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2023.03.29 04:31 BunnyCatLove Do you consider food to be more closely associated with the country it has roots in, or the country it was invented in? Or a 50/50?

For example
Chop suey, Tenshinhan and Ramen: Chinese or Japanese/American?

Tex-mex: Mexican or American

Cioppino/Spaghetti Meatball: Italian or American

Jjajjangmyeon: Chinese or Korean (Korean version where I come from is considered Korean, but in Korea and USA I find it at restaurants labeled Chinese restaurants)

Uramaki (sushi rolls with rice on outside): Japanese or American

Bamischijf: Indonesian or Dutch etc.
or a 50/50 of both
Perspectives on other fusion foods is appreciated too. Or food like orange chicken/chengpiji and gyoza/jiaozi which are variants
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2023.03.29 03:11 Rhazelhannah The Tex-Mex turkey bowls are surprisingly delicious!

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2023.03.29 00:01 8-boink My thoughts on the RE4 Remake

It was... perfect, i could not have asked for a better remake! This game made me laugh, cry, scream and gasp so many times.
i am a HUGE fan of the original 2005 Re4 and to see the way they handled this remake makes me so happy, i genuinely cant see how some people dont like this remake.
I was so excited to see Del Lago, El Giganto, Chief Mendez, the dog, the Verdugo and all of the other super iconic enemies and characters and they were done perfectly!
Also i'm almost 99% sure that the ending with albert wesker just confirmed an Re5 Remake.
I typed this out while watching the new Re4 title screen for when you beat the game and peacefully listening to the menu music with a huge smile on my face and a small tear in my eye.
Thank you Capcom.
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2023.03.28 23:34 bot_olini AstilleroInforma/ Investigar el fondo de lo sucedido en Cd. Juárez y frenar imposiciones del vecino

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2023.03.28 22:42 procesadorcl Iceberg farandulero chileno 2.0. Se agradecen sus aportes y si sé que no está muy lindo

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2023.03.28 21:22 bot_olini AstilleroInforma/ Investigar el fondo de lo sucedido en Cd. Juárez y frenar imposiciones del vecino

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2023.03.28 20:44 Demogorgon844 day 4 in ohio

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2023.03.28 20:38 drhagbard_celine My experience with the Bullet Tele that was on sale at MF last week

Got it delivered Thursday. The neck felt like it came straight off the CnC machine and was rough as hell. All the fret ends needed work. Not a single one was rounded properly. Have spent hours on the neck alone so far but have made major improvements to the playability. I wound up using the micromesh pads I have for fret work to buff the neck down to a near shine. Trying to avoid a complete fret relevel because I don't have all the tools for that and there are really just a couple spots on the low e around the 7th and 8th frets that are giving me trouble. I like the action where its at though so a decision has to be made. I got the Stew Mac fret kisser coming in a few days, hopefully that gets me through where I want to be. Rolled the fretboard as well. It's a way faster and more comfortable neck now.
Justifying all new tool expenses by arguing that if the cost of the tools is less than the labor to have a pro do it then I've saved money and picked up a new skill set. I'm installing the four way wiring kit from Stew Mac this weekend. It allows you to play both pickups in series, so more like a humbucker supposedly.
Switching out classic tuners from my CV Jazzmaster, that I like much better than this, into the tele and upgrading to some locking tuners on the JM. I got bushings from Stew Mac as well so the 8mm tuners will fit in the 10mm holes of the Bullet. This means my JM is getting a set of Hipshot locking tuners.
Will be shielding the control and pickup cavities and the back of the pick guard this weekend with shielding tape I got on Amazon for $10. Paint was more expensive than I wanted to spend for something like that at the moment.
Still debating where I want to go with the pickups but am currently thinking anything more than a Tex Mex set might be overkill. Might replace the bridge first but am even less sure about what that would wind up being at the moment. Trying to get it to Player Series playability and tone for half the price.
I'll have pics when it's all done. Wish I had pics of the neck before I got started because the difference has been significant.
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2023.03.28 19:28 Impressive_Dog8196 Ok but now where tf is tex and mex?? 🧐

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2023.03.28 18:46 ForseSecret La Campanada

Hacía tiempo que no sonaba la campanada, alrededor de 3 años. Tres años donde ya habíamos olvidado lo que era despertarse a mitad de la noche. Cuando sonaba la campanada no había a donde correr, lo único que podíamos hacer era levantarnos y guardarnos en el sótano, el único sitio invisible para los Dark. Desde el momento que sonaba la campana teníamos poco tiempo para escondernos, así que las ventanas y las puertas debían estar tapadas por las noches, los suelos de madera eran un dolor de cabeza, porque si el suelo sonaba con las pisadas podía suponer para nosotros la muerte. Esa noche nos acostamos a dormir tomando las medidas, como hacíamos noche a noche desde hace 3 años, la última vez que sonó. Cuando ocurrió pensé que era una pesadilla pero la tensión que flotó en mi habitación cortó mi sueño por completo. Siempre usábamos medias para evitar sonar el suelo, pero esa noche lo olvidé. No percaté el tiempo que me tomó despertarme, pero había sido demasiado. No pensé en mi familia, quien en ese momento seguramente ya estaría bajo resguardo, sino la impresión que me dio verlo frente a mí. Me paralicé como una piedra, ya que después de toda una vida temiendo a algo que yo realmente no había visto nunca, ahora estaba frente a mí. En ese momento solo pude imaginar todas las veces que dudé, pero en ese segundo todo se había convertido en realidad en mi cabeza. De su boca desencajada caían gotas de baba como un animal que tiene semanas sin comer, pero lo que más llamó mi atención fue el ruido que emitían sus articulaciones de insecto cada vez que se movía. En mi paralización mis piernas temblaron y mi tobillo cedió a la tensión, en cuestión de segundos dejé de sentir mi pierna, que ahora estaba a dos metros de mi cuerpo en la boca del oscuro. Tuve suerte que tomara mi pierna y no mi cabeza, quizás porque me desmayé al ver el panorama que me rodeaba, o porque el ruido de la casa vecina sonó más duro que mi caída al lado del sofá. Esa noche yo perdí mi pierna, pero el vecino perdió la vida.
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2023.03.28 18:39 Gibblibits Day 9 of eliminating a Primarch (or the Emperor) until only one remains (Top comment goes)

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2023.03.28 17:53 mlechuga Transferencia de acciones a broker en Canadá

En los próximos meses me mudaré a Canadá para inciar una nueva vida en el vecino del norte. ¿Saben si mis títulos que tengo en GBM se pueden traspasar a un broker canadiense?
Edit: me refiero solo a los del SIC. Las acciones mexicanas no se pueden, ¿cierto?
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2023.03.28 17:49 sweet_feeet Veggie Burritos at Lupita's Tex-Mex ?

Hey Buds,
Anyone ever eat the Vegetarian Burrito at Lupitas in Lake Worth ?
It used to be the Best in town...matter of fact lots of their food was great---- HOWEVER, all things must change and NEW OWNERS ruined the place. The Burrito used to be Hugh...now its smaller than a McDonald's breakfast burrito.
ANYONE recommend another Mexican Restaurant in Town that has good Veggie Burritos ?
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