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2017.05.26 16:33 Gacha Gaming

A friendly place for fans and players to celebrate all sorts of gacha games. All players welcome, all games welcome. Be excellent to each other.

2011.02.08 12:36 kyonko BL is love, BL is life

Boys' Love (BL) is by origin a genre of Japanese manga produced mainly by women for women that features romantic and sexual relationships between men. Nowadays, all manner of art, comics, anime, novels, games, and dramas from many different countries operate under the BL genre heading. All of the above can be discussed here.

2023.03.27 18:59 MomoiroYuki Update: 37 Days

Hello, everyone. As the title says, it's been 37 days since my last dose of cipro (6 pills at 500mg per). I've had to continue working through the various pains so I'm just giving an update on what that's been like for me so far.
Things I've done to help include buying new shoes with big wedges to help my heels, taking supplements (vitamin C 1000mg, MG glycinate 200mg at night, vitamin D 1000 or 2000iu, OMEGA-3 1000mg, Melatonin 2.5/5mg at night, a one-a-day vitamin, K-2 100mcg, Kefir (good for the gut!), a probiotic, glucosamine 750mg, chondroitin 600mg, collagen 2000mg, and a cranberry supplement, NAC 600mg, and ALA 200mg), wear low compression stockings, and resting as much as I can on my days off. I also shuffle at work instead of actively walking.
My knees still hurt, but not constantly like they were before. Sometimes they don't hurt at all.
My left leg was hit the worst, particularly at the knee and Achilles tendon insertion. My heel doesn't always hurt anymore, but I get the feeling of pins and needles in the calf and sometimes my leg below the knee just aches. Putting cold packs on any of the pain makes it worse, as does heat sometimes, both of which I find to be dumb. The one time I tried a hot bath with epson salt was not fun. Using a low-temp heating pad after icing isn't so bad, though.
I sometimes have nightmares, but they're rare and I sleep fine now otherwise.
That's about it for what's new - the rest of the issues I've had since the COVID booster. They're similar to being floxed so I can share those if you're interested!
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2023.03.27 18:57 marchingtigers My children will not listen to me and I’m going to lose it.

I have 3. My boys are 8 & 3.5, and we have a baby girl who is almost 9 months.
The toddler has been incredibly difficult for the last year. He laughs and runs when we’re out, and every command (even something like “please pick up your toys”) is met with a big fat “NO.” Or an “I DONT WANT TO!”
He also copies everything big brother does, so it big brother decides he isn’t going to eat his dinner…neither will the toddler. We are slowly gaining ground in the dinner battle.
But it’s everything! My 8yo has such a mouth on him lately and is incredibly belligerent and oh. my. goodness. They just will not obey for anything. And I do try to pick my battles and not be so rigid with everything.
We also homeschool but we do see friends several times per week. We’re also in a co-op so he gets the classroom setting one day per week.
We’ve tried a lot of things but I am struggling. It’s to the point I don’t want to be around especially the 8yo which I feel incredibly guilty about!!
I will take any and all guidance.
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2023.03.27 18:55 oglcr91 My breastfeeding journey/experience - decided to stop trying for nursing exclusively

My goal was to exclusively breastfeed because of the positive benefits and we were also pushed that “breast is best.” Little did I know that our journey was going to be a hard one. LO had a tongue tie that I didn’t know about (we got it clipped) and it damaged my nipples pretty bad. I was unable to breastfeed for 2 weeks to let them heal. I’m the meantime, we bottle fed and also used a syringe/tube to finger feed her using the breast milk I pumped or formula. Because of these methods, my milk supply never really increased. I was pumping 20-30ml per session for awhile. I ended up going to a lactation clinic starting 4 weeks PP to see if they can help me up my supply and help me get started on breastfeeding exclusively. They recommended triple feed, which was not feasible because I had no support at home (husband works and I have no family in the area) and it was significantly affecting my mental health (I got postpartum depression) so the lactation specialists started tweaking the regimen until it was a bit more feasible for me to do. It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve started lactation clinic and I must say we still haven’t found a good regimen that is feasible for me and my supply has been stable at 60ml per pump session, not enough for a full feed since baby requires about 3-4oz per feed. The lactation specialists have been pushing me to pump more to protect my supply and minimize formula use.
As of right now, I am breastfeeding her on demand all day and night aside from 3 bottle feeds that my husband helps with while he’s at home. My supply still isn’t enough and I feel like baby isn’t really getting much after each breastfeed because she’s been wanting to eat every 1.5-2 hours day and night. Although, she is wetting enough diapers and gaining weight, this nursing schedule on demand doesn’t allow me to have me time or do anything else (such as pumping) because it takes her 30-45 min (sometimes 1 hr) to finish feeding.
What I truly got out of this experience is that yes breast is best, but what’s more important is that a fed baby is a happy baby no matter how they are fed, which is what I think a lot of the lactation specialists forget about. I did enjoy the bonding time with LO while I nursed, but this whole journey severely affected my mental health, which ultimately affected the energy and awake time I wanted to spend with LO. Ultimately, I decided to go back to combo feeding with pumped milk and formula. I’ll still be nursing her, but won’t be stressing out about trying to nurse her on demand day and night.
Don’t forget to take care of yourselves, mamas! Mama needs to be strong and healthy for baby to be healthy too. I think a lot of the lactation clinics forget to take care of the mothers too.
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2023.03.27 18:53 UseeMeNowUdont [Repost] Few question about this SOLO stamcro build

Hey guys ! Hope you're doing good. I have a few questions about this solo stamcro build I theorycrafted. I have already posted here a previous build and made modifications based on what you people told me. It feels almost perfect right now but I still have some questions. Your help will be really welcome <3
Here is the build: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Special:EsoBuildData?id=518373
I plan to run arenas/ solo vhm only with this build. I'm kind of a minmax guy (far from beeing a good player but I hate playing with something that I know could be better).
Ok so here are my questions.
  1. As you can see, I did not focused on crit for this build. I focused on reaching the pen cap then put a bit of stats there and there. 11k Base + Major breach + dismember passive (1500pen with, in theory, 100% uptime) = 18.4k. I'm 200 pen above the cap, which sucks a bit if you ask me... Do you have an idea how I could do to optimize that ? It's not that much above the pen cap, but still, maybe you have an idea how to improve.
  2. When I reached the pen cap I started investing a bit on crits (32% crit chance atm). Do you think I'd better completely leave the crits behind and focus on spell damages by equipping swords instead ? Given how "low" my crit chances and damages are as I do not build them much and don't play with minor force at all (32% Crit chance / 58% Crit dmg), I'm not sure the 3 precise traits and the daggers are really worth it compare to a pure dmg build who do not rely on crits at all.
  3. As you can see I have a lot of 2h abilities backbar. What arena weapon do you think will work the best ? I'm really hesitating between vateshran for the perma dmg buff and maelstrom for the extra aoe tics that will proc runecarver set. Dsa looks fantastic too on paper. 1550 damage per ennemy sounds like a lot... I'm really hesitating and would like your advices /opinion on this point please. (perfected 2H vma bonus line sucks a bit tho as Im already at pen cap, but I'm asking specifically about the bonus effect it brings)
  4. Last but not least. As you probably see, I decided to pick avid boneyard and get major breach through the caltrops. I was concerned about ressources management thats why I wanted to have access to the synergy + caltrops is a good dot imo + as I'm not playing with vigor that grants me access to a good burst heal. But thinking about it I'm hesitating, I could take the boneyard morph with major breach (especially since the synergy one got nerfed alot in the last update) in order to remove caltrops from my backbar for an execute that my build is lacking (do you think it is mandatory?). Reverse slash could be a great addition to the build but I'm not sure...
  5. Ok I lied, there is a last one (I just realized). I know that I want to run runecarver set 100%, but do you think pillar will synergise well with it ? I'm afraid about the very small aoe size as I want to it as many targets as possible. I was also thinking of venomous smite set or maybe morkuldin but the damage are so much lower... What do you think, pillar works outside of single targets fights ?
Having the boneyard morph with major breach could let place for a flex spot, this execute for example, or maybe spirit guardian/mortal coil if needed... This sounds good, but it won't help proccing the set so at the end I'm not certain that's it's really worth it...
Long post I'm sorry guys. Thank you to those who will read me and help me !
NB: I put the hp/stam food on this build, but if I see that the hp sustain is ok, I'll go for lava foot for more damage.
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2023.03.27 18:48 Risk-Averse-Rider Need help with wp_query that puts post_date in meta_query instead of date_query

I'm working on some shortcodes to display posts in a certain way so that the output can be copy/pasted into Mailchimp for a weekly newsletter. These are all standard WordPress posts, but there are Advanced Custom Fields involved in selecting the post.
Basically, we are using ACF fields to identify:
We are also using some calculated dates based on the publication date of the next newsletter so that we don't pull in posts about one-off events that will have already started by the time the newsletter is published or recurring events that will have ended before the newsletter publication date, etc.
I have shortcodes working for all of these needs, but something else has come up with the announcement-only posts. The follow code is working fine for that - we set a value for $earliest_date (2 weeks before the next newsletter publication date), make sure the post_date is after that, and make sure that the start_datetime ACF is empty or doesn't exist so we know it's not a post about a dated event. (Note that it's using date_query to check the post_date.)
$uucp_args = array( 'category_name' => $atts['category'], 'posts_per_page' => $atts['nr_posts'], 'date_query' => array( array( 'after' => $earliest_date, 'column' => 'post_date', ), ), 'meta_query' => array( 'relation' => 'OR', array( 'key' => 'start_datetime', 'compare' => 'NOT EXISTS' ), array( 'key' => 'start_datetime', 'value' => '', 'compare' => '=' ) ), 'orderby' => 'date', 'order' => 'DESC' );
But then we realized that there are some special cases in which we'd really like to let a general announcement hang around longer than 2 weeks. Obviously, we could go in and update the publication date, but that's kind of kludgy.
So I thought we could add another ACF called expiration_date and use that if we wanted to extend the life of a post. The shortcode would check the post_date against the $earliest_date value, but it would also check to see if there was an expiration_date that was after the publication date.
$query_args = array( 'category_name' => $atts['category'], 'posts_per_page' => $atts['nr_posts'], 'meta_query' => array( 'relation' => 'OR', array( array( 'relation' => 'OR', array( 'key' => 'start_datetime', 'compare' => 'NOT EXISTS' ), array( 'key' => 'start_datetime', 'value' => '', 'compare' => '=' ) ), array( 'key' => 'post_date', 'value' => $earliest_date, 'compare' => '>=', ) ), array( 'key' => 'expiration_date', 'value' => $pub_date, 'compare' => '>=' ), ), 'orderby' => 'date', 'order' => 'DESC', );
But this is only pulling in posts that have an expiration_date. I want to pull in everything that the first query pulls in plus anything with an expiration_date that's after the next publication date. I have tried umpteen gazillion variants, trying to get something to work, but I'm clearly missing something.
Any suggestions?
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2023.03.27 18:45 AccomplishedMind8717 Hoping to prevent episodic migraine from going chronic for my little sister

I have a family history of migraines and have had them since I was born. During childhood I had one bad attack per week on average and during high school it became 2 per week. Recently in college I have chronic migraine with about 2 to 3 bad attacks per week and some version of a headache nearly everyday. I've tried most migraine medicine but nothing has worked for me in terms of a preventative. I'm currently taking nurtec which helps at least reduce the pain on my worst days, but it's still a massive struggle. I've been guessing and checking with every migraine medicine and trying to test out different lifestyle changes and treatments.
My youngest sister is currently 12 and similar to when I was her age, she has around 1 or 2 lighter migraines per week. I've heard that the more migraines you have, it becomes the baseline and it typically gets more severe and frequent with age. I am trying to figure out some sort of plan that could give her a chance to prevent her migraines from becoming as bad as mine. I know that migraines don't have a cure but maybe if I help her reduce her migraine days at this age, she'll have a higher chance of having less migraines by the time she's older?
So far the main things I could think of is her keeping a headache log and figuring out if any foods or sleep could be a trigger. Reducing any stress, maybe screen time, etc. Staying active and taking care of mental health to prevent the migraines from causing any type of anxiety or depression.
Does anyone have any more suggestions? Thanks for taking the time to read my long post and any tips would be appreciated!
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2023.03.27 18:43 BONERR4EVERR The story of Rosella

Names changed to protect people.
Freshman year (2009 Fall Semester) there was this girl in my Italian class. Let's call her Rosella. I liked Rosella and ostensibly, she was nice to me.
One day, I ask her out to go to our school's basketball home opener. She was going home that weekend. No biggie.
About a month later, I ask her if she wants to go see invictus with me. She said she was studying for finals and wished me luck with the same. Again, no biggie. EXCEPT, I saw she blocked me on Facebook. That hurt, it made me feel ashamed and embarrassed, but I knew how to handle rejection with poise and rationality.
I was upset by that, because if she didn't want to go out with me, she should have simply said so. Blocking me was uncalled for. But, rejection is rejection.
A couple of times I saw her in the hallways, she gave me the silent treatment when I tried to speak to her. I only wanted to speak to her to apologize and make peace. No malice.
In my Sophomore year (2011 Spring Semester), I saw she was in my Marketing class. I still had her phone number from when we had a project together. I figured, if I am going to have to share a whole class with her all semester with her hating me, I want to at least make peace. The following text dialog follows:
Me: Rosella I need to speak with you, please.
Rosella: Who is this?
Rosella: Fuck off
Me: Don't talk to me like that. I'm trying to make peace with you.
Rosella: I'm not going to ask you again. Do not contact me, do not speak to me. You make me very uncomfortable and I don't care what you have to say.
Me: Well, I'm sorry you feel that way.
I mean, I'm not pursuing her romantically at this point, and now I have no reason to talk to her ever. However, I took offense to her talking to me like that.
Around this time, there was this website called CollegeACB. It was an online version of the Burn Book (if you've ever watched Mean Girls) but it's anonymous (and yes, I was the subject of a few threads in my university's ACB, but all good things were said about me).
I decide, since I'm under the guise of anonymity, I'm gonna start a thread about Rosella. I start off by calling her a psycho bitch.
A lot of white knights rushed to her defense saying how she's a "nice person."
I double down on my "psycho bitch" point of view by saying "anyone who disagrees with me should go fall in a ditch or get shot."
More and more white knights and some of her sorority sisters from Sigma Sigma Sigma rush to her defense.
About a week earlier, I saw that she was in a relationship with this guy from the baseball team, let's call him Alex. IF she had a boyfriend, she should have just said so. Whatever.
The last comment I made in that thread was "If Rosella acts like such a 5 year old, does that make Alex a pedophile?"
The end of the semester came a week later. Some three hours after I take my last final, I get a call from my school's Office of Community Standards. The director, let's call him Bill, started accusing me of all these threatening comments from CollegeACB.
This was supposed to be anonymous, so my school definitely used some unconstitutional means to surmise it was me.
In the week that followed, I speak with my friend, let's call him Crazy Chris. Crazy Chris had some run-ins with the law in his life, and his advice was to ask them "What proof do you have that I did this?" If they can't come up with an answer then I retort with "you have no evidence I did this, so I didn't do it." It worked for him at least 100% of the time.
I didn't listen to Crazy Chris, and I should have. I choked and ratted myself out.
The text exchange where she told me to "fuck off" was used against me as was the CollegeACB thread against Rosella, specifically the "fall in a ditch" comment, which was considered a threat of violence.
I took responsibility for that comment, saying how "I personally don't perceive that comment as a 'threat of violence,' but can understand how someone else could."
Because honestly, it wasn't a threat of violence. If I were to say "If you don't agree with me, I'll throw you in a ditch and shoot you" then that's a threat of violence.
I was expecting to face severe punishment from Bill on my "pedophile" comment, but instead, he thought that was funny.
That level of awareness and maturity, as well as ratting myself out, saved my ass in terms of punishment. I got off with contact restrictions against Rosella and writing an essay.
Rosella faced no punishments for her brat behavior, and I never got an answer as to how she or the school gathered it was me. Per Bill, Alex's baseball teammate brought the thread to his and Rosella's attention, and Rosella went to the public safety office to file a complaint against me. For all she knew, it could have been anyone. How she pulled my name out of a hat I'm not sure
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2023.03.27 18:42 CrimsonPresents Tips on Understanding Spheres of Power?

One of my players is changing characters due to his character out dpsing the group's fight and the sorcerer and opted to swap characters instead of the entire group chaning to match his build (bomb focused alchemist and I generally only have about one or two comabt encouncters per session). He saw Spheres of Power and wanted me to okay it. Problem is that I have never used the system before and have no idea where to even start investigating and I am completely lost. He mentioned something about a chef build, so he could go crazy as support and not worry about overshadowing the party.
Any help is appreciated and I hope you have a nice day!
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2023.03.27 18:41 StoopSign In extracts a lil bit of 7-HO-Mitragynine goes a long way

I can't drink and really trying to stay quit on opioids despite having codeine the past several days. I've exhausted my opioid receptors and cannot get a classic opioid feeling from either plain leaf Kratom or most Kratom extracts. I've been struggling to keep pace mixing simple ACV extract and strong Kratom extracts. I've been taking Mitragynine based extracts more than the full spectrum ones lately. Basically the Mitragynine content in my extracts is anywhere from 45-90% and some 7-HO enhanced extracts 0.15mg--2.5mg
Having just the Mitragynine can be too speedy at doses above 160mg (two caps of 80%) but offset by 7-HO-Mitragynine a ratio 90mg and 0.3mg (two gelcaps of 90%) levels offset the speedy effects of Mitragynine. Now it's a fine line because the extract that's 50% with 2.5% made me nod out like it was a full on opioid.
There's a simple reason for this. 7-HO-Mitragynine is 18x stronger than morphine and Mitragynine is also somewhat responsible for the opioid effects and the speedy effects. Taking Mitragynine extracts is a good alternative to Full Spectrum Extracts if those give you the wobbles. Mit extracts don't give you the wobbles but after a certain point mental stimulation outweighs the sedation with a tolerance making for an anxious Kratom experience.
So 2.5% has 7mg of 7-HO-Mitragynine per capsule. It's too strong for consistent hse. Doing the math it has the equivalent of over a 100mg of Morphine but without the dangerous effects and full sedation since the 50% Mitragynine is the main metabolite in the capsule. It's fun for a day or two but these are expensive and would only jack my tolerance up faster.
I'm noticing that each gel cap of the 90%--.15% is more pleasuable per dose than 30mg Codeine tablet. I was taking those two at a time while I had them. I still take these 90% gelcaps one at a time even though they have half the amount of extract as the 80%. Right now I'm on a kratom drink mix and two gelcaps and feeling very good. 20 of these gelcaps is the same price as 10 of the 80% and both are substantially cheaper than the stronger 7-HO-Mitragynine extracts.
Unless you've jacked your tolerance up it's best for you to stick to plain leaf. I've been a daily user of kratom for a decade unless on something stronger.
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2023.03.27 18:37 ChampBlankman 2 Fast 2 Cube Reports

2 Fast 2 Cube Reports
I've got a pair of draft reports for everyone today. One I've been sitting on and meaning to write for about 5 weeks now, and the other fresh from two days ago.
For the first draft, cast your minds back to MagicCon Philadelphia. Since I happen to live 25 miles from Philly and definitely didn't want to pay $60 just to walk in the door I decided to take a note from Philly Old School club and organize a draft at Yards Brewery. I put out the call on Discord and had a surprising number of takers! Yards was a lot busier than I predicted so there wasn't a lot of table space, but we were able to fire a six-person pod and play 2 round-robin rounds.

6 Happy Cubers!
We also (those of us who wanted to, at least) got to meet Philadelphia Eagles Center Jason Kelce, 6 days off of not winning the Super Bowl but still very cordial. Even got him to sign the Birds of Paradise that will now forever live in my cube.
It's a Summon \"Go Birds!\" now
These are the decks. Given the 5 week interval and the fact that my brain approximates cheesecloth most days already I only remember my record and the two decks that went 2-0. Apologies to the other 3 drafters.

Nate's 2-0 UR Burn
Everyone who knows me well knows that UR Burn is one of my all-time favorite archetypes in any format. This is the second time Nate has drafted this cube and I'm relatively confident that this is approaching the platonic ideal of this archetype.

Double's 2-0 Rec/Sur
More than once while I was getting my face beaten in by it Double told me that being able to draft this deck was a dream come true. I hope it was as enjoyable as it seemed, because this deck was another borderline platonic ideal of a deck archetype.

My 0-2 RWU Pile
I see Lightning Angel, I take Lightning Angel. I have a weakness. I also had just bad luck with the way my mana and removal lined up in several games. You win some, you lose some.

OaklandMurphy's UB Control
This was the 7th time this cube has been drafted, and the first time I think someone has built UB control. Deck seems a little light on threats to me, but otherwise looks good.

Slaad's BUG Squirrel/Helm
One thing that is abundantly clear to me, 2 years into owning this cube. Helm and Squirrel tokens together are powerful, and I love that.

ZanTheAlchemist's Junk Ramp/N.O.
I love it. If I recall correctly it didn't do very well, but that's not a metric by which I tend to judge decks that I love to look at.

New tokens. Precursor Golem's Keg Golem token is my favorite of these.
Since I only had 5 blanks left in my token box and since we didn't really decide an overall winner, I just told everyone they could make one. Would have done that for 4 of them anyway, since you always make one first time you draft the cube.

Thanks to everyone who came out to Yards to jam with us, thanks to Yards for being a rad place to drink a few beers and sling some spells, and thanks to Jason Kelce for putting up with a bunch of nerds asking him to sign random cardboard rectangles. Slops to me for not ensuring there'd be enough room for the 8 who actually showed up to draft.

Now on to the second draft report!
A few weeks ago I heard from my friend Tim, who lives on the other side of the state, that he might be available for a draft soon and was itching to do so. Of course I had to oblige. We managed to wrangle 4 other wizards for the first draft ever with no one new to the cube! (Admittedly it's only the 8th time the cube has been drafted, but still.)
We managed to wrap up a clean 6-person pod in just under 4 hours from soup to nuts. Not bad if I do say so myself. We also had the perfect breakdown of records with one 3-0, two 2-1, two 1-2, and one 0-3. In order:

Max's 3-0 Naya Enchantress w/ PandeBurst!
I love PandeBurst. I love it so much. Seeing one of my oldest and dearest friends win several games with the combo was really really great. This is also Max's fourth time drafting the cube and his first 3-0, which is exciting! Also seeing a slightly different take on Enchantress was really cool. His winner's token is a squirrel but not the one pictured here, since Squirrel Nest tokens with Wake out wear Empyreal Armor really well.

Karl's 2-1 BG Midrange
Strong removal, some reanimation, and Gary for the big drain made this deck quite formidable. He also just whipped my butt with appropriately timed removal when we played, which was a theme for us that day as he'd removed my game-winning creature to close out the third game of the Canadian Highlander match we played while waiting for others to arrive.

CJ's 2-1 UR Burn
Here it is again. People must know how much I love this deck so they draft it to keep me from going all-in every time. Given how light the Blue is I imagine he was probably really close to a mono-Red deck here. Of course, I wasn't aware of that when I took the opportunity to kill a Blue-producing land in our match.

Tim's 1-2 GUW Survival/N.O. Pile
Look, the first time Tim drafted this cube he went 3-0 6-0, so the fact that he managed to only win a few games with this pile keeps the average fair. This deck does a lot. I don't know that it does any of it *well* per se, but it does it.

My 1-2 Abandoned Reanimator turned Ramp deck
With the exception of the above-detailed draft at Yards and the one time I 3-0'd, I have always gone 1-2 in drafts with this cube. Cube Developer's curse, I suppose. I P1P1'd a Reanimate, which you might notice did not make my final build. Was able to make pretty good use of Terror, sided out the Ring of Gix a lot, and Dauthi Voidwalker got removed the only time I cast it while Rofellos only got to tap for mana in 2 games I was already winning. Thus is the life...

Sam's 0-3 UW Midrange
Sam is a White mage, I think we can know that for sure. Every of the 4 times she's drafted this cube she has played White, and only once not paired it with Blue. This deck is really interesting and I think it has potential but it seems like it's missing a little "umph" perhaps. A stronger finisher than Exalted Angel maybe.

Thanks to everyone for reading this far. I love this cube more than almost anything I've ever done in Magic and it's so heartening to get to share it with people and share the results with the world. Only 9 proxies left, getting really close to being able to just dedicate all of my money to blinging it out, instead of acquiring cards.
Until next time!
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2023.03.27 18:35 CCBrieD Free this Week: 3/27/23 - 4/2/23

With “Free this Week,” X1, Flex, and Xfinity Internet customers can unlock entertainment every single week — no strings attached. The featured content varies depending on your plan, so make sure to check back to see what’s available to you.
Check back every Monday this year to explore highlighted movies, shows, and apps, on us. Just say “Free this Week” into your Xfinity Voice Remote.
From March 27 to April 2, it's all about the kiddos with content from Kidstream, DaVinci Kids, and Disney Story Central. Here are a few titles we're excited about:
Also starting today, March 27, Xfinity Rewards members can continue watching last week’s 'Free this Week' content by signing up for a 30-day free trial* of Showtime.
Disclaimer: Restrictions apply. Not all programming available in all areas. Programming subject to change. Streaming content only available in the U.S. Viewing will count against any Comcast data plan. Free this Week is available now through 12/31/23 to residential Xfinity Internet, Xfinity TV and Xfinity Flex customers. © 2023 Comcast. All rights reserved. Xfinity, the Xfinity logo, and the X logo are the registered trademarks of Comcast. All other copyrights and trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.
\ Showtime Offer: Offer limited to current X1 or Flex customers with their account in good standing. Offer must be redeemed by April 23. Not available to customers who currently subscribe to Showtime or have redeemed a 30-day Showtime trial through Xfinity in the last 12 months. After the 30-day free trial, the channel will automatically be removed from the customer’s account. Limited to one reward per account/household. May not be assigned or transferred.*
Submissions with the 'News' flair are informational only which means comments will be locked. For all questions or concerns regarding your Xfinity services, please create a new post following the posting guidelines in our knowledgebase.
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2023.03.27 18:31 ImGoingToEatThatOne Hm what deal do you think is better

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2023.03.27 18:26 LadderSilver Finally trying to put on muscle

So I dieted down from 255 to 160 pounds almost exclusively through diet, walking, and running. My next step (which I’ve been in for the last 3 weeks) is to try and put some muscle on, while continuing to burn fat. I’m having a hard time finding good info on this, so I’m just going to rapid fire the main things I’m confused on.
  1. If I’m in a small calorie deficit (200-400 calories per day) but am lifting and boxing for 50-60 minutes 4 times per week, is it possible to gain weight? I’ve always been under the impression that you cannot gain weight in a calorie deficit, but the trainer I’m working with is assuring me this is the way. I’m wondering if I should lower my calories a bit more or stick with what I’m doing. It’s not a lot of weight that I’m gaining, but averaging week to week, it’s about .4-.7 pounds per week.
  2. Protein intake, health problems associated with protein. One of my biggest fears in life in general is kidney stones. Don’t ever want to deal with that. I’m around 162 lbs right now. Initially the trainer I’m working with said I should be trying to get 146g per day and around 2200 calories. After a couple weeks and almost 5 pounds dropped, he upped it by a lot. 200g per day on 2600 calories. Is this too much protein, or is it still a safe amount for my precious kidneys? I’ve read conflicting things. They also want me to drink a protein shake right before bed, and that just straight up does not work for me. It causes me to sleep like shit because of my stomach rumbling and turning. So instead I’ve been trying to have something with 20-30g of protein (still staying in my calorie and macro limits) within an hour before bed that is a little more balanced, mostly with fats. IE, salmon and avocado, chicken with some shiritaki Mac and cheese.
  3. Body fat readings. What should I trust? I do not believe that I am 15% body fat. However, back in October I was 175 lbs, and got a skin caliber test done that showed I was 17%. I didn’t believe that at that time, but when I started working with this trainer he used one of the handheld scanners and it read me at 15% at a weight of 161. My scale at home has gone from 23% to 22% but no matter what I’m doing diet or exercise wise, if I gain weight, my body fat goes up with it. Lose weight, fat goes down. That just seems a little suspicious to me and after a year of use, I don’t trust it either. It’s possible that I have a little dysmorphia going on because of my body type (basically 90% of my fat is on my torso- Legs are very lean, arms are mostly lean, neck and shoulders are lean). I’m 5’7”, 162, and I have a very flabby torso with not much visible muscle mass. Like. I’m still technically overweight. I don’t see how my body fat could possibly be that low.
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2023.03.27 18:24 Mittens_4_Kittens Advice on if I should cancel this cycle

I am looking for some advice/wondering what others would do in my shoes.
We had 1 ER in November, AFC 9, eggs retrieved 2: very uneven follicle growth
2 ER attempt last month, primed with BC , stims 9 days, cancelled, only one follicle, over-suppression
3rd ER attempt this month, next cycle after the cancelled cycle. I had my baseline ultrasound this morning and my AFC is ~4. I am concerned I am still feeling some of the suppression from ER #2. HOWEVER, I don't have a lot of data on what my baseline should be. It was 9 in November and 11 about a year ago. There are also a few little hints at follicles the nurse thinks could respond.
We have 1.5 retrievals left before we go self pay, which, to be honest, we are planning on needing to do anyway.
I was supposed to do estrogen/cetrotide priming but due to my clinic sucking, they refused to adjust my calendar for a shorter luteal phase and only got about half the priming in before cycle day 1.
If you were me, would you cancel this cycle and try for May or just press forward. Per the RE, he only expects to ever get 5 eggs per retrieval. Plus quality over quantity, etc.
I have travel coming up for work that I can't push off any further, so if I cancel this would push all the retrievals though the end of summer. I am 38 and pretty sensitive to the fact that my numbers are not going to be improving month over month from here on out.
Any advice appreciated!
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2023.03.27 18:24 catmoblu444 I’m drowning at my new job due to company disorganization

I started a new job about two months ago as an analyst for a utility company. The role itself is relatively new. The company decided to eliminate two separate (and very different) positions and combine them into one, for the same amount of pay. Due to the increase in responsibility and lack of salary adjustments, over half of the employees with this role quit or retired towards the end of last year. My company couldn’t find anyone internal who wanted the open positions, so they ended up hiring a few external applicants, myself included. Historically, this has been a job that was intended for internal applicants with prior company experience.
I was led to believe during my interview that there would be some crossover between the two major roles I’d be playing, and that combining those two jobs into one would make sense. After two months, I’m realizing that was a lie. The few veteran employees I’ve spoken to in this role have expressed frustration that the two roles do not have anything to do with each other and that they are all stuck doing the jobs of two people. These people work late hours and weekends just to keep up with the workload - it’s not like they just don’t want to work… they don’t have enough hours in the day.
Because my position was vacant for 5 months before I was hired, I’ve been left a mountain of past due work. Not only is this work past due, half of it was processed incorrectly and needs to be redone. I don’t even know where to begin on getting it fixed or done. The complexity of some of the incorrect work has even stumped my supervisor.
There has been some conflict within my department over who is training the new employees in my role. Per my supervisor’s instruction, I had been working with a coworker, Ann* for about a week on one of the major roles (I’ll call it job “Y”) when someone else in our department (another veteran person in the same role) overheard her talking about training me. He said that a manager had stated the new analysts should only be training with Bob* on job “X”, and that we would not be doing anything with job “Y” until a later time.
I was told to forget about everything I had just learned. I mentioned it to my supervisor, and he said that I should be learning job “Y” in conjunction with job “X”, and that he wanted me to continue training with Ann. I told him which manager told us otherwise and asked if he planned on checking in with her. He said “nah, we’ll keep you going on both jobs on the down low because we really need you to be doing both as soon as possible”. I expressed concern about getting Ann in trouble for continuing to train me despite being told to hold off, but my supervisor brushed me off.
This is just one example of what’s been going on. I’ve worked for some other large/busy/understaffed companies before, but I’ve never dealt with so much conflicting information. How is a new employee supposed to navigate all of this?
I should add that there has been a lot of turnover company-wide in the past few years, so there is a lot of disorganization when it comes to training. I have a good friend in a totally different department/branch who says his job is basically a dumpster fire, so I wouldn’t say my issues are unique to my position.
I’m worried that even after I’m fully trained, things are still going to be a disorganized mess. While I’m making more money than I was at my previous job, it’s become clear that this specific role is under compensated and the company has no plans on changing the pay. And where I know other people in different departments, I’ve been able to confirm that the chaos isn’t confined to my department, so transferring to another position down the road wouldn’t be a way out. My supervisor gave his notice last week and his boss (who I also frequently report to) keeps talking about “if she leaves”, etc. She’s been here four months.
Am I right to assume it’s not going to get any better? Should I stick it out for at least 6 months to a year to see if things change, or should I run for the hills now?
TLDR: new job is disorganized and I’m struggling to get clear information
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2023.03.27 18:24 Wonderful_Door_4494 Per Needed Nanny Share Clause

Hey everyone!! I am in that contract negotiation stage with a family I am really hopeful will be a good fit. We agree on so much and they are meeting me at my desired expectations or at a happy medium on all fronts.
I NEED ADVICE THOUGH: on how to write in nanny sharing as needed- -
I have always done nanny share in a more informal way and on a case-by-case basis (e.g. "hey NF, there is a couple requesting me to nanny-share two afternoons a week for six weeks while the mom recovers from surgery. y'all cool with that?")... BUT I want to be contractual from here on still allowing for it to be case-by-case. I currently care for the child of another family on a per needed basis that is typically one or two days in a two week period. With my current family, when I do this, they get a share rate of $5 less than the current rate per hour that I have the additional child. That has been perfect (!) and I want to be able to carry over something similar to my new family
My full-time family gets a "discount," the family that requires very little care has the care when needed without having to pay an insane drop-in rate somewhere else, and I make a little more each hour due to the second family paying me as well... so it's honestly a win-win-win.
How would you write the ability to do this type of sharing into a contract??
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2023.03.27 18:23 Mod-Mod13 💥 #NewHomeForSC Competition Day 1!

💥 #NewHomeForSC Competition Day 1!
The first clue for our #NewHomeForSC competition is now available! Check out the attached banner for the clue.
A new clue means you have 24 hours to get your guess in for a chance to win and earn 50 community points in the process. Please remember that only your first guess counts, within the 24-hour period, so be careful!
Some simple rules for the competition:
• You are eligible to submit 1 guess per day • You must post your guess in our official Telegram group within 24 hours and before the next clue is revealed • Each clue will be revealed at 2.00pm UTC • There will be one clue each day until our big reveal at 2.00pm UTC on March 30th
The first 5 participants to guess correctly will each receive a 50$ Amazon gift card! And by just sharing 1 guess per day, you will get 50 community points for participating (You can earn 50 points a day up to a total of 150 points!).
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2023.03.27 18:22 Nuncan-- Compiling Stress

Yesterday was rough. Very rough. I’m an SGA as of right now. I’ve been at the company for ~3 years. Sunday I was at my store for a solo 8 hour shift, having already working quite a few days in a row. I’m being vague because of not wanting my vent to be “seen” by people, because I believe work stops at the clock out.
I’ve just found out that those sweet sweet few days off I after today are now up for debate because of things going on, and I just can’t keep doing this same old job day in and day out. Sundays are our store’s worst days, and I have to work the whole day solo. People trading in hundreds of dollars worth of items in single transactions, while a line of other people who need to be helped building behind them. I was stuck in a near hour and a half long crawl to the finish line of those customers. Thankfully I had no irate people, but I’m losing sleep over this.
I got 3ish hours of sleep just because work yesterday had me so worked up with nerves about today because the only thing I could think about after I left was “Did I clean the store properly? Did I put things away, and are the walls filled? Did I miss any items that may have fallen off the clearance gondolas and are now on the floor?”
Usually a conversation with some friends/my boyfriend is enough but now I’m gonna be expected to start working near full time if not actually hitting 40 a week, all while not even being able to drive. I’m still only making 10 and some change per hour and I can’t afford to not have a job right now because I’m saving up for college. I just don’t know what to do with myself right now. Does anyone have any non self-destructive forms of relieving stress? Preferably something free, and not a therapist? I couldn’t afford one lol..
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2023.03.27 18:18 thespacebugg Advertising on Etsy - Has it Helped You?

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day so far. I was wondering if any of you have participated in etsy ads, and if you feel like it helped you. If you have tried it, what was your budget and how many days did you run it for? Do you think advertising with etsy really makes a difference?
For context, I am currently a smaller shop (making about 1 sale per week, though this has significantly dropped off since the start of the year. My main problem is poor seo but now that I’ve done some research I will be updating my listings asap) and my items are in the $15-60 price range. 99% of my sales come from in-person markets where my items sell very well. I do hope to one day grow my online shop enough to have a steady source of income from this. I’m wondering if it’s worth it to give ads a shot, or if I’ll just be throwing more of my money at etsy.
I understand that nothing’s guaranteed, but I was hoping to hear about some of your personal experiences. Thank you all so much for your feedback!
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2023.03.27 18:17 Kindly-Commercial-78 23F SW147lbs 5’4 looking for some success stories/advice!

i’m no stranger to this subreddit. i lost about 12lbs in a calorie deficit with lots of walking about a year and a half ago, but have slowly put on about 8lbs again after a very stressful year and a cold winter where i live.
i developed some healthy habits in that time that i still can access in my brain but i really need a motivation boost and for people who were in a similar situation to me and got out of it to give me their success stories!
i’m looking to lose 10-20lbs depending how i feel about my body as the time goes on. i love walking, i will happily walk 10 miles in a day, in one session even, but again i’ve fallen out of doing that because we have had a really cold winter here. as spring comes in and the days are longer and i’m feeling better i think i can get back into walking minimum 5 miles per day!
are there any tips and tricks to losing and keeping it off? gym membership isn’t an option for me because i’ve never been able to stick to it — i’m not sure how helpful intermittent fasting is for actually burning fat but i definitely found it helpful the first time around to stop my snacking and control my hunger cues.
thank you so much!
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2023.03.27 18:13 ishiaryan This year I decided to get more serious about photography and have been posting a photo per day to Instagram. This one has gotten decent attention. Shot on my X100F!

This year I decided to get more serious about photography and have been posting a photo per day to Instagram. This one has gotten decent attention. Shot on my X100F! submitted by ishiaryan to fujifilm [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 18:10 ishiaryan I started getting more serious about photography, and started posting a photo per day on Instagram. This one has gotten decent attention. Shot on my X100F!

I started getting more serious about photography, and started posting a photo per day on Instagram. This one has gotten decent attention. Shot on my X100F!
IG: @ishiaryan
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