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Should I reply?

2023.03.25 18:46 Fabulous-Parsley6118 Should I reply?

Hello! I (18F) have started being afraid of answering messages from people I havent talked to in a long time. The reason is that two times this year someone from my old class (I was in class with them three years ago) reached out to me. We talked a little and it was nice. And then they said they liked me and asked to go in the romantic direction. And I had to reject because I dont like romantic relationships. And then they were sad and I felt guilty (not good for any of us). In both the situations I met them randomly somewhere and they added me on snapchat a while later. Now I am afraid of answering messages from boys because I am afraid that the same will happen again. Today a boy from my old class sent me a message on messenger and asked how I was doing and asked for my snapchat username. I met him randomly at the grocery store a week ago. I am afraid of responsing in case the same thing will happen again. But also it would be nice to be friends with him. He is a nice person. But I am afraid of respoding. Any advice?
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2023.03.25 18:46 Mundane_Violinist353 Issue amongst TAs … how should I handle this?

Issue amongst TAs and teaching - how should I go about bringing this up?
I’m posting an edited version of this (already deleted the other) because I explained what happened poorly. This involves an issue with TAs and subbing for classes.
BEFORE I START: TAs in my department normally sub for each other if someone has a conference, medical event or unforeseen difficult circumstances. It is understood that this privilege should not be abused in my department. ALSO … I had NO IDEA as to why this particular TA was asking me to sub until AFTER the subbing happened.
Earlier in the week, another TA PMd me and asked me to sub for their class. I later found out that they were asking me to sub so that they could take a paid subbing job in the same department. AGAIN, I had NO IDEA that they were taking another paid subbing job when they asked me to sub.
I essentially ended up having to teach two classes in one day, took additional time out of my schedule and got paid the same amount of money that I normally do while they earned more for only teaching one class. Before anyone asks how do I know for sure if the other TA’s sub job was paid, it 1000% had to be because of the nature of the job and our contract. I have had to turn down similar jobs because I was teaching at that time.
I’m angry and I’ve had enough - this person has a history of treating me like a child, refers to the undergraduates that they teach as ‘children’ and makes jokes about undergraduates ‘not being able to handle things’.
I’m will be having a chat with our supervisor so that things are kept fair from now on but was wondering about the implications of such a talk and wanted to see what others had to say about it - anything I should take into consideration before doing this?
Thanks a bunch!
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2023.03.25 18:46 throwra_money AITA for using $10 words occasionally with my girlfriend? I think it is cromulent, she seems annoyed.

We are both middle aged, she is a little younger. I am male. We live in a fairly rural area, if that matters. We both have the same level of education from the same university in nearly the same field, both on academic scholarship. I grew up slightly more middle class. She grew up a little rougher in another state.
We are both successful in our chosen fields. She was the youngest to ever reach her management level, about 10 years ahead of the usual schedule. She is a big reader, usually going through 2-3 books a week. She doesn’t watch many movies or TV. She has a wider circle of friends than me, if that matters.
I was moderately successful at work and found a perfect fit and decided not to advance, despite being capable of climbing higher. I made enough and really liked what I did. I read mostly political, financial and scientific news.
I like writing and learning and have always had a knack for remembering words and using them. I keep it in check most of the time. Around my engineer friends I will let loose on word play and not have to hold back. I really enjoy these types of free rolling conversations.
Around my GF and some of our mutual friends I also keep it at a Middle school level 99% of the time. If somehow a bigger words comes up from an outside source they usually turn to me. They do the same for math or anything technical. I might drop a big word twice a year in this setting.
I have never adjusted my vocabulary significantly to my kids. They both have above average vocabularies in their teens. Her teen son is more like me than her. He trends a little more technical and occasionally drops word bombs and surprising facts.
Maybe twice a month in conversation with my GF I will use a word she doesn’t know. She has a wide vocabulary so it is pretty rare. I would never use a word that I know she doesn’t, or shouldn’t, know.
A good example is the word prescient. It is a great word, that most people should have come across many times by middle age. It condenses an entire sent nice into a single word. I know she has come across it multiple times.
If I use a word like prescient she just seems angry, like I am talking down to her, or making fun of her if she doesn’t know it. I am not trying to talk down. I’m trying not to talk down. I don’t do it on purpose, I just guess wrong that she knows it.
I feel like censoring myself to a 5th grade level 100% of the time would be exhausting for me and insulting to her. I don’t think I should have to tone it down that last 1-2% of the time.
AITA for not being more prescient about her vocabulary?
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2023.03.25 18:38 alexisinperil How to tell if a shy guy is interested?

I (f18) am interested in this nice guy (m18) at my school. We sit next to each other in advisory, and chat a lot. Recently, we've been talking more and I even sat with him during our study hall period on a couch in the school's library. He's kind of shy I think, because he didn't start joking around with me until we had talked a few times. During study hall he was blushing a little as we chatted. He also brought up that he has/had Tinder but hasn't gone on a date with anyone yet. He also put his arm on the back of the couch for a bit, not too long, maybe a minute tops l (still made my heart flutter) And, he mentioned a movie we both wanted to see and I brought up the showing times next weekend to try and coax him into asking me. He even walked me halfway to my class and waited for me to get down the stairs. I don't think he's just humoring me, but im not sure. I'm not afraid of rejection, I just want to make sure I'm reading things right! I wouldn't want to come on too strong and make him uncomfortable like I have with other guys.
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2023.03.25 18:38 a_latina AITA for not letting my friend borrow anything from me again?

My friend who we will call Sunny one time asked to borrow my mascara, I let her borrow it but before she opened it I said, “Be fast about it because I don’t want my makeup getting dry and messing up”
I had just got the mascara like a week before and I hadn’t even gotten a chance to use it.
She said she promised to be quick started doing her lashes and stuff but then she kept on talking to people while holding the wand out in the air and it really triggered me because I’m just anxious about stuff like that (idk if that’s the right word to use) and my voice was getting high pitched and I was saying, “SUNNY PUT IT BACK IN BECAUSE YOU AREN’T DOING ANYTHING.” and everyone was telling me to settle down.
A few days later in a different class she asks to borrow it again. She was annoying the living crap out of me and she was going, “pweaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeee I pwomise I won’t do it againnnn” in a baby voice so I was just like, “fine” and gave her the mascara.
Some of my other friends were distracting me while she was putting it on and then Sunny shouted, “HEY! (My name) LOOK!!” And she was waving the wand all in the air and laughing.
I snatched it from her and I said, “If you want to abuse my stuff like that then you will not get to use them. Don’t ask me for this or any other of my things again.” And she called me a bad friend for doing that.
I’d also like to say whenever she asked to borrow the mascara, she was already wearing her own mascara so I don’t really know why she needed to use mine? Maybe I’m overreacting? Yk since I don’t like how she acts and I don’t really wanna be her friend anymore maybe I was just being rude?? Idk
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2023.03.25 18:36 flowercentric im at a loss

My ex (26m) and I (23f) were together for 2 years and he broke up with me in October of last year. We started off long distance and moved in together right around the time Covid started. He moved states to be with me which I don’t think any other guy would ever do. Our relationship was something that I truly adored and it was great until it wasn’t. A few months after moving in together, we started having small arguments. We would both say hurtful things to each other and these arguments would last for hours into the night until we both exhausted ourselves.
The next morning we would act like nothing happened and that was the issue..we never talked about what happened. Instead we just forgot. I would normally wake up early and make breakfast for us and apologize for hurting him and make sure to be extra affectionate to him to make up for it and normally we would just move on.
I realized that I put a lot of pressure and responsibility on him. I took my name off of the lease because I felt like we needed some distance between us, but then I would always move back in but I never put name back on the lease.
I stopped paying my portion of the rent as well and that was my first mistake because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be in the relationship because of how terrible things were getting between us but he still allowed me to stay at the apartment with him..
I basically left all the bills and rent up to him and I felt horrible about it. On top of that, I was in between jobs and starting online classes and it was just really stressful for me and him. But he eventually told me to focus on school and that he would take care of the bills.
I didn’t want to leave it up to him, but I felt like I deserved to be treated better. So I was basically going back in forth between my parents and (what became) his place.
But these arguments started to happen more and more and they started to escalate. One day, we argued about something I had said, and I was on the phone with my mom, while he was on the phone with his, and I was talking to him through the door, and he came out and slapped me. It wasn’t hard, but I was shocked…I cried and called the cops and that was the first time I had called the cops on him.
I told them what happened and they just let him off with a warning but there was a police report for him assaulting me.
Another time I called the cops on him, he had been grabbing me by the arm, and pushing me all over our bedroom, and I was afraid so I called the cops on him, again.
The cops spoke to us both and asked us questions like “do you two really love each other?” To which we both said yes. And they basically told us that we needed to change or our relationship would be at risk..
They gave us really great advice but unfortunately it wasn’t good enough. The more the arguments happened, the more he started to get physical.
I would say something that made him upset, and he would only grab me, but it was hard and tight and often left bruises because of how tight he was holding on to me. He would push me down onto the bed if I tried to leave the room, and stand in the doorway. At those points I was always crying and begging for him to just stop and walk away. I would call my mom as well and she would try to help us both calm down but it just became too much..
Each time I got a bruise (I have records of more than a dozen), I would take pictures of them and store them somewhere safe. I still have those pictures and I’m not sure what to do with them…I was thinking about taking them to the police but it’s too late.. it has been months to a year since I’ve had some of those photos and the most recent ones I have were from august of last year..
In august he told me he was moving back to his parents because of our neighbors, and how awful they were. So I also ended up moving back home.
We had a phone call where I was expressing how upset I was because he wasn’t helping me look for a new place since we both hated being with our parents.
He got upset and hung up the phone and ghosted me for two weeks and blocked me. Then one day he responds to an email I had sent him, and we call each other, and then he just breaks it off.
I feel so guilty for how terrible things were between us. If I would have just kept my mouth shut we would still be together. He was the love of my life.
I still have those photos of the bruises he gave me and I just can’t bring myself to delete them. I have tried to get him to apologize for hurting me the way he did but he never does.. he won’t even meet up with me in person..
He has me blocked on everything because I’ve been reaching out too much to just get the apology that I need to be able to move on properly, because honestly this has messed me up so badly..
We spoke on discord last month and things were great at first but then I started expressing how hurt I felt about how he has been treating me since the breakup and then he started raising his voice at me, while I was already crying and had to be up for work, and it just made me upset so I ended up leaving the call and unfriending him..
Then I ended up apologizing to him through an email for making him upset but he never apologized for raising his voice or anything..
After he would hurt me, he never apologized. And it made me question the entire relationship..
I’m always the one who has to apologize but it’s never reciprocated..
Any advice on how to get through this?
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2023.03.25 18:35 ElectricalPin3429 My small Opinion on the game

Graphics are an improvment from D3 and D2R thats for sure, things have aloot more details which is cool, i dunno if im a fan of the color pallet cuz wen everything is the same color nothin shines in the envierment.
After recently playing diablo immortal i cant not notice that the mobs placment are almost the same, and world traverse design is also the same, most of the areas you walk in are narrow areas, like in lost ark but abit wider, D3 and D2 had big wide areas, world feels very cluncked together events arent in a middle of a field they are in a speaific narrow area for players Not to miss each other, not enjoying walking in the world.
Main hub is unneseaerily big.
Mobs death animation are chefs kiss, cant wait to come home late and tierd and just mindlessly slay huge hordes of demons and see all the reckdoll and splatter, they nailed this part.
UI mostly looks like diablo immortal but the thing that bothers me most is the skill/talent tree, no art and it looks so boring, not to talking about how small it is(maybe paragon will add some pazaz)
I dont like how dialoges with side quest NPC lock your camera with a slow movment, they should INSTA show me the talking charecter will full zoom talking, more focus on them, getting a side quest from a whispering npc from a max zoom makes watever happens seems minor, more love to side quesr npcs pls
Sorc- is boring. Barb- is interesting but weak. Druid- is interesting but is missing something(cant put finger on what). Rogue- did not expect to like it so much, very cool class. Necro- skellys look like from D3 or cartoon network OP Lacks real focus on a singal theme build.
This was my opinion, i bought the heroic addition, i took a week off work for launch and i will play it will the end and then some. took D3 10 years to get where it is now, right now i enjoy D3 more cuz D4 feels like Diablo Immortal 2. I give this game a solid 6/10 and im rooting for the future cuz upgrades never end
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2023.03.25 18:35 Signal-Trifle1592 How can I try catch a cheating spouse with an Android phone, that is always locked and using WhatsApp?//How can I catch someone cheating on WhatsApp?// How do cheaters hide stuff on their phone?// What hidden apps do cheaters use on Android?// What hidden apps do cheaters use to communicate?

[email protected] ---------------- A cheating partner can use WhatsApp to keep constant communication with the person they're involved with. Being a personal messaging app that requires direct phone numbers for interaction to take place, it's more likely for an unfaithful partner to use WhatsApp.

Way to Catch A Cheating Husband on WhatsApp - 100% Effective

How to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on WhatsApp? Except you can easily access their phone and launch their WhatsApp app every time, you have to use a WhatsApp monitor app. With it, you're able to catch any WhatsApp cheater without being caught in the act. [email protected] is the answer of "how to catch a cheater without their phone." It is such a precisely developed remote monitoring app that can let you view WhatsApp cheater's chats, status, calls and other media files to gather the evidence.
Built with powerful features, this WhatsApp cheating app has an excellent reputation in the market. The best part is you will never compromise on your identity as it stay incognito on the target device. Also, the WhatsApp data is uploaded in real-time so you can always know what is going on.
With the advent of technology, cheaters all over the world can conveniently use messengers to cheat on their partners. WhatsApp messages are not a big hassle and are very common nowadays, but still, it is not difficult to find out what is WhatsApp is used for cheating and what your cheating spouse is doing in real-time. All you need to do is keep an eye out for the way they behave around you with their phone.

How Common Is WhatsApp Infidelity?

WhatsApp is actively used for fraud because it is widespread, it is easy to download and install on your phone, and it keeps its user’s information completely private. One can use passwords, hide chats, and not let a phone slip out of their hands – long story short, do everything to prevent exposing their messages. It is common for cheaters to use this app and keep their secrets safe. As every lie comes to light, with many spy apps available at a nominal cost, catching hold of a disloyal partner is not that difficult.
To recognize WhatsApp cheating tricks, all you need to do is look for subtle signs that your partner is giving away unintentionally. Social media can no longer keep secrets away from someone well-versed with all app features and options. It takes a smart mind to hide secrets and a smarter mind to dig them out. Look for these signs if you doubt your spouse.

How to Find Out If Your Husband or Boyfriend Is Cheating on WhatsApp

How to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp and make him stop. It can be tough to see your husband or boyfriend no longer interested in you. If you notice their attitude towards you changing beyond normal, then you just need to follow the trail of cues lying in front of you. A cheating husband or boyfriend can be cautious enough not to let their affair come between your normal relationship, but their secretiveness or late-night workdays can give it all out.
Check his recent calls on WhatsApp. Does he have any recent calls to numbers you don’t recognize? If so, it could be a sign that he’s been talking to a particular female. If you still have your suspicions, you can also check to see if he’s using any other hidden apps, like Snapchat or TikTok.
It is important to pay attention to new contacts that appear on his list. It’s also important to pay attention to any new group chats that appear on his WhatsApp. If you notice new groups, it could be a sign that he is participating in “free relationship groups”. If you’ve taken all of these steps and still don’t get answers, it may be time to talk to your boyfriend and tell him about your suspicions. It’s important to be honest and open with him so he can explain his side of the story. If he is cheating on you, it is important to get help and figure out what to do next.

How to Catch a Cheating Wife or Girlfriend on WhatsApp

A wife or girlfriend who is cheating will exhibit completely different behavior than a man. They will no longer be interested in you or your time. Spending time outside for shopping or sleepovers with friends is the first sign. You will notice them smiling while looking at their WhatsApp messages. Your woman may be very careful to hide traces of her relationship with another man, so the only way to find out anything is to install a tracking app on her phone.

How to Spy on Whatsapp Messages Without Target Phone

Many spy products are available with demo versions that do not require installation on the target phone. If the demo version suits your needs, then go ahead and buy the complete version to track messages on your partner’s phone. Although WhatsApp is a secured platform, spyware found several loopholes that give users an advantage.
Therefore, you have plenty of options for spying on your boyfriend’s phone without him having a clue about it. If you are worried that he is cheating on you or talking or involved in anything unpleasant behind your back, you can catch him using [email protected].

Can WhatsApp Messages Be Traced After Deleted?

While WhatsApp messages cannot be traced officially, there are two tricks to successfully recover the deleted chats. One way is to uninstall the app on the phone and then install it again. While reinstalling, you need to make sure that you select the option to restore previous chats using backup. The other option is to use third-party apps available for Android phones that record the notifications in a log. These notifications can then be recovered to look at the deleted WhatsApp messages.

Can Someone See If I Am Looking at Their WhatsApp?

The good thing about spy software is that the person you spy on will never find it out. It maintains complete anonymity and doesn’t let the cheater have a suspicion. This gives you the advantage of monitoring your partners’ activity even while sitting next to them. The installed software also works in a hidden mode, so they do not notice anything unusual on their phones too.


Therefore, you have plenty of options for spying on your boyfriend’s phone without him having a clue about it. If you are worried that he is cheating on you or talking or involved in anything unpleasant behind your back, you can catch him using [email protected].
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2023.03.25 18:33 anabolic_coach Q&A #71...Best Motivational Book for Strength Athletes!

Q&A #71...Best Motivational Book for Strength Athletes!
Q: Hey Coach I thought I would shoot you a DM. I am an athlete that competes at a high level in Dragon Boating. I have been to Nationals in Canada several times and even made the World Team.
I recently got injured and it totally screwed me over from competing this season. Now my question isn't about healing my injury although maybe that would be something that we could discuss on a consultation call.
My reason for writing you is that I am totally in the dumps. I actually am going though some depression as a result of my injury. I never felt like this before. Now I have had injuries in the past more minor ones and I can accept that. But this one is a little more severe and it ruined my whole season.
My mood has been horrible and I am even acting out to my family and friends lately as I am so irritable. I was wondering if you had any good books that could help get me back on my feet from a mental angle?
I need something to help put some wind in my sails again and figured I would ask you for some guidance since you have been a coach for over 25 years. I figured that during this time your athletes may have gone through some tough times and you could help me get on my feet again.
Sorry to whine like a little bitch but this really knocked me down hard. Any words of motivation or help would really help me right now.
Thanks Coach
Dragon Boating can be Intense!
A: Hey man its great to hear from you. I am happy to hear from all our community members. I am sorry to hear about your injury. This is something that does happen to athletes all the time especially those that compete at the world level.
Listen brother, anytime you want to get on a call just reach out to me. I am not here just to answer your questions on putting together your best anabolic cycle, but I am here to be a friend as well. This is why I started this community on Reddit because I wanted to have a close knit group that cares about one another and helps each other. I know you aren't a bodybuilder and that is cool. Its nice to see competitors from other sports reading my content. As you know I do coach athletes in numerous sports and I do have a few Dragon Boat competitors in my roster as well so I do understand the sport.
Give Me a Call Anytime Brother!
I have just the book to help kick you in the ass and get you back on your feet as you said. I dedicate this book review to you, as I want your next season to be the best you ever had. Send me your phone number and we will get on a call. I might just be able to help you speed up the healing process from angles you never knew.
One Amazing Motivational Book!
One of the recent projects I have taken on for our community here on Reddit is that of doing some different product reviews when time permits. Now I have reviewed some different strength books, videos, and such to help readers have the inside scoop on various strength media in the search for serious results. Now in my lifetime, I have read a lot of different books.
The Anabolic Coach is Constantly Reading New Books!
Now you may be thinking that I am talking about nutrition texts or different studies from some Journal of who knows what, but that’s not what I am referring to at all. I like to read books on a variety of topics from history to finance to arts and just about everything in between minus science fiction. But of all the books that I have read over the years, none have touched my heart like the one that I will be doing a review for today. The book that I am talking about is called Extraordinary Resolve: Six Months for the Rest of My Life and it was written by Bob Youngs and Michele Stanek.
Bob Coaching Matt Wendler for his 1000 Pound Squat!
More than just an Elite Powerlifter
Now for the veterans in the sport, you will know who Bob Youngs is right off the bat. Bob is a World Class Powerlifter and an Elite Member of Westside Barbell. Bob was not only a top-level competitor but he was also a World-Renowned coach and owner of Southside Barbell in Florida. Let’s not forget that he is a prolific writer as well. He has written numerous articles for Elite FTS website where he also had his training journal outlining his latest contest cycle. He was one of the early pioneers helping to bring forth the Westside Barbell Method of training on the internet.
Bob and Michele Loving Life!
Hell for years I would look forward to reading Bob’s work because he could take an advanced theory on strength and simplify it so even someone like me could understand. One series I always enjoyed was called, “My Diary” where Bob would discuss his pre contest thoughts and ideas as well as reviewing his performance at different competitions. Another amazing article that I really enjoyed was one called, “Things I Would do Differently”. Here from his vast training knowledge and experience in the trenches, he explained to lifters things he would have done differently throughout his competitive powerlifting career. By taking his advice in this article alone it would help beginners to the sport prevent injuries, perfect their technique, improve their recovery, and much more. Another very invaluable series was his four-part saga titled, “Handling Lifters at a Meet”.
Bob is an Amazing Strength Coach!
This was without a doubt the most comprehensive series written about being the best handler for your teammates when they stepped onto the platform. Plus with Bob’s unique writing style it felt like he was right there with you coaching you every step of the way. I guess this is one of the reasons why he’s writing in his new book will without a doubt touch your heart in a way you never thought possible.
Now for those of you who have not followed Bob’s blog or his entries on Elite FTS you might be wondering why I sound so affected by just another book written by a Powerlifter. That is because this book is not just another book written by a Powerlifter. Extraordinary Resolve is not simply a book but a testament to Bob’s struggle and fights with Cancer.
Bob Fought Off Cancer like a Warrior!
The Fight of his Life!
On June 24th of 2009 at the age of 39, Bob was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). For those of you who don’t understand what this means I‘ll explain. AML as it is known is a cancer of the Myeloid line of blood cells. It causes rapid growth of white blood cells that later accumulate in the bone marrow. This then causes problems with the production of normal blood cells.
From the next day on Bob would start his chemotherapy treatment and would be in for the fight of his life for the next six months. The book travels on daily entries from Michele taking you step by step through Bob’s tragic suffering through chemotherapy and his recovery. I am telling you this is a book that you will not be able to put down once you pick it up. When someone writes a book about a specific topic even if it’s their true love in life, nothing will compare to the heartfelt sentiment that his fiancée Michele has poured through these pages.
Chemotherapy is No Fun!
Michele is a wonderful person whose loyalty and sincerity through Bob’s struggle is displayed throughout his chemo treatment and remission. One thing you will note from this book is that Bob was surrounded by some of the most loving and caring family and friends that ultimately helped give him strength during his darkest hours. They supported him and were by his side from the beginning of his chemotherapy and are a constant support structure to him to this day. Through all their valiant efforts and support, this is one of the reasons why Bob is here today to tell his story.
Live Strong and Never Surrender
The story of this book is one that will give you a bird’s eye view into the life of an Elite Powerlifter who wouldn’t give up when the fight of his life knocked on his door. Bob didn’t back down or lose hope even when things looked their worst. Even after losing close to 80 pounds and having multiple organ failures, having suffered massive internal bleeding, and even coming out of a coma, Bob would not settle for defeat.
Bob Competing at Nationals!
One of the things that sticks out so much after reading this book is the fact that Bob’s positive attitude played a major role in his recovery. No matter how bad things got Bob would not lie down and give up. He fought every inch of the way like a true warrior not bending to the hand of cards he was dealt. You see many of us get down and focus on small things that affect our lives.
We somehow forget that there are other people in the world, in our country, in our city, or even in our own backyard that is suffering a million times more than us. This book will make you look at your own life and will make you realize that many of the everyday problems you face are really nothing at all. It will make you appreciate every day you wake up healthy and can live and work and enjoy all the things you do.
Bob Relaxing After a Busy Day!
Priceless Life Lessons
There are so many valuable life lessons in this book that everyone can benefit from. Sometimes people,( I am talking about all of us), can lose focus on what’s truly important in life. You can sometimes get lost in the hustle and bustle of work, making money, training, and your daily chores and forget to enjoy each and every day that you are blessed with.
Leukemia is No Joke!
One thing you will take from this book that I found very inspirational is that Cancer survivors only have two types of days. Those are good days and great days. In fact, this is how everyone should look at life and not let all the petty headaches and drama that occur in everyone’s life make them lose scope of what is truly important like your family, friends, and loved ones who have your back when times get tough. This book will help you truly understand what it is like to face death head-on and beat it. It will also show you how precious a loving network of family and friends are when you don’t know what the next day brings forth.
Love Every Day of Your Life!
Life is Precious
Now I don’t want to give you the entire story here because I want you to take this journey yourself. I am telling you this is one of the most moving and inspirational books you will ever read. Cancer is a disease that affects everyone at some time. Now I don’t mean that everyone will get it but what I am saying is that at some time in your life you will know someone either in your family or from friends that will be affected by this horrible disease.
We are seeing a rate of Cancer among the populations of North America that has skyrocket in recent decades. I am so glad that I read this book because I have learned a lot not only about Bob’s struggle and his “never give up” attitude, but also how truly precious life is. Many of us take things for granted and don’t take time to stop and smell the roses and lose focus where our real priorities should be. This book will change your thinking and your priorities in life beyond what you can imagine. I have read plenty of motivational books from all the top names in the industry but none of them will change your outlook on life like this one.
Bob with His Son
To get a copy of this truly amazing book go to Dave Tate’s website at or you can order it by phone at 1-888- 854-8806. If you read one book this year make it Extraordinary Resolve. I guarantee it will move you and motivate you in ways you never thought possible.
World Leader in Strength Training!
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2023.03.25 18:32 Efficient-Meaning574 AITA for ‘talking down’ about a girl that has better grades than me?

[17m] learned that I’m salutatorian of my high school. The valedictorian is this girl I’m friends with, Jenny. It surprised nobody that she was valedictorian— she dedicated her entire high school career to doing so, with the classes she chose, the decisions she made regards to socializing, etc.
My friend asked me during lunch if I was upset I was salutatorian and not the valedictorian. My honest answer was no, because of the effort it took Jenny to get that title. My friend asked what I meant with effort, and so I elaborated:
So, in summary, if I took on extra work I wasn’t interested in, and gave up the fun I had with my friends, I might be valedictorian instead of Jenny, and I don’t see that sacrifice as worth it when she and I are ending up in more or less the same place in terms of college anyways. High sacrifice, little reward. So no, I’m not upset I’m not valedictorian because the cost outweighs the benefit. I did say to clarify that I’m not saying Jenny is wrong for the choices she made, just that they're not right for me.
One of Jenny’s other friends, who was sitting with us, said I was ‘talking down’ about her and acting as if she made an unwise decision, and called me TA for it. I pointed out that I wasn’t saying Jenny was wrong for the choices she made, just that I wouldn’t make the same choices in her situation. They pointed out saying that we ended up in similar places anyways makes it sounds like I’m saying it wasn’t worth it for her, and I replied that it is a fact that we ended up in similar places.
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2023.03.25 18:30 KingFahad360 Ed, Edd, n Eddy Character Sheets.

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2023.03.25 18:28 KingFahad360 Ed, Edd, n Eddy Character Sheets.

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2023.03.25 18:28 yoyomoy I (21F) don’t know where to stand on my boyfriend’s (23M) ex’s situation

I (21f) have a boyfriend (23m) who is still friends with the ex he dated the longest. Let’s call her Emily.
Him and I haven’t dated for that long (around 6 months) but we have been friends for more than a year now. He is my first boyfriend.
Recently, we checked in to a hotel for a small staycation and, well, to have sex basically. I had a really good time with him and was elated. Everything went perfect. However, right after checking out and sitting in his car, he told me that he came to the same hotel with Emily to sleep with her when they were still dating. I was caught a bit off guard but I didn’t know what to say at that moment so I kept quiet.
Emily, I and him go to the same university. They have a pretty long history. They grew up in the same city, are going to a local university, have lots of friends in common etc etc. Therefore they hang out together a lot one-on-one. They often skip classes for quick smoke breaks or to buy snacks or something else. I understand that you cannot just delete a part of yourself but I cannot help what I feel.
Before this, I was pretty okay with them being friends. I found her quite likeable. But now, I don’t know what switched. Whenever they share an inside joke or talk about something only they know, (like the weird curtains she used to have in her room) it makes me feel weird.
I talked to him about this and he apologized and said he only told me this like one shares random things with their friends.
The guilt of being so pathetically insecure is eating me and I want to deal with it as quickly as possible. Where do I start working on this?
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2023.03.25 18:27 1samH1 50[M4F] Looking for a [New] chat [partner], and a [fun] online [Friend]

Hey, I'm Sam male from England UK 🇬🇧, looking for a chat partner and a new friend, I like cooking, movies, hiking and sports.
I like working out in the gym , classes are my favourite, but do weights as well, love most movies and box sets, I have a dog, so I do a lot of walking.
I'm an ex chef , so I'm pretty good in the kitchen. My favourite foods to cook is bread , soups and curries (vegetable and meat curries).
I'm 5ft 11 inches blondish hair blue eyes medium to large build, happy to share selfies if we hit it off.
If any of those things do not float your boat , we can talk about anything, if you fancy a chat, drop me a message
Age preference 20 to 50.
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2023.03.25 18:27 alexisinperil How to tell if a shy guy is interested?

I (f18) am interested in this nice guy (m18) at my school. We sit next to each other in advisory, and chat a lot. Recently, we've been talking more and I even sat with him during our study hall period on a couch in the school's library. He's kind of shy I think, because he didn't start joking around with me until we had talked a few times. During study hall he was blushing a little as we chatted. He also brought up that he has/had Tinder but hasn't gone on a date with anyone yet. He also put his arm on the back of the couch for a bit, not too long, maybe a minute tops l (still made my heart flutter) And, he mentioned a movie we both wanted to see and I brought up the showing times next weekend to try and coax him into asking me. He even walked me halfway to my class and waited for me to get down the stairs. I don't think he's just humoring me, but im not sure. I'm not afraid of rejection, I just want to make sure I'm reading things right! I wouldn't want to come on too strong and make him uncomfortable like I have with other guys.
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2023.03.25 18:24 wefweofjijo Giving up lot for love and having doubts about engagement

This is USA based.
I’ve been seeing someone for almost a year and we both have set an engagement date to have our marriage legalized and the ceremony (all on the same month). But as the days progress, I am starting to have doubts because I am having to make too many sacrifices to be with her (as she wants me to move).
Here are the issues:
  1. My career is more in IT / government with cybersecurity and hers in automotive. She works in the private sector and I work in the public sector. For me, this is job security with good benefits, and as a manager, she has a stellar reputation at her company (which is her job security). The issue is, my work doesn’t exist in her home state and I cannot transfer my job. So that would mean I need to make a big career change (basically a sector transition). And currently, finding a job for me is going to be a big challenge since my interview skills are not the best. And, I already make 6 figures, so going back from public to private sector, I would need to take a significant income cut in order to find another job. (Because mid-level dev jobs are difficult for me to land, considering my experience is elsewhere.). I honestly don’t feel comfortable with this.
  2. I have a house with a very good interest rate. She has 2 homes (also with good interest rates). We both have worked hard to get to where we are. She wants me to either I sell my home, or put it on rent. And if I move to her house, she might not add my name to her house. And about the last statement, she said she would do this, and now is reverting back with her statement. So basically, it seems like I am giving up my house for love.
  3. I am currently working on my masters from one of the best universities in the world. If I was to move to her state, and with the significant income cut, I don’t think I can afford my education and will be forced to drop. With my current job, I can manage all my living expenses and my education. With my current job, one plus point is that there are lots of downtime so I can easily make time on my class work. If I change jobs, I am basically giving this up and don’t feel comfortable with this.
  4. Going back to above points, my parents don’t want me to leave my stable job. This job has given me a stable life and I am leaving for an unstable one. The risk here with private sector jobs is that you can be fired at any time, with no warning. They are worried from that point. Even my grandparents don’t want me to move or sell my house. They also want me to finish my education.
  5. She did request a prenup, which I agreed. And at the moment, she’s keeping the details her financial details to herself and not sharing much with me. I have already disclosed all mine in what assets I want to shield (everything prior to marriage). With her talks to her attorney, I don’t know what’s going on and I feel the details are being kept away from me.
  6. Last year, when she and I were dating, there were lots of family related issues that took place. My family ended up disrespecting her family (and my GF) and her parents do not approve of my parents. My parents also do not approve either. I fought against my parents approval and tried to convince them to see the good side. It has led to a point where I am not in talking terms with my family (or possibly disowned). My parents think her family is lying / hiding things / or being wishy-washy. The other thing I noticed is that her mother is very dominating and only seem to want things her way (I see this same trait in my GF). Her mother is also very pushy about wanting a commitment, and legalizing the marriage / ceremony. I see this as a sign of concern.
  7. My GF doesn’t like it when I talk about my family. It makes me think she might never let me support them even in their old age. Or if we have children, she might not let them see my parents. I honestly don’t feel comfortable with this.
  8. GF and her family are not US citizens. In fact, her parents don’t even have a status. So once the marriage happens, I would have to begin work for sponsoring her. The 2 concern here are (1) when our families met last year, her mother made a comment “at least let them legalize the marriage so she can begin her citizenship work.” (It was something like this). That statement gave off warnings in my head, are they wanting to marry for citizenship or for love? (2) My family asked about their retirement and health (and so did her ex), they don’t have an answer. My family seem to be protecting me from all this because living in USA without health insurance in old age is very bad. Plus, their retirement is also a question, as they believe GF’s family might not be able to afford and will depend on me and her. My parents can support themselves, but her parents, I don’t know. They’re not being transparent about this.
The one good thing is that my GF and I have a great bond. She’s taken care of me and so have I. She says I am very loyal, which is exactly what she’s looking for. And same with me, I love her as well. Her family is very caring and have supported me as well. They’ve accepted me for who I am.
So basically, I am giving up my job, house, maybe masters and even my family at this point for marriage. And also considering the family situation, this is too big of a commitment and I have to make a lot of sacrifices to be with here. I don’t know if this is such a good idea and I no longer have my family’s support, this also makes things uneasy. I am starting to lose sleep over this.
And if I let her go, I will regret my decision. She’s a great woman, and every family has loved her for who she is.
QUESTION: Has anyone been in such a situation like this? OR are there people who can offer better advice here on my situation?
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2023.03.25 18:22 Maleficent-Mode-2574 How to tell someone I'm not interested in them

I have this girl in my class who seems interested in me. She would find ways to talk to me at any chance she gets and regularly asks me to study with her. Now, I am not particularly interested in her because I find her kinda bland and my mates think the same too. But she has been trying harder to get my attention as she keeps sending flirty messages that I play off as a joke. The thing is she is extremely nice to me and would go outta her way to help me with school stuff. So I wanna know how to get rid of her and tell her I'm not interested in her in the nicest way possible.
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2023.03.25 18:21 Background-Desk1172 My roommate posted on here to make me seem like an uncommunicative asshole, here’s my response

My roommate who doesn’t know how to communicate posted something on Reddit saying that I don’t communicate when they’ve actively avoided me for months. I’m just posting this in response to them since they can’t have a conversation in person but seem to be communicative on Reddit, so I hope they see this.
I’ve posted this before and deleted it but I need outside opinions on this. Am I in the wrong? I have told my friends and others about the situation but I need an unbiased opinion.
I’m 90% sure that my roommate posted this (link below) since the details are very specific and the timing of it was right after the fact. Thankfully someone else in the comments realized that their story didn’t make sense, since they didn’t include any actual information.
  1. We spoke about the thermostat and agreed to keep it at a temperature of 72°. The two other roommates constantly change the thermostat to temperatures up to 80°. I would change it back down to cool the place down since it felt like a sauna whenever you entered the room but they would put it back up. I probably did have headphones, they’re noise cancelling Bose earbuds, I couldn’t hear anything in my vicinity and I play my music very loud. There are other ways to get a person’s attention that doesn’t involve yelling their name 3x.
  2. I have a small corner in front of the ice maker that I put my meal prep in in the freezer. 80% of the freezer are things that belong to our 2 other roommates. I barely had room for any of my stuff since I do buy in bulk, however I have a mini fridge with a freezer in my room and that’s where most of my things go since there isn’t space in the first place. The only things I have in there currently are a bag of shrimp, ground Turkey, and green beans. There has never been an instance where I took up even half of the freezer space. I will add pictures for anyone that wants them.
  3. I’ve constantly voiced my needs/concerns. You have not. The only time we’ve ever spoken about any compromise was about the AC. There has never been any other instance where you’ve tried to start a conversation or compromise but I can definitely tell you about every time I’ve asked for our roommates to be quiet or to open a window when they’re cooking (they use a lot of garlic and onions and because they refuse to ventilate my clothes will smell like whatever their cooking, Ive had multiple people ask me if I cooked before going to meet up with them because I would reek of it. Ive been asked to change clothes at practice because of the smell and “jokingly” by my friends. I’m Caribbean so I understand the whole fragrant foods thing since I grew up with it but I also grew up with my mom turning on the fan and opening a window so the food smell doesn’t stick to our clothes and furniture). If this is D, you literally hide from me. For what? Never have I threatened you or be violent towards anyone but I guess since I fit your racial stereotype, I’m automatically dangerous?? You avoided going on the same bus as me because you don’t know how to communicate. If it isn’t D then disregard the last part.
  4. I reported you guys because of what I listed above and more. I asked for them to be quiet because I was going to sleep since I had an 8AM class and practice afterwards but instead one of them cursed me out and I was fed up of constantly being woken up out of my sleep, having to constantly wear earplugs, having to put my headphones at 100% volume just to listen to my professors speak, tired of the comments you guys have made about my body and the constant eavesdropping of my conversations with friends. It’s crazy that I turn my volume up so I don’t get bothered by your conversations but you guys go pin silent whenever I’m having my private conversation in my room. I’ve talked and talked and I was tired of repeating myself. But of course I’m the bad guy for reporting behavior that they have done for months? Do you seriously think I would go to management if the situation could’ve been easily talked about? As if I’ve never already talked about it? But of course you wouldn’t know much since you’ve never had a conversation with me about anything other than the AC and decided to blindly believe whatever they told you.
  5. Having a conversation about someone’s actions doesn’t constitute anyone being reported. The actions themselves do. You’re “nervous” to have a conversation with me but apparently I’m the one that doesn’t know how to communicate.
This doesn’t regard the post but why were you (D) taking a picture/video of me while we were on the bus and then immediately ran out when we got to the stop? You could’ve very well be recording yourself and I misread the situation but considering that you also decided to not get on the same bus as me to go home, it’s very suspicious and weird. But if I’m wrong then I apologize.
The Reddit Post
The Comment
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2023.03.25 18:21 OursBlanc_ any trumpet recommendations for a player who's coming back?

It's been around 2 years since I stopped trumpet lessons and gave back my then-lent trumpet (still have the mouthpiece tho), meaning I haven't played for 2 years.
Recently, I wanted to go back into it but I don't really know where to begin and search, I know the main Brands (Yamaha, Getzen, Bach, Jupiter, etc...) but I have no idea about the models they offer and which could fit my level.
Talking about my level, I had played 8 years (I believe?) before stopping, I was basically in the intermediate-high level of my class and had the highest (sometimes)/second highest (most of the time) sheet level for concerts and had the level for my city orchestra.
My budget can go up to 1200€ (I live in France, if it can help).
So, would you have any advices, recommendations for a player coming back to playing trumpet?
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2023.03.25 18:17 splicedhappiness Shout out to the average applicant!

Hearing everyone talking about ivies and similarly prestigious schools, just wanted to see if anyone else had pretty average ambitions lol
I applied to two safeties (true safeties, like 70-80% AR) and the college I actually wanted to go to, tOSU, which I got into thankfully.
Stats are good, not amazing. 3.9 hs GPA, 3.7 college GPA, as I took a lot of classes at a local community college. 31 ACT, no SAT. Nothing crazy in terms of ECs, just NHS, some volunteer hours here and there, and 2 jobs. I’d like to think my essay was at least decent.
Anyone else?
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2023.03.25 18:10 Mothie760 Me and my friend have a strange dynamic and idk what to think of it

So me (16 they/them) and my friend “Fox” (16 they/it) have been friends for as long as I can remember and we get along great. We have the same interests and beliefs, we’re in the same class too so we talk basically every day, and both neurodivergent(autistic) if that matters.
The thing that I’ve been thinking about recently is this “house plan” that we’re both creating. We’re both kinda the “weird kids”, and at some point last year we started thinking about what our house would be like when we’re older, despite us never dating or doing anything even remotely like it.
I guess I’m just confused on if this would count as some kind of platonic relationship or attraction? Idk.
I’m not completely sure (bc I don’t remember😭) but I’m pretty sure that Fox is on the ace-spectrum and I am too, but I’m still figuring myself out. Would if bc weird of me to ask what kind of relationship we have, or should I just leave it alone?
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2023.03.25 18:10 dragonmaster21s How to make girl friends?

I'm a woman in my early 20s, and I struggle finding women to be friends with. My field is largely dominated by men, so I rarely come across other women. When I was in highschool I had gone to an all girls school, so I was doing well having tons of female friends. But almost all of these friendships faded and I am not in contact with them anymore. I'd like to have female friends that are similar to me, in person rather than meet someone online. I wanna be able to go out with another girl and just talk. Sometimes I just need a woman to talk to.
I'm currently doing my post grad work and there are a few girls in my classes, but I feel scared approaching them. Because they're always in groups and they talk in their language and it just doesn't seem like I'd be welcome or that I even have a reason to talk to any of them. Has anyone been in a similar situation?
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