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World of Warcraft's Enhancement Shaman

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2023.04.01 02:45 TheLordLongshaft Is Ret really that big of an issue?

Or do people just like to hate on it because it's flipped the meta upside down, I see arms warriors and demon hunters and enhance shaman's being just as much of an issue in solo shuffle.
A serious response would be appreciated
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2023.04.01 02:16 YourResidentFeral WoW 11.0 Patch Notes

In the interest of trying to reach out an olive branch to Blizzard, we have prepared the following patch notes in an attempt to find a middle ground:

Systems Changes

Race Changes


Class Changes

Demon Hunters
Death Knights
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2023.04.01 02:07 TheHudgepudge Least mobile caster in Dragonflight?

I realize this isn't really in the meta these days since movement options are all the rage. I played from Vanilla to MoP, played a hunter and loved it. When classic came out, I decided to play a mage, and I loved it too. I also had a elemental shaman in TBC Classic and had a blast with it too.
I recently bought Dragonflight and everything seems to be about movement. Heres a bunch of instant casts for movement. Heres a spell that allows casting while moving. But I don't really enjoy that play style. Granted I've only got my mage up to level 20 in Dragonflight so far, so maybe Ill enjoy it more later, but so far its not grabbing me.
So to the meat of the question: is there a ranged/caster class that is more stationary or turret like? My limited research seems to point toward warlock but I thought I'd ask you fine folks. I don't really care about topping meters or anything, I mostly play with a friend in a duo type deal, so dungeons and LFR probably are as far as Ill get in the raiding world.
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2023.04.01 00:46 Wurdyburd [Long Post, Part 1] GW2 and Roles: Why Attributes and Gear Fail to Teach Players, Diversify Gameplay, or Inform Design Direction

Hello, it's me again, the wordiest of birds, with another analysis and design post. This could easily be ten different posts, but I'm cutting it down to two main themes. As always: I mostly play PvE, but spend time on every class in every mode; The goal of this is not necessarily to wildly invent new systems for the game, but to identify themes, and what it takes for them to flourish, not condemn and start over, and invite conversation; I find spoiler-hiding my walls of text helps keep it digestible. Part 2 will cover non-attribute designs and tech in GW2, and open discussion about whether our current obsession with "hit big monster make big numbers go up more" is stifling the diversity of the game, and whether there could be a place for builds that aren't exclusively about damage or boons. A lot of this has been cooking for a long time, and as much as I love the game, I do worry about it's longevity, and the diversity of elite specs, builds, and challenges that we've been getting for the last several years, and what it'll mean for content in the future.
First, the state of the game. While GW2 is both celebrated and chided for it's [relative] departure from "holy trinity" teamcraft, it still fails to present the 'role' of RolePlaying Game especially seriously. Increasingly, traits and skills lack any kind of narrative or thematic flavor, opting instead to slap numbers and % increases around until some unseen meta god is appeased, while teamcraft has identified a flexible DPS/boonDPS/boonHeal to be the main way to approach challenges, but with severe consequences should they be played off-design. This leads to an ENORMOUS amount of dead traits, dead equipment prefixes, dead runes and sigils, and some dead weaponry, plus oversimplified gameplay with spammable moves, and while a limited number of meta/best-in-slot equipment makes it easier for the developers to target overperforming builds, it means that there are many elements of buildcraft that sneak under the radar, unnoticed and unassuming.
Questions are asked, "Are there any advantages to melee combat over range?", "Are we expected to stand still or move around during combat?", "Should every profession be viable at every challenge, or should they have unique advantages?", and "We don't believe that profession complexity should translate into an increase in DPS," among others. In attempting to form a baseline for the game, and make it's various components easier to balance, the game runs the risk of becoming too homogenized, too bland, reliant increasingly on roleplay themes that the devs don't seem interested in mechanically representing, while as many as 30 different non-PvP attribute combinations fail to see use. All the while, powercreep slowly inflates the average player's output, undermining the difficulty of old content, failing to teach players how the intricacies of the game works, and shocking inexperienced players who jump from location to location with difficulty and mechanics they are neither prepared for, nor understand.
Gripes aside, Guild Wars 2 has perhaps the strongest foundation for MMO buildcraft I've ever played. It's huge array of diverse traits and swappable weapon sets, and diverse component interactions, both within a profession and between professions, is what drew me to the game, kept me playing the full range of content, and what leads me to make these lengthy, passionate articles. There's a good reason why many other MMOs see GW2 as an inspiration, or even copy from it directly. For all it's challenges, all this game needs is a slight clarification in philosophy, even without making any of the changes recommended here, and the pieces will fall into place over time.
Guild Wars 2 is sometimes compared to Magic the Gathering.>! They both share an incredible number of sub-mechanics and themes that all fold together in intricate, and sometimes unexpected ways. Fans of each game are probably aware of the remarkable confidence that MtG has in it's color spectrum: for each color, there are a series of powerful, and well-documented sub-themes, many of which overlap with other colors. It's when the colors combine that the game truly shines, creating dynamic playstyles and themes that appeal to an incredibly diverse audience, with 3-color decks having much more tech available, and much stranger themes, than 2-color, or 1-colored decks. From the moment that a colored card is revealed to you, a practiced player can instantly make inferences to what their opponent's strategies may be, and begin to move in a way to counteract it, while pushing their own strategies. This "foreknowledge of theme" rather than "foreknowledge of event" means that two players can effectively combat each other, despite never having met or taken the chance to look through each other's deck list, and makes for more personalized decks, and more enjoyable games.!<
I give this example because such a case could be made for Guild Wars 2's attribute system.>! Much like MtG colors, each attribute aligns with a purpose, some objective that promotes value when travelling the world or the Mists alike, with each "color combo" coming together to form an attribute prefix. The problem with this analogy is that Guild Wars 2's gear prefixes aren't each designed to carry a mechanic that helps the player succeed, either while travelling alone, or in a group. Many traits exacerbate this with attribute conversion, usually from +Power, and if your selection doesn't result in you or an ally killing an enemy faster, it's generally regarded as a dead choice. !<
Were GW2 to shift to recognize each attribute as a genuine gameplay mechanic, it would grant the designers a foundation from which to design content that harnesses specific challenges, and grant the players of the game confidence in their build, as well as flexibility in purpose, when approaching said challenges.
(As an aside, first: many MMOs have rather abstract stat and buff systems, that make it impossible to understand without extensive out-of-game research, and even once understood in concept, Guild Wars 2 doesn't always communicate how these effects are supposed to interact. An across the board UI fix here would allow players to see a breakdown of where their stats are coming from, by source, and what % impact it has on each of their attribute, such as from gear, food, utility consumables, or traits, without having to actually slot it first, possibly at an armor-repair station so as to not blow out the during-gameplay UI. Being able to see the exact number of points they are away from their next +1% or 1sec effect increase would be helpful too. )
In the case of the attributes themselves, each attribute should be viewed as a component of a larger puzzle, that each have their own, special identity. By considering which professions, skills, weapons, and group content are defined by which attributes, much stronger combinations of those attributes should arise.
With these roles defined, each attribute combination becomes not just a build type, but a distinct element of encounter design. Simply select two sets of 2-3 different attributes, combine them together, and you have a meaningful encounter:
The main problem with these "Attributes as Roles" designs, is the gear combinations themselves. 4-Stat prefixes carry such a staggering advantageous weight over 3-stat prefixes, and Celestial over most 4-stat prefixes, that the more 'roles' are added to an encounter design, the more 4-stat and Celestial gear carries the day. While all the rest of this can be done fairly easily without disrupting metas too badly, I would honestly, personally, recommend lowering the stats associated with 4-stat and Celestial gear, even by 5% total, to help 3-stat gear, which is infinitely more narrow in application, stronger and more specialized for purpose. Additionally, changing which stat conversions exist on which professions, how, and increasing what % they take from other, less ideal attributes, could mean that each of the nine professions stand to benefit from different attribute combinations than each other, which would help enormously in bringing value to the 33 underperforming stat combos.
Otherwise, were these to be adopted, many different dead or unrecommended prefixes stand to open up, which really highlights the extreme extent to which gear has been made useless in this game, by merit of the narrow outlook the balance team takes when viewing each profession.
Disappointing outliers include:
Much of this is exacerbated by the fact that stat-selectable gear is so readily available, with every single stat an option. Gearing a new build has turned from what used to be, at minimum, an excuse to run certain dungeons or farm Heart of Thorns, and devolved into a fairly meaningless scramble to grab up stat-select gear from any source, select either Berserker's, Viper's, Harrier's, Diviner's, or Celestial, and sigh in relief as you ignore the game's 33 other options. (Not that all those are ignored, I'm just being facetious. Easily 90% of all online builds use the above 5 options though.)
So. This concludes Part 1. In part 2, I aim to cover how we might pair these 'attribute roles' with mechanical effects in different classes that help produce roles not currently recognized by ArenaNet. In the meantime, I'd like to open discussion:
  1. Should each professions be expected to benefit from a more personal set of gear attributes? Overlap is guaranteed in many cases, but should we see more cases such as Ritualist's, which is only desirable on professions with Vitality conversion? Or should all professions benefit identically from the same prefix options?
  2. Are there any archetypes or build fantasies that you think our current selection of attributes could be used to address, but currently aren't in the game, such as Expertise affecting trap duration? If so, what are they, which profession would be doing it, and which attributes do you think would enable it?
  3. Do you think stats being freely available is a good thing, or would you be interested in different attribute sets looted from specific zones or content types? For example, high-durability gear looted by roaming open world, or that different metas drop gear with prefixes that are explicitly designed to help you defeat it? Or that 'raid-ready' gear prefixes be looted from champions, strikes, and raids themselves?
  4. Should 4-stat and Celestial be nerfed, or 3-stat buffed, in order to make them more appealing? If not, what purpose do you propose for 3-stat, non-Berserker gear?
  5. If more content started to use a greater variety of challenges, other than just "hit big monster make big numbers go up more", would you be excited to experiment with different gear setups, in order to be better prepared for the challenges of each encounter? Or, do you prefer having a small number of loadouts, that can handle any and all content in the game?
As always, thanks for reading! If you have critiques, let me know! And if you're interested in Part 2, find it here! [link later]
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2023.03.31 20:49 Young-Haggis STACKED WoW Account $2000 O.B.O. I hate this game and just want it gone, make an offer

This account is stacked, this game was my life for many years.
I don't find myself enjoying it anymore, so maybe it can go to someone who will actually play it.
Only looking for a couple thousand bucks OBO
Dragonflight purchased
Drak'Tharon realm [Alliance] - 1 lvl 69 rogue (10 lv 60 characters (2 pally, mage, warlock, monk, warrior, priest, druid, hunter)
Thunderhorn realm [Horde] - lv 54 shaman, lv 52 demon hunter, lv 51 shaman, lv 37 pally
Garrosh realm [Alliance] - lv 58 Death Knight, lv 35 pally
Total Mounts: 455, but i think just over 400 of those are "Usable on 1 Character", as i had juuust got the Frenzied Feltalon mount.
410/500 towards next mount achievement
All TCG mounts except 2 are bound, those 2 being Spectral Tiger and Swift Shorestrider (I own the Swift Spectral Tiger)
Other notable mounts include: Flametalon / Fossilized Raptor / Honeyback Harvester / Life-Binders / Loyal Gorger / Midnight / Pureblood firehawk / Swift Zhevra / Thundering Onyx Cloudserpent / Voidtalon of the Dark Star / Ashes of Alar / Core Hound / Drake of the North/South/East/West winds / Onyxian Drake / All timewalking mounts / Raven Lord / X-53 Touring Rocket & soooo many more farmed low chance mounts. (no gladiator or pvp mounts at all)
Tonnes of random pets, nothing extreme though.
243 Toys, a handful of rare and expensive ones
over 16k Achievement Points
The main appeal of the account is the insane mount collection, this account is worth a LOT of $$
Serious buyers only please
Open to Trades
DM for screenshots or any other info, thank you~
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2023.03.31 18:46 Irver [US][A] Stormrage (8/8H 5/8M) Wed/Sun 8:30-11 EST Looking for mature raiders who want to do high-end content on a limited schedule and a friendly environment

Now trialing for Season 2 (and working on Dathea), come talk to us!
Stardust was created to give mature raiders access to high end raiding content in a friendly environment and on a limited schedule.
We will complete Normals and Heroics as fast as possible before defeating as many mythic encounters as we can prior to the new content release.
Wednesdays & Sundays 8:30p-11p EST
US-Stormrage: a high-pop, EST, PVE server.
DPS: Warrior, Enhance Shaman, WW Monk, Shadow Priest
Please submit our really short application to get the process started: https://forms.gle/JhrqDu3Vh6duupvL9
Good luck in your guild search!
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2023.03.31 18:37 AlaskanWolf4 [H][US][Zul'Jin] 2-Day Mythic Team 🧿 End of Line 🧿 - T/Th (8-11 PM EST)

I would love for you to join my team!
About Us: 4/8 Mythic, 8/8 Heroic
What we offer:
  1. Mythic + (multiple groups run +20-27 keys)
  2. Alt raiding, transmog runs, and other guild activities
  3. AmongUs/Streaming Parties
  4. Guild repairs
  5. Potentially PvP nights in the future
What we want:
Current Needs:
DPS: Enhancement Shaman, Balance Druid, or Other Solid DPS
Heals: Resto Druid/Prevoker
Tanks: None
For more information, add the following or click the application link below: Recruiter: Malideon#6527 -Discord Apply: https://apply.wowaudit.com/us/zuljin/end-of-line/mythic?preview
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2023.03.31 11:10 abratmaxed [H] - You Had Me At Zug Zug - Wednesday/Thursday 7:00pm - 10:30pm ST

We are an Australian based guild, formed from friends who originally played in WOTLK together. We value progression while maintaining a friendly fun atmosphere.
We raid two nights a week, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM ST, we also have multiple 10-man groups running each week on an informal basis.
Our progression is 9/9 HM on 25 man and 9/9 HM + Algalon on 10 man. We use a Loot Council system with the RC Loot Council addon and thatsmybis.com. We endeavor to spread loot across the raid group to ensure the best return on raiding. We also include raid members in the voting process to ensure transparency.
We want full-time raiders who can commit to coming both nights most weeks, with the understanding that sometimes real life comes up.
We are looking for an enhance shaman and 1-2 ranged DPS to fill out our roster. If this sounds appealing to you, please visit our recruitment channel here - https://discord.gg/dzGc5bHJZ9
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2023.03.30 23:04 3D_Crusader Shamanism Ideas - So Much Potential!

Shamanism has a ton of potential, in this post I’ll outline some of my ideas of some elements it could contain. I know we haven’t voted yet but I think compiling a list of my ideas alone would open minds to the expansive list of possibilities that could await within this skill if we decide it’s the one to explore. I’m just one mind and I’m sure everybody has their own ideas for what this skill could be. I’m excited to hear what your ideas are and any opinions regarding mine are welcomed.
Time limits entering the Spirt World:
When you enter the Spirit World, you must burn some sort of incense or use another item like drink a potion that gives you a specified amount of time exploring the space. These items are crafted using gathered materials specific to Shamanism. As you level your Shamanism skill, you will have access to higher tiered items that you may craft that allow you to spend more time within the Spirit Realm.
I think there should be a distinction between being in the Spirit Realm and outside of it while still being able to train and get xp in Shamanism from both places. Being IN the Spirit Realm is a new place to explore, where maybe your xp rates are higher but at the cost of producing and using items that grant you time there. Outside of it, you would largely gain most of your xp by producing items at the Ritual Circles proposed in the blog.
Expanding your Spirit Realm:
Hidden within the Spirit Realm are Shamans who offer a wide variety of knowledge. Among other things they provide to the skill (I’ll expand later), these Shamans have camps set up in the Spirit Realm. Revitalizing these camps will allow you to expand your presence into the Spirit World, serving as a place that pauses your time and also allowing you to reset or add to your time limit (up to a point). One idea is to make time between each Camp be longer and longer, blocking players from proceeding to deeper levels until they have unlocked the required level to use the items that allow more time that’s required to travel the extra distance. It can be sort of related to tile-man-mode in a way.
I can imagine a sprawling network of pathways with twists and turns that make their way toward other Camps or dead ends or boss lairs or infectious zones; a giant maze within the Spirit Realm that will take a long time to discover all of the little nooks and crannies hidden there. Once a pathway that directly connects two Shaman Camps together is unlocked, fully explored ,and ‘cleared’ per se, teleportation between them can occur at the Ritual Center of each camp. This would require some sort of ingredient cost, maybe, or Spirt Fragments obtained by killing Spirt Creatures (who might need a Slayer Level to kill depending on their type or level?).
A bit of a stretch idea maybe, but the idea of finding a tree, rock, or other object on the surface level that might provide access to the Spirit Realm.. Requiring, in addition to a Shamanism level, other skills to craft the portal or entrance method. These could be ‘unprotected areas’ where the Shamans are unable to reach you nor offer assistance should you die… Weird idea maybe lmk your thoughts.
Shamans can be viewed similar to Slayer Masters in a sense. Each of them are located at each of these ‘Disturbed Sites’ within the Spirit Realm, perhaps under duress or imprisoned by some ulterior force that can be explained through lore (Mod Ed cough cough). Freeing the Shaman allows you to enter the Spirit Realm directly through these zones which are scattered across the world of Geilenor. This allows you to trek along multiple pathways that may be severed or blocked by obstacles requiring higher Shamanism levels or inaccessible altogether.
In order to depart along these pathways, you must first help the Shaman restore his camp. Similar to fossil island, but more complex than simply bringing planks and rebuilding it. The immediate area surrounding the Camp could contain materials that the Shaman tasks you with gathering. Surface world items could also be a requirement, aiding in an item sink if necessary. Things like low level herbs jump out immediately along with logs, ores/bars.
A Protection Ritual must be performed at each of these sites by the Shaman which unlock Pathways, defined travel areas for a player to explore and defend from Spirit Creatures. These may be outlined by a series of tiki torches to fit the tribal theme. Torches could be upgraded as your level increases to provide various buffs in their area of influence. Higher level Protection Rituals may be available as well, allowing for a camp to have several pathways for you to travel and explore from the same central Shaman Camp. Aside from the default unlocked pathway, the Shaman could require a certain Spiritual Component in the ritual that might not be found in this area or can’t be obtained until a certain level.
Equipment restrictions prevent you from taking anything of combat significance into the spirit realm, similar to Entrana. Gathering ‘nature-y’ resources within the Spirit Realm along pathways will allow you to craft equipment specific to the Spirit World, useful for combat or any spirit-draining effects that Spirit Creatures might inflict upon you. Harming Spirit Creatures could require these special weapons, enchanted with Spiritual Essence harnessed and imbued within Tribal Rituals.
Hear me out: if there are Spirit Bosses to fight, do you really want to cheese it with your BIS weapons? It’s a new skill after all, it should take more than having your best weapons available to breeze through the skill and obtain what rewards it could potentially bring. Imbuing your equipment, though, could allow you to take your treasured items into the Spirit Realm. Tier 70 items like a whip could require a level 70 Shamanism level to imbue, if you really felt the need to bring these items to the Spirit Realm. I don’t see a point in excluding the entire game from the skill entirely, just requiring proper leveling first. Although some tradeoffs might have to be made, like not being able to have certain effects that might be reserved for Shamanism-specific-crafted weapons.
Likewise, Shamanism-specific gear wouldn’t have much use in the surface world. Although a case could be made for it, specifically when gathering “Natural Components” as described in the blog. Or maybe it does, who knows…
Furthermore, I feel like this would provide better integration to the current skills as you’ll need levels in crafting, smithing, fletching, herblore, etc. to construct these. Or you could always buy them from other players if you don’t have the levels, making this a skill that can be profitable.
A thought to explore, let me know your ideas. Personally I feel like it would make the skill feel deeper and provide a larger level of incentive to train, especially if that Tbow could make the difference in a big boss fight…
World events:
High level tribal circles might cause a world event where the circle is under attack by Spirits escaping the Spirit World. Players nearby can join in and help defend the circle to get an xp reward. This helps to achieve the social interaction focus as displayed by the Forestry Expansion. It also provides a more dynamic aspect to OSRS, knowing that at any moment you might come across an adventurer that could spawn a chaotic event you can either opt into or watch from the sidelines. I think this further enhances the mysticism and magical feeling of the game if players can pop off events like these.
Buyable vs Untradable items:
IMO, almost every item should be able to be bought and sold… WITH THE EXCEPTION that using said items could have certain level thresholds. For example, let’s say there is an incense required to be burned that allows you an allotted time in the spirit realm (or along pathways). To make the incense, it requires level 60 Shamanism for 2 minutes of time. It would require a level 50 Shamanism skill to burn. This way you can still get a buff from a higher level item if you’re willing to pay, but still be required to have leveled the skill yourself. The increase is marginally better as to help you level faster, but at a cost from a market decided value.
This makes it so it can still be a profitable skill for players where we aren’t just introducing gp rewards or alchs or whatever. If somebody would rather gather materials for xp and sell them, let’s let them do so. If they want to buy materials and craft equipment or other products before selling them, let’s do it. I fear that making most of the items in the skill untradable leaves the skill hopelessly lonely. We have ironman mode for those that wish to do the entire game on their own, why make a skill designed to be an ‘ironman skill’?
Just an option, let me know your thoughts.
Random idea blurbs:
I could probably go on for hours with ideas, but this is already rather long. The idea of this skill has really captivated me and I think it’s something that could really add to the flavor of OSRS while still remaining true to its roots. Depending on how it’s done, it could be a nostalgia kick all over again where you’re discovering Runescape again for the first time but with a strange twist.
If OSRS will only be getting ONE new skill, this would be my choice personally. But for the record, I think the natural progression of skills introduced should be Sailing and then Shamanism. I can imagine sailing to some distant island which unleashes some spiritual entity that begins to corrupt Geilenor or something crazy like that. Not to mention some engine work they’ll (admittedly) need to do with Sailing which could further enhance any skills that were to come out afterwards.
If only there was an option to vote for Sailing with the promise of Shamanism to launch shortly afterwards… Where we could flesh out the design as the dev team works on bringing Sailing to the game...
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2023.03.30 23:01 inyourbooty Powercreep potential of the new skills

Shaman immediately concerned me seeing that its potential rewards could accelerate powercreep into the game. Oils and enhancements to the existing BIS gear, on top of new prayers sounded like too much.
Sailing on the other hand would not impact power creep as the rewards wouldn't directly impact combat. So I was more "on-board" with it, initially.
But after much deliberation, I came to a different conclusion.
Fast forward 2 years to winter 2025 when sailing is in the game. We will eventually need some new BIS gear. But most of our equipment is already so good and there is only so much existing content we can squash. Can you fathom a T85-90 replacement to Tbow, Scythe or Shadow coming from the next raid? I cannot.
Let's think of the Shaman skill in 2 years. Shaman proposes a spirit realm, an alternative version of the existing game with new content. There could be spirit realm versions of every boss currently in the game with new more challenging mechanics. As players, we could have insane enhancements applied to equipment to match these bosses, that only impacts the spirit world.
This means that the new skill could bring less powercreep to the main game by gatekeeping the more OP rewards to the Spirit realm. Which is something sailing cannot do as it wouldn't make sense to lock new gear from new islands from coming into the mainland.
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2023.03.30 02:49 Joyous_Wolf Big Update Idea #2: Tribe Primes

Hey everyone! It's me again. The big idea dude. This one is actually much simpler. My idea is called Tribe Primes. How it works is when you get a 100% rating at 3 or more crazy bots WITHOUT any of them locked, you get its Prime.
This part is just an idea, but maybe in addition to benefits in both single and multi-player, you get a free skin for that tribe (if available). There should also be a 'disable prime' button as a matchmaking filter.
Moving on from that small little throw in, on to what they do.
Idea #1: Stars
Plain and simple, you start a game with 1 or 2 more stars (haven't decided).
Idea #2: Specializing
Your starting unit type (Not starting unit; All of its type) gets a +1 to either attack or defense, depending on its specialty. (ex. Quetzali starting unit, Defender, would get +1 attack rather than defence because it focuses on defence, Vengir starting unit, Swordsman would get +1 to Defense because it focuses mainly on attack.
Exception 1: Warriors
The most common starting unit: Warriors. They do not get a bonus to anything, as that would be annoying to deal with. Two-tile movement for two stars? Boring, makes the whole 'prime' thing not special besides a small amount of tribes. And it has good defense and good attack? Yes, please! No. It takes the focus unit of said tribe and buffs that. Take Xin-Xi for example. Because it mainly focuses on swordsman, Xin-Xi would buff your Swordsman. Two movement instead of one, as it has both Defense and Attack sitting at 3. How about for Bardur? And that, ladies and gentleman, brings us to Conundrum 1.

Conundrum 1: What do we do with Bardur, that has two main unit focuses?
Normally, I would say Archery because it is more early-game oriented, but there is already a tribe that specializes in that, but we wouldn't want to be unfair in forcing mathematics. So how can we be fair? Again, I would say make a choice of what you want to specialize in permanently, but that would be weird and it just doesn't seem to fit the game. Plus, Bardur doesn't need a potential buff, with it already being ridiculously powerful despite it being a free tribe. Which I am not saying I disagree with, I love that it isn't pay to win. That was a complement to the devs. So actually, it is fair. Just not equal. So we are forcing Bardur Prime into Catapults. But, my fellow gamers, that would be overpowered, wouldn't it? The whole shtick of Catapults is that they have 0 defense and cannot retaliate. If they gain a defense and can retaliate, that is ridiculous. Two conundrums in one, I love it! (No I don't. I wish I could just transfer my ideas without problems. . .)
Conundrum 1, part 2: What do we do with Bardur Catapult retaliation possibility?
Sometimes I hate my self-procliaimed title and job as a video game idea generator. Can't I just let my brain rest? But no. . . So here is my idea. Bardur catapults, as stated, cannot get defense. Neither can they get attack without their power becoming ridiculous. And movement makes them essentially unkillable if you don't chain them and you play your cards right. Range is out of the question, no explanation necessary. So what do we do? We give them 18 HP.
This sounds crazy, please hear me out.
With zero defense, it is still only two hits to kill. From a warrior, if it had 20hp, it would take 3 hits. Same with archer, and I think also swordsman (maybe only two for swordsman). But with twenty HP, 2 HP always remains. (Source: here) I used it and found that 18 is perfect for Warriors and Archers, as they each leave the Catapult alive with 1 HP normally. Simple math, 9 + 9 = 18. Therefore, that is their HP. But then, what happens when they are veteranized? That gives them x1.5 MAX HP, and sets them to maximum HP after they upgrade the upper limit. That would set them to a 27HP maximum. Three hits- a bit strong, don't you think? Yes. So, again, another wall. Why does life have to be this way? So the only thing left is to change veteranize into grant an ability. And I have just the one in mind. . . Persist. So what do we do? We, of course, are scratching the idea that it gives the unit more HP. So, why did you read all that, you wonder? Because I had to explain coming to this conclusion one way or another. You were right if you thought that there was no way I was really gonna ask for 18 HP, such an awkward unit HP. So veteranization works as normal, granting 15hp, just Prime gives Bardur Persist to catapults. It can be bloody powerful if used correctly, but it only becomes an issue late game. But it is truly powerful - so there's more. Instead of the normal persist, we give a new ability, 'Three Strikes'. This makes it so that it has three strikes for persistence per turn, maximum. Don't judge me on the name, I was doing a Fantasy Baseball draft as I wrote this part.
Conundrum 2: What if a unit specializes in movement?
Then it gets +1 to movement, because it makes the most sense for a Rider, which is the only movement-based starting unit. (No, archers do not get +1 range, that would be ridiculously powerful and instantaneously make Hoodrick Prime OP.)
Conundrum 3: What if a unit has an equal rating of both defense and attack?
The said unit gets +1 to its main focus, for example a swordsman gets +1 to attack because that is the main reason you get a swordsman, not to tank up damage. That makes it so that it balances it out and even if it has technically the same stats, it changes to fit its purpose. But that's if it has a three or below in both, if it has 4 or 5 in both then a +1 to movement, because imagine a 4 attack or 4 defense baby dragon. That thought terrifies me. And I shudder to think of a 5 attack or defense Navalon, for that matter.
Conundrum 4: What do we do with a Mooni?
You take away the Mooni's skate, so that it moves 2 spaces on land. An alternative idea is that you enhance its freeze to two squares, but the second square is for water and terrain only, not units.
Conundrum 5: What does a Shaman focus in?
That's not a conundrum, put that in because I knew it will be in the comments. Next time, learn the rules before questioning me, Shamans actually have 1 in both defense and attack and therefore gets +1 movement.
Whew! Big chunk of the entire . . . Article, at this point? Doesn't even feel like it's been that long despite the immense amount of research I have continuously had to do to make sure I didn't get anything wrong, and even then I have probably made many mistakes that more skillful and experienced players will laugh at. Remember, I'm kind of new. I spent the better part of an hour on just the warriors, about how they were going to be broken with two defense if they only had one, until I realized that they had two and should get movement, and only then did I spend another forty minutes writing what is currently known as Conundrum 1. Okay, you don't need to know my life story. Sorry.
Idea 3: Technological Advance
Simple, thank Zordon himself. What is considered the 'better' technological component of the technological route that the tribe is on, is unlocked for them. For example, Zebasi has farming. They would get Organization-- Just kidding, I'm not dumb. While that is good and all, something already specializes in that. That will be the new ground rule for these. Zebasi gets Construction. Similarly, Bardur does not get Archery; they are at a crossroads, so they can also go above. They would then normally get Mathematics, but that is worthless but for the catapults without Forestry, so they get Forestry. Especially considering that Mathematics Catapults are a strategy of game that you would be forced to commit to, if you want to play optimally. One more example/question: What does Imperius get? Farming is great. Diplomacy is great. Strategy is great. But Strategy is taken by Quetzali, so it's farms or Diplomacy. Again, farms is taken by Zebasi, so they are forced to go Diplomacy. This is a method that you can quickly use to shut down all conversation, which is the reason I chose for that to be a ground rule; it is clear and concise, no room for speculation and needless complications. Okay, scratch that last part, this entire post is a needless complication. My entire life is me adding needless complications. It's what I love and hate doing. It's my trademark.
I hope you all like this post and didn't find it too confusing or straight up idiotic. If you do, please be nice about it. Already bracing myself for the comments! This is Joyous Wolf, better known as KingFroggyIV, out!
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2023.03.30 01:14 Sir_Andreaux [US][H][Mal'Ganis] 7/8M T/TH 9pm-12am EST Looking for DPS/Tank!

Hello we are Pog News! A 2 night CE driven guild looking to kill the dumb bird before 10.1 patch. We are 7/8M looking for people to round out our roster!
High Priority:
- Enhance Shaman
- Off - Tank (dual spec capability preferred!)
- Healer
Will consider any exceptional DPS, feel free to message myself on discord or the GM. Looking foward to killing Ras!
Discord: (Recruitment Officer) Big Khahuna#4029 / (Guild Master) Cscov3#1564
BattleNet: (Recruitment Officer) Solcanis#1093 / (Guild Master) Corey#1734
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2023.03.29 21:35 PixelPerfic Thoughts on the New Skill Livestream

I watched the livestream yesterday and the mods suggested a few roadblocks that they will run into during the development of each.
I’ll try to highlight a few that I thought about and share a few ideas. I’m curious to see what other people have come up with.
Taming Problem: “Will Taming interact with Combat?”
My answer overall would be no, but that’s the lazy way of going about this. I’d like to take the approach of trying to make it work first.
The mods seemed to stall on the idea of combat. They felt like it would be weird to have a pet like a wolf or dragon that could be very handy in combat stand there doing nothing, but also felt like it’d feel equally weird if they acted like Thralls, doing 1-3 damage when they do attack.
My idea would be to have a combat passive on the creatures, as well as a secondary special attack bar on creatures that can be tamed at level 60+ without having them attack normally to do damage.
Imagining a wolf in this case giving you a + bonus on slash weapons or a speed bonus with a spec that works similarly to the dragon daggeclaws would make sense in my mind. That way you’d have a satisfying weapon to time in combat thats maybe disabled from your pet taking a few hits of damage.
Sailing: “How will sailing work mechanically?”
The mods already mentioned how they’ve been brainstorming a couple of different ways to input movement for ships into the game. I feel a mechanic similar to how routes are drawn in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass could work well. Have a more intuitive map that allows charting a course for the boat to automatically follow and have the player’s focus on a camera angle set behind the boat instead of a top down one. It will add more of a unique feel while sailing and could also provide the opportunity to more accurately click on areas immediately around your vessel to make attacking approaching monsters or fishing out sunken loot easier.
The mods mentioned wanting to create more dynamic ocean tiles vs. the simple blue tiles that are currently in game, which I think is a great idea. Having islands that will pop up from time to time or ghost ships could be an interesting twist too.
As far as a passive way to level, perhaps providing your crew with resources to use throughout an expedition that they go out to do themselves would be good. The return would be xp and a variety of non-tradable loot/resources you can use for upgrading your vessel over time. The experience would be less than going out yourself, but would allow you to work on other things while they do some work for you.
Shamanism: “How will weapon enchantments work?” or “How will the spirit realm be implemented?”
I personally haven’t gotten to end game content, so I don’t feel informed enough to tackle the questions surrounding how they’ll balance the weapon enhancements. I’ll instead talk about what I’d like to see from the spirit realm.
The mods were spitballing whether to build an entirely new area or have a mirrored overlay of Gielenor that looks different in some ways. Think of it looking like a texture pack with a very similar layout, but with different content and NPCs rather than a different area entirely.
I personally would like to see an entirely new area built around the concept of a spirit realm. Perhaps with referenced passed away characters from the lore that lived in different eras mixed with unique races. It would be interesting to have shamanism as well as some other skills work differently in the spirit realm versus the over world with different resources to work with.
All this being said, shamanism definitely should be fleshed out a bit more before suggestions can be made. The mods expressed how they don’t want the elements of it being confused with druids or herblore and want it to be seen more as spiritual in the sense of being a different magic than the ones given from runes. We still don’t have a strong understanding of what it can potentially be versus the other two skills, which is both exciting and worrying.
Anyways, that’s my two cents. I was tunnel visioned on one of the three new levels when they were first announced, but after hearing what the mods have to say, I’m confident that whatever passes, if any at all, will be a very welcomed new piece of content to the game. What do you think?
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2023.03.29 21:01 illucio Taming Pitch v1.0

Introduction: After reviewing Jagex’s pitch and community ideas, here is my proposal for the new skill Taming. Shamanism will a Support & Utility skill that requires raising monster companions to perform in-game tasks for both combat and skilling.
Gameplay: Involves players obtaining eggs or capturing monsters via the Hunter Skill, which can then be taken to the Tamer Sanctuary for further interaction. At this sanctuary, players can nurture the creature by feeding and training them to become a travel companion. The player's ability to tame creatures is dependent on their Taming Level, and if they lack the necessary expertise, the creatures will remain in the sanctuary. Successfully taming a companion will grant combat or support abilities based on their capabilities. For instance, bears can fight alongside the player, while mules can carry more items and monkeys can retrieve objects from the ground. Some creatures possess a mixture of these abilities at varying degrees and variety, with creatures being able to perform more at a higher Taming level. As the player tames more animals and utilizes them, they will acquire experience towards raising their Taming Skill. Additionally, after a certain period of usage, the companions will expect a reward, such as food, toys, or affection. Failure to comply with these requests can lead to negative behavior or the creatures returning to the Tamer Sanctuary.
Rewards: As you progress in Taming, you'll gain access to additional techniques that can help you tame creatures more quickly, as well as access to superior and more diverse companions with different skill sets. You can also improve your companion's abilities through training, which can decrease their demands for rewards, increase their combat effectiveness, and allow them to carry more items or undertake new assignments.
Conclusion: The Taming skill proposal adds a new dimension to gameplay in Runescape. By allowing players to raise and train monster companions, the Taming skill provides a unique way to support and aid players in their in-game activities, whether it be for combat or skilling. With a range of creatures possessing varying abilities and skill sets, players can create personalized teams to suit their preferences and play style. As players progress in Taming, they will unlock new techniques, companions, and abilities that enhance their gameplay experience. Overall, the Taming skill adds a fresh and exciting aspect to the world of Glienol and will undoubtedly provide players with hours of engaging gameplay.
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2023.03.29 20:32 sicwow [US][H][Mal'ganis] 5/8M T/TH 7-11pm CST Looking for DPS and Heals for Mythic Vault Prog US - Horde

Small Indie Company (Horde) of Mal’ganis is looking for additional DPS and Healing support to join us through Dragonflight!
Please read the entire post before applying.
Much of the guild has earned multiple CE's in the past and are coming together to get cutting edge on a tight 2 day schedule.
In addition to raiding we are very active in the areas of Mythic+ and PvP. We love pushing keys as high as they go and a majority of us follow our Raiderio score closely.
We love doing things as a guild such as transmog runs, alt leveling, and even gaming outside of WoW. Guild engagement is important to us so if you are looking to only show up twice a week on raid day then we are not for you.
RAID DAYS/TIMES: Progression Raid Days - Tuesday/Thurs 7pm-11pm CST
NOTE: An additional day may be added if we are deep on prog on a mythic boss
Vault of the Incarnates - 5/8M 10/10H
Nathria - 6/10M SoD - 9/10M SoFO - 7/11M
Ranged: Shadow, Warlock, Boomy, Mage
Melee: DK, WW, Enhance, Warr
Healers: Hpal, Priest, Shaman
Regardless of posted needs ALL exceptional applicant will be considered for any role. So please Apply!
DBM or BigWigs, Method Raid Tools, WeakAuras, RCLootCouncil, a working headset and microphone, a stable internet connection.
If you show up to raid without the above or are constantly DCing/Lagging you will be removed from raid.
  1. Be on time for every raid
  2. Bring a positive attitude to raid and the guild as a whole.
  3. Be able to take constructive criticism without issues.
  4. Do not become a “raid logger” aka someone who only logs on for raid and does nothing to advance themselves outside of raid.
  5. Active Mythic+ running. It is the easiest way to gear up outside of raid and takes little to no time.
  6. An understanding that you may be placed on the bench for certain prog fights either to better suit our progression fight comp or to allow benched players the ability to learn fights/get gear.
If you are interested please apply via our Discord at discord.gg/smallindiecompany.
If you have immediate questions feel free to reach out to us on Discord at: Stormy#5095
NOTE: We welcome any and all non-raid minded members to our guild with no application process needed.
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2023.03.29 20:25 Extension_Switch_823 Adventuring is fun

On his way back from completing a particularly interactive dungeon, Mavin was having a long relaxing walk while he let one of his bigger summons carry his stuff. As far as he could tell it enjoyed being loaded down as much as he enjoyed the clear road and open planes ahead.
Horses and bovines are like that but he figured a highland minotaur would be a little more willful, suppose its just the breeze being chilly and mildly strong.
Mavin started humming a tune as he closed his eyes and let the road practically vanish underfoot. He only ever had to stop to slap around any ornery creatures that decided to block his path. Planes descended into deeply forested hills then into the half tamed foothills of coastal mountains.
Thoughts of when or where to make camp exactly were interrupted by another adventurer up ahead. The customary probing with various enhanced senses revealed the man to be alone, another summoner and a hostile. Sure he'd offended some royalty and captured the soul of some desecrated villain from long past but that's standard adventure stuff.
A quiet cast of eldritch blast had the minotaur head back into the woods as Mavin called on his god with a simple prayer.
"Oh lord or the deep down dark deep down, lend my mustache a flattering hue and grant my summons the life I can scarcely imitate." The words etched power into his bones as his opponent nearly a mile away on an opposing slope brought forth spirits piloting golems of wood and water.
Shoving power down his arms two circles appeared on the dirt path, glowing with heat as each circle brought forth a stack of three fire imps. Spindly halfling-goblin looking things who only wore anything out of convenience for their dangly bits.
They were set to be matched by earth golem short siege weapons, complex sleds whose main function is direct fire anti-wall support. As soon as the fire imps got bogged down the guns would crush them with the fastest rocks to ever fall sideways.
The air opened for several flyers, from the few harpies in his repertoire to smaller heavy assault bees and lesser phoenixes. A decent variety of things that could disrupt and more directly support ground based forces.
Antwasps and dragon hunter birds were summoned in response, the former being swarming insects about the size of a human thigh, the latter being an enlarged hummingbird that makes its meals on pigeons and rats by the hundred. Air superiority if ever there was a force for it.
Fire shaman goblins was the play back to the other summoner, able to send out guided projectiles more substantial and physical than normal spells.
More siege golems came out as a response, longer ranged Batista types. Types that were even less agile than their peers.
Stoneshark imps were drawn forth, known for their destructive power more than anything else they are still fast and tactical even if the furroughs they leave in their wake say otherwise.
Several treeants and angel brambles sprouted.
More fire imps.
Gunner bees.
More harpies.
More ballista constructs.
A single highland bow ox.
An angel glassray.
A swarm of infernal smog bats.
Each summoner stood in their respective clearing, several lines of forest and a river separating them as their respective armies stared each other down.
Each had better summons to call on, each knew it but neither touched what they knew could force the hand of the other.
Then one of the fire imps took it upon themselves to bring out a nether spirit. And all hell broke loose.
The forest turned into a churning ocian of leavs and smoke. Flashes of blue white manafire peirced the leaves as much as they were undercut by burning undergrowth and furroughs ot flying coals. Swooping birds and massive archers took shots at whatever they could discern through the conflagration as sailing insects and elimental bats warred over rule of the sky. Massive slow hunters shimmered as they flew idle laps on their side of the battlefield, the occasional ambitious bolt or arrow flying in their general direction.
When it all finished a nether spirit hovered, abstract and searing hot, looming over a much larger ashen clearing, several highland minotaurs picking over the loot and planting things. One adventurer would be respawning back at a guildhall while Mavin decided this is good enough for a camp tonight. Delving that Hell themed dungeon was really helpful, but the imps still had too many tricks to leave off the leash. At least they're clean freaks otherwise he wouldn't summon any at all.
The summoner squoze one of the first 6 close and used another as a pillow while the other imps piled along his back. He was almost sure if he wore any clothes they'd be crusty as hell by the time he woke up so it was expendables only.
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2023.03.29 18:02 illucio [SUGGESTION] Shamanism Pitch v1.0

Introduction: After reviewing Jagex’s pitch and community ideas, here is my proposal for the new skill Shamanism. Similar to the Slayer skill, Shamanism will be trained like a gathering and production skill that requires interacting with spirits to purify the embodiment of nature they represent by performing "tasks" called Rituals.
Gameplay: As players level up Shamanism, they will notice and interact with more spirits that require tasks to be completed. These tasks involve performing rituals to help spirits purify nature, purifying the waters of a lake or cleansing a tree spirit from being infested by a dark force. To complete the rituals, players must acquire specific items from locations both on and off task. Other players can also opt-in to the ritual circle to help complete tasks for shared Shamanism XP. To complete these rituals, you will be requested to acquire things to sacrifice or use for the ritual. In order to perform the rituals, you will need to gather sacrificial items or other resources to use in the process. These items can be a combination of task-specific components and tradable in-game resources. You will be given a list of required items from specific locations.
Example of a task: “Collect the 24 entrails of a Spined larupia from Feldip Fields, two dozen Teak logs, 50 pieces of iron forged in Falador furnace, and a hundred trout bones from Barbarian River”.
Rewards: Leveling up Shamanism unlocks the Shamanism “prayer book,” which focuses on prayers to enhance resource gathering and production skills. Similar to Prayer, using the Shamanism prayer book drains Shamanism points. Additionally, Shamanism outfits can provide boosts to Shamanism drainage to help preserve points.
Similar to prayer, Shamanism also has outfits that can enhance the skill and help conserve points. These outfits may include items specifically designed for the skill or items with a nature or animal theme, such as the Hunter Gear outfits like the Larupia, Ghraahk, and Kyatt Hunter outfits, Splitbark Armor, 3rd Age Druidic Armor, and more.
As your Shamanism level increases, your ability to perceive and interact with spirits in the world also increases. The Rifts act as portals to enter the Spirit World, which becomes accessible at the more you train Shamanism. While in the Spirit World, your Shamanism Points gradually deplete, and once they are depleted, you will be kicked out of the Spirit World rift and must wait for you or someone else to discover a new one. During your stay in the Spirit World, your Shamanism "Prayers" have a heightened effect at the cost of shortening your time within the Spirit World via point drainage.
The Spirit World exists parallel to Gielinor and shares similar landscapes and structures, but with noticeable differences, such as overgrown trees in Varrock and blocked paths now being accessible or new paths being blocked or out of reach. Moreover, the Spirit World is home to boss fights against large, dark spirits that drop rare loot that can be brought back to the mortal realm. Also good and bad spirits who offer tasks that involve performing rituals on rare items, like the Draconic Visage, to imbue dragon protection on armor, or imbuing a harpoons to catch more fish by finishing a ritual within the spirit world within the time you are there. In addition, there are opportunities to gather unique resources within the Spirit World that can be brought back and used to create new outfits and weapons through smithing, fletching and crafting.
Conclusion: Shamanism skill would combine the Slayer and Prayer Skills for Production and Gathering Skills, acting as a item sink for resources, while revitalizing existing areas of Runescape. The ability to access Shamanism unique "Prayer Book", ability to enter Rifts that appear dependent on players' Shamanism level and gain the ability to complete tasks within the Spirit World to unlock imbues to items as a unique twist. By finding and interacting with spirits, players can use their Shaman skills to act as a protector and spiritual guide to spirits by maintaining the balance between the world of Glielinor and the Spirit World, unlock new skilling abilities, and explore a new parallel world.
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2023.03.29 14:53 redcities [EU][H] Tarren Mill AOTC guild, looking for new raiders for HC and Mythic! Mon/Thur raid nights

Unseen are a friendly and determined Heroic guild, progressing a couple Mythic bosses per tier but looking to progress even further. We've had a few changes within our roster and we're looking to recruit members into our core group, who would be raiding harder content and pushing Mythic.AOTC is completed each tier!
We also do PVP, RBGs and M+ frequently if you're interested in those too! https://guildsofwow.com/unseen ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Currently, these are our Raid Times (Server Time): Mondays and Thursdays - 8:00 PM - 11 PM. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ In order of priority, we're looking for these DPS classes to join us! Rogue (Any) Demon Hunter (DPS) Shaman (Enhancement) Monk (DPS)
We are also looking for a Warlock and a Balance Druid ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ If you're interested in learning more about our achivements, raiding and guild life then feel free to contact me on here, or here: Discord: PRESCRIPTION#0420 Bnet: cowboy#23665
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2023.03.29 07:23 Sarmelion Orc Leadership Going Forward (Orc Heritage Quest Spoilers)

The Orc Heritage quest reintroduces several orc clans prominent in the MU Horde through the Kosh'harg festival and brings back many lesser known NPCs elevating them to A list prominence or at least bringing them back to B & C lister status. I'm very interested in speculating on where the orc narrative will go from here and what folks are interested in seeing.
Jorin Deadeye of the Bleeding Hollow has no other bleeding hollow NPCs but is seen speaking with Ritssyn from the warlock order hall. Ritssyn mentions Jorin's plan to move the Bleeding Hollow entirely to Azeroth is 'bold', which coming from a warlock of black harvest implies something's up. I'm hoping he's not villainbatted and instead we see the Bleeding Hollow turn into a sort of "Dark Magic" research group, with Jorin and the Hollow's use of Blood magic letting them 'hack' old god and Hakkar / Ghuun blood magics so Horde members can use them.
Gorgonna is now the Warsong leader, and Shokia and Nazgrim are both back. I'm hoping Gorgonna's more honor focused take causes them to finally clear out the demons around Grom's grave and get the Warsong to fight some worthy enemies, ideally they'll tie into an arc about the Kor'kron no longer being evil too.
Eitrigg leads the Horde Blackrock Clan, and Ariok is confirmed alive (Still a Orc-hulk but he's able to talk alright) and Thura (Saurfang/Broxigar's niece from that awful emerald nightmare book) is back. The current Horde Blackrocks are all more of the 'Elite melee fighter' which has a lot of overlap with the Warsong, so I'm hoping we see a mechanist or blacksmith/architect focus come into play with them, to get the EK former Dark Horde Blackrocks to do something constructive.
Gorfax Angerfang leads the Dragonmaw and many Dragonmaw NPCs from Twilight Highlands are back. Gorfax is in an interesting spot since he used to just... straight up die in Alliance questing, but now he's very dedicated to the clan getting strong without enslaving others. I'm kind of hoping they fight Vrykul Dragonhunters in Dragonflight and get a 'true bond with your mounts' type vibe, whether they get a bond with dragons or protodrakes or some other type of flying beast.
Thega Graveblade leads the Shattered Hand, former leader Gordul is still alive, and Garona is considering joining the Shattered Hand. This is a tricky one but the MU Shattered Hand used to have a lot of trolls in it, it'd be interesting to see them recruit non-orcs and do a deep dive on the politics between the various Horde races.
Thrall still leads the Frostwolves, and Nazgrel is back (I Believe he's a Frostwolf?) but there's also an interesting note in that Thrall apparently vouched for the Orc "Arcweavers" from Siege of Orgrimmar and there's an orc mage who mentions her family were frostwolves. It's also mentioned that some Tauren settled in Alterac Valley after going there to fight in the Battleground. So it'll be interesting if Frostwolf shamanism blends with mage techniques and tauren members join.

The last survivor of MU Shadowmoon orcs makes an appearance, and Lantressor of the Burning Blade is also around but they both have no intent of refounding their clans, though Lantressor chats up the Horde-Loyal burning blade warlocks and they fanboy over him a bit, while the Shadowmoon survivor talks about teaching the MU orc priests from the Lok'osh group old shadowmoon techniques and keeping them from going off the rails.

As a broader theme, it'll also be interesting if Blizz finally decides to expand on orc culture now that they seem to be 'done' with Horde going into cycles of villainy and redemption, and focus on other culture clashes like...
Shamanism vs Warlock culture clash
Primal Traditions vs the Heavy Industrial culture clash
MU (Azeroth) / Mu (Outland) / AU (Warlords of Draenor) Orc Culture clash
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2023.03.29 01:14 Chabar [H][US][Gorefiend] 8/8H 2/8M Looking for friendly & skilled players for Mythic progression, 10.1/Aberrus preparation, & Mythic+ key pushing!

[H][US][Gorefiend] 8/8H 2/8M Looking for friendly & skilled players for Mythic progression, 10.1/Aberrus preparation, & Mythic+ key pushing!
is a group of friends & skilled players that ride the line between casual and hardcore are seeking members for Mythic raid, 10.1/Aberrus preparation, & mythic+ dungeon runs. We currently are looking to add to our ranks to fill out our raid slots. We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8pm-11 EST. Our current progression is at 8/8H 2/8M.
We’re currently looking for:
Warrior, DK, & Rogue DPS as well as a few solid healers (Pally/EvokePriest/Shaman), though all applicants will be considered.
If you’re looking for a guild to clear Dragonflight content & have fun doing it, we could be the group for you! Please message with any questions or information & hope to hear from you soon!
Discord: Chabar#1000 Battle.Net: Chabar#1367
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2023.03.29 00:48 Abide-Trabex Hear me out, the new skills are…

Was thinking about this, and I really wanted to share my thoughts. We are helping create the new skill, Jagex won’t make something we don’t want because we have direct communication with the developers during the whole process. Any of these skills would be great, and I can’t imagine the mods releasing anything terrible. Besides, we would let them know if they missed the mark and we actually want to go back to the drawing board. Let’s all share our thoughts and expectations of the skill pitches. What it would require for these skills to be great! Share your thoughts, let’s not dog on each other, let’s come together and collaborate!
so I love the thought of Shamanism! I also made suggestion of dimension traversal in an alternate reality, mirroring the main world. Gathering resources there. Jagex probably didn’t see my suggestion, but I love the changes in their pitch. I think it would be an amazing experience to train shamanism! And I really like how it could fit in OSRS lore and thematically I find it so exciting! So I am naturally bias, but won’t cry if the other two skills get chosen instead.
Shamanism changes/implications I would love:
There are so many things we could do with this then enhance our gear! I almost wish we would completely toss the “power creep” possibility thing and focus on niche things in general that the skill could provide!
I’m spit balling here, so bare with me lol
Effects on aggression in combat: Think about this, you make an oil, do a ritual on your weapon or! We are given a new equipment slot (like they suggested) you equip a totem you’ve carved to resemble a specific creature type that it will effect, in combination with the oil it gives off a smell. The creature finds it offensive and will actively be aggressive to you for the next 30 minutes of time.
Or you create a combination that causes a specific enemy type to become sluggish and it now attacks 1 tick slower then before!
Or maybe a foul combination the provokes fear to the creature and they will refuse to attack you and actually run away from you!
A combination of things that allow you to drink prayer potions that go above your current prayer level by one prayer dose!
Just a few ideas for combat. These would have their uses but not be just straight adding buffs to your gear. I hate the thought of just adding +1 str boost for 30 minutes on my bandos, Idea… It should be steered away from. Let items be cool because they are cool, without making it a hassle. Plus we already have potions.
There could be some implications for skilling too, idk, you give your thoughts on that though. Lol
On topic of the spiritual realm: It should be mirrored and different 100% large areas but not the whole map. Just segments of large areas we know. Twisted more and more the deeper we go in the realm.
What if we would preform rituals on our gear sets, that would allow us to bring specific item types into the spiritual world and make them useful there? Aiding us in exploration and combat in the spirit realm?! Otherwise without the gear going through the rituals in the real world they would be unusable in the spirit realm? And if we wore them and entered into the spirit realm without going through the ritual, those items would remain with our bodies in the material world?
But in order to perform such rituals on specific items, it would require to have the same Shamanism level as the required stats needed to equips them. Rune items = lvl 40 shamanism. Dragon = lvl 60 shamanism etc etc
And depending on the combination you use in the ritual, augmentations to the gear you use in the spirit realm can then have special effects and buffs inside the spirit realm. Being ineffective in the real world! So then we can explore really cool additions to our gear but it not effect the real world apart from the materials we are able to collect from the spirit world and bring back!
And I think in the spirit world would become more and more dangerous the deeper we would go. But the deeper you go the more valuable the spiritual resources you are able to collect!
Death in the spirit world should just kick you out of the spirit realm haha just saying. We don’t need our souls being killed 😅
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2023.03.28 23:30 Royal-Employee90 How is enhance shaman?

I’ve been a UHDK main since launch of dragon flight basically, but I took a much needed break from PvP once ret pallys started popping up like weeds.
So I’ve been gearing my shaman, and having a lot of fun with him. Damage isn’t incredibly consistent, but I hit super hard. Currently only like 366ilvl. I can’t decide if I want to PVE or PvP with him though.
I’m afraid I know my answer, since I haven’t seen too many enhancement shamans in PvP. But I wanted to come ask the community how it’s going? What rating have you climbed to? What was the hardest challenge for you? (I.e., what classes give you trouble, rotation, etc.)
The only shaman PVP experience I have is back on classic wow, running around stomping people with a 2h, and it was fun even if it’s mostly luck of the wind fury.
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