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2023.03.29 08:03 BreadfruitProper5443 AITAH

I female have been with my boyfriend for 3 years we have been together since the pandemic first started, lately I have just been feeling just mentally drained and over this relationship.He can’t seem to ever hold a job down we had to move out of our apartment this last October because he couldn’t help me with $200 that we were short for rent. We ended up moving into his mom’s house where his mom and nephew live as well.We have been living here since October I have been working to finish paying off our car also car insurance plus also helping his mom pay for both the light and the water. In that time period he only had one job and only lasted for one month because he would always call in every weekend just because he either didn’t want to go in or was hungover. Another thing I just feel so drained about is his drinking habit and also just going along with everything his mom says and bringing our problems to her for her just to start drama or go and tell everyone our problems. Another reason she doesn’t want him to have a job and wants him to stay there at the house to take care of her and tend to her every need. I get helping your mom but this has passed that limit to where she interferes with his job and our relationship. I just don’t know how much longer I can keep this relationship going when I’m the only one putting in any effort. AITAH for wanting to leave and just being tired of this relationship.
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2023.03.29 07:54 SignificantKnee9330 Another housing crisis

This is on mobile so sorry for weird format and any grammar errors
I’ve been living in my house for the last 8years somewhere in CA, where we have been paying under the market rent due to renting from a relative, sadly things took a turn and now our relative (or i guess more of a landlord now) raised our rent by a grand which we sadly cannot afford. He mainly did this to get us out since he knew we couldn’t afford it and make us leave his house.
The thing is I already make above minimum wage, like in the 20s and so does my mom (who I live with) and we still cannot afford to rent an apartment. It’s not like we were paying too much under market rate but holy sh*t man a 2bd with 1btm is like almost 3k which is is insane!
I’m only 20 and I feel like my life is falling apart because there’s not a whole lot I can do right now to get more money, my job won’t give me more hours (only work part-time) and once they are able to, i’ll most likely have to put a stop to school because I have worked 2 jobs and did school full time as well and I drove myself to burnout. I feel hopeless; I can also see my mom stressing since she knows that her limited english and her lack of american education (her foreign degree wont transfer to U.S) is holding her back from able to be and do better.
I feel stuck, sad, angry, and helpless. Saddest thing is that any affordable housing is a 3y waiting period and we obviously cannot wait that long. Anyways if you read this far idk thank you
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2023.03.29 07:54 RehnWriter Who Keeps Sending Me Those Damned Postcards!?

Who’d ever be afraid of postcards?
After all, it’s nothing but paper, right?
That’s how I’d have reacted if you’d asked me that question about a month or two ago.
It all started back in April. I’d just returned from the grocery store and checked my mail. I do it less than frequently. The only thing that ever finds its way there are fliers, random advertisement or the occasional bill.
That day though, as I stood in front of the big outdoor mailboxes of my apartment building, there was something else. Amongst a handful of fliers that had accumulated over the past week and a half, I also found a postcard.
After I’d crumbled up the annoying advertisements, I checked the postcard. Its front showed a pair of cute kittens and a ball of yarn.
When I turned it around, wondering who it was from, I found a postal stamp, my address written in fine letters, but no message. At least I thought so until I saw a single smiley face drawn where one would usually find a message.
I stared at the card for a bit, more amused than confused, wondering who’d sent it.
Without thinking much, I pocketed it and went inside. After I’d put away my groceries, I added it to a small bulletin board in my hallway where I’d put up all the postcards I’d received from friends and family over the years.
I’d forgotten it soon enough, if not for another one that arrived a week later.
This time the motif was a sprawling forest with the sun rising in the distance. When I turned it around, it was the same thing. A stamp, my name and address, and another silly little smiley face.
“What the hell?” I brought out before I shrugged. Back inside, I pinned it to the bulletin board and went on with my day.
A few days later, another two postcards arrived. One showed a couple of balloons flying through the air, the other what I assumed to be an important historical building. Once again, neither of them contained a message. Instead, both of them showed the same lonely smiley face.
By now, I couldn’t help but frown. This was getting creepy.
This time I didn’t bother to put the cards up on the board. In the trash they went, without a moment’s hesitation.
And yet, I couldn’t help but wonder what was up with this. Why’d anyone sent me those cards? Why not add a message instead of that stupid smiley face? Was this supposed to be a joke?
I didn’t find any answers to my questions, but the next time I checked my mailbox, I found another batch of postcards inside.
They depicted random motifs, were all addressed to me, and each one sprouted another smiley face.
This time, I wasn’t confused or puzzled. This time I was getting angry. Who the hell was sending them? In my anger, I tore them to pieces right then and there and grumbled up the remains.
Then I stopped and looked around to see if the perpetrator was nearby. Maybe this was all someone’s elaborate joke to see how a random person would react to something like this?
Then I shook my head. It wouldn’t do me any good to grow paranoid about a couple of silly postcards. And they all had a postal stamp, so they’d arrived via mail, anyway.
And yet, the next day, I found myself in front of the mailboxes again, checking it even though I told myself to not let it go to my head. But wouldn’t you know it, I found another one. The same was true for the next day and the day after. Each day, a new, cute little postcard arrived, address to me and sprouting another random smiley face.
Who the hell was doing this? Those cards, the shipping, it all cost money, didn’t it?
That’s when I wondered who it could be. I didn’t exactly have friends and what few old ones I had I hadn’t talked to in years. The next thing that came to mind were past relationships, but I hadn’t dated anyone in years. The only nasty break-up I could think of was with Lin, and that had been almost a decade ago. No, as much as I racked my brain, no one came to mind.
I went online, asked about it on Reddit and other similar sites, but most of the answers I got were silly jokes. What few serious replies I got suggested it might be some sort of marketing campaign, a social experiment or someone tricking random people to see how they’d react.
Great, that didn’t help me one bit. So much for the information age.
Each day, I thought about the damned cards more and more and each day new cards arrived.
Eventually, on my way to the grocery store, I ran into the mailman who’d just started on his delivery on our block.
“Hello, excuse me, do you mind if I ask you a question?”
The man turned to me and gave me a puzzled look before he nodded.
“Sure, what’s up?”
“Well, for the past weeks, I’ve been getting those weird postcards in the mail. Do you by any chance know something about it? Maybe other people receive them too and I was wondering if there’s some sort of, you know, promotion or something.”
For a moment, he stared at me again.
“Haven’t heard of anything like it.”
“Yeah, but those damned cards keep arriving. By now it’s two or three a day and I was wondering,” my voice trailed off.
“They are like, landscapes, animals, greeting cards, anything basically.”
“All right,” he brought out in a strangely suspicious voice. “Do you live here?”
“Ah, down the road, in number sixty-eight.”
“Tell you what, buddy, I’ve no clue if I delivered any postcards, there’s a ton of mail and even more mailboxes. I’ll keep my eyes open though.”
From the way he held my gaze, I knew he wasn’t doing anything like keeping his eyes open. No, I could tell he was uncomfortable about the entire thing and just wanted to get over with. I sighed, nodded, and went on my way.
The next morning, while I put on some coffee, the same curiosity overcame me again. I put on my shoes and made my way outside. Wouldn’t you know it, another pair of postcards had found its way into my mailbox.
In an onset of fury, I tore them apart, cursing to myself, and threw their remains down in front of the mailboxes.
Once done, I found one of my neighbors, an old woman walking her dog, staring at me, a worried expression on her face.
“Ah, sorry,” I mumbled, more to myself than to her, before I hurried back inside.
Great, fucking great. If this continued, I’d be known as the local crazy guy in no time. But really, what the hell was up with those cards?
I had talked to the mailman, of course, but by that point he hadn’t been at my building yet. And he probably didn’t give a shit about a random guy pestering him about postcards. No, if anything, I had to talk to him right here, while he was delivering the damned things.
Yesterday I’d met him at about one in the afternoon. So he’d probably be back shortly after noon.
I tried my best to distract myself with my work, but I soon couldn’t concentrate on it anymore. Instead, I found myself sitting at the kitchen window, watching the street and mailboxes outside, waiting for his arrival.
I sat there for more than an hour, busying myself on my phone, when I noticed the bright-yellow delivery car. In an instant, I jumped up, put on my shoes, and dashed outside.
When I’d made it, he was rummaging through the back of his car, sorting through letters and parcels. Then he made his way to my building with a stack of them in his hands. The moment he noticed standing by the mailboxes, he gave me an awkward smile.
Shit, I told myself, now I’m the guy who’s stalking the mailman.
He gave me a friendly nod, trying his best to ignore me, but every so often his eyes wandered back to me. The way I watched him clearly unsettled him. Shit, I had to do something about this situation.
“Sorry about that,” I brought out, stepping up to him.
He gave me a half-questioning, half-scared look.
“You probably think I’m a nutcase but,” I broke up and couldn’t help but laugh. “All right, shit, now you definitely think I’m a nutcase.”
He joined my laughter, but his had an awkward, hollow sound to it.
“So about the postcards,” I started, but he raised his hand to cut me off.
He went through the stack of letters right in front of me, showing me one after another and then the three parcels.
“Nope, no postcards, same as yesterday,” he eventually said.
“Yeah, when you asked me.”
“Motherfucker,” I brought out.
He gave me another curious glance as he pushed letter after letter into their corresponding mailboxes.
“Sorry, not you. It’s just, I found another batch this morning, so I thought maybe today there were more of them.”
“Well, as you can see,” he said, shrugging.
“Yeah, all good. I’m just trying to figure out who’s sending the damned things,” I said, giving him a little smile.
He gave me another curt nod before he hurried back to his car.
All right, if those things weren’t delivered by the postal service...
And so the biggest question on my mind changed from why to who and especially when.
For a moment, the strangest feeling came over me as I watched the mailman at his car and opened my mailbox again. Maybe he was fucking with me and hadn’t shown them. But when I stared into my mailbox, it was empty.
Back inside, I hatched a plan. They were there every morning, and the mailman didn’t deliver them, so someone else had to be behind it. I mean, they couldn’t just appear there out of thin air. So if I just waited by the kitchen window and watched the damned mailboxes, I should catch the perpetrator.
I found myself an interesting podcast, sat down by the window, and began my watch.
I sat there all afternoon, but all I saw were neighbors checking their mail. None of them touched my mailbox at all. When the sun set, I prepared myself a can of coffee.
When night fell, I was about to turn on the light, but then remembered what I was doing. Whoever was behind this would see me in the window and would just sit tonight out. Hell, maybe they’d already seen me and decided to leave things alone for today.
Still, I had told myself I’d catch the one responsible for this and that I’d watch the damned mailboxes.
And yet, slowly, ever so slowly, hour after hour passed. Soon enough it was midnight, then one in the morning. At two, I grew tired and downed yet another cup of coffee. At half-past three, I almost nodded off.
I slapped myself across the face, downed another cup of strong coffee, and turned the podcast a few notches louder until it sounded like someone was screaming into my ear.
Eventually, morning came, and the sun dawned. I sat there, tired, exhausted, but most of all, discouraged. No one had shown up, no one at all.
For a moment, I couldn’t help but laugh. What the hell was I doing? Why was I sitting here all night just because of a bunch of stupid postcards?
And yet, I kept sitting there, watching the mailboxes for another hour and then another. Somehow, I couldn’t stop. It felt like the moment I’d step away from the window, someone would rush to the mailbox, put the cards in and dash away.
Then I started to think. What if they were waiting for exactly that? What if someone had seen me by the window and was waiting for me to give up, to falter?
My apartment was on the ground floor. I’d be out at the mailboxes within moments. If I was fast enough, maybe I could catch them red-handed.
For a moment I scanned the area nearby, the street and the sidewalk, the bushes and trees, but I saw no one.
Still, just to be sure, just so I wouldn’t miss a thing, I put my phone up near the window where it couldn’t easily be seen. Then I made sure it was pointed at the mailboxes and started a recording.
Once I was sure everything worked, I stepped away from the window. I put on my shoes, grabbed my keys and hurried outside to the mailbox.
I was all alone. My eyes darted around for movement, trying to see if anyone was nearby or hurrying away. All was as quiet as it could be. No one was nearby.
Then I walked up to my mailbox.
My fingers were sweaty as I put in the key and my hand was shaking slightly as I turned it.
It had to be empty, I told myself, it had to be.
But the moment the small mailbox opened up, I could already see them, three postcards. Cute kittens and puppies stared at me from each one. When I turned them around, I saw the postal stamp, saw my address and name and of course the damned smiley faces.
As they stared at me, I felt almost as if they were laughing at me, mocking me. Had someone actually made it to the mailbox in the few moments it took me to get here?
In an instant, another surge of rage came over me and I shredded the damned things. Then I made my way back inside and hurried to the kitchen.
The phone was still pointing at the mailboxes, still recording.
I was filled with the strangest sense of glee, of curiosity as I replayed the recording.
I brought the phone as close to my face as I could, gazing at it. The recording began, showing me the lonely mailboxes.
“Now, where are you, asshole?” I wondered as I continued watching.
Second after second passed with no one showing up, with nothing moving.
Then I saw something and at first I thought I’d caught the damned asshole playing tricks on me before I realized it was me walking up to my mailbox. I watched as I looked around, as I took out the key and opened it and eventually tore up the postcards.
In frustration, I dropped my phone onto the kitchen table and laughed.
How the hell had someone put those damned cards inside? I had seen no one!
Then I wondered if someone had dropped them in before I’d started watching the window. There had been a few minutes after my talk with the mailman. Hell, what if I had actually nodded off and hadn’t noticed it?
What if the damned mailman was behind it? Maybe that asshole pretended not to know anything and the moment I’d left him, he ran back to my mailbox and put the damned cards in? What if...
All right, stop. This is getting ridiculous. You’re sounding like a crazy person. Hell, you’ve acted like a crazy person. This entire ‘let’s watch the mailboxes all night long’ thing was crazy enough.
I rubbed my temples and shook my head. Shit, I was exhausted and all that for nothing.
The moment I fell into my bed I was deep asleep.
After that day, I made it a conscious effort to ignore whatever was going on here. Who knows, maybe that person did it all to get a reaction out of me. Maybe they were watching me, and maybe they’d seen me tearing up postcards and talking to the mailman. Maybe if I stopped caring they’d tire of their antics?
Either way, I told myself I’d better things to do than to worry about freaking postcards.
Still, whenever I was in the kitchen, I found myself at the window, staring down at the mailbox for a little while before I moved on.
I checked my mail occasionally. When I went to the grocery store or when I returned from an evening walk. Every single time, I found postcards inside and every single time there were more of them. They had to arrive in droves by now. At one point, I pulled out over three dozen of them.
It was the strangest thing, dumbfounding even, but I forced myself not to show a reaction. I wouldn’t give whoever was doing this any sort of satisfaction. No, I took out the postcards, closed my mailbox and went inside where I discarded them.
It was about a week later that my doorbell rang in the late afternoon. When I answered it, one of my neighbors was outside.
“I guess those are for you, aren’t they?” he brought out in a slightly annoyed tone when I opened the door.
I stared at him and then at the stack of postcards in his hand. My eyes grew wide, and I almost cringed back.
“Wait, what? No, those aren’t mine, they are,” I broke up, shaking my head.
“Look, no, those aren’t mine, they are-“
“But that’s your name on them, isn’t it? Right here, on every single one of them,” the man cut me off, his voice now more annoyed.
“Yes, I know, but-“
“Then how about you take them off me?”
“I... fuck, all right!”
With that, I ripped the stack of postcards from his hands.
“You know, it wouldn’t hurt to be a bit friendlier,” he brought out, staring at me.
At first I was about to retort something. To tell him to go fuck himself. But then I told myself to calm down. The guy probably brought them here because he thought the mailman had messed up. He was just trying to be a good neighbor in his own way.
“All right, I’m sorry,” I brought out. “Look, there’s something odd about those postcards.”
The guy’s face didn’t change. Instead, he kept staring at me.
“Someone’s been dumping them into my mailbox for weeks. Hell, probably for a month by now. Every day I find those stupid cards inside. Look, there’s not even a message on them! It’s all just those stupid smiley faces. I don’t know why they put them in your mailbox, but maybe they want to fuck with other people as well.”
“Who are... they?” the man asked me in a half-concerned, half-confused voice once my rant was over.
“Shit, I don’t know! The ones who are doing this, who are fucking with me, fucking with you!”
By now the man had grown apprehensive and taken a few steps away from me.
“Look, I’m not looking for any trouble,” he said, raising his hands in a defensive posture.
At that moment, I got an idea.
“Hold on, let’s go back to the mailboxes.”
“Why’d I-?” the guy started, but after a few moments of standing there confused and lost, he followed me.
After a few moments we were back outside, me standing in front of the mailboxes and him keeping a safe distance from who he thought to be a madman. After a quick turn of the key, I opened my mailbox. A flood of postcards descended upon me. The entire mailbox had been filled to the brim. The last ones had been stuffed inside with such force they’d crumbled.
“What the hell?” the man behind me brought out.
“That’s what I thought,” I reasoned. “They probably dumped the rest into another mailbox, into yours.”
“Look, if this is your idea of a joke, then-“
“What the hell kind of joke would that be? Look, there’s got to be dozens in here, maybe hundreds. Why’d I buy all those postcards just to play a joke on you?”
“Why’d anyone?”
This time, I couldn’t answer.
For a few more moments he stood there before he shook his head and left me alone with all my postcards. As I stared at the filled up mailbox, at the postcards who’d rained down on my feet, I couldn’t help but laugh.
This was insane, this was just utterly insane.
Over the course of the next days, things didn’t get better. More and more neighbors showed up at my door. The nice old lady from floor number three, a student from floor number six, and a young mother from down the hallway. Every single one of them would ring my doorbell to hand me a stack of postcards addressed to me that had accidentally been delivered to them.
As quietly and as normal as I could, I explained to them that someone was playing a trick on me. I told them to just ignore any cards addressed to me or throw them away.
They all nodded, but I could see the puzzlement on their faces, the confusion and the apprehension.
I could tell they were all wondering if this was my doing, and I was sure they considered me the local crazy guy by now.
It wasn’t long before even the mailman rang my doorbell. He told me there was a problem, and he had to speak to me for a moment.
When he saw who I was, he frowned.
“You know this is a problem, don’t you?” he asked, pointing at the mailboxes.
“What do you-?” I started but broke up.
Half of the mailboxes were stuffed with postcards.
I couldn’t help but laugh nervously, which prompted an angry glance from the mailman.
“That’s got to be hundreds... thousands,” I eventually brought out.
“Yeah, and I can’t deliver the mail, thanks to them. What are you going to do about it?”
“What am I... what?”
“Well, they are all addressed to you. This is clearly related to you!”
“But, I don’t, ugh,” I broke up in frustration.
By now, another neighbor had arrived, staring at her mailbox.
“Not again,” she brought out as she opened her mailbox and tore dozens upon dozens of crumbled up postcards from it.
As I watched, as I stared at all those stuffed mailboxes, I knew this wasn’t a prank anymore. No, something strange was going on here, something extremely strange.
I pulled out my phone and called the police. I made my report as vague as possible, telling them someone was stalking me and damaging the mailboxes at my apartment building.
When they arrived, I told them about the full situation. They listened intently, but I could see the look on their faces.
The longer I went on talking, the more angry they seemed to get.
I was quick to lead them to the mailboxes and pointed at the general chaos. Their anger dissipated almost instantly and was replaced by confusion.
“And, how long has this... whatever this is, been going on?” one of them asked while his colleague stepped up to the mailboxes.
“I guess, about a month and a half,” I started. “At first it was only a single postcard, but then more and more of them arrived, and now it’s come to this.”
The two police officers did the best to handle the entire situation professionally, but I could tell they were as perplexed as I was.
They asked me if I had any enemies, but I answered I couldn’t think of anyone. I told them I’d tried to figure out who was behind this for weeks, but I had no clue. I even told them of my nightly watch.
Eventually, one of them handed me his card with a phone number on it. They told me they’d take some postcards with them and look into it and they’d have someone to watch the nearby area.
With the police here and them taking action, I was sure this thing would finally end. Stuffing all those mailboxes had to take time, and I was sure they’d catch whoever was responsible.
The next morning, however, I found all the mailboxes in chaos again. Mine was so stuffed, I was surprised the door was still closed. Almost all other mailboxes were in a similar condition.
As I stood there, I took out my phone and called the number on the card the police officer had given me.
He answered, and I told him it had happened again. The man listened, but he couldn’t tell me much. They had someone watching the area, but so far, they hadn’t been able to see anyone suspicious.
The weird deliveries continued, and soon I wasn’t the only one in contact with the police. And yet, they never found out who was behind it, saw no one.
Even stranger, though, were the postcards themselves. None of them showed any label or a hint of a manufacturer. The same was true for the stamps.
And yet, nothing could be done and postcards kept arriving.
Before long people began pressuring the renting company. Something had to be done about this absurd situation. I knew some of them wanted me gone from the building while others wanted them to hire a mailbox security who’d watch it at all hours of the day.
The renting company, however, had a different plan. One day, they sent a maintenance team that took down the entirety of the mailboxes and simply moved them inside into the entry hallway of the building.
When I woke up the next morning, the first thing I did was to check on the mailboxes. Other people did the same thing.
I think we were all expecting them to be filled to the brim once more. Instead, everything was normal. There were no postcards with my name and silly smile faces on them anywhere.
I could see the relaxed faces of people around me, could hear them sigh in relief and talk about how it was finally over. And I couldn’t help but join in. They were still wary of me, still wondering how I’d spawned that madness, but I didn’t care.
Instead, still smiling, I went back to my apartment. I hadn’t even had coffee yet, I thought to myself.
With quick steps, I made my way towards my kitchen.
For the first time in weeks, hell, in more than a month, the world felt normal again. All I wanted right now was a nice, hot cup of coffee.
All those feelings vanished and changed the pure terror when I opened the kitchen door.
Right there, on my kitchen table and on the floor all around it, I found an uncountable number of postcards.
With a shaking hand, I picked up one of them. On it I found a postal stamp, my name and address and a stupid little smiley face.
And as I stared at it, as I stared at that silly, stupid little face, I couldn’t help but smile myself, smile and laugh about the absurdity of this entire mad situation.
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2023.03.29 07:51 saltyoldmanspeaks Do people not notice AirTags? My AirTag and the rental car journey so far.

Two weeks ago I took a rental car on a one way trip (I flew home) I’m forgetful and didn’t want to lose the rental car keys so I attached my AirTag ring (which also unfortunately has one of my 2FA hardware keys attached as well) to the rental car keys. To make a long story a little shorter, I was in a hurry dropped the car off and completely forgot about my AirTag and TBH in the rush didn’t pay attention to the notification.
Next day it hits me what had happened so I figure I’ll enable lost mode and maybe I get lucky and I can pay someone at the rental car place to ship it back to me. The hardware key isn’t cheap nor do I want to take the time to replace it. I’m too late, the car is in Albany, NY at the Hilton. I dropped the car in Boston the day before. Rental car place evidently didn’t notice the AirTag still attached to the keys and neither did the next renter.
3 days goes by and it never moves. Day 4 it pings at a rental dealership in Ohio. I google the info call the rental car company and they insist they don’t have it. I’m like oh okay so the customer took it. Day 5 AirTag pings in Kentucky. Stays in Louisville for 4 days. Travels south over 6 days and ends up in Gainesville, FL at drum roll a rental car lot of the same company I rented the car through. I was able to finally reach them so after 2 weeks and the car being rented out to 3 different customers after me, my AirTag and Yubikey were still attached to the rental car keys.
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2023.03.29 07:31 Piercepierceprce I just broke up with my abusive girlfriend

Was with my gf for almost a year, I’m 22 years old and non binary. I was with her through some of my hardest times in my life but I recently just got another job because I wasn’t making enough money at my other job. I got the other job because her best friend worked there and he basically got me the job. For the past three months she quit her job and wasn’t in school but was lying to her parents about being in school so they would give her over 1k a month for rent and other things. I dropped out of school in march last year due to mental health reasons and I wanted to pursue music. She also dropped out but purely for mental health reasons. I would get off eight hour shifts and she would still be waking up at 2pm doing nothing. When I got a second job I got fed up and I snapped over literally the dumbest joke she made but I was really snapping over the fact that she lies to her parents for money and no job when I was working over 14 hours a day and doing other things. I lost I and I put her bags outside cause she would just stay at my apartment 24/7 and do nothing all day and just leech of me, I found myself taking care of her before me. We got into a big argument that night and hours later I had enough and out hee bags out out my room again and she put her hands on me and scrapped me and hit me til I bled. I locked myself in the bathroom and threatened to call the cops because I was terrified, my body went into shock. I broke up with her a few days after caus she was posting about it on her private story but I’m so traumatized and people keep saying stupid shit like being on her side when she literally physically abused me,. I work two jobs and I’m so young and have so much going for myself but I can’t stop drinking. I feel proud for ending an abusive relationship but I have no one
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2023.03.29 07:05 firecat99 Am I [28F] in the wrong here with [29M]?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and half. Last summer he confessed to me that he has 20K in credit card debt and was living in negative money. I asked how that had happened and he said he hadn’t paid attention to it and that his mom had borrowed money for rent and never paid him back. We talked about budgeting and came up with a plan to pay it down before moving in together this summer so we could be in a better place when we live together (he currently lives with his mom and the agreement is she pays rent while he’s in school). I have periodically checked in about the debt to see how it’s going and he said it was down to 13K but then today he checked it and said it was actually 16K and that his credit score is 650. This concerns me for finding apartments and such when we move in together out of state. I feel very betrayed by this because I feel like it shows a lack of follow through. He acknowledged that I was upset but didn’t seem to understand why. Has anyone had a similar situation or have any thoughts?
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2023.03.29 06:54 ImaginationComplex98 How to start managing my personal budget?

Hi guys. So i recently finished my degree and got my first high pay job. I’m living on a rented apartment with my partner. Recently ive noticed i spend way too much on random things; eating out, the occasional shopping purchase etc. i was looking for an app that’ll help me set a monthly budget but couldn’t find anything which looks good. Would love tips, im feeling my high pay salary just goes to waste tbh, no matter how hard i try to look out for expenses
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2023.03.29 06:46 PowerfulArachnid6280 CPN packages!

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2023.03.29 06:41 amissie77e My parents handed me almost $11,000 in medical debt when I turned 18 and told me to “pray about it”

Some backstory:
I spent a semester in South Carolina at Bob Jones University because it’s the only college my grandfather would pay for (anywhere else wasn’t “Christian enough”). When I got home for Christmas break, I realized that there was no way I could stomach going back even if that meant eating the cost of going to college myself. Shortly after I would’ve had to fly back, I had a serious medical emergency and as I begged my parents to take me to the ER, I found out that my mother didn’t have health insurance for any of us and had been keeping that a secret while she “figured things out”. I felt horrible asking for them to take on debt for me but sure enough, if I hadn’t seen a doctor that night I very well could’ve gone into septic shock by the next morning. I was okay though, and my parents kicked me out of the house shortly thereafter because I wasn’t “making Christian decisions with my life” (read: I was honest with my father about his severe alcoholism).
I moved in with a friend’s mom and assumed that the bill was in the rearview. Joke’s on me though, I had just turned 18 before that ER trip. A few months living away from them, paying rent and buying groceries, I get two bills in the mail totaling nearly $11,000. I call my dad sobbing and hoping that he can pull some magic fix out of his back pocket, but he ended the call by praying for me to “make right, godly decisions”. The next morning he calls me with a solution: let it go to collections, since medical bills can’t impact your credit! They believe that credit is the devil anyways; after all, when my dad was getting an apartment 20 years ago, they didn’t care about his credit score 🙄
Even though it didn’t really make sense at the time, I took their word for it and just ignored the bills I was getting in the mail. Fast forward 5 months and I’m starting to build credit so I can move into my own place and I learn that medical bills can, in fact, really screw up your credit score, and I don’t exactly have the 3+ years it’ll take to contest those charges and get them taken off of my report.
As much of a hinderance as they’ve already been to my success, I felt like I was finally starting life on a different foot. Now I’m stuck continuing to clean up after my parents’ messes for the next decade or longer and there’s not a single thing I can do about it.
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2023.03.29 06:41 Humble-Dingo-4787 Harvard MD-PhD (+debt) vs Hopkins MSTP vs U Wash MSTP - See post for pro/con

Career goals - practice in oncology space (I.e. rad onc, heme/onc, maybe pediatric onc, surgical onc, etc) and run a cancer biology lab based on some basic science field (probably genomics / epigenomics). Academia
Harvard Pro: 1. Name recognition - I’m a simp. Also could help with prestigious research awards (non NIH) 2. Boston - love the city and integration with tech. Don’t aspire to work in industry, but would like collaborations. Really want to live in a big/wealthy city. 3. Associations w Dana Farber 4. Already have some personal mentors that are medical faculty here. Have some internal support on certain things that I wouldn’t find elsewhere likely (intentionally vague) 5. Would love to stay for residency / post doc
Con: 1. ~200k for first 2 years of med school. Remainder is almost always covered for affiliates. 2. Feels a bit like I’m being treated as a second rate MD PHD student, despite student’s insistence they don’t feel this way as affiliates 3. Dorm style living for >=1 year 4. Everyone I know personally there is great, but 75% of my interviewers were truly awful 5. Whole school is spread over so many institutions. I thrive with tight knit community
Hopkins Pro: 1. Name recognition still solid 2. Could afford to buy or rent a nice apartment 3. Fully funded 4. Amazing medical experiences 5. Smaller, integrated campus 6. Seemed nicer and more approachable than Harvard
Cons: 1. Baltimore - really don’t want to live in poor or dangerous city 2. They aren’t the strongest in cancer bio. Seems dominated by BME. Not greatest research fit. 3. Not as excited about the research there based on website searching of PI
Washington Pro: 1. Seattle is dope. Also tech 2. Both Fred hutch and UW have strongest research fit 3. Know people there 4. Very friendly 5. Potential “in” for residencies in Cali like UCSF or Stanford and onc fellowships at Fred hutch or Cali schools
Cons: 1. Seattle expensive. Rent all 8 yr 2. lower prestige
View Poll
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2023.03.29 06:35 Mrrobot245 What’s the point in income requirements when renting an apartment if landlords can just raise your rent above what you qualified for?

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2023.03.29 06:31 WilliamHenryBonney First Time SFR/Condo Buyer. Nervous to Buy, and Need Advice.

Good evening,
I am a 40-year-old single adult (no children) with an established blue collar career, excellent credit and money saved for a down payment. I am eligible and pre-qualified to buy a small 1/1 to 2/1 SFR or Condo in Central California. I am currently living in a small apartment paying $1000/mo rent.
The average price of real estate around here has increased year over year and prices have not come down at all. The average priced small starter SFR currently goes for about $300k while small condo sells for about $240k. My mortgage would be about $1500 or more if I purchased now.
If bought now (or soon) I worry that I would be buying at the top end of the price curve. This would not leave much room for earning equity during the years I would live in it. I worry that in 10 years another buyer would not come behind me and buy my place for more money.
To my way of thinking, I like the idea of waiting and getting a deal with the certainty of lower prices in the future. But the future is uncertain and buying at the top of a market makes me nervous as hell especially because a recession is expected soon which should put downward pressure on real estate prices.
Am I smart to hold off? If so, how long should I wait? If buying now is the smarter option, please explain why.
Thanks in advance for the responses.
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2023.03.29 06:27 hehe_Unga_Bunga_Bonk The Tale of Enabler and Jak

Okay, let’s go my guy. Typing is done on a phone so pardon any mistakes please 😁 To start things off, me (M23) and my Lovely Wife (F24) just moved into our new apartment with our one year old son. We had spent the past year living with my entitled brother (Jak 19) while he was constantly enabled by our mother (Enabler 50) and now we’re finally free of them! A little background: me and my wife moved cities back in 2021 when we were expecting our little gremlin and we thrived pretty well for a time while we lived on our own. Enabler (my mother) immediately sped over to us to try and spend as much time with gremlin as she possibly could. She was never JN, but often teetered on the line. As my brother was graduating that year, Enabler had the brilliant idea to move him out to us and help us move into a bigger place. The two conditions were that I get him his first job and that we get him on his feet. We didn’t think this would be too big a deal, as Lovely Wife only knew what I had told her about living with my family and I hadn’t lived with Jak or Enabler since 2018 when she kicked me out (another story for another day in another sub lol). We were the first to move our stuff in and Jak was moved in about a month after us. The first moment of entitlement came when Jak brought his husky with him to (at the time) permanently live with us. We weren’t prepared as gremlin was only 6 months old and had never seen a dog before. She had never been around a baby either so the first couple weeks were tense to say the least (they wound up being best friends and it broke his heart when he realized she wasn’t moving with us 😢). Things only devolved from there: we soon realized that whenever he wasn’t working, Jak would hole himself up in his room and scream at his game until 2 in the morning. Me and him work at the same factory, just different floors, and we work 14-hour days. His constant screaming and hollering was a Neverending Nightmare, especially with an infant in the house. We also found out how irresponsible he was when he refused to clean up any mess that “his” dog made. He never fed her, brushed her, played with her, or interacted with her in general. I remember he gave her one bath while we lived together. Luna didn’t deserve that, and she was at least loved by me, LW, and gremlin. Jak would also constantly complain that there was never any food in the house so he would DoorDash every night (he still does but that’s besides the point), even though LW would cook lovely meals almost every day. Because I, too, have to work the same hours he does, as well as finding the time to be a good father and husband, it’s strenuous on me to constantly keep things clean and tidy to his standards. He would never tell us this, only complain to Enabler so whenever she came over, the first thing she would do when she would walk in was complain about how dirty the house was. But Jak couldn’t do any of that grunt work because “he works a hard job for a long day! He shouldn’t have to come home and clean up this house!” Oh sure mom… like I don’t do that and more and my wife just sits around all day drinking wine and reading Cosmo. Note my sarcasm… All she would do whenever she visited was try and take our son for a few days/hours and complain that nothing was up to her standards. I’m pretty convinced that she is a closet narcissist and if you were to witness her, you’d probably agree with me. She and Jak can do no wrong and they “do too much to stress about a dirty house that’s inhabited by slackers!” At the start of the new year, our management company notified us that if we wanted to stay, we would have to sign a 12-month lease and they would be increasing our rent by $700. For me and LW, this was our last straw and with this most recent tax return, we quickly found a cute little apartment that looks like one that we had moved into close to the start of our relationship. Because my brother doesn’t deal with change very well, Enabler scrambled to try and get us to stay even with the suicide-inducing rent-hike. She got in contact with the management company and made multiple attempts to get us to reconsider and stay but we said no. She even wanted us to leave our router and modem so that he would continue having internet. This was about a month ago and we are completely moved into our new home, but Jak? Well… every time I would go over there to get one more bag or one more box, he would be sitting in his room and screaming at his game. Not a thing in his room is packed. The deadline to move out is at the end of this week and we tried to notify Enabler about this but to our utter shock, she said that she knew that he wasn’t packed and she even had the audacity to convince him to buy himself his own wifi plan and SET IT UP in the house that he’s supposed to be moving out of at the end of the week. We’re so done with them and we’re glad that we don’t have to deal with living with Jak anymore
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2023.03.29 06:19 eggrolls44 Looking for a 1 bed 1 bath at least 650 sq. ft in Silicon Valley!

Feeling a bit helpless so thought I'd try here. Starting my PhD and looking for housing near Stanford, preferably Mountain View, Redwood City, or Palo Alto, CA. Budget of $3000/month including utilities for a 1 bed 1 bath, at least 650 sq ft. Every apartment I've seen are literal shacks and tiny "rooms" that cost upwards of 3 grand. This can't be it, there has to be something I'm missing please?? Checked Zillow, CL, Hotpads, etc, but mostly looking for places you personally know or can vouch for as a lot of the units have awful management and maintenance.
I'm clinging on to hope and asking for your help/ads/suggestions for a better place to put my money. Know of any hidden gems? Friends or distant relatives looking to rent out their other space? April 30th/May 1st move-in preferred. DM me if you know of anything. Thanks so much in advance!
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2023.03.29 06:15 kititite Looking for two rooms!

My friend and I are looking for an apartment to rent near UCF. We’re both girls and don’t mind taking the bus or anything but prefer something that’s close. Our budget is 750 each/1500 total. Dm me with any suggestions!!
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2023.03.29 06:15 Interesting-Maybe693 Got laid off work, waiting on unemployment & got an eviction notice

Hello! I hate asking for anything especially money but I am in a horrible situation at the moment. I am lookin for $250 to pay back $350 on 4/05 or before!! I had gotten layed off from my job and I am waiting on unemployment still and my rent is not paid. I open my front door yesterday to a bright yellow and pink eviction packet. I am currently waiting on my tax return check that got sent out on 3/06/23 and it should be here by the end of this week early next week for $741.00. I am also waiting on a check from my utility company that they just started doing today in the amount of $1398.13. I HAVE PROOF OF ALL PAPERWORK AND DOCUMENTS OF STUFF SAID ABOVE! If I pay before court I am able to stay at my apartment and court is on 3/30! Thank you!
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2023.03.29 06:12 AlexTheGreat85 Something seeped into my wood floors and I can’t it get out

Something seeped into my wood floors and I can’t it get out
I left out some plastic bags of stuff on my wood floor and something leaked out. I think it was soap, but not totally sure. Maybe lotion. It’s weird because the bags weren’t covered in anything. I had the bags out for a few days because the closet they are in usually was emptied for an AC install. Anyways… I tried to remove the stain with Murphys wood cleaner with towel and it wasn’t coming out. Then used a steel wool and still wasn’t coming out. I definitely lightened the area I used the steel wool on. Didn’t dig to much into the wood but it’s a difference. I’m renting the apartment and this is the only spot so I’m wondering if there is something easy I can use on just this spot verse resurfacing the whole section of floor. Appreciate any advice.
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2023.03.29 06:12 Lupsdelups ROOM FOR RENT(Talmadge)

Posting for my partner. She is looking for someone to take over her lease. Room available in a 2 bed 1 bath apartment near SDSU. Common areas are furnished. Looking for someone friendly and clean. Roommate has a cat so preferably no other cats. Small dog might be considered. She prefers a female roommate in their 20s-30s.
Available now. Rent $1,015 2 Bed- 1 Bath. 2nd-floor apartment with Street View. Centralized Heating. In-unit Refrigerator, Oven, & Stove. 5-min drive to San Diego State University. 1-min walk to Bus Stop. Lease Term - 5 months with option to renew. 1 Reserved Parking Spot. 
Electricity and Internet separate split with roommate. Landlord pays water, sewer and trash.
Address: Dawson Ave, San Diego, CA 92115. Please feel free to DM if you have any questions.
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2023.03.29 06:11 Key_Performer_6012 Is this legit?

Guys, I found an apartment for rent at Grove street via FB marketplace rentals. The landlady asked me to email her attorney for an application form to get the procedure started. The attorney/ management is now asking for a 100$ fee to start the application process and is saying a tour of the apartment is possible only when the fee is paid. If I don’t like the apartment after the tour, the money will be refunded. I have never heard of this system before. Is it legit or some sort of scam? Need help!
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2023.03.29 05:58 daveg1996 Currently a Month-to-Month paying Tenant Being verbally asked to Leave in 30 days. How long can I delay this process? (NYC)

As stated, I am currently a paying tenant in NYC who is considered month-to-month. I have not missed any payments and have always paid on-time. There are also no past complaints or violations against me. I have been a tenant at this address (a private house) for 6 years now, and had a lease that expired after the 1st year. The LandLord did not want to give me an updated lease, so my family and I have been paying month-to-month for the past 5 years. The Landlord resides at this private house on the bottom floor. I rent the top floor, and it is a two-family home.
The Landlord is now verbally asking my family and I to vacate the residence in 30 days. During recent years, the neighborhood has seen rents increase as it is now considered a desirable and "affluent neighborhood". The Landlord has caught wind of this, and has now decided that they can get much higher rent for the apartment and wants us to leave (they have not decided to raise our current rent, they have just verbally asked us to leave in 30 days).
My family and I are not at all ready to vacate in 30 days, but we do not have a current lease. We would likely need upwards of 1 year to find a new home at an affordable price in a safe neighborhood, and move all of our personal belongings/furniture. Due to extenuating circumstances, we also cannot afford a rent increase or to pay for a move at this time. It would be nearly impossible to find a new apartment in the neighborhood at a similar monthly rent. "Cash-for-Keys" is not a option here either as this LandLord is not the type to offer any such deal. In fact, they have their spouse (who is not the LandLord) sending us text messages to "move-out" and stating that they could get much "higher rent". This is not the type of LandLord that can be reasoned with. I am also well aware that this is not my house, and I will need to leave at some point if the LandLord wants me out.
Basically, how long can I realistically delay this process as a paying tenant if this were to go to housing court? I would also greatly appreciate a basic breakdown of my rights in this situation as a Month-to-Month tenant.
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2023.03.29 05:52 MelodyPuff 17 weeks and feeling lost

I’m happy to be pregnant I’m 23, even though life has been kicking me down a lot and struggling with money, bills basically adult life. However my boyfriend is the real issue of why I’m having all these problems. He can’t hold a job, got a really nice job that was easy for a really good pay and called out multiple times within just 2 weeks of working there and got fired. We basically have no car right now, on the verge of eviction and bills out the wazoo cause we are behind. It was suppose to be our come up since he started this job and now we are just going right back down all over again. It’s so frustrating because it’s been a whole year of dealing with him like this either making barely any money at a shitty job too far away or just not putting in the hours or time. Being LAZY. I work full time and plan to do so until I just can’t anymore with this pregnancy. But he has no family leave no benefits nothing. He is bringing absolutely zero to the table. That includes just doing simple house chores like dishes. I feel I’m fighting and working for nothing at this point and have given him the ultimatum I will just move back in with my parents (who don’t know I’m pregnant yet and will probably be mad once they know considering how he’s being) he can figure out paying our rent on the apartment (which is only leased to me) or he doesn’t pay it I take the hit of eviction but I have somewhere to go he doesn’t. I’m just lost and need to rant, this is suppose to be my time to finally start taking it easier and just worrying about making money for the baby and things we need to buy for them (I find out the gender this week from NIPS). And all I have gotten is excuses and at this point I have no sympathy or support to give him as I just want to enjoy being pregnant and working hard for our CHILD and he puts in 2% effort while I’ve been doing everything. I really don’t know how I could raise a baby myself especially the way he has left my credit and life in shambles.
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2023.03.29 05:49 RedLightning04 OAK PARK Roommate Starting in April/May in Apartment(less than $800/mo. for all expenses)

I have a roommate moving out at the end of this month to return to college, and I am looking for someone to move in once they move out.
My apartment is near the intersection of Austin Blvd. and Iowa St. in Oak Park. It is a 2 bed/1 bath that is 1000 sq ft. It is already furnished with my furniture (minus your bedroom), but I would be open to selling mine and/or incorporating yours if you would like that. There is gas heating and a gas stove/oven (the gas heating, water, and waste are included in the rent price/covered by the apartment company). Electric, cooking gas, and internet are the only monthly utility charges outside of rent. There is no central air as this is a more historic building. There is no washedrier in-unit, but there is a very close laundromat. There is a dishwasher, fridge, and microwave already here along with a sizable pantry. This unit is also pet-friendly.
For public transportation there is a bus stop right outside near the front of the apartment building, the Green line is less than 3/4 miles away, and the Blue line is less than 2 miles away. The bus route will take you to both. If you drive, there is on-street parking available and an off-street 24/7 lot available as well. Downtown Chicago is around an 8-mile drive away and is easy/quick to get to in the morning.
About Me: I’m a lower 20’s male, a recent college grad, I work in biological research downtown, I enjoy running, long-distance cycling, reading, video and board games, puzzles, animals, and being outdoors. I have a friendly and skittish cat named Tangerine, and I am welcoming to other cats and small dogs. I am an initially shy but very friendly person. I spend a lot of my time helping people out in the area by doing odd jobs and landscaping or home maintenance/improvement projects as well.
I don’t have a preference for male or female roommates (both of my previous roommates were female). Youngecollege-graduated would be more ideal, but I don’t really care as long as we get along and work together for a good living environment. I like to keep the main living areas somewhat clean, and I’m hoping you’d want the same. I am also open to short-term rentals if that is what you want/need.
If this interests you at all, please reach out to me. We can get in contact, I can send you pictures and videos of the apartment, and I can have you come over for a quick apartment tour so you can see what it looks like in person. I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!
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