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2023.03.29 08:45 BunnyMan3000 UW-Madison($18k) or Northwestern($35k) for Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering?

Hi everyone, I was fortunate enough to get into both UW-Madison and Northwestern RD and now I need to make my decision on where I am going to go. My CoA at UW-Madison is $18k while at Northwestern it's $35k. I'm reasonably certain I'd be able graduate UW debt free, but not quite sure about Northwestern. My goal is to work on rocket propulsion at companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin, etc. The main thing I'm concerned about is if it's any easier to get well paying internship/coop opportunities and careers in that field at Northwestern over UW, as well as if build teams/clubs are any better to help me get those positions. I'd also really appreciate any thoughts about other aspects of both colleges.
In addition, has anyone had any success with appealing financial aid here? If so how did you approach it? I feel that $35k a year(the net price calculator gave me $25k) is well outside of my family's ability to pay for debt-free, which is what Northwestern supposedly guarantees.
Thank you guys for your help!
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2023.03.29 08:45 coincredofficl 8 Major Blockchain Adoption Challenges In 2023

8 Major Blockchain Adoption Challenges In 2023
Major Blockchain adoption challenges in 2023
  • The world is rapidly adopting Web3, Metaverse, and Digital Virtual Assets. Meanwhile, Blockchain Technology has been touted as one of the most disruptive and innovative technologies of the 21st century. Blockchain Technology has become significant in finance, healthcare, supply chain management, and other data-managing business sectors.
  • However, even after entailing a wide range of industries and sectors, blockchain technology still needs to overcome numerous challenges in overlaying the generation. In this blog post, we will catch up with eight significant challenges for blockchain adoption, even in 2023, which must be overcome to achieve its full potential in the market.

Challenges in Blockchain Technology Adoption

Let's explore the significant challenges the global people face in adopting high-technologies like blockchain technology. We are also providing you with the best possible solution to resolve the concern here:

1. Lack of Knowledge

Though blockchain technology has been around the corner for a decade, it was initially developed to power cryptocurrencies only; later on, it tremendously overlapped the other industries. However, it has expanded in different sectors like finance, healthcare, real estate, etc., and people are afraid to adopt it. The critical challenge in blockchain adoption is the need for more knowledge; people still need to be completely comfortable with the technologies and digital spaces. They fear cyber attacks and third-party hacks on their databases.
The Web3 community and blockchain technology enthusiasts can play a vital role in educating society with the best knowledge-sharing practice.

2. Security

Despite the immense growth of blockchain technology, security is still a significant concern in its adoption. Although blockchain is considered secure, it is not immune to hacks and cyber-attacks. As per the research, one of the most significant threats to blockchain security is the 51% attack, where an attacker gains control of 51% of the network's computing power, allowing them to manipulate transactions.
To address this, blockchain developers must continue improving their networks' security and implement measures to prevent such attacks.

3. Regulatory Framework

Blockchain Technology works on the DeFi (Decentralised Finance) feature, which ultimately removes the control of central authority or server. The decentralized nature of blockchain makes it difficult for governments and regulatory bodies to monitor and control its use and utilization. Also, there needs to be an effective regulation made in the use case of blockchain technology. The lack of regulation creates unacceptance and makes it challenging for businesses to adopt the technology.
Considering the concern, blockchain developers need to work with regulators to create a regulatory framework that supports innovation while ensuring the security and privacy of the business and users' data.

4. Concern of Complexity

Blockchain technology has immense potential, but its adoption could be faster. One of the primary reasons for the negligence of its adoption is the need for more user-friendly interfaces and the complexity of the technology. Though it is not quite a complex process, the lack of complete understanding makes it more difficult and complex technology among the users.
Blockchain developers must focus on creating more accessible and intuitive interfaces to make the technology more accessible to a broader audience.

5. Scalability

Besides the technology understanding, interface complexity, and security, blockchain technology's most significant challenge is scalability. As the number of users on a blockchain network grows, the system becomes more complex, and the processing of transactions becomes slower. The current blockchain infrastructure can handle only a limited number of transactions per second, which needs to be improved to support large-scale use cases.
To overcome this, blockchain developers must find ways to increase the speed and throughput of transactions on the blockchain hassle-free as per the user's convenience.

6. Interoperability

The term "interoperability" describes how well various blockchain networks can interact and communicate with one another. Currently, numerous blockchain platforms need to be compatible with each other, making it difficult for developers to create decentralized applications that can be used across multiple networks.
Interoperability will be essential in creating a more interconnected and robust blockchain ecosystem.

7. Energy Consumption

Besides the limited data management resources or scalability in blockchain, the energy consumption required to run blockchain networks is another major technology challenge. As the number of transactions on the network grows frequently, so does the energy consumption needed. This has led to concerns about the environmental impact of blockchain technology.
Blockchain technology developers need to find more ways to reduce the energy consumption of blockchain networks to make them more sustainable.

8. Governance

Besides it all, it is high time to address the challenge of governance in blockchain technology. Governance refers to a systematic decision made about the direction and development of blockchain networks. Currently, there needs to be a clear governance structure for regulating blockchain networks, which can lead to conflicts and further impede progress.
Blockchain developers must work to create governance structures that are transparent and inclusive.
In conclusion, blockchain technology has come a long way, but significant challenges must be overcome to accomplish the goal of futuristic industry adoption.
Blockchain technology developers must focus on addressing and improving the aforementioned significant challenges to create a more robust and sustainable blockchain ecosystem. With the right approach, blockchain technology could revolutionize how we interact with each other and the world around us.
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2023.03.29 08:45 briantoby2 Dark harvest sivir?

Does anyone remember dark harvest sivir with her Q being really potent? Is that still viable this season or is it trolling?
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2023.03.29 08:45 kieraix A second name change (she/her)

This isn't taking legal factor into account. My legal name is still my birth name and I've kinda put off changing it for this reason.
I came out to my friends/family in 2019 and started using the name Kira in 2020 or so. It felt like it was the perfect fit for so long but recently I've had a lot of doubts... I've started to also have strong connection to Jess (short for Jessica.) I'm having a really hard time between the two and I'm scared to tell anyone (other than my close friends, who have been trying Jess out with me as of lately.) I have concerns over if I were to change my name again though... my family, especially my mom and sister, would almost certainly go back to her "it's just a phase".... phase. She already has a hard enough time calling me Kira as is, let alone if I were to change that. Also my job... I'm the youngest person at my job (not gonna say exactly what I do, but I work in the media industry.) Most of the people I directly work with are at least nice and "accepting" to my face, and some I think genuinely are, but I can't tell which are just putting on a nice face because they have to.
Anyways, sorry for the long post. I'm just incredibly lost and have so much anxiety over this whole situation it's making me sick.
If the additional info helps, I'm 19 y/o in the midwest.
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2023.03.29 08:45 AutoModerator [Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE) Full Course Download

[Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE) Full Course Download
Get the course here:
[Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE) Full Course Download
About The Course:
This course outlines the systems and secrets I used to make over $300,000+ in my first year with entrepreneurship
While I was still 17 years old…
And was also a high school dropout…
So what’s your excuse? It’s time to crush it.
I want you to take a moment and imagine a world where you could…
Never worry about money ever again. Build a six figure marketing agency and the best part? it’s a reality that all of my students are living RIGHT NOW. Take care of your family & loved ones. Yeah… this is something close to my heart. My marketing agency finally allowed me to take care of my mom and the people who believed in me when I had nothing. Travel the world, anytime! Yes… that’s right. After this course you will have the location freedom to travel anywhere in the world you want!
Now, who is the genius (kidding… kinda) behind this whole course?
Let me introduce myself, my name is Iman. At the age of Seventeen, I dropped out of high school to commit to the world of online marketing. Within my first year I had made over $300,000+, I had traveled the world working from my computer, I had constructed my dream lifestyle and this was all done through the power of what I teach in Six Figure SMMA. I run my own digital marketing agency based out here in London, although we have clients out in Amsterdam and St. Tropez.
I have my personal brand which is another six figure business…
Then I have a few other smaller income streams here and there. I love the internet! Haha
Damn… I worked hard for this life. I worked hard to create the sort of income where I can take care of my family and not even check the price…
I guess that’s why I’m so passionate about what I teach. It’s because it changed my life in unexplainable ways. I don’t think I could ever go back to my old life after living like this.
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2023.03.29 08:45 DiscreetBeaver How to resist cravings?

I've been off benzos now since early November 2022.
I was on them for about 2 years semi-regularly (sometimes I'd take a month break but then back on for like 3 months pretty heavily) I had to stop because I could tell I was turning into someone I hated and the addiction was becoming bad, i knew that when I started taking many a day multiple times.
Anyway. Fast forward to now, got through a brutal withdrawal period (but it's still hard at times) of course I still deal with some general and social anxiety at times... I'm a bit more isolated than I was before due to this (before on benzos I socialized a lot more and did more) but now I'm clean off everything except the odd drinks with friends and sometimes it's tough. Sometimes I still get intense cravings. But I know I need to resist because I made a promise to my family, friends and myself and I don't wanna go back downhill. I think overall I'm mostly better. Aside from the odd anxiety/bad ocd day but it happens. And of course sleep is harder generally. But I know I have to stay strong. Any tips appreciated. Thanks.
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2023.03.29 08:45 Nutella_S3npai Rate my team and feel free to give out any suggestions. Is replacing Kroos with Veròn worth it?

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2023.03.29 08:45 Simulationth3ry The power of So Good Right Now

This song is underrated. I love it very much. I especially like the line “I know I’ve made mistakes, but at least they were mine to make”. This lyric is next level powerful to me. As someone who has been robbed of my autonomy often, I fucking love this lyric. This song is for all of my people who are used to doing what others want and despite making mistakes on this newfound independence journey, owning that they’re yours which is empowering for someone who has often felt helpless to circumstances in life. Owning things for yourself when your whole life you've done the opposite is a revolutionary act. It also is radical for my perfectionist self that refuses to make mistakes and gets upset when I do. This lyric owns that rather than be ashamed, which would be a typical response to mistakes.
I also love the lyric “Driftin' from the start, I ripped myself apart I'll be whatever you need me to be, you need me to be I cut myself down, cut myself down”. The amount of people pleasing I’ve done and tried to fit myself into whatever shape someone wanted.This line acknowledges the damages of doing this. And this song rebels against that and says no more!!!! I’ve done that enough!!!! But no more!!! Now it’s about me for once!!!!! I will not cut myself down anymore for you!!! I will not show up in pieces for you!!! It's speaking directly to the people you've compromised yourself for and is like a verbal middle finger.
The opening of the song says “And I got this doom and gloom, but I feel alright I got love in my heart” and this is speaking to despite having negativity within yourself, accepting yourself with unconditional love. It ties to letting yourself feel the full range of human emotions. We often compromise our emotional authenticity for others. I know personally I try to hide my negative emotions from others so I can keep the peace and others don't get mad/upset at me. This line asserts still having love for yourself no matter what you feel.
This song in general is about living according to your true emotions/self as opposed to how you usually are which is bogged down, judgmental towards yourself for your emotions, unauthentic, and people pleasing. This song is about claiming and accepting wholeheartedly all the parts of you: the positive, the negative, the successes, the failures. It is a very indulgent song that deserves to be blasted from the tops of roofs. The upbeat tempo of the song matches how uplifting it makes the listener feel.
On a personal note, I wanted to say that I got out of an abusive relationship a couple weeks ago. So much of that relationship I compromised who I was. I repressed all of my negative emotions so things would be okay with them because my partner got very angry with me when I felt negatively towards them after they would do messed up stuff. Most of the relationship was about them. I felt like a shell of a human being. I shrunk myself down so much. I pretended to be okay with a lot. So this song for me is special and I don't think I realized until I started writing this post. This song empowers me to let things be about me, embrace myself, allow myself to experience all emotions, accept myself, and live for myself. I can't help but feel this song was partly made for me:') Thank you Fall Out Boy for this amazing song
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2023.03.29 08:45 AffectionateLet1024 I'm really not sure what to do [22F]

Okay this is a long post. But I do not know if I am right or wrong so I would like different opinions and suggestions. Timeline is from September to now so when I say it's a long rant, it really is.
I'm an international student in Chicago and do not have dental insurance. In September I started experiencing pain in my left bottom teeth region. I detected its tooth number 19 and after reading through reddit, UIC was the cheapest and the best rated option for me to go to. I book an urgent care appointment near the end of September and the student worker detects cavity on tooth #19. She cleans and does temporary filling. She states that to have a permanent filling, I need to be a permanent patient there. Meaning I need to have my xrays taken and have an evaluation which takes time. She also states to come back in 6 weeks to have a permanent filling.
I leave with relief that atleast I won't be in pain. I tell her I'll become a permanent patient. I pay and get my xrays done (around mid of October). They approve me to be their patient and I end up going for their evaluation on the second week of Nov. I go for evaluation where I find out I have a bunch of other cavities. The senior dentist comes and tells me throat looks swollen and red and I need to be cleared for a medical consultation by the senior dentist (I also tell the senior dentist that I have a history of cancer sores in my throat but at that moment I didn't have any). So now I book an appointment for a primary care for the first time in the US (around 3rd week of November). Co incidentally I had a very sharp right pelvis pain as well during my medical consultation. The gp tells me your throat looks fine to me right now and any infections that you could have had could be due to cavities and he did not understand why the senior dentist needed consultation clearance. For my pelvis pain he orders a CT scan and bunch of blood work, he suspects appendicitis. I told him I've had same pain a month ago as well. Anyways, before the scan I find out its for $8,000 and my medical insurance will only cover $350, the blood work came around about $500 after the insurance covered, so I choose just to get the blood work. (Note my sister is a doctor and she told me to get the blood work done before the scan as she suspected it could be kidney stones) I go for the tests and wait for my blood reports. My blood reports come that same evening and mostly all the reports are normal except C-reactive protein and eGFRprotein were slightly high. I observe my pain and its fades down and completely goes away by night. The plan was to go to the ER if the pain ever returns, at which point my insurance would cover it 100%. The next few mornings I monitor myself and there's no pain at all, and I haven't had that pain since then. The gp had signed the medical consultation form that I needed for my dental clearance. I'm mid moving apartments at this point and I lose that piece of paper (worst mistake I made was not to have a picture of the paper). I ask the GP to fill the paper again, to which he refuses and says if I don't get the CT he won't fill and sign the paper (basically he voids the first note he made). I know the gp was protecting himself as well but I honestly have not had this behaviour from a doctor before.. and I have lived in the middle-east, asia and europe before. It literally felt like 'you wont give me what I want, then even I wont give you something you want'. I try for the student dentist to speak to the gp and the gp tells her im not clearing her for the dental work because she didnt make it to the scan (first time in my life i experienced a doctor refusing his word but idk how things run in America). This is now mid of December. I tell the student dentist that I do have tooth pain for which I have proof of on texts. I end up going to another gp (who also states that cavities can cause mouth infections), she runs tests again which all come normal this time and clears me for dental work. Also turns out my pelvis pain was ovulation pain according to a gynaecologist. At this point (first week of Jan) I tell the student I'm still in pain and she said temporary filling can stay long and the tooth was cleaned and the pain can come from the tooth adjacent to it which has a decay as well. I go to UIC in the second week of January, 15-16 weeks after my temporary filling was done. She does my permanent filling and does cleaning of the teeth. She rushes through the cleaning and says ill complete the full procedure of cleaning next time you come. All this time I think she's been helping me so I cooperated a lot as well. I know the medical consultation were also my fault as I misplaced the paper so im fully responsible for that.
But im still in pain after the permanent filling. So sept - January.. still in pain. I spent $500 at UIC and I am in pain. I don't reach out to her again and decide to go to another dentist now. The new dentist tells me there's a lot of tartar buildup around tooth 19th. She tells me the cleaning was not done properly and the filling is also not right. The dentist cleans as much as she could and prescribes augmentin and calls me back. (This is third week of Jan). The pain goes away idk because of pills or the proper cleaning? When she calls me back she says she'll re-do filling for #19 and does filling for #18. When she opens #19 she says there's a lot of decay that was left behind and is shocked as to what was done. She even does a hole on the side of my molar which was never done at UIC. She shows me the color inside of the tooth and explains the difference between a decay and normal tooth structure. But the decay was very close to my nerve, she tells me she's trying her best not to reach the nerve but if the pain still persists then I need an RCT. She gives me another round augmentin as an insurance if the pain persists. (4th week of Jan) This is also when I tell student dentist what the second dentist has claimed and done. She apologies and says she's sorry and admits she rushed the cleaning, but says the doctor checked the tooth at every point during the filling and it's unfortunate I had to go somewhere else for my pain. I ask her simply if I can get reimbursed for my money because I didnt get what I was supposed to (which is relief lol) she says 'You came in for an urgent care appt back in sept we took an X-ray of the tooth bothering you and there was a cavity there so we treated it. We do not provide cleanings for an urgent care appt. I don’t think we can offer reimbursement for everything but just see and ask'
Now in the meantime, I am trying to call UIC customer service. Left voicemail in December to get help, no one ever called back. Left emails, no response. Then in February I find out about UI health and someone answers my calls (first time talking to someone about my experience other than the student dentist). They take a note and I get a call from the department who handles the Dentistry. She asks me what has happened, I tell her all the above. She asks me what I want now, I tell her I want my money back. She says she'll speak the the doctor in their department. The doctor asks for my xrays and doctors note from the other dental clinic. I send them on 1st of March. No reply for 2 weeks after sending many follow up emails. I get a reply back mid of March that she herself was on vacation for 2 weeks. Note: no out of office automated email lol. Then mid of march she says everyone's on Spring break, wait for 20th March for doctors to come back. I follow up, with initially a response to wait. Followed up several times later, no response. I email her saying 'I'm in a lot of pain and I need a root canal. Can you please help me with this? If not I need a supervisor. I can not wait further. I have been suffering since September. I'm a student myself and im on a visa. I am taking ibuprofen and tylenols everyday since September which has its own side effects. I'm at the verge of crying. I can't even get help from the UIC customer service side now?' Got an answer today saying 'Doctor reviewed your x-rays and took in consideration your concerns. He determined that the refund we would only be provide to you for the prophy (cleaning), which was not finished by the student. For #19 filling, which you informed us that after being seen by the outside provider you are now in need of a root canal and based on the x-rays provided, we would not be able to do a refund since we were not given the opportunity to see you for the toothache prior to seeking care elsewhere. Unfortunately at this time we see no wrongdoing on the student’s end based on what we stated “the x-rays we would once again not be able to provide a refund for #19”.' I have sent her a proof of the doctors note saying she did code D2392 and it was completed. And my prescription.
Now I do not know what to do.. should I leave everything, and continue with my money gone to waste? Or should I fight? What are my rights as a patient? Or am I wrong? I take tylenols and ibuprofen for my pain daily. I am not mad at the student i know shes learning and i get it, but there are so many senior dentists there who looked at me.. and this was the result? Did they look in rush because they have so many patients? I don't know what to do.. obviously I can't afford a lawyer to start a case so yeah im just lost.
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2023.03.29 08:45 Single_View_3645 Films that are excellent to throw on at night and fall asleep to. I need some suggestions, and I have a few that work for me.

This is something that I generally end up doing anyways after midnight, but I’m genuinely curious what y’all would suggest. I’m looking for something that isn’t necessarily that impressive visually (it can be I guess) but is very soothing almost like ASMR. Also maybe something that is on the slower side. A film that uses a narrator would be a great suggestion.
Two that immediately come to mind for me is:
  1. La Jetée (1962) amazing narration, however it is very intriguing and you’ll want to stay focused throughout the entire 30 minute runtime. Give it a shot because the visuals are a bunch of stills and the narration plays out like an excellent short audiobook.
  2. A Man Escaped (1956) beautiful French Narration and ASMR. Every creak, crack, and whistle are important. Just sucks that I’m not a native French speaker or this would be my go to every night when I’m trying to sleep.
Noirs are really good when it comes to something like this. Something like Sunset Boulevard or older Hitchcock. Anything with Orson Welles. Slower Sci Fi or Westerns for the mold pretty well. 2001 and Good Bad/Ugly come to mind.
I have a lot of go to’s but I’m wondering if there’s something else out there that people put on at night that they like snoozing to.
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2023.03.29 08:45 Manos132 Fixing Swains Flaws- Satisfaction in solo lanes. A collective project made by Swain mains

Swain's current position in the meta as a midlaner is that, overall, he is performing well. His winrate speaks for itself. However, his pickrate also speaks for itself, as he is one of the least-picked midlaners. Our goal is to make Swain a more satisfying solo-lane drain-tanking battlemage for his regular players, as well as those who would like to give him a try.
The previous midscope attempted to make Swain a more satisfying pick in the solo lanes he grew up in, but he seems to be sticking to the support position, as he's picked support more than twice as much as he is mid. Still, even outside of support, Swain still plays a supporting role in the game, while he originally was played as more of a frontlining-battlemage. The current state of Swain is to build spell effect items, such as Liandry's and Rylai's - a rather lazy playstyle and not the battlemage playstyle Swain is looking for. It feels like Swain needs to choose between doing damage with Liandrys procs on his ult while being squishy, or he doesn't deal any damage at all - these spell effects on ult gatekeep him from more satisfying changes. There are some champions out there that get to have the best of both worlds, including Aatrox and Mundo, and Swain would feel best on that list as well. Here we offer some changes to make Swain satisfy the role of a strategic general who unleashes his demon's fury in the midst of a battle.
The biggest change you will notice is that his ult no longer deals any drain damage to the enemies in the radius. Instead, this power will transfer to the healing on his ult, as well as the burst of rage-induced energy Raum unleashes at the second use of his ultimate. This will now deal much more damage, but will also end his ult - requiring the Master Tactician to strategically decide when it's time to force the demon back into isolation.
Currently, Swain can deal a lot of damage, but not to a single target - just ambient damage in a radius around him. With these changes, notice that since his ult isn't constantly ticking damage around him anymore, he can't abuse spell effect items such as Liandry's and Rylai's nearly as reliably. While they can still be viable purchases, he is no longer forced to build them, making Rod of Ages a more attractive purchase on Swain, as it used to be.
So far this is a lot of nerfing to Swain's overall damage. We still want Swain to keep the 'mage' in 'battlemage' - he's not consuming their life essence to do no damage. His AP ratios on his Q took a sharp nerf with his midscope. We're giving them back to Swain, and in return, Death's Hand will now only pierce champions during his ultimate. This also helps to enforce the strength of Swain when he allows Raum to take control. Swain will also have W minion damage reduction removed and receive his AP ratio on W back to compensate for the increased difficulty in hitting it without the constant Rylai's slow.
Since Swain can no longer slow everyone in his vicinity for simply existing, it will be more difficult for Swain to continue draining the lifeforce of his enemies. This adds a little more counterplay to Swain's ultimate, but to make sure he can still have a fair chance to stick to his enemies, Swain gets back 5 movement speed, back to 335, as it was in season 8.
In Conclusion, Swain was always meant to be the Master Tactician, and it is clear that he has missed this mark since his VGU, being more of a supporting role and a spell effect bot. Under normal circumstances, Swain wants to play like the tactician he is. He deals the damage he needs to, collects information, and gets out without a scratch. But when Swain lets the demon wreak havoc, it is no longer about strategy and planning. It is all about Power and Destruction - and our current iteration of Swain doesn't quite satisfy this fantasy. These are the changes we would like to see to point Swain in the right direction.
tl;dr Changelist:
Base Stats: +5 MS
Q: -%AP Ratio buffed -Does not pierce champions
W: -%AP Ratio buffed -Deals full damage to minions within a specific range
R1: -Drain damage removed -Drain healing %AP ratio buffed -Q pierces champions during R
R2: -Now ends R1 -Damage buffed, either %AP ratio or introduction of %missing HP
This changelist and reddit post was a collective work from many Swain mains, organized via Swain Mains Discord server. People involved: Jarro, Manos (me), Fishlord, Alamander, TheAfricanDream, M3rd, Bacon, Anulus, Tyr_49
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2023.03.29 08:44 r5601 New player build questions

Hi all!
I would like to ask for some help again. My build is more and more finished and seems quiet op at the moment, altough I'm still at act 7. I'm lvl 60 and would like to polish more my build and start using/leveling up and skill gems I'll need later. I'm a juggernaut, main skill is cyclone, I use a two handed sword, I'm a purely phys dmg dealer. So, my questions:
- My crit chance is only 5%. With precise aura it's only 8%. Should I put points on crit chance skill nodes, or is it only advised for builds who focus everything around crit?
- I use two auras at the moment. I read somewhere that players tend to use 5-6 auras endgame. I don't understand how. My two auras at the moment reserve 99% of my mana pool. My mana regen and mana leech is op, so I can play with only 1% of it, but don't know how could I slot more auras.
- Is there any way to support aura skills? I haven't found anything useful only something that gives them bigger radius, but is there maybe something that lowers their mana requirement?
- I use cast on damage taken with molten shell and enfeeble. I could add another red skill gem, but which? Atm I am using one which gives 50% more uptime for molten shell and enfeeble. Not sure if it's useful at all, but have no idea what other red skill could I put here.
Thank you!
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2023.03.29 08:44 Realistic-Mix-2288 Is ramdump of ZF8 in 2023 still issue?

Hi folks,
I got on tryout Zenfone 8, manufacture date 01.2023. I survived awful fingerprint sensor with thin elastic glass. I added fingerprint after installing glass of course, added 3 times the same finger, nothing helped. OK I understand that this technology won't deal with it.
As I can still return it to shop, I'm wondering if ramdump is still issue? It doesn't look good that asus never took a stand on this issue. I really like that small device, but is not a comfortable awareness that some day it could brick.
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2023.03.29 08:44 Orbsitron Emotional Reaction to TLOU Part 2 Scene

I'm fairly early on in TLOU Part 2 and managed to remain spoiler free for both Part 1 and Part 2 so far (so thanks in advance for keeping it that way in the comments - no spoilers for the rest of TLOU Part 2, please).
After the emotional ride that was Part 1 (I still can't believe that ending!! Joel's decision and that lie!), playing the prologue of Part 2 was quite the gut punch.
I can't believe the writers managed to top the Part 1 prologue. Sarah's death brought me to tears in Part 1 but my heart was wrenching when Joel is murdered in front of Ellie in Part 2.
But what really hit me is when Ellie finds a guitar in Seattle. I just played that scene in the music store and you as a player get to strum the chords which seamlessly transitions into a cut scene of Ellie playing a slow, melancholy rendition of Take on Me for her girlfriend.
Haunting and moving.
So many emotions: - The loss of Joel, who taught her how to play guitar. - Having a companion you love who loves you enough that she is willing to risk her life to stick by you on your quest (however deranged) - A happy, upbeat song, played in a very different style, much more somber than the original we as players know - Yet it is a moment of levity, beauty, love and joy amidst the bleak world full of loss and fear that Ellie inhabits and has to fight through to survive. Much like the giraffes in Part 1.
Wow. What a moment in a video game.
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2023.03.29 08:44 Single_View_3645 Films that are excellent to throw on at night and fall asleep to. I need some suggestions, and I have a few that work for me.

This is something that I generally end up doing anyways after midnight, but I’m genuinely curious what y’all would suggest. I’m looking for something that isn’t necessarily that impressive visually (it can be I guess) but is very soothing almost like ASMR. Also maybe something that is on the slower side. A film that uses a narrator would be a great suggestion.
Two that immediately come to mind for me is:
  1. La Jetée (1962) amazing narration, however it is very intriguing and you’ll want to stay focused throughout the entire 30 minute runtime. Give it a shot because the visuals are a bunch of stills and the narration plays out like an excellent short audiobook.
  2. A Man Escaped (1956) beautiful French Narration and ASMR. Every creak, crack, and whistle are important. Just sucks that I’m not a native French speaker or this would be my go to every night when I’m trying to sleep.
Noirs are really good when it comes to something like this. Something like Sunset Boulevard or older Hitchcock. Anything with Orson Welles. Slower Sci Fi or Westerns for the mold pretty well. 2001 and Good Bad/Ugly come to mind.
I have a lot of go to’s but I’m wondering if there’s something else out there that people put on at night that they like snoozing to.
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2023.03.29 08:44 daangmyfriend Is checking your opponent into a repetition draw a viable and accepted strategy?

I just played a game where my opponent had a advantage in the endgame but I managed to sacrifice a bishop and promote a pawn into a queen. When that happened he/she just started checking my king up and down with a rook until the game ended in repetition. I had no another way of getting out of check. I moved around a pawn so I could still protect it because to me that’s the logical get out of check move.
So is this an actual strategy? To me it felt like a easy way out of a losing game, but it’s also the first time I’ve had this situation!
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2023.03.29 08:44 evilarison Finally made the tough decision to private some old videos

I have been contemplating this for a while. I am getting back into the groove with my YouTube channel and posting videos again. When I started my channel I wanted it to be about art but then life got busy and it was hard to find the time but I still needed the creative outlet.
So I decided to switch to houseplants. I didn’t that for several months and while most of my videos didn’t get many views I had two in particular that got 9k and 13k views and they still bring in views regularly, more so than my other content.
I want to get back to the roots of what my channel was meant for and pursue my art career so I started making videos again with a focus on that. I haven’t got 1k subs yet so I wanted the older videos to stay up on my channel to continue bringing in those views. The problem is people watch those videos and subscribe through them only to be getting art content later. While there is quite a bit of overlap in the communities, I don’t want people to be confused and unsubscribe. Not to mention it might make it more difficult for the algorithm to figure out who to serve my videos to.
So I finally but the bullet and privated those videos. I’m nervous I won’t progress as fast but I think I have some video ideas that will do well in the algorithm for my niche, so I’m hoping those help me find my audience.
Wish me luck!! 🥹
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2023.03.29 08:44 Reasonable-Sir-9886 Lenovo M10 plus questions!

Hi all!
Firstly, hoping this doesn't get buried under the myriad of new-gen posts.
So, I recently bought the M10 plus tab with 4GB RAM. I'm usually not a tablet guy, but I wanted to get one specifically for reading papers and making notes (and making notes on papers in PDF format) since I can't carry so many sheets and books with me everywhere.
I'm still getting used to the slightly new feeling of writing with the stylus (different but cool for sure!) And I wanted to get all of you experts' opinions about what kind of apps I should use (my first thought is to just go with One Note, the classic)
So any advice, recommendations, tips and tricks for a new user to the Android Tab world would be greatly appreciated - especially if you have some experience with Lenovo tabs!
Thanks a lot for reading and for your help!
TL;dr- Just got the Lenovo M10 plus tab as a first time user. For reading and making notes as a student. Any advice/recommendations/tips welcome!
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2023.03.29 08:43 strife08 Asking for your collective wisdom - LG 34GN850-B or Asus xg349c

Hi, first time getting an ultra wide monitor, does anyone have any thoughts as to which monitor would be better? I am leaning towards the Asus since it has KVM, however, this is more of a nice to have and not a deciding factor. If the LG is otherwise better image quality wise I would still want to go with the that instead. I tried looking online but there weren't as many reviews of the Asus compared to the LG one. They are only $50 difference. Gaming and productivity. TIA!
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2023.03.29 08:43 Affectionate-Meat-98 Please Avoid Corn and Peanuts if you’re feeding your local squirrel populations (or any wildlife). Corn and Peanuts contain dangerous amounts of phosphorus and can harbor a deadly mold unfortunately

Please Avoid Corn and Peanuts if you’re feeding your local squirrel populations (or any wildlife). Corn and Peanuts contain dangerous amounts of phosphorus and can harbor a deadly mold unfortunately
To All of Our Nature Loving Backyard Wildlife Feeders:
I know it’s hard to imagine that peanuts and corn could be bad for squirrels; after all, they do LOVE them soo much: how could they be? The answer isn’t short, but begins with the fact that our squirrel buddies are essentially lifelong toddlers (and will definitely exclusively eat junk foods that will kill them) …and this situation is riskiest when wildlife are able to rely on their human friends to provide more than they could ever need of the wildlife equivalent of junk foods.
While most true nuts are fine for squirrels; peanuts are not really a type of nut at all. In fact, they are legumes. Most people do not realize that peanuts/legumes are a type of food that has incredibly poor nutritional content…It is acceptable to feed them one peanut (unsalted and roasted) occasionally, but it is crucial to check the shell for any signs of toxic mold growing and doing so must be in extremely limited quantities (if you care about your yard visitor’s and resident’s health).
Squirrels (like many small mammals and avian species) are very prone to a disorder called Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD). The effects of MBD are ultimately fatal and cause some horrible symptoms including partial or full paralysis and seizures. Squirrels (and other animals) get MBD when they have too much phosphorus and not enough calcium in their diet. Squirrels specifically require their overall daily diet to ultimately result in a total of twice as much calcium as phosphorus in order to prevent them from being susceptible to MBD. Without at least two parts of calcium to every part of phosphorus in their diet then the body will get the additional required calcium to process that phosphorus from within the body… which ultimately means that the feeding of anything that does not have a 2:1 calcium:phosphorus ratio will result in that required calcium coming from the squirrel’s bones (where the body has the most calcium stored) which weakens the bones. Over time this weakening can result in bones breaking and the high phosphorus of the body (prior that calcium being collected from the squirrel’s bones) leads to problems with other systems of the body, but especially the metabolism and brain.
Peanuts have over 4 times as much phosphorus as calcium (so instead of 2ca:1ph squirrels require look like 0.24ca:1ph)… so to put it in daily terms that are realistic: if one were give a squirrel one peanut; then in the tiny amount of food that squirrel would still consume for today the animal would need to have foods with a bare minimum of 2:0.5 ca to phosphorus ratios to make up for that one legume in order not to ultimately cause long term damage to the animal (& 2ca:0.5ph ratio barely exists to the point that essentially this squirrel would need to be fed with something like beet greens -exclusively- for the rest of the day …with the obviously problematic caveats that beet greens are not available in every yard, all year round to consider)
And unfortunately for people because it’s cheap and for wildlife because it’s harmfulness isn’t well know: Corn is even more unhealthy for wildlife, like squirrels. Corns can grow the same type of toxic mold as peanuts (which can kill our little friends quickly); but approximately has only one part of calcium to 45 parts of phosphorus (meaning it’s ratio looks like 1:45 when the health requirements of a squirrel are 2:1) so is a good choice that will kill less than slowly even if it isn’t contaminated with mold…
If you’d like to help your local squirrels consider adding in a regular supply of antlers and cuttlebones to your shopping lists (so that they have easy access to the calcium they need to compensate for the birdseed and true nuts that most have unfettered access to and can rarely resist)
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2023.03.29 08:43 moistyGG Non-FTA Country of Origin based LLC v. Me (a 20 yr/o w/ a big brain) TLDR but hey it's worth, trust.

Background on the situation:
I got myself a new car. Nice little car, goes vroom vroom, a 2019 MINI Cooper S. Now that I have this pretty nice looking car I've decided to modify the hell out of it. I ordered a couple parts including a chassis brace, cold-air intake, and a front strut brace. I bought the first two mentioned from some well known sites throughout the MINI community and after doing some digging on them myself I pulled the trigger on them and purchased them. The company that manufacturers both of those parts is the same company I just bought them separately; one on a resale site strictly for MINI's and the other site was their own one where they sell the rest of the products they create. The final part I got, the strut brace, was bought on whim. I wasn't planning on getting a strut brace as one of my first few modifications but after some thinking I thought I'd rather make my car safer and more reliable before I make it faster, makes sense right. So instead of doing the same amount of research on this part as I did the others; I instead trusted Google SEO and my international brethren with their reviews as well as my 'keen intelligence' to choose a product in the middle of the spectrum of cost. This strut brace was listed at $220. Whilst others, to my guess were just higher quality but not by much, were almost double that price (most coming out at $500+). I get two emails today notifying me that the two first parts mentioned are already on their way to me, coming tomorrow and Thursday, after only being ordered Sunday. I was ecstatic. I didn't get an update on the front strut yet so I just sent them a nicely-worded email asking if I could get any update on the status of my order. I received back 8 minutes later a one liner stating, "Thank you for your email. Your order is currently in process and will be shipped out early next week." This fuckin' blew me, let me tell ya. I was a tad aggravated that I was just told it was going to take another week for this thing. I followed that message up by advocating that I spent $37 on top of the $220 for shipping + another $15 for "handling". I should have had a flag raised when I got charged for "handling" to be honest, because that just implies it's being imported into the US and on top of that it might not be made with quality material so it may be a fragile hazard.
My observations got me to dig, for I was not happy already...
I get their Yelp page, Google reviews, and Facebook reviews all pulled up. Yelp, one star. Google, 3.3 stars. Facebook, 3.0 stars. I start scraping the reviews. Multiple reviews were easily noticeable to be either bots and/or their own reviews by new accounts they just made. I look them up on BBB. Not even registered in their data... What? That was the weirdest thing honestly. I go to the California Secretary of State website (they claim to be HQ'd in Northern California); I found it registered back in 2019 by some registered agency "LEGALINC", then had an added Director. Who I then just looked up straight up. Found hundreds of records on this fool within the State's LLC Directory. I then took my research to LinkedIn because I became super skeptical that something real fishy was happening. I matched State Chamber of Commerce records directly to this foolio's three separate businesses he owns within California. All of which have litigated Commercial Trade Contracts, also known as E-Visas, with a company in a country with heavy motor-vehicle and motor-vehicle product tariffs applied. That country being Malaysia. I found out that back in 2019 when the company I ordered this front strut brace from was registered within the Californian Secretary of State they also have records within Malaysian legislation that "Ultra Racing (M) Sdn Bhd" is a sister company of the three very companies/LLC's the man I spoke about above. Wow. What are the odds of that shit. Even IF, and this is HUGEEEE if because these fuckers are suspect as hell, they are legit; meaning they accord by the NAP regulations (National Auto Policy) in Malaysia which entails getting approved and paying yearly for a US import license and they abide by the government-regulated pricing. They are STILL able to dodge all of it by creating something they call, "Ultra Racing USA, LLC" within California where they can legally import the same quality goods that are regulated in Malaysia BUT non-regulated here in the US, sell them at a massive premium because USD to RM is $1 5 RM (Malaysian Ringgit). So if I even end up getting this strut brace and it only lasts me hopefully years on end but most likely only months. I'm going to the FTA, BBB, Secretary of State, I'm suing the CEO for public endangerment, taking all of his "small-businesses" and property with me. I'll be taking a nice little vacation to Malaysia to explain to the Malaysian Minister of Trade that this business has been fraudulently dodging the possible taxation on their shit quality products that aren't regulated in the United States because of their NPA Import Trade License they just hand out. I'll explain how both the CEO and CFO have been doing it for 10+ years internationally, because everyone in the ITA is obligated to agree to regulations made by Malaysian government officials. These products are manufactured in Malaysia where the production of them is half as regulated than in the top populated countries in the world AND they're being sold at a 500% premium compared to in Malaysia, and that's not even introducing the fact that the US has LLC tax benefits or even what they pay for materials in Malaysia to even make their products in the first place...
Maybe I went to deep into it, but hey, this is how I have fun at night... It's just me, my Adderall, my mouse and keyboard.
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2023.03.29 08:43 uvinvindula Bitcoin Holds Steady Despite CFTC’s Lawsuit Against Binance

Bitcoin Holds Steady Despite CFTC’s Lawsuit Against Binance
Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, experienced a price correction of 3.6% to $26,900 after the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) sued Binance and CEO Changpeng Zhao on March 27. The CFTC’s recent action against Binance does not appear to have had any impact on professional traders, according to metrics for Bitcoin derivatives.

BTC Futures Market Remains Healthy Despite CFTC’s Legal Action

The quarterly Bitcoin futures market, which is well-liked by whales and arbitrage desks, is presently trading at a slight premium to spot markets, implying that sellers are demanding a higher price to postpone settlement for a longer period of time. A healthy futures market should trade at a 5%–10% annualized premium, known as contango, which is currently not unique to crypto markets.
The Binance news had no effect on the Bitcoin futures premium, despite the fact that the exchange holds 33% of the $11.2 billion in open interest. This suggests that there was no panic selling or use of leveraged futures contracts, which would have quickly moved the indicator to zero or even negative.

BTC Options Traders Remain Slightly Optimistic

The 25% delta skew, which indicates when market makers and arbitrage desks are overcharging for upside or downside protection, is currently at -5. This demonstrates that the Binance news is unimportant because the protective put options are trading at a slight discount. Additionally, the legal action taken by the CFTC had no impact on the 25% skew, showing that market makers and whales are not factoring in any significant changes to the market structure.

Conclusion: Crypto Investors Should Remain Cautiously Optimistic

Bitcoin’s price correction in the wake of the CFTC’s lawsuit against Binance has not had a significant impact on the cryptocurrency’s derivatives markets. The impact of the lawsuit on Binance and its CEO is still uncertain, but market indicators suggest that professional traders are not panicking, so cryptocurrency investors should maintain a cautious optimism. When investing in cryptocurrencies, investors should proceed cautiously and with due diligence as always.

More Articles -
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