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We welcome everyone from Belleville, anyone who wants to know something about Belleville, everyone who just wants to make fun of Belleville, and everyone else.

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2023.03.28 07:56 akshayAdc65 Orthodontic Supplies Market is predicted CAGR of 10.2% from 2023 to 2029

The Orthodontic Supplies Market Report Summary summarizes the latest trends and figures revealing a comprehensive analysis of market drivers, revenue shares, segmentation, and geographic markets. Examine a wide range of topics such as regional market coverage, application of various product markets, market size by specific products, sales and revenue by region, production cost analysis, supply chain, market impact factor analysis, market size estimation, etc.
Request a Free PDF Sample Copy:
The key Vendors of the Global Orthodontic Supplies Market are 3M, Envista Holdings Corporation, Dentsply Sirona, Align Technology, American Orthodontics, Rocky Mountain Orthodontics, G&H Orthodontics, and others.
Description and forecast for the industry:
First and foremost, here you'll find information on the current state of the Orthodontic Supplies Market and its development. This section includes industry indicators such as size, trend, lifecycle and projected growth. This report provides statistics to support your business concept. The global Orthodontic Supplies Market is segmented into North America. Europe; Asia Pacific; Latin America; Middle East and Africa.
Market Segmentation Analysis
Orthodontic Supplies Market By Product, 2023-2029, (USD Millions), (Thousand Units)
Fixed Braces
Removable Braces
Orthodontic Supplies Market By Patient, 2023-2029, (USD Millions), (Thousand Units)
Orthodontic Supplies Market By End Use Industry, 2023-2029, (USD Millions), (Thousand Units)
E-Commerce Platforms
Orthodontic Supplies Market By Region, 2023-2029, (USD Millions), (Thousand Units)
North America
Latin America
Important Countries In All Regions Are Covered.
Geographically, the detailed analysis of consumption, revenue, market share and growth rate, historical data and forecast:
· United States
· Europe
· China
· Japan
· India
· Southeast Asia
· Latin America
· Middle East and Africa
Detailed statistical coverage will develop a keen sense of understanding:
· The report includes a complete qualitative method of the Orthodontic Supplies Market. There is a thorough explanation of the various short- and long-term elements that affect growth. The future potential has been found for both current industry participants and newcomers.
· The worldwide supply chain is explained in conjunction with the PESTEL study for five well-known nations. The paper also discusses the stockpile problems and existing gaps.
· In order to confirm market patterns in terms of cutting-edge technologies and to emphasize consumers’ preferences for a specific type of product the authors also spoke with vendors and purchasers.
· Organizations focus on methods like international expansion, market segmentation, etc. in order to safeguard current market share. Especially experienced businesses must comprehend the market mix and indeed the function of regional players in order to implement these approaches.
Thank you for reading the report. The report can be customized as per the requirements of the clients. For further information or query about customization, please reach out to us, and we will offer you the report best suited for your needs.
About Us
Exactitude Consultancy is a Market research & consulting services firm which helps its client to address their most pressing strategic and business challenges. Our professional team works hard to fetch the most authentic research reports backed with impeccable data figures which guarantee outstanding results every time for you. So, whether it is the latest report from the researchers or a custom requirement, our team is here to help you in the best possible way.
Connect Us:
PHONE NUMBER +1 (704) 266-3234
EMAIL ADDRESS: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Orthodontic Supplies Market Size, Orthodontic Supplies Market Growth, Orthodontic Supplies Market Companies
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2023.03.28 07:53 safelyhq-com Online Shopping, Scam, GRA Moissanite Ring Scam, Delivery, Online Scam - San Gabriel, California - I received a ring in the mail on Monday with a brochure and a plastic card from GRA which guaranteed... #onlineshopping #scam #gramoissaniteringscam #delivery #onlinescam

I received a ring in the mail on Monday with a brochure and a plastic card from GRA which guaranteed the authenticity of the ri g sent. Have no idea who he is and why I received this ring
I a putting out notice on a scam from site called Macy clothes line fri. China. Ordered 2 x within 3 weeks. Waited a month to receive merchandise contacted customer service for status of shipment. Linked me to track718 us/en and told me first okge sent and received email 2 days later that package arrived at my house and out in porch by front door. I was home all day never received anything. Last few days going back and forth with service. Never answered any of my questions and offered to give me a refund? All my info disappeared from Trac718. I’m contacting my bank. This is a huge scam don’t know if I will ever see my money again but they keep emailing every day saying it’s being taken care of and a refund is in progress?
Read full report here
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2023.03.28 06:38 jamy2012519 How to Find Your VPN Server Address and High-Speed VPN Server Address List?

If you're new to using a VPN, you may be wondering how to find your VPN server address. It's actually quite simple! Here's a step-by-step guide:
  1. Open your VPN software and log in to your account.
  2. Look for a section called "Server" or "Server Address." This may be under "Settings" or "Preferences."
  3. Your server address should be listed there. It may be an IP address or a domain name.
If you're using a VPN service like CovermeVPN, they also provide a list of high-speed VPN server addresses for you to choose from. Here's the list:
United States:,,
United Kingdom:,
When selecting a server, it's important to choose one that is located close to your physical location for optimal speed. Also, keep in mind that some servers may be optimized for specific tasks such as torrenting or streaming, so be sure to choose accordingly.
I hope this guide was helpful in finding your VPN server address and choosing a high-speed server from CovermeVPN's list. Let me know if you have any questions or tips for selecting a server in the comments below!
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2023.03.28 05:53 StepwiseUndrape574 Rockstar's GTA 5 Remaster For Xbox Series X And PS5 Gets A Confirmed Release Date

We now have an official launch date for the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 remasters of Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5). Rockstar announced this morning in a blog that the remaster will arrive on November 11th, which is nearly six months away. While GTA 5 runs and still looks good on the newest consoles (if you can get one), there’s still plenty of room for improvement to take advantage of the hardware capabilities of these Ryzen 3000/RDNA 2-fueled gaming beasts. To that end, Take-Two boss Stauss Zelnick explained in early March that making a simple port just isn’t in Rockstar’s DNA when it comes to games.
“We’ve done [remastering] differently than the competition – we don’t just port titles over, we actually take the time to do the very best job we can making the title different for the new release, for the new technology that we’re launching it on,” said Zelnick at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference. “So, we improve the technology, we upgrade the visuals, and we make performance enhancements.
Play “I’m confident that Rockstar is going to deliver just a great experience, but you can’t do that if you’re just doing a simple port.”
Rockstar says that in addition to the visual enhancements, the GTA 5 remaster will also have “new features and more” that Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 gamers can enjoy. “Plus, in honor of the upcoming 20th anniversary of the genre-defining Grand Theft Auto III, we’ll have even more fun surprises to share — including some specifically for GTA Online players,” Rockstar added.
GTA 5 has enjoyed a relatively long period of success and user engagement in the world of video games. The game initially launched in 2013 at the tail end of the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 generation and flourished with the release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 families.
While the GTA 5 single-player campaign was praised for its gameplay, strong characters, and deeply engaging story, the game has really thrived thanks to its online components: GTA Online. GTA Online has become a cash cow for Take-Two, and Rockstar has understandably introduced continual updates to keep it fresh.
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2023.03.28 03:57 No-Principle8476 Complex friendship

I am unsure where to start. It's already 2 o'clock in the morning, and I should be asleep, but I can't seem to shake this sense of emptiness in my heart. Part of me believes it may be due to my friend, as my mind is consumed with thoughts of her. We haven't known each other for very long, having only met when I moved to this city for university. As neighbors, we quickly became close friends. However, I have come to realize that there may be something amiss in our friendship.
For instance, she behaves differently around me than she does around others. I recall one instance where I asked if I could hug her (we are both very touchy-feely, and she enjoys hugs), and she snapped at me and refused. Yet, moments later, she hugged another friend. The following day, she acted as if nothing had occurred.
Additionally, during movies or classes, she would sit farther away from me. But if I ignored her, she would send me messages asking if I was okay or try to hug me. She would also express her feelings to me, saying how she wanted others to be her best friend, but I was never included. While she claimed I was her only friend, she trusted anyone else except for me. I only realized this after something had happened. She was willing to hang out with our male friend at any time, but when it was just us girls, she would never come. She would complain about men's misogynistic remarks but appeared more comfortable around them. I understand that it is acceptable for her to feel more at ease around men than women, but why isn't she upfront about it? As she doesn't trust me, I began to give her more space to take her time without feeling pressured. However, how can I be her only friend when she doesn't trust me but trusts others?
During the holidays, she didn't message me once. I messaged her once, but she only responded with an emoji. I assumed she might be upset, so I gave her space. When the holiday concluded, we met up with our friend group, and some of our mutual friends began to inquire about our relationship as we didn't seem to talk to each other. I asked her if everything was okay, and she responded that it was, attempting to act as she used to, but it felt like she was putting on a façade.
Recently, I discovered that she frequently messages our mutual friends, excluding me. This knowledge hurt me, and I am reconsidering our friendship. I am unsure where this friendship is going. When I try to distance myself, she sends me a message or does something that leads me to believe she cares. However, the next day, I feel as if I don't exist to her. I am exhausted, but I care about her deeply, and I am unsure what to do. I am incredibly perplexed and confused. Our mutual friends are advising me to distance myself, but for some reason, it is challenging to do so.
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2023.03.28 02:58 aritzipie Landlord left giant hole in my bedroom wall. Do I have to pay rent??

Water leak from a pipe caused damage. So landlord came and cut open a big section of the drywall (part of ceiling above doorway and part of the side wall) I had to move all my stuff to one side of the room. I told him I want rent reimbursement for all days until the repairs are finalized. Now he’s asking me if I am sleeping in the living room?? I don’t see why he’s asking that or why it matters.
Any advice welcomed. My room is a mess, there’s very very slight drips here and there still as he said it will need to dry out for the next week before they can replace the drywall.
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2023.03.28 01:39 Sev_cm I want to be forgotten

Posting here because I feel like I need to get it out but can't say it to anyone I know without them trying to stop me.
I'm over everything, I lost the only things that mattered to me because I'm so insecure that I fuck up everything I care about. I'm disgusted by the world we live in and it makes me so fucking unhappy to see the way people treat each other like fucking animals. I've been clean off drugs for 5 years now and the only thing going through my mind is how easy it would be to relapse and just chase that temporary feeling of euphoria again but instead I'm going to hang myself tonight.
I can't deal with feeling like I fail at everything I do, the mother of my child came back and gave me another chance after 3 years apart and a very rocky first attempt at a relationship and things were perfect until I got so insecure that I pushed her away and now she wants nothing to do with me.
I can't watch my daughter grow up through a phone screen again and I can't watch other men have the interactions that I should be having with her. I just can't take it.
I just want to disappear and have everyone forget about me ever existing in the first place. I am a walking disappointment and I find a way to hurt everyone around me no matter how hard I try to do good and enrich their lives.
There's really no point to this but I just need to get some of it off my chest because it feels like torture just having these thoughts stuck in my head
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2023.03.28 00:34 SleepyArtist_ My old friendships makes my head a mess

I have a partner, that I love so much, really... even if we live very distant, I love him more than anyone else in the world...
But... there is this though that won't leave my mind. What if our relationship ends? I often think about us breaking up, and it makes me so sad, because I don't want to leave him...
In the past years i had many friendships that lasted years just to end... since elementary school. I've closed relationships with people I used to Love and it happened so many times I'm scared this one will end too.
I love my partner but my head is full of "what if we have to breakup" "what if it happens"
I don't want to leave him, I don't want this to end, and I don't want those stupid thoughts.
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2023.03.28 00:16 bmg337 Is a Master's with a thesis truly worth it in the end?

Hi y'all! Looking for some advice/help on a topic with a somewhat difficult choice.
I entered grad school back in 2021 after graduating from undergrad under the auspice of trying to become a better aerospace engineer after months and months of applying for jobs. Overall, I'd say it's been a net positive to be a TA and to really develop a much better work ethic. However, the main issue facing me with finishing grad school is either resolving my newly sprung thesis or just switching back to a non thesis masters and getting it over with.
I originally entered grad school with no idea if I wanted to do research or just take the extra classes. I was being paid as the intro to aerospace TA so it wasn't an issue of what cost more. I initially discerned to non thesis, which is resolved by a written exam after 30 hours of grad school work. I was on that path until last semester, where I was horribly overloaded with the courses and assisting in 2 courses, leaving me with precious little time to actually focus on my classes. I ended up negotiating wiht the department to attempt something equivalent to a small project, but that ended up being a research thesis for a variable area nozzle. Right as I accepted a full time offer in my hometown as an aerodynamicist. I thought I could handle both, but I'm quickly burning the candle at both ends, in addition to wedding planning for next year.
My manager has said that the research thesis would not matter too much in the grand scheme of employment in comparison to tangible experience. He has recommended that I switch to non-thesis at this rate and finish up graduate school so I am not continually burnt out everyday. However, I am not certain if this is a live option with my major professor to be honest. I know it's an irrational fear, but it feels like he would drop me from my entire masters program for suggesting that I want to switch back to non-thesis after a few months. In addition, there's a probably unhealthy level of pride attaching me to this thesis. That if I can complete it, I'm somehow a "real engineer", even if I'm an actual hired one currently. It's a rock and a hard place in all honesty.
Fellow grad school graduates, what's your advice? Should I count my blessings and take the easy road out? Or should I grit my teeth and white knuckle it?
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2023.03.28 00:15 Nic_Cag3 [US-CA][H] Long List - PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1, Vita, Switch, NES, SNES, Famicom/SFC, Wii, Xbox, Dreamcast, Saturn, Virtual Boy, etc. [W] PayPal

Hallo! Quick album here :)
  • Hakuoki Kyoto Winds Limited Edition (sealed) - 90
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia: PP - 40
  • Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy Collector's Edition (sealed) - 75
  • Sense: A Cyberpunk Story Limited Edition (sealed) - 155
  • Silent Hill Book of Memories (cart) - 50
  • Ys Origins Collector's Edition (LRG - sealed) - 85
  • Batman & Robin - 40
  • Bugs Bunny Lost in Time - 45
  • Fatal Fury Wild Ambition - 65
  • Iron Soldier 3 - 20
  • RC de Go - 35
  • Thrasher Skate and Destroy - 30
  • Wipeout - 30
  • World's Scariest Police Chases - 12
  • Capcom Fighting Evolution - 18
  • Choro Q - 15
  • Silpheed The Lost Planet - 25
  • Sonic Heroes - 10
  • Taz Wanted - 10
  • The Simpsons Skateboarding (no manual) - 12
  • Ultimate Ninja 4: Naruto Shipuden (no manual) - 18
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia Premium Edition - 70
  • Testament of Sherlock Holmes - 30
  • Xblaze Lost Memories (sealed) - 35
  • Black Clover Quartet Knights - 14
  • Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition - 6
  • Daymare 1998 - 12
  • Dead Alliance - 6
  • DeFormers - 14
  • Dirt Rally II - 25
  • Don't Knock Twice - 37
  • Grand Kingdom - 20
  • Hot Shot Racing - 15
  • Lost Sphear - 65
  • New Gundam Breaker - 12
  • Penguin Wars - 12
  • Radial-G: Racing Revolved - 30
  • Redout Lightspeed Edition - 8
  • Root Film - 30
  • Space Hulk: Ascension - 5
  • Star Wars Battlefront II Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition - 5
  • The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel III - 20
  • Two Point Hospital - 12
  • Yomawari Midnight Shadows - 60
  • Warriors Orochi 4 - 12
  • Gungrave VR (sealed) - 30
  • Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero (sealed) - 25
  • Disaster Report 4 (sealed) - 30
  • Doom 3 VR Edition (sealed) - 9
  • Home Sweet Home (sealed) - 40
  • Jotun by LRG (sealed) - 35
  • Omen of Sorrow (sealed) - 16
  • Shakedown Hawaii (sealed) - 26
  • Yakuza Like A Dragon (sealed) - 15
  • Yakuza Like A Dragon Day Ichii Edition w/ Best Buy Steelbook (sealed) - 30
  • Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana (sealed) - 40
Limited/Collectors Editions
  • Azur Lane Crosswave Limited Edition (Sealed) - 115
  • Cyrpt of the Necrodancer Collector's Edition (Sealed) - 40
  • Disgaea 1 Complete Rosen Queen's Finest Limited Edition - 155
  • Granblue Fantasy Versus Limited Edition (Sealed) - 55
  • Night Trap Collector's Edition by LRG (Sealed) - 80
  • Nioh 2 Special Edition (Open Box) - 25
  • Robotics Notes Elite Dash (Open Box) - 35
  • Sakura of Rice & Ruin Divine Edition (Sealed) - 50
  • Senran Kagura Burst Renewal (Sealed) - 55
  • Shenmue III Collector's Edition by LRG (Sealed) - 120
  • Shining Resonance Launch Edition (Sealed) - 35
  • Star Wars Bounty Hunter Collector's Edition by LRG (Sealed) - 165
  • Void Terrarium Limited Edition (Sealed) - 50
  • Wonder Boy Dragon's Trap Limited Edition by LRG (Sealed) - 75
  • Crypt of the Necro Dancer Collector's Edition (Sealed) - 50
  • Gunlord X Limited Edition - 130
  • Skullgirls Encore Vinyl Bundle LE (Sealed) - 140
  • Monster Boy Cursed Kingdom - 65
  • Override 2 Deluxe - 12
  • Disaster Report 4 - 20
  • Cave Story 3D - 25
  • Langrisser I & II (sealed) - 70
  • Raiden IV x Mikado Remix (sealed) - 25
  • Retro City Rampage DX CE w/ Extras (sealed) - 185
  • Lot of 12 games (listed below) - $85
  • Star Force
  • Bokosuka Wars
  • Nekketsu High School Dodgeball
  • Pinball
  • Dragon Quest II
  • Best Play Baseball Special
  • SWAT
  • Final Fantasy III
  • Baseball
  • Super Xevious
  • Hyper Olympic
  • City Adventure Touch: Mystery of Triangle
  • Pac-Land - 40
  • Talespin - 65
  • Bull Fight Boxing (PC-Engine) - 15
  • Down Load (PC-Engine) - 95
  • F1 Triple Battle (PC-Engine) - 15
  • Image Fight (PC-Engine) - 55
  • Tatsunoko Fighter (PC-Engine) - 35
  • Complete in Box below:
  • Ariel the Little Mermaid (cardboard variant) - 20
  • Super Off Road (cardboard variant) - 28
  • Zany Golf (cardboard variant, damaged) - 15
  • Combat Cars (cardboard variant) - 9
  • Eternal Champions - 12
  • F22 Interceptor - 7
  • Jeopardy - 7
  • Risk - 8
  • PGA European Tour - 7
  • Winter Olympic Games - 7
  • ----------
  • Boxed, but no manuals below:
  • Space Harrier II - 19
  • Mercs - 27
  • Radical Rex - 30
  • Robocop 3 (faded cover) - 15
  • Golden Axe II - 29
  • Shining in the Darkness - 29
  • WWF Royal Rumble - 10
  • Championship Pool - 7
  • Sports Talk Baseball - 4
  • The Revenge of Shinobi - 30
  • Lotus II - 7
  • Virtual Bart - 39
  • Starflight - 25
  • Road Rash II - 15
  • Dynamite Headdy - 35
  • Columns - 7
  • Tecmo Super Baseball - 10
  • NFL Football 94 Starring Joe Montana - 5
  • JPN Burning Rangers - 60
  • JPN Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story III - 15
  • JPN Snatcher - 45
  • JPN Wachenroder - 25
  • JPN Puyopuyo Two - 12
  • JPN ikkyou Pawerful Puroyakyu '95 Kaimakusan - 12
  • JPN Decathlete - 12
  • JPN The King of Fighters '97 - 15
  • JPN Dead or Alive - 22
  • JPN Lupin The 3rd The Sage of Pyramid - 35
  • JPN The King of Fighters '96 Limited Edition - 30
  • JPN X-Men vs Street Fighter Limited Edition (w/ Ram Cart) - 80
  • NA Bust A Move 2 - 25
  • NA Formula 1 - 8
  • NA Midnight Raiders - 25
  • JPN The House of the Dead 2 - 12
  • JPN Silent Scope - 20
  • JPN Psychic Force 2012 - 9
  • JPN Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story - 20
  • JPN Shanghai Dynasty - 15
  • JPN F1 World Grand Prix - 9
  • JPN DDR 2nd Mix - 7
  • JPN Cyber Troopers Virtual On - 15
  • JPN Marionette Handler 2 - 15
  • JPN Culdcept Second - 9
  • JPN Pier Solar - 55
  • JPN Super Speed Racing - 7
  • NA Demolition Racer No Exit - 12
  • NA Sega Marine Fishing (sealed) - 25
  • NA Draconus (w/ custom box) - 30
  • NA Conflict Zone (no cover) - 10
  • Mario's Tennis - 15
  • Nester's Funky Bowling w/ Manual - 90
  • Red Alarm (box w/ manual, no game) - 35
  • Original Xbox Halo Edition (Green) - 235
  • Virtual Boy w/ Box and Mario's Tennis - 400
  • PS2 Slim White - 105
  • NES Classic (New) - 100
  • SNES Classic (New) - 110
p.s. Post is a work in progress. If you a game pictured but not listed, comment below and I will provide a price.
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2023.03.27 23:57 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 Release Date: When Can We Expect It?

There has been much speculation about the release date of GTA 6, but so far, Rockstar Games has remained tight-lipped about when we can expect to see the highly anticipated game.
Some rumors suggest that the game could be released as early as 2022, while others believe that it won't be released until 2025 or later. However, it's important to keep in mind that these are just rumors, and the actual release date could be different from what is being speculated.
One thing we do know is that Rockstar Games typically takes its time when developing new games, with some taking several years to complete. Additionally, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many industries, including the gaming industry, which could potentially cause delays in development.
Ultimately, the release date of GTA 6 is anyone's guess at this point. However, fans can rest assured that Rockstar Games will take the time to create a game that lives up to the high expectations set by the franchise.
GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪
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2023.03.27 23:56 x3n3tix Water-Filled Paint Bubbles Exterior

Hi all, although we are looking to renovate our bathroom some time soon (we moved into the house end of January), I want to check on something to see the urgency of it.
The exterior paint on the weatherboards near where the toilet trap is are several water-filled bubbles (there's another couple around the house that are small and were bone dry so most likely historical).
The toilet itself is a really old one with the cistern in the wall (couldn't see any signs of damage on the inside of it at least) and is the 1 button flush 10 buckets kind (will definitely be replaced as it's also right against the wall so even small people have trouble sitting comfortably).
Although we will be removing the gib from the inside so we can also put in insulation and cover up some cuboards they had inserted into the wall, I'm hoping there isn't some major water damage to the framing or exterior that would require replacing weatherboards.
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2023.03.27 23:52 clark_k3nt CFTC sues Binance and CEO Changpeng Zhao

CFTC alleges that Binance trades against its customers and prioritizes profits over compliance.
Source [PDF] :
C. Binance’s Proprietary Trading Activity on Binance 69. During the Relevant Period, Binance has traded on its own platform through approximately 300 “house accounts” that are all directly or indirectly owned by Zhao, as well as accounts owned by Merit Peak and Sigma Chain. Zhao has also traded on the Binance platform through two individual accounts.
At various times during the Relevant Period, Merit Peak has entered into OTC transactions with Binance customers (and settled such trades by depositing digital assets directly into its counterparties’ Binance accounts), while Sigma Chain has engaged in proprietary trading in Binance’s various markets, including its markets for digital asset derivatives. On information and belief, Binance’s proprietary trading activity on Binance’s own markets is directed by Binance’s “quant desk.”

  1. Binance does not disclose to its customers that Binance is trading in its own markets in its Terms of Use or elsewhere. Consistent with its apparent attempt to keep its proprietary trading activity on its own markets top secret, Binance has refused to respond to Commission-issued investigative subpoenas seeking information concerning its proprietary trading activity on Binance, including transaction data and communications among the members of the Binance “quant desk.”

  1. On information and belief, Binance has not subjected the trading activity of Merit Peak, Sigma Chain, or its approximately 300 house accounts to any anti-fraud or antimanipulation surveillance or controls and to the extent Binance purports to have required its officers, employees, and agents to abide by a relatively new “insider trading” policy, Binance’s approximately 300 house accounts are exempt from that policy.

  1. Binance purposefully obscures the identities and locations of the entities operating the trading platform. For example, Binance’s customer-facing “Terms of Use,” purports to be a contract between the customer and something simply called the “Binance operators,” which is a term that has no concrete meaning. While Binance has maintained offices in numerous locations, including Singapore, Malta, Dubai, and Tokyo at various times during the Relevant Period, Binance intentionally does not disclose the location of its executive offices.
Instead, Zhao has stated that Binance’s headquarters is wherever he is located at any point in time, reflecting a deliberate approach to attempt to avoid regulation. Zhao explained this strategy during a June 2019 internal meeting, stating that Binance conducts its operations through various entities incorporated in numerous jurisdictions to “keep countries clean [of violations of law]” by “not landing .com anywhere. This is the main reason .com does not land anywhere.”

  1. Binance is so effective at obfuscating its location and the identities of its operating companies that it has even confused its own Chief Strategy Officer. For example, in September 2022 he was quoted as saying that “Binance is a Canadian company.” The Chief Strategy Officer’s statement was quickly corrected by a Binance spokesperson, who clarified that Binance is an “international company.”

  1. Zhao answers to no one but himself. Binance does not have a board of directors. F. Binance’s Superficial Efforts to Limit Trading by United States Customers and Internal Recognition That Its Compliance Program Was Just “For Show” 89. Throughout the Relevant Period, Binance purposefully grew, maintained, and simultaneously concealed its U.S. customer base while also failing to implement an effective AML program that is required of financial institutions such as FCMs to detect and prevent terrorist financing or other criminal activity, among other things.

One component of this failure to implement an effective AML program is Binance’s ongoing lack of effective KYC procedures or a CIP that would enable it to determine the true identity of its customers, whether from the United States or elsewhere.

Even after Binance began to purportedly restrict access to its platform from certain jurisdictions in mid-2019, it left open a loophole for customers to sign up, deposit assets, trade, and make withdrawals without submitting to any KYC procedures as long as the customer withdrew less than the value of two BTC in one day. Binance has referred to this two BTC-no KYC loophole by various labels, including “email registration,” and “tier 1” customers. The two BTC withdrawal limit was effectively meaningless—the notional value of two BTC in July 2019 was more than $22,000 and in March 2021 was more than $100,000.

  1. Even before Binance made any attempts to restrict access to the platform by U.S. customers, Lim privately explained to Zhao that the two BTC-no KYC loophole would continue to allow U.S. customers to access the platform. In February 2019, Lim chatted to Zhao: “a huge number” of Binance’s “TIER 1 [meaning customers trading via the two BTC-no KYC loophole] could be U.S. citizens in reality. They have to get smarter and VPN through non-U.S. IP.”
And Zhao stated during a management meeting in June 2019 that the “under 2 BTC users is [sic] a very large portion of our volume, so we don’t want to lose that,” although he also understood that due to “very clear precedents,” Binance’s policy of allowing “those two BTCs without KYC, this is definitely not possible in the United States.”

  1. In June 2019, around the same time Binance announced a “partnership” with BAM Trading to launch what would become the Binance.US platform, Binance updated its Terms of Use to state for the first time that “Binance is unable to provide services to any U.S. person.” Binance also announced that “[a]fter 90 days, effective on 2019/09/12, users who are not in accordance with Binance’s Terms of Use will continue to have access to their wallets and funds, but will no longer be able to trade or deposit on” 94. In September 2019, Binance claimed it had begun to block customers based on their internet protocol (“IP”) address.
In reality, Binance simply added a pop-up window on its website that appeared when customers attempted to log in from an IP address associated with the United States. The pop-up did not block customers from logging in to their account, depositing assets, or trading on the platform, it just asked them to self-certify that they were not a U.S. person before accessing the platform by clicking a button on the pop-up. 95. Notwithstanding the pop-up compliance control, Binance knew that U.S. customers continued to comprise a substantial proportion of Binance’s customer base even after September 2019 because, among other reasons, Binance’s internal reporting told them so. According to periodic revenue reports prepared for and sent to Zhao every month, as of January 2020 approximately 19.9% of Binance’s customers were located in the United States, and as of June 2020—about a year after Binance amended its Terms of Use as alleged above in paragraph 93—approximately 17.8% of Binance’s customers were located in the United States.

  1. In keeping with Binance and Zhao’s ethos of prioritizing profits over legal compliance, they knowingly allowed the two BTC-no KYC loophole to persist. In an October 2020 chat between Lim and a Binance colleague, Lim explained: [Because you attended a telephone conference on which Zhao participated] then you will also know that as a company, we are probably not going to remove no kyc (email registration) because its too painful . . . i think cz understands that there is risk in doing so, but I believe this is something which concerns our firm and its survivability. If Binance forces mandatory KYC, then [competing digital asset exchanges] will be VERY VERY happy.
  2. And on August 20, 2021, Binance announced that “all Binance users are required to verify their accounts,” meaning that all new customers would be required to complete “Intermediate Verification” and provide a government issued identification evidencing their geographic location. Binance also announced that existing customers that had not yet completed Intermediate Verification would have their account changed to “withdrawal only” status by October 19, 2021. Binance did not limit the ability of unverified customers to deposit funds and trade on the platform by October 19, 2021 as represented.
In February 2022, Binance testified that the identities of approximately only 30–40% of its customers had been verified though KYC documentation. 99. Binance has been aware that its compliance controls have been ineffective. As Lim—at the time Binance’s CCO—recognized in an October 2020 chat with other Binance compliance personnel, Binance’s compliance environment has amounted to “email sending and no action . . . for media pickup . . . I guess you can say its ‘fo sho.’”

  1. Zhao’s strategy of refusing to implement effective compliance controls at Binance was widely known within Binance. In a January 2019 chat between Lim and a senior member of the compliance team discussing their plan to “clean up” the presence of U.S. customers on Binance, Lim explained: “Cz doesn’t wanna do us kyc on .com.” And Lim acknowledged in February 2020 that Binance had a financial incentive to avoid subjecting customers to meaningful KYC procedures, as Zhao believed that if Binance’s compliance controls were “too stringent” then “[n]o users will come.”

  1. Lim’s internal discussions with compliance colleagues illustrate that Binance has tolerated Binance customers’ use of the platform to facilitate “illicit activity.” For example, in July 2020, a Binance employee wrote to Lim and another colleague asking if a customer whose recent transactions “were very closely associated with illicit activity” and “over 5m USD worth of his transactions were indirectly sourced from questionable services” should be off-boarded or if it was in the class of cases “where we would want to advise the user that they can make a new account.” Lim chatted in response: Can let him know to be careful with his flow of funds, especially from darknet like hydra He can come back with a new account But this current one has to go,

106. Lim’s instruction to allow a customer “very closely associated with illicit activity” to open a new account and continue trading on the platform is consistent with Zhao’s business strategy, which has counseled against off-boarding customers even if they presented regulatory risk. For example, in a September 2020 chat Lim explained to Binance employees that they Don’t need to be so strict. Offboarding = bad in cz’s eyes.

  1. Binance’s corporate communications strategy has attempted to publicly portray that Binance has not targeted the United States at the same time Binance executives acknowledge behind closed doors that the opposite is true.
For example, on June 9, 2019, around the time Zhao and Binance hatched their secret plot to retain U.S. customers even after the launch of Binance.US, Binance’s Chief Financial Officer stated during a meeting with senior management including Zhao: [S]ort of, the messaging, I think would develop it as we go along is rather than saying we’re blocking the US, is that we’re preparing to launch Binance US. So, we would never admit it publicly or privately anywhere that we serve US customers in the first place because we don’t. So, it just so happens we have a website and people sign up and we have no control over [access by U.S. customers] . . . . [B]ut we will never admit that we openly serve US clients. That’s why the PR messaging piece is very, very critical Zhao agreed that Binance’s “PR messaging” was critical, explaining in a meeting the next day that “we need to, we need to finesse the message a little bit . . . . And the message is never about Binance blocking US users, because our public stance is we never had any US users. So, we never targeted the US. We never had US users.” But during the June 9, 2019 meeting, Zhao himself stated that “20% to 30% of our traffic comes from the US,” and Binance’s “July [2019 Financial] Reporting Package,” which was emailed directly to Zhao, attributes approximately 22% of Binance’s revenue for June 2019 to U.S. customers.

G. Binance Was Aware of United States Regulatory Requirements but Ignored Them 108. Defendants have been aware of the regulatory regime that applies to U.S. financial institutions such as FCMs, and exchanges such as DCMs and SEFs, throughout the Relevant Period, but have made deliberate, strategic decisions to evade federal law. 109. Internal messages among Zhao, Lim, and other Binance senior managers document that Binance was aware of the applicability of U.S. regulatory and legal requirements since its early days. For example, in October 2018, and before the Relevant Period, Lim wrote to Zhao: Cz I know it’s a pain in the ass but its my duty to constantly remind you
We have made no mention of sanctions/or support of sanctions on our platform already (done, cleaned up)
Are we going to proceed to block sanction countries ip addresses (we currently have users from sanction countries on .com) Or do you want to adopt a clearer strategy after we engaged and finalised our USA strategy? Downside risk is if fincen or ofac has concrete evidence we have sanction users, they might try to investigate or blow it up big on worldstage
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2023.03.27 23:42 nd379 40th Birthday week Aug 14-18

I will be flying in MONDAY Aug 14th and flying out FRIDAY Aug 18th. Going to the park TUESDAY-THURSDAY with a 3 day park hopper pass with Genie +. Staying at the Disneyland Hotel on property. My question is - what adult/night time activities are there on property if any? Do the spas stay open late? Restaurants/bars open late? TIA for any advice :) It will be just me and my partner whos is already 40
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2023.03.27 23:24 StepwiseUndrape574 Rockstar Remastering GTA 5 For Xbox And PS5 In Glorious 4K60 With Ray Tracing

Did you imagine when Grand Theft Auto V came out for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2013, that we'd be seeing a fresh retail re-release of it nine years later? Much like The Elder Scrolls Part V: Skyrim—which hails from the same era—GTA V has been an enduring success and is about to get its third re-release.
There's no fancy subtitle or name change; Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series XS consoles on March 15th. That's not to say it's exactly the same experience, though. The versions for the current-gen consoles support 60 FPS, HDR output, ray-tracing, "improved texture quality," faster loading times, "immersive 3D audio," and support for platform-specific features, like the PS5's DualSense haptics.
gtaonline carwash Specifically, there will be a fidelity mode that targets native 3840×2160 resolution with ray tracing and a 30 FPS cap. (Xbox Series S will use upscaling to hit 4K.) Before you sneer at that, note that console versions of GTA V have always had a 30 FPS cap—until now: the new release's "performance mode" will target 60 FPS with dynamic resolution scaling up to 4K, but without ray tracing.
Most interesting to the majority of gamers will probably be the "Performance RT" mode. This mode, available only on the PS5 and Series X, is basically just performance mode with ray tracing enabled. Most likely, it will simply use a lower dynamic resolution to achieve higher-than-30 FPS while keeping ray tracing features. Depending on the upscaling method Rockstar uses, this mode could still look quite good.
Of course, the whole reason that Grand Theft Auto V is still the sensation that it is lies in its online mode. Rockstar has always talked about Grand Theft Auto Online as if it were an entirely separate game, and that's understandable given the differences in their content. But after the re-release launches, it will in fact be available as an entirely separate game—and it'll be free for the first three months after launch on PS5.
gtaonline fukaru The technical changes to Grand Theft Auto V largely apply here, although there's probably still not going to be any animals in Online. Instead, Rockstar is implementing several content updates for the re-launch. The Los Santos Car Meet expansion is getting an expansion of its own called Hao's Special Works, and a "Career Builder" feature will be available for fresh characters to help them get a foothold in Los Santos' seedy underbelly.
If you're already an accomplished crime boss in GTA V or GTA Online using an older console version, you can transfer your progress to the new systems. For story mode, open the game and go to "Game" in the pause menu, then select "Upload Save Game" to send it to the Rockstar Social Club cloud servers. GTA Online progress will transfer automatically, although Rockstar cautions players that purchased GTA$ won't transfer across platforms (i.e. PlayStation to Xbox, or vice versa.)
You'll be able to start playing the remastered version of GTA V on March 15, with physical copies coming available In April. We asked Rockstar when these changes would be coming to the PC version, but haven't heard back yet. We'll update this story when we do.
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2023.03.27 23:22 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 Weapons: What Could We Use?

Weapons have always been an important aspect of the GTA franchise, and it's safe to assume that GTA 6 will have an extensive arsenal of weapons for players to choose from.
While there has been no official confirmation about what weapons will be available in GTA 6, there have been some rumors and speculations about what we could potentially see.
One popular theory is that the game could feature more futuristic weapons, such as laser guns or other advanced technology. This would be a departure from the more realistic weapons that have been featured in previous GTA games.
Another theory is that the game could feature more realistic weapons, but with a greater emphasis on customization. This could include the ability to add different attachments and modifications to weapons, allowing players to truly personalize their arsenal.
There have also been rumors that the game could feature weapons from previous GTA games, such as the chainsaw from GTA San Andreas or the flamethrower from GTA Vice City. While this is a possibility, it's important to keep in mind that these are just rumors and should be taken with a grain of salt.
Ultimately, the weapons in GTA 6 are anyone's guess at this point. However, it's safe to assume that Rockstar Games will continue to create a diverse and exciting array of weapons for players to use.
GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪
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2023.03.27 23:13 ghostd89 I have a bunch of scenarios I'd like to be catfished in, here or kik.

  1. My wife's sister forcibly takes me and rides me until I knock her up. My resistance is pretty much useless as she pins me down with her weight. I imagine this all happening during a family gathering in their house when she asks me to help her move some furniture in her room.
  2. You're my little sister who gets jealous of my gf. She's had a crush on me growing up but never acted on it out of fear I'd reject her. However, seeing me with someone else now has her seething with envy and she makes it her business to seduce me away from my gf and be with her instead. Our parents have just left for the weekend so this is your chance.
  3. You're my gf's friend who's jealous of her and wants to seduce me away for yourself. Big emphasis on homewrecking vibes.
  4. You, my student, have had a crush on me for a long time. One day, you find my number on an advertisement for private lessons. You hatch a plan to message me and figure out a way to seduce me into being with you. Sexual elements are there but also romance.
  5. Lockdown has been hard, especially seeing as my wife and your mother was away on business when it happened. Her being stranded in a foreign country gives us time to spend more time together, which is lovely, but the lack of physical relief is getting to me. My wife knows how much I need release and, giving into her own lewd desires, convinces you to help me out. She doesn't want me to know that we have her blessing, allowing her to enjoy how much I try to resist and eventually give in and cheat on her with my own temptress of a daughter.
  6. My mother has always disapproved of my gf. Now that she hears I plan to propose, she decides to take drastic measures to ensure that this relationship ends and I stay hers forever.
  7. A group of girls I teach in my class have reached their final year, and decide to make a bet. Whichever one is the first to seduce and sleep with me has her end of school holiday paid for by the others. Devious play ensues as each one of them try their best to outdo one another, all while driving me insane.
I'm open to some changes to these or other, but similar, suggestions.
Kinks- breeding, incest, cheating, impact, primal, anal, age gaps, homewrecking. Limits- cucking, scat, vomit
Kik- damianlynch
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2023.03.27 23:09 555222888999777444 [Friendship] 22/mtf/Finland looking for a nearby friend

Hello :)
I'm a lonely university student who lives in a quiet city here in northern Europe and I would like to find an internet friend to exchange the happies and sads of live with. I find it exciting to speak to different people, as everyone has something to bring to the table, but I dream of finding someone I really click with as friends.
Please take into account time zone differences.
Some interesting things about me:
- my MBTI is INFJ-T if that tells you anything...
- my main hobbies are writing and reading
- I am very open-minded and accepting, also honest (which I find really important in a friend)The only other thing I would ask of you is not to be rude or ignorant, or starting the conversation insuch a way
- I tend to stay up to date on recent world events so there is always something interesting to talk about or something I can teach you if you want..
- also I don't mind an age gap, as long as you are over 18 ofc.
I am interested in finding someone who would like to talk on the regular, I have discord/snapchat/others, it doesn't really matter to me where or how we talk. I would also like to find some activity that we can do together, but I don't want to narrow my search down by suggesting anything specific, we can find something to do together when that time comes haha.
There's no rush in anything, come as you are, and let's get to know each other at a comfortable pace for you. We have the rest of our lives to figure it out, no? :)
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2023.03.27 23:05 FishRefurbisher Adopted glo betta - need advice

Adopted glo betta - need advice
My local big box store still had 3 glo betta containers on the shelf. Only 2 were still alive, and they agreed to let me have them but these are my first bettas.
This girl is a bit sickly. She has a lot of redness around her gills and is very emaciated. Her spine appears to be deformed with a strong curve also.
She does swim in spurts, and she did eat a little bit but is definitely lethargic. Is there anything I should do other than feed her and keep an eye on the water etc?
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2023.03.27 23:02 cant-remember-names the internet is a lovely place, i wish things i liked were more popular

but then sometimes you find things that make you uncomfortable, like shipping characters who are either adult and minor, outright hate eachother, or have interest in other characters
and then sometimes its all three (cough cough lance x anna) there is alot of talent out there, but some things just, make it go to waste
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2023.03.27 22:47 alpha_bionics Stock News - A Division of NBCUniversalData is a real-time snapshot *Data is delayed at least 15 minutes.

A Division of NBCUniversalData is a real-time snapshot *Data is delayed at least 15 minutes. All Rights Reserved. section. Italy’s State Lender Plans to Raise Offer for Telecom Italia GridBinance Isn’t FTX. Bloomberg Television takes you behind the scenes of our award winning magazine "Bloomberg BusinessWeek. "© 2023 CNBC LLC. Carol Massar and Jason Kelly talk with the writers who break news on a weekly basis and get a lighter touch from the editor who oversees the Etc. "(Listing in New York) gives you access to financing thats fundamental for a company particularly an airline" Conesa told journalists at Mexicos annual tourism conference. There were $210959 in overcharges on 38 tests including $113525. 50 for 21 tests billed between March 2016 and January 2017 alone the lawsuit alleged. "Chatfield noted that Hecker-Gross is "pleased" with the settlement. "Gruenberg did not offer further details into who or what may be the subject of probes which could be one of several under way by the U. S. government. "Without an objective and transparent international investigation the truth will not be uncovered as to what happened" Russias U. N. Forty-three percent of GOP respondents gave that response along with 33% of independents. That leaves just 23% of Americans who said they think Trump has done nothing wrong. "During the early stages of the pandemic much of the passenger anger was sparked by the federal government mask mandate. The peso rose 1. 4% against a subdued dollar hitting its highest level in over seven weeks with firm crude prices also supporting the currency of the oil producer. Just last month the company agreed to pay $19 million to resolve allegations that it violated the False Claims Act by submitting false claims to Medicare. - Alpha AI
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2023.03.27 22:25 ter0i Migrate from google workspace - imap or not?

I was tasked with migrating some 50 users from gmail to O365 and while i know there are paid solutions i need to research as well the free options. As such i found two options:
  1. IMAP migration, specifically Migrate consumer Google Workspace
  2. API migration, specifically Perform a Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) migration

Now for 1. i found a downside on the network side as it seems that on imap google has a limit to download of 2500 MB per day and around 15 users have a mailbox with a size of 10-70GB so this could take to much unless the users do some kind of archive if possible in gmail.
And i cant se another option here because off this limitation. The rest of the users have around 10 GB

As for solution 2. i don't se such a limitation, if it is can you point where to read, would be a more suitable option.
Now my question here is did any of you experienced/did this type of migration without this part Google Workspace migration prerequisites as i found two tutorials that used this migration without that.
From what i understand until now the point is to rout emails from gmail to o365 and backwards as you complete a bach and then start another one. So its basically like a hybrid configuration.
Without those prerequisites done its more like a cutover migration. Select Perform a Google Workspace with the automate configuration just move the emails over a weekend, let the incremental sync work a few times and then stop the sync and delete the batch.
The thing is that the users can keep using gmail until all is migrated to O365 and then to the switch to O365 thus to do all that configuration seems not useful.
These are the turorials mentioned using the options provided by Microsoft.
  1. tutorial one
  2. Youtube link
What are your experiences ith migrating using the options provided by Microsoft?
P.S. not sure what information to provide now so i can return later
Thank you in advance.
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