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911 audio of a "self defense" shooting in Augusta, GA

2022.08.24 20:04 LS-CRX 911 audio of a "self defense" shooting in Augusta, GA

This is a local story for me.
Basically it sounds like a bipolar guy was hanging out at a gas station when he started asking some other guy about his truck and it turned into a verbal altercation.
While he was on the phone with 911 the other guy approached him and the caller shot him... he told the operator that he thought the guy had a gun.
Apparently the shooter has a history of mental illness and causing issues at local business. He's been charged with murder, no idea how this is going to play out.
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2022.03.01 04:35 SubMod_O1 February 2022 was a record month for pit attacks.Here are the ones we reported on this month. There are many more that are unreported. If anyone knows of any that we missed, please comment with links below and we will update.

34 35 36 that had news coverage. This doesn’t include the other numerous ones found on other social media that didn’t get news coverage, or people attacked by their own pit that don’t want to report it. Attacks on pets were included where the owner was hurt in the scuffle.
1) 2/4/22 - Atlantic Highlands, NJ – Pet fatality Rachel Padula’s pet dog needed hundreds of stiches after being attacked by 2 pits at doggie day care
2) 2/1/22 - Columbia, MS,–FATALITY - Baby Lola fatally attacked by aunt’s pit bull
3) 2/8/22 - Toronto, Canada, Schawna Smith and her corgi attacked by off leash pits
4) 2/10/22 – Morton Brook, UK, 3 dogs on a walk were attacked by a pit and a staffie that escaped their house.
5) 2/11/22 – Argentina – 7 month old baby attacked, lung pierced when attacked by the family pit
6) 2/12/22 – Moonee Beach, NSW – woman bitten on the legs multiple times by American Staffordshire Bull Terrier while playing in water with her kids.
7) 2/13/22 - Harlem, NY- 2 year old and mother attacked in apartment lobby, pit owners flee
8) 2/13/22 – Gurgaon, India – 6 year old Avyaansh Sethi was attacked from behind while playing in a park by an American Bully that slipped a leash
9) 2/14/22 - Pennsauken, NJ– 9 year old Toni attacked while playing in a park
10) 2/14/22 – Crystal Park, SA – 45 year old gardner dies while working after being attacked by 3 pits while working
11) 2/15/22 - Deltona, FL, 8 year old & Grandfather attacked by their family pit,11087
12) 2/15/22 - Wonder Valley, CA, man riding a bicycle attacked
13) 2/16/22 - Cambridge Springs, PA, Teresa Jouver attacked, her dog was killed by 3 pits
14) 2/16/22 - Charleston, WVA, 2 women seriously injured by their pet pit
15) 2/16/22- Dundee, OH, 4 year old bitten 55-65 times by grandparent’s pit
16) 2/17/22 - Oakland Park, FL, FATALITY, 71 year old Pam Robb killed while volunteering at a shelter
17) 2/17/22 - Dallas, TX,– 5 year old Kavaughn was critically attacked walking home from the schoolbus
18) 2/28/22 – Italy – pinscer killed and 73 year old owner knocked down by a pit that escaped through an open gate.
19) 2/19/22 – Bridgeport, WVA – woman injured by her own pit, profuse face bleeding from her face dog was extremely aggressive. Officers used pepper spray & taser to stop the attack, but were still required to shoot the dog after it was so out of control that it bent the catch pole.
20) 2/20/22 – Spencer, OK – 1 year old JJ Rodrigues mauled, and scalped by neighbor’s pit while playing in his own yard
21) 2/20/22 - Iğdır, Türkiye – 79 year old Peri Angay attacked while sitting alone outside of her home
22) 2/20/22 – Santa Rosa, CA – Pet attack; 2 cats killed when 2 roaming pits came onto their property
23) 2/21/22 - Augusta, GA, 6 people attacked when a pit got out and entered a restaurant
24) 2/21/22 – Cape Town, SA, 26 year old Monique Scott had her ear ripped off after owner left gate open and pit escaped
25) 2/21/22 – Gozo, Malta, 66 and 62 year olds injured, pet chihuahua killed by a pit that escaped through a gate while on a walk
26) 2/22/22 – Lancaster, CA – FATALITY -43 year old man dies following pit attack, 3 injured at a homeless encampment following a fight
27) 2/22/22 – Auburn, WA, 18 year old girl mauled by repeat offender pits
28) 2/22/22 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – man and woman attacked outside of a smoke shop by 2 pits
29) 2/22/22 – Daphne, AL – Pet attack – small dog dies after being attacked by pits that accidently were let out of a home.
30) 2/22/22 – Cuernavaca, Mexico, FATALITY - 22 year old Daphne N was killed in her home by her own pet pit
31) 2/23/22 - Baytown, TX, -FATALITY - 4 year old boy dies from pit attack (aunt’s pits)
32) 2/25/22 – Dublin, Ireland – Catherine McKeown receives horrific facial injuries from a friend’s pit
33) 2/28/22 – Montrose, UK – Pet attack. Black lab dies after being attacked by 2 staffies
34) 2/28/22 – Lauderhill, FL – Woman attacked by her own pit while trying to break up a dog fight(breed confirmed on SunSentinel paywall article)
35) 2/26/22- Germany - 35 year old was severely injured by their 2 AmStaffs which had to be dispatched by police.
36) 2/22/22- Chile, FATALITY - 3 year old boy dies after being attacked, unprovoked, by a pit.
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I thought it would be helpful to have a monthly list of articles reporting on fatalities and attacks in the USA. I’ve been saving stories shared to this sub (or finding other articles with a more detailed description of the same incident) and researching throughout the month. I did my best to make sure I didn’t miss anything, but if I did or if any articles come out in March reporting a February incident that anyone wants to add to the list, please let me know and I will edit the post.
Unfortunately, pit bull attacks are not always reported in the media, as shown by the numerous screenshots of social media posts by victims and pit owners shared here. This list will never be as extensive as the ACTUAL damage done by these dogs.
I plan to do this for March as well, so any input is greatly appreciated. I hope this is useful.
NOTE: I did not include articles about pit bull attacks on animals, or attacks in other countries (the former because of the unbelievable number of stories, the latter because of the ease of research). If anyone would like to see these categories added for March please let me know.
Storm Lake, Iowa - A pit bull bit an unspecified person in an unprovoked attack - - 4/M, fatality - 43/M fatality, three injured - 18/F, critical condition - adult/M, critical condition - 71/F, fatality - 1/M, critical condition/mauled - 5/M, hospitalized - 8/M, attacked - two adult females, serious condition - adult male and female, hospitalized - 68/F, attacked owneF, hospitalized - 2/F and mother, attacked - 9/F, hospitalized - 4/M, hospitalized (over 50 bites) - 2/F, fatality - multiple victims including a child, attack. - 8/M, attack - 35/F, attack - multiple victims including a child, attack - 2/M, mauled - multiple others injured
Feb 8
London, England - A pit bull attacked another dog and it’s owner at a park -
Feb 12
Stoke-on-Trent, England - A Staffordshire Terrieshar pei cross bit a mail carrier on the hand, requiring surgery -
Feb 10 and 12- Brazilian rapper’s three pit bull dogs known for being aggressive attacked on two separate occasions -
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2021.09.22 17:11 JoinMyFramily0118999 The headline this journalist ran with after getting the mother's side...
No need to make the mom look bad until you know if she was telling the truth or not. If a teacher did that to my kid, I'd probably do the same. It's not "the kid fell by accident" or "he moved his hand right under my foot during naptime" this was intentional. Until verified either way, the headline should be "Parent assaults teacher, cites child abuse".
"Brooks was charged with battery and later released on bond. She contacted The Jail Report on Thursday in anticipation of the story making the news. She requested to tell her side of the story.
Here is what she sent: “I know you’ll be sharing a picture of my mug shot soon so I am reaching out to give you details from my side to help add some validity to what you report. I was arrested and charged with battery after the administration of St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church’s preschool program pulled video surveillance footage from my nonverbal 2 year old son’s daycare classroom and for 3 hours I watched … (his teacher) spank him several times, hit him in the head, slap him with a book, shove him to the ground, snatch him up by one arm and carry him across the room multiple times, slam him in his seat to make him eat lunch alone in time-out, pick him up by his ankles and hold him on his neck/head and grab his face so hard his cheeks were touching in his mouth as she was nose to nose with him amongst other things."
I'm posting from Apollo, and my first post was deleted because of some Imgur nonsense. Let me know if I used incorrectly, or if I should've done it another way, it's my first time submitting a post here.
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2018.03.28 01:14 autotldr Georgia Parent Arrested for Threatening to Shoot up School

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The parent of a Spirit Creek Middle School student remains in jail today after threatening to shoot up the Hephzibah school last week, yelling to other parents to get their children out before she did it.
"You better go in and get your children because it is about to pop off in there," suspect Vontrice Walker allegedly yelled to parents as school was winding down.
Walker, 44, of Hephzibah, was yelling at 6th grade teacher Beverly Lowery in the hallway near the end of the school day Tuesday.
Even more disturbing, the mother started talking about deadly school shootings in other states.
"You see how people going in these schools shooting up people about their kids just like the shooting in Maryland," Walker allegedly shouted.
At the time of Walker's threats, news was breaking about the Maryland shooting after 17-year-old Austin Wyatt Rollins shot two students in a hallway just before classes began at Great Mills High School.
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2018.03.28 00:14 Laurelais-Hygeine Georgia Parent Arrested for Threatening to Shoot up School

Georgia Parent Arrested for Threatening to Shoot up School
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2017.10.19 21:25 Muh-So-Gin-Knee

When a woman's reputation with her friends > a man's freedom.
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2017.02.28 05:12 Laurelais-Hygeine Father Kills Teen Who Snuck In House To See Daughter.

Father Kills Teen Who Snuck In House To See Daughter.
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2017.02.28 04:22 autotldr Father Kills Teen Who Snuck In House To See Daughter.

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Derrick Fulton has not been charged in the shooting death of 17-year-old Jordan Middleton, sheriff's Maj. Steve Morris said.
"He thought it was an intruder. But no, she invited him in," Maj. Morris said.
Maj. Morris called it an unfortunate incident: "Mr. Fulton obviously is remorseful. Everyone in the home was in shock at what had just occurred."
The family dog began barking towards the guest bedroom which was located downstairs, and Fulton called out that he was armed and if there was someone in the house they needed to identify themselves.
Fulton yelled out a warning again, authorities said.
"The dog continued to bark and act aggressive toward the guest bedroom. As Mr. Fulton entered the bedroom, Jordan ran out of the closet," Maj. Morris said.
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