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I think there’s fiberglass n my mattress but the tag doesn’t say so but there’s white stringy stuff

2023.03.15 17:07 Shayla-the-FORK I think there’s fiberglass n my mattress but the tag doesn’t say so but there’s white stringy stuff

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2023.03.13 05:26 JohnnyBouldin Current list of authorized installers

This list will be updated periodically.
Currently a few shops across the country will be authorized to install this Igla alarm system.
This product isn’t something any big box stores or large chain stores because security reasons.
Do not attempt to buy old product from eBay and other online retailers as they will not work.
Illinois : S&A Security Specialists LLC 9017 Grand Ave, River Grove Illinois 60171 773-772-5424
Illinois: Showtime Audio 4428 N. Elston Ave , Chicago Illinois 60630 773-489-7469
Illinois : ABT Electronics 1200 N Milwaukee Ave, Glenview, IL 60025 800-860-3577
Illinois : Car Audio & Security LLC 5320 W 124th St , Alsip Illinois 60803 708-762-3788
Indiana : Fade To Black Tint & Customs 1003 E Summit St, Unit 4 Crown Point, IN 46307 219-323-3949
Indiana : Omega Window Tint & Electronics 2054 Joliet Road Suite B , Valparaiso Indiana 46385 219-314-5869
Wisconsin : Alarmtronix 855 S 84th St. Milwaukee Wi 53214 414-645-4477
Michigan : RKST (radios knobs speakers & things) 314 W Walton Blvd, Pontiac, MI 48340 (248) 334-2519
Virginia : Diamond Auto Security solutions 905 Highams CT Woodbridge, VA 22191 833-837-8387
Maryland: Lux Tint and Wrap 443-655-0132 317 S Philadelphia Blvd, Aberdeen, MD 21001
TEXAS : 4D Auto Solutions 1507 Ranger HWY suite 100 Weatherford, TX 76086 817-609-3531
Texas : Earmark Car Audio & Tint 3132 W. Parker Rd Plano, Texas, 75075 972-612-6886 Johnny Bouldin
Texas : Sound Evolution 12836 Westheimer Rd, A-100 Houston, Texas 77077 281-679-1655 Jake Jesty and Jesh Jesty for Point of Contact.
Texas : Mod FX 22820 Interstate 45 Suite 1H Spring, Texas 77373 (North Houston) 832-948-0223 Randall [email protected]
Pennsylvania : OX AUDIO 570 Cottman Ave , Cheltenham PA 19012 215-450-4098 [email protected]
North Carolina: Patriot Performance Solutions 409 Inverness Drive Hubert, NC 29539 910-382-8540
South Carolina : Unique car audio 9080 Warren H Abbernathy highway Spartanburg SC 29301 Jordan : (864) 426-1552
Tennessee: Overkill Audio & Accessories 1509 monte hale dr suite F Murfreesboro tn 37129 [email protected] 615-462-6074
Kentucky : Josh Astrologo 1863 South Dixie Boulevard Radcliff Ky 40160 (502) 230-1004 [email protected]
GEORGIA : Area 41 car audio 2220 Cobb Pkwy NW Kennesaw, GA 30152 (678) 594-0141
New York : Long Island NY area Sound Waves Automobile Sound & Security 323 Larkfield Road East Northport NY 11731 (631) 368-8853
New England : Speed of Sound 85 Main St, Somersworth, NH 03878 [email protected] (603) 817-0400
Florida : gearhead fabrication 895 NE DIXIE Hwy #8 Jensen beach FL 34957 772-283-6115
NORTHERN CALIFORNIA : Westcoast auto security LLC 598 Garden Hwy suite 24 Yuba City, California
SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA : Paul 1 (760) 672-0500 [email protected] SOUTH 239 Ocotillo place, Oceanside, CA 92057
Southern California: Francisco 1 (562) 583-4315 [email protected] Los Angeles area
Southern California : IGLA SoCal Jon 1 (323) 763-0093 [email protected] Los Angeles and surrounding counties/cities
New Jersey : System Addicts LLC 727 Lyons Ave Irvington NJ 07111 973-399-8080
WASHINGTON : Audio Northwest (360) 786-9512 4708 Pacific Ave SE Suite A Lacey, WA 98503
Colorado : 1260 Brickyard Rd Suite 110, Golden, CO 80403 [email protected] Devon (720) 570-6617
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2023.03.01 21:02 Min0r_Issues If anyone here has a load for tomorrow from KY to FL. You got gotten by the DB's. I told them they were double brokering and they took it down.

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2023.02.19 22:52 SabineRitter [ROUNDUP] Potential ufo sightings reported on here over the last week. As far as we know, UFOs are benign. I guess they're "mostly harmless." Thanks to all the witnesses who posted!

.1 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/110v27g/albuquerque_nm_right_now_at_1738_hours_uap_is/ video, daytime cloudy sky, contemporaneous report, happening at time of posting, single dark object, stationary and moving, Albuquerque new Mexico, duration 20+ minutes
.2 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111cbya/possible_ufo_sighting_in_bournemouth_uk/ photo, daytime sky, Bournemouth the UK 🇬🇧, single dark object, elongated, worm 🪱, four witnesses, observed duration 15 minutes, a small black line that was moving through the air smoothly like a snake
.3 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/11195tn/starlink_do_they_lose_the_train_formation/ video, nighttime sky, looked different from starlink, three other formations of lights like this where they looked more like a flock of birds but the same caliber of lights as the starlink.
.4 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1117oun/spotted_a_static_dark_object_in_the_skies_of/ sighting description, single dark object stationary, Gujarat India 🇮🇳
.5 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1114lie/filmed_about_two_years_ago_when_i_saw_it_i/ video, daytime sky, Azusa California, single dark object, very dark, tumbling
.6 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1112l29/very_fast_moving_vertical_travelling_object/ video, nighttime cloudy sky, Northern Australia 🇦🇺, single light object moving erratically, zigzag movements observed, downvoted to zero
.7 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/110ua8g/large_meteor_like_streak_through_sky_midlake/ sighting description, no craft, contemporaneous report, light trail, streak was fiery orange and spanned most of the sky in its path. Seemed to have broken up soon after., lake Michigan
.8 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/110vkz0/i_posted_this_last_month_reposting_in_light_of/ video, nighttime sky, single light object moving straight, purple 💜, Toronto Canada 🇨🇦, blocky shape, it had the physics of a drone + dangling lights but the craft just.... wasn't anything I've seen before., payload
.9 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/110wzgu/dont_know_how_i_missed_this_sub_for_so_many_years/ video, nighttime sky, threelights, triangle, Randell’s Island NYC New York state, similar sighting in comments
.10 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/110xrik/woodstock_illinois_same_as_lake_michiganlake/ photo, daytime sky, downvoted to zero, Woodstock Illinois, single light object, elongated, OP comments downvoted, diffuse shape, stationary, two other objects observed moving fast
.11 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/110y4b2/he_saw_a_white_owl_i_saw_a_light/ sighting description, two witnesses, perception discrepancy, line across the sky, single light object, other witness saw an owl, silent, [GOODPOST]
.12 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/110y166/was_recording_a_strange_light_high_up_over_austin/ video, nighttime sky, single light object, observed vanishing, Austin Texas, stationary, similar sightings in comments
.13 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/110yd9e/i_saw_about_1015_ufos_last_tuesday_burnaby_canada/ video, nighttime sky, fleet, Burnaby Canada 🇨🇦, similar sightings in comments , downvoted to zero
.14 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111idqf/octagonal_shaped_object_cardiff_2020/ video, daytime cloudy sky, Cardiff Wales, seems to resemble an octagonal shaped object with strings attached, single dark object, doughnut
.15 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111idno/i_saw_them_right_before_all_the_news_broke/ sighting description, Michigan, fleet, moving fast, emotion of wonder
.16 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111hs4u/incredible_ufo_sighting/ sighting description in comments, contemporaneous report, single light object, Oslo Norway 🇳🇴
.17 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111dt2s/3_orbs_fly_in_wing_formation_to_enter_the_screen/ video, daytime sky, threelights, triangle formation, repeat visitors
.18 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/110ygsthis_isnt_a_ufo_right/ video, daytime sky, contemporaneous report, Southeast Denver Colorado, single dark object moving straight, tumbling https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111pftg/a_picture_i_took_in_colorado_december_22_looks/ photos, metapod
.19 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/110z0ff/today_350pm_just_west_of_loveland_co/ photo, daytime sky, contemporaneous report, Loveland Colorado, single light object, possible disk or tictac, silent
.20 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/110z6lp/thoughts_on_this_image_object/ photo, daytime sky, plane for comparison, single object, multicolored, oval shaped, flew overhead, [GOODPOST], duration 2 minutes
.21 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1110a2t/saw_a_bright_star_strobing_colours_and_with/ video, nighttime sky, single light object, multicolored, similar sighting in comments observed vanishing
.22 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1110gm0/will_o_the_wisp/ sighting description, repeat visitor, Coconut Creek Florida , orb
.23 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111l50b/not_sure_can_someone_help/ video, daytime sky, single light object, contemporaneous report, swift current Saskatchewan Canada 🇨🇦
.24 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111l0yj/saw_this_yesterday/ photo, daytime sky, single light object, very bright, golden Colorado, moving fast, object structure visible in photo, anomalous to witness
.25 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111mau0/looking_for_opinions/ video, daytime sky, single object, blackwhite, blocky shape, flareup
.26 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111mlps/ufo_sighting_over_nwi/ photo, daytime sky, single object, blackwhite, northwest Indiana near Chicago
.27 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111fwqq/most_likely_nothingmilitary_training_but_i_saw/ photos, daytime sky, contemporaneous report, possible military response, object shootdown observed, similar sightings in comments , upstate new York near west point
.28. https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111k4h7/scotland_witnessed_a_ufo_being_tailed_by_2_jets/ sighting description, Scotland, 20 witnesses, Shiny reflective coating with something donut shaped underneath it which was black, payload, fast, silent, possible military response, contemporaneous report
.29 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111k74a/top_spinning_rock/ sighting description, Sierra Nevada mountains near Quincy California, nighttime, duration 5 minutes, two witnesses, faint roundish dark brown top- spinning “asteroid”, flew overhead, wobbling, silent
.30 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111nkna/help_identifying_what_this_is/ photo, nighttime sky, fourlights, hovering, electronic effects phone kept fucking up, observed vanishing, possible reaction to being filmed, repeat visitor two nights in a row, Tennessee
.31 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111obmp/london_last_week/ video, daytime cloudy sky, metallic sphere, Deptford London the UK 🇬🇧, single object, blackwhite, moving straight
.32 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111nxh9/2_ovni_ufo_fani_uap_over_the_andes_mountains_nea video, evening cloudy sky, Santiago Chile 🇨🇱, single light object, possible disk shape
.33 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111pftg/a_picture_i_took_in_colorado_december_22_looks/ photo, daytime cloudy sky, irregular shape, Colorado
.34 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111pbty/about_8_years_ago_i_say_red_lights_hovering_ove sighting description, two witnesses, red lights, lake Erie Pennsylvania, would move from left to right, stop and then disappear, and then repeat the same pattern, has anyone seen?, similar sightings in comments
.35 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111t2jk/orb_at_devils_towe sighting description, single light object, devils tower
.36 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111s16v/florida_pan_handle_circle_in_sky/ video, daytime cloudy sky, birds for comparison, single light object, Florida
.37 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111run2/l_shaped_ufouap/ sighting description, L-shape, looked like a giant Tetris piece., dark object, perry County Indiana, duration 10 seconds, similar sighting in comments
.38 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1116xuz/any_idea_what_this_can_maybe_be/ photo, daytime sky, single light object
.39 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111pdrt/does_anyone_know_what_this_floating_orange_light/ video, nighttime sky, single light object, orange 🟠, observed vanishing, Bracknell England 🇬🇧, illumination flare, contemporaneous report
.40 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111p9om/round_object_over_swift_current_saskatchewan/ video, daytime cloudy sky, single light object, swift current Saskatchewan
.41 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/111nevi/could_this_be_ufo_lights_from_the_sky/ video, nighttime cloudy sky, Guyana 🇬🇾 South America, fleet, diffuse lights chasing each other , "spotlights", anomalous to witness
.42. https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/112filb/ufo_sighting_uk_ring_shapedsaturn_ufo/ sighting description, Canterbury the UK 🇬🇧, duration 10 minutes, twolights, contemporaneous report , round disk with a hole in the middle , doughnut, similar sighting in comments
.43 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/112gkzh/filmed_this_in_vancouver_around_august_2020_with/ video, daytime sky, single light object , Vancouver Canada 🇨🇦
.44 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/112gl2g/squid_ufo_video_i_took_april_27_2021_benbrook_tx/ video, daytime cloudy sky, single dark object, squid 🐙, Benbrook Texas, [GOODPOST]
.45 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/112gw07/ufo_from_novembe video, daytime cloudy sky, barbell, dark object irregular shape, moving straight across, st Louis Missouri
.46 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/112ij43/hey_guys_happened_around_a_hour_ago_any_opnions/ video, nighttime sky, lightning, storm, single light object, dancing, contemporaneous report
.47 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/112h9h9/all_of_this_talk_to_balloons_with_string_reminds/ photo, daytime sky, single dark object irregular shape, blocky, worm 🪱, Norfolk the UK 🇬🇧, stationary, pacing car, two witnesses
.48 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/112hk9h/birmingham_uk_1302023/ Birmingham the UK 🇬🇧, video, contemporaneous report, nighttime, duration 30 seconds, single light object, observed vanishing and reappearing, similar sighting in comments
.49 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/112icl3/filmed_this_over_vancouver_maybe_18months_ago/ video, daytime sky, single light object, elongated, tumbling, Vancouver Canada 🇨🇦
.50 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/112jw80/seen_over_lake_erie_last_night/ video, nighttime sky, contemporaneous report, single light object, stationary, duration 30 minutes, lake Erie Pennsylvania
.51 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/112lelanything_near_lake_ontario/ sighting description, metal cylinder, stationary, daytime, lake Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 , duration 20 seconds, similar sightings in comments
.52 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/112mmho/reflective_object/ video, daytime sky, contemporaneous report, right angle turn observed, scituate harbor Massachusetts, metallic sphere
.53 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/112qrvg/shot_in_olympia_wa_today/ video, daytime sky, fleet, white lights, stationary, possible zigzag movements observed, Olympia Washington, contemporaneous report , anomalous to witness, similar sighting in comments
.54 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1139eei/1126_pm_lincoln_park_mi_november_4th_2022/ sighting description, Lincoln Park Michigan, twolights, A week or so before this, my uncle & I saw a metallic rounded cube that looked silver, except for the side facing us, which was a metallic red, possible reaction to being filmed
.55 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1139azu/25th_may_2022_1026pm/ video, nighttime sky, single light object, flew overhead, came back and flew over again, Portsmouth south england 🇬🇧, repeat visitor
.56 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/11320to/while_in_an_airplane_i_recorded_a_black/ video, daytime cloudy sky, from airplane, single dark object, triangle, the alps Europe 🇪🇺, flying fast, anomalous to witness
.57 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/112t1nz/can_someone_point_me_to_a_video_similar_to_my/ sighting description, family story, moving star, similar sightings in comments
.58 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/112xheh/recorded_this_ufo_from_a_distance_i_need_you video, London the UK 🇬🇧, single light object, appeared spherical and red/orange 🟠, observed moving and stationary
.59 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/11309vb/orb_and_floating_sphere/ sighting descriptions, repeat, single object, metallic sphere, glowing light object, Switzerland 🇨🇭, similar sightings in comments
.60 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/113a8a9/i_need_help_identifying_what_i_saw/ sighting description, contemporaneous report, nighttime, large, circular orb shaped light (almost the circumference of 10 x 10 sphere) appeared for about 5 seconds and then slowly dimmed out like a lightbulb as it shot vertically into the air, silent, emotional reaction immediately had chills go down my spine and I found myself in complete shock and awe. I was almost in a trance from this., sleep disruption , similar sightings in comments
.61 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/113bbrb/my_dad_and_some_observations_regarding_the_recent/ rumor
.62 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/113btbu/object_moving_in_zick_zack/ sighting description, from airplane, over Europe 🇪🇺, single dark object, zigzag movements, apathy in 2 other witnesses
.63 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/113e53p/northern_nj_last_night_both_objects_stationary/ video, nighttime sky, twolights, stationary, self-debunk helicopter possibly
.64 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/113d9sc/this_happened_last_night_ufo/ video, nighttime sky, orange objects in a line down, flares
.65 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/113dnt9/strange_grouping_of_lights_spotted_after_watching/ sighting description, fleet, nighttime , Saratoga County new York state
.66 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/113azei/one_of_my_experiences/ experience video
.67 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/113s5cf/my_sister_claims_she_saw_a_black_triangle_ufo/ sighting description, contemporaneous report, triangle, new York state , removed off topic
.68 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/113zfqs/bird_or_planedrone_in_motion/ photos, daytime cloudy sky, event amnesia, I seriously don’t remember taking this photo , repeat visitor, 2-3 days before I took this photo that I saw something very similar as to the object size in the photo, Washington state
.69 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/113v82y/vegas_ufo_2019/ video, Las Vegas Nevada,
.70 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/113wn8n/new_york_city_anyone_else_see_this/ video, nighttime sky, fleet, white objects in a V shape, NYC New York state
.71 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/113qs64/small_block_orbs/ sighting description, Brooklyn NYC New York state, two dark objects, flying fast and straight,
.72 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/113o4xy/anyone_ever_had_creepy_dreams_about_lots_of_ufos/ discussion thread, ufo dreams
.73 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/113nxxp/does_anyone_recognize_what_this_is/ photo, daytime cloudy sky, single light object, blocky shape, Israel balloon
.74 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/113lkdt/strange_light_flying_over_lincoln_ca/ video, nighttime sky, contemporaneous report, single light object, Lincoln California
.75 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/113lnwm/whats_up_possibly_saw_something_for_the_first/ video, nighttime sky, over water, off the coast of Newcastle Australia 🇦🇺, single light object
.76 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/113jy90/tonight_around_7_pm_est_pittsburgh_i_went_out_to/ photo, nighttime sky, single light object moving slowly, bright star with a tiny red tint
.77 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/113jwyk/iss_huge_fleet_of_objects/ video, from ISS, fleet, similar sightings in comments
.78 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/113e9mq/saw_this_in_the_sky_in_texas_a_few_months_ago/ video, nighttime sky, Texas, single light object, fleet observed
.79 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/11411xd/triangle_ufo_seen_on_june_24_2022_franklin_tn/ photos, nighttime sky, threelights, triangle, Franklin Tennessee, very bright observed, flew overhead, similar sighting same location in comments
.80 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1140gei/ufo_encounter_back_in_2014/ sighting description, single light object, low and slow, Palos Verdes, silent
.81 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/11427yy/possible_sighting_july_2022/ sighting description, cape cod Massachusetts, nighttime, duration 5-10 seconds, two witnesses, single light object, flashing, almost electric blue in color 💙
.82 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1143i7t/saw_this_back_in_oct_2_distinct_objects_plane_on/ photo, daytime sky, twolights, two objects, one light one dark, east coast USA, stationary
.83 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/114edo4/ufo_being_transported_ca_5_north_near_bakersfield/ sighting description and videos, ufo being transported by truck, law enforcement response, [GOODPOST], link to another report in comments , "cap for a farm silo"
.84 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/114r17j/my_friend_sent_me_this_video_she_recorded_she/ video, nighttime sky, single light object, orange 🟠, West Kendall/Miami Florida
.85 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/114mi7l/strange_loud_rumbling_sound_being_heard_now_and/ audio description, loud noise, Minneapolis Minnesota, similar reports in comments
.86 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/114lr32/ufo_seen_the_night_of_the_train_derailment_about/ sighting description, Ohio, nighttime, two white lights and one red, observed moving and stationary, witness drove under it, massive object about 60 ft wide that almost resembled the front half of a plane. It had large wings on each side, and a pointed front end, nothing in the back, silent
.87 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/114cewy/ufo_spotted_on_georgia_east_coast_beach/ photos, nighttime sky, coast of Georgia, blocky shape, silent, observed moving and stationary
.88 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/114dj6q/from_a_few_months_ago/ video, nighttime sky, west Texas, repeat visitor, stationary, single light object, cubensphere
.89 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/114d767/ufo_in_costarica/ video, nighttime sky, contemporaneous report, single light object, observed stationary and moving and vanishing, Costa Rica 🇨🇷 , similar sightings in comments
.90 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/114c9q8/zoomed_in_pic/ photo, nighttime sky, single light object, Dallas Texas, possible military response https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/114bepx/yall_think_i_saw_a_ufo/ video
.91 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1147lxj/ufo_i_saw_while_on_patrol/ video, from police car, single light object approaching, very bright, observed silent but possible audio, similar sighting in comments, [GOODPOST]
.92. https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1149t91/could_i_get_ideas_on_what_this_falling_object_is/ photo, daytime sky, falling object, contemporaneous report, "contrail", object exiting cloud observed, Pullman Washington state, duration 15 minutes
.93 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1149479/just_wanted_to_tell_my_story/ sighting description, two witnesses, central Colorado, single dark object, triangle, opacity change, silent, similar sightings in comments
.94. https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1147ypc/the_consciousness_phenomenon_and_not_taking/ sighting description, contemporaneous report, single dark object, triangle, NYC New York state, observed moving straight, discussion of why witnesses don't take pictures, similar sightings in comments
.95 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/114rdux/ufos_in_texas_near_dfw_airport_november_13_2022/ video, nighttime sky, Dallas Texas, fleet, very bright, Extremely fast, incredibly bright, and silent,, link to news article of similar event https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/114ronj/ufos_filmed_near_dallas_fort_worth_airport_nov_13/ reposted
.96 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/114resh/saw_this_2_years_ago_nov_7_2020/ video, nighttime sky, twolights, low and slow, Delaware, silent
.97 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/114tl3w/an_object_caught_on_my_ring_cam_around_1230_pm/ video, daytime cloudy sky, from doorbell camera, very bright, shape change, White Lake, Michigan, "cloud"
.98 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/114ugc3/what_is_this/ photos, daytime sky, "contrail" bent
.99 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/114x2tj/atlanta_georgia/ photo, daytime cloudy sky, single light object, tictac, low and slow, Atlanta Georgia , contemporaneous report
.100 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/114vir2/what_are_these_ufo/ video, nighttime sky, repeat visitors, possible aviation response,
.101 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1150pm5/probably_isnt_much_to_this_sub_but_i_thought_id/ childhood sighting description, flying saucer, stationary
.102 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/11528cb/clouds_it_appears_to_be_moving_downward_as_i/ photos, evening cloudy sky, possible shootdown, Austin Texas
.103 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1152pyp/over_ct_last_night/ video, nighttime sky, two triangles possibly, two groups of lights, stationary, possibly pacing car, Connecticut, contemporaneous report
.104 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/11530s1/maybe_another_billings_near_fort_collins_see/ photos, evening cloudy sky, possible shootdown, fort Collins Colorado, contemporaneous report
.105 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1152qb5/cubesphere_ufo_sphereblack_cube_uap/ experience, information transfer, cubensphere
.106 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1159esa/about_2_hours_ago_on_a_flight_from_baha/ video, nighttime sky, from airplane, Baja California, contemporaneous report, single light object, multicolored, vanishing and reappearing, stationary, possibly pacing plane, duration 15 minutes, two witnesses
.107 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1156i8its_hard_dealing_with_the_stigma/ discussion thread on stigma [GOODPOST]
.108 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1152xf3/ok_what_is_this_tubeshaped_object_flying_ove video, daytime cloudy sky, from car, single dark object, elongated, worm 🪱, two witnesses, contemporaneous report, Charlotte north Carolina, cylindrical, dark in color and eventually we got underneath it and realized it was sort of reflecting the sun, witness drove under it
.109 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1155kgw/just_saw_first_legit_ufo/ sighting description, contemporaneous report, Tulare California, single light object, trajectory change, approach, flareup, The color was a pretty blue 💙 white, observed vanishing, color change, red 🔴, similar sightings in comments
.110 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/11544jt/report_of_a_personal_sighting/ childhood sighting description , pacing car, apathy in other witnesses, flying saucer, contact, information exchange , [GOODPOST]
.111 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/11569xx/sydney_ufo/ sighting description, contemporaneous report, single light object, flashing, white/blue 💙, pacing car, Sydney Australia 🇦🇺
.112 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/115a7xj/possible_ufo_cyprus_2021_april_i_was_taking/ photo, daytime sky, Cyprus 🇨🇾, single dark object, possible disk shape , similar sighting in comments
.113 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1159sg2/unidentified_flying_object/ video, daytime sky, single light object, Logan County Kentucky
.114 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1152zxg/if_i_hadnt_actually_seen_this_for_myself_i/ sighting description and reference video, single light object moving, daytime cloudy sky
.115 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1151nnp/ufo_encounter_seen_in_the_woods_of_north_georgia/ video, multiple lights blinking erratically, silent, rural north Georgia
.116 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/11508h7/strange_sighting_in_seabrook_tx_houston_tx/ sighting description, two witnesses, Houston Texas, daytime, from car, fleet
.117 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/115dz9e/saw_this_object_being_followed_by_jets_in_the/ video, nighttime sky, single light object, possible aviation response , similar sighting in comments
.118 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/115iv3v/does_this_sound_like_a_ufo/ sighting description, from car, driving from Adelaide to Victoria Australia 🇦🇺, single light object, pacing car, sudden departure upward
.119 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/115lpe7/uap_sighting_in_nc_resembling_chinese_balloon/ sighting description, contemporaneous report, single light object,High Point north Carolina, moving slow, sudden disappearance
.120 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/115pzj1/just_saw_several_shiny_flying_objects_in/ photos, daytime sky, contemporaneous report, Louisville Kentucky, fleet, very bright, duration a few minutes, silent, flashing erratically, flew overhead
.121 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/115qpht/has_anyone_else_ever_seen_a_giant_bubble_in_the/ sighting reference image, bubble in the sky
.122 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/115w667/what_is_this/ video, nighttime sky, contemporaneous report, single light object stationary, Groton Connecticut
.123 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/115xvdz/sighting_northern_ireland/ sighting description, Northern Ireland, duration 3 minutes, nighttime, large V shaped formation, white lights, Appeared blurry to begin with but came into focus as if they were lowering altitude through mist or a layer of atmosphere, opacity change,
.124 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/1162jc9/lights_to_the_north_of_seattle_any_thoughts_on/ video, nighttime cloudy sky, diffuse lights moving straight in one direction, "spotlights", Seattle Washington state , contemporaneous report, similar sightings in comments, big debunker energy, clowning on OP
.125 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/115z6n2/how_to_identify_this_plane/ video, nighttime sky, triangle observed, three white lights observed, video shows two white lights and a red blinking light between them, possible reaction to being filmed , contemporaneous report
.126 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/116hqs8/took_in_2017_just_noticed_the_disc_is_it_anything/ photos, daytime sky, single object blackwhite, possible disk shape, Fort McLeod Alberta Canada 🇨🇦
.127 https://old.reddit.com/HighStrangeness/comments/1162f7x/anyone_ever_been_scanned/ discussion about having light shining on the witness, with no apparent source of light, similar sightings in comments
.128 https://old.reddit.com/HighStrangeness/comments/1154a2outside_of_austin_tx_217/ video, daytime sky, contemporaneous report, Austin Texas, possible shootdown, "contrail"
.129. https://old.reddit.com/HighStrangeness/comments/113iifb/in_light_of_all_the_sightings_lately_i_wanted_to/ video, daytime sky, Utah, single dark object stationary, elongated, lighting configuration change from dark to light to dark, [GOODPOST]
.130 https://old.reddit.com/ufo/comments/114zu3q/a_ufo_passed_above_my_house_last_night_in/ sighting description, contemporaneous report, Brooklyn NYC New York state, interesting post, loud noise, flying saucer
.131 https://old.reddit.com/ufo/comments/115skiu/moon_sized_ufo_spirit_ball_weather_balloon/ sighting description video and still images, single light object, possible porthole
.132 https://old.reddit.com/ufo/comments/115z1va/ufo_sighting/ photo, nighttime sky, single light object, low below the treeline, loud sound observed, two witnesses
.133 https://old.reddit.com/ufo/comments/114jg4x/sighting/ sighting description, contemporaneous report, new Hampshire/Massachusetts border, nighttime, what looked like a jet or craft with 4 wings fly directly straight down
.134 https://old.reddit.com/ufo/comments/115a3ch/found_this_in_my_grandpas_phone/ photo, no context
.135 https://old.reddit.com/ufo/comments/1149bjx/3_nights_ago_object_moving_from_west_to_east_nea photo, nighttime sky, single light object, blue 💙, observed moving, little Rock Arkansas
.136 https://old.reddit.com/ufo/comments/1133ryp/august_2011/ sighting description, two witnesses, perception discrepancy, flying saucepyramid
.137 https://old.reddit.com/ufo/comments/1138wh2/last_night_i_saw_something_that_looked_like_a/ sighting description, contemporaneous report, nighttime, Orlando Florida, circular light formation, similar sightings in comments
.138. https://old.reddit.com/ufo/comments/11323u8/anybody_seen_something_like_this/ sighting description, has anyone seen?, fleet, very bright, moving fast, Poland 🇵🇱, similar sightings in comments
.139 https://old.reddit.com/ufo/comments/112ivcp/what_is_this/ photo and video, nighttime, threelights, triangle
.140 https://old.reddit.com/ufo/comments/111w3qh/my_story/ sighting description, two witnesses, Weed California, single light object moving and stationary and moving, flareup
.141 https://old.reddit.com/ufo/comments/112oboy/my_momma_saw_a_ufo_lol/ sighting
.142 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/116ldyk/my_friend_send_me_this_from_alpes_dhuez_france/ photos, daytime sky, single object, possible disk or cigar shape, possible porthole, the alps, alpe d'Huez Oisans France 🇫🇷, silent
.143 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/116l6rl/ufo_over_my_house_see_comments/ video, daytime sky, hard to see, single light object, possible disk shape, white, cylindrical and had 4 limbs observed, human initiated contact
.144 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/116ktcl/seen_here_on_vacation_plaza_de_la_armer%C3%ADa/ photo of artwork, embroidery, Madrid Spain 🇪🇸, flying saucer
.145 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/116mjsy/spotted_over_hemet_ca_less_then_hour_ago/ photos, daytime sky, contemporaneous report, Hemet California, single light object, blackwhite, shape change, similar sighting in comments , blocky shape, duration 35-40 minutes
.146 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/116jls6/we_are_not_alone/ video recreation of sighting, [GOODPOST]
.147 https://old.reddit.com/UFOs/comments/116nqky/was_taking_pics_of_the_sun_and_saw_this_any_ideas/ photo, daytime cloudy sky, twolights, barbell
.148 https://old.reddit.com/aliens/comments/116m2wp/i_believe_i_was_abducted_several_times_as_a/ abduction experience description, rural Pennsylvania
.149 https://old.reddit.com/aliens/comments/116av3i/possible_ubduction/ abduction experience description, physical effects sore throat
.150 https://old.reddit.com/aliens/comments/1131lsi/filmed_in_blue_springs_mo_in_the_direction_of/ video, nighttime sky, blue springs Missouri, fleet, similar sightings in comments, [GOODPOST]
.151 https://old.reddit.com/aliens/comments/1135cjk/neighbor_spotted_something_unusual/ sighting description, twolights, similar sighting in comments
.152 https://old.reddit.com/aliens/comments/1135f46/saw_points_of_light_just_now_uk/ sighting description and videos, very bright light, possible reaction to being filmed , midlands the UK 🇬🇧, repeat visitor
.153 https://old.reddit.com/aliens/comments/113gdmd/have_any_of_you_had_to_deal_with_rgmp_in_the_last/ experience, no craft, red grid marks on body
.154 https://old.reddit.com/aliens/comments/1134uuc/help/ anomalous activity near home
.155 https://old.reddit.com/aliens/comments/112xh3p/tic_tac_floating/ video, daytime sky, single light object stationary, tictac, south America
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2023.02.15 07:11 TradedMedia Sold Retail Address: 13101 Northwest Freeway, Houston, Texas 77040, United States Address: 13101 Northwest Freeway,... Asset Type: Retail Closed: 2 days ago Brokers: Matt Berry , Kevin Fryman Note: The Retail property located in Texas that spans 224,800 square feet The deal closed 2 days ...

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2023.02.13 03:31 rrmdp 📢 Starbucks is hiring a mgr district - Northwest Houston, TX!

Apply → https://jobboardsearch.com/redirect?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=bot&utm_id=jobboarsearch&utm_term=www.localjobs.com&rurl=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cubG9jYWxqb2JzLmNvbS9qb2IvaG91c3Rvbi10eC1tZ3ItZGlzdHJpY3Qtbm9ydGh3ZXN0LWhvdXN0b24tdHgvP3JlZj1qb2Jib2FyZHNlYXJjaA==
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2023.02.11 21:54 foxfiregalleries [GA]- Cypress, TX (Northwest Houston area)-free- platies (mainly neon blue wag)

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2023.02.11 04:39 Screwedupclickster can someone explain. can they really pay that low for base.

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2023.01.09 22:41 EverybodySupernova Doorcam video of the strange thunder heard over Northwest Houston TX last Saturday, 1/7/2023

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2022.12.28 20:17 Autonomous_uberdrivr That time uber offered me $21.32 to complete a trip and after driving half a mile further and completing the trip they only paid me $20.90. They can’t even stand by upfront pricing anymore. Happy New Years uber.

That time uber offered me $21.32 to complete a trip and after driving half a mile further and completing the trip they only paid me $20.90. They can’t even stand by upfront pricing anymore. Happy New Years uber. submitted by Autonomous_uberdrivr to uberdrivers [link] [comments]

2022.12.21 03:10 Speed04 [NO SPOILERS] United States and Canada as Westeros (New Update)

[NO SPOILERS] United States and Canada as Westeros (New Update)
UPDATE: After reading some comments, I decided to make some changes, and it came along with the Vale being landlocked.
Hello guys, this is how I see USA and Canada as Westeros. Some weeks ago I made a post with this title and an hypotetical situation where USA and Canada were Westeros and I divided the continent in regions to represent the seven kingdoms.
However, I decided to make a new version of the map, where I changed some regions and city locations (using geography, population, capital city status and size). Also, I decided to put the Vale near the west coast because of the rocky mountains and I also put the entire Canada (except the territories) to be the North. Why? Because of geography. The North is located above all the kingdoms and it's hella big compared to the others.
Canada, even without the territories, it's HUGE, and that fits with the North. Plus, I made a connection between some of the people in Westeros and the people in North America, like Mexicans/Americans from South USA=Rhoynar, Americans=Andals, Canadians=Northmen and First Men=Natives.
Remember, Mexico, Caribbean, Central America and South America are the continent of ESSOS. I may create a post talking about Essos/Latin America someday.
With all said, let's get it started.
MAP: https://www.reddit.com/asoiaf/comments/zv8ceg/no_spoilers_usa_and_canada_as_westeros_new_map/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

The Crownlands:
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
- King's Landing: Washington, DC
- Dragonstone: San Juan, PR
- Rosby: Philadelphia, PE
- Sharp Point: Newark, NJ
- Stonedance: Wilmington, DE
- Stokeworth: Baltimore, MD
- Hayford: Pittsburgh, PE
- Duskendale: New York, NY
- Antlers: Bridgeport, CT
- Rook's Rest: Boston, MA
- Claw Isle: Providence, RI
- Sow's Horn: Burlington, VT
- Brownhollow: Manchester, NH
- Drye Den: Portland, ME
- High Tide: Charlotte Amalie, VI

The Riverlands:
Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Kentucky.
- Riverrun: Columbus, OH
- The Twins: Detroit, MI
- Harrenhal: Chicago, IL
- Seagard: Madison, WI
- Oldstones: Milwaukee, WI
- Fairmarket: Cleveland, OH
- High Heart: Indianapolis, IN
- Acorn Hall: Cincinnati, OH
- Pinkmaiden: Louisville, KY
- Stoney Sept: Lexington, KY
- Lord Harroway's Town: Charleston, WV
- Stone Hedge: Huntington, WV
- Saltpans: Richmond, VA
- Maidenpool: Norfolk, VA
- Raventree Hall: Lansing, MI
- Wayfarer's Rest: Fort Wayne, IN
- Atranta: Springfield, IL
- Quiet Isle: Virginia Beach, VA
- Isle of Faces: Marquette, MI

The Stormlands:
North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana.
- Storm's End: Tallahassee, FL
- Griffin's Roost: Jacksonville, FL
- Rain House: Orlando, FL
- Summerhall: Charleston, SC
- Crow's Nest: Atlanta, GA
- Mistwood: Huntsville, AL
- Weeping Town: Baton Rouge, LA
- Stonehelm: Birmingham, AL
- Greenstone: New Orleans, LA
- Amberly, Rainwood Forest: Tampa, FL
- Fawnton: Montgomery, AL
- Evenfall Hall: Miami, FL
- Haystack Hall: Raleigh, NC
- Bronzegate: Charlotte, NC
- Eelwood: Nashville, TN
- Blackhaven: Jackson, MS
- Harvest Hall: Memphis, TN
- Nightsong: Little Rock, AR

Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona.
- Sunspear: Austin, TX
- Water Gardens: San Antonio, TX
- Godsgrace: Dallas, TX
- Vaith: Fort Worth, TX
- Lemonwood: Houston, TX
- Saltshore: Corpus Christi, TX
- The Tor: Amarillo, TX
- Ghost Hill: Oklahoma City, OK
- Spottwood: Tulsa, OK
- Yronwood: Roswell, NM
- Skyreach: Las Cruces, NM
- Hellholt: El Paso, TX
- Wyl: Santa Fe, NM
- Kingsgrave: Albuquerque, NM
- Tower of Joy: Mesa, AZ
- Blackmont: Phoenix, AZ
- Starfell: Chandler, AZ
- Sandstone: Tucson, AZ

The Reach:
Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas.
- Highgarden: St Paul's, MN
- Oldtown: Minneapolis, MN
- Goldengrove: Fargo, ND
- Old Oak: Bismarck, ND
- Blackcrown: Duluth, MN
- Three Towers: Rochester, MN
- Cider Hall: Kansas City, MO
- Longtable: Jefferson City, MO
- Ashford: St. Louis, MO
- Bitterbridge: Des Moines, IA
- Grassy Vale: Cedar Rapids, IA
- Tumbleton: Davenport, IA
- Bandallon: Pierre, SD
- Brightwater Keep: Sioux Falls, SD
- Honeyholt: Grand Island, NE
- Horn Hill: Lincoln, NE
- Starpike: Omaha, NE
- Uplands: Overland Park, KS
- Sunhouse: Wichita, KS
- New Barrel: Topeka, KS
- Ryamsport, The Arbor: Rapid City, SD

The Vale:
Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.
- The Eyrie: Salt Lake City, UT
- Bloody Gate: Provo, UT
- Redfort: Denver, CO
- Wickenden: St. George, UT
- Strong Song: Nampa, ID
- Heart's Home: Boise, ID
- Iron Oaks: Idaho Falls, ID
- Gulltown: Colorado Springs, CO
- Runestone: Fort Collins, CO
- Old Anchor: Cheyenne, WY
- Longbow Hall: Casper, WY
- Snakewoods: Missoula, MT
- Coldwater Burn: Helena, MT
- Baelish Keep: Billings, MT

The Westerlands:
California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.
- Casterly Rock: Sacramento, CA
- Lannisport: Los Angeles, CA
- Banefort: Seattle, WA
- The Crag: Tacoma, WA
- Castamere: Olympia, WA
- Tarbeck Hall: Portland, OR
- Ashemark: Salem, OR
- Golden Tooth: Spokane, WA
- Sarsfield: Eugene, OR
- Faircastle: San Francisco, CA
- Kayce: San Jose, CA
- Clegane's Keep: Fresno, CA
- Hornvale: Reno, NV
- Deep Den: Carson City, NV
- Silverhill: Las Vegas, NV
- Cornfield: Henderson, NV
- Crakehall: San Diego, CA

The Iron Islands:
Hawaii, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa and the U.S. Minor Outlying Islands.
- Pyke: Honolulu, HI
- Lordsport: Pearl City, HI
- The Ten Towers, Harlaw: Hilo, HI
- Orkwood's Seat, Orkmont: Kahului, HI
- Blacktyde Castle: Kaunakakai, HI
- Saltcliffe: Kapaʻa, HI
- Hammerhorn, Great Wyk: Dededo, GU
- Shatterstone, Old Wyk: Saipan, MP
- Lonely Light: Tafuna, AS
- Islands Aegon, Rhaenys and Visenya: Midway Atoll, Wake Island and Johnston Atoll, UM

The North:
Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.
- Winterfell: Ottawa, ON
- White Harbor: Toronto, ON
- Cerwyn: Niagara Falls, ON
- Blackpool: Thunder Bay, ON
- Dreadfort: Montreal, QC
- Karhold: Quebec City, QC
- Hornwood: Sherbrooke, QC
- Widow's Watch: St. John's, NL
- Kingshouse, Skagos: Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL
- Ramsgate: Charlottetown, PE
- Old Castle: Halifax, NS
- Moat Cailin: Moncton, NB
- Greywater Watch: Saint John, NB
- Last Hearth: Winnipeg, MB
- Flint's Finger: Saskatoon, SK
- Torrhen's Square: Regina, SK
- Barrowton and Barrow Hall: Calgary, AB
- Goldgrass: Edmonton, AB
- Deepwood Motte: Vancouver, BC
- Breakstone Hill: Kelowna, BC
- Mormont Keep, Bear Island: Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC

The Gift:
- Castle Black: Fort McMurray, AB
- Nightfort: Grande Prairie, AB
- Mole's Town: Nipawin, SK
- Shadow Tower: Prince George, BC
- Eastwatch: Churchill, MB
- The Wall: The border between canadian provinces and the northern territories + Alaska

Beyond the Wall:
Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Alaska.
- Hardhome: Iqaluit, NU
- Whitetree: Yellowknife, NT
- Craster's Keep: Whitehorse, YT
- Fist of the First Men: Anchorage, AK
- Thenn: Interior Alaska
- Frostfangs: Alaska Range
- Lands of Always Winter: Northern AK, YT, NT, NU and Queen Elizabeth Islands

Latin America (Coming Soon.)

That's it for today. If you still prefer the old version after reading this entire post, that's ok. Also, feel free to have a different opinion about where some locations should have been.
Update: Added Amberly, Stormlands, as Tampa, FL and added Fawnton as Montgomery, AL.
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2022.12.19 07:29 Minute-Signature-926 Just when you thought it was over

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2022.12.11 10:30 Autonomous_uberdrivr Houston had a good night I heard. I drove for about 90minutes up until 7pm or so made 108 before gas. Heard from some others off here they made a pretty penny tonight

Houston had a good night I heard. I drove for about 90minutes up until 7pm or so made 108 before gas. Heard from some others off here they made a pretty penny tonight submitted by Autonomous_uberdrivr to houstonUBERdrivers [link] [comments]

2022.12.08 17:22 bluenwhitestrips US anniversary gift advertisement

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2022.12.06 22:55 brownellchalstrom AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE: Safety Recall 9302 for 2021 US First Edition

I received the email below today about this recall. (This recall is different from the 97FY Software Update Service action, which replaces the 12-volt battery and updates the software.) The dealer in the email is nearly 6 hours from my home in New Orleans where I bought the car. After an hour on the phone with the number given in the email I was told I need to drive the 12 hour round trip to get this repair that takes two days. If Volkswagen is serious about being in the electronic vehicle business in the United States they need to take better care of their customers.
Dear Customer,
According to our records, your 2021 model year Volkswagen ID.4 is included in Safety Recall 9302 (Flexible Printed Circuit Solder – HV Battery). This recall requires a visit to a Certified ID.4 Battery Repair dealer who meets the robust requirements for working on high-voltage batteries. To make scheduling this recall work easy, we have identified the following Certified ID.4 Battery Repair dealer closest to you:
West Houston Volkswagen 17113 Katy Fwy Houston TX (281) 675-8600
If you would prefer to visit a different dealer, please visit Find Your Volkswagen Dealership (vw.com) and enter your zip code to find all EV Repair Certified dealers in your area. Please know that, as Volkswagen dealers are independently owned and operated, some dealers in your area may not be a Certified ID.4 Battery Repair dealer and therefore would not be able to safely perform this recall work on your vehicle.Should you have any questions, please contact Volkswagen Customer CARE at 800.822.8987.
Best regards, Volkswagen of America
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2022.12.05 23:44 ChikinNugget Conroe Cannacaching Club - Drop (12/5/22)

The drop has been made...
Location -
Northwest Animal Hospital Parking Lot
3031 Cypress Creek Pkwy
Houston, TX
Next door is a Psychic...
She didn't foresee her business shutting down, nor did she foresee the prize of green...
The white rock is the key...
Drop Spot -
Good luck and happy toking!!!
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2022.12.02 19:01 Autonomous_uberdrivr Uber steals wages from its drivers.

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2022.12.02 18:59 Rsubs33 Game Preview Week 13 Philadelphia Eagles (10-1) vs the Tennessee Titans (7-4) Game Preview

Philadelphia Eagles (10-1) vs the Tennessee Titans (7-4)
The Eagles will look for the clean sweep of the AFC South this weekend as they welcome the Tennessee Titans to town in a showdown between the top team from each division. The Titans are a good defense with an alright offense. The biggest key to the game for the Eagles on defense will be shutting down All-Pro Derrick Henry and the Titans running game. The Eagles should get some help in that department if first round pick Jordan Davis is able to return after being activated off the IR this week. The run defense was completely different with Davis on the field vs on the sideline this season. When Davis is on the field the Eagles defense gives up 3.87 yards per carry compared to 5.1 yards per carry when he is on the sideline, so getting him back to slow down Henry will be huge. If the Eagles defense is able to shutdown Henry they will need to contest with veteran Ryan Tannehill who has been productive this season, but is a QB the Eagles should be able to force into mistakes especially if the defensive line is able to get pressure on him. On the other side of the ball, the Eagles may have trouble getting their run going against the tough Titans defense which is ranked 3rd against the run and first in rush TDs per game. That said, the Eagles rushing attack is not your typical one as QB Jalen Hurts leads the team in rushing TDs and was the leading rusher last week when the Eagles ran for 363 yards against the Packers. The Titans while being good at shutting down running backs have struggled to contain running QBs. Last week Joe Burrow was able to run for a few key first downs and in their week 9 matchup with the Chiefs they gave up 63 yards and a TD to Patrick Mahommes on 6 carries. Hurts could be in for a big day for the second straight week, if the Titans don’t tighten up their defense on QB runs, that said if they add spy it could open up things more in the passing game, where the Eagles WRs have the advantage in the matchups according to PFF. PFF has actually given AJ Brown an 100.0 score matchup advantage against the Titans CBs, so he could be in for a big day against his former team if those matchups grades hold true. It should be a tough physical game between the two teams, but the team that wins in the trenches is the one most likely to win the game. Go Birds!
General Information
Posting Rules and Guidelines
Remember to join us on Discord during the game!
New to the Eagles? Take a look at our New Fan Page!
Sunday, December 4th, 2022
Game Time Game Location
1:00 PM - Eastern Lincoln Financial Field
12:00 PM - Central 1020 Pattison Ave
11:00 AM - Mountain Philadelphia, PA 19148
10:00 AM - Pacific Wikipedia - Map
Weather Forecast
Stadium Type:Open
Surface: Desso GrassMaster
Temperature: 41°F
Feels Like: 37°F
Forecast: Partly Cloudy. Partly cloudy throughout the day.
Chance of Precipitation: 0%
Cloud Coverage:51%
Wind: West Northwest 5 MPH
Betting Odds
OddShark Information
Favorite/Opening Line: Philadelphia -5
OveUnder: 44.5
Moneyline Eagles -240, Titans +200
Record vs. Spread: Philadelphia 6-5, Tennessee 8-3
Where to Watch on TV
FOX will broadcast Sunday’s game to a regional audience. Kevin Burkhardt will handle the play-by-play duties and Greg Olsen will provide analysis. Erin Andrews and Tom Rinaldi will report from the sidelines.
TV Map - Week 13 TV Coverage Map
Radio Streams
Disclaimer: Subscription Based Official NFL Radio Streams available via TuneIn
List of Eagles Radio network member stations with internet broadcast availability
Radio.com 94.1 Desktop Streaming
Listen to Merrill Reese and Mike Quick
Calling the game on 94WIP and the Eagles Radio Network will be Merrill Reese, the NFL’s longest-tenured play-by-play announcer (46th season). Joining Reese in the radio booth will be former Eagles All-Pro wide receiver Mike Quick, while Howard Eskin will report from the sidelines.
Location Station Frequency
Philadelphia, PA WIP-FM 94.1 FM and 610 AM
Allentown, PA WCTO-FM 96.1 FM
Atlantic City/South Jersey WENJ-FM 97.3 FM
Levittown, PA WBCB-AM 1490 AM
Northumberland, PA WEGH-FM 107.3 FM
Pottsville, PA WPPA-AM 1360 AM
Reading, PA WEEU-AM 830 AM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA WEJL-FM 96.1 FM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WEJL-AM 630 AM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WBAX-AM 1240 AM
Williamsport, PA WBZD-FM 93.3 FM
Wilmington, DE WDEL-FM/AM 101.7 FM
York/LancasteHarrisburg, PA WSOX-FM 96.1 FM
Philadelphia Spanish Radio
Rickie Ricardo, Oscar Budejen and Bill Kulik will handle the broadcast in Spanish on Mega 105.7 FM in Philadelphia and the Eagles Spanish Radio Network.
Location Station Frequency
Philadelphia, PA LA MEGA 105.7 FM
Atlantic City, NJ WIBG 1020 AM; 101.3 FM
Titans Radio
Titans Radio Network Franklin-native Mike Keith, the Voice of the Titans brings you every moment of Titans football every week. For over 20 years, Mike paints the picture home and away on your local Titans Radio partner. He is joined by former NFL coach Dave McGinnis as the color analyst and Amie Wells on the sidelines.
National Radio
Compass Media Network will carry the game nationally with Chris Carrino handling the play-by-play with Brian Baldinger providing analysis.
Satellite Radio
Station Eagles ChannelTitans Channel
Sirius Radio SIRI 82 (Streaming 825)
XM Radio XM 227(Streaming 825)
Sirius XM Radio SXM 227(Streaming 825)
Eagles Social Media Titans Social Media
Website Website
Facebook Facebook
Twitter Twitter
Instagram Instagram
Snapchat: Eagles Snapchat: nfltitans
TikTok TikTok
NFC East Standings
NFC EAST Record PCT Home Road Div Conf PF PA Net Pts Streak
Eagles 10-1 .909 5-1 5-0 2-1 6-1 303 216 +87 W2
Cowboys 8-3 .727 5-1 3-2 3-1 7-3 279 187 +92 W2
Giants 7-4 .636 4-2 3-2 0-2 3-4 225 232 -7 L2
Commanders 7-5 .583 3-3 4-2 1-2 4-4 233 236 -3 W3
Series Information
Philadelphia Eagles lead the Tennessee Titans, (7-5)
Series History
Head to Head Box Scores
First Game Played
November 12, 1972 at Houston Astrodome, Houston, TX. Philadelphia Eagles 18 - Houston Oilers 17
Points Leader
The Philadelphia Eagles lead the Tennessee Titans(280-246)
Coaches Record
Nick Sirianni: This will be Sirianni's first game vs. the Titans
Mike Vrabel: 1-0 vs. the Eagles
Coaches Head to Head
This will be the first game meeting between the coaches
Quarterback Record
Jalen Hurts: Against Titans 0-0
Ryan Tannehill: Against Eagles 1-0
Quarterbacks Head to Head
Jalen Hurts vs Ryan Tannehill: This will be the first meeting between the QBs
Records per Stadium
Record @ Lincoln Financial Field: Series tied: 1-1
Record @ Nissan Stadium: Tennessee leads series: 2-0
Rankings and Last Meeting Information
NFL.com Power Ranking
Eagles No. 1 - Titans No. 9
Eagles: 10-1
Titans: 7-4
Last Meeting
Sunday, September 30th, 2018
Titans 26 - Eagles 23 OT
In a game where the Eagles moved the ball seemingly at will they had numerous mishaps including a number of drops. Still the Eagles had 432 yards of offense with Wentz throwing for 348 yards and Ertz and Jeffrey each having over 100 yards receiving. The Eagles actually dominated most of the game leading 10-3 at halftime and pushed that lead to 17-3 after a drive lasting almost 7 minutes ended with a Alshon Jeffrey TD reception. But Jim Schwartz inexplicably had his CBs playing so far off in the 3rd quarter that it was pitch and catch for Mariota and his receivers. Following the Eagles long TD, Schwartz defense turned around and gave right back, followed by a FG on the Titans next drive where the Eagles failed to stop them on 4th and 1. Titans ensuing possession again ended in a TD, where Shcwartz had Jalen Mills on the Titans best receiver Cory Davis with no help over the top for a 51 yard gain. Which was followed by a Tajee Sharp TD to take the lead. The Eagles tied it with a FG and they went to overtime. The Eagles won the toss and settled for a FG after a dropped pass by Agholor. The Eagles defense needed a stop for the win and Jim Schwartz again played soft coverage and again they got the Titans into 4th down only to again give it up and the Titans marched down for the game winning TD.
Click here to view the Video Recap
Click here to view the Stats Recap
Last Meeting at Site
Sunday, November 19th, 2014
Eagles 43 - Titans 24
Josh Huff opened the game with a 107 kickoff return for a TD to give the Eagles an early lead. The Eagles kept the scoring going and added another TD on a Darren Sproles TD run followed by a Cody Parkey FG to give the Eagles a 17-0 lead after the first quarter. The Titans offense came alive in the second though following a Mark Sanchez INT and they scored 17 points of their own in the 2nd quarter, but the Eagles also added 10 with another Parkey FG and Lesean McCoy TD run. The second half was dominated by the Eagles outsourcing the Titans 16-7 in the second half to give them a convincing 43-24 win. Mark Sanchez threw for 307 yards and one touchdown in his third start for the injured Nick Foles. He had 300 yards passing in three straight games which tied a team record at the time.
Click here to view the Video Recap
Click here to view the Stats Recap
Last 10 Meetings
Date Winner Loser Score
09/30/18 Titans Eagles 26-23
11/23/14 Eagles Titans 43-24
10/24/10 Titans Eagles 37-19
11/19/06 Titans Eagles 31-13
09/08/02 Titans Eagles 27-24
12/03/00 Titans Eagles 15-13
09/08/02 Titans Eagles 27-24
10/24/94 Eagles Oilers 21-6
12/02/91 Eagles Oilers 13-6
10/02/88 Eagles Oilers 32-23
12/19/82 Eagles Oilers 35-14
Injury Reports Depth Charts
Eagles Eagles
Titans Titans
2022 “Expert” Picks
Week 13 - "Expert" Picks
2022 Team Stats
Eagles Season Stats
Titans Season Stats
2022 Stats (Starters/Leaders)
Hurts 214 318 67.3% 2560 17 3 105.6
Tannehill 158 243 65.0% 1976 10 4 97.0
Sanders 177 900 75.7 5.1 8
Henry 247 1048 95.3 4.2 10
Brown 53 831 75.5 15.7 7
Woods 32 351 11.0 31.9 1
Name Sacks Team Total
Reddick 8 36
Autry 7.0 31
Name Total Solo Assist Sacks
Edwards 103 62 41 2.0
Long Jr. 85 51 34 0.0
Name Ints Team Total
Gardner-Johnson 6 15
Long Jr. 2 9
Siposs 39 1790 59 45.9 41.3 15 3 0
Stonehouse 59 3132 74 53.1 44.7 23 7 0
Elliot 11 9 81.8% 54 32/34
Bulllock 13 11 84.6% 48 19/19
Kick Returns
Covey 10 206 20.6 26 0
Haskins 19 414 21.8 37 0
Punt Returns
Covey 19 130 6.8 15 0 11
Board 10 105 10.5 17 0 4
League Rankings 2022
Offense Rankings
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Titans Stat Titans Rank
Total Offense 382.4 4th 298.8 29th
Rush Offense 162.5 3rd 122.9 12th
Pass Offense 219.8 17th 175.9 29th
Points Per Game 27.5 3rd 19.0 26th
3rd-Down Offense 47.2% 3rd 36.7% 27th
4th-Down Offense 71.4% 3rd 57.1% 8th
Red Zone Offense (TD%) 72.5% 1st 66.7% 5th
Defense Rankings
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Titans Stat Titans Rank
Total Defense 304.4 2nd 351.3 21st
Rush Defense 120.7 18th 84.5 3rd
Pass Defense 183.6 2nd 266.7 31st
Points Per Game 19.6 9th 18.6 8th
3rd-Down Defense 39.1% 15th 30.7% 1st
4th-Down Defense 61.5% 26th(t) 73.7% 32nd
Red Zone Defense (TD%) 52.8% 12th 51.6% 8th
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Titans Stat Titans Rank
Turnover Diff. +13 1st +2 8th(t)
Penalty Per Game 5.5 12th 6.6 25th
Penalty Yards Per Game 43.6 9th 51.6 22nd
Recap from Last Week’s Games
The Eagles put up 363 rushing yards against Green Bay, with both Jalen Hurts and Miles Sanders rushing for over 100 yards each. While the Eagles defense gave up 33 points to the Packers, they intercepted Aaron Rodgers twice. Rodgers exited the game in the third quarter due to an injury and was replaced by Jordan Love, who threw a 63-yard touchdown to rookie wide receiver Christian Watson. The Eagles would clinch the victory with a 54-yard field goal from Jake Elliott. With the win, the Eagles improved to 10–1 (their first double digit win season since 2017) and maintained their lead in the NFC.
The Titans took on the Bengals in a rematch of last year's divisional playoff game where the Bengals pulled out a win. Cincinnati smothered NFL rushing leader Derrick Henry, holding him to 38 yards rushing, his second-lowest total of the season. Tennessee did adapt by throwing to Henry, and he had a career-best 79 yards receiving. But it was not enough to overcome the Bengals who kept it close all game before Joe Burrow threw a 27-yard touchdown pass to Tee Higgins with 13:42 left to take the lead which they never relinquished. After the Titans got a stop with 1:53 left to go in the game Bengals kicker Evan McPherson connected on a FG which would put the Bengals up 7, but Titans lineman Kevin Strong was flagged for unnecessary roughness after landing on the long snapper. That nullified the kick but allowed the Bengals to run out the clock to win the game.
Eagles WR AJ Brown was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2019 NFL Draft by the Titans and played three seasons for them before he was traded to the Eagles this past offseason.
Eagles Defensive Coordinator Jonathan Gannon was a Defensive Quality Control coach for the Titans from 2012-2013.
Eagles Defensive Line coach Tracy Rocker held the same position for the Titans from 2011-2013.
Eagles Pass Game Coordinator Kevin Patullo was the assistant WR coach for the Titans in 2014.
Eagles Offensive Quality Control coach Alex Tanney was on the Titans Practice Squad for one season in 2014.
Eagles TE coach Jason Michael was offensive coordinator from 2014-2015 and QB coach from 2016-2017 for the Titans.
Eagles WR Zach Pascal played one season for the Titans in 2017.
Titans Offensive Line Coach Keith Carter is from the Philadelphia suburb of Pheonixville and attended Downingtown HS.
Titans Senior Defensive Assistant Jim Schwartz was the Defensive Coordinator for the Eagles for 5 seasons from 2016-2020 and won a Super Bowl with them in 2017.
Titans OT Le’Raven Clark played 1 season with the Eagles in 2021 and was on their practice squad this season before being signed off by the Titans.
2022 Pro Bowlers
Eagles Titans
C Jason Kelce (Starter) FS Kevin Byard(Starter)
CB Darius Slay DT Jeffrey Simmons (1st Alternate)
DT Javon Hargrave (1st Alternate) OLB Harold Landry (1st Alternate)
DE Josh Sweat (1st Alternate) OG Rodger Saffold (1st Alternate)
K Jake Elliott (1st Alternate)
Referee: Adrian Hill
Philadelphia owns the best record in the NFL (10-1). The Eagles have started 10-1 for just the fifth time in team history, having previously done so during the 1949, 1980, 2004 and 2017 campaigns.
Nick Sirianni is the eighth coach since the 1970 merger to start 10-1 or better in their first or second career year as a head coach, joining Sean McVay (2018 Rams), Doug Pederson (2017 Eagles), Jim Caldwell (2009 Colts), Mike McCarthy (2007 Packers), Steve Mariucci (1997 49ers), George Seifert (1990 49ers) and Red Miller (1977 Broncos).
Philadelphia has totaled 14 seasons with 10+ wins since Jeffrey Lurie’s first full year of ownership in 1995, which ranks 5th in the NFL in that span, behind New England (21), Green Bay (19), Indianapolis (16) and Pittsburgh (16). Each of Lurie’s head coaching hires have posted 10+ win seasons within their first two years with the team: Sirianni, Doug Pederson (13-3 in 2017), Chip Kelly (10-6 in 2013; 10-6 in 2014), Andy Reid (11-5 in 2000) and Ray Rhodes (10-16 in 1995; 10-16 in 1996).
Jalen Hurts has won 15 of his previous 17 regular-season starts since Week 10 of 2021 (including 13 of his last 14 since Week 13 of 2021), marking the highest winning percentage (.882) among NFL QBs. Hurts is the 4th-youngest QB to start 10-1 or better since the 1970 merger, behind Dan Marino in 1984 (23 years, 57 days), Dak Prescott in 2016 (23 years, 118 days), and Jared Goff in 2018 (24 years, 36 days).
Philadelphia ranks 1st in the NFL in turnover differential (+13), which includes a league-high 23 takeaways. The Eagles’ +13 margin is their 2nd-best figure through 11 games since the 1970 merger, trailing only the 2010 season (+14). Their 23 takeaways are tied for the 3rd-most through 11 games since 1970, behind 2010 (26) and 2009 (25).
Philadelphia has won the turnover battle nine times (+1 or better) this season, which leads the league. In addition, it marks the Eagles’ most such performances through 11 games in franchise history (also tied for the most by any NFL team through 11 games since 2013).
Philadelphia and Baltimore are the only NFL teams with 1+ takeaway in every game this season. The last time the Eagles recorded at least 1 takeaway in each of the first 11 games of a season was in 2004.
Philadelphia ranks 2nd in the NFL with 73 points off takeaways, trailing only New England (78) in that category. The Eagles have produced 70+ points off takeaways through 11 games for the first time since 2017, when they totaled 75 points off takeaways during that stretch.
Jalen Hurts is the only QB in NFL history to post 6,500+ passing yards (6,623) and 1,500+ rushing yards (1,653) in their first 30 career starts.
Hurts is one of only four NFL QBs with 25+ total TDs (25) this season, joining Patrick Mahomes (30), Josh Allen (28) and Joe Burrow (27). He is the only NFL QB with 25+ total TDs and 5-or-fewer giveaways.
Hurts has also logged the 4th-most total yards (3,157) in the NFL this year, behind Mahomes (3,859), Allen (3,744) and Burrow (3,338).
In the passing game, Hurts has registered the 3rd-highest passer rating (105.6), trailing only Tua Tagovailoa (115.7) and Geno Smith (107.9). He ranks 4th in yards per attempt (8.05), behind Tagovailoa (9.03), Ryan Tannehill (8.13) and Mahomes (8.11), and is also completing a career-best 67.3% (214-of-318) of his passes (10th in NFL).
On the ground, Hurts is tied with Miles Sanders for the 6th-most TDs (8) in the league (most among QBs). In Week 12 vs. Green Bay, Hurts set the record for the most rushing yards (157) by a QB in Eagles history, eclipsing the previous mark of 130 set by Michael Vick in 2010.
Miles Sanders, who rushed for a career-high 143 yards with 2 TDs in Week 12 vs. Green Bay, is one of only five NFL players with 900+ rushing yards (career-high 900), joining Josh Jacobs (1,159), Derrick Henry (1,048), Nick Chubb (1,039) and Saquon Barkley (992). Sanders is also T-6th with a career-high 8 rushing TDs, behind Jamaal Williams (13), Chubb (12), Henry (10), Jacobs (9) and Kenneth Walker (9).
A.J. Brown ranks 2nd in the NFL in yards per reception (15.7), trailing only Jaylen Waddle (17.2) (min. 40 receptions). He is also tied for the 4th-most receiving TDs (7) in the league, behind Travis Kelce (12), Davante Adams (10) and Stefon Diggs (9). In addition, Brown ranks 9th in receiving yards (831), which are the most by an Eagles WR through 11 games since Jeremy Maclin in 2014 (980 yards).
According to Pro Football Focus, Lane Johnson has not allowed a sack since Week 11 of 2020 or a QB hit since Week 7 of 2021. He leads all NFL tackles with a 0.1% knockdown percentage (0 sacks, 1 QB hit in 809 pass-blocking snaps) since the start of last season.
Haason Reddick (8.0) and Javon Hargrave (7.0) are the first Eagles duo with 7.0+ sacks each through 11 games since Trent Cole (7.0) and Darren Howard (8.0) accomplished the feat in 2008. Reddick is tied for the most strip sacks (3) in the NFL and Hargrave ranks 3rd among DTs in sacks, behind Chris Jones (10.0) and Quinnen Williams (8.0).
T.J. Edwards is one of four NFL players with 100+ tackles (102, 8th in NFL) and multiple sacks (2.0) this season, joining Nick Bolton, Roquan Smith and Derwin James. Additionally, Edwards’ 102 tackles are the most by an Eagle in the first 11 games of a season since 2000.
Among players who have faced at least 30 targets, James Bradberry ranks 3rd in opponent passer rating (47.7) as well as 4th in opponent completion percentage (47.3%). Bradberry also ranks T-3rd in the NFL with 12 PDs, behind Sauce Gardner (14) and Trevon Diggs (13).
C.J. Gardner-Johnson leads the NFL with a career-high 6 INTs.
Titans RB Derrick Henry has 115+ scrimmage yards in 8 of his last 9 games and he has 779 scrimmage yards and 9 rush TDs in 6 road games this season and has a rush TD in all 6 games. Henry ranks 2nd in the NFL with 1326 scrimmage yards in 2022 and aims for his 3rd career season with 1500 scrimmage yards.
Fun Fact
During the 1999 NFL season, the Titans were the only team that was able to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars dominated the NFL during the 1999 season, but their kryptonite proved to be their division rival Tennessee Titans. That season, Jacksonville went 14-2 in the regular season, with both losses coming to the Tennessee Titans (Titans won these games 20-19 and 41-14). Later on in the playoffs, Jacksonville defeated the Miami Dolphins in very convincing fashion by a score of 62-7, but would fall to Tennessee 33-14 in the AFC Championship Game. It’s the only time in NFL history where a team went 14-3 (including the playoffs) and had all three losses come to the same franchise.
A Trip through Time
In 1991, the Philadelphia Eagles had the defense in the NFL and one of the best all-time (the best when you measure it by DVOA) and in week 14 they faced off against the second most productive offense in the league on Monday Night Football. The Eagles defensive line was the key to their success, anchored by DE Reggie White and included DE Clyde Simmons and DT Jerome Brown, but there was plenty of talent at linebacker and in the defensive backfield as well. The offense was another story though, especially after losing star QB Randall Cunningham to a season-ending knee injury in the first game of the season. Backup and former Bears QB Jim McMahon was talented but brittle, and when he was forced to the sidelines, the team floundered with the likes of Brad Goebel and Pat Ryan in his place. But after dropping to 3-5, the Eagles caught fire and won four straight games to come into the contest in Houston with a 7-5 record and a shot at the playoffs. The Titans were 9-3 and adept at rolling up offensive yards, especially at home in the Astrodome, which was thus dubbed “the House of Pain”. QB Warren Moon fit perfectly into the team’s run-and-shoot attack and had a capable receiving corps. Philadelphia’s approach to stopping the offense was to use a 4-2-5 defense, dropping a linebacker and adding an extra defensive back on most downs. The Eagles defense opened the game getting a turnover after Moon fumble, but the inept offense could do nothing with it and they were forced to punt. The team continued to exchange punts until the Oilers drove into Philadelphia territory only to be stymied again by the Eagles defense as Andre Waters forced a fumble on Oilers WR Haywood Jefferies following a hard hit. Eagles LB Seth Joyer recovered and returned it to the 48 only for the Eagles offense to again do nothing with it. The teams continued to exchange punts until Al Del Greco connected from 42 yards out to give the Oilers a 3-0 lead going into the half. McMahon was knocked out of the game with an elbow injury during the first series of the third quarter and Jeff Kemp, who was claimed off waivers from Seattle in mid-October, came on at quarterback for the Eagles. Philadelphia had to punt but got the ball back on the next play when Joyner recovered a Moon fumble at the Houston eight. The visitors couldn’t reach the end zone in three plays, but they did tie the score when Roger Ruzek kicked a 23-yard field goal. The Oilers went three-and-out on their next series, unable to gain any ground at all from their 12 yard line. The resulting punt gave Philadelphia possession at the Houston 48. RB James Joseph ran for 24 yards on first down and, after a short running play, Kemp connected with TE Keith Jackson for a 21-yard touchdown. Ruzek added the extra point and the Eagles were ahead by 10-3 for their first lead of the game. The Oilers drove down the field on their next possession, but again needed to settle for a FG to make it 10-6. The teams traded punts once more as the game entered the fourth quarter. The Eagles then put together a long possession of 50 yards in 16 plays, converting four third downs along the way and eating up over ten minutes. Kemp completed five short passes and Ruzek finished off the series with a 29-yard field goal that extended Philadelphia’s lead to seven points. With the clock down to 3:52 in regulation, Moon went to the air on every play but WR Drew Hill fumbled when hit by CB Otis Smith, who recovered at the Philadelphia 41. Another punt was followed by one last shot for the Oilers. Starting from his 23, Moon threw to Harris for 24 yards and had back-to-back 15-yard completions to Givins and Jeffires. But the game ended for Houston at the Philadelphia 23, where three straight passes fell incomplete. The Eagles won the hard-fought contest by a final score of 13-6. In the end, the Eagles defense registered 5 turnovers and 4 sacks while holding the Oilers high scoring defense to just 6 points and just 21 yards on the ground. The contest came to be called “the House of Pain Game” for Philadelphia’s hard-hitting defensive dominance, thus turning around the original meaning of the phrase, which was further accented by Ernest Givins suffering a broken nose and Drew Hill leaving with a concussion. As Jerome Brown said afterward, “They brought the house and we brought the pain.
Draft Picks
Eagles Titans
DT Jordan Davis WR Treylon Burks
C Cam Jurgens CB Roger McCreary
LB Nakobe Dean OT Nicholas Petit-Frere
DE Kyron Johnson QB Malik Willis
TE Grant Calcaterra RB Hassan Haskins
- TE Chigoziem Okonkwo
- WR Kyle Philips
- S Theo Jackson
- LB Chance Campbell
Notable Off-season Additions
Eagles Titans
WR AJ Brown WR Robert Woods
DE Hassan Reddick OL Dennis Daley
CB James Bradberry TE Austin Hooper
RB Trey Sermon OL Jamarco Jones
WR Zach Pascal Demarcus Walker
LB Kyzir White DE Jarran Reed
QB Ian Book
DE Robert Quinn CB Brandon Facyson
DT Linval Joseph T Luke Tenuta
DT Ndamukong Suh -
Notable Off-season Departures
Eagles Packers
CB Steven Nelson WR AJ Brown
WR Jalen Reagor WR Julio Jones
WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside LB Jayon Brown
OG Brandon Brooks LB Rashaan Evans
OG Nate Herbig TE Anthony Firkser
LB Eric Wilson CB Buster Skrine
LB Davion Taylor OL David Quessenberry
S Anthony Davis ,-
Eagles RB Miles Sanders (3339) needs 225 rushing yards to move up to 9th on the Eagles all-time rushing list passing FB *Tom Woodeshick on the Eagles all-time rushing list
Eagles QB Jalen Hurts (21) needs 1 rushing TD to move up to a tie for 9th on the Eagles all-time rushing TD list Duce Staley.
Eagles QB Jalen Hurts (39) needs 1 passing TD for 40 career passing TDs.
Titans RB Derrick Henry (7845) needs 121 yards to move up to 3rd on the Titans all-time rushing list passing RB Chris Johnson.
Pro Football Focus Matchup Charts courtesy of PFF Edge (join.profootballfocus.com/edge/)
WDB Matchups
The More You Know
The Eagles offensive line currently has two of the 10 highest graded offensive linemen in the league on their line with Jason Kelce currently ranked as the 6th highest graded lineman while Lane Johnson is the 10th. The two have been anchors on the Eagles line for the last 10+ and are a big reason the Eagles have been one of the top rating OLs during their tenure. Lane Johnson in particular has been on quite a roll, not allowing a sack in over 2 calendar years at this point going back to 2020.
Matchups to Watch
Derrick Henry vs the Eagles Run Defense
Derrick Henry is one of the best running backs in the league and is currently the league's 2nd leading rusher behind Josh Jacobs and is also second in yards after contact, also behind Jacobs, while leading the league with 25 broken tackles. The Eagles run defense has improved over the last few weeks since adding veterans, Ndamukong Suh and Linval Joseph, but it is still suspect and definitely not perfect. That said it may get another boost this week as they get back their first pick in the draft this year Jordan Davis after the Eagles activated his practice window following an IR stint. The Titans are a run heavy team rushing on roughly 54% of their snap, so the Eagles better prepare for a healthy dose of Henry early and often. Gannon should be familiar with Henry seeing him twice a year for three seasons while he was with the Colts, so he should be able to come up with a game plan to stop him especially giving a blueprint in week 12 by the Bengals who held him to 38 yards. That said he is going to need his players to step up to the plate by wrapping up and gang tackling to make sure Henry isn’t able to break tackles for long runs. If the Eagles can shut down Henry their secondary has the tools to force Tannehill into mistakes.
Dennis Daley vs the Eagles edge rushers
The Eagles defense is currently tied for 3rd in the league in sacks behind the Cowboys and Patriots (The Patriots did play an extra game) with pressure coming from all across the line and the linebackers. Brandon Graham, Hassan Reddick and Josh Sweat should have a good game Sunday matching up against backup LT Dennis Daley who is filling in for Taylor Lewan who was lost for the season with a torn ACL. Daley has given up 32 pressures and 6 sacks in his 10 games filling in for Lewan and is definitely the most vulnerable player on the offensive line. That said, the Eagles should also be able to attack guard Aaron Brewer and RT Nicholas Petit-Frere who have each given up 2 sacks a piece and 19 and 23 pressures respectively. Who knows maybe we might even see a sack from Robert Quinn who has done next to nothing since being acquired by the Eagles. Regardless, if the Eagles are able to get pressure on Tannehill it will help quite a bit as his completion presentation drops 20% compared to when he is kept clean according to PFF.
Eagles WRs vs the Titans Secondary
Particularly, AJ Brown vs his former team whom I am sure it is looking to have a big day against. The Titans have a young, but talented secondary. They will be without former first round pick Caleb Farley who was placed on the IR 3 weeks ago, though Farley was struggling this season. Kristian Fulton, Elijah Molden and rookie Roger McCreary will be the starting CBs for the Titans this week. Molden has a smaller sample size playing only recently after a return from injury. None of the 3 are shutdown corners though and it should provide opportunities for the Eagles WRs. McCreary has been picked on the most this season giving up 44 receptions for 453 yards and 4 TDs. and a NFL passer rating of 106.5 when targeted. Fulton has fared slightly better giving up 29 receptions for 381 and 4 TDs with a passer rating of 98.6 when targeted. The Titans biggest loss this season came when they faced a WR similar to AJ Brown in Stefon Diggs who had 12 receptions for 148 yards and 3 TDs vs the Titans and like the Bills the Eagles also have a mobile QB who can move the pocket in Hurts like the Bills have in Allen. The plays should be there if Hurts gets time from the OL. We have seen this year when the passing game gets going for the Eagles their offense will be tough to slow.
Eagles Offensive Line vs the Titans Defensive Line
The Titans have the best third down defense in the league this season and that is mostly in part from the DL getting stops early in the run game and forcing opposing offenses into 3rd and longs where their talented pass rush can go feasting. The Titans DL isn’t far behind the Eagles as they have 31 sacks. Their three main pass rushers are Denico Autry (7 sacks), Jeffrey Simmons (6.5 sacks) and Demarcus Walker (4.5 sacks) then they have Bud Dupree(3 sacks) and Rashad Weaver (5.5 sacks) to blitz from their linebacker positions. Dupree in particular could give Jordan Mailata some fits with his speed rush around the edge. That said Autry missed last week against Cincinnati with a knee injury and is trending towards not playing this week against the Eagles as well as he has yet to practice this week. Jeffrey Simmons also has not practiced so far this week with an ankle injury. The Eagles play their best when they win in the trenches and this will be a fight, though if Simmons and Autry both end up missing the game, this scale definitely tips in the Eagles favor up front from being more of a stalemate.
Special thanks to Dweddpiewitt for his help in creating this Game Preview.
Note this looks best in www.old.reddit.com, new reddit messed up my formatting which trying to find fixes for
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League City, TX is one of the state’s fastest-growing cities, and bugs tend to go where people go. With so many attractions nearby like the Baybrook Mall and the Sportsplex, you’re bound to be getting out of the house sooner or later. Throughout the warmer months, more people will be heading to both of these places to beat the heat or watch their child’s baseball game, and insects are looking to these places too.
League City is home to all kinds of pests, but termites have started to move into the area from the nearby water. Preventive Pest Control has the technology and procedures to find the termites before they can cause havoc on your home or business. Cockroaches will be attracted to the humid conditions and food sources present with the population, and mosquitos are a terror at sporting events throughout the summer.
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2022.11.16 20:49 dansfor1 $35,000 for a 2022 Corolla

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2022.11.14 18:34 rrmdp 📢 Wells Fargo Bank is hiring a Relationship Banker - Northwest Houston District!

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