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2023.03.29 23:02 vladmirmcdoogle Struggling with Achieving Pitch Black Dungeons Without Editing enbseriesini

I have really been struggling to get my dungeons pitch black. I've scoured Google and this subreddit where almost all of the suggestions are to use ELFX Hardcore with Dynamic Immersive Seriously Dark Dungeons. I am doing this, but I can still see dungeon interiors even though it's fairly dark. Most of those posts are years old at this point so maybe something has changed that I'm not aware of. Dungeons look dark in some areas, but as soon as I walk into them my virtual eyes adjust over the course of about a second to the point where I can see fairly okay even with no light source.
The most maddening part of this is that at one point I was able to get a single dungeon working as intended. In my first testing save, Bleak Falls Barrow is 100% pitch black when navigating around underground. I can go back to it in that save and the dungeon remains pitch black. Every other dungeon, mineshaft, or cave in that same save game that I enter does not get as dark. I made a new save to see if that might do something, but in any new game I make, Bleak Falls Barrow acts like all the other dungeons that don't get totally dark.
I don't think my ENB is the issue since I was able to achieve such darkness once before and have had the same ENB from the very beginning. I have been experimenting with adding mods which could change the darkness, but I've disabled them all except ELFX and Dynamic Immersive Seriously Dark Dungeons and I'm still having this issue. If I go into the enbseries.ini I can adjust the interior values there, but then all interiors (shops, taverns, etc) are also pitch black. I've also read that it's preferable to use mods over editing an enbseries.ini file so I'm trying not to go this route.
LOOT throws me 2 errors. One is for the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp which states "Your installed version of Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch is not compatible with your version of Skyrim VR". I'm assuming this can be safely ignored since I've run the patch tool and the game is running fine with no crashes. The other is for JBMOD - SkUg Patch.esp which states "This plugin requires 'AKSkyrimUnderground.esp' to be installed, but it is missing". This is for the dynamic dark dungeons mod picking up Skyrim Underground, which I have, but is listed in my plugins as .esm instead of .esp. Could this be an issue with the darkness since it relates directly to a darkening mod? I personally don't think so since this mod doesn't actually darken anything, but rather removes light sources.
LOOT gives me 2 warnings, one of which is simply recommending a bug fixes patch. The other is under EnhancedLightsandFX.esp which says "SSEEdit v4.0.3 found 2 ITM records...". I've read that sometimes these should be ignored and I'm not familiar enough with this to know what to do here. Could this be the issue since it related directly to the ELFX mod? Should I clean these records?
I'll list my mods in their priority order (sorted by LOOT) below along with the options chosen for each where applicable. Thanks a ton for bearing with all the information if you managed to make it this far!
ENB: Perfect Nature - A Natural and Realistic ENB for Skyrim VR 2022
DLC: HearthFires DLC: Dragonborn DLC: Dawnguard Onyx Weathers - Visuals: ENB Water for ENB - Water Color: Shades of Skyrim - iNeed: No Legacy iNeed Support - LOD Brightness: Darker LOD water - Water Texture Resolution: 2k - Waterfall Resolution: 2k - Customization: Clear Underwater, Darker Volcanic Water Static Mesh Improvement Mod - Skyrim 2016 Special Edition: Everything Better Dynamic Snow SE - Plugin: Vanilla Replacement - Options: BDS Replacement - Addons: No Glacier Snow HIGGS - Enhanced VR Interaction PLANCK - Physical Animation and Character Kinetics HD Reworked Horses Frankly HD Dragonbone and Dragonscale - Armor and Weapons SkyUI VRIK Player Avatar Skyrim VR Tools High Quality Food and Ingredients SE - Options: Everything Rayek's End - SSE Expanded Edition Magical College of Winterhold Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim Tamrielic Textures SE 1 - Landscapes - Options: Majestic Mountains, Green Tundra, Green Rift, Gray Beach, Projected Snow Maps Conduit - Short-term Weapon Infusions Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer - CBBE - Better Males Remesh for Skyrim SE Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch [older version with patch] Skyrim VR Core USSEP Realm of Lorkhan - Freeform Alternate Start 4k Stars and Galaxies Campfire - Complete Camping System (Supports Skyrim VR) A Quality World Map Enhanced Blood Textures Legacy of the Dragonborn The Sharper Eye VR FPS Stabilizer Instant Equip VR Clear HUD VR Immersive Draw Sheathe Sounds VR Spell Wheel VR VR Address Library for SKSEVR Darker Nights 1.7p13 [Doesn't seem to work as nights are still bright] - Darkest (level 0) Enhanced Lights and FX - Ambience: ELFX Enhancer - Exterior: ELFX Exteriors, ELFX Weathers, ELFX Enhanced Ice - SMIM: SMIM Meshes, SMIM Lantern - Optionals: Torches Dungeon Darkness SE - Mod Compatibility: ELFX - Hardcore Option, SMIM, Skyrim Underground - ELFX: ELFX - Hardcore Dungeons Only - SMIM Options: With SMIM Lanterns Quick Light SE Weapon Throw VR SKSEVR_Data Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul - Install Options: Core - Enhanced Lights and FX: Patch for ELFX Enhancer.esp Skyrim Underground SSE Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim VR Perk Extender Ordinator VR Patch JContainers SE Address Library for SKSE Plugins powerofthree's Tweaks powerofthree's Papyrus Extender Simple Realistic Archery VR Scoped Bows SE 1.3.1 Scopes Bows VR Remix Papyrus Extender VR The Notice Board SE No Stagger Mod Sounds of Skyrim Complete SE - Core Mod: Sounds of Skyrim Complete - Full - Immersive Citizens, Onyx - VR Weathers - ELFX Patchs: None [It won't let me select ELFX + Enhancer?] Mealtime - a Food and Recipe Mod Realistic Mining for VR VR Refit - Mine Chop and Drop
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2023.03.29 21:45 EaklebeeTheUncertain Stormcloak and Imperials I spawn aren't fighting.

So I owned Skyrim years ago on the Xbox and only recently got it for PC. For reasons relating to my character's story, I wanted to have a big civil war battle near Dawnstar, so I figured spawning 20 Stormcloaks and 20 Imperials on the tundra west of the city would do the trick.
I spawned both groups and...nothing happened. They just stand around, saying generic dialogue and not fighting. Did I do something wrong?
The command I used was player.placeatme 20, and the IDs I used were 00027498 for the Stormcloaks, 00073FD8 for the Imperials. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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2023.03.29 16:55 dragons6488 Rear ended, insurance and after market parts

Bought a homestead in a small town in Kansas. Wife was rear ended in the Tundra. Kansas regs seem to indicate insurance companies have the right to use after market and recycled parts. I expected OEM.
2018 CM with 44,000 miles. Anybody know if there’s a tack I can take to get OEM?
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2023.03.29 15:35 bellboy8685 Thought I’d jump on the bandwagon of sharing screenshots of Dawn

Thought I’d jump on the bandwagon of sharing screenshots of Dawn
  1. Ussep
  2. Unofficial creation club
  3. Lux resources
  4. Lux via master
  5. Lux orbis master
  6. Lux master
  7. Better gray quarter
  8. Reforging to the masses
  9. Reforging to the masses balance patch
  10. Nordic ui
  11. Nordic skyhud
  12. Sovngarde font
  13. Cheat room
  14. Busty skeevers
  15. Guard dialogue overhaul
  16. Reputation
  17. Simply more variety creation club
  18. Imperial beverages
  19. Rich merchants
  20. Oddities of Morrowind
  21. Amidianborn born book of silence basic cut by Skyrad
  22. HR glass weapons and shields 1K
  23. Real wildlife 1.5 no food
  24. Obsidian Mountain fog tweaked
  25. Dawn
  26. Realistic grasses overhaul
  27. Tmbe body no textures
  28. Bijin skin
  29. Vituvia optimized
  30. Xpmsse
  31. Ks hairdo salt n wind lite
  32. Brows
  33. Scars
  34. Eyes of beauty
  35. Vampire facial reclamation
  36. Lamae gaze
  37. Freckles and rough skin complexion retex
  38. Skyrim of Tamriel redid
  39. Simplicity of snow
  40. Better dynamic snow v2 (smim)
  41. Shaders of Solstheim
  42. Srp aio v4
  43. Majestic landscapes dirt cliffs
  44. Clevercharff mine wood
  45. Photo realistic farmhouses
  46. Sweet stone walls se
  47. Green tundra grass and lod
  48. No grassias ultimate
  49. Disable snow grass
  50. True Nordic mountains gray 2k
  51. Believable weapons
  52. Scimitar replacer
  53. Divergence clothing
  54. Nordwar Realistic armor
  55. Nordwar Race armor replacer
  56. Hold guard armor stays the same
  57. Sons of skyrim
  58. New legion redux
  59. Distinct uniques - artefakes
  60. Chaotic choice bellyaches
  61. Divergence dragons
  62. Bears of the north 1k
  63. Wolves of wild- bellyache 1k
  64. Cozy giants
  65. Oblivion horses
  66. Oblivion horses & cc wild horses-unicorn patch
  67. Awesome potions simplified
  68. Elsopa hand painted road signs
  69. Elsopa signs
  70. Solitude and temple frescoes
  71. Pretty soul gems 1k alternative color
  72. Dwemer pipework reworked
  73. Natural forces dry
  74. Divine embers
  75. Smoking torches
  76. Elegant jarls
  77. Diverse guards
  78. Diverse imperial soldiers
  79. Immersive patrols
  80. Welwas
  81. Landlord
  82. Imperial post
  83. Stocked shops
  84. More growable plants
  85. Holidays
  86. Aberrant flora
  87. Poisonblooms - beware of the swamp redux
  88. Renthal dead thickets
  89. More aspens
  90. Whiterun forest borealis
  91. Divine forest
  92. CG4 lite
  93. Diversity of trees
  94. Diversity of trees AE patch
  95. Pine to oak a tree replacer
  96. Hearthfire materials god chest
  97. Hearthfire custom basement
  98. Immersive civil war clean up
  99. Blood chill manor improved
  100. Better gray quarter (different then the above one)
  101. Redbag rorikstead
  102. Darkwater crossing a great village add on
  103. The great town of Shors stone
  104. The great town of Karthwasten
  105. Skaal vilage overhaul
  106. Better tel mithryn
  107. Quaint raven rock
  108. Quaint raven rock ghost tribunal patch
  109. Dawnstar defended
  110. The Marshlands
  111. Spaghetti main cities aio
  112. Heart of gold
  113. Rs children optimized
  114. Heart of gold Rs children patch
  115. Dibellas blessing children
  116. Dibellas blessing ussep patch
  117. Aymar and friends elven children
  118. Kalilies npcs default
  119. Bijin aio
  120. Bijin aio ussep patch
  121. Pandorables mega pack
  122. Pandorbale breylna
  123. Seranaholic 1.8
  124. Aft ae
  125. Serana expanded dialogue additions
  126. Lux via
  127. Northern roads
  128. NR retexture
  129. NR great town of shors stone patch
  130. NR great town of karthwasten patch
  131. NR quaint raven rock patch
  132. NR redbags rorikstesd patch
  133. NR lux via patch
  134. NR Ae patch
  135. Cities of the north aio
  136. Cotn holidays patch
  137. Cotn marshlands patch
  138. Cotn ae patch
  139. Lux orbis
  140. Lux orbis ussep patch
  141. Lux orbis cotn patch
  142. Lux orbis NR patch
  143. Lux
  144. Lux AE patch
  145. Lux northern roads patch
  146. Lux cotn patch
  147. Dawn water and waterfalls
  148. Alternate start
  149. New beginnings
  150. Northern roads alt start patch
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2023.03.29 00:42 aswat09 No One Wants to Be My Steward

As the title suggests, I'm having trouble with having a follower be my steward at either Golden Hills, Tundra Homestead, or Hendraheim. I've asked Lydia, Erik, Uthgerd, and Aviendha. Has anyone had these problems and found a fix? I'm guessing it's mod related, but I'm unsure which mod it would be.
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch [XB1]
Unofficial Skryrim Creation Club Content Patch
Functional Homes Master
Survival Mode USSEP Patch
Cheat Room
Skyrim Reputation
Skyrim Reputation Patch
Realistic Needs and Diseases
R.A.S.S (Shaders and Effects)
Dirt and Blood
Ars Metallica
Character Creation Overhaul
CCO Dynamic Skill Progression
CCO Diverse Races and Genders
SkyHUD - Dissonance Preset
YOT - Your Own Thoughts
Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
Jiub's Opus & Arvak's Skull Markers
Cloaks of Skyrim
Hunting and Leatherwork Overhaul[XB1]
Crafting Requires Tools
Crime Overhaul
20 PCT More Perk Points
Rewarding Reading
Advanced Cooking AE
Advanced Cooking Ordinator Compatibility Patch
Odin - Ordinator Compatibility Patch
Witchhunter Spells and Prayers
Warrior Poet Powers
Wintersun - Faiths Of Skyrim
Immersive Patrols
Enhanced Lights and FX - Weathers
True Storms Special Edition
ELFX Weathers - TrueStorms Merged Compatibility SSE
Mythical Ages Weather Overhaul
Mari's Realistic Grass Field Mod
Maris' Flora All In One
Oak Forrests of Skyrim
Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods
Realistic NPC Overhaul
Elaborate Textiles
AMidianBorn Book Of Silence - Armors And Weapons (Cabal's Cut) 1K
Unread Books Glow
Static Mesh Improvement Mod
Enhanced Blood Textures
Immersive Speechcraft
Serana Dialogue
Serana Dialogue Add-On Campfire Patch
Marry Me Serana
Double Beds Are for Two People
Undress for Bed
Double Beds for Spooning
NPC/ PC immersion
True Eyes
True Brows
Updated - Enhanced Lights and FX
Hearthfires - Unique Display Rooms
Functional Homes SE
JK's Interior AIO
JK's Interiors USSEP Patch
JK's Interiors AIO ELFX Patch
Mystic Condenser
JK's Interior's / Mystic Condenser Patch
The Notice Board
Skyrim Pizza Survival Mode Edition
JK's Skyrim All in One
JK's Interiors AIO JK's Skyrim AIO Patch
Royal Armory
Heavy Armory
Wear Robes Over Armor
Wear multiple rings
Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim
Mortal Enemies
Athletik Combat
The Forgotten City
The Wheel of Time
Simple Cow and Goat Milking
Immersive Follower Framework and Overhaul
IFF Patch for Double Beds are for Sleeping
Alternate Start - Live Another Life
JK's Interiors AIO Alt Start Patch
Color Patches Remover
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
JK's Interiors AIO Relationship Dialogue Overhaul Patch
Serana Dialogue Add-on - RDO patch
Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul
Realistic Conversations (XB1)
Cathedral Water
ELFX Shadows
ELFX Shadows - Alternate Start Patch
ELFX Shadows - USSEP Patch
ELFX Shadows - JK's Interiors AIO Patch
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2023.03.28 03:38 SaltCrow7882 Survival mode seems shallow

So I've been a long time fan of frostfall, last seed, camp fire, but recently I decided to buy the anniversary edition because some of the content seemed cool.
I didn't expect the survival mode to be as detailed as frostfall but there are some quality of life issues that just make it feel unplayable for me. I saw another post that said survival mode made them feel like they could slow down and really get immersed in the world, but I find the opposite to be true. I feel like I'm speedrunning everything just to fight with the speed at which my stats drain.
And the fact that I need fire salts to make hot food is just broken. It makes 0 sense that this incredibly rare item is needed to make traveling in the northern reaches of skyrim possible and if it's gonna be a necessity they needed to raise the drop rate for flame atronachs to 100%.
The armor is my last big complaint. I think the fur armor stats are way too low and it really bugs me that I'm the only one who has to be bundled up to survive in the tundra while all the npcs get to walk around half naked. Like why is everyone in winterhold fine standing around in their mage robes for several hours but I have to bundle up in my furs to make it from the college to Saarthal without freezing to death? There should be some sort of enchantment you can add to your robes to help with the cold, or at the very least some sort of magical force field to stop you from freezing to death on the college grounds.
Has anyone had a satisfying time moving from frostfall to survival mode or should I just say fuck it and re-enable my mods?
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2023.03.27 13:59 Layman_Ahoy Hey! I just started playing Skyrim properly for the first time!

Hey! I just started playing Skyrim properly for the first time!
I say "properly" because when I was younger I played it on my brothers PC and all I did was run into a woman, beat her up, and then marry her.
I'm playing on Nintendo Switch now, and I've had it for a few years. Until now it was hard for me to get into. I'd make a save, and then let it go cause I wouldn't be invested in the main story. Recently my friend who loves Skyrim has instructed me on a few ways to keep it consistently fun. Like playing as a specific character with motivations to keep in mind, taking screenshots frequently, and also letting the main story wait for a while.
I just did my first quest that really sold me on it! I took a guy named Maurice to a sanctuary in a place called The Volcanic Tundra in order to collect sap, and revive a tree in a city. Initially I didn't like Maurice because he was weak, and frequently died in fights. When I spoke to him he would just say to hurry up because he wants to see the sanctuary. When I got there, he was so happy, and it made me kinda happy too. I cut the roots of a tree in the sanctuary, and it felt really bad, but Maurice said there was another way to help the city. He prayed, and the tree gave me a sapling! It's super cool, and the sanctuary is so pretty!
So happy to finally have fun with this game!
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2023.03.26 18:57 Koalabeanbb Moonpath to Eslweyr Location ids

Does anyone have the ids for Moonpath to Elsweyr locations? Playing through LOTD and have encountered the bug where the door for the caravan doesn't show up at Dead Mans Drink. I've looked and made sure that I have all necessary milestones to be able to access it but I still can't, I've checked my load order with LOOT for any conflicts that could cause this and I can't find any so the only thing I can think of to be able to do this quest line is teleporting myself somewhere in the mod, might break things idk but I want to at least try to see if I can fix this.
Load order:
0 0 Skyrim.esm
1 1 Update.esm
2 2 Dawnguard.esm
3 3 HearthFires.esm
4 4 Dragonborn.esm
5 5 ccasvsse001-almsivi.esm
6 6 ccbgssse001-fish.esm
254 FE 0 ccbgssse002-exoticarrows.esl
254 FE 1 ccbgssse003-zombies.esl
254 FE 2 ccbgssse004-ruinsedge.esl
254 FE 3 ccbgssse005-goldbrand.esl
254 FE 4 ccbgssse006-stendarshammer.esl
254 FE 5 ccbgssse007-chrysamere.esl
254 FE 6 ccbgssse010-petdwarvenarmoredmudcrab.esl
254 FE 7 ccbgssse011-hrsarmrelvn.esl
254 FE 8 ccbgssse012-hrsarmrstl.esl
254 FE 9 ccbgssse014-spellpack01.esl
254 FE a ccbgssse019-staffofsheogorath.esl
254 FE b ccbgssse020-graycowl.esl
254 FE c ccbgssse021-lordsmail.esl
254 FE d ccmtysse001-knightsofthenine.esl
254 FE e ccqdrsse001-survivalmode.esl
7 7 cctwbsse001-puzzledungeon.esm
8 8 cceejsse001-hstead.esm
254 FE f ccqdrsse002-firewood.esl
254 FE 10 ccbgssse018-shadowrend.esl
254 FE 11 ccbgssse035-petnhound.esl
254 FE 12 ccfsvsse001-backpacks.esl
254 FE 13 cceejsse002-tower.esl
254 FE 14 ccedhsse001-norjewel.esl
254 FE 15 ccvsvsse002-pets.esl
254 FE 16 ccbgssse037-curios.esl
254 FE 17 ccbgssse034-mntuni.esl
254 FE 18 ccbgssse045-hasedoki.esl
254 FE 19 ccbgssse008-wraithguard.esl
254 FE 1a ccbgssse036-petbwolf.esl
254 FE 1b ccffbsse001-imperialdragon.esl
254 FE 1c ccmtysse002-ve.esl
254 FE 1d ccbgssse043-crosselv.esl
254 FE 1e ccvsvsse001-winter.esl
254 FE 1f cceejsse003-hollow.esl
9 9 ccbgssse016-umbra.esm
10 a ccbgssse031-advcyrus.esm
254 FE 20 ccbgssse038-bowofshadows.esl
254 FE 21 ccbgssse040-advobgobs.esl
254 FE 22 ccbgssse050-ba_daedric.esl
254 FE 23 ccbgssse052-ba_iron.esl
254 FE 24 ccbgssse054-ba_orcish.esl
254 FE 25 ccbgssse058-ba_steel.esl
254 FE 26 ccbgssse059-ba_dragonplate.esl
254 FE 27 ccbgssse061-ba_dwarven.esl
254 FE 28 ccpewsse002-armsofchaos.esl
254 FE 29 ccbgssse041-netchleather.esl
254 FE 2a ccedhsse002-splkntset.esl
254 FE 2b ccbgssse064-ba_elven.esl
254 FE 2c ccbgssse063-ba_ebony.esl
254 FE 2d ccbgssse062-ba_dwarvenmail.esl
254 FE 2e ccbgssse060-ba_dragonscale.esl
254 FE 2f ccbgssse056-ba_silver.esl
254 FE 30 ccbgssse055-ba_orcishscaled.esl
254 FE 31 ccbgssse053-ba_leather.esl
254 FE 32 ccbgssse051-ba_daedricmail.esl
254 FE 33 ccbgssse057-ba_stalhrim.esl
254 FE 34 ccbgssse066-staves.esl
11 b ccbgssse067-daedinv.esm
254 FE 35 ccbgssse068-bloodfall.esl
254 FE 36 ccbgssse069-contest.esl
254 FE 37 ccvsvsse003-necroarts.esl
254 FE 38 ccvsvsse004-beafarmer.esl
12 c ccbgssse025-advdsgs.esm
254 FE 39 ccffbsse002-crossbowpack.esl
254 FE 3a ccbgssse013-dawnfang.esl
254 FE 3b ccrmssse001-necrohouse.esl
254 FE 3c ccedhsse003-redguard.esl
254 FE 3d cceejsse004-hall.esl
13 d cceejsse005-cave.esm
254 FE 3e cckrtsse001_altar.esl
254 FE 3f cccbhsse001-gaunt.esl
14 e ccafdsse001-dwesanctuary.esm
15 f Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
254 FE 40 Morningstar - Minimalistic Races of Skyrim.esl
16 10 LegacyoftheDragonborn.esm
17 11 Falskaar.esm
18 12 JSwordsD.esm
19 13 Gray Fox Cowl.esm
20 14 WheelsOfLull.esp
21 15 Wyrmstooth.esp
22 16 FISS.esp
254 FE 41 AHZmoreHUDInventory.esl
23 17 SkyUI_SE.esp
24 18 CollegeOfWinterholdImmersive.esp
25 19 Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition.esp
26 1a yumcheese.esp
27 1b Helgen Reborn.esp
28 1c Thunderchild - Epic Shout Package.esp
29 1d SkyTEST-RealisticAnimals&Predators.esp
30 1e MoonAndStar_MAS.esp
31 1f Undeath.esp
32 20 Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp
33 21 Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp
34 22 Realm of Lorkhan - Custom Alternate Start - Choose your own adventure.esp
35 23 Point The Way.esp
36 24 Apothecary.esp
37 25 moonpath.esp
38 26 JRMoonpathtoElsweyrPatch.esp
39 27 UndeathFixes.esp
40 28 TheChoiceIsYours.esp
41 29 Clockwork.esp
42 2a Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim.esp
43 2b Immersive Weapons.esp
44 2c Guards_Armor_Replacer.esp
45 2d SkyrimsUniqueTreasures.esp
254 FE 42 Immersive Weapons_WACCF_Patch.esp
46 2e PrvtI_HeavyArmory.esp
47 2f SkyrimSewers.esp
48 30 Dwarfsphere.esp
49 31 TSR_TeldrynSerious.esp
50 32 Cloaks.esp
51 33 SL01AmuletsSkyrim.esp
52 34 ZIA_Complete Pack.esp
53 35 TreasureHunter.esp
54 36 WZOblivionArtifacts.esp
254 FE 43 Guard's Armor Replacer - WACCF Balanced Patch.esp
55 37 DBM_RelicNotifications.esp
254 FE 44 DBM_GuardsArmorReplacer_Patch.esp
254 FE 45 DBM_HelgenReborn_Patch.esp
254 FE 46 DBM_AmuletsOfSkyrim_Patch.esp
254 FE 47 DBM_OblivionArtifacts_Patch.esp
56 38 konahrik_accoutrements.esp
57 39 BGCollectables.esp
254 FE 48 DBM_BGCollectables_Patch.esp
254 FE 49 DBM_AHO_Patch.esp
58 3a Fossilsyum.esp
254 FE 4a DBM_IW_Patch.esp
254 FE 4b ogBogmort.esp
59 3b 1Daedra.esp
60 3c Immersive Patrols II.esp
254 FE 4c ZimsImmersiveArtifacts_WACCF_Patch.esp
61 3d Tools of Kagrenac.esp
62 3e Hothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra.esp
63 3f ktWeaponPackSE.esp
64 40 DwemerSpectresLegendary.esp
65 41 AetheriumSwordsnArmor.esp
254 FE 4d DBM_AetheriumWeapons_Patch.esp
254 FE 4e DBM_Wintersun_Patch.esp
254 FE 4f DBM_TOK_Patch.esp
254 FE 50 ogFalkreathHauntings.esp
66 42 Triumvirate - Mage Archetypes.esp
67 43 ForgottenCity.esp
254 FE 51 DBM_TreasureHunter_Patch.esp
254 FE 52 DBM_JaysusSwords_Patch.esp
254 FE 53 LOTD_TCC_Wintersun.esp
254 FE 54 DBM_MAS_Patch.esp
254 FE 55 DBM_Undeath_Patch.esp
254 FE 56 DBM_Fossils_Patch.esp
254 FE 57 DBM_SUT_Patch.esp
254 FE 58 DBM_ZimsThaneWeapons_Patch.esp
254 FE 59 DBM_ImmersiveCollegeofWinterhold_Patch.esp
254 FE 5a AdditionalHearthfireDolls.esp
68 44 ApothecaryFood.esp
254 FE 5b ApothecaryFood - Survival Mode Patch.esp
254 FE 5c WACCF_Survival Mode_Patch.esp
254 FE 5d CC-FearsomeFists_WACCF_Patch.esp
254 FE 5e DBM_WACCF_Patch.esp
254 FE 5f SUDs.esp
254 FE 60 treasure_hunt.esp
254 FE 61 Falskaar - Bug Fixes.esp
69 45 PrvtIRoyalArmory.esp
254 FE 62 DBM_RoyalArmory_Patch.esp
254 FE 63 DBM_Falskaar_Patch.esp
70 46 icebladeofthemonarch.esp
254 FE 64 DBM_CheeseMod_Patch.esp
254 FE 65 DBM_CloaksofSkyrim_Patch.esp
254 FE 66 DBM_IceBladeMonarch_Patch.esp
254 FE 67 DBM_Wyrmstooth_Patch.esp
71 47 ArtifactsOfBoethiah.esp
254 FE 68 DBM_ArtifactsofBoethiah_Patch.esp
254 FE 69 DBM_NewTreasureHunt_Patch.esp
254 FE 6a DBM_TheGrayCowlofNocturnal_Patch.esp
254 FE 6b DBM_WheelsofLull_Patch.esp
254 FE 6c DBM_DwemerSpectres_Patch.esp
254 FE 6d DBM_ktWeaponPackSE_Patch.esp
254 FE 6e DBM_TeldrynSerious_Patch.esp
254 FE 6f DBM_Clockwork_Patch.esp
254 FE 70 MoonAndStar_Undeath_compat.esp
254 FE 71 DBM_Moonpath_Patch.esp
254 FE 72 DBM_SkyrimSewers_Patch.esp
72 48 Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim.esp
73 49 AAE Ultimate Edition.esp
254 FE 73 YOT - Your Own Thoughts.esp
74 4a Odin - Skyrim Magic Overhaul.esp
254 FE 74 YOT - Bloodchill Manor.esp
254 FE 75 YOT - Bone Wolf.esp
254 FE 76 YOT - Camping.esp
254 FE 77 YOT - Civil War Champions.esp
254 FE 78 YOT - Dawnfang and Duskfang.esp
254 FE 79 YOT - Farming.esp
254 FE 7a YOT - Fishing.esp
254 FE 7b YOT - Forgotten Seasons.esp
254 FE 7c YOT - Gallows Hall.esp
254 FE 7d YOT - GOTT.esp
254 FE 7e YOT - Grimoire.esp
254 FE 7f YOT - Hendhraheim.esp
254 FE 80 YOT - KOTN.esp
254 FE 81 YOT - Myrwatch.esp
254 FE 82 YOT - Nix Hound.esp
254 FE 83 YOT - Pets of Skyrim.esp
254 FE 84 YOT - Saints & Seducers.esp
254 FE 85 YOT - Shadowfoot.esp
254 FE 86 YOT - Shadowrend.esp
254 FE 87 YOT - Survival Mode.esp
254 FE 88 YOT - The Cause.esp
254 FE 89 YOT - The Contest.esp
254 FE 8a YOT - Thunderchild.esp
254 FE 8b YOT - Triumvirate.esp
254 FE 8c YOT - Tundra Homestead.esp
254 FE 8d YOT - Umbra.esp
254 FE 8e YOT - Vigil Enforcer Armor Set.esp
254 FE 8f YOT - Wild Horses.esp
254 FE 90 YOT - Wintersun.esp
254 FE 91 YOT - Wraithguard.esp
75 4b TakeNotes.esp
254 FE 92 MCMHelper.esp
254 FE 93 Apothecary - Saints & Seducers Patch.esp
254 FE 94 Apothecary - Fishing Patch.esp
254 FE 95 ApothecaryFood - Fishing Patch.esp
254 FE 96 Apothecary - Rare Curios Patch.esp
76 4c Evenstar - Minimalistic Standing Stones of Skyrim.esp
254 FE 97 CC-Bittercup_TCIY_Patch.esp
254 FE 98 CC-BloodchillManor_TCIY_Patch.esp
254 FE 99 PrvtI_HeavyArmory_WACCF_Patch.esp
254 FE 9a CC-Fishing_WACCF_Patch.esp
254 FE 9b CC-HeadmansCleaver_TCIY_Patch.esp
254 FE 9c CC-Hendraheim_TCIY_Patch.esp
254 FE 9d CC-NecromanticGrimoire_WACCF_Patch.esp
254 FE 9e CC-PlagueOfTheDead_TCIY_Patch.esp
254 FE 9f CC-Saints&Seducers_TCIY_Patch.esp
254 FE a0 CC-StaffOfSheogorath_TCIY_Patch.esp
254 FE a1 CC-Sunder&Wraithguard_TCIY_Patch.esp
254 FE a2 CC-VigilEnforcer_TCIY_Patch.esp
254 FE a3 BCS_TCIY_Patch.esp
254 FE a4 TCIY_Wintersun_Patch.esp
YOT - Imperious.esp
77 4d Runandwalkpaces.esp
254 FE a5 Falskaar - SkyTEST Patch.esp
254 FE a6 Apothecary - Wyrmstooth Patch.esp
254 FE a7 ApothecaryFood - Wyrmstooth Patch.esp
254 FE a8 ApothecaryFood - USSEP Patch.esp
254 FE a9 Wintersun - SIC Patch.esp
78 4e DawnguardArsenal.esp
79 4f Cloaks - Dawnguard.esp
80 50 Cloaks - USSEP Patch.esp
254 FE aa Wintersun - ZIA Patch.esp
254 FE ab Cloaks_WACCF_Patch.esp
254 FE ac DawnguardArsenal_WACCF_Patch.esp
254 FE ad SIC WACCF Patch.esp
254 FE ae PrvtI_HA_DraugrWeapons.esp
254 FE af PrvtI_HeavyArmory_USSEP.esp
254 FE b0 JSwords-ImmersiveWeaponsPatch.esp
81 51 StaffOfSheogorath.esp
254 FE b1 SUDS Apothecary Food Patch.esp
82 52 TOK_CWI_Patch.esp
254 FE b2 TOK_AetheriumWeapons_Patch.esp
254 FE b3 DBM_KA_Patch.esp
254 FE b4 DBM_AAE_Patch.esp
254 FE b5 DBM_AdditionalHFDolls_Patch.esp
254 FE b6 DBM_ForgottenCity_Patch.esp
254 FE b7 DBM_IA_Patch.esp
254 FE b8 DBM_HA_Patch.esp
254 FE b9 DBM_DGA_Patch.esp
254 FE ba DBM_SkyTEST_Patch.esp
254 FE bb DBM_SUDs_Patch.esp
254 FE bc DBM_StaffofSheogorath_Patch.esp
254 FE bd WACCF_KonahriksAccoutrements.esp
83 53 AHO - Skytest Patch.esp
254 FE be Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation_WACCF_Patch.esp
84 54 AHZmoreHUD.esp
254 FE bf LOTD_TCC_AdditionalDolls.esp
254 FE c0 LOTD_TCC_Aetherium.esp
254 FE c1 LOTD_TCC_Amulets.esp
254 FE c2 LOTD_TCC_Boethiah.esp
254 FE c3 LOTD_TCC_Cloaks.esp
254 FE c4 LOTD_TCC_Clockwork.esp
254 FE c5 LOTD_TCC_DawnguardArsenal.esp
254 FE c6 LOTD_TCC_DwemerSpectres.esp
254 FE c7 LOTD_TCC_KA.esp
254 FE c8 LOTD_TCC_Falskaar.esp
254 FE c9 LOTD_TCC_Fossils.esp
254 FE ca LOTD_TCC_GrayCowl.esp
254 FE cb LOTD_TCC_Gremlins.esp
254 FE cc LOTD_TCC_GuardArm.esp
254 FE cd LOTD_TCC_HeavyArm.esp
254 FE ce LOTD_TCC_Helgen.esp
254 FE cf LOTD_TCC_IceBlade.esp
254 FE d0 LOTD_TCC_ICOW.esp
254 FE d1 LOTD_TCC_ImmArm.esp
254 FE d2 LOTD_TCC_ImmWeap.esp
254 FE d3 LOTD_TCC_Jaysus.esp
254 FE d4 LOTD_TCC_Kagrenac.esp
254 FE d5 LOTD_TCC_Kthonia.esp
254 FE d6 LOTD_TCC_MAS.esp
254 FE d7 LOTD_TCC_Moonpath.esp
254 FE d8 LOTD_TCC_NTHunter.esp
254 FE d9 LOTD_TCC_OblivionArt.esp
254 FE da LOTD_TCC_ProjectAHO.esp
254 FE db LOTD_TCC_Royal.esp
254 FE dc LOTD_TCC_SkyrimSewers.esp
254 FE dd LOTD_TCC_SUDS.esp
254 FE de LOTD_TCC_SUT.esp
254 FE df LOTD_TCC_TeldrynSerious.esp
254 FE e0 LOTD_TCC_TFC.esp
254 FE e1 LOTD_TCC_TreasureHunter.esp
254 FE e2 LOTD_TCC_Undeath.esp
254 FE e3 LOTD_TCC_WheelsOfLull.esp
254 FE e4 LOTD_TCC_Wyrmstooth.esp
254 FE e5 LOTD_TCC_ZimThane.esp
85 55 Vokrii - Minimalistic Perks of Skyrim.esp
86 56 Apocalypse - Vokrii Compatibility Patch.esp
254 FE e6 Vokrii - WACCF Patch.esp
87 57 Odin - Vokrii Compatibility Patch.esp

submitted by Koalabeanbb to skyrimmods [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 05:15 zoumeyz [Help] Hunterborn and campfire issue.

Hello everyone, I recently started playing skyrim after a decade long hiatus so everything feels pretty new to me. I haphazardly added a few dozen mods on top of a Moonshadow install and everything's fine except for the two mods Hunterborn and Campfire. They repeatedly crash for the same reasons which are as follow :
Hunterborn will crashes when killing an animal and trying to process it by doing all three options one after the other (in seemingly any order) : skinning, harvesting ingredients and harvesting meat. it always crash while doing the animation for the last event, but sometimes it crash at the second one. If i save between the events and reload skyrim entirely it will be fine.
Campfire crashes when doing time skipping events like gathering wood or foraging. If i do it once or twice it's alright, but more and there's a risk of crashing.
There's also no actual crashes, the game stop responding but the music and sounds are still there. I can't actually get skyrim to crash to get a log. However i managed to get those debug files with papyrus (only for hunterborn)
[03/26/2023 - 12:58:38AM] >>=======> Hunterborn DoInitStuff running...
[03/26/2023 - 12:58:42AM] >>=======> Hunterborn is running compatibility checks.
[03/26/2023 - 12:58:42AM] >>=======> Ignore Papyrus errors about missing files, immediately below.
[03/26/2023 - 12:58:42AM] Error: File "iNeed.esp" does not exist or is not currently loaded.
.Game.GetFormFromFile() - "" Line ?
[_DS_Hunterborn (54003367)]._ds_hb_main.PrepForDLC() - "_DS_HB_MAIN.psc" Line 383
[_DS_Hunterborn (54003367)]._ds_hb_main.DoInitStuff() - "_DS_HB_MAIN.psc" Line 348
[_DS_Hunterborn (54003367)]._ds_hb_main.StartHunterborn() - "_DS_HB_MAIN.psc" Line 224
[_DS_Hunterborn (54003367)]._ds_hb_main.CarcassStartup() - "_DS_HB_MAIN.psc" Line 163
[ (541B2F47)]._DS_HB_PRKF_Startup.Fragment_12() - "_DS_HB_PRKF_Startup.psc" Line 8
[03/26/2023 - 12:58:42AM] Error: File "Hunting in Skyrim.esp" does not exist or is not currently loaded.
.Game.GetFormFromFile() - "" Line ?
[_DS_Hunterborn (54003367)]._ds_hb_main.PrepForDLC() - "_DS_HB_MAIN.psc" Line 411
[_DS_Hunterborn (54003367)]._ds_hb_main.DoInitStuff() - "_DS_HB_MAIN.psc" Line 348
[_DS_Hunterborn (54003367)]._ds_hb_main.StartHunterborn() - "_DS_HB_MAIN.psc" Line 224
[_DS_Hunterborn (54003367)]._ds_hb_main.CarcassStartup() - "_DS_HB_MAIN.psc" Line 163
[ (541B2F47)]._DS_HB_PRKF_Startup.Fragment_12() - "_DS_HB_PRKF_Startup.psc" Line 8
[03/26/2023 - 12:58:42AM] >>=======> Hunterborn compatibility checks are complete.
[03/26/2023 - 12:58:49AM] VM is freezing...
[03/26/2023 - 12:58:49AM] VM is frozen
[03/26/2023 - 12:58:49AM] Saving game...
[03/26/2023 - 12:58:50AM] VM is thawing...
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:19AM] VM is freezing...
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:19AM] VM is frozen
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:19AM] Saving game...
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:19AM] VM is thawing...
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:21AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: ActivateFreshCarcass on [Actor < (0009B0DC)>] ; aiIndex = -1
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:21AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Actor = [Actor < (0009B0DC)>]
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:21AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Lookup on aiIndex = 23
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:22AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: actionToTake = 2
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:22AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: FieldDress akCarcassRef = [Actor < (0009B0DC)>] ; aiIndex = 23 ; knife = 2
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:24AM] Error: Cannot call GetStageDone() on a None object, aborting function call
[alias Player on quest DA13Level1DialogueQuest (FE0CEDB0)].da13playerscript.OnItemAdded() - "DA13PlayerSCRIPT.psc" Line 29
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:24AM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp1"
[alias Player on quest DA13Level1DialogueQuest (FE0CEDB0)].da13playerscript.OnItemAdded() - "DA13PlayerSCRIPT.psc" Line 29
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:25AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: AdvanceGameTime: 1.166667
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:27AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: ActivateFreshCarcass on [Actor < (0009B0DC)>] ; aiIndex = -1
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:27AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Locked out by unfinished Activate event.
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:27AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Removing all items
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:27AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Adding death item [LeveledItem < (54014D40)>]
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:28AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: ActivateCleanCarcass on [Actor < (0009B0DC)>]
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:28AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Actor = [Actor < (0009B0DC)>]
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:45AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: ActivateFreshCarcass on [Actor < (0009B0DD)>] ; aiIndex = -1
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:45AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Actor = [Actor < (0009B0DD)>]
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:45AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Lookup on aiIndex = 23
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:46AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: actionToTake = 2
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:46AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: FieldDress akCarcassRef = [Actor < (0009B0DD)>] ; aiIndex = 23 ; knife = 2
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:49AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: AdvanceGameTime: 1.116667
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:51AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: ActivateFreshCarcass on [Actor < (0009B0DD)>] ; aiIndex = -1
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:51AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Locked out by unfinished Activate event.
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:51AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: (UseCustomTextures) Adding death item [LeveledItem < (54014D40)>]
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:51AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: (UseCustomTextures) Removing Fresh Meat Token
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:51AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: (UseCustomTextures) Removing Meat Token
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:51AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: (UseCustomTextures) Removing Mat Token
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:51AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: (UseCustomTextures) Removing Cleaned Carcass Token
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:51AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: (UseCustomTextures) Removing Pelt Token
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:52AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: ActivateCleanCarcass on [Actor < (0009B0DD)>]
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:52AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Actor = [Actor < (0009B0DD)>]
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:53AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: actionToTake = 2
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:53AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: SkinCarcass akCarcassRef = [Actor < (0009B0DD)>] ; abIsMonster = False ; abPartOfProcess = False ; aiKnife = -1 ; aiIndex = 0
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:53AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: simple_loot = TRUE; combined_loot = False
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:53AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: knife = 2 ; index = 23
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:53AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: peltlist = [FormList < (54011BE1)>]
[03/26/2023 - 12:59:55AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: AdvanceGameTime: 1.266667
>>>this is when i crashed
Second debug
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:22AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: ActivateFreshCarcass on [Actor < (0009B0DC)>] ; aiIndex = -1
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:22AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Actor = [Actor < (0009B0DC)>]
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:22AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Lookup on aiIndex = 23
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:25AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: actionToTake = 2
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:28AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: ActivateFreshCarcass on [Actor < (0009B0DC)>] ; aiIndex = -1
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:28AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Actor = [Actor < (0009B0DC)>]
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:28AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Lookup on aiIndex = 23
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:29AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: actionToTake = 2
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:29AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: FieldDress akCarcassRef = [Actor < (0009B0DC)>] ; aiIndex = 23 ; knife = 2
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:30AM] Error: Cannot call GetStageDone() on a None object, aborting function call
[alias Player on quest DA13Level1DialogueQuest (FE0CEDB0)].da13playerscript.OnItemAdded() - "DA13PlayerSCRIPT.psc" Line 29
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:30AM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp1"
[alias Player on quest DA13Level1DialogueQuest (FE0CEDB0)].da13playerscript.OnItemAdded() - "DA13PlayerSCRIPT.psc" Line 29
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:31AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: AdvanceGameTime: 1.166667
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:33AM] VM is freezing...
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:33AM] VM is frozen
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:33AM] Saving game...
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:34AM] VM is thawing...
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:34AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: (UseCustomTextures) Adding death item [LeveledItem < (53014D40)>]
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:34AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: (UseCustomTextures) Removing Fresh Meat Token
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:34AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: (UseCustomTextures) Removing Meat Token
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:34AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: (UseCustomTextures) Removing Mat Token
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:34AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: (UseCustomTextures) Removing Cleaned Carcass Token
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:34AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: (UseCustomTextures) Removing Pelt Token
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:34AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: ActivateCleanCarcass on [Actor < (0009B0DC)>]
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:34AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Actor = [Actor < (0009B0DC)>]
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:35AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: actionToTake = 3
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:35AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: HarvestCarcass akCarcassRef = [Actor < (0009B0DC)>] ; abIsMonster = False ; abPartOfProcess = False ; aiKnife = -1 ; aiIndex = 0
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:35AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: simple_loot = TRUE; combined_loot = TRUE
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:35AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: knife = 2 ; index = 23
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:35AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: matlist = [FormList < (5301218C)>]
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:38AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: AdvanceGameTime: 1.316667
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:38AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: baseroll = 15 ; totalroll = 16
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:38AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: mats = [LeveledItem < (53013CC1)>]
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:40AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Adding mats ([LeveledItem < (53013CC1)>]) x 1
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:40AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Adding addtl mats ([LeveledItem < (5301CFA7)>]) x 1
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:40AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Giving player aggregate
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:40AM] Error: Cannot call GetStageDone() on a None object, aborting function call
[alias Player on quest DA13Level1DialogueQuest (FE0CEDB0)].da13playerscript.OnItemAdded() - "DA13PlayerSCRIPT.psc" Line 29
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:40AM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp1"
[alias Player on quest DA13Level1DialogueQuest (FE0CEDB0)].da13playerscript.OnItemAdded() - "DA13PlayerSCRIPT.psc" Line 29
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:40AM] Error: Cannot call GetStageDone() on a None object, aborting function call
[alias Player on quest DA13Level1DialogueQuest (FE0CEDB0)].da13playerscript.OnItemAdded() - "DA13PlayerSCRIPT.psc" Line 29
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:40AM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp1"
[alias Player on quest DA13Level1DialogueQuest (FE0CEDB0)].da13playerscript.OnItemAdded() - "DA13PlayerSCRIPT.psc" Line 29
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:40AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: ActivateCleanCarcass on [Actor < (0009B0DC)>]
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:40AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Actor = [Actor < (0009B0DC)>]
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:41AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: actionToTake = 4
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:41AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: ButcherCarcass akCarcassRef = [Actor < (0009B0DC)>] ; abIsMonster = False ; abPartOfProcess = False ; aiKnife = -1 ; aiIndex = 0; abFirstCut = False; aiMeatCount = 0; aiSection = 0
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:41AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: simple_loot = TRUE; combined_loot = TRUE
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:41AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: knife = 2; index = 23; firstcut = TRUE
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:41AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: meattype = [Potion < (5301479C)>]; meatweight = 1.000000
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:41AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: GetMeatCount aiSize = 2 ; gMeatYield = 1
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:41AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: result = 2
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:41AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: totalweight = 2; penalty = 63.000000; limit = 39
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:41AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: meatcount = 2; section = 2
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:44AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: AdvanceGameTime: 1.050000
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:46AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: ActivateCleanCarcass on [Actor < (0009B0DC)>]
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:46AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Locked out by unfinished Activate event.
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:46AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Giving player [Potion < (5301479C)>] x 2
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:46AM] Error: Cannot call GetStageDone() on a None object, aborting function call
[alias Player on quest DA13Level1DialogueQuest (FE0CEDB0)].da13playerscript.OnItemAdded() - "DA13PlayerSCRIPT.psc" Line 29
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:46AM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp1"
[alias Player on quest DA13Level1DialogueQuest (FE0CEDB0)].da13playerscript.OnItemAdded() - "DA13PlayerSCRIPT.psc" Line 29
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:46AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Giving player animal fat x 1
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:46AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: (simple_loot) Giving player Wolf Meat x 1
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:46AM] Error: Cannot call GetStageDone() on a None object, aborting function call
[alias Player on quest DA13Level1DialogueQuest (FE0CEDB0)].da13playerscript.OnItemAdded() - "DA13PlayerSCRIPT.psc" Line 29
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:46AM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp1"
[alias Player on quest DA13Level1DialogueQuest (FE0CEDB0)].da13playerscript.OnItemAdded() - "DA13PlayerSCRIPT.psc" Line 29
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:46AM] Error: Cannot call GetStageDone() on a None object, aborting function call
[alias Player on quest DA13Level1DialogueQuest (FE0CEDB0)].da13playerscript.OnItemAdded() - "DA13PlayerSCRIPT.psc" Line 29
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:46AM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp1"
[alias Player on quest DA13Level1DialogueQuest (FE0CEDB0)].da13playerscript.OnItemAdded() - "DA13PlayerSCRIPT.psc" Line 29
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:46AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Giving player animal fat x 1
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:46AM] Error: Cannot call GetStageDone() on a None object, aborting function call
[alias Player on quest DA13Level1DialogueQuest (FE0CEDB0)].da13playerscript.OnItemAdded() - "DA13PlayerSCRIPT.psc" Line 29
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:46AM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp1"
[alias Player on quest DA13Level1DialogueQuest (FE0CEDB0)].da13playerscript.OnItemAdded() - "DA13PlayerSCRIPT.psc" Line 29
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:47AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: ActivateCleanCarcass on [Actor < (0009B0DC)>]
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:47AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: Actor = [Actor < (0009B0DC)>]
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:48AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: actionToTake = 2
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:48AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: SkinCarcass akCarcassRef = [Actor < (0009B0DC)>] ; abIsMonster = False ; abPartOfProcess = False ; aiKnife = -1 ; aiIndex = 0
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:48AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: simple_loot = TRUE; combined_loot = TRUE
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:48AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: knife = 2 ; index = 23
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:48AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: peltlist = [FormList < (53011BE1)>]
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:48AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: peltcount = 1
[03/26/2023 - 01:16:50AM] HUNTERBORN DEBUG :: AdvanceGameTime: 1.316667
>>>this is when i crashed

Here's the load order ripped straight from MO2. Also feel free to tell me if something unrelated is wrong with it, i have no clue
# This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer.
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
Skyrim Project Optimization - Full ESL Version.esm
Landscape and Water Fixes.esp
Vanilla Script MicroOptimizations.esl
Vanilla Scripts Enhanced.esl
Lux Via.esp
Lux Orbis - Master plugin.esm
Lux - Resources.esp
Lux - Master plugin.esm
Obsidian Mountain Fogs.esp
Cathedral - 3D Mountain Flowers.esp
NoBrokenWhiterunTower - USSEP Patch.esp
TheDragon Bridge.esp
Skyrim Extended Cut - Saints and Seducers.esp
Saints and Seducers Extended Cut - Landscape and Water Fixes Patch.esp
Skyrim Extended Cut - Saints and Seducers - Apothecary Patch.esp
Ryn's Snazzy Last Vigil.esp
Expressive Facegen Morphs.esl
Spaghetti's Towns - Dragon Bridge.esp
Robber's Gorge Fixes.esp
Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods.esp
Landscape and Water Fixes - Patch - LFfGM.esp
Landscape and Water Fixes - Patch - Navigator.esp
Complementary Grass Fixes.esp
Quest Journal Limit Bug Fixer.esp
No Swing Warnings When Wielding Tools.esp
Fish Plaque Fix.esp
VSDS Patch - USSEP.esp
toggle compass hotkey.esp
CoMAP - Authors Cut.esp
CoMAP - USSEP Patch.esp
Undiscover Skyrim - No Discovery Sounds.esp
Customizable Camera.esp
Animals Swim.esp
Disable NPC stretching idle.esp
Disable NPC Stretching - Dawnguard Patch.esp
Disable Turn Animation.esp
Reanimated Detector.esp
Look Around.esp
dD-No Spinning Death Animation Merged.esp
nchardak waterfall fix.esp
Stones of Solitude.esp
Modular Armory.esp
Praedy's MageStatueFX.esp
Praedy's WinterholdCollegeBanner.esp
GDOS - Splendid Mechanized Dwemer Door.esp
water mod.esp
Book Covers Skyrim Updated.esp
Sharpen Other Swords II.esp
Shaders of Solstheim.esp
Simplicity of Snow.esp
Simplicity of Snow - Blended Roads Patch.esp
Simple Snow Improvements - Skyrim.esp
Simple Snow Improvements - Giant Obelisk.esp
Simple Snow Improvements - Snow Forts.esp
Subtypes of Snowberries.esp
Detailed NPCs Tweaks.esp
Detailed Cities SE - no lights.esp
capitals and towns of skyrim.esp
capital of pale - fishing spot.esp
Capitals and Towns - Landscape and Water Fixes Patch.esp
Unique Towns.esp
Riften Gate Restored.esp
Riften Gate Restored - USSEP Patch.esp
Spaghetti's Cities - AIO.esp
Spaghetti's Towns - Riverwood.esp
Spaghetti's Towns - Rorikstead.esp
Spaghetti's AIO - Moonshadow Fixes.esp
Simplicity of Settlements - Dragon Bridge.esp
Markarth Road Finished.esp
Markarth Mossy AF.esp
Markarth Mossy AF - USSEP Patch.esp
Icy Windhelm.esp
Better Windhelm Ground Meshes Placement Corrections.esp
Gildergreen Regrown.esp
Whiterun Watchtower Doesnt Start Broken - Siberpunks Cut.esp
the mages college.esp
The Mages College - USSEP Patch.esp
Raven Rock Building Tweaks - Shaders of Solstheim Patch.esp
Cultured Orc Furniture.esp
Cultured Orc Furniture - USSEP Patch.esp
Regional Sounds Expansion.esp
Reverb Interior Sounds Expansion.esp
Reverb Interior Sounds Expansion_VolumeSlider_Rain.esp
Reverb Interior Sounds Expansion_VolumeSlider_Thunder.esp
Chapter II - Soundtrack mod by Dreyma Music.esp
Improved Combat Sounds v2.2.esp
dD - Enhanced Blood Main LITE.esp
Improved Combat Sounds - Enhanced Blood Patch.esp
Legacy Tweaks.esp
Curse of the Firmament - USSEP Patch.esp
Acolyte - USSEP Patch.esp
Master Of One - Mysticism Patch.esp
Manbeast - BCSU Patch.esp
Forceful Tongue - USSEP Patch.esp
Thaumaturgy - USSEP Patch.esp
Apothecary - Fishing Patch.esp
ApothecaryFood - Fishing Patch.esp
ApothecaryFood - USSEP Patch.esp
Apothecary - USSEP Patch.esp
Apothecary - BCSU Patch.esp
Hunterborn - Campfire Patch.esp
Hunterborn - Leather Tanning.esp
Hunterborn - Soups and Stews.esp
NFF-SOTW Animal Patch.esp
HunterbornSoupsStews - SunHelm Patch.esp
Apothecary Food SOTW Patch.esp
Milk Not Raw.esp
Missives - Solstheim.esp
Missives - Bigger Trigger Box Range.esp
Dragon Cult - Navigator Patch.esp
Taunt Your Enemies.esp
Simple Degradation.esp
Huntsman - Dawnguard Patch.esp
Huntsman - SunHelm Patch.esp
Economy Overhaul - USSEP Patch.esp
Economy Overhaul - Quests Are in Skyrim Patch.esp
EconomyOverhaul LV - Missives Patch.esp
Missives - Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul Patch.esp
capitals and towns of skyrim - cfto.esp
Tavern Menu Remade.esp
Tavern Menu Remade - SunHelm.esp
HFE-CC Fishing Patch.esp
HFE-Sunhelm Patch.esp
Hearthfire Extended - Mysticism Patch.esp
Sexier Vanilla - Guards.esp
Sexier Vanilla Guards Tweaks.esp
Fish Anywhere.esp
Narrative Gameplay Consistent Dialogue Tweaks.esp
NGCDT - Kodlak Does Lead the Companions.esp
Only Lover's Dead Give Inheritance Letters.esp
Use Telekinesis on Traps.esp
Realistic AI Detection 3 - Medium Interior, High Exterior.esp
Seeking Out Sneaks.esp
Hunters Not Bandits.esp
Hunters Not Bandits - USSEP Patch.esp
NPCs React To Necromancy.esp
Sleeping Expanded.esp
Use Those Blankets.esp
Misc Dialogue Edits.esp
Misc Dialogue Edits - USSEP Patch.esp
Misc Dialogue Edits - Vendor Sale Delay Patch.esp
More Dialogue Options.esp
Bandit Lines Expansion.esp
Civil War Lines Expansion.esp
Forsworn and Thalmor Lines Expansion.esp
CarriageAndStableDialogues - CFTO Patch.esp
Vampire Lines Expansion.esp
Vampire Lines Expansion - Orc Addon.esp
Thugs Not Assassins - USSEP Patch.esp
Thugs Not Assasins - BCSU Patch.esp
AI Overhaul.esp
AI Overhaul - CTFO Patch.esp
AI Overhaul - Missives Solstheim Patch.esp
AI Overhaul - Huntsman Patch.esp
Missing Follower Dialogue Fix.esp
Missing Follower Dialogue Fix - USSEP Patch.esp
No Crime Teleport Voice Consistency Fix.esp
Off Limits - Trespassing Behavior Expansion.esp
Contraband Confiscation - USSEP Patch.esp
NPCs Ain't Hachikos.esp
More Sensible Quartermasters.esp
Can't See What I Found.esp
SkyTEST Lite - USSEP Patch.esp
SkyTEST - Mysticism Patch.esp
SkyTEST - Manbeast Patch.esp
SkyTEST - Hearthfire Extended Patch.esp
The Choice is Yours - USSEP Patch.esp
TheChoiceIsYours - Lod Dialogue Tweak.esp
The Choice is Yours - Narrative Fixes Patch.esp
The Choice is Yours - BCSU Patch.esp
HouseOfHorrorsQuestExpansion - TheChoiceIsYours.esp
Caught Red Handed - Quest Expansion.esp
NGCDT - Caught Red Handed - QE Patch.esp
Improved College Entry - USSEP Patch.esp
Improved College Entries - Quests are in Skrim Patch.esp
Choose Your Own Arch-Mage - USSEP Patch.esp
College Of Winterhold - Quest Expansion.esp
The Whispering Door - Quest Expansion.esp
The Whispering Door QE - USSEP Patch.esp
Innocence Lost - Quest Expansion.esp
Quest Expansions - USSEP Patch.esp
Save The Icerunner - USSEP Patch.esp
Save The Ice Runner - The Choice is Yours Patch.esp
Misc Dialogue Edits - SaveTheIceRunner patch.esp
MCWT - USSEP Patch.esp
Companion Tweaks - USSEP Patch.esp
Companions - Don't be a Milk Drinker (Farkas only option).esp
Companions Bloodritual Scene Tweak.esp
BUVARP SE RE - The Only Cure Quest Expansion Patch.esp
BUVARP - USSEP Patch.esp
BUVARP - BCSU Patch.esp
BUVARP - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
Extended Encounters.esp
Canis Hysteria - Companion Tweaks Patch.esp
Skyrim Revamped.esp
Skyrim Revamped - USSEP Patch.esp
Skyrim Revamped - Apothecary Patch.esp
Skyrim Revamped - Thaumaturgy.esp
Skyrim Revamped - Economy Overhaul Patc.esp
Skyrim Revamped - Huntsman Patch.esp
Skyrim Revamped - BUVARP Patch.esp
Cultured Orc Furniture - Skyrim Revamped Patch.esp
SkyTEST Lite - Huntsman + Skyrim Revamped Patch.esp
CC Fishing No Free Scaled Armor.esp
Favor Jobs Overhaul.esp
Favor Jobs Overhaul - 1st person messages.esp
Immersive Patrols II.esp
Cloaks & Capes - Sexier Guards Patch.esp
Lunaris - Normal Vendors.esp
Flames of Coldharbour.esp
Lunaris - Hearthfire Extended Patch.esp
Natura - Huntsman Patch.esp
Norive Spells AIO Patch.esp
Master of One - Norive Spells Patch.esp
Paradigm - Simonrim Edition.esp
Environs - Tundra Farmhouse.esp
Environs - Greenwood Shack.esp
Environs - Greenwood Shack - Landscape Fixes Patch.esp
Environs - Whiterun Watchtower.esp
Environs - Kolskeggr.esp
Environs - Kolskeggr - USSEP Patch.esp
Environs - Shrines of Talos.esp
Environs - Shrines of Talos - USSEP Patch.esp
Environs Shrines of Talos - Temple Frescoes Patch.esp
Merchants of Skyrim - Capitals and Towns Patch.esp
Merchants of Skyrim - USSEP.esp
Lux Orbis.esp
Lux Orbis - USSEP patch.esp
Lux Orbis - Update Patch.esp
Lux Orbis - CC Fish patch.esp
Lux Orbis - BUVARP Patch.esp
Lux Orbis - Merchants of Skyrim Patch.esp
Lux Orbis - Environs - Greenwood Shack Patch.esp
Lux Orbis - Saints and Seducers Extended Cut patch.esp
Lux Orbis - Capitals and Towns patch.esp
Environs - Kolskeggr - Lux Orbis Patch.esp
Environs - Shrines of Talos - Lux Orbis Patch.esp
Environs - Western Watchtower - Lux Orbis Patch.esp
Lux Orbis - Hearthfire Extended Patch.esp
Lux Orbis - Penitus Oculatus.esp
Unique Solstheim Grass.esp
Folkvangr - Grass and Landscape Overhaul.esp
Veydosebrom Regions.esp
Cathedral - 3D Pine Grass.esp
QW's Grass Patch.esp
Lux Via - plugin.esp
Lux Via - Less lanterns plugin.esp
Lux Via - USSEP Patch.esp
Lux Via - Landscape and Water Fixes Patch.esp
Lux Via - Blended Roads Bridges Texture sets.esp
Lux Via - CFTO patch.esp
Lux Orbis - Temple Frescoes Patch.esp
HappyLittleTrees - Landscape Fixes Patch.esp
man_DaedricShrines - The Only Cure patch by Xtudo.esp
Daedric Shrines - Obsidian Mountain Fogs Patch.esp
Lux Orbis - Daedric Shrines AiO Patch.esp
shalidor's maze fixes.esp
Shadows Of Sunlight - In Small Exterior World Spaces.esp
RAID Weathers.esp
True Eyes SE.esp
ENB Light.esp
Footprints - ENB.esp
LIAT - NPCs.esp
3DNPC - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
Blowing in the Wind SSE.esp
Blowing in the Wind - SMIM Merged All Patch SSE.esp
Common Clothes and Armors.esp
Immersive Weapons.esp
Ships on the Horizon.esp
Mercenary Light Iron Armor.esp
Lamenthia's Marks of Beauty.esp
Vanilla hair remake SMP.esp
Heart Breaker SE.esp
Dirt and Blood - Dynamic Visuals.esp
Fare Thee Well__Lollia.esp
Headhunter - Bounties Redone.esp
Ryn's Snazzy Last Vigil - Ebony Warrior Overhaul.esp
Lux - Brighter interior nights.esp
Lux - Brighter Templates Houses only.esp
Lux - USSEP patch.esp
SPO LUX Patch.esp
Lux - CC Fish patch.esp
Lux - SLaWF patch.esp
Lux - Complementary Grass Fixes Patch.esp
Lux - No grass in caves patch.esp
Lux - Daedric Shrines AiO Patch.esp
Lux - The Mages College Patch.esp
Lux - Environs - Greenwood Shack Patch.esp
Lux Via - Mysticism Patch.esp
Environs - Shrines of Talos - Lux Patch.esp
Environs - Shrines of Talos - Solitude Frescoes + Lux Patch.esp
Environs - Kolskeggr - Lux Patch.esp
Environs - Tundra Farmhouse - Lux Patch.esp
Lux - Chillwind Depths Patch.esp
Lux - Merchants of Skyrim Patch.esp
Lux - Acoustic Template Fixes Patch.esp
Lux - Capitals and Towns patch.esp
Lux - Missives Patch.esp
Lux - BUVARP Patch.esp
Lux - Saints and Seducers Extended Cut patch.esp
Lux - Save the Icerunner patch.esp
Lux - Innocence Lost Quest Expansion Patch.esp
Lux - MCWT Patch.esp
Lux - Contraband Confiscation Patch.esp
Lux - TNTT Patch.esp
Lux - Hearthfire Extended Fishing Patch.esp
Lux - Penitus Oculatus Patch.esp
Lux Acoustic Template Fixes - Saints and Seducers Extended Patch.esp
Moonshadow Location Overrides.esp
Moonshadow Tweaks.esp
FWMF for Fantasy Paper Maps.esp
MCM for FWMF.esp
FWMF Fantasy - USSEP Patch.esp
FWMF Fantasy - Lux Orbis Patch.esp
FWMF Fantasy - Shadows of Sunlight Patch.esp
FWMF - Lux No Grass Patch.esp
Moonshadow Synthesis.esp
Children of the North.esp
Aymar and Friends - Overhaul.esp

Thank you very much for any help given
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2023.03.25 21:11 redhairedmonkee At Tundra Homestead - at least 3 of my claws are gone!?!?

At Tundra Homestead - at least 3 of my claws are gone!?!? submitted by redhairedmonkee to skyrim [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 22:50 Perca_fluviatilis What's the state-of-the-art gimmick of the next game (TESVI) gonna be?

INB4 I know there's a speculation thread, but it isn't been updated in a year and there have been many advances in both gaming and modding lately that I felt it was warranted.
As we all know, TESVI is still a couple of years away as Starfield is still due to be released and they haven't switched their development from it towards TES yet.
Lately, we have seen more and more news about innovations in the AI field, chatGPT generating pretty impressive writing and modders using ElevenAI to voice NPCs with dialogue that is indistinguishable from the original VAs.
Every new game from Bethesda has had some sort of gimmick to bring innovation to their games, like...
Now with Starfield the gimmick seems to be that there's thousands of planets for the player to explore, and they also expanded upon the settlement system from FO4, improving on it with a colony system and repurposing it for buildable starships.
As we can see, they are always bringing something new, and always expanding on previous systems that worked well. So, what do YOU think the main gimmick features of TESVI are gonna be?
I'll start.
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2023.03.24 21:31 CD7SED NASCAR Weekly News Round Up

• McDonald’s announces founding partnership with NASCAR for Chicago Street Race
• Goodyear and each OEM test tire falloff at North Wilkesboro ahead of All-Star Weekend. Austin Dillon and Carson Hocevar went for Chevrolet, Zane Smith and Chris Buescher went for Ford, and Corey Heim and Tyler Reddick went for Toyota
• NASCAR suspends full-time NASCAR Xfinity driver Josh Williams from his seat with DGM Racing’s No. 92 for the race at COTA for his actions at Atlanta. Team announces Canadian Alex Labbé as his replacement.
• NASCAR decides to keep 2022 restart zone after experimenting with longer restart zone for first 5 races.
• Haas F1 Team’s team principal Guenther Steiner will be guest analyst alongside recently sidelined Cup champions Kurt Busch and Chase Elliott in the FOX Sports booth at COTA. Elliott will reportedly be zooming into the broadcast booth for Stage 2.
• Hendrick Motorsports’ appeal for the team-wide penalty from Phoenix for the louver modifications is set for March 29. Denny Hamlin’s appeal for his behavioral penalty is April 6. Kaulig Racing’s appeal for their louver modification on the No. 31 will most likely be first week of April. Hendrick will continue to use their interim crew chiefs instead of deferring, while Kaulig elected to continue their deferral to keep crew chief Trent Owens.
• Despite the announcement of Chevrolet discontinuing manufacturing of the Camaro after January 2024, they would still be allowed to continue using the Camaro in NASCAR competition as the vehicle was a production vehicle at the time of original submission.
• Alpha Prime Racing elects to move full-time driver Jeffrey Earnhardt into the No. 45 car that is higher in owner’s points than his No. 44 for COTA, which will now be piloted by IndyCar driver Sage Karam. Jeffrey will not bring along his No. 44 crew, with the team electing to see how he operates with the No. 45 crew.
• Blaine Perkins parts ways with SS-Green Light Racing mid-week. Carson Hocevar announced to drive the No. 07 car at COTA. The team’s other apparent full-time driver, Gray Gaulding, will also not drive at COTA. Cup driver Aric Almirola will drive the No. 08 Ford Mustang with backing from Stewart-Haas Racing and Rush Truck Centers. (Side note, really weird to me how a Chevy development driver in Hocevar and a Ford Cup driver in Almirola are teammates).
. The line-up for the 3rd annual Texas Grand Prix looks to be stacked, with two Formula 1 Champions, a 7x NASCAR Cup Champion, a 2x IMSA Sports Car champion, and multiple 24 Hours of Daytona winners running alongside the many other NASCAR Cup drivers. Within these descriptions: 1. 2007 F1 Champion Kimi Räikkönen makes his second start with Trackhouse Racing’s PROJECT91 program with backing from Onyx Homes after first running with the team last year at Watkins Glen. 2. 2009 F1 Champion Jenson Button is also running at COTA. His longtime sponsor Mobil 1 got him connected with Stewart-Haas Racing, which will field him in a technical alliance with Rick Ware Racing in the No. 15 Ford Mustang. Jenson will also be running two others Road course races for RWR alongside running for NASCAR, Chevrolet, and Hendrick Motorsports in their Garage 56 entry for the 24 Hours of Le Mans in June. (With Jimmie Johnson’s starts this season and Mike Rockenfeller’s two starts for Spire Motorsports last year, all three Garage 56 drivers and their driver coach Jordan Taylor will have race experience in the Next Gen car). 3. Jimmie Johnson will make his second of multiple 2023 starts for Legacy Motor Club in the No. 84, this time with backing from Wyndham. 4. Jordan Taylor is the replacement driver for Chase Elliott in the Hendrick Motorsports No. 9 UniFirst Camaro. Jordan comes from a background in sports car racing that includes 2 IMSA championships and the win at the 2017 24 Hours of Daytona, which led him to be named the driver coach for Hendrick Motorsports’ Garage 56 Le Mans entry. Josh Berry will continue his fill-in duties next weekend. 5. Current full-time IndyCar driver for Ed Carpenter Racing, Conor Daly, makes his second start of 2023 for Floyd Mayweather’s No. 50 The Money Team Racing Bitnile Camaro after managing to make the Daytona 500 over Chandler Smith and Austin Hill in February.
• Derek Kraus will run multiple Xfinity races in Kaulig Racing’s No. 10 starting next week at Richmond.
• Former IndyCar driver Ed Jones will run the COTA Truck race in the Young’s Motorsports No. 20 with backing from Little Caesar’s Pizza.
• Alex Bowman will join Kyle Busch (No. 51 KBM) and Ross Chastain (No. 41 Niece) in the Truck race at COTA in the No. 7 for Spire Motorsports with HendrickCars.com backing. He will also run at North Wilkesboro.
• Ty Gibbs joins A.J. Allmendinger (Kaulig No. 10), Aric Almirola (No. 08 SS-Green Light) and William Byron (Hendrick No. 17) in making his first Xfinity start of the season in the No. 19 for Joe Gibbs Racing.
• Christopher Bell will run a second Hattori Racing Enterprises Toyota Tundra, the No. 61, at North Wilkesboro.
• With permission from Richard Childress Racing, Kevin Harvick, Stewart-Haas Racing, and sponsor Busch Light will run the original No. 29 paint scheme at North Wilkesboro. Harvick will also run the CARS tour race in his No. 62 late model.
• Kaz Grala makes his second Truck start in the TRICON No. 1 Toyota Tundra at COTA after a 17th place finish at Las Vegas. TRICON Garage also finally has their fourth full-time truck driver Taylor Gray eligible to run after turning 18. The team had Sammy Smith and John Hunter Nemechek fill in for Taylor in the No. 17 until he was of age.
• Alongside the two F1 champions, another international champion, Brazilian driver Miguel Paludo will run at COTA. Miguel will again be running the No. 88 for JR Motorsports for three Xfinity road course races in 2023, similar to previous years.
. Denny Hamlin will finally make his first Cup start with Interstate Batteries as the primary sponsor after 18 years of being with Joe Gibbs Racing, a team that has had Interstate Batteries as a sponsor dating back to 1993 when they won the Daytona 500 with Interstate and driver Dale Jarrett.
• This weekend will mark the first time since the 2016 Homestead-Miami weekend without mandatory caution flags at stage breaks. For context, back then: 1. Carl Edwards, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Matt Kenseth, Clint Bowyer, Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman, Greg Biffle, and Jeff Gordon were all still active. 2. Chase Elliott was a rookie. 3. Ty Gibbs was in middle school. 4. Harrison Burton was just recently eligible for a driver’s license. 5. Jimmie Johnson had just become the third 7x champion. 6. Ideas such as a street race in Chicago, a dirt race at Bristol, six road races on the schedule, 19 winners in a season, Michael McDowell winning the Daytona 500, the Busch Clash being held on a quarter Mile track inside the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the NASCAR All-Star Race having Bristol, Texas, and North Wilkesboro as venues, and successful, race-winning start up teams co-owned by Pitbull and Michael Jordan were all pipe dreams. All of that change and Matt Crafton still drives the No. 88 Menards truck for ThorSport. Some things never change.
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2023.03.24 19:03 Mysterious-Meat2323 Game for my brother and I

Really the closer to Skyrim the better. Bonus points if you can build and/or upgrade a homestead or base of some sort. Doesn’t have to be a fantasy setting. I just like the adventure element of Skyrim, the gear and the ability to just go goof off and avoid the game entirely on occasion. I only play on Switch and I’d like to play online with my brother. Any suggestions?
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2023.03.24 05:29 Civil-Annual1781 Help with exploding meshes/vertices

Hello, first post here. Been playing Skyrim since it came out and been modding for a little bit. I consider myself pretty amateur though, still have to follow how to videos. Haha. I just got back to Skyrim on PC after an extended hiatus and decided I would follow the STEP Guide this time. Started with that, tested it to confirm stability and then installed some overhauls and other mods I wanted. Mostly my game runs very smooth but I have one problem. I am getting exploding meshes/vertices but ONLY while in combat. I tried disabling a few mods that I thought may be the culprit but have had no luck so far. Hoping someone here can point out a few to start trying. Through research I THINK something is altering the player weight during combat causing the mesh to go all crazy. I tried to attach a screenshot but can't figure out how. Modlist is from MO2. Everything was installed per STEP instructions or mod instructions and sorted with loot. Thanks for the help.

"0000","+","Unmanaged: Bashed Patch, 0"
"0001","+","DLC: HearthFires"
"0002","+","DLC: Dragonborn"
"0003","+","DLC: Dawnguard"
"0004","+","Creation Club: ccQDRSSE001-SurvivalMode"
"0005","+","Creation Club: ccBGSSSE037-Curios"
"0006","+","Creation Club: ccBGSSSE025-AdvDSGS"
"0007","+","Creation Club: ccBGSSSE001-Fish"
"0008","+","Address Library for SKSE Plugins"
"0009","+","Crash Logger SSE AE VR - PDB support"
"0010","+","Papyrus Tweaks NG"
"0011","+","Papyrus Tweaks"
"0012","+","Scaleform Translation Plus Plus NG"
"0013","+","SSE Display Tweaks"
"0014","+","SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin)"
"0015","+","Unique Map Weather"
"0016","+","Grass Cache Fixes"
"0017","+","MCM Helper"
"0018","+","Sound Record Distributor"
"0019","+","Spell Perk Item Distributor"
"0020","+","Unofficial High Definition Audio Project"
"0021","+","Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes"
"0022","+","Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch"
"0023","+","Cathedral - Plants"
"0024","+","Particle Patch for ENB"
"0025","+","DynDOLOD Resources SE"
"0026","+","DynDOLOD DLL SE Scripts"
"0027","+","DynDOLOD DLL SE - SKSE64 Plugin - Skyrim Special Edition 1.6.40"
"0028","+","Far Object LOD Improvement Project SSE"
"0029","+","Static Mesh Improvement Mod"
"0034","+","Major Cities Mesh Overhaul"
"0035","+","Enhanced Lights and FX"
"0036","+","ELFX Fixes"
"0037","+","ELFX - Exteriors Fixes"
"0038","+","Static Mesh improvement Mod - SMIM - Quality Addon"
"0039","+","Static Mesh Improvement Mod Improvement Mod"
"0040","+","Assorted mesh fixes"
"0041","+","Unofficial Material Fix"
"0042","+","Majestic Mountains Lightside"
"0043","+","Majestic Mountains Lightside LOD pack"
"0044","+","Majestic Mountains Double-Sided Patch"
"0045","+","Flickering Meshes Fix"
"0046","+","Landscapes - Cathedral Concept"
"0047","-","(TEMP) Cathedral LAndscapes - xLODGen"
"0048","+","Mesh Patch for Various Mods"
"0049","+","RUSTIC CLOTHING - Special Edition"
"0050","+","D13 Faster GET UP STAND UP animation vanilla friendly SSE"
"0051","+","Dual Wield Improved Animation SSE"
"0052","+","Ice skating fixed for real - No more attack sliding movement (NEMESIS compatible)"
"0053","+","Realistic Boat Bobbing SE"
"0054","+","Run Sprint and Jump (Special Edition)"
"0055","+","Stronger Swimming Animation SE"
"0056","+","XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended"
"0057","+","3D Junipers - Trees and Berries"
"0058","+","3D Snowberries"
"0059","+","3D Snowberries HD Texture Option"
"0060","+","8K Night Skies - Stars and Galaxies - Cathedral Concept"
"0061","+","aMidianBorn Book of Silence SE"
"0062","+","aMidianBorn Content Addon"
"0063","+","aMidianBorn imperial light and studded"
"0064","+","aMidianBorn stormcloak officer armour"
"0065","+","Arctic - Frost Effects Redux"
"0066","+","Armor and Clothing Extension"
"0067","+","Armor Mesh Fixes SE"
"0068","+","Barenziah's Glory SE"
"0069","+","Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack Revamp"
"0070","+","Better Dynamic Ash SE"
"0071","+","Better Dynamic Snow SE"
"0073","+","Blackreach Tentacle Mesh Fix"
"0074","+","Blended Roads"
"0075","+","Blue Palace Dome Windows"
"0076","+","Book Covers Skyrim"
"0077","+","Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library"
"0078","+","Creation Club Open Helmets"
"0079","+","Dark Brotherhood Tenets Restored - Performance Edition"
"0080","+","Deadly Spell Impacts"
"0081","+","Deathbell HD - All-New Textures (2K-1K)"
"0082","+","Detailed Rugs"
"0083","+","Detailing the Eldrich - Higher-Res Riekling Architecture"
"0084","+","Dragon Masks Retextured SE (4K - 2K)"
"0086","+","Frankly HD Dragonbone and Dragonscale - Armor and Weapons"
"0087","+","Dragonbone Mastery - Weapons Retexture"
"0089","+","DROPS By Ramccoid"
"0090","+","EASIER LOCKPICKING - Without Cheating - Nordic Retexture"
"0091","+","Elemental Staffs SE"
"0092","+","ElSopa HD - Ants SE"
"0093","+","ElSopa HD - Briar Heart"
"0094","+","ElSopa HD - Dirt Blast SE"
"0095","+","ElSopa - HD Keys Redone SE"
"0096","+","Embers XD"
"0097","+","Enhanced Blood Textures"
"0098","+","Enhanced Vanilla Textures - Shrines"
"0099","+","Enhanced Vanilla Trees SE-Basic"
"0100","+","Aspens Ablaze"
"0101","+","Aspens Ablaze Add-On - DynDOLOD 3"
"0102","+","ETHEREAL CLOUDS - Special Edition"
"0104","+","Fixed Mesh Lighting"
"0105","+","Cathedral - 3D Lavender"
"0107","+","Frankly HD Thieves Guild Armors"
"0108","+","Gemling Queen Jewelry SE"
"0110","+","Glacier LOD Meshes"
"0112","+","Hardy Hares"
"0113","+","HD Dark brotherhood door"
"0114","+","HD Executioners Block SE"
"0115","+","HD Misc"
"0116","+","HD Pondfish"
"0117","+","HD Reworked Horses"
"0118","+","HD Road Signs - 2K and 4K"
"0119","+","HD Stone Quarry and Clay Deposit SE"
"0120","+","High Hrothgar Fixed"
"0121","+","High Quality Food and Ingredients SE"
"0122","+","High-Res Dartwing (Dragonfly) Texture"
"0123","+","Highland Cows More Wooly (High Poly Model Restored) - Cut Content Restoration"
"0125","+","Hybrids HD Plants and Herbs Retexture"
"0126","+","Iconic's Real Hay (Legacy)"
"0127","+","Iconic's Remastered Paragon Gems"
"0128","+","Immersive Dragons"
"0129","+","Immersive Smilodons"
"0130","+","Improved closefaced helmets"
"0131","+","Improved Sparks"
"0132","+","Improved Sparks-impact sparks"
"0133","+","Improved Weapon Impact EFFECTS Correct Metal SE"
"0134","+","Just Ice"
"0135","+","LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons - All in One Installer"
"0136","+","LeanWolf's Improved Enchanter Candle Meshes SE"
"0138","+","Markarth - A Reflective Experience"
"0139","+","Metallurgy - Ingots Ore and Veins HD"
"0140","+","Nightingale Prime HD"
"0141","+","Northfire's Skidmarks SE 2K-4K"
"0142","+","N-R HD Display Case"
"0143","+","Obsidian Mountain Fogs Tweaked"
"0144","+","Pilgrims Delight - High Hrothgar Shrine Retextures"
"0145","+","Quality CubeMaps - HD Cube Maps"
"0146","+","Rally's Hanging Moss"
"0147","+","Rally's Hooks and Saws"
"0148","+","Rally's Instruments HQ"
"0149","+","Real Wood Textures - Farmhouses"
"0150","+","Realistic HD Baskets Remastered"
"0151","+","Realistic HD Pickaxe Remastered"
"0152","+","Realistic HD Woodcutter's Axe Remastered"
"0153","+","Realistic Water Two SE"
"0154","+","Remove Small Rocks"
"0155","+","Retexture for Bread - Hearthfire"
"0156","+","Retexture for Soup"
"0157","+","Retexture for The Scroll"
"0158","+","Ruins Clutter Improved SE"
"0159","+","RUSTIC AMULETS - Special Edition"
"0161","+","RUSTIC ARMOR and WEAPONS SE"
"0162","+","RUSTIC AZURA'S STAR - Special Edition"
"0163","+","RUSTIC COOKING - Special Edition"
"0164","+","RUSTIC DAEDRA - Special Edition"
"0165","+","RUSTIC DEATH HOUND and GARGOYLE - Special Edition"
"0166","+","RUSTIC DRAGON CORPSE - Special Edition"
"0167","+","RUSTIC DRAGONS - Special Edition"
"0168","+","RUSTIC ELDERSCROLL - Special Edition"
"0169","+","RUSTIC FROSTBITE SPIDER - Special Edition"
"0170","+","RUSTIC RELIEFS"
"0171","+","RUSTIC SOUL GEMS"
"0172","+","RUSTIC SPRIGGAN - Special Edition"
"0173","+","RUSTIC WINDOWS - Special Edition"
"0175","+","Security Overhaul SKSE - Lock Variations"
"0176","+","Security Overhaul SKSE - Add-ons"
"0177","+","Security Overhaul SKSE - Gems Patch - The Cause Chests Secured"
"0178","+","Security Overhaul SKSE - Regional Locks"
"0179","+","Security Overhaul SKSE - Some More Locks"
"0180","+","Soul-Cairn Objects Secured"
"0182","+","Skygazer Moons SSE - Masser and Secunda HD Textures - WITH GLOW"
"0183","+","Skyrim - A Mountainous Experience"
"0184","+","Skyrim Objects SMIMed - Glazed and Nordic Pottery"
"0185","+","Majestic Mountains - More Accurate Collision"
"0186","+","Skyrim Redesigned"
"0187","+","Skyrim SE Improved Puddles"
"0188","+","SSIRT v4.1"
"0189","+","SSE - Skyrim Sun Enhanced"
"0190","+","Stalhrim Source"
"0191","+","Superior Chaurus 4K"
"0192","+","Superior Mudcrab - 4k Retexture"
"0193","+","Sweet Mother - the Night Mother Improvement"
"0194","+","Dawnguard Rewritten - Arvak"
"0196","+","Vivid Landscapes - Tundra Moss Revised"
"0197","+","WEBS S.E"
"0198","+","White Phial Replacer SE"
"0199","+","Whiterun Mesh Fixes"
"0200","+","Whiterun Skyforge - Reforged"
"0201","+","Whiterun Trellis Redesigned SE"
"0203","+","Acoustic Space Improvement Fixes"
"0204","+","Audio Overhaul - Immersive Sounds Integration (AOS - ISC Compatibility Patch)"
"0205","+","Immersive Sounds - Compendium"
"0206","+","Audio Overhaul for Skyrim (4.0.0)"
"0207","+","Better Animal Footsteps"
"0208","+","Better Horse Pain Sounds"
"0209","+","Dragons Shout with Voice"
"0210","+","Guard Dialogue Overhaul - UHDAP Patch"
"0211","+","Heart of the Beast - Werewolf Sound and Texture Overhaul"
"0212","+","IHSS - Improved Horse Step Sounds"
"0213","+","Lower Sounding Thieves Guild Door"
"0214","+","Realistic wolf howls"
"0215","+","Regional Sounds Expansion (SRD - Wilds Dungeons Towns Ambience - Fixes)"
"0216","+","Reverb Interior Sounds Expansion"
"0217","+","Sound Hammering Sounds"
"0218","+","Thundering Shouts"
"0219","+","Ultra Realistic Bow Shoot Sounds"
"0220","+","Ultra Realistic Crossbow Shoot Sounds"
"0221","+","Hvergelmir's Aesthetics - Beards"
"0222","+","Hvergelmir's Aesthetics - Brows"
"0223","+","Female Vampires Have Fangs"
"0224","+","Lore-Corrected Races"
"0225","+","Lucien Lachance Restored - Immersive Spectral Assassin"
"0226","+","More Realistic Hair"
"0227","+","Natural Eyes"
"0228","+","Northborn Scars"
"0229","+","Simple Children"
"0230","+","Superior Lore-Friendly Hair - HD textures"
"0231","+","Vanilla Body with UNP Textures"
"0232","+","Tempered Skins for Females CBBE"
"0233","+","Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-"
"0234","+","Tempered Skins for Males - Nude Version"
"0235","+","SSEEdit Output"
"0236","+","TK Children"
"0237","+","Vanilla Makeup HD - HD Racial Colors and Makeup for all Races and Genders - SE"
"0238","+","Vanilla Warpaints Absolution"
"0239","+","Battle Ready Candlelight Fixes"
"0240","+","Bug Fixes SSE"
"0241","+","Butterflies Land True"
"0242","+","Critters Ain't Snitches - Animal and Monster Crime Reporting Fix"
"0243","+","Don't Push Me Around"
"0244","+","Eye Normal Map Fix SSE"
"0245","+","Fix Note icon for SkyUI (SKSE64 plugin)"
"0246","+","Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice"
"0247","+","Hearthfires Houses Building Fix"
"0248","+","Hunters Not Bandits"
"0249","+","I'm walkin' here NG"
"0250","+","Invisibility and Eyes Mesh Fix by HHaleyy"
"0251","+","Labyrinthian Shalidor's Maze Fixes"
"0252","+","NPC AI Process Position Fix - NG"
"0253","+","powerofthree's Tweaks"
"0254","+","Raven Rock - Fix Exit on Horseback"
"0255","+","Scrambled Bugs"
"0256","+","Shadows Of Sunlight - In Small Exterior World Spaces"
"0257","+","Skyrim Project Optimization SE"
"0258","+","Soft Shadows"
"0259","+","SPID for Footprints"
"0260","+","Unlimited Bookshelves"
"0261","+","Unnecessarily Fixed Fixed Dragon Stalking Fix"
"0262","+","Waterbreathing Breathless Emerge SSE"
"0263","+","Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul"
"0264","+","Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered"
"0265","+","GIST - Genuinely Intelligent Soul Trap SE"
"0266","+","Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes"
"0267","+","AI Overhaul SSE"
"0268","+","Better Stealth AI for Followers"
"0269","+","Faction Fixes SE"
"0270","+","Follower Trap Safety"
"0271","+","Ghosts Mechanics and Shaders Restored - Cut Content Restoration"
"0272","+","Realistic AI Detection (RAID)"
"0273","+","Run For Your Lives"
"0274","+","Simple Offence Suppression"
"0275","+","Spellbreaker Spell Reflection and Ward Visuals Restored - Cut Content Restoration"
"0276","+","Tavern AI fix"
"0277","+","Trade and Barter"
"0278","+","Butterflies Unchained"
"0279","+","Disease Descriptions for the Immersive Adventurer"
"0280","+","Get Snowy"
"0281","+","Go On Ahead"
"0282","+","Guard Dialogue Overhaul SE"
"0283","+","Improved Traps"
"0284","+","No Lockpick Activate (SKSE) - Updated"
"0285","+","Point The Way"
"0286","+","Reasonable Movement Speed"
"0287","+","Relationship Dialogue Overhaul Lite"
"0288","+","Simple Drop Lit Torches SE"
"0289","-","Simplest Horses (and other mounts)"
"0290","+","Torches Ignite Oil"
"0291","+","Alternate Start"
"0292","+","At Your Own Pace"
"0293","+","Even Better Quest Objectives SE"
"0294","+","Gildergreen Regrown"
"0295","+","Here We Go Again - World Interactions"
"0296","+","Savos Aren's Regrets Restored - Cut Content Restoration"
"0297","+","The Choice is Yours"
"0298","+","The Paarthurnax Dilemma"
"0299","+","Timing is Everything SE"
"0300","+","Enemy (R)Evolution of Skyrim - EEOS"
"0302","+","Lock Overhaul"
"0303","+","Odin - Skyrim Magic Overhaul"
"0304","+","ODIN spells for NPCS"
"0305","+","Skyrim Skill Uncapper for SE and AE"
"0306","+","Smart NPC Potions - Enemies Use Potions and Poisons"
"0307","+","Vokrii - Minimalistic Perks of Skyrim"
"0308","+","Vokrii Perks For NPCS"
"0309","-","A Clear Map of Skyrim and Other Worlds"
"0310","+","Atlas Map Markers SE - Updated with MCM"
"0311","+","Better Container Controls for SkyUI"
"0312","+","Better Dialogue Controls"
"0313","+","Better MessageBox Controls"
"0315","+","Convenient Reading UI - SE"
"0316","+","Font Overhaul - Natural Typefaces for Skyrim (FONTS)"
"0317","+","HD Local Map"
"0318","+","Horse Stamina HUD - Script-Free"
"0319","+","Immersive HUD - iHUD Special Edition"
"0320","+","Informed Mail Delivery - Vanilla Style"
"0321","+","Lore-Based Loading Screens"
"0322","+","More Informative Console"
"0323","+","moreHUD SE"
"0324","+","Oxygen Meter"
"0327","+","Show Player In Menus"
"0328","+","Skyrim Character Sheet"
"0330","+","SkyUI SE - Flashing Savegames Fix"
"0331","+","SkyUI - Ghost Item Bug Fix"
"0332","+","Smaller Vanilla Cursors"
"0333","+","Whose Quest is it Anyway NG"
"0334","+","Wider MCM Menu for SkyUI"
"0335","+","Yes Im Sure NG"
"0336","+","Bring Out Your Dead"
"0337","+","Cutting Room Floor"
"0338","+","Farmhouse Chimneys SE"
"0339","+","Hearthfire Extended"
"0340","+","Helarchen Creek"
"0341","+","Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods"
"0343","+","Oblivion Gates Remade"
"0344","+","Smooth Shores (Grass and Ground Remastered)"
"0345","+","Snowy Landscapes in Snowy Regions"
"0346","+","Worldspace Transition Tweaks"
"0347","+","Ambiance - A Vanilla+ Ambient Lighting Overhaul"
"0348","+","Cathedral Weathers MCM"
"0349","+","Cathedral Weathers and Seasons"
"0350","+","Enhanced Volumetric Lighting and Shadows (EVLaS)"
"0351","+","Lanterns of Skyrim SE - MCM version"
"0352","+","Relighting Skyrim SE"
"0353","+","Storm Lightning for SSE and VR (Minty Lightning 2019)"
"0354","+","Wonders of Weather"
"0355","+","WoW Dragon Mounds CTD Fix"
"0356","+","Project New Reign - Nemesis Unlimited Behavior Engine"
"0357","+","Step SkyrimSE_Nemesis Output"
"0358","+","Circlet USSEP Fixes"
"0359","+","kryptopyr's Patch Hub"
"0360","+","Realistic Boat Bobbing Patch Hub"
"0361","+","Smooth Shores Patches"
"0362","+","UVCPC - Umgak's Vokrii Compatibility Patch Compendium"
"0363","+","Vokrii - Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul Patch"
"0364","+","Step Skyrim Special Edition - SSE - Guide"
"0365","+","Step Skyrim Special Edition - SSE - Guide_CACO"
"0366","+","Step Skyrim Special Edition - SSE - Guide_CCOR"
"0367","+","Step Skyrim Special Edition - SSE - Guide_TCIY"
"0368","+","Step Skyrim Special Edition - SSE - Guide_Lighting"
"0369","+","Unofficial Skyrim Creation Club Content Patch"
"0370","+","JK's Skyrim"
"0371","+","Wet and Cold SE"
"0372","+","Realistic Needs and Diseases 2.0"
"0373","+","Campfire - Complete Camping System (Supports Skyrim VR)"
"0374","+","Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival"
"0375","+","PapyrusUtil SE - Modders Scripting Utility Functions"
"0376","+","Campfire and Frostfall - Unofficial SSE Update"
"0378","+","Immersive Armors"
"0379","+","Immersive Weapons"
"0381","+","SKSE64 Output"
"0382","+","Winter Is Coming SSE - Cloaks"
"0383","+","Cloaks of Skyrim SSE"
"0384","+","HDT-SMP (Skinned Mesh Physics)"
"0385","+","Realistic Ragdolls and Force"
"0386","+","A Quality World Map"
"0387","-","Beards of Power"
"0388","+","Realistic Needs and Diseases - Frostfall patch"
"0389","+","Dwemer Beards SE"
"0390","+","Armor of Intrigue SE"
"0391","+","Masters of Death - Rise of the Brotherhood - SSE Port"
"0392","+","Hunting Grounds Outfit"
"0393","+","SBC 2.0 Alpha TEST"
"0394","+","Moonlight Tales Special Edition - Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul"
"0395","+","Convenient Horses"
"0396","+","VioLens - A Killmove Mod SE"
"0397","+","Wearable Lanterns"
"0398","+","Animation Motion Revolution"
"0400","+","Valhalla Combat"
"0401","-","SCAR - Skyrim Combos AI Revolution"
"0402","+","TK Dodge SE"
"0403","+","Sit Anywhere 2"
"0404","+","Pretty Sit Idle v1.41d"
"0405","+","(SJG) Dual Wield Parrying Reimplementation for SSE (Works for Spell Blades as well)"
submitted by Civil-Annual1781 to skyrimmods [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 07:49 WhabbaWhabbaWhat (No Spoilers) Dragon Priest Mask General Locations Skyrim (Special-Edition)

Currently trying to collect all the dragon masks that I see available in my trophy at my Whiterun Homestead. and have collected 8 so far.
I haven't found any mask in the middle row and was wondering if all the masks were still in Skyrim or if they're in Solstheim.
Hints on locations for masks in Skyrim much appreciated, but I'll probably run into the other masks naturally once I begin my Journey in Solstheim.
submitted by WhabbaWhabbaWhat to skyrim [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 12:37 radiakmjs Ranking houses

To me the main purpose of a house is Mannequins & Weapon racks to display trophy armor & weapons, so more of those = better. But there are also other important factors like location, ease of access, Enchating/Potions/Smithing set ups, and aesthetically how it looks.
  1. Myrwatch - Easiest house to obtain and a super awesome gallery room with plenty of space for a bunch of specific trophies (only 1, Keening's doesn't work) as well as ones of your chosing. Access to all crafting tables, including a staff enchanter, some fertile earth & special forge. First floor is cozy, all around very clean aesthetic. Biggest con is it's too close to a Dragon lair, having to deal with it everytime it respawns sucks (and unfortunately many CC houses have this problem) The Chaurus outside also occasionally respawns, and two zones is not ideal.
  2. Shadowfoot Sanctum - Being in a sewer & having to either wade through the Ratway or jump in the Riften harbor kinda stinks, and the house area of it is very dense & cramped. However it has an awesome armory with a ton of mannequins, weapon racks & shield plaques. It also has some custom plaques, racks & shelves for Thieves Guild trophies, makes it a must have if you dip into that questline. Though the one for Chillrend is broken (sounds bad but most cc houses have something like this wrong with them, & this is minor in comparison)
  3. Bloodchill Manor - Fun little quest to unlock, all the crafting tables (including a staff enchanter), as well as some fertile earth all in one zone, most of all amayzing trophy room in the back. Unfortunately the Dragon claw pegs don't work. Vampire aesthetic might not be for everyone, and despite that it has a plaque for Dawnguard-side exclusive weapons. Also the side rooms are pretty cramped.
  4. Goldenhills Plantation - Takes some leg work to get up and running, but nice location (best of the central ones if your playing survival/no fast travel imo) and access to a ton of fertilized earth is huge. Even just for wheat & blue mountain flowers, that stockpile and can be picked over time. Generic but pleasant design and a decent amout of Trophy space for it's size. However if you replace the Display room with child's bedroom you can't change it back.
  5. Hendaheim - Weapon racks in the basement (as well as the Ebony Blade's) are broken, which leaves you with much less space than you'd expect. Also too close to a Dragon burial mound, which can agro on the Forsworn on the other side of the mountain but still prevent you from fast travelling. Other than that it's very nice. Plenty of Mannequins & functional weapon racks & plaques. Nordic Longhouse aesthetic is great and works for any chatacter because it's located in Skyrim. All the regular crafting tables.
  6. Tundra Homestead - Very pleasant and cozy vibe. However the trophy room being a seperate zone adds a loading screen, and inside of it the Dragon claw pegs don't work. It is also too close to a dragon lair that will attack you.
  7. Hjerm - Have to complete a lot of quests (Notoriously buggy Blood on the ice + at least 5 civil war quests, more if you want to side with Imps) to unlock. It being a former murderer's lair & one of his victim's home, plus the uncomftrable segregation of Windhelm is enough to throw the vibe off. But despite all that I think Hjerm is the best base game house. Great armory on the second floor to display your trophies, and nice and roomy unlike most houses.
  8. Honeyside - Small but cozy house. For it's size it has a good amount of weapon racks & 2 mannequins. Can enter it from outside or within the city of Riften is also very nice.
All 3 Hearthfire houses are a about the same; Great armory for displaying stuff, nice open but cozy rest of the house, and some very usefull farms available. But unfortunately they're super tedious to gather all the materials for & build, and the pros don't really outway the cons when pre/auto-furnished superior houses are much more easily accessible.
  1. Lakeview - Beautiful location in the forest on the lake, Neighbor is a little sus though.
  2. Heljarchen - Nice Central location, and the the Tundra & open sky can be pretty.
  3. Windstad - Out in the Swamp kinda stinks.
  4. Proudspire Manor - Most expensive & requires a few long quests to unlock, but unlike Hjerm doesn't justify it with barely any trophy space crammed in the basement. Solitude is a very nice city though.
  5. Severin Manor - It's a pretty great house, but location really kills it, as most quests & things to do are on main land skyrim. Also eerie music and requires completing at least 3 decently-long quests to unlock (more if Raven Rock is enthralled to Miraak before you travel to Solsthiem) Just having storage space, crafting tables & a personal bed on Solsthiem is nice though.
  6. Nchuanthumz - The only house that is too big, but still not much space for Trophies. I sometimes get a little lost in the layout. Looks nice but I'd rather not live in Dwarven Architecture. Also having to run through 'quick test cell' is a big con, adds another loading screen & the door sometimes doesn't work properly.
  7. Gallows hall - Cool necromancer set up with a good creepy quest to unlock, Totally unique Staff of Worms & two usefull "crafting" tables within. But I wouldn't want to live there. Only space for trophies on the middle floor, and not much of it. Vibe here is generally too fucked up for me.
  8. Vlindrel Hall - Markarth is full of corruption, Forsworn, & cannibals, the vibe is bad. Only 1 mannequin and you have to climb half the city to reach the house from either fast travel point. Kinda nice re-fitted Dwarven aesthetic though.
  9. Breezehome - Unfortunately is just not very good. No manequins for armor, no enchanting table & pretty cramped. Great central location within the city of Whiterun, easily acessible early, and charming design. Buy outclassed in all categories by almost every other house in every category.
  10. Dead man's Dread - minimum 4 loading screens to get in & out of. Hellish maze-like layout, and awfull groaning & ship creeking make it unpleasant to be in. Only 1 manequin & 1 weapon plaque. It's a fun quest to go there but not sure why it's counted as a home.
Thanks for reading all that! That's all just my opinion though. If you think I'm underating/overating anything let me know, I'm open to considering any of them besides Dead Man's Dread lol.
submitted by radiakmjs to skyrim [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 04:05 slappyzappe Does anyone think this game feels like a Skyrim homestead simulator?

I love it! In a way the graphics looks similar to Skyrim. I’ve always had a fantasy of living in a home in riverwood, raising a kid, planting crops. Right now I’ve been trying to make a church led settlement with an outside classroom and a couple apple orchards out back, Little house on the prairie style haha, if you catch my drift.
Im on Xbox but I bet it would be fun on pc if you could add a Skyrim mod that that’s the soundtrack and adds additional items like cheese wheels and similiar houses lol. Anyways I just love the vibe of the game, only found out about it a week ago.
submitted by slappyzappe to MedievalDynasty [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 13:57 Astice_Pensante Starfield’s latest tease shows that Bethesda is embracing its fantasy roots (03/21/2023)

It’s a pretty good week to be a Bethesda fan, because now we have two very important dates to mark in the calendar: firstly, on June 11th, we’re getting the much promised Starfield focused direct (which was recently reported to be imminent, but I guess we’re going to have to wait until the magical E3 period for any more reveals, like usual).
Secondly, on the 6th of September, the thing will actually – probably, hopefully – release, on PC, Xbox Series consoles, and it’ll be day one on Game Pass, because Bethesda games are Microsoft first-party games now following a bout of extreme capitalism back in 2021. And it’s looking pretty wonderful, actually.
Starfield being set in an era of massive space colonisation is entirely fresh territory for the studio, and nobody could mistake Skyrim’s dragon-pocked tundra or Fallout’s shattered 50s Americana for Starfield’s NASA-core, homemade Star Trek vibe, but it is driven by the same principle that makes Bethesda’s other games so appealing, which is, as was once proudly boasted on the back of Oblivion’s box, that they allow the player to live another life in another world. Or worlds, in this case. Read more Link to article
submitted by Astice_Pensante to GameGazette [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 05:17 Heirof_Numenor Help with troubleshooting my load order

Hi guys, so after a couple weeks of getting a new modlist together, I was finally able to test it out to see how it was working. So far I came across several issues, and I'd like some help to see what mods may be causing them:
- After my character dies in game, XPMSE no longer loads in MCM, and after that, I can't enter other MCM menus. The same thing happens with Nether Follower Framework.
- iEquip, five minutes after starting my new save, stopped responding to my hotkeys. The UI doesn't show up either. I think it also started after my character died in game.
- I cannot harvest Nirnroot.
- Cannot buy horse, bribe guard to enter Riften, or a carriage ride.
- There are a few silent vanilla guard lines (aka comments about Stormcloak rebels are not voiced)
You can find my modlist below. Thanks in advance for your help.
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
Landscape and Water Fixes.esp
UHDAP - en0.esp
UHDAP - en1.esp
UHDAP - en2.esp
UHDAP - en3.esp
UHDAP - en4.esp
UHDAP - MusicHQ.esp
Cathedral - 3D Mountain Flowers.esp
Partitioned snow Meshes.esl
Expressive Facegen Morphs.esl
ClefJ's Morthal.esp
Lightened Skyrim - merged.esp
Skyrim Extended Cut - Saints and Seducers.esp
Water for ENB.esm
FlowerGirls SE.esm
FlowerGirls SE Threesome Fix.esl
Vigilant Bodyslide.esl
Unslaad Bodyslide.esl
Perfect Terrain LOD.esm
Resources - The Great Cities.esp
Hearthfires Houses Building Fix.esp
Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes - Light Sources.esp
Audio Overhaul Skyrim.esp
Immersive Sounds - Compendium.esp
WARZONES - SSE - Civil Unrest.esp
Obsidian Weathers.esp
Personalized Music - No Vanilla Music v 6.0.esp
Customizable Camera.esp
ELFX Shadows.esp
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
RDO Updated.esp
Guard Dialogue Overhaul.esp
Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp
Castle Volkihar Rebuilt.esp
ELFX Fixes.esp
The Great City of Winterhold v4.esp
Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods.esp
Folkvangr - Grass and Landscape Overhaul.esp
Book Covers Skyrim.esp
SC Horses - Wild Horses CC Patch.esp
The Great Town of Ivarstead.esp
The Great Town of Shor's Stone.esp
The Great City of Falkreath.esp
Helgen Reborn.esp
The Great Village of Kynesgrove.esp
The Great Village of Old Hroldan.esp
The Great City of Solitude.esp
Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim.esp
The Great City of Dawnstar.esp
TGC Winterhold - ELFX Patch.esp
Weapons and Armor Merged.esp
Embers XD.esp
The Great Village of Mixwater Mill.esp
ClefJs Karthwasten.esp
Man Those Borders!.esp
WACCF_Armor and Clothing Extension.esp
Skyrim Fixes Collection.esp
Landscape and Water Fixes - Patch - LFfGM.esp
dD-No Spinning Death Animation.esp
HPP - Vaermina's Torpor.esp
No Edge Glow - Magic and Transformations.esp
RDO - USSEP Patch.esp
Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim.esp
Realistic Humanoid Movement Speed SSE.esp
shalidor's maze fixes.esp
Grass FPS Booster.esp
Insignificant Object Remover.esp
True Storms - Obsidian Weathers - Patch .esp
ELFX Shadows - USSEP patch.esp
dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp
AOS_EBT Patch.esp
JS Barenziah SE - Johnskyrim.esp
JS Instruments of Skyrim SE - Uniques.esp
JS Knapsacks SE.esp
JS Emissive Eyes SE - Johnskyrim.esp
RUSTIC SOULGEMS - Unsorted.esp
Rudy Nordic Pottery SSE.esp
GDOS - Splendid Mechanized Dwemer Door.esp
aMidianBorn_Book of Silence.esp
Austio Weapons.esp
Ice Mage Statue.esp
Generic Grass Limiter.esp
HD Quill of Germination - Dark.esp
HD Stone Quarry and Clay Deposits SE.esp
Embers XD - Patch - ClefJs Karthwasten.esp
Frost Meshes Patch.esp
KS Hairdo's.esp
Flower Girls NPC Overhaul.esp
Schlongs of Skyrim - Light.esp
Stendarr Rising.esp
Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim.esp
Lit Road Signs.esp
Skyrim Remastered - Glaciers and Ice.esp
WARZONES - SSE - Civil Unrest MCM.esp
Serana Dialogue Edit.esp
ClefJ's Dragon Bridge.esp
Dawnguard - Tweaks and Enhancements.esp
Windhelm Docks Pathways SE.esp
JK's Riverwood.esp
ZIA_Complete Pack.esp
Riften Docks Overhaul.esp
The Great City of Rorikstead.esp
ccbgssse067-daedinv - 1NDArmor patch by Xtudo.esp
ClefJ Morthal - ELFX.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - ELFX Patch.esp
Great Village of Old Hroldan - ELFX Patch.esp
Beards of Power - Sons of Skyrim.esp
A Rose in the Snow.esp
Dawnguard Sentries SE.esp
Particle Patch for ENB.esp
Embers XD - Fire Magick Add-On.esp
ECSS - Staff of Sheogorath Patch.esp
OCW Patches.esp
Dlizzio's Mesh Fixes.esp
The Great City of Falkreath - Helgen Reborn Patch.esp
Better Dynamic Ash.esp
Sky City.esp
Billyro's Weapons.esp
Landscape and Water Fixes - Patch - ELFX Shadow.esp
TGC Winterhold - OCW Patch.esp
Knight of the North.esp
Environs - Whiterun Watchtower.esp
ECSS - Shadowrend Patch.esp
College Of Winterhold - Quest Expansion.esp
Destroy the Dark Brotherhood - Enhanced.esp
Helgen Reborn - USSEP Patch.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - Landscape and Water Fixes Patch.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - RS Children Patch.esp
Embers XD - Patch - ClefJ's Morthal.esp
Landscape and Water Fixes - Patch - Tundra Homested.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - USSEP Patch.esp
ClefJ Morthal - Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods.esp
TGC Winterhold - COW Quest Expansion Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - LAWF Patch.esp
Landscape For Grass mods - Helgen Reborn Patch.esp
Ancient Trees of Skyrim.esp
GDOS - Glorious Solitude Door - Rotation Fix.esp
Embers XD - Patch - Goldenhills Plantation.esp
Water for ENB - Patch - JKs Bannered Mare.esp
Caught Red Handed - Quest Expansion.esp
The Whispering Door - Quest Expansion.esp
Great Village of Old Hroldan - Landscape and Water Fixes Patch.esp
Great Village of Old Hroldan - Embers XD [XD ESP] Patch.esp
Embers XD - Patch - ELFX.esp
Castle Volkihar Rebuilt - SDE Patch.esp
DeadlySpellImpacts Transparency Fix.esp
Summermyst - WACCF Patch.esp
WACCF_Survival Mode_Patch.esp
Cloaks - USSEP Patch.esp
Ultimate Dodge Mod.esp
Andromeda - Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim.esp
Lafreakshows VAE Summermyst Patch.esp
Summermyst Bugfixes for WACCF.esp
Wintersun - BCS Patch.esp
Wintersun - Gallows Hall.esp
Wintersun - GotT Lite Patch.esp
Wintersun - ZIA Patch.esp
QRVAE_ISC Patch.esp
QRVAE_Summermyst Patch.esp
QRVAE_ZIA Patch.esp
Vigilant Voiced.esp
RSC HR Patch.esp
Vigilant - Delayed Start.esp
AK- Namira for Good Guys.esp
CRH_USSEP Patch.esp
ECSS - Ruin's Edge Patch.esp
Search and Seizure - Quest Expansion.esp
The Whispering Door QE - USSEP Patch.esp
TCIY BCS Patch.esp
Arctic - Immersive Sounds Compendium Patch.esp
RS Children - WACCF Consistency Patch.esp
The Choice is Yours - WACCF Consistency Patch.esp
Triss Armor Retextured SE - WACCF Patch.esp
JS Dragon Claws AE - Helgen Reborn.esp
NPC Merged.esp
Vigilant - Book Covers.esp
VIGILANT - My patches by Xtudo - Witch Hunter Social Outfit.esp
VIGILANT - My patches by Xtudo - Coldharbour Music.esp
VIGILANT - My patches by Xtudo - Stendarr statue replacer.esp
VIGILANT - My patches by Xtudo - Temple of Stendarr Music.esp
VIGILANT - My patches by Xtudo - M'que robes fix.esp
VIGILANT - My patches by Xtudo - Giant creatures fix.esp
Obsidian Weathers for Vigilant.esp
Glenmoril CBBE.esp
Glenmoril - Book Covers.esp
Glenmoril - Delayed Start.esp
Royal Armory - OCW CellSettings Patch.esp
ELFX Shadows - The Great City of Rorikstead patch.esp
ELFX Enhancer - The Great City of Rorikstead patch.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - Embers XD [XD ESP] Patch.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - Landscape and Water Fixes Patch.esp
Great Village of Mixwater Mill - USSEP Patch.esp
MM + The Cause Fix.esp
Great Village of Old Hroldan - USSEP Patch.esp
Great Town of Shor's Stone - ELFX Patch.esp
Great Town of Shor's Stone - Embers XD [XD ESP] Patch.esp
Great Town of Shor's Stone - RS Children Patch.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - 3D Wheat Patch.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - ELFX Patch.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - Embers XD [XD ESP] Patch.esp
Great Village of Mixwater Mill - ELFX Patch.esp
Great Village of Mixwater Mill - Immersion Patch.esp
Great Village of Mixwater Mill - RS Children Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Embers XD patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Knights of Thorn Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Animated Armoury patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - CC Nchuanthumz patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - GAR patch.esp
Housecarls sons of skyrim SPID.esp
Ahzidal's Armor set - My version by Xtudo.esp
ORI - HarkonSword.esp
Aves Gauldur Blackblade.esp
NordWarUA's Race Armor Expansion.esp
USSEP - The Great City of Solitude Patch.esp
Mythic Dawn Armor - SPID.esp
Lazy Weapon Pack.esp
[full_inu] Lord Nicholas Armor.esp
Bijin Warmaidens.esp
A Rose in the Snow - Dawnguard.esp
Dawnguard - TnE - Serana Necro Dialogue.esp
A Rose in the Snow - Dragonborn.esp
A Rose in the Snow - Hearthfires.esp
Bijin Wives.esp
PAN_NPCs_DG Immersive Fort Dawnguard Patch.esp
Dawnguard Arsenal + Pandorable DG Patch.esp
BoP - SoS - Immersive Fort Dawnguard Patch.esp
BoP - SoS - Ace patch.esp
BoP - SoS - Guard Armor Replacer Patch.esp
BoP - SoS - NordwarUA Patch.esp
BoP - SoS - The Choice is Yours Patch.esp
BoP - SoS - SoS Patch.esp
Serana Re-Imagined.esp
Modpocalypse NPCs (v3) The Great Town of Shor's Stone.esp
Modpocalypse NPCs (v3) The Great Village of Kynesgrove.esp
Modpocalypse NPCs (v3) The Great Village of Old Hroldan.esp
Modpocalypse NPCs (v3) The Great Village of Mixwater Mill.esp
Modpocalypse NPCs (v3) The Great Town of Ivarstead.esp
Stendarr Rising - RDO patch.esp
Stendarr Rising - RDO Update Patch.esp
Castle Volkihar Rebuilt - ELFX Patch.esp
Cloaks - Dawnguard.esp
Castle Volkihar Rebuilt - RDO Patch.esp
Stendarr Rising - ELFX Patch.esp
AK- Boethiah Alternate.esp
Great Town of Shor's Stone - USSEP Patch.esp
Great Village of Old Hroldan - CC - Fishing Patch.esp
Windstad Mine - USSEP Patch.esp
Unslaad - Delayed Start.esp
ClefJ Morthal - Landscape and Water Fixes.esp
Great Village of Mixwater Mill - Landscape and Water Fixes Patch.esp
Sleeping Tree Path Patch.esp
Man Those Borders - USSEP Patch.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - CC - Fishing Patch.esp
Whiterun Watchtower Doesnt Start Broken - Siberpunks Cut.esp
TUDM RS Children Patch.esp
Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp
20 More Perk Points.esp
Perk Points at Skill Levels 50-75-100.esp
Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - CACO patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - CACO patch.esp
Player Home Patches.esp
Stendarr Rising - CACO patch.esp
CACO_Survival Mode_Patch.esp
Landscape and Water Fixes - Patch - CACO.esp
CACO Rare Curios Patch.esp
krptopyr Patches Merged.esp
Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim.esp
Apocalypse - Ordinator Compatibility Patch.esp
Ordinator-Spellscribe Sound Addon.esp
Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp
Towns Patches Merged.esp
Alternate Start -- New Beginnings.esp
ELFX Shadows - Alternate Start Patch.esp
Landscape Fixes For Grass mods - Alternate start Locations.esp
ClefJ Morthal - ASLAL.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - Alternate Start Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Alternate Start patch.esp
ELFX Fixes Ragged Flagon Fix.esp
Water for ENB (Shades of Skyrim).esp
Water for ENB - Patch - Folkvangr.esp
Water for ENB - Patch - Clear Underwater.esp
Bashed Patch, 0.esp
submitted by Heirof_Numenor to skyrimmods [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 10:13 Astice_Pensante Starfield’s latest tease shows that Bethesda is embracing its fantasy roots (03/20/2023)

It’s a pretty good week to be a Bethesda fan, because now we have two very important dates to mark in the calendar: firstly, on June 11th, we’re getting the much promised Starfield focused direct (which was recently reported to be imminent, but I guess we’re going to have to wait until the magical E3 period for any more reveals, like usual).
Secondly, on the 6th of September, the thing will actually – probably, hopefully – release, on PC, Xbox Series consoles, and it’ll be day one on Game Pass, because Bethesda games are Microsoft first-party games now following a bout of extreme capitalism back in 2021. And it’s looking pretty wonderful, actually.
Starfield being set in an era of massive space colonisation is entirely fresh territory for the studio, and nobody could mistake Skyrim’s dragon-pocked tundra or Fallout’s shattered 50s Americana for Starfield’s NASA-core, homemade Star Trek vibe, but it is driven by the same principle that makes Bethesda’s other games so appealing, which is, as was once proudly boasted on the back of Oblivion’s box, that they allow the player to live another life in another world. Or worlds, in this case. Read more Link to article
submitted by Astice_Pensante to GameGazette [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 00:59 Kienngu Vampires are not hostile towards me due to some mod

Not sure if this is the right thread, sorry if it isn't.
All vampires are non-hostile to me. I first noticed when I was in Haemar's shame where the clavicus vile shrine is and none of them were attacking. They would just say a line of dialogue much like guards when I interacted with them. I've even gone so far as starting the dawnguard quest line, and only the ones scripted to attack at the beginning of dimhollow crypt do, the rest are non-hostile like guards. I started a brand new character and console command unlocked all locations and went around where vampires are, same result. I am certain it has to do with my mods, but I'm not sure which one. I use the Fable lore mod list from Wabbajack. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
This is the list of enabled mods:
"0000","+","DLC: HearthFires"
"0001","+","DLC: Dragonborn"
"0002","+","DLC: Dawnguard"
"0003","+","Creation Club: ccQDRSSE001-SurvivalMode"
"0004","+","Creation Club: ccBGSSSE037-Curios"
"0005","+","Creation Club: ccBGSSSE025-AdvDSGS"
"0006","+","Creation Club: ccBGSSSE001-Fish"
"0008","+","Default Game"
"0011","+","Address Library for SKSE Plugins"
"0012","+","FileAccess Interface for Skyrim SE Scripts"
"0013","+","PapyrusUtil SE"
"0014","+","powerofthree's Papyrus Extender"
"0015","+","SSE Display Tweaks"
"0016","+","SSE Display Tweaks - High Performance Configuration"
"0017","+","SSE Engine Fixes"
"0018","+","Unique Map Weather Framework"
"0020","+","Grass Cache Fixes"
"0021","+","MCM Helper"
"0022","+","Spell Perk Item Distributor"
"0023","+","JContainers SE"
"0024","+","Shadow Boost"
"0025","+","Shadow Diffusion"
"0026","+","Papyrus INI Manipulator"
"0027","+","DynDOLOD Resources SE"
"0029","+","Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch"
"0030","+","Unofficial Skyrim Modder's Patch"
"0031","+","eFPS - Exterior FPS boost"
"0032","+","eFPS - Anniversary Edition"
"0033","+","Vanilla Script (micro)Optimizations"
"0034","+","dunPOISoldiersRaidOnStart Script Tweak"
"0035","+","WE05 Script Fix"
"0036","+","TrapSwingingWall Script Fix"
"0037","+","Lightened Skyrim"
"0038","+","Cutting Room Floor"
"0039","+","Bug Fixes SSE"
"0040","+","powerofthree's Tweaks"
"0041","+","Dynamic Animation Casting - NG"
"0042","+","Dynamic Animation Replacer"
"0043","+","Mfg Fix"
"0045","+","Base Object Swapper"
"0046","+","IFrame Generator RE"
"0047","+","Multiple Floors Sandboxing"
"0048","+","ConsoleUtilSSE NG"
"0049","+","FormList Manipulator"
"0050","+","Animation Queue Fix"
"0052","+","Sound Record Distributor"
"0053","+","Keyword Item Distributor"
"0054","+","dTry's Key Utils"
"0055","+","No Crime Teleport RE"
"0056","+","Combat Music Fix SKSE"
"0057","+","dTry Plugin Updates"
"0058","+","Save Unbaker"
"0059","+","Animation & Physics_separator"
"0060","+","Nemesis Unlimited Behavior Engine"
"0061","+","XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended"
"0062","+","Animation Motion Revolution"
"0063","+","Splashes of Storms"
"0064","+","Better Jumping SE"
"0065","+","Conditional Expressions - Subtle Face Animations"
"0066","+","Pristine Vanilla Movement"
"0067","+","Relaxed Sneak Animations"
"0068","+","EVG Animation Variance"
"0069","+","EVG Conditional Idles"
"0070","+","EVG Animated Traversal"
"0071","+","EVG Animated Traversal - Skyrim Integration"
"0072","+","NPC Animation Remix (DAR)"
"0073","+","Conditional Dog Barking (DAR)"
"0074","+","Lively Children Animations (DAR)"
"0075","+","Gesture Animation Remix (DAR)"
"0076","+","Conditional Tavern Cheering (DAR)"
"0077","+","Immersive Folded Hands (DAR)"
"0078","+","New Praying Animations (DAR)"
"0079","+","Female Player Animations (DAR)"
"0080","+","Lively Cart Driver Animation Replacer"
"0081","+","Tools Not Weapons DAR"
"0082","+","Immersive Interactions - Animated Actions"
"0083","+","First Person Combat Animations Overhaul"
"0084","+","Large Stagger Animation"
"0085","+","Scene Tweak - Companions Werewolf Bloodritual"
"0086","+","Immersive Equipping Animations"
"0087","+","Read the Room - Immersive and Animated Helmet Management"
"0088","+","Models & Textures_separator"
"0089","+","[Compress] High Poly Project"
"0090","+","Static Mesh Improvement Mod"
"0091","+","Static Mesh Improvement Mod Improvement Mod"
"0092","+","Whiterun Objects SMIMed (and fixes too)"
"0093","+","Solitude Objects SMIMed - Castle Dour Spire"
"0094","+","Silver Objects SMIMed - Silver - Sovngarde - Thieves Guild - Vampire"
"0095","+","Skyrim Objects SMIMed - Glazed and Nordic Pottery"
"0096","+","Skyrim Objects SMIMed - Warmaiden's Holes"
"0097","+","Skyrim Objects SMIMed - Noble Furniture"
"0098","+","Solitude Objects SMIMed - Solitude Well"
"0099","+","Solitude Objects SMIMed - festival ropes"
"0100","+","Skyland AIO"
"0101","+","Skyland Noble Furniture"
"0102","+","Skyland Common and Upper Furniture"
"0103","+","Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes"
"0104","+","Realistic Water Two"
"0105","+","Majestic Mountains"
"0106","+","Majestic Mountains - More Accurate Collision"
"0107","+","Majestic Mountains - LODs"
"0108","+","Majestic Landscapes"
"0109","+","Majestic Landscapes - LODs"
"0110","+","[Compress] Cathedral - Armory"
"0111","+","[Compress] Cathedral - 3D Mountain Flowers"
"0112","+","[Compress] Cathedral - 3D Snow Berries"
"0113","+","[Compress] Cathedral - 3D Lavender"
"0114","+","[Compress] Cathedral - 3D Tundra Cotton"
"0115","+","[Compress] Cathedral - 3D Clover Plant"
"0116","+","[Compress] Cathedral - 3D Thistle"
"0117","+","[Compress] Cathedral - 3D Rocky Shores"
"0118","+","[Compress] Cathedral - 3D Deathbell"
"0119","+","[Compress] Rustic Clothing"
"0120","+","[Compress] Simplicity of Snow"
"0121","+","Turn of the Seasons"
"0122","+","Ulvenwald Trees - Forests of Skyrim"
"0123","+","Seasonal Landscapes"
"0124","+","Folkvangr - Grass and Landscape Overhaul"
"0125","+","Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods"
"0126","+","Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods - Generic Grass Limiter"
"0127","+","Riften Canals rounded - by Pfuscher"
"0129","+","SMIM Barrel Expansion - Mead Barrel - Oil Barrel - Butter Churn"
"0130","+","Windhelm Fences 3D"
"0131","+","Stones of Solitude - Better Blended Rock Piles"
"0132","+","Cathedral 3D Mountain Flowers - Base Object Swapper"
"0133","+","Shaders of Solstheim - Ash and Moss"
"0134","+","Solstheim Objects SMIMed - High Poly Dark Elf Furniture"
"0135","+","Legacy of The Dragonborn - SMIM Chests"
"0136","+","High Poly Canticle Tree"
"0137","+","Scallions of Skyrim - High Polygon Leeks"
"0138","+","High Poly Soul Husks"
"0139","+","Riekling Barrels SMIM"
"0140","+","Stockades of Skyrim 3D"
"0141","+","High Poly Blackreach Mushrooms"
"0142","+","Fluffworks (Fluffy Animals)"
"0143","+","Fluffworks - Additional Creatures"
"0144","+","The Refinery - Ingots. Ores. Veins"
"0145","+","Better Windhelm Ground Meshes"
"0146","+","Water Effects Brightness and Reflection Fix"
"0147","+","CG4 Snow Effects SE"
"0148","+","RUGNAROK - Special Edition"
"0149","+","Better Blended Mushrooms"
"0150","+","Infinite Dragon Variants"
"0152","+","Dwemer Pipework Reworked"
"0153","+","Dwemer Pipework Reworked - Skyland Edition"
"0154","+","Soaking Wet - Character Wetness Effect"
"0155","+","Inferno - Fire Effects Redux"
"0156","+","Arctic - Frost Effects Redux"
"0157","+","3D Whiterun Trellis"
"0158","+","3D Trellis Improved - Gildergreen Plaza"
"0159","+","Realistic Smoke and Embers"
"0160","+","Riften Temple Sconce Fix"
"0161","+","SPID for Footprints"
"0162","+","SPID for Footprints Fix"
"0163","+","Footprints - Creation Club - Saturalia Holiday Pack"
"0164","+","Rain Ash And Snow Shaders"
"0165","+","Snowy Surfaces Sound Collision and Aesthetics"
"0166","+","Statue of Sithis"
"0167","+","Dibella Statue"
"0168","+","Daedric Shrines - Namira"
"0169","+","Daedric Shrines - Nocturnal"
"0170","+","Daedric Shrines - Molag Bal"
"0171","+","Daedric Shrines - Vaermina"
"0172","+","Daedric Shrines - Hermaeus Mora"
"0173","+","Daedric Shrines - Azura"
"0174","+","Daedric Shrines - Sheogorath"
"0175","+","Daedric Shrines - Sanguine"
"0176","+","Daedric Shrines - Mephala"
"0177","+","Daedric Shrines - Hircine"
"0178","+","Daedric Shrines - Peryite"
"0179","+","Daedric Shrines - Clavicus Vile"
"0180","+","Daedric Shrines - Boethiah"
"0181","+","Daedric Shrines - Malacath"
"0182","+","Daedric Shrines - Mehrunes Dagon"
"0183","+","TB's Better Chains for SMIM"
"0184","+","Fate Cards Remade - Legacy of The Dragonborn"
"0185","+","Strange Runes"
"0186","+","High Poly Gleamblossoms"
"0187","+","ElSopa - Potions Redone"
"0188","+","Legacy of the Dragonborn - Armor of the Crusader Retexture"
"0189","+","Dragon Weapons and Armor Retexture"
"0190","+","Bosmer Armor Pack Retexture"
"0191","+","Ebony Armors and Weapons Retexture"
"0192","+","Daedric Armors and Weapons Retexture"
"0193","+","Orcish Armors and Weapons Retexture"
"0194","+","Iron Armors and Weapons Retexture"
"0195","+","Better Fur - Fineclothes Hat"
"0196","+","Sounds & Music_separator"
"0197","+","Unofficial High Definition Audio Project"
"0198","+","Audio Overhaul"
"0199","+","Immersive Sounds - Compendium"
"0200","+","Audio Overhaul - Immersive Sounds Integration"
"0201","+","Regional Sounds Expansion"
"0202","+","Acoustic Space Improvement Fixes"
"0203","+","Reverb Interior Sounds Expansion"
"0204","+","Dawnguard Music Overhaul - Skyrim Fan-Made Music"
"0205","+","Melodies of Civilization - Skyrim Fan-Made Music"
"0206","+","Hun Lovaas - Skyrim Fan-Made Combat Music"
"0207","+","Still - Skyrim Inspired Music"
"0208","+","Immersive Music"
"0209","+","BA Bard Songs"
"0210","+","Beating Daedra Sound Mod"
"0211","+","Character Appearance_separator"
"0212","+","Cathedral Player and NPC Overhaul - HMB II"
"0213","+","Cathedral Player and NPC Overhaul - FaceGen"
"0214","+","Vanilla Hair Replacer"
"0215","+","KS Hairdos"
"0216","+","Immersive KS Hairdos"
"0217","+","Beards of Power"
"0218","+","Project ja-Kha'jay"
"0219","+","Skyrim Children Refine"
"0221","+","Scrambled Bugs"
"0222","+","CritterSpawn Congestion Fix"
"0223","+","Actor Limit Fix"
"0224","+","NPC AI Process Position Fix - NG"
"0225","+","Vanilla Scripting Enhancements"
"0226","+","Face Discoloration Fix"
"0227","+","Pause After Load Unscripted"
"0228","+","Barter Limit Fix"
"0229","+","Recursion Monitor"
"0230","+","dunFolgunthurBossBattle Script Fix"
"0231","+","AIM FIX"
"0232","+","Gameplay - General_separator"
"0233","+","Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered"
"0234","+","Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul"
"0235","+","Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes"
"0237","+","The Elder Scrolls Online Imports"
"0240","+","Dynamic Collision Adjustment"
"0241","+","Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition"
"0242","+","Run For Your Lives"
"0243","+","Tavern AI fix"
"0244","+","Simple Offence Suppression"
"0245","+","Faction Fixes SE"
"0246","+","Take a Peek - New Stealth Mechanic"
"0247","+","Immersive Rejections"
"0248","+","Vampire Lords Can Fly (With Collision)"
"0249","+","Vampire Feeding Tweaks"
"0250","+","True Directional Movement - Modernized Third Person Gameplay"
"0251","+","Movement Behavior Overhaul"
"0253","+","Fish Anywhere With Water"
"0254","+","Sweeping Organizes Stuff - Use Broom to Clean Mess"
"0255","+","Unequip Quiver SE"
"0256","+","Convenient Carriages"
"0257","+","Sun Affects NPC Vampires"
"0258","+","Better Third Person Selection"
"0259","+","Enhanced Invisibility"
"0260","+","Magic Sneak Attacks"
"0261","+","Intuitive Dragon Ride Control"
"0262","+","Alchemy Recipe Expansion"
"0263","+","Recipe Auto-Learn"
"0264","+","Gameplay - AI & Combat_separator"
"0265","+","Valhalla Combat"
"0266","+","Valhalla Combat - Race Addons"
"0267","+","TK Dodge"
"0268","+","TK Dodge RE"
"0269","+","TK Dodge RE AE Support"
"0270","+","Archery Gameplay Overhaul"
"0272","+","AI Overhaul SSE"
"0273","+","Realistic AI Detection (RAID)"
"0274","+","NPCs React To Necromancy"
"0275","+","Taunt Your Enemies - Taunting Matters"
"0276","+","Bandit Lines Expansion"
"0277","+","Civil War Lines Expansion"
"0278","+","Forsworn and Thalmor Lines Expansion"
"0279","+","Vampire Lines Expansion"
"0280","+","NPCs Wear Amulets of Mara PLUS"
"0281","+","Sleeping Expanded - Animations and NPC reactions"
"0282","+","Headhunter - Bounties Redone"
"0283","+","Smart NPC Potions"
"0284","+","Shouting Obliterates Skeletons - no scripts"
"0285","+","Convenient Horses"
"0286","+","Seasonal Wildlife Distribution"
"0287","+","GRAHL - The Ice Troll (Bloodmoon Creature Restoration Project) SE"
"0288","+","The Blood Horker (Bloodmoon Creature Restoration Project) SE"
"0289","+","Karstaag - The Frost King Reborn"
"0290","+","Cannibal Draugr on Solstheim (Bloodmoon Creature Restoration Project)"
"0291","+","Dragon War - A Dragon Overhaul"
"0292","+","Book Of Shadows - Behaviour Based Stealth Additions"
"0293","+","Wait Your Turn - Enemy Circling Behaviour"
"0294","+","Classic Paralysis"
"0295","+","I'm walkin' here NG"
"0296","+","Must be my Imagination"
"0297","+","Animals Swim (Sort of)"
"0298","+","Dual Wield Block"
"0299","+","Gameplay - Economy_separator"
"0300","+","C.O.I.N. - Coins of Interesting Natures"
"0301","+","C.O.I.N. - Merchant Exchange"
"0302","+","Dynamic Mercenary Fees"
"0303","+","Gameplay - Immersion_separator"
"0304","+","Improved Camera"
"0305","+","Survival Mode Improved - SKSE"
"0306","+","Wash That Blood Off 2"
"0307","+","Immersive Equipment Displays"
"0308","+","Immersive Equipment Displays - Mura Presets"
"0309","+","Immersive Equipment Displays - Weapons Repositioner"
"0310","+","Honed Metal"
"0311","+","Honed Metal - Additional Materials"
"0312","+","Mod Enchants for Honed Metal"
"0313","+","Simple Degradation"
"0314","+","Simple Degradation - NPC Tempering"
"0315","+","Take a Seat - New DAR Sitting Animations"
"0316","+","Dynamic Things Alternative - Base Object Swapper"
"0317","+","Seasonal Alchemy"
"0318","+","Seasonal Alchemy Add-on - Critters and Fungi and Farms"
"0320","+","Hunterborn SE MCM"
"0321","+","Locked Chests Have Keys"
"0322","+","Store Entrance Doorbells"
"0323","+","Nocturnal Moths"
"0324","+","Sit on Stuff"
"0325","+","Bruma Clutter for Skyrim Imperials - Base Object Swapper (BOS)"
"0326","+","Immersive Vampire Clutter - Base Object Swapper (BOS)"
"0327","+","Myrwatch Clutter for College of Winterhold - Base Object Swapper (BOS)"
"0328","+","Bruma Outfits for Skyrim Imperials (SPID)"
"0329","+","Dunmeri Outfits for Skyrim Dunmers (SPID)"
"0330","+","Vigil Enforcer Armors for Vigilants of Stendarr (SPID)"
"0331","+","Splashes Of Skyrim"
"0332","+","Use Those Blankets"
"0333","+","Immersive Khajiit Caravan Mules"
"0334","+","Use Those Comfy Blankets - Fluffy and Animated"
"0335","+","Khajiit Has Wares - A Caravan Camp Overhaul"
"0336","+","Harvest Your Blood for Septimus"
"0337","+","Loki's Wade In Water"
"0338","+","Wade In Water Redone"
"0339","+","JS Misplaced Septims"
"0340","+","JS Immersive Tripwires"
"0341","+","Actually Useful Butter Churns"
"0342","+","Immersive Speechcraft"
"0343","+","Really Simple Gambling"
"0344","+","Really Simple Gambling - Gambling Additions"
"0346","+","Feed The Animals"
"0347","+","Enhanced Reanimation"
"0348","+","Pumping Iron - Dynamic Muscle Growth"
"0349","+","Stay In Shape - A Pumping Iron Addon"
"0350","+","Mum's the Word NG"
"0351","+","Honor the Dead"
"0352","+","Rain Extinguishes Fires"
"0353","+","The Clever Prisoner"
"0354","+","Married NPCs Wear Wedding Bands"
"0355","+","Married NPCs Wear Wedding Bands - Bruma Add-on"
"0356","+","Dynamic Animal Variants SPID"
"0357","+","Dynamic Animal Variants SPID - Fluffworks Add-on"
"0358","+","Gameplay - Quests_separator"
"0359","+","Rebalancing Anniversary Edition - Quest Requirements"
"0360","+","Legacy of the Dragonborn"
"0361","+","Legacy of the Dragonborn - The Curators Companion"
"0362","+","The Wheels of Lull"
"0363","+","Catching Clockwork - Wheels of Lull Fishing Addon"
"0364","+","Legends of Aetherium"
"0365","+","Heart of the Reach"
"0367","+","Beyond Skyrim - Wares of Tamriel"
"0368","+","College of Winterhold - Quest Expansion"
"0369","+","Caught Red Handed - Quest Expansion"
"0370","+","The Only Cure - Quest Expansion"
"0371","+","House of Horrors - Quest Expansion"
"0372","+","Nilheim - Misc Quest Expansion"
"0373","+","Leaps of Faith - A Misc Quest"
"0374","+","Paarthurnax - Quest Expansion"
"0375","+","The Whispering Door - Quest Expansion"
"0376","+","Immersive World Encounters"
"0377","+","Sidequests of Skyrim"
"0378","+","The Notice Board"
"0379","+","The Companions - Earn Your Stripes"
"0380","+","Improved Companions - Questline Tweaks"
"0381","+","The Innocence Lost - Quest Expansion"
"0382","+","Gameplay - Companions_separator"
"0383","+","Redcap the Riekling"
"0384","+","Redcap the Riekling - EVG Animated Traversal Addon"
"0386","+","Lucien - Immersive Fully Voiced Male Follower"
"0387","+","New Companions for Jorrvaskr"
"0388","+","New Companions for Jorrvaskr - Add-on"
"0389","+","Aela Restored - Companions Tweaks"
"0390","+","Gameplay - Skills & Perks_separator"
"0392","+","Experience - MCM"
"0393","+","Leveling Freedom"
"0394","+","Classic Classes and Birthsigns"
"0395","+","Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim"
"0396","+","Odin - Skyrim Magic Overhaul"
"0397","+","Triumvirate - Mage Archetypes"
"0398","+","Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim"
"0399","+","Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim"
"0400","+","Andromeda - Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim"
"0401","+","Growl - Werebeasts of Skyrim"
"0402","+","Imperious - Races of Skyrim"
"0403","+","Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim"
"0404","+","Thunderchild - Epic Shouts and Immersion"
"0405","+","Tonal Architect"
"0406","+","Spell Tutor"
"0408","+","Sensible Bribes - Based on Speechcraft Not Level"
"0409","+","Skyrim's Got Talent - Improve As a Bard"
"0411","+","Gameplay - Weapons & Armors_separator"
"0412","+","Immersive Armors"
"0413","+","Immersive Armors - Retexture and Mesh Fixes"
"0414","+","Immersive Weapons"
"0415","+","Wind Ruler Armor"
"0416","+","Dark Brotherhood Armor"
"0417","+","Seasoned Traveller Armor"
"0418","+","Lore Weapon Expansion SE"
"0419","+","Wearable Lanterns"
"0420","+","Wearable Lanterns - Unofficial Update"
"0421","+","Detailed NPCs - Immersive Armors for NPCs (SPID)"
"0422","+","Detailed NPCs - Skull Headdresses for NPCs (SPID)"
"0423","+","Detailed NPCs - Hip Bags for NPCs (SPID)"
"0424","+","Detailed NPCs - Fishing Gear for NPCs (SPID)"
"0425","+","Detailed NPCs - Chain and Shackles for NPCs (SPID)"
"0426","+","Detailed NPCs - Dog Backpacks for NPDogs (SPID)"
"0427","+","Detailed NPCs - Equipped Spell Tomes for NPCs (SPID)"
"0428","+","Detailed NPCs - Basket Backpack for NPCs (SPID)"
"0429","+","Detailed NPCs - Chordophones for NPCs (SPID)"
"0430","+","Detailed NPCs - Hair Flowers for NPCs (SPID)"
"0431","+","Detailed NPCs - Druid Backpack for NPCs (SPID)"
"0434","+","SkyUI SE - Flashing Savegames Fix"
"0435","+","SkyUI AIO Survival (SAS)"
"0437","+","Infinity UI"
"0438","+","Immersive HUD"
"0439","+","Compass Navigation Overhaul"
"0440","+","Survival Control Panel"
"0441","+","Use Or Take"
"0442","+","Read Or Take"
"0443","+","Oxygen Meter 2"
"0444","+","Security Overhaul"
"0445","+","Security Overhaul - Add-ons"
"0446","+","Wider MCM Menu for SkyUI"
"0447","+","TrueHUD - HUD Additions"
"0448","+","Better MessageBox Controls"
"0449","+","Better Dialogue Controls"
"0450","+","More Informative Console"
"0451","+","QuickLoot EE"
"0452","+","Yes Im Sure NG"
"0453","+","Dear Diary Dark Mode"
"0454","+","Constructible Object Custom Keyword System"
"0455","+","Constructible Object Custom Keyword System - Seperate Weapon and Armor"
"0456","+","Dragonbreaker UI"
"0457","+","TrueHUD skins collection Dragonbreaker"
"0458","+","Security Overhaul - Regional Locks"
"0459","+","Remember Lockpick Angle"
"0460","+","Console Commands Extender"
"0461","+","Essential Favorites"
"0462","+","Whose Quest is it Anyway NG"
"0463","+","Show Player In Menus"
"0464","+","Cooking Categories Improvement"
"0465","+","Inventory Interface Information Injector"
"0467","+","Summerset Isle"
"0468","+","Summerset Isle - Hotfix"
"0469","+","Beyond Skyrim - Assets"
"0470","+","Beyond Skyrim - Bruma"
"0471","+","Beyond Skyrim - DLC Integration"
"0472","+","Enhanced Landscapes"
"0473","+","Enhanced Landscapes - Update"
"0474","+","JK's Skyrim"
"0475","+","JK's The Bards College"
"0476","+","JK's Sinderion's Field Laboratory"
"0477","+","JK's Septimus Signus's Outpost"
"0478","+","JK's College of Winterhold"
"0479","+","JK's Sky Haven Temple"
"0480","+","JK's High Hrothgar"
"0481","+","JK's Jorrvaskr"
"0482","+","JK's Haelga's Bunkhouse"
"0483","+","JK's Temple of Talos"
"0484","+","JK's Temple of the Divines"
"0485","+","JK's Temple of Kynareth"
"0486","+","JK's Temple of Dibella"
"0487","+","JK's Understone Keep"
"0488","+","JK's Riverwood Trader"
"0489","+","JK's The Hag's Cure"
"0490","+","JK's Arnleif and Sons Trading Company"
"0491","+","JK's Silver-Blood Inn"
"0492","+","JK's The Temple of Mara"
"0493","+","JK's Mistveil Keep"
"0494","+","JK's The Ragged Flagon"
"0495","+","JK's The Pawned Prawn"
"0496","+","JK's Elgrim's Elixirs"
"0497","+","JK's The Bee and Barb"
"0498","+","JK's Palace of the Kings"
"0499","+","JK's New Gnisis Cornerclub"
"0500","+","JK's Sadri's Used Wares"
"0501","+","JK's White Phial"
"0502","+","JK's Candlehearth Hall"
"0503","+","JK's Blue Palace"
"0504","+","JK's Radiant Raiment"
"0505","+","JK's Bits and Pieces"
"0506","+","JK's Angeline's Aromatics"
"0507","+","JK's The Winking Skeever"
"0508","+","JK's Sleeping Giant Inn"
"0509","+","JK's Riverfall Cottage"
"0510","+","JK's Dragonsreach"
"0511","+","JK's The Bannered Mare"
"0512","+","JK's The Drunken Huntsman"
"0513","+","JK's Warmaiden's"
"0514","+","JK's Belethor's General Goods"
"0515","+","JK's Arcadia's Cauldron"
"0516","+","JK's Castle Dour"
"0517","+","Ryn's Snazzy Last Vigil - An Ebony Warrior Overhaul"
"0518","+","Ryn's Valtheim Towers"
"0519","+","Ryn's Robber's Gorge"
"0520","+","Ryn's Standing Stones"
"0521","+","Ryn's Whiterun City Limits"
"0522","+","Ryn's Alchemist's Shack"
"0523","+","Ryn's Crabber's Shanty and Titanclaw Lair"
"0524","+","Ryn's Bleak Falls Tower"
"0525","+","Ryn's Goldenglow Estate"
"0526","+","Ryn's Bleakwind Basin"
"0527","+","Ryn's Secunda's Kiss"
"0528","+","Ryn's Bleak Falls Barrow"
"0529","+","Ryn's Halted Stream Camp"
"0530","+","Ryn's Western Watchtower"
"0531","+","Ryn's White River Watch"
"0532","+","Ryn's Farms"
"0533","+","Ryn's Saarthal"
"0534","+","Ryn's Anise's Cabin"
"0535","+","Ryn's Lund's Hut"
"0536","+","Ryn's Karthspire"
"0537","+","Ryn's Mistwatch Folly"
"0538","+","Ryn's Kynesgrove Burial Mound"
"0539","+","Ryn's Witchmist Slope"
"0540","+","Ryn's Bonestrewn Flats"
"0541","+","Ryn's Mzulft Foothills"
"0542","+","Ryn's Karth River Forest"
"0543","+","Ryn's Autumnshade Woods"
"0544","+","Ryn's Great Henge"
"0545","+","Ryn's Lost Tongue Pass"
"0546","+","Ryn's Autumnwatch Woods"
"0547","+","Ryn's Robber's Gorge Bluffs"
"0548","+","Ryn's Lone Mountain"
"0549","+","Ryn's Karthspire Bluffs"
"0550","+","Ryn's Dragon Mounds"
"0551","+","Immersive Fort Dawnguard"
"0552","+","Environs - The Ruined Tundra Farmhouse"
"0553","+","Environs - Kolskeggr"
"0554","+","Environs - The Greenwood Shack"
"0555","+","Environs - The Shrines of Talos"
"0556","+","GG's Thieves Guild Headquarters"
"0557","+","GG's Markarth Farm"
"0558","+","Markarth Outskirts"
"0559","+","Forgotten Grotto - Markarth Hold"
"0560","+","Blubbos Markarth 2022"
"0561","+","Skyrim Wayshrines - Immersive Fast Travel - SWIFT SE"
"0562","+","s6o6t LORE - Oblivion gates"
"0563","+","s6o6t LORE - Dark Anchors Ruins and Dolmens"
"0565","+","Moonlight Cottage"
"0566","+","Crystalwind Estate and the Waterfalls of Rielle"
"0567","+","DMT's Underforge SE"
"0568","+","WiZkiD Pinewatch"
"0569","+","Northern Roads"
"0570","+","Unmarked Locations Pack"
"0571","+","Taarengrav Barrow"
"0572","+","Lighting & Weather_separator"
"0573","+","Azurite Weathers"
"0574","+","Supreme Weathers for Azurite Weathers"
"0576","+","Lux - Update"
"0577","+","Lux - Via"
"0578","+","Lux - Via - Repaired Whiterun Bridge Add-on"
"0579","+","Lux - Orbis"
"0580","+","Enhanced Volumetric Lighting and Shadows"
"0581","+","Seasons of Skyrim"
"0582","+","Seasons of Skyrim - Remove Unwanted Grass (Like No Grassias)"
"0583","+","Seasonal Weathers Framework"
"0584","+","Seasonal Weathers Framework - Azurite Weathers"
"0585","+","Shrubs of Snow - Seasons of Skyrim SKSE"
"0586","+","Moons And Stars"
"0587","+","Volumetric Mists"
"0588","+","Isoku's Alternate Sun Glare"
"0590","+","FormList Manipulator - Patch Collection"
"0591","+","FormList Manipulator - Legacy of the Dragonborn"
"0592","+","FormList Manipulator - Non-Native Bugs for LOTD"
"0593","+","Labyrinthian Shalidor's Maze Fixes"
"0594","+","The Notice Board - SMIM 3D Ropes Fix"
"0595","+","Optimized SkyrimCustom.ini"
"0596","+","Crash Logger"
"0597","+","IMAGINATOR - Visual Control Device for Skyrim"
"0598","+","Ethereal Tools Backup-Restore-Cloud Deposit"
"0599","+","Optimised Scripts for Apocalypse and Ordinator"
"0600","+","The Notice Board SE MCM"
"0601","+","MCM Recorder"
"0602","+","Alternate Perspective"
"0603","+","New Beginnings - Alternate Perspective Extension"
"0604","+","Mac's Alternate Perspective Add-on"
"0605","+","Auto Parallax"
"0606","+","Discord Rich Presence"
"0607","+","ACC - Autorun Console Commands"
"0609","+","Legacy of the Dragonborn Patches (Official)"
"0610","+","kryptopyr's Automated Patches"
"0611","+","Ryn's Skyrim Official Patch Hub"
"0612","+","AI Overhaul SSE - Official Patch Hub"
"0613","+","Unofficial Skyrim Modders Patch - Patch Emporium"
"0614","+","Convenient Carriages Patches"
"0616","+","elwaps' Guides and Enhanced Landscapes Patches"
"0617","+","Locked Chests Have Keys - Patches"
"0618","+","elwaps' Random Patches"
"0619","+","Tiny Patch Hub"
"0620","+","Wheels of Lull Patch - True Directional Movement"
"0621","+","Wheels of Lull Patch - Lux"
"0622","+","JKs Guild HQ Interiors Patch Collection"
"0623","+","JK's Skyrim - No Lights Patch"
"0624","+","JK's Skyrim - Arthmoor's Patch Pack"
"0625","+","JK's Skyrim - Fishing (CC) Patch"
"0626","+","JK's Skyrim - Grey Cowl (CC) Patch"
"0627","+","JKs Skyrim - AI Overhaul SSE Patch"
"0628","+","JK's Skyrim - Realistic Water Two Patch"
"0629","+","JK's Skyrim - Thunderchild Patch"
"0630","+","JK's Skyrim - Beyond Skyrim Wares of Tamriel Patch"
"0631","+","JK's Interiors Patch Collection"
"0632","+","Environs - Kolskeggr Patches"
"0633","+","Environs - The Shrines of Talos Patches"
"0634","+","Environs - The Greenwood Shack Patches"
"0635","+","Ryn's Bleakwind Basin - USSEP Patch"
"0636","+","Ryn's Whiterun City Limits - Tundra Homestead Patch"
"0637","+","Immersive Sounds Compendium - Immersive Armors Patch"
"0638","+","Immersive Sounds Compendium - WACCF Patch"
"0639","+","Audio Overhaul - Hunterborn Patch"
"0640","+","Audio Overhaul - Immersive Weapons Patch"
"0641","+","Audio Overhaul - ESO Imports Patch"
"0642","+","Audio Overhaul - Lore Weapon Expansion Patch"
"0643","+","Markarth Outskirts - Enhanced Landscapes Patch"
"0644","+","Majestic Mountains - Bruma Patch"
"0645","+","Majestic Mountains - Creation Club Patch"
"0646","+","Majestic Mountains - Myrwatch Patch"
"0647","+","Rebalancing Anniversary Edition - JK's Silver Blood Inn Patch"
"0648","+","Seasons of Skyrim SMIM Patch"
"0649","+","SIC SE - Add-Ons and Patches"
"0650","+","SIC SE - Immersive Sound Integration"
"0651","+","Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul - CCOR Patch"
"0652","+","Wintersun - More Patches"
"0653","+","Summermyst - WACCF Patch"
"0654","+","Ordinator - Odin Patch"
"0655","+","Lux - JK's Temple of Mara Patch"
"0656","+","Lux Via - Enhanced Landscapes Patch"
"0657","+","Lux Via - Ryn's Robber Gorge Patch"
"0658","+","Fluffworks - SIC Patch"
"0659","+","Fluffworks - CC Horse Patch"
"0660","+","Fluffworks - CC Pets of Skyrim Patch"
"0661","+","Fluffworks - CC Wild Horses Patch"
"0662","+","Fluffworks - Caravan Mules Patch"
"0663","+","Lucien - All-In-One Creation Club Patch"
"0664","+","Seasonal Wildlife Distribution - Skyrim Immersive Creatures Patch"
"0665","+","Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods - JK's Skyrim Patch"
"0666","+","Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods - Arthmoor's Town Add-on Patch"
"0667","+","The Elder Scrolls Online Imports - JK's Skyrim Patch"
"0668","+","The Elder Scrolls Online Imports - Skyrim Wayshrines Patch"
"0669","+","Beyond Skyrim - Bruma - Signs SMIM Patch"
"0670","+","Beyond Skyrim - Bruma - Ordinator Patch"
"0671","+","Bruma and Other Patches for Convenient Horses"
"0672","+","CACO - Beyond Skyrim Bruma Patch"
"0673","+","Bloodchill Manor - Majestic Mountains and Enhanced Landscape Patch"
"0674","+","Myrwatch - Editable Home Cells (Cell Bug Workaround)"
"0675","+","Skyshards - Immersive Interactions Patch"
"0676","+","Use Those Blankets - Campfire Patch"
"0677","+","Khajiit Has Wares - Immersive Caravan Mules Patch"
"0678","+","Khajiit Has Wares - JK's Skyrim Patch"
"0679","+","Beyond Skyrim - Bruma - Tweaks Enhancements and Patches"
"0680","+","Aela Restored - Hunterborn Patch"
"0681","+","Vanilla Hair Replacer - Beyond Skyrim - Bruma"
"0682","+","Honed Metal - Ordinator Patch"
"0683","+","Scrambled Bugs - Ordinator Patch"
"0684","+","Daedric Shrines - Molag Bal - Wintersun Patch"
"0685","+","Daedric Shrines - Namira - Wintersun Patch"
"0686","+","Statue of Sithis - Wintersun Patch"
"0687","+","Dibella statue - Wintersun Patch"
"0688","+","Daedric Shrines - Clavicus Vile - Wintersun Patch"
"0689","+","Daedric Shrines - Hircine - Wintersun Patch"
"0690","+","Daedric Shrines - Mephala - Wintersun Patch"
"0691","+","Daedric Shrines - Sanguine - Wintersun Patch"
"0692","+","Daedric Shrines - Sheogorath - Wintersun Patch"
"0693","+","Daedric Shrines - Azura - Wintersun Patch"
"0694","+","Daedric Shrines - Hermaeus Mora - Wintersun Patch"
"0695","+","Daedric Shrines - Vaermina - Wintersun Patch"
"0696","+","Ryn's Snazzy Last Vigil - An Ebony Warrior Overhaul - Lux Patch"
"0697","+","Ryn's Standing Stones Patch Collection"
"0698","+","The Only Cure Quest Expansion - Patches"
"0699","+","House of Horrors Quest Expansion - Patches"
"0700","+","Stay In Shape - Immersive Interactions Patch"
"0701","+","Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes - CBBE Patch"
"0702","+","Hunterborn - Quick Loot Workaround"
"0703","+","Seasonal Landscapes - CACO Patch"
"0704","+","Northern Roads Patch Collection"
"0705","+","Northern Roads - Patches Compendium"
"0706","+","Unmarked Locations Pack - Lux Via Patch"
"0707","+","Unmarked Locations Pack - Ulvenwald Trees Patch"
"0708","+","AIM FIX - iHUD Patch"
"0709","+","eFPS - Official Patch Hub"
"0710","+","Unofficial eFPS Patches"
"0711","+","Female Player Animations (DAR) - EVG Patch"
"0712","+","Fable Lore - Tools_separator"
"0713","+","BodySlide and Outfit Studio"
"0714","+","Fable Lore - HDT SMP_separator"
"0718","+","Fable Lore - HDT SMP Add-ons_separator"
"0726","+","Fable Lore - Widescreen Support_separator"
"0729","+","Fable Lore - Custom Addons_separator"
"0730","+","[Required] SSELODGen Output"
"0731","+","[Required] DynDOLOD Output"
"0732","+","[Required] Nemesis Output"
"0733","+","[Required] Gameplay Tweaks"
"0734","+","[Required] Modlist Settings"
"0735","+","[Required] Custom Patches"
"0736","+","[Required] Overwrite"
"0737","+","[Optional] Main Menu"
"0738","+","[Optional] Loading Screens"
"0739","+","[Optional] Character Presets"
"0740","+","[Optional] Free Fly Camera"
"0741","+","Fable Lore - ENB_separator"
"0742","+","[Optional] ENB Binaries"
"0745","+","[Optional] Nordlys ENB Preset"
"0746","+","[Optional] ENB Lights For Effect Shaders"
"0747","+","[Optional] ENB Complex Grass - Patch Compendium"
"0748","+","[Optional] ENB Input Disabler"
"0749","+","Fable Lore_separator"
submitted by Kienngu to skyrimmods [link] [comments]

2023.03.19 23:16 MetalHead98115 A Couple of Questions From a Noob

  1. So I just got Auriel's Bow. Is it worth using for someone who isn't a bow main on their current playthrough? I usually only use bows to fight dragons or pick health off of harder to kill enemies.
  2. I'm a Werewolf on my current playthrough. Does corrupting Auriel's Bow benefit me at all? As far as I'm aware it only benefits Vampires.
  3. I main sword and shield on my current character so while doing the Dawnguard quest line I went out of my way to obtain Auriel's Shield. It sounds super good, but I have yet to put it to the test. My question here is is it worth using or should I look for a better shield?
  4. This one is kind of random, but is there a point to owning more than one house on any type of playthrough? I earned Hendraheim, but didn't like the layout so I bought the Tundra Homestead.
Thank you to anyone that takes the time to answer my annoying questions😅. You are much appreciated!
submitted by MetalHead98115 to skyrim [link] [comments]