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Looking to Start a Hardcore SMP

2023.04.01 07:37 Shwepert Looking to Start a Hardcore SMP

[Java] [Semi-Vanilla] [Whitelist] [Creator-Friendly] [18+] [US Hosted] [Hermitcraft-Like]
I'm looking to start up a Hardcore SMP with 10ish players who have similar, like-minded ideas.
Who am I:
My name is Shwep, I'm 24. I live in the US (AZ). My family and business take priority. In general, I'm not a very crude languaged kinda guy. I'm pretty goofy and enjoy having a good laugh, hanging out on vc, and playing minecraft. I've been playing for over 8 years, and the majority of that time has been in hardcore. I am currently working on my first minecraft video, and aim to create many more in the future.

About the server:
The goal is to bring that single-player hardcore experience that we are familiar with... and share that with others through a server where can interact with one another (think, hermitcraft, but on hardcore mode). The server will be in hardcore with one life only. Thinking amplified terrain? There won't be any mods that would give a specific, clear advantage over a player who would be playing vanilla minecraft.
The goal is to survive as long as you can, and to help each other survive.
I would hope, as a group, we can all pitch in a bit to help keep the server up and running.

Want to join:
Ultimately, the goal of this server would be to bring like-minded hardcore players together and to create a solid a friend group. Wheather thats supporting each other in their content creation, wanting a good laugh, chilling in vc, etc.
So, if you think you'd be a good fit and are interesting in starting something like this, just add me on discord, leave a comment, or message me here. I'll ask a couple questions/want to vc for a bit just to get to know you more. From there, if we agree and are chill with each other and our goals, I'll send you the discord server invite. Once we have a solid player-base (and feel we can all develop friendships), we will start up the server and go from there!
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2023.04.01 05:43 Elick320 master cheif converted

Respect The Chief

You're home now. We could finally make an officer of you. You'd have Admiral without much of an argument from anyone.
No offense, sir, but "The Admiral" doesn't have quite the same ring to it.
Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 is the most important figure of the human race in the mid-26th century. Abducted at the age of six by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), he was conscripted into the SPARTAN-II program. The initiative was originally designed to crush human rebellion against the Unified Earth Government as the human Insurrection movement neared its tipping point. John endured harsh physical and mental training, survived the physical augmentations required by the program, and was later matched with state-of-the-art Mjolnir battle armor.
Throughout his training and early career, John emerged as a clear leader among the Spartans and was set to lead a successful UNSC campaign to stop a brewing human civil war. Though through circumstance, he became the sole savior of the human race several times over. First, in the face of an alien hegemony called the Covenant--an advanced alien empire bent on the complete destruction of humanity. Later, against an eldritch parasite known as the Flood which toppled both the Ancient Human and Forerunner empires of the past. Most recently, John defended humanity against the efforts of an ancient Forerunner general called the Didact, who returned to take his revenge against humanity for wars fought a hundred millennia in the past.
  • Feats are shown in chronological order in-universe
  • Feats showing relevant scaling or context will be indented
  • Hover over a feat to see the source.
Height: 6'10" // 7'2" (In armor)
Weight: 130 kg // 451.3 kg (In armor)

General Info (Augmentations / Mjolnir Armor)

Pre-Augmentation / Training
Spartans were heavily trained almost daily since they were kidnapped at the age of 6, leading them to become physically and mentally prime by the young age of 14 even before receiving their augmentations.
Dr. Halsey marveled at what a spectacular physical specimen he had grown into. Fourteen years old and he had the body of an eighteen-year-old Olympic athlete, and a mind the equal of any Naval Academy honors graduate.
Description of an unaugmented 14 year old John; The Fall of Reach Ch 6
Codenamed Project: ASTER, the Spartan candidates were augmented to drastically increase their physiology and physical capabilities. Their bones were laced with powerful material to make them 'virtually unbreakable', their muscle tissue density was increased and lactase recovery time was decreased, they were given hormones to boost skeletal and muscle growth, increased eyesight, and had their nerves altered to drastically increase reaction time.

MJOLNIR Armor / Stat boosts

The feats in this RT will sorted by which armor John is wearing, as each iteration of Mjolnir armor increases his abilities further.
Unarmored - These feats occur after John receives his augmentation, but without any Mjolnir armor. They also all happen to occur when he is 14 years old and still recovering from his augmentations.
MJOLNIR Mark IV - The Mk IV was the first iteration of armor given to John and the rest of Spartan II's at the age of 15.
Neural interface / Onboard Computer
Mjolnir armor is linked to Spartans with a neural interface, which means they simply have to think and the armor would perform an action. Combined with the onboard computer, it allows Spartans to do things such as place Waypoint markers, or targets on their HUDs with a thought.
MJOLNIR Mark V - Deployed almost two and a half decades after the previous iteration of MJOLNIR, the Mk V now possessed recharging energy shields but retained the same double strength multiplier as the Mk IV.
Cortana - Cortana is the AI that was paired with Master Chief for Operation: REDFLAG, she is present for the feats that occur while John is wearing MJOLNIR Mk V and most while wearing Mk VI.
MJOLNIR Mark VI - Due to the UNSCs rapid advances in technology, the Mk VI was deployed less than two months after the Mk V rendering it obsolete, containing major improvements in both shielding and stat multipliers.
MJOLNIR GEN 2 - The second generation of MJOLNIR armor developed after the Human-Covenant war ended. Every aspect of the armor has been improved upon and thrusters are now built into each set of armor, drastically increasing maneuverability.


Mk V


Mk V


Mk V


Mk V




Other Spartan Feats / Additional Scaling

Weapons / Equipment

Enemies / Additional Scaling

The four Spartans that composed Blue Team covered his back, standing absolutely silent and immobile in their MJOLNIR combat armor. Someone had once commented that they looked like Greek war gods in the armor … but his Spartans were far more effective and ruthless than Homer’s gods had ever been.
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2023.04.01 05:28 PM_ME_YOUR_TIDDIE5 trusted a girl too much, now i've lost my entire friend group. how do i 1. make new friends and 2. make sure my existing friends don't cut me off/leave me. i want to be a better person, someone that my friends can trust, instead of being reduced to a pest of a cockroach

we are high school juniors and had some sort of situationship going on last year. well things got messy near the end of the year - she regretted it.
and like i understand yeah. but she did not absolutely have to tell a twisted version of the truth to her trusted, territorial male friend who then proceeded to block me, and got our entire friend group to stop talking to me. i'm talking like, longtime friends since middle school. the first few people that i came out to. now they won't say hi back when i meet them in the hallway. even the closest friend previously just looks away when i do an old greeting i used to do with him and pretends i don't exist.
i have no idea what she told them, but bad news spread like wildfire, and it sure must've been much worse than it really is. maybe i'm just blinded as the "bad guy", but i told the same story to several different people, including one where i told the situation from the girl's perspective and tried to make myself look as bad as possible, and they all collectively agreed that i didn't do anything wrong and had good intentions.
i know i did nothing wrong. but this alienation is really messing with my perception of reality. maybe, just maybe, am i in the wrong anyway? am i just simply playing victim? it's affected to me the point where i was originally going to post this with the title "did something terrible, now..." but i have to keep reminding myself that yeah, even though i did make a mistake, i didn't do anything heinous. i definitely don't deserve this kind of treatment.
i feel like i'm really losing my grip on reality. i don't know what's going on, nothing in this world is logical. i'm paranoid of all my other friends leaving me. i'm not sure how they can be associated with someone as horrible as me. to all those who left me, i can't help but they made the right choice. at the same time, i don't know why i feel this way, so guilty, when i know that i'm fine. i really hate myself, and this quick burn alienation is making me feel this way.
i don't like how her and that male friend have so much control over my life to mete such a hefty punishment onto me. the fact that they want to do something like this instead of reporting me to a teacher... really says a lot about the situation, doesn't it?
throughout the past several weeks at school, i can't help but feel like i'm the unlikable evil-aligned villain and i'm getting what i deserve, while they're the good, valiant main characters. Justice has been served! his social life has been brought to ruins! "maybe u shouldnt have done it then", one of them said. god i fucking hate those snakes.
idk about you, but whenever someone has a problem with me, usually i assume that they're in the right and that i'm in the wrong. is this normal? idk, i have autism and ADHD and because of that i've always been treated differently, with my weird way of thinking and impulsiveness and all. like if anything goes wrong, it's my fault and i deserve a talking-down to. it's been like that since i was a small child. if anything goes wrong, if anyone talks meanly towards me, i had it coming and i should just accept it. what am i, after all? i'm just a stupid bumbling idiot that knows nothing about nothing!
it's only after i tell the problem to my only remaining friend in the group, that i get a 3rd party's perspective, that i'm able to identify "oh yeah that girl, i think she's nasty", "yep that dude's hella protective and jealous", and "yeah he's just being a dick, you did nothing wrong". this has been a common pattern over the past year - maybe i need to change this mindset, but i don't even know where to start. this is probably a very unique problem that no one has had before. maybe that's why it took me 17 years to realise. this feels like gaslighting but indirectly.
regarding my only remaining friend in the group, how bad is it that he still hangs out with the group as per normal? maybe it's my selection bias at play here, but i've been noticing that he hangs out with the group more often than before the breakup. if it helps, i've not had a proper sit-down talk with him about the issue before.
it also hurts how none of them, not a single person in the friend group, even bothered to hear me out anyway. they slurped up those rumours like potstickers. should i at least get a one-on-one talk with the people in the group who i hung out with outside of the group, and try to get him to understand what happened? i feel like it's a misunderstanding, but at the same time i should have standards. the fact that none of these guys even decided to check in with me or to defend me, made me realise that they're not really true friends in the first place..
now i'm genuinely worried about not only making new friends, but also my existing friends leaving me. if these long-time friends can be so easily swayed away, imagine new friends who barely know me, who just scratched the tip of the iceberg, and how'd they react when they hear whatever altered naysayings. i don't want to lose all my friends. i'm genuinely scared.
i'm paranoid that i'll lose all of my friends, slowly but surely, when the rumour finally gets to them via the telephone game. i'm permanently emotionally wounded and scarred, and i don't know what to do about it. no one will help me. if i told anyone about it, they'd want to stop being friends with me instead of actually hearing me out. i think. i've thought about committing suicide multiple times a day, to send a message about how much vitriol and pain i've got, and i don't know whether that's normal.
has anyone else gone through something similar? any advice would be great, i hope my mental health doesn’t get any worse as it already has. i'm sorry for the rambling, my mind is very messy as is. you can thank autism and adhd for that
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2023.04.01 05:18 Eosimias3 New Position/Life Advice

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting on the nannying subreddit and I’m looking for some advice.
For background info, I started a care.com account back in August 2022 to provide childcare, tutoring, and special needs services. I have a background in ABA, special education, and IHSS care.
At the moment I’m working for 3 clients, and they’re all above-board: I am a nanny 8 hours/week to a 2 year old, a respite care worker 12-15 hours/week for a teenager on the Autism spectrum, and a nanny 6 hours/week for another teenager that I had (years ago) provided ABA services to. I make a total of about $1800/month, which qualifies me for Medi-Cal (which is extremely useful because I have type 1 diabetes and insulin is crazy expensive). Unfortunately an income of 21k in the Bay Area of California is… basically unlivable. I have 4 roommates and still had to tap into savings to get by.
I was recently contacted by a mom with a 3 year old on the Autism spectrum and offered $32/hour to essentially play with her son and focus on communication skills for 10 hours a week. She will be feeding him and changing his diaper, so it’s less of a nannying job for me and more of a tutoring/coaching position.
An extra $1200/month would absolutely improve my quality of life. I could pay off my debt and start saving for graduate school. But if I go above board with this new job, I will no longer qualify for health insurance.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I just feel really overwhelmed and I’m not sure to start with straightening all of this out. Part of me doesn’t think I should even be living in California anymore, but my current lease has 10 months left on it, and then I’m really hoping to go to graduate school for occupational therapy in San Jose. It’s feeling like so much, though.
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2023.04.01 05:02 autsocphodep how can i make friends online?

• . •
im sorry for bothering
i know most of us struggle with this in general but i guess there has to be some tips or advice?
i suffer from autism and social phobia. i cant engage in social situations
trying to make friends online is my only option
ive tried. but failed. i cant form any friendships or anything
its my fault to be fair. im too shy for photos. im too shy for videocalls. im too shy even for voice calls
with photos i start looking at them over and over and i start to see them uglier and uglier. so i delete them
but i start imagining what the other person saw and what they thought about it (in my mind is always negative things)
and i start to think that because of how i look that person wont like to be my friend or anything anymore and will treat me differently
its just too overwhelming
in voice calls my mind gets blank. i dont know what to say. i get very uncomfortable. and i want to escape from there
in videocalls is a combination of both
i can just text
but i make conversations so dry and boring that they end on their own
i try to be kind with people and i ask questions and things like that
but after a while i feel like im being annoying or just have no more things to talk about
i cant just tell people "hope youre feeling good" everyday. it always ends in just another "hope you (whatever)"
thats annoying even for me. i get bored of doing it
i feel like theres no reason for those people to be friends with an autistic loser with social phobia and depression
so i just start to distance myself from them
in the past i used videogames to socialize with people. it got me some friends that i always played with
but now i just cant tolerate playing videogames. i get bored quickly and i just quit or delete the app
reading everything i wrote i think im a lost case
theres no such thing like a magic spell for me
its just how i am. and it will probably never change
it will never change
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2023.04.01 02:54 Working_Ad4857 Results of an AI Enthusiast

Demographics: Male, NY, Upper-middle class, No Hooks
Intended Major(s): CS, Computational Biology, Data Science
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. AIME Qualifier 2x
  2. 2nd Place at state-level Junior Science Humanities Symposium
  3. Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award
  4. Harvard Book Award
  5. Cum Laude (Top 10% GPA in high school)
Letters of Recommendation
I think its pretty pointless to reflect on the essays, some of my best work got rejected and waitlisted, while other essays thrown together very quickly led to acceptances. I think so long as you show personality, authenticity, and some humor in your essays, you shouldn't sweat it too much, because the rest is so dependent on your AO and their personal biases.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
I severely underestimated how random the college application process is. As mentioned earlier, I saw some surprising disconnects between what I thought would be my most successful applications, and what colleges thought were my most successful applications. I was also surprised by many of the results at my school. The increased number of applications, limited seats, grade inflation, and test-optional policies make college decisions orders of magnitude more unpredictable than what they were even 2-3 years ago.
I obviously don't have any insider info when it comes to the admissions process, but I will give my unsolicited theories anyway. I believe that colleges have a fairly easy time weeding out most applications, and probably are only deliberating between 20-40% of the pool. If you have strong test scores, high GPA, well developed extracurriculars, and solid essays/recommendations, you will most likely be in this group, and you should be very proud, regardless of the decision you ultimately receive. However, considering that many of the most prestigious schools have under 5% acceptance rates, this is no where near enough to guarantee admission.
On the other hand, there are probably some truly outstanding applications, maybe they had exceptional extracurriculars, or achieved the above despite great adversity. These "top 1%" apps will probably have much better chances than the rest of the competitive applicant pool, and could get into multiple highly selective schools. Most of the accepted applicants, including myself, don't have these otherworldly achievements, but it is still possible (and in my opinion, reasonably likely) to get something incredible.
For this 80th-99th percentile range (I'm pulling the numbers out of my ass but you get the gist), I think the decision relies on a ton of miscellaneous factors like personality, fit, interview presentation, and unfortunately AO biases. I'm sure there are some things you can do to optimize your results, but for the most part, decisions in this range are almost entirely random. What I mean by that is, if you made a statistical or ML model to predict decisions based on comprehensive applicant data, it would struggle to perform better than random guessing. So based on that the META of hyper-selective college admissions is clear: Apply to a lot of schools!
I know there are so many highly qualified candidates that missed out on their top choices. Please, do not sell yourself short on what is effectively a series of dice roles that didn't go your way. Have pride in the work you've done throughout school, and aim to progress further at whatever school you end up at. I'm not going to say "iT DoESNt MaTTEr whaT cOLLeGe YoU Go TO!", nobody would be on these subs if it didn't, but remember that high achieving people will continue to achieve highly regardless of location, and in that respect, the college you attend won't have a huge impact on your contributions to the world around you.
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2023.04.01 02:49 No_Newspaper_511 How hard is it to acknowledge I rather be alone?

I'm probably gonna be cooped up in my room anyhow, but I get real panicky when people are around or talk to me, and it doesn't help that I try desperately to keep to myself (e.g. I stay home alone way more often than not when my family goes out somewhere); It's mostly due to my Autism, Social Anxiety, and being a massive Introvert mixed together. I try to tell my parents that I hate talking to people and rather be by myself, but they seem persistent on how I should be inclusive and a part of things.
For example: I had plans for Wrestlemania weekend (huge wrestling fan) hoping I could just sit down with my parents and watch it but that backfired after I was told they would be having their friends from church over to watch it. Back then it was fine because it was one person and it was one of my Dad's friends, which I didn't mind, but here it's 4 people, 5 if my brother's church friend stays overnight. I wanna tell my mom I might not end up watching it, and if I do end up watching it, I might watch it in my room, I haven't told her that yet, but I'm afraid she might get upset or try to get persistent.
TL;DR I have axiety issues when people are around and I feel like breaking down crying in fear of what could happen tomorrow.
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2023.04.01 02:35 ThighHighStockingGuy 27 [m4f] uk/online - let's get talkin.

Hello reddit. i am lookin to chat to some fine folks this evening. Hopefully if we click we can take it off reddit. If we really click maybe we can voice or even, god forbid, video chat. Skip to the end for my voice.
I'd like to think I'm a decent looking, well read, and well rounded individual. I've worked some interesting jobs, travelled to interesting places, and experienced some interesting states of altered consciousness. Honestly I think I'd try anything once.
I enjoy being in nature, hiking and foraging, especially when there are mind altering substances involved (erowid brain, lol). I love to read, fiction and nonfiction both, and i like scifi and horror. And also reading gross shit. I like to swim. I'm in decent shape but I'm just a guy, not like Big Into Fitness. also I'm 6'0 sorry i have to squeeze it in somewhere. Unfortunately i have Reddit Interests like an#me and g*ming, but I'm normal about them.
big fan of cats, i have two and I'm happy to share pics. I like cats more than dogs, not sorry about it, but i'm an animal lover in general so if you have pets of any variety I'd like to see! Unless you're a participant in the exotic pet trade in which case I will simply be very disappointed in you. Tell me what animal you'd love to be able to transform into.
i am a little neurospicy (autism swag [i also have ADHD tho]) so we can be neurodiverse homies. I grew up on the internet, from 4chan to to tumblr to omegle, so you can only imagine the damage I've wrought upon my psyche.
Would like to swap pictures for catfish reasons but also for "i enjoy being complimented and complimenting in turn" reasons. If you read this part and also would like to be complimented, tell me which country you'd most like to visit. I literally do not have a type at all, but I have a soft spot for fellow stoners, tattoos, and curvier ladies, nothin major.
you can be from anywhere as long as you're bringin a sense of humour. older than 20 preferably. we don't necessarily have to have interests in common, sometimes people just click. Hoping we get to validate each other soon <3
Thanks for reading this long post. Here's my voice as a reward: For the accent enjoyers
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2023.04.01 02:04 Ok-Firefighter1348 Autism and loneliness, or, why I struggle with relationships (VENT)

"How often we sit weeping - you and I — over the life we lead! My friends, if you only knew the darkness of the days ahead!"
- Alexander Blok
Almost every friendship I ever had I have destroyed. I put them all on the pyre when they become too much, because people are not like me. My autism and other mental health conditions make me paranoid and sick. I latch onto something and let it rip my mind apart. Every time. This might be anxiety or autism or a mix of both, I'm not sure. The only way for a person to successfully be my friend is to be accommodating to me, to understand my mental issues and paranoia. I don't blame if they don't try.
“I dreamt I had entered the body of a hog, that I could not easily get out again, and that I was wallowing in the filthiest slime. Was it a kind of reward? My dearest wish had been granted; I no longer belonged to mankind.”
- Lautreamont
Few people are good. If people are not good I get stressed and sick. I feel like a bastard. I feel like a criminal waiting for a officer to grab me on the shoulder. Weird obsessive paranoia about morality. I feel like I am suffocating constantly. I feel like I am supremely unique and that there is only superficial similarities to other people. When people talk opinions or views on life I feel like I am some sort of radical, some sort of aberrant extremist. I feel my integrations with regular people are stumbling and vague. I feel shut out of love and friendship.
"What apparatus could stave off disaster Or cut the brambles of man's error down? Flesh was a silent dog that bites its master, World a still pond in which its children drown."
- W.H. Auden
I did have a lover once though. A relationship or understanding, how it should be. This is a vent and I feel hopeless but hope must not die. There must be some hope even if hope is all I have in regards to relationships. Perhaps weirdo mentally ill autistic shut ins can have friends and romance?
"Laura awoke as from a dream, Laugh’d in the innocent old way, Hugg’d Lizzie but not twice or thrice; Her gleaming locks show’d not one thread of grey,"
- Christina Rossetti
I know all the poetry quotes will come off as pretentious and bad, but I don't care! I bloody love poetry! Bite me!
Also I don't know if what I wrote made any sense, I just put the thoughts out on paper.
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2023.04.01 01:57 FrankSinatraHot [M4A] Superhero/villain plots. SFW

(Note: I’ll be playing the villain role. Besides 3.)
1)) The hero looks at the villain with a tainted smile as they picked up their glass and knock it gently onto the villain’s own glass of wine. The hero looks through the villain’s pitiful disguise, knowing exactly who he was. The glasses, the fixed up suit, the neat hair, he couldn’t have fooled a baby. The hero lets out a gentle sigh into the breeze, knowing full well that if they were to get exposed, it could be the end of everything. The hero must stay low, but it felt almost impossible to do that. The hero was pretending to date this monster and look past all of the horrendous things he’s done. The hero clearly felt unease, but kept up the act, chatting with the villain as if he’s genuinely interested in him as a person.
The villain looks at the hero’s uneasiness with a soft grin, barely visible even to him. He has them right under his fingertips. It’s only a matter of time before he could trap them. Right now, he has to play the waiting game. Going on a date with them, eating out. It’s curious why the hero chose the date life instead of buddy-buddy. Oh well, he just has to wait.
2) “Being a villain is simple, I don’t understand how you could screw it up so badly. Kill and run, right? How hard could it possibly be?” The hero says with a winning smile to their face as they lay their foot against the villain’s chest, causing him to cough as if he’s been sick with no sign of getting better. “Second time this month. You barely caused any damage!”
The villain narrowed his eyes with a threatening glare as he grinds his teeth, his head throbbing after getting beaten down. “Not that easy when you have someone on your tail, stopping every move I make.” He pants, trying to breathe before his annoyed face turned into a smile. “How about we switch places, if you think being a villain is so easy. Make a parallel world and show your strength.”
The hero considers this for a moment before shrugging. “Why the hell not?”
3) The devices came out of nowhere. Each locker in the school for the academically gifted had a small device with symbols. When asking a teacher or a staff member where they came from, most of them shrugged and pretended as if they don’t know. No one was instructed to throw them away or what to even do with them, so they just kept it and hopes for the best. Throughout a course of a week, the student’s bodies felt as if they started to change, and it wasn’t just puberty. Their attitudes to change as well, some, not many, became more sinister while others remained the same. Slowly, the students noticed unexplainable phenomenons happening to them. Some shot lasers while others appeared stronger. After a few days, there was an assembly.
“Gates Academy, welcome to your new lives. As some have noticed, there’s been changes. You have gained a few abilities. With these abilities, you’ll no longer be students, you’ll be government agents.” The students awed, this sounded too good to be true. And it was. Instead of being government agents going on missions like they expected, they were tested on. Slowly, the school felt like a tyrannical society with spies on the inside. How would they escape?
(For 3, please have at least 3 student OCs plus a teacher!)
Hello! If you have made it this far down, thank you for reading my ideas. My name is Abel and I would be your partner for this evening and hopefully near future. Now that you’re hopefully intrigued, let’s get to know me and some ground rules, shall we?
Like I said, my name is Abel, i’m 18, and I have 7 years of rp experience under my belt. I have a semi-lit to lit and use discord only. I am mildly dyslexic, so if i misread or misspell anything, i apologize. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes a few words slip through. I do have college, so i won’t be on all the time, but I can get a few decent responses per day.
As for my partner, I do require you to write in 3rd person, write at least 2 paragraphs (i can understand less if the plot requires it), and be a discord user. Anyone is welcomed as long as you follow those rules!
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2023.04.01 01:54 FreeCing Join “The Shifting Tides” Fantasy Roleplay Server!

Join “The Shifting Tides” Fantasy Roleplay Server!
“The Shifting Tides”
What this server is: This roleplay server will focus on various parties (Detachments) of high fantasy heroes adventuring under the banner of The Academy at the behest of various people, organizations, and kingdoms on the continent of Aliador. There will be combat, dialogue, romance, and all manner of social interactions.
Welcome to Aliador!
Background/Worldbuilding: To begin, there are currently three recognized major powers at play throughout the continent of Aliador. To the southwest of the region, sits the human Kingdom of Fargoth. In the cold, far reaches of the north is the dwarven Valin Empire. In the southeast is the predominantly elven Eldamar Dynasty.
Despite not having any recognition as one of the major powers, the other races are represented throughout the continent in various ways. Elves allow gnomes and halflings to inhabit their lands freely - being perfectly suited for frontier lifestyles and having an aptitude for acting as spies. Half-elves are also allowed, but due to their human lineage, are slightly distrusted and are often subjected to more scrutiny.
Dwarves generally wish to be left alone, and as such, most of their enclaves are composed only of other dwarves. Half-orcs and some dragonborn have been known to live within dwarven lands, but in small communities and with no real representation in dwarven government.
Humans allow for all races to reside within their kingdom, but like most of the other races, they are hesitant around and often shun tieflings - despite their human heritage.
Several months ago, prior to the start of the campaign, a new organization was formed under the name of “The Academy”. This organization constructed and developed a large training ground for all races, which would send students who were believed to possess superior academic, martial, and diplomatic qualities. Those who are sent to The Academy are trained in various trades, skills, and arts over several months, in the hopes that each class of graduates will be sent across the continent to aid the various kingdoms - regardless of race. The first class of graduates are expected to enter Aliador’s service at the start of the campaign.
A member's review: "This game is super fun and immersive for players. I liked how user-friendly the character-building process is. I would recommend this roleplay to anyone who is looking for an immersive and corroborating way to build roleplay and enjoy your story. "
What we provide: -📄 The opportunity to join a new and well supported Discord RP server, with plenty of opportunities for fantasy roleplay. A dedicated Dungeon Master will ensure campaigns progress for all members according to their actions and goals. - 🛡️ A rank structure within The Academy, which members can promote through, offering further roleplay content and branching storylines. - ⚔️ The ability to participate in a TTRPG-like experience digitally, without the need for character sheets, dice, or other tools. Just come in, and let the roleplay happen naturally.
If you wish to join, feel free to shoot me a dm and I’ll send you the server link!
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2023.04.01 01:43 Obviouslywilliam Could you guys provide any feedback on an app I am developing?

Long story. I have worked in account management and then as an Analyst for a large broker where I noticed an inefficiency with how trucks are routed that not too many people have thought about. I was hoping to get some feedback on what this side of the business thinks because I believe this solution could really increase revenues for carriers if deployed effectively.
What is the app?
Basically, because different lanes pay more or less on average depending on the supply and demand in each regional market, you can in theory optimize the order of loads that he picks up. Lets say you have a truck in Dallas TX on Friday and he needs be Los Angeles CA by the following Thursday (maybe he's going home or picking up a dedicated load). So he has a few days where he can pickup loads wherever. What loads do you send him to pick so that he is maximizing his revenue and gets home in CA next Thursday? Thats where this app comes in. It looks at the average rates on almost 18,000 different lanes and accounting for transit time, finds the best combination of lanes (loads) that a carrier should pickup to make them the most money.
In this example, it might give you an output like this:
Lane 1: Dallas TX Phoenix AZ ~ $1646, $1.54 per mile
Lane 2: Phoenix AZ Reno NV ~ $1706, $2.64 per mile
Lane 3: Reno NV Stockton CA ~ $622, $3.47 per mile
Lane 4: Stockton CA Los Angeles CA ~ $381, $1.15 per mile
In total, the carrier would have netted roughly $4,357 at about $1.96 per mile. I am calling this optimization process "Load Chaining" right now. I have done a lot of research on this topic and tested it out routing a few of our consistent truckers and it consistently is making them between 10% - 30% more revenue. Its basically impossible to come up with the most optimized load chains, because there are literally trillions of different combinations you can put together, however what I am developing can get you 95% of the way there. I was wondering what you guy's initial thoughts about this are because I am having trouble marketing it to carriers at the moment. Is this concept worth a damn and if not what do you think is holding it back?
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2023.04.01 01:27 pissywhiskey Hi, can we rant?

Hi moms, long time lurker I’m stoned and want to talk and was updating my Goodreads on a Friday night and thought fuck that’s depressing. Not that specifically. But that it is indistinguishable from every other night I’ve have had for the past 2 and 1/2 years. My first and only child, a 3 year old son was diagnosed with autism in November. He fell asleep early today because he didn’t take a nap. He is so calm. He is nonverbal, easy going, and all around pleasant. He is low tone and is currently level 3 autistic. It has really fucked me up to be honest. I’ve lost my friendships, relationships with my family members are totally different. My kid was born in March 2020 and required 2 weeks in the nicu cause he had a stroke during labor. As soon as we were home with him shit shut down. No one came over. I didn’t know how to be a mom. I needed, (need) that village. My mom is a single mom who is the opposite of June cleaver in every way. Since becoming a mom my respect for her as gone down which has shocked me. As I’ve always be proud and admired how hard she worked for my brother and me. We were besties until high school pretty much.
Im so sorry for this rant. It’s probably so fucked grammatically I’m gonna do some cross stitch and listen to the 11/22/63 audiobook (I get that title so mixed up cause i have dyscalculia?! Have you guys heard of that?? (I dropped out of college because of pre algebra)I just found out it has a name😭)
Well I’ll come back in a little and fix any mistakes and hopefully not make an ass out of myself.
I hope you guys are having a good night 💕
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2023.04.01 01:17 Ctboynton I got AI N to play Half-Life. Might get the other ones to as well.

I got AI N to play Half-Life. Might get the other ones to as well. submitted by Ctboynton to MD_CharacterAI [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 01:12 ImaginaryOffice7699 Roy Hamilton -With All My Love (Expanded Edition) (Album Review 1958)

Roy Hamilton -With All My Love (Expanded Edition) (Album Review 1958)
Roy Hamilton - With All My Love
Link to full album - (https://youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_njHg_dzT8MM33SjfKrD-Erp0FcagBFu7I)
Always - (https://youtu.be/RlRYj1sNQlY)
Love song about loving someone forever. Not a bad song at all. It’s a lot more relaxed than some of Roy’s other music.
Time After Time - (https://youtu.be/xXpXk-HaqKU)
love song about being so lucky to be loved over and over again.
Please - (https://youtu.be/EgHiUCxEOyc)
I really enjoy songs about not knowing where you stand with someone you like So he’s begging for her to reciprocate the way he feels about her.
Speak Low - (https://youtu.be/mmuuDsePrmU)
By speak low I think he means to talk in a seductive voice towards him. I actually enjoy this song. I hope I hear more romantic songs from Roy.
I Miss You So - (https://youtu.be/XEaGi3Z82AI)
A lot of these songs could 100% be apart of a musical. Just based off the sounds in the song. This is a decent song.
My One and Only Love - (https://youtu.be/fTlzg9Q5fSQ)
Another love song
Strange - (https://youtu.be/XCV4QfVYWKk)
Another song about being in the gray zone with someone you like. Wondering if someone actually likes you or is just toying with you.
Cheek to Cheek - (https://youtu.be/ugMtZ7Gw6vY)
This song is about how when your with that special someone all your problems disappear and your just in heaven and everything’s amazing.
Here I’ll Stay - (https://youtu.be/H-LvL9W3MT4)
This song is about never wanting to leave your significant other, not ever wanting to go anywhere we’re they aren’t there. So basically another love song lmao.
Oh What a Night for Love - (https://youtu.be/lkn2JvBdaPQ)
As much as I love Roy’s love songs it can get repetitive. None of the songs are bad they just all sound so similar with such similar meanings. You can guess what this song is about by the title.
All My Love (boléro) - (https://youtu.be/y8rbHuvdwk0)
Yes now we’re talking, I like this song within the first 5 seconds just based off the fact it sounds different. So this is definitely a Spanish love song.
Pledging My Love - (https://youtu.be/K0zjlyAnaFU)
This song is sort of about proposing that they get into a more serious relationship, this could be an amazing wedding song or just a song to take it to the next step.
Lonely Hands - (https://youtu.be/qxR_ffTGY2o)
The seagulls at the beginning are a nice detail. I love Roy’s sad songs, something about them are just amazing. W song. I love how this song is literally about wanting to hold someone’s hands and being sad you can’t.
A Lovers Prayer - (https://youtu.be/g8b6QyCYVFY)
When I heard the beginning to this song I was really hoping it had some opera elements in it. But unfortunately it didn’t. This is another love song with sort of a religious kinda sound to it.
It’s Never Too Late - (https://youtu.be/Z41ZSLywiSs)
This songs alright… Pretty self explanatory by the title.
My Faith, My Hope, My Love - (https://youtu.be/azPK6MTdI50)
Finally we get that operatic style I was waiting for, this song slaps. Roy’s voice really shines in this one. W song.
I only have two favorites from this album but that’s because it was about 90% love songs. Which isn’t bad it’s just they all sounded so similar with such similar messages.
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2023.04.01 01:00 Spaztoid175 An Unnecessary In depth breakdown of EVERY reference in the GODZILLA X TEDDY Fresh collab

If there's one thing I love more than H3, it's Godzilla. I would even proclaim i'm the Godzilla lore master. The New drop Hila and her team outdid themselves with some of the details. I love the new drop so much that I want to share every reference I could find so you too can enjoy it more!
SAM: The front is the poster for “Godzilla vs Megaguirus”, a film from the millennium era of Godzilla (1999- 2004). A rather obscure film, super cool to see merch for it as it did rather poorly when it came out. Megaguirus is a mutated prehistoric dragonfly brought to modern times due to a blackhole gun. After a swarm of them steals energy from Godzilla, it mutates into the giant queen Megaguirus in the poster.
The back of the shirt is a reference to Godzilla title sequences. “Godzilla x” whatever monster he was fighting. This time it's Teddy Fresh, which is written in the same font as Megaguirius' title. The fiery background is a direct reference to the “Godzilla vs Destroyah” title sequence which had a fiery background to represent Godzilla's new “burning” form in the film.
OLIVIA: Not too many obvious references. Just Godzilla’s name in japanese and a custom godzilla firing an atomic ray.
ZACK: Godzilla vs Megaguirus again. Fun fact, Godzilla in this film is referred to as MireGoji by the fandom. Before the American films, Godzilla films were made using Suitmation, which meant actual model cities were created with a man in a monster suit destroying them. This specific suit is known as MireGoji or Millennium Goji.
LENA: Custom again. The godzilla used in this art is custom too, mixing a couple different suits. The body resembles the 90s Heisei Godzilla but the face is more millennium Godzilla.
CAM: This ones awesome. This is based off the original 1954 Godzilla, also referred to as his original name “Gojira” which is a combination of the japanese words for Gorilla/whale. When the film came to western markets, Americans believed the title “Gojira” wasn’t threatening enough so they changed it to GODZILLA. The Japanese would adopt the new name after its success in the states.
AB: This is based off the acclaimed 2016 SHIN GODZILLA directed by Hideki Anno, the creator of Evangelion. This modern reimagining of the monster would lead to global critical acclaim, winning multiple Japanese academy awards including Best Picture, Director,Editing, and Art Direction. Its also the first film in the modern era of Godzilla known as the REIWA era. Also it looks like the artist who designed this shirt based it off the poster for GODZILLA 2000 with the waves and military placement being very similar to the poster.
DAN: Heisei Godzilla design (1984-1995) firing an atomic ray attack. Not many references here, just a cool shirt. You could say the red embroidery is similar to his burning form but kinda a stretch.
ETHAN: THIS ONE’S AWESOME. This is the poster for the 1995’s “Godzilla vs DESTROYAH”. The last film in the Heisei Era of Godzilla films and probably the best poster artist Noriyoshi Ohrai ever made. In this film, Godzilla is finally dying. He has taken too much damage from years of fighting monsters that his gigantic nuclear heart begins to melt down. In this “burning” form Godzilla glows bright orange and becomes extremely dangerous as hes literally a walking nuke. The military must find a way to stop Godzilla from melting down and causing a world ending explosion all the while Godzilla faces off against Destroyah, a demonic looking kaiju birthed by the same weapon that killed his ancestor. This film is famous as its the only film besides the original where Godzilla dies. The shirt shows Godzilla melting down in the background. The tiny Godzilla in front is Junior, a baby godzilla who plays a pivotal role in the plot. Below is the titular DESTROYAH who is a fan favorite villain.
HILA: Millennium Goji once again, The art of him facing forward I believe is a direct still from either Godzilla 2000 or Godzilla vs Megaguirus.
That's all the major references I saw on Live. Anything I skipped is with custom or uses same art as one mentioned. Super excited for the new collection and I hope this was at least entertaining to some of you. Hopefully next time we can get a Mothra collab, she’d be great In Teddy Fresh’s style. Godzilla fans rise up!
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2023.04.01 01:00 ClassicReflex 26 year old EMT thinking about enlisting

I’m 26 years old and thinking about enlisting in the Army. Right now I work for my local suburban fire department. I completed my EMT certification through them last month and am currently about 2 months into their fire academy. I’m single with no kids, don’t have a college degree, live with my parents, and don’t have a ton of money saved up as I get paid minimum wage while I’m working on my Fire 1 & 2 certifications. I enjoyed my EMT class a lot but so far the fire training has been surprisingly mundane. It’s not as challenging or interesting as I had hoped and the general culture of the department I work for is very laissez faire, unstructured, and uninterested.
I’m drawn to the infantry as I spend as much time as I can in the summers backpacking and camping and I love that sort of thing. I’m also very familiar with firearms and have been target shooting since I was a young kid. Like I said I’m an EMT but I don’t think I would be interested in doing anything medical-wise as I would like to spend my time doing more physically challenging work and don’t know how useful my EMT certification would be anyways.
I don’t have a problem with rigid structure. I thrive when I have someone giving me a clear job to complete and have no problem with taking orders. I’ve always worked out on my own, have been doing PT with my recruit class for 6-7 months now (usually in full bunker gear), and am in pretty decent shape so I don’t think I’ll have much of a problem there either.
I considered the military around the time I was 16 or so but ended up writing it off and (unsuccessfully) going to college for a year. Since then I’ve been relatively successful in a few fields but always end up being dissatisfied and moving on to something new. I don’t know anyone who’s been in the military and have never spoken to a recruiter so I don’t have anyone to talk about this with. I understand that the military isn’t always exciting but from the outside looking in I think I would enjoy it.
I’ll probably end up reluctantly finishing out my time in the fire academy before I make any decisions but was just curious if anyone else had been in a similar spot and had any advice for me? Thanks.
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2023.04.01 00:56 dragon_morgan I completed a bingo card with all indie/self published titles!

I completed a bingo card with all indie/self published titles!

bingo card in all its glory
For Bingo this year I thought it would be fun to complete a card using only self- or indie-published books. By definition of indie published I mostly mean anything that uses KDP or Ingram Spark or similar as their main distributor, but if someone from a very small trad press managed to sneak through my filter consider this covering my bum and saying I picked things that were indie “enough” :)
So then, without further ado, the mini reviews!
A Book from Fantasy’s Top LGBTQIA List
Substitution, but within the spirit of the thing: School Setting (2020)
The Enchanter by Tobias Begley
Hard Mode: N/A
Came up against a challenge on the very first square because the only indie published book on the somewhat limited list was Arcane Ascension, which I’d already read, and didn’t really want to use my one reread on that. So I started looking around for other LGBTQ books to use as my substitution and ended up picking up Enchanter, which turned out to be… a lot like Arcane Ascension, actually. Evander is a socially awkward young gay man who is off to magic school to become an enchanter. What he lacks in raw magical ability he makes up for in determination and cleverness, and he spends much of the book pushing the magic system to its absolute limit, all while meanwhile navigating a budding first romance with the handsome nobleman he met on the train. Meanwhile someone is letting eldritch horrors into the school grounds, and it’s up to Evander and his new boyfriend to figure out the mystery and avoid taking the blame themselves. I enjoyed this book quite a lot, though it leans heavily into a lot of the tropes of both the magic school and progression fantasy genres. I’d say if you enjoyed Arcane Ascension and Mother of Learning, you will probably definitely enjoy this one too.
Weird Ecology
Iron Truth by S.A. Tholin
Hard Mode: yes
Over a century ago, Joy Somerset entered cryogenic sleep and boarded a colony ship, expecting to awaken on an idyllic new world. Instead she wakes up on Cato, a dusty hellscape inhabited only by giant spiders, hostile locals, and red lichen that is probably definitely up to no good. Rigid and religiously devout military commander Cassimir from the theocratic Primaterre Protectorate seems like her ticket back to civilization, but neither of them will go anywhere until they can unravel Cato’s mysteries. This book won the first ever SPSFC contest and I can see why, because even though it was a somewhat long book, it kept me turning pages all the way through. Part space opera, part cosmic horror, I felt like I was racing to the end just to figure out what was going on. If I had any complaints it was that the romance felt a little bit forced — here is a hot girl, here is a hot guy, they are designated to end up together because the plot says so. In such a long book there ought to have been plenty of breathing room for their romance to grow organically but I never really felt like I got that, it was just hawtness at first sight and that was that. Still highly recommend to anyone who likes space opera.
Two or More Authors
NACL: Eye of the Storm by Allegra Pescatore and E. Sands
Hard Mode: no
Their planet seems like a perfect paradise, with one glaring flaw: the gods, when they created the world, forgot to include salt, an ingredient necessary for human life. In order to hastily cover up their mistake, they concentrated a world’s worth of salt in a giant pillar in the middle of the ocean, intending for it to distribute over time. But humans being humans, they unfortunately invented capitalism first, and now a corrupt corporation rigidly controls the salt pillar. Thanks to a meddlesome precog who might or might not himself be a god, a ragtag crew comes together, formed of an ex corporate slave, a grumpy doctor, a pair of pirates who smuggle salt to those in need, and a woman with dangerous magical powers who’d honestly rather just be left alone. Together, they hatch a plan to take down the corporation once and for all. They have to learn to trust each other first, though, and that is easier said than done. Well all right. If you know me you know I’m a sucker for a story about a ragtag crew that has to come together to defeat the big bad. This was a great story and it really delivered in that respect. My main complaint was that there are a lot of POV characters and many of them sort of blend together in the beginning. They all have their own reasons for being angry at the corporation but when you have multiple characters whose *main* personality trait is “GRR I HATE THE COMPANY” they kind of run together for the first act until they start to distinguish themselves. My nickname for this book while I was reading it was “Salty Bitches” for a reason. For real, though, I really did enjoy this one, and if you want a nice escapist fantasy about sticking it to the corporate man, this is the book for you.
Historical SFF
Scales and Sensibility by Stephanie Burgis
Hard Mode: no, sigh, all I had to do was find something not set in one of two countries, and guess where this one is set
When Elinor’s parents died and left her and her sisters penniless, she has no choice but to move in with her obnoxious relatives and, Cinderella-like, work as a servant for her terrible cousin. She plans to abide this with determined British stoicness until she can finally leave and become a governess or something, but if there is one thing she cannot abide, it is dragon abuse. So she finds herself running from home with a stolen dragon and only a few coins to her name, and is nearly run off the road by a handsome gentleman off to court her very same horrible cousin. And that’s when the real shenanigans begin. This book was a delight from start to finish. It is one of the finalists for this year’s SPFBO which I think is incredibly well-deserved. It shares a lot in common with its fellow finalist Miss Percy’s Pocket Guide, making 2022 evidently a big year for downtrodden British ladies hiding dragons from their terrible relatives. I recommend this one to anyone who likes cozy fantasy, regency era, and fantasy of manners.
Set in Space
The Last Gifts of the Universe by Rory August
Hard Mode: I can’t honestly remember if the kids are from Earth or not but I’m going to go with yes, so no on the hard mode
When humans finally invented faster-than-light travel, they expected to be welcomed or mistrusted by a greater galactic community. What they found instead were hundreds of abandoned planets, remnants of a civilization wiped clean by some unknown catastrophe. Archaeologists are desperate to find out what went wrong, as are the corrupt corporations who control humanity, because what happened to one civilization could happen to ours, as well. The Last Gifts of the Universe stars Scout, a small-time independent archaeologist, and her younger brother, as they race to find precious recordings of the lost civilization before their corporate rivals can. Despite being set in the backdrop of a mystery that spans centuries and light years and potentially multiple-world-ending stakes, this story is really more about the more immediate human (and sentient-non-human) relationships of the characters. It is a story about Scout’s relationship with their brother, their complicated memories with their parents, and their growing frenemyship with the corporate soldier who wants the same things they do. It is also about Biryeena, the alien politician who lived centuries ago, leaving her recorded memories for future archaeologists to find. I enjoyed this book very much, but I think I might have enjoyed it a lot more if we were not presented with such galaxy-spanning stakes only to be told that those stakes were not the point. They could have just been ordinary space archaeologists without trying to solve Space Plague. I also wasn’t sure how I felt about the ancient alien civilization as it is presented. Making them very human-seeming made them more relatable to the reader, but I found it strained suspension of disbelief, just a little, that they would so closely follow a somewhat idealized version of modern Western civilization, in which the alien narrator goes to a four-year college, struggles to find a job upon graduation, gets married, and eventually runs for office in a vaguely democratic society. Still, I recommend this one to fans of Becky Chambers and anyone who wants a more intimate character-focused space opera.
Battle Mage by Peter Flannery
Hard Mode: yes
Falco Dante longs to be a dragon rider and fight the demon hordes, but unfortunately, he is shunned by his community for being a sick weakling, and worse yet, being the son of a traitor who turned against the town. But when a dragon summoning goes horribly wrong and the townsfolk are forced to flee, he learns he has the rare potential to become a battle mage, and may be the one to repair the bond between humans and dragons and defeat the demons once and for all. Of course as many of you know I love a good training montage story, as well as “battle school” types of settings. And dragon riders. I love those two. So even going in I knew this book was going to be a good time. It is long, incredibly long, but I actually admire Flannery for keeping the story contained to one book, because it could have easily been a 10 book series full of doorstoppers if he wanted to stretch things out. I did think the pacing dragged a little bit in places, the blow-by-blow battle scenes were too frequent and drawn-out for my personal tastes, and the part where they’re fleeing the town in the beginning seemed to take forever when it really didn’t need to. If you’re a fan of a lot of the classic fantasy tropes, however, this is not one to miss.
Where Blood Runs Gold by A.C. Cross
Hard Mode: no
Errol Thorpe is your typical old west sheriff who refuses to take shit from anyone. He has his own strong moral compass, but will not hesitate to bust heads at the slightest provocation. This of course becomes both a strength and a complication when he finds himself in custody of a young woman he needs to keep safe, while also unraveling the mystery of the creepy magic dust that’s making people go crazy. This book is incredibly tightly plotted and had me eagerly turning pages all the way through. I think what I liked the most about it was the general voice to the writing, I really felt like I was getting into Sheriff Errol Thorpe’s head. If you’re a fan of gritty types of westerns like HBO’s Deadwood I think you’ll really enjoy Where Blood Runs Gold.
Book Club OR Readalong Book
The Wolf and the She-Bear by Morgan Stang (RAB December 2022)
Hard Mode: yes :)
“Retired” mercenary Samantha Redwyne just wants a quiet peaceful life in the middle of nowhere. But when a man from her past begs her help transporting some Probably Definitely Stolen Cargo, she reluctantly agrees. Naturally, trouble follows quickly at their heels. This book was both very fast paced and also novella length so it made for a very quick read. I kind of almost wish it had been a little bit longer, though, because I would have liked to get to know the characters a bit more, given them room to breathe. I feel like we never really get to know who Samantha is as a person, and so when big reveals are made about her past, they don’t quite pack the emotional punch they’re probably meant to. There are also two male POV characters, ostensibly on opposite sides, who badly run together to me as both of their chief personality traits are “murder everyone in sight.” I did enjoy one of the minor POV characters, a would-be housewife who has turned to banditry to support her family, because it was kind of intriguing how much she tells herself she’s better than those OTHER bandits when she really, really isn’t. Ultimately this book was either just a little too short or a little too grimdark for my tastes, but it was intriguing enough I can definitely see myself reading something else of Stang’s along the way.
Cool Weapon
Year of the Sword books 1-3 by Dakota Krout
Hard Mode: yes, the sword’s name is Sarge
okay I’m being a LITTLE bit cheaty here because what I actually read for bingo was Dokeshi March, book 3 in the series, but I feel like it makes more sense to do the mini-review of book 1, Lord January, so bear with me. This series. THIS SERIES. I’m not even really sure where to start. Many centuries ago, due to a conflict, the world was split into twelve districts, one for each month of the year. Each district has one defining trait that makes it stand out from the others. In District January, they grow all the food, and everyone is very much into eating as much as possible. The fatter you are, the more status you are perceived to have in January. February is the polar opposite, where everyone drinks wheatgrass smoothies and is obsessed with fitness. In March, everyone is into gambling, and so it goes. Our hero, Grant Leap, is ostracized from his native January District for only being a little bit fat and also being born on leap day which is a big no-no in Calendar Culture. All that changes, however, when he finds a magic talking sword, Sarge, who agrees to train him to become powerful, at a cost. If he doesn’t defeat all the calendar lords by the end of the year, his life is forfeit. If you think this premise sounds ridiculous, well, yes it is. It is 100% exactly as ridiculous as it sounds. And yet I could not for the life of me put it down. What can I say. I love training montages. This is a LitRPG-style progression fantasy with visible stat screens and leveling up, and I think it’s a fun, albeit ludicrous, addition to the genre. Unfortunately the series seems to be on hiatus currently while the author works on other projects, but I’ll definitely be continuing when it picks back up again.
Revolutions and Rebellions
Blade’s Edge by Virginia McClain
Hard Mode: Sort of? The action is more human-focused, but they’d not get far without the rebellion
Centuries ago, Fantasy Not Quite Japan was a brutal monarchy, ruled by a violent and corrupt mage queen. After she was defeated, the pendulum swung the other way, and now women and girls are brutally subjugated, especially those who can use magic — when magic-using girls are admitted to exist at all. Mishi and Taka were best friends in their orphanage home, each dreading the day they would be separated to be sold into either servitude or a loveless and abusive marriage. As it happens, they are both taken away on the same day, though to neither of those things. When Taka’s secret magical abilities are revealed, she is shipped off to a brutal school where women with some small magical gift are taught to be healers and midwives, but not without going through a ton of abuse first. Mishi fares better, being adopted into a warrior family who works against the patriarchal government and trains women to fight in secret. Years later, the two friends meet again when Taka flees from her evil magic school and instead joins the rebellion. I quite enjoyed this book, the way the two girls’ stories diverge and then weave back together. The pacing is tight and intriguing and there was never any point where I felt bored, and yet we are also given the space to really get to know and care about the characters. I look forward to reading more from this author.
Name in the Title
India Bones and the Ship of the Dead by Set Sytes
Hard Mode: yes
India Bones lives in a quiet portside town dreaming of a life of adventure like his famous pirate father who disappeared many years ago. His opportunity arrives when a ghost ship makes port and the ghosts and skeletons dance on the shore, and India sneaks off to join them. While he quickly finds that a ghost ship is no place for a living boy, this soon opens the door to discoveries about his past and new adventures ahead. This was a fun adventure romp, a bit disjointed as India is yanked from one misadventure to the next, but entertaining all the way through. The only slightly confusing thing about it was I was never quite sure what age group it was meant for. India himself is quite young and for a lot of the book it reads very much like a middle-grade novel, but it also has things like pre-teens getting drunk, presented uncritically. Still this made for a good pirate adventure and I plan to continue this series eventually.
Author Uses Initials
Heavy by J.J. Thorn
Hard Mode: I’m certain I have no idea
Everyone in the kingdom dreams of being granted an affinity when they turn 16 and going off to magic school. Terrence realizes that chances are he’ll never get any affinity at all, so he’s surprised and rather alarmed when he’s given a rare and unusual one: the ability to see and manipulate weight. Rarity is all well and good, but will it help him become a dungeon-crawler like he hopes? Heavy is another magic school LitRPG progression fantasy with stats and level-ups. I seemed to be big on those this Bingo. This is another book where I’m not really sure how to write a review for it. It’s definitely rough in places; the author seems to have some interesting ideas about how punctuation works, and the truth is not a whole lot HAPPENS in this book. There are hints of some sinister goings-on in the greater dungeon-delving community, but for the most part Terrence just goes to school, stands up to bullies, makes friends, and tries to figure out how to use his unusual weight powers. But you know what, despite all that, I really enjoyed this book. It was cosy and enjoyable and made me want to go to magic school, and I look forward to reading more in this series.
Published in 2022
The Blood of Crows by Alex C. Pierce
Hard Mode: yes
Ren thought his days of violence and bloodshed were over when someone finally bought out his indentured servitude as a state-sanctioned thief in a brutal army unit. Unfortunately, he was wrong. When one last thieving job goes terribly wrong and his friend and mentor goes missing, Ren finds himself framed for the murders of several prominent noblewomen. Now he has to solve the mystery and clear his name before it’s too late. This was a fun book with a fast-paced plot and a lit of twisty turns that I didn’t see coming, plus a protagonist who has a strong voice and is entertaining to read about. I liked the fact that the main character doesn’t have any magic powers in a world where everyone else does. There are some other series that do that, like Codex Alera, but it’s still rare enough to be refreshing. However it does this one thing that’s fairly common in this particular “snarky guy gets in trouble” subgenre where he simply cannot catch a break, ever, and I have to wonder how he has not collapsed from exhaustion already, not to mention how he manages to survive so many beatings. Still, a fun book and a good debut, highly recommend.
Urban Fantasy
Oath Broken by Jarryd Smith
Hard Mode: Alas, no
Once a famed monster hunter, Kaleb just wants to leave that life behind and live a normal life. But when dragged against his will to his friend’s wedding, and discovering there’s definitely something suspicious about the bridal party, he is forcefully dragged back into a life he wanted little to do with. This was an enjoyable, quick read, although I wish there were just a bit more character development as some things feel rushed and I had to scramble to remember who was who. I think this series definitely shows potential, though, and I look forward to seeing where it goes.
Set in Africa
The Windweaver’s Storm by Antoine Bandele
Hard Mode: yes
This is the second book in the TJ Young and the Orishas series. The first one, The Gatekeeper’s Staff, takes place in the United States and therefore doesn’t qualify for the Africa bingo square, but this one takes place in Nigeria and therefore does. After getting up to all kinds of heroics at summer camp last year, TJ Young has at last been offered a place at the prestigious Ifa Academy. Unfortunately, he has a lot of challenges ahead of him as his power still behaves erratically, and he made a promise to a god that he might not be able to keep. I really enjoyed this follow-up to the first book, especially the depiction of the magic school. Hogwarts has absolutely nothing on how cool Ifa Academy is. I somehow ended up reading a lot of magic school stories this year and this one was by far my favorite. The main characters’ teenage drama, while exhausting in the way that teenage drama often is, was also nonetheless well-realized and fun to read about. My only slight complaint was that I felt the ending was a little rushed, and I wanted a better explanation of certain occurrences near the end. But if you’re interested in something similar to Harry Potter or Percy Jackson with a majority-POC cast, this is the book for you.
Non-Human Protagonist
The Skin by J.E. Hannaford
Hard Mode: She does spend most of the book in human form so I’d say not really
When unscrupulous humans steal her sister’s skin, a young selkie sacrifices her own freedom so that her sister can go free. She is forced to work for the humans she despises, at least until she can win her way to freedom and get her sister’s skin back. This was a really unique book in that it combines ancient Celtic mythology with a post-apocalyptic setting, something I’d never really seen before. Also, it has selkies, who are among some of the coolest mythical creatures. But I like seals so I might be a bit biased. The story starts out with three separate timelines that then join together in the second act, and I thought that part of the storytelling was cleverly done. Selkie’s journey is a powerful one, because she starts out very angry and unwilling to trust anyone but eventually makes deep friendships as the story continues. If I were to have any nitpicks I’d say that things come together almost a little too cleanly at the end, and characters I was certain were sus turn out to be squeaky clean, but that’s hardly a massive flaw. I recommend this one to anyone who likes seals, boats, mythology, shapeshifters, or post-apocalyptic settings.
Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey
Duckett and Dyer: Dicks for Hire by G.M. Nair
Hard Mode: I’m not sure, probably not, there is some time travel
Michael Duckett is starting to get annoyed with his best friend and roommate Stephanie Dyer, who refuses to take life seriously. Whether it’s trying to get out of his dead end job or trying to find a girlfriend, it seems like she’s always ruining his plans with her antics. When they start getting contacted about an ad in the paper selling them as a pair of private detectives, he thinks it must be another prank. What he gets instead is a zany jaunt across the multiverse that will strain and perhaps save their friendship. This book was delightful overall, and I enjoyed it from beginning to end. It never at any point takes itself too seriously so if you want a Super Serious Time Travel Book this probably isn’t the one for you. But it nevertheless has a lot of heart and I grew quite attached to both main characters by the end. I did think some of the multiverse destinations were just a little too zany as to strain my willing suspension of disbelief, however, such as the world with the giant hamburger monsters. Still, this book was great fun.
Five SFF Short Stories
The Alchemy of Sorrow by Various
Hard Mode: Yes
I find it hard to review short story collections because there are so many of them and each is going to have their own strengths and weaknesses. However this is one of the best short story collections I’ve read in awhile. There was not a single story in it that I found dragged at any point; I enjoyed all of them immensely and found a lot of new authors whose work I will definitely be checking out. The theme of the anthology is dealing with grief so just by definition a lot of these stories will rip your heart out and stomp on it, but there is also an undercurrent of hope throughout. 5/5, highly recommend.
Features Mental Health
The Heretic’s Guide to Homecoming by Sienna Tristen
Hard Mode: Yes
This book. OH BOY THIS BOOK. I had actually hoped to read the second book in the duology for this square but I didn’t quite finish in time, but thankfully I reread book 1 to refresh my memory going in, so I’m going to use that as my one allowed reread. Consider this a mini-review for both books, however, with the caveat that I am still working on reading the ending. Ronoah Genoveffa Ellizzi-Denna Pilanovani suffers from a lot of anxiety and self doubt. After failing as both a priest and a scholar, Ronoah finds himself lost in a foreign coffee shop, unsure what to do or how to face the future. Enter Reilin, a mysterious stranger who offers to take him to the beautiful and sacred Pilgrim State — as long as he follows a specific set of rules. Ronoah’s journey takes him half way across the world, where he encounters vibrant cultures, wonderful friends, and mysterious ancient ruins, while almost in passing discovering the lost secrets of the fallen Shalledrim empire. But if you’re looking for action and adventure around every corner, this is probably not the book for you. Ronoah’s journey is internal far more than it is external, all about figuring out who he is and what is important to him and how, at last, to have faith in himself. I fully admit that Ronoah is not the protagonist for everyone, as his internal monologue and negative self talk can be A LOT, especially in the first book. But this series is one of the most beautiful pieces of character work I’ve read in a long time, all told via beautiful, poetic prose that almost seems to sing from the page. I’d say fans of Robin Hobb will also enjoy this series.
Self-Published or Indie Publisher
Dreams of Dust by Lily Anne Crow
Hard Mode: Yes
Technically all of these books would count for this square but I will go with this one because as of typing this it only has two Goodreads reviews, one of which is mine, which is a crying shame because this book deserves better, but also means it handily counts for hard mode. Pampered city kid Thaniel Swift has studied long and hard to be a wayfinder, creating maps with his beautiful magic atlas. He’s beyond thrilled to get to go on his first expedition, only to find out he still has a lot to learn when they get sucked into a missing person investigation and find themselves pit against an undead queen who is willing to destroy the world to end her grief. This book has all the things I enjoy most in a fantasy story: secret ancient ruins, a colorful cast of characters who are suspicious of each other at first but eventually come together like family, and scary evil bad guys who commit their atrocities out of misplaced love. The world building is absolutely top notch, with a setting that feels lived in. I really wish more people would read this series so I could gush about it more.
Award Finalist, But Not Won
Shadow of a Dead God by Patrick Samphire
Hard Mode: Yes
Shadow of a Dead God was a SPFBO finalist a few years ago. It features Mennik Thorne, a down on his luck mage who gave up a life of privilege to try and make it on his own. This goes about as well as you might expect, when a routine probably-not-legal job for his oldest and best friend blows up in his face and he winds up with half the city out to get him. This book shares a lot of similarities with the Blood of Crows, reviewed above — snarky guy has a routine job go terribly wrong, gets roped into a conspiracy, and survives far more beatings than is healthy. But if I were to assign comp titles to this book I’d say it’s like the Dresden Files meets Locke Lamora. Mennik is a delightful character overall and I enjoyed being in his sarcastic head.
BIPOC Author
Guns of Penance by Mari Kurisato
Hard Mode: Yes, Mari is Nakawē Ojibwe indigenous
One of the really nice things about Bingo is that it seems like every year there’s a book I might not have necessarily picked up on my own but end up thoroughly enjoying. This book isn’t in my usual wheelhouse — ultra-violent post-apocalyptic settings are usually too edgy for me — but I’d purchased the book awhile back in order to support the author, and since I had it on my kindle anyway and it qualified for hard mode, I decided to give it a go. Wow! For a book about people murdering each other in a post-nuclear wasteland, this book was actually a ton of fun. There are four main female POV characters, whose stories weave in and out of each other: a computer scientist on the run after a major discovery, her rich heiress ex girlfriend, a drug addicted gangster looking to make a clean start, and a retired mercenary who is getting too old for this nonsense. Since all of these women are in somewhat violent roles I was worried they would start to blur together but each has a very distinct voice and was thoroughly enjoyable to read about. Highly recommended if you’re after a more diverse and female-led version of Mad Max.
Sidetracked by S.K. Kelley
Hard mode: yes
I received this book as part of an indie author Secret Santa exchange last December. Studious and socially awkward, Jayde wonders how she’s going to survive her first summer vacation in college alone without her more extroverted best friend and roommate. Her summer takes a surprising turn when she meets an attractive stranger named Ice, who turns out to be, of all things, a cat shapeshifter. She is then dragged into a complicated world of hidden supernatural happenings and soon realizes she might be well in over her head. This book starts off seeming like a fairly boilerplate supernatural romance in the vein of Twilight — awkward every-woman falls in love with super hot supernatural dude. However it becomes increasingly clear as the story goes on that this is not that kind of story. Watching the story turn from paranormal romance to paranormal thriller was really fascinating and I found myself staying up late reading just to find out what was going on. This story is incredibly slow-burn, and I worry that some potential readers might give up too soon. But I absolutely can’t wait to continue this series.
No Ifs, Ands, or Buts
No Land for Heroes by Cal Black
Hard Mode: Yes
I had to scan the list of forbidden words like six times to confirm it fits but I’m pretty sure it does. Anyway, this was an enjoyable weird western. Elven Deputy Berry is willing to do anything, even bend the law she is ostensibly sworn to protect, in order to keep her small town and her chosen family safe. But when a train robbery gone wrong pulls her back into a past she’d rather forget, she must face her demons once and for all. For the most part I really enjoyed this story throughout. There were a couple aspects that I was ehhhh on; for instance, in this setting elves take the place of Native Americans, leading me to wonder why there are no actual Native Americans (there are white and Black humans in this setting, so why not Indigenous?). I also would have liked more fantasy in my fantasy — despite there being elves and dragons and Legally Distinct Tieflings, those things almost feel like window dressing on what could have otherwise been perfectly excellent historical fiction. But No Land for Heroes nevertheless had excellent characters and an excellent plot and I can’t wait to see what the author comes up with next.
Family Matters
Awakening the Gods by Kristin Gleeson
Hard Mode: …it’s complicated
Saoirse’s life has gone downhill since she graduated from university. Unable to hold down a series of dead end jobs, the only times she truly feels alive is when she is playing music at her favorite pub in Dublin. Everything is turned on its head when her father mysteriously passes away, and a woman claiming to be her grandmother offers to let her stay with her in rural Cork. There, she meets a hot blacksmith, and comes to learn that her entire life might have been constructed on lies and that she is, in fact, the reincarnation of the goddess Brigid. Unfortunately, Balor, the ancient enemy of the Irish gods, is also back in the picture, and ready to cause trouble. My favorite aspect of this book was the way it really made the setting come to life. I felt like I was there in Ireland with the characters. The romance was also well done, though I found myself getting frustrated as certain characters get angry at each other for reasons that seem irrational to the reader and aren’t explained. Still, this is a great book for anyone who likes Irish mythology, urban fantasy, and romance.
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2023.04.01 00:53 actuallyanangel I have no idea what to do to have healthy, sustainable weight loss

Hi! I think this is my first time posting here, but I've lurked for SO long (like years). I'm 23F, 5'7 and I weigh 110kg. I've been on the highest weight percentile all my childhood, and was always bigger than my friends, but I went to a very sporty boarding school and did SO much sports that I was always fairly muscley, and even though I thought I was fat at the time, I was pretty much just a strong, tall kid.
When I was about 16 I got really sick and nobody knew what was wrong. I kept throwing up, and I had really awful, uncontrolled emetophobia so I stopped eating (and eventually drinking), and wound up in hospital with an NG tube. The doctors all thought I had an eating disorder, so I was made to go to a bunch of group therapy, and being around so many other people with eating disorders really pushed me into counting calories. My whole life was so much out of my control (I had undiagnosed autism and at the time had just escaped with my mum from my dad who was abusive), and seeing the number on the scale they weighed me on at therapy go down made me feel like I was finally in control.
I did a lot more therapy and got much better, but I was still really physically unwell. I took (and still take) a lot of emetics so I wasn't throwing up all the time, but I was just extremely tired and in pain all the time, so I couldn't keep up with the sports I used to do anymore. I was so used to be able to eat loads and then burn it all off doing sports, but because I wasn't active anymore I ended up gaining loads of weight.
I was diagnosed with a genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos when I was 19 which basically effects collagen production, so it means my joints are loose and dislocate easily (and are painful). I ended up basically loosing loads of my mobility over like 3 years (to the point where I need a stick to walk now). I know that my weight makes everything a million times worse, and that my QoL would be so much better if I lost the weight, but I really struggle with the emotional aspect of it, which is why I made this post and what I would love advice on.
Basically, I've tried to lose weight a few times over the last few years but I've never managed to sustain the loss or even just maintain it because it fucks with my head. I know how to loose weight, and when I count calories I consistently loose 2kg a week, but I'm apparently incapable of doing anything with moderation. It's like a switch flips in my head and I start obsessing. For example, yesterday I ate nothing all day and then my fiancé put like, 1TBSP of oil on some chicken he was gonna roast for us, and I just physically couldn't even contemplate eating it. I literally just sat in the sofa for like 2 hours and cried. Every time I'd go to get something to eat, I'd be consumed by the thought that if I ate now I'd be wasting calories that I might want later, or that the calories wouldn't be worth it, or that if I ate I'd be letting myself down by ruining my health.
If I was anywhere near a normal weight, I'd just say fuck it, my mental health is worth more than this, but given that my BMI is morbidly obese, my joints are awful anyway, and I have a family history of type 1 (my mum) and type 2 (my dad) diabetes, I know that it's really important I lose it. Plus I really want to have kids (and I want to have kids soon in case my mobility gets worse when I'm older) and we've tried for like a year with no success, which I think must be due to my weight.
I have no idea what to do to have healthy, sustainable weight loss and I'm at my wit's end. I think if I could exercise more I would have more success, because it helps keep my mental health in check and beats back the part of my brain that says I shouldn't eat, but all I can manage is doing 15 minutes of physio and 15 minutes fo yoga a day, and I barely do that. I just have no energy and am usually in pain which makes even just going for walks and stuff difficult.
I really hope someone has some advice, because I have no idea what to do!
Thank you :)
Edited to add: I'm not sure if this is relevant to the bigger picture but when I was a kid my dad would only let me eat 1 meal a day, no snacks, so I used to sneak down to the kitchen and night and stash whatever I could find that wouldn't go off in my room to eat when I was hungry. I think it might have fucked me up a bit because as and adult I'm a bit of a food hoarder and always have to have full cupboards and a full fridge otherwise I get really anxious. I also went through food insecurity when I moved out to live on my own which I think has contributed to this lol
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2023.04.01 00:17 Metavoided Looking for Criticism/help on my Krenko deck as it stands

Moxfield Link: https://www.moxfield.com/decks/Y4ASwZhAzEiBWK4g-KL9iA
Just recently put this deck together as a first commander deck, and was hoping to get some recommendations on how to further the deck. I plan on swapping my Barrage of Expendables for Goblin Bombardment as far as card cuts now
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2023.04.01 00:13 Jigsaw_isnt_a_puppet This is the tune I've been using for my Subaru Brat for the Rally Adventure expansion. (Minus the races that go through the sand)

I'm not a master tuner so any suggestions is appreciated.
Fluff about the tune at the bottom. I hope you guys like it.
#1980 BRAT GL - B 700

**Weight**1680 kg
**Torque**227 nm


## Build

Body KitStock


Intake ManifoldRace
TurboRace with Anit-lag
Oil CoolingStock


**Platform And Handling**
Front ArbRace
Rear ArbRace
Chassis ReinforcementStock
Weight ReductionRace




**Tires And Rims**
Tire WidthFront Stock mm, Rear Stock mm
Rim StyleStock
Rim SizeFront Stock in, Rear Stock in
Track WidthFront Stock, Rear Stock


**Aero and Appearance**
Front BumperFH5 : Race Front Bumper
Rear BumperSubaru Remove Rear Bumper
Rear WingRace Rear Wing
Side SkirtsN/A



## Tune



Final Drive3.35








**Ride Height****cm****in**










[View this tune on optn.club](https://optn.club/formatteNoIgYgEgrABAXDASgQwMYFMZgE4HsB2ALjAEICuAtgA7rYgA0I+yDIAymQEbLZlLoVcAN0yJ0PUpRp1GKDPwkB1AJb4A5q2asAzq1YBBRQBEdpxthbmdVHYVYymlkA4fabjLYzdnnP3VY8nT19A+zCvcJDnJxcnfxB4vySIxlYARgBOAA4ABlJEfQAVGABxABlWKAzWElYAJhychgB2RtT6HMY6uub0gDZchk7OtOaoRgAzBjSAFgBmRgAbTgY6qAA6cZAp+jS59ZnGGabJ1j6Tw+3V+gBaHM3b+63e+gzT+i2sqGnOrZ2oEadK70UD7ObfdogPSQ6FQmGpAC6uye7zS9wWIFU0wyGzqqJmMwOS042gA9Fj6HVDg1GNwZPc8fdmgigA=)


Formatted text generated by the [OPTN.club Tune Formatter](https://optn.club/formatter)

Submit bugs, feature requests, and questions on [Github](https://github.com/OPTN-Club/optn.club/issues)

I've focused on making it so you can swing the rear into a drift easily to make the tight turns while being stable on the straight portions. It is a bit slow off the line but nothing to bad since it doesn't wheel spin when you floor it at a stop. Also as an added bonus the speeds it reaches (60 to 100) is the sweet spot for the call outs.
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2023.04.01 00:02 armgord Not a single W from a permabanned r/collegeresults user

Intended Major(s): I applied to Bioengineering/Biomedical Engineering, but after thinking about it, I might go into Electrical Engineering.
Standardized Testing
Awards/Honors: already mentioned in ECs + breakthrough junior challenge 2022 top 10% of intl. entries
I would say they were average; I didn't have anyone to revise them, so I almost sentenced myself to death, but I definitely didn't say I supported national socialism or smth. I don't have the willpower to open my CommonApp PDFs again; it is a rule to never read your essays after you submit them, lol.
I did not see them, but I had a great relationship with everyone who was kind enough to write one for me.
Stanford: ghosted by interviewer
MIT: really cool. My interviewer was really nice, and I felt we connected, but she pointed out my age, and the required paperwork might be a problem, but I should keep on no matter what
Princeton: really cool guy. I was nervous because he was 85 years old, but he was the chilliest of them all. He reminded me of my uncle, and we talked a lot about his experiences at Princeton and Caltech and what I was planning to do.
Additional info: screw collegeresults mods; they allow racist and snobbish people there but permabanned me for making a shitpost, lol, and they have some balls for hiding who the mods are.
I already got into a pretty good university in my country with scholarships, which I am sure I will be happy attending because the campus has a high school inside and next to the college campus, so I would be able to sneak around and hang out with people my age and maybe get a gf instead of being the miserable fucktard with impostor syndrome that I am rn.
I also began therapy for the first time in my life because my current lifestyle and impostor syndrome messed me up really badly.
I don't know if the reasons I was rejected everywhere with only two waitlist were because I was not good enough, essays, because there were red flags on my application, because of my age and the documentation/paperwork required if I was hypothetically admitted, or because (something not mentioned before) I skipped 10th, 11th, and 12th grade, so maybe the AOs thought I was not ready for the social and academic workload with projects, assignments, leadership, essays, etc. instead of just studying individually for tests.
I am hoping I can maintain a good GPA at the university I will be attending, expand and boost my resume a bit more, and hopefully prove (if the latter was the cause) that I can work in an environment with presentations, group assignments, essays, projects, leadership positions, etc... instead of just studying.
I mean, I will still try to get off Vanderbilt's and Duke's waitlist, but it probably won't happen.
Looking forward to transfer admissions.
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