Bexar county jail records

How do I defend myself against someone determined to hurt me.

2023.03.29 07:51 mountainsofcats How do I defend myself against someone determined to hurt me.

Three months ago my wife and I took in her sisters. They were in a bad spot and there mom has dementia and her boyfriend was a real scum bag. He lives in Louisiana and we live in Iowa. The first month he came up here and came to our home and threatened to kill me. It escalated to him slamming my leg in a door, because I wouldn’t let him see the kids. I didn’t press any charges because I didn’t want him having to come back up here for court and have more reason to bother us I thought it was all done with. We informed the police of everything but pressed no charges. He’s now coming up in two weeks to sign some legal paper work with my mother in law. He has absolutely no legal right to the girls since there was no marriage and there not blood. I’m honestly so scared he’s a felon with an expunged record whose gone to jail for attempted murder with a firearm. He’s been posting on Facebook threatening me saying he’s going to go back to his old ways. As well as posting videos of him at firing ranges. What can I do here ? He hasn’t done anything yet so I can’t call the police. I’m thinking about leaving town for the week he’s here. Any advice on what me and the girls should do is greatly appreciated thank you.
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2023.03.29 07:04 tydyelove7 Getting charged $600 for a tow on a car I sold 1.5 years ago

Thank you in advance and I’m sorry for the formatting, I’m on mobile writing this.
I (26m) am writing this on Tuesday at 9pm at night in Washington County, Oregon. I sold my car 1.5 years ago.
5 days ago I got a letter from the Oregon lien services for $600 for a tow of the car which was abandoned at the buyers apartment complex.
When I sold the car, I had the person sign 2 different “Bill of sale” documents that were provided by the Oregon DMV, I then took of if the documents fully filled out. I also took a picture of their ID (front and back) and their picture in person with the car. All of these pictures have undoctored metadata.
I have their number, instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and yet no response. I got access to the car from the tow company but didn’t find their copy of the bill of sale. I tore my house and my car apart looking these documents and still found nothing.
I contacted the tow company about the proof I have of the sale, but they had contact DMV since the owner info (apparently still me) was provided by the DMV.
I contacted the DMV about the situation and they have no record of me notifying them about the sale of the car. I asked to talk to the supervisor at the DMV and what I originally thought was said was they were backdating the sale date and I just needed to find the bill of sale to back this up.
After I contacted them, I looked all over for the bill of sale in my apartment and my car and my storage unit. I even went through all of my important papers that I know I should always save (bank statements, tax info, 3 other bill of sales from previous cars of mine, etc.) and spent hours looking. Nothing.
So I contacted the DMV again and they said the sale date was from when I originally called (which was the day after I got the bill) and not what the supervisor told me. The new agent I was talking to said they have no way of backdating sale notices by law.
The bill from the tow company states that I have until April 7th 2023 to either provide the notice of the sale dated from before the tow or pay the full bill, which I think is $2000 for the yard hold at which will then be auctioned off on the 7th.
I’m lost and feel completely out of options. I’m broke and can’t afford this bill on such a short notice. Even at $600. I don’t feel like I own the car since the documents were all signed and it’s considered an official document by the Oregon DMV.
What should I do? Is there a way to get out of this mess without paying for this bill?
UPDATE: I forgot to mention I also have a picture of the passenger registration with the buyers signature.
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2023.03.29 07:00 kolakeia Why wouldn't I be able to locate the court case for a divorce I know happened — or could the filing/status date be incorrect?

EDIT: Never mind I found the divorce :) Despite having my search set to “all party types” it wasn’t showing under my person’s name, it only came up after I searched the ex’s name which took me awhile to find on the internet
I have been using the Massachusetts Trial Court Electronic Case Access site. This individual would have been divorced prior to 2007 because they re-married that year. While I can find record for every single other divorce I know of for the county in question, I cannot find a court record for this particular divorce.
I can locate this person in other court cases, where their name is always displayed as "Arthur C Clarke" (fake example) with the middle initial included. I did find a divorce record for several years later than they should have been divorced, however the name is shown as just "Arthur Clarke" so I'm not sure if this inconsistency could exist across court records or if it's just someone else. I also checked the Probate and Family Court for all the other counties just in case the spouse had relocated.
My questions would be: 1) Could this divorce court case just not exist on the site where I can find all the other divorces I know of? Or B) Would it be even remotely possible for this person not to have formally divorced their ex until several years after their new marriage (assuming the case with the missing middle initial is indeed this person)?
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2023.03.29 06:49 Mission-Egg794 The Day I Thought I Won The Lottery

I used to think success was driving down a beach-front highway having to choose between breathing in the new car smell from your convertible, or putting the top down for some salt air.
1 week ago, I had neither of those choices and today the very thought of beach air and new car smell makes me fucking sick.
Before I get into this, let me be clear: this is not a confession of guilt for anything I’ve done. I never wanted all this shit. From the very start it was only about one thing: Getting my son, James a birthday present.
I wasn’t even trying to get him the BEST or the BIGGEST or the most EXPENSIVE birthday present. Just
A present. The present I set out to get.
But instead...
I went to the 7/11 on Santa Monica and bought a MegaMillions lotto ticket.
My name is Daniel Baxter, and this is the day I thought I won the lottery.

April 8, 2022 – 2:03AM
It’s 2 o’clock in the morning and I’m at the Hollywood Casino. I’ve got every penny to my name spread across the craps table and some dickhead on his bachelor party holds the dice of fate in his clammy little hands.
My last 3 meals have been from discarded room service trays at LAX Hilton, my truck doesn’t start without a prayer and the tires have been leaking air for the last month which is fine because now I know the location of every free air filling station in LA County.
If I’d paid my phone bill, it’d be buzzing a crater in my leg from my ex, Lenora, asking if I’d picked up our son’s birthday gift with the $200 she gave me.
“Gave me” isn’t quite the right term. She handed it to me with a scowl then told me “if you gamble this shit you’ll never fucking see him again.” Things had been tense lately.
But none of that matters because this guy’s been hot and it’s with his help that I’ve turned that 200 hundred into almost 3 grand. The only question is; are the rhythms with me or not?
Maybe you call it God. Maybe you call it Karma or the natural vibe of the earth or mercury or whatever. When the rhythms are on, everything goes your way. You crush your yearly review at work and get the raise you’re after or you’re at some party and you’ve got everyone eating outta the palm of your hand.
Most things are math. Craps is math. Poker is math. Phone bills are math. Divorce rates are math and if I keep having to eat off of room service trays, the likelihood of me waking up with diarrhea is math.
It’s all just probability. But when the rhythms are on, the probability doesn’t matter. You could take a 1 and a million shot back-to-back and hit it twice. That’s what the rhythm can do for you.
Summer of 2018 I was up over 2 million. I couldn’t lose a hand of blackjack, I couldn’t crap out if I tried, I couldn’t say the wrong thing to Lenora and every time I walked into the room my son, James, would light up like a fucking lantern.
It used to be me and Lenora at the tables. The place was always open, the food is fine and the drinks are free. If we weren’t at the tables we were in the lounge talking Black Jack strategy or in the bar talking game theory or hanging out at the slots like a couple’a mice pressing a button and waiting for the cheese to pop out.
Sometimes it’s nice to be a mouse. I’ve got rats in my house. They don’t pay rent or go food shopping. All they have to do is avoid eating a piece of death cheese or poison and honestly that’s not too far off from how I live anyways.
When we had James, things changed though. As Lenora put it “risking your son’s dinner isn’t chasing something it’s chasing nothing.” And I guess the 45-minute commute to the Hollywood wasn’t a valuable use of her time. Lots of people commute to work even longer. When I was working at Goldman, I commuted an hour and a half each way from Connecticut. Granted I was on a train but the point is we all commute to work.
It was nice having her here. It was nice seeing James with a smile. It was nice to check my bank account and feel a life raft around me, rather than a black hole forming in my bellybutton.
But the rhythms shifted.
Now it’s just me here next to Lenny with the beard, Jackie with the cigar and Jonie who’s been serving drinks here so long her face should be on the highway billboards. After Lenora broke it off with me she got together with Kelton who works for a hedge fund which (for the record) is still gambling. He’s just doing it with other people’s money.
James’ 9th birthday is three days away. He wants an iPad and soon as I cash out, I’ll be able to pick one up, maybe kick some back to Lenora and spread some cash around to the litany of people I’m on the hook to.
I’m one big night away from wiping it all out. I just need one hit. One night of pure rhythm... and I’ll be back.
The shooter shakes the dice in his hand then tosses ‘em. I watch them clack on the table walls below me, but before they even settle on the pass line, I can already feel the star implode in my stomach.
In a flash, my hard work is raked away by some new guy named Carl with a moustache and not a single ounce of sympathy.
The party’s at Lenora (and Kelton’s) which was fine because honestly, I didn’t just have rats.
The rats came in chasing the cockroaches but when a bunch of them got into my Cadbury Mini Egg stash and died under the living room floor, a pack of fleas picked the carcass clean before making their way into the carpet above. So, the moment I have fleas, cockroaches and rats. I had a bug bomb guy coming in a couple days but things were gonna be a little itchy until then.
It's three days until the party. I’ve got no gift and if I show up without that 200 bucks I may never see my kid again.

April 8, 2022 – 6:32AM
There’s only so much you can do on a security guard’s salary and being paid $12 an hour to guard millions of dollars in Mercedes automobiles is hilarious. What am I supposed to do if some guy comes in to steal a car? Lay my life on the line and hope my out-of-pocket HMO covers bullet wounds?
I don’t even have dental. I got a root canal that needed to be recapped 10 minutes after it was put in.
I’ve been on Mr. Jenkins about a raise but he keeps telling me “we gotta sell more cars, Davey,” as if I’m the one selling cars. I’m a fucking security guard what the hell’s that gotta do with me? Last I checked it was my job to keep cars on the lot and getting them off was yours.
Jenkins owns every car dealer on Van Nuys. Maybe you’ve seen his ads on TV where he slides into frame wearing a suit while riding a surfboard just to say “COME ON DOWN!” He can afford to buy a surfboard for tv ad that has no mention of surfing or aquatic sports of any kind but he can’t pay me an extra $3 an hour so I can re-introduce cold foods to my diet.
I spend most of my shift eyeing the mint green on onyx black SLS convertible they keep in the lobby. It’s flashy but it’s got a nut sack under the hood so you know you could back it up if you went toe-to-toe with some clown at a red light. Sometimes I just stare at it but I never touch it. I only wanna touch it when it’s mine. Which it would be...
Maybe I could steal it and sell it to get the iPad and some other shit. I know all the codes but then again I wouldn’t need the whole car. The thing costs half a mill. Maybe I could lift a rear-view mirror. Who would notice? Then again with the way the rhythm’s set I’d probably bump into the fucking FBI on the way out.
I’ve been doing my best to get things together but the cards aren’t falling my way and there’s not much you can really do about that. I’ve been going to the Hollywood for 15 years so I know I’m due for a run.
Me and Lenny talking about this all the time at the lounge. Sometimes you’re on the downbeat and sometimes you’re on the upbeat. Lately I feel like it’s been all downs but the thing about being a father though, is that you’re not the only one on that ride.
It used to be that I could take a few down weeks or months even. Sleep in the car, call the landlord and talk them out of breaking down the door but when you got a kid everything changes. You suffer, he suffers. Lately Lenora’s been paying for that but you see she keeps a tally. She says she doesn’t but she does.
Every time she has to pay for something she looks at me like I’m the biggest piece of shit then says “It’s ok, David.” Which it really isn’t.
The fees and stuff aren’t the real problem. It’s being able to take James out and take care of him. She wants to take that away from me and honestly I don’t blame her.
Last week my card got declined trying to pay for ice cream. James had already eaten half of his and the lady made us give it back. He didn’t talk to me the whole way home then 2 days later Lenora told me James didn’t really like spending time with me anymore. A week after that she filed for sole custody and told me they were thinking about moving to Chicago. Who the fuck would want to live there? It’s cold as fuck and the people are assholes.

April 8, 2022 – 12:20PM
I do pickups for a porta-john company on the side. It’s just temporary. I don’t clean the shit I just spray down the units and suck out cans and shit with a wet-vac before this guy named Pete sticks a hose in the back and drains the whole thing out.
I’m always surprised by what people put on the walls of a john. Usually it’s just drawings like hearts and shit but sometimes the rhythm finds you there too. One time I spotted a phone number Sharpied on a toilet seat but it was missing 1 number. 8 digits. Kinda like 4 roulette numbers right?
I took em to the Hollywood and won 5 grand on one roll! Hasn’t worked again for me yet... but that’s the thing about it man.
But today I’m cleaning out a row of johns after some music festival which by the way is far and away the worst clean ups to get. Sure you see these kids all cleaned up online in some tweed outfit or some shit but you should see the shit that comes out of these kids. It’s like paving tar with glitter and red bull cans.
I look down in the last john I’m hosing down and I see something. Peaking out of the mounds I see: a $20 bill.
I stared at it for a second but I could hear Pete coming down the line about to suck it into oblivion. I never seen cash in the john before. Sometimes you hear a coin clank through the hose but a 20 bill just staring you right in the face?
I did what any man would do. I grabbed it and when I pulled my hand out I was half expecting it to be missing a layer of skin.
Later I’m sitting in the truck staring at this 20 bucks thinking “why would this come to me?” There had to be a reason. It wasn’t just on the floor of some john. It was in the last john after the nastiest event at a time when all I needed was one shot.
It was the rhythm.
But having to do that for just $20 didn’t add up. There had to have been a greater purpose and you know what they say about money. You don’t let it sleep. You wanna get that money out and get it working.
Craps kicked my teeth in this morning and you can’t do shit with 20 bucks on a blackjack table. I had to think bigger.
Then I’m driving home from work and I see the 7/11. Powerball was at 2.11 BILLION. The biggest in history. If you got all 6 numbers right you got the whole chicken. If you got 5 you got just shy of 8 million bucks. Boom.
I had my usual numbers but this wasn’t a usual day. I told the cashier to give me “all randoms today.” 10 slips at $2 each.
That night I sat down on my couch waiting for the Powerball to come on tv... then I blacked out.
The next thing I knew I was staring at 6 numbers lit up on my tv screen: 08, 07, 14, 29, 40, 16
And on my slip: 08, 07, 14, 29, 40, 22
I had 5 out of 6 numbers. I’d just won 8 million dollars

April 9, 2022 – 9:01AM
I’m standing in line at the California Lottery Offices. It’s not some huge expansive place. It’s a shitty little line up of people with various ailments trying to dispute their $5 winning ticket.
My mind is racing. Who do I pay back first? Do they give me the cash here? Is it in a duffel bag? When do I have to hold that big ass check? Do I wear a mask? I saw a guy do it in a scream mask once to maintain his anonymity. Honestly it might be nice to be seen. Not only has everyone seen me as a piece of shit forever but also I haven’t exactly kept a detailed list of everyone I owe money to.
It’d be good for people to just hit me up, I can cut a check and tell them “thanks for your patience.” Maybe I’d even give them a little off the top as a tip.
The guy a the counter basically spat in my face; “It’s gotta be reviewed. Takes 2-5 days. We’ll email you a link to collect any winnings.” It was like I just accused him of something. No congratulations or anything which at first, I was pissed about but then I realized that clearly I wasn’t the first asshole who thought they won the lottery.
Except I really did. 2-5 days was nothing. I’d been living in the shit for years I could do another few days.
Stepping outside, everything looked the same. The air wasn’t purer or the sunlight any more sunlightier and I still had to fill up my tires at the Shell on Cahuenga. There’s something about being rich without actually having any appearance of being rich.
That secret alone is like having a bomb in your pocket. People treat you regular, they smile and make conversation but deep down you think...if I pulled this out I could kill you with it.
But when people do think you have money, the more of it they give you.
I rolled in the doors of the Hollywood like I always did. Lenny called me a bullshitter, Jackie barely even put her cigarette down and Jonie didn’t even bring me a drink because I didn’t actually have any money on the table. I didn’t even have money in my pocket. I’d spent it all on the Megamillions and I hadn’t eaten since perusing the halls for leftover room service the night before.
Then news hit. My face was on every TV in the place. “Local man wins 8 million dollar jackpot.”
I checked my phone to see if it was blowing up, then remembered I still hadn’t paid the bill in months. So I was good there.

April 9, 2022 – 11:11AM
If you’ve ever been on a casino floor you know that it’s never silent. But I swear to God if you were on the floor when that news hit, you could’ve heard the rats eating my Mini Eggs 20 miles away. Everyone’s eyes were trained on me. For a second I even felt all the security cams shift over in my direction.
I couldn’t stand being on the floor with nothing to play with so Lenny set me up with his guy who got me a little walking around money. Japanese guy who I met in a Burger King across the street. Weird dude. Not sure what his name was.
I didn’t wanna go too nuts so I just took out a small loan. 50k at 20 points. I thought about it for a second then realized I didn’t really give a shit about the interest. 10 grand to me in a week doesn’t mean nearly as much as 50 does now. It’s just value proposition. It would have been stupid NOT to take out the loan honestly.
Walking into the casino with 50 grand in my pocket and slamming it down on the table feels a lot like taking out your dick at an orgy only when your dick comes out it’s a 60 foot cigarette boat with flames painted on the side.
But then I learned what I remembered years ago. Losing money and gaining money at that point meant almost nothing.
So losing 2 grand a hand wasn’t such a big deal because I could be making 5 on the next. That’s why I needed a little more when I lost the full 50.
Another 100k or so at another 20 points should do the trick.
It didn’t take long to realize that both winning and losing money meant almost nothing to me. So I ventured out.
A tailored suit for me (ready in 2-3 days on a rush).
An iPad for James with all the bells and whistles.
6 dozen roses sent to Lenora’s house signed “your secret admirer.” just to fuck with Kelton.
A watch for me, Lenny and Jodie.
Some special cigar Jackie had always been eyeing.
New pairs of Nikes for all of us.
And a limousine to my dentist’s office.
I paid in cash for the cap replacement, they gave me some pills and told me not to mix them with alcohol but honestly I was a little distracted by the old molar cap sitting on the table. I had an idea.
“Are you gonna just throw that away?” I asked her.
By now I realized I didn’t have a phone to receive my winnings via email. So, I stopped a guy in the lobby and paid him 2 grand cash for his before popping a few pills and slugging some champagne in the limo.
There was barely enough time to sit back and relax. I had a lifetime of debt and yearning for shit to burn through.
We made it to the Mercedes dealership but the pain killers kicked in and I could barely feel my hands as they ran across the SLS’s mint green paint. Bummer.
Jenkins sauntered over asking if I was working today and all I remember saying was “I want it.” He scrunched his eyebrows in confusion, so I put the remaining cash I had down on the table and said it again. “I WANT IT.”
They ran my credit (which was dog shit. Didn’t matter) and I looked Jenkins in his fat little face again and said “I don’t give a fuck.” He sold it to me, financed at 25 percent interest. Then when he went to fetch my paperwork and keys I took a shit on his desk, shoved the molar cap and a $20 bill in it before using his jacket to wipe my ass. Felt right. Don’t really know why.
I had walked into the CA lottery offices at 9am to start the review process on my ticket’s authenticity.
By 11am, I was watching news break from the Hollywood Casino.
By 10pm I had accrued more debt than a small country.
I hadn’t received a dime from the lotto.
And I needed more walking around money.

April 10, 11, 12 – who the fuck knows what time
The next few days were a blur but there are a few things I’ll never forget.
Quitting my job.
Hiring the limo for the week.
Trying to shit after 3 days of having nothing but fast food, champagne and pain killers.
Fielding questions at the party from Kelton’s asshole friends who told me “lotto rich isn’t real rich.”
And the heat of my house burning to the ground as James and I stood there watching with a can of gas in our hands.
He didn’t even want the iPad.
The rhythms were sliding back. James had that smile plastered back in his face and even Lenora was happy to see me.

April 16, 7:35AM
“Dear Mr. Baxter. Congratulations! You’ve successfully matched FOUR of six winning numbers. Below please find a link to collect your winnings of $10,000.”
I read it over and over again. Over and over and over.
When I called the offices an nice woman on the phone informed me that due to a printing malfunction the ticket had appeared to show the number 8 when in fact it was a 6.
They even managed to maintain a sense of excitement. I mean why wouldn’t they? They think I just won $10,000. They had no idea I’d bought a car I couldn’t afford, burned my house down, taken a shit on my boss’ desk, maxed out 3 new credit cards and borrowed a inordinate amount of money from people at a borderline illegal interest rate.
The limo company took my ride away and with no home I’ve spent the last 2 days parked on the Pacific Coast Highway, sleeping in the brand new Mercedes I can’t afford, in a suit I shouldn’t have bought, showering in the YMCA down the street, and eating 2-day-old coconut shrimp.
All of a sudden I’m fucked again. But as I stare out at the Pacific, my phone dings. It’s an alert from the Chase banking app. My lotto winnings of $10,000 have just hit my account and the only question is...
Are the rhythms with me or not?
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2023.03.29 06:47 PurchaseWide Felons As a Protected Class

There's been a little noticed movement for this for about a decade now. Since around 2013, some states and cities have passed ban the box legislation that bans employers from looking at criminal records until a certain point in the job search. Some versions of ban the box forbid employers from conducting a background check until after they make an employment offer that's contingent on the background check. And even after the background check, some state or localities will require employers to provide an explanation in writing if they end up pulling the employment offer. I don't understand how preventing people from looking up publicly available criminal records is constitutional at all (especially if you can research a random person's criminal records just because you feel like it, and you're only forbidden from doing so for job hiring purposes), and it's ridiculously inconsistent with respondeat superior, where an employer can get sued if an employee commits a crime on the job. Furthermore, it's just ridiculous in general that an employer has no restrictions on looking at things like your Facebook posts in a job search, but they're restricted from looking at your criminal record.

A more recent trend over the last two years or so has been to extend ban the box to landlords. Cook County, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Detroit, and the state of New Jersey have greatly limited the criminal background checks that landlords can do. The Ninth Circuit struck down the restrictions on landlords looking at criminal records (which really should mean that ban the box for employers in unconstitutional too, unless there's some mysterious First Amendment distinction between employers and landlords) but upheld the ban on taking adverse actions based on the criminal records.
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2023.03.29 06:04 tampa-guy7 [FL]. Guardian At Litem

[FL] Guardian At Litem
I’m taking my ex back to court for more custody. Pasco County, FL. She contsantly breaks the parenting agreement and she has not been a good Mom to our two daughters that are 8 and 10. They are starting to resent her, she is an alcoholic, she misses practices, performances, she talks terribly about me…lets just say she has many issues. Currently we have shared custody which is 65% to her and 35% to me. The main difference is Sunday nights on my weekends the kids go back with her, or they are supposed to, for months she just lets them stay with me and says she has to work. So it is basically 50/50 now, but my girls need, want and deserve to be with me more. That’s besides the point, the other day we had a hearing for a GAL. The opposing attorney objected to the GAL and then when the Guardian was assigned, he would not allow the guardian to use hearsay. Meaning the Guardian can’t use what the girls tell them. The judge stated “I can’t require you to allow Hearsay” gave a small explanation and asked the opposing Atty if he was sure he didn’t want to allow it. the Attorney said he reserved his right to allow it later, but not now.
That is very confusing to me and it brings up numerous issues. I get the guardian can still work around and find plenty out. But having the opposing Atty oppose hearsay from the kids, wouldn’t that be a huge red flag on Day one to the Judge and GAL? Clearly my ex doesn’t want the girls to be heard, she doesn’t want her truths to come out. But I would think it could piss some GAL’s off, some may not take the case, and wouldn’t that make the GAL more curious as to what she may be hiding?
Also in same hearing, my Atty asked to subpoena her work records for various reasons, but she didn’t have a concrete argument to get the Drug/ Alcohol screenings from work and the judge denied that portion of the subpoena. Wouldn’t’t that be a red flag to the judge as well. I’m more concerned about the GAL, but wanted to hear some thoughts and opinions.
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2023.03.29 06:02 tampa-guy7 [FL] Guardian at Litem

I’m taking my ex back to court for more custody. Pasco County, FL. She contsantly breaks the parenting agreement and she has not been a good Mom to our two daughters that are 8 and 10. They are starting to resent her, she is an alcoholic, she misses practices, performances, she talks terribly about me…lets just say she has many issues. Currently we have shared custody which is 65% to her and 35% to me. The main difference is Sunday nights on my weekends the kids go back with her, or they are supposed to, for months she just lets them stay with me and says she has to work. So it is basically 50/50 now, but my girls need, want and deserve to be with me more. That’s besides the point, the other day we had a hearing for a GAL. The opposing attorney objected to the GAL and then when the Guardian was assigned, he would not allow the guardian to use hearsay. Meaning the Guardian can’t use what the girls tell them. The judge stated “I can’t require you to allow Hearsay” gave a small explanation and asked the opposing Atty if he was sure he didn’t want to allow it. the Attorney said he reserved his right to allow it later, but not now.
That is very confusing to me and it brings up numerous issues. I get the guardian can still work around and find plenty out. But having the opposing Atty oppose hearsay from the kids, wouldn’t that be a huge red flag on Day one to the Judge and GAL? Clearly my ex doesn’t want the girls to be heard, she doesn’t want her truths to come out. But I would think it could piss some GAL’s off, some may not take the case, and wouldn’t that make the GAL more curious as to what she may be hiding?
Also in same hearing, my Atty asked to subpoena her work records for various reasons, but she didn’t have a concrete argument to get the Drug/ Alcohol screenings from work and the judge denied that portion of the subpoena. Wouldn’t’t that be a red flag to the judge as well. I’m more concerned about the GAL, but wanted to hear some thoughts and opinions.
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2023.03.29 05:57 anklez12 Welp..

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2023.03.29 05:44 myssmyssy1975 I (42f) threw my fiancée (53m) under the bus.

My fiancée and I have been together for 3 and a half tumultuous years. Currently we are searching for a place to live. I am living in a woman's shelter and he lives 4 blocks a away at the men's shelter. Before we lost our apartment 5mos ago we were together 24/7, since almost the beginning of our relationship. So to say this separation is hard on us is purring it mildly.
We have been referred to a housing assistance program. From the moment we were referred my fiancée did not want to do it. For one simple reason, he had a Warrant for not going to court on a possession charge. He was afraid of someone finding out and turning him in. I was all for it, but I wanted to do it all on the up and up. If he was going to live with me he needed to be on the lease and everything. When we did our intake with pur case manager, we glanced over his criminal history.
It was rough going. We got approved for an apartment but when we were waiting to see it a bedbug fell on my fiancée's coat. There was no way I was going to live there. Then we found the perfect place. I was so excited and much heartened after looking at it. After talking to the landlord she said that they check rental history and criminal records. She said no felonies or drug charges. That was going to be a problem. When the case manager called me the next day she asked me if I had any questions about the app. My fiancée was not on the room. I thought we had no choice but to come clean. I asked her if we had completed the criminal history part of the intake. I launched into an explanation about him having the drug charge and a little about his time spent in prison. The case manager thanked me for being honest and letting her know what's going on so she could better help us. I felt pretty good about the whole thing.
When my fiancée returned to the room, I told him that she had called and told him that I informed her of his past. I did not expect hid reaction. He was angry. He could not believe that I discussed his business with someone without talking to him first. I was immediately sorry that I had. Then for the next 24 hours I got to hear how I had screwed things up for him. He reminded me over and over again that he did not even want to do the program and he was sure nothing good would come from it. Now he said he was going to be looking over his shoulder just waiting for them to come swoop him up and take him to jail. He also said that maybe our case manager found out about the warrant, they would have to report that to the shelter and he could possibly lose his place to stay. No matter how much I tried to tell him that I had done it with good intentions. Now he says that he can't trust me. He said he felt he could not tell me anything for fear that I might say the wrong thing to the wrong people.
We have had trust issues in the past. As far as cheating on the other. I have never lied to him and I have always had his back. I couldn't understand why he was saying that he couldn't trust me.
The other thing that bothers me is that I walked across town in the freezing cold to bond him out. All I asked was that he go to court. Since he had not, I lost the bond money. I am on disability and i am working with a small fixed income so $350 was a lot of money for me.
I guess I just want to know if i did throw him under the bus unintentionally?
TLDR; I told our case manager that my fiancée had a criminal al history for an application. He was angry because he has a warrant and does not want to lose his place to stay. Did I throw him under the bus.
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2023.03.29 05:07 Beginning_Key_1694 Persona 5 Strikers Playthrough (No Commentary) Part 90 8/17 Okinawa Jail; Phase 1 Tape Record 1

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2023.03.29 04:48 n_this_thread I (33M) feel like I'm at a crossroads with my GF (31F) concerning her ex. Family event troubles, text messages, and a hidden past.

I've been with my girlfriend for a little over a year. We talked about previous relationships as we were getting going. She told me she was in a 6-year relationship with someone a bit before me. She mentioned early that she and her ex were still friends and wanted to continue with that. She told me that she knew it was cliche to say, but she thought they could go back in their relationship and just be friends. I told her I trusted her and would support her however she wanted to handle it. Simple as that. To be clear: I don't want to be friends with an ex, and I told her that. It feels like some forced thing. I'm fine with being friendly, but I don't really know that a friendship hinged on our mutually non-platonic love for the same girl is really a healthy thing. I understand others feel differently. It makes me uncomfortable.
However, the situation and my stance towards it have probably complicated the relationship in tough ways.
Family. Because she was in the other relationship for so long, the ex is still friends with her family. Hang out every week type of friends. Siblings. Mother and Father. Everyone. Early on, my GF confided in me that her ex accused her of trying to take away his friends by inviting me to family events. She told me she said to him that she wasn't going to not invite me because it made him uncomfortable. Good on her. However, as I said, I don't really want to be friends with this guy, and I certainly am not interested in spending an afternoon/evening hanging with him. So, there are weekly family hangs and I don't go to them. This is probably a mistake on my part, and I think my GF resents me for it, to some extent. My guess is you're going to tell me she's right, and I accept that. It's taken some time for me to accept that, but I think I can. But I fail to see how I am supposed to put my best foot forward with her family in a situation like this.
Next, there are communications between the two. He texts her often. I don't know how often or how often she responds, but I can gauge from how often he messages her when we're together that it's a lot, each day. I don't snoop and never have, but we hang out a good amount and she's opened her phone directly in front of my eyes. I find the tone of the messages to be somewhat inappropriate: guilt-tripping, for example. Something like:
Him: So, what are you up to tonight?
20 minutes pass
Oh...guess not.
Like as if she must respond to him promptly and that he's going to feel bad if she doesn't. There's a pressure here that I really, really don't like, bordering on hate. And that's just one example. Now, let me introduce the next wrinkle in the fold: he has threatened suicide before in relation to their breakup. My GF refused to engage with him (again, great on her!), but her family "took care of him," she said. So he gets depressed about being broken up with her and her own family makes him feel better about it. I feel like a villain in this story, and I just exist. That's my crime. I have never once tried to set boundaries for her family (who I don't really even know at all) or her. I never will. She's her own person and she can make her own decisions. Who am I to say otherwise? However, I do pay these weird prices, it feels like, for my neutrality.
Despite all that being properly heavy and hard to navigate, I actually recently discovered something bigger. I had heard this person's first name, but I never had a last. One day, I was laying on my GF's lap, and his full name flashed on her screen right in front of my eyes, just for a split second before she swiped it away. Later, I was curious and I decided to google it. Not my best moment, but I know virtually nothing about this person--their social media (liking every single one of my GF's posts in 1 second flat) is private and is not a real name. He has a very, very limited online presence. I came up with nothing, and I'm pretty darn good at googling. Well, I found out why. Weeks later, I had a random thought about how a particular part of it was spelled. I went back, tried a different way, and boom. Here's what I found:
My GF's ex is an accused and convicted sex offender. And it is a serious, serious crime. What came up was the court records and news reports. I read them all the way through, multiple times. They are absolutely, positively damning. I would think pretty much every commonly decent human being on the planet would have convicted him, given the objective evidence against him. He served extensive jail time for multiple crimes in this realm.
But the real surprise to me is tri-fold:
I was floored, and, frankly, I am still floored that this has been hidden from me--especially put into the context above. I am a competitor in this person's world, and, based on what I read, he's a fucking psychopath. I should have been told about this for no other reason than to allow me to weigh my own safety. I understand reform. I understand people can and do change.
Bonus: About three months into our relationship, we went out to a show. It was a multi-weekend, multi-day event. We went one day. As we were getting ready to leave, she looked over my shoulder and said "hey..there's my ex." I did not look over my shoulder and just basically said "Woah...crazy world," grabbed her hand, and we walked out the exit in the other direction. I asked her as we were walking out if she told him she was going to this event. She responded, a touch aggressively, "He's not stalking me," so I dropped it. There was just something in her voice that said to leave it alone. Even before I knew about this person's past, I heavily suspected that he did stalk her there to that event. It's the very first thing that came to mind at the moment, which is why I asked her about it. Now, though, I'm even more convinced. It's so unlikely that of all the days this event was put on (same event every day), he just happened to be at the one that we went to. It's astronomically unlikely. Big city. Tons of people. It's either fucking creepy or one hell of a coincidence.
I know that was a lot, but I had a lot to get off my chest. Here are some questions: Why wouldn't my GF tell me about this person's past? Does she just not trust me? How do I navigate this last bit or any of what's above? Do I confront her (politely) about what I know? Do I wait for her to tell me if she ever does? Do I show up to family events to make my GF happier but potentially anger this dude that did something unimaginably evil? The friction of all of this is really affecting our relationship, and I think things are twisting sideways at times because of what's above.
Otherwise, things are good, which I know sounds like a joke, after all that. But our personal 1-on-1 relationship is sound. We have great times together, just the two of us, but relating to the family is bad. Relating to the ex is bad. I'm not sure what to do about all this.
TLDR: My GF's ex is interfering with my relationship, indirectly. He hangs out regularly with her family and accuses her of trying to take that away from him by wanting to bring me. I never have gone, meaning I've not met a lot of her family, and probably made my GF upset. To boot, he constantly messages her things that I think demonstrate he is still in love with her and trying to actively get her back. In secret, I have uncovered that he is a convicted sex offender. She has never told me. How do I navigate this?
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2023.03.29 04:34 StonerWitchKing Looking for input before doing an NICS background check

Hey all Due to my poor memory, im looking for advice from more experienced individuals before i go down the rabbit hole that is the county and medical records. All help is appreciated. Almost 3-years ago, during peak covid, i was in a dark place mentally. After being stuck at home and furloughed from work i got quite depressed, lethargic and just started drinking my days away. Not only was this a bummer but it also put a good bit of strain on my marriage and caused my wife a good bit of worry for my mental state. One day i took to drinking in the bathroom before a shower, i ended up blacking out in the tub, fully clothed with the water running and flooded the whole room. Upon finding the door locked, my wife freaked and called the police before breaking down the door. Cops showed up and i came to but they insisted on the ambulance transporting me to a local hospital, and i went willingly. Once i got there, my wife came and told me that she petitoned a magistrate for a 72hr hold on me to evaluate my mental state. I broke down, agreed and met with some psych specialists to talk about how i was feeling. Although i wasnt suicidal at all, i agreed to some inpatient care and was transported, via cruiser, to a facility where i stayed for a week. Looking back, it was great for me, i pulled out of my rut and stayed sober but the whole process was a whirlwind with fuzzy details. My question is, was i involuntarily committed? I never saw a judge or dealt with any legalese papers. There was no court date or anyone forcing me to go anywhere and i was released via my therapist at the facility. Im wanting to buy a firearm for hunting but im wondering if i will be denied due to this visit. I have no felony convictions but when i was transported from the hospital, i was cuffed in the front. I dunno if any of this is considered more voluntary than involuntary but i never had a day in court or anyone telling me that i lost my rights. I also cant find much paperwork on this, although i have since moved towns and might have misplaced some. I know i can just apply to find out but id like to know more before hand to spare my nerves. I also would like to not lie on a government form if i can help it. Just looking for some insight from those with more experience and knowledge. All info is appreciated, thanks in advance!
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2023.03.29 03:10 salemsocks UPDATE!! my mom impersonated me to police and committed fraud

I’m never too sure how to post updates for all those who commented to see. I know Everyone had been asking for an update, so here goes! If you’re new to the situation, please see my last post from yesterday!
for those who don’t know , my mom was pulled over for a traffic violation and used my identity to prevent herself from going to jail 3 months ago. She used my identity and signed my name for the ticket. I was never made aware and received a letter about the impending suspension of my license for not appearing to court. She never admitted it despite my extreme worry and confusion over it. **
I went to the police station today and spoke to a very kind officer who helped me file a police report. He asked all the necessary questions and said that it’s very much considered “criminal impersonation”. And that I can press charges against her. Since she has a warrant already from the county , it would make the whole process easier. Unfortunately I had therapy and had to cut the visit short and a little while later the officer called me to update me and let me know that he was working on filing it and speaking to the officer who pulled her over that night . Maybe 20 minutes later my dad calls to let me know that she’s banging on the door of his house and so I take the opportunity to call the officer and make him aware that she’s at my house. Within 6 minutes they arrive there, and begin to arrest her for the warrant . The officer walks up to her and says “you have pending charges against you for identity theft. Did you drive that car and use your daughters information?” She admitted it.
And the officer says , “why would you do that to your own daughter?” Which honestly made me wanna high five the guy. So they took her away to jail. And I FEEL SO RELIEVED!!!!!
However, I do plan to try filing a restraining order against her in the meantime.!
Thank you all for your wonderful comments and I appreciate the kind words!!!
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2023.03.29 03:04 faye38 My little sister’s r8pist is being considered for early parole.

My(21) little sister’s (15) r8pist (25) is being considered for parole. Long story short this was 4 1/2 years ago he was sentenced to 7 years. He was my boyfriend and he hurt her, he bragged about it on 4chan and I found it and he went to jail. This happened in Lee county Georgia, he’s since been transferred to central state prison and the letter we received came from Atlanta. Basically I have heard from many people that he isn’t taken accountability/ is lying about it. He’s not ready to be released and it would be a huge mistake for the judge to make. He preys upon vulnerable people. My question is- to argue against his appeal do they only want a letter from the victim? Or could I and the people he has corresponded with since being in prison write to the judge as well asking for him not to be released.
I need to submit this information by Thursday of next week. I’ll answer questions. He is the scariest person I’ve ever known and it goes further than what he was charged for. I wasn’t expecting this so soon. Help, if any, would be so appreciated.
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2023.03.29 02:31 WestEndActive X-Raided on meeting Mac Dre in county jail, Brotha Lynch Hung, getting into rap & more

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2023.03.29 02:19 Sea-Coconut-3833 Stop spreading fake squirrel hunt news!

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2023.03.29 02:18 everydayisanother Told me to post here instead

I’m in my 4th semester of college and it’s so hard to keep caring about it. I just try to remind myself that I would hate to drop out of college. I have such a hard time caring though. I get drunk on lemon extract sometimes. I get High on dxm too. I got drunk before 4 pm today. I have a group project we haven’t started yet and a chemistry test where I know none of the material on Thursday, I cut myself sometimes too. I worry irrationally about going to jail and jve texted my boss while drunk about irrational fears of jail and I’ve talked to my parents about it on spring break while denying I was drunk but I was drunk. I’ve drank my way into the hospital before and I don’t want to do it again. My parents gave me weed because they wanted me to just chill out and stop worrying about jail. I worry about jail and sounding like I’m going to jail and I just repeat myself over and over again and I sound like a broken record. I worry about something and just obsess about it. I’ve been in college for almost two years now and I have not met anyone new because I’m too shy. I’ve failed at multiple jobs because of how shy I am. My parents asked me over spring v break if I wanted to talk to a doctor and I said no because I am terrified of doctors and I failed my sports physical twice because I was so scared and my heart rate and blood pressure were too high because of it. I don’t want medication like my parents mentioned. My mom said she took Zoloft and it worked for her. I just want to be a normal person and not want to hurt myself like I want to currently.
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2023.03.29 02:16 Fantastic_Zucchini_6 Question of a Potentially Major Plot Hole

How is the university going to react after finding out that one of their faculty members aka Jonathan Moore is actually a man named Joe Goldberg? That two of their well educated students with spotless records and good grades are now dead or in jail? Wouldn’t it be odd to them that he had a fake identity and that his student was found dead and that his other student was supposedly responsible for his death along with Rhys? That another faculty member (Malcolm) was his neighbor, was found dead, and now that same man is with the girlfriend (Kate)?
I hope there are street cameras that show what he did in broad daylight, and shows that Nadia was too busy hanging out on campus when Rhys was killed. Perhaps something might show that the last person to see Rhys alive was Joe (if Rhys had a camera on the front of his property when Joe casually strolled right in and killed him.
This show has gone into this angle before when Theo discovered what Love and Joe did to Natalie. If all the private investigators and people in Joe’s past came together, it wouldn’t be that difficult to implicate Joe for all his murdering antics. He was ALWAYS sloppy. The best testimony would most likely come from Theo, Theo’s dad, Carrie, Sherri, Elliot, Nadia, Marianne, etc.
I have an unfortunate sad real life story that makes me think of this too:
My former teacher’s husband was murdered at work in 2006. A man strolled in, accused him of giving him acne pills that supposedly made him impotent (her husband was a dermatologist), and so he stabbed him to death in his office. This man fled to France. My former teacher’s kids were lawyers and they worked tirelessly to convince the French government to send him back to America to have him tried. They succeeded and he is in jail till this day. Seeing this show and watching Joe flee to Europe didn’t surprise me. It made me wonder if it would be possible for this show to go the angle of getting Joe back to America to be tried for his crimes. He is going back on his own it seems. Hope he ends up in jail in season 5!
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2023.03.29 02:13 Rockytop00 Second 50K in the bag!

Second 50K in the bag!
Hey everyone, super stoked to have done this race. It was a fantastic learning experience and am looking forward to my first 50 miler in Orcas Island Washington in April!
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2023.03.29 02:03 50pencemachine Confidential internal affairs investigation by prosecutors on one of the officers

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2023.03.29 01:42 Sarge45k "Missing Colors" of the 45th PVI.

It has been found!! The "missing colours" of the 45th PVI! An incredible story that has direct lines to General Lee & his family.
Exceedingly rare outside of museum collections are regulation American battle standards, much less such historical flags with applied battle honors that was thought lost and has just recently been consigned by direct family descent of last caretaker. The 45th Pennsylvania was a magnificent fighting unit who lost 3 battle flags during the war. This was their last flag issued & it saw the battles of the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, Battle of the Crater, Weldon Railroad & Poplar Springs Church where the unit was decimated & much of the unit was captured. The 45th served the entire war from October 1861 to finally being mustered out July 1865 with casualties totaling about 500. General U.S. Grant planned simultaneous attacks on both of Lee’s flanks at Petersburg in Sept., 1864. Lee’s left was attacked by the Army of the James under Butler. Lee’s right was attacked by Gen. Gouverneur Warren of the 5th Corps with a goal of cutting the Boydton Plank Road supply line. Units of the 9th Corp were attached, including a brigade containing the 51st NY, the 58th MA, and the 45th PA, all posted on the extreme Union left. CS General Henry Heth formed a frontal infantry attack to counter the Union move. Cavalry General Wade Hampton supported the attack by taking on the Federal left flank. He sent Gen W.H.F. “Rooney” Lee’s brigade completely around the Union line, and Lee personally led the dismounted 9th and 10th VA cavalries which attacked the exposed rear and flank of the enemy. The result was decisive. The three Union regiment noted above, which include the 45th PA, were nearly annihilated by Lee’s Virginians. Hampton recorded it like this: As the enemy moved up to reinforce, he exposed his flank to me. I at once ordered Gen. Lee to attack, which he did with the 9th and 10th Va. Regiments in the handsomest style, leading his men in person. These regiments went in, in the line of battle, dismounted and reserved their fire until very near the enemy. Delivering it regularly, they charged, routing the enemy completely, capturing about nine hundred prisoners and ten standards. From the Union perspective, the fighting that Sept. 30 was a disaster (though fighting the next several days stabilized and advanced the Union line). Known as the Battle of Poplar Springs Church or Pebbles Farm, Division commander Gen. R. B. Potter claimed in a report a month later that the 51 NY and the 45th PA destroyed their colors before capture. This was just wishful thinking. A complete version of events is available in the History of the Forty-Fifth Regiment Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry: According to Sergeant J. D. Straight of company I, who was with the colors and ought to know, General Potter was evidently misinformed about the colors of the Forty-fifth being destroyed. Sergeant Straight says in substance that after our line of battle had been attacked in flank and rear and had been thrown into confusion, and he, as one of the color guard, and Sergeant Joe Reigle, the color bearer, who although partially disabled by a flesh wound, was still carrying the flag, became separated from their comrades and began making their way through the brush and timber, as they supposed, into our own lines, they were suddenly confronted at close quarters by a line of dismounted Rebel cavalry. There was no time or opportunity to destroy the flag or do anything else but surrender when summoned to do so or be shot down… the boys evidently did everything within reason to save the flag. In this connection Sergeant Straight says further that the flag captured that day was the colors of the Forty-fifth Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers, the one we received after our reenlistment and which Sergeant Reigle carried from the time we left Annapolis in April, 1864, until the battle of Cold Harbor where Reigle was wounded and Straight himself took the flag and carried it until Reigle, having recovered from the effects of his wound, resumed his duties as color bearer on the 19th of June; Reigle carrying the flag from that time until it was captured. It is not known which soldiers of the 9th and 10th VA actually captured the flag, but Gen. W. H. F. Rooney Lee kept it as a trophy. In the post war years Lee settled at Ravensworth Plantation in Fairfax County, Virginia. Putting him near the hub of DC politics, Lee became a Congressman representing that part of Northern Virginia. Within Lee’s district in Alexandria was (and still is) Episcopal High School and Seminary. Today it is one of the oldest high schools in the US, with many Washington elites sending their children to this full time boarding school. The school was well represented in the Confederacy, and the names of 61 alumni killed in Confederate service are engraved in marble in the school’s chapel. Alexandria, as everyone knows, was quickly occupied by Union troops in 1861 and Elmer Elsworth’s death was the first of the conflict. Episcopal High School and the Seminary were also occupied and ravaged by Union troops. In the 1880’s, the school petitioned Congress for reparations of some sort. Congressman Rooney Lee introduced such a bill to repay the school for damages. From Lee’s biography: the bill came up for consideration upon a favorable report; the Democrats generally favored it, but the General [Lee], fearing that the Republicans would oppose it, quietly and with dignity walked to the center of their side, and made his speech in behalf of his bill directly to them. They listened attentively and with profound respect. Finally there came an interruption from behind him: “…Was this school continued during the Rebellion?” “Yes, as far as possible. Most of the professors remained there,” said the General. “For whom did those professors pray? Did they pray for the Unionists or the Confederates?” The General’s reply was instant, “I do not know; I never heard them pray, but they were saintly men, and I assume they prayed for all sinners, and left the good Lord to say who were the sinners.” The whole House applauded…and his bill was passed. William Henry Fitzhugh “Rooney” Lee gave the flag to the principal of Episcopal high school, Launcelot M. Blackford, in 1889. The above bill passed in Congress in 1889. It is speculated that the flag was a gift or gesture of victory over the Republicans. The regulation flag staff top has inscription “W.H.F. Lee to L.M. Blackford 1889” “MAY YOU EVER INSPIRE OUR SOUTHERN BOYS TO GREATNESS”. What a wonderful sentiment from the son of Gen. Robert E. Lee who spent his life in education after the war as President of Washington College to L.M. Blackford a lifelong educator who served under Lee in the Army of Northern Virginia. L. M. Blackford who was principal for 40 years, gave the flag to Patrick Henry Callaway who in turn taught at the school for 72 years (taught from 1916 to 1988) and died in 1995 at age 100. The flag was said to be still on its staff in the Blackford years. Shredded and deteriorating, Mr. Callaway removed it from the staff and kept it in a box until his death. CONDITION: Flag is very good as professionally conserved & framed. A conservation report is available to interested parties. Flag staff is very good with mixed chocolate patina with verdigris. Inscription quite discernible.
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2023.03.29 01:40 Delicious_Match_9102 Miss the USA yet Ken?

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