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2023.03.29 08:50 kales367 Thanks I Hate Vulture bees, they feed on rotting meat instead of nectar and their honey is called meat honey. This is their hive.

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2023.03.29 08:47 IDigitalPreneurCum 12 Best Google Chrome Extensions For 2023

12 Best Google Chrome Extensions For 2023
Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser in the world, and for good reason. With a vast selection of extensions available, it offers a highly customizable online experience. In this blog, we will look at 12 of the best Google Chrome extensions for 2023, ranging from productivity tools like StayFocusd to privacy extensions like Ghostery. Whether you want to improve your writing skills, save money while shopping, or protect your online privacy, these extensions are sure to enhance your browsing experience.
  1. Grammarly is a popular writing assistant that checks for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. It also offers suggestions for improving your writing style. This extension is essential for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills and ensure that their emails, social media posts, and other online content are error-free.
  1. LastPass is a password manager that securely stores all of your login information in one place. It generates strong passwords and automatically fills them in for you, saving you time and reducing the risk of security breaches. With LastPass, you only need to remember one master password to access all of your accounts.
AdBlock Plus
  1. AdBlock Plus is a popular ad-blocking extension that removes annoying ads from websites. It not only improves your browsing experience by eliminating distractions, but it also speeds up web pages by reducing the amount of data that needs to be loaded.
  1. Honey is a free shopping tool that automatically finds and applies the best coupon codes to your online purchases. It works with over 30,000 retailers, so you can be sure that you're getting the best deals possible.
  1. Pocket is a read-it-later service that lets you save articles, videos, and other web content to read or watch later. With the Pocket extension, you can save content with just one click and access it from any device.
  1. Momentum is a personal dashboard that replaces your new tab page with a beautiful, calming background image and provides you with a daily inspirational quote, a to-do list, and a weather report. It's a great way to start your day off on the right foot.
  1. Pushbullet is a cross-platform tool that lets you easily share files, links, and notes between your devices. With the Pushbullet extension, you can send and receive SMS messages from your computer, view notifications from your phone on your desktop, and more.
  1. StayFocusd is a productivity extension that helps you stay focused by limiting the amount of time you spend on distracting websites. You can set a time limit for each website, and once you've reached it, StayFocusd will block the site for the rest of the day.
Google Translate
  1. Google Translate is a powerful translation tool that can translate entire web pages, text selections, and even spoken words. The Google Translate extension adds a button to your toolbar, making it easy to translate any content on the web.
Save to Google Drive
  1. Save to Google Drive is a simple but useful extension that lets you save web content directly to your Google Drive account. You can save images, videos, and entire web pages with just one click.
  1. Ghostery is a privacy extension that blocks trackers and helps protect your online privacy. It shows you all of the trackers on a website and lets you choose which ones to block.
Dark Reader
  1. Dark Reader is an extension that applies a dark theme to websites, making them easier on the eyes and reducing eye strain. It also helps conserve battery life on laptops and mobile devices.
In conclusion, these 12 Google Chrome extensions are sure to improve your online experience in 2023. From improving your writing skills with Grammarly to saving money with Honey, there's something for everyone. Give them a try and see which ones work best for
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2023.03.29 08:42 ItalnStalln Need help putting together a recipe for pineapple poke cake. Or do you have a good one?

I have some pineapple juice leftover and thought it'd be fun to make this instead of my normal whiskey sours, but I'm a novice baker. I only have 3/4 cup of pinepple juice with none of the fruit, don't have a box of cake mix, but have most baking staples. I know that's probably not enough juice to both put it into a 9x13 cake and the soaking "glaze", so where will it add the most pineapple flavor to the finished product? I do have bottled lemon and lime juices so i could up the fruity flavors with one or both of those in lieu of more pineapple juice.
I'd like to make something like this but in a 9x13 pan, but with a better cake. Maybe mix blueberries into the cake, but if there's lemon/lime already then that might be too much going on. Thing is, all the well thought out yellow cake recipes, with buttermilk (i have whole milk and vinegar, lemon, or citric acid), sour cream or Greek yogurt, extra yolks, vanilla (don't have), and what not don't include fruit juice. I don't know where I'd put it in and not screw up the cake. Plus they're usually for round layer cakes. Hell one even included cream of tartar, and stella parks had potato flour. Don't have those either lol. Oh yeah I have ap flour instead of cake flour. This homemade yellow cake mix cuts butter into cake flour like biscuit dough, which would help keep ap flour more tender right? If that makes a significant difference, can I use a food processor?
So basically, I'm trying to make this thing as involved and pro level as it needs to be for great results with some ingredient concessions where needed. This level of baking isn't difficult to do when you have a recipe. I can make good brownies and other cakes, and I can beat egg whites or whatever. It's just hard for someone who's never baked much to come up with his own recipe and the internet is full of crap recipes using water instead of something to provide flavor or richness. Or the sites just copy each other, giving me no confidence in what they say. I figured there should be some experienced bakers here who have a good recipe or are good enough to create one. I have maple syrup, some pretty dark rich honey, and sweet spices like cinnamon, clove, and a few more, but no vanilla or almond flavoring of any kind.
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2023.03.29 08:37 NyanToDaMax145 [M4F] Your Boyfriend Comforts You During Your Period [Period Comfort] [Reverse Comfort] [Boyfriend Roleplay] [Wholesome]

Context: It’s that time of the month again, and your boyfriend is determined to be of help to you this week.
Words: 689
Monetization: It’s perfectly ok to monetize and record any of my scripts, you can change pronouns and stuff around too! Just please remember to credit me! However, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PAYWALL MY SCRIPTS!
Notes: Depending on how much soundwork you have, this is either a Beginner or Intermediate script :D
A/N: Periods suck, man. God has cursed me with a uterus and for this I shall murder him. Anyways hey fun fact; did you know that girls in a friend group will sync up with their periods? Like they’ll all start getting their periods at around the same time. It’s mildly cool!
[My Script Hub]
[door opens and closes]
(quietly) “Hey honey.”
[plastic bag crinkles]
“I got the stuff you asked for!”
“Pads, tampons… the snacks you asked me to get…”
“... I really hope I got the brands you asked for…”
[long pause]
“... Does it hurt a lot?”
“You’re still lying on the couch…”
“Ah… I see.”
“Do you… need these snacks? Any water? Soda?”
“A hot water bottle? Got it!”
[water running]
[water stops]
[he hands you the hot water bottle]
“Here you go… I hope it’s a good temperature.”
“It feels just fine?”
“Ah… glad to hear it.”
“... Has it gotten any better since I left?”
“You’ve been drinking water, right?”
“Okay… okay.”
“A–At least it feels better…?”
“... I’m trying to comfort you, but I’m also worried about being a bother, because I know how testy you get during this time of month…”
“You… you think I’m doing just fine?”
“Ah… thank you, darling.”
“Actually… I have an idea!”
[he sits down next to you]
“C’mere! Lay your head on my lap.”
“I’ll brush your hair! I-I read somewhere that repeated motions like hair brushing help alleviate stress… hopefully it’ll make you feel a little better…!”
“So… if you’d let me…”
“Hmm… there we go. Comfy?”
“Hehe! That’s a good girl.”
[the sounds of hair being brushed throughout this section]
“... You looked like you were dying this morning… You were sweating all over…”
“I know that your cramps get really bad, but they seemed particularly awful this time.”
“You think it might be because of the extra stress you’ve been under at work?”
“Really?! What happened?”
“Seriously…? Your boss has shoved a lot of work onto you because his assistant is on vacation?”
“... What a prick…”
“I’m just expressing my feelings!
“Your boss kinda sucks… that company really doesn’t deserve your skills, you know!”
“I know, I know. You enjoy your work… but I can’t help but worry, especially when your boss is so demanding…”
“... I can’t believe you have to deal with all of that when you do so much for your team.”
“Haha! You really are super tough. I just… can’t help but be worried about you.”
“We’ve been dating for a few months… but watching you lie around the house in pain always makes me feel really upset…”
“Ah– I…”
“... I care about you a lot, you know…”
“It sucks that this happens to you every month…”
[brushing sounds pause]
“Wh–why are you laughing?”
“Y-You think it’s cute how much I worry…?”
“You– uhhh…”
[brushing continues]
“St–stop it… my face is all red…”
“And… of course I worry about you. I’m your boyfriend.”
“I’m worried that you’re overworking yourself, I’m worried that you’re in pain, I’m worried that your cramps are getting worse…”
“... And no matter how many times this happens, a part of me will still be worried that I’m not doing enough to help you.”
“You think I’m doing a great job?”
“Heh… thanks darling.”
[pause while brushing continues]
[brushing pauses]
“... H-Hang on, I’m supposed to be the one comforting you!”
“St–stop laughing…!”
“Ah… to think that even laughing hurts right now…”
[brushing continues]
“... Anything else I can do?”
[brushing pauses]
“... Cuddle you?”
“Ah… alright then.”
[his voice is louder due to being closer]
“Theeere you go.”
“Mmm… it feels so nice to hold you in my arms.”
“I smell nice today?”
“Hehe! Th–thanks!”
[the sound of his breathing is a little louder]
“Hm? Wanna watch a movie?”
“There’s this one movie I watched during the office party last weekend… I’ve been hearing great things about it.”
“Let’s give it a watch, and then I’ll make dinner. Sound good?”
“Nope! I’m going to make dinner this time. Just… let me do that for you.”
“Uh huh! I’m not letting you convince me otherwise!”
[he kisses you on the cheek]
“But… let me hug you for just a little longer…”
“Hmph, but if I reach over to pick up the remote, then I’ll have to let go of you…”
Thanks for reading!
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2023.03.29 08:35 naturesnectar Which Is The Best And Purest Honey To Buy In India?

Which Is The Best And Purest Honey To Buy In India?
There are many brands of honey available in India, and it can be challenging to identify the best and purest one. Here are some things to look for when choosing honey:
Check for purity: Look for honey that is labelled as 100% pure and does not contain any added sugar, corn syrup, or other additives.
Check for certifications: Look for honey that has been certified by a recognized authority, such as the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), the National Bee Board, or the Agmark certification.
Look for locally sourced honey: Locally sourced honey is less likely to be adulterated and is usually fresher.
Look for raw honey: Raw honey is unprocessed and retains all its natural enzymes, antioxidants, and other beneficial compounds.
Conduct the Purity Test: We can conduct a simple purity test at home by adding a spoonful of honey to a glass of water**.** Pure honey online will settle at the bottom of the glass, while adulterated honey will dissolve in water or form bubbles.
Check the Source: Honey sourced from local beekeepers and organic farms is often a good choice as it is less likely to be adulterated with sugar or other additives. Try to buy honey from a trusted source that provides information about the source and processing of the honey.
Some popular and trusted honey brands in India include:
· Natures Nectar
· Dabur Honey
· Patanjali Honey
· Beez Honey
· Zandu Pure Honey
· Himalaya Honey
Some popular and pure honey varieties in India are:
· Organic Forest Honey
· Himalayan Honey
· Sidr Honey
· Acacia Honey
· Kashmir Honey
Remember to always buy pure honey online from a trusted source, and if possible, choose organic honey to avoid exposure to pesticides and other harmful chemicals.
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2023.03.29 08:34 Vision_51 Website Design Warrington

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2023.03.29 08:33 CoffeeDealer99 Smoothies come out bland

Hello so as the title says my smoothies keep coming out bland, ive been trying to make protein smoothies to reach my protein goals but i find my smoothies hard to drink. I can buy a smoothie from my local coffee shop, jamba juice or smoothie king and its delicious but my smoothies always come out too thick or the flavor is bland.
please help me improve or link me a good smoothie making guide. I try to stay away from using too much dairy cause im lactose intolerant although not terribly lactose intolerant.
Here was my recipe from today that tasted bland and was too thick.
•1 cup frozen mango slices •1 cup chobani original oatmilk •2 tablespoons of honey •1 scoop of Ghost Cereal flavored protein powder. All blended in a ninja blender.
What could i improve on to get closer to say smoothie king quality? I usually get PB+Choco protein smoothies from the mentioned stores. I just thought i’d try mangoes since thats what i had in stock today.
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2023.03.29 08:31 TinaTurnersWig S7E19 "My Funny Valentine" Discussion This Friday!!!

Join us this Friday night at 8:00pm (Pacific Time) for our weekly re-watch/discussion board. Cliff, Donna's firefighter ex, is back in town and his presence has an effect on her relationship with David. Also visiting is Abby Malone, who is seeking financial help from her daughter. Steve lands in the hot seat with Clare again, and Tracy thinks Brandon has bought her an engagement ring. Be there or be square!
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2023.03.29 08:25 YourLocalCorndog Backing out from a JO

Elo! I’m a newly board passer (march 2023) and got accepted sa first job ko (tho yung pagpasa ko ng resume was out of impulse and also pressure na rin. The original plan ay maghanap ng work after oath taking). The interview was conducted through call/viber and na disclosed na rin yung salary included na daw doon yung hazard pay and allowance however they did not mention any other benefits bukod sa usual govt benefits. They sent sa email yung mga pre-employment requirements na need kong kumpletuhin and nagbigay din sila ng deadline. Since nagdadalawang-isip nga ako and uuwi rin ng province hindi na ako nagpasa ng requirements.
Fast forward to this week, tumawag ulit yung HR and finafollow-up nila yung requirements ko huhu akala ko wala na yung offer since lagpas na sa deadline. I don’t know how to turn them down. Would it be rude kung wala akong sasabihin or need ko pa silang iinform? Pls help po. Also, ano-ano po ba dapat tinatanong sa employer during job interviews? I really have no idea since first jo/interview ko po ito and haven't tried sa ibang company.
PS: Ako ang nag shoulder ng expenses sa pre-employment requirements so walang nagastos ang company also wala pa rin naman po akong contract na napipirmahan.
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2023.03.29 08:22 isla111519 Background Check Accenture

So for context I was tagged as AWOL and it led to termination on my previous company due to I wasn’t able to submit an RL since I was busy applying for the board exams. Nagpaalam ako sa TL ko of course na I can’t continue working dahil nahihirapan na kong magfocus and he informed me na he understands and that I should submit an RL. (Pero I forgot due to busy sched)
Ngayon po nag JO na ako kay Accenture and dineclare ko naman na naterminate ako before due to the said reason. 3 weeks na kong nasa background check stage and I’m really worried na magfail ako. They informed me to submit an explanation letter which I submitted naman agad. Pero up until now I still have no progress sa application ko.
Meron po bang mga taga ACN dito na nagdeclare ng Awol and nahire pa din po?
I will appreciate your responses po.
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2023.03.29 08:16 tampishach help me out

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2023.03.29 08:15 Brolyroxxs Michael Myers vs Winnie the Pooh (Blood and Honey)

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2023.03.29 08:02 mercbluefonzie Dr. Dusty Mara becomes Stardust TF 1-Femforce #19

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2023.03.29 08:02 rosecity80 Cool crochet exhibit at the PDX airport

Cool crochet exhibit at the PDX airport
Thought you all would appreciate this! Artist info on last slide.
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2023.03.29 07:47 Queasy-Common9735 20 best fragrance for teenage girls

20 best fragrance for teenage girls
Finding the right perfume is like finding the perfect partner. You are really going to know What are you looking If we are talking about perfume for teenage girls there are many of them.Finding the right perfume is difficult for us especially if we are looking for best oneWhich perfume is best for us depends on us and which perfume we like depends on our choices. The factor which is most important is that what type of scents you likeAre you like fruity one like mango, orange etcIf we talk about our personality wise it is also matter for our personality to choose right one because perfume also describe our personality
Some perfumes are costly so many people can’t afford them but some are not too costly and the best oneIf we talk about the best perfume for teengers in 2023. We are picked some of you
1. Thank you next perfume by Ariana Grande
If you are teenager and looking for best perfume for school/collage and party Then you can go for thank you next by Ariana Grande It is a juicy and fruity perfume which feels fresh and soft & sweet.
2. Princess by Vera Wang
Vera creates this fruity and strong perfume for girls. It is that type of perfume which almost everyone likes. It’s popularity is grown in too short time
3. Viva la juicy by Juicy Couture
Viva la juicy is one of the most favourite perfumes in 2023. This perfume has too much fan following by teenage girls. If you go through it then you will never be regret
4. 1981 by Guess
1981 by Guess is my most favourite classic perfume. If you are going to buy it will be your new favourite one. It is simple and delicious smelling perfume
5. Perfect by Marc Jacobs
Perfect by Marc Jacobs is the right perfume if you are looking for the best one. This perfume is defined by notes of amber, cashmere and cedar. If you are going to search perfect one we highly recommend it
6. Tommy girl by Tommy Hilfiger
This fragrance is released in 1996 after that it has huge popularity in cosmetic field tommy girl by Tommy Hilfiger is a perfume collection for all teenage girls. This fruity Fragrance is the mixture scant of apple tree blossom, mandarin orange, lemon, and Rose. if you buy the fruity one than you have the best one
7. Heat Rush by Beyonce
We all heard the name of Beyoncé. She is the official Queen of music, fashion, and perfume and there is no denying that. This perfume is sweet and the perfect reminder of summer. It has the notes of orchid, mango blossom, orange, and honey amber It is perfect for teenage girls looking for a trendy perfume and will smell delicious all day long
8. Dior J’adore In joy
This perfume is for teenage girls and it is a classic and popular Dior J'adore perfume. Whenever you are going to school/college or your first date it will be your best choice.
9. Lucky you by Lucky Brand
It is the best example of combination of citrus and flower that’s why it is best for teenage girls. It’s a strong fragrance so that it is not for every teenage girl. That is made specifically for those girls who love the sweet floral perfumes. So you should try it once
10. Daisy by Marc Jacobs
It is my most favourite perfume in the list of Marc Jacobs perfumes. This perfume is for teenage girls and young will be completed almost 20 years from now. And now a days it is also popular and mostly recommend for teenage girls
11. Elish Eau De Parfum by Billie Eilish
It is a warm, enveloping fragrance in a combination of vanilla, cocoa, and sugared petals. It is an excellent perfume for young girls. It was very popular in those past years. We highly recommend it because of its notes. If you buy it you will never lose it.
12. MOD Blush Eau De Parfum by Ariana Grande
Ariana is the rising Queen of Perfumes and Ariana herself describes MOD Blush Eau De Parfum as lighter and sweet. And it has two new fragrances. If you are going through it you have no one to deny it
13. Victoria's Secret Bombshell Seduction Eau De Parfum
Victoria’s secret bombshell seduction eau de parfum is the best seller bombshell. It has a light scent with attractive packaging. As we like a bit more grown-up than bombshell this perfume is the best package for it
14. Walk On Air by Kate Spade
For the girl who’s sophisticated, a kate spade fragrance could be a surprise gift of a nice addition to her beauty routine. It still has a youthful, fresh flare great for teens. It has layers of magnolia, lily of the valley, jasmine, and crinum lily. It feels more fresh then the most of. So go for it.
15. Lovely by Sarah jessica parkerVi
Launched in 2005, this perfume has notes of mandarin, rosewood, apple martini,bergamot and lavender. As this name truly smells like that: lovely. It is the perfect package of sweetness and more attractive. The most loved thing is that this fragrance smells much more expensive than it cost.
16. Glow by Jennifer Lopez
It was released in 2002, Glow by Jennifer Lopez is the best budget fragrance. It smells clean and soapy. Lopez created this fragrance 20 years ago and from then this perfume's popularity was increasing day by day and still on. If we talk about prizes this is perfect in budget. While we admire the fresh scent, it is the best one.
17. Fenty Eau de Parfum by Rehana
The name we all know Rehana has once again nailed another category in the cosmetic industry. This fragrance has the top notes including magnolia, tangerine, musk and Bulgarian rose. This perfume is costly for most teenagers but it also smells costly. If you go for it you have to look at your budget first but still you chose this you will always like this one.
18. From Above by Dolly Parton
If you love very sweet smelling fragrances then From Above by Dolly Parton may be your next scent. This fragrance is not for every teenager because it is very sweet smelling compared to others. If you like its smell then you can buy it. It is not much more costly than other celebrities fragrances.
19. Killer Queen by Katy Perry
This fruity pick from katy perry includes top notes of forest fruits,bergamot and plum. This fragrance bottle has the royal shape and smells will also feel like royalty. If we talk about its price then it will be in your budget. You should try it once.
20. Love Rush by Paris Hilton
This fragrance was released in 2004. From then it has a huge fan following and from then this fragrance is the most favourite for millions of teenagers. The top notes in this fresh floral fragrance include italian bergamot, mandarin zest and white apricot nectar. It has great looking packaging. One of the drawbacks of this fragrance is that it’s currently only available on her website. If you like this one you should buy it.
If you are confused about choosing perfume, We described the best fragrance of all time. There are some in your budget and few are not. Here we described in all of their notes and it's on you which one you prefer. They are all time favourites for teenage girls for school, collage, parties, weddings etc. . they all are amazing perfumes. You should go to one of them of your choice.
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2023.03.29 07:40 jfrye2390 Have we ever gotten an explanation for the Honey Badger SD and the handguard?

I am weighing my options and i'm leaning towards a HB. My question is what is the point of the SD version? It seems like more weight on a gun that prides itself on being light, for a non functional rail that you honestly need to wrap or wear gloves when shooting. Am I missing something?
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2023.03.29 07:35 BadJuJu_94 Anyone know where I can purchase Raw Natural Honey and Beeswax?

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2023.03.29 07:29 HousePlant I’d like to thank my local and favorite thrift store for having these CDs. All are ex-libris from the same person, according to a neat little name-label on each CD. No more than $3 each.

I’d like to thank my local and favorite thrift store for having these CDs. All are ex-libris from the same person, according to a neat little name-label on each CD. No more than $3 each. submitted by HousePlant to Cd_collectors [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 07:14 newluna An awesome refreshing drink for under one dollar

Use a 16 oz glass to add all the ingredients.
Dilute a teaspoon or two of raw honey in 1/4 cup very warm water. Grate a small nub of ginger - 1-1.5” and squeeze it into the honey water through a piece of cheese cloth or a sieve. Squeeze a quarter to a half of lime or lemon. Fill the rest of the glass with very cold water or water + ice. If you want to kick it up a notch, use plain seltzer in place of water.
If you’re up for a little challenge, you can ferment your own ginger beer (tons of recipes online). It’s essentially a waiting game with very little prep involved. You can control the amount of sugar so you can make something far healthier than the store bought stuff which is as bad as soda.
What are your favorite refreshments recipes?
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2023.03.29 07:13 loseruser123 Writing exercise (the millionaire)

Pretext: Ive just started writing for a university assignmet I'm working on which documents my growth over the year. Never written anything before. Please be kind lol.
Fergus was a man of ambition. He wanted to conquer the world. He wanted money, cars, houses, you name it, he wanted it, no, he needed it. He would spend days locked away in his bedroom, hunched over his desk researching marketing strategies and networking methods. His days were spent endlessly scrolling through blog posts and internet threads looking for answers to questions he hadn’t even asked. He was sure he was going to succeed; how could he not? Then, it finally happened. A small red notification popped up on his screen, the email he had been waiting for his entire life.
“Hi Fergus,
It’s John from the bank of America here. We need you to update your personal details using the link below in order for you to receive your requested payment.
Regards, John.”
Fergus couldn’t believe it; he couldn’t believe that one of the thousands of emails he sent had actually worked. “Jenny…Jenny!” he shouted. A short red-haired woman emerged from the kitchen, covered in red sauce from the dinner she was busy preparing. “What, Fergus?”. “You won’t believe it! I’ve done it!”. Jenny looked at Fergus with a blank expression “Oh yeah?” she asked bluntly, clearly annoyed. “Look honey, the bank of America wants to send me $1,000,000!” “Mhm” Jenny replied and quickly returned to the kitchen to finish dinner, the kids were starving. Fergus looked puzzled, “What’s her problem? I’ve just solved all our money issues and that’s her reaction?”. “Whatever”. Fergus cracked his filthy, food covered fingers began typing his response…
”Dear John,
Thank you very much for your kind email. I will update my details immediately and I expect prompt payment after that.
Cheers, Fergus.”
Fergus relaxed into his cheap plastic office chair, imagining all the things he could do with that money. “Pay off the house, send the kids to a decent school, buy myself a Ferrari”. So, he clicked the link. It felt like the page took hours to load, the little spinning circle in the middle of the screen was driving him insane. The form was extremely basic ‘Name, Date of Birth, Address and Credit Card Details’. Fergus couldn’t wait, he was trembling with excitement. He pulled out his credit card, entered his details and hit submit. Now all he had to do was wait.
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2023.03.29 07:03 alpha_bionics Football News - . “We’ve been very clear.

. “We’ve been very clear. “I’m surprised you don’t have better control of your people”) would send a message loudly and clearly. I’m not saying that’s what happened. Register now!This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. . “So no I don’t believe that had anything to do with it. ”Not being involved in the decision doesn’t conclusively prove the absence of a connection. So we’re going to continue on that course. ”So here’s what will possibly happen. Mary Jo White is “independent. ” Mary Jo White would never stake her hard-earned reputation on massaging her findings to fit the league’s expectations. Fine. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes reacted unfavorably to the decision on social media. “I don’t think we are putting Amazon over our players” Goodell said in response. And that’s the way it’s likely going. We also believe that these national windows are for clubs that are playing well” Brian Rolapp the NFL’s executive vice president/chief media and business officer said. That’s really important” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in response. That’s part of what I think our scheduling has always focused on and flex has been a part of that. “We want to put the best teams in the best windows. ”In 2006 the NFL adopted flexible schedule for late-season Sunday nights. This season late-season Monday night flexing is possible for the first time. On Tuesday owners did approve allowing teams to play on two short weeks during the season. “We’ve always been doing at data with respect to injuries and the impact on players. - Alpha AI
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2023.03.29 06:58 Ukinnanangabiag Stress

I'm so stressed at work that if a random stranger asks me to hop on their car and we'll go somewhere. I'll willingly go with them and leave work today without a notice.
I'm so stressed that I hope a vehicle will run over me when I go to and from work. Or that I'll get stabbed or shot by a mugger at the street.
Took a joyride on my way to work this morning and I was hoping the whole time the rider would just crash the motorcycle. Pareho naman tayong insured kuya, honestly I don't mind if mabangga tayo.
Fuck it I'll just file a leave to go for a job interview tomorrow in other companies. Hoping to get a JO on the day. Cause that's what a sane person would do. I'm walking on a thin line of sanity.
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