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It's Groundhog Day! Again! A Sub for Fans of the 1993 Groundhog Day Film

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Groundhog Day film 1993 reddit Just a sub for fans, and for any and all things related to the 1993 Harold Ramis "Groundhog Day" film, starring Bill Murray, Andie McDowell, Chris Elliot, Stephen Tobolowsky--and Scooter the Groundhog.

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2023.03.27 17:54 Steini121314 I used to love this sub, but then I was banned for 30 days.

A while ago, I saw this sub in it's full glory. I thought: "Wow, this sub is so fucking funny!" And I explored it. Oh, for days on end I would explore the deeps. Oh, for days on end I would find the funniest obscure references. The fun and silliness of this subreddit was something I aspired to take part in. So one day, I decided to post. I found a funny pizza tower meme and thought you guys would love to see it, so I posted there.
Truly, that was my worst mistake. Shortly after I posted, Roomba commented on my post. I was so excited! A moderator? On MY post? It was thrilling. But then I saw. To my horror, I saw: "For making this post, this user was banned for 30 days." I was confused, distraught. How could they do this? I tried to protest, but I couldn't reply.
Nobody came. I waited for help, I waited for others to protest this, but nobody came. I was utterly alone in this. No one saw this. No one helped me.
This is why I am posting now. To call out the injustices that I was wrought. To help others get the help they couldn't. Spreading the message. If I am banned again, I won't be able to handle it.
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2023.03.27 17:48 StathisTsasakos Here's a funny story

Here's a funny story
On September 2022, I've made a short horror game called "The Sweet Treats Man!" for a game jam.
The production took 3 days including both asset making, animation, music composition and programming.
So, once I was done with my game's mechanics and gameplay, the scare factor and the atmosphere were the next important steps. I created the terrifying villain of the game and of course... the way he kills the player - aka his jumpscare!
While he was modeled and animated after a heavily distorted version of my face, weeks later after the game's first full release, a friend pointed out that the villain looks quite like the Twitch Streamer Jerma. When he showed me the meme for the first time, I was actually impressed by the similarity of the facial characteristics. I decided to keep it anyways like that, as it was too late to change it.
"The Sweet Treats Man!" got the Audience Choice Award in Greek Game Of The Year 2023, and 1st place in Isotopic. Therefore, I'm thinking along with my next-level indie game projects, to revisit this and give it an UNCUT version including extended story and gameplay.
But that's just an idea lurking somewhere in the back of my mind...
Who knows? Maybe Jerma might notice the similarity and play it one day... XD
One thing is for sure. The universe played me a well-done joke when I was animating this...
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2023.03.27 17:46 xanadaupark Upscale Sophisticated NYC Escort Agency Hiring..

Passion Models Management is accepting applications for female & male college students, Part timers,Retirees and moonlighters between 20-50
We prefer to work with girls & guys who are goal-oriented. An example of this would be somebody who is trying to make extra money to finish school or pay bills. This is not meant to be a long-term career.
Requirements: Be attractive, personality, poise, professionalism.
You must be Height/weight proportionate, intelligent & GFE or BFE friendly.
Valid drivers license, transportation Reliable Transportation ( except nyc cab transport/UbeLyft is fine), & cell phone are a must.
Woman owned & operated.
We provide a safe, professional working environment.
Flexible schedule, PT/FT, earnings $1000-$1500/day.
Submit 3 photos to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Passion Models Management, Phone 302-285-9602
Must have an open mind and a mature mentality*Honesty and Reliability are a MUST!*Models that are height and weight proportionate and take care of themselves*You must be friendly and have a great personality*Must have valid drivers license, reliable transportation, and cell phone*Only those with a high drive to succeed and make money
If you feel that you have all of the qualities that we are looking for and like what we are offering, we would love to hear from you!
Management,Passion Models Management, 302-285-9602
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2023.03.27 17:44 weebhoarder 24F Looking for a super awesome friend!

Howdy! Currently looking for a friend that I can talk with daily and throughout the day. I’m pretty open to chatting about anything, send memes/tiktoks to each other and maybe even vc. My interests are pretty basic. I like anime, gacha, anime figures, music, and k drama/tv shows. If you’re interested in chatting, feel free to reach out. I mainly use discord. Preferably, I’d really like to have a girl friend. I currently have none and I’d like someone to relate to in some way.
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2023.03.27 17:44 dazzaondmic Books to make me feel boyhood nostalgia

I am a 26 year old black male (I will explain why this is relevant later on). I took a few days off work to visit a foreign country. As I was exploring the city I walked into a park and a bunch of local kids ran up to me, full of excitement, to high five me. I’m guessing they don’t often see black people and this was a fun unusual experience for them. I also have cornrows in my hair and am dressed differently to the average person there.
This episode took me back to my childhood days playing with my friends and experiencing something exciting. The joy in these children’s faces almost made me tear up because I remember exactly what it was like to play in the park with my friends and having something unusual capture my attention like that. The memories are beautiful and bittersweet.
I’d love for a book to take me back there for a few hours. Alternatively I’d love a book where somebody else is having the experience of reminiscing on childhood memories. I love beautiful prose. Any books that fit the bill? Thank you
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2023.03.27 17:43 weebhoarder 24F Looking for a super awesome friend!

Howdy! Currently looking for a friend that I can talk with daily and throughout the day. I’m pretty open to chatting about anything, send memes/tiktoks to each other and maybe even vc. My interests are pretty basic. I like anime, gacha, anime figures, music, and k drama/tv shows. If you’re interested in chatting, feel free to reach out. I mainly use discord. Preferably, I’d really like to have a girl friend. I currently have none and I’d like someone to relate to in some way.
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2023.03.27 17:40 Guppycakes 25M LOOKING FOR LONG TERM FRIENDSHIPS 💜

HEY! I'm looking to make long term friendships with people looking for the same:3 I love having friends I can do just about anything with; listening to music together, watching shows or movies, calling any time, sending memes to each other, rant and vent, etc. If you're looking for the same, message me c:
I like to write poetry, listen mostly to Kpop but also love any kind of music like oldies, 2000's, etc, I like anime and manga, I love to read novels (especially fantasy and romance), I workout at the gym every weekday, and I love going out on walks or runs or hiking at the beach and taking pictures of pretty things, into skincare too, I like to play multiplayer games, I like to garden, and I also play the piano:D
I work from home so I have plenty of time to chat throughout my day. I also speak Spanish, and currently learning French in case you do too or would like to learn c: HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU AND HAVE A LOVELY DAY/NIGHT!!
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2023.03.27 17:40 frenchfries089 Making a meme from every Yotsuba quote in the movie: Day 142

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2023.03.27 17:34 Chain8Reaction What do you think of that?

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2023.03.27 17:34 MomentoMori1963 Friend that should know better invited me to his church. An atheist's history with the church.

SMS arrives: "Just saw Dr. Wilson at church... a sign you need to be my guest next week."
Background: Dr. Wilson (not real name) is an excellent MD PCP we share in common.
My initial take is my friend knows I am an atheist and is either looking to end the friendship. He has been ghosty lately or is just the conservative dumbfuck I always suspected him to be, Either way not good.
My history with churches isn't good. I normally go for new material and to see how far things have gone with these churches not out of any chance I find meaning in some nugget that comes from the massive pile of bullshit church, religion and god are based upon.
Visit # 1 (different friend) After dozens of requests to go see this exciting very positive pastor that is a 'must see' I give in and decide to go once. That particular day, neither my friend nor the magical pastor shows up. In the first few minutes they ask everyone there to reach out and shake the hand and greet the people near them. I am sitting in an otherwise empty row behind a family of four. They find people to the left and right and in front of them to greet but the wife also decides to turn around and greet me, she gives a nice smile and extends her hand I smile back and shake her hand politely. All of a sudden, her face has this look of shock and horror and she quickly turns around. Odd, I thought.
I'm sitting there listening to the bullshit when my hand resting on my thigh slides into my crotch area when I realize I had put on a pair of shorts that the crotch had completely exploded previously and I forgot to throw out. My junk (all of it) was fully exposed, 100% frank and beans. Oh fuck,,, I'm laughing to myself but at the same time fearful that I need to hightail it out of there before I'm identified and mom attacked for being a exhibitionist. I made it out safely and only wasted about 10 minutes at the church.
About 6 months later my friend reports back to me that he no longer attends that church because the positive and exciting pastor had to leave because he was doing marriage counseling for some members and ended up fucking some of the wives he was counseling. Also need to mention, the church has some kind of scheme/insurance fraud where you could sign up to make the church a beneficiary of your death and some one else would pay the premiums.
2nd visit with the friend now inviting me. We meet at this church and I know it's going to be a doozy. Many of the women are dressed up in garb from the 90s. Not Nadia Comăneci fresh off the plane from Romania 90s but the 1890s. There might be snake handling, there definitely will be speaking in tongues and feigned possession and exorcism. The pastor is as fake as a $3 bill, fake tan, dyed hair, think of the worst Vegas douche in Ed Hardy you've ever seen. His wife is also bubbly fake, half his age with fake tits and possibly also ass implants, bleach blonde and just a disaster of a human. I take it all in for 45 minutes and see a genuine circus sideshow for free with bad coffee and substandard donuts. BTW pastor arrived in a new black Range Rover. (which also shows a patent disregard for money and genuine ignorance of quality)
Within 2 years, this same pastor was given a life long sentence for defrauding retirees out of some number between $17M and $23M. Who knows? By life long, I mean, the number of years will surely exceed his lifespan. No chance he ever walks free again. The stolen money went to buy sports cars (all bad choices) and sporting tickets and box seats/suites, vacations. The fun times only lasted a year but to be sure, the pastor (as are all pastors) is a conman.
Given this history and known to my friend the response I am considering is;
"Are you sure? The last time we went to church together the pastor got a life sentence?"
Or I could rip the crotch out a pair of shorts and embarrass us all. Probably not the doctor though as he sees my junk annually already.
Have a great day everyone.
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2023.03.27 17:33 Mountain-Meringue913 Be Careful on Experian!

Be Careful on Experian!
If you use Experian to check your credit score or monitofreeze your credit, they might show you a screen like this (I get it every time I log in). You don't need to pay! Just choose "No, Keep My Current Membership". It's easy to accidentally think you need to pay for the service since they emphasize the "pay me" button.
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2023.03.27 17:29 Vegetable-Cobbler734 With the Nasdaq recording its biggest gain last week, can a new earnings week boost market confidence?

With the Nasdaq recording its biggest gain last week, can a new earnings week boost market confidence?

Is the financial crisis now under control?
Will the worst-case scenario never happen again?
These are the two main questions investors want to answer before deciding to take on additional risk. But if you judge by the Federal Reserve's decision earlier last week to raise interest rates in the wake of recent bank failures, they're not worried. After all, rising interest rates were a factor in the Silicon Valley bank failures.
To be sure, Silicon Valley Bank's collapse was to some extent self-inflicted.
The bank's management made a bad decision at the wrong time. With interest rates rising sharply, a bond yield of 1.79% is understandable. But the decision to sell $21 billion worth of bonds (a loss of $1.8 billion) caused many investors and depositors to begin questioning management's competence.
Two weeks later, the market has realized that the situation of 2008 will not be repeated. U.S. and international financial regulators and official bodies have injected confidence into the global financial system.
Earlier, 11 banks pledged $30 billion in deposits to the troubled First Republic Bank (NYSE:FRC), including JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM) and Bank of America (NYSE:BAC).
Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, the European Central Bank raised interest rates by 50 basis points last Thursday.
The Federal Reserve's decision to raise rates by 25 basis points last Wednesday gave another boost to market confidence.
Although many market participants, including Bill Ackman and Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk, oppose the price hike, analysts believe it is the right move in both the short and long term.
And if the market's reaction over the past two days is any indication, that view may be building a consensus, although the market as a whole appears neither optimistic nor pessimistic.
Stocks rose for a second straight session after the Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 25 basis points last Wednesday, pushing major benchmark stock indexes to achieve weekly gains.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 132.28 points, or 0.41%, to close at 32,237.53. Shares of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), IBM (NYSE:IBM), Salesforce (NYSE:CRM) and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) rose, pushing the blue-chip index back above key support levels.
The S&P 500 index rose 22.27 points, or 0.56%, to close at 3,970.99; the technology-dominated Nasdaq Composite Index rose 36.56 points, or 0.31%, to close at 11,832.96.
On a weekly basis, the Dow Jones rose 1%, while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq rose 1% and 1.2%, respectively.
The Nasdaq Composite recorded its biggest gain last week, led by gains in technology stocks as investors bet the Federal Reserve will take a less hard-line stance on raising interest rates from now on.
Not surprisingly, investors have bet that the Fed will start cutting rates sometime in the second quarter of this year, according to the CME's FedWatch tool.
Whether this will spark a short-term rally remains to be seen. In the meantime, increased exposure to the sectors that have fallen the most, especially interest-rate-sensitive stocks, could pay off soon.
01 Micron Technology (NASDAQ:MU)
-- Tuesday, March 28th after hours
Wall Street expects Micron to report revenue of $3.73 billion and a loss of 80 cents per share. That compares with revenue of $7.79 billion and earnings of $2.14 per share a year ago.
The improved outlook for memory chips pushed Micron stock to rally, with the stock closing at a more than one-month high last Thursday.
Micron has gained 8 percent and 4.5 percent in the past week and 30 days, respectively. Not only has the stock gained 22 percent in six months, it is up 23 percent so far this year, outpacing a 3 percent gain in the Standard & Poor's 500 Index. More gains are likely ahead, said Citigroup analyst Danieli, who reiterated his buy rating on the stock.
In the first two quarters, the company suffered from a sluggish economy and macro issues. In addition to weak demand and falling prices for memory chips, the company has dealt with supply chain headwinds in an already volatile memory market.
As evidenced by the recent stock action, investors are optimistic that the memory business has reached a cyclical trough. Meanwhile, management cut operating expenses to maintain margins and protect the company's balance sheet, and these cost reductions helped Micron meet profitability targets while waiting for demand and price stability to return.

BlackBerry (NYSE:BB)

-- Thursday, March 30 (After Hours)

Wall Street expects BlackBerry to report revenue of $156.65 million and a loss of 7 cents per share. This compares with revenue of $185 million and earnings of 1 cent per share in the same period last year.
BlackBerry shares have been rallying strongly so far this year, up 18 percent so far this year, while the S&P 500 has risen just 3 percent over the same period.
After falling about 50 percent in the past year, the cybersecurity specialist is looking for ways to revive revenue growth and regain investor confidence. In the most recent quarter, the company's security division, which accounts for more than 60 percent of revenue, reported a year-over-year revenue decline of $22 million, or nearly 20 percent.
Investors want to see the division's revenue recover before betting on a sustained rise in the stock price. Meanwhile, analysts aren't holding their breath, having pushed back the once-brilliant tech company's return to overall revenue growth until 2024.
Analysts had been busy downgrading expectations ahead of last Thursday's data release. Notably, this will be the ninth consecutive quarterly revenue decline. Nonetheless, management is targeting $1.2 billion in revenue in fiscal 2027, and they believe there is a huge opportunity for the company to serve customers who need device security as the number of connected devices continues to grow.
Nonetheless, given that BlackBerry shares have still fallen sharply over the past year, the market will want to see if its fundamentals can justify a higher price.
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2023.03.27 17:27 nadamormon I get three days

I get three days between my birthday, and my brother's. In the twenty-some years since his adult death, they're the three days of peace between one birthday phone call from my mother, and the four months afterwards between his birthday and his deathday, which she spends posting daily "happy heavenly birthday", "my son is in heaven", and "worst day of my life" memes.
I'm not asking for her to forget her son. A lot of people have family to mourn. And children take up a special spot. I'm just asking her to remember me, her daughter. Weekly temple trips (6 hours round-trip) to atone for her life's failures, and a once-yearly trip to visit me, and her grandchildren (4 hours round-trip). So much time spent focused on the dead, that she forgets the living. So much life missed, in order to make sure the dead are dug up again, and again, to live their deaths to the fullest.
I remember the old church "Isn't it about time?" tagline. It's sad that the time wasted is on people already dead.
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2023.03.27 17:25 Vrobrolf Adding the top upvoted pelotonmeme comment to this picture of Alexander Foliforov until the weird Pog/Remco eye meme gets banned. Day 15: Marc Soler gets chased down by the gang

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2023.03.27 17:23 cuteButNo Flights delay issues

I’m hoping someone here can guide me in the best course of action. I was in Vegas last month. Flying home Sat but my flight out Vegas was delayed like 5 hrs making me lose my connecting flight home so it had to be changed til the next day. I spoke with 2 different reps from the airline (chat convo and have screenshots) I asked them about the hotel and expenses for the extra night they both said keep receipts send them here (provided me a link) and we will reimburse you. I specifically asked are there any limitations?, what hotel should I stay at?, and both times the answer was no there is no limitations, I further explained I was staying at the Caesar Palace and I wanted to know if I needed to change hotels. I was told by their reps you can stay there or find another hotel if you like, just keep the receipt and send it to us to reimburse you. (I have the screenshots to prove this convo) I submitted receipts and at first they said they will only give me 150 in s credit for my next flight. I said no that’s not what you said so they told me to send receipts somewhere else, now they want tell me they will just give me $200 per person (there were 2 of us traveling) to cover the almost $800 credit card bill. I only included hotel and an extra day of car rental. They also sent my luggage to the wrong airport with the wrong name so I didn’t have my luggage until 3 days after I got home. I’m willing to do whatever it takes bc that’s not ok! I was very specific when I asked about limits and reimbursement.
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2023.03.27 17:23 gamerdude710 23 Years Old - Career Advice - Currently CRE Associate in Tertiary Market Local Brokerage

I graduated from University in Spring of 2020 with a bachelors in Finance and Real Estate. After graduating, I did not know what I wanted to do so I went to work for my father, an MAI Commercial Appraiser. Not long after that I realized appraising was not the field I wanted to be in.
He introduced me to two 60+ gentlemen who have been in the CRE Brokerage business the past 30+ years. They brought me onto their team, I got my license, and have been with them since November 2020.
I live in what I would consider a tertiary market (our counties population is less than 200k). Due to the low population, we do not have any pure commercial real estate brokerages located in our county. My brokerage is a hybrid resi/commercial brokerage but my team within the brokerage only does commercial.
Now that it has been 2 years working with them, I am worried about my finances. Right now, my split is 20% to me, and 40% each to the other two team members. My 20% to me is also split 60/40 and my brokerage keeps the 40. First year I netted 33k, second 58k. This year has been pretty slow, with only about 8k this quarter (assuming everything closes).
Since working, I have purchased my first home (230k) and have a roommate to help me pay the bills. My role within the team is basically everything, I call prospects, write PSA's, create OM's, etc....the only thing I am missing is lead generation, which is why I do not think it is fair to ask for the same % cut from my team, because at the end of the day, I am not bringing in clients or customers.
I do not know what the best road forward for me is, I love commercial real estate and have learned a TON since working with these two guys. But for me, I would like to make more money. The biggest deal I have been involved in was a sale of a local restaurant + real estate for $4.75M. I am currently looking into getting my CCIM and am open to any career change recommendations inside the CRE industry.
I would appreciate some advice from the folks that if they could hit the reset button, what would they do differently in the CRE career atmosphere.
Edit: Since my market is small, we have to generalize type properties. I have been involved in land deals for retail and MF developers, retail, office, leases, a little bit of everything.
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2023.03.27 17:20 LadyLurkerHandz I am struggling, with no end in sight…

I am just writing this here because there’s just a limit to how much I can unload on my husband.
I thought it would get easier, that I would get better as an adult. It hasn’t. I haven’t. My brain is constantly on fire and while therapy has been incredibly helpful with dealing with my anxiety and depression, it doesn’t change the way my brain operates.
I feel sorry and ashamed most of the time. Sorry that i married my husband and had a baby with him, not because I’m unhappy, but because i feel like he could’ve had a better life with someone else. Someone he didn’t have to remind to finish folding a load of clothes. Or complete our baby’s bedtime routine.
I’m ashamed that simple things completely elude me. Appointments, due dates for bills, work tasks, birthdays, you name it. I used to be decent at my job. I’m not anymore. I’m basically doing almost enough to not get fired (they’re not really in a position to fire me and hire someone else right now.) And the level of stress I feel is damaging.
I don’t want to be medicated but I’m not really seeing much of an alternative at this point. Maybe I should just disclose my ADHD and ASD diagnoses to my employer. Not much to lose.
Even having good days now kinda makes me sad. Cuz I know a drop is probably coming soon and I’m preparing myself for all the shame and guilt that comes with that. Apologizing for being the way I am. I’m just tired.
Anyway. Back to work… I’m hoping to get something productive done today. Think positive! (Sorry y’all, I don’t mean to be a bummer.)
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2023.03.27 17:20 Patient-Wrongdoer711 use of functions throughout my life (guess my type)

FETUS (ages <7 through 10 // 2nd through 4th grade) - constant brainstormer / out of the box thinking (tbh other kids could never catch my drift bc i was always trying to connect two VERY different concepts together while also mentioning stupid "fun facts" that would help support my argument for why they can be connected. the others just b like "tf those things are so diff why are you trying to connect them???" specific example: me saying that we should eat bugs bc they have protein just like "normal" food //i just hated eating eggs which my parents told me had the protein i needed lol - i was very social but found it hard to connect with my peers because of my weird, inconsistent thought process
- was seen as the "weird kid". i always tried too hard to catch others attention
- found it hard to put myself in "others shoes" (i remember hurting a kids feelings and was told to apologize by the teacher and i ended up saying "why? i was joking!" //extra context: the joke was me telling the most sensitive kid in my class "you know who weighs [insert an insanely big, random number]? YOUR MOMMMMM")

A LITERAL CHILD ON THE INTERNET (ages 11 through 13 // 5th through 8th grade) aka the start of my mental illness era - feeling like i can literally FEEL others emotions (tbh it wasnt like i would look at someone who was sad and i'd start to feel sad to or over empathetic- it was never that deep? i was just good at reading the room tbh - using others experiences or words to describe MY feelings (i always found it hard to describe emotions with my own words)
- i'd conform to others goals for me because i really never cared that much to look deeply into myself to find what i wanted for my future pFF? listen man i was just a lil guy making shitty art and memes
- projected how i felt about myself onto others (internally i'd be thinking "i hate myself" and then look at a friend and b like "they hate me too")

AN "EDGY" KID (ages 14 through 16 // 8th through 10th grade) aka the "it's not a phase, MOM" era .. but also the worst of my mental illness yIPPEE - overindulging in nostalgic feelings (i'd literally seek out old plushies or tv shows just for me to cry to bc "i miss those days")
- overthinking about embarrassing memories or very specific past details that most likely no one else remembers because it was so long ago AND so minor (specific example: one time i said i wanted to marry my older cousin, skyler //note this was when i was like 5 or 6 mAYBE 7??? :skull:)
- impulsive but not in a cool "i'm a rebel" way- i would literally self-sabotage to get others attention
- "friends are for the WEAK" / "was that supposed to be an INSULT? hAH! well you failed bc i take it as a compliment! *goes to cry in a corner*" mentality (i would try to act tough and incapable of feeling upset but guess what? i was not so secretly fragile :exploding_head:

WAIT... I'M AN ADULT??? (ages 17 to now.. almost 19 // 11th grade to high school graduate) - ngl i still do a lot of these same things but it's more controlled / toned down :pensive:
- i still sometimes just go with what the majority wants- not to "keep the peace" but just bc it's stupid to fight a hoard of conservatives /hj /sarc
- i have really good fcking memory (especially with small, mostly useless details)???
- REALLYYYY SOCIAL and i no longer care if people dont understand me bc i've come to accept that most are stupid /lh /hj
- some words to describe me (stolen from what others described me as tbh random, impulsive, clever, confident, outgoing

guess my type, losers /lh MBTI, enneagram, tritype, big 5, temperament i know for a fact- but feel free to do anything :0
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2023.03.27 17:20 TheRealYosh 21M Spunk resembles mucus

I used to drink 1-3 monsters every day, I sometimes smoke(once in a month or twice). I drink a lot but not every day. Not sure if it helps but previously had cancer at age of three been in remission since 10. I'm getting better about drinking water. Spunk slightly hurts and closely resembles a thick yellowish-greenish mucus. I don't know what doctor to go to and I'm already deep in medical bills
Edit: wanted to include my height and weight. ~120. 6'3"
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2023.03.27 17:19 carokrny Disabled Resident, Need Help Navigating a Fraudulent Ambulance Bill

Hello smart and savvy SF residents,
I'm 98% sure I'm being bamboozled and am trying to figure out whether it's worth contacting an attorney, or if this is one of those scenarios in American healthcare where patients just get screwed. Any advice is appreciated.
A few months ago, moved to a new apartment. My new apartment had some toxic fumes and an ambulance was called. In the ambulance, one EMT provided care (oxygen and an IV that was immediately removed by the hospital for being in the wrong place) while the other EMT took my DL and insurance card. I was conscious the entire ride.
Then I received a bill for $5300+ from the private-equity-owned ambulance company. They didn't run my insurance on this bill. They claimed they don't have my insurance.
I did some googling, and found the SF City Controller appears to set maximums ambulance billers can charge for rides: The maximum is ~$2400, which is less than half what I was billed. I called the ambulance company's customer support and informed them of this.
A few days ago, I received a letter in response that said they followed "all local Emergency Medical Services procedures and protocols," which sounds like fancy lawyer language that skirts my actual complaint.
But the weird thing is, this letter was sent to my old address. I never gave them this address (why would I? I had already moved from there when the ambulance was called). This address wasn't/isn't on my DL, nor did the hospital have record of it. I only lived there a short time. But this address *is* associated with my insurance because I got new insurance while living there. I had't updated the address by the time of the ambulance ride, so when they took down my insurance and contacted my insurer to make sure I had coverage, this is the address the insurer would have on file. There's no other way, as far as I am aware, that they could have this address if not for having my insurance.
I called them again today and the customer service rep couldn't give me an answer as to how they had my old address, but insisted they do not have my insurance on file.
This strikes me as fishy, since they clearly do have my insurance info. I think they used it to check whether I was insured, but then sent me the exorbitant bill to see if I would just pay it outright. I don't think this fits the definition of surprise billing per se, but it does at least feel illegal to have a patient's insurance and not run it. This whole thing feels really scammy to me, but maybe that's just how ambulances are now a days?
I'm looking for guidance mainly on three points, but any info is appreciated:
(1) are private ambulance contractors somehow exempt from the billing maximums set by the City Controller?
(2) is it illegal for a medical provider to have my insurance info but refuse to run it and send me a bill for the entire amount? Or otherwise lie about having not having my insurance info?
(3) is any of this worth contacting an attorney over? If so, what type of attorney? Or would it be a better use of time and money to just give them my insurance again, pay the bill, and avoid collections?

Some other info:
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2023.03.27 17:16 Peliquin Rant/Vent: My Groceries hit 450+ bucks in March. For one person. This isn't sustainable.

Some of that was I had a guest and I bought some fancy snacks, but that was one grocery run, totaling maybe 40 dollars of extra fun stuff. And some of it was meat that I will have through at least some of April, but mostly this was basics. The splurges included:
  1. One 3.59 cent package of cookies.
  2. 20 dollars in chocolate.
  3. A 5 dollar frozen pizza.
  4. 25 dollars in chips.
As we can see, splurges don't explain the overall picture.
This time last year I was eating better, and for less. A lot less. Last march featured a 10 day house guest, and I didn't even tap 400 dollars even with treats and snacks to share. (to put that into perspective, this March was 35 person-days of eating, last march was 41. This years is 13 dollars per day, per person, and last year was 9 dollars, or a 30% jump in prices at my local stores.)
That seems crazy, absolutely crazy, but I've price checked a few things to confirm my suspicions. A chocolate bar I could regularly get on sale for less than dollars last year is now retailing at almost three, and "on sale" for anything between 2.35 and 2.65. Even if we say that less than 2 dollars on sale was 1.95, that's a 17% jump. Cream cheese I could get for 2.00 last year this time, maybe a little less. Now it's 3.15 for the same brand. The cheap stuff is 2.85. That's a 42% jump for the category, and a 57% jump for the product. I stocked up on beans last year around this time. 58 cents a can. Cheapest I've seen it is 98 cents a can recently. Might have seen a couple 89 cent cants this year, but that's a 35% jump. Cheap meat that is also trustworthy (I've been burned by meat before, so I will admit to not buying the absolute bargain basement stuff) is at least 5 dollars a pound, and more likely to be closer to 6. This is actually the smallest leap in the staples, somewhere between 15 and 20% jump. But lump it all together and I'm being slaughtered by a 30% rise in food prices.
I don't eat fancy, I'm not even buying decent cheese right now. Soda has long since left the building, chips are typically a guest-only food, I *treated* myself to a bean-free week, but that's not going to be happening again soon, and I'm not eating out. My biggest problem is I can't eat filling cheap stuff (gluten) so sometimes I overdo it on fruit and veg. But I've cut down on the fancy veggies I buy. Goodbye romaine, hello cabbage (which I don't like that much, to be totally honest, but here we are....)
I'm going to try to do a pantry/freezer cleanout in April for sanity sake, and I think that will take at least a week. But I'm also ruthlessly trimming stuff out of the cart. I think I need to say no to yogurt and rice cakes, which I usually top with fruit as a little healthy treat. I think I'm going to limit myself to buying milk/cream, veggies, and eggs in April, maybe some dry goods like rice and beans, and a few condiments I can't make myself. I do have a guest coming, and for that I will probably have some chips and chocolate, and maybe a fancy snack, but that's it. They are just going to have to survive the great pantry cleanout and cabbage catastrophe that will be this coming month.
But this &^&%$% is ridiculous.
EDIT TO ADD: Guys, I've been doing the frugal mambo for decades now. I know about beans, lentils, combo proteins, fluffing your meat out with mushrooms and pureed veggies. This is my bill with all the tricks in.
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2023.03.27 17:15 somnum_osseus Making a meme from every line in Shrek (2001) Day 461

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