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2023.04.01 04:52 EmmaEatYourAss Anyways to make this faster

var s = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet(), ms = s.getSheetByName('Main'), ds = s.getSheetByName('Data sheet'), ss = s.getSheetByName('Settings'), ps = s.getSheetByName('Preview'), se = s.getEditors(), cal_ID = ss.getRange('B3').getValue(), folder_ID = ss.getRange('B7').getValues(), rA2 = ds.getRange('A2').getValues(), rA4 = ds.getRange('A4').getValues(), rA6 = ds.getRange('A6').getValues(), rA7 = ds.getRange('A7').getValues(), rA8 = ds.getRange('A8').getValues(), c = CalendarApp.getCalendarById(cal_ID), d = DriveApp.getFolderById(folder_ID), g = GmailApp, ui = SpreadsheetApp.getUi()
//Creates a google calendar,a google form, and places data into google sheets and //into certain folder
function Create() { let response = ui.alert('Confirm','Create all Bolded events (any dates that are already planned will not be created)', ui.ButtonSet.YES_NO); if (response == ui.Button.YES) { let create = ds.getRange(rA2).getValues() create.forEach(function (e) { let rA9 = ds.getRange('A9').getValue() cc = c.createEvent(e[0], e[2], e[3], { location: e[4] }), fc = FormApp.create(e[6]).setConfirmationMessage('Thank you for filling this out!!! :)').setLimitOneResponsePerUser(!0).setAllowResponseEdits(!0).addEditors(se).setShowLinkToRespondAgain(!1); let n = fc.addMultipleChoiceItem(); n.setTitle('Hope to see you next week :)'), n.setChoiceValues(['Yes', 'No']).setRequired(!0), values = [[e[0], e[1], e[2], e[3], e[4], e[5], cc.getId(), fc.getEditUrl(), fc.shortenFormUrl(fc.getPublishedUrl()), fc.getId()]]; ds.getRange(rA9).setValues(values) d.addFile(DriveApp.getFileById(fc.getId())) }) CM.apply() } }
//Deletes a google calendar,a google form, and cleares data from google sheets and //into certain folder
function Delete() { let response = ui.alert('Confirm','Delete all Bolded events?', ui.ButtonSet.YES_NO); if (response == ui.Button.YES) { let del = ds.getRange(rA4).getValues() del.forEach(function (e) { let range = ds.getRange(e[0]).getValues(),del_ra4 = e[0] range.forEach(function (e) { c.getEventById(e[6]).deleteEvent() DriveApp.getFileById(e[9]).setTrashed(!0) ds.getRange(del_ra4).clear() }) }) CP.apply() } } function EmailPreview() { let mes = ds.getRange('AJ2').getValue(), lin = ds.getRange('AM2').getValue(), sec = ss.getRange('B15').getValue(), email = '' + mes + '
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Secretary STEM Educators Society ' SpreadsheetApp.getUi().showModalDialog(HtmlService.createHtmlOutput(email), 'Email Preview'); } function Email() { let sub = ds.getRange('AI2').getValue(), mes = ds.getRange('AJ2').getValue(), lin = ds.getRange('AM2').getValue(), sec = ss.getRange('B15').getValue(), ema = ds.getRange(rA7).getValues() ema.forEach(function (e) { let ga = e[0], email = '' + mes + '
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Secretary STEM Educators Society' g.sendEmail(ga, sub, '', { htmlBody: email }) }) let response = ui.alert('Sent', ui.ButtonSet.OK); if (response == ui.Button.OK) {} } function CP() { ps.getRange('B3:B55').setValue(false) } function SP() { ps.getRange('B3:B55').setValue(true) } function CM() { ms.getRange('B3:B55').setValue(false) } function SM() { ms.getRange('B3:B55').setValue(true) }
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2023.04.01 04:22 postATX1 Mike is conveniently in LA "taking meetings" to miss DS debut. He's coming back as Hollywood Mike and forming a tag team with DS.

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2023.04.01 04:21 SynapseReaction Pens and Inks for April!

Pens and Inks for April!
Picked some variety and Spring colours for April. March was unintentionally samey for ink colours 😂.
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2023.04.01 04:00 IIIIIIiIIIiIIIll0 United health care insurance

Just found out that United healthcare will reimburse my gym membership. Few Q’s: I was wondering while browsing for the forms in one of the pdf’s I saw this in fine print.. “ The total annual reward amount for your participation in incentive-based programs cannot generally exceed 30 percent of the cost of coverage” 1 / Does it mean it cant go over a certain amount? Did anyone have an issue with this? What was your max amount of gym membership worked? 2/ can this only be used for one gym/ studio? 3/ can I use this for private lesson? 3b/ there’s a class that I want but they discontinued it because of a low enrollment rate but they do offer it privately. I saw that I need to give them a copy of a pamphlet of what the class I took to show as the class exist in this studio. Luckily they still have the description of the class but not the price listing.
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2023.04.01 03:51 Shmeo Do your ultimate challenges

Do your ultimate challenges
Got from the free breakout season pack
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2023.04.01 03:17 Proletlariet Space Invaders Backup

In 1978, an army of aliens descended from the heavens to attack the planet Earth. These Space Invaders could have easily annihilated humanity were it not for an experimental tank-like weapon, capable of fending off the aliens by killing them in one shot. In spite of losing to this weapon, the aliens were not going to allow humanity's peace to last, and would come back to try and invade once more at a later date. This date constantly changes with every game that attempts to have a plot, though many games in the series forgo that for a simple "You're in a ship, there's aliens above you, defeat them before they destroy you."


78 - Space Invaders (Arcade, 1978)
II - Space Invaders Part II (Arcade, 1979)
2600 - Space Invaders (Atari 2600, 1980)
Return - Return of the Space Invaders (Arcade, 1984)
Super - Super Space Invaders '91 (Arcade, 1990)
90 - Space Invaders 90 (Mega Drive, 1990)
X-PS/64/GBC - Space Invaders (PlayStation/Nintendo 64/Game Boy Colour, 1999)
GBA - Space Invaders (Game Boy Advance, 2002)
SR- Space Raiders (GameCube, 2002)
Ex1 - Space Invaders Extreme (PlayStation Portable, 2008)
GE - Space Invaders Get Even (Wii, 2008)
Ex2 - Space Invaders Extreme 2 (DS, 2009)
IG - Space Invaders Infinity Gene (Xbox 360, 2010)
VS - Arkanoid vs. Space Invaders (IOS, 2017)
4SE - Space Invaders Gigamax 4 SE (Switch, 2018)

Player Strength Scaling

As a number of alien types (including all of the bosses) have durability feats of being shot multiple times by the player, here's a quick overview of the objective strength of the player's attacks for reference.

Named Units

Specific Unnamed Units

General Abilities

As A Group

Flying Saucers

Notable Bosses

All of the bosses in Space Invaders tend to be giant machines which can take a large amount of shots from the player ship before dying. The ones listed below are described by what makes them unique. For the Space Invaders PS1/N64 game, please note that each boss is many times the size of the regular enemies, each of which are between 9 and 15 feet across.X-PS
Vehicles / Machines
Retro Bosses


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2023.04.01 03:09 megatronus_11 If larry Cheng is buying more then im buying more 🏴‍☠️

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2023.04.01 02:16 3Dbearnadette Form Fillable Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWAdE) Character Sheet, 2023 Edition

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2023.04.01 02:14 Charred_Paper Elvis Songs Cup (First Group Stage) - Day 3

Elvis Songs Cup (First Group Stage) - Day 3
Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting this yesterday, I was busy and didn't have time to make this post.
Today's matches are:
As for the results from yesterday:
  • That's All Right (86.2%) vs Shake, Rattle and Roll (13.8%)
  • Blue Moon (Take 9/M) (17.2%) vs Jailhouse Rock (82.8%)
  • Such A Night (100%) vs Adam and Evil (0%)
  • Are You Lonesome Tonight? (55.2%) vs Long Black Limousine (44.8%)
  • Just Because (75%) vs Dirty, Dirty Feeling (25%)
  • Tryin' To Get To You (100%) vs El Toro (0%)
  • Just Pretend (44.8%) vs Suspicious Minds - Live (August 11, 1970 - Dinner Show) (55.2%)
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water (72.4%) vs Hurt (27.6%)
  • I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) (59.3%) vs Girl Next Door Went A-Walking (40.7%)
  • The Girl Of My Best Friend (51.9%) vs Pocketful Of Rainbows (48.1%)
  • Without Love (There Is Nothing) (44.4%) vs I've Lost You (Single Version) (55.6%)
  • Polk Salad Annie (55.2%) vs Unchained Melody (Film Mix) (44.8%)
  • Love Me Tender - Live (Elvis - NBV TV Special) (27.6%) vs In The Ghetto (72.4%)
  • Any Day Now (69%) vs I Can't Stop Loving You (31%)
  • My Babe - Live (37.9%) vs Reconsider Baby - Live (August 23, 1969 - Midnight Show) (62.1%)
  • Suspicious Minds - Live (August 23, 1969 - Dinner Show) (58.6%) vs The Wonder Of You - Live (41.4%)
Below I've attached all the groups so you can see the points won from yesterday's matches and the groups for today's matches. These groups were randomly selected. Vote here. May your favorite song win!
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2023.04.01 02:00 AutoModerator Weekly Discussion for Nightly builds for 2023-04-01 - 2023-04-07

Please use this thread to discuss the latest nightly builds.
If you aren't already using Firefox Nightly, you should join us on the wild side. We get the newest features first, and developers generally listen when we give feedback (since they are generally still working on the features, instead of hearing about it months later once it hits stable).
Nightly is an unstable testing and development platform (per Mozilla). Please have a backup strategy for your Firefox profile.
Download Firefox Nightly!
Don't reuse your old profile folder - Firefox Nightly uses different profiles than stable or beta by default, so you can run Nightly and other versions concurrently. You can use Firefox Sync to keep your settings in sync across release channels.

Things to try out in Nightly

Please do not edit about:config unless you are willing to deal with bugs. Please do not post about issues to Mozilla Support; If you have issues, report them to Bugzilla instead.

PDF Annotations

You can annotate PDFs by using the new toolbar icons when viewing a PDF. You can add text or draw on top of PDFs. File bugs that you find.


To enable the feature in Nightly, create and set browser.urlbar.quickactions.enabled and browser.urlbar.shortcuts.quickactions to true in about:config.
Try it out by typing out words like: addons, bookmarks, logins, passwords in the address bar with the preferences turned on.
File bugs that you find.

Elastic Overscroll

You can try out elastic overscroll on desktop (also known as rubber band scrolling) by setting apz.overscroll.enabled to true.
Report bugs blocking the overscroll bug under Core : Panning and Zooming

Native context menus in GTK

You can try out native context menus (also known right click menus) by setting widget.gtk.native-context-menus to true.
Report bugs blocking bug 1757402.
Join our Matrix firefox chat room and the Mozilla Nightly one as well!
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Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - March 31, 2023) - FIRST MAJESTIC SILVER CORP. (NYSE: AG) (TSX: FR) (FSE: FMV) (the "Company" or "First Majestic") is pleased to announce the 2022 Mineral Reserve and Mineral Resource estimates for its four material mineral properties with an effective date of December 31, 2022. Three material properties are currently in production: the San Dimas SilveGold Mine, the Santa Elena SilveGold Mine, and the La Encantada Silver Mine. The fourth material property, the Jerritt Canyon Gold Mine, was recently placed in temporary suspension to focus on exploration, definition, and expansion of the mineral resources and optimization of mine planning and plant operations.
During 2022, the Company completed a total of 249,201 metres of exploration drilling representing a 9% increase in metres drilled compared to the prior year. Approximately 80% of this drilling was focused on near mine or brownfield targets while the remainder was focused on greenfield targets looking for new discoveries. In 2022, the Company's Mineral Resource estimates show an increase in contained silver equivalent ounces more than offsetting mine depletion following a record 31.3 million silver equivalent ounces in annual production.
2022 HIGHLIGHTS (compared to prior Mineral Reserve and Mineral Resource estimates on December 31, 2021)
  • Proven and Probable ("P&P") Mineral Reserves estimates at the Company's three producing material assets totalled 136.8 million silver equivalent ("Ag-Eq") ounces consisting of 61.5 million ounces of silver and 781,000 ounces of gold. Silver ounces remained relatively unchanged, decreasing only 2% after the exploration programs successfully offset depletion due to production during the year. Gold ounces decreased 41%, primarily due to the Company's decision to report only Mineral Resource estimates for the Jerritt Canyon property after temporarily suspending production and the record production at Santa Elena with the Ermitaño mine surpassing its budgeted metal output in 2022.
  • Measured and Indicated ("M&I") Mineral Resource estimates for the four material assets totalled 351.5 million Ag-Eq ounces consisting of 101.7 million ounces of silver and 2.82 million ounces of gold, representing an 8% and 2% decrease in silver and gold, respectively. Jerritt Canyon added 67,000 ounces of gold to its M&I Mineral Resource estimates at the SSX and Smith mines, which were identified by the 2022 drilling program.
  • Inferred Mineral Resource estimates for the Company's four material assets totalled 280.8 million Ag-Eq ounces consisting of 73.6 million ounces of silver and 2.36 million ounces of gold. Expansionary drilling completed during 2022 at Jerritt Canyon significantly increased the Inferred Mineral Resource estimates with the addition of 307,000 ounces of gold at the SSX, Smith, and West Generator mines. Drilling during the past year at San Dimas also increased the Inferred Resource estimates, adding 8.6 million Ag-Eq ounces consisting of 1.3 million ounces of silver and 25,000 ounces of gold.
  1. Silver‐equivalent ounces are estimated considering metal price assumptions, metallurgical recovery for the corresponding mineral type/mineral process and the metal payable of the corresponding contract of each mine. Details as to the method of calculation can be found in the applicable tables in each mine section of the Company's 2022 Annual Information Form.
Metal price assumptions used to estimate the December 31, 2022 Mineral Reserves were $21.50/oz for silver and $1,750/oz for gold. This compares to the previous metal price assumptions of $22.50/oz for silver and $1,750/oz for gold used to calculate the Company's 2021 Mineral Reserves.
As of December 31, 2022, P&P Mineral Reserve estimates at the Company's three producing material assets totalled 61.5 million ounces of silver and 781,000 ounces of gold, which represents a total of 136.8 million Ag-Eq ounces. At the San Dimas and La Encantada mines, the P&P Mineral Reserve estimates remained relatively unchanged as a result of the exploration programs offsetting the production depletion. At Santa Elena, P&P Mineral Reserve estimates decreased 14% to 47.0 million Ag-Eq ounces consisting of 10.1 million ounces of silver and 320,000 ounces of gold. The decrease at Santa Elena is the result of depletion after record production in the Ermitaño mine during 2022. Consolidated tonnage at the three material assets was 11.3 million tonnes, with estimated grades of 169 g/t silver and 2.14 g/t gold. The decrease of 14% in the consolidated tonnage is primarily due to the depletion in Mineral Reserve estimates at Santa Elena and the exclusion of the Mineral Reserve estimates for Jerritt Canyon following the Company's decision to report only Mineral Resources at that property after temporarily suspending production. This decrease was partially offset by increases in tonnage at the San Dimas and La Encantada mines.
Proven and Probable Mineral Reserve Estimates with an Effective Date of December 31, 2022

  1. Mineral Reserves have been classified in accordance with the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum ("CIM") Definition Standards on Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves, whose definitions are incorporated by reference into NI 43-101.
  2. The Mineral Reserve statement provided in the table above have an effective date of December 31, 2022. The Mineral Reserve estimates were prepared under the supervision of Ramón Mendoza Reyes, PEng, and a Qualified Person ("QP") for the purposes of NI 43-101 who has the appropriate relevant qualifications, and experience in mining and mineral reserves estimation.
  3. The Mineral Reserves were estimated from the Measured and Indicated portions of the Mineral Resource estimate. Inferred Mineral Resources were not considered to be converted into Mineral Reserves.
  4. Silver-equivalent grade (Ag-Eq) is estimated considering metal price assumptions, metallurgical recovery for the corresponding mineral type/mineral process and the metal payable of the selling contract.
    1. The Ag-Eq grade formula used was: Ag-Eq Grade = Ag Grade + Au Grade * (Au Recovery * Au Payable * Au Price) / (Ag Recovery * Ag Payable * Ag Price).
    2. Metal prices considered for Mineral Reserves estimates were $21.50/oz Ag and $1,750/oz Au for all sites.
    3. Other key assumptions and parameters include: metallurgical recoveries; metal payable terms; direct mining costs, processing costs, indirect and G&A costs and sustaining costs. These parameters are different for each mine and mining method assumed and are presented in each mine section of the 2022 AIF.
  5. A two-step constraining approach has been implemented to estimate reserves for each mine and mining method in use: A General Cut-Off Grade (GC) was used to delimit new mining areas that will require development of access, infrastructure and sustaining costs. A second Incremental Cut-Off Grade (IC) was considered to include adjacent mineralized material which recoverable value pays for all associated costs, including but not limited to the variable cost of mining and processing, indirect costs, treatment, administration costs and plant sustaining costs but excludes the access development assumed to be covered by the block above the GC grade.
  6. The cut-off grades, metallurgical recoveries, payable terms and modifying factors used to convert Mineral Reserves from Mineral Resources are different for all mines and are presented in each mine section in the 2022 AIF.
  7. Modifying factors for conversion of resources to reserves include consideration for planned dilution which is based on spacial and geotechnical aspects of the designed stopes and economic zones, additional dilution consideration due to unplanned events, materials handling and other operating aspects, and mining recovery factors. Mineable shapes were used as geometric constraints.
  8. Tonnage is expressed in thousands of tonnes; metal content is expressed in thousands of ounces. Metal prices and costs are expressed in USD.
  9. Numbers have been rounded as required by reporting guidelines. Totals may not sum due to rounding.
  10. The technical reports from which the above-mentioned information is derived are cited under the heading "Technical Reports for Material Properties" in the 2022 AIF.
M&I Mineral Resource estimates for the four material assets totalled 351.5 million Ag-Eq ounces consisting of 101.7 million ounces of silver and 2.82 million ounces of gold. The consolidated tonnage was 25.3 million tonnes with estimated grades of 125 g/t silver and 3.47 g/t gold. The M&I tonnes were relatively unchanged with a 1% decrease over 2021. M&I Mineral Resources at Jerritt Canyon increased by 67,000 ounces of gold primarily due to a successful near-mine drilling program at the SSX and Smith mines that outlined new mineral deposits. M&I Mineral Resources estimates are reported inclusive of Mineral Reserves.
Inferred Mineral Resource estimates for the four material assets totalled 280.8 million Ag-Eq ounces consisting of 73.6 million ounces of silver and 2.36 million ounces of gold. The consolidated tonnage was 21.2 million tonnes with estimated grades of 108 g/t silver and 3.47 g/t gold. Successful near mine exploration drilling at Jerritt Canyon outlined new Inferred Resources at the SSX, Smith, and West Generator mines totalling 307,000 ounces of gold. Most of these ounces were discovered along the newly opened mine corridor connecting the SSX and Smith mines and extend north of the Mahala gold mineralization (Zones 1-9 of the SSX mine to Zone 10 of the Smith Mine). The mineralization remains open in several directions and the Company plans to conduct further exploration in 2023.
Measured and Indicated Mineral Resource Estimates with an Effective Date of December 31, 2022

  1. Mineral Resource estimates have been classified in accordance with the 2014 Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum ("CIM") Definition Standards on Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves, whose definitions are incorporated by reference into National Instrument NI 43-101.
  2. The Mineral Resource estimates provided above have an effective date of December 31, 2022. The estimates were prepared by the Company's Internal QPs, who have the appropriate relevant qualifications, and experience in geology and resource estimation. The information provided was compiled by David Rowe, CPG, Internal QP for First Majestic, and reviewed by Ramon Mendoza Reyes, P.Eng., Internal QP for First Majestic.
  3. Sample data was collected through a cut-off date of December 31, 2022, for the Material Properties. All properties account for relevant technical information and mining depletion through December 31, 2022.
  4. Metal prices considered for Mineral Resources estimates were $23.00/oz Ag and $1,900/oz Au.
  5. Silver-equivalent grade is estimated considering: metal price assumptions, metallurgical recovery for the corresponding mineral type/mineral process and the metal payable of the corresponding contract of each mine. Estimation details are listed in each mine section of the 2022 Annual Information Form (AIF).
  6. The cut-off grades and cut-off values used to report Mineral Resources are different for all mines. The cut-off grades, values and economic parameters are listed in the applicable section describing each mine section of the AIF.
  7. Measured and Indicated Mineral Resource estimates are inclusive of the Mineral Reserve estimates. Mineral Resources that are not Mineral Reserves do not have a demonstrated economic viability.
  8. Tonnage is expressed in thousands of tonnes, metal content is expressed in thousands of ounces. Totals may not add up due to rounding.
  9. The technical reports from which the above-mentioned information for the material properties is derived are cited under the heading "Technical Reports for Material Properties" in the 2022 AIF.
Inferred Mineral Resource Estimates with an Effective Date of December 31, 2022

  1. Mineral Resource estimates have been classified in accordance with the 2014 Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum ("CIM") Definition Standards on Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves, whose definitions are incorporated by reference into National Instrument NI 43-101.
  2. The Mineral Resource estimates provided above have an effective date of December 31, 2022, for the Material Properties. The estimates were prepared by the Company's Internal QPs, who have the appropriate relevant qualifications, and experience in geology and resource estimation. The information provided was compiled by David Rowe, CPG, Internal QP for First Majestic, and reviewed by Ramon Mendoza Reyes, P.Eng., Internal QP for First Majestic.
  3. Sample data was collected through a cut-off date of December 31, 2022, for the material properties. All properties account for relevant technical information and mining depletion through December 31, 2022.
  4. Metal prices considered for Mineral Resources estimates were $23.00/oz Ag and $1,900/oz Au.
  5. Silver-equivalent grade is estimated considering metal price assumptions, metallurgical recovery for the corresponding mineral type/mineral process and the metal payable of the corresponding contract of each mine. Estimation details are listed in each mine section of the 2022 Annual Information Form (AIF).
  6. The cut-off grades and cut-off values used to report Mineral Resources are different for all mines. The cut-off grades, values and economic parameters are listed in the applicable section describing each mine section of the 2022 AIF.
  7. Tonnage is expressed in thousands of tonnes; metal content is expressed in thousands of ounces. Totals may not add up due to rounding.
  8. The technical reports from which the above-mentioned information for the material properties is derived are cited under the heading "Technical Reports for Material Properties" in the 2022 AIF.
The Company also announces that its 2022 Annual Information Form has been filed on SEDAR. In addition, a Form 40-F report has been filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and is available on EDGAR and the Company's website at www.firstmajestic.com.
Shareholders may also receive a copy of First Majestic's Annual Report which includes the audited financial statements, without charge, upon request to First Majestic, Suite 1800 - 925 West Georgia Street Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6C 3L2 or to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
Mr. Ramon Mendoza Reyes, P.Eng., Vice President Technical Services for First Majestic, is a "Qualified Person" as such term is defined under National Instrument 43-101 and has reviewed and approved the technical information disclosed in this news release.
First Majestic is a publicly traded mining company focused on silver and gold production in Mexico and the United States. The Company owns and operates the San Dimas SilveGold Mine, the La Encantada Silver Mine, the Santa Elena SilveGold Mine and the Jerritt Canyon Gold Mine.
First Majestic is proud to offer a portion of its silver production for sale to the public. Bars, ingots, coins and medallions are available for purchase online at its Bullion Store at some of the lowest premiums available.
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION contact [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), visit our website at www.firstmajestic.com or call our toll-free number 1.866.529.2807.
FIRST MAJESTIC SILVER CORP. *"signed"*Keith Neumeyer, President & CEO
Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking StatementsThis press release contains "forward‐looking information" and "forward-looking statements" under applicable Canadian and U.S. securities laws (collectively, "forward‐looking statements"). These statements relate to future events or the Company's future performance, business prospects or opportunities that are based on forecasts of future results, estimates of amounts not yet determinable and assumptions of management made in light of management's experience and perception of historical trends, current conditions and expected future developments. Forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, statements with respect to: the Company's business strategy; commercial mining operations; exploration programs; cash flow; budgets; the timing and amount of estimated future production; ore grades; recovery rates; and costs; Assumptions may prove to be incorrect and actual results may differ materially from those anticipated. Consequently, guidance cannot be guaranteed. As such, investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance upon guidance and forward-looking statements as there can be no assurance that the plans, assumptions or expectations upon which they are placed will occur. All statements other than statements of historical fact may be forward‐looking statements. Statements concerning proven and probable mineral reserves and mineral resource estimates may also be deemed to constitute forward‐looking statements to the extent that they involve estimates of the mineralization that will be encountered as and if the property is developed, and in the case of measured and indicated mineral resources or proven and probable mineral reserves, such statements reflect the conclusion based on certain assumptions that the mineral deposit can be economically exploited. Any statements that express or involve discussions with respect to predictions, expectations, beliefs, plans, projections, objectives or future events or performance (often, but not always, using words or phrases such as "seek", "anticipate", "plan", "continue", "estimate", "expect", "may", "will", "project", "predict", "forecast", "potential", "target", "intend", "could", "might", "should", "believe" and similar expressions) are not statements of historical fact and may be "forward‐looking statements".
Actual results may vary from forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results to materially differ from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements, including but not limited to: the duration and effects of the coronavirus and COVID-19, and any other pandemics or public health crises on our operations and workforce, and the effects on global economies and society, actual results of exploration activities; conclusions of economic evaluations; changes in project parameters as plans continue to be refined; commodity prices; variations in ore reserves, grade or recovery rates; actual performance of plant, equipment or processes relative to specifications and expectations; accidents; fluctuations in costs; labour relations; availability and performance of contractors; relations with local communities; changes in national or local governments; changes in applicable legislation or application thereof; delays in obtaining approvals or financing or in the completion of development or construction activities; exchange rate fluctuations; requirements for additional capital; government regulation; environmental risks; reclamation expenses; outcomes of pending litigation including appeals of judgments; resolutions of claims and arbitration proceedings; negotiations and regulatory proceedings; limitations on insurance coverage as well as those factors discussed in the section entitled "Description of the Business - Risk Factors" in the Company's most recent Annual Information Form, available on www.sedar.com, and Form 40-F on file with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington, D.C. Although First Majestic has attempted to identify important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in forward-looking statements, there may be other factors that cause results not to be as anticipated, estimated or intended.
The Company believes that the expectations reflected in these forward‐looking statements are reasonable, but no assurance can be given that these expectations will prove to be correct and such forward‐looking statements included herein should not be unduly relied upon. These statements speak only as of the date hereof. The Company does not intend, and does not assume any obligation, to update these forward-looking statements, except as required by applicable laws.
To view the source version of this press release, please visit https://www.newsfilecorp.com/release/160834

Universal Site Links
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2023.04.01 01:26 DrawingEconomy8954 IRA Return of Excess Contribution H1B Non-Resident Alien

I am a non-resident alien on H1b visa and contributed excess of $6000 in April 2022. I want to file for IRA Return of Excess Contribution and been asked to send two forms below to Fidelity.
IRA Return of Excess (PDF)
W-8 (PDF)
I am not certain where to find my W-8 form. Can anybody help? Also would I be subject to 6% penalty for making excess contribution?
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2023.04.01 00:29 Excellent_Bison8048 UNHOOKED SOUTHASIAN dude grinds his way up to Stanford REA with a 3.7 - The Final Battle (RD)

Intended Major(s): 1. Biology (variations of bio for diff schools) 2. Film and Media
This is where it gets interesting. I had a lot of additional circumstances in 9th grade that led to me getting a 3.2 gpa that year. I increased my gpa in the following years but got one B in IB HL Mathematics Analysis and Approaches (equiv ish of calc bc?). Additional circumstances were featured in counselor letter and additional information. Stanford also calcs gpa without 9th, so my stanford gpa was likely 3.93/4.62
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Academic Neurosurgery Research at Top Medical School. Grinded cold emailing throughout sophomore year. Used knowledge I gained from the United States Biology Olympiad and grinded nearly 18 hours a week. I ended up getting first author, and submitted my research to an international conference in this specific field (specific disease) and got in! Presented my research at this conference as sole presenter and was awarded a publication in the proceedings to a top ranked peer review journal in the specific niche field with a high impact factor. Found out I was the youngest student and first ever high schooler to present at this conference or be a part of it. (upon seeing my work, a professor at duke also asked me to work with him, but this ofc didn't impact my Stanford decision, lol). BTW, this conference was from a research organization headquartered at and founded by Harvard Medical School.
  2. United States Biology Olympiad. Probably the biggest thing I did in high school other than research (but tbh, this allowed me to do research at such a high level). Grinded undergraduate and graduate textbooks during sophomore and junior year. Ended up doing decent on the olympiad but nothing crazy after taking the 2021 semifinal exam (i got top 4%). Did pretty mid on the internationally offered british biology olympiad (bronze medal), but we move. Was president of the club at my school, tutored a few freshmen in the club and guided them to participate in the Olympiad. This activity definitely showed that I was committed to learning, even if the accomplishments aren't huge. Oh also I was moderator on the usabo reddit page but that was a factoid ( I didn't include it in the application).
  3. STEM Education Tools Start Up. On the way home from bus ride in junior year had an idea for a cool game related to biochemistry. Discorded my CS crazy friend and we grinded to make it a reality. Joined with another friend and then our impact rocketed, we developed nearly 7 apps that highlighted relatively memorization heavy subjects in an intuitive way, allowing people to enjoy bio instead of cry on quizlet RIP. We then incorporated into an LLC and sold our apps to the local community college where they are currently being used to teach calculus and biochemistry. Was pretty cool.
  4. HOSA - Future Health Professionals. I was the president of my school's chapter with nearly 200+ people. This was also a bit of a grind, lot of registration to manage, did a lot of fundraising, brought surgeons, physicians, and researchers to present to the class. Hosted a speaker session with massive INTL NPO. Also competed at the international level in a few events in sophomore and junior year but didn't win anything at internationals lol.
  5. [redacted] Community Activity- won't go into details for this cuz dox. This was a very unique activity where I identified a social problem in a niche community and directly worked to solve it. Featured in one of my Stanford essays. Recognized by an international leader for my work.
  6. [redacted] COVID Community Activity. Did some cool stuff related to people facing issues from covid 19. This wasn't really related to fundraising, somewhat related my film-making/telling a story. Again not going into details, but my work got nearly 10,000 views overall. Nothing huge but not too small either! I stopped this activity in junior year though.
  7. Editor in Chief of Student Paper. This was free cuz my lit teacher loved me (lor) and wanted me to run the paper. The funny thing is that i got to a stem based high school and no one really cares about writing. Since we are in IB we write enuf so very small paper group. I did raise the paper from a writing team of 1 -> 20 people, redesigned the site, brought more monthly articles and stuff. P cool, related to my focus on scientific communication.
  8. Filmaking Projects and Clubs. Directed and acted in a short film in underclassman years, won a few regional awards, was lead filmmaker for this thing along with one other person (who got into nyu tisch! Ws for him). Director of a large full length film that is still in production, leader of the school club. Also cowriter and cocinematographer. Was sooo fun. I've always wanted to study film, so applying as a film major to STANFORD was a dream come true!!!
  9. Community Ambassador for INTL NPO. This was what was featured at hosa. Nothing huge but was integral to forming my intellectual identity, featured in personal statement.
  10. Shadowing. Was for BS/MDs. Literally didn't matter at all for Stanford trust lol.
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. First Author published in the specific journal as mentioned in #1
  2. Accepted to present my research at [international conference name]
  3. International British Biology Olympiad Bronze.
  4. State Wins in HOSA
  5. Regional wins in Film
Letters of Recommendation
Letter #1: 11/10
Imma be real, this teacher was the goat and was essentially my friend in high school. He wrote a huge rec originally and had to cut it down. Truly believed Stanford was the best fit for me. Really supported me throughout everything.
Letter #2: 8/10
Prob slightly less personal than the #1, but nonetheless amazing. Truly believed I was the best student the school had, and that I was 'on another level'.
Letter #3: 11/10
Prof rec was insane. Said I was equiv to grad student. Was insane, I can't be more thankful.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information:
I was the second ever person to be accepted to Stanford from my school (one person got in 2015). GPA is definitely important, but it's not the end all be all. Honestly, during sophomore year, if I saw this profile on collegeresults I would be a little overwhelmed. It def doesnt happen over night, it happens piece my piece. You gotta trust that it'll work out in the end if you put in the effort. I never imagined I would get into a top school, let alone STANFORD. Now that RD has come around, I obviously had some bumps in the road. Looking back, my application was PERFECT for Stanford. I spent so long on the essays and everything fit really nicely. For my other reaches, the essays were more rushed because I was burnt out. It’s hard to predict what’ll happen. Now that college apps has concluded, be sure to remember the people that got you through all of this. For me, this was my family (my mom, dad and my brother). They made so many sacrifices so I could thrive in high school. My mom was there every time I submitted an application. She looked over all my essays. She raised me to become the person I am. My 11th grade bio teacher who wrote my rec, and my 10th-grade biology teacher were there to support me through everything. They made high school worth it. My professor took on a random high schooler and trusted him with real work. I only achieved as much as I did in research because of his faith in me.
To everyone who was by my side, thank you!! I’m excited to begin the next steps of my journey on the farm :)
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2023.04.01 00:26 hewhoknowsnot ITP Land Combat

Note: Any troop mustering, patrol setting, siege starting, or actions of that sort must either ping the mods with automod in the comments of the post, or you can modmail us with a link or the details. If the mods aren't notified of the action, we can't keep track of everything and run the mechanical aspects of this game in a timely manner.
Standard mechanical rules such as sieges, CV, etc, cannot be altered by plot odds or lore flavor.



A holdfast during times of peace are assumed to have 10% of their men raised. This is the garrison, which does not cost money or lead to loss of future income, and is always inside the respective holdfast unless specified otherwise

Mustering Time

You do not raise all your troops immediately.
40% of a holfast's men are "regulars," and can be mustered immediately (either sending a modmail with the orders, or posting it and using automod to ping the mods in the comments), in addition to the constantly raised garrison. The remaining 50% are "reserves" and take a full 24 hours (1 month in game) to be mustered, regardless of whether the regulars are already mustered or not.

Rally points

Multiple allied armies may converge on one spot, or a rally point, marked by an authority figure after a messenger or a raven sends word. Every group of soldiers, by default, must be commanded by a named character of some sort.


Troops regenerate at a rate of 10% per year.


Troop Upkeep

When levies are raised, they're not working the land. In addition, it they need to be outfitted with basic armor and weaponry, as well as fed. For every 1% of levies raised, the house raising them loses 1% of the next year's income (pre-taxes). Every levy raised costs .01 gold a month in flat upkeep


When a month passes and someone isn't paying their troops, some of them will desert. The exact amount that do depends on a roll. The roll will continue to occur each month until the player either pays their troops or has none left. Troops that desert either return to their holdfast, or form bandit groups. Both outcomes count the troops as having "died" for the purpose of them regenerating later for the holdfast. More troops are lost with each month they don't get paid.
1d100 Result
1-25 60% of troops desert
26-50 45% of troops desert
51-75 25% of troops desert
76-100 10% of troops desert.

Troops and Battles

CV and Composition

Every troop has a CV (Combat Value), that is used to judge their strength in battle.
Troops are split up by five different types: light infantry, heavy infantry, ranged infantry, light cavalry, and heavy cavalry. Each type has a different CV, and infantry and cavalry have different movement speeds. Each region of Westeros has different amounts of each type of troop, and different CV values for those troop types. Some regions are missing certain troop types, or have other, unique ones.
Assaults on holdfasts are rolled using ACV for both attackers and defenders
All the troop compositions and CVs can be found here.

Battle Calculation

(CV Team/Total CV of both Teams)*100 = a percent
Consult the chart below after you find how many dice you roll for the given percent
Each side rolls, and then loses a percent of men equal to what the other side rolled (think of the result rolled as the strength of the attack being inflicted on the other side).
% of CV Roll % of CV Roll
7.5-12.5% 1d10 47.5-52.5% 5d10
12.5-17.5% 1d10, 1d5 52.5-57.5% 5d10, 1d5
17.5-22.5% 2d10 57.5-62.5% 6d10
22.5-27.5% 2d10, 1d5 62.5-67.5% 6d10, 1d5
27.5-32.5% 3d10 67.5-72.5% 7d10
32.5-37.5% 3d10, 1d5 72.5-77.5% 7d10, 1d5
37.5-42.5% 4d10 77.5-82.5% 8d10
42.5-47.5% 4d10, 1d5 82.5-87.5% 8d10, 1d5
47.5-52.5% 5d10 87.5-92.5% 9d10


While patrols with less than 7.5% of CV will autosurrender, an army that is lead by PCs is not subject to these rules, and it is up to the commander of the troops to decide what to do.
For small scale conflicts, Freeform rolls may be utilized by the mods in preference over full mechanics.


If the loser of either a ground or naval battle refuses to surrender, they must retreat. Smaller forces have a better chance of retreating, as do forces of cavalry. The formula for retreat is below.
(Engage Speed - Retreater Speed) x 5% = Engage Chance
The engage chance refers to the probability that the pursuing force can catch the retreating force and engage them again. Once it is calculated, a d100 will be rolled to find out what happens.
Walls, impassable mountains, and shores make retreating harder, but the level of difficulty is up to a mod. It will always be at least twice as hard to retreat, but it can be higher in certain situations.

Death/Injury Rolls

Any named characters that participate in a battle must be subjected to a death roll. The odds of them dying are based of the percent of casualties their army took during the battle. The below percentages are of the previous roll given during the battle, not out of a full d100.
Bottom 80%: Death
Next 10%: Maimed
Next 10%: Severely Injured

Movement and Terrain

Spreadsheet to calculate movement times can be found here.
When moving from one point to another, please specify where you want to go, which troops you're moving, and the PCs (player characters) that are moving with the army, especially the commander(s).
In any route, the starting tile does not count for the purposes of total movement cost.

Movement Orders

Players are required to have the following information when submitting an order to move troops or ships:
If any part of the required criteria is not fulfilled, then movement order will not be processed and the player will be subsequently informed of such action in addition to what part is missing from their order.


Terrain Type Movement Cost
Fields (Light Green) 1
Hills (Light Brown) 2
Forests (Green) 2
Tundra (White) 2
Mountains (Brown) 3
Swamps (Dark Green) 3
Desert (Yellow) 3
Mountains (Dark Brown) -

Movement Points

A mixed host moves as fast as the slowest unit it contains, so most hosts (since they would include infantry) would get 12 points a day, unless the cavalry was riding ahead.
When an army reaches the size of 5,000 men, it will have its speed reduced by 1, and the speed will be further reduced by 1 for every further 1,000 men in the army, to a minimum of 6.

Other Terrain Effects

Hills grant a stationary force an extra 25% CV, and the Non impassible mountain tiles grant an extra 50% CV,
Dornish troops treat desert like grassland, Northern troops and beyond the wall treat ice/snow/tundra like grassland, Crannogmen treat swamps like forests.
A host may opt to hold a bridge/ford in their hex that is not part of a hold. They would gain a defensive bonus from a palisade. (25%)

Scouting and Engagement


A roll is not required for two armies to meet on roads*, holdfasts, ports, rally points, and passes because they are smaller areas that are assumed to be common knowledge (a pass is any tile of less heavy terrain between two mountains or hills, or between mountains and a river, or between mountains and the coastline). The two armies know everything about each other automatically.
*Meet on roads meaning when one group of soldiers is stationary on a road and another group of PCs or soldiers are moving on the same road in the same area, along the road. If another group of PCs/soldiers are crossing a road in the same tile that a group less than 250 soldiers is patrolling the road, there is no detection.
Whenever two hosts are on the same tile (or adjacent tiles) but not in a specific area like the examples mentioned above, they must roll to determine what their scouts know. The only exception to this rule is an army of under 250 men on one tile, which cannot roll to detect another force, but can still be detected itself.
The rolls determine if one army can engage another force that's either on the same tile, or on an adjacent one. They also determine how much scouts and patrols know about their foe, from the relative size of the army, the region of the army, to the banner that army is flying.
To set up scouts, specify a tile on the map that you want them to patrol on. To detect anything, there need to be at least 250 men in the scouting party, and the tile must be patrolled for at least 1 hour (about a day and a half in game. However, when detecting an army of 1k+ men, a force will instantly roll detection. Making the party larger than 250 can increase the chances that they detect the enemy (see the modifiers underneath the table below). Stationary ships/troops that meet the minimum requirements are assumed to be patrolling, and will mechanically act as such.
If a force remains patrolling on a tile for more than the minimum time, it gets another patrol roll for every further 24 hours (1 month in game) that it stays patrolling on that tile.
If a force detects and is able to engage another force, but does not respond within 48 hours on reddit, the right of that force to act first is waived and the other force can either continue on its route or roll its own detection, depending on the circumstance.
Small parties aren't detected by default, but if someone is attempting to track them or hunt them down in a plot, specific odds will still be used for that detection.
Patrols cannot be set, and forts or ports cannot be built, within 2 hexes of living Essosi cities.
A player cannot have more than 20 troops under their control within 2 hexes of living Essosi cities.

Detection Calculation

Detection Roll
1d20 21-100 101-500 501-1,000 1,001-2,500 2,501-5,000 5,001+
1-4: Scouts see nothing Scouts see nothing Scouts see nothing Scouts see nothing Scouts notice an army in the distance (Level 1) Scouts notice 5,001+ soldiers nearby (Level 2)
5-8: Scouts see nothing Scouts see nothing Scouts see nothing Scouts notice an army in the distance (Level 1) Scouts notice between 2,501-5,000 soldiers nearby (Level 2) Scouts notice an army with exact numbers and spot the commander's sigil (Level3)
9-12: Scouts see nothing Scouts notice an army in the distance (Level 1) Scouts notice an army in the distance (Level 1) Scouts notice between 1,001-2,500 soldiers nearby (Level 2) Scouts notice an army with exact numbers and spot the commander's sigil (Tier 3) Scouts notice an army with exact numbers and spot the commander's sigil (Level 3)
13-16: Scouts notice an army in the distance (Level 1) Scouts notice an army in the distance (Level 1) Scouts notice between 501-1,000 soldiers nearby (Level 2) Scouts notice an army with exact numbers and spot the commander's sigil (Level 3) Scouts notice an army with exact numbers and spot the commander's sigil (Level 3) Scouts notice an army with exact numbers and all sigils (Level 4)
17-20: Scouts notice an army in the distance (Level 1) Scouts notice between 101-500 soldiers nearby (Level 2) Scouts notice an army with exact numbers and spot the commander's sigil (Level 3) Scouts notice an army with exact numbers and spot the commander's sigil (Level 3) Scouts notice an army with exact numbers and all sigils (Level 4) Scouts notice an army with exact numbers and all sigils (Level 4)
Some conditions affect the outcome of a detection roll.
Detection Roll Condition Modifier
Scouts are in adjacent tile Odds taken from column to the left
Scouts are within two hexes of a player's holdfast Odds taken from next column
The player controlling the scouts was alerted in some way +2
Additional men in patrol +2 per 250 men, caps at +4

Engagement Calculation

Based on the results of the detection roll, the engagement roll has different odds for whether a force can be engaged or not. There are four levels of detection, from only detecting men without any numbers or sigils, to getting all relevant information, each of which is present in the table below.
Engage? Detection Level 1 Detection Level 2 Detection Level 3 Detection Level 4
1 No No No No
2 No No No Yes
3 No No No Yes
4 No No Yes Yes
5 No No Yes Yes
6 No Yes Yes Yes
7 No Yes Yes Yes
8 Yes Yes Yes Yes
9 Yes Yes Yes Yes
10 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Engagement Condition Modifier
Adjacent Tile -2
If a unique scenario occurs, it is up to mod discretion to add other modifiers to the detection and engagement occurs.


Sieging a keep requires men equal to 150% of that keep's normal garrison (i.e. 15% of that keep's total levies).
A coastal holdfast with a port cannot be properly besieged unless it is also blockaded by ships. Otherwise, the men inside never start starving, and people can enter and leave the holdfast by sea (if the holdfast has mechanical ships in port).
Even if a siege is not explicitly ordered, when an outside force occupies a holdfast tile with enough men to siege, the men inside that holdfast are still unable to muster men without the outside force allowing them to, and must pass a roll to successfully send out ravens.
When sending out ravens under siege, only one raven per outside location can attempt to be sent. A total number of ravens able to attempt to be sent will be rolled by the mod team, based on the holdfast being sieged. Odds for ravens being shot down under siege cannot be altered by either side using special situations (training archers harder, sending out falcons with the ravens, etc).
Forces assaulting or sieging a keep do not automatically know the amount or composition of men inside.

Length of a Siege

The amounts of time a siege lasts before the troops inside begin to starve are listed below. It depends on the number of troops inside, and the normal size of that castle's garrison. For places that don't usually have troops, such as forts, the garrison number counts as 10% of the max capacity.
Men Inside Garrison 100-200 Garrison 250-400 Garrison 450+
25,000+ 0 1 2
10,001-25,000 1 2 3
5,001-10,000 2 3 4
2,501-5,000 3 4 5
1,001-2,500 4 5 6
501-1,000 5 6 7
101-500 6 7 8
0-100 7 8 9
Note: Cities always last 1 less month under siege than they would otherwise.


After the allotted number of months have passed, the holdfast begins losing men to starvation by the following amounts. The two columns are added together each time. Percent of the troops is deducted first, then the number of men.
Month % lost # lost
1 15% 100
2 25% 150
3 35% 200
4 45% 250
5 55% 300
6 65% 350
7 75% 400
8 85% 450
9 95% 500
If a holdfast under siege doesn't wish to lose men, the only other option is to go forth and fight the besiegers, or to somehow escape by other means.


A minimum of one hundred men are required to commit any raid.

Raiding a Holdfast Tile

Garrison: The garrison is not touched for the holdfast in a raid, unless a user specifically says to do so - but the user will know about smallfolk fighting back too.
Raiding Army in Holdfast Tile: The holdfast knows there is an army in their holdfast tile automatically. Regular smallfolk roll for if they know how large of an army, as well as sigils.
Defending Smallfolk: Any raid can be met by 8-13% of the holdfast's total force as smallfolk. This does not include anything from the garrison or keep. For CV, it is 60% Light Infantry; 40% Ranged Infantry
Movement Orders: Must be all submitted and calculated (including potential reward movement point spending) prior to a raid. Without clear and distinct orders concerning movement, a raid will not be rolled

Raid Rewards from Holdfast Tile

Max movement points to spend in a raid is 5 total.
Pillage: Pillaging is the equivalent of searching the lands outside a keep for gold and valuables. The raiders may choose to roll 1d10 for every 1 movement point being spent to pillage the lands. The result of all the dice being rolled is a percentage, times the base income of the hold (see the "next" column of the tax tab of the econ sheet), is how much gold the raiders successfully take. This gold is deducted from the following years income.
Raze: Razing lands costs 3 movement points to do.
Sack: This action can only be taken if you control the keep. All gold stored at the keep at the time is stolen without a roll, and Businesses within the holdfast are effected (by their yearly income) when a keep is sacked.

Raiding a Tile Adjacent to a Holdfast

Garrison: The garrison cannot be apart of these attempts
Raiding Army in Tile: Smallfolk can decide to warn their liege lord - Smallfolk Roll with "Notice an Army" as the lowest; or Smallfolk can attack (later warn liege lord should they win/any survive).
Defending Smallfolk: If opted to fight, smallfolk can have 4-7% of the holdfast's total force as a smallfolk milita. For CV, it is 80% Light Infantry, 20% Ranged Infantry

Raid Rewards from Tile Adjacent to Holdfast



Forts provide defense bonuses to troops stationed inside. This is nowhere near as much as a castle would, but still a lot more than having the troops just camp out in the open.
You cannot just build a level 2 or 3 fort. You have to start with a level 1 fort and then upgrade it to get to a higher level. Forts cannot be higher than a level 3.
A fort cannot be built on a tile that already has any major structure either on it or adjacent to it.


Fort Level Price Build Time Cooldown Troop Capacity Minimum Troops
1 800 6 months 6 months 1,000 500
2 2,000 9 months 9 months 2,500 750
3 5,000 12 months 12 months 5,000 1,000


A fort has to be maintained in order to avoid falling into disrepair. At the end of each year, a fort needs to have a minimum number of troops (listed in the table above). If it doesn't have at least that many, it begins degrading. After 1 year of degradation, a fort costs half it's price (to get to the current level), and after 2 years, it goes down a level and costs the full price and time to upgrade again. If a level 1 fort degrades for two years, it no longer provides any defensive bonus whatsoever. A tier 1 fort that is partially degraded will have .5 DV, and so forth.


Forts do not receive the same detection rolls as patrols, i.e. adjacent rolls. However, forts built on roads or in passes do receive detection rolls.

Smallfolk Rolls

Smallfolk rolls are rolled in tiles containing holdfasts, or tiles adjacent to holdfasts. There is only one roll per holdfast, and not for every tile near a holdfast that a force passes through. Tiles that come within range of two or more holdfasts have their single roll determined by which holdfast is closest. If equidistant, a single roll is done and all equidistant holdfasts are informed of the result.
No mechanical actions can be taken as a result of the information gained from a smallfolk roll, which includes troops being raised, gold or characters being moved, and men being sent out from the keep. However, letters can still be sent within 48 hours of the roll results.
For intra-realm conflicts, smallfolk rolls will not typically be performed for forces under 2,501 men, allowing the possibility of surprise attacks and recognizing that civil wars may start without word immediately spreading. Once a conflict has become widely known or in cases where houses are known to be hostile toward one another, smallfolk rolls will be performed for intra-realm engagements.
1d20 21-100 101-500 501-1,000 1,001-2,500 2,500-5,000 5,001+
1-4: Smallfolk see nothing Smallfolk see nothing Smallfolk see nothing Smallfolk see nothing Smallfolk see army, no numbers Smallfolk see an army of thousands, no exact numbers
5-8: Smallfolk see nothing Smallfolk see nothing Smallfolk see nothing Smallfolk see army, no numbers Smallfolk see an army of thousands, no exact numbers Smallfolk see an army of over 5,000, no sigils
9-12: Smallfolk see nothing Smallfolk see nothing Smallfolk see army, no numbers Smallfolk see an army of thousands, no exact numbers Smallfolk see an army of around 2,500-5,000, no sigils Smallfolk notice an army of over 5,000 and one sigil (commander’s)
13-16: Smallfolk see nothing Smallfolk see army, no numbers Smallfolk see an army of hundreds, no exact numbers Smallfolk see an army of around 1,000-2,500, no sigils Smallfolk notice an army of around 2,500-5,000 one sigil (commander’s) Smallfolk notice an army of over 5,000 and one sigil (commander’s)
17-20: Smallfolk see army, no numbers Smallfolk see an army of hundreds, no exact numbers Smallfolk see an army of around 500-1,000, no sigils Smallfolk notice an army of around 1,000-2,500 and one sigil (commander’s) Smallfolk notice an army of around 2,500-5,000 one sigil (commander’s) Smallfolk notice an army of over 5,000 and all sigils
Smallfolk Detection
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2023.04.01 00:24 blackapple56 Total Number of Professional Engineering References for an Applicant with an Accredited Master and Bachelor Degrees in Engineering

California BPELSG 427.10 Section (b)(1) states that applicants shall produce not less than four (4) references . However, 427.10(a) states that the “applicant shall submit reference forms from as many references as may be consistent with the length and character of the professional experience”. The length of experience requirement, for a person who has an accredited master and bachelor degree is six years. Will the board accept an application that has two (2) references, for a person who uses accredited master and bachelor Civil Engineering degrees that satisfies the six (6) out 7 (seven) year experience requirement for Civil Engineering?
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2023.03.31 23:51 Bloodstreak87 Approved Brace form one pdf printing dissabled

Am i correct in believeing i will not be recieving a paper copy? When trying to print my approved form 1 I am unsuccessful,and "printing dissabled by author" message is displayed. I called the nfa division and they were not helpful and suggested using ask an expert link. I filled out the email form and sent told them and there has been no response.
Is there a trick to getting my copy so I can legally take my gun to range
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2023.03.31 23:42 Buddynorris Questions regarding federal tax credit, prior to April 18th, regarding the seller

I hate to create a thread for the purpose of asking about the federal tax credit, but the information seems to be vague at best. I hope to clear it up once and for all with some of your guys help. I have done a decent amount of research, and I want to ensure that when I pick my vehicle up (should be before april 18th), that everything is done properly by the dealer, and assuming the bolt EV I'm buying qualifies in the first place.
Manufacturers and Models for New Qualified Clean Vehicles Purchased in 2023 or After Internal Revenue Service (irs.gov)
Above is the IRS page regarding what vehicles qualify etc. At the top as of today they write: If you take possession of a new clean vehicle on or after April 18, 2023, it must meet critical mineral and battery component requirements to qualify for the credit. This applies even if you bought the vehicle before April 18.
To me that reads as contradictory, and frankly makes no sense, unless I am reading it wrong??
IRS updates frequently asked questions related to new, previously owned and qualified commercial clean vehicle credits
Above is the fact sheet that details new rules, when they go into effect, which is much clearer. On page 3 they state: For vehicles placed in service before or on April 17, 2023, the credit is calculated as a $2,500 base amount plus, for a vehicle which draws propulsion energy from a battery with at least 7 kilowatt hours of capacity, $417, plus an additional $417 for each kilowatt hour of battery capacity in excess of 5 kilowatt hours, up to an additional $5,000 beyond the base amount. In general, the minimum credit amount will be $3,751 ($2,500 + 3 * $417), representing the credit amount for a vehicle with the required minimum of 7 kilowatt hours of battery capacity.
I assume the bolt qualifies for the full amount based on kwh, as a google search shows 65kwh?
On page 6 it says the seller must prepare a report to the taxpayer and the IRS. Has anyone gone through this as of late? Is it a simple form they fill out? It seems this is given to you upon day of delivery. Has anyone done this? I want to ensure the dealer and I are on the same page.

Thanks for all the help!
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2023.03.31 23:34 No-Dragonfruit-2676 i broke tropico by making rebellion a licensed sport

i broke tropico by making rebellion a licensed sport
so the idea behind this build was this, is there a way to make rebellion profitable ( both for the state and for El Pres and i think i found a way
Spitter- you need the rehab clinic , why will be made apparent after reading this
Optional is New Frontiers, only for the reclaimers and only if you want a strong mid tier industry but it is not strictly necessary as you will see

Resources, industries, and infrastructure
  1. a HIGHLY effective education system ( including uni )
  2. hydroponics and light industry (cigars, rum and fashion , as well as chocolate )
  3. Taj Mahal gain inheritance upon an agents death wealth earned is scaled by wealth tag ( poor, well off etc)
  4. overwatch towers and subways later
  5. drone center
  6. Min of info
Phase one , for this phase get your education system and light ind set up while you are doing this make sure to build malls as your people turn into well off people. and make sure to build tenements/capsule homes near those. next build a uni and start transitioning those extra HS agents into College educated make this part as fast as you can.
Phase 2. with a college population research bank and build a cluster of them i had like 10 i had them in private bank and eff set to 177%. next research detox clinics build those set budget to min and mode to pretend detox . let me explain what we have just created
Phase 3. with with an effective education system we can scam graduates into believing they are filthy rich when they are not, let me explain if a child college grad works here by law i am supposed to pay children 1% of an adults wage the wage at the detox clinics is $44 we are paying children in candy practically and they are believing that because they are literal PhDs that they are entitled to the economic tag of Filthy rich, so the more you scam the more people will just naturally believe they are filthy rich when the wage does not match the tag. as for why filthy rich well the lux outlet upgrade means that rich people pay and get more value out of goods sold at malls so if a pretend doctor marries another pretend doctor they will keep the economic tag of filthy rich , but i have more in store
Phase 4 build overwatch towers near ALL subway stops and start changing the constitution to more militaristic ideals with the highlight being no sep of church and state
Phase 5 next build a min of info and max the budget upgrade with sell data ( each uncovered role nets you swiss money.
Phase 6. build a drone center and upgrade and max the building
Phase 7 delete all media building s except for one tv station and one to two radio stations put all media on channel one
now here is what is going to happen, if a tropican goes rebel we take note of it pass it on to the min of info i get a cut of the find, that data goes to the drone center who liquidates the agent, if the agent works in a beauty farm AND is a rebel when a drone kills said agent we get the full realization of an imaginary economic tag in the form of an inheritance equal to these values 3K for rich agents and 5K for filthy rich, so that imaginary and pretend tag now finally has been fully realized,
and that's just the automated line, if you want to make serious bank try ordering kills on these people, you can order one for $150 and flip that to 5K and if any bystanders turn rebel then your drones will take them out.
and yes this scales with number of deaths so with that said please observe when the state executes some orders
this is how much a kill order is and take note of who the agent is
take note of how much i spent here to do my work
and look how much i earned from imaginary wealth
a better look at my infrastructure
so as you can see rebellion is HIGHLY profitable sport if you have a license to play
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2023.03.31 23:02 they_is_cry Where's the Party? Did They Forget to Invite Keith?

In 1993 Keith Krehbiel published a paper that ignited a debate in the American politics literature on political parties. Keith would argue that "significant" party behavior was actually quite rare in the US House once you accounted for preferences. This contrasted with a large amount of the literature up to that time. Keith is going to argue three things:
1) Significant party behavior should be defined as legislators voting for a bill "in spite of their disagreement" with the bill. The party should be causing votes to change. We can regress vote choice on party all day, but if party is just a proxy for preferences then the party itself is not very policy relevant.
2) To show significant party behavior we can look at a few "most-likely" cases: committee assignment/conference committee votes.
3) During the late 80's/ early 90's, a purportedly partisan era of the House, that significant party behavior is rare. He does this by regressing (probit) vote choices from 2 on party AND preferences (ideal points). The key test is whether the coefficient (marginal effect) of party is significant. Preferences are significant across multiple tests, while party is generally not.
Keith would then throw down a challenge for the discipline: "Where's the party"?. Much had been written about the party and its powerful (weak comparted to Europe I guess) influence on House behavior, but here comes Keith to throw a damper on that entire literature. In some of the "most likely" cases for partisan behavior, there is a lack of evidence of party voting.
Well, PoliticalScience , I ask you the same question that Keith does. Where's the party? In the US or in your own favorite legislative context do parties influence behavior independent of preferences? Is Keith's definition of "significant party behavior" correct? Should Keith have looked somewhere else for the party?
PhDs: Okay, so this is close to a solved problem, but I think the paper is good/ a fun topic of discussion. If you already know the literature feel free to drop the answers.
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2023.03.31 22:38 flyinghorseduck 120 Library Books

The light is somewhat dim but the aroma of books is rich and unmistakable. You walk stealthily to avoid making any noise that would disrupt the readers as you approach the shelves. Roll a d120 to see which title catches your eye.
Roll Result
1 Harold Haversham's Holisitic Handbook of Healing - At first it appears to be a beginners guide to crafting potions, however as the book progresses the author becomes more and more adamant that all ailments are purely mental. There is a detailed account in which the author was treating a man for a broken arm and healed it through weekly mental therapy sessions.
2 “How to Win Friends and Enchant People” - Despite the title, has nothing to do with magic, but it does have some good advice about how to make yourself seem more approachable.
3 Bardic Legends From Far Away Lands - A book about legends often sung or performed by bards.
4 Diamonds in the rough- A book on soul gems and their proper creation.
5 “Landmarks to Visit Before You Die” - Details a number of landmarks and monuments in a country or city you have never heard of
6 "The History of Art" - written descriptions of all the finest works of art, but sadly no pictures.
7 “Eat, Summon, Love” - A married woman realizes how unhappy her marriage really is, and that her life needs to go in a different direction. After a painful divorce, she joins a cult of necromancers to "find herself". Based on a true story.
8 “The Tao of Death” - This volume is missing from most sets after a book-burning campaign, but its existence is well known. This book is written in an old dialect that most people (even magic users) have trouble reading. It occasionally goes on long-winded philosophical tangents.
9 How to capture your princess - A collection of dating tips, advices and tricks, written by, for, and to men. Use it at your own risk!
10 “The Spider King” - A fictional tale of an adventurer delving into the underdark to slay a fearsome giant spider.
11 “The Outside” - A self-written account by someone you know who saw a vision of them self as a small plastic figurine on a table surrounded by a number of god-like beings after they talked to a group of adventurers
12 The Legend of Atlas - A collection of the all the known myths and legends in the world from the beginning of the written to the present.
13 "Padhran and the Art of Cart Maintenance" - A guide to the path of the Padhra
14 “On Monstrous Races” - Discusses whether monstrous races should or should not be allowed into society
15 “The Tao of Secrets” - The existence of this volume is not widely known, and its veracity is debated among scholars; all claimed copies of this volume appear to consist entirely of blank pages, which nobody has ever manage to cast a spell to extract the information out of - thus suspicions that they're fake. But they do appear to be just as old as the other volumes ...
16 “The Geographica Gelatinousa” - 101 Oozes and How to Avoid Them
17 Hit The Apple, Not My Face!” - A Detailed Guide to Archery This book even includes instructions for constructing a simple bow and targets.
18 “So Long, and Thanks for All the Ale” - The story of Tarvish the dwarf, who had unpaid bar tabs worth a total of 10,000 gold all across the country before being arrested
19 Deck of Limiting Things - A collection of possibly true tales about people who used the deck of many things and the chaos that followed.
20 "Lockpicking and Bypassing" - a guide to defeating locks by a master dwarven locksmith.
21 “The Cantrip-bury Tales”
22 Halfling Histories - An incomplete telling of the tales of the half-folk
23 Baby Dragon Destroys the Village - A truly heartwarming children's book.
24 “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Adventurers” - A self-help book with an optimistic view of the steps a person must take to succeed as an independent contractor with a sword.
25 "The Maiden's Story" - a cautionary tale set in a patriarchal society.
26 Castle Architecture - A book about how castles and the like are constructed.
27 “Everyday Lives” - A compilation of the contents of journals which were obtained from ordinary people.
28 How To Waste Good Paper - The pages inside this book are beautifully designed with colorful trim and a flowery layout. Other than the title, however, this book has no content in its pages. (Detect Magic: It is a spellbook written with magical invisible ink (or runes, etchings, message, mark, whatever) detailing only one spell to learn: Detect Magic)
29 Magic in the House - The legacy of an archmage suffering from an obsession about cleanliness. Explains how to use the different schools of magic to help with the chores around your home. Apprentices around the world curse whoever thought its good for their training that they need to do those chores manually.
30 "The Dullard's Guide to Building a Castle" - an entry level instructional book on a complex topic.
31 "The Frozen North" - A guide to the topography and culture of the northern regions.
32 “I Can't Believe It's Not Harmless!” - A hefty guide of herbs, mushrooms and berries that surround the city where the book was found. It contains accurate annotations of the ailments due to consumption or touch, with descriptive drawings of people having diarrhea or throwing up.
33 "Understanding Wood" - a classic for any literate woodworker.
34 "The Recipe" - an inspiring guide to self-actualization
35 “The Potion Diaries” - One Girl’s Intoxicating Adventures by Madame S. Ruth
36 “Incredible Creatures and How to Kill Them” - Details weaknesses monsters are known to have. It is part of a five-volume set; the first volume is for beginners (level 1-4), the second for the somewhat experienced (level 5-8) and so on.
37 “The Tao of Life” - This volume is the thickest, but somehow the least complete; it contains many anatomical diagrams, as well as several normative references to The Tao of Death. This book is written in an old dialect that most people (even magic users) have trouble reading. It occasionally goes on long-winded philosophical tangents.
38 "The Kobold Fight Club" - a fictional tale of a secret society that has a surprise ending. No longer in print.
39 The very hungry Chimera- A children's book detailing the complicated diet of a magical monster. It ends with the chimaera eating an adventuring party and falling asleep.
40 "The Art of Combat" - an ancient strategy tome that is studied by anyone with a military education.
41 “Human?” - Story about an ogre who, despite his incompetence, convinced everyone that he was actually a very tall human, became a king, then was discovered and beheaded.
42 Berries and You - Informs the reader on edible and inedible berries found in the wild.
43 "A Tune of Frost and Fire" - a classic that some maintain is historical while others contend is entirely fictional.
44 “How to Spot a Mimic” - Tips such as listen for breathing, and see if it responds to being touched
45 “The Lord of the Rings” A historical fiction-esque set of books about an adventuring party ages ago in a material plane far, far away.
46 “Memoirs of a Goblin” - A dramatic, often erotic, first-person biography of a female goblin groomed to be a concubine in an exotic land. The author is a male elf.
47 “The Banshees I Have Loved” - A tragedy of five acts.
48 “Rosaline And Mercutio” - A romantic tragedy by Bill Shaking-lance.
49 The Common Woman's Guide to Royalty - A guide on how every lady should act in society.
50 Personal Care for Adventurers - Tells adventurers how to maintain a clean, healthy look after weeks in the wilderness.
51 “Flumphs; the Pleasant Surprises of the Underdark” - A journal accounting some time that a researcher spent living with a cloister of flumphs. The author documented at least once every day for a month
52 "In Vestments" - A guide to etiquette regarding the wearing of religious garments.
53 Prince of Reality - A philosophical book that tries to explain the true nature of reality.
54 “Cockatrice Soup for the Soul “ - This book is so commonplace, it's a cliche that in every house where a woman of a certain age lives, there will be at least one heavily-read copy of this book with it's sappy stories and cloyingly sweet words of wisdom. It is beyond worthless.
55 “Planeshifting” - Details different ways to travel between different planes of existence
56 Gary's Guide to Gathering Gold - A story about how some guy named Gary wrote a role-playing game called 'Fiends and Fortresses' and made millions of gold selling thousands of copies.
57 You and Evil - A promotional(?) book from the Nine Hells. Details most of the pros and cons to working for the infernal realm, with useful notes on the "gray zones". May cause surveillance by the temples of good.
58 Merfolk Companions - This book details how Merfolk capture and train seals as pets.
59 “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Kingdom” - A book with not entirely inaccurate advice on “how to see the kingdom on less than 30 copper pieces a day”. The very first page contains only the words “Don’t Panic” printed in large, friendly letters.
60 “The Prophecies” - Tales of great adventures. Partway through, all the pages become blank
61 Avatar: The Last Airbender” - A 3 volume set of books in which a young elemental monk learns to harness his his power so that he may bring peace to a hundreds years war.
62 “The Bjernson Family Tree And Exploits” - The family tree of a nordic clan with all the males named Bjern Bjernson. This book helps tell them apart.
63 “Fifty Shades of Drow” - Part history and part fan fiction starring Lolth.
64 "The Definitive Guide to Owlbear Husbandry" - A thick tome that provides a deep dive into all things related to the care and breeding of Owlbears.
65 “Bahamut Shrugged” - An action-thriller written by one of the world's most controversial philosophers, the novel is set in a dystopia where magic is tightly regulated and only Gon Jalt can liberate magic-users from the non-magical "parasites", i.e. everyone else.
66 “The Wizard of Odds” - Betting for Profit by B.M. Sawbuck
67 Pictures of Cats - A picture book full of photos of cats dressed in cute outfits and doing cute things. It's about the size of an average dictionary.
68 AAARRGGHH!: A Barbarian's Guide to Clobbering Your Enemies - The writing is messy and misspelled, and some of the letters are are backwards. What's more, the cover is splattered with blood on the bottom right corner, like someone was violently clobbered by the book.
69 “The Tao of Water” - Starts with a note: lava and water is basically the same thing! don't try to use fire spells on it. If you fail to understand this basic, the Tao will forever escape you. This book is written in an old dialect that most people (even magic users) have trouble reading. It occasionally goes on long-winded philosophical tangents.
70 “Every. Accomplished. Recognizable. Sentient. by Tommeltop the Gnome” - An encyclopedia of anyone who accomplished anything of moderate note ever, however most of each page is dedicated to greatly exaggerated, suitably cringy and oddly romantic paragraphs about how great each person's ears must have been. Any brave soul who actually reads the book through is suddenly able to recall in perfect detail the ears of anyone they've ever seen before, for no apparent reason. (Perhaps there are drawings and details of the pc's and their ears as well)
71 “Keeper of the Keys” - Whenever a creature reads this book, they slowly fall asleep then “awaken” inside the book (their body remains in the real world). Living inside of the book is a half-man, half-dog extraplanar being who owns a copy of every key in existence, and whose only entertainment is reading books, but several of the books available for him to read are unfinished close to their ending. The party can enter the incomplete books to finish their stories (incomplete books could be a story of a great battle, a story where an assassin must be chased down, or something similar), and should they finish all of the stories given to them to complete, the Keeper of the Keys shall give them a key. Should they die inside of a book, a person will simply be ejected from it, rather than die outright.
72 “Lost in Translation” - The Art of the Scribe by Thoth Gardiner
73 “A Day in the Life of a Lemure” - A beginner demon/devil researcher decided to start his studies on the weakest of all fiend kind, the lemure. After summoning a lemure in a remote location, he watched its behavior for a day. After gathering the information needed, the author had the hideous abomination placed within a special containment vessel, alongside the many empty ones that would house the many other fiends. At the end of the book lies a map to the research facility. If the party decides to go there, they will find out that the author finished doing research on an imp, manes, and dretch as well.
74 Fiends and Fortresses - Fortress Master's Guide - A book on how to lead players through a story and gameplay in the popular role-playing game “Fiends and Fortresses”
75 “The Tao of Fire” - Starts with a strict warning to master at least one of the other 3 elemental books first, because while many people think playing with fire is fun, it's not worth dying over. This book is written in an old dialect that most people (even magic users) have trouble reading. It occasionally goes on long-winded philosophical tangents.
76 "A Random Walk Down Market Street" - A book that theorizes price fluctuations of goods at the local market are entirely unpredictable in the short term.
77 “Half Human, Half Horse, All Man” - A defense of carnal relationships with beast races
78 Names to Run Away From - A collection of monsters, plant, fungus, magical phenomenon and other miscellaneous "things" that even the most accomplished - or desperate- of adventurers avoid - for they are easy to kill, but they are also a mighty pain in the behind and, even more importantly, in your wallet.
79 “The Tao of Air” - Starts with philosophical musings on how a fickle thing like air is needed for (long-lived) living creatures to breathe. There is a 5% chance of an ancient erotic letter being found loose inside. This book is written in an old dialect that most people (even magic users) have trouble reading. It occasionally goes on long-winded philosophical tangents.
80 Becoming a Paladin: A full guide to becoming the lawful good person you always hoped to be! - This thick volume even includes how to protect orphanages and the correct means of smiting your enemies.
81 “Physiologies of Magical Creatures” - Information on the biology of Beholders, Dragons, Unicorns, and more. Full of diagrams.
82 “Phylomagenetics and the Herbalist” - A primer for the professional and newcomer alike.
83 Gnome means Gnome - A beginner's guide to understanding the differences between the shorter races of the realm.
84 "Smuggler's Cookbook" - instructions on how to conceal goods and evade authorities.
85 The Orc's Cookbook: 101 ways to prepare an elf - To make the hunt taste delicious
86 “Wish It, Want It, Screw It” - detailed accounts of times the Wish spell backfired horribly.
87 “Taming the Beast” - A perfect book for beginner beastmasters. Gives tips and tricks on how to win over wild creatures of all kinds. It starts with tiny creatures like frogs and crabs, followed by small creatures like eagles and fire beetles, medium creatures like giant badgers and giant frogs, large creatures like owlbears and bulettes, and finishes with huge creatures like elephants and some dinosaurs.
88 “My Life as a Human Being” - A Dragon's Observation on Humanoid Culture
89 Tic-Tic-Twang - A detailed guide for creating clockworks, golems, animated items, and traps, rather easily. Restricted in most kingdoms, as its too valuable to outright ban and destroy its knowledge, despite the widespread collateral damage after its first releases. The bounty for the authors is still valid.
90 “Fitting a Square Peg Through a Round Hole: The curious mobility of oozes”
91 Lolthlita
92 Fiends and Fortresses - Player's Handbook - A book on how the play the popular role-playing game “Fiends and Fortresses”, where players roll dice to fight fantastical creatures and adventure through fortresses while someone designated a “Fortress Master” tells a story.
93 “Wager like a Winner” - A Goblins Guide to Gambling by Grey ‘Greedy’ Gradnok
94 Guinness' Book of world records- A book crafted over a lifetime by an adventurer named Guinness. It contains accomplishments such as "Worlds largest dragon" "Longest time spent in a beholders lair", "Fattest goblinoid" And "Most monstrosities slain in a day
95 “The Tao of Earth” - Starts with philosophical musings about the importance of creation and stability over destruction and change. This book is written in an old dialect that most people (even magic users) have trouble reading. It occasionally goes on long-winded philosophical tangents.
96 "Poop" - an entertaining children's book about something we all do.
97 Being Familiar With Your Familiar: The book for casters who wish to bond with their animal companions - A field guide to all common and some uncommonly seen familiars in the area.
98 “Population Dynamics of Cryptosaurs” - A treatise on the ever-evolving age structures of dragons by region and plane.
99 “Magic for Dummies” - Explains what magic is and how it works in the style of “___ for Dummies” books. Does not teach one how to cast spells.
100 The Summoning of Dragons - A Celestial's guide to the methods and dangers of calling on the great reptiles.
101 "Ego and Prejudice" - a romantic tale.
102 New Technology: Summer Special Edition - This information source gives details on many new forms of technology, such as reinforced crossbows, iron hunting traps, and many, many magic items.
103 Backstage - Detailing the more mundane dangers of the adventuring life, like insufficient supplies, inappropriate gear, public reactions, illnesses and the common lack of money - with tips and advices how to prevent them (the second edition have humorous footnotes from the author).
104 untitled book - this book contains no text, and has a small hole cut into the pages which contains something of value (coins, a key, etc.)
105 Forever and Always - The future predictions of a historian who lived two centuries ago. His predictions continue on for another four hundred years.
106 “Bordrick’s Fantastic Adventure” - Dwarven choose your own adventure book
107 “Forging for Dummies” - A book on how to forge weapons and tools, written by a dwarf as a gift to his human pupil.
108 “So You Want to be a .....series” - Illustrated beginner guides to becoming a Wizard, Druid, Ranger etc for children.
109 "Warfare and Harmony" - seems quite long but it comes highly recommended.
110 Sparing? - An orc bandit slowly goes from blood raging pillager to being a member of society. A heartwarming tale of death, destruction, and love.
111 “The Origin of Magical Species” - Full title: On the Origin of Magical Species by Means of Supernatural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, is considered to be the foundation of understanding of how magic has shaped the evolution of the natural world. Although the theories presented inside are accepted as fact by nearly all universities and centers of learning, some religions regard it as heretical and have asked to have it banned.
112 "Mushrooms and Society" - a delightful volume that explores the unexpected influence mushrooms have had on society.
113 Claiming the Crown” - An Experienced Guide to Assassinating Royals - How to brew a poison, how to create a disguise, tips on wielding daggers, and more!
114 “101 Ways to Cook an Ooze” - Interesting recipes include gelatinous cube cocktail, ochre apple jelly, and salted pudding
115 “The Art of Procrastination and How to Perfect it” - A book filled with scribbles. It is only halfway finished
116 The Three Little Goblins - Three goblins set off to build houses of wood, straw, and enchanted brick and start new lives, but the Big Bad Dire Wolf complicates things.
117 "The Halfling" - tells the tale of the quests of an adventurous halfling.
118 The Witch's Guide to Home brew Potions - A series of tips on how to be the most successful witch you can be
119 “To Kill a Manticore” - There isn't a single manticore in the entire book, it's about a half-orc on trial for a crime he didn't commit and the halfling lawyer who represents him.
120 “The Dragon with a Girl Tattoo” - A psychological mystery thriller about a detective who befriends a shapeshifted silver dragon with a dark past, to find a murderer before he strikes again.
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