Umm ok gif

Umm... Ok?

2019.08.19 18:27 Umm... Ok?


2020.01.16 17:51 Nonononoummok

No no no no- umm... ok

2020.03.25 05:38 xzerobot captiongif

funny caption on gif (or video too video is ok)

2023.03.29 07:58 angryslot he said that the pregnant slave woman that was killed by her master for cursing momo was right becoz actions have consequences

he said that the pregnant slave woman that was killed by her master for cursing momo was right becoz actions have consequences
he said that the pregnant slave woman that was killed by her master for cursing momo was right becoz actions have consequences
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2023.03.29 07:54 angryslot no words😶😶

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2023.03.29 02:40 TristanTheRobloxian0 this shit. someone really tried to scam me lol

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2023.03.29 02:04 rediculousruderalis That escalated quickly

That escalated quickly
So mentally I heard the tongue slither from silence of the lambs when I read that. Anybody else have a hot take?
For context we just started talking this morning. We were talking about work prior to him asking if I smoked.
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2023.03.29 01:19 bloodshot_blinkers We Own The ENTIRE Company! and more...

We Own The ENTIRE Company! and more...

We own the entire company of GameStop.

First and foremost congrats to everyone who played a role in getting us up and over 25% of the total outstanding shares directly registered!
We are very clearly in a recession, even though we aren't allowed to say that part out loud and increasing the DRS numbers by over 4 million in a quarter through these challenging times is impressive.
I mean, I can't even buy eggs, so 4million shares is legen.... wait for it....
I hope you're not lactose intolerant...

Ok now onto why this only further proves to me that we own way more than the total outstanding shares.
We all know that there are hundreds, if not thousands of apes around the world that are completely unable to DRS due to their countries laws, or difficult to navigate requirements to do so in their country.
We also all know that there are many other apes that won't DRS. Either they feel secure in their brokerage or bank I would be second guessing that right about now , or they don't want to lose certain entitlements or pay certain fees to release their shares to be DRS'd - For example: Canadiapes with Tax Free Savings Accounts or Apes who don't want to pay the fees and taxes to release shares in a retirement account.
I'm not here to convince any of you to DRS, and I hope we can all respect each others financial decisions even if you don't think it's right, or that it is slowing our path to MOASS or whatever else.. you do you boo.
That being said, these numbers give us a pretty clear indication that apes own the entire company outright.
The beautiful chart above by the77helios [KIND OF REDACTED] because rules.... shows that the remaining supply of shares "to DRS" is 64 million. That is less than 100% of what is currently DRS'd.
How many apes do you know who have not DRS'd? How many shares do those apes have? How many shares do you have remaining in street name?
I can personally in RL count about 1000 shares owned by friends and family. Only about 10% of those shares are DRS'd (MINE!). We are Canadiapes and friends don't want to lose TFSA. A TFSA is a 'registered account' so it's supposed to be very safe - I guess we'll find out. This is obviously a very small survey group and completely anecdotal, but I am convinced it's not far fetched on a global scale.
Just for fun, if my 10% model based on the people I know is legit, how many shares would apes own?
For those super smooth ones in the back:
This is still less than what I actually think is out there, but for me it's further proof that apes are an idiosyncratic risk and that the infinity pool is not a meme.
Let me know in the comments how many shares (number and %) that you've NOT DRS'd. I don't even care why, and I won't give you shit for it... I'm just curious.
Anyway, today's numbers just proved it again for me and I though I would share my thoughts and a couple pretty joofs gifs.
And as always, see you space cowboy!
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2023.03.29 01:17 InsiderMemeBot LEADERBOARD: Tue, Mar 28, 2023: 07:17 PM EDT


##Overall Ranking Name Score Ranking Name Score Ranking Name Score Ranking Name Score Ranking Name Score :------::-----:----- :------::-----:----- :------::-----:----- :------::-----:----- :------::-----:----- 1  u/Gasenos 226933 11 u/Doses_of_Happiness 46608 21 u/MyNameSpaghette 24665 31 u/matuhx 15414 41 u/Zombiepixlz-gamr 10842 2 u/sponge_hitler 153754 12 u/pineapple_overlord 41846 22 u/CritzD 23428 32 u/KushPatil 15164 42 u/Olipop999 10430 3 u/Short_Shots 113586 13 u/Ralle1998 40209 23 u/Umber0010 23149 33 u/dhtikna 14947 43 u/2D_DoS 10252 4 u/rad302 86964 14 u/mistermuesli 38664 24 u/Large-Wheel-4181 21389 34 u/acidcomplex_ 14002 44 u/Allonsy_11 9493 5 u/Good_Apartment_9992 85954 15 u/Mugiwara_AF 38137 25 u/rosesan 19065 35 u/ncroney12 13654 45 u/CyberDalek6401 9211 6 u/chaosgiantmemes 85899 16 u/BlitzTaco 37379 26 u/blaZikeN_257 17184 36 u/occultmoon 13130 46 u/GnelforGnoblin 9175 7 u/iamscythed 64008 17 u/razhagever 30124 27 u/NovaAge 17100 37 u/Kermit_Ur_Life 11992 47 u/Plastic_Pinocchio 8942 8 u/m_preddy 54500 18 u/TheMamoru 28936 28 u/PosterQ 16599 38 u/Regis_Casillas 11815 48 u/NervigerWutbuerger 8689 9 u/3D_Guernsey 51861 19 u/Mr60Gold 27649 29 u/SubsubatomicGuy 16407 39 u/976chip 11750 49 u/JetZflare25 8367

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2 u/rad302 25634 12 u/Doses_of_Happiness 10636 22 u/Sonorational 5502 32 u/KushPatil 4284 42 u/c0mp0op3r 3495
3 u/Short_Shots 23187 13 u/Mugiwara_AF 9464 23 u/Umber0010 5498 33 u/blaZikeN_257 4252 43 u/KaleBennett 3402
4 u/chaosgiantmemes 21487 14 u/Allonsy_11 9141 24 u/Zombiepixlz-gamr 5425 34 u/matuhx 4170 44 u/Thecloud420 3353
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7 u/Good_Apartment_9992 16614 17 u/BlitzTaco 7525 27 u/JetZflare25 4713 37 u/MyNameSpaghette 3863 47 u/BaldTuesdays 3285
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2 u/sponge_hitler 136080 12 u/mistermuesli 32763 22 u/CritzD 18728 32 u/ncroney12 10918 42 u/Plastic_Pinocchio 8777
3 u/Short_Shots 90399 13 u/Ralle1998 32124 23 u/Umber0010 17651 33 u/KushPatil 10880 43 u/2D_DoS 8172
4 u/Good_Apartment_9992 69340 14 u/razhagever 30124 24 u/SubsubatomicGuy 16407 34 u/Large-Wheel-4181 10593 44 u/GnelforGnoblin 7325
5 u/chaosgiantmemes 64412 15 u/BlitzTaco 29854 25 u/rosesan 14592 35 u/occultmoon 10440 45 u/multipurposeflame 6698
6 u/rad302 61330 16 u/Mugiwara_AF 28673 26 u/PosterQ 13271 36 u/Olipop999 10430 46 u/aemanthefox 6396
7 u/iamscythed 49322 17 u/pineapple_overlord 24345 27 u/NovaAge 13248 37 u/Kermit_Ur_Life 9578 47 u/NervigerWutbuerger 6370
8 u/m_preddy 43491 18 u/TheMamoru 22585 28 u/BaldTuesdays 13122 38 u/Regis_Casillas 9430 48 u/CyberDalek6401 5897
9 u/Useless_Archives 42341 19 u/Hangzhounike 20834 29 u/blaZikeN_257 12932 39 u/976chip 9382 49 u/myownwildthoughts 5846
10 u/3D_Guernsey 40527 20 u/MyNameSpaghette 20802 30 u/dhtikna 11945 40 u/acidcomplex_ 9250 50 u/Zombiepixlz-gamr 5417


Templates Examples
1: Professor Moriarty making a threat 1: Sorry I just get carried sometimes
    Author: u/Large-Wheel-4181     Author: u/Large-Wheel-4181
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2: [No Data](No Data) 2: Sorry I just get carried away sometimes
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This week
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2: Guy stands up to someone only for it be a slasher villain 2: KilleSurvivor Negotiations
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3: When someone says they’re the most trust institution but you have doubts 3: Come back here and lose with honor!
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This month
1: Cursed tape is playing with only one not being too worried when the others are 1: Imagine if they simplified her just being a serial killing elitist
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1: New Sonic movie template 1: Heavily inspired by Hannah Hillam
    Author: u/Spudtastic-Spastic     Author: u/Short_Shots
    Score: 1616     Score: 112930
2: Credit to u/mallow_dip 2: The gif that started it all
    Author: u/Yemris     Author: u/Whymanwhy12
    Score: 1614     Score: 99404
3: An Upgrade 3: I once called Hulk Shrek.
    Author: u/0Markus0     Author: u/Shiteingann
    Score: 1533     Score: 97200
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2023.03.29 00:30 TrueCryptographer982 Full transcript Jackson Lonie Season 9 audition tape

Tayla has been linked to this guy in the last few days so thought it might be interesting to see what he says in his Season 9 audition to see if tyhey seem like a match.
He seems like a great guy and good looking as well - I'd do him based on this! lol
I have not seen Season 9 so know nothing about him...was he a dick in the show? Maybe if I saw Harrisons tape without knowing anything about him I might have thought he was kinda funny and charming...
Let me know what Jackson was like on S9.
Q: Do you get a lot of attention
A: Yeah I get a little bit ummm
Q: Do you like it?
A: Yeah (laughs) who doesn’t.
I’ve had enough now to be honest. When you called, cause I’ve literally just been nah someone else can do it I’ve had enough.
Ummm I’m a sucker for a smile, nice eyes and smaller than me. I’m 6’3” so..
I’ve only had like maybe three or four major girlfriends, everything else has been like dating and it hasn’t worked out.
Worst personal relationship I had was very toxic, was very bad like she was we were young we were only 18 it was like well you’re not allowed to talk to guys and you’re not allowed to talk to was shithouse.
Next relationship well let’s just go with my most recent one, she had a lot of past traumas with like her exes and stuff and I tried to work through it with her but she never really spoke to me about it and it just got to a point where like I’m trying to help you but you’re not trying to help yourself and that fell ap[art obviously and then I haven’t really been like with anyone since her so that’s 3..2..3 years ago.
I want someone who is driven, know what they want in their life, knows what they want to achieve and stuff like that. Having someone whose headstrong is like a massive thing for me.
My Mum and Dad split up at like when I was three. I’m the oldest of 5 so they’re all step but obviously I don’t look at it that way I was raised with Mum with the 2 girls..Dad I speak to him every week I speak to him every Tuesday we have a call we’re pretty close.
So they’re all in relationships I’m the only single one, don’t worry family do really let me know…
I can be the one to poke the bear and sit away and I can be the one to be the mediator and yeah…I can also be the one to get fired up so yeah..
A big thing for me is like violence with women, especially with my Mum yeah and one of our stepdads was physical with her. I’ve done it before its something where its people I might not know and I so that’s a big thing I’d roll my sleeves up for that any day of the week.
Like if someone’s disrespecting the person I’m with I’d be very vocal in letting them know that’s not OK and I’m not a big fan of that.
I’d be..the outgoing one I’d say umm the ahhh a bit of the class clown.
Q: Oh yeah, in what way?
A: Ahh I’m always saying something stupid or doing something stupid.
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2023.03.28 23:40 ResponsibilityHot276 Another great acc from a very trusted seller thanks my man!

Another great acc from a very trusted seller thanks my man! submitted by ResponsibilityHot276 to DokkanBattleTrades [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 23:33 Huge_Refrigerator261 99% sure this is a scam

99% sure this is a scam
Searched my email couldn’t find anything with the name he sent, and the link I sent I immediately deleted. Really didn’t understand why his bank statement was in £ and his OF screen was in $. Any opinions ?
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2023.03.28 21:42 AbleAd3932 A Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing

I am dyslexic so I pre apologies for the grammar and spelling in this story.
Come on Jixy, I had it made just for you, at least try it on.” “Not gona happen” Jixet said as he wondered what Rebeca could have been thinking when she had this made ‘just for him’ Rebeca looked at him with ‘the face’ anyone who has spent time with humans knows the one. It is the on with the big eyes. “Why is this so important for you?” ask Jixet. Rebeca thought about her answer for a few seconds. “I think this will be good for you, wearing a mask is a sort of magic.” Jixet interrupted “Rebeca I know Vinlil’s size confuses humans, but I am not a child, and I do not believe in magic.” Rebeca gave Jixet another one of those ‘looks’ this one said shut up and let me talk. “I am serous there is science behind it.” Jixet thought about asking how magic can have science behind it but did not want another ‘look’. “It has been proven that people who are engaged in things they think they might be judged for like battles, stage performances and even sex acts show more confidence and willingness to commit to what they are doing is increased by wearing a mask.”
Jixet mulled over what his friend had said. “So, a weird quirk of human psychology is why you want me wearing a mask to try plant-based meat replacement?” “Well sort of but also it is Halloween and wearing a costume is traditional.” Rebeca held up a child sized wolf costume as she said it. To Jixet’s credit he only grumbled a little as she helped him into the elaborate mascot mask that had a moving jaw to allow him to eat without taking it off. The mask had been expensive, so Rebeca had to go a bit cheap on the rest of the outfit. It consisted of a fuzzy gray onesie, some oversized slippers that were likely supposed to be a pun for the term bear feet, those had taken some work to get to fit Jixet, and gray children’s gloves with plastic claws glued on. “Just try to get into the mind set of being a predator. It will be fun I promise.”
This was not fun! Jixet clung to Rebeca’s arm for dear life. All around him things with claws and big teeth, blood, bones, and things jumping out at him. Halloween was the worst thing ever. The plastic claws on Jixet’s costume dug into Rebeca’s arm in a way that was surprisingly painful. “Jixy, buddy ease up a bit it is just decorations people in costumes, none of it is real.” “I know that” Jixet snaped. Wait did Jixet actually just snap at her aggressively do to fear? Rebeca smirked to herself; this plan just might work. “Don’t worry hun we will be at the restaurant soon.” “Why do you insist we walk” Jixet whimpered. “Well, a few reasons, first it is only a short walk and part of the fun of Halloween is showing off your costumes and looking at everyone else’s. Also, with all the people walking around driving would be a pain. Not all the costumes are scarry, look at those kids.” Some young children dressed as either Vinlil or maybe sheep walked by. “No some are just uncanny valley.” Jixet was rather pleased with himself for remembering that human term. “Ok grumpy we are here anyway.”
The restaurant they were meeting Rebeca’s friends at is called the happy cow. Its smiling cow mascot made Jixet uncomfortable for reasons he doesn’t completely understand. “Hay Jixet, Rebeca over here. You guys’ costumes look grate.” It took Jexit a moment to understand the green thing calling them from across the restaurant was Jack. Jack had on nothing but ripped purple pants and green body paint. Lily, the other person at the table was dressed just as strangely. She had on a short black dress and a tall pointed black hat. Lily grinned at both of us “yo Jixet I would not have known it was you if you were not with Rachel.” Jixet was not certain that was a good thing, but Lily seemed to think it was. Not that he thought about it Rachel was dressed oddly as well, she had on a fluffy blue dress and a red clock with a hood. After the two new arrivals sat down Jack told Rachel “I already ordered for you guys I got you the mock chicken salad and Jixet the mushroom burger we talked about.
Rachel had explained to Jixet that humans like mushrooms a lot do to the fact they taste more like meat than any other plant. Jixet whimpered and tells the humans “I don’t know if I am up for this.” Rebeca gave him a stern look “You promised you would try.” Jixet whimpered more. Lily pulled a small mirror out of her purse. “I want you to look into this. See the forwarded facing eyes, the teeth and claws? Tonight, you are a fierce predator, you have to believe that for the mask to work. I have seen Vinlil plays your people are good actors, so act like a wolf.” ‘Act like a wolf’ Jixet fumed to himself suddenly more disgruntled then disgusted. ‘He would show her!’ He would eat the fake meat and like it! It did smell good, rich and earthy like the tubers from Vinlil prime that human had taken to calling space potatoes. Speaking of potatoes this meal came with a side of the tasty golden frys that Jixet had come to love in his time on earth.
Most of the burger was things Jixet has tried before on earth. Fluffy sweet bread, a salty brown liquid made from fermented beans, crisp lettuce and a juicy tomato. But the mushroom itself an oversized flat cap of fungus, was almost imposable to describe, savory, salty, sweet, dry, and wet all at once. It was the single best thing he had ever put in his mouth. Was this what meat test like, is this why predators so crave the forbidden food? The entire universe seemed to come into a wonderful focus. In that moment Jixet understood everything. Why did everything suddenly look so sparkly? It doesn’t matter I am a scary predator.
Jixet bolted down the rest of his food like a starving animal, as his human friands looked on in confusion. “Wow, so mushrooms are a hit” Jack said as he handed Jixet a cup of coconut milk “Drink this and chill while the rest of us finish our meal. Then we will all go out and join the fun.” Jixet’s tail swished with excitement for the fun. He could finally understand why the humans liked this Holladay so much, it was scarry but also fun, and he wanted to be part of it. When the meal was done, and they all headed back out Jixet bounced back and forth between the humans. Sometimes running ahead and sometimes falling behind. Every so often a decoration or costume would scare him, and he hid between the humans’ legs. “I am so proud of you Jixet, you have really gotten into the spirit of things.” Lily praised him. “a good job buddy” Jack joined in.
Jixet barely heard them. Lily’s earlier words echoed in his head ‘tonight you are a predator, act like a wolf’ The world just kept getting more sparkly. He is a well feed wolf surrounded by his pack and that was all that mattered. “Rowrs!” Jixet exclaimed loudly. The humans smile, they are so happy, that makes him happy. He doesn’t know where they are going but he doesn’t care. “We are almost there Jixy you aren’t scared, are you?” Rebeca asks, “I am a wolf” Jixet yelled. Rebeca looked at him a little concerned. But decided that her plan to pull Jixy out of his shell with a bit of play acting must have worked.
The zombie and skeleton decorations gave way to cartoon ghost and black cats as they retched the street fair. They were soon surrounded by children in costumes that ranged from unbearably cute to seriously scarry. One Rebeca found a bit upsetting was a blood covered teddy bear with sharp teeth and a meat clever. But Jixet just responded to it by shouting “look another wolf” Then running off to look at carved pumpkins. After playing a ring toss game and losing badly Jixet took up residency in a nearby bush. He seemed to be having a wonderful time. Jumping out and scaring older children. The bush game ended when Rebeca had to scold him for scaring some little kids. After that Lily had to chase him around the trick or treat stands to prevent Jixet from eating something with animal products in it, and he still managed to eat so much candy he would likely be sick soon. The sugar rush that followed was the stuff of legend. He ran from both to both playing fair games, poking at decorations, and happily squeaking with children. Also, a lot of yelling “I am a wolf aaaaWhoo!”
Jixet was having so much fun. He hunted the little humans in costumes roaring vary fiercely at them. He could not understand why his pack of big humans laughed at his ‘squeaking’ He also got to throw things like balls and rings and bean bags. Eating sweet colorful things was nice to. “Hay that plant has a face!” he pointed at the large orange vegetable. “I am a big bad wolf!” Jixet happily giggled to himself “I’m a wolf!”
Am old lady walked up to Rebeca “Your little boy is such a cute kid” “my boy, what? Oh no he is not” Rebeca tried to say but she was already gone. Rebeca looked at her best friands “do you think we should rain Jixy in? He seems a little out of control.” “This is the most fun I have ever seen him have, let him be a little out of control.” Jack answered. Jixet only lasted about another hour before the sugar crash hit.
Timmy had liked that kid dressed like a wolf, he was fun to play with. But he had fallen into the classic Halloween trap, to much candy all at once. “amacher” Timmy scoffed. He knew you got spread the candy out after all he is 12 that that kid seemed a lot younger maybe only 10. But he was still fun to play with.
Jack settled Jixet into a more comfortable position in his arms, as the group walked back to Rebeca’s house. “Poor guy the sugar crash hit him hard” Rebeca was pretty proud of herself her idea about building Jixet’s confidence up by dressing him up in a costume and taking him to the kiddy fair so nothing would be to stressful, had worked well. “Um guys” Lily said braking into Rebeca’s thoughts “Jessica sent me a text” “so?” Rebeca asks her. “Umm. Let me just read it to you.” ‘Jack told me you guys are planning to take Jixet to that new vegan place. Just don’t give him anything with portabella mush rooms, those things make Vinlil high as kites.’ “Oh Shit!” James said “He is never going to forgive us” Rebeca groaned. As they debated how to tell him what they had done, Jixet shifted in his sleep and happily muttered “I am a wolf Aaawoo.”
submitted by AbleAd3932 to NatureofPredators [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 20:48 TMS2017 TMS[5] #115: Triangle of Sadness [2022]

Watched on: Hulu
IMDB synopsis: "A fashion model celebrity couple join an eventful cruise for the super-rich."
I decided to "hate-watch" "Triangle of Sadness" since it was nominated for Best Picture and when I saw the trailer in the theater I thought it was one of the most pretentious, pointless trailers of all time. Actually, that's not 100% true; there was a part of me that was hopeful it could be good since I heard it aspired to have "important things to say" about modern life.
...And it was bad. The first act is dull but does have some OK humor. The second act is completely ridiculous and tries pathetically to inject politics into the plot (with the boat captain and one of his passengers quoting Ronald Reagan and Karl Marx to each other over and over - I'm not exaggerating, this goes on for at least 2 minutes). The final act is the best part (heck, it should have been the whole film) but it ends in a silly way. The 150 minute runtime is self-indulgent and unnecessary.
Any positives? Umm, like I said there's some decent humor, especially in the first act. And the final act was at least watchable, in the sense that I was interested in what was going on (that wasn't true in the first 2 acts).
Overall, it's a big miss. I know writer-director Ruben Ostlund was trying to have a "message" but it falls flat because it's just too boring, overall. I guess I'll give him a tiny bit of credit for having ambition and avoiding virtue-signaling, but it's not just not smart enough or interesting enough for anyone to care. Not recommended for anyone.
Rating: 3.9 / 10
EDIT: Oops, I counted wrong; this should be Number 116.
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2023.03.28 20:30 tdwp Unity Mod Manager not appearing in game on Linux (steamdeck, WOTR)

Hey guys! As the title says I cannot get UMM to appear in game on WOTR. I have included multiple screenshots showing correct file path for the mods, toyboy showing OK status and the actual mod folder itself within the WOTR directory. Its driving me insane. Has anyone managed to get it to work? I've followed tons of indepth guides and it seems like I've done everything correctly but no luck at all.
Any help seriously appreciated
submitted by tdwp to Pathfinder_Kingmaker [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 19:44 BrineOfTheTimes Changelog: New ways to find communities, mod updates, and more

Hello, Reddit! Thanks for stopping by our post. A few weeks have passed, and it’s officially Changelog time.
If you’ve got a few minutes and are curious about our latest product news, pull up a seat, grab a cup of tea, and scroll with us, why don’t ya? Today’s Changelog covers a handful of updates – from tools to find new communities, to optional text on all post types and some deprecation info.
Testing new ways to help people find their communities
Sometimes you find a cool community in your feed that you want to follow. Sometimes you want more. And more. And - ok, ok, you get it. Point is, we know it can be hard to find new communities, especially for people just getting started on Reddit, and we want to make it easier.
Some of you may already see that we’re testing a new in-feed experience that displays related communities when you follow a new community. It’s like a buffet of new communities! We’re testing this with a percentage of users over the next several weeks while we learn more about the experience.
Screengrab of Home Feed section showing related subreddits
If you’re mod and don’t want your subreddit displayed in this experience, you can go to mod tools > moderation > safety > “get recommended to individual redditors” setting.
Sunsetting Talk and Predictions
We recently made the difficult decisions to sunset Reddit Talk and Predictions.
For Talk, we saw passionate communities adopt and embrace the audio space. We didn’t plan on sunsetting Talk in the short term, however the resources needed to maintain the service increased substantially.
As of March 22nd, Talk has been shut down. You can find more details in the reddittalk post here.
With Predictions, we saw some amazing communities create fun (and often long-standing) community activities. However, we had to make a tough trade-off on products as part of our efforts to make Reddit simpler, easier to navigate, and participate in. Sunsetting Predictions allows us to build products with broader impact that can help serve more mods and redditors. Predictions is targeted to shutdown in early May.
More information Predictions and Talk can be found in the help center, here and here, respectively.
Chat Changes Continue: Turning off Live Chat Reactions
It might sound weird to talk about how we want to build new features to improve chat on Reddit while also sharing that we’re turning off an existing Live Chat feature – but it’s true.
We’ll be winding down Live Chat Reactions (or the ability to smile at a fellow chatter’s comment) in the coming weeks to focus on chat features that more people can use and enjoy.
As a reminder, we shared last month that we’re migrating to a new Reddit Chat. We’ll continue to share more chat updates in the coming months.
Read more about Live Chat here.
Reducing Surfaces: Compact, i.reddit, and AMP
Last week we shared the news around improving our web experience. What we missed in the original post was that – related to these changes – compact and are being wound down. These changes will fully be in effect by the end of today.
We also plan to deprecate the AMP platform later this year as well. Timing on this is TBD.
We know that some redditors are strong fans of these platforms, particularly compact and i.reddit. However, this decision is similar to Predictions and Live Chat Reactions above. In other words, by reducing the number of ways Reddit can be accessed, we can better focus on building an overall simpler, stronger platform for all.
That said, the communication around this set of updates should have come earlier, and we'll work harder to make sure our updates to y'all are more timely.
Note: The changes to and compact, and the ones coming to amp do not impact old.reddit or image hosting on (yes this is different and yes it’s confusing).
Text Posts Available on All Post Types
We’re launching an update this week to let redditors add optional text to their video, image, gallery, and link posts. Communities that require submission statements or additional context to accompany a video, image, gallery, or link post can now consolidate these requirements into the original submission without the need for strict title requirements, Automoderator, or sticky comments. Communities will still be able to restrict post text body requirements for these post types as well as target the body using current Automoderator rules. Here’s what it looks like:

Mobile display of optional text feature
Mod Updates
A few weeks ago, we launched Mod Insights, a new data tool designed to give mods better insight and understanding into what’s happening in their subreddit. The tool dives into info like Community Growth, Team Health, and Community Health, to help mods feel more equipped to make decisions and build community. Get more details in the announcement post here.
Recently we made it easier for mods to manage their communities while on the go, when we launched the capability to manage your removal reasons from a mobile device. Mods will now be able to create, edit and delete their subreddit’s removal reasons from their Android device (iOS is soon to follow!). Learn more about the details within our announcement post.
For more mod-related news, head over to ModNews.
And that’s today’s Changelog, y’all. If you have any questions about these updates, please holler in the comments – we’ll be sticking around for a bit to reply.
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2023.03.28 18:39 Taniatresana Umm...OK.

Not sure what this is warning me about...
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2023.03.28 18:30 avrealm Update to [](Unfixable Office 365 Issue)

Its been almost a week with MS support and their solution has turned in to "wipe computer and start over". Problem is, we've done that, and after 2 weeks, the user reported the same issue.
To recap. We have users in two locations about 120 miles apart, on different firewalls, some with trend micro (we've uninstalled on some comps and not others), having this issue. OneDrive stops working, outlook keeps prompting for password. We have not noticed this behavior in Word/Excel or other MS Apps.
So far, MS has tried running the SARA tool like 10 times and it always fails on the outlook config page. It prompts to update to modern authentication and when it is time to "apply" the fix, it just jumps to the "Outlook is finished, try configuring the profile".
MS ran multiple cmd scripts to adjust regedit settings such as:
reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Autodiscover" /v "ExcludeScpLookup" /d "1" /f /t REG_DWORD reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Autodiscover" /v "ExcludeHttpsRootDomain" /d "1" /f /t REG_DWORD reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Autodiscover" /v "PreferLocalXML" /d "0" /f /t REG_DWORD reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Autodiscover" /v "ExcludeSrvRecord" /d "1" /f /t REG_DWORD reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Autodiscover" /v "ExcludeSrvLookup" /d "1" /f /t REG_DWORD reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Autodiscover" /v "ExcludeLastKownGoodURL" /d "1" /f /t REG_DWORD reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Autodiscover" /v "ExcludeHttpsAutodiscoverDomain" /d "1" /f /t REG_DWORD 
We've also completely uninstalled Office and wiped it clean and it still gives the same problem when we try to setup Outlook with or without SARA.
MS told us this morning to install on new profile or computer and "you should not be prompted for admin credentials when installing office". umm... ok?
Totally random people who had issues no longer have issues without any intervening and other users who we tried all the troubleshooting steps dont work. A user in B location that called last thursday saying they have an issue no longer have issues today, while another user in the same location hasnt been able to use their outlook and onedrive in two weeks. All the while, a user in location A who had their computer completely replaced is again experiencing an issue after 2 weeks of normal use.
We're at a loss. Now Im reaching out to see if there's anything in the Office 365 tenant we can check? They dont have AD Connect, AD on prem is a .local domain and completely separate from Azure. I dunno lol. At this point its just comical.
Edit: boy I sure botched the title and flair
Unfixable Office 365 Issue
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2023.03.28 17:46 SoftSummer1123 I`ll try again ok this is my first gif

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