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Gats.io Customize - Upgrade - Compete

2017.08.02 07:37 Battlio Gats.io Customize - Upgrade - Compete

Gats.io is a tactical, arena-based shooter. Select your weapon, armor and color. Attack and defeat other players to gain points, use points to unlock perks and special abilities. Player stats are recorded and can be viewed at stats.gats.io.

2023.03.25 19:07 Jxsuz Is full metal suit better? If it is should i level down protective suit?

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2023.03.25 19:07 pseudometapseudo Introducing: nvim-spider – use the w, e, b motions like a spider by considering camelCase and ignoring insignificant punctuation

The plugin offers alternatives to vim's w, e, and b motion which differ in two ways: 1. Subword Movement: The movements happen by subwords, meaning it stops at the sub-parts of an CamelCase (or SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE or kebab-case) variable are considered words. (This is essentially what CamelCaseMotion.vim does.)
``lua -- positions vim'sw` will move to local myVariableName = FOO_BAR_BAZ -- ^ ^ ^
-- positions spider's w will move to local myVariableName = FOO_BAR_BAZ -- ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ```
  1. Skipping Insignificant Punctuation: A sequence of one or more punctuation characters is considered significant if it is surrounded by whitespace and does not includes any non-punctuation characters. This speeds up the movement across the line by reducing the number of mostly unnecessary stops.
``lua -- positions vim'sw` will move to if foo:find("%d") and foo == bar then print("[foo] has" .. bar) end -- ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ -> 21
-- positions spider's w will move to if foo:find("%d") and foo == bar then print("[foo] has" .. bar) end -- ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ -> 14 ```
  1. Furthermore
  2. lightweight (~120 LoCs)
  3. 100% lua
  4. works in normal, visual, and operater-pending mode
  5. supports counts
  6. zero-config (aside from adding the keymaps you want)
  7. ge is also supported (not mentioned in the descriptions for the bad pun, duh)
➡️ GitHub: nvim-spider
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2023.03.25 19:07 LoyddSteroid All DBD Add-ons Ranked Nurse Addition

This includes all 680 of the add-ons in game. Oh boy this is gonna be a doozy
Success Guaranteed:
(Trapper) Honing Stone: Survivors who are trapped are put in the dying state
(Wraith) Shadow Dance - Blood: Increases speed of break actions and vaulting by 60%
(Hillbilly) Spiked Boots: Increases turn rate by 44%. Increases recovery time by 28%
Almost Always gonna Win:
(Trapper) Trapper Bag: Increases maximum traps by 1
(Trapper) Fastening Tools: Increases setting speed by 50%. Increases time to escape trap by 25%
(Trapper) Iridescent Stone: Every 30 seconds a random trap is set
(Trapper) Bloody Coil: When a trap is disarmed by a healthy survivor
(Wraith) "The Ghost" - Soot: Terror Radius is suppressed for 6 seconds more after uncloaking
(Wraith) Bone Clapper: All survivors hear the bell
(Wraith) Shadow Dance - White: Increases speed at breaking actions and vaulting by 40%
(Wraith) Blink - White: Increases cloaking speed by 60%
(Wraith) Coxcombed Clapper: The bell makes no noise
(Hillbilly) Low Kickback Chains: Decreases recovery time by 28%
(Hillbilly) Doom Engravings: Increases chainsaw speed by 20% and decreases heat generated by 14%. Increases time required to charge a chainsaw by 14%
(Nurse) Pocket Watch: Increases time before the nurse succumbs to fatigue by 20%
(Nurse) Catatonic Boy's Treasure: Decreases fatigue of second or third blink attack
(Nurse) Spasmodic Breath: Hitting a blink attack increases movement speed to 4.6 M/S while removing the ability to blink
(Nurse) Campbell's Last Breath: Use both blinks to increase range
Should Buy:
(Trapper) Trapper Gloves: Increases Setting Speed by 30%
(Trapper) Wax Brick: Increases time to rescue a trapped survivor or attempt escape by 33%
(Trapper) Serrated Jaws: Bear traps inflict hemorrhage until healed
(Trapper) Lengthened Jaws: Traps inflict deep wound
(Trapper) 4-Coil Spring Kit: Increases time required to disarm a trap
(Trapper) Secondary Coil: Increases time required to disarm a trap
(Trapper) Rusted Jaws: Bear Traps inflict mangled
(Trapper) Tension Spring: Traps Reset 2 seconds after a survivor escapes from it
(Wraith) Windstorm - Mud: Increases movement speed by 5% while cloaked
(Wraith) Swift Hunt - Mud: Increases uncloaking speed by 8%
(Wraith) Blink - Mud: Increases cloaking speed by 40%
(Wraith) Blind Warrior - Mud: Surprise attacks inflict blindness for 60 seconds
(Wraith) Windstorm - White: Increases movement speed while cloaked by 7%
(Wraith) Swift Hunt - White: Increases uncloaking speed by 10%
(Wraith) Blind Warrior - White: Surprise attacks inflict mangled
(Wraith) Windstorm - Blood: Increases movement speed while cloaked by 9%
(Wraith) Swift Hunt - Blood: Increases uncloaking speed by 12%
(Hillbilly) Heavy Clutch: Decreases chainsaw hitbox by 30%
(Hillbilly) Steel Toe Boots: Decreases recovery time by 12%
(Hillbilly) Death Engravings: Increases speed and decreases heat generated by 14%. Increases charge time by 14%
(Hillbilly) Dad's Boots: Increases turn rate by 28%
(Hillbilly) Lo Pro Chains: Instantly go through pallets and doors. Any survivor hit within 5 seconds of this happening will only be injured for 1 health state.
(Hillbilly) Iridescent Brick: Gain undetectable 2 seconds after starting a sprint
(Hillbilly) Apex Muffler: All survivors outside your terror radius cannot hear your chainsaw
(Nurse) Plaid Flannel: Reveals where the nurse will blink too
(Nurse) Heavy Panting: Extends Duration of a lunge for second or third lunge by 30%
(Nurse) Ataxic Respiration: Decreases first blink fatigue by 7%
(Nurse) Badman's Last Breath: Hitting a survivor with a blink attack makes your undetectable for 25 seconds
(Nurse) Matchbox: Makes max blinks 1. Increases movement speed to 4.4 M/S
Sea of Bad Add-ons:
(Trapper) Padded Jaws: Increases points for trapper events. Traps no longer damage
(Trapper) Tar Bottle: Darkens Traps
(Trapper) Trapper Sack: All Traps start with Trapper. Cannot Pickup Traps.
(Trapper) Oily Coil: Reveals the aura of the last survivor to disarm a trap after resetting it
(Wraith) "The Beast" - Soot: Increases points for Wraith events. Terror radius is no longer suppressed while cloaked
(Wraith) All Seeing - Blood: Reveals the aura of all survivors within 8 meters while cloaked
(Wraith) All Seeing - Spirit: Reveals the progress of all gens while cloaked
(Hillbilly) Off-brand Motor Oil: Decreases noise made by chainsaw by 30%
(Hillbilly) Mother's Helpers: Increases chainsaw charge time by 18% for 30 seconds after being stunned
(Hillbilly) Leafy Mash: Gain undetectable after a successful chainsaw hit
(Nurse) Metal Spoon: Hitting a survivor with a blink attack makes their grunts of pain 50% louder for 60 seconds
(Nurse) Fragile Wheeze: Blink attacks inflict mangled
(Nurse) Anxious Gasp: Blinking past a survivor causes them to scream
(Nurse) Jenner's Last Breath: Using all your blinks without any hits allow you to blink back to your original position and use one more blink
(Nurse) Torn Bookmark: Increases blinks by 1. Increases recharge time by 30%
Discontinue Pls:
(Trapper) Bear Oil: Setting traps make no noise
(Trapper) Coffee Grounds: Gain a 5% haste effect for 5 seconds after setting a trap
(Wraith) "The Serpent" - Soot: Uncloak after completing a break action
(Wraith) "The Hound" - Soot: Blood is brighter while cloaked
(Hillbilly) Black Grease: Increases charge rate by 18% for 30 seconds after being blinded
(Hillbilly) Tuned Carburetor: Makes base speed 4.4 M/S. Increases chainsaw charge rate by 25%
(Nurse) Dark Cincture: Increases movement speed between blinks by 30%
(Nurse) Bad Mans Keepsake: Hitting a survivor with a blink attack reveals their aura while healing within 28 meters of you for 60 seconds
(Nurse) Kavanaghs Last Breath: Any survivor within 8 meters of the nurse when she succumbs to fatigue will become blinded for 60 seconds
Failure to get value:
(Trapper) Makeshift Wrap: Trapper no longer can step in traps. Bear Traps disarm if Trapper steps in them
(Hillbilly) Speed Limiter: Chainsaw now hits for only one health state. However, all Hillbilly events are given an 100% bonus
(Hillbilly) Junkyard Air Filter: Increases chainsaw overheat limit by 20%
(Hillbilly) Punctured Muffler: Increases cooldown speed by 50%
(Hillbilly) Big Buckle: Decreases terror radius by 8 meters while chainsaw is overheated
(Hillbilly) Pig House Gloves: Decreases speed of breaking actions and stun animation by 50% while overheated
(Nurse) White Nit Comb: Decreases lunge of attacks by 50%. Increases nurse event blood points by 100%
(Nurse) Dull Bracelet: Decreases maximum blink range by 20%. Increases nurse event points by 100% e
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2023.03.25 19:06 BreezyLeaves_ u think i should replace the cape with lion of ravenna?

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2023.03.25 19:06 Jamsjamming 『Paint it,Black』

Localized name: 『liquid darkness』
Namesake: The song paint it black by the Rolling Stones
User: ausencia de matiz(translated to absence of hue in English) is a minor antagonist in my fan made jojo part.
Type: close-range Artificial Non-Humanoid Stand
Destructive power: A
Speed: B
Range: C (10m)
Endurance: D
Precision: A
Developmental potential: C
Appearance: 『Paint it, black』resembles a paint brush with black on its brush
Personality: this stand has no emotion
[painted Black ]:『 Paint it,Black』ability occurs when『Paint it,Black』touchs a liquid. When this happens, it turns liquid into a substance similar to black paint, and if it touches another liquid, it will turn that liquid into the liquid of『Paint it,Black』
[controlling Black ]: The user of 『Paint it,Black』 can control the liquid in various ways like hardening r the liquid to be able to stab someone, if 『paint it black』or the liquid of 『Paint it,Black』either touches the blood or the eyes he will be able to control that person's body and stand if they have one
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2023.03.25 19:03 PCchongor At what point does a script become "too political"? Is there an objective line where it does? Where did mine go wrong? "A STRONG WOMAN" feature script case study.

Hi all! Been a follower of the subreddit since just about its initial inception, and have been in awe of all the amazing discussions, advice, and career trajectories (I think I even remember David F. Sandberg posting here when LIGHTS OUT was still just a short?) that've stemmed from this community and all the impassioned writers in it, and wanted to finally make my first post.
The tl;dr is that I'm looking get a general feel for how "political" a script can be before it's deemed "too political" to be made, which is something I'd genuinely never thought of before hearing that specific phrase pop out numerous as I sent this script A STRONG WOMAN (a satire about a firebrand militia woman who schemes up a convoluted plan of revenge against the governor who put her in jail for storming a refugee center with her militia unit) out to various places for consideration. If anyone is willing to give a read, (along with general notions as to whether or not you think it's shit or not), I'm curious to see exactly what point it might feel to be too much, and if people in general feel they have a personal line, or they see a line in general where things become "too political."
I think I've been a bit naïve to taking this into consideration with developing projects as I come to my stories with a very unique perspective of someone who grew up as an asylum-seeking political refugee in America, which quite literally made my birth a legally binding political designation that I had no say or choice in, and hearing that my POV might be inherently too political to tell particular stories with is a rather gutting feeling that ironically is the very reason my family initially escaped from their country to come to the U.S. instead. I've always seen the film industry in the U.S. as the highest form of expression and where one can be free to speak their mind however they see fit, but with the increase in corporate control of many studios and by extension their production partners, overtly speaking about certain topics feels as though it's reached a level of taboo that feels quite frustrating and in some ways dangerous, as storytelling and art can be great ways of combatting rising tides of hatred in other sphere of life.
Now for the not-so tl;dr version:
I've been working in the industry of many years now, and back in 2020 had the opportunity to work on the producing team of a film that later made some really cool Oscar grabs that year and opened up a ton of doors in terms of finally being able to personally reach out to other producers and try and set up my very first project of my own from the ground up.
Now, instead of doing the sensible thing and parlaying that momentum into producing a genre project that could then *eventually* lead to the kind of industry clout that gives one the opportunity to make a NOPE or BARBARIAN, I instead decided to swing for the fences and send out a script I'd been working on for quite some time as it was an encapsulation of my many of my experiences growing up in the U.S. as an asylum-seeking stateless refugee, and a showcase of just how nightmarish, misunderstood, and invisible that existence can be--particularly in places where there are heavy militia movements whose stated goals are the eradication of immigrants and refugees from their communities.
Granted, not exactly four-quadrant popcorn material, but ever since seeing the refugee center my family came to the U.S. be stormed and attempted to be shut down by proto-QAnon conspiracy theorists, it made me feel like those things I'd seen growing up were beginning to spiral out of control and reach a much broader mainstream stage that has the potential to quickly spiral out of control in ways that few understand without actually having lived through it before (as was the case with my family, whose country they fled had experienced its own case of ethnic cleansing that went from 0-to-60 in just a few weeks and caused many who'd lived their entire lives together in their community to suddenly take up knives and torches and kill those they were being told were the root cause of their centuries-old grievances and slights).
So, I decided to write this project in the fall of 2019 and finished it on the day of the infamous January 6th completely ANTIFA instigated sightseeing tour, which was rather surreal given the content of the script. Many of the most fanciful bits in it like a militia leader running for governor of Idaho, "SAVE AMERICA!" becoming a real slogan, insurrection revisionism, and a right-wing quest for vengeance against their own would eventually come true. However, at the time of sending it out, these elements were labeled as unrealistic and "too political" and too risky to finance, which was a sentiment that came directly from some producers who'd indeed made some *incredibly* risky films over their careers that seemed to have pushed far more envelopes and buttons than anything I came close to in this script. Their sentiment seemed to be one of utter exhaustion of dealing with the repercussions of speaking out in public ways, and were done making things that were even remotely political, let alone "too political."
That's certainly fair enough, but in going back to my initial idea that some people's lives become inherently political whether or not they ever got a say in the matter, does deeming something "too political" to make then expunge that person's ability to tell *any* story in a way that feels genuine and honest to their experience? Is it appropriate to think of scripts in that way, or is "too political" a necessary designation that helps films remain viably commercial and keep the heat off in ways that allow it to keep telling stories in increasingly difficult times? Is cutting out the perspectives of those whose lives have become political hot potatoes for one reason or another worth it to preserve the ability for everyone else to keep telling their stories?
These are all questions I never really thought of before writing this script, and even though the attempt to try and get it made was an extremely frustrating and depressing one, its ultimate impact was positive in that it made me *more* determined to keep my perspective intact and keep moving forward regardless of what the general view of the perspective might be, and it also gave me a greater appreciation of the sacrifices that producers and financiers have made throughout and sometimes *still* make to get controversial or political works made in the film industry.
I respect very dearly the POVs and opinions of this subreddit, and even if just one person takes a look at the script and shares their thoughts, I'd be eternally grateful and honored to continue the discussion, even if it's one that's entirely contrary to how I may see things. Having experienced my life in equal chunks in the two most politically divergent places in the U.S., there's tremendous value in being able to talk to each other and take in differing viewpoints without judgement and to try and understand where it's coming from, which is why I hope that little by little the designation of "too political" can eventually fall to the wayside and projects are instead judged by the good ol' fashion metric of whether they suck balls or not, which I'm also certainly open and ready to hear if A STRONG WOMAN does to you.
Thanks to everyone who's ever positively contributed to this community, and thank you to anyone, regardless of what side of the political spectrum you may be on, who's ever stood up for what they believe in regardless of what the broader opinion of those beliefs might be *without* hurting anyone or making it impossible for anyone else to share differing beliefs. That's literally the most difficult things human beings can do (apart from maybe the cinnamon challenge), and it's something I truly believe we as screenwriters have a unique and wonderful opportunity to do each time we sit down and write.
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2023.03.25 19:02 Iamauser666 Concept Kit: Darth Bane (Sorry for the long post)

Concept Kit: Darth Bane (Sorry for the long post)

Unit name: Darth Bane
Alignment: Dark Side
Role: Tank
Tags: Sith, Leader

Basic: They call me Bane:
Deal physical damage to the target enemy and apply blind for 2 turns. If the target had torture, apply ability block for 1 turn and gain 15% turn meter.

Special 1 Cooldown 5 (ZETA): I will survive. At any cost.:
Deal special damage to the target enemy and apply doubt, healing immunity, ability block, shock and 1 stack of damage over time for each relic amplifier level bane has for 2 turns. This cant be evaded or resisted. If the target enemy is a jedi or a sith, these debuffs cant be dispelled.
Deal 35% more damage for each dark side ally. Then the target sith ally recovers health equal to the damage dealt and gains protection up (50%) for 4 turns.

Special 2 Cooldown 8 (ZETA): Essence Transfer:
Deal damage to the target enemy equal to 65% of banes max health. Apply stun for 2 turns to the target enemy. If this attack defeats the target enemy, recover 100% health which cant be prevented and gain 10% bonus protection for each stack of resilient defense he has for 4 turns.
If this ability does not defeat the target enemy, then bane will deal 25% max health damage to himself, which cant be prevented or manipulated. This ability cant be evaded, resisted or dispelled. This ability can only be used whilst bane has less than 50% health

Leader (ZETA): Rule of two:
If at the start of the battle there are no allied galactic legends or allies with increased cooldowns and all allies were sith:
Sith allies have +40 speed, 40% mastery, max health and critical damage and 30% offense. Allies and enemies cant revive. Sith allies are immune to turn meter reduction and ability block. Allies with "master" or "apprentice" are also immune to stun, daze and fear.
Enemies with shock cant attack outside of their turn or counter. Enemies with torture cant resist debuffs and have -50% defense, critical avoidence and critical damage.
At the start of the battle, bane will gain "master". If darth Zannah is an ally, she will gain "apprentice". If darth cognus is an ally and darth zannah either isnt an ally or was defeated, she will gain "apprentice". If neither are allies then instead the strongest sith ally gains apprentice.
Allies with "master" that are not a tank have +100% defense and recover 8% health and protection when they are damaged.
+50 speed. Gain 30% turn meter whenever the ally with "apprentice" is critically hit. Gain mark for 2 turns whenever this character uses a special ability which cant be resisted. If this character is defeated, grant the ally with "apprentice" 100% of this characters mastery (if it is more than 0) and grant them all stacks of "sith training" this character has.
If the ally with "apprentice" is defeated then reset cooldowns, dispel all debuffs from themselves and take a bonus turn where they can only use the ability "sith legacy". If there are no other sith allies present then summon a sith marauder.
+25 speed. Gain 15% Turn meter whenever the ally with "Master" is critically hit. At the start of the masters turn gain 1 stack of "Sith Training".
If the master is defeated, gain master, reset cooldowns, dispel all debuffs from themselves and take a bonus turn where they can only use the ability "sith legacy". If there are no other sith allies present then summon a sith marauder.
Sith Training: 5% Mastery per stack. Cant be dispelled or prevented. Is a buff.
Sith Legacy: Grant the target ally "apprentice" and gain a bonus turn.

Unique 1: Path of destruction:
Sith allies have +35% potency. Whenever a sith ally uses a special ability, they gain retribution, health up and offense up for 1 turn.
Whenever bane gains mark or taunt, he dispels it and gains 2 stacks of resilient defense and recover 10% health.

Unique 2: Dynasty of evil:
+10% critical chance for each other sith ally.
If at the start of the battle there are no allied galactic legends or allies with increased cooldowns and all allies were sith:
Whenever a sith ally is critically hit, inflicted with a debuff by an enemy or inflicts a debuff on an enemy, bane will gain 1 stack of force energy (max 100). Whenever a enemy loses a buff, gain 1 stack of force energy. Whenever a sith ally or a sith, jedi or unaligned force user enemy uses a ability during their turn, gain 2 stacks of force energy.
Once he reaches 100 stacks of force energy, he loses all stacks and cant gain more. He will then take a bonus turn where he can only use the ability "Force bomb".
Force Bomb:
All allies recover 100% health and protection which cant be prevented. Defeat all sith allies without "master" or "apprentice" and all sith and jedi enemies. Reset all allies cooldowns. Dispel all buffs on all characters. This attack deals damage to all enemies equal to 10% of banes max health.
This attack deals additional damage to all enemies equal to 25% of banes max health for each jedi and sith characters defeated. Deal and additional damage equal to 5% of banes max health for each buff dispelled. Bane then takes a bonus turn and gains 100% of the mastery of all characters defeated this way. This ability can only be used once per battle. Can only be used if bane is in the leader slot.

Unique 3 (ZETA): Orbalisk armor:
Whenever he is damaged, he loses 10% of his base max protection and gains 10% defense (stacking) (Max 100%).
Whenever bane uses an ability, gain defense up and 1 stack of damage over time for 2 turns which cant be evaded or resisted for 2 turns and 1 stack of resilient defense (max 10). If he uses an ability during his turn, gain an additional stack of resilient defense and gain 5% mastery (stacking) (once per turn).
Sith allies have +15% defense per stack of resilient defense on bane, doubled for allies with "master" or "apprentice". Whenever bane loses a stack of resilient defense all sith allies recover 5% health and gain 5% turn meter.
Bane takes 90% less damage from max health damage, and if at the start of the battle there are no allied galactic legends or allies with increased cooldowns and all allies were sith: whenever a enemy deals max health damage to a sith ally, bane recovers 5% health and gains 5% mastery (stacking). Max health damage cant defeat sith allies.
Bold=An ability Italics=new effect Both: What a zeta affects

Kit Breakdown:

The Basic: Damage. Blind for 2 turns and ability block for 1 turn they had torture
First special: Damage, lots of debuffs and DoTs, cant be resisted/evaded, jedi and sith cant have it dispelled, target sith recovers health and gains prot. up
Second special: Deal a lot of damage and stun for 2 turns, if kill then heal and bonus prot., if no kill then take damage which cant kill you, only used whilst in yellow or below
Leader: If no GLs and no allies like nihilus, talon or sion (allies with abilities on CD from a previous battle wont be counted) then: Lots of stats, immune to a lot of stuff, bane and another sith gain the title of master or apprentice respectively. These 2 are immune to more stuff.
Master takes all the damage, apprentice "learn" and gains stacking mastery, represented by a buff to show you how far youve come, if master dies apprentice will be master and seeks a new student, additionally gains all the sith training and mastery from the master, if apprentice dies the master seeks a new student, no new stats.
If there are no sith to train the master will summon a sith marauder, same kit as the one in game
Unique 1: Potency, some buffs you gain on specials and converts taunt/mark to resilient defense
Unique 2: Crit chance, if sith, jedi or sometimes UFUs do something bane gains stacks of force energy, at 100 kill all sith and jedi that dont have the ranks the lead gives, deal a lot more damage and recover all your health/prot and reset CDs.
Another turn for bane + a bunch of mastery from the dead characters. (If there are no sith/jedi on your team when fighting him, and you killed all the guys without the ranks given by the lead, he deal little damage)
Unique 3: You lose all your prot but get more defense, constantly gain DoTs and resilient defense aswell as mastery sometimes, sith have a lot of defense and heal and gain more tm, bane takes little max health damage but if you deal max health damage to him or his sith mates, he heals and gains mastery

Additional info:

He is supposed to have much health and no prot, he will also deal little normal damage kinda like malgus unless he ramps too much.
I have already made a darth cognus and zannah kit, will also post them here.


(Disclaimer: I have not read the bane trilogy, Im just basing this of what wookieepedia says because I think he is a very cool sith that deserves to be in the game)
He is meant to be on par with characters such as GAS. He is meant to empower sith that arent GLs or darth talon, sion or nihilus. He is meant to especially empower the 2 sith which have the title master or apprentice, as he is the inventor of the rule of 2. The second special is inspired by how he learnt essence transfer to pass his mind on to a new body as he thought darth zannah was too weak to beat him.
He only used essence transfer in the final fight against zannah when he realized he was gonna lose. I wanted the ability to be pretty simple, so I went by: If essence transfer works: New body thus 100% health regen. If it doesnt work: Soul thrown in the void to eternally suffer or something thus 25% health damage.
His lead is meant to represent how in the rule of 2: The master trains the student, granting them sith training, once the master dies the student becomes the master and gets a new apprentice, or the master just gets a new apprentice if the apprentice dies. I know the apprentice usually kills the master but, that would both not make game sense and would be hard to make happen in game.
He killed the sith with a ritual that he convinced other sith to do with him, just to kill all sith and jedi on the battlefield. Which is why he gains force energy (from SKs kit) from force users to power his ritual, which could completely devastate the opponent, or do pretty much nothing because there are no leftover sith or jedi to instakill.
The clause "No allies with increased cooldown" doesnt count allies that had increased CDs from a previous encounter, just the ones like nihilus that increase their own CDs for an ability.
He is a tank because of his living armor, that hurts him through DoTs but also strenghens him. He is also meant to obviously punish max health damage. He has resilient defense not taunt because he feels like a character that should have resilient defense.
I hope he isnt too OP, and I hope you liked this Kit, even with the long post to come with it.
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2023.03.25 18:57 avocadord WIFI 5 & WIFI 6 AP Roaming on same network

Hi All,
I need some guidance on the following issue,
setup is OC200->ER605->SG2428P-> 2xEAP615 + 2xEAP245 + 3xEAP235 +1xEAP650
i have the EAP6XX units downstairs in rooms and open spaces and the EAP2XX units upstairs in bedrooms and open spaces, all are connected via Ethernet so no meshing.
the issue i started experiencing over the past month is as i move with my wireless clients (iPad and iPhone etc ...) from downstairs to upstairs they tend to keep the connection to the EAP6XX access-point , and refuse to join the EAP2XX access-points even though they are sometimes directly above me. Switching WIFI on and off my expectation was that it will link up to the EAP2XX but this doesn't happen.
On the OC200 controller i have "Advanced Features" enabled but only "Fast Roaming" checked.
Never had this issue a while back, as my wireless clients always showed it moving from the downstairs AP to the upstairs AP quite nicely and speeds where on par with my ISP.
Ive tried out the "AI Wireless LAN Optimization" to see if optimizing the TX power and bands may resolve any conflicts , it ran but hasn't fixed the issue. I've also tried " Force-Disassociation " so that it may drop the wireless client if signal gets weaker and connect to the EAP2XX AP when I'm upstairs but that also hasn't worked
Any guidance will be appreciated
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2023.03.25 18:54 zzjulezz [gen6] Two shinies thru chain fishing in under 20 tries! 🔥

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2023.03.25 18:53 Eatpizza60 Price check for both of these.

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2023.03.25 18:52 snek_001 World eaters concept team

World eaters
Butcher's nails: units with this trait have +10% crit chance and damage on their melee attacks, and gain +10% peirce ratio to their melee attacks, if they moved adjacent to an enemy unit this turn.
Common Sourcer's bane - Khorne Berzerker Traits: Butcher's nails.
Move: 3 Damage: Above Average Defense: Slightly below average Health: Average
Attack: Melee ×4 Chain.
Active: Scorn of sorcery Sourcer's bane swings his chain axe, dealing ×4 X chain damage. If the target is a Psyker, he deals ×8 X chain damage instead, and gains +15% peirce ratio for that attack.
Additional info: the extra pierce ratio goes up 5% for each level of rarity, so 20% at uncommon, 25% at rare, and so on.
Passive: Blood surge Each time Sorcer's bane takes damage from a range attack, after that attack has finished, he has a 60% chance to move towards the closest enemy unit. If he gets to an adjacent hex to an enemy through this ability, he automatically attacks that unit, dealing +X damage.
Additional info: the movement chance goes up 5% for each level of rarity, so at uncommon it becomes 65%, at rare 70%, and so on.
Uncommon Khaan - Red butchers terminator Traits: Deep strike, Butcher's nails, Terminator.
Move: 2 Damage: Below average Defense: High Health: Above average
Attack: Range(2) ×2 bolter, melee ×4 chain.
Active: Blood for the god! Khaan fires his combi-plasma at every enemy with 2 hexes, dealing ×2 X bolter damage. If Skull for the skull throne! has already been used this game, he deals +Y damage.
Passive: combi-plamsa Each time Khaan makes a ranged attack, he deals an additional ×1 X plasma damage. There is also a 10% chance that Khaan takes ×1 X plasma damage each time he shoots.
Rare Skull crusher - Exalted Eight bound Traits: Daemon, Butcher's nails, final vengeance.
Move: 3 Damage: Above average Defense: Average Health: Slightly above average
Attack: Melee ×4 power damage
Active: Skull for the skull throne! Skull crusher Swings his Chains fists, Dealing ×8 X power damage, with the hits being evenly distrusted between every adjacent enemy. If Blood for the blood god! has already been used this battle, he deals +Y damage.
Passive: Eightbound Chain fists Each time Skull crusher attack in melee, he has a 50% chance to deal an additional ×1 X chain damage for each hit he makes. If the target is a vehicle or a big target, he has a 80% chance instead.
Epic Khârn the betrayer Traits: Butcher's nails, Final vengeance.
Move: 3 Damage: Below average Defense: Average Health: Slightly below average
Attack: range(2) ×2 plasma, Melee ×8 chain
Active: Kill! Maim! Burn! Khârn gains +1 movement and +X damage for the turn. He automatically moves towards the closest unit (friend or foe) and attacks them. If the unit is defeated he moves again, retaining any remaining hits, and repeats this cycle until he's unable to defeat a unit.
Passive: The Betrayer Each time Khârn makes a melee attack, he deals ×2 X chain damage to every adjacent unit, friend or foe. (Note that this includes the target of the attack as well.)
Legendary Lord invocatus Traits: Daemon, butcher's nails, big target, fly
Move: 4 Damage: Low Defense: Above average Health: Slightly above average
Attack: Melee 7x chain damage
Active: Road of Eight bloody steps Every friendly unit gains +2 movement and +X damage for this turn.
Passive: Juggernaut's blade horn When Lord Invocatus moves adjacent to an enemy unit, the suffer ×1 X chain damage for each hex he moved.
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2023.03.25 18:48 Redtide0094 H: be90 fixer W: junk or fluorescent flux

H: be90 fixer W: junk or fluorescent flux submitted by Redtide0094 to Market76 [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 18:45 jayhankedlyon Advance Wars COs as Commanders!

Hi all, WarGroove 2 news inspired a replay which inspired looking back to something I wrote up during quarantine: giving each Advance Wars CO the Commander treatment (minus Sturm, Von Bolt, and the Days of Ruin folks). Polished it up and figured y'all might enjoy!
Andy: Hyper Repair (Speed: Fast/Range: All)
All friendly units over the entire battlefield are restored by 20%. This is identical to his COP in a way most of my Grooves aren’t, but the unique field-wide effect differentiates it from Mercia’s, healing more units but at a diluted rate. Especially helpful on teams with high-range attackers and naval battles, as Andy can help units without being anywhere near them.
Max: Max Force (Speed: Medium/Range: 2)
All units within two tiles of Max get guaranteed critical hits when dealing direct damage for the rest of the turn. I feel like adjusting crit rate is more in line with Wargroove’s aesthetic than a stat boost, and while it doesn’t help units that would crit anyway, it allows you to bulldoze ahead with an all-out attack without thinking too hard, which is Max’s claim to fame.
Sami: Victory March (Speed: Medium/Range: 1)
Capture an adjacent property and bring it to 100% HP; remember that Strongholds are not captured but destroyed, so they are unaffected by this Groove. Rather than boosting infantry (which would be super broken in a game that’s full of infantry) Sami leans into her Super COP and the more active nature of Commanders in Wargroove by capturing bases herself. This is an incredible ability, taking the actions of at least two units (defeating a building then capturing it) and condensing it into one, while both cutting off an enemy supply line and bringing your own to full power. It can even be used to heal allies in a pinch by providing plenty of reinforcement juice. With this in mind, it might be more appropriate at a slower charge rate.
Rachel: Covering Fire (Speed: Slow/Range: All)
Three missiles strike the opposing army, which deal 30% of Rachel’s maximum damage to all surrounding foes (everything within two tiles of the center, in a classic diamond shape). The first missile strikes the healthiest Commander. The second missile strikes the most expensive enemy unit (again, by health). The third missile strikes wherever it would lower the most amount of total HP. This monster of a Groove is essentially the same as in Dual Strike, but with a focus on the opposing Commander instead of regular infantry. While similar to Koji’s Sparrow Bomb, it deals less damage with less control, but at a much higher range and radius with a guarantee to hit the Commander at least once.
Jake: Block Rock (Speed: Fast/Range: 1)
Place a 10 HP boombox on an adjacent tile that loses 2 HP per turn, like Emeric’s Elder Shield. All Plains tiles within three spaces of the boombox have their movement penalty for wheeled units and aquanauts removed, and ranged units on these Plains tiles have +1 Range. While this is situational depending on the map, this allows our Plains expert to roll out his artillery and wagons with ease, and create pockets of extra range to get the jump on distant foes.
Nell: Lucky Star (Speed: Slow/Range: All)
All units in the field have a 50% chance to crit, regardless of circumstances. Like with Max, adjusting crit rate gives it a groovy feel, and making it field-wide allows this to be a potentially devastating power, but only with luck. Charge rate can be adjusted depending on how well it works.
Hachi: Merchant Union (Speed: Slow/Range: All)
You may deploy ground units from any village on land, and naval units from any village in the sea. Like Teleport Beam, this allows for amazing deployment opportunities, but trades Nuru’s ability to place a unit anywhere (and have it move instantly) with the ability to potentially produce multiple units all over the battlefield.
Olaf: Blizzard (Speed: Slow/Range: All)
Changes the biome to Ice and causes severe weather until your next turn. I’m surprised we don’t have a weather-setting Commander already, but Olaf fits the bill just fine, using WarGroove’s mechanics to impair the opposing team (and your own team if you’re silly enough that you don’t activate Olaf’s Groove at the very end of your turn).
Grit: Snipe Attack (Speed: Medium/Range: 2)
All ranged units within two spaces of Grit can move and attack in the same turn, but cannot critically hit. This may seem OP (playtesting would be nice to confirm) but considering the cost of Ballistae and Trebuchets, and the fact that Nuru can essentially do the same thing with a single unit without even needing a unit to start with, I think it’s a neat way to give Grit a new tool that isn’t just adding range.
Colin: Gold Rush (Speed: Fast/Range: Not Applicable)
Multiplies Colin’s gold by 150%. Unit costs remain the same, but this is a way to keep Colin’s role as the money master producing units willy nilly. If it proves OP it can be slowed down or have the percentage tweaked, but I think it’s in keeping with what Commanders can already do in terms of value. Remember to use this power before buying units!
Sasha: Market Crash (Speed: Fast/Range: All)
Resets the Groove Meter of all opposing Commanders to 0. I love Sasha’s role as an anti-COP player in Dual Strike, and this is in keeping with that niche. Her power is making sure the other team doesn’t have a power, and with proper play she can keep the whole battle on an even keel.
Kanbei: Morale Boost (Speed: Slow/Range: 3)
Creates an aura that envelops all spaces within three tiles of Kanbei. All allies that are in this aura during the enemy Commander’s turn strike first when attacked if they’re able to counterattack. This is an excellent defensive tool, discouraging opponents from attacking your troops for fear of taking massive damage in the process. However, be sure you take account of ranged opponents! (This is closer to Samurai Spirit than Morale Boost in terms of the COP, but I went with the classic name.)
Sonja: Enhanced Vision (Speed: Fast/Range: Self)
Causes Fog of War to take effect until the end of your next turn if it isn’t already implemented. Sonja gains an additional five tiles of vision, which is unimpeded by forests, mountains, walls, and reefs. Adding Fog of War is new to her, but otherwise our recon expert is entirely too situational. At least she doesn’t have bad luck anymore!
Sensei: Airborne Assault (Speed: Medium/Range: All)
Spawns an active Spearman with 80% HP at every Village under Sensei’s command. This isn’t a 1-1 equivalent to his SCOP, as these units can’t combine for an income boost or heal themselves as easily, and your Harpies don’t get a boost (by the name, I’d like to think the Harpies dropped the Spearmen off), but with enough properties you can create a free army from scratch. Groove speed can be adjusted, but I figured Medium because there aren’t as many properties in this game as Advance Wars and the mechanics are different enough that I don’t want a Groove that charges slow and is only used when you can’t get much out of your new troops because they’re too far from the action. Happy to talk about adjustments for this one.
Grimm: Haymaker (Speed: Fast/Range: 1)
Grimm strikes an enemy with a blow that deals 200% of regular damage, but he is unable to counterattack until your next turn. Grimm's gimmick in Advance Wars is high power but low defense, and I don't want to lower his actual defense considering the value of commanders, but this ability gives a similar disadvantage without fully crippling him. It's a similar Groove to Sigrid's, but doesn't regain health, isn't a guaranteed kill, can't target aerial opponents, and requires planning around his inability to counterattack. However, it charges much faster and can hit enemy structures and Commanders (at full health, this Groove hits a Commander for 90% damage and a Stronghold for 80% damage, yowza).
Eagle: Lightning Strike (Speed: Slow/Range: 6)
All aerial units within six tiles of Eagle may move again, but cannot crit. Let’s face it, they gave this game’s version of Lightning Strike to Caesar. This alternative only affects aerial units as a nod to Eagle's specialty, but it has far greater potential than Caesar's due to its wider range. The inability to gain critical hits is crucial for balance, but other adjustments are welcome.
Drake: Typhoon (Speed: Slow/Range: All)
Causes fair winds until the end of your turn. Sure, this has nothing to do with Tsunami or Typhoon, but frankly there are few ways to implement those abilities well in Wargroove (can't reduce fuel and mass damage to opponents is more Hawke's MO) and I already gave Sonja the Fog of War buff. The goal here is to instead give Drake his weather duo status with Olaf while providing a weather that greatly enhances his navy for a turn.
Jess: Overdrive (Speed:Medium/Range: 1)
Use this Groove on an adjacent Wagon to enter the Wagon, even if it contains another unit. Any units unloaded by this Wagon during this turn may act immediately. As with Drake, the lack of a fuel feature hurts our means of making a proper translation of Jess's abilities (Green Earth in general has it rough), so this ability taps into her role as a mover and shaker to quickly transport units to and from the fray. The perfect Commander for Wagon fans!
Javier: Tower Shield (Speed: Fast/Range: 1)
Select an adjacent friendly property (not including your Stronghold). As long as it remains in your control, this property and all units within two spaces of the property take 50% reduced damage from ranged attacks. As there are no Com Towers in Wargroove, this gives Javier his signature indirect damage reduction while making use of Wargroove’s unique capture mechanic, bulwarking your properties from distant fire and creating safe zones to counter long range assaults.
Hawke: Black Storm (Speed: Very Slow/Range: All)
Reduces 20% HP from all opponents, and restores 10% HP to all allies. This is a tremendous ability hampered by a slow charge time, and I didn’t want to go too far by restoring 20% HP to your buddies a la Advance Wars, but this straightforward nightmare of a Groove packs a serious punch.
Lash: Terrain Tactics (Speed: Fast/Range: Self)
Using this Groove casts a buff on Lash for the rest of the turn, but does not take an action. For the rest of the turn, Lash ignores movement penalties (beyond seas) and deals 10% extra damage for every defense point the terrain she's standing on provides. This versatile Groove lets Lash move quickly to engage or escape, and hit hard using terrain advantages. Pairs well with Emeric!
Flak: Brute Force (Speed: Fast/Range: 2)
Creates a visible aura around Flak until the beginning of the following turn: all units, friend or foe, have a 50% chance to crit regardless of circumstances within this aura. This plays with Flak's good and bad luck by giving him decent odds at a great assault, but bad odds for the counterattack. A risky play for a risky commander!
Adder: Sidewinder (Speed: Very Fast/Range: Self)
Using this Groove casts a buff on Adder for the rest of the turn, but does not take an action. Adder has +2 movement range until the end of this turn. This lets him weave in and out of battle, and its breakneck charging speed is perfect for a slippery snake.
Kindle: Urban Blight (Speed: Medium/Range: 4)
Reduce the HP of all opposing properties by 3, and restore the HP of all allied properties by 3 (this does not include strongholds). Given units can't actually exist on properties in WarGroove, Kindle goes from a CO specializing in fighting in cities to a Commander specializing in dismantling and reinforcing Villages and other properties.
Koal: Trail of Woe (Speed: Fast/Range: Weird!)
Must be used on a road, and grants the full length of the road +2 Defense for allied units until the beginning of your next turn. A situational power that leans into the road aspect of Koal rather than movement speed, and lets you safely approach using terrain that's good for speed but normally not protection.
Jugger: Overclock (Speed: Very Fast/Range: 1)
Deal 1-10 damage to an adjacent unit. I wanted to distinguish Jugger from Flak better than AW does, so this interpretation of RNG is far more drastic. Sometimes Jugger can knock out a Golem from 1 HP, sometimes all he does is 2 against a dog, but at least he isn't counterattacked! Charges extremely quickly for many rolls of the die.
submitted by jayhankedlyon to wargroove [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 18:45 FiauraTanks Nemo Me Impune Lacessit (FanFic) - Ch. 5

Back First Next
This one is going to be a bit longer because a PM To me suggested I go ahead and do a long Chapter.
I hope you still enjoy. The final piece will be released tomorrow.
Memory Transcription: Captain Neil Campbell, United Nations ‘Black Watch’ Company #4
Date [standardized human time]: December 3, 2136
The company had four mortars, four American M2 heavy machine guns, twelve lighter man-portable machine guns, eight light close in AA guns of 40mm twin, every trooper had a stringer mark 7 light anti-air missile, they had four longer range SAM units, eight orbital interceptors dialed into one computer, and two anti-ship missile launchers. Right at that moment, every single weapon they had was singing a song of death.
The Cheetah would silence the battlefield every time its main railgun fired a slug. Meanwhile the two Eisenhower’s autocannons rained down death upon the Arxur. While the standard rifles, pistols, or light SAW weapons would not necessarily take out a Arxur with non-vital hit; the heavy machine guns the Americans provided did.
The Radios crackled with commands going in all sorts of directions.
"All units, gunship coming through at..." Zim hesitated as he figured the direction and coordinates given by the radar operator moments ago. "7 O'Clock, will crest hill in 1 minute thirty, four man-portables dial in."
"Dial 1." Two seconds later all at once, "Dial 2." from 3 people who quickly corrected to dials 2, 3, and 4. Zim nodded, "Confirmed 4 dials."
"Forty seconds to crest." Called back the radar operator.
Campbell made note of how well Zim was handling their current position despite being a civilian. He had deducted correctly that Zim being Mayor would make them very proficient at communication and coordination, as well as delegation. What Zim had just done in thirty seconds was identify a unassigned gunship, that is one that was not anticipated by the long range missiles, short range AA guns, or anything else and assigned four stingers to it now all pre-trained and waiting for their shot.
Thompson was calling over the radio to coordinate the mortars and machine gun fire before broadcasting to Williams in the Cheetah where she couldn't get fire support to so that the MBT could deliver a couple of devastating shots.
Assigned and targeted gunships popped up at longer range and died before they had a chance to properly stabilize themselves in the atmosphere or just after take off. Fighters swooped down only for lock on and incoming missile warnings to scream at them before their sensors had even adjusted to having ground under them.
The smell of metal, ash, and blood filled the air. Arxur trying to get through the pass found it an impassable death trap. They had never encountered alien races who used barbed wire, much less the sheer volume of mines, and the thing that truly caused the reptiles to fear were the hidden single shot tubes full of deisel fuel mixed with wood glue and then aerosolized before something would ignite the fumes. Watching your comrades incinerated and calls of your enemy to let them burn, had the Arxur shooting their own comrades just to silence their screams.
Arxur field commanders stood in the back, shooting those who turned to run from the frontline while the Black Watch fired on. Their mortars were positioned around the 7 kilometer radius of the inner caldera so that at any point within the caldera or around its brim; three mortars could have rounds flying towards target at any one time. As soon as anyone radioed for support, mortars were flying in their direction, pre-dialed coordinates and ranges meant it only took three seconds for a mortar round to be dialed in and on the way.
The pass into the castle was starting to become clogged with Arxur bodies. But they were making progress, slowly. Campbell counted by this point, that most of his forward foxholes had been destroyed, all of them set alight by their preparations, preventing the Arxur from using them, recovering unreachable wounded humans, or bodies. Anyone who couldn't fall back would rather die fighting and then sending their would be captures or devourers into an inferno with them.
Campbell knew however, he was running out of ground to give and soon he would have to kill soldiers. They may kill a hundred each but they would still fall eventually. He saw his gunner snap back and drop off the side of his command vehicle. A vehicle which was all but disabled now. He moved to him.
Scrambling up the vehicle and pulling the wounded soldier down off the MG mount to the ground, laying him softly against the bullet ridden tire of the rover. He held his hand, "MEDIC! Medic!" Campbell called then turned to his trooper.
Campbell checked the nametag to be sure, Muller. "Muller, Muller." Muller turned his head, his eyes were growing hallow. Campbell looked at the wound, part of his upper chest was just gone. His neck was bleeding as well. There was a lot of blood. Slowly, he watched Muller's light escape his eyes.
That is enough. He returned to a reflection off of the now vacant eyes of Muller. The ridge had figures at the top of it. He snapped looking for Sims, when he couldn't find him, he pulled his radio. "Sims! They’re trying to storm the top of the castle! Grid 7-Bravo. Blow it, now.” he was pointing and screaming at the figures when his cyber arm suddenly jerked and sent him face down into the ground, his helmet rolling off.
On queue, the ridge where a few shadowy figures had appeared turned into a cloud of dust and rubble as a fireball erupted from it, silencing the rest of the battlefield for a few moments. The explosion sent rock, dirt, and mud over the side in an avalanche at the would be mountaineers. Everyone attempting to storm the outside of the caldera at that 50 meter grid would be buried in a coming storm of mountainside.
Campbell reached over and picked up his arm, looking at the cybernetic carefully. He sat up and next to Muller for a moment while making sure the connectors would still be good. His pain registers had shut off as soon as it disconnected. The connector appeared intact, just jerked out of the cybernetic socket by the impact and his body weight as the anchor. The round had only destroyed the outer layer of synth-flesh designed to make it aesthetically pleasing as well as his uniform that had been torn covering it.
He put the arm back in with a twist and it rebooted. His radio barked, “Cannot hold the pass, we need more firepower. Yanks, you're up!”
Memory Transcription: Lieutenant Williams, United Nations ‘Black Watch’ Company #4
Date [standardized human time]: December 3, 2136
Williams hated this, he called another target to his gunner and used his command machine gun to put down more rounds through the fraying camouflage around his tank. Tanks were supposed to be mobile bunkers not sitting ducks. Another high caliber plasma round bounced off their shield and their infantryman, Corporal Davies as he was introduced, the soldier turned the oldest M2 anyone had ever seen in the direction it came from.
Large caliber machine gun casings bounced off the hull top as they cascaded passed something scratched onto the side of the M2. It read in smaller and smaller scratches, “France, Philippines, Tunisia, France, Germany, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Iraq, Iraq II, Australia, Luna, Mars, The Cradle, Sillis.” The last two were still relatively fresh and easy to read.
“Williams, our forward positions are getting overrun by sheer weight of bodies, you’re up. See you on the other side.” Campbell called to the tank crew and their IFV escorts.
Good, tanks were not made to sit still. What the Arxur were about to find out is that tanks are scary when they are shooting at you but they are even scarier when moving at full speed and still shooting at you extremely accurately.
“Driver, full speed ahead into the pass, put the shield down to scrape the dirt so it will blown any remaining mines; loader, gunner eyes front.” He called out and then clicked his intercom off to switch on his radio, “Ripper 1 and 2, this is War Kitty, on our flank at 5 and 8 o’clock, staggered line fifty meter spread front, twenty to the side.”
That would put the IFVs Fifty meters behind him and twenty meters to each side. This was in case any orbital bombardment got through, even a rod from God would only get 1 vehicle then instead of multiple by the spacing.
A pair of affirmatives came back as the tank rolled forward and broke free of its camouflage to build up speed. Immediately the shield flared as soon as they broke the jungle with every single gun the Arxur had firing at them. Their small interceptor mini-phalanx on top shooting constantly to blow anything bigger than a rifle round out of the sky.
Meanwhile the IFVs pointed at muzzle flashes and sent bursts of .50 cal, 25mm, and 50mm in their direction. One Eisenhower was not a troop transport but strictly a gun platform, carrying a much heavier weapon. The only still used a proven 25mm chaingun.Williams pointed out another target, “Gunner 11, Loader HE.”
“HE Up!” The loader called.
Williams’s gunner yelled back. The machine guns stopped for a second on the tank and suddenly the turret shuttered as the round was sent, the reward was a hillside that the Arxur were using for cover blowing up in a fireball of red, orange, and black smoke. Arxur body parts, dirt, and debris flying up into the air as the ground was stained with gray’s blood.
Williams wasn't going to hesitate with his ammunition. The nature of the railgun meant that the ammo no longer had large casings of propel behind them. Only the shell head was needed, that meant the tank was packed with four times the ammo of a chemical propellant tank.
The crew worked like a well oiled machine. Every ten seconds another main gun round. Between them, the three fifty’s and the 20mm beside the main gun did not stop shooting unless the gunner signaled.
It was grueling work, exhausting for the loader, mentally wearing for the gunner, forcing Williams to push his mind to the limit and glad for the stimulate that kept fatigue away from his mind. Their driver looking out like a truck driver who had been given too much caffeine but having to keep her jerks to a minimum. The objective was a smooth platform. The three drivers of the armored vehicles coordinating on their own private channel to keep moving through Arxur formations.
An hour passed, the tank rampaged. When they ran out of HE, they used HEAT, when that ran out, they switched to squash. When that ran out, they used the few anti-armor rounds they had brought.
Williams' voice was getting hoarse from calling targets, his hand vibrating from the shake of his command cupola gun. His body vibrated at a different frequency from the rumble of the engine and the quaking of the coaxial weapons.
Suddenly there was a clattering on the roof. Williams recognized it as someone foreign trying to get on the tank. There was clearly some slams against the roof of the tank. "I need help out here!" Davies called over the radio.
There was the distinctive sound of a body crushing under the tank tread that made the crew stop and debate opening the hatch to help. "Davies, what is going on out there? Davies!" Williams called in desperation.
Another few bangs on the room and their machine gunner outside had stopped replying, their shield had failed and rebooted several times, they must have got him with their boarding action. “Raider 2, we’ve got ants and War Kitty does too.”
He checked the shield read out, they had twenty seconds until reboot, twenty seconds to get these Arxur off of them.
Williams swung the turret to look at Raider 2 to see several Arxur attempting to board the tank and get the hatches open. “Raider 2, affirmative. Sorry about your gunner.” He heard the bang of Arxur landing on his hull, likely from the trees around them.
“Proceed with fly swatting, MG only. Gunner, Raider 2 at 7 and a half, full Coax.” The turret swung around, hitting an Arxur and sending him flying into a tree trunk with a sickening crunch before he fell in front of the tank tread. The MBT did not even notice crushing the creature and rolled on beyond the echo of crunching bone against the lower hull, which the loader noticed for a split second.
Pangs and hull tings echoed all around them as the IFV and tank exchanged small arms fire, clearing off their "pest problem" while not doing any significant damage to each other. Williams and his crew did not get time to celebrate.They had been rolling around the outside of the caldera. They moved from Arxur formation to formation; hitting Arxur units as fast as they could then trying to fade away before they could organize a counter attack.
They came back to the Caldera entrance for the fourth time, when they hit one of their own mines. Everyone in the tank was catapulted forward as the track blew off, the drive wheel on the left side seized and the tank nearly flipped, coming to thirty degrees to their right hand side. With a loud unearthly slam, every crew member was thrown to the floor after their heads banged off bulkheads with the whiplash.
Williams felt the ringing in his head, and the unholy headache of a concussion. His vision was fuzzy, he swore he head bells in his ears, his body felt distant; almost as if he were trying to tell his brain to radio control it. He held onto the side of the hull with one hand, trying to stand upon weak and unresponsive legs while his other hand held his aching head, “Status report.”
No one replied. He reached over to his gunner and found his head limp at an unnatural angle. He checked him, his neck was broken clean by the sudden slamming into the bulkhead. Williams ears were ringing, his body wanted to vomit, his eyes couldn’t see straight. He made out the face of his loader, Jenkins. Blood was trickling from his mouth as he laid on the floor in his loader section.
How did I get down here? Williams thought and reached for Jenkins, Jenkins gave a few spasms, spat up some blood and then his eyes glazed over until they were lifeless.
“Jenkins? Jameson? Cleo?” He called out, repeating it again and again tapping the crew intercom on his neck, weakly as he slowly got to his feet. His brain was not processing that his loader and gunner were dead.
“I’m still here.” Cleo answered with her distinctive southern accent. “But fuck, I wish I weren’t.”
His driver was alive but in a separate section from the rest of the crew. “Can… can you move? Fuck, My head.”
There was a loud pang and the feeling of air getting suddenly sucked out of the cabin. Cleo screamed out over the comms and then Williams could hear her heavy breathing. The blurring double vision making it hard to be certain of his movements. It felt like pushing through a heavy lake to get his body to move and his ears rang with the sound of an intense bell.
“Williams, Fuck… sorry Williams, but I can’t now. Damn suspension shaft just ripped through the bottom hull and into my leg.”“Stay where you are, I’ll come get you.”“No Sir, the shaft is impaling my escape hatch and all that racket outside is all Arxur hitting us on the top. Fuck…” Cleo yelled in pain as she tried to shift something.
Williams couldn’t hear the racket she was talking about. He was trying to process the idea that Cleo was hit and his emotions were screaming at him about his now dead loader and gunner. “Sir, set turret control to my station, I’m going to use the guns to cover you and the others. At least, until I bleed out.”“Cleo, we’re it.”
Williams knew saying the words meant his comrades were gone, but emotionally his brain was shut off now.There was a pause on the radio, just a few seconds. Williams slowly reached over and changed the turret control to driver operated.
“Alright, fine, grab your SMG and go out your escape hatch, I’ll hold them off and keep us looking scary. I’ve only got a little bit until I bleed out.”The turret started moving and Williams training kicked in through his concussion. He reached into his personal locker and pulled out the P90 as well as a few magazines and his survival kit, the kicked his escape hatch open out of the bottom of the tank and started to crawl beneath the stricken vehicle.
He kept crawling, heading for the forest, the sound of Arxur shouts and screams as well as gunfire getting quieter and quieter, until finally, Williams felt exhaustion overtake him and blackness closed in.
Memory Transcription: Captain Neil Campbell, United Nations ‘Black Watch’ Company #4
Date [standardized human time]: December 4, 2136
Raider 2 slowly rolled back down the pass, free of Arxur pursuit. It was in sorry shape to look at. The Anti-Air missile launcher was hanging on by its wiring. The mini-phalanx was gone except the targeting camera which still tried to move the non-existent AMS turret with sparks frying off the frayed wires. The main chain gun barrel was ripped off and what still existed was melted. Seven holes let the night moonlight through.
Both of the tracks had damaged segments that made them rotate around their drive wheels in a funny lopsided pattern. But the IFV rolled back into the silent caldera except for its dying engine. “Raider 2, reporting. Vehicle mission killed.”
Campbell tapped his radio, “Good job, get out and get some food, then get back on the line, your infantry now.”
The Arxur had pulled back after the armour went out and rampaged for an hour. Raider 2 had to wait until darkness closed in to roll back into camp. They had heard the boom of the cannon and sound of the passing armour engines and tracks across the terrain around the caldera. Mortars had provided the armour support fire and now the entire castle smelled of Arxur blood and cordite residue. It was now four hours later and the Arxur hadn’t returned; yet.
The Arxur had not sent in a new wave. Likely in total shock at the armored platoons sudden sally out. Campbell approached the stricken Eisenhower IFV as it rolled to a stop and seemed to break down completely when the engine was shut off.
The crew staggered out, all of them had been wounded to some degree by spalling from their vehicle’s own metal. The flakes and shrapnel generated inside the vehicle from impacts on the outside had done a number on them. But the vehicle had somehow held together. Two of the three staggering figures were trying to carry a fourth trooper out.
Campbell walked over to see Williams with a head injury, one of his feet missing and tourniqueted at the calf as well as two of his fingers ripped off and taped together. “Where are the other vehicles?”
The IFV commander fell to his knees, exhausted after constant combat and adrenaline just broke down crying. The man had enough and couldn’t take anymore. Campbell reached down and slapped his across the cheek, “Oih, stiffen your lip and answer me. We can cry about it later.”
The IFV commander looked up and nodded at the heavy cybernetic arm that had just slammed him. “Sorry sir, just… They’re gone sir. War Kitty took a mine to the tracks, probably one of ours. Raider 1 went down to an ammo explosion, the crew were incinerated instantly. Best I can think sir is that the blow out panels had been welded shut by enemy small arms fire. We found Williams near War Kitty, the Arxur were running from the burning hull, it was still shooting at them.” He took a breath, tears staining his oil and gunpowder covered face.“The gunner must have died and fallen on the turret swing with a death grip on the trigger. We put a missile in her to make sure there was nothing for the scalies to savage.” The commander managed as his crewmates came over and knelt with him while a medic ran off with Williams on a stretcher, followed by a second medic grabbing the stretcher halfway through.
The medics having issues carrying their shotguns and a patient. Aliens don’t play by our rules, medics are still targets to them. Campbell thought to himself as he gave a pat to the IFV commander.“You did excellent, son, you and your crew. So did the rest of your unit. We’ll take it from here.” Campbell tried to use the platitudes to comfort but he knew within an hour those soldiers would be sleeping in a foxhole, with their crew SMGs and sidearms, as well as a helmet just like the rest of his men.
His radio squawked, “Captain, frequency thirteen.”He removed the radio forward several clicks until a shrill deep voice came across it. “Human Commander, respond.”
Campbell recognized it as an Arxur voice and he picked up his radio, “Speaking.” He pulled out his flask and took a swig of the whiskey he kept on his person as he listened.
“We have you surrounded, there is no need to die. We are willing to take you as honorable prisoners with honorable and fair treatment, I assure you. All you have to do—”
“I’m going to stop you, right there. I just watched a pair of glorified armoured lories and a metal assault box rip through your lines and shred your forces to pieces.” He paused and let that sink in, knowing he was insulting his equipment to play up just how badly the Arxur were bloodied.
Campbell continued with this insult tirade, “I heard my recon squad of the lightest infantry I have, wrecked a thousand of you; solid. Listened to it on the radio all while it happened.” He turned to the pass and took a look at the piles of bodies across it and the carnage that looks like something straight out of the Great War more than two centuries ago. Not something he expected to ever see in a modern war.
“I have enough of your bodies to build a replica of Edinburgh Castle out of using them as the mortar.”
“Human! We have you surrounded! This is your chance for mercy! Just surrender your prey to us and yourselves.” Campbell laughed into the radio, “Have you lost your mind; leaf-licking monkey?”
“Not at all, I’m as chipper as can be right now. Listen up, izzard.” He let the name sink in for a second.
“You have us surrounded? Good, we can fire in every direction and hit one of you. You want us? Come and get us.”He flicked the radio off and headed for the medical tent. He needed to hear it from his doc just how many of his troops could fight and how many were not going to last the night or just be dead weight at this point. He also heard they took a few Arxur, alive.
Memory Transcription: Lieutenant Father Christopher O’Malley , United Nations ‘Black Watch’ Company #4
Date [standardized human time]: December 4, 2136
O’Malley moved to another tarp covering a body that had been recovered. He slowly and silently whispered a prayer, taking the dog tag to give to the medic but using it to get the name and town of origin of the trooper. Taking careful note of the religion and following his training as well as a guidebook for the Catholic, agnostic, or protestant he found. He moved to last one, and finished his prayer.
Campbell was waiting for him at the end of the line of recovered bodies. “Captain.” He said, standing slowly and offering a weary salute. Chris could feel his arm getting tired, he had been going so long and knew he would need a stim to keep up the night.
Campbell saluted back, “Reverend, how bad is it?”
O’Malley looked at the bodies and sighed, “Well, never thought I’d see Clemson die but he did. Dove onto a detonator and set off a satchel charge to take as many as he could before the armour rolled out.” The reverend took out a cigarette and lit it up, taking a long drag from the white paper pipe that took nearly half of it out in one go, then exhausted all his lungs as he let the feeling of euphoria wash over him. The nicotine did its job, steadying his nerves and slowly making his shaking stop. His emotions at all the last rites he had performed starting to defray slowly.
"Father, how many today?" Campbell asked preparing himself. He knew Father O'Malley would have taken note of every time he had done last rites and done a proper headcountting as well.
O'Malley took another drag and nodded, "Thirty-Seven including the Americans who did not come back."
“Father, why do you do it? Why here?” Campbell asked as he took a seat on the ground next to the priest who was still kneeling.
“A shepard is to watch his flock and when the wolves come knocking, send the wolves back to the forest where they belong. With a bloodied nose or broken leg if needed.” O’Malley replied with a soft sigh as he took another drag, the cigarette already starting to come up towards its end.
“And how do you reconcile religion with aliens?” Campbell asked, genuinely curious as to the answer. O’Malley chuckled and pulled the cig from his lips to tap off the ashes, “That ain’t my place to be figurin’. I’m here as the chaplain, higher powers than I determine how we reconcile aliens. My job is to tend to the souls of my flock, seeing as there isn’t an atheist in a foxhole; that has gotten fairly complicated.”
Campbell nodded and pulled his whiskey flask to take another swig. It was down to less than a quarter left. “Captain, no offense but stuff will kill you.”
Campbell smiled at the gallows humour as the reverend chuckled with him for a few moments. “Never change, father.” he spoke as he stood up and started to walk back towards his command tent.
“Aye, aye, captain. Now I’ve got a special case to attend.” Campbell turned towards O’Malley as the chaplain rose and headed into the medical tent.“What’s that reverend?”
“An Arxur asked for a priest.” O’Malley stepped into the tent and headed for where he knew the patient was. It only took a few moments before he arrived at the side of the bed. The Arxur was handcuffed and collared to the cot. Both of his legs were blown off at the upper thigh. His chest was also bandaged from shrapnel that had been sent through it.
O’Malley took a seat on a folding chair and pulled the dim light of their medical tent. Blood stained the sterile sheet placed over the ground. He looked over to the gray with a pain of sympathy for his injuries. The Arxur was breathing laborious and gasping at the air as if it were fighting him. He leaned in, “Alright, my child, how may I assist you?”
Through wheezing breathes the Arxur replied, “I am no hatching.”
“Oh, you misunderstand, it is how a priest of our culture addresses someone who is more youthful than them.” O’Malley spoke slowly and he checked Arxur's pulse. Faint but for the moment steady. “Is there something I can do to make you more comfortable?”
“No, I am dying. Your docs as they are called said they cannot help.”
O’Malley cleared his throat, “You mean the medics.”
“Yes, they do not know enough and there is no surgeon here. Shrapnel has punctured my organs, I will die soon.”
O’Malley reached down to a clawed hand, his instinct was to pull away at the scales but he resisted it. He gripped the hand gently but firmly, his other hand placed near the Arxur’s mouth on his shoulder, showing vulnerability to the creature. “I am here, how may I comfort you in this hour? What is it you believe?”
“I…. I would rather know what you do, human.” O’Malley was taken aback by the request. He shook his head and resisted the urge to preach.
“I am a chaplain of our unit, I counsel the living, comfort the dying and give last rites to the dead. If that means I must learn your religion in your dying hour and console you with it, I will. Please explain what I must—”
“Human.” O’Malley silenced and listened to the Arxur speak, his mind slowly processing each word and ensuring he understood what the Arxur wished. He had trained long and hard, and he was not going to deny the wishes of a dying creature; not friend or foe. “Humor me. What is it that you believe?”
O’Malley took a moment and reached into his shirt, pulling out a small bible, he began to read a verse here and there, slowly explaining his religion, ensuring he focused upon the aspects of love, community, and companionship as well as faith. He spoke for an hour about love, mercy, and the strength of God as O’Malley believed in him.
He continued by explaining stories of the bible in short versions rather than reading verbatim. He explained the mercy and the concept of no atheist in a foxhole. O'Malley monitoring the Arxur's reaction, taking note of the tail as well as the face.
He realized the Arxur looked more peaceful than he had ever seen his species and paused, "If I remove your restraints, you won't attack me yes?"
The Arxur looked suddenly surprised and then nodded. O'Malley reached over to the buckles and clicked them off from the Arxur's wrists, waist, and neck. He did not immediately move but the creature managed a human version of a smile to show his appreciation. "Thank you, that is, more comfortable, please continue."
O'Malley continued explaining his beliefs and the story presented. He felt better preaching to a person who was able to push him away if they wished. It also began to feel less like talking to a prisoner and more like speaking with an old friend.
After intensely listening, the Arxur let out a severe ragged cough. Once the cough stopped, he was drooling blood onto his neck. “Human, my time comes. Please, lead me in a prayer, I did not believe in anything before now. But your warriors prove something supernatural about them. Now, I wish to believe in something as I draw my final breath.”
O’Malley nodded and started to give a prayer then stopped himself. He opened his small bible to Psalm and let his faith guide him. “Repeat after me and you may yet see the gates of Heaven, my friend.”
The Arxur turned his head weakly, “I am called, Grissen, can your lord forgive a wicked creature as I? The things I have—”
O’Malley squeezed the claw he held to get Grissen to be quiet and listen. “The Lord only cares that before your final moment you renounce your evil ways, genuinely mean your repentance, and accept him. If you repeat after me and truly believe in that; allow him to change your heart in that final moment, then yes.”
Grissen weakly nodded, “Proceed.”
“Repeat after me,” O’Malley waited to make sure Grissen was ready. “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want." O'Malley prepared his patience as Grissen repeated the words, slowly. The Arxur was having to speak very deliberately through his breathing. O'Malley could feel the pulse had quickened as well.
"He maketh me lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.” Grissen struggled but O’Malley's patience displayed that of the saints he spoke of. He calmly waited for the Arxur to catch up and gripped his hand to give him strength. Every stumble was a simple re-guiding from O'Malley with a smile.
Grissen's eyes showed remarkable recognition of O'Malley, never moving away from him as he listened intently, even managing to turn his head to face the priest fully.
His heart screamed for the pain this creature was in. Grissen’s voice was getting worse. He was drawing weaker, and unfocused with each passing word. He felt the agony in how his body shifted and his breathing struggled. The bloodshot eyes filled with torment but something else.
O'Malley recognized it as the desperation for acceptance, the desire to belong behind the pain. He had seen it so many times in someone's last hour. O'Malley hoped a surgeon would suddenly appear and save Grissen from this terrible slow way to die. His mind begged for such a miracle but his heart knew, it was too late.
He had administered too many last rites today but here he was giving another one. He felt his own tears forming in his eyes and fought them back.
Once Grissen finished the line, he resumed, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head in oil; my cup runneth over.”
Grissen's voice was getting lower in volume, almost what O'Malley thought an Arxur child would sound like. His eyes were no longer following O'Malley; he was only speaking the words, getting more monotone and laboured with each passing breath.
“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”
Grissen slowly repeated the words, “Surely…. Goodness and mercy… despite my evil… shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”
“Amen.”“A…men….” Grissen’s grip slackened and he exhaled slowly, his chest deflated. His eyes glazed over and finally, his tongue fell from his lips across his cheek.
O’Malley reached up to feel his heart and felt no pulse. He was gone.
O’Malley gently placed the clawed hands across the chest in an X. He pushed the dried out tongue into the teeth and slowed the jaw. He noticed the smile upon Grissen’s lips that had formed in that last moment. He knew to leave well enough alone there. He reached up and closed the reptile’s eyes, slowly and gently. As he had done a dozen times today, every detail was precisely right.
He took a moment to admire how peaceful the gray managed to look in his final state of death. He pulled a notepad from his pocket and wrote on it, something he knew probably wouldn’t get done as no one had time to bury the dead. It wasn’t about if there was time, it was about the act of ensuring the last request was asked for and at least acknowledged.He placed the note between the hands, it had the image of a cross upon it and the words: “Protestant” upon it. This would signal to any human that he was to be given a protestant burial.
O’Malley paused, tears dripping from his eyes for his enemy as he spoke. “Lord above, take this one, Shelter this one, enemy-mine. For all are your’s in death, even those who would see your servant slain. I ask not for vengeance but that you take pity upon this soul as it departs for the next life. He repeated in your name before his final breath, accept him with warm smiles and open arms as I commend Grissen to your care. St. Peter, I ask you to not be cautious or repulsed but instead, nod to him as you read his many sins and then inform him, all is forgiven in his final hour even by his greatest enemies. Amen.”
O’Malley felt his body shaking as he opened his eyes.His cheeks were warm with tears, a smile of delight upon his face to save a soul just before it left, even if he could not answer the question of aliens before God. It had been a worthy peaceful time here in the tent. Something O’Malley knew all too well about war, it was not war that would end war but rather; understanding could bring it to a stop. He got up, his legs weak and knees wanting to lock. He struggled to hold his weight as he walked from the tent, trying to calm his emotions.
He stepped outside, walking back to his position on the line and pulled another smoke, he had not yet gotten to his lighter when the sound of gunfire ripped through the caldera again. Weapons lighting up as the Arxur assault began anew.
For O’Malley however, he couldn’t move. His chest burned. His heartbeat echoed in his ears. He watched the cigarette drop from his hand. He felt his strength drain from his legs as he fell over on his side. Machine guns and mortars tracers rippled across the valley. He felt warm blood pouring down his chest across his shoulder towards the ground.
He willed his eyes to look down and realized he was hit. His chest was heaving blood rapidly. His strength faded and slowly he felt his eyes become heavy.
He whispered a final prayer, “Dear Lord, hold Grissen at the gates; I wish to enter beside my friend.” His final thought as his eyes closed for good barely ten paces from the medical tent. “Amen.”
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2023.03.25 18:43 auditorpothos what is the “speed” stat in fflogs measuring?

apologies if this is a simple question, but I’m really new to raiding and don’t parse myself. I still like to look up job balance stats on fflogs though, to keep abreast of what’s popular and how the jobs compare to one another.
but the speed stat kind of confuses me. how are different jobs rated against one another in terms of speed? I feel like there are too many variables involved to accurately judge which job helps a party kill faster than another, especially when comparing jobs in different roles. but also I know nothing about statistics, so maybe I’m just misunderstanding what the speed stat measures.
can someone help me out? I’ve read their explanation, but I’m still pretty lost.
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2023.03.25 18:43 Narb_ Accused of a hit & run.

Location: Houston, TX
About a month ago I was in a traffic altercation on the highway. I was driving down an exit ramp from one highway to another. The ramp is currently under construction and 2 lanes collapse into 1. There are concrete barriers on each side, no shoulder and very little signage. It was my impression that both lanes were ending and neither had a priority. Both lanes were full of cars and people were zipper merging. I was in the left lane and had space next to me in the right lane. As I eased into the lane next to me I felt as though my rear passenger ran over a speed bump. I assumed I had driven over some construction debris. I merged in front of a large pickup truck (something like ram super duty) towing a large trailer (16-20ft) enclosed trailer covered in signage for a construction company.
Immediately after merging the truck behind me started honking profusely and driving wildly trying to pass me. He tried to pass me on my right and was getting incredibly close to my car so I pulled to the left to avoid a collision. After passing me he used his truck and trailer to block the whole exit ramp. He jumped out of his vehicle and started screaming wildly. He was incredibly belligerent and was yelling obscenities at me. Not wanting to become a victim of road rage violence I opted to stay in my vehicle and roll my window down to speak to him. He accused me of hitting him and threatened to call the cops. I told him he was free to do so as I felt I had done nothing wrong. I have been in car collisions before and its a pretty unique feeling. I know what the crunch sound of a car wreck sounds like and had not felt any type of impact other than my wheel going over something. He accused me of breaking his side mirror off of his truck and denting his fender. As he was parked at an angle in front of me I could see the whole side of his vehicle was covered in dents and scratches that are typical to see on a construction vehicle. He took multiple photos of me in my driver seat and of my vehicle and license plate. I asked him to calm down & help me clear the roadway (as is the law) because a large traffic jam was forming behind us. No one got out of there cars to offer up being a witness to anything. He accused me of trying to use the opportunity to escape and I told him I had no such intention. After a long back and forth I was able to assure him that I would pull off at the nearest available shoulder so that we could exchange information. He finally agreed and got back in his car and drove off in front of me; I followed. At the next shoulder I pulled off as promised and he continued to drive on. Given his wild attitude I did not feel comfortable following him elsewhere, especially to somewhere off the highway. There was a lot of slow traffic so I felt comfortable that there would be plenty of witnesses around. I waited a while, inspected my vehicle and found absolutely no damage. After a couple minutes of waiting he had disappeared and I got back in my car and went about my day. I chalked it up to an encounter with some random nut job.
Fast forward to this week and I received a call from my insurance saying a claim had been filed against me. I gave a full statement to insurance and provided photos of my car in its current condition; there are no scratches, bumps, dents or damage of any kind on that side of my vehicle. They said based on my statement and evidence they would be denying the claim pending a review of the police report he filed. They gave me the police report number and I was able to obtain a copy. He did not call the cops that day and waited a week or so to file a report. I was shocked to read that he said his vehicle was in front of mine and that I had hit him with my front passenger side bumper. He also claimed that I made no attempt to stop and exchange information. There are no photos attached to the police report. I don't know if they would come with one as this is my first time obtaining one.
I was told by my therapist it might be a good idea to file a counter police report so that they could have my side of the story. I went to my local police department today to do so and was told this was not possible. The officer told me that since it was already under investigation I would have to call the Hit & Run Unit and give them a statement. He gave me their number to call but they are closed today for the weekend. I would like to make a statement to back up my claim with my insurance. I feel that the guy is trying to scam me & my insurance and don't want to pay extra because of some whacko.
I recognize that I should have exchanged information with the guy despite his demeanor. I suffer from social anxiety and have had a gun pulled on me in the past so I was afraid and incredibly anxious. I just want to know if I should hire a lawyer to help me make my statement. I have read plenty of stories on here and elsewhere of people thinking they could 'straighten things out' on their own with the police only to end up in more trouble. I don't want to be one of those people. I have not been named in the police report only my vehicle has been identified.
TLDR: I have been accused of a hit & run but my vehicle suffered no damage. The other party filed a police report that conflicts with what I think actually happened. Should I hire a lawyer to aid me in making a statement to the police.
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2023.03.25 18:40 Sharky_god99 I need help awakening budda can people help

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2023.03.25 18:37 ma5terchief1000 One will protect you, the other 11 will try to kill you. Which one do you join?

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2023.03.25 18:36 Unhappy-Quiet-7335 Searching for an xbox boosted loot server in the USA?

Server Name: DDJC's 125x PVE/P ——————————————————————— 🎮 Platform: Xbox 📷 FPP & TPP Enabled 🖱️ Mouse & Keyboard: Enabled 👥 Player Slots: 32 ♻️ Restart Intervals: 3/hrs 🗺️ Map: Chernarus ⚒️ Build Anywhere ☀️ Day: 2hrs 🌑 Night: 10mins
💚Hulks DayZ Bot providing features such as: 🏧 Banking 💰 Bounties 💀 Killfeed 🧟 PvE Feed 🥇 Leaderboard 📊 Player Statistics 🏪 Virtual shop system
🔫Pristine, kitted & tiered loot. 🚙Vehicles fully built. M3S Cargos include build kit. 🫁 Unlimited stamina and boosted movement speed. 🏁Without a base flag, containers and fences will despawn. ⚔️ PVP Zones/PVE Loot Zones 🏴‍☠️ Raid weekends: Friday 10:00PM EST - Monday 12:00PM EST. 💲 Black Market located near North west airfield. 📍 Custom locations and vehicle spawns. https://discord.gg/AY52x4JftY
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2023.03.25 18:35 DaOlWuWopte What's a spin-off and why should you care?

Understanding spin-off:

“A parent company will spin-off part of its business if it expects that it will be lucrative to do so. The spin-off will have a separate management structure and a new name, but it will retain the same assets, intellectual property, and human resources. The parent company will continue to provide financial and technological support in most cases.
A corporation creates a spin-off by distributing 100% of its ownership interest in that business unit as a stock dividend to existing shareholders. It can also offer its existing shareholders a discount to exchange their shares in the parent company for shares of the spin-off. Spin-offs tend to increase returns for shareholders because the newly independent companies can better focus on their specific products or services.”


A subsidiary of Bed Bath & Beyond, buybuy BABY’s value is difficult to know for sure. We don’t get detailed information on it specifically, only what the parent company tells us. In my search, it seemed value is thought to be anywhere from around $800 mil to $2 billion. A large spread. Ryan Cohen notably valued BABY at several billion itself. While RC has left a bad taste in many mouths, I think his letter to Bed Bath a year ago still holds true when it comes to this subject:
“Seek to Monetize the Ultimate Destination for Babies – Another path that can streamline Bed Bath’s strategy and unlock value trapped within the Company’s underperforming shares is a sale or spin-off of the BABY banner. Given that BABY is estimated to reach $1.5 billion in sales in Fiscal Year 2023 with a double-digit growth profile and at least 50% digital penetration, we believe it is likely much more valuable than the Company’s entire market capitalization today. Assuming continued growth and low double-digit margins, we estimate that BABY could be valued at a double-digit earnings multiple on a standalone basis. We believe under the right circumstances, BABY could be valued on a revenue multiple, like other ecommerce-focused retailers, and justify a valuation of several billion dollars.
In the event Bed Bath pursued a full or partial sale of BABY, it could position itself to pay off debt, put cash on the balance sheet and continue reducing its share count, thereby creating significant value for shareholders. Spinning off shares of BABY would be an even more efficient way to transfer value to shareholders. Notably, BABY’s high online penetration would likely ease operational hurdles. We assume Bed Bath and BABY could still have a shared services agreement to maintain an omnichannel experience for customers.”


A spin-off is simple enough and a relatively common practice. The only issue is, BABY as an asset is tied up with certain loans (combined they are referred to as “Credit Facilities”) the company has taken out. The CFs were established in their current form in late August of last year. Per the company: “Our obligations under the (Credit Facilities) are secured by first priority liens on substantially all assets of the Company and certain of its subsidiaries…”
In early February, the company filed that they are offering preferred shares and warrants. Shortly after in March, a new amendment to the August loan agreement stated that the money made from the securities offering was being used to “repay outstanding revolving loans, creating additional liquidity opportunities to support business operating activities.”
Now we are still not certain how much the company will end up making from the offering, but from the initial filing we know that "The Company expects to raise approximately $225 million of gross proceeds in the Offering together with an additional approximately $800 million of gross proceeds through the issuance of securities requiring the holder thereof to exercise warrants to purchase shares of Series A Preferred Stock in future installments"
To its fullest extent the offering could net the company over $1 billion in cash. How much money is left on the loans to pay off? From the 424b5 filed Feb 9th, an amendment to the August credit agreement:
"The Amendment will (i) decrease the total revolving commitment from $1.13 billion to $565 million, (ii) result in an outstanding principal amount of $428,897,500 as a result of the call protection being capitalized as principal to the Initial FILO Loan and (iii) provide for an additional $100 million of FILO loans (the “New FILO Loan” and together with the Initial FILO Loan, the “FILO Facility”, and together with the ABL Facility, the “Credit Facilities”)..."
If I'm reading correctly, the ABL Facility (the larger of the two loans) was significantly reduced, while the FILO (the smaller of the two loans) was increased. Strangely, the increase in FILO loans seems to be solely going to paying off the other larger loan: "Under the Amendment, the Company will be required to apply all net cash proceeds received from the New FILO Loan and the issuance and sale of the securities in this offering to repay outstanding revolving loans under the ABL Facility."
Perhaps the FILO loans themselves are less restrictive, although it also seems the company has stated they have the same/similar terms. So I'm not sure the reason for increasing one loan to pay off the other in this case.
Regardless, we know the outstanding amount is around $430 million.

When BABY?

A spin-off soon would make sense. If we are assuming the offering was intended to free BABY from the loans, then once it is finalized we should see movement. The last news I can find is from March 8th, one month after the offering started, stating they’ve received “an aggregate amount of $360.0 million of proceeds”. That would mean it was only about 1/3rd of the way through the >$1 billion total early March. If we assume it takes about a month to get through 1/3rd, then we should be done around late April/early May, but that's complete conjecture. And if they just need to pay off the outstanding amount of $430 million, then they could very well be close or even finished at this point.
This deal is very weird and seemingly purposefully confusing. If these securities are indeed going to a select few entities (which is suggested in the 8-K with the statement “There is no establish trading market for the Series A Convertible Preferred Stock or the Warrants and we do not expect a market to develop.”) then timing could be completely different depending on the actions/intentions of those few entities.
And one can only speculate if this were to occur now. FTDs are seemingly out of control, we’ve been on regSHO since early January, short interest is higher than its ever been despite the offering, and the stock price itself is pathetically priced and hitting all time lows. A spin-off is already a great way to unlock value for shareholders without the added benefits of guaranteed future buyers in shorters. Without knowing the specifics we can't know exactly how a spin-off would affect these short squeeze factors, but we do know that the floor is very high and the ceiling is virtually endless.
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2023.03.25 18:34 havyck45 (PS4) H: bloodied melee weapons W: caps

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2023.03.25 18:32 Obvious-Pear2642 Help me choose colleges!!

Hello reddit people. I recently got my DSAT scores back. And I'm not satisfied with it. I could've done a lot better given the amount of effort I gave. However I can not sit for it again due to financial constaints. I'm skeptical whether or not should I apply this fall given my country admission tests are likely to overlap US admission process. I'm also confused about what kind of colleges should I apply to given that I need as much as financial aid I can get. My preferred major is Applied Statistics/Engineering science/Women And Gender Studies (minor)
Here are my stats.
10th Board Exam : 5.00 12th Board Exam : (yet to give) Internal exams : Top 10% in the class SAT score : 1270 Duolingo: Yet to Give EFC: $2K per year
ECA & Experiences : 1. Model United Nations- 7 national awards 2. Public Speaking
  1. Debate
  1. Community Work/Organizational work
  1. Production, Direction & Acting
  1. Hosting & Recitation:
Hosted several college & school programmes Recitation awards (school level) Performed with ukulele in cultural programs
  1. School Spirit:
In the drum group for 7 years participating in events inside institutions and outside Parade Commander (School & College level)
  1. Internship & Volunteering
  2. Policy Research Intern
  3. Fieldwork Intern at a trans right organization
  4. Operations intern at a educational organisation
  5. Press & Media Volunteer, Children's Film Festival 2022
  6. Volunteered for British Council to conduct their book reading competitions for 3 years
  7. School Representive at a sex education awareness project conducted by the government
  8. Student Representive, LEADS Bangladesh (An environment awareness based organization)
  9. Freelance works
Worked as a translator and transcriber for research projects, PhD papers
Tutored 5 kids of class 9, 10
11.Group Projects
Won national level script writing competitions ,wall magazine competitions. Won a national Science Fair project competition.
I really would like a college where I can enjoy public speaking as much as I can. MUNs have always been an amazing experience for me so colleges that have opportunities for these is preferable. Also I believe uni life is supposed to be full of memories besides academics. So a uni with a fun social life alongside a proper learning environment is preferable..please suggest me what kind of college goes with me. Also should I go test optionals rather than reporting this score?
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