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2023.03.28 00:12 zhuology13 Feedback on the core loop. Comparing PoE/D3/D4


I recognize completely that we've only gotten to level 25, but we've seen enough and heard from the devs on their plans for endgame content to have a pretty solid understanding of what it might feel like.
We’ve seen a lot of feedback posts. D4 is clearly a beautiful game, with awesome moment-to-moment gameplay. And while that’s very important in bringing players into the game, it’s not going to be a driver for the longevity of the game. This post is focused on comparing D4 vs D3 and PoE on the endgame core game loop. Why do players praise PoE’s endgame but find D3’s shallow? How does D4 measure up? You're welcome to apply the same framework to D2 as well, and see why some players prefer D2 and praise it's endgame despite it having many many issues.

The core loop of the game is pretty simple:
Kill monsters → get loot/xp → make character stronger → kill stronger monsters

While many players will talk about PoE’s complex passive tree, or the deep crafting / item system, I actually think some of those design choices are not what makes the game shine (in fact, they are clearly off putting to many players). What PoE does well is actually making each step in the core game loop more interesting. There’s more agency for players, and decisions matter.

Path of Exile

Get Loot/XP

Make Character Stronger

Kill Stronger Monsters

New Leagues adds elements to this loop. Some leagues expand on how you get loot, some leagues expand on how you make your character stronger. The most successful expansions tend to be ones that do all 3.

Diablo 3

Get Loot/XP

Make Character Stronger

Kill Stronger Monsters

New Seasons sometimes adds elements to this loop, and sometimes doesn’t. Double Goblin season? I’m still doing the same thing as I was doing before, except I get a little more loot occasionally. No changes to how I would play the game. Latest season with altar rites? Much more interesting way to progress characters, and it shows, people liked the latest season.

Diablo 4 (Based on what we've seen)

Get Loot/XP

Make Character Stronger

Kill Stronger Monsters

New Seasons - we don’t know anything about seasons. So I won’t comment on it here. But ideally it would look to expand on multiple parts of the core game loop.


While there are many things I think D4 could improve on, the two that stand out the most are:

I actually think Diablo 4 has the foundation to be a fantastic game that could challenge PoE. Things that are difficult to change and improve upon (visual style, gameplay clarity & feels) the game does an incredible job on. In my opinion, it is much easier for Diablo 4 to incorporate some of what makes PoE special, while the reverse is much harder. I also don’t believe that adding these changes will lose the appeal of the game to casual players. Most casual players will never encountesee some of this, and what we have currently will be more than sufficient for that group of players.

Ultimately this depends on where Blizzard wants to take the game: Do you want the game to have a rich endgame that can keep core gamers interested for 1-2 months, and a reason to return every season? It’s entirely possible that is not a goal at all, and the investment to get D4 there is just not worth it.
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2023.03.28 00:10 Kiskeym2 [Essay] Unova's Chronicles V Part II: The Hisuian Colonization

For other analysis on the Pokémon narrative, check the Main Hub!

NOTE: This is the second part to this thread. This wasn't meant to be split in three but the thread was too long for Reddit so I had to do this.

Romance Dawn

With Pokémon finally getting closer to humanity and the Church completely falling apart from the inside, it was just a matter of time for Unova to open its ports to the outside.
We’ve already discussed in detail how a war broke out 300 years ago between Kalos and neighbouring nations, possibly over a vacant throne in Paldea, and how Unova offered financial support to the Pokémon France.
"The Kalos region and the Unova region must have been in contact with each other. The Pokémon statue near the entrance is Reshiram, and this statue is Zekrom. They’re both Legendary Pokémon of the Unova region."
The fact Reshiram and Zekrom statues were gifted to the Sun King as a sign of peace between the two nations is enough proof of how much Pokémon were re-evaluated: the two dragons weren’t terrible beasts who ignited the skies in the distant past, but beautiful heralds heritage of a flourishing age.
On the top of that, the Parfum Palace is filled with statues of Bisharp, suggesting Pokémon soldiers were also traded from the faraway land. With the army being opened to others than humans, it’s clear how much the cultural setting changed within a century - and Unova trying to emerge on the geopolitical chess sending goods to other regions shows the economy was in a good state.
Another evidence of Pokémon and mankind getting closer and closer is the construction of Village Bridge 200 years ago. According to NPCs living there, the settlement was built by a man and his Gurdurr after an old village was washed away by the overflowing of the river beneath - confirming the secrets of concrete weren’t exclusive to the Entralink culture anymore.
“My great-great-great-grandfather and his Gurdurr worked together and built this Village Bridge.”
“Isn't this a unique sort of bridge? A long time ago, the river overflowed, and all the houses were washed away. So people built new houses on top of the bridge to keep them safe from flooding!”
But not everyone was faithful humanity could live in harmony with Pokémon. While people were rediscovering the mystical creatures inhabiting their world, this also meant they would have eventually claimed their powers for themselves. Indeed, if the Team Plasma attires were based on Middle Ages soldiers, their outfit in the sequels hints to what was of the old cult: corsairs carrying the Chi Rho on their chests started to steal and plunder Unova, striking from the sea overnight and bringing terror to the mainland.
Some of them could’ve been true men of faith, trying to subvert the established order once again and bring new life to their religion, others were just in search of treasures and mere power - it was definitely fitting for Ghetsis to exhume their uniforms when the true face of Team Plasma was revealed.
It was in this context that, 200 years ago, a rich man, dreaming of world of peace between Pokémon and mankind, bought an island in the waters south of Castelia and imprisoned there the Mythical Pokémon Victini. He knew well enough the tremendous force the creature could share, and he could never allow evil deeds to be committed through its subjugation.
[Liberty Island map] An island symbol of hope for a world where humans and Pokémon live free.
“This is a secret room meant to hide Victini! Two hundred years ago, a certain rich person bought this entire island and hid Victini in this underground room. After that, no one saw Victini, and it became a mythical Pokémon...”
It’s unknown where the man of Liberty Island met Victini for the first time, but the Pokémon became “Mythical” only after its imprisonment - confirming its existence was known by people of his times. The Victory Pokémon has a history with the Kingdom of the Vale, maybe even birthing from the power of its Sword, so it’s possible it remained in contact with the People of the Entralink for a while - its ability to increase the chance of winning isn’t conceptually much different from Pass Powers like Lucky Power, suggesting a common origin.
It's to note the Pokémon surely saw Eindoak after the giant blade was moved there, as confirmed by the Special Home shaped out of its memories. But this isn’t weird considering how much Pokémon Dream Radar elaborates on Legendary Pokémon being able to naturally coming in and out of the Dream World: in other words, Victini wasn’t bound by the dimensional bubble the humans living in the Entralink were trapped in.
If this is true, then the wealthy man could’ve just been one of the Entralink descendants who decided to settle for the new world, a noble perhaps if he had the authority for bringing Victini with him. But when he witnessed harbours assaulted by pirates using Pokémon as a tool for conquest, all he could think of was fleeing to a remote island, building a lighthouse to foresee potential attacks, and segregate his friend in its basement.
“In the basement of the lighthouse built over 200 years ago, the mythical Pokémon Victini was sleeping!”
Juniper: “I'm sure that the rich person who built this underground room for Victini was sincerely trying to help it. But I think shutting the poor thing up in this room was a mistake.”
From there, Victini started “sleeping” until our arrival, which once again stresses the connection between the Pokémon and the Dream World. The creature lingered in the Rugged Mountain - then already drifted to the sleeping realm - thinking of the old days of Eindoak and the Sword of the Vale. As Juniper puts it, the man likely had good intentions, but the path he took was ultimately wrong: trying to separate Pokémon from humanity only led to suffering; a lesson people from beyond the sea knew learned very well.

From the other side of the sea

I will elaborate further on the Pokémon Legends: Arceus setting when we'll come to its analysis, but the game is heavily based on the post-Meiji Restoration colonization of Hokkaido - with the region having its name changed from Ezochi in 1869. Both this, the state of technology, and some in-game dialogues make the time-frame for the game plausible to be around 150 years ago.
Having this in mind, we know Unova played a marginal role in Hisui colonization - the Oshawott handed over by Laventon can only come from there, with the Pokédex confirming it for the best.
This Pokémon from the Unova region uses the shell on its belly as a weapon to cut down its foes. Thus, I've conferred upon this shell the name "scalchop."
After the events of the game, it’s implied a group of Hisuians decided to depart from their homeland and sail to new and mysterious lands. In particular, the tales spoken by the foreigners of Galaxy Team may have inspired the minds of Pearl Clan members - the thought of vast spaces inhabited by all kinds of humans and Pokémon was more appealing to them then to Diamond Clan, whose descendants are in fact all in modern Sinnoh.
Lian is among the ones who decided to take the sea, and as it’s made clear enough by his heritage he eventually settled in Unova. The idea of Clay being a foreigner wasn’t made up with Legends: developers confirmed at the time of Black and White release they thought of him as a descendant of Japanese immigrants came to Unova seeking the American Dream:
Ohmura: “Designing this character was incredibly difficult. First of all, he’s a tycoon and president of a mining company. And he’s also based on people of Japanese descent who live outside of Japan — we’ve heard about the kind of people who move abroad, and are out chasing the American Dream.”
Immigration taking place specifically from Sinnoh was also hinted in the games, although localization made it less clear. In English, Striaton City map description states:
Entry stairs built in memory of a former home in a snowier climate.
Which is a bit confusing. Was the city climate once much colder than it is today? In reality, the Japanese description clarifies the settlement was established by immigrants, with their former home being a snowy place - perfectly coherent with how Hisui was later depicted.
雪除けの 階段は 移住してきた 人々が 故郷を思い つけたもの
Stairs to keep out the snow were built by immigrants who thought of their hometown.
The immigrants arrived by sea to the South-East coasts of Unova, a land with little to none history, far from the crowded metropolis of the hinterland. The Hisuians easily intermingled with small local realities, and maybe the population of Striaton City grew to a point Nuvema Town and Accumula Town had also to be established nearby.
Eventually the new ethnic group reached more populated areas, and Clay currently presiding over Driftveil City is only one of the hints. The city currently trades goods with far regions like Johto, and in fact we can buy from its market various exotic products, from herbal medicines to Moomoo Milk.
“Goods carried away from Driftveil arrive in a town somewhere else... Yeah. The world is connected.”
The Pearl and Diamond Clan originally consisted of Johtonian who travelled across the sea in search of the God’s promised land, some centuries after Celestica’s downfall. It makes sense, then, some cultural legacy from Johto was kept by immigrants in Unova.
On Route 7 we came across the Celestial Tower [タワーオブヘブン, Tower of Heaven], a tall building serving as a resting place for Pokémon whose lives reached an end. At the very top of the tower is located a large bell, and it’s said its tones can purify the spirit.
A tall tower with a large bell whose tones are said to purify the spirit.
“At the very top of the Tower, there's a big bell. I've heard that when you ring it, it pleases the spirits.”
The ritual use of bells located on the roof of towers is obviously in cultural continuity with Johtonian traditions, as we’ll better explore in threads dedicated to the Bell and the Burned Towers. The object is specifically a 鉦 [kane)], a traditional Japanese bell used for music and Shinto ceremonies. In the Pokémon World those are strictly associated with Lugia, and it comes with no surprise the Pearl Clan, as worshippers of Palkia, would be inclined to keep the reverence of a Sea God in their cults.
So, even if the Celestial Tower could have existed before, the bell was likely put by Hisuian explorers - which also suggests the near Mistralton City already existed when they arrived. A similar thing happened with the establishment of the small farming village on Route 14, but we’ll return to that later.
Among the colonisers, some members of the Galaxy Team may have also joined the crew. The Shadow Triad have an obvious Japanese lineage, so it’s possible their ancestors arrived in Unova among the other migrants. In the Pokémon World ninjas as strictly connected to the traditions Mahogany Town, and with Kamado and Beni having their roots on the destroyed settlement on the Lake of Rage we can assume other compatriots came to Hisui in search of a new home.
But with the Triad embracing Team Plasma ideals to their fullest, the implication couldn’t be more evident: they never forgave the Gyarados for having set their village on fire, and when the Galaxy Team reconciled with Pokémon they left with a desire of revenge in their heart. The same hatred was carried by their descendants, and Ghetsis having saved the three warriors’ lives was a fated encounter: finally someone could understand, how Pokémon and humans should be divided!
“From the day Ghetsis saved our lives, we have sworn to be loyal to him.”
By the way, Lian wasn’t the only relevant member of his clan to have come abroad: someone who was much more familiar with the region may have decided to leave Hisui, maybe drawn to the land by confounded memories.
In Galar the Industrial Revolution exploded about 300/200 years ago, mirroring the real time-frame conventionally attributed to the period [from the late 18th century to the middle of the 19th century], with first researches on steam engines dating far back to 400 years ago with the discovery of Rolycoly.
In Unova, scientific progress seems to have taken a slower pace - coherently with Pokémon and humans starting to work together again with more resistance than other regions. And indeed, while in Galar intense mining allowed to brought to the surface the Coal Pokémon four hundred years ago, it took three centuries more for Unova to do the same for Roggenrola [maybe Lian always had the blood of a miner in his veins].
They were discovered a hundred years ago in an earthquake fissure. Inside each one is an energy core.
Poké Ball not existing in Drayden’s youth could just be an inconsistence due to BW and LPA taking place in different continuities, but could also be another hint to Unova being far more underdeveloped than other regions until very recent times.
"What is important is your mental preparation as the Champion, Iris. When I was little, Poké Balls didn't exist yet. Sometimes Pokémon would run away from awful Trainers who didn't try to understand them."
One of the first step to Unova’s industrialization may have been the construction of a new train station in Nimbasa City. The Battle Subway originally used models we can now only witness in Anville Town, whose cabins seem to give a 19th century vibe.
“This train car is the kind that ran a long time ago. Compared to contemporary train cars, it has more parts, so I heard it was difficult to build. The old train cars built with lots of small parts have their own unique beauty and attract a lot of fans. Those cars no longer run in the Battle Subway, but I hear they're still used in a faraway region. Ah... I'd love to be on that train!”
What’s all this fuss about trains all of a sudden? Sure, connecting different points of the region through those new, fast, steamy machines was a true revolution, but founding an entire town in the most isolated outskirts only to enlarge at a ridiculous maximum the rail network sounds truly exaggerated. Trains became an indissoluble part of Unovan culture, to a point we can even find a book about locomotives in Nacrene City’s library:
This is a book about a locomotive. Flame burns inside its body, and it gives off smoke from its head while it runs by using steam power!
This sudden train fever has an explanation, and his name is Ingo. As we learn in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the Subway Boss accidentally travelled back in time somewhen after Unova’s games, and ended up in the far Hisui 150 years prior. His memories have faded, but small glimpses of his former life manage to resurface now and then - as his dialogues make clear:
“For my part, I simply found myself one day here in Hisui, a region whose name I'd never heard... All I could remember was my own name.”
“I recall, faintly, that I had a partner once. A precious one. Its name escapes me, but I remember that it wielded flames with mastery. If only it were here, I'm sure it would light the way, luring us onward..."
"I'm starting to recall a man who looked... like me. We'd battle and discuss Pokémon, I think... The words "I like winning more than anything else" flashed through my mind just now..."
"Only to say that I recalled some things after did the honor of traveling with me. Things to do with a world where I believe I lived before my memories were lost. Most people there caught Pokémon, lived with them, formed supportive partnerships with them... And then there were the Pokémon Trainers…"
After interacting with us, Ingo regains parts of his memories. It would only a matter of time, then, for him to take a ship and head to his former hometown - maybe without really knowing why. But when he stepped foot on Unova, he sensed something was lacking: where were the fierce and mighty beasts of steel he vaguely saw in his dreams? Nowhere. It was unacceptable: he had to make them a reality.
And so, we’re in front of the most classic of temporal paradoxes: the Subway Boss travelled in the past, and was likely the main reason the Battle Subway was created in the first place. And Anville Town? It had to be there! No matter how much rails had to be built and how nonsensical the positioning was, there was a city there. Or at least, that was what Ingo could’ve swear!
We don’t know if Ingo ever managed to reunite with his brother and his former Pokémon, but the Battle Subway surely had its success. For a while the old model was used for transportation, but with the boom of Pokémon Training in recent years the whole structure was converted in a Battle Facility. Out of the trains currently in function the Single Train is the oldest model, and with the Double Train being developed only about a decade ago we can infer the station was modernized only very recently.
“This is a Single Train! It's the oldest train in the Battle Subway. It's for a loop line to go around the Unova region! Do you know Tubeline Bridge? The train that runs on it is this Single Train.”
“This car is a Double Train! This is a mass-produced car from a decade ago! Compared to a Single Train, the number of parts was reduced so it could be built for a lower cost. The number of parts influences the budget and construction time. The streamlined and beautiful design of the Double Train is still valued today.”
The Pearl Clan Warden wasn’t the only one to cross the boundary of time. As we’ll learn in future analysis, the Hero of Celestica mysteriously disappeared one day, and many searched for him all over the world. But their efforts were in vain, it was impossible for them to find him: as he awakened without his former memories in a marvellous, unknown land more than two thousand years in the future.
The place was apparently called Unova, and people and Pokémon lived together in harmony. He probably couldn’t understand the obsession over steamy machines and other weird technologies, but something about seeing those two worlds living side by side made him happy. Then, almost naturally, he decided to venture in unexplored lands in search of new Pokémon to befriend.
“As they wandered in search of Pokémon, people began making homes in more places. This ranch used to be a grassy meadow. It's now become a place where people and Pokémon have homes together!”
The area on the South-West of Unova we can explore in the sequels was an uncontaminated meadow, until people started to wander there in the hope of meeting new Pokémon. Floccesy Town is described in the map as village whose clock tower is a sign of its origin, and the presence of a bell on top could again suggests a Japanese influence.
The town is famous for a clock tower that tells of the town's beginnings.
The town’s motto is "Prophecy Flocks Here", with the Japanese kanji of [易, divination] hinting to a possible spiritual, divine origin of the settlement. And noticing the town OST being oddly similar to Relic Song is the last thing we need to unravel the mystery: the Mythical Pokémon Meloetta came in contact with the people venturing in the land, and granted them its blessing. Since then, Pokémon accepted humans among them, and mankind had new homes to prosper - Aspertia City and Virbank City could’ve been founded in the same instance.
No one was better than the ancient Hero of Celestica to be noticed by the Melody Pokémon: he was a musician after all, and the songs he played with his Celestica Flute tamed feral, rogue beasts in the past. Evidently, his skills weren’t gone with his memories. Meloetta answered the call after a long period of silence - the last time we have a vague idea it might have interacted with humans was during the reign of the first Harmonia - recognizing the man pure heart. The Swords of Justice living nearby clearly weren’t able to do the same, as they flew away as soon as they sensed humans approaching, hiding in the spots in which we can currently find them in the games.
After his last adventure, the Hero decided to finally rest for a while. He built a little house on Floccesy’s edge, and eventually got married, had a child - who got married and and had a child too. He was probably the happiest person in the world to finally get the family he could never had. But even in his old age, his adventurous spirit could not be extinguished, and at some point he started to travel across the region with his Pokémon once again - until he managed to become its stronger Trainer, the Champion of Unova. But that’s another story entirely.
Meloetta getting back in touch with mankind was probably something which resonated through all the region. According to the tradition, the Pokémon Musical was once a Musical Theater for humans, but one day a Pokémon got on the stage and started to perform an act. No one is better than the Mythical Pokémon in its Pirouette Forme to deliver such a show.
“Originally, people performed in this Musical Theater. One time, a Pokémon wandered up on stage and started imitating the actors. Everybody thought it was sensational! Ta-daaa! The Pokémon Musical was born.”
With Nimbasa becoming the heart of Unova’s transports and entertainment [with the Big Stadium and the Small Court being constructed in later decades, alongside the amusement park with its characteristic Rondez-View Ferris Wheel], other cities could not afford to be left behind. Castelia City experienced a massive process of urbanization until it became the megalopolis it is today, although the original tree which marked the town beginning was always left intact.
The Casteliacone became a local specialty, and people from all over the country came to have a taste of the delicacy. The ice cream was likely based on Vanillite appearance, not the other way around - the Fresh Snow Pokémon are born by icicles which wished to not melt when bathed by the morning sun, and their evolution were around since the Ice Age.
When the morning sun hit an icicle, it wished not to melt, and thus Vanillite was born. At night, it buries itself in snow to sleep.
This hearty Pokémon survived the Ice Age. It's incredibly popular in very hot regions.
In the same period, the warehouses of Nacrene City were constructed. The town already existed in the past, but according to an NPC the factories and storehouses were abandoned until the new generations gave them new life, establishing their art workshops there.
A city established in restored storehouses built 100 years ago.
“These old textile factories and storehouses were abandoned. But enterprising young people started using them as studios. That could be called the beginning of Nacrene City, the city of art.”
An unprecedented consequence of the Industrial Revolution was the appearance of Klink in the Chargestone Cave. According to Juniper researches, sighting of the Gear Pokémon stop to one hundred years ago, strongly suggesting its artificial origin.
Juniper: “This cave has been around since the distant past, but... Data to prove that Klink existed more than a hundred years ago can't be found. So that must mean... Klink suddenly appeared a hundred ago!”
The Chargestone Cave is an ancient site. In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, we discover in Steven Stone’s house samples of greenschist excavated from the site. This is a rock formed by regional metamorphic process under precise conditions of temperature [300 - 450 °C] and pressure [2 - 10 kilobars], with deposits having been found in North America and used in by prehistoric men to craft axes and other tools.
Its Japanese name is 電気石の洞穴, and while this can be read as “Electric Stone Cave”, the kanji used are also the same for tourmaline. This mineral group, again being prominent in the United States, shows high magnetic susceptibilities - giving the Chargestone Cave its peculiar field able to trigger Magneton and Nosepass evolutions. It’s not a stretch, then, to think the same minerals imbued with electricity produced by Joltik and Tynamo living in the cavern for thousands of years eventually managed to permeate man-made gears - ultimately giving birth to the Klink line.


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2023.03.28 00:08 revolutionmeow My cat’s paw got stuck in a wire shelving unit

My two cats were fighting on a shelving unit that I have up against one of my windows so that my cats can have a little perch spot. I have throw carpets in the level they sit on so they don’t fall through but it doesn’t cover the whole thing so when my kitty Stella jumped off as they were fighting, her paw got stuck in the shelving unit and the rest of her body fell off and she was hanging from her paw screaming for ~10-20 seconds before I ran over there to get her untangled. She peed too because she was so scared 😭. She is not an aggressive cat at all but she was hissing and growling and I gave her some space so she could jump off the shelving unit and she frighteningly ran underneath my bed. She growls and hisses if I try to come too close to her and I’m so heartbroken for her right now. I left out some of her favorite snacks and separated my other cat in the bathroom. I left to go to urgent care for my bites/scratches and when I came back she had eaten all of her treats which is good but i’m so worried about her. My vet can’t get me in until the morning 😔 Do I just leave her under the bed for now? I just want to hold her and make her feel better and safe 💔 I love her so much.
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2023.03.28 00:06 Dull-Paramedic-3959 Delirious hallucinations on cannabis

I’ve had a decent exposure to weed in my life but I’d say it’s a 50/50 with me to have a good or bad trip. The first time I smoked weed was amazing. I was comfortable with my surroundings and I was with my best friend. I took the hit and my high was overall great. Only got the munchies and pigged out on chips and movies. The second time though introduced me to the horrors your mind can put you through. I was hitting the dispo but I was messing it up because I had no idea how to properly inhale. Once I hit it right though my lungs were on fire and I ran to grab a pillow, coughing so much to the point of wanting to throw up. My friend was dying of laughter but once I stood up I immediately started rapidly scratching myself. First my stomach then my legs. I then started to panic to the point where I thought I was gonna die. The room looked like I was in third person. After freaking out and my friend calming me down I realized I was having a panic attack and fell asleep.
Around 2 years later I fell into a deep depression probably only smoking a handful of times from fears that I’d freak out again. But the depression and urge to do drugs overcame me. I went on a binge of alcohol, weed and nic. I was smoking a cart and dispo every day for months. I got the chance to go to my friends house and he always has a bunch of smoke. It was about 6 dudes and we all threw money to get 20 gs. Keep in mind the whole time we waited for the drop we were hitting nick and countless carts. We actually finished my Dope As Yola HHC cart. We were able to roll around 15 blunts and still more for bowls. This was real gas, it was the plugs personal weed. I had never seen anything like it. We eventually go out back to the blunt rotation chairs and spark up. For the first 10 blunts I was doing good besides my body twitching and shaking a little bit. I also hit the bong a couple of times but the last time sent me off to the most traumatic experience of my life. We’re about to go back inside because my friends mom yells at us about the smell going all the way back to her room. I stand up and can only move in intervals of three. I’m very paranoid and I’m spacing out every like 5 seconds, so my friends ask if I’m all good and I reply like 10 seconds later with a “yeah dude” it takes me with what felt like an hour to get inside his window but then I immediately laid down in his bed. I can’t do anything but think everyone thinks I’m acting weird. I cannot think about anything else. I’m spacing out so hard my friend waves his hand in my facing asking “yo u good” and I can only reply with “yeah bro” and stutter under my breath saying complete nonsense. Anytime I had to talk I was so in my mind just making sure I don’t say anything weird. My mind is completely lagging It’s as if I can only see 25 percent of my visual surroundings. We get up to go get some food because they think that will help me out. As I get up it’s the same interval pausing shit and they start laughing at me because I completely do a u turn to take off my shoes. As I walk I think about each and every step correlating if I’m doing it right. At this point I’m completely freaking out in my head but absolutely trying my hardest to act normal in front of them. It eventually gets way too overwhelming and I’m like “bro I’m having a panic attack I need a Xanax to calm my ass down.” But of course I said it with some random gibberish because I cannot comprehend anything. They say “we don’t got shit” and are trying to calm me down. I say I’m going to bed and walk into the spare room. I forgot I had the nic in my pocket so my friend comes in to get it and I’m profusely apologizing because In my head I’m acting like a maniac and thinking I ruined the whole night. But In reality he was like “you’re good bro we’re gonna smoke more in the morning don’t worry” he shuts the door and then the real horror begins. I start hallucinating that my friends are coming in the room and staring at me. I see their faces completely blank looking at me and I hide under the covers terrified. I open my phone and look at Tik Tok. I imagine myself yelling at the top of my lungs everything out loud I’m seeing on Tik Tok and my friend coming into the room freaking out saying I’m being way too loud and to shut the fuck up. So I turn off my phone and try to sleep. I keep tossing and turning, horribly paranoid I’m making too much noise again. I can’t break the intervals of movement no matter what. I keep on thinking if I stay still it will go away.I keep seeing my friends come in the room and staring at me every time I move in the bed. At this point I’m horribly terrified and the hallucinations keep on getting worse. It gets so bad that I start hearing voices, mostly my friends voices making blood curdling screams. I hear the word paranoid over and over. I see a man open the door with a pale face and stare at me. I In vision I’m being watched in blank silence. Eventually I call my mom because I can’t handle it anymore, it’s around 3 am, I call her and I say “I’m having a panic” and she asked “did you take any substances” and im like “yeah I smoked weed” what matters to her is that im okay so she says she’s coming to pick me up but I’m around 45 minutes away. She tells me to stay on the line with her and I fall back into my hallucination. I see myself in a third person view. As if I could almost feel the sensation of being awake but in my head I was stuck in my mind and on the outside I was freaking out. I thought in reality I was ripping my self apart I heard my friends voices saying “oh god he’s killing himself” screaming and crying, sounds of me destroying the room. I see myself mutilated all my fingers ripped off and my guts out of my body. I heard them run out of the room saying “someone stop him” I was ripping my eyes out. I saw myself rip my stomach open and I heard my mom screaming on the phone. I thought I heard the call suddenly end and my all the voices fading away. I literally thought I had mutilated myself so bad I was dead, I could feel my heart slow and I accepted my death. I realize the whole time I was hallucinating I was just spacing out and still on the phone with my mom, I said “ mom I just came out of a hallucination”. I was breaking down saying “mom I saw myself killing myself” I told her about the voices and what I saw. I then fell back into my visions and saw a man walking in the halls. I saw my friends repeatedly come in the room just blankly staring at me as I’m explaining to my mom I see them watching me. It’s like I spoke whatever I saw into my head in an endless cycle. I start falling into it again and I imagine the call ending with my mom and the phone disappearing, then suddenly I see it get thrown across the room. My mom tells me she’s here so I get up to leave and walk out of the room grabbing my shit and my friends are like “did you tell your mom about the weed and I said “hell no” even as I get up my friend looks at me and says “are you good?” I say “naw bro I’m about to freak out again.” and dipped. I get in the car and she asked if I’m okay. I said yeah and continued to hallucinate. As she was driving I imagined my self bleeding everywhere and she was rushing me to the hospital holding back tears. She grabbed me a jacket to use as a blanket and I thought she was rubbing blood off my face. I convince myself every time I fall into a hallucination I pass out but I’m reality I’m jus spacing out. I have one more episode and this one made me seriously question if I’m okay to be around people. I see myself trying to grab her hands forcing us to crash but I snap out of it. I laid there jus trying to regain my mind. I kept on spacing out the whole ride, at one point we went up a hill and I convinced myself were in an endless road leading to nowhere. I randomly blurt out sentences that make no sense to mom making her really think I’m crazy. I saw her tearing up anytime I blurted complete nonsense.
I got home and my mom slept in my bed with me and as I gained full consciousness I explained everything that happened. She didn’t tell any of my friends parents either because she didn’t care about them. I got placed into a daily mental facility a couple days later. I also recently jus smoked again so I haven’t learned my lesson but that’s the last time I ever smoke that much. My mind obviously cannot handle it. Dear god imagine a psychedelic trip I’d probably actually hurt myself or others.
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2023.03.28 00:01 ZachTheLitchKing [SerSun] Serial Sunday: Mysterious!

Original Prompt
"It's going to rain," Bea repeated to herself as she walked to her cell. Ophelia told her a few times and when an elf was that insistent about something, it tended to happen. Bea got tired within an hour, much earlier than usual. Probably the weather, she thought as she climbed into the top bunk. Her cellmate was not around and the lack of snoring helped Bea fall asleep faster.
A most unusual dream took hold of Bea. She watched herself get out of bed, dropping down next to her sleeping cellmate in a crouch. Everything had a slightly red tint like she was holding up a dim red flashlight. When she moved, it did not feel like she was moving; rather, she was being moved. It was eerie, but it was her first lucid dream and she felt compelled to continue.
Bea watched her hands reach out and gently touch the cell's bars. They seemed like they were glowing, red-hot in the odd light, and they felt scalding to the touch, but when she examined her hands an intrusive thought filled her mind. No marks, just pain. Then, to Bea's horror, she felt herself leaning forward and pushing her face between them.
Agony gripped her as she screamed, but no sound came from her mouth. In fact, she could feel her mouth remaining closed as her face burned. She could also feel her face stretching, like putty or something, and slowly she passed through the bars. Everywhere her skin touched the metal was agonizing, but the moment contact was lost there was no more sensation at all.
Bea watched the world move around her as she crawled across the floor, following a guard on patrol in the darkness. She moved silently, and when the guard made for the exit into a lit hallway, Bea felt herself - for lack of a better word - slip into the guard's shadow.
There she hid, moving with the guard, until he passed by a room with an open window; the scent of fresh air tickled her nose. It was heavy with rain from the storm that raged outside. Bea slid out of the shadow and started to squeeze under the door. She wondered if she was dreaming about being a rat, but when she saw her own hands that idea vanished. She was herself, sort of.
"HEY!" Someone shouted. Bea wanted to turn to see who it was, but her body was not hers to control. She leaped out the open window and fell three stories, landing in a crouch in the mud. Her body sprinted towards the glowing red fence as lights came on. An alarm blared. Bea leaped onto the fence, her body feeling like it was on fire once again, but she climbed, heedless of it. She could see the razor wire cutting into her skin but felt nothing aside from the burning. Even when she was off the burning metal her cuts did not hurt.
Guns fired. She could feel the impact of bullets hitting her in the back, but they did little more than put her off her stride. Bea flew away from the prison, gliding across the grass and into the distant tree line.
Through the trees, Bea saw a blue, glowing circle in a clearing. Mushrooms. Before she made it to them, something else began to come through the trees. Somehow, she knew it was human. A dangerous human.
Dark magic, crossed her mind, another intrusive thought. It came closer and she waited, the other thoughts were interested.
"Who are you!?" the man yelled through the rain. He looked familiar but Bea could not focus on his face; her eyes were looking at the glowing tethers of magic binding him to the trees and grass. They were like golden chains of light, and she could feel the woods bending to his will. He was a druid, "What are you doing with my niece!?"
Niece? Bea thought along with the intrusive voice.
"Very interesting," Bea said, but it was not her voice. Her body stepped into the circle as the trees bent towards her and the world spun around.
Bea opened her eyes with a scream. Fear, at first, but then pain assaulted her as she felt burns, cuts, and bruises all hit her at once. She looked down and saw bandages all along her arms. A hand was on her shoulder and Ophelia leaned over her.
"Shhh, Bea, shh, you are safe," she said, tears of joy in her eyes but an expression of concern, "Are you okay?"
"I'm... you... where..." Bea looked around and saw she was in the fae realm. The golden sunlight shone through the window into a familiar bedroom, one she shared with Ophelia whenever she visited.
"You're safe," Ophelia said again, kissing Bea's forehead.
"But... how?" Bea asked, looking at her hands again, "It was... it was a dream?"
Ophelia bit her lip and looked down guiltily, saying, "No, it was not. You were... possessed."
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SteamTrades Rep Page (1000+):
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SGSFlair Rep Page:
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2023.03.27 23:56 CynicalMaelstrom [Event] A Regency Drama

The harbour of the Shadow City bustled with activity and excitement, wild rumour and muttered chatter passed through the crowd with an odd sense of urgency, whispered into the ears of strangers as easily as those of close friends. Some whispered of a war on the horizon, others of some new treaty with the Iron Throne. There were even suggestions that, after her victory upon the Stepstones, Dorne’s eyes might have turned to the Disputed Lands between Lys, Myr, and Tyrosh. Like any good wildfire, there were a number of factors that enabled and accelerated this inferno of innuendo. Firstly there was the Princess Elatara. The sight of the towering flagship, most magnificent of the prizes that the Dornish fleet had seized from Lys, returned to the harbour of Sunspear from its patrols around the recently captured islands was naturally going to spark speculation towards some fresh campaign. It lurked like some great apex predator amidst the sleeker and more subtle shapes of its comrades in the fleet, awaiting some mysterious yet no doubt glorious purpose. Then, there was the other Princess, and perhaps the greatest catalyst for the talk that blustered through the broad plazas of the harbour. Aliandra, Monarch of Dorne and Sovereign of the Stepstones, had descended from her palace of Sunspear in a grand procession. Attended by all the prominent lords and ladies of the court, by the royal family and by a great column of armoured knights, she descended to pass through her people and freely tossed out alms as she did so. Great cheers rose up for the Liberator of the Stepstones, for this Princess who had ruled so long and so successfully, but there was also a charged sense of curiosity that her presence among them could not help but invite. Aliandra was hardly a rare sight among her people, but for her to come with so great a company… It was hardly an unreasonable assumption to think that something might be afoot. Such assumptions were only invited further by the presence at Aliandra’s side of the other branch of House Martell, led by its progenitor, Lord Darian Elataros. Increasingly, the Hero of Sunstone was being recognised as the foremost soldier in the realm, the man to whom the nation would turn in times of war, and his presence here only furthered the notion that some sort of bloodshed might be on the horizon. And yet, the Lord of the Stepstones was attired in robes of emerald green chased with gold, only bore a longsword and a dirk sheathed on his hip, and had his beautiful wife by his side. Alia Adarys, the beautiful wife in question, looked as though there were approximately a thousand places she would rather be as she disinterestedly tossed her shimmering hair over her shoulder catching motes of rich nightshade in the air. Surely, if her husband were about to depart to take command of some new army, the Lady of Bloodstone would take more interest? Each movement and murmuration of the nobles as they approached the jetty was carefully dissected and inspected by the warbling mass of gossip.
If the purpose of this procession was a mystery to the crowds of the Shadow City, Vyanna Nymeros Martell saw it with a far more clear perspective. She had spoken with her mother, sat in on long council sessions, seen this plan come steadily together from the outset. She knew that this great party would be setting off to the North, to attend a feast in honour of the young Prince Daeron Targaryen, guests of the heir to the Iron Throne. Of course, this was more than a simple dinner. This would be a chance for Aliandra to meet with and once more negotiate with the Targaryens, it would be a chance for Darian to walk among the northern nobility as the undisputed Lord of the Stepstones, it would be a chance for Nymeria to meet the man she may one day marry. However that decision ends up panning out, Vyanna reflected, her gaze turning over both of her siblings, for her sister was not the only one who might find a betrothal upon Dragonstone. Vyanna knew that her mother had been approached by Alyn Velaryon too, in search of Nym’s hand in marriage, and whether she refused the King on the Iron Throne or the Lord of the Tides, Lysander may well be offered as a makeweight. It was something of an ignominious fate for the second in line to the Dornish throne, and though neither of them were much inclined towards making a fuss about it, Vyanna could not help but feel a little aggrieved on her brother’s behalf. Still, she would be a fool if she did not see the opportunity at play here. Dorne had a chance to secure its place in the politics of Westeros for a generation, possibly longer. Nymeria was unpredictable in most things, but Vyanna knew she could rely upon her sister to make an impact if nothing else. She knew her mother would have taken such things into account, as she always did, and she trusted the instincts that had made Dorne one of the more respected powers upon the Narrow Sea. Yet where Vyanna might lack her mother’s boldness, she knew that she made up for it in perception. She could see the rewards that might be reaped from the voyage, as her mother readied herself to board the Princess Elatara, but as she remained upon the shore as the Regent of Dorne she was also all too cognisant of the risks. Dorne could be drawn too deeply into an alliance that did not favour her, and her aunt Coryanne’s experiences in the Vale had left few of her countrymen ignorant of the vindictiveness of which their northern neighbours were capable. Nym would never let such concerns bother her, but then Coryanne hadn’t either, until it was too late. She did not let her misgivings show upon her face. She was her mother’s regent. She was, for all intents and purposes, the Princess of Dorne, for the next few months at least. She could not show any sign of weakness, any deviating from the royal line.
Yet she knew she was not the only one compelled to present such a front, and as she looked across at her uncle Qyle, she knew she was not the only one who felt duty-bound to suppress their doubts. Now the Lord Chancellor of Dorne, her uncle looked a little more like the man he had been before his recent bereavement, his back a little more straight, his eyes a little sharper. Vyanna was glad to see it, for he had always been one of her dearest relatives, and it had been a cruelty all of its own to see him so buried in his grief that he seemed to lose himself within it. The version of Qyle Martell who stould before her now was more gaunt, his face lined faintly by age, his hairline receding into a distinct peak, yet he had regained enough of the warmth that had once defined him that Vyanna could only smile as she looked up at her uncle. It seemed to please him, to see himself as one who could once more bring comfort to others, and she saw a smile break across his face too, though each of their eyes retained a small note of concern. In tandem, they looked out to the docks, where Aliandra now waved from the wale of the Princess Elatara, to the raucous cheers of the onlooking crowds. “Let us hope,” Qyle spoke softly, his voice hemmed in by the commotion such that it scarcely ventured past Vyanna’s ear, “That the cheers are just as loud when she returns.” A sharp glance in return, from those dark amethyst eyes. Vyanna shared the sentiment, but they were dangerous words to give voice nonetheless. More dangerous still were the thoughts that flitted into her mind, of the last time that House Martell had ventured to King’s Landing, of the stories of her Uncle Manfred… Surely it would not go so badly, but even a resolution half that bad would be a disaster.
“However it goes, I trust my mother to find a way to make a victory of it,” She replied, smiling knowingly back at her uncle. If there was one skill at which they both knew Aliandra excelled, it was at defining the narrative. Her mother had such a tremendous talent at deciding precisely how things were. “But it is for us to ensure that, whatever happens, Dorne profits.” She looked up at her uncle, the only one of her mother’s council whom she truly knew. Ser Symon brooded over his coin, Lady Lythene was aloof and calculating, and her Great-Uncle was too much a legend for any person to ever say they could know him. Qyle was the one she was certain of, the one she was sure she could trust.
As the celebrations began to die down, as the Elatara pulled out of the harbour and sailed towards the horizon, the crowds started their slow dispersal. Amidst them, Qyle and Vyanna sat in a sturdy wheelhouse, wending its way through the now bustling streets of the Shadow City, surrounded by a cordon of knights. “You worry she’s making a mistake,” Qyle observed, cloaking his own wariness in empathy with the guile of a seasoned diplomat.
“I worry they’ll force her into one,” She replied, inexperienced, but finding herself a natural at the sort of regal imperviousness that her mother had mastered. One always had to seem certain, no matter what trepidations might sit beneath. “Though I am surprised to hear this kind of talk coming from you. You have ever been a proponent of peace with the northerners.”
“I have,” Qyle conceded, with a nod. “But there is peace, and there is alliance, and I cannot say that I believe the latter to be less dangerous than the former.” He grit his teeth a little, and his fingers bridged as he looked down in contemplation. He seemed to be wrestling between a few different opinions, clashing against one another within his own mind. “A dragon is at its most dangerous, its most unpredictable when it is wounded, and its flames lose none of their heat for being thus cowed.” He looked over towards his niece, as though trying to convey a warning to Aliandra through her. Vyanna certainly did not need to be a reminder of the peril.
“She’s always been able to cover for it, to outmaneouver them or outnumber them, but we can’t overlook the fact that Dorne will always be the smaller power.”
“She never has,” Qyle noted. For all their squabbling, he always managed to give his sister credit where it was due. “But I agree, the danger only becomes more pronounced the closer we tie ourselves to them. Peace is the better option than war, but it is far from safe.”
Vyanna nodded her agreement. She had her misgivings over her mother’s plans, but she was hardly about to take up the spear and go charging over the border. She enjoyed this chance, though, to be plain with her trepidations, to think openly about how they might be mitigated. Her mother would only chuckle, and tell her not to fret. Sometimes, she found, it was better to fret with company. “She has ever been able to provide boldness enough for an entire nation. I suppose it falls to us to find the prudence to temper it.”
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2023.03.27 23:56 itsripley__ “Perfect = Hennig” Booking A World Title Win of Mr Perfect (Blitz)

To say Curt Hennig aka Mr Perfect was one of the most talented men to lace up a pair of boots is an understatement. Mr Perfect, although the name may suggest, did not have a perfect track record. Because out of the 3 major promotions that he’s worked for or has been affiliated with (WWF, WCW, and NWA) he never held a world title (he did hold the AWA Heavyweight and WWC Universal Heavyweight Championships but those at the time weren’t considered big promotions like WWF and WCW). He falls into the list of the men who should’ve had at least one world title reign to their name and yet he has not, which is upsetting and if we look hard enough there is definitely a timeline in which Mr Perfect would’ve been the PERFECT Fit for a world championship reign.
The same events unfold as Hennig debuts at Bash at the Beach as DDP’s Mystery Tag Team Partner to go up against Randy Savage and Scott Hall. However Hennig doesn’t turn heel. Instead the two just lose the bout due to DDP not wanting to tag Hennig in. Hennig over the next month will begin to distance himself from DDP as he feels he was brought there to be his lackey and Hennig isn’t going to put himself in the same rabbit hole that he’s gone down in the past. DDP makes it up to him and gets them a World Tag Team Title Shot at Road Wild.
Road Wild
The Outsiders def. DDP & Curt Hennig for the WCW World Tag Team Championships
This is where Hennig turns on DDP but only after DDP gets in his face telling him to fall in line if he still wants to be employed. Hennig flips DDP the bird and walks off leaving Page to succumb to the numbers disadvantage and lose the match.
The Trials of Hennig
It’s revealed that Hennig was brought in under a contract by DDP which meant he was an independent agent and not officially signed to WCW this meant that Hennig wouldn’t be allowed to compete until he’s released from his duties from DDP. Hennig fights tooth and nail to get his shot but there’s nothing Ted Turner or Eric Bischoff can do to help him. So Hennig takes matters into his own hands and challenges DDP to a match at Fall Brawl with Hennigs future in the balance.
If Hennig defeats DDP he will be absolved of his contract-bound loyalties to DDP and given a proper contract to WCW. If he loses he will never work in wrestling again.
Curt Hennig def. DDP
Hennig evades the Diamond Cutter spinning DDP in the air, turning him into a front chancery which leads to a thunderous HennigPlex!!! Hennig gets the three and earns a WCW Contract which he signs on the stage! However he’s approached by WCW Champ Hulk Hogan who tries to recruit him to the NWO but he’s also met by Arn Anderson who’s on the verge of retirement and he tries to give Hennig his spot in the Horsemen…..Hennig now has callers.
Two Roads Diverged
Hennig over the next few weeks is pulled back and forth to make a decision on who’s faction he’s going to join. Flair and Hogan are going at it on the stick to try and win over Hennig but he’s still undecided.
Flair (who is not US Champ at this point to remain in the Main event) tells Hennig that he needs to make a choice and if he won’t he’ll beat it out of him. This leads to Hennig vs Flair at Halloween Havoc.
Curt Hennig def. Ric Flair via Technical Submission
Flair passes out to a rear naked choke at the hands of Hennig which forces the match to subside. Following the contest Flair and the Horsemen offer out a handshake which Hennig takes. This however doesn’t mean Hennig took the deal because his night isn’t over yet.
Hennig later in the night interrupts the Steel Cage match between Hogan and Piper. Hennig gets into the cage with a chair and threatens Hogan. Due to the handshake earlier everyone believes Hennig took the deal with the Horsemen but just as he goes to swing he changes direction and whacks Piper over the skull and costs him the match!! Hennig shakes Hogan's hand before walking off leaving his future up in the air.
It’s expected that at the end of the night Hennig will make his decision on who’s side he’ll be joining as he’s entering WW3 (60 man over the top 3 Ring Royale) Where he will help either Flair or a member of the NWO win the match for the title shot at Starrcade.
It’s revealed before the match that Hogan will enter the match to try and avoid a new contender crowned.
We fizzle out the field as we get down to the final 5
Flair, Hogan, Hennig, Hall, and Piper
Piper and Hennig go at it until both Hogan and Flair team up to dump Piper out! Flair eliminates Hall after dodging a big boot and sending him over the top! We are down to the final 3. It's decision time!! Hennig sticks out his hand to Flair. The two shake much to Hogan's dismay, until Hennig yanks Flair sending him over the top!!! Hogan is so pleased by this and he hugs Hennig and the two raise each other's hands until Hennig slips behind Hogan and tosses him out too!!! CURT HENNIG HAS WON THE TITLE SHOT!!!! He’s fooled everyone and got himself a World Title Match!!
*Curt Hennig def. Hulk Hogan to become the WCW World Champion!
Hennig despite the odds of the NWO manages to thwart off everyone and in the end moves out of a leg drop attempt! He pulls Hogan in for the HENNIGPLEX!! 1…...2…..3!!! CURT HENNIG HAS FINALLY WON THE BIG ONE!!
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2023.03.27 23:54 ZabaCage [US][Selling] Huge Manga Lot - Demon Slayer, Dreamin' Sun, Kiss Him Not Me!, Komi Can't Communicate, LDK PLUS MORE!

Hello! I just started a manga store and I had a bit of stock that I was looking to sell. Some of these come from my own collection as I am no longer interested in collecting them. However, there is a bunch of new volumes in there, so please have a look!
Free shipping is available for all orders over $50+
Sets: Condition: Selling Price: Retail: Status: Notes:
After the Rain Vol. 1-3 G5 $40.41 $53.85 Available
Black Bullet Vol. 1-3 G2 $27.00 $30.00 Available Major shelf wear, Major yellowing, multiple creases on covespine
Cheeky Brat Vol. 1-3 G5 $29.25 $38.97 Available
Demon Slayer Complete Box Set G5 $150.00 $199.99 Available
Dreamin' Sun Vol. 1-10 G5 $98.25 $130.90 Available
Dungeon Dive: Aim for the Deepest Level Vol. 1-3 G5 $29.25 $38.97 Available
Farming Life in Another World Vol. 1-6 G5 $53.82 $71.70 Available
Fly Me to the Moon Vol. 1-7 G5 $52.50 $69.93 Available
Kiss Him, Not Me! Vol. 1-14 G4 $100.10 $153.86 Available Minor shelf wear
Komi Can't Communicate Vol. 1-13 G5 $97.50 $129.87 Available
LDK Vol. 1-4 G5 $33.00 $43.96 Available
Love in Focus Vol. 1-3 G5 $24.75 $32.97 Available
MeruPuri Vol. 1-3 G3 $22.50 $29.97 Available Moderate yellowing
My Little Monster Vol. 1-3 G5 $126.75 $168.87 Available
Syrup: A Yuri Anthology Vol. 1-2 G5 $21.00 $27.98 Available​
Singles: Condition: Selling Price: Retail: Status: Notes:
5 Seconds Before a Witch Falls in Love G5 $10.50 $13.99 Available
A Tale of the Secret Saint Vol. 1 G5 $9.75 $12.99 Available
Ao Haru Ride (Imperfect) Vol. 10 G2 $4.50 $9.99 Available Spine is heavily misaligned
Arata the Legend Vol. 2 G5 $7.50 $9.99 Available
Arata the Legend Vol. 7 G5 $7.50 $9.99 Available
Banished from the Hero's Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside Vol. 1 G5 $9.75 $12.99 Available
Barakamon Vol. 18+1 G5 $13.50 $17.99 Available
Chibi Vampire Vol. 13 ? $3.00 Available Not thoroughly checked, Getting rid of
Cirque Du Freak Omnibus Vol. 4 G5 $18.00 $23.99 Available
Citrus Vol. 8 G5 $10.50 $13.99 Available
Citrus Vol. 10 G5 $10.50 $13.99 Available
Daily Report About My Witch Senpai Vol. 1 G5 $9.75 $12.99 Available
Demon Sacred Vol. 4 ? $1.00 Available Not thoroughly checked, Getting rid of
Demon Slayer: Stories of Water and Flame G5 $7.50 $9.99 Available
Drug Store in Another World Vol. 4 G5 $9.75 $12.99 Available
Even Though We're Adults Vol. 4 G5 $9.75 $12.99 Available
Failed Princesses Vol. 5 G5 $9.75 $12.99 Available
Genshiken Second Season Vol. 2 G3 $3.00 $10.99 Available Major shelf wear, Minor yellowing
Grand Blue Dreaming Vol. 14 G5 $9.75 $12.99 Available
Grand Blue Dreaming Vol. 15 G5 $9.75 $12.99 Available
Haganai: I don't have many friends Vol. 20 G5 $10.50 $13.99 Available
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I Belong to the Baddest Girl at School Vol. 1 G5 $9.72 $12.95 Available
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Machimaho: I Messed Up and Made the Wrong Person Into a Magical Girl! Vol. 9 G5 $9.75 $12.99 Available
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Vampire Dormitory Vol. 4 G3 $6.05 $10.99 Available Small tear on front cover, Many scratches on spine
Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku (Barnes & Noble Exclusive) Vol. 6 G5 $12.99 $12.99 Available
Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku (Kinokuniya Exclusive) Vol. 6 G5 $65.00 $12.99 Available
Yakuza Reincarnation Vol. 1 G5 $9.75 $12.99 Available
Yona of the Dawn Vol. 33 G5 $7.50 $9.99 Available​
Light Novels: Condition: Selling Price: Retail: Status: Notes:
The Case Files of Jeweler Richard Vol. 3 G5 $11.25 $14.99 Available​
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2023.03.27 23:53 slightly_sad_apple Feeling like I've been tossed aside

All my life I've struggled making friends. In elementary school, I was the popular kid's dorky friend most of the time. Middle school I was bullied by one of the first friend's I ever made. Sat alone at lunch all of highschool up until now, my senior year.
I had friends this year. I had some. And it felt amazing. But it seems as though none of them know what it's like to be a loner. They have other friends that aren't me, but they're all I had. Turns out they're kinda not the best people so I cut ties. I can't go back to them. But it sucks.
Last year, my junior year, I dated a senior and I was close with his friends. Once they all graduated, we never spoke again. And we broke up a few months ago.
I know this isn't anyone's fault, it's just how things are. But it sucks feeling like the people who meant so much to me think nothing of me anymore.
Obviously some of this falls on me too, I wasn't always a perfect person in my friendships/relationships. But god did I try so hard for them. Giving up all of myself for little to nothing in return.
I'm worried that I'll never have people that feel the same way about me that I do about them. It feels like others don't have to try this hard to be liked, so then why do I?
Thank you to whoever reads this, and know that I love you and care about you, even though I don't know you. You deserve that.
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2023.03.27 23:49 heelhookd My Experience

Promised I would post this in here (commented in a thread a little ways back), so here we go. Will preface this by saying this is just my personal experience, I am not saying this IS aliens or anything like that, because I have no idea what I experienced (or why). Sure felt like it though.
I’m not special (in my own eyes), I am just a regular guy with interests relating to this sub, and I thought it would be cool to share. It’s going to be long, no TLDR because I can’t exactly TLDR unless just “dude sees and experiences crazy paranormal things one day”.
I think I just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and experienced something pretty magnificent and totally unexplainable.
I lived in a house that I felt was strange from the day we moved in. Mother lost her home to foreclosure (I’m right out of high school at this time, but still living at home) and the house always gave all of us a very weird vibe (we’d see people that weren’t there, and by we I mean the entire family, and friends that visited and spent the night). Best ‘rational’ explanation I can find for this is maybe this area is some sort of portal or has a different energy frequency that allows things like this to be seen. There are probably 50 stories that would blow minds from this house but this is the most important.
I wake up early one morning around 6 am-ish (I usually don’t, I am not a morning person at all) because I couldn’t fall back to sleep, and go out to smoke a cigarette. I walk out onto my deck, and as I’m smoking, I see something blast off into the sky that, in my mind, makes me think exactly this: “Wow, how cool is this. Im just out here smoking and happened to catch a space shuttle launch. WTF”
I continue smoking, and then it sort of sinks in this object is moving slowly, not blasting off like you’d expect a rocket launch to do, and I lived in Maryland at the time, and to my knowledge, rockets don’t launch probably a mile or two from my house. I get a sudden feeling of dread as I’m watching what I can only explain as a silver, tubular craft making insanely loud noises blasting off like a rocket would, straight up into the sky, glowing fiery orange, very slowly.
I run inside to grab my girlfriend, who happened to fall asleep on the couch the night before watching a movie, I felt bad waking her up and just let her sleep there ( she lived with us - short term, longer story). I notice when I shut the sliding glass door, what sounds like (not to make jokes but) fucking war of the worlds outside my house sounds like NOTHING inside of my house. The dog isn’t even awake, and my family dog then barked when someone walked down our block quietly.
I wake her up, walk outside with her, and we both are now pretty freaked out. Holding hands, and looking at this thing. She goes “Do you think that could be a weapon or something?” And, unsure, I look over at her and just go “I love you” - mainly because I did, and it was the only thing I could say to maybe comfort her, I had ZERO idea what this was - and we stand there smoking cigarettes together. (In hindsight, probably the best move, because what could we honestly do if it was?)
After maybe ten minutes, we obviously don’t get annihilated, and we decide to run out front of the house to see what is happening, and find nobody else outside. How does nobody hear this? The rocket is GONE, completely disappeared from the sky - and in its place, coming from every direction, the loudest sound I’ve (to this day, still) ever heard in my entire life. It sounded like being at an air show when a jet flies right over your head, but multiplied by ten. We are now screaming at the top of our lungs at each other, looking at each other, both simultaneously realizing neither of us can hear each others voices and we are face to face.
I’ve only told maybe two friends in my entire life this (and my immediate family, thats it) so I’m going to try to describe this sound as best I can: it would follow you wherever you went. But it felt palpable. It ‘sounded’ like energy if that makes sense, maybe waves - You could hear it moving, almost as if it was an object, moving from horizon to horizon in any direction, and then randomly it would get so close (sound…I know…but just stay with me) to your face that you’d feel like a material object was an inch infant of your nose, and it would feel warm. This is the only way I can describe something I have only had one experience with of this nature so I hope that paints a picture of what was happening.
As we are outside, the sound starts to move in one singular direction and it dies down enough for us to be able to at least scream at each other. I can now, if I yell as loud as possible, at least talk to my girlfriend. And now my neighbor is outside. He’s in his mid 40’s, and walks straight up to us with a toothbrush in his hand - full of toothpaste - and says “I was brushing my teeth and had my windows open, I have never heard anything like that in my entire life, do either of you know what is happening?” We are all basically screaming at each other like lunatics, this man looks scared AF, and about faces back to his house basically running to get in doors.
As this is happening, I scream and point up as we both see two perfectly spherical shiny orbs (about the size of car, each of them. Probably about as high as two telephone poles in the sky, thats as good of an example as I can give height wise) flying in unison together before they disappear straight up into the clouds in a fluid, swooping motion. Not fast, just like they were possibly scanning for something. Unsure, obviously. They reflected sunlight like perfectly polished metal, I also don’t know how else to explain that. Almost like silver, not steel.
Us, being obviously young and stupid, started to run in the direction the sound was moving toward. Because when you fear death from something apparently you run towards it at that age I guess lol. I still to this day have no idea why we did this, but we did.
While we are running, both barefoot (we didn’t even put shoes on we just walked out of the house the first time), the sound gets so loud we can’t hear each other again (Im assuming because we are sprinting down the street together chasing after it) and I look down at a patch of gravel in front of my girlfriend. I said to myself in my head “Be careful - there is gravel there, but don’t worry so much about your feet, we need to find out what this is”
So….she heard me. But neither of us were talking. Then she thanked me. And her mouth didn’t move.
We both looked at each other, thinking “what the fuck” and turned around. We just stopped chasing it. Abruptly. We walked back to the house and on the short walk back, the sound was completely gone. Walking back, I pointed to the sky and said “look how beautiful it’s gotten” — in my own head , mind you— The sun was the brightest I think I’ve ever seen it in my life, and it had heated up quite a bit in such a short time. We sit down on the grass in the front yard, and look at each other.
Me and my girlfriend then both had what I can only describe as a telepathic conversation. For the next 30 min or so, in the sun, we sat there and what we would both eventually call “shared memories” from our childhood that were deeply embedded somewhere in our minds, I guess. We even laughed about how we both used to do stupid shit as kids like move pencils with our mind in class when we were bored, and how amazing this was that we were able to do this right now. We never questioned it during, but after 30 min, it didn’t work anymore. We both became incredibly sad, and it took weeks of conversation between both of us to truly make sure either one of us wasn’t totally crazy. It sounds weird, but even with somebody there that experienced it with you, it was too much to process. We dated for almost a decade after that.
This experience sent me on a journey to discover what and where we come from, who we are, what happened to her and I, and brought us so close together that I think it honestly was unhealthy at times as we couldn’t connect with anyone else in this way, but still a beautiful, amazing experience, nonetheless.
I know I’ll probably take tons of shit here but I thought I’d share this because this is my real life experience, and I’m interested to know if anyone has any idea whatsoever what this could have been (probably not) or if they’ve experienced it or something similar themselves (possibly).
Keep searching for answers. My experience taught me life is definitely not what we think, but I can’t sit here and act like I know what it actually is. Happy to have you all to share this with finally.
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2023.03.27 23:49 Infamous-Ad1846 I can't handle my sister anymore.

Trigger warning for sexual assault (?) and mental health discussion
Hi. I’m sure some people will think that this comes off too strong or may immediately think that I need to be more empathetic, but I ask that you read this if you have the time since I truly need advice. Maybe I do need to be more empathetic, but I feel like someone besides myself needs to tell me since I’m not sure where to go next.
First, I want to give some context. I am 18 years old and my sister is 21. We had a typical relationship when we were children, where we would get along sometimes, and fight other times, but nothing too extreme. My parents also had a good relationship and were around often. In fact, my mom treated us quite well as children as she was a school teacher before we were born and taught us how to read and write at a young age and proper manners.
Although I didn’t realize it at the time, it appears to me now that I am older that my sister always had some challenges ever since she was younger. I think the anxiety was always there, but my parents didn’t realize it until she was about 4 or 5 years old. I am ashamed to say it, but I used to poke fun at her about it when I was very young, just saying things about how she was always so worried and how it was annoying.
She was also quite an argumentative kid. As I said before, she used to fight with me often. She grew out of physical fighting with me at a normal age (and I should note that it was the normal sibling physical fighting, it was nothing concerning or extreme). She would always fight back about things with my parents and I even if she knew that she was wrong or what she was fighting about was a really small or petty thing. She would never do this with other people, however, and always treated others very kindly. She never had issues in school with being argumentative or fighting with other kids.
I think it was when she was around 8 years old that her anxiety really manifested, and looking back on things, I really do think that my parents tried to help her. I remember seeing books that they read, which I now realize what they were for. I also think they took her to a child psychologist/psychiatrist/therapist (I’m not sure which you would take a child to for this, but I’m sure my parents would have researched this).
During these times, as I said before, I didn’t know what was going on. Looking back, though, I don’t remember things escalating until she was a teenager. I really really don’t think my sister was on any medication until she was a teenager. I don’t think a doctor would have offered it, especially our childhood physician, and I do not believe that my parents would have allowed her at such a young age unless they had exhausted every other source of help.
I mention this because of what she did to me when I was about 10-12 years old (I don’t really remember. I don’t know if it’s hazy because its been almost 10 years or because I’ve blocked it out). For a while, my sister and I would play games together on the XBox in our basement. One day (I think randomly, I don’t really remember the context of it or the events leading up to it) my sister made me kiss her. It wasn’t just a kiss on the cheek or playful or joking, but she was kissing me like how I’d imagine someone would sexually make out. She was also touching herself through her pants (I didn’t know why at the time). It lasted a little while. I remember afterwards I actually threatened to go upstairs and tell my parents, but I didn’t and I never did. Another time she made me touch/massage her breasts and then she touched/massaged mine. I’m sorry if this explanation doesn’t make much sense, but this is actually the first time I’ve ever written down anything about this. I mention this whole situation since I do think that has changed my perception of her as I’ve gotten older. It’s weird because it’s like I totally forgot about this whole thing for a few years then one day randomly remembered it happened when I was about 14ish. I do believe that this affected me, at least to some extent, because I do feel really uncomfortable about sexual things, even though I’m older now, and I also thought that I was asexual for a while before I even “remembered” again that this event happened.
But back to my sister. Around the time that she was about 13 or 14, she was diagnosed with depression. Again, I didn’t realize what was going on at that time. It wasn’t until she was about 16 and I was about 13 that I realized what she was dealing with. A little after she was diagnosed, she became more argumentative and just straight-out rude to me and my family sometimes. And it just keeps getting worse. The past few years have just been a steady downhill fall behavior-wise. She constantly picks fights with my parents and tells them that they are awful parents. Last summer was particularly bad. She fought with them almost every day since they wouldn’t just let her leave and go wherever she wanted in spite of the fact that she had only had her license for a few months and barely any driving experience (she got her license very late because she said that my parents never took her out to practice driving). She never does anything to help around the house and leaves her stuff around and expects everyone else to get it. She has said outright before that she doesn’t feel guilty making everyone else do everything and not helping. She has told my parents that she shouldn’t need to pay for any of her things because it is there job as parents to provide for her (she was about 20 at this time). And the list goes on.
It’s always been very odd to me. I totally understand that her mental health may make her unable to clean up or do extra sometimes, but I’d imagine that at some point she could help or at least clean up her own things. It’s also weird since my parents raised my sister and I the same yet we are polar opposites – she never helps with anything or takes responsibility, and I often put myself out there too much. I’m not trying to make myself sound like the angel, but my parents have even observed the same things.
I just don’t know what to do anymore. I have tried so hard to understand her and be empathetic, but it has sucked everything out of me and my family. We are all getting tired of it. We try to help her all the time but she just abuses the fact that we constantly try to help her. I always feel bad for my mom since she gives her the benefit of the doubt, but my sister knows that, and will sometimes do or say things since she knows that my mom will pick up the pieces.
I’m probably going in circles. I think that I have said mostly everything I’ve wanted to and this post is also getting very long. I just feel like the context is very relevant here. I guess that this is partially a vent and partially a plea for help from anyone, whether you’re in my situation or in my sister’s situation. Am I wrong for losing my patience and just feeling over it all? Please be honest. The whole reason I’m making this post is to make myself better and more accepting/understanding for my sister. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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2023.03.27 23:49 Kiskeym2 [Essay] Unova's Chronicles V: From the War's Aftermath to the Swords of Justice

For other analysis on the Pokémon narrative, check the Main Hub!

We've finally reached the last main thread of my Unova analysis series. It's been a journey, generation V narrative is really the most complex I've examined thus far. But I won't steal you any more time, this piece is stupidly long and you really have to be as insane as me to read it all - but hey, don't forget to also read all the previous ones to get the full picture. Of course, I have to split this in two due to Reddit character limitation wanting to draw parallels with the Original Dragon narrative... uh? Have a good read!


After the end of the Second Unovan War, the region entered a period of uncertainty and political instability. Whether Unova remained a unified kingdom or if small local realities emerged right off the bat, the Relic Castle likely remained a crucial part of the culture for a while.
Legions of Yamask and Cofagrigus linger in the ruins, evidently belonging to more than two generations. Funeral equipment continued as a strong tradition for a while among the nobility, meaning the castle wasn’t buried by sand in the blink of an eye. The cultural context, however, rapidly changed.
People clearly witnessed the devastation armies of Golurk and Sigilyph could bring, and the sight of Reshiram and Zekrom igniting Unova’s skies left a permanent scar on everyone’s minds. Pokémon were truly dangerous creatures, not mystical beings to worship. And so, the two worlds started to drift apart from each other.
Volcarona scatters burning scales. Some say it does this to start fires. Others say it's trying to rescue those that suffer in the cold.
Its burning body causes it to be unpopular in hot parts of the world, but in cold ones, Volcarona is revered as an embodiment of the sun.
The Sun Incarnation cult had no place in the reign anymore, and the Pokédex stresses how people view of Volcarona shifted as soon as the climate got hotter. And if the land was once made fertile by the blessing of Landorus, then the Desert Resort could be just as unnatural: men started to fear and despise the God of Land, and he responded cursing the area with a permanent sandstorm. The Relic Castle suddenly found itself in a harsh environment, and as its foundation weren’t built for the sands it slowly started to sink down the earth.
The Darmanitan on the roof weren’t awakened form their zen form either, confirming the shrine wasn’t used ever again - although some eventually managed to reverse to their original shape, as the one befriended by N has the Zen Mode Ability.
Rumours weren’t confined to the Southern capital. In all the corners of the region, Pokémon started to be feared as monsters, and spreading of baseless believes was common.
[Gothorita] It's said that when stars shine in the night sky, this Pokémon will spirit away sleeping children. Some call it the Witch of Punishment.
Lacunosa Town is an emblematic example: with the husk of the Original Dragon lingering near the original site of impact, stories of a maneater monster started to be spoken:
“When darkness falls over the land, this Pokémon appears. A frigid wind follows it. It freezes everything around and eats people and Pokémon… That’s why everyone was afraid. […] So our ancestors surrounded the town with walls, to prevent the Pokémon from getting inside the town. Also, a rule was made forbidding anyone to go outside after the dark.”
We’ll never know if Kyurem really started to feed on humans and Pokémon after the split, or if the tales are no more than superstition. The inhabitants of Lacunosa were aware the dragon lived in the Giant Chasm and that it possessed glacial powers, confirming some sort of contact had to happen. But it’s also true Kyurem retired to its former home and an entire ecosystem developed around it, with the Legendary Pokémon causing no harm in present days. Whatever the truth was, suspect was enough for humans to erect walls around the village and forbid anyone to come outside their home at night.
Mountains and woods crawled with Pokémon too, and humans didn’t dare to adventure in those unknown territories anymore. Lostlorn Forest was one of many examples, as the map description states:
It was once known as a place where people got lost for no reason.
To be fair, this wasn’t an unfounded conclusion if Zoroark lived in the surroundings since far back then. The one we can catch during our visit is obviously a younger specimen, as it’s a direct reference to her dedicated movie, but rumours spreading in the past suggest more than one Illusion Fox made the forest their den.
If it thinks humans are going to discover its den, Zoroark shows them visions that make them wander around in the woods.
When we defeat the Zoroark in Lostlorn Forest, the mobile trailer she lived in disappears and the whole surroundings get wider, implying the whole area was under her illusion. The Pokédex further clarifies the Pokémon can cast visions on humans who may discover their lair, so the fear of the ancients wasn’t unjustified in this particular case.
According to Pokémon Legends: Arceus official website, Zorua migrated to Hisui after being driven from their homeland by humans. Not only this is coherent with the picture described, but it also explains why this particular line is so rare in contemporary Unova.
These Zorua migrated to the Hisui region after being driven from other lands by humans, who shunned the Pokémon for manifesting uncanny illusions.
There were clearly exceptions to the general perception. The DNA Splicers was kept safe in Opelucid City until the contemporary era, so the cult which ought to preserve the Original Dragon identity remained unaltered. The Dragonspiral Tower was also left untouched, maybe more because all the Golett protecting the place than out of care of the ancient site.
Anyhow, both the Relic Castle and the city on Route 4 were slowly engulfed by sand, and while the Pokédex affirms many Sigilyph still reside in Desert Resort following their old patrols, some eventually managed to free themselves from their masters’ programming - as they aimlessly wandered until they reached Kalos and Galar.
They never vary the route they fly, because their memories of guarding an ancient city remain steadfast.
The many Banette infesting Victory Road tell us the Northern capital didn’t last any longer. Whether the inhabitants died because the fortress inside the mountain collapsed or after their Golurk started an uprising, with both the main political centres down it’s hard to imagine Unova was able to maintain a centralized government. Many small sovereign entities may have emerged during this period, with conflicts raging left and right.

Sleeping Tree

According to NPC dialogues, the ruins of the Entralink are traces of a civilization that lived before humans and Pokémon started to live together. As we’ve explored already, in Unova mankind existed alongside Pokémon since its dawn in the Stone Age - leaving no doubt this must refer to the period after the Second War.
“People say the ruins of the Entralink have existed since long before we started living with Pokémon. It's unbelievable that this power has existed for such a long time.”
We can get an idea on how the ancient ruins once looked paying attention to the floor textures: while most of the area is covered in grass, approaching to the fallen constructions makes it change to unfertile soil - with bricks now and then embedded in the ground. In other words, these are the foundations of the original buildings, which we can now identify: there were two main structures to the South - at the sides of what is seems to have been a tower - in parallel with two other smaller houses to the North. And even if no ruins made it to modern days, the floor texture is the same in front of the the Entree too, heavily suggesting the plant was originally prefaced by a small stone shrine.
We’ve already discussed the possibility the Entralink was the original seat of the Kingdom of the Vale’s capital, with the whole place shifting closer to the Dream World when the Sword of the Vale was lifted - also resulting in its last flow of energy to be condensed into a bud which then sprouted into the Entree. Indeed, while the official concept art fails to show the ruins above ground we can see in-game, it also reveals the whole area is sustained by artificial bedrock - possibly belonging to the original Kingdom.
If this reconstruction is correct, then the post-war civilization living here may directly derive from the Kingdom of the Vale. While most of the population was moved to the South after the First War, it’s not unlikely some may have decided to stay behind, refusing to leave their old houses. And when the sleeping realm engulfed the whole place, they were suddenly cut from the rest of the world.
Although Unova’s centre was in the eye of the storm, the rest of the region wasn’t unaffected by the Dream World colliding with the waking realm. The desires of people and Pokémon in all Unova started to take a concrete form, swirling in its epicenter and birthing Pass Powers.
“It is believed that dreams and desires of people and Pokémon in Unova swirled into the center and were formed into Pass Power.”
This peculiar form of energy allowed people to actualize all sorts of wishes, from encountering more Pokémon to making Eggs hatching faster, and even increasing one’s general luck. Men obtained Pass Powers as a by-product of the Entree feeding on dreams, and storing the otherworldly magic inside it.
“The power stored in this tree is called Pass Power.”
It’s not a huge jump, then, to assume the Entree served a major role in the Entralink culture since the distant past, as Pass Powers are said to have been around since ancient times - which is also why the shrine was likely erected in front of it. But if this is true, then it’s questionable the small tree we see in the games to be the original specimen: it more plausibly belongs to a later generation, as the first Entree likely reached its complete shape when the civilization around it was flourishing.
People started to drawn strength from the oneiric sap the Entree produced - and the more people used Pass Powers, the more they dreamt, and the more the tree grew in size. When we unlock all the powers in our save-file, we can witness how the first tree may have looked in its days of glory: a grand spiral plant, a shape which once again links the place to the Original Dragon - the proverbial リュウラセン [Helix Dragon] the Dragonspiral Tower is dedicated to, not to mention Kyurem connection with the DNA helix through the Splicers. And that’s not surprising if the Entree truly sprouted from the Sword of the Vale.
As People of the Entralink remained isolated from the rest of the world since right after the First War, the progression of their relationship with Pokémon was completely different from outside. North to the ruins there’s the Entree Forest, a place where the Dream World has surfaced so much Pokémon can spontaneously manifest there after dreaming.
“The Entree Forest connects dreams and reality. People say dreams come true here. When a dreaming Pokémon wakes up in Game Sync, its dream will come true in this forest.”
Fennel invention makes us force this process through the Game Sync, but in the past all sorts of creatures may have appeared from the wood’s heart - and a dialogue confirms the forest to be much larger in the past, implying people knew well the Pokémon manifesting there.
“People say the Entree Forest was much bigger in the past, and people were able to use various Pass Powers.”
The forest being much larger may imply parts currently lingering in the Dream World were once located in the waking world. Adventuring in the woods depths might have once led to the Island of Dreams, and from there to the Tree of Dreams from which all sorts of mythical berries were cultivated. Pokémon started to settle in the surroundings, with the Dream Park and the Pokémon Dream Café clearly being closer to humans - while the ones living in the Pleasant Forest remained more feral.
A range of mountains maybe existed to the far North, including the Rugged Mountain and the Icy Cave. The former is where Victini is seen today in the Dream World, which further reaffirms the connection between the Entralink and the Kingdom of the Vale. In the surrounding waters once known as the Sparkling Sea many creatures also swam freely, while the Windswept Sky once swarmed with all sorts of winged beings.
Finally, due to its later architecture the Spooky Manor may have appeared in the Dream World directly, without previously existing in the common plane, but its Japanese name is 古びた洋館 [Old Mansion], confirming the manor to be “old”. Then, it’s just its current appearance which may have been reshaped by Pokémon dreams according to their modern perception, while the building itself could’ve existed since the Entralink civilization before drifting to the sleeping realm along the other locations. Maybe it could’ve even be one of the now lost large buildings to the South, evidently housing a wealthy family.
Be it as it may, contrary to the rest of the region humanity and Pokémon never drift apart from each other in Unova’s center, and this better explains why Pass Powers - mostly related to interactions with Pokémon - were so prominent back then. Given the time-frame, it’s then almost a given those were the people Conkeldurr firstly taught the use of concrete 2000 years ago.
It is thought that Conkeldurr taught humans how to make concrete more than 2,000 years ago.
Indeed, the two bridges at the sides of the Entralink connecting to parallel worlds seem to be around since the ancient age, as the same ground-texture can also be found right before them. And while the oldest bridge in common Unova is just a couple of centuries old, those structure survived untouched for millennia: something possible only with solid foundations in concrete.
Speaking of which, the Entralink is currently located between a rift between universes, allowing us to travel in worlds of different players. This was likely caused by the Dream World engulfment too: a place where the deepest desires can come to life due to dimensional borders becoming thinner has no reason to be alien to multiversal travels. With people being so deeply in touch with Pokémon and at the same time witnessing knowledges modern humans currently have just a grasp of, we can depict this culture as the most florid of dots in a sea of uncertainty.
“The Entralink is a mysterious place to connect with someone's world. If you cross a bridge in the Entralink, you will be able to go to someone's world. There, you should be able to help the adventurer in that world.”
The People of the Entralink originally developed in complete isolation. Even in modern days, it’s only thanks to Fennel’s research that we can access the place, and with the current Entree being so withered it’s implied we are the first visitor in a while. But the Entralink isn’t unknown to current Unova, as it’s clearly addressed by its presence in maps. How did this come about?
With the increasingly understanding of dream layers and parallel universes, it’s not weird teleportation technology was independently developed: and indeed, while the Entralink has no entrance, a warp panel for the outside is right in the middle of the main ruins. The old civilization eventually managed to return to the mainland, witnessing how the world became a hostile place for both humans and Pokémon. Even then, we have no evidence those people played a major role in Unova’s history, and it doesn’t look like they tried to change things for the better. And would you blame them? No C-Gear was invented yet, so there was no way to turn back home once teleported. Facing the unknown of the outside and leaving their homes behind forever was a gargantuan endeavour per se.
The most the games infer on the relationship between Unova and the People of the Entralink is the region’s shape, speculated to look like a swirl in order to better channel Pass Powers. Whether the landscape was terraformed directly by pioneers to help the ones who stayed behind, or they used old synchronic lines in which the Dragon Force flowed at the times of the Kingdom of the Vale, interactions seem to end here.
“Maybe people in the past created the landscape of Unova that looks like a swirl in order to use Pass Power...”
The Entralink is currently deserted, with only an old man and two girls to watch over the underdeveloped Entree. The buildings have long fallen, the forest has now shrank, and many zones have drifted forever in the Dream World. The bridges being still intact and the sleeping tree still sprouting suggest no large-scale cataclysm occurred: the population simply decreased with the passage of centuries, maybe slowly venturing to the mysterious outside world the forefathers lived in.
The church on the North of Driftveil City may be an example of People of the Entralink settling down in the new world [note that the architectural features clearly place this facility to a late period in the civilization history]. Before becoming Team Plasma’s safehouse in the sequels, the building housed many people discussing about philosophical themes and showing a deep interest in Pass Powers. Maybe the last remnant of the ancient culture, besides the bunch of descendants who decided to remain in Unova’s centre till to these days.

Ignorance Blessing

More than two millennia of Unova’s history are completely unspoken by the games. From the end of the Second War to a just a bunch of centuries ago the timeline is kept vague at best. It’s almost unnatural how poor the sources from this period are: as if written culture wasn’t exactly well regarded by whoever was in power at the time.
Humans and Pokémon had to exist as separate, no one had to dare interacting with the dangerous demons who inhabited the world. It was for mankind’s best, but also Pokémon would benefit from the division: as that was the natural state the world should have been, a clear distinction between the two species - between black and white.
N: "Many different values mix together, and the world becomes gray... That is unforgivable! I will separate Pokémon and people, and black and white will be clearly distinct! Only then will Pokémon become perfect beings!”
Team Plasma’s core philosophy is summed up by this dialogue: with Pokémon and humans living together, the world becomes gray and confusing - and only with a distinct separation of shades you can live a complete life. Add to that the grunts wear clothes evocative of medieval times, and it’s clear Ghetsis founded his organization on the ashes of much older believes.
Sugimori: […] “Ghetsis, we wanted something quite unusual, like wearing some pretty strange clothes and having this weird, extraordinary form. Team Plasma itself has the appearance of soldiers from the middle ages, right? And their logo has that same vibe.”
Ohmura: “We decided on the concept of ‘a group of soldiers who protect a king.
Developers confirmed in an interview the connection between the Team Plasma and the Middle Ages, further affirming they designed them thinking of soldiers protecting a king. And while this is obviously the case with N, if their attires are truly based on an ancient order existing in Unova’s past then the region had a monarch even after the Second War. This doesn’t exclude the possibility the old nation was divided in smaller entities after the crisis, but eventually someone managed to regroup them all under the same aegis.
Team Plasma current logo is reminiscent of the Chi Rho, a symbol made by superimposing the first two capital letter of the Greek ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ [Christos], firstly used in the 4th century AD by the soldiers of the Roman Emperor Constantine I. It is, in other words, a religious symbol: quite telling on who the army truly bowed to.
In these void millennia, the king was likely assisted by a Church-like organization, and the general distribution of powers was more or less kept even in modern Team Plasma: N is the supreme monarch, and the Seven Sages his personal counsellors. But in reality, the whole team was led by Ghetsis and his selfish plans for world domination - and it’s not by chance his original concept art shows the character in a much different light: he was meant to be the highest religious authority, a Pope.
The parallels we can draw are then sufficient for the whole picture to be unravelled: when Pokémon and humans started to live separate lives, a system of believes emerged accordingly. The two worlds had to remain separate in order for both to be complete, and a Church was founded on those convictions. The king of the time accepted enthusiastic the new religion, to a point a sacred symbol was put on the soldiers’ attires. Maybe a first order of Sages was established to assist the ruler in their government - the Seven currently quoting Chinese literature may suggest contacts between Unova and the Far East happened at the time - while the Pontiff gained more and more power in the shadows.
We don’t have any explicit information on the Church higher-ups - again written sources are lacking, giving the impression the education of their acolytes wasn’t a priority. Culture naturally brings doubt, and wasn’t it better to live in the bliss of ignorance rather than being tainted by heretic stories of friendship and union with Pokémon? This could also imply Unova was rather isolated from the rest of the world back then, and if the original Sages truly were Easterlings then the Church wasn’t ashamed of its hypocrisy. Maybe restrictions were just for the weak, common people which had to be protected from the terrible truths of the world. That may have been the way of thinking of the cult founder.
Although Ghetsis tried to re-established the long-lost culture, he introduces himself as a Harmonia descendant - which may suggest he’s ignorant about the First King true ideals, and he’s following the footsteps of later descendants. Whether such claim is true, and the fact he can’t hear the voice of all beings may let raise an eyebrow, he also gives himself a second surname: “Gropius”. We have no records of such family to have existed in the past, but the Team Plasma shadow leader has though his plan in minute detail: he would never match a pompous name like “Harmonia” with a random, unspoken heritage. Then, Gropius must’ve been another figure of importance for the the organization manifesto, with the German etymology suggesting a later placement in time than the Latin Harmonia. Who’s better than the original Pontiff for such a role?
But if Pokémon and humans lived separately, then the existence of a Church immediately raises a question: what God did they worship? Anthea and Concordia Japanese names are quite different than the English ones, as their titles were totally cut by localization. Respectively, they are 愛の女神 バーベナ [Verbena, Goddess of Love] and 平和の女神 ヘレナ [Helena, Goddess of Peace]. Indeed, while in their official artworks they wear mundane outfits, concept arts show how the two girls may have looked in ceremonial robes, highly reminiscent of Greco-Roman depictions of pagan Gods [Anthea’s toga can also briefly seen in the games introduction sequence].
Ghetsis efforts to bring the old customs back make us aware the original religion revered female deities, and maidens served as their vessels in the earthly world. Then, “Verbena” and “Helena” seems to be the names of the Goddesses rather than the women in which they supposedly manifested.
As confirmed by scenario writer Toshinobu Matsumiya, Verbena’s name is based on the homonymous plant genus - meaning “tender love” in flower language and often associated to the Roman Goddess Diana. It’s quite peculiar for a deity of Love to be connected to the patroness of hunters, and maybe the tender blessings she bestowed only granted protection to the kingdom inhabitants, specifically the followers of her cult. It wasn’t, in short, a Goddess of unconditional love: her favour had to be earned, and defeating enemy armies in her name was one way to do it.
In a similar manner, it’s unlikely Helena taught to her faithful precepts of non-aggression. At the time, war was part of everyday life, and the fact a holy symbol was present on the king’s personal militia is proof enough the Church didn’t discourage armed conflict. More likely, the Goddess of Peace favoured the cease of hostilities as a result of Unova’s win on the battlefield: a deity of victory, but possibly of knowledge too. According to Matsumiya, her name derives from a species of olive and means “peace and wisdom” in flower language - giving the idea she was also the main source of the Church set of dogma, and their keeper across generations through her many human vessels.
Furthermore, the olive referenced in the tweet is Nesiota elliptica, commonly known as Saint Helena olive. The plant got its name from the Island of Saint Helena, in turn named after the mother of Constantine I. With this and the Chi Rho, the Roman Emperor seems to be a recurrent source of inspiration for this period of Unova’s history - and it makes sense considering his relation with the Christian Church. If all the parallels hold up to the narrative, it’s even possible to infer the first vessel of Helena was none other than the king’s mother. As for Verbena, we don’t have specific indications, but it could be worth noticing Saint Helena olives are recorded to grew on a region of the island called Diana’s Peak, reinforcing the idea the two Goddesses were in good terms with each other - Ghetsis adopting both the new monarch and the two vessels could suggest a blood relation existed between the region’s ruler and the two original deities.
Anthea: “N was an orphan. I heard that right after he was born, he upset people with behavior that suggested he could talk to Pokémon. When he was living in the woods with Darmanitan and Zorua, Ghetsis took him in. We are also orphans Ghetsis took in. Our task was to take care of N."
Regardless of details, what’s sure is that this period of obscurantism lasted for more than two thousand years. Pokémon and humans never came in contact with each other thanks to the Church influence, making sure the two worlds stayed separate. Many kings rose and fell, and as many vessels were chosen for Verbena and Helena - maybe even serving as wet nurses for the next heir in the line of succession, as the two Goddesses did for N in modern times.
Countless wars may have broke out, both because of internal conflicts and invasions from the outside, but the mighty Unovan army was always able to extinguish the revolts and repel the enemies. That until something changed forever.

All for one, and one for all!

We don’t have a precise chronology for the war the Swords of Justice have stopped, but contrary to the most immediate thought it’s unlikely this event coincides with the Second War. An NPC appearing in Mistralton Cave and in the Moor of Icirrus tell us their story in detail:
“In the distant past, when Pokémon and people lived in different worlds, a war between people started an intense fire in a forest where many Pokémon lived. […]”
This information is crucial to the timeline: the conflict happened “when Pokémon and people lived in different worlds”, confirming it could’ve only happened after the Second War ended and the Church was established. Indeed, this was a war “between people”: Pokémon surely weren’t part of human armies at the time. The specifics of the warfare are never spoken: it could’ve been a clash between Unova and another country, or a civil strife between different internal factions. In the end, it doesn’t really matter: it was just the umpteenth turmoil to suppress.
“[…] The Pokémon were surrounded by smoke and flames. They were in big trouble. And then, the legends Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion appeared! Terrakion used its amazing strength to destroy rocks blocking the escape route. Virizion used its quick movements to protect Pokémon from looming flames. And Cobalion led the frightened Pokémon out of the burning woods. […]
In the middle of the battlefield, weapons created by men set a forest ablaze and countless Pokémon lost their home. Their desperate cry for help was unheard by the sanguinary humans, and many perished in terror and fear. It’s only then that three beings appeared on the horizon: the mighty Terrakion, who created an escape route with its immense strength; the elegant Virizion, who tamed the flames with whirlwind-like movements; and Iron Will Cobalion, a fierce leader with a heart of steel.
“Long ago, when a war between people started an intense fire in this forest, a single young Pokémon was separated from its parents. Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion teamed up to take care of this Pokémon. […]”
The wood was most likely located where the Moor of Icirrus is now, as there is where a special event triggers if we bring all the Swords of Justice and their apprentice in our team. Once, a population of Keldeo lived there - but they evidently all lost their lives by the hands of men. A single specimen survived, and it was taken care by the three Legendary Pokémon as their child.
“[…] The people who started the war were routed by the power of the legends. Because of Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion, the war ended. When people fight, there’s no peace for Pokémon, either. […]
The divine intervention made the conflict stop. For the first time in ages, humans realized something: “when people fight, there’s no peace for Pokémon.” But how was that possible? They continued to live in separate worlds, and yet they did harm to each other. Weren’t their lives meant to be complete living in division? Doubt started to emerge in the soldiers’ minds, but it was too late. Even if the old man doesn’t elaborate further, the Pokédex for Terrakion gives us another piece of the puzzle.
Spoken of in legend, this Pokémon used its phenomenal power to destroy a castle in its effort to protect Pokémon.
Its charge is strong enough to break through a giant castle wall in one blow. This Pokémon is spoken of in legends.
The Swords of Justice didn’t stop at securing Pokémon in trouble: they actively sought revenge against humanity. Stories of Terrakion breaking a castle wall in a single blow is enough to explain why architectures from the Church period are almost absent in contemporary Unova: they were all crushed by the immense power of the three beasts.
The unforeseen attack marked the end of an era: Pokémon and men tried to live separate lives, and this led to none other than ruin and despair for both of them. And what did the Goddesses of Love and Peace did to prevent this? Where was the Pontiff when things degenerated? It was evident even for commoners: the Church lied to them all, the cult they were blindly following was nothing but a lie. With their schemes exposed and riots sprouting all over Unova, the higher priests likely ran away abandoning the population, and we can only imagine how the last vessels of Verbena and Helena met their end.
It’s now clearer these events have to take place much further in the timeline - not at the dawn of the Church domination, but at its downfall. Records of Pokémon and humans starting to get closer to each other start from approximately 300 years ago, and with the Swords of Justice being based on the characters of the French novel The Three Musketeers, which takes place in the 17th century, it’s possible the time-frame to be somehow similar. In short, it took about a century for the two worlds to finally reconcile: a slow process not devoid of accidents, only possible because the kings were now unshackled from the yoke of the Sages’ malevolent counsels.
“[…] The three legends learned that the deeds of humans could lead to dire consequences for their world. They cut themselves off from people and disappeared. No one saw much of them after that, and the three faded into myth.”
Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion never witnessed humanity’s change of heart. Disappointed by the sight of war, they disappeared forever and their tale is now only spoken in myths. Alongside the Keldeo they rescued, they likely moved West - the Pledge Grove north to Floccesy Town was clearly their hideout for a while, with the three marks they carved with their Sacred Sword on its giant rock representing the oath to always protect Pokémon from mankind. This location being chosen also confirms the area wasn’t inhabited 400 years ago, to which we’ll find further evidences examining later periods.
“[…] The three acted as its parents and taught it the knowledge and the moves it needed to survive. The young Pokémon grew rapidly, and developed a power that surpassed its three caretakers. […]”
The little Keldeo lost its parents in flames, and found a new home among the Swords. As the Colt Pokémon shows no sign of aging even to these days, it’s implied the three bestowed to it a fraction of their essence, effectively preventing it to die of oldness - or at least extending its lifetime by a lot. The pup was trained in isolation, with its caretakers teaching the basic of combats and the values they believed in: humans were dangerous enemies of Pokémon, and no pacific contacts had to be established with them. They would have lied, pretended to be friends only to backstab them at the first good opportunity. Ironically, the three were committing the same mistake of the Church, promoting a world of division.
“[…] However… One day that Pokémon disappeared from the forest. No one knows why. But when I think about it… Young ones are always reckless and drawn to adventure…”
Keldeo grew strong and was even able to surpass its adoptive parents, it mastered Sacred Sword and was ready to fight with the others. But one day, it suddenly disappeared. Like the old man suggests, it was probably the call of youth: according to its masters humans were all terrible creatures, but was it really true? It had to see it by itself.
It crosses the world, running over the surfaces of oceans and rivers. It appears at scenic waterfronts.
The Pokédex confirms Keldeo wandered across the world, being able to run over the surfaces of seas and rivers. It witnessed a myriad of different places, Pokémon, and cultures - going as far the Crown Tundra in Galar. It met many wicked people, but also good ones - and it started to understand its parents weren’t completely in the right after all. Indeed, it’s only when it befriended a young Trainer - the same who made the Swords aware how much the humans had changed - than it was able to unlock its true power and learn Mystic Sword, changing appearance to its Resolute Form.


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2023.03.27 23:44 Amazing_Meringue_709 Grass/weed identification in several pics

Grass/weed identification in several pics
I renovated my front and back yard last fall and my backyard is growing in beautifully with little weed pressure, but not sure what's growing in the front. Im hoping under all this clover the blades I see are tall fescue, which I seeded. The yard has alot of those thicker bladder grasses growing and I have no idea what they are. I recently sprayed for weeds as of 2 days ago and fertilized the with a low dose of urea just to speed things up to see what's growing. I have been battling bermuda for years in the front yard, if that's bermuda in the first picture again. I spent 4 weeks killing bermuda over and over last fall.it
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2023.03.27 23:43 Zfungi148 March 2023 "Mortality" Writing Contest Results!

Hello everybody! It's Zee and Ref here to announce the winners of the March 2023 "Mortality" contest! We all had a lot of good entries this time, however only one person may win the title of "King/Queen of Death"! Let's get into shall we! We also had a tie, so 3rd place was picked upon a game of rock, paper, and scissors with my sister hahaha.
5th Place: "Fanfic Writing Contest" by u/Contentine
Zee's Score: 4/10
Ref's Score: 3/10
Total Score: 7/20
Zee's Notes: "Okay… where do I begin? Firstly, this is very much a spoof entry that didn't take itself very seriously. There's nothing wrong with that, but standing alongside a lot of other more serious entries won't be helping its chance of rising in the ranks. Now, let's go through some of the pros with this entry. I did think it was genuinely funny at some points. Kenny still reading his "story" while his friends and family die around him was very out of character but still hilarious. I think Chet's death being the cause of all the chaos was good. So, overall some points for the humor. Now, there are some cons, and unfortunately there's a lot more than the pros. Firstly, there's some grammar and spelling issues occasionally, but not a lot. I spotted this one sentence: "Hey, i know what we should do…" You see the problem here? The "i" isn't capitalized, and this issue is present throughout the whole entry. It's especially bad when this is the first sentence in the entry. Hell, I think I spotted one sentence where Contentine did capitalize it, and the next they didn't. There were also a lot of missing commas in places where they really should've been. There were definitely some clunky bits of the story that didn't jive well too. The beginning was definitely the stiffest part. I also found the way of delivering dialogue to be strange and very uncommon and inconsistent. The "-insert dialogue here" format doesn't give a lot of lean way on things, especially on specifying who's talking. Often in this entry, the character's have to say who's about to talk next way too much. This was a problem in the beginning of the entry that slowly went away by the end. Now, the biggest issue with this entry is its lack of connection to "Mortality". Sure, most of the folks die but they don't really acknowledge that because it ends after Clementine shoots Kenny. (Side note: How does Clem know how to shoot a gun already?!) I guess the biggest connection it might have is everyone's denial about "Chet's death" in Kenny's story. But that would be about it. And who's supposed to be the protagonist facing their mortality? Kenny? He's more like the antagonist in this. Clementine? She's off limits in this contest. So, yeah, there's a clear lack of direction in this entry but at least most of it was funny. I'll give this entry 4 points of some of its humor, but I can't give it much else."
Ref's Notes: "Sorry man but that just wasn't it"
4th Place: "Endless Cycle" by u/Super-Shenron
Zee's Score: 6/10
Ref's Score: 7.5/10
Total Score: 13.5/20
Zee's Notes: "Yet another good entry from the legendary Shen. This entry focuses on Lilly and Kenny reuniting after Seasons 1 & 2. I've got some mixed thoughts on this entry. I think the first half of the entry is very good, especially with flashbacks. It was nice to see a somewhat civil Lilly and Kenny working together. And that small delve into Kenny's religious beliefs was a nice touch that eerily foreshadowed what was to come. So those are some pros, along with the story structure and pacing. Shen never really fails in those regards, however I'm having a hard time buying into the fact that Lilly would be motivated to keep moving by finding Clementine. I know this is fanfiction and it can take liberties, but Lilly in Season 4 of the games never gave me the impression that she one day hoped to reunite with Clementine. Hell, honestly I don't think Lilly probably thought much about Clementine until they did reunite. So Lilly caring so much about Clementine to an almost uncharacteristic degree really damped the impact of the ending for me. I will however give credit where it is due. Kenny was amazing in this entry, and his ending was heartbreaking, especially if you do believe that he's dead. Theme-wise, this entry is pretty well, but I'm not sold on Lilly's ending. I'll give this a 6/10. Still very good work though, Shen."
Ref's Notes: "Good stuff but you kinda popularized the killing of Kenny"
3rd Place: "The Heart of Cold" by u/Canisventus
Zee's Score: 7/10
Ref's Score: 6.5/10
Total Score: 13.5/20
Zee's Notes: "This was a very good entry, but I think it falls just a little short. Firstly let's start with the pros, which is most of everything in this one. Firstly, it's very well paced and it's focus on Larry as the protagonist is something we don't see very often. I loved the twist at the end with Larry helping Lee instead punching him. Another thing I liked was Larry calling Lee "Everett" only in the beginning but slowly starting to refer to him as "Lee" by the end. I don't know if that was intentional but I feel like it worked nicely with the subversion at the end. I also didn't notice any errors either, so that's always good. Now, for my only con. I think the theme of "Mortality" took a bit of a backseat in this entry. Sure, Larry is technically dying from his heart attack in most of the One-Shot but I feel like that wasn't touched upon enough. There weren't that many times where Larry mentioned he was in pain. I think there were maybe at least two times Larry mentioned being in pain, and one of those was in the very beginning. I feel like we spent most of this One-Shot having Larry describe his point of view of the events in "A New Day" rather than delving into his mindset of death. Sure, that's cool and all, but I feel like there should've been more of Larry reflecting on his life, choices, and his possibility of death. I feel like there is one line that did the theme very well and that's "I need to survive this, for my daughter’s sake, she needs me.". If there was more of that, I think this could've been the icing on the cake. I'll give this entry 7 points, for its unique protagonist, subversions, and for its lack of errors, however I feel like its theme could've been more solid. Currently, it feels like a "Morality" story rather than a "Mortality" story, but either way, it's still really good. Good work, Canis."
Ref's Notes: "Solid entry some aspects were brilliant"
2nd Place: "My Kids…" by u/WritingSweetroll
Zee's Score: 9/10
Ref's Score: 9/10
Total Score: 18/20
Zee's Notes: "Another very good entry that focuses on a rare character - Ms. Martin. Or in this One-Shot, Anna Martin. I'll say that the choice of having Anna be the protagonist was a very good one. Her story is practically perfect for "Mortality". And this One-Shot delivered in some regard to that, but I can't help but feel something was missing too. Firstly, the pros. The story is almost perfect. I think the characterization of Anna was top notch and fit with my previous understanding of the character. I also liked the depiction of Richard Ericson and his selfish ways. I can also easily ignore the self-admitted mistake of Anna being a teacher instead of being a nurse in this because honestly, she could've just have been both. I've known schools that have a nurse in more than one role. And finally for the pros, I think the theme of "Mortality" was almost done perfectly here too. Anna's fear but nonetheless courage to protect her students in the face of death was top notch. Kudos, Sweet! Now, for the cons, there are a few but nothing too bad. Firstly, some mild grammar and spelling mistakes. I saw a few "wont"s instead of "won't"s, and in Richard's first mention, his name was misspelled as Richord. This next thing might be a little bit of a gripe, but I don't see how a broomstick handle could so easily bash a freshly turned walker's head in. Even if it's a kid, there's no way a broomstick could manage to break through the skull unless it was jabbed through an eye socket. Skulls aren't that soft, and a broomstick just wouldn't have enough strength to do that, especially when it's coming from someone like Ms. Martin. But for the cons, I think that's about it. At first I thought the story ended too soon by not showing Anna's eventual death but I realized we don't really need to see that. We know what happened there and what she did. So I think the ending was better the second time around in retrospect. So, another pro I guess. Honestly, so far from the entries I've read, this one was pulled off the theme the best. When I imagined a "Mortality" contest, this is almost what I imagined us getting. I'll be giving this an 9 outta 10. Amazing work, Sweet!"
Ref's Notes: "Bro casually woke up and dropped PEAK fiction. Goddamn it was beautiful"
1st Place: "That's a Fuckin' Legacy" by u/AmeliaDoesStuff
Zee's Score: 10/10
Ref's Score: 8.5/10
Total Score: 18.5/20
Zee's Notes: "8k words huh… Amelia really is giving me a piece of my own medicine… Alright, this entry… just wow. Three words can explain it all. It's really amazing. To be honest, I only have one issue with it, and that's the use of some overabundant quotation marks. It made the dialogue feel a little choppy at times but that's really my only issue. The story in this is amazing, and honestly it's probably the most unique entry in this contest. Having the protagonist be the "ghost" of Kenny in Clementine's mind was very unique, and somewhat of a loophole in our "No Clementine focused entries" rule lmao. And the story in this is damn near perfect. In fact, I'll admit it. Kenny's death here made me cry. I predicted the second that he walked into that store alone that he'd just be bitten and die, but no, Amelia didn't go the predictable route. In fact, every line of dialogue in which Kenny didn't die made everything so much more dreadful. We know he's going to die but we fear how. It's very effective. And honestly, this is so better than what Telltale gave us in ANF. The use of "Mortality" is yet again another very perfect use. The sense of death is around you in every line of dialogue, because you're viewing these events from the mind of a girl's interpretation of a dead man. This was the final entry I read, so looking back it might've been too soon to say that Sweet's entry (Which is still very good!) was the best at pulling off Mortality because this entry out classed it. This might be a bit much but, I'm giving this entry a 10/10. I'm not even gonna take points away for the sloppy quote marks, this was purely amazing. Fantastic work, Amelia."
Ref's Notes: "Yours was amazing! It was wonderful! But the run time kinda dragged and stalled out certain scenes"
And that's the winner of the Mortality Contest folks! Congratulations Amelia! I can't believe you stole Sweet's near win with half a point lmao. Everyone in this contest did an amazing job (at least to some extent)! I also wanna give an honorable mention to u/SkeletonLord5600 who was trying very desperately to get his entry out but wasn't able to due to some unfortunate IRL circumstances! So let's give him a round of applause for his effort! And with that, thank you everyone for entering and participating! Ref, it was an honor to have you judge alongside me! Without further ado, we'll see you all next time!
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2023.03.27 23:37 GustavVaz Trying to refine this theory after round 8

So my theory has been that only humans that have earned their strength will win. Bear in mind that I haven't read the spin offs.
Lu Bu: while he did train to earn Sky Eater, his overall strength seemed unearned, heck he was bored to death at the end. Not earned so he lost
Adam: Only copies the strength of his opponent, not earned so he lost
Sasaki: Earned his strength through countless losses, earned strength so he won
Jack: This is a little tricky, but I would say his strength is being clever and creative, as opposed to being born with power. In a way earned? So he won
Raiden: Man was literally born with the strongest muscles so he lost
Buddah: a little weird, but he did earn Nirvana. So he won.
Qin: OK, so this is were the theory might fall, but he did train with his mom. So he won
Tesla: I'm sure irl tesla worked hard, but in here he literally built a windmill as a kid, he was born smart. So he lost.
Based on this theory, Leonidas will win his round.
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2023.03.27 23:30 revolutionmeow My cat’s paw got stuck in metal wire shelving unit

My two cats were fighting on a shelving unit that I have up against one of my windows so that my cats can have a little perch spot. I have throw carpets in the level they sit on so they don’t fall through but it doesn’t cover the whole thing so when my kitty Stella jumped off as they were fighting, her paw got stuck in the shelving unit and the rest of her body fell off and she was hanging from her paw screaming for ~10-20 seconds before I ran over there to get her untangled. She peed too because she was so scared 😭. She is not an aggressive cat at all but she was hissing and growling and I gave her some space so she could jump off the shelving unit and she frighteningly ran underneath my bed. She growls and hisses if I try to come too close to her and I’m so heartbroken for her right now. I left out some of her favorite snacks and separated my other cat in the bathroom. I left to go to urgent care for my bites/scratches and when I came back she had eaten all of her treats which is good but i’m so worried about her. My vet can’t get me in until the morning 😔 Do I just leave her under the bed for now? I just want to hold her and make her feel better and safe 💔 I love her so much.
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2023.03.27 23:26 spookysundays My aunt made a deal with the spirit

Hi Courtney , i am Saniya from India and always have been interested in the paranormal .
So this a story about my aunt when she had to live alone with her year old son on in an very small apartment. the apartment was on the 1st floor where when u enter its the living/ bedroom and attached to it on left is kitchen and then attached to it is a small room which had a store/closet space.
The area she was living in was very crowded but still famous for paranormal activities and my aunt was a believer. After moving into the apartment and settling in she right aways feels the presence of something with her in the house but she never reacted and went on with her day , but things got quickly unbearable whenever she was in the kitchen she used to feel someone going back and forth in the hallway facing the kitchen but she always ignored .
But one day things escalated quickly , she used to keep her blankets and comforters in the store/closet space and one evening the got lit up in fire without any help of a matchstick or gas oil out of nowhere the blankets caught on fire at that moment she knew what was happening that something was trying to kick her out of the house but she can't as she was suffering financially so she decided to make a deal with the spirit without knowing if it was a good spirit or a bad one , she said directly into the air out loud that 'please let me and my kids stay here we have nowhere to go , i won't disturb you ever and you also don't , i will keep the place clean and tidy so u won't feel your place getting dirty ' after saying this she didn't feel any kind of force or presence around her and understood that he has accepted her request . Since then she used to keep that closet clean and did not let her kids enter in that space and whenever i visited my mother also told me not to enter that closet .and some way she felt protected by that spirit as her kids(my cousins) used to fall from the stairs when they were little and even once they tripped over a window and fell onto the road but never experienced an injury .
So we knew then it was a Good spirit.
Love you Courtney .
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2023.03.27 23:25 trowthewholeacctaway NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE

I've kept my nephew (2) a few times before. This week I'm keeping him 2 days for my brother.
Don't get me wrong, I love him to bits!! But God damnit is he the most annoying thing in the WORLD!
He always needs attention! I understand kids need to be engaged but omfg if you don't pay attention to him basically at all times he starts misbehaving just so you will look at him, even if it's scolding or punishment! He'll throw things at you, hard things, toys, balls! Hit the porch screen or anything that makes loud noises with his toy bat. He climbs all over me which hurts of course at times! Blocks my phone, not to mention I can't leave the damn thing anywhere or he'll get it and break it! (I have the galaxy z flip, although where it bends is strong, I don't want to risk it!) My mom and brother will give him little pops here and there on his hand or thigh but I don't believe in corporal punishment!
As a 2yo of course he throws temper tantrums, and falls out on the floor sometimes. He recently starting doing this annoying shrieking fake whining when he doesn't get his way or is not getting attention. It drives me NUTS. Don't even get me started on.. the fucking... Kid content I have to watch... I want blippy to go MUTE idc!!!!
I can't put him down for a nap AT ALL, lights fully off, lying down with him and he just won't do it! Only my mom or his dad can put him down. Which makes him even worse because then he's grumpy! No breaks for me!
Feeding, changing diapers, dressing and cleaing up after him is totally fine, no issues there! But God I wish he could just entertain himself without being a little devil about no one looking at him. Sometimes he can, but it takes time for him to finally give it up. He's an only child, and the first grandchild, so I'm sure that tells you all you need to know.
In the mornings and afternoons I can keep him engaged, we play games, read and go outside to play, it's mostly fun. But in the evenings I get grumpy, easily annoyed and just want to relax and do my own thing, mentally I'm drained and just can't be bothering to even discipline him sometimes, especially if I know he just wants me to look at him. Sometimes I feel bad because he's just a child who wants love and affection, he's deserving of it and as his caregiver for the day it's my job to keep him mentally stimulated, and to encourage him but GOODDD I just can't do it!
I'm never EVER EVERRRR having children, FUCK this shit bro! Nothing is worth shackleing myself to these things. Thanks for reading my ravings!! Today has been so FUCKING long. My brother asked if I wanted him to pick up anything for dinner and I just want him to get home as fast as possible 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫
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2023.03.27 23:25 surfaholic15 Monday at the LCS And Random Shit

Helena Montana on a sunny nice day, and something different
So, big doings at the LCS today. We walked into the middle of a major sale, and quite a crowd built up. A local very old dude was holding court explaining to all and sundry that he had already been splitting up "the good stuff" with his kids and grandkids and was unloading some of the "ordinary stuff" to get some fiat. To the tune of just under 10k as a check drawn on a local bank. This included payment for about two grand worth of old gold jewelry, rings and things he had won as a rodeo cowboy way back in the day ...He made it very clear he was still stacking, this was stuff his kids and grandkids already had plenty of and he wanted to make some room lol.
The silver went at 1-2.00 over spot for the random rounds and bars, negotiated value based on melt plus a premium for coinage. The jewelry went at estimated gold melt plus a little. He was very happy with that offer, and happy with the check. They asked if he had any 90 percent US he wanted to sell. Laughter ensued. He said if he runs into any more stuff his family doesn't want he will bring it in. They tried to talk him into letting them research some of this but nope, he was fine with a standard offer.
The silver, old rounds and old bars from all over the dang place and old sovereign pocket change from all over collected during "the war". Some of those Christmas rounds and bars were older than me and some sterling commemorative stuff in that pile too. All kinds of unusual stuff.
Somebody had apparently texted somebody else, so as our store's staff was cataloging this and updating the offer, those of us buying were looking things over and putting dibs on stuff lol.
When the dust settled we were all good buddies, and everyone had admired my hubby's tube of half ounce dore gold he was carrying to our client that I made last week. In total a shade over 1.5 ozt. in yellow stuff last week, running about 22 karat.
And, almost three quarters of that silver never made it to the safe. The two pieces I bought are numbered bars from Peru. Paid 5 over spot. The little coin in the pic is modern, steel, Venezuelan and was in the coinstar at WinCo lol. And dang we were all happy, because folks were getting standard pricing for seriously vintage stuff. I already know the rest will be properly priced before it gets to the cases, so those of us present got lucky lol.
While this hoorah was going on FEDEX dude shows up with four boxes of rounds that were ordered over a month ago now...
In other random news, regular gas at 3.09, diesel at 3.99. our late winter calves are looking great, and naturally the weather forecasters are right on top of updating the livestong cold index since we had a lot more late winter calves than typical.
Got a good price on regional hamburger at 2.85 a pound for the 73/27. More clearance is showing up everywhere and Ye Olde Walmart is making regular loudspeaker announcements about checking all the clearance with only marginal success. Fertilizer at consumer level is way high prices and hard to find. As are a lot of seeds and starts.
Steel prices went up again even for scrap pieces. We'll find out soon whether the price paid for aluminum is rising or falling.
This dodge grand caravan we got is working out well. Not a bad vehicle really.
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2023.03.27 23:24 DrummerDisastrous721 Wife lied about her affair in our ENM marriage and I don't know what to do from here

Long-time lurker first-time poster.
Warning, this is a long one, and I've got a lot to catch you all up
TLDR; My wife lied about her affair in our ENM marriage, and I don't know what to do from here.
I (39M) have been to my wife (36F) for 17 years and married for 11. Since early on in our relationship, we practiced various forms of ethical non-monogamy (ENM) due to her wanting to explore her bisexuality and not having any relationship experience (I was her first everything). She started with another girl, and after that ended, she wanted to see another guy. I wasn't thrilled, but I did my best to work through my jealousy and grow. She was fine with me seeing other girls, so I didn't want to have a double standard and be hypocritical. We learned to communicate our feelings, our fears, and our fantasies. For many years, we found this had helped deepen our trust and our bond by sharing experiences we had together or seeing others. Honestly, it made me feel like our relationship was bulletproof. Not to say we didn't have hurdles along the way, but it felt like we had unlocked some secret code that made us extremely close; best friends, lovers, and soulmates.
Fast forward to 2019. We had been working with a fertility clinic for a few years to try and start a family. We were approaching the beginning procedures when Covid paused things per the facility. She decided to have one more fling before we pulled the trigger on the kid while things were paused. She said she felt that once we had a kid and she became a Mom, it would change her outlook on things, and she wanted to take advantage of it. I understood and agreed. She encouraged me to do the same. Things moved slowly and cautiously with Covid. She ran into a guy she had talked with for over a month, planned a meet, and he no showed. I wasn't having any luck either, so I figured we call it done; this was for fun, not a necessity. But she wouldn't give it up. She found another guy, and when things didn't work out, she found another guy who she ended up seeing for a while. It was strange and unlike her, but I chalked it up to her just feeling the pressure of being a Mom and wanting to get things out of her system, as well as feeling a bit rejected from being stood up by the first guy.
Over the summer of 2019, I decided to try and fix my health a bit. I had always been overweight but had been losing weight since we met (I was probably 315 lbs when we met and at this time was about 220 lbs). I had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few years before, but despite losing some weight and cutting some sugar, I was still not as healthy as I could've been (hence the fertility clinic). Trying to reverse some of the damage my high sugar had caused, wanting to be healthy for her and the kid, and feeling some pressure from her chasing down other guys, I decided to get my ish together and get healthy. I changed my diet and exercise, dropping about 30-40 lbs in a year.
Come to the fall of 2021, and her fling with the third guy ends. We're still working with the fertility clinic after some setbacks, but by the spring of 2022, we're on track for IVF after IUI didn't pan out. However, we're nervous about the risks and the cost and unsure how to proceed with the Supreme Court overturning of Roe v Wade and its effects on fertility treatment options. We weren't sure if starting a family was the right choice for us anymore. We both had gotten healthier in the last year (I was down to about 160 lbs at this point) and enjoyed going out and living a little more after all the Covid lockdowns. I honestly felt that we were financially, physically, and relationally fit; at the peak of our relationship. Things had changed so much, and our freedom in not having kids had us reprioritizing and redeciding.
So, I was surprised when she told me she had been talking to a guy (AP) for a few days. I had no idea she was looking in the first place. But she seemed excited, so I wanted to support her.
A few weeks later, we were on a romantic staycation I had planned at a resort in town for our anniversary. On that trip, she admitted she had started developing feelings for him. It wasn't unusual for her to establish a connection with the people she got into ENM relationships with, but this was different and a lot more polyamorous than previous situations. I told her I had reservations but would support her if she wanted to move forward. She planned their first meet-up before the trip was over.
Whenever we sleep with someone else, we walk each other through what happened. For my wife, any stories of me with other girls had been a turn-on for her. Hearing about her escapades was more about understanding the accounts of the encounter rather than a fetish for me, which she was aware of. Between our anniversary trip and their first meet-up, she had gone from gushing about him to mums the word. When we discussed their first meet-up, the details were short and vague, which was unusual. The only thing I could pull out of her was that she had taken advantage of the fact that she was on birth control as part of the fertility treatments and forewent using protection, as we had discussed. I was mad, but she thought I just wanted her to use it so she wouldn't get pregnant and swore she wouldn't do that again. I was suspicious of all of it but tried to understand. Until this point, as far as I knew, she had always been honest, never hid anything from me, and had no reason to.
Things escalated quickly. They were constantly texting late into the night. They even started talking on the phone (my wife hates talking on the phone to anyone). Her usually anxious self (anxiety that was so bad we had left our social life behind) was breaking out, doing things she couldn't or didn't want to do before, and she kept mentioning how great it was that AP could help her (despite years and years of trying myself). All the work I had done to get in shape, and she found an AP who ran marathons. She seemed so happy, and I didn't want to get in the way, even though I couldn't understand how I didn't make her that happy anymore. It felt like she was moving on, but I tried to convince myself it was just the "new relationship excitement" that ENM/Poly relationships often experience. I tried confronting her about it multiple times, but she would make it feel like I was just jealous and insecure and insisted I had nothing to worry about. I convinced myself that was the case and tried to keep my feelings to myself and work through them alone to avoid ruining her experience.
Things continued to decline as we started pulling away from each other. There was constantly the elephant in the room. Despite it, she continued to see him, noticing I was uncomfortable but not caring enough to prioritize our relationship as we had always assured each other we would. We would try and talk, but it would start to cause a fight. I finally told her I wanted her to do what she wanted and be happy, figuring we'd work it out. Again, I was still convinced I was being jealous and insecure about the whole thing, ignoring the flags.
Within weeks, through May into August (2022), we went from feeling like a couple to feeling like roommates. I had so much to say to her I couldn't even get it out in a conversation. After months of living together like strangers, I decided to make a bit of a stand. She had a date planned at the house, so I left like I usually did, but I left her an eleven-page letter pouring my heart out in her nightstand and left to stay at a hotel for a few days, unsure what decision she would make.
She read the letter, we talked it out for a day or so, and I came home so we could figure out how to rebuild. I told her I wanted her to be her and told her if continuing to see AP was important to her, then we could try and work it out. She was excited about that and happy I was being so flexible. Part of my conditions were that I wanted to be filled in on what I had missed over the last months that we hadn't been communicating. Transparency was our thing, and she hadn't been. She agreed. And this is where things start to get even crazier.
We had never hidden our phones from each other, but out of respect, we had never really looked at each other's text conversations with people we saw; instead, we would show them to each other willingly, which hadn't been the case this time. Knowing how much they texted and knowing that my wife isn't great at remembering details, I suggested I read through the texts as an easy way to catch up. She wasn't keen on this but reluctantly gave in after disappearing to the bathroom for twenty minutes, spurring me to joke about her "deleting the evidence."
I read through the messages, and it took hours and hours to skim through. There were so many things I learned that I didn't know. I was a bit dumbfounded. The way she talked to him, she was so enamored and bewildered. I honestly don't know if she ever spoke to me like that. But something didn't seem right while I was reading. The messages didn't always line up; she just seemed so shady about my questions and nervous about things while I read through them.
The next day, I told her I was curious about how many texts they had exchanged and told her I would look and see how many compared to her and me, out of curiosity. She agreed, so I looked. I was shocked that in a few months, they had exchanged tens of thousands of text messages, but I was more shocked to find that the number of text messages backed up the day before I read them was higher by almost a few hundred. She had deleted messages when she ran off to the bathroom.
I recovered them via the backup and learned all kinds of details she hadn't disclosed; he had slapped and choked her (something that wasn't allowed), she had hidden buying lingerie and wearing it for him, she even met up with him one night to 'take care of him' in a parking lot, she never returned to using protection despite saying she would and telling me she was. Hell, even the night I wrote the letter pouring out my heart, she sent him messages saying how she wished he was there in bed, cuddling her that night while I was crying in a hotel room. There were so many things she hid from me and so many secrets I uncovered.
I decided to see if she would come clean on her own. I kept the newfound details to myself, and that night when she got home from work, we discussed spending the weekend making sure we had talked everything out and that she would have told me everything I should know that happened between them by the end of the weekend. I told her that it was a safe space, that I just wanted her to be honest, that she had nothing to fear, and that all I wanted was the truth so we could resolve this and move on. I even tried to float scenarios similar to the details I had learned, hoping it would trigger her to come clean. By Monday, she hadn't confessed anything.
Furious and defeated, I crafted another letter, along with a copy of the texts she deleted, and left it for her to find when she came home from work, packed some of my things, and left. She called, panicked and distraught. She begged me to come back, said it was all a mistake, that she was scared and trying to protect my feelings. She at least had the decency to call it off with AP. We had a couple of fights, one where she literally held a knife to her wrist and threatened to kill herself if I left (it was just an attention grab, she's not suicidal by any means). I moved to a hotel, then an Airbnb for about a month. Since I work from home, we decided I should move back home, and she would move out so I could take care of our 14-year-old senior dog. During this time, we started counseling to work through things and see if we could reconcile.
Then at the beginning of November, our dog got sick and passed away. We were both devastated. He had been the kid we never had, and the grief was so heavy. I was so broken by everything, and we tried to help each other through it, leaning on our friendship. That bled into the holidays, her moving back home, etc. The normalcy was distracting from her infidelity and the loss. But once January came, and the grief of our dog became more manageable, I realized I still wasn't okay with what she did.
We try. We go to therapy every Wednesday. She's unlocked a lot of past trauma, which I'm happy about for her, but I feel like she's using it as a scapegoat for what happened. Maybe I'm just that jaded. More infuriating is her saying that she thought my getting shape was so I could "leave her behind" and that the decision not to have kids "broke her." While I understand this, it feels like a load of bull since she knew why I was getting in shape, and we discussed, at length, about not having a kid. She's claiming she needed an escape from feeling like I was leaving her behind, and she failed me, herself, and her parents by deciding not to have a kid (even though the bulk of it was medical issues on my end that made that decision for us).
There's just so much that contradicts itself; so many pieces don't add up. Like, what was she protecting my feelings from? What was there to protect if I knew she was sleeping with him? How could you disrespect me and our relationship so profoundly and so quickly? What did you hide from me with the other people you saw? I feel like the conspiracy meme guy, adding more pins and threads every time I think about it. Sometimes I fear I already know the answers and don't want to admit it to myself.
Furthermore, I feel trapped now. We're living together, playing house essentially. On good days, it's okay, but there are still so many days that I want to cut and run. I care about her, and I'll always have a love for her, despite the hurt, but I don't know if I'm in love with her anymore or if I ever will be again. Or maybe I'm still mad, hurt, and betrayed, and my walls are so high I can't see past them. I'm giving the therapy process time and being as patient as possible, but I honestly don't know what to do. In the last few sessions, the therapist has mentioned it can take years for me to get beyond the PTSD of this and be okay. I don't know if I can live this way for that long to find out that I'm still not okay, I can't get past this, and we both wasted years trying. But she's trying so hard, putting in the effort, and I can see and feel genuine remorse for what happened.
I'm not sure what I'm asking or seeking by posting this other than to see what input you all can provide, especially anyone who has been in a similar situation. I'm just feeling lost, adrift, and stuck. The therapist has been helpful, but I'm still not sure it's going to resolve this. I worry that I am chasing what was. In the same breath, I'm aware this will never be what it was. I honestly feel like that was stolen from me, and I'm being forced to settle for what this will be. It almost feels worse because she had permission to sleep with him, and she took advantage of it. I'm doing my best to objective here, but it's tough to see past it all.
Thanks for reading and taking the time. Appreciate any feedback and am happy to answer any questions.
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