2003 honda odyssey mpg

Album Anniversary List 2023-04-01

2023.04.01 06:57 omegacluster Album Anniversary List 2023-04-01

Today's anniversaries are:
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2023.04.01 06:52 CSyoey I don’t need a car to last a lifetime

For as long as I’ve been driving, I’ve always looked at cars meant to last forever. Namely, of course, Toyotas and Hondas.
Now I’m looking for a Camry or an Accord for around $25,000-$30,000.
I have a Toyota Highlander which I’m keeping for now. The purpose of the next vehicle I buy is to be an Uber car for less than one year. It needs to hold value so I can trade it + my highlander for a newer highlander in May 2024.
Should I keep looking at Camrys and Accords? If this car only needs to be reliable for about 50,000 miles what else can I consider for no more than $30,000?
Prefer 2015+ models, trying to stick with 1 previous owner. Fuel efficiency is a plus, but not my top priority. I’m okay with something that gets as low as 22ish mpg
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2023.04.01 04:52 condonnelly75 Radiator fan turning on/off after 20 seconds.

As the title says, my 2014 Honda Odyssey’s radiator fan is turning on and off at 20 second intervals and keeps repeating this cycle while idling. The motor clicks in and the fan spins without any issue but I’m just trying to trouble shoot why it’s turning on and off so quickly. Am I just being overly observant and worried about the standard operation of the system?
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2023.04.01 03:23 Eyegotthegoods 2015 odyssey electrical system

Hi everyone - our Honda Odyssey (2015) is having some different electrical problems. My wife was driving it today and the electrical systems died but not the engine. There was some corrosion on the terminal so I cleaned it, expecting that was the issue. We jumped the car, it started right up and immediately as I disconnected the cables, the electronics inside the car turned off while the engine continued to run.
Any thoughts on what would be causing the issue? Battery is about 6 months old.
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2023.04.01 03:01 qtot 2003 Honda Civic Ex - Immobilizer/Battery Issue

Low mileage but old car (~100k miles).
After leaving my car cold for a few days, every time I go to start my car, the car cranks but doesn’t turn over. A green flashing key light pops up, which I’ve read is indicative of an issue with the immobilizer. After jumping the car with a portable jumper however, the car starts normally. After jumping last time, the green key light continued to flash for the rest of the drive, but after turning off the car and restarting 30 minutes later, the car started just fine, with no green key flashing.
This car has had battery and alternator issues, which were both replaced last August. This car battery however has died fully 5-6 times in the last year. Is it possible that this is simply a battery issue as opposed to something more serious with the immobilizer system? I have read that sometimes low voltage can mess with the immobilizer system even when the car is able to crank. Is this indicative of a larger electrical problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.31 22:31 Section_Objective It arrived!!!

It arrived!!!
So excited
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2023.03.31 22:05 yothhedgedigger 2023 Honda Odyssey

They have a a $3k market adjustment and $2500 dealer "performance package" listed, but getting it at MSRP. Is that an okay deal in this environment?
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2023.03.31 21:23 ll_coolray Can sale price be negotiated on a lease? CA

36mo/10k lease in California on a 2023 Honda Odyssey EX-L.
MSRP = 41,905, Selling price = 42,463.
Money Factor and Residual Value numbers from dealership are exactly what leasehacker said.
I want to put 0 down, but that requires a slightly lower selling price for the monthly to fit my budget.
My question is - what kind of wiggle room for negotiation is there on a lease, given the current inflated and crazy car market?
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2023.03.31 19:20 mosaicc_ [REQ] ($1,000) (#Liberty, NY, USA) ($200 Weekly-5x) (PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Chime)

I've posted here before living in Carversville PA, my partner and I moved up to liberty, we both have new jobs, but I'm finding out that my 2003 Honda Civic is not going to last this year... Let alone last through next winter.
I'm asking for $1,000 to use as a down payment for a new/used AWD vehicle. I can afford monthly payments/insurance as well as the weekly repayment I listed above.
I'm willing to work out a different repayment plan but because I get paid weekly and have other bills, this would work best for me. I've thought about 100 a week for 10 weeks, 2 payments of 500 but that would leave me with very little until the next paycheck. Again, willing to discuss.
I've repaid all my loans, there's one that's pending because the user was banned. I'm here for any other information 😊
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2023.03.31 18:22 ExplanationDazzling1 Looking for a car budget $19,500 Great gas mileage, fuel efficiency, cheap to maintain and RELIABILITY

The price of my Mitsubishi increased! It’s a Miracle. I can trade it in. I know I can’t have all my cake and eat it but I’m willing to sacrifice 2.0L 4 cylinder for a 1.8L 4 Cylinder
Hi car community. Idk if it’s a miracle or inflation is on my side but Carvana and CarMax offering me way more money then what I paid for my Mitsubishi!!
The only problem is I want a Toyota Prius but they went up too! So my trade in value is $19,400.
Any car suggestions 16-17k I should be looking to get with way better gas mileage!!?
Right now my mileage is 25 city and 30 highway. I’m gonna need something way better. My commute to work is 25 miles going and 25 miles back. So basically 50 miles a day.
Something like a Toyota Prius, Honda Fit or Toyota Yaris would be nice. An even trade?
Any other car suggestions I should look out for? Mitsubishi Mirage is 40 to the mpg but research shows they kind of unreliable.
Car suggestions! Will be helpful. Also cheap to maintain. Thank you all. 🙏
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2023.03.31 17:07 Virulentwound How to tell if 2020 honda Odyssey wiper blades are original? They say mitsuba on them but I bought the vehicle new.

Also, they don’t look to have the metal strip in the wiper blade insert, but I would be surprised if these are aftermarket because I bought the vehicle new
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2023.03.31 15:54 Demolecularizing How many miles are too many miles on a used Honda Element and Scion xB? ('03-'10). Any other tips?

I'm trying to find a used Honda Element or Scion xB. This will be my first car of my own and I've been driving almost 17 years. I don't know much about cars but I can't admit that to a bloodthirsty person that only wants to make a sale.
I'm looking at maintenance history and repairs and basing a lot on mileage and condition.
I think these two are my best choices around $4,000 USD in cost of parts, repairs, gas mileage, reliably, longevity, and, importantly, cargo space and MPG.
How many miles is too many miles to consider when buying an older used Honda Element or Scion xB?
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2023.03.31 09:07 bradprat Bhutanese shadow garden grown dark evil pack 😈

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2023.03.31 06:49 Leading_Trainer8731 Aftermarket Armrests?

2019 Honda Odyssey. The driver seat has a small folding armrest I'd like to replace with something larger and wider.
Does anyone know if such a thing exists and, if so, where to get it?
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2023.03.31 05:18 rajgoy Hosting 2016 Honda Odyssey, manual sliding door, basic model

Never used Turo as a host or guest.
Just wondering if I host 2016 Honda Odyssey, basic model mini van near Newark, NJ airport, how much on the average I can make per month $$.
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2023.03.31 03:37 420MacMan [USA-CA][H] Warioware D.I.Y, Smash Bros 3DS, Rodea Sky Soldier, Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero Risky Beats, Unepic, Legend of Legacy Launch Edition, Fighter Maker, Advance Wars 2, Snowboard Kids 1, N64 Console, Zone of Enders HD Collection, MGS HD Collection, Y's 8, TONS of Manuals/Cases/Covers [W] Paypal

Have a few items i'm trying to clear out all in great condition, noted if games are loose or CIB. Open to discount for bigger bundles.
Shipping starts at $5.00 and Free Shipping on Bundles over $75 with Friends & Family please. Pics upon request.


Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Storybook Edition SEALED $140
COD : Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition CIB $10
Plants vs Zombies 2 : Garden Warfare $10
FFXIV Complete Edition CIB $10
Has Been Heroes CIB $10
Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition CIB $$20
The Division $5
Deus Ex MD $10
3x PS4 Cases with Double Discs Slots $15

XBox One

One Lords of the Fallen $10
Assassins Creed Odyssey $10
Phantom Black Controller CIB USED $30 (Controller is 7/10 cosmetic wise with bottom back bumpers having heavy scuffs & 9/10 overall function wise)

PS Vita

Toukiden: Kiwami $35
The Walking Dead: Season 2 $30
Hot Shots Golf World Invitational $30
Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel 1 $60
Dynasty Warriors Next $25
Stranger Of Sword City $30
Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders From Planet Space $30
Ragnarok Odyssey Ace $45
Shantae Half-Genie Hero [Risky Beats Edition] $60
UnEpic SEALED $130
Risk Of Rain SEALED $45
Aqua Kitty SEALED $70
Trillion: God Of Destruction $30
Grand Kingdom Case $10
Toukiden : Kiwami Case $15
Reverie $40
Sir Eatsalot $50


Legend Of Legacy Launch Edition SEALED $65
Crush 3D Loose in 3DS Case $10
Cubic Ninja $10
Codename S.T.E.A.M $5
Warioware D.I.Y Loose in 3DS Case $30
Smash Bros 3DS CIB $17
Steel Diver CIB $8
Rodea the Sky Soldier Launch Edition CIB $30
OEM Charging Base for original 3DS $20


Fighter Maker Loose $10
FF Tactics GH CIB $30
FF9 CIB (Case damaged) $15
Crash Bandicoot 2 Loose in Twisted Metal GH Case $15
Sim City 2000 Game+Case (damaged) $15
Oddworld Abes Oddysee CIB $25


Intec DS Case $10
Score 6x Game Cartridge Case $10
Bleach Blade Of Fate Loose $15
Advance Wars 2 Days of Ruin Loose $30


N64 Console with hookups and 1x OEM Grey Controller (Controller is in good condition 8/10 and analog stick is 8/10, console was painted with black acrylic spray paint from previous owner and cartridge slot has been modded to play Japanese N64 carts so doesn't include the slot flaps) $80 shipped - https://imgur.com/a/d83hiHu
007 GoldenEye Loose $35
Beetle Adventure Racing Loose $20
Snowboard Kids 1 Loose $50

PS3 $6 Each unless Noted

Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles CIB $20
Zone Of The Enders HD Collection CIB $15
Yakuza 3 Loose $15
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Loose $15
Genji Days Of The Blade $20
Genji Days Of The Blade Loose $10
South Park : The Stick of Truth SEALED $10
Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3
Call of Duty Ghost
Need for Speed Pro Street
Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Red Faction Guerilla x2
Battlefield 3
MoH Warfighter LE Loose
Darksiders 2
Crysis 2
Deus Ex HR
Call of Duty 2 Steelbook
Mercenaries 2 in Generic Case
Call of Duty MW3 x2
Assassins Creed 4 BF

PS2 $6 Each Unless Noted

MDK 2 Armageddon Loose $10
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 $10
The Getaway $10
Samurai Showdown Anthology $30
007 Agent Under Fire Loose $10
Welcome to Jumppack
Metal Arms in Generic Case
Army Men
NCAA Football 2004
Army Men : Sarges Hero
Full Spectrum Warrior
NCAA Football 2003
Eye Toy Antigrav with Eye Camera $20
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2
Wheel of Fortune
Motorcross Mania 3
Seaworld Deep Sea Adventures
Socom US Navy Seal
Red Faction Case $5
Final Fantasy X-2

Snes Games

Mortal Kombat 2 (label is damaged) $10

XB360 $7 Each unless Noted

Zone Of The Enders HD Collection Limited Edition SEALED $60
Assassins Creed 1
Assassins Creed 3 Steelbook
The Evil Within
BF3 Limited Edition
Kinect Adventures
Call of Duty Ghosts
3rd Party Controller $10
Darksiders 2
Marvel Ultimate Alliance in Gamestop Case $10
OEM Black Controller with Battery Pack $20

OG Xbox $7 Each unless Noted

TRON 2.0 Killer App $15
Call of Duty 2 $10
Need for Speed Underground $10
Midnight Club 3 Case with Burnout 3 Disc
Unreal Championship 1
Mace Griffon
Cabelas Deer Hunt 2005
Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball


GB Player OEM Case Holder *Missing outer cardboard and Manual $25
NFL2k3 CIB $8
Monopoly Party+Manual in Blockbuster Case $10
Star Wars Rogue Leader+Manual in DVD Case $15
Spiderman 2 Player's Choice (Missing Manual) $15
Megaman Anniversary Collection (Missing Manual) $20
MC Groovez Dance Craze$10
Fifa Soccer 2002 $10
Spiderman 1 Case $5
007 NightFire Case with Fantastic Four Games $5


TechKen Switch Pro Wireless Controller CIB Purple $20
Ys VIII Lacrimosa Of DANA (PAL Version) CIB $40


Nights Journey of Dreams in Gamestop Case & Manual $10
Generic Dual Wiimote Charging Dock $10

Covers, Cases and Manuals

8x Universal Game Cases (N64,SNES,Genesis,etc) $8 Each
Wii Dragon Quest Swords Manual $7
Wii Monster Hunter 3 Manual $5
Wii Elebits Manual $5
GC Ghost Recon Case & Manual $7
GC True Crime Streets of LA Case & Manual $10
GC Spiderman 1 Case Only $7
GC Dead to Rights Case & Manual $10
GC Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Case & Manual $10
GC Hitman 2 Case & Manual $10
GC MoH Frontline Case & Manual $7
GC Rainbow Six 3 Case & Manual $7
PS2 Call of Duty FH Case & Manual $7
GC NFL 2K3 Case $5
GC Turok Evolution Case & Manual $5
PS4 Nioh Case $5
PS Vita Exist Archive Case $5
PS3 Zone of Enders HD Collection Case & Manual $10
PS2 Dragon Quest 8 Case & Manual $10
PS2 Onimusha 2 Case & Manual $10
PS2 Tekken 5 Case & Manual $10
PS2 Kingdom Hearts 1 GH Case & Manual $10
PS2 Kingdom Hearts 2 GH Case & Manual $10
PS2 Area 51 Case & Manual $10
GC NBA 2K2 Case & Manual $10
PS2 Final Fantasy X-2 Case $ Manual $10
PS2 Starwars Battlefront Case & Manual $10
GC Prince of Persia Cover & Manual $10
GC Viewtiful Joe 1 Manual $20
PS2 Katamari Damacy Cover & Manual $10
GC Burnout 3 Takedown $5
PS2 Nightmare before Christmas Oogies Revenge Cover & Manual $15
PS2 GTA San Andreas Cover & Manual $10
PS2 Capcom Classic Collection Cover & Manual $15
PS2 Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution Manual $5
PS2 Megaman X Collection Cover & Manual $15
PS2 Star Ocean Till the End of Time Cover & Manual $10
PS2 R-Type Final Cover & Manual $15
PS2 Soul Caliber 2 Cover $7
XB Panzer Dragoon Orta Cover & Manual $30
XB Ninja Gaiden Black Cover & Manual $10
PS2 Mad Maestro Cover & Manual $10
PS2 007 Everything or Nothing Manual $5
PS2 Half Life 2 Cover $10
PS2 Devil May Cry 3 Cover & Manual $10
PS2 FF X-2 Cover & Manual $10
PS2 REZ Cover & Manual $15
PS2 Rygar Cover & Manual $10
PS2 Chaos Legion Manual $7
PS2 Zone of Enders 1 Cover & Manual $10
PS2 Final Fantasy 12 Manual $7
PS2 Front Mission 4 Cover & Manual $10
PS2 Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence Cover $7
PS2 Escape from Monkey Island Cover $7
PS1 Final Fantasy Chronicles GH Back/Front Cover & Manual $10
PS1 Tenchu 1 Cover & Manual $15
PS1 Final Fantasy 7 GH Front/Back Cover & Manual $15
PS1 Buster Bros Collection Cover & Manual $20
GC Zelda Master Quest Manual + Windwaker $30
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2023.03.31 00:58 GekougaXD Trade In

My 2020 Corolla LE was purchased Used at around 17k miles (i did not make the decision sadly). My aunt recently traded in her car 2021 Tacoma for a Honda Odyssey (different dealers). We're still on loan payments, 4 year plan, and I was wondering if its even considerable for me to trade in the 2020 LE for a 2023 possibly higher trim at also different dealer. Since the interest rate on the used LE would take it to about the same price as an 2023 XSE. Sorry, very new to cars since I'm a new driver. This subreddit has been helpful so I look forward to reading responses.
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2023.03.30 23:04 OrochiMaruchan_ Buying 2023 Honda Odyssey in PNW

Hi All,

Planning on buying a Honda Odyssey 2023 Touring in the next couple of weeks and was wondering what the process is actually like. I have a ~720 CR and planning to put down $20K as a downpayment and financing the rest. First time NEW car buyer so not too sure what rate I'd be getting although I do see Honda has a 4.9% rate special.
Anyone have any experience in this region? Should I be expecting a markup or at MSRP sale? Est OTD price? Any info would be greatly appreciated. This is a pretty big purchase for us so trying to get as much info as I possibly can to avoid being taken advantage of at the dealer.
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2023.03.30 22:33 AnastasiusDicorus Should I get a Toyota or a Lincoln/Mercury?

OK, I acknowlege this is a weird one. I am looking to trade in my 2008 Honda Accord V6 coupe, and I have narrowed my wish list down to a 2005-06 Tundra Double Cab or 2005-07 Sequoia OR on a totally other track, maybe either a 2003-11 Lincoln Town Car or Mercury Grand Marquis LS. Right now I'm driving an 04 Grand Marquis because my Honda is in the shop and I really enjoy driving it, but I want something a little nicer than this GS model Grand.
I have 3 main needs - comfort, long term durability and nice ride on the highway. I prefer RWD, so I'm fine with a 2WD truck, but 4WD would be fine too.
I'm a pretty decent mechanic, so even thought the Ford products don't have the great reputation of Toyota, I can maybe make up for that a little bit with fixing some things that need repair over time.
I think I am leaning towards the Lincoln but I just don't want to get a POS that would fall apart at 150k miles if I go that route. Any suggestions?
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2023.03.30 22:20 razorrules Need help - Discount below MSRP

Hi everyone,
I am in market for a new vehicle. A dealer approached me that since it is the end of their fiscal year they are selling below MSRP.
How much $ or % below MSRP is reasonable? First time buying a new car, hence I don't know the difference between a good vs ok vs bad deal. Being very honest this is my second choice vehicle, hence it matters even more that I get a better deal - if any.
Thank You
Additional Notes:
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2023.03.30 20:32 SifLis 2018 Subaru Impreza 2.0 $19,997 27,827 miles or 2020 Honda HR-V LX for 21,495 43,000 miles

I’m looking for something with AWD here in Minnesota. I really like Hondas but am also considering Subaru. Mostly concerned with reliability, longevity, and how well the Subaru AWD holds up in harsh winters.
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2023.03.30 19:22 Nixx_Mazda "Homer's Odyssey" (Honda Odyssey) spotted in Sitka, Alaska in 2012

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