Kwik seal vs silicone

[USA-CA] [H] Playstation/XBox/Nintendo/Sega Consoles/Games/Manuals/Pokemon [W] Sega Games/Playstation Games/Nintendo Games/Lists/Offers

2023.03.29 08:04 xMrPink85 [USA-CA] [H] Playstation/XBox/Nintendo/Sega Consoles/Games/Manuals/Pokemon [W] Sega Games/Playstation Games/Nintendo Games/Lists/Offers

Happy to provide pics of anything you might be interested in.. Most of this stuff I would like to move ASAP. If you would like to buy see my GameSale post!
If you are local to the Sacramento area I might be willing to do a local meetup. Cash/Paypal also acceptable on either side to help even out a trade.
Thanks for looking! Happy trading!

Playstation Legacy of Kain Collectors Edition Triple Pack SEALED Hard to value.. I don't see this very often at all.. There is one other one on eBay right now for $369 in similar condition.. This one does have some minor wear to the corners/seal as seen in the pics.. I would really like a big item from my list for this..
Playstation DarkStalkers 3 CIB - Minor Staining
Playstation GranStream Saga CIB
Playstation 2 Final Fantasy X Brady Games Strategy Guide Very worn. Has tear in front cover. No poster.
Playstation 2 Final Fantasy X -2 Brady Games Strategy Guide Moderately worn. Has smaller tear in back cover. Includes Poster.
Playstation 2 Dual Shock 2 Silver - Works - Normal Wear
Playstation 2 Dual Shock 2 Translucent Blue - Works - Normal Wear
Playstation 2 Guitar Hero II BL - CIB
Playstation 2 Guitar Hero Guitar Hero Encore Rocks the 80's BL - CIB
Playstation 2 Myst III Exile BL - CIB
Playstation 2 RPG Maker 3 BL - CIB
Playstation 2 24 The Game BL - CIB
Playstation 2 Wheel of Fortune BL - CIB
Playstation 3 Ace Combat Assault Horizon BL - CIB
Playstation 3 BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend Limited Edition Big Box - CIB - Includes Soundtrack, Art Book, and Calendar. Box has heavy wear. Everything else is pretty minty. Game case has some minor shelf wear.
Playstation 3 Dark Souls II BL - CIB
Playstation 3 Diablo III BL - CIB
Playstation 3 Yakuza Dead Souls BL - CIB
Playstation 4 500 Million Dual Shock 4 Controller Loose - Has crack in center but otherwise pretty minty.
Playstation 4 7 Days to Die BL - CIB
Playstation 4 Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare BL - CIB
Playstation 4 Dead Cells [Action Game of the Year] BL - CIB
Playstation 4 Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age BL - CIB
Playstation 4 Evolve BL - CIB
Playstation 4 Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Steelbook Edition book w/Slipcover BL - CIB
Playstation 4 Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 BL - CIB - Spine damage/tear
Playstation 4 Middle Earth Shadow of War BL - CIB
Playstation 4 Nascar Heat 3 BL - CIB
Playstation 4 Overwatch Origins BL - CIB
Playstation 4 Resident Evil Village Deluxe Edition BL - CIB
Playstation 5 Babylon's Fall Sealed
Playstation 5 Death Stranding Sealed
PSP PSP 1001 - Loose. PSP ONLY Body and screen are pretty scratched up, includes a rubber grip cover and I can include a white replacement shell... Charge port can be touchy sometimes so it also includes a replacement port. No charger. PENDING
PSP Tekken 6 BL - CIB
PSP PSP 3000 Box and tray only - No PSP included Box has moderate to heavy wear with some creasing.
PSVITA Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus Loose
PSVITA Wipeout 2048 Loose

Xbox Blowout BL - CIB
Xbox Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban BL - CIB
Xbox Indiana Jones and The Emperors Tomb BL - CIB
Xbox Pac Man World 2 PH - CIB
Xbox Return To Castle Wolfenstein Tides of War PH - CIB
Xbox 360 4GB - 360 Slim Console Includes OEM power supply and controller. I can probably include an HDMI cable if needed.
Xbox 360 250GB - 360 Slim Console Includes OEM power supply, controller and Kinect. I can probably include an HDMI cable if needed.
Xbox 360 Dead Space 3 PH - CIB
Xbox 360 Dragonball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi BL - CIB
Xbox 360 Fable 2 Limited Edition BL - CIB* (No special features disc)
Xbox 360 Fable 3 BL - CIB
Xbox 360 Forza 4 BL - CIB
Xbox 360 Grand Theft Auto 5 BL - Boxed w/map
Xbox 360 Halo 3 Limited Edition Steel book w/sleeve (minor damage) BL - CIB - Includes manual, but no book..
Xbox 360 Hitman HD Trilogy - Premium Edition w/ slipcoveartbook BL - CIB - Moderate wear
Xbox 360 Mortal Kombat BL - Boxed (No Manual)
Xbox 360 NBA Live 2010 BL - CIB
Xbox 360 NBA 2K18 BL - CIB
Xbox 360 Portal 2 BL - Boxed (No Manual)
Xbox 360 Test Drive Unlimited BL - CIB
Xbox One Battlefield 4 Steelbook Edition CIB
Xbox One Dark Souls 3 CIB
Xbox One Madden 22 CIB
Xbox One Prototype BioHazard Bundle CIB
Xbox One Rare Replay CIB
Xbox One Skylanders Trap Team CIB
Xbox One UFC 3 CIB
Xbox One Watch Dogs 2 CIB
Xbox One Wolfenstein The New Order CIB

NES Vintage Nintendo of America Letter w/ Official Nintendo Envelope, Cover Letter, Nintendo Power order form, service center list, Game Pak Directory, Replacement parts list, Nintendo history. Great little piece. Definitely shows some wear and a few markings but the order forms are blank. Not sure how to value this
NES Bart vs The Space Mutants Manual Only
NES Gradius Manual Only
NES Mega Man 1 Manual Only
NES Mission Impossible Manual Only
NES NES Advantage controller Manual Only
NES Zodas Revenge Manual Only
NES Kung Fu Loose
NES Ninja Gaiden II Loose
NES Skate or Die Loose - Worn/snagged top label
NES Wizards and Warriors III Loose - Worn/torn top label
SNES DOOM CIB** - Might be willing to trade box/contents separately.
SNES Rockos Modern Life CIB - Box is worn, includes insert, manual and warning slip.. both have some wear, Cart is in great shape! Might be willing to trade box/contents separately.
SNES Yoshi's Safari CIB** - Might be willing to trade box/contents separately.
SNES Buster Busts Loose Manual Only
SNES Hey Punk! Are You Tuff E Nuff? Manual Only
SNES Lawnmower Man Manual Only
SNES Mega Man X Manual Only
SNES World Heroes Manual Only
N64 Standard N64 Console Includes OEM expansion pack.
Wii Red Steel BL - Boxed (No Manual)
Wii Trauma Center Second Opinion BL - CIB
Wii U The Legend of Zelda Windwaker HD Edition Wii U Complete in box** - Super Hard trade - Probably the item I'm least likely to trade right now.
Wii U The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD SEALED - I am considering having this one graded.
Wii U Super Mario 3D World NS - CIB
Switch Red and Blue V2 Switch Console Includes everything but the box. Decent condition with a few blemishes. Everything works. PENDING
Switch Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Edition OLED Switch NEW
Switch BloodRayne Fresh Bites Sealed - w/card
Switch Fire Emblem Three Houses CIB
Switch Great Ace Attorney Chronicles CIB
Gameboy Ren and Stimpy Veediots Manual Only
NDS Red Super Mario Bros 25th Anniversary Edition DSi XL Loose - With charger. Does have some minor wear and teascuffs on corners PENDING
NDS Mario Party DS Sealed - (Has some knicks/tear in seal.)
NDS Pokémon Heartgold CIB - NFR case, no big box or Pokewalker - Only considering trading this so I can upgrade.. Would also trade FOR the big box..
NDS Spiderman Shattered Dimensions Loose
NDS Spyro The Eternal Night Loose
3DS Animal Crossing New Leaf CIB
3DS Bravely Second End Layer CIB - Minor damage to case/art
3DS Legend of Legacy Sealed
3DS Super Smash Bros. 3DS Loose

Saturn Model 2 Console Loose - Includes power cord + OEM controller
Saturn Street Fighter Alpha 2 CIB
Dreamcast Crazy Taxi Loose

SOME specific items I'm after:
[General Wants]
** Your lists/offers. I am not interested in loose discs or any sort of Greatest Hits, Platinum Hits, Players Choice, etc. Black Label/first print only. Most Carts are ok loose with the exception of games that came in plastic cases such as DS/Vita. If it had a cardboard box I can do without.
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2023.03.29 06:21 OccasionalRedditor7 Opinions on West Coast vs. The One Gloves?

I have currently been using West Coast gloves for the past two years and have used both the Quantum and Spyder lines. Quantum I find very spacious and the silicone is very nice whereas Spyder is much more tight and (almost) traditional. They each have their own benefits although I think I personally prefer Quantum.
I'm thinking of getting new gloves and debating whether I should keep getting another pair of West Coast or switch to One Glove. They seem to both be in the business of providing great gloves with top quality latex at prices lower than the big brands. However, I think One Gloves do seperate by tiers (e.g. 3.0 GEO vs. APEX Magma) whereas WC doesn't.
I'm hoping to get any opinions from those who have tried both brands and which one do you like better, or just anyone who has experience with One Gloves.
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2023.03.29 06:13 Ralfop Reusable Seal Silicone Food Fresh Bag The days of plastic bags are officially numbered! The perfect solution to reusable food storage and snack packing is here. In four adorable colors, you get a temperature resistant silicone bag that’s easy to clean, easy to pack, and completely sealable!

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2023.03.29 04:23 ValhallaGoblin What should I be looking for as far as silicone on secondhand aquariums that have been dry for a few months? How can I know if the seal is likely to fail without filling it with water to test it?

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2023.03.29 03:27 _Archduke FS: NEW Mevo+ (2023 version) WITH Pro Package - $2,800 Shipped

I have a brand new, still sealed in box, 2023 edition Mevo+ WITH the pro package software that has not yet been activated. I am selling because my original sim plan has changed and I won’t have enough distance from the monitor to the screen for the Mevo. I bought them when Flightscope was running promotions in January, which is about $450 less than what they are currently selling for. I’m asking $2,800 to get back what I paid and help someone on here save a couple bucks vs. buying new direct from Flightscope.
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2023.03.29 02:30 aIexismicheIIe Build for Wraith for New Update?

I’m excited to see what the meta will be like with the updates and am toying with a new Wraith Build.
Knockout, Hex: The Third Seal, Sloppy Butcher
Torn between Deerstalker and A Nurse’s Calling for the last one, thoughts on one vs the other?
Add-ons: Coxcombed Clapper for sure, not sure what the other would be.
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2023.03.29 01:20 SirusMX2 [US-NY] [H] 84 Sealed US ESRB Switch Games [W] PayPal

Looking to downsize my sealed US ESRB Switch collection. NO TRADES! All games are in excellent condition and have sat in a nice airtight dust-free container since purchase. Payment via PayPal F&F is preferred, but I will take G&S if you're uncomfortable.
Shipping starts at $5 per game for USPS First Class Mail, bundled items will likely be upgraded to USPS Priority Mail and cost a little more depending on how many games you buy. I am a professional shipper, I ship everything in boxes with bubble wrap! Individual games shipped via USPS First Class are boxed and then placed inside of a plastic waterproof bubble mailer.
Here's the games I have available, pictures provided as requested since I have so many. Thanks for looking!

  1. Afterparty - $50
  2. Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed (10th Anniversary Edition) - $35
  3. Andro Dunos 2 - $45
  4. Assassin’s Creed III Remastered - $20
  5. Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle - $80
  6. Axiom Verge 1 & 2 - $70
  7. Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2 Enhanced Edition - $45
  8. Bayonetta - $40
  9. Bayonetta 2 + Bayonetta - $80
  10. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - $25
  11. Blue Fire - $30
  12. Burnout Paradise Remastered - $20
  13. Call of Juarez: Gunslinger - $18
  14. Castlevania Anniversary Collection (Classic Edition - NES) - $75
  15. Castlevania Anniversary Collection (Classic Edition - SNES) - $100
  16. Catherine: Full Body - $30
  17. Close to the Sun - $18
  18. Code of Princess EX - $70
  19. Cotton Fantasy - $35
  20. Cruis’n Blast - $25
  21. Crysis 1+2+3 Remastered + Slipcover - $180
  22. Dark Devotion - $40
  23. Deadly Premonition Origins - $30
  24. Death Mark - $30
  25. Death’s Gambit Afterlife - $33
  26. Descenders - $30
  27. Diablo III Eternal Collection - $30
  28. Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories - $30
  29. Disco Elysium The Final Cut - $35
  30. Doctor Who: The Edge of Time + The Lonely Assassins - $30
  31. Doki Doki Literature Club Plus - $30
  32. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen - $30
  33. Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights - $55
  34. Etherborn (iam8bit Edition) - $30
  35. Everspace (Stellar Edition) - $35
  36. Final Fantasy X X-2 HD Remaster - $32
  37. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age - $30
  38. Gas Guzzlers Extreme - $18
  39. Gear Club Unlimited 2 (Tracks Edition) - $33
  40. Ghostrunner - $25
  41. Gorogoa - $70
  42. Gris - $35
  43. Hotline Miami Collection - $25
  44. Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars - $30
  45. Indivisible - $22
  46. Kemco RPG Omnibus - $50
  47. Kentucky Route Zero - $70
  48. Kingdom Majestic - $30
  49. Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning - $30
  50. Liar Princess and the Blind Prince - $65
  51. Loop Hero - $40
  52. MX vs ATV All Out - $20
  53. Manifold Garden - $42
  54. Ministry of Broadcast SteelBook Edition - $40
  55. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Burst Forth!! Choro-Gon Breath - $35
  56. Monkey Barrels - $35
  57. My Universe Cooking Star Restaurant - $35
  58. NBA2K21 (Foil Cover) - $25
  59. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered - $25
  60. Neo Atlas 1469 - $18
  61. Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition - $75
  62. NieR Automata: The End of YoRHa Edition - $30
  63. The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors - $30
  64. Override 2: Super Mech League (Ultraman Deluxe Edition) - $20
  65. Re:ZERO: The Prophecy of the Throne (Day One Edition) - $75
  66. Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth - $37
  67. Remothered: Broken Porcelain - $23
  68. Robotics Notes Elite and Dash Double Pack - $40
  69. Rustler - $20
  70. Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package - $33
  71. Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster - $25
  72. Slide Stars - $18
  73. Spirit Hunter NG - $25
  74. Stranded Deep - $33
  75. Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse - $25
  76. Super Street Racer - $18
  77. The House of the Dead Remake (Limidead Edition) - $50
  78. The Outer Worlds - $25
  79. Tormented Souls - $30
  80. Trials of Mana - $27
  81. Unravel Two - $20
  82. Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna The Golden Country - $60
  83. Yu-No: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World - $60
  84. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - $45
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2023.03.28 23:12 ragbagger My Ender 3V2 setup with lots of pictures and descriptions of mods

My Ender 3V2 setup with lots of pictures and descriptions of mods
u/Low-Bet305/ suggested some people might find my setup and settings helpful in a comment in this thread - so here goes. I thought it might be more useful in an Ender focused sub instead of the general 3Dprinting one.

Current setup:

My baby. We have three Enders in the household, but this one is mine and I love to upgrade and tinker with it. The others are closer to stock.
Is all of this really necessary for getting good prints?
Absolutely not. I'm a tinkerer, like to experiment and I have a "fail forward" mindset so I'm constantly adjusting things, adding things, testing, failing, and readjusting until I get the level of success I want. I wouldn't consider any of it truly necessary for the EV2, except for upgrading the weak plastic stock extruder and possibly adding stiffer springs or silicone spacers to the bed. There are a lot of other popular upgrades and mods I've elected not to do as well.
The one essential thing I think is required is to calibrate the printer. I like to use Teaching Tech's calibration guide and love his videos. But there are other guides out there too. There's a lot more to do than just running a temp tower and adjusting e steps if you want acceptably accurate and repeatable results.
Final thought, a lot of you here are a lot more experienced and a lot smarter than me. None of these mods are original, all are ideas I've found here on Reddit, or Facebook, or Discord, or Printables/Thingiverse etc. And you may have better ideas in your setup. The absolute best feature of our machines is the large community around them and how much we share with each other! So I thank you all for your ideas, and maybe this will spark a new idea in somebody else.
Now on to my setup. This is going to be long, with lots of pictures and as many links and details as I can remember. Maybe one or two of you will find it helpful.

Early mods:

I built my printer following The Tomb of 3D Printed Horrors 3V2 Assembly video and had a few successful and a few failed prints.
If you'd prefer to see some old videos of my early days with the printer and the first upgrades I did you can check out my YouTube channel, but I'm not so active with it anymore. I'd like to get back in to it at some point.
My very first mod was also one of my first prints, a filament guide I found on thingiverse.

My original filament guide (in black) with a different version designed to hold a runout sensor (silver)
And that reminds me, the early stuff you should buy to go with along with your printer. I've got a video somewhere on my youtube channel of what I bought but I recommend:
  • a couple rolls of filament (probably start with PLA or PLA+)
  • digital caliper
  • if you want to make functional stuff consider adding an assortment of metric bolts and nuts (I use M3 and M4 sizes the most personally), some 608 bearings, and maybe some magnets
And that's probably it to start. I've added more tools, kits of JST and Dupont connectors and a crimper, wire, extra nozzles and pneumatic couplers and tubing, and various other pieces and parts to my kit as I've gone along. Your needs will vary depending on what you print and how much tinkering you do.
The next upgrades went pretty fast and I don't recall the exact order. I bought most of the non printed ones on Amazon (I'm in the US). Here they are:

Yellow Springs
Replaced the stock springs with the infamous firmer yellow ones.
The yellow springs are stiffer and hold the bed level better than the stock ones. At some point I will probably replace them with silicone spacers. But I bought a bag of 20 springs and it's lasted me a few years.

Metal Extruder and Capricorn tubing kit

Creality Metal Extruder
I cracked the plastic arm on the stock extruder early on (like so many other people) and ordered the Creality metal one. I'm torn on this mod. It works better than the plastic one but it is finicky with the tension. I ended up putting the spring from my original extruder on the this one and it's a bit better. But if I ever feel the need to replace it I'll look at 3rd party options instead.
I also swapped the original bowden tube for Capricorn XS tubing for better heat capacity and less friction. The kit I bought also came with new pneumatic couplers. I've bought many more of those couplers for cheap. They seem to wear out quickly.

R2D2 Extruder Knob

I'm a Star Wars Kid and this is my favorite mod of all.
Purely aesthetic. But its my favorite mod. My printer started with a black and purple theme, but now it's evolving so I printed the blue and silver one currently in use. Want one? The file is free - R2D2 Extruder Knob

BL Touch

I bought a kit that included metal mounts for the Ender 3, Pro and 3V2 along with a 5 pin wire that plugs directly into the stock board instead of splitting between the Z end stop and the board like the early versions did.
Creality has since launched the CR Touch. I can't comment on it or the differences between it and the BL Touch as I have no experience with it.
When I added the BL Touch I had to upgrade the firmware. I went through a few options before settling in on (then, not now) the Jyersm variant of Marlin (I'm currently using mriscoc firmware but more on that later).

Slot Covers - found on Thingiverse

Some variant found on Thingiverse, I've printed many and don't recall which ones these are. I like these for keeping random debris out of the aluminum extrusions. And I change the colors almost as often as I change my 2 year old's diaper.

Raspberry Pi 4 and Pi Cam V2

I bought a Canakit before Pi prices skyrocketed
I added the snap in tray to mount it to the frame this year.
The original file I printed for my camera case/mount has been removed from Thingiverse by the creator and I've been unable to find it on any other site. And I broke it. So the camera is now held on with electrical tape. Guess it's time to design my own. I liked it for the fact the camera was on a ball joint swivel mount so it could move both left and right as well as tilt up and down. Great for getting fun timelapses like these I did early on.

Filament Roller

Filament Roller. I found using good bearings was a bad idea as it rolled too freely. So I found some crappier 608 bearings for cheap and now it works a treat.
It's either this one or some remix, I don't recall exactly.


Octoprint installed on the Raspberry Pi
I use Octoprint to control the printer, do timelapses, create a bed mesh, edit the eeprom, etc. I chose this screen capture so you can see some of the plugins I've added. I love what the ArcWelder plugin does, even if I can't really explain what it does. There's also an ArcWelder plugin for Cura if you don't use Octoprint. And there are a ton more features and plugins to Octoprint than I use. (Mental note to self: update octopi)

Tools and Extra Nozzles

Random mess of tools I tend to use a lot (not the big hex wrenches of course, the little ones that are missing... that I've lost... again.)
At some point I ordered more brass nozzles in various diameters as well as some hardened steel nozzles for more abrasive materials. And my collection of tools seems to evolve and grow. I posted a while back about a few of my more uncommon choices: What “unconventional” tools do you use in your 3D printing?
And we bought a huge rubber made type storage box for our filament. It has a seal around the lid and holds somewhere around 12 to 15 1kg spools at once. I put a cheap humidity sensor in there and we add dessicant to it as needed. It won't dry anything but it seems to work pretty well for keeping already dry filaments in good shape.
And that's it, I think, for the first year mods I did. After that I played with Octoprint and timelapses, made toys for the kids and things for around the house. Then I got frustrated with printing and took a break for a while after a long string of failures on all three of our machines.

Mods and Upgrades2: Electric Boogaloo

The bug hit again and I fired the printer back up. I think, but I'm not positive, some of my frustration was caused by issues with the firmware I was using and how I had set it up. So my first task was to update it, only to find out jyersm had been abandoned by the creator. So I did some research and switched to mriscoc firmware and I've been really happy with it.

I updated the screen firmware in addition to the printer
I'm not going to go into too much detail here. If you want to stay marlin based, and it's suitable for your printer variant, I recommend it. Learn more at There's also a helpful facebook group.

Concrete Paver and foam mat
12x12 concrete paver placed on a foam mat I stole from my child's room
I swear this concrete paver thing is a meme at this point. But it also might actually help. My printer is currently set up on a shaky table. After putting it on the pavemat the printer shakes much less and to my eye my printed walls do look better. So it was worth testing in my opinion. Plus this mod was free as I had the materials on hand.

Light Bar

Creality Light Bar
Frankly, I'm getting older and it's getting harder to see small details. So I bought a light bar to help me out. It's great. I wrote a too long review of the Creality Ender 3 LED light bar if you'd like to learn more.

Minimus hot end cooling system

Minimus Dual 4010 cooling fans variant
This is one of my favorite functional upgrades. It's a no bolts design. The fans housing just lifts off for easy access to the hot end.
You can download it for free at but please consider supporting the designer if you like it by buying one or two of his other designs. There are different versions for a single 4010 blower fan (like the stock setup), dual 4010 fans like I have, as well as options for Noctura and 5015 fans.
Read what printers it fits, as well as what hot ends. There's a lot to unpack but if it fits your setup it's worth it. There are a few options for fan covers the designer has made, or you can remix your own as well as options for different angled ducts to fine tune your cooling if needed, and a tray to add led lights if you are so inclined.
I typically run my cooling fans at 50 to 60% for PLA now, which quiets things down considerably. And I've noticed some improvement in my bridging and overhangs. I'm still tweaking slicer settings to see how good I can get it.
The designer is active here on Reddit sometimes and on the Ender 3V2 Facebook group too.

My first Minimus Water Test
There is also an option for the Armadillo Wire Management which I don't currently have mounted, but I do have the backplate (the pink one in most of the pictures) installed at the moment.
To complete this upgrade, I bought a new 4010 blower fan as well as a new hot end fan (the old one was wearing out and vibrating a lot).

Flexible Coupler and ball bearing

Flexible Coupler with ball bearing
This is a mod I'm iffy on, but it might help some in certain situations. I've played with this a lot. First let me start by saying don't use the flexible coupler by itself. IT SUCKS! It makes my prints way way worse. I wrote a whole long thing on facebook about it. And some folks there suggested I should add a ball bearing. So I did and retested. I think I have a 7mm ball in there, but it might be an 8mm. Can't recall. I didn't notice any improvement over stock on my printer, but it's not any worse either. Honestly, I forgot it was on there until I was taking pictures today.
But it did improve the prints on my wife's printer a lot. Hers is mostly stock and she has always had some noticeable Z binding on her prints. I have two ideas here, first I'm not certain her Z axis stepper motor is aligned and second it's possible her Z lead screw isn't straight. Either way, adding the flexible coupler and ball bearing to her printer has resulted in a noticeable increase in print quality. So, like I stated in the beginning, my feeling is it might help on certain printers that are having Z issues.

Clean and lubed lead screw
While we're talking about the lead screw, I think keeping it clean and lubed is pretty important to print quality so I consider this a mod for this post. Occasionally I'll take mine off, wash it with hot water and dish soap, follow that up with an isopropyl alcohol wipedown and then relube. I've used different lubricants including sewing machine oil, white lithium grease, Boeing T-9 Boeshield (don't ask). Lately I've been using Super Lube because so many people have suggested it. It works. Doesn't seem to trap too much dust either.

Textured PEI bed

ChowThink flexible beds
This is a recent upgrade. I've been quite happy using the stock glass, but its pretty worn down now and prints are having a harder time sticking without using something like hairspray or a glue stick. I have a second glass bed too, but after hearing all the hype about PEI spring steel and asking some questions here on Reddit, I thought I'd give it a try. I haven't used these enough to recommend the brand or not yet. The textured bed does work. Prints stick, then release pretty easily. I've only tried the carbon fiber texture one (not real carbon fiber) once and couldn't get anything to stick. I'll revisit and test some more after a good wash down.
SKR Mini E3 V3.0

SKR Mini E3 V3.0
I loved my older stock 4.2.2 board. It was great, it was quiet. It worked. We've been through a lot together and had no issues. And then I murdered it.
When I swapped my fans out I must have made a bad crimp. The wires let loose, a fan shorted out, and the board went kaput with a crisp "snap" sound accompanied by the faint smell of electrical smoke. I tried checking fuses, inspecting caps in the hopes of maybe replacing one, etc but in the end it just wasn't worth it to me to futz with anymore. So I bought a new printer out of spite and anger.
But I just can't quit you, baby. So a few days later I ordered a SKR Mini E3 and installed it. And while I was at it I changed most my crimps to Dupont connectors.
I'm still learning about the new board and it's features. So I don't have a lot more to say here. Install was pretty straight forward other than getting the 3V2 screen to work with it. But that's well documented and easy to figure out. Many of you can probably tell me more about the board's features than I can tell you.

Ultimaker Cura plugins

Adding plugins to Cura has really helped me improve
After trying a few slicers I settled on Ultimaker Cura. At first, I just used Cura to open files, slice them with the default settings, and send them to the printer. But oh man, does digging in and learning it help out a lot. I'm absolutely no expert here. Watch YouTube videos and use google for questions you have. I have found the following plugins helpful:
Settings Guide - A guide on what settings do and how to use them.
Auto Towers Generator - Allows you to quickly and easily print several types of calibration towers (download OPENscad as well to use full capabilities).
Startup Optimiser - Lets the user optimise the Cura startup time by only loading configuration files for printers that are currently configured in Cura.
OctoPrint Connection - Enables networked printing and monitoring with OctoPrint.
Arc Welder - Converts multiple subsequent G0/G1 moves to G2/G3 arcs. (not needed if you use the Arc Welder plugin in Octoprint instead).

Future Upgrades?

So that's it. All of my mods as of this post. Any future ones in the works? Maybe.
Personally I have no interest in going dual Z or adding linear rails. But that's for me, you may decide those options are worthy of your time and investment.
I've printed out a couple of different runout sensor designs (using an old Z stop) to use in conjunction with either Octoprint or straight to the printer but haven't finished that project up.
The hot end is still stock and I've considered changing to either all metal or adding a bimetal heat break but haven't found I need it yet.
I really want to add ferrules to the power supply cables inside the printer. I should do it. I should have done it long ago. I should have done it when I replaced the main board recently. This is my next mod now that I think about it. It's a safety issue. Way overdue.
My wife wants to make her Ender direct drive and she's also looking at upgrading her hotend to a V6 or something. She's still deciding on that. I'll probably leave this one as a bowden setup if she goes that route.
I'm still torn on whether or not to switch to Klipper. I might, but not any time soon. I don't really want to learn another new system right now.

Final thoughts

Is all this worth it? ? Well, it has been to me. Using, breaking, fixing, upgrading my machine has been a nice hobby alongside actually printing. I've learned a lot and, for the most part, enjoyed it along the way. Yes, I'm quite sure I've spent more on upgrades than the original purchase price. But I've also spent way less than I could have going out barhopping and skirt chasing, or on any number of other hobbies.
These are my last several prints. I'm happy with them. In the end, that's all that matters regardless of mods or add-ons or experience.
No bunny business

If you like them you can find the file here: I used the basic stl file and added my own fuzzy skin settings in Cura.
And I'll mention again: with good setup and calibration I still believe you can get perfectly acceptable prints with a stock setup. But for me, and maybe you, upgrading and modding is part of the fun and the experience of owning an Ender.
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2023.03.28 22:58 Zeebrahspots Forerunner 955 solar vs 965 battery life with music ?

Hi guys So i just bought a 955 solar Im keeping it sealed till I decide on 955 solar or 965 My concern is - I can see that apparently it says 965 has a better battery life? Im confused and trying to find a clear answer. For me its usually important to be running with music (bluetooth headset) + hrm dual (bluetooth?) + RDpod. With connection to these devices + maybe SatIQ? What would be the battery life on the 966 or 955 solar? Apparently it says has about 10.5hrs battery life + music and 955 has about 8,5? Thats worrying because then Id just opt for the 965.. Anybody have more info on this? Ive tried watching numerous videos Desfit and dcrainmaker arent making 955 vs 965 videos since theyre too similar I guess? Also my question is - how effective is solar charging? Can I charge while out running or cycling? Thats why I opted for solar because I spend alot of time in the sun running cycling and sometimes multi day hikes too. Is it possible for the watch to charge while doing an activity? Ive had the Fr245m and not too bothered about titanium bezel or amoled (have an apple watch) the FR965 just reminds me of a samsung watch- also ive never smashed the plastic casing on my garmin 245 to pieces so i think its ok. Ive also always just used standard gps+glonass etc so i dont think ill ever have to use the multiband sats etc. Only concern : Forerunner 955 solar vs 965 Battery life with music hrm dual and RDpod (Hopefully in the future no need for rdpod if native power metrics come to the 955 software)
Thanks guys for any input
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2023.03.28 22:55 Ok_Win_3538 Endeavor vs Toya: Death & Rebirth

Alright I think it's been well documented by now my stance on Dabi/Toya and what his ultimate fate will likely be when fighting Endeavor and this goes double for Endeavor himself. However something I never really considered that someone brought up in a Twitter Space; where would be the best place for a fight between Dabi and Endeavor to occur? There are really only two options and one makes a lot more sense than the other one.
  1. The Old Todoroki House
  2. Sekoto Peak
Now of these two locations; Sekoto peak makes the MOST sense because that is literally where Toya 'died' the first time; but the thing is? He didn't die. He clung to life even if barely and AFO walked through the flames and found him.
So what better place for Endeavor and Toya to meet up once again for a fight to the death. Sekoto peak is also an ideal location because of the climate, the massive rainstorm is still going to weaken Endeavor but Dabi is burning so hot that the rain isn't going to do much. So the best thing for Endeavor to do is lead Toya into a location where its a lot colder even if that would also put him at a disadvantage, both him and Dabi are practically on deaths door at this point, Dabi more so than Endeavor.
Ultimately what I think is going to happen here is that Dabi and Endeavor are going to burn each other out. They are both going to die but only one of them is gonna stay dead and this is where quirk singularity comes into play.
What I think it is going to take for Dabi's quirk to reach full singularity is he is going to literally have to become a pile of ashes and it'll be at that moment, when his body has reached its hard limit and he's shed all his flesh, bone, muscle and nerves and he's nothing more than a pile of ashes; THEN the evolution kicks in and just like a phoenix, the ashes burn into flames and Dabi is reborn. Though now? Looking more like this:
However now unlike born, having been literally reborn, he no longer harbors his mothers weak genes, he's in essence a perfected version of a fire user in MHA. If I had to make a comparison to anything, Dabi would essentially become Ace./Sabo from one piece; a fire logia basically.
However Dabi's fire would be WAY hotter and he would be able to manipulate it however he wants and he no longer would suffer the overheating issue because he wouldn't have a normal body anymore, he would basically be a living flame with a mind and a soul, his quirk having basically perfectly fused with him like AFO and Shigaraki.
Now you may be asking who would be able to stop Dabi then at this point? Shoto of course and if Shoto is there to witness the death of Endeavor and also the 'rebirth' of Toya/Dabi? Can you imagine the emotional distress Shoto would be under in that instance? Especially considering Dabi would be super fucking petty about it and probably quite literally dance on Endeavors ashes because he's THAT kind of asshole? Yeah, Shoto would snap and the result would be Shoto in a sense, doing what Dabi did originally with his flames after he learned Phosphor and he just ignites himself entirely in his cold flames(I made an entire post about it, check it out.).
This is when we basically get the Zuko vs Azula fight but on steroids.
And the way I think Shoto defeats Dabi in this instance is actually very similar to how Aang defeats the firelord now that I think about it. So what I think would happen is, Shoto would use whatever ultimate attack he has on Dabi and this attack would be a super concentrated blast of his cold flames and using the science behind it all, Shoto uses his cold flames to in a sense not kill Dabi, but smotheseal or even basically 'kill' his quirk.
Shoto's Phosphor attack basically nulls combustion and flame at its source, so what if Shoto basically used that to shut off Dabi's quirk rendering him effectively quirkless is my idea here because I don't think Shoto would attempt to try and flat out murder Dabi no matter how angry he managed to get unless he seriously hurt someone Shoto loved like his mother or something.
Shoto would have the very expected line of thinking of
"Okay, I could kill you but that wouldn't solve much and that would be letting you off the hook for your crimes; so what I am going to do is take away your quirk the only way that I CAN DO IT and your going to rot in jail while I become the hero I always wanted to be and that you could have been had you just late your hatred go."
I feel like that would be a very poetic way of going about it and it would actually make sense with how their quirks work and interact. So yeah, that's just a theory though ,this could be totally wrong and I could just be talking; who knows.
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2023.03.28 22:45 phxsubdad Bottles vs. vacuum sealing?

Everyone! It looks and things I am about to come into a massive harvest over the next few weeks... This is my first time. I've seen people putting them in mason jars with O2 packets, does vacuum sealing (in bags) work for long-term storage just as well? I have a great vacuum sealer and a bunch of bags and it would be a lot easier to store if I can do it that way. Or is a bottle butter? Thank you!
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2023.03.28 22:42 Zeebrahspots Forerunner 955 solar vs 965 battery life?

Hi guys So i just bought a 955 solar Im keeping it sealed till I decide on 955 solar or 965 My concern is - I can see that apparently it says 965 has a better battery life? Im confused and trying to find a clear answer. For me its usually important to be running with music (bluetooth headset) + hrm dual (bluetooth?) + RDpod. With connection to these devices + maybe SatIQ? What would be the battery life on the 966 or 955 solar? Apparently it says has about 10.5hrs battery life + music and 955 has about 8,5? Thats worrying because then Id just opt for the 965.. Anybody have more info on this? Ive tried watching numerous videos Desfit and dcrainmaker arent making 955 vs 965 videos since theyre too similar I guess? Also my question is - how effective is solar charging? Can I charge while out running or cycling? Thats why I opted for solar because I spend alot of time in the sun running cycling and sometimes multi day hikes too. Is it possible for the watch to charge while doing an activity? Ive had the Fr245m and not too bothered about titanium bezel or amoled (have an apple watch) the FR965 just reminds me of a samsung watch- also ive never smashed the plastic casing on my garmin 245 to pieces so i think its ok. Ive also always just used standard gps+glonass etc so i dont think ill ever have to use the multiband sats etc. Only concern : Forerunner 955 solar vs 965 Battery life with music hrm dual and RDpod (Hopefully in the future no need for rdpod if native power metrics come to the 955 software)
Thanks guys for any input
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2023.03.28 22:36 Tarrax_Ironwolf Suction cups

I'm getting quite annoyed with the suction cups of a few pieces of equipment releasing from the glass. I'm thinking of using a little bit of aquarium silicone in the cup to lock in that seal. Is this advisable or does anyone else have a better technique to make a near permanent seal? TIA
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2023.03.28 21:59 chempro06 VOCs Maxing Out

VOCs Maxing Out
Has anyone else encountered an issue where the VOC sensor goes completely berserk? I have placed an Airthings monitor adjacent to the thermostat and the numbers from the Airthings are reasonable while the levels given by the Ecobee Premium are absurd.
I went through 3 conversations with support where I reset the thermostat, applied duct seal in the hole, was told off for not using enough duct seal, and so forth.
Finally, they agreed to provide a courtesy exchange, but can someone chime in if these completely wild numbers could ever be rectified by a reset? It looks like the sensor has failed.
Also, for support's reference: Some plumbers putty products emit VOCs, so the troubleshooting step may be causing trouble.
I have prepared a figure comparing the numbers from the Ecobee and Airthings. On March 22nd, the Ecobee went from a little high to maxed out. No one was home at that time and no VOCs were being used.

Ecobee vs Airthings Wave Plus (2 feet apart)
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2023.03.28 21:47 thecannarella Vinyl and Aluminum window replacement

House was built in '99 original part has aluminum windows that sweat like a mother in the winter and suck the heat our of the room. The sunroom addition that was done in 2006 by the old homeowner has vinyl but several seals are failing and they are getting moisture on the inside.
What should I look for from a window company in regards to materials and installation methods? Vinyl vs Fiberglass, Insert vs Frame Replacement
One company that would do a vinyl insert where they would cut the existing window flanges and slide in a new window unit. This seems to be the easy way out and not sure how well it would seal from the elements. Also it looks like it would reduce the existing window opening size.
Another company came and offered fiberglass as a whole frame replacement. Obviously more time and labor but seemed to be more complete along with being a better solution for keeping out the elements.
In the long run is the frame replacement the way to go over inserts? Is there an in-between method I need to look for?
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2023.03.28 21:05 77GoldenTails Shower Cover Plates, seal or not?

Shower Cover Plates, seal or not?
We have a shower cubical with a Mira Excel shower fitted. It was there when we moved in and I’ll claim no responsibility of its quality of install.
I’ve noticed today that the pipe cover plates, which do sit flush with the wall, have no seals round them. Should I be siliconing them to the wall? The apertures seem to be a bit larger than the instructions suggest, so at some edges they do but barely cover the hole.
The shower itself I’m pretty sure is just regular plasterboard, tiled over. So not the best idea. We have had a leak from the shower in the past and haven’t used it for a few years. We all use the en-suite instead. I’ve recently redone all the silicone round the door, corners and whole shower door frame. I’m now wondering if this was part of the problem.
Should I just seal it? The instructions, online don’t make any mention that I can see. Maybe it’s just standard practice.
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2023.03.28 20:55 BlockchainDaemon How Likely is Bitcoin to Reach $1 Million in the Next Cycle?

There’s been a lot of talk about Bitcoin’s potential to one day reach $1 million per coin – possibly within the next few years.
But is that a reasonable assumption? Here are the data points to consider when assessing Bitcoin’s likelihood of reaching seven figures.

The Halving Cycle

Bitcoin’s monetary issuance schedule is designed to cut the rate of newly issued coins every 210,000 blocks – roughly once every 4 years. These “halvings” are known to be a major catalyst for Bitcoin bull markets, and have thus far unfailingly sent the asset to new all-time highs within two years of their arrival.
Historically, Bitcoin halving cycles peak within 368 to 550 days after the halving, and bottom within 779 to 914 days. Crypto analyst filbfilb on Twitter uses those tops and bottoms to form a “Bitcoin price curve” from which new cycle tops and bottoms can be roughly approximated.
Going by the curve, the analyst projects new tops of over $200,000 per coin in 2025, and $500,000 per coin in 2029.
6/22 Assuming Bitcoin Peaks and troughs in a similar fashion to before; here is the key outcomes for the next two cycles based off this model. >$200k 2025, and $500k in 2029. — filbfilb (@filbfilb) March 28, 2023
As for the reasonability that Bitcoin could be valued that highly, he noted that the asset could be viewed by markets as a “flight to safety” asset, such as when it appreciated following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Silvergate Bank this month.
“Wealth is mid-transfer from the Boomer generation to the Millennials, who will look to protect their assets like all other generations,” he wrote. “They are likely to do this via means they are familiar with – i.e. digital means.”

Bitcoin VS Gold

The analyst also compared Bitcoin to gold – a historical safe-haven asset that currently has an estimated market cap of roughly $13 trillion. Bitcoin and gold are often noted for their similarities in being forms of fixed-supply money that can be used to escape currency devaluation. Both have shown signs of growth this year as the Federal Reserve announced plans to inject liquidity into the banking system.
Filbfilb noted that if Bitcoin were to entirely capture gold’s market cap, its price per coin would reach $670,000 – though gold is unlikely to be completely devalued.
“Over time, I suspect that two things will happen; a repricing of risk (and therefore the assets which represent risk-off) and a shift from physical to digital, in the same way, we have seen with everything else,” he concluded.
Wealthy tech investors Cathie Wood and Balaji Srinivasan have both predicted that Bitcoin can reach $1 million in recent months. The latter has claimed that this may occur in as quickly as 90 days, placing a $2 million bet that imminent hyperinflation will drive its price to the sky.
By contrast, Wood expects Bitcoin to reach that target by “no later than 2032” – which flibflib says is a “reasonable” assumption.
“I recently stated $180k is the target next cycle; I will stick to that for now,” he concluded.
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2023.03.28 19:48 ImmediateSea8021 Is this usable for a breeder box? I'm guessing no but it is food safe

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2023.03.28 19:35 dscloser [CA-ON] [H] Osume Keycaps, PCB [W] PayPal

Hello, I am looking to sell some keycaps and PCBs.

Item Description Price
Osume Keycaps Dalgona Hangul - Sealed never opened $99 + ship
H88C PCB South Facing - desoldered once $40 + ship

Thank you for taking a look. Please comment before sending a pm.
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2023.03.28 19:24 GreenieTGO Kirby Theory [UPDATED]

Are the Ancients part of Magolor’s heritage?
Let’s start with his name alone.
~ VS Hyness (The Ultimate Choice, Phase 2), Kirby Star Allies
~ VS Corrupted Hyness (Phase 2), Kirby Star Allies
Next is the Lore Starcutter:
~ VS Lor EX & Magolor, Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland
His past is unknown, but his knowledge of the universe’s treasures isn’t something to ignore.
~ Magolor, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe, and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland
Now before you lash out on me, I don’t think he’s part of the Jambastian clan. There are two sets of Ancients after all. I think he’s part of the Technology Clan, rather than the Magic Clan that we all know and love.
~ Vs Landia EX, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe, and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland
Void Termina did use the Master Crown, but its energy is in the form of a rainbow, meaning that it’s part of its memory. Backing up that evidence, Dark Matter himself used the Rainbow sword that he was defeated by– which was also casted by a rainbow, and when Void Termina had enough of Kirby’s resistance, the Body of it did indeed disappear, so we can assume that it’s simply a calculated coincidence.
~Long Dead MiiVerse Post referencing by a post from Kumasaki himself, 12/06/2016 3:27pm
I think what happened to Magolor was two things:
Part of his dialogue in Magolor’s Epilogue regards that once his powers are maxed out, he’s afraid of furthering his power even further… It may be due to the fact that he lost control of himself last time.
That probably means that he’s not used to wielding magic. On top of this, the fact that he does wield magic excites him. His dialogue, while silly and occasionally childish and mischievous, also gives his character as an excited scientist discovering new things. If he was part of the Magic clan, that means that this would be a la-de-bla to him.
~ Magolor, Magolor’s Epilogue, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe
A set of his magical powers during his cutscenes also has gears faintly in the background. This could be brushed off as him needing gears for the Lor Starcutter, but even so, it means his knowledge of technology is no small feat.
Slightly unrelated– there is something that caught my eye.
~ Magolor, Magolor’s Epilogue, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe
Who is he talking about? There are 3 scenarios, one that’s plausible, one that can be immediately thrown away, but still needs to be addressed, and one that’s a tossup.
~ VS Susie 2.0, Planet Robobot.
~ Vs. Holo Doomers, Planet Robobot
~ Vs. Holo Doomers 2.0, Planet Robobot.
~ Hyness, Kirby Star Allies
~ Conversation in The Official Kirby Twitter, 9:01 November 15th, 2018.
~ Conversation in The Official Kirby Twitter, 9:00 PM November 28th 2018
~ Magolor, Magolor’s Epilogue, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe
In short, I probably have no idea what I’m talking about, and Magolor’s backstory is very interesting and left ambiguous. While many of them are facts, some are just speculation and thoughts living rent free in my mind. Be kind, and remember it’s just a theory.
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2023.03.28 18:53 FanStew (Spoilers Main) The Real Reason for how Jon's story ends in Dance

I want you to put yourself in the shoes of a random member of the Nights Watch near the end of Dance. The last year has been a truly awful time. About a year ago Mormont led 300 men north of the wall and about 30 of them returned. Now Bowen Marsh has just told you that your lord commander is planning a journey to Hardhome that is effectively another Great Ranging, but this time it’s worse in every way. Last time the rangers didn’t know what they were walking into, now you know you know you’ll be walking into an organized force of wildlings led by the Weeper (known as the Weeper because he leaves severed heads with scooped out eyes that look like they’re weeping blood). Somehow even worse there’s also the Others, those mythical bogymen that you just learned were real and will attack in force with an army of corpses in the middle of the night (to accentuate the point Bowen tells you about Cotter Pyke’s “Dead things in the water” letter). Even better, Bowen explains to you that the goal of this ranging is to rescue wildlings (the people that were your main enemy until a couple of months ago) and put even more strain on the perilous food situation. Bowen makes it clear that this plan will doom the Watch and then he suggests the unthinkable.
I am arguing that Jon was stabbed because of his planned ranging to Hardhome and not the march on Winterfell. It fits the story better in two ways

1. It’s a more consistent motivation

The opening of this post should make it clear how the Night’s Watch would feel about Jon’s plan to go to Hardhome. It's hard to imagine how anyone who was in Castle Black before the Great Ranging wouldn't see this as an obvious suicide mission.
The reason to stab Jon over the Pink Letter is because it represents Jon breaking his vows and interfering in Westerosi politics. There’s just one problem, Bowen isn't actually against picking sides. He just wants to pick the winning side. At the beginning of Dance/Feast it makes sense to fear the Lannisters' wrath but it doesn't make as much sense after Cercei has almost destroyed their political power and confirmed some of the incestuous rumors about herself. Stannis' cause is also looking better having freed Deepwood and earned the support of the Glovers, the mountain clans, and even the Iron Bank.
"Lord Stannis helped us when we needed help," Marsh said doggedly, "but he is still a rebel, and his cause is doomed. As doomed as we'll be if the Iron Throne marks us down as traitors. We must be certain that we do not choose the losing side."
"It is not my intent to choose any side," said Jon, "but I am not as certain of the outcome of this war as you seem to be, my lord. Not with Lord Tywin dead." If the tales coming up the kingsroad could be believed, the King's Hand had been murdered by his dwarf son whilst sitting on a privy. Jon had known Tyrion Lannister, briefly. He took my hand and named me friend. It was hard to believe the little man had it in him to murder his own sire, but the fact of Lord Tywin's demise seemed to be beyond doubt. "The lion in King's Landing is a cub, and the Iron Throne has been known to cut grown men to ribbons."
"A boy he may be, my lord, but … King Robert was well loved, and most men still accept that Tommen is his son. The more they see of Lord Stannis the less they love him, and fewer still are fond of Lady Melisandre with her fires and this grim red god of hers. They complain."
-Jon III
This is fairly early in Dance and we see that Bowen simply doesn’t want to back a doomed king. Literally all of the news they could receive from this point on would indicate that Jon was correct. It's possible that the Wall isn't aware of Cercei's situation but they definitely know about Stannis and his victories. They also know about the Iron Bank backing Stannis which is obviously a huge sign that he is far from doomed.
It’s notable that, unlike the food situation, Bowen doesn’t really press the need to avoid backing Stannis after this scene. This is in line with him realizing that Stannis is actually succeeding. His future complaints are based on the food shortage and his anti-wildling sentiment, both of which are the problems he presents on Hardhome shortly before the stabbing.
It was the same again with Hardhome. Satin poured whilst Jon told them of his audience with the queen. Marsh listened attentively, ignoring the mulled wine, whilst Yarwyck drank one cup and then another. But no sooner had Jon finished than the Lord Steward said, "Her Grace is wise. Let them die."
Jon sat back. "Is that the only counsel you can offer, my lord? Tormund is bringing eighty men. How many should we send? Shall we call upon the giants? The spearwives at Long Barrow? If we have women with us, it may put Mother Mole's people at ease."
"Send women, then. Send giants. Send suckling babes. Is that what my lord wishes to hear?" Bowen Marsh rubbed at the scar he had won at the Bridge of Skulls. "Send them all. The more we lose, the fewer mouths we'll have to feed."
Yarwyck was no more helpful. "If the wildlings at Hardhome need saving, let the wildlings here go save them. Tormund knows the way to Hardhome. To hear him talk, he can save them all himself with his huge member."

2. The timing makes more sense

This is a condensed version of the end of Jon XIII beginning from the arrival of the Pink Letter
Mully had not been wrong; the old steward was trembling, his face as pale as the snows outside. “I am being foolish, Lord Commander, but … this letter frightens me. See here?”
Bastard, was the only word written outside the scroll. No Lord Snow or Jon Snow or Lord Commander. Simply Bastard. And the letter was sealed with a smear of hard pink wax. “You were right to come at once,” Jon said. You were right to be afraid. He cracked the seal, flattened the parchment, and read.
[Jon silently reads the Pink Letter]
“Snow?” said Tormund Giantsbane. “You look like your father’s bloody head just rolled out o’ that paper.”
Jon Snow did not answer at once. “Mully, help Clydas back to his chambers. The night is dark, and the paths will be slippery with snow. Satin, go with them.” He handed Tormund Giantsbane the letter. “Here, see for yourself.”
They talked for the best part of two hours.
[Jon goes to the Shieldhall and announces Hardhome and his planned march south]
Yarwyck and Marsh were slipping out, he saw, and all their men behind them. It made no matter. He did not need them now. He did not want them. No man can ever say I made my brothers break their vows. If this is oathbreaking, the crime is mine and mine alone. Then Tormund was pounding him on the back, all gap-toothed grin from ear to ear. “Well spoken, crow. Now bring out the mead! Make them yours and get them drunk, that’s how it’s done. We’ll make a wildling o’ you yet, boy. Har!”
“I will send for ale,” Jon said, distracted. Melisandre was gone, he realized, and so were the queen’s knights. I should have gone to Selyse first.
She has the right to know her lord is dead. “You must excuse me. I’ll leave you to get them drunk.”
“Har! A task I’m well suited for, crow. On your way!”
Horse and Rory fell in beside Jon as he left the Shieldhall. I should talk with Melisandre after I see the queen, he thought. If she could see a raven in a storm, she can find Ramsay Snow for me. Then he heard the shouting … and a roar so loud it seemed to shake the Wall. “That come from Hardin’s Tower, m’lord,” Horse reported. He might have said more, but the scream cut him off.
[Jon gets stabbinated]
The timing of the stabbing is the real killer here. Critically, only Thormund knows that the pink letter says Stannis is dead before the announcement at the Shieldhall. The seal on the letter was unbroken so Clydas couldn’t have read it before giving it to Jon. This means that even if you believe that Bowen is still afraid of backing Stannis then he only learned that Stannis lost at the same time as the rest of the Watch.
After Bowen walks out of the Shieldhall, Jon and Thormund have a four sentence long conversation and Jon immediately leaves. If it was the Pink Letter that triggered the stabbing then Bowen would have had about a minute to get everyone on board. Whereas if the trigger was Jon telling him about his plan for Hardhome then he would have had minimum the two hours Jon spent talking with Thormund.

Why does this matter

This doesn’t really effect the plot directly. Jon’s been stabbed and there’s about to be conflict between the wildlings/loyalists and the mutineers. In terms of plot the reason for the stabbing is irrelevant now that it’s happened. What this theory does do is expose Jon’s faults as a leader.
Jon’s first problem is that he’s too stubborn. Three of the four people he discusses the plan with are vehemently against it. Selyse, Bowen, and Yarwyck all tell Jon not to send any men north, they view it as a suicide mission. Jon ignores them all outright. In all of Dance there isn’t really a moment that he defers to his advisors. They may as well not bother and this leads to an alienation that would see Bowen resort to stabbing Jon. Another great example of this are the appointments of Leathers, and especially Satin. These are relatively minor decisions and letting Bowen and Yarwyck have input on them would show he at least respects their opinions even if he’s going against them on the bigger decisions. Jon doesn’t even concede that much.
Secondly it really shows just how out of touch Jon is with his men that he doesn't even consider them pushing back against another large ranging after what happened to the last one months ago. He just assumes they will all blindly follow orders and go on what clearly looks like a worse-than-pointless suicide mission. What’s kind of weird is that Jon is going directly against Ned’s example
Back at Winterfell, they had eaten in the Great Hall almost half the time. Her father used to say that a lord needed to eat with his men, if he hoped to keep them. "Know the men who follow you," she heard him tell Robb once, "and let them know you. Don't ask your men to die for a stranger." At Winterfell, he always had an extra seat set at his own table, and every day a different man would be asked to join him. One night it would be Vayon Poole, and the talk would be coppers and bread stores and servants. The next time it would be Mikken, and her father would listen to him go on about armor and swords and how hot a forge should be and the best way to temper steel. Another day it might be Hullen with his endless horse talk, or Septon Chayle from the library, or Jory, or Ser Rodrik, or even Old Nan with her stories.
-A Game of Thrones - Arya II
Jon fails at this so spectacularly it’s kind of amazing. He almost always eats alone and shuns the casual company of his men. It’s clear that Ned was more concerned with preparing Robb for command than Jon but you think he’d have learned at least as much as Arya.
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2023.03.28 17:42 nc_brz Solution for 17+ spoiler holes

Solution for 17+ spoiler holes
The best way I found to cover the very front spoiler holes when converting to a ducktail spoiler was getting a set of pop clips and paint matching them and using clear silicone to seal them to the trunk. The spoiler fits right over top of them like normal and you barely notice them.
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