “Now Jack we have to clear the air, what are you doing out here tonight?” His voice sounded wispy now, as if there was too much air in it. “You know that this isn’t a safe place for a man your age to be roaming alone.” Jack then tried to speak, but he just couldn’t find the words. “Now Jack I’m not going to punish you, you Are a grown man after all.” The man’s voice became a bit sterner as he continued. “You are quite valuable to us, and we don’t want our investment to be squandered.” Jack began to walk a bit faster at these words, finally breaking his own silence, “I don’t know what you are talking about, I don’t belong to anyone. Not anymore.” Jack rasped back to the man. “of that you can be sure!” Jack roared angrily.
“Well, the details don’t matter much now Jack, not even you, can alter the deal.” The man chuckled as he fell behind Jack’s hurried steps. Jacks mind was racing now, “what in the world was he talking about, I’ve never met that man in my life.” As he turned around to face this man once more, “Just who in the hell….” And Jack was alone once more, “are you?” came the last words to Jacks sentence in his ear. Jumping out of his skin, Jack spun back around seeing only darkness. The wind blew in a mighty gust suddenly as Jack braced himself as the wind reached a crescendo. “No one leaves Jack.. no one….ever….leaves…” a wispy voice could be heard on the wind, and as quickly as it was there, suddenly Jack was left to the darkness. The shadows seemed to return to normal, and Jack began to get his bearings back as he walked from the intersection where he and the man had parted ways.
As Jack continued down the roads, he couldn’t shake the words of that man from his mind, “no one ever leaves” Jack quietly said to himself. All this time, he felt it was just a hallucination of his tired mind, the demon of Sunset Acre’s personified in his brain to justify why it was so hard to leave, and why it was just hell. This man felt real, his words, felt real, there was no way he wasn’t. “I guess I’m not crazy after all” Jack nervously chuckled to himself as he was reaching the halfway mark home. Looking up, now he knew that if he was going to make it, he had to be very careful. The dark of the night was no longer on his side, as the Floodlights of the nearby homes began to come into view, and the pale glow of the moonlight returned. Making every possible slip into the shadows that he could, Jack stayed out of the lights; dim as they were he couldn’t risk it. Knowing that this was a more populated area of town, and that by looking at his watch the time was 4:00am. “What? How in the hell could it be that late already!?” Just then in the distance he could hear the slow rumble of an engine. “Shit someone is coming!” he rasped, dashing behind nearby hedges.
With panicked breath he waited, for his pursuer. Just then in the distance he saw the car. As it rounded the street corner just ahead, the headlights shut off. Turning to Jacks direction it slowly crawled down the street. As it passed under the dim lights Jack smiled to himself knowing he made the right call. It was the sheriff’s squad car, creeping slow and deliberate down the road, flashing its spotlight in-between the dark homes. With each flash Jack could see the critters of the night scatter to the instant blinding light. They were getting closer now; he could not risk his freedom, not after coming so far. The hedges were fine camouflage in dim light, but it did nothing to conceal him with such a powerful beam of light. “C’mon Jack THINK!” he screamed in his head. He was losing time; they would be upon him in seconds.
With a wry smile he figured it out, the pattern. Who or whatever they were looking for, they didn’t want to lose the element of surprise. Short bursts of light in the darkest areas, not lingering long enough to attract much attention; in addition, no headlights, slow speed, little noise, only using the spotlight to hit where the lamps didn’t light. It was a risky gamble, but not the worst Jack had taken. Moving quickly as he dared, as to not betray his location, he waited till the light dimmed, and made a break for the neighboring home to the hedges he was in. Moving low to the ground, he ducked behind a utility shed lining the driveway near the hedges. Lying flat to the ground, he barely fit in its shadow, lit by the dimly pulsing street lamp. As the cruiser neared the hedges he once occupied, Jack rolled to the right of the shed and sure enough, a blinding flash of light, sweeping back and forth over the hedges, shining directly through to the decrepit home beyond. Just as it reached the end of the hedges, it turned off and quietly the cruiser passed in front of Jack. The officer manning the light, as Jack predicted, rubbed his eyes, and lost the split second of time where he could have seen Jacks hiding spot, rolling back to the shadow from the lamp, he could hear only a snip of their conversation. “I could have sworn I saw someone skulking here, we have to find him…” and in a few moments, the cruiser was down the road, and turning back onto the main street, headlights lit, and out of sight.
Once he could no longer hear the engine, Jack struggled to his feet, patting down his pants. “Hah! Bunch of young bucks think they can pull a fast one on me, this wolf still has teeth.” Jack then made a quick break for the road ahead. Take a left here, two roads down, make another right, and then pass another road. The excitement of the night was beginning to catch up with Jack. His knees ached, his feet were throbbing, and he couldn’t be happier. Thinking back on his earlier conversation with the man Jack began to let his mind wander away from his aches and pains. “What deal could he possibly mean, I didn’t make a deal, especially with a man in such a tacky suit.” The wind began to lightly blow as the memories of his home took the forefront of his attention. Suddenly rounding the corner there, it was. It was exactly as he remembered. Tears welled up in Jack’s eyes, at the big old oak tree at the corner. “How I have dreamed of seeing you again old friend” Jack choked out as he walked past, running his hand across its bark. Memories of seeing the kids climbing its branches, ribbons strung its massive branches, picnics. Jack then turned down the road to home, Oak Drive. The road his wife giggled at, “trees don’t drive Jack” she used to say. Jacks face reddened at the thought of her beauty, of how much he missed her, and how much she would cry in delight to see him walk into their kitchen, yelling, “Your darling has arrived!” Jack smiled at the thought of her cheeks bursting with that beautiful smile he fell in love with.
He was nearing his last turn; Jack could see the sky was beginning to turn a lovely shade of violet with an array of reds, oranges, and blues were streaking across the sky., the sun began to rise. It warmed his old heart to be so close to what he wanted so desperately. So many hours of planning, so many days, it felt like an eternity. Jack hastened his steps, being so close to the home he had built with his own two hands. “I am so close now” Jack whispered to himself. “I am almost home dear; your darling is coming.” Jack then wiped away his tears as he began to jog again, “well Mr. Spooky man, I escaped, gnaw on that!” Thought returning to his home. His wife, and the only comfort he could even begin to think of. He giggled like a child when he saw the fence and hedges that Mr. and Mrs. Ruther had built as their 10th anniversary celebration, they were such good friends with Jack, and his wife. He knew his prize lie just beyond.
with the hedges no longer obscuring his view, and the morning rays bathing everything in warm light there it was. The windows began to light up with the sunshine now cresting the treetops. The apple trees outside the house itself, riddled with the blossoms, oh how he loved their scent, the smell was intoxicating. He took a deep breath, and savored every moment. Again, his thoughts wandered to days when his wife would bake him pies from those apples, the scent flooding the house, Jack was home. As he drew near the house he suddenly stopped, the air grew cold, and his eyes betrayed him. All at once his perfect home, with the bountiful apple trees faded from his view. The trees were skeletons of their former glory, not a blossom to be seen. The paint was chipping, the wrap-around porch was in disarray. The front door was boarded up, with CAUTION tape marring any entry. His rocking chair was still there, but faded and warped, barely fit for kindling it sat like a monument, still, unmoving.
On the other side was his wife’s chair, less damaged than his, but there was a teenage girl sitting in it. Jack stood in awe, unable to move, scarcely breathing. The girl finally noticed Jack and stood slowly, not letting him move from her gaze. “He told me I would find you here Jack.” Jack snapped his focus to her, “He!? He WHO!?” The girl carefully walked down the steps, each moaning at their stress. “The manager Jack. He already knows, and he will be here any moment.”
Jack’s stalwart focus then crumbled, he was confused, why was his house, his home in such a shape? Where was his wife? And who was this girl? How did she know him? More importantly, how did she know the manager? Jacks mind began to turn over and over, he felt faint. His hands then pressed to the sides of his temples. His breathing became panicked, “What is going on!? What happened to my wife!? Where is she? Why is this happening!?” Jack began to sob. Harder than he had ever cried in all his long years. As he was crumbling into a ball, he opened his eyes in time to see the ground fast approaching, then, darkness.
Jack could hear voices, familiar voices, his eyes still closed his ears hummed like an old television being turned on after a long stay in a damp cellar. Slowly he opened his eyes, he was back in Sunset Acre’s. His hands were tethered to his bed, and there was an officer there getting a statement from Frank, his face was partially stitched up, but his eyes were sickly colored in reds, blues, and pale yellow. His nose was even worse than Jack could have imagined. The manager was there with his back turned to Jack, his hands on the shoulders of the girl he met at his house. She was sobbing uncontrollably, and in a moment of lapse she met eyes with Jack.
“DAD! DAD! HES AWAKE!” she screamed, in a moment all of them turned to meet Jack with smiles. “It’s good to see you again Jack” James said warmly. “You really did a number on Frank; I am not sure his nose will heal up properly this time.” Jack then felt his eyes watering. “Yeah Jack” Frank said with a chuckle, “You really need to stop hitting me there, Marie says if this keeps up ill only be able to work as a circus clown, she asks about you every night Jack, we are all worried about you!” In an instant the confusion was lifting, and Jack’s mind began to race, memories, feelings, fleeting but powerful they overcame him at once.
“Oh, little Frankie! I’m so sorry, I know how Marie worries about your safety here, I am trying I really am!” Jack was now sobbing hysterically, moving from Frank to the girl. “Jessie, I am so sorry you had to see me like this and make you worry!” barely able to speak in-between sobs, Jack then turned his gaze to James, and his heart dropped like a hammer on an anvil. “Jimmy where is your mother? I went home and she wasn’t there.” James then began to cry, but slowly he bridged the gap between him and Jack. “Dad, mom passed away 10 years ago”. Jack’s mind began to swirl, flashes of images raced into his mind.
His wedding, Jack remembered, how Claire looked that day, she was beautiful beyond reason, her auburn hair curly and bouncing with each step, her dress, white as a fresh winters snow, she was radiant and glowing from the bump on her belly, she was magical. Years passed, James was now heading off to college, and Claire and Jack were heading into retirement. Not 5 years later, James had graduated in his nursing program, and began to intern at Sunset Acre’s. Just a few short years later, Clair was in an accident, she slipped down the front steps of the porch, and hit her head as Jack was turning into the driveway to witness helplessly.
Then images of Jack screaming at the doctor, and the doctor telling Jack, “There is nothing we can do, if she comes out of the coma, it will be a miracle.” Jacks eyes began to seize shut in pain, images of the funeral, her casket lowering into the ground, then he really wept. In an instant James rushed to his father and hugged him, and they wept together. For what seemed like hours they sat there, James had unbuckled the restraints on Jack. Frank left them to go take care of his rounds, and for a small time, Jack felt like everything finally made sense.
“Jimmy I am so sorry for all this” Jack lamented. “Dad, this is why I wanted you here, and nowhere else in the city, so I can take care of you for once.” James had placed his hand in Jack’s, gently squeezing. James knew from his training all these years how to care for his father, and his condition. That is why he felt it necessary to take precautions to stop him from hurting everyone who loved him. Sure, sometimes his reasons were slightly bizarre, but he was doing only what was best for his father. At times he was unreasonable, and stubborn to a fault.
Many times, James knew his father went into a blind rage, attacking anyone near him. This did not happen all the time, but lately it had been getting worse. “I love you dad; don’t you forget it” James said through a stream of tears. “I love you too Jimmy, I am so sorry to burden you like this.” Jack had so many questions, and it was hard to think, his mind was cloudy, and he was very tired. “Jessie, let’s let grandpa get some rest for a while.” With a misty nod Jessie asked; “can we come back later dad?” smiling at Jack. “I love you Grandpa; I miss you bunches.” Smiling warmly at his granddaughter he replied, “I love you too darlin,’ you better keep an eye on your dad, he sure gets to be a handful.”
With that they shared a chuckle, and with a final click the door shut and Jack’s room was empty. He laid his head back down on his pillow, breathing in the crisp spring air. A sigh of relief welcomed him, and he lamented poor Clair. How he missed her so. Jack had so many things to tell her, he wished nothing more than to hold her, love her…kiss….who? Jack’s eyes narrowed, his scowl began to drift around the room, the walls betrayed what this place really was, a prison.
The air smelled of piss and he knew one thing.
“I have to get out of here, even if it kills me…”
Standing on the corner of the building watching the beautiful reunion of Jacks family wallowing in a delicious combination of misery and joy; A man in a tweed jacket looks down at his gold pocket watch, ”better the devil you know, thank the one you don’t,” chuckling out a laugh. His hand replacing the watch into his vest pocket, he balances on his cane with a fine oaken polish, the head, a strangely carved bust of an eagle, wings outstretched in a cry complimenting its open beak. Adorned with just the slightest amounts of blood. Reaching down to pick up his brown briefcase, he tips himself in a bow towards Jack’s window of Sunset Acre’s. “Until we meet again Jack” spinning on his heels as he walked down the street. The last time he had such a filling meal he did not know, but who would have guessed that tipping the scales in Jacks favor to let him ‘escape’ would be so exhilarating, and filling? Sure, Sunset Acre’s was a bit of a risky gamble, but when you need to feed on emotions, and memories to live, what better place to feast than somewhere nobody suspects the loss, or lapse of either. He knew his co-owners would have a fit, considering he had the feast of Jack all to himself. But they would get over it, after all, the second, in a long upcoming line of the Sunset Acre’s franchise buildings just had the permits approved.
Sunset Acre’s, A beautiful and scenic locale for any folks looking for a well maintained, and relaxing place to call home. 24-hour care from some of the top medical professionals money could buy, our lavish building comes equipped with an in-house urgent-care clinic, rehab facility, physical therapy, and all the comforts of home for your loved ones. Located just outside the city, right off the highway, and coming soon, Our second location! It’s a calm and well-maintained environment for your sunset years. Visiting hours are from 8am-8pm, come and take a tour to see if this is the right choice for your loved one! Financing available!
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2023.03.31 17:30 subredditlurker69 This Week in Crypto - Friday March 31, 2023

This Week in Crypto - Friday March 31, 2023

A short summary of some key headlines this week for those who browse the sub less frequently and or prefer a weekly roundup in written format. I will also link the most popular post discussing each topic.

Do Kwon and Terraform Labs’ CFO Han Chang Joon Kwon were arrested at the airport in Montenegro's capital city of Podgorica on March 23 after being caught attempting to travel to Dubai under fake Costa Rican traveling documents. The pair also had Belgian and South Korean travel documents, and the Belgian documents were also forged. The US and South Korea are seeking the extradition of Do Kwon however priority will be given to court proceedings in Montenegro first.

The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has filed a suit against Binance and CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao for trading violations. Binance failed to meet its regulatory obligations by not properly registering with the derivatives regulator while offering unregistered crypto derivatives options to U.S. customers. CFTC Chief Counsel Gretchen Lowe described Binance’s actions as "willful evasion of U.S. law.” Zhao said the allegations are “an incomplete recitation of facts.”

The RESTRICT Act, introduced by Senators Warner and Thune, aims to block or disrupt transactions and financial holdings involving foreign adversaries that pose risks to national security. Although the primary targets of this legislation are companies like Tik-Tok, the language of the bill could potentially be used to block or disrupt cryptocurrency transactions and, in extreme cases, block Americans’ access to open source tools or protocols like Bitcoin.

U.S. prosecutors unveiled a new indictment against FTX crypto exchange founder Sam Bankman-Fried, adding a bribery charge on top of the 12 other charges he already faces. According to the superseding indictment shared Tuesday, Bankman-Fried is accused of attempting to bribe at least one and possibly more Chinese government officials with approximately $40 million in cryptocurrency as part of an effort to unfreeze certain accounts.

A hacker has made off with $8.9 million worth of digital assets after exploiting a vulnerability in the BNB chain-based DeFi exchange Safemoon. According to crypto security firm Peckshield, the attacker exploited a public burn function introduced in the latest upgrade. The function included a bug that allowed the hacker to compromise the project's liquidity pool and drain almost $9 million worth of assets.

Disney began developing its metaverse strategy in mid-2022, announcing that Polygon had been picked as Disney’s blockchain of choice. The company is now in the process of laying off 7,000 staff in an attempt to control costs and develop what CEO Bob Iger calls a “streamlined” business. The cuts include its metaverse team, with its 50-strong headcount being let go, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

Have a great weekend all!
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