Ups a daisy square planter insert

How would the Lion's meeting with Big E play out?

2023.03.27 18:49 Zenon504 How would the Lion's meeting with Big E play out?

It seems to me, that when the Lion shows up, he'll have a little chat with bony guy, just like Guilliman had.
What you guys think would happen?
Would Valoris have the balls to threat the Lion like he did with Girlyman?
Would the Lion tell Valoris to square up?
How do you guys think the meeting would be?
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2023.03.27 18:47 AvaBlackPH THE ASSHOLE IS FINALLY GONE!!!!

I've posted on here both venting and asking for advice to do with my roommate T who is a disgusting, inconsiderate, selfish slob. I have been dealing with his behavior for months, and as a result I have had hundreds of dollars of food stolen from me, and the house was a total mess.
T had a habit of making gigantic messes in the common areas and then not cleaning them up. For the first month or two he was here I would clean up after him but I quickly realized he would just come back in and mess it all up again. I refuse to deal with that level of disrespect, and I also refused to clean up after a man who was old enough to be my father.
Due to his constant messmaking and my refusal to clean up after him, the house got pretty nasty. Around the beginning of the month the property managers texted all of the tenants letting them know that if the property was not cleaned up we would face eviction. Myself and one of my other nice roommates immediately got to work and cleaned a decent amount.
About a week later one of my roommates received their tax return, he left it on the counter while using the restroom and the only other person in the vicinity was T. By the time my roommate exited the restroom both T and the tax return containing over $3,000 were missing. Due to this, and being multiple months behind on rent, T and his entire band finally got evicted.
A few days before their final day here I went into overdrive and cleaned the entire house to a new shade of white. I spent days scrubbing, bleaching, working myself raw through a cold and an autoimmune disease to get the house clean. They have since vacated the property, but not after leaving a bunch of crap in the yard and filling both trash cans just after trash day. That trash stank up the entire yard for 2 days, it reeked of Filth, unwashed humans, drug use and old people.
Last night I got the opportunity to talk to one of the property managers, and plead my case about the cleanliness in the house. I explained to him the reason that the house had fallen behind on cleaning was because T had absolutely no respect for common areas. I also showed him that I had cleaned the entire house thoroughly. He was extremely empathetic and even remarked that he was not surprised after seeing the state that T and his crew had left his personal area.
The property manager even allowed me to go back into T's old room, and despite the fact it has been completely cleaned out, much filth remains. They may even pay me to clean up the walls and the floor in there as there is literally grime over every square inch. The property manager also told me that they are going to have to replace both mattresses and bed frames both due to damage and nastiness.
I'm so happy that this asshat is finally gone, I am so happy that I can finally use my fridge again because I'm not scared of him stealing all of my food. I can actually keep the house clean without people coming in and messing it up immediately.
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2023.03.27 18:44 RowahPhen Trying to get our spring time gardening kicked off right this year!

Trying to get our spring time gardening kicked off right this year!
We were finally able to build some raised beds this year and hopefully made a good solution to finally be able to get some compost going (will probably paint the tumbler black sometime in the near future). We're experimenting with square foot gardening and it's also my first time direct sowing.
There's going to be a wide variety of plants in the beds (maybe too many things, we got excited and seeds are so cheap lol 😅). Not everything is planted yet, but I've got probably about half of the things planned planted. It's been exciting seeing the new sprouts coming in (the second pic has the spinach and breakfast radish seedling that started sprouting yesterday showing off)! Also glad all of the plants came out of last night's sudden hail storm apparently unscathed 😬 A little frustrated that it seems like all of the perlite I mixed into my soil mix seems to have all come up to the top during the rain last night, but it's going to do what it's going to do.
I wish everyone a great year of gardening!
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2023.03.27 18:37 DankFloyd_6996 So what happened at this Long Island show in 2003?

So I've been getting into the first few albums a lot more recently. As I was looking up the lyrics for the first album, I found a comment on a forum from 2002 saying that the band had posted explanations on their websites on the meanings to each song. I thought this sounded like an interesting little time capsule, so I went on Wayback Machine to try and find it. I failed, turns out the earliest version of the website needed Flash to run, which I no longer have since it's no longer supported. However, while I was down the rabbit hole, I came across a post from 2003 where the band were defending themselves for cancelling a show. It seems to kinda assume you already know whatever the drama is, so it's hard to make sense of 20 years later. Does anyone know/remember what happened? The post mentions a terrorist threat, slander from a venue, and it sounds like long island may have been locked down?
Anyway, the post is below, I thought you guys might find it interesting.
Long Island Show: As most of you know by now, we regretfully had to cancel our show tonight in Long Island, NY. This decision was made as a result of a majority vote by all the members of this 3 band tour(over 20 people in all). How all of the disappointment and hateful comments got directed squarely and solely on us is beyond me. What I will say is this.... we stayed in the venue parking lot in Syracuse NY last night until about 2 am looking at maps, calling people we know in NYC and even calling several law enforcement agencies in order to get information regarding our scheduled trip to Long Island. After being told by virtually all of these sources that we were going to have problems crossing into Long Island regardless of what route we took, and that we may potentially have problems getting off the island after the show depending on the status of the so called “escalated terror threat”, we made a judgement call. We did what we thought was the right thing to do at the time. For those of you questioning our passion as a band and our passion for hardcore I’ll say this.... I’m 25 years old and I still live with my parents. I probably have less money in my bank account than most of you have in your wallets. We don’t do this for money and we don’t have rock star attitudes. We do this because we love playing music for people. Trust me, there is very little joy in living in a passenger van 7 or 8 months out of year other than knowing that we get play our music in front of hundreds of kids every night. In the four years that we have been a touring band we have only cancelled 2 shows, one due to a blizzard in Wyoming and the other one being the show tonight. Some of you are probably basing your opinions of us on the post made by the Downtown on their website. Obviously, the venue has a personal agenda against us, since they made no bones about the fact that their interests in the show were strictly financial. We are aware that the venue lost money on this show and we apologized to them repeatedly for that. Apparently that wasn’t good enough so they’ve opted to slander us on the internet. That’s cool I guess. We lost money too, and I’m almost willing to bet that the financial blow was far more damaging to us than to them, seeing as how we live on a day to day income. Again, we made a judgement call. We aren’t happy about not playing Long Island. We love playing there. I’ve been playing shows there for over 6 years now in several different bands and have always considered Long Island a second home. For those of you that care, we are already planning a rescheduled LI show for late Octobeearly November that will cost very little, if anything at all, to get in. You will see detailed info on our website about this in the near future. Until then, please do not believe everything you read on other websites. Ninety percent of the time it’s bullshit. We were not “afraid” to come to Long Island or whatever the venue claims that we said. If you want the truth about our band, come to our site. If you have questions about why we did what we did, don’t hesitate to email us.... we will be glad to tell you what’s up. Take care and we hope to see you all very soon. paul/btbam
Also if anyone can find those song meaning explanations they wrote, I'd still be interested to read them.
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2023.03.27 18:17 SnooTomatoes5729 Endurance and speed in other strokes

Hello guys. I swim 100 free at 1:09 LCM best time. I can swim easily for long distances with a solid pace both pool and open water. However, I am lacking in other strokes.
For examples, I get 35 for 50 fly SCY and 1:40 for 100 breast SCY. What can i do to improve those times and endurance. Should i take it slow and focus on technique or attempt to swim longer distances?
Furthermore, if you guys have any dryland streches, workouts, gym workouts that specifically help improve freestyle, fly and breast let me know. For dryland at the moment I do basic stuff like burpees, pushups, squats, jump squars etc. i want to step it up
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2023.03.27 18:05 Jozydoz I feel like my boyfriend [20 M] is embarrassed of me [20 M]

TLDR, I feel like my boyfriend is embarrassed of showing me affection in front of people but has no issue when a mutual friend shows affection to him.
For context, this is my first “serious” relationship. I’ve had others in the past but they weren’t what I would call serious because I was a young teen at the time.
I recently came out and have managed to find someone who makes me happy. We’ve been dating for 3 months at the time of writing this and we are all recently turned 20. It has honestly gone really well up to right now. He is shy so he never showed me much physical attention in public, (holding hands, poking, etc). But as of recently him and another mutual friend of ours, who I will call Justin, have been sorta touchy. Now Justin is straight but he is very touchy and flamboyant. My friend group believes he is somewhere on the spectrum.
The issue I’m having right now is that my bf seems to have no issue with Justin touching him. For example today we were sitting at the table and Justin kept going in for a fake kiss with my bf. My bf didn’t reciprocate but sorta just looked at him and laughed. Justin also will just touch random parts of my bfs body whether it be hands, biceps, shoulders, and my bf doesn’t seem to have an problem with this but if I ever make an attempt to hold his hand or touch him in public in anyway he sorta shutters away, (completely different then when we are alone together). We also recently attended a friends birthday party and Justin kept inserting himself in between me and my bf until eventually I just went downstairs and did my own thing. I also feel like I’m the one initiating hang outs or doing stuff together.
I apologize if this is poorly written. I’m am sorta just feeling anxious on my bed and spewing a constant stream of consciousness. Idk if I’m overthinking this situation but would like some advice on how to handle it.
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2023.03.27 18:04 WealthUmbrella On-Chain metrics giving positive outlook for BTC

On-Chain metrics giving positive outlook for BTC
Getting a sense of if BTC is overvalued or undervalued can provide a lot of insights, however, there are a lot of different ways to “value” BTC, and they don’t always agree. It’s often helpful to look at different on-chain metrics, or valuation metrics, that correspond to different components of the Bitcoin ecosystem. We developed a metric we call the Metcalfe Law Discount Premium indicator (MLDP) that’s based on Robert Metcalfe’s network theory. Metcalfe’s Law states that the value of a network is proportional to the square of the amount of network participants. By comparing a valuation of the network in dollars (Marketcap) to a valuation based on the number of participants (from Metcalfe’s Law while accounting for lost supply, non active members etc.), the MLDP indicates if BTC is being sold at a premium, or discount.
Taking the Z score of this indicator makes it an oscillator with minimal drift in time. It oscillates with the cycles of Bitcoin, and is very useful for confirming a trend. Historically, it’s particularly good at confirming when we are exiting a market bottom (the red zones in the graph).
The last few weeks saw this indicator sitting close to a value of 0, suggesting a healthy value for the network. However, the MLDP is currently on an up trend, and typically does not undergo a reversal if it's coming from an extremely discounted (negative) value, which has been the case from the last few months. Thus, we take it as a sign of a positive outlook for BTC.
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2023.03.27 18:03 SmoogGod 40 Sessions in, and we were never the Heroes.

40 Sessions in, and we were never the Heroes.
Hey folks, a little context before we begin. This is a story from the same campaign of this debacle, but this isn't necessary reading for this post!
Before we jump in, I would like to amend a small part of that prior posting; at the time, I and the other players were still part of the campaign and in-case he ever found the post, I didn't wish to come off as too harsh. However, since then, the campaign ended in a rather sudden fashion. So, to amend; as players, we didn't enjoy this game much, and players from the DM's other games had expressed some similar issues to the ones we were facing.
Right, his other games - he ran all of his games in one server, allowing the parties to interact outside of the game. This is info for later! Without further adieu, let's jump in.
We were never the Heroes of this game. We were stated to be out-of-character, and the endless onslaught of world-ending threats that were piling up on our plate would certainly lead one to believe that we were meant to save the world.
However, we discovered very quickly that this would never come to fruition. Why?
In 40 Sessions, we hadn't killed a single NPC with a name. Random monsters? Sure. However, whenever anything had a name or true planning behind it, it was untouchable. This, of course, included any enemies we were meant to defeat as part of the plot- even their unimportant henchmen were untouchable for the most part.
The DM had a self-insert NPC in all three games, a teleporting, gun-slinging charmer that could evade any sort of divination and was capable of appearing wherever he wanted to in the world. Cast a spell on him? It doesn't work. Attack him? You singed his leg hairs. Wherever we went in the world, he was there- scouting an abandoned crime bosses base? He's sat in the dark in the basement. Sneaking through town to try and get out? He's in an alleyway and calls out to us. Fighting a goblin horde attacking a town? He's on a roof, staring at us. Using Detect Magic in the wilderness? 'Gun Guy' is now behind my character, a gun to the back of his head. He wasn't a NPC particularly connected to us, as he appeared in all of the DM's games- he just liked having an in-world presence.
An enemy group(that the DM had entirely copied from an online sourcebook- not the worst thing, but he pretended that it was his original creation) that opposed us would always conveniently escape. We see one walking around, we start to run after them- they never run away but the distance between us doesn't close until they slip into a building or a sewer, and then entirely vanish.
A man had attempted to blackmail us with the life of a party member's sister, so we attempted to sneak after him. High stealth rolls, invisibility, the works. As we followed him, doors began to swing open all throughout the building as an innumerable number of armed guards appeared. This, of course, after we had scouted with a number of good checks and ensured the man was alone.
A Changeling had taken the guise of the tavernkeeper, a fact we figured out. Somehow, he knew that we knew, and he began to flee. He casts the sleep spell and rolls around a 40; that's enough to take down the Sorcerer but no-one else with the residual HP. He claims that this is a 'special' sleep spell and the 40 would target all of us. Only two of us are still standing as we were outside of the spells range, but this individual powered through all of our spells and ran 90ft+ in a turn and simply disappeared. His ally, however, remained T-Posing in the room without attacking us or fleeing. The DM narrated this and asked me 'would you like to catch him'- in response, I used a spell that would bind him. Of course, after the NPC we wanted to catch escaped with 17+ on every roll- this one 'gets' a natural one. We captured this man and attempted to interrogate him for information which, of course, garnered us nothing.
I don't mind if the DM wants certain NPC's to keep kicking for the plot, but over almost a year of games, we hadn't been allowed to defeat a single thing that wasn't simply a stat block copied from D&D Beyond with no name or care as to what the creature actually was besides 'an enemy'.However, we thought our luck was changing. The DM had promised us that we would be leaving the City next session, as he had kept us there for the better part of five months without allowing us to really do anything. Next session rolls around and, of course, another plot hook inside the city landed on our laps. However, we didn't mind, as it meant we'd have a chance to progress some kind of plotline! A crime syndicate's leader is attempting to become God- a harsh task for a level six group, but we were ready to chew into an actually planned antagonist and finally get our win!
We didn't win, and it wasn't even close.
Our characters received a vision from the aptly-titled God of Visions. It told us that this Syndicate Leader would be attacking the King's brother during an important speech- or, rather, we saw him doing it! Amazing! We know exactly when that will be, in about a week of in-game time. So, we spent around 2~ real life months, or eight sessions, in preparation for fighting him. We gather allies, we interrupt the flow of these drugs that his people were intent on using to turn themselves into mindless berserkers. Then, the day of the speech arrives, aaaand..
The crime leader doesn't turn up- neither do our allies in fact. Instead, a hastily-made Rogue appeared and attempted to attack the King's brother and was very swiftly dealt with by the group alone. We tried to capture him alive for information, and he managed to kill himself because he would 'never betray the Syndicate'. That was the last straw for us, as we had wasted months of prep-time using information from a deity, and he changed it at the last moment while claiming 'I never said he would be there' - which the vision had shown, given all six of us had made a note of it at the time.
The six of us players privately have a discussion about things, and find that we all had similar feelings on how things had been going-- the named NPC's weren't the only problems. The DM refused to kill any of us- if we failed our death saves, NPC's would come in and heal us at the last moment, even if they weren't present in the scene. He would lie about rolls quite frequently, a fact that came up since he would always refuse to show the rolls after his NPC's with supposedly low Wisdom succeeded on the sixth save in a row, and enemies would consistently get 25+ Initiative despite not actually being dextrous. These rolls were, of course, never revealed either. He would change our character's backstories on the fly- I was told that my character had attended a Magic Academy for a few years, which wasn't part of his story. Another character remembered details of their life from when they were a mere few months old that changed the entire direction of their backstory. Another player, in the end, changed their character out entirely after the DM had ruined the first beyond recognition.
Other assorted issues came up as well and we decided it would be best to speak with him. So, I write up this message, and receive this response;
From here, the DM ghosts all of us for three days. At that time, two players(including myself) decide to bow out of the campaign. Before doing so, we write up farewells to the players in his other campaigns in our shared-chat before exiting the server. We had become friends with quite a few of them during our stay, playing games and one-shot PVP battle royales organized by us players between the groups. Not five minutes later, he has banned everyone from our group from the server and deleted our farewell messages.
While this was a disaster of a game, but it allowed us folks to meet one-another and become friends, so I'm glad it happened even if the actual game fell through.The six of us players, including those that had only joined us a few sessions prior, decided to stay together and began playing a new campaign together!
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2023.03.27 18:03 MamaNeedsMoreCoffee Question re: dietary changes for the CaOx experts…

[Inspired by u/redbeardnj ‘stone collection’ post.]
I’m curious, I have had bilateral stones mentioned offhand in old imaging for other things in years past but I never passed any that I was aware of until recently. I honestly (ignorantly) just thought most people had random kidney stones as a matter of course. 40f I was borderline type2 for my entire adult life and then diagnosed with ‘severe hepatic steatosis’ (NAFLD) after I started having crazy unexplained abdominal pain and my liver enzymes went nuts in early 2020, shortly after a hysterectomy and when I was at my lifetime heaviest… (looking back at old labs I believe I crossed into full T2D around that point)
A little more than a year ago I completely changed my diet (minimal processed foods, intermittent fasting, very low carb/healthy fat, no processed carbs, ‘almost-paleo’ lol) and have managed to drop 26% of my body weight (a bit over 50lbs), have entirely reversed my NAFLD (i.e. my previously enlarged and ‘extremely fatty’ liver now appears normal in imaging and my liver enzymes are in low normal range-better than they were 5+ years ago) and my cholesterol level and other labs are better than they were in any prior reports I can find going back 10+ years.
HOWEVER in the past couple months I have started passing CaOx stones. Looking at the oxalate foods list it’s apparent that my new healthy diet is very high in oxalate and very low in calcium(I had to remove dairy in entirety.) and my two favorite ‘snacks’ are likely the reason my 24h urine Oxalate was 138 last week. 🤦🏻‍♀️ (Also I realized I’m an idiot, thinking that adding lemon to the excessive amounts of water I’ve been drinking has raised my urine pH when I thought I was acidifying 😩) It’s clear my ‘healthy indulgences’ unrestricted munching on unsalted pistachios and a few squares of 92%dark chocolate and some raw cacao blended into my coffee every day have not done me any favors. 🤦🏻‍♀️
*I still wonder, probably misguidedly. Is this my body flushing out old stones?? How does/can a urologist determine whether one is actively forming stones? *
Also since I cannot add dairy to meals, will taking the Calcium Citrate supplements my urologist suggested allow me to at least eat normal portions of the veggies and greens that make up about half my diet? I’m already gluten/dairy/soy/sugar free. I’m coming to terms with the fact that the nuts and seeds have got to go, frustrating when I have a few almond flour based staples that were keeping life interesting at least. Sigh.
But I haven’t got much left if I cross out the moderate and high oxalate veg from my current safe food list.
TIA for comments or advice.
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2023.03.27 18:02 5823059 An A in 3104?

Putting this up for brainstorming how to come out of this class on top.
For exams
If the video title names the algo, you should be able to
-reproduce its pseudocode
-count the number of iterations, given actual data—must be exact: no one-off errors, since autograding cuts no slack
-reproduce a calculation of the worst-case time complexity
-explain in words why it works
-know what the named operations do, and their time complexity (e.g., remove_min isn’t O(1) and heapify is more operations than just bubble_up)
-know the efficiency trick Sriram teaches at the end of the video, not just the standard algo found in GeeksForGeeks or Grokking (e.g., how to do a linear programming problem with a one-dimensional array rather than a two-dimensional matrix)
Programming homework
Receive homework hints in OH when you’re stuck.
Don’t lose points just because of poor time management. Allow time for debugging. Huge point loss if no attempt.
After HW 6/7, problem sets no longer entail programming, so you no longer have to budget for debugging. So it becomes the Discrete Structures course halfway through.
Until then, be good at debugging: insert to-do comments as soon as they occur to you. Use an IDE with good error messaging. Make a list of the types of bugs you keep making (e.g., only some variable names changed when repurposing Sriram’s or your code, incorrect indices triggering one-off errors), to be used as a preventative checklist and speed up debugging.
If you’re stuck, there are many first steps you can attempt to punch your way out. Writing out your strategy in pseudocode is worthwhile if you can't come up with the code. Writing out a strategy in English is worthwhile if you can't come up with the pseudocode. Iterative vs. recursive (iterative for memoization and path recreation)? Top-down vs bottom-up (bottom-up for path recreation)? Tuple vs scalar (tuple for path recreation)? Base cases/end of recursion (elements sum to less than N)? Cases to protect against? Descriptive variables and indices? Structure of return statement? General data structure? Which parts of OH, Sriram's lectures, or the textbook are relevant? If code from lecture makes no sense, trace it out for a few-element input and small values. Use words to describe it.
Take possession of the material and make it your own. Importing this stuff into your imagination takes time; give yourself that time.
When studying for the final, no need to recreate for yourself the pseudocode a la Sriran, but rather write up in your own words the clever ideas.
Also, make a section on the main functions used, and a few words about why they’re done the way they are (and why each has the time complexity it does).
Also, a section on the algo’s data structures and why
And a few words on the overall time complexity and why
Of some 23 problems, I counted 6 problems word-for-word from quizzes. A few others were straight from exams.
For DP, know the min/max equation for several situations. One was on exam 3. Several were in the DP problem set. Know them all. 3 hrs wasn’t enough. I wasted a lot of time on a few 2-pointers, bc I hadn’t thought about them before test day. I think that’s where doing thorough post mortems after every test really wins out. And taking meticulous notes of every lecture, as painful as that can be.
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2023.03.27 17:58 CinnamonWeasley Kpop fans on TikTok give me the ick

Ok so hear me out...
This is in specific situations.
I am clearly also a fan but certain kinds of fans are really starting to appear more and more on my feed and it really annoys me. So here's a rundown of the kind of fans that give the ick. I feel this is probably going to be unpopular just because of how often I see this kind of content and it feels like I'm in the minority here.
  1. People that post videos of waiting outside hotels of idols to catch a 3 second glimpse of them and then being like "omg this altered my brain chemistry". I mean I hope it did because this is just low level stalking and it needs to stop. When idols stay at hotels, it's their "home" away from home. It should be a safe space for them. Would you wait outside their house for them? If so, please do not. And if no, then don't do it outside a hotel. Imagine being in another country, away from home and there is literally nowhere for you to be left alone because your hotel gets leaked and then you can't step outside without being surrounded by fans and cameras. They are human too, give them a break. Going to events like e.g. Namjoon at Milan fashion week, yeah that's fine to wait at the show, as it a scheduled event but waiting outside his hotel? No, leave him alone. This kind of behaviour is why he's deleting his namjooning feeds. Stop chasing the Y/N moments please.
  2. "Pick me girls" are appearing everywhere and I just can't with it. By this I mean, girls that have whole accounts dedicated to making content around an idol like their mine ok vibes, or like "I'm only into you if you are insert idol name here". The girls that do this are clearly pretty girls and girls that are proving the crazy to hot ratio right. Before you say I'm just jealous, I'm not. I'd say I'm not bad looking and could definitely give some of these girls some competition in looks (I'm not saying this to be a narcissist, I'm saying it to stop the you're just jealous comments). It's not about that. It's about making obsessive "pick me" content that spams up my feed. No idol is going to see this and be like, you post videos of you calling me your husband when you don't know me and have a whole feed dedicated to it? Ok cool, can I get your number? Like bro, seriously this is real life not Wattpad. Maybe I'm old and don't get it (I'm 26 and most of these people are like 18-21). Then people in the comments encourage it, like "insert idol name would sooo be into you." Please don't encourage this.
  3. Fans telling idols what to do in their own lives. For example, we have been blessed with plenty of Jungkook live streams lately and the man is staying up till 3am and drinking regularly. He is an adult. Stop telling him to go to bed. He isn't committing any crimes except stealing our hearts. As someone who is also a 97 liner, it annoys me so much to see those comments and you can tell he's starting to get a bit irritated by it. He is giving us free entertainment that he is under no obligation to do, he just does it because he wants to and people have to bring the vibe down by telling a grown ass man to go to bed. Please stop or he will stop doing the livestreams and its quality content. And most of the people saying this are younger, imagine telling a grown man to go to bed and you're like 17. Please stop. You can be concerned about him but he's an adult and he's got people looking out for him always, he doesn't need the backseating.
  4. This one is kind of spicy but I'm going to say it. Western fans that project western standards around subjects that are taboo in Korea onto idols. My main example is drugs, specifically weed. I'm not going to lie, drugs make me uncomfortable and I know that is part the reason that bothers me. BUT, western fans need to understand Korea. It is so illegal in Korea to do any drugs, to the point where if a Korean smokes weed in another country where its legal, they can still get in serious trouble. I'm not here to argue Korean laws. What I am saying is when people are saying things about idols like "I want a smoke sesh with him/her" or "bro is deffo high" I find it so disrespectful because you kind of accusing them of something that is a literal crime in Korea and would get in serious trouble for. Idols train for years and their career is their life and yet western people seem to think that idols are very willing to throw that all away to get high sometimes. I just think its disrespectful.
  5. People who make the "things sasaeng fans have reported about idols" videos. I feel engaging with this kind of content encourages this kind of rumour behaviour and we shouldn't give it the time of day. There is literally no evidence for 90% of these so called "confirmed" theories and it's just mentally exhausting and as soon as I see it on my feed, I'm swiping away and we all should do it so this rumour mill behaviour stops.
I enjoy being on TikTok as a Kpop fan because there's lots of funny content and memes, as well as just finding people you relate and just have a wholesome community. But then there's this stuff that gives the ick and I was wondering if anyone else agrees?
If I get cancelled, it is what it is.
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2023.03.27 17:49 Reasonable-Film7219 The "Growing Up With 2000s' Nickelodeon Cartoons" Starterpack

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2023.03.27 17:46 Sweet-Replacement307 Lady thinks I work at doller tree

Gonna say it now, this isnt a karen story. This happened a few days ago.
I'm a manager at a kid clothing store, important only cause I wear keys for work. Anyway, after work the other day I ran to doller tree to pick up some wire for a project. I was in the craft section studying what I could use as a replacement (they didnt have wire of any kind but had a crap ton of popsicle sticks) when a lady at the other side of the aisle goes
"Do yall have any [insert cleaning product here] in the back?"
I looked over thinking an employee had spawned (I've only ever seen one employee there at a time) but she was talking to me. I stared for a moment processing what's happening. I laughed to myself and told her
"Oh, I don't work here."
She tried to recover with how it looked like I was restocking the shelves and how I must really be into crafting. I got what I need and walked away to call my bf amd tell him what happened.
Sorry that its not that exciting, just thought it was funny and hope it gives someone a chuckle.
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2023.03.27 17:42 Joe_Dot_Com Questions for the Pro Network Install guy

Questions for the Pro Network Install guy
TL:DR.. need advice and have questions about upgrading my home's networking system to a future proof set up with an ass [NAS].
I have an appointment later this week for a network installation company to come out and assess what's going on at the house with what is currently set up. I want to be prepared and have my questions lined out for this guy so that I can be somewhat knowledgeable and know what I'm asking for and what I'm talking about.
What would be great is to have a future proof home network when I'm all done. Whether that is cat5e, or cat6, or cat8. I'd like to have one to two access points per room, for hooking up televisions or computers.
I have a latest and greatest multi gig Netgear modem (supporting up to 2.5 GB), and a Netgear nighthawk 6G router with a 2.5 GB port.
Somewhere in there I'd like to set up an NAS from which anyone at any of the access points could stream a movie or TV show or connect for gaming.
And I'm also trying to figure out the pros and cons of power over ethernet PoE, and if that's something that has to be set up with an electrician to supply the power to the network.
Are there special guidelines for cabling a house with power over ethernet? Is there a certain rated cable that can handle power like that? Does there need to be conduit that the cables run through through the house? From what I've read so far, PoE is the way to go in the future I want to add security cameras, etc.
Also, somewhere I want to set up my router in a central point from an access point in order to provide good Wi-Fi coverage throughout the house (approx 3750 sq'.).
I'm quite capable of doing a lot of the things myself, and I'm also sure that there's a good chunk of the work that should be done by an electrician or someone trained to do these things. Of course I'm figuring whatever labor I can do myself would save me enough money that it would allow me to upgrade to a higher quality of ethernet cable (i.e. Cat8).
I'm aware that using Cat8 could be a little bit of overkill, but I'm willing to spend an extra $500 to $1,000 for the better future-proofing.
Some thoughts and questions:
The initial line coming in from the network interface device is what, cat 3? I would like to make sure that there's no daisy chaining going on anywhere in the network.
From there, I guess the line coming into the house would ideally be hooked up to a switch? And from there would I run a Cat5-Cat8 Ethernet cable to the modem?
Currently the modem sets in the main level office. The wall panel for connections is in the wall of the upstairs closet from the bedroom.
With the initial line go from the NID to the panel upstairs, then a line to the modem in the office downstairs? And then a line from the modem back up to the panel upstairs which would hook into a 16-port switch, from which ethernet cables could be run to all the outlets through the house?
If you all have any answers to these things, please share. Also if there's any questions I'm not asking, what questions do I need to be also asking?
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2023.03.27 17:40 StepwiseUndrape574 Hey Rockstar, GTA Online Has A Bad CPU Bottleneck That Slows Loading But There's A Fix

GTA Online is Rockstar's incredibly popular cash cow that has been keeping gamers busy since 2013. Although the game should be relatively mature at this stage in its life, it still has plenty of flaws, such as horrendous loading times. These loading time issues have annoyed countless players, and now one player has tracked down the root issue to improve performance.
GTA V fan T0ST recently picked up GTA Online again to finish some new heists that have come out since he last played, but he was "shocked (/s) to discover that it still loads just as slow as the day it was released 7 years ago." With some grit, determination, and perhaps even some spite, T0ST decided it was "time to get to the bottom of this."
gta online ridiculous load times fixed benchmark
In the process of digging into GTA Online, T0ST had to do due diligence and research to make sure no one else figured out the problem. Once it was established that no one had, he ran some benchmarks on his PC with an aging FX-8350 CPU, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GPU, 16GB of DDR3, and a "cheap-o" Kingston SSD. Though these parts may be old, they should be plenty to get GTA Online off the ground in decent time, but that is not what happened. According to the data in the blog post, T0ST got into the story mode in approximately one minute and ten seconds, whereas it took nearly six minutes to get into online mode. After some polling, it appears that many other users are having the same issue . What could be happening here?
gta online ridiculous load times fixed taskmanager
Using the task manager, T0ST found that his CPU was being eaten for around four minutes during GTA Online's load process. Perhaps it was just a bottleneck happening on his CPU alone, but that would not make much sense. To track down the issue, T0ST went to dump the running processes' stack, showing where the offending process is happening in RAM. This information, acquired through Luke Stackwalker, gave T0ST a place to look for whatever was causing issues.
gta online ridiculous load times fixed lukestackwalker
After falling down the rabbit hole of trying to track down where the memory pointed, it all started to come together through assembly code reading and obfuscation. Evidently, when loading into GTA Online, a whopping 10MB worth of JSON is being parsed. It seems that it is data for something called "net shop catalog," which is likely just all the things purchasable in GTA Online using in-game currency.
gta online ridiculous load times fixed parseloop
Why this parsing takes so long is due to a function used called sscanf, which, in this instance, can be loosely equated to reading Romeo and Juliet by reading one word, then rereading the play, and then jumping back to the next word in the play. Furthermore, there is another bad programming issue just beside sscanf, which goes through the entire list of JSON entries in an array, one by one, and checks to see if there are duplicates by comparing a unique ID assigned to each item called a hash. Ultimately, it is a lot of extra and unnecessary work that slows down everything.
To solve this issue, T0ST decided to write a .dll (Dynamic Linked Library) and inject it into GTA so that sscanf is effectively streamlined. Also, rather than running duplication checks, they can just be skipped as items inserted into the storage array will always be unique, as was set up during the parsing effort. Once T0ST injected the DLL into GTA with both issues fixed, he saw his load times go from around six minutes down to a solid approximate two minutes.
As T0ST explains, this "won't solve everyone's load times - there might be other bottlenecks on different systems, but it's such a gaping hole that I have no idea how R* has missed it all these years." Ultimately, Rockstar needs to dig into this issue to save all GTA Online players headaches during loading. If you want to see what T0ST did exactly, you can check out his GitHub here and see what is going on. In any case, perhaps we will soon get an official statement from the development company, so keep an eye on HotHardware for updates.
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2023.03.27 17:39 Rinimand Played a long time? If so, then what mistakes do you still sometimes fall victim to?

Last night I was running base farming, cooking, etc. Am very well prepared for Yagluth battle. Decided to pop into the Plains and gather some more berries. A couple Fulings stopped over to say Hello. As I was totally Plains geared I thought, "Nothing to worry about, I can basically ignore them." . One hit: YOU ARE DEAD.
"What the ..."

I had forgotten to keep my food up. 2000 hours and I forget the most basic thing.
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2023.03.27 17:38 sandboxlollipop What ammo do I need for a cat war?

I've utterly lost it. We have a low key garden (grass, bark in the kids play area, planters for wild flowers etc..). I accept that we will get cats pooing to some extent given its not just all concrete but man I've had enough.
Every single damn cat in our area uses it as their litter tray. I used to love cats, grew up with many, would love one of my own, but there are just too many round here for another to rival all those territories. Even after I've scoured and cleared the garden so the kids can play, there's always poo left behind of course.
I'm going to go full guerrilla on them. What do I need to change/do? I'm open to anything. I put my foot down at concreting the whole garden or poison. I hate the poo but I cannot cross the poison line.
Will be using little sticks in the planters and maybe fork out to put down rubber stuff in the play area but the rest is a head scratcher. Any game changer ideas?
Edit: We've tried, smelly flowers everywhere, water deterrents, high frequency sensors, lion poo (lol!).
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2023.03.27 17:36 Nexrex Square graphics while in water/rivers RDR2

So I have started RDR2 on steam. This is my third time going back to the game. First time on pc. So everything looks amazing.... However, when I rode through a river i saw the water "splash" show up as solid squares. Really annoying... And odd since everything else is flawless.
Anyone have an idea what is causing this?
I7 8700 32gb 2x16 3600mhz cl18 Asus tuf RX 6950 XT Game is on an ssd (nvme) 1440p 165hz
I'm kinda scratching my head at this issue. have tried the drivers with ddu, re-install game, different settings...
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2023.03.27 17:36 slymantis [Wts][on] upgraded VFC VR16 M4, parts, optics, gear and bbs

Located in east GTA (Scarborough). Pick up available or shipping on buyer. NO TRADES
1. Upgraded vfc vr16 with gate titan - Shooting video:
Selling my primary airsoft rifle. This thing performs amazing and reliably. Shoots super fast on semi with amazing instant trigger response. Shoots consistently at 370fps with a .20g bb. I am second owner, and I was told the gearbox was built by Beige at Seige. Gun is currently set to safe-semi-semi for indoor use, so you'll have to reprogram the titan to get full auto. Will include a gate usblink
Internal Upgrades: -gate titan mosfet (not sure if basic or advanced) -shs 13:1 gears -matrix 3000 high torque motor -14 tooth piston -lonex steel bushings -lonex delayer -shs tappet plate -vfc bearing spring guide -ace1arms double oring nozzle -lonex pom piston head -manhunt type 1 cylinder -zci inner tightbore barrel -modify flat hop -ace1arms rotary hop up -speed trigger
Exterior upgrades -pts eps stock -10" mlok ev tech rail -magpul style motor grip -magpul style asap rear sling plate -Epsilon vg6 muzzle brake -magpul style trigger guard -full metal vfc upper amd lower receivers
Tuned to run on 11.1v batteries. 1 battery is included. More batteries available as well as a charger for extra.
Has a bit of midcap syndrome so I had to download midcaps a bit.
Asking $625 obo.
NC star Micro red dot - Real steel micro red dot. has removable picatinny base. Originally black, but has been spray painted tan. Paint could be removed with a bit of work. $50
1. Cannae Pro gear Vakarian plate carrier and front panel setup - Brand new, never used. FUll plate carrier setup in black withe front panel, dangler, 556 and 762 inserts, padded shoulder pads, elastic cumberbund and also includes a set of plastic plates. asking $225 for everything
2. 5.11 Taclite 8" leather boots, size 8W - brand new still in box with tags. $70
3. Z-tac PTT - got this with some other items, so dont know much about it. has single pin input. not sure on radio compatability. $5
4. Valken Sierra THerma goggles and mesh face mask - goggles are z87+ ansi rated. the goggle have slits cut into the sides of the seal to allow wearing of prescription glasses underneath. Slits are filled by the glasses arms and covered by the elastic strap when worn. Mesh mask is lower face and ear mesh protection. Also throwing in a set of well used hard knuckle gloves. $30 for all
BBs and mags
1. 8 bags of 4000 each, airsoft central 0.23g non-bio bbs. 7 unopened, 1 opened with less than 100bbs used. $130 for all
*2. 5 Midcap Mags and BB speed loader for m4 mags. * - 5 midcap mags in good condition. 3 are PTS EMPs and 2 are metal body king arms mid caps. Also included is an odin-style speed loader. $110
1. Prometheus Tightbore aeg inner barrel 195mm - originally longer but cut down. Cut is a bit rough on the exterior edge, but inner edge has been crowned so no issues with accuracy. $50
2. ZCI 6.02x363mm tight bore inner barrel - $40
3. Angel customs 6.01x97mm Gas blow back pistol GBB inner barrel - new still in package. compatible with most TM/WE style pistols that use a standard GBB bucking. $30
4.gas and propane containers - all used but still with gas. Each is about 1/3 - 2/3 full id say. $15 for all
Other stuff
1. SJcam SJ4000 sports action camera - brand new. got as a gift but never ended up using it. opened it up for the pictures and tested it, still working. Comes with at 32gb micro SD card as well as all original box mounts/attachments plus the extra head elastic mount, battery charger and a spare battery. Asking $90
2. 5.11 Range ready gear bag - used in very good condition. Great for hauling gear. $90
3. Husky Hard case - Husky hard tool case. Great for hauling gear. Has internal dividers. $40
5. Novelty bullet keychains - Made from real bullets and casings, but no primer or powder so they are completely inert. I have 8 calibers available, 9x19 luger, 40s&w, 45acp, 7.62x25 tokarev, 38 special, 5.56x45 (aka 223remington), 7.62x39 (have small case ejection dents), 7.62x51 (aka 308winchetser). $4 each. multiples of each caliber available. I can ship these by letter mail, usually up to about 4-6 for $5 shipping.
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2023.03.27 17:36 Gogsy Graphics card dying or monitor? Green lines everywhere, black squares around texts/highlights.

Hey folks, I have a super old PC and recently upgraded my monitor, mainly for use with Xbox but still hooked it up to the PC.
Everything was fine for weeks but now all of a sudden I have a lot of visual glitches happening such as black squares everywhere, green lines etc when using the PC. No issues with Xbox at all.
I have done everything I can think of, rolling back drivers to physically checking components/cables. Below are some pics of the issues.
The PC is plugged into the monitor through display port but same issues happen if I try another monitor with a HDMI cable, so I'm assuming the card is on the way out? No issues when plugging HDMI directly into motherboard.
Any advice would be great as I am lost on whether it is the graphics card or something else.
Monitor: Samsung Neo G8
GPU: Radeon RX 570 Armor 8GB
CPU: Intel i5-4460
MOBO: Gigabyte Z97P-D3
(PC is super old)
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2023.03.27 17:33 Gorotheninja Is NEO: The World Ends With You worth picking up for $30 on Steam?

I remember seeing this game awhile back put off buying it due to other stuff coming out around the same time. Saw it discounted on Steam for the ongoing square Enix sale, and wanted to know if it was worth picking up and if there are any pc quirks or issues I should know about before locking in a purchase.
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2023.03.27 17:31 Superteletubbies64 [H] Gotham Knights €14, Biomutant €6 and other stuff for sale [W] Paypal preferably, trades (only for Coromon, Lil Gator Game, Patch Quest (maybe), Tunche (maybe))

Really want Coromon so I might trade multiple smaller games for it
Gotham Knights and Biomutant are the only games I have a set price for, neither are for trade, don't send me a list of random games asking to trade for them or I'll block you. EU preferred, I can take $ but 1$ more for Gotham Knights and 0.50$ more for Biomutant because € and $ aren't equal and you have to cover fees. Same with pounds but less.
Only interested in Paypal offers and games in the title don't comment if you don't have either to offer. For AAA games I'm only taking Paypal offers, not trades Any comments with lists of random games I likely already own will be ignored and possibly blocked. My region is EU, if you are outside of EU you have to cover Paypal fees. I do not have a set price for anything, if you ask "how much for" you'll be asked if you have a price in mind.
Jurassic World Evolution 2
BIOMUTANT (might keep)
Hero's Hour (might keep)
Rogue Lords
Golden Light
Batora: Lost Haven (might keep)
Call of the Sea
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
112 Operator
911 Operator
Agent in Depth
Alchemist's Castle
Arcade Spirits
Cris Tales
Death Squared
Detached: Non-VR Edition
Doughlings: Arcade
Doughlings: Invasion
Euro Truck Simulator 2
Farming Simulator 17
Firegirl: Hack 'n Splash Rescue (might keep)
Frick, Inc.
Gotham Knights
Guilty Gear X2 #Reload
Guns & Fishes
Hack 'n' Slash
Hyper Gunsport
Izmir: An Independence Simulator
Lighthouse Keeper
Little Orpheus (might keep)
Lust from Beyond: M Edition
Meow Express
MirrorMoon EP
Mount & Blade: Warband
Non-Stop Raiders
Orbital Racer
Pathfinder: Kingmaker
Planet TD
Project Chemistry
Remnants of Naezith
Rym 9000
Soul Searching
Space Crew: Legendary Edition
Stick Fight: The Game
Strange Brigade
Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones
System Shock 2
System Shock: Enhanced Edition
The Amazing American Circus
The Inner World
Ticket to Ride
Worms Rumble
X-Morph: Defense Complete Pack
Zombie Driver HD Complete Edition
Dorfromantik (might keep)
DARQ (might keep)
Five Dates
Othercide (might keep)
My full list of games: https://barter.vg80b7/t/ (this link might be more up to date than the list above)
Full wishlist (bundled games are at the top so you don't have to scroll through tons of unbundled and upcoming games): https://barter.vg80b7/w/f/?filter=0,17,0,0
IGSRep (no longer updating):
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