Hair salon gig harbor wa

Ghetto bitch…

2023.06.02 06:38 Distinct-Break7173 Ghetto bitch…

This hoe gone always be poor because her mindset is poor.
She’s like the welfare queens in the hood when they get a little money from the government.
Hair, nails, food… all for herself but the kids are struggling in every aspect.
Liyah probably need pads, new bras, definitely some shampoo and conditioner…
Kids hair not cut or done.
There’s no telling when the last time they had baths.
Clothes probably piled up and instead of going to the laundromat or the Dollar Tree to get what they need… this bitch at the nail salon getting a fill on those big nigga hands.
I bet that hoe can catch fish out of a river with her bare hands.
The nail shop was an unnecessary trip when you sat yo raggedy rotten mouth ass on the internet yesterday and was begging those dumb ass followers of yours for money for Lana’s bad ass birthday WHO DIDN’T DESERVE IT!
God know not to put Nika in a position where a whole lot of money is involved because she’s gonna blow straight through it.
There is nothing wrong with treating yourself but your household and kids ALWAYS come first.
Dirty wide foot bitch.
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2023.06.02 06:21 Ralfop 2 IN 1 ONE-STEP HAIR DRYER & VOLUMIZER LESS TIME, LESS DAMAGE:Dries and volumizes in on step for less heat damage and beautiful full bodies results.The unique oval brush design quickly creates volume at the root and beautifully full-bodied curls at the ends in a single pass, for salon blowouts

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2023.06.02 06:02 alchemymensgrooming New Pager For Men's Hair

Hello, my name is Mikey Teeze and I am the owner of Alchemy Men's Grooming here in Orange County, CA and I wanted to create this page to talk about and show all the amazing men's hairstyles and colors in my Men's Salon. I'll be leaving styling tips, which products go well with certain hair styles and how to find your next look. Hope you enjoy.
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2023.06.02 05:27 DiscountDebbie JVN Hair - 20% OFF Code

JVN Hair is haircare for all! Their products are "powered by sustainable, science-backed formulas for silicone-free, salon level results that improve hair instantly and over time!"
(Code THEKATEEXPERIENCE20 doesn't expire!)
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2023.06.02 04:56 meggawegga Does my digital perm and length make me look super old? I literally cried on the way home from the salon and have been stressing about my hair all day because I was not expecting so much to be chopped off. Here’s before and after photos

Does my digital perm and length make me look super old? I literally cried on the way home from the salon and have been stressing about my hair all day because I was not expecting so much to be chopped off. Here’s before and after photos submitted by meggawegga to femalehairadvice [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 04:55 meggawegga Does my digital perm and length make me look super old? I literally cried on the way home from the salon and have been stressing about my hair all day because I was not expecting so much to be chopped off. Here’s before and after photos

Does my digital perm and length make me look super old? I literally cried on the way home from the salon and have been stressing about my hair all day because I was not expecting so much to be chopped off. Here’s before and after photos submitted by meggawegga to FancyFollicles [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 04:54 beccamariewrong Any advice for using Kevin Murphy Angel.Wash/Rinse?

I’m a 26yo woman with type 1b hair — mostly straight with a slight bend and a lot off it (usually my hairstylists thin it out a bit). I recently got it highlighted and toned for the first time at the salon, and the stylist recommended I use the Kevin Murphy angel.wash/rinse set. She also recommended I wash my hair less frequently so I’ve been trying to go about 72 hours without washing my hair.
The problem is that my hair gets pretty greasy pretty quickly, and that seems to be accelerated by this shampoo and conditioner. The reviews on the website rave about this stuff, and my hair lasted three days after I got it done at the salon where they used it. But today I dried my hair and literally half of my head was still greasy because it didn’t cleanse my hair well enough (I assume).
Am I not using enough product? I try to do two washes with a quarter-sized amount, one focusing on the top of my head and another toward the back of my head. I can’t seem to get it to lather nicely at the roots.
My hair is a little past my shoulders at the moment and my stylist thinned it out so it’s not as think as it has been. I’m hesitant to use more product, but wondering if anyone on here who uses this product can help? (Or recommend a better shampoo, lol!)
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2023.06.02 04:46 Gameran Dexter Flux Presents: Sound-Off! - Part Three

We return from the commercial, a five-minute video that was just a still image of Dexter Flux.
Babaganoush: The following contest is scheduled for -
Crowd: ONE FALL!
Javier smiles at this response, and he’s clearly got confidence that he’s shook the rust off.
Babaganoush: ...And it is for the WiR Tag! Team! Championship!
Babaganoush: Introducing first, the challengers…
Shit, you judge me on my appearance… face value ennat…
As “Inglorious” plays, King Mustafa exits from behind the curtain with Eddie Skelter following closely. Mustafa has a suit - a blindingly light-blue Christian Dior one - on over his gear and he curses at the crowd, but Eddie, dressed in red sweats, just mean-mugs and gets up in the faces of a few front row spectators.
Mann: Look, I - I know why people hate these lads. I really do! Not blessed with great social graces and they get off on getting ill-gotten cash and hurting people. But they make for a tremendous team, both covering each other’s flaws and fighting as more than the sum of their parts.
The two of them hop up on the ring apron and remove their outer gear - horrifyingly enough, they take off their pants to reveal their short tights - and point to their chests: Mustafa has a lion symbol on his blue gear, while Eddie has a rose symbol on his red gear.
Babaganoush: …From the United Kingdom, weighing in at a total of 445 pounds, they are King Mustafa and Eddie Skelter… TWO! SMOKING! BARRELS!
Woodbridge: They’re right! They should say it! England DOES suck! That’s why guys like Brendan Byrne came here! He’s a good boy and he’s smart!
Mann: Moving on, and I’d like to apologize to our UK-based fans… as much respect as I have for 2SB, they’ve got their work cut out for them. Because here comes…
Babaganoush: And now, introducing the titleholders…
There is the completely incongruous sound of a blast on a Viking war horn before the jazz classic “Cantaloupe Island” begins to play and champions Jim Baker and Dexter Flux come from behind the curtain together, belts around their waists. Baker has on a chainmail shirt, while Dexter is in a huge fur cloak, which doesn’t even seem to be making them sweat. Their faces are painted with blue woad designs.
Flux: OC BABY!
Mann: The crowd in Dexter Flux’s home region are giving him love.
Woodbridge: They’re wearing the belts! As it should be! Too much of this damn “I’ll put it over my shoulder” nonsense in wrestling these days.
Mann: And the rejuvenated Horde seems to be taking their name very seriously, judging by those outfits!
Woodbridge: What? What’s that mean?
Mann: Because of the barbarian type clothes -
Woodbridge: I still dunno what you’re talking about.
Mann: sigh I finally am starting to empathize with Allen Paisner.
On their way to the ring, Baker and Flux hand out a bunch of fist bumps; they take a brisk walk up the stairs, get their entrance gear off and hand it to Maurice Chondon for safekeeping, and Baker steps on the middle rope to help Flux in - Dexter is apparently adamant about starting.
Babaganoush: …from Orange County, CA -
Babaganoush: …and Cincinnati, OH, weighing in at a total of 425 pounds, they are the WiR Tag Team Champions - Jim Baker and Dexter Flux, THE HORDE!
Mann: Dexter Flux clearly going to be in the match first, and it looks like out of 2SB, Eddie Skelter wants to start…
Referee Harry Undersach checks over the four competitors - everyone complies even though Mustafa calls him a “chi chi man” - and signals for the match to begin!
Skelter offers a lockup to Flux, which the champion accepts, doing his best to ignore King Mustafa pounding on the ringpost and goading him while making rude English gestures at Baker from across the ring. The two wrestlers in the ring grapple - Skelter puts a facelock on Flux, goes to lock his right arm as well, but Flux gracefully gets out and tries to get a headlock on Skelter. Skelter has none of this and pushes Flux off, but Flux gets him down with an arm drag!
Mann: Both of these men are accomplished technical wrestlers. Skelter is obviously more a traditional mat wrestler, Flux is well-known for his high flying, but they’re going to do more of feeling each other out like this, I think.
Skelter attempts to put a wrist hold on Flux while the two are both down, but Flux gets out of his grip and kips up, and Skelter gets into a crouch, rising slowly and deliberately with both his eyes fixed on Flux, who assumes a readied stance but doesn’t go to attack Skelter yet. They re-assume a lockup, seemingly out of mutual agreement - this time, Flux manages to snap off a headlock takeover, bringing Flux to the ground again! Instantly he tries for a jumping elbow drop but Skelter rolls out of the way, and Flux makes a smooth recovery, landing on both his hands and pushing back up.
Woodbridge: Both guys still actin’ wary. For now. Even Flux didn’t commit too hard to that elbow drop. Woulda been cool to see him break Skelter’s nose like that, hah.
Mann: Be that as it may, I feel like this pace will pick up soon!
Mustafa shouts a little more while Baker looks on calmly but still at the ready. The two stare each other down, and Skelter decides to take the first swing, throwing a fast but vicious jab towards Flux’s face. Flux, however, is able to dodge backwards and follow through with a forward jumping elbow! It hits Skelter square in the chest and he winces but SLAPS Flux right across the right cheek!
Woodbridge: The level of disrespect!
Mann: It’s still a legal strike, Mark. And it’s a treasured part of Eddie Skelter’s arsenal.
Mustafa is obviously pleased at the pimp smack, while Jim Baker looks irate, and is about to gesture for Flux to come back to their corner and tag him in. But Baker thinks the better of it, letting Flux avenge the insult himself instead. This he does, with a nice uppercut to Skelter’s jaw, but even as the Brit reels, before Flux can hit a follow-up attack, Skelter ducks behind him and grabs at his arm, a hold which Flux spins out of. But Skelter isn’t unprepared for this and knees Flux in the gut! He brings a chop down towards Flux’s head as Flux doubles over, but Flux is able to block it - Skelter then locks Flux’s arm and attempts to drop Flux with a Russian legsweep - Flux dodges and goes behind but Skelter turns around in time and throws a hard left-handed punch which Flux counters with an elbow, and both men’s strikes connect! They both stagger!
Woodbridge: Both of ‘em have their fire up! Kill him, Flux!
Mann: No easy task! Now it’s going to be a question of which man is forced to tag out first!
It’s Skelter who gets his head clear first and dives in for a double-leg takedown, which Flux blocks by splitting his legs - Skelter goes under and uses the leverage to attempt to lift Flux onto his shoulders - but Flux is ready for it! He clamps his legs and THROWS skelter with a modified headscissor takedown!
Woodbridge: That tijeras came straight from Guadalajara!
Mann: And now both competitors are on the mat!
Skelter sits up and winces and Flux scrambles to take advantage, but Skelter grabs his ankle and flips him to the mat with an ankle pick! Suddenly both men get about the same idea at the same time - Skelter takes further hold of Flux’s ankle but Flux tries to grapevine one of Skelter’s legs! They battle for a hold on the mat!
Crowd: LET’S GO DEXTER LET’S GO! clap clap LET’S GO DEXTER LET’S GO! clap clap
Meanwhile, dark gray clouds are gathering in the sky above the ring. The venue turns on some extra lights for better visibility.
Woodbridge: We’re onto Indian leg wrestling now!
Mann: That, and it looks like rain.
Woodbridge: You think the Tongva Indians ever used leg wrestling to do a rain dance?
Mann: …I do not think the one thing has to do with the other. Anyhow, the battle in the ring’s been VERY evenly matched so far.
Whilst Skelter goes for a modified figure-four leglock, Flux has something else in mind. He suddenly grips both of Skelter’s ankles, bridges onto his neck, and surprises Skelter by forcing him into a pin!
Woodbridge: DAMN!
Mann: Whoa, a flash pin attempt!
The pin catches Skelter off guard but it’s clearly not enough. Both men spring to their feet and Skelter tries another double leg takedown attempt which is fended off by a flurry of overhead elbows by Flux! Skelter holds his head and decides he’s had enough for now, backing into his corner and tagging in the furiously waving hand of King Mustafa.
Mann: His partner Eddie Skelter may have started off, but the big man of Two Smoking Barrels has wanted in all match so far.
Mustafa leaps in the ring and curses at the crowd once more.
Woodbridge: Dexter Flux is standing firm!
Mann: He did well against Skelter, who was his equal in terms of physical strength, but I have a feeling King Mustafa’s going to absolutely overpower him now!
Mustafa steps right up to Flux and proceeds to slap him in the left cheek!
Mann: The cycle of disrespect is completed by Skelter’s teammate!
Flux backs off, before returning back in for a lockup with Mustafa, who uses his size advantage to throw Flux back into his corner, where he tags Skelter back in, and the two stomp Flux down into the corner. Skelter then immediately tags back out to King Mustafa.
Woodbridge: I can’t judge. Literally can’t. Used that tag team tactic there too many times to count.
King Mustafa once again overpowers Flux, using her superior size to launch him into the hard camera turnbuckle. He attempts to charge in, but Flux skitters out of the way! Flux tries to bring down King Mustafa with a kick to the knee, but he doesn’t budge. King Mustafa blocks an attempt at a strike, and throws Flux by the arm off the ropes! As Flux careens towards the opposite end, Baker sticks out his hand, and smacks Flux on the shoulder!
Woodbridge: That’s a legal tag!
Flux baseball slides underneath King Mustafa, who is unaware the tag has been made, while Baker comes in and pearl harbors him! Baker takes control with an overhand right, a blow to the chest, and a Russian leg sweep, before attempting a body slam, which King Mustafa is too large for. Mustafa offers Baker a test of strength, but before Baker can even accept, he kicks him in the gut.
Mustafa scoops Baker up with ease, and delivers a gorilla press slam, taking a moment to flex for the unappreciative crowd before continuing his assault. Mustafa wrenches the arm of Baker, before tagging Skelter back in. Skelter climbs up to Bret’s Rope, and while Mustafa wrenches the arm, Skelter dives off, and delivers a double axe handle to the trapped arm!
Mann: Some solid teamwork here by The Barrels!
Skelter puts the larger Baker on the mat with a clubbing blow to the back, before delivering a fist drop to the skull. Skelter, relishing his small victory, backs off the ropes and prepares an elbow drop, but Baker rolls out of the way, and tags Flux back in! Flux charges in once again to meet Skelter… and is caught instantly with an arm drag. Skelter brings him down to the mat, and applies a sleeper hold…
But Baker charges back into the ring, and breaks it up! King Mustafa enters the ring to try and chase Baker off, drilling Flux with a shoulder tackle as soon as he lands on his feet with a kip-up, planting him back on the ground. Mustafa returns to his corner, while Skelter ascends a turnbuckle!
Mann: Not something we’re used to seeing! Skelter wants to beat Flux at his own game!
Skelter dives off the top, attempting a flying forearm… and falls short. As he tries to get back to his feet, Flux batters him with a closed fist, before whipping him off the far ropes, but Skelter is able to turn it around. Flux attempts a sunset flip to regain control, but Skelter simply pops down and pokes him in the eye.
While Skelter is told off by the official, King Mustafa sneaks into the ring to deliver a stomp to Flux, before skittering back to the apron. Skelter picks up Flux, to deliver a forearm, before walk-dragging Flux over to the corner by his hair, and tagging Mustafa back in. Skelter holds Flux by the hair, and Mustafa stomps his boot before delivering a knee to the stomach as Skelter heads back to the apron. Mustafa whips Flux, and as he returns, scoops him up for a powerslam, before rising to his feet, walking to the ropes, and preparing a knee drop, which Flux avoids! Flux crawls on his knees over to the corner before Mustafa can catch him, and tags Baker back in! Flux takes position on the apron, one foot on the second turnbuckle.
Finally, the sky has opened up! It begins to rain on the ring, the crowd, and even the announcers!
Mann: Didn’t I say it was going to rain?
Woodbridge: It’s not bothering anybody one bit!
Baker charges in, delivering a pair of punches to try and slow down Mustafa, but they fail to knock him off his feet. Baker tries charging in for a clothesline, Mustafa ducks, but as Baker approaches, he attempts a sunset flip!
Mann: Uncharacteristic offense from Baker!
Woodbridge: I’ll say! Baker’s a great power guy, but I didn’t think he’d even ever seen one of those!
Mustafa refuses to go down, but as he struggles, Flux suddenly leaps from the apron to the top turnbuckle, before flying in with a dropkick! Mustafa stumbles, and Baker pulls him down for the rollup!
Woodbridge: Oh shit!
Mann: Huge missile dropkick, and the mat’s slick with rain now! Mustafa had to go down!
Skelter breaks up the pin! Skelter then grabs Flux by the hair again, and darts him shoulder-first into his own ringpost. He bends the aching Flux backwards and grabs his neck for a dragon sleeper
Mann: He won’t be able to submit Flux unless Mustafa gets tagged out!
Woodbridge: I don’t think he wants to! This is gonna be Lack of…
Skelter twists Flux around and fires off a fat open-palm thrust to Flux’s throat, making Flux sputter and drop to his knees!
Woodbridge: TRUST! Nasty!
Mustafa, who has recovered from the takedown, then proceeds to deliver an elbow to Flux’s crown! The two work over their opponents in the corners- Skelter attempting to ground Flux with kicks to the knee, Mustafa using his large arms to deliver repeated clotheslines, and with Flux and Baker tied up in opposite corners, Two Smoking Barrels attempt to whip their Horde counterparts into each other! As the two partners head on a collision course, Baker suddenly drops down, in back-body drop position to Flux, who lands on his feet!
Flux continues his momentum by delivering a running knee to King Mustafa, who is in his corner, before charging back a Baker, who offers a hand, and gives Flux a launching pad to deliver a flying forearm to Skelter! Skelter flops out of the corner, and out of the ring, and with the support of Knott’s Berry Farm behind him, Flux charges, and flies through the ropes with a dive that takes out both men!
A few members of the crowd begin to open up umbrellas, including the fan who got The Milkman’s earlier
Baker approaches Mustafa in the corner, and attempts to lift him to the second rope, but gets met with a boot for his troubles. Mustafa trades places with Baker, and pops him in the jaw, before delivering another one to the ribs, and a third to the temple. Baker blocks a fourth attempt, and turns it around on Mustafa! Baker unloads with a series of right hands of his own! Mustafa powers Baker out of the corner, and throws him to the opposite. Mustafa charges in, but as he tries to charge in, Baker moves out of the way, and attempts another rollup! This time he’s able to get Skelter off balance!
Flux ascends from the grass to the apron, and Baker tags him in! Baker attempts to lift Skelter once again, but struggles to, as he breaks free, but Flux delivers a dropkick, and Mustafa stumbles into Baker’s arms, who lifts him for a scoop slam!
Mann: He did it! He slammed him!
Woodbridge: This is where Baker shines! Not only displaying his power, but being great in the clutch!
Skelter tries to get in the ring again, but Flux meets him with a superkick! Skelter tries to keep his balance, but slips on the wet Apron and drops to the grass! Flux grabs the arm, and tags Baker back in, who delivers a clothesline to the trapped Mustafa, dropping him again. Flux gets the tag back in, and ascends the ropes…
And delivers Quantum Flux! He blasts down onto the King, into a puddle of rainwater forming in the center of the ring!
Skelter tries to scramble back to the ring to make the save, Baker meets him, and holds him down! Flux scrambles into the cover!
Mann: And The Horde are victorious!
Woodbridge: And damn do they deserve it!
Babaganoush: Your winners and STILL WiR Tag Team Champions, at a time of twelve minutes and forty-three seconds, The Horde!
Flux and Baker hug it out in the ring, holding their tag belts high. Tony “The Milkman” Stevens emerges from the back, knee wrapped in medical tape and casts, limps to the ring, and raises the hands of his stablemates! Everyone is going crazy, especially because the hometown boy defended the stable’s belts by getting the pin!
Flux and Baker each get up on a turnbuckle, holding their tag belts up high, while in the ring, Stevens stands alone in the middle, one leg down, hair slicking back over his face from rain.
Mann: Fans at home, this has been Sound Off! The weather outside has turned frightful, but this show has been delightful! I have been Shay D. Mann filling in for Allen Paisner, alongside Mark Woodbridge. Take us home, Woodbridge!
Woodbridge: I finally feel confident in saying this - it has felt like a wonderful, shine-drunk dream so far - but folks, we are so fucking back. For all of the incredible fighters in WiR, for our whole staff and crew, and for my short-term broadcast partner Shay D. Mann, this has been Sound Off, and I have been Mark Woodbridge - gooooood night everybody!
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2023.06.02 04:41 throwaway_RA_sster AITA for doing station inspections?

I own a salon and have three hairstylists, including me. I will occasionally go through their stations to make sure everything is clean. I don’t care if it’s disorganized because hey, me too. But there are times I will find a brush with hair in it or their shears/clippers have hair in them. I’ll put these things out on their stations so when they come back in the morning, they know to clean it.
Recently though, one of my hairdressers I’ll call Macy got upset when I told her to wipe down her entire station and clean every single one of her tools because when I checked her station, there were color brushes with color still on them. Clippers were clearly never cleaned after a haircut she did and there were balls of hair everywhere. She called me a control freak and threatened to quit. I told her to quit if she wanted to but I wasn’t gonna let her give me or my salon a bad name by being a slob.
She said I was an “insufferable cunt” because at the end of every day, I have us do a quick clean up in the salon involving sweeping, a quick wipe down of stations, trash, etc but I always take the gross jobs like the bathroom and pedicure chair and various other things.
My other hairdresser i’ll call Helen told me she doesn’t hate the station inspections but she hates I go through her belongings without asking first. I told her I’ll do the inspections with her present from now on.
Edit: I wanna clarify i don’t do inspections every day or week but occasionally and at random.
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2023.06.02 04:28 Fadeadead Getting a job is so hard right now.

I’m 25. I have a bachelor in secondary science education and I’m finishing an M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction right now.
I have been subbing off and on since 2019, and the first teaching gig I had was right after I graduated (2021), but I feel like I only landed it because my mentor teacher basically gave it to me. I only stayed one year, but that’s only because I moved states last summer.
I’ve been subbing by choice this school year to finish my masters (I graduate next month) and to familiarize myself with the school districts. I live in a region that pays teachers great (Vancouver, WA), so I haven’t seen many job listings. I’ve applied to a few, but they either move onto another applicant without an interview or they don’t respond at all. In response, I have been applying to EVERYTHING—education related or not. I’ve probably applied to about 40 or so jobs in the last month and the vast majority never reach out. I’ve landed two interviews (one related to my masters degree and the other a freaking cleaning lady job), but after 3 weeks of radio silence I’m going to assume that they moved on.
I don’t know what to do.
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2023.06.02 04:27 meggawegga Does my digital perm and length make me look super old? I literally cried on the way home from the salon and have been stressing about my hair all day because I was not expecting so much to be chopped off. Here’s before and after photos

Does my digital perm and length make me look super old? I literally cried on the way home from the salon and have been stressing about my hair all day because I was not expecting so much to be chopped off. Here’s before and after photos submitted by meggawegga to Hair [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 04:16 PsychologicalKey7201 Recommendation for affordable hair salons!

Hi! I’m looking to cut my hair into a wolfcut/layered/butterfly/hime cut and would appreciate if I could get recommendations for affordable hair salons that can do those haircuts well.
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2023.06.02 03:46 mayor3i SoCal Hair/Makeup Suggestions

Hi all, I’m starting to research hair and makeup for my wedding next summer in the LA area. Specifically Santa Monica. It’s very overwhelming since it’s such a large area! Figured I would ask the group if they had anyone they loved! I’m really looking for something very natural for makeup as I have freckles and heavy/glam never looks good. For hair, looking for sleek and modern bun. I’m hot garbage at both hair and makeup so not looking to do myself! Budget is $1.5k max, would like to get someone who will come to me the day of but I can visit a salon or something for the trial. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 03:18 Cheap_Web_7933 I hate that dusty winch

I hate that dusty winch
she should’ve kept this to herself it’s no way you came on here yesterday admitting you couldn’t afford to take all your kids skating and was willing to let all them watch nana skate but your grown ass daughter had a ounce of common sense to know that was dead ass wrong and helped you pay for all of them. You still taking from her like as a mom how do feel okay doing that, she don’t owe you shit I’ve been watching for a while and never seen you buy Nyiah shit. Could have put that up for Lyiah and started saving but we know in 2 weeks you anit going have shit no money and no food stamps.
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2023.06.02 03:05 sovook How do I write a letter of intent about a salon space I’m looking to rent [CO]

I am wondering; I have found a space I’m interested in renting for a 5 year lease. What are things I should look into? I plan to rent the chairs out to 8 different stylist per week. Should I use a lawyer to draft the contract for independent stylist to rent the chairs, to review my 5 year lease? What can I expect the retainer to be? My cash flow will hopefully be between 40-60K after 1 year of ownership. I don’t plan to do hair in the salon at this point, even though I am a licensed cosmetologist. Thank you
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2023.06.02 03:00 username-taken82 AN EVOLUTION OF DEGENERACY - LOOKING BACK - ASX_BETS IN HISTORY (part 3)

Well fuck me, it's that time again...
I can't believe its been a year since we last gathered up the financial wreckage that is ASX_Bets into a tidy little package, but it seems as though you tards are going as strong as ever.
(If you'd like to see what the fuck this is all about here are some links to Part 1 and Part 2. )
Or just take a deep breath, ignore the smell and dive head first without any DD at all into Part 3 of the weird, wild and wonderful history that is degenerate gamblers support group ASX_Bets.
(Personally, Mods blame u/SunkDestroyer for all the craziness of the last financial year, shits never been right since they set off the fire alarm...)

Enjoy cucks..

Given the way things have tracked along since the last post, I thought it fitting to kick of this years mash-up with a post from u/Pastry1 that got an awful amount of traction, a rundown of the ASX biggest dogs. Mostly, it's just indiscriminate venting from folks about their favorite Clifford, but it's still worth a read for nostalgic purposes.
Never shy of a controversy, Papa Elon initiated a whole bunch of crazy in the markets during the purchase of twit-wit. Commentary and the linked post was provided by u/Wannaliveinpenthouse, kind of ironic given the circumstance really...
Generally, I won't single out a specific bet unless its really off the scale, like bodily fluids, daddy/sister banging, tattoo's, or in this case buying an acreage of growth forest and cultivating the ASX_Bets logo into it. Seriously, this is the claim u/joeycloud has made in their epic bet from 2022.
In the absence of u/ilyfish and DW8 (R.I.P) or the waxing/waning of u/SlaughterRain and their WBT commentary, u/Maleficent_Ad_1982 has become our most obsessive poster. (having said that, WBT has fairly clearly won the giga-chad award for the chippie stonks, so big ups to slaughter given they backed this one through highs and lows)
I've gone back in time to the original comment when they were so young and starry eyed, dreaming of quick bags on AZL to the First countdown post, the melt-down at day 100 and now the grizzled wreckage of a human we see before us to show just how deep this rabbit hole goes. In particular, I enjoyed the anniversary rant on day 365. You've got to admire the determination, if not be slightly concerned about the obsessive compulsiveness...
(Based on a suggestion from u/AntiCGT Mods are currently trialing a Rule 12 regarding starting a countdown, we will see whether we can be bothered pursuing this or not in time..)
Our resident ginger, u/FameLuck served out their year long ban and returned this year in a blaze of, well, glory I guess. Mods conferred behind the scenes and decided to offer the ginga ninja a slot in the Banning of the Tards Hall of Fame, where he sits beside revered company indeed with Big Jim, Kooksy, Stinky, Mutated and Josh. Another point about ginge, he definitely loves a bit of experimentation.
Also, there is a a very weird 3-way fetish thing with u/ChZakalwe and u/Blisser_the_sniff. Still, it earnt Chaz some shiny heels to go with that utopian scam dream flair, so not all was lost.
While we are on the topic, lets have a little rehash of when u/Mutated_Cunt mercilessly dissected fabled doggie ZIP. In the post aptly titled anatomy of a dog, our resident genitalia deformity systematically destroys Larry's love child with disturbing precision.
It appears though, that we will not be able to enjoy the cunts commentary any further, a thread on Atayls seemed to indicate that reddit had nuked their account.
- u/Jswyft has been banging on about the Lithium cycle for long enough now that even the most smooth brained amongst us have at least had the opportunity to make some tendies. Whether you're into that type of thing or not, we have to give a shout out to the Lithium king and all the information he puts up here for you fuckers.
- u/SoftTopMafia also provided an interesting post regarding the Lithium Bulls.
- Its been a big topic in the markets this last year. u/BigJimBeef kicked off the renewable energy debate in this post and its had a thread running through a lot of the sub conversations ever since.
- Love her, loathe her, don't care or whatever, there is no denying that the world lost an iconic figure in 2022. In fitting ASX_Bets style, u/zupahorse made us a touching tribute to our departed overlord.
- Fucking Waka Waka. Scotty and the boys rose to BRN levels of fomo when they discovered something spicy in the dirt across the sea. There were innumerable shit posts, comments, average DD assessments and the bets. Oh my lord the bets. We managed to ban half the sub due to a failed drill bit.
Fittingly, the peoples Mod u/mcfucking created a touching video representation of the whole debacle.
- Not to be deterred by the already impressive volume of dog-shit on the exchange, u/Outrageous_Junket817 floated the possibility of starting a mining company.
- u/dontletmedaytrade put up a post on Credit Suisse and the financial impacts of a crash, which was actually a pretty good read and commentary.
- u/Far_unit9020 created a write up about Red Flags. Applicable to majority of the subs tinder profiles and stonk choices, this one was another good read.
- u/TwoMenOneJar dropped in and set the daily threads on fire. Clearly a stray, they wandered off-lead from the den of HC into our wholesome little sub, proceeded to argue with and then block half the users here.
Now, a little ditty that we couldn't share with you then that I'll share with you now. Behind the scenes, a message was quietly sent to the lad regarding misusing the ''reddit report'' function. They responded with a message of their own, stating they had also been reported for self-harm. So obviously, they could not be the culprit as they are clearly the victim. A screenshot was produced. They had indeed been reported for self-harm. However, they had also neglected to crop out the previous reddit alerts, including the ones about ''we have reviewed the report you made''...
Remember folks, when you're purchasing stonks, this is the calibre of intellect you are betting against...
As always, we ran THE PURGE. Congratulations to u/MotherFuck3rJones who was the winner this time round. Our loser, currently serving out their year ban was the infamous u/logofpoo. They made a fitting farewell post from the deed.
- u/FameLuck ran the first ASX_Bets Dog Race.
- u/LegendoftheASX produced a write up about 2023 predictions. Fittingly, sub veteran u/WowVeryJosh took it a mile further, with a 2023 stonk picking comp.
- We had a few decent debates this year. Mods try and put up posts about current events, it gives us some direction as opposed to just running it all through the daily threads. Also highlights that we do have some wrinkled brains amongst the smoothness...
- recession debate
- Interest rate debates
- Budget night debates
- As is tradition, a perma-ban victim was released from the dungeon during Easter. Congrats u/Competitive_Copy2451, our shit post content went up an awful lot.
- Now, we all know there is no justice like angry mob justice. So, kangaroo court was back in session this year.
- April Fools this year had the Mod team partnering with Netflix. Oddly enough, there is actually some reasonably funny back story to alot of the sub and it Nope, it's a fucking terrible idea.
Well, it finally happened. Over 100,000 of you cucks in this cesspool. Un-fucking-believable.
If we have said it once, we have said it 47 million times. Above all, we love YOLO's, shit-posts and dank memes. Here is but a sampling of the top shelf collection from the last 12 months...
- u/yothuyindi with some upbeat advice for the resident ZIP hodlers, a beat for the boomers, an Attenborough special and a ASX_Bets personalized ETF. Some fine work from one of our finest users.
- u/Far_Unit9020 discovered origins of LKE and provided us with an always popular Hitler parody.
- u/BigJimBeef had us in stitches with a, well, I'm actually not sure but it's funny as fuck and it has a fish in it. He also provided a sage reminder of the darker side of the year, the lettuce saga of 2022
- u/litres-of-cum made a little zippy ride
- u/Jenky83 provided some top shelf meme work with this offering
- u/HiVisEngineer got in on the act, giving us some lithium perspective
- u/prestiCH did the financial review for us
- u/hunnymunster made sure we never forget our cuck friends over at Ausfinance
- u/Denominator_K gave us the Lambo inspiration when times were dark and a hotcrapper pummelling.
- u/zupahorse cancelled the recession and for an encore gave us an American Psycho parody for the ages. They created a little super-mario throwback, even Bluey got a run...
- It's rare to get a shit-post series, but thats exactly what u/justjohncliff has given us with their advertising saga
- u/Competitive_Copy2451 gave us a rundown of what to expect from interest rate hikes, a tribute to sub dog DW8, more Scotty- Mac posts than you'll know what to do with and a rundown of the ASX dogs.
- u/sneakycutler with a , well, its pretty fucking disturbing whatever it is
- u/kervio made an oddly heart-warming musical piece for you all to enjoy here, with some shout out's to the departed.
- u/Instantly-Regret, (who by the way has the most on point username on the entire sub), made us a Monopoly game in honor of some of the sub's finest doggies...
- u/i_bid_thee_adieu had a sneaky little swipe at Rusty Rake Capital and their obsession with BOQ earnings
As always, this is but a mere sampling of the gains.
- The gains posts have been a little thin this past year, however ASX_Bets rare earths mogul u/Calculated-Punt managed to make a fucking lot of bags on this little puppy
- u/FurcationInvolvement showed us what a 600% gain looks like.
- u/joeycloud is still tracking along nicely with the MNS gains.
- u/1000baggers is living up to their username, posting some nice portfolio numbers
- u/Particular_Love_8811 has been keeping us updated periodically on the musings of Rusty Rake Capital. As inexplicable as their trading methodology is, this user appears to be making money so go figure.
- u/Springoniondip provided us some warm and fuzzies with their love affair for LTR. You always remember your first.
Ahhhh, loss porn. Again, only a taster plate from the many, many choices.
- u/After-Note921 with some top shelf loss porn. (Odd side note to this, the user was banned at a later date for portfolio claim they refused to provide proof of. Weird...)
- u/StrethAU threw out some tasty BNPL losses
- Always good for some Epic Red, the artist formerly known as u/Rude_Jello_377 politely presented this offering
- Some HVY loss porn, courtesy of our resident T20 hodler u/dskoh1
- u/JoeHax00 and some breath-taking loss pornography
- u/JDK-Ruler and a DW8 masterpiece
- u/Luck_Beats_Skill showed us the importance of believing your investment thesis and hodling through the storm, producing this glorious post.

Again, this is but a sample of the $$ and blood sacrifices made throughout the year.
- u/tassiboy42069 and some heartwarming content
- u/Rosencrantz1710 and a RUOK donation pledge that went viral pretty quickly
- u/spank-hair and a Blood Sacrifice
- u/Silvertigar with a heartwarming koala donation
- u/RandomVanBloke and a Blood Sacrifice
- u/Calculated-Punt came good with a bet donation, spreading the love around to a number of different charities.

And alas, it comes to the awkward part where I need to finish the post but suddenly remembered the thousand other things that deserved a mention here. I seem to say this every year and every year it becomes more apparent, so much goes down it's just not possible to capture it all.
Although we lurk like shadowy forces, rarely commenting, (discussing our losses on the Mod Chat so as to save ourselves public embarrassment) Burn, Ruin, Phantom, MCF and I really do appreciate you all from the bottom of our collective degenerate heart.
I'm not crying, you're crying...

Till next year, stay sexy you beautiful bastards...

TLDR: τα γαμημένα ελληνικά είναι δύσκολο να μεταφραστούν
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2023.06.02 02:16 East-Jackfruit-7381 Keratin treatment?

Hello! Im a person with thick frizzy hair and im looking to get Keratin treatment and was wondering if there is a hair salon that does it in EP. Im a male btw
submitted by East-Jackfruit-7381 to ElPaso [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 02:12 jeepersoh Can anyone help/advise me?

I got a very disappointing haircut two weeks ago. I requested a balayage, and a trim, but I was left with a very botched haircut.
The blonde hasn’t lifted properly, and has toned awfully. I would have preferred they said it didn’t lift the way it should’ve, and requested I come back at a later date but instead it was completed in one session.
Some parts of it are very bleached and icy, others are copper, some parts are just blotchy and it really doesn’t look right. The cut also isn’t great, but I can hide the weird bangs they gave me with a clip so that’s fine.
I could’ve dealt with the bad bleach job, I could’ve just went to another stylist in a month or sos time. However, my hair is falling the fuck out. So bad. Everytime I brush and wash it my hair is coming out IN CLUMPS.
Now, this is only the second time I have ever bleached my hair. Before this it wasn’t bleached in about a year and three months, and I had been getting my ends trimmed every 4 weeks so a lot of the previous dye job had been trimmed off. I also tend to only use heat on my hair about once a month, and I use a heat protectant cream so it wasn’t heat damaged, either.
Just so much clumps of hair are falling out. I have no clue what has happened. I feel really distrusting, and I don’t want to go back to another salon.
Is there anything I can do at home to fix/stop this? My hairs getting so thin, this isn’t the usual amount of hair loss you’d usually get from brushing. It’s snapping and falling out, EVERYWHERE
submitted by jeepersoh to Hair [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 01:49 colbiie Cheap haircuts!

Hi everyone! I just graduated from Blanche MacDonald's barbering program and I'm starting to work part time in a salon in Burnaby! I'm hoping to start building a clientele so if anyone's interested or needing a hair cut, I'd love to cut your hair! I charge $15 for cut, shampoo and style but ill do your cut for $10 as a first time special because I appreciate your support!
Hopefully I'm allowed to post this 😊 Thanks for reaading!
My Instagram is @trimswithsam if you want to check out my work! And my booking link is in the description too. I'll also include it here!
Leave a comment that you're from Reddit when you're booking so I know! 😊
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2023.06.02 01:35 National_Dog_1289 Maybe i can help with the FAKE minoxidil! Real on the right, fake on the left! (Bottle size, country of origin, expired date, damaged sticker)

Good luck!
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2023.06.02 01:35 Delicious_Ad_6347 My usual dye BURNED today and now I'm scared

Hi all, I've been going to a salon to lighten my hair for about a year (I'm dark blonde and go a little lighter to cover greys.) Today the dye BURNED the entire time it was on, much worse than it ever has before. Colorist thinks my scalp is dry and I should skip two washes before my next appointment but I'm a little paranoid. My scalp isn't red and I have no welts/itchiness but it's only been a few hours. Could this be an allergic reaction? Thanks!
UPDATE: Turns out skin is more sensitive just before your period! I won't schedule a color appointment for this time of month again!
submitted by Delicious_Ad_6347 to HairDye [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 01:28 nikitaa0 bleach on black dye hair😫

Hello, I recently went to the beauty salon and they suggested that I get a root (they put black dye), my hair is bleached blonde, what I don't know now is if I want to bleach that fake root, there would be a problem because I have the black dye😭😭😭 someone explain to me please!!!
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