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This subreddit is a place to discuss low market cap cryptocurrencies with a moonshot potential. Make sure you read the sidebar before participating. ALL OF IT. This place is generally not for you if you're new to crypto. There are requirements to be able to participate in this subreddit. No exceptions to these are made. Read the sidebar.

2010.06.21 19:22 24hoursupport.helpdesk

**24 Hour Support** is a community focused on helping solve technical issues **FAST**. So fast we even set up a chat room for instantaneous help!

2012.06.15 04:19 Itsgoodsoup Racing Shitty Cars For Glory!

Welcome one and all! This is a place to show-off your Lemon, meet fellow Redditor Racers and trash talk each other before the race. Share your pictures, videos and stories, give tips to newcomers and recruit new drivers and teams. See you on the track, probably broken down and on fire.

2023.03.27 18:33 splendid711 Curious for your thoughts on Vet

I have a 5 month golden retriever. I have been to the same vet for the 3 months I’ve had my pup. My pup was lethargic after his 2nd round of vaccines and had a little bump at the injection site. I called the vet to ask if this was normal since this is my first dog. He didn’t even look at my dog and gave us 10 days worth of steroids. Keep in mind at the time my puppy was barely 4 months old. I didn’t feel right about giving my puppy steroids after researching that steroids are not great for puppies under 6 months. So I didn’t give them to my pup and he was his normal self the next day. I was so glad I didn’t give him the steroids.
Fast forward to today. My pup was a little bit itchy every few hours so I looked for fleas, found nothing. Saw some little red patches under his tail at the base that look very dry and scaley and some pimple/bite like spots on his inner thigh. So I made a vet appointment. In the meantime, My mom gave me some clorexidine wipes to wipe him down with once and within 24 hrs his pimples and the redness were all gone. Just dry patches now.
I just now went to the vet and he wanted to put my dog on antibiotics or steroids despite saying “it’s probably just puppy dermititis, maybe from ant bites or plants in your yard.”
I told him how well the wipes had worked and he said I could buy more of those and the prescription shampoo along with antibiotics or steroid.
My question is why he would suggest such powerful meds for something that is barely visible today? The wipes worked and it’s not a major whole body affecting drug. I know we can’t read his mind, but when I told him I wanted to wait on meds and try an oatmeal shampoo he seemed annoyed.
Am I just too conservative with meds or does this vet’s decisions seem sketchy to anyone else?
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2023.03.27 18:31 TheSnickerdoodleKid CBL 2023 Season: Profession Cup II - Playoff Quarter-Final Recap

CBL 2023 Season: Profession Cup II - Playoff Quarter-Final Recap
Another round of voting done. Another recap to summarize what transpired. Mercifully for my sake, the field of 48 celebs has been halved to 24 across all 6 categories. Since I'm a little short on time, I'll just dive right in...

2023 Profession Cup II - Film Stars Playoff Bracket
As expected, Alexandra Daddario, Margot Robbie, Scarlett Johansson, and Ana de Armas all won. This should surprise absolutely no one though it may disappoint some of you out there. Daddario and Robbie had tougher matches going up against the likes of Emma Watson and Elizabeth Olsen, respectively, but I'm not sure an upset was ever truly in the cards. It's going to take some kind of seismic shift in the voting paradigm to unseat these four from their Top 4 status.
This does set up two rematches from the Profession Cup I Semifinals. Daddario beat Robbie 144-129 and Johansson beat de Armas 220-219 in those matches. I do think Daddario will win again, but I believe Johansson will lose to de Armas this time around.

2023 Profession Cup II - TV Stars Playoff Bracket
Jenna Ortega won't be making a back-to-back Semifinal appearance losing to Victoria Justice by 40 votes. Ortega has proved to be a formidable opponent, but she can't seem to breakthrough against truly elite competition.
Sydney Sweeney takes her place in the semifinals who now has the unenviable task of going up against Profession Cup I winner, Hailee Steinfeld. Sweeney will need every little bit of sexy appeal she can muster to even have a chance against a typically dominant Steinfeld.
Victoria Justice faces off against Profession Cup I runner-up Emilia Clarke. The last record I can find of them facing off against each other in CBL was from way back in Season 6 in the old season format where Justice won 72-58. I'm doubtful as to whether that result will repeat itself, but stranger things have happened.

2023 Profession Cup II - Singers Playoff Bracket
This was surprisingly competitive if not unsurprising in it's results! The average margin for victory was a mere 7.5 votes. Keeping any eye on this through the 24-hour voting window, leads changed hands at least once in each match and even up until the very end there was potential for upsets.
Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez coming away winners is what I would have expected. Olivia Rodrigo beating Shakira (though I personally disagree), makes sense due to recency and youth. I guess that same can be said of Dua Lipa beating Katy Perry, but that one was the toughest one for me to predict.
The rest of the matches should be close. Swift is still the favorite to win the whole thing now that Beer is out of the picture, but Gomez might present her a challenge. Rodrigo/Lipa is pretty much a toss up as far as I'm concerned and by my estimation will ultimately lose to whoever comes out the winner of Swift/Gomez.

2023 Profession Cup II - Models Playoff Bracket
These matches were either a blowout win or a close contest. Barbara Palvin climbed up Taylor Hill without any issue, winning by 69 votes. Kate Upton had no problems in the kitchen whipping up a 29 vote win against Rachel Cook. Is a Palvin/Upton finals rematch inevitable?
The Nicola Cavanis versus Elizabeth Turner match pitted two Profession Cup I Semifinalists against each other with Cavanis coming out on top by only 5 votes. She avoids having to face Upton again in the semifinals but now has to go up against Palvin which probably leaves her worse off.
Miranda Kerr continues her resurgence with an 8 vote win over Emily Ratajkowski. She'll face Upton next which is a rematch from Round 2 of the Main Stage in Profession Cup I. Upton won that match 110-80. I'm not confident in Kerr being about to flip that result.

2023 Profession Cup II - Athletes Playoff Bracket
These are the exact same semifinal match-ups as in Professional Cup I: Olivia Dunne versus Lindsay Brewer and Paige Spiranac versus Alica Schmidt. A Dunne/Spiranac finals rematch seems as inevitable as the Palvin/Upton one does in the Model category.
Georgia Ellenwood came agonizingly close to breaking through to the semifinals losing to Schmidt by a single vote. Maybe she'll be able to advance further in Profession Cup III, but she'll have to wait until after the Spring Major for that.
All the other contests were won by a comfortable margin.

2023 Profession Cup II - Influencers Playoff Bracket
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I have no idea what to make of the Influencers category. Kendall Jenner and Bella Thorne, semifinalists in Profession Cup I, both lose to Yanet Garcia and Corinna Kopf, respectively. Kopf herself didn't even take part in Profession Cup I.
Amanda Cerny has never faced Kopf before but with Cerny being the runner-up last time around, the odds are in her favor to make it to another finals match.
Garcia and Valkyrae have faced off before in Round 2 of Profession Cup I where Valkyrae, the eventual champion, beat Garcia127-108. Does Garcia have enough momentum going into this next match to topple the champion? One thing is certain: if she doesn't she'll still look good trying.

The Road to the Spring Major...
Even though the champions for Profession Cup II are yet to be decided, the results from the first round of the Playoffs have had direct implications as to who is going to make it into the Spring Major.
I've grouped those that are still vying for a spot into three broad categories:
  1. Qualified - qualified to the Spring Major regardless the outcome of the remaining matches,
  2. In the Mix - qualification is dependent on the outcome of results but still have a reasonable change of making it, and
  3. Longshots - not mathematically eliminated, but unlikely to qualify because off of expected results
So let's go ahead and look at where everyone stands:
  • Film Stars (4 spots)
    • Qualified: Alexandra Daddario, Ana de Armas, Scarlett Johansson, Margot Robbie
      • Overall Placement still to be decided
  • TV Stars (4 spots)
    • Qualified: Hailee Steinfeld, Emilia Clarke, Victoria Justice
    • In the Mix: Jenna Ortega, Sydney Sweeney
      • If Sweeney beats Steineld in the semifinals, then she'll qualify for the Spring Major.
      • If Steinfeld beats Sweeney in the semifinals, Ortega and Sweeney will finish tied on points. Tiebreaker match to decide who qualifies.
  • Singers (2.5 spots)
    • Qualified: Taylor Swift
    • In the Mix: Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa, Madison Beer
      • If Swift beats Lipa in the finals, 3-way tie on points between Gomez, Lipa, and Beer.
      • If Swift beats Rodrigo in the finals, 2-way tie on points between Gomez and Beer.
      • Other scenarios possible, but unlikely.
    • Longshot: Olivia Rodrigo
      • If Rodrigo beats Swift in the finals, she qualifies. This is Rodrigo's only path to qualification.
  • Models (2.5 spots)
    • Qualified: Barbara Palvin
    • In the Mix: Kate Upton, Nicola Cavanis
      • If Upton beats Kerr in the semifinals, Upton will qualify and Cavanis will compete against 3rd place singer for qualification.
    • Longshot: Miranda Kerr
      • If Kerr beats Upton in the semifinals, Kerr and Cavanis will finish tied on points. Tiebreaker match to decide who competes against 3rd place singer for qualification.
  • Athletes (1.5 spots)
    • In the Mix: Olivia Dunne, Paige Spiranac
    • Longshots: Alica Scmidt, Lindsay Brewer
  • Influencers (1.5 spots)
    • In the Mix: Valkyrae, Amanda Cerny
    • Longshot: Yanet Garcia

Voting for the 2023 Professional Cup II Playoff Semifinals starts on Wednesday!
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2023.03.27 18:30 Sach-Ki-Raftar-News गोद में पोती को खिलाते नज़र आए Lalu Prasad Yadav, Viral हुआ Video Teja...

गोद में पोती को खिलाते नज़र आए Lalu Prasad Yadav, Viral हुआ Video Tejashwi Yadav #Shorts Sach Ki Raftar
आरजीडी सुप्रीमो लालू प्रसाद यादव और उनके परिवार के लिए सोमवार का दिन खास रहा. दरअसल सोमवार को लालू परिवार में एक नये मेहमान का आगमन हुआ. लालू प्रसाद के घर में लक्ष्मी के रूप में नयी मेहमान आयी. तेजस्वी यादव की पत्नी राजश्री को सोमवार को पुत्री रत्न की प्राप्ति हुई. जैसे ही राजश्री मां बनी लालू परिवार सहित उनके चाहने वालों के बीच पूरे बिहार में खुशी की लहर दौड़ गई.
सबसे पहले तेजस्वी यादव ने सोशल मीडिया के अलग-अलग प्लेटफार्म पर इसकी जानकारी दी, जिसके बाद से लालू परिवार को बधाई देने वालों का तांता लग गया. खुद पिछले कई दिनों से बीमार चल रहे लालू प्रसाद भी अपने आप को रोक नहीं पाए और पोती को देखने के लिए अस्पताल जा पहुंचे.
Lalu Prasad was seen feeding granddaughter in his lap, video went viral
Monday was a special day for RGD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav and his family. In fact, a new guest arrived in the Lalu family on Monday. A new guest came in Lalu Prasad's house in the form of Lakshmi. Tejashwi Yadav's wife Rajshree got a daughter Ratna on Monday. As soon as Rajshree became mother, a wave of happiness ran across Bihar among her fans including the Lalu family.
First of all, Tejashwi Yadav informed about this on different platforms of social media, after which there was an influx of people congratulating the Lalu family. Lalu Prasad himself, who was ill for the last several days, could not stop himself and went to the hospital to see his granddaughter.
#LaluPrasadYadav #TejashwiYadav #RajshreeYadav #RJD #TejpratapYadav #Bihar #NitishKumar #ViralVideo #SocialMedia #BiharNews #PatnaNews #SachKiRaftar
Sach Ki Raftar is a 24-hour Hindi news channel. Sach Ki Raftar established its image as one of India's leading credible news channels, and is a preferred channel by an audience which favours high quality programming and news, rather than sensational infotainment.
Sach Ki Raftar popular Youtube Channel revolves around: news, politics, economy, sports, panel discussions with eminent personalities and noteworthy commentaries.
सच की रफ़्तार भारत का सबसे निष्पक्ष और विश्वसनीय हिंदी अखबार व् न्यूज़ चैनल है. सच की रफ़्तार पर आप पॉलिटिक्स, बिजनेस, स्पोर्ट्स और बॉलीवुड से जुड़ी ताज़ा ख़बरें देख सकते हैं. सबसे निष्पक्ष और विश्वसनीय लाइव ख़बरों के लिए हमारे साथ बने रहें.
For Business Quarry, Brand Endorsement And Paid Brand Promotion.
Website : www.sachkiraftar.com
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBodxYVdukqa9RAz\_Mu-2iA
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100077169954955
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/sachkiraftachannel/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/SachKiRaftar
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2023.03.27 18:29 Eddie_Nava Hydroshield Laminate? Any good

Anyone have experience with Floor and Decors Hydroshield laminate flooring? I'm interested in this particular model. https://www.flooranddecor.com/hydroshield-laminate/windham-hill-oak-water-resistant-laminate-100597996.html?impressionlist=laminate
Its 12mm thick not including underlay. Seems like a good product. Already had some LVP installed in my living room and although I like it for the most part (waterproof, decent scratch resistance) I cant help but feel like its a bit cheap due to the feel on the foot and the texture. So I'm taking a shot with laminate in my bedrooms.
Anyhow, any feedback as far as installation and quality. Also, for those who have installed it, how has it held up to scracthes, dings, etc (general durability) and also to water (they claim 24 hour water resistance to common spills, cup knockovers, etc) Thanks in advance!!
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2023.03.27 18:28 DogshitHandGrenade PXMD - Game Day is Here - This is how I think the next day, and 2-weeks plays out.

PXMD - Game Day is Here - This is how I think the next day, and 2-weeks plays out.

PXMD - Game Day - 2-Week Outlook

I don't have a crystal ball, but I do have a crystal potato, and it's guided me well.

If you're new and wanna get jacked up, here is my QUICK HITTER DD from yesterday.

1 Action so far today

It's less than 3-hours into the market as of writing this and we've just traded the entire freefloat.
Most candles have non existent volume. The volume has come from desperate short beating down the retail spike to $2.24. That was 80k volume for them to beat that spike down.
Now just recently we saw this sacrifice 18k soldiers just to take a 2-minute dip below $2.0.
In those couple minutes they were under $2.00 you guys went bananas and filled up the order book. This confirms to me, again, that the floor is here in the $1.90s. Shorts can't keep throwing themselves into the slaughter.

Clip of the order book during that short-attack to under $2. You guys are nuts. Well done.

2 Crystal Potato Thoughts
Here is how I think rest of today could play out.

We spend the rest of the day trading around $1.97-$2.03.
Tomorrow we will gap up again and trade around $2.10s. It would be great to keep up consistent 5-10%+ days.

Here is the Shorts strategy:
-Keep the price as low as possible for as many days as possible to drain the enthusiasm of retail. Retail then moves on and they buy up their shares to close shorts.

How to conter this strategy:
-Just stay put. We can wait 1-week, 2-weeks. They cannot.
-Spread the word. Take my DD and Youtube links and share. Watching the ticker will not help the price go up. Getting just 1 or 2 people introduced to the play will help.

3 Conclusion
-Shorts will give up within 2-weeks unless retail get's bored and moves on. They have to due to CTB bleeding them $0.04/day/share.
-If enthusiasm continues to increase, this 2-weeks will turn into 2-days real quick.
-As long as we keep these consistent 5%+ days we should be able to keep eyeballs on the play.
-At any moment, one short could give up and that will start a boom-boom explosion as they race to exit.

I love seeing that concrete floor. I have never felt more relaxed. I laugh when they short attack and I got 30,250 shares on the line now. Not swing trading. I am resolute in my conviction here. Waiting for my plans to play out.

I am not a financial analyst, I am a potato. Make your own investing decisions.
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2023.03.27 18:28 majorarcana88 ✨💖Monday Tarot 💖✨

Hi, everyone. I create video readings, and I’m offering donation based readings today. Please leave a comment below if you’d like a video reading 😊
I’m an intuitive tarot reader with 6 years of experience giving readings to others. I provide the most complete reading possible— I’m thorough and give you as much perspective as possible.
I’m able to provide your personally tailored video reading within 24 hours of receipt of the question. Please leave a comment if you’d like a video reading.
Reviews available at majorreadingreviews
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2023.03.27 18:27 majorarcana88 ✨💖Monday Tarot💖✨

Hi, everyone. I create video readings, and I’m offering donation based readings today. Please leave a comment below if you’d like a video reading 😊
I’m an intuitive tarot reader with 6 years of experience giving readings to others. I provide the most complete reading possible— I’m thorough and give you as much perspective as possible.
I’m able to provide your personally tailored video reading within 24 hours of receipt of the question. Please leave a comment if you’d like a video reading.
Reviews available at majorreadingreviews
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2023.03.27 18:26 Late_View5689 Day One - Again :)

Hour 24:19 of my quit. The umpteenth quit.. I feel like if I don’t stay quit, I’ll lose everything. A beautiful woman who loves me, 2 wild ass dogs, 2 businesses that make me want to huff rabbit farts, a home.. ya know.. the American dream; and for the last 5 months of my life - this damn blue bottle.. with that gut churning mud.. That’s what I pick. Mind boggling.
I convinced myself I didn’t stay quit last time because I didn’t convert my chest freezer into an ice bath.. Well, J, hop in bro! You got your tub!
I’m proud to share this addiction with you guys - I don’t feel as crazy with you all on my side.
I hope you all are well today ❤️
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2023.03.27 18:26 Ok_World6738 60% Off Enido Flickering Flameless Candles Waterproof Outdoor Candles Battery Operated Candles with Remote Cycling 24 Hours Timer(D: 3.25" x H: 4" 5" 6") LED Candles Plastic Pack of 3 Large Pillar Candles UO

60% Off Enido Flickering Flameless Candles Waterproof Outdoor Candles Battery Operated Candles with Remote Cycling 24 Hours Timer(D: 3.25 submitted by Ok_World6738 to AmazonPromoCodesGA [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 18:25 Eddie_Nava Hydroshield Laminate? Any good

Anyone have experience with Floor and Decors Hydroshield laminate flooring? I'm interested in this particular model. https://www.flooranddecor.com/hydroshield-laminate/windham-hill-oak-water-resistant-laminate-100597996.html?impressionlist=laminate
Its 12mm thick not including underlay. Seems like a good product. Already had some LVP installed in my living room and although I like it for the most part (waterproof, decent scratch resistance) I cant help but feel like its a bit cheap due to the feel on the foot and the texture. So I'm taking a shot with laminate in my bedrooms.
Anyhow, any feedback as far as installation and quality. Also, for those who have installed it, how has it held up to scracthes, dings, etc (general durability) and also to water (they claim 24 hour water resistance to common spills, cup knockovers, etc) Im not expecting same waterproof capabilities as LVP but as long as it can handle the common mishap. Thanks in advance!!
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2023.03.27 18:24 KrakenKap [Artisan]Beige Takeover Brox Debut Raffle

Finally, after a period of teasing, KrakenKap would like to introduce to everyone the next character of the KrakenKap universe - Takeover Brox in classic beige colors!!!
Raffle is officially open for sale from 9 pm GMT + 7 27.03.2023 and lasts for 24hrs
Information about Raffle:
📷 10 units/ sculpt
📷 Form opens 24 hrs
Sculpt: Takeover Brox ❎Price: $67
~ Raffle-style sale with only one person/entry.
~ Form will be open for only 24hrs from 9 pm GMT+7 27.03.2023
~ Invoices will go out after the sale ends afterwards- you will have 24 hours to pay
~ Shipping will be updated after 4-5 weeks or sooner
P/s: Thanks mod
KrakenKap - “Not a star, we build a universe”
📷 Instagram
📷 Discord
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2023.03.27 18:23 CMeaX My HxH 2011 Binge Watch Sequence [How to Introduce HxH to Someone 101]

Summary: As HxH ties off episodes neatly with rare overuse of cheap cliffhangers, I recently rewatched the 2011 adaptation with the intent of splitting the series into bite-sized chunks in case I or anyone else ever wanted to introduce the series to someone (a friend, partner, etc.) at a fairly relaxed but consistent pace. If followed on a daily basis, my current list takes around 2 months to go through from start to finish. These are my personal findings, and they are by no means perfect, so any other opinions are welcome and feedback is highly appreciated.
DAY 1: Episodes 1-3 (The introduction episodes. Although I quite like them, the consensus is that the pacing in these is a little different and many people agree that "it gets better". They make for a great introduction to Gon and the world of Hunter x Hunter. These episodes end at the start of the marathon, giving a tease as to what comes next. If you have an extra 5 minutes that day, I'd add the first scene of the 1999 anime too before Episode 1.)
DAY 2: Episodes 4-5 (The marathon/run and finale of Phase 1 of the Hunter Exam.)
DAY 3: Episodes 6-7 (The cooking challenge and everything that happens on Netero's airship. These are mostly self-contained and work very well back to back.)
DAY 4: Episodes 8-11 (Trick Tower can be quite lengthy, so there are two ways of going about it. If you are skipping the two fillerecap episodes, you might as well include E12 here, but 8-11 will cover all of the fights and only leave the "waiting" episode for another time. I've noticed that some people I've introduced the series to were tempted to skip parts of these episodes, so I find segmenting it this way gives a better expectation as to how long this phase lasts.)
DAY 5: Episodes 12-13 (Episode 12 is the conclusion to Trick Tower, although it's mostly a slice of life episode between the gang and Tonpa as they try to live another day when faced with his insatiable thirst for trickery (and spoiled drinks). Episode 13 is a recap episode, which seems rather unnecessary if you've covered this much ground already in 4-5 days. Absolutely optional.)
DAY 6: Episodes 14-16 (Zevil Island's badge hunting phase. Not all of it, but these three episodes will cover Gon's journey until he succeeds in his goal.)
DAY 7: Episodes 17-18 (The Fourth Phase of the Hunter Exam concludes and everyone is interviewed by Netero, leaving off just before the start of the final phase.)
DAY 8: Episodes 19-21 (The final phase in its entirety, and the end of the first arc of HxH if we take the Zoldyck Family arc as its own set of episodes.)
DAY 9: Episodes 22-25 (The first chunk of 4 episodes. I tried to avoid grouping this many together as to not fatigue anyone too quickly, but this arc is so short that it's very easy to binge. This covers everything with the Zoldycks, before everyone splits off to meet again on September 1st.)
DAY 10: Episode 26 (This one sits awkward in-between two good sets of episodes, but it's a recap once again, and definitely skippable if unneeded. But hey, if you want more Mito-san, bonus content.)
DAY 11: Episodes 27-28 (Heaven's Arena. Its introduction, and until the cliffhanger of the clock ticking as the two boys try to awaken the power they just learned about. It's a great stopping point to really get excited about the next parts, but also to digest the mechanics of Nen bit by bit.)
DAY 12: Episodes 29-30 (Gon and Killua make it to the top floor, which doesn't end very well for Gon. In the midst of his anger, Wing forgets to tuck in his shirt once again.)
DAY 13: Episodes 31-32 (Everything about Kastro in two episodes. BUNGEE GUM is revealed, but its complexity made me forget its properties again. If only there was a catchphrase or something.)
DAY 14: Episodes 33-34 (The mischievous trio get what was coming for them and the boys rack up additional wins. Hisoka issues his challenge.)
DAY 15: Episodes 35-36 (The Hisoka fight. It is simply unconstitutional not to group them together.)
DAY 16: Episodes 37-38 (The conclusion to the Heaven's Arena arc. All roads do lead to Yorknew it would seem.)
DAY 17: Episodes 39-40 (Oh hey, Kurapika's back. Yorknew/Phantom Troupe arc begins.)
DAY 18: Episodes 41-42 (A variety of things happen here but it is a good stopping point before the Phantom Troupe takes action.)
DAY 19: Episodes 43-44 (The auction is interrupted and the Shadow Beasts are unleashed "for a limited time only".)
DAY 20: Episodes 45-47 (Kurapika and Uvogin, the trilogy. A great way to wrap up the first half of the arc.)
DAY 21: Episodes 48-50 (Another nicely packed trio of episodes focusing on Gon, Killua and Leorio for charit- a video game. Gon and Killua have a little scuff with the Phantom Troupe.)
DAY 22: Episodes 51-53 (Chrollo, Zeno, Silva, the Phantom Troupe. Many things happen, ultimately leading in quite the fake out thanks to Gallery Fake.)
DAY 23: Episodes 54-55 (Everything is intertwined. This is the build up to the conclusion.)
DAY 24: Episodes 56-58 (A beautiful finale to the arc.)
DAY 25: Episodes 59-60 (The Greed Island arc begins. To enter the game, Gon and Killua must develop their own Nen abilities.)
DAY 26: Episodes 61-62 (The boys roam around and attempt to learn the mechanics of the game.)
DAY 27: Episodes 63-64 (Bisky/Bisuke/Biscuit becomes the new mentor, taking over their training.)
DAY 28: Episodes 65-66 (Killua takes a break from the game to show off at the Hunter Exam. One year has passed.)
DAY 29: Episodes 67-68 (Genthru is nearing completion of the game. Tsezguerra expands his team to get to Patch of Shore first, but the challenge proves to be too much.)
DAY 30: Episodes 69-71 (A new, better team is formed, with the help of Hisoka among others. It's dodgeball time.)
DAY 31: Episode 72 (This episode once again sits in-between two sets of well-connected episodes, so it works fairly well on its own. Genthru corners Tsezguerra's team, forcing them to exit the game.)
DAY 32: Episodes 73-75 (Gon's team faces off against Genthru's team to conclude this arc.)
DAY 33: Episodes 76-78 (The Chimera Ant arc begins. This arc is especially tricky to chop up into smaller segments because things bleed into one another so much. This is where personal preference will matter most. 76-78 introduce the NGL, the Queen and the situation.)
DAY 34: Episodes 79-80 (Things take a very dark turn and the Chimera Ants are established as ruthless creatures once mixed with human DNA.)
DAY 35: Episodes 81-82 (Gon and Killua face off against their first Chimera Ants. Later, one of them discovers Nen.)
DAY 36: Episodes 83-85 (The Ants keep developing, and the first Royal Guard is born. Soon after Neferpitou goes after Gon, Killua and Kite.)
DAY 37: Episode 86 (Palm is introduced and the duo learns they must defeat Morel's students to prove their worth and re-enter NGL.)
DAY 38: Episodes 87-89 (Gon and Killua keep training and challenge Knuckle and Shoot, but the gap in experience is too great. Stopping at 89 leaves the final duel against them for another time, which works well enough considering the outcome and cliffhanger there. Alternatively, 87-90 can be grouped together and 91-92 left as its own set.)
DAY 39: Episodes 90-92 (The Knuckle and Shoot duel concludes. The King is born, and the Queen dies.)
DAY 40: Episodes 93-95 (Gon goes on a date, Killua removes Illumi's needle and the duo reunites with Kite.)
DAY 41: Episodes 96-97 (The Phantom Troupe returns to protect Meteor City from the Chimera Ants.)
DAY 42: Episodes 98-99 (The duo enters East Gorteau and prepare for the palace invasion, scouting around and encountering a few Ants along the way.)
DAY 43: Episodes 100-102 (Meleoron and Ikalgo find Gon and Killua respectively, and new allies are made.)
DAY 44: Episodes 103-104 (Komugi's big brain strategies give the King a hard time.)
DAY 45: Episodes 105-107 (Komugi's winning streak continues, Knov sneaks around the palace and Morel faces off against Leol.)
DAY 46: Episodes 108-110 (Every Gungi piece is laid out on the board and all players are ready for their next move, the palace invasion.)
DAY 47: Episodes 111-114 (Everything breaks loose as Morel's team enters the palace, and everyone splits off to do the best they can against the Royal Guards.)
DAY 48: Episodes 115-116 (Ikalgo and Welfin move about, while Gon and Killua find Pitou. Gon agrees to allow for an hour until he loses patience.)
DAY 49: Episodes 117-119 (Cheeto puts up a legendary fight against Silva and Zeno, who was called to help as Netero's personal Uber driver. Killua lets off some steam against Youpi.)
DAY 50: Episodes 120-122 (Youpi's fight concludes for the time being. Netero reaches the King.)
DAY 51: Episodes 123-124 (Ikalgo faces off against Welfin. Killua meets the new Palm.)
DAY 52: Episodes 125-126 (Netero and the King fight.)
DAY 53: Episodes 127-129 (Gon and Pitou go on a stroll to Peijing. Pouf and Youpi become Michelin starred chefs and offer the King the most exquisite experience of his life.)
DAY 54: Episodes 130-131 (Pitou's arm is healed as Gon's leverage disappears. They let loose.)
DAY 55: Episodes 132-133 (Everyone moves on their own motives. Youpi doesn't feel very well.)
DAY 56: Episodes 134-135 ("Komugi". One word is uttered. Meruem's memory returns and he rushes to her to resume their boardgame antics.)
DAY 57: Episode 136 (Hopefully at this point a second box of tissues is around because the feels come back for round 2. It's a very nice change of pace all of a sudden, and this singular episode works well on its own as the conclusion to the Chimera Ants arc.)
DAY 58: Episodes 137-138 (The Hunter Election arc begins and the Zodiacs are introduced.)
DAY 59: Episodes 139-140 (Killua returns home to save his sister. It's Father's Day for Leorio.)
DAY 60: Episodes 141-142 (The butlers encounter Hisoka and chase after Killua. Meanwhile, the election's fourth round concludes with Leorio's ratings being off the charts.)
DAY 61: Episodes 143-144 (The election proceeds while Killua makes his way to Gon with Alluka, finally fending off Illumi.)
DAY 62: Episodes 145-146 (Gon reunites with his father and the election concludes. The Zoldycks abandon the chase on Alluka.)
DAY 63: Episodes 147-148 (Koala and Kite have a chat. Gon splits with Killua and sets off to climb the World Tree. There, Gon finally sits down with his father and learns about the true size of the Hunter x Hunter world.)
If you read part of the post, the entirety of it, or even used it or will use it as a reference, thank you very much! Everyone will enjoy the series at their own pace, but this is the one that resonated the most with me and the one I would recommend were I to introduce the series to someone.
Have a great week, and may Togashi's health be ever consistent or improving!
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2023.03.27 18:23 ____________abc Gunna end my life this is my lp gain

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2023.03.27 18:23 Mod-Mod13 💥 #NewHomeForSC Competition Day 1!

💥 #NewHomeForSC Competition Day 1!
The first clue for our #NewHomeForSC competition is now available! Check out the attached banner for the clue.
A new clue means you have 24 hours to get your guess in for a chance to win and earn 50 community points in the process. Please remember that only your first guess counts, within the 24-hour period, so be careful!
Some simple rules for the competition:
• You are eligible to submit 1 guess per day • You must post your guess in our official Telegram group within 24 hours and before the next clue is revealed • Each clue will be revealed at 2.00pm UTC • There will be one clue each day until our big reveal at 2.00pm UTC on March 30th
The first 5 participants to guess correctly will each receive a 50$ Amazon gift card! And by just sharing 1 guess per day, you will get 50 community points for participating (You can earn 50 points a day up to a total of 150 points!).
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2023.03.27 18:22 roguebunni Come as you are, No judgement or burden readings ❤️

Come as you are, no judgement or burden readings ❤️
Verified and trusted reader, fantastic reviews on previous posts. 15 min special: Come as you are readings! Get guidance without burden, pay whatever you can afford! Unlimited questions and in-depth readings provided during the time and everything is explained clearly!
Are you feeling your energy drained? Not sure where a loved one’s heart lies? Or just needing someone to talk to and help with your journey to spiritual enlightenment? Search no further and wonder no longer. I will discuss my reading with you in full detail and provide insight to your deepest desires and your destiny. Nothing I do is scripted; everything is read from your own personal energy. You won't just gain psychic advice; you will gain a friend! Each question answered with full consultation from the spirit! I cannot wait to offer insight! Post will stay active 24 hours; time begins upon donation! ❤️
Available through Reddit Chat, Skype, Text and soon to be reopening my Etsy shop!
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2023.03.27 18:22 AutoModerator Multi Mondays - Review exchange for multi-chapter fics

Review exchange for multi-chapter fics!
- Fic you post must have more than one chapter.
- Post a link to your fic, along with the fandom and a brief summary.
- If you post your fic here you must review at least one other submitted fic. You only have to review one chapter of another fiction, but if you have say a 10k word chapter it would be nice if you tried to review equivalent to that.
- When you review someone else's fic, please comment under it to let them know.
If you post in this thread, you have 48 hours to review somebody else's fic. If you fail to do so a reminder will be given, after which you will have another 24 hours to review. Repeated failure to do your fair share may result in a temporary ban. No concrit, unless the author states that it is ok, or is posting in a thread where it states concrit is allowed.
For reviews: For all daily threads posted by automod: fictions over 1000 words, minimum of 30 words on your review. For fictions under 1000 words, 20 words will suffice. Quoted parts do not count as part of your review. For user posted threads the thread starter can state their own requirement and if one if not stated the above rules will be in action.
- Be fair - ex: if you post a 5000 word fic, try to review something of similar length, or several fics equaling similar length.
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2023.03.27 18:21 NutralMcNutralGuy Just got back from vacation to find out my entire department is being let go by may 31st. I have 24 hours left of PTO and can get up to 4 weeks temporary leave, is there a way to still get paid for that PTO or get a severance if I leave next week? I work in the US.

I was planning on leaving next week anyway to hike the Appalachian Trail, so timing honestly couldn’t be better for me but this company has been absolutely deplorable to it’s employees and I want to know if I can still swing a severance package or something.
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2023.03.27 18:21 TITAN_XTZ Yeh 10th ka hai very informative

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2023.03.27 18:20 Dismal-Jellyfish Federal Reserve Alert! Testimony by Vice Chair for Supervision Michael S. Barr on bank oversight before the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs: "Our banking system is sound and resilient, with strong capital and liquidity."

Federal Reserve Alert! Testimony by Vice Chair for Supervision Michael S. Barr on bank oversight before the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs:
Source: https://www.federalreserve.gov/newsevents/testimony/barr20230328a.htm
Our banking system is sound and resilient, with strong capital and liquidity. The Federal Reserve, working with the Treasury Department and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), took decisive actions to protect the U.S. economy and to strengthen public confidence in our banking system. These actions demonstrate that we are committed to ensuring that all deposits are safe. We will continue to closely monitor conditions in the banking system and are prepared to use all of our tools for any size institution, as needed, to keep the system safe and sound.
At the same time, the events of the last few weeks raise questions about evolving risks and what more can and should be done so that isolated banking problems do not undermine confidence in healthy banks and threaten the stability of the banking system as a whole. At the forefront of my mind is the importance of maintaining the strength and diversity of banks of all sizes that serve communities across the country.
SVB failed because the bank's management did not effectively manage its interest rate and liquidity risk, and the bank then suffered a devastating and unexpected run by its uninsured depositors in a period of less than 24 hours. SVB's failure demands a thorough review of what happened, including the Federal Reserve's oversight of the bank. I am committed to ensuring that the Federal Reserve fully accounts for any supervisory or regulatory failings, and that we fully address what went wrong.
Our first step is to establish the facts—to take an unflinching look at the supervision and regulation of SVB before its failure. This review will be thorough and transparent, and reported to the public by May 1. The report will include confidential supervisory information, including supervisory assessments and exam material, so that the public can make its own assessment.2 Of course, we welcome and expect external reviews as well.

Why the Bank Failed

To begin, SVB's failure is a textbook case of mismanagement. The bank had a concentrated business model, serving the technology and venture capital sector. It also grew exceedingly quickly, tripling in asset size between 2019 and 2022. During the early phase of the pandemic, and with the tech sector booming, SVB saw significant deposit growth. The bank invested the proceeds of these deposits in longer-term securities, to boost yield and increase its profits.3 However, the bank did not effectively manage the interest rate risk of those securities or develop effective interest rate risk measurement tools, models, and metrics.
At the same time, the bank failed to manage the risks of its liabilities. These liabilities were largely composed of deposits from venture capital firms and the tech sector, which were highly concentrated and could be volatile. Because these companies generally do not have operating revenue, they keep large balances in banks in the form of cash deposits, to make payroll and pay operating expenses. These depositors were connected by a network of venture capital firms and other ties, and when stress began, they essentially acted together to generate a bank run.

The Bank's Failure

The bank waited too long to address its problems, and ironically, the overdue actions it finally took to strengthen its balance sheet sparked the uninsured depositor run that led to the bank's failure. Specifically, on Wednesday, March 8, SVB announced that it realized a $1.8 billion loss in a sale of securities to raise liquidity and planned to raise capital during the following week. Uninsured depositors interpreted these actions as a signal that the bank was in distress. They turned their focus to the bank's balance sheet, and they did not like what they saw.
In response, social media saw a surge in talk about a run, and uninsured depositors acted quickly to flee. Depositors withdrew funds at an extraordinary rate, pulling more than $40 billion in deposits from the bank on Thursday, March 9. On Thursday evening and Friday morning, the bank communicated that they expected even greater outflows that day. The bank did not have enough cash or collateral to meet those extraordinary and rapid outflows, and on Friday, March 10, SVB failed.
Panic prevailed among SVB's remaining depositors, who saw their savings at risk and their businesses in danger of missing payroll because of the bank's failure.

Contagion and the Government's Response

It appeared that contagion from SVB's failure could be far-reaching and cause damage to the broader banking system. The prospect of uninsured depositors not being able to access their funds could prompt depositors to question the overall safety and soundness of U.S. commercial banks. There were signs of distress at other banking organizations, and Signature Bank, an FDIC-supervised institution, experienced a deposit run that resulted in the bank's failure. On Sunday, March 12, the Secretary of the Treasury, upon the unanimous recommendation of the boards of the Federal Reserve and the FDIC, approved systemic risk exceptions for the failures of SVB and Signature. This enabled the FDIC to guarantee all of the deposits of both banks. Equity and other liability holders of the two failed banks were not protected and lost their investments. Senior management was immediately removed.
In addition, the Federal Reserve (Board), with the Treasury Department's approval, created a temporary lending facility, the Bank Term Funding Program, to allow banks to receive additional liquidity to meet any unexpected depositor demand. The facility allows banks to borrow against safe Treasury and agency securities at par for up to one year. Together with banks' internal liquidity and stable deposits, other external sources, and discount window lending, the new facility provides ample liquidity for the banking system as a whole.

Our Review of the Bank's Failure

Immediately following SVB's failure, Chair Powell and I agreed that I should oversee a review of the circumstances leading up to SVB's failure. SVB was a state member bank with a bank holding company, and so the Federal Reserve was fully responsible for the federal supervision and regulation of the bank. The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation—the state supervisor—has announced its own review of its oversight and regulation of SVB.
In the Federal Reserve's review, we are looking at SVB's growth and management, our supervisory engagement with the bank, and the regulatory requirements that applied to the bank. As this process is ongoing, I will be limited in my ability to provide firm conclusions, but I will focus on what we know and where we are focusing the review.
The picture that has emerged thus far shows SVB had inadequate risk management and internal controls that struggled to keep pace with the growth of the bank. In 2021, as the bank grew rapidly in size, the bank moved into the large and foreign banking organization, or LFBO, portfolio to reflect its larger risk profile and was assigned a new team of supervisors. LFBO firms between $100 billion and $250 billion are subject to some enhanced prudential standards but not at the level of larger banks or global systemically important banks (G-SIBs).
Near the end of 2021, supervisors found deficiencies in the bank's liquidity risk management, resulting in six supervisory findings related to the bank's liquidity stress testing, contingency funding, and liquidity risk management.4 In May 2022, supervisors issued three findings related to ineffective board oversight, risk management weaknesses, and the bank's internal audit function. In the summer of 2022, supervisors lowered the bank's management rating to "fair" and rated the bank's enterprise-wide governance and controls as "deficient-1." These ratings mean that the bank was not "well managed" and was subject to growth restrictions under section 4(m) of the Bank Holding Company Act.5 In October 2022, supervisors met with the bank's senior management to express concern with the bank's interest rate risk profile and in November 2022, supervisors delivered a supervisory finding on interest rate risk management to the bank.
In mid-February 2023, staff presented to the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors on the impact of rising interest rates on some banks' financial condition and staff's approach to address issues at banks. Staff discussed the issues broadly, and highlighted SVB's interest rate and liquidity risk in particular. Staff relayed that they were actively engaged with SVB but, as it turned out, the full extent of the bank's vulnerability was not apparent until the unexpected bank run on March 9.

Review Focus on Supervision:

With respect to our review, let me start with the supervision of the bank. For all banks but the G-SIBs, the Federal Reserve organizes its supervisory approach based on asset size. The G-SIBs—our largest, most complex banks—are supervised within the Large Institution Supervision Coordinating Committee, or LISCC, portfolio. Banks with assets of $100 billion or more that are not G-SIBs are supervised within the LFBO portfolio. Banks with assets in the $10 to $100 billion range are supervised within the regional banking organization, or RBO, portfolio. Banks with assets of less than $10 billion are supervised within the community banking organization, or CBO, portfolio.
As I mentioned, SVB grew exceedingly quickly, moving from the RBO portfolio to the LFBO portfolio in 2021. Banks in the RBO portfolio are supervised by smaller teams that engage with the bank on a quarterly basis and conduct a limited number of targeted exams and a full-scope examination each year.6 Banks in the LFBO portfolio are supervised by larger teams that engage with the bank on an ongoing basis. As compared to RBOs, LFBO banks are subject to a greater number of targeted exams, as well as horizontal (cross-bank) exams that assess risks such as capital, liquidity, and cyber security throughout the year.7 In addition, banks in the LFBO portfolio are subject to a supervision framework with higher supervisory standards, including heightened standards for capital, liquidity, and governance.8
In our review, we are focusing on whether the Federal Reserve's supervision was appropriate for the rapid growth and vulnerabilities of the bank. While the Federal Reserve's framework focuses on size thresholds, size is not always a good proxy for risk, particularly when a bank has a non-traditional business model. As I mentioned in a speech this month, the Federal Reserve had recently decided to establish a dedicated novel activity supervisory group, with a team of experts focused on risks of novel activities, which should help improve oversight of banks like SVB in the future.9
But the unique nature of this bank and its focus on the technology sector are not the whole story. After all, SVB's failure was brought on by mismanagement of interest rate risk and liquidity risks, which are well-known risks in banking. Our review is considering several questions:
How effective is the supervisory approach in identifying these risks?
Once risks are identified, can supervisors distinguish risks that pose a material threat to a bank's safety and soundness?
Do supervisors have the tools to mitigate threats to safety and soundness?
Do the culture, policies, and practices of the Board and Reserve Banks support supervisors in effectively using these tools?
Beyond asking these questions, we need to ask why the bank was unable to fix and address the issues we identified in sufficient time. It is not the job of supervisors to fix the issues identified; it is the job of the bank's senior management and board of directors to fix its problems.

Review Focus on Regulation:

Let me now turn to regulation. In 2019, following the passage of The Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act, the Federal Reserve revised its framework for regulation, maintaining the enhanced prudential standards applicable to G-SIBs but tailoring requirements for all other large banks. At the time of its failure, SVB was a "Category IV" bank, which meant that it was subject to a less stringent set of enhanced prudential standards than would have applied before 2019; they include less frequent stress testing by the Board, no bank-run capital stress testing requirements, and less rigorous capital planning and liquidity risk management standards. SVB was not required to submit a resolution plan to the Federal Reserve, although its bank was required to submit a resolution plan to the FDIC.10 And as a result of transition periods and the timing of biennial stress testing, SVB would not have been subject to stress testing until 2024, a full three years after it crossed the $100 billion asset threshold.11
Also in 2019, the banking agencies tailored their capital and liquidity rules for large banks, and as a result, SVB was not subject to the liquidity coverage ratio or the net stable funding ratio.12 In addition, SVB was not subject to the supplementary leverage ratio, and its capital levels did not have to reflect unrealized losses on certain securities.
All of these changes are in the scope of our review. Specifically, we are evaluating whether application of more stringent standards would have prompted the bank to better manage the risks that led to its failure. We are also assessing whether SVB would have had higher levels of capital and liquidity under those standards, and whether such higher levels of capital and liquidity would have forestalled the bank's failure or provided further resilience to the bank.

Ongoing Work to Understand and Address Emerging Risks:

As I said a few months ago with regards to capital, we must be humble about our ability—and that of bank managers—to predict how a future financial crisis might unfold, how losses might be incurred, and what the effect of a financial crisis might be on the financial system and our broader economy.13
The failure of SVB illustrates the need to move forward with our work to improve the resilience of the banking system. For example, it is critical that we propose and implement the Basel III endgame reforms, which will better reflect trading and operational risks in our measure of banks' capital needs. In addition, following on our prior advance notice of proposed rulemaking, we plan to propose a long-term debt requirement for large banks that are not G-SIBs, so that they have a cushion of loss-absorbing resources to support their stabilization and allow for resolution in a manner that does not pose systemic risk. We will need to enhance our stress testing with multiple scenarios so that it captures a wider range of risk and uncovers channels for contagion, like those we saw in the recent series of events. We must also explore changes to our liquidity rules and other reforms to improve the resiliency of the financial system.
In addition, recent events have shown that we must evolve our understanding of banking in light of changing technologies and emerging risks. To that end, we are analyzing what recent events have taught us about banking, customer behavior, social media, concentrated and novel business models, rapid growth, deposit runs, interest rate risk, and other factors, and we are considering the implications for how we should be regulating and supervising our financial institutions. And for how we think about financial stability.
Part of the Federal Reserve's core mission is to promote the safety and soundness of the banks we supervise, as well as the stability of the financial system to help ensure that the system supports a healthy economy for U.S. households, businesses, and communities. Deeply interrogating SVB's failure and probing its broader implications is critical to our responsibility for upholding that mission.
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2023.03.27 18:20 SlowCrates Stressful times coming up -- this final stretch is going to be nervous time every day.

It's insane that 4 games separate 9 teams with the Wolves having 7 games to play. 3 of those games are against teams in that group. And another 3 games are also in the conference which could have tie-breaker implications.

The Wolves have a tough stretch coming up.
TODAY: We play in Sacramento who is 1st in the pacific at 45-29. The wolves have beaten them twice though, and only lost once, in overtime.
WEDNESDAY: After a one-day break, the Wolves have to go to the 39-35 Suns, who have taken 2 of 3 from the Wolves.
FRIDAY: After a one-day break, we have Los Angeles Lakers at home, and you can never count out AD and LeBron. Plus, they'll have a fired up D'Lo which either means we could easily win in a blow out, or lose in one depending on who he is that day.
SUNDAY: After a one-day break, we're at home against Portland who are 32-42, outside of the cluster of playoff hopefuls but not yet eliminated so they might be fired up.
TUESDAY: AFTER A ONE DAY BREAK, we have to travel to Brooklyn to face the 40-35 Nets, who beat us in overtime in our only matchup this season.
That's 5 games in 8 days, dangerous territory for potential injuries. But then we have 3-day break. I hope we make it through this upcoming week unscathed.
SATURDAY, April 8th: Travel to San Antonio to face the lowly Spurs who are a tanking with a hapless 19-56 record. That screams "Trap!" to me, especially if the tanking has concluded in a guaranteed pick of some sort and the Spurs want to end the season on a high note.
The Very Next Day, Sunday April 9th, The Final Game of the Season, is against the (currently) 37-37 New Orleans Pelicans at home. We've split our two matchups this season. They currently have a better record within the division, and we currently have a better record within the conference. Every game either of these teams plays matters.

Minnesota has the tie-breaker over OKC (who are one game behind the Wolves) since we have already taken 3 out of 4, as well as the Mavericks (who are 2 games behind the Wolves, and who have to lose Luka for a game) who we don't play again this season and have taken 2 of 3.
The 35-39 Jazz have a much more difficult schedule coming up, so I don't expect them to make a run. Phoenix, San Antonio, Boston, Brooklyn, Los Angeles Lakers, OKC, Denver, and Los Angeles Lakers again. Yeah, good night Jazz 2023 season.
So, in my mind, if we don't collapse down the stretch, I think the real fight is between Phoenix, both LA teams, The Warriors, Pelicans, and Wolves for the 4-6th seeds.
But as we all know, the entire thing will shift drastically within the next 24 hours.
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2023.03.27 18:19 jgratil Question About Being Ambassador for First Time This Year

I’m currently overseas and reached out to the Ambassador help desk for help in arranging a later check out than usual due to a red-eye at the nearby airport (check out time 8:30 PM).
The contact said the property agreed to honor my request of 8:30 PM checkout BUT with the contingency that 1) my check-in time would be 8:30 PM the prior day (aka 24 hours total) and 2) that, should I accept these terms, I would also be charged an additional “half day rate at the highest available amount for that date”.
I don’t know if this is common with the Your24 benefit, but this seems wildly inconvenient and more of a punishment than a positive. I’m still waiting on a response from the help desk, but I’m struggling to understand why I wouldn’t just book 2 a night stay to forgo all of this (which is likely what Marriott is hoping I do I’m sure). Anyone have similar experience?
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2023.03.27 18:13 ladygrey_ Anime Only Discussion Thread - Vinland Saga Episode 36 (S02E12)

New Vinland Saga episodes air on Mondays and can be officially streamed on Netflix and Crunchyroll * Release time: 16:30 UTC (Click here for your timezone) * English dubbed episodes come out 2 weeks later on Crunchyroll * Netflix has a separate English dub (VSI) that began airing in March; no specific release schedule has been announced
Manga readers cannot post any spoilers, tagged or otherwise (including thinly veiled allusions, hints, or jokes) in the anime-only discussion threads (Rule 8). This includes things skipped/changed by the anime. Failure to follow these rules may result in a temporary ban. Asking for manga spoilers in this thread is not allowed
  • Links to illegal streaming sites are not allowed
  • Discuss the episode here, any other posts related to the new episode will be deleted for the next 24 hours
Manga Reader Discussion Thread
Come discuss on the official subreddit Discord, Somewhere Not Here
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