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Vancouver-centric issues for trans people

2014.08.11 18:06 vancitygal Vancouver-centric issues for trans people

We welcome all binary and non-binary trans, gender diverse and Two-Spirit peoples (as well as allies) who live in the Greater Vancouver area (and all of BC) to share resources and tips on the unceded territories of the xʷməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish), Stó:lō and Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) peoples.

2023.03.28 01:47 ZombieBrusselSprouts Specialized medical healthcare directives (IL)

UC San Diego created a medical directive specifically for stroke care therapy coordination (COAST). It’s the first of its kind and is specifically for UCSD patients. Can I have a similar valid, legal document authored, or, am I stuck with the usual generic forms?
COAST explanation COAST form
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2023.03.28 01:31 jbs170 I'm saving up for my first investment property. Need advice on type and location

I graduated last summer and currently have no debt. I have a nice job and am saving a decent amount at the end of the month. I'm currently locking my savings into a HYSA with the intention of picking an apartment by this time next year. I expect to have around 35k-40k ready for a down payment by then. I m from Tucson but have found that real estate in the city is fairly expensive especially for the size of the town. I visited San Antonio in January and it felt like a better place to invest as it's bigger and growing faster while checking apartments I found they were much less expensive with many 2 bedroom apartments going under 200k. I'm hoping by next year rates come down a bit to make more sense but could possibly talk to my parents and get them to loan the money at a lower rate. My questions are. What are your opinions on the Tucson , Phoenix and San Antonio real estate markets and what type of properties you would recommend for a first time buyer(thinking an apartment would make sense since they're newer and also have more amenities than a similar price home. Any advice or thoughs i should consider
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2023.03.28 01:19 novgarr87 How to deal with a mixed-faith, deteriorated marriage?

Probably this has been discussed many times in this sub. However, I ask for some advice/opinions.
So I'm 35M, married 5 years ago with a "daughter of the covenant", she's still TBM. I was convert at 26 (2014), so didn't serve a mission.
My shelf began to break slowly from 2016 to 2020 (check my profile for details). Now the only things that links me to TSCC are known people, some friends, my wife, some dusty books, memories and my still-not-sent resign letter.
I now practice actively a non-Abrahamic religion (with the support and company of a loving, non-judgmental small group that doesn't demand money nor big amounts of time), with a bit of my local native spirituality, so now I'm enjoying a lovely, healthy spiritual life.
Got married basically bc we met (2017) in kinda "spiritual circumstances (aka confirmation bias)". However, we were both almost SA and we got really horny. We fucked many, MANY times before marriage, and got married/sealed only 6 months after we started our relationship, all of this while being exemplar members lmao no need to say that we lied at the interviews.
In some aspect, we let sex define our relationship. And besides knowing too little each other, that was a big mistake.
I didn't know that she wasn't really willing to help cleaning the house, she's really messy and the order and cleanliness of our house has been a fighting topic.
When she leaves to her hometown once a month (3 hours away by bus), I have my opportunity to clean the house. I always found dripped oil, partially rotten food inside the oven, dirty fridge with rotten leaves from vegetables, sliced fruit with mold, crumbs everywhere. The last weekend before last New Year I was for 2 days in all-fours cleaning the kitchen, her side of the bed, and so on. Yep, I spent Christmas 2022 weekend cleaning the house, focused in the kitchen while she... Was enjoying a barbecue with her family. In her hometown.
I also am an introverted person, with MADD and possibly (according to my psychologist) a low-level autistic, so I need to be mentally prepared when someone comes to my house.
She has a really dependant, toxic relationship with her mom. Basically, she never accepted that her little baby left the house and thinks that our house is an extension of hers.
Besides that, she came to visit with uninvited and unexpected people too more than once, which was very violent to me. I had anxious crisis bc of that, and had strong discussions with my wife. During her violent visits, I just slept in my parent's house. When she came with the biggest amount of people, along with the dirty house, that detonated that we were separated for 8 months.
We experienced a hard time by the end of last year, after the both of us hadn't a job. Now that I found a job (hotel receptionist, night shifts), better paid than the previous one, she accepted to be a Seminary teacher, and the secretary of branch RS. Also, she works 2 shifts a week cleaning the house of a member (pretty ironic).
So the sum of all of this, is that it seems that now that I'm working, she's just contented with her small money contribution (that I'm pretty sure she's tithing) for the payment of rent and bills, and doesn't want to work bc she has more responsibilities at TSCC and more contact with members.
I really feel that at some point, she'll choose church over me. She's now doing it, by priorizing church/responsibilities before getting a job and helping me to pay for the place where we both live. But she's willing to tithe, pay for temple trips and buy materials for the seminary classes.
Sex has also declined. It changed from 2x-3x/day at the beginning, to once a day, to 4x a week... And not as great as before.
On the other hand... My wife refuses to care about herself and appearance (she has health problems and severe risk of diabetes, and eats sweets like she was committed to end them all).
I always tried to make her feel like a princess. But she only cares about her appearance when it's church or family related. She applies makeup, put the cute earrings, dresses and necklaces I bought her, shave her legs, uses perfume and so on. But for me... Quite the opposite, I won't detail. Let's say that at home, I see a beggar.
I feel scammed by her and TSCC which always insisted that one should marry ASAP with a good-standing member and everything was gonna be happy for eternity. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
I also have a friend... And I'm starting to have feelings for her. But I'm repressing it since she lives far, far away (we just met a few days ago and it was amazing)... and maybe it's bc I'm experiencing a decent behavior from a close opposite-sex person for the first time in a long time. I've been out of market for a while.
And talking about my current religion, I also feel strongly by my wife's attitudes, that she doesn't respect my decision (I can understand that she doesn't agree, but disrespect is another level). The typical "he's doing that shit again 🙄" with rolled eyes vibe, when I'm praying/making offerings/meditating before my home altar.
So... What would you guys do in my situation? I can anticipate some of the answers, but before explaining my reasons, I'll let you write.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.28 01:15 Daniel_Ketch 36 [M4F] #SanJose Let's Masturbate Together

I can host in San Jose. I'm right off the 85 on Blossom Hill Road.
I'm looking for someone who would like to kickback on the couch with some wine, beer or cocktail and masturbate to some porn. It's way hotter to masturbate together then masturbate alone! If you have a vibrator or toy that helps you get off then bring it! If you'd like a towel on the couch let me know. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Also feel free to use the shower after if you'd like. This is all about having a chill, open and safe place to get yourself off.
I'm 36, fit, 6ft, 185lbs, toned body, take care of myself, health is a big thing for me, and I love masturbating (obviously 🤣).
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2023.03.28 01:02 monkeyrain753 Court Reporter Needs Laptop!

I am located in San Antonio, Texas. I am a court reporter who uses a CAT software (Eclipse Vox) and Dragon. This is what the recommendation is on the website: We recommend an i7 processor running at 3.5 GHz or above, 16 or more gigabytes of RAM, a solid-state hard disk (SSD), Dragon 15, and configuration by an expert. Processes should be kept to a minimum.

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2023.03.28 00:57 ApocalypseErik March 27th, 2020: Day 13

March 27th (Afternoon)
Day number thirteen- Lucky thirteen! Slept through the entire morning after being on watch last night. Since we're standing by at the moment there was no reason not to. A ragtag combined force with Third Platoon and elements from the Reserve and from D-Co are currently clearing the much larger mesa to the south, with the canyon team moving alongside them to clear the canyon in between our two mesas. So while they do that, our orders are to sit tight and call in any Zack that we see shambling around below. Shame that we can't take potshots at them from up here, but between the distance and the shrubbery blocking our sight it'd be a bit of a trick to score that all-crucial headshot. The bosses don't want us wasting ammo on unlikely shots, which is fair. We're not quite “Whites of their eyes” levels of desperate, but all the same you can't afford to be wasteful of anything these days.
All in all, looks like I'll be spending my afternoon walking the edge of the mesa and keeping an eye on things below. There's been a fair amount of Zack around, so it's a chore worth doing. The Z-population is higher than what we saw behind us, which I think is a combination of Sabinoso being a pre-war wilderness preserve and the fact of canyons being container terrain. With the population increasing, it's starting to feel like an actual military campaign and not just a country hike. I'm glad for that, feels like we're finally starting to do our part.
After we finish up in Sabinoso it'll be a pretty straight shot to Texas, at which point we'll start seeing significantly more pre-war civilization. That should certainly spice things up. I always wanted to visit Texas, it seems like its own kind of place. Shame that we won't pass by the Alamo, but at least we won't have to clear San Antonio. I'll take that tradeoff any day.

Live from the drive,
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2023.03.28 00:56 TenacityDGC7203 Hey everyone, introducing myself

Hey everyone, introducing myself
Still fairly new to reddit and keep coming across groups like this one that I didn't know existed =P I'm in various cosplay groups on facebook but figured I'd join in here as well.
I'm from San Antonio, last time I was able to get to a con in my kit was the last PAX South in January 2021, before they closed it down indefinitely after covid. That was also the first big con I'd worn my kit to, prior to that was mostly halloween and more small scale / private parties.
Here's my current kit, hasn't changed since PAX South '21. Planning to rebuild it all this year though. This was the second kit I've built, the first was quite a bit more rough with plenty of mistakes made, I ended up selling that one to another cosplayer and built the one I currently have.
All of the armor except the helmet and gauntlets were hand made by me, the helm/gauntlets were 3d printed by april storm props from etsy (very high quality, definitely recommend - the helmet even has built in cooling / antifogging fans!). Armor is made from 6mm sintra, and in most places is double layers 'riveted' together with chicago screws to get a bulkier and more detailed look.
The pistol was resin cast but I did the paint/detailing on it. The rifle was a Rubie's EE3, which I cut apart, added a wood stock and extended barrel, and scope/underbarrel to, along with all of the leather wrapping. All the leather work is done by myself as well. Made the cape/pelt from faux fur and added 'teeth' from a halloween prop to make the claws up front.
Flight suit is my Grandfather's air force flight suit. I sewed the flak vest myself, all of the plates as well as the pelt/cape are attached with magnets sewn into the vest and parts.
Some shots from pax south:
My daughter in the little jedi outfit I put together for her =P
Met two ahsokas, a kanan jarrus, and a plo koon!
I was getting stopped like every 10 feet by people wanting pictures
My brother in his last minute jedi cosplay
Also have a few doctored/photoshopped pics that look much better IMO:
I named this persona/character "Lynx Eldar". Lynx has been my gamertag for over 20 years now and kind of a nickname I used to go by, and the Eldar Clan is one of the mandalorian resistance clans that joined up with Clan Kryze and Clan Wren to fight against the galactic empire. Clan Eldar was nomadic, never designated a clan leader after the death of their founder Tulk'va Eldar, and was known for fielding some of the best scouts, forward recon, trackers, and hunters the Mandalorian clans had to offer. I planned this character out as a Beast HunteHandler, and he's got several trophies adorning his armor including a nexu claw, teeth, lightsaber crystals, a Dathomir Raven Skull, and the obvious animal pelt worn around his shoulders.
Here's a shot of my first mando kit, obviously nowhere near as good =P

I'm planning to re-invent my current kit with some better quality armor plates, a new flightsuit, and new colors. Going with Black and Green, the colors of Clan Eldar.
On a semi-related note, I'm currently working on vinyl wrapping and mandofying my truck:
Will be doing this dark green wrap for the entire vehicle (everywhere that's silver, currently).

Probably went overboard with decals but I love these things =P
Mudhorn Sigil hitch receiver cover
Mythosaur and clan fett logos on the back
Gotta have a grogu
After doing the wrap on the hood (the bumpers are painted with black plasti-dip btw), I'm even considering using the same wrap on my armor. I'd love to get out of my truck in full kit and have it match perfectly!
Did a little test with some scrap vinyl from the hood on the back of my bucket, and I think it works pretty well. I need to smooth it out a bit and sand down the current paint job, though.
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2023.03.28 00:44 frodo2397 Leaving the Bay Area for somewhere less congested & expensive

Hi, I'm 26M and I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. I currently live near San Jose. I do like where I live (amazing weather, industry, geography, culture minus the politics), but I don't like that I will never be able to afford a nice house even with a medium-high income working in the tech industry. Traffic congestion is once again becoming depressing, and the dating scene for men is also pretty rough in this area.
Top priorities: 1) Moderately affordable, and low taxes (think $400-600k for a small house, not $1.5m like it is here). 2) Decent weather (not too humid or hot especially). 3) Good community/dating scene. 4) I love hiking, riding my bike, going to the beach, etc.; access to nature would be nice. 5) Access to medical care is important. 6) Traffic congestion is a significant motivator. 7) Good level of personal & economic freedom (most other states/regions should do better...). 8) Restaurants & food scene.
In terms of metro areas, I was thinking about Reno/Carson City, NV; Vancouver, WA; Spokane, WA; Olympia, WA; Medford, OR; Provo, UT; Flagstaff, AZ; or possibly closer to home like Santa Rosa, CA; American Canyon, CA; or Hollister, CA. Ideally, I would still be within a day's drive of the bay. Are there other places that I should consider?
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2023.03.28 00:27 hi-its-carl [US] [SELLING] New sets and singles: Rosario+Vampire, Kaiju No. 8, Lucifer & the Biscuit Hammer, Gintama, Dai Dark, Classroom of the Elite, Tokyo Revengers, Ragna Crimson, Hells Paradise, Pluto, Elusive Samurai, Ghost Reaper Girl, LBX, Gleipnir, Blue Lock, Dai Dark, Denpa, indie, & much more!!

Everything is brand new, unread unless noted as pre-owned. Mostly have manga for sale, but there's also some light novels and manhwa.
Paypal G&S only. Media mail shipping or similar option. Packed with care.
Sets come with free shipping. For mini sets and singles, free shipping for 6+ books.
If you live in Georgia I have to charge sales tax, so please let me know.
Photos & Timestamp (3/27/23)

Sets - free shipping

Mini Sets - Combine 2 for free shipping

Singles (sorted by publisher) - Pick 6, free shipping

Dark Horse
Del Rey
Denpa / Kuma
Floating World Comics
Glacier Bay
Kodansha / Vertical
One Peace
Seven Seas / Ghost Ship
Star Fruit
Tokyopop / Love x Love
Yen / Ize Press

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2023.03.28 00:22 The_Freds 8.9 to 6.6 A1c in 7 months!

In September 2022 my A1c was 8.9. Just got tested today and it's down to 6.6.
For years nothing seemed to work. Pumps never seemed to help, low/no carb diets didn't work, I couldn't exercise without pain. I would have crazy BG spikes no mater what/when I ate and how much insulin I injected (at least 100 units/day). I had constant musculoskeletal pain, neuropathy pain, insomnia, chronic infections, GI issues, constant ER visits for DKA, and just generally felt like crap.
When I went to my diabetes care team for help they said I was "obviously" skipping insulin doses and secretly binge eating. When I assured them that I was doing everything they suggested, I was told that I was "non-compliant" and told I need to "be honest" and "get serious about my health". One nurse hinted I had Munchausen's Syndrome and said I needed antidepressants and a psych consult😂
Then last fall I saw a new Endo who put me on Ozempic and a Tandem pump. The results have been amazing. Due to the BG control my pain is manageable, and I've been able to start weight training again (which has helped immensely!) I'm sleeping great and I feel fantastic. This is my best A1c in at least 15 years and I'm taking less than 1/2 the insulin I did a year ago.
I credit the Ozempic for stopping the crazy BG spikes, and the Tandem Control IQ (it's magic!) for keeping me from overcorrecting and yo-yoing But most of all I credit my Endo who believed me and actually took the time to come up with solutions.
I still have some room to improve, but I'm feeling optimistic. Technology is getting better and making this curse disease more manageable. But it's amazing the difference a good doctor can make.
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2023.03.27 23:24 DrummerDisastrous721 Wife lied about her affair in our ENM marriage and I don't know what to do from here

Long-time lurker first-time poster.
Warning, this is a long one, and I've got a lot to catch you all up
TLDR; My wife lied about her affair in our ENM marriage, and I don't know what to do from here.
I (39M) have been to my wife (36F) for 17 years and married for 11. Since early on in our relationship, we practiced various forms of ethical non-monogamy (ENM) due to her wanting to explore her bisexuality and not having any relationship experience (I was her first everything). She started with another girl, and after that ended, she wanted to see another guy. I wasn't thrilled, but I did my best to work through my jealousy and grow. She was fine with me seeing other girls, so I didn't want to have a double standard and be hypocritical. We learned to communicate our feelings, our fears, and our fantasies. For many years, we found this had helped deepen our trust and our bond by sharing experiences we had together or seeing others. Honestly, it made me feel like our relationship was bulletproof. Not to say we didn't have hurdles along the way, but it felt like we had unlocked some secret code that made us extremely close; best friends, lovers, and soulmates.
Fast forward to 2019. We had been working with a fertility clinic for a few years to try and start a family. We were approaching the beginning procedures when Covid paused things per the facility. She decided to have one more fling before we pulled the trigger on the kid while things were paused. She said she felt that once we had a kid and she became a Mom, it would change her outlook on things, and she wanted to take advantage of it. I understood and agreed. She encouraged me to do the same. Things moved slowly and cautiously with Covid. She ran into a guy she had talked with for over a month, planned a meet, and he no showed. I wasn't having any luck either, so I figured we call it done; this was for fun, not a necessity. But she wouldn't give it up. She found another guy, and when things didn't work out, she found another guy who she ended up seeing for a while. It was strange and unlike her, but I chalked it up to her just feeling the pressure of being a Mom and wanting to get things out of her system, as well as feeling a bit rejected from being stood up by the first guy.
Over the summer of 2019, I decided to try and fix my health a bit. I had always been overweight but had been losing weight since we met (I was probably 315 lbs when we met and at this time was about 220 lbs). I had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few years before, but despite losing some weight and cutting some sugar, I was still not as healthy as I could've been (hence the fertility clinic). Trying to reverse some of the damage my high sugar had caused, wanting to be healthy for her and the kid, and feeling some pressure from her chasing down other guys, I decided to get my ish together and get healthy. I changed my diet and exercise, dropping about 30-40 lbs in a year.
Come to the fall of 2021, and her fling with the third guy ends. We're still working with the fertility clinic after some setbacks, but by the spring of 2022, we're on track for IVF after IUI didn't pan out. However, we're nervous about the risks and the cost and unsure how to proceed with the Supreme Court overturning of Roe v Wade and its effects on fertility treatment options. We weren't sure if starting a family was the right choice for us anymore. We both had gotten healthier in the last year (I was down to about 160 lbs at this point) and enjoyed going out and living a little more after all the Covid lockdowns. I honestly felt that we were financially, physically, and relationally fit; at the peak of our relationship. Things had changed so much, and our freedom in not having kids had us reprioritizing and redeciding.
So, I was surprised when she told me she had been talking to a guy (AP) for a few days. I had no idea she was looking in the first place. But she seemed excited, so I wanted to support her.
A few weeks later, we were on a romantic staycation I had planned at a resort in town for our anniversary. On that trip, she admitted she had started developing feelings for him. It wasn't unusual for her to establish a connection with the people she got into ENM relationships with, but this was different and a lot more polyamorous than previous situations. I told her I had reservations but would support her if she wanted to move forward. She planned their first meet-up before the trip was over.
Whenever we sleep with someone else, we walk each other through what happened. For my wife, any stories of me with other girls had been a turn-on for her. Hearing about her escapades was more about understanding the accounts of the encounter rather than a fetish for me, which she was aware of. Between our anniversary trip and their first meet-up, she had gone from gushing about him to mums the word. When we discussed their first meet-up, the details were short and vague, which was unusual. The only thing I could pull out of her was that she had taken advantage of the fact that she was on birth control as part of the fertility treatments and forewent using protection, as we had discussed. I was mad, but she thought I just wanted her to use it so she wouldn't get pregnant and swore she wouldn't do that again. I was suspicious of all of it but tried to understand. Until this point, as far as I knew, she had always been honest, never hid anything from me, and had no reason to.
Things escalated quickly. They were constantly texting late into the night. They even started talking on the phone (my wife hates talking on the phone to anyone). Her usually anxious self (anxiety that was so bad we had left our social life behind) was breaking out, doing things she couldn't or didn't want to do before, and she kept mentioning how great it was that AP could help her (despite years and years of trying myself). All the work I had done to get in shape, and she found an AP who ran marathons. She seemed so happy, and I didn't want to get in the way, even though I couldn't understand how I didn't make her that happy anymore. It felt like she was moving on, but I tried to convince myself it was just the "new relationship excitement" that ENM/Poly relationships often experience. I tried confronting her about it multiple times, but she would make it feel like I was just jealous and insecure and insisted I had nothing to worry about. I convinced myself that was the case and tried to keep my feelings to myself and work through them alone to avoid ruining her experience.
Things continued to decline as we started pulling away from each other. There was constantly the elephant in the room. Despite it, she continued to see him, noticing I was uncomfortable but not caring enough to prioritize our relationship as we had always assured each other we would. We would try and talk, but it would start to cause a fight. I finally told her I wanted her to do what she wanted and be happy, figuring we'd work it out. Again, I was still convinced I was being jealous and insecure about the whole thing, ignoring the flags.
Within weeks, through May into August (2022), we went from feeling like a couple to feeling like roommates. I had so much to say to her I couldn't even get it out in a conversation. After months of living together like strangers, I decided to make a bit of a stand. She had a date planned at the house, so I left like I usually did, but I left her an eleven-page letter pouring my heart out in her nightstand and left to stay at a hotel for a few days, unsure what decision she would make.
She read the letter, we talked it out for a day or so, and I came home so we could figure out how to rebuild. I told her I wanted her to be her and told her if continuing to see AP was important to her, then we could try and work it out. She was excited about that and happy I was being so flexible. Part of my conditions were that I wanted to be filled in on what I had missed over the last months that we hadn't been communicating. Transparency was our thing, and she hadn't been. She agreed. And this is where things start to get even crazier.
We had never hidden our phones from each other, but out of respect, we had never really looked at each other's text conversations with people we saw; instead, we would show them to each other willingly, which hadn't been the case this time. Knowing how much they texted and knowing that my wife isn't great at remembering details, I suggested I read through the texts as an easy way to catch up. She wasn't keen on this but reluctantly gave in after disappearing to the bathroom for twenty minutes, spurring me to joke about her "deleting the evidence."
I read through the messages, and it took hours and hours to skim through. There were so many things I learned that I didn't know. I was a bit dumbfounded. The way she talked to him, she was so enamored and bewildered. I honestly don't know if she ever spoke to me like that. But something didn't seem right while I was reading. The messages didn't always line up; she just seemed so shady about my questions and nervous about things while I read through them.
The next day, I told her I was curious about how many texts they had exchanged and told her I would look and see how many compared to her and me, out of curiosity. She agreed, so I looked. I was shocked that in a few months, they had exchanged tens of thousands of text messages, but I was more shocked to find that the number of text messages backed up the day before I read them was higher by almost a few hundred. She had deleted messages when she ran off to the bathroom.
I recovered them via the backup and learned all kinds of details she hadn't disclosed; he had slapped and choked her (something that wasn't allowed), she had hidden buying lingerie and wearing it for him, she even met up with him one night to 'take care of him' in a parking lot, she never returned to using protection despite saying she would and telling me she was. Hell, even the night I wrote the letter pouring out my heart, she sent him messages saying how she wished he was there in bed, cuddling her that night while I was crying in a hotel room. There were so many things she hid from me and so many secrets I uncovered.
I decided to see if she would come clean on her own. I kept the newfound details to myself, and that night when she got home from work, we discussed spending the weekend making sure we had talked everything out and that she would have told me everything I should know that happened between them by the end of the weekend. I told her that it was a safe space, that I just wanted her to be honest, that she had nothing to fear, and that all I wanted was the truth so we could resolve this and move on. I even tried to float scenarios similar to the details I had learned, hoping it would trigger her to come clean. By Monday, she hadn't confessed anything.
Furious and defeated, I crafted another letter, along with a copy of the texts she deleted, and left it for her to find when she came home from work, packed some of my things, and left. She called, panicked and distraught. She begged me to come back, said it was all a mistake, that she was scared and trying to protect my feelings. She at least had the decency to call it off with AP. We had a couple of fights, one where she literally held a knife to her wrist and threatened to kill herself if I left (it was just an attention grab, she's not suicidal by any means). I moved to a hotel, then an Airbnb for about a month. Since I work from home, we decided I should move back home, and she would move out so I could take care of our 14-year-old senior dog. During this time, we started counseling to work through things and see if we could reconcile.
Then at the beginning of November, our dog got sick and passed away. We were both devastated. He had been the kid we never had, and the grief was so heavy. I was so broken by everything, and we tried to help each other through it, leaning on our friendship. That bled into the holidays, her moving back home, etc. The normalcy was distracting from her infidelity and the loss. But once January came, and the grief of our dog became more manageable, I realized I still wasn't okay with what she did.
We try. We go to therapy every Wednesday. She's unlocked a lot of past trauma, which I'm happy about for her, but I feel like she's using it as a scapegoat for what happened. Maybe I'm just that jaded. More infuriating is her saying that she thought my getting shape was so I could "leave her behind" and that the decision not to have kids "broke her." While I understand this, it feels like a load of bull since she knew why I was getting in shape, and we discussed, at length, about not having a kid. She's claiming she needed an escape from feeling like I was leaving her behind, and she failed me, herself, and her parents by deciding not to have a kid (even though the bulk of it was medical issues on my end that made that decision for us).
There's just so much that contradicts itself; so many pieces don't add up. Like, what was she protecting my feelings from? What was there to protect if I knew she was sleeping with him? How could you disrespect me and our relationship so profoundly and so quickly? What did you hide from me with the other people you saw? I feel like the conspiracy meme guy, adding more pins and threads every time I think about it. Sometimes I fear I already know the answers and don't want to admit it to myself.
Furthermore, I feel trapped now. We're living together, playing house essentially. On good days, it's okay, but there are still so many days that I want to cut and run. I care about her, and I'll always have a love for her, despite the hurt, but I don't know if I'm in love with her anymore or if I ever will be again. Or maybe I'm still mad, hurt, and betrayed, and my walls are so high I can't see past them. I'm giving the therapy process time and being as patient as possible, but I honestly don't know what to do. In the last few sessions, the therapist has mentioned it can take years for me to get beyond the PTSD of this and be okay. I don't know if I can live this way for that long to find out that I'm still not okay, I can't get past this, and we both wasted years trying. But she's trying so hard, putting in the effort, and I can see and feel genuine remorse for what happened.
I'm not sure what I'm asking or seeking by posting this other than to see what input you all can provide, especially anyone who has been in a similar situation. I'm just feeling lost, adrift, and stuck. The therapist has been helpful, but I'm still not sure it's going to resolve this. I worry that I am chasing what was. In the same breath, I'm aware this will never be what it was. I honestly feel like that was stolen from me, and I'm being forced to settle for what this will be. It almost feels worse because she had permission to sleep with him, and she took advantage of it. I'm doing my best to objective here, but it's tough to see past it all.
Thanks for reading and taking the time. Appreciate any feedback and am happy to answer any questions.
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2023.03.27 23:23 Mifire510 Tips for starting the journey

I am a full time RV’er out of Texas. I am looking to get into a barndo soon but I am unsure of the best path. Do I buy the land and then a builder, do I find a builder with the land etc…
Any tips for starting or builders in the Houston / San Antonio.
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2023.03.27 22:56 mdkd99 I lost my best friend in June 2022, it still hurts

In June 2022 my best friend stopped texting. He lived in the US, I don't. I asked around a lot, and in September 2022 I got the news from someone who worked with him, and he said he passed away in June 2022. He had diabetes type 1. I was broken.
Now, 9 months later, it still hurts. Not every day, but sometimes there's days/weeks where the pain comes back.
Thing is, I never really had friends, it was always onesided. But with him, it was different. He actually cared about me. We gave each other emotional support, sometimes bought each other some stuff. He often asked how I felt. He did livestreams, and often waited for me to join, and when I couldn't, he was sad, but not angry at me. He often told me that he appreciates me.
And then he passed away, and this new feeling, actual friendship, was ripped away from me. The people around me don't seem to understand what I'm going through. They say there is worse, what Im going through isn't even that bad, that life goes on, that I need to leave the dead behind. I look out for my hygiene, I clean my place regularly, I work on many projects, I have my life under control, now more than ever. I'm just sad sometimes.
The people around me get annoyed, but THEY ask ME how I feel about it, and bring it up all the time. I will not forget my best friend just because people don't want to hear about him anymore. He was a big part of my life, and he still is.
The pain, the grief, there are days when it doesn't hurt as much. On those days I can think about him, and smile at the cool things we did together. On other days, it just hits me, the fact that I was helpless. He passed away and I couldn't do anything to help him. I have yet to make peace with that.
One day it might be possible. I think of the dead, I honor them, I think of the living, I cherish the moments with them too.
I have heard enough 'advice.' But maybe here I get different advice, stuff I didn't hear yet. If you got any advice, how to deal with the loss, let me know. If you have a similar situation, let me know. I'd like to hear what others have to say about it, those who have experienced this kind of stuff too.
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2023.03.27 22:46 Englishbirdy Mental Health Question.

We often talk on this sub how mentally draining and depressing this disease can be for us. I have found that during the pandemic my mental health got much worse and I often have feelings of hopelessness and pessimism. Since it hasn't improved now that the pandemic is lifting so I finally went to an appointment with a therapist. Now I find that the therapist made an assessment of my visit including everything I told her about my feelings for all my health care team to see including (but not limited to) my PCP, Endo and Diabetes Educator. I was really surprised by this and has assumed that what I told a therapist would be confidential, I spoke to the therapist about this and she said that was normal procedure with my health care provider. Was I naïve? Would you have expected confidentiality?
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2023.03.27 22:38 robaeprice I'm a reporter hoping to talk to Replika users about their experiences

Hey all — my name's Rob Price, and I'm a reporter for Business Insider in San Francisco, where I write long-form features and investigations about the technology industry. I'm posting because we're working on a story about Replika and AI chatbots, and I'm looking to speak to people who use the app.
There's been a lot of coverage of Replika over the past couple weeks, but we're looking to go a little deeper, and explore users' relationships with their AI companions, the recent changes and their impacts, and the history of the company and the other alternatives out there. It's a sensitive subject, and we intend to address it carefully in a thoughtful feature — not a rushed and news-driven short story.
If you might be open to talking, you can reach me via email at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), or Signal / WhatsApp at +1 650-636-6268, or via Reddit DM. I'm happy to share more about our reporting process and how we work with the folks we talk to, and to answer any questions. We can also start completely off-the-record and go from there.
I'd also encourage you to check out at my previous work for Business Insider for more info about me, particularly a feature I wrote last year that followed a group of victims of harassment relating to their Instagram accounts.
I'm working on this story with my colleague Samantha Delouya (u/sam_delouya02), who has already been in contact with some members of the community, and u/htaming said it was okay for me to post this. Thank you.
tl;dr I'm a reporter for Business Insider, and I'm looking to talk to Replika users about their experiences with AI companions.
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2023.03.27 22:36 kaiper_kitty Is there a way to "expedite" your process for SSI? (California)

My health care team checks on me every couple of months. Our conversation led to her asking if SSI has budged.
It has not, for months. She asked if I was able to call them to ask for updates and how to get it moving.
The way she talked about it made it sound like it has been done before.
I've called a couple times to see if there's something they're waiting on or if I could do anything to help speed up the process, but tbh I usually get hung up on or they're not happy about me asking. I've left the DDS worker assigned to my case a friendly voicemail a couple months ago saying to let me know if they need anything and I haven't heard back. It always go to voicemail, but I don't leave one. No need to spam them.
So I'm wondering if anyone knows about something that can help my process for faster, or is it just sitting and waiting until I eventually have a decision. I know California has a lot of people, so I'm sure they're swamped.
This is my first time applying, so lawyers said they couldn't help me yet. At what point should I be concerned about the wait time? Or is there still nothing to do if I hit something dramatic like 2 years?
This stuff is confusing and I don't want to find out I shot myself in the foot by just waiting 😅
*I'm in California, first time applying, it's at 90% with DDS in San Diego.
Edit: ok I realize now that I've done all I can and I'll continue to be patient. If anyone knows if there's any documentation I might not have thought of to submit that could be helpful, please let me know! I want to make it as easy as possible for the other end, and I don't want to wait too long if I'm supposed to speak up about anything. Thanks! 👍
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2023.03.27 22:26 blindcolumn [TOMT][TV Personality][mid 1990s] Female San Antonio news anchor (?) who appeared in local commercials

I lived in San Antonio, TX as a child in the mid 90s. There was a woman, possibly a news anchor or reporter, who appeared in a lot of local commercials. She had short dark hair and I think she was Latina. I specifically remember one commercial she did for a then-new roller coaster at Sea World, which would have been either the Great White or Steel Eel.
The reason I remember her is that she visited my elementary school and spoke to my class about what it was like to work in TV. My family moved away not long after that, so I don't know what happened to her.
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2023.03.27 22:25 Theaternearyou Anyone regret getting a fat tire for paved City streets?

I like the idea of riding a fatty on City streets. I'm in SanFrancisco with rough streets due to potholes, dips in the road, and slippery streetcar tracks. I figured a fat tire would handle the roughness but again - I'm guessing - dont know the real life results. I know they're heavier but figured the motor would take care of the weight and drag issues. Any opinions? Thanks
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2023.03.27 22:18 YeeezusWept I think it’s time we admit there’s a bigger problem with this team…

The longer this season goes on the more I start to believe the toxic locker room rumors are true. Essentially the whole starting lineup has regressed this year with the exception of Clint who’s been about the same. Dre’s been healthy this year but still hasn’t taken the leap. Trae’s been better for the past month & 1/2 but played much of the season below his standards. Everyone looks dejected, apathetic, and disinterested. Even Nate shared this attitude. Dejounte went from an emotional, hard nosed player in San Antonio to playing like a shell of himself at times this year. Something’s going on behind the scenes and the front office should prioritize changing the culture this offseason by any means necessary
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2023.03.27 22:12 alpha_bionics Basketball News - “He’ll make one of the teams this year. ”“His game really speaks for himself” he continued.

“He’ll make one of the teams this year. ”“His game really speaks for himself” he continued. “He’ll be All-NBA” predicted Brogdon via CLNS Media after the Celtics’ blowout win over the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday. © 2004-2023 CBS Interactive. ET Monday at Gainbridge Fieldhouse. Period. In those games he is averaging 9. 8 points 6. 1 rebounds and 1. 8 blocks per game while shooting 57. 5% from the field. "Im going to need one [game off] pretty soon" Embiid said. “When (Jayson Tatum) is out he’s the No. Point guard Kevin Porter had a pretty forgettable game finishing with only six points on 3-for-12 shooting in his 36 minutes on the court. Embiid attempted to work out this morning but team is taking a precautionary approach given density of recent schedule. The 76ers have eight games remaining in the regular season. If the game is anything like Indianas 124-122 win from their previous meeting in February the scorekeeper will be kept real busy. "We dont want [Embiid] playing if [his calf is] sore" Rivers said. “Credit to them they have a tough job so it’s tough. But this team has won plenty of regular season games in recent seasons and its time for them to put it together in the playoffs. Like you said Ive been playing a lot of minutes Ive been playing every single game. - Alpha AI
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2023.03.27 22:10 Church-fil-A Collecting all the prophecies made by network pastors

Religious cult leaders often use mystical prophecies to establish their special connection to some divine power, from which they claim to receive special knowledge. For example, the JMS cult leader in Korea is said to have correctly predicted the exact outcome of a presidential election, and also predicted two decades prior that he would be arrested in 1999. If a lot of these prophecies pan out, then people are more likely to override their own common sense and follow the cult leader blindly. Cult enablers/loyalists will also retell accounts of these prophecies until they become mythologized, which makes newcomers think there is something special happening there.
I would like there to be a record of all the prophecies, pronouncements, and visions made by pastors in the network, so they can be tested. These accounts currently live in separate stories, but if LTN can pull together a record in one place and fact check them, I think it would be helpful to debunk the belief that network pastors have special knowledge from God or special hearing/vision powers.
I have given it a start below and I hope someone can build on this:
Steve Morgan / Joshua Church
David Bieraugel / Hosea Church
Mike Stephens / Vine Church
Brian Schneider / Stoneway Church
Luke Williams / Vista Church
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2023.03.27 22:01 TraditionSpirited506 Adjustment of status, i-130

Guys, one month ago, on February 27th, I had an adjustment of status interview for a marriage-based green card application. Prior to this, I had an asylum case which was closed before the interview. During the interview, the officer informed me that I was approved and would receive my 10-year green card in two weeks. However, my case status has not been updated on the USCIS site since then. I contacted USCIS today, and they informed me that my case is still pending in their system. USCIS explained that sometimes this happens and advised me to wait. I am worried as it has been a month since my interview with no news. Could this just be a system error, or is there something else I should do?
field office/location - San Antonio TX

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