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Gauntlet[Campaign 1]

2023.03.25 05:19 Halasham Gauntlet[Campaign 1]

Be me: Kol-Jha, Koldemar Sorcerer
Be not me: DM; Silit, Kobold Rogue; Levi/The Replacement, Suli Warpriest; Vira Noral Vitalist; Velius Sylph, Druid; Spoon, Changeling Fighter;
After slaying the minor army of undead we complete the ritual and now to find the source...
There's one location left on the map; The Ruins.
Time to put a stop to all this undeath.
Arriving to the ruins Levi mentions they're less ruinous than they were before.
Kol mentions that a necromancer might be interested in having their undead refurbish the place.
DM calls for Perception...
Flickering flames from down the hallway but vision is reduced...
SomeA thing rumbling and wind whirring comes from down the hall...
Silit crouches and disappears from view Skyrim style
She sneaks on up and peeks around a corner...
She sees animate piles of rocks shambling about and dust devils milling about apparently of their own volition.
There's some kind of barrier blocking the door on the far side.
Knowledge(Planes)... and she fails the check.
She brings the info back and Kol manages a Nat1 IDing one type and not much better on the other.
Between the whole party we kinda know what the rocks are and know for sure the dust devils are air elementals.
We cast our buffs and Initiative is rolled.
Vira managed to roll -1 on Initiative...
Levi charges in! Or not as DM is claiming a corner of the room's wall is preventing a charge...
A little geometry later and he's got his charge.
Silit's turn. She takes aim and fires a bolt at one of the air elementals... critical miss. Weapon jammed, no attack next turn.
Velius... decides to start summoning a Crocodile.
The Earth elementals try and fail to strike Levi
Kol throws Jolt trying to zap one of the elementals... don't know if it did anything.
Vira's turn. She tries to steal HP... and fails.
The elementals try to attack Levi and fail
Levi's turn! He empowers his blades with elemental power and attacks the Earth Elementals.
Silit... can't attack but can move. They reposition for a good position.
Velius! His croc appears! They toss a mudball... and it misses.
The croc! Also misses.
The Earth Elementals hit Levi
Kol moves up and misses throwing another Jolt.
Vira steps into melee to steal health.
Air elementals... wiff.
Levi slays the first air elemental!
Silit misses.
Velius & Croc. The Croc chomps on an air elemental... or not, miss.
Velius moves up and stabs... missing.
Kol moves into melee and confirms a crit with his Tail Attachment... too bad they're immune.
Vira fails again to steal health.
Levi manages a single hit against one of the Earth Elementals.
Silit's turn... miss
Velius stabs the air elemental and the croc finishes it off.
Velius repositions to give Levi flanking
The Earth elementals crit Levi! Crit table: 'Chest struck, heart punctured by ribs, immediate death'
Well damn, none of us have revives.
The other manages to hit Velius
Kol throws Jolt and steps up to provide flanking.
Vira steps up... and wiffs.
V&C the croc moves up and chomps then Velius finishes it off.
The final Earth Elemental hits Vira
Kol wiffs.
Vira... manages to steal HP from it!
Velius kills the last earth elemental and the barrier falls.
And the next fight begins immediately: Two large fire elementals!
Proper disclosure: Mood thoroughly soured by this point.
Kols turn as we kept init order. Hit.
Vira steals more HP.
The elementals slay the croc.
Silit takes aim... and misses.
Velius summons a geyser to douse the fire elementals
Kol fails to connect w a Jolt
Vira also misses.
An elemental misses trying to hit Kol
The other provokes AoO from Kol & Vira
Kol misses, Vira hits... and it sets her clothes on fire.
Silit makes a break past the fire elementals to get good aim on them.
They manage to set Silit on fire.
Velius casts create water, dousing Silit.
Kol connects a Jolt to the first elemental.
Vira... is still on fire but she manages to steal it's HP
The gyser douses them again.
The elemental strikes Velius and sets them on fire too...
Silit manages a hit against them... would've been a crit if these weren't elementals.
Velius' turn. Creative spellwork douses both Velius and Vira with Create Water
Kol provokes two AoOs and laughs them both off... however he should've spent more time aiming and less time laughing as he misses.
Vira slays one and steals 5 more HP for us.
Footsteps behind us... somebody has entered the ruin.
The fire elemental's slams continue to bounce off Kols unbreakable defenses.
Silit fails to connect with another bolt.
Velius throws mudball... and hits blinding the elemental.
Kol connects with Jolt
Vira follows up stealing HP for the party
The footfalls come closer, somebody jogging up on us from behind.
An animate suit of armor... wielding a giant spoon in both hands.
It strikes the elemental slaying it.
All of us but Vira press onward to continue the dungeon delving...
Vira tries to talk to Spoon. Spoon replies with writing then runs off after the party.
Silit leads the way deeper in...
The finds a few elementals... and they spot her.
Kol steps up to defend her... and cast Light because it's dark in here and the healer can't see.
The elementals move up to engage Kol and all miss
Vira's turn. She stumbles forward in the dark trying to get to the light.
Spoon charges into battle... and misses.
More XP joins the fray.
Silit 5ft steps back and fires a crossbow bolt at some of the encroaching hoard of elementals.
Velius joins the fray and stabs at one... and sets himself on fire again.
Kol steps back and Jolts
The elementals advance and try to kill Spoon
Vira leeches more HP from the enemy.
The elemental fair to hit Kol again.
Silit nails one through the melee.
Velius throws their burning spear at an earth elemental
Kol has a new toy... and decided he can spare one casting: Lightning Bolt
Slay one Earth Elemental, seriously wound a second, and zap a fire pretty good too
The Earth Elementals manage to wound Spoon.
Spoon rolls a crit-fail. ree
Silit puts an elemental down.
Velius grabs his backup spear and stabs at the fire elemental.
Kol throws Jolt provoking 2 AoOs. He hits and the elementals decide to try and focus Kol
Vira steals more HP slaying one.
Spoon steps up and cleaves! Dissipating a fire elemental.
Velius fumbles but keeps their footing.
The elementals continue their onslaught with Spoon taking another big hit.
Vira goes to steal more HP
Spoon gets a strike in.
The elementals ineffectually bounce off Kols invulnerable defenses.
Silit gets a crit-miss... they stumble but manage to not fall on their face
Velius stabs... miss.
Kol tries to tail-strike and his tail-attachment breaks on a crit-miss.
The elementals manage to wound Spoon again.
Vira slays the fire elemental stealing the last of it's HP
Silit keeps on pumping bolts into elementals, racking up another kill
Velius' turn. They reposition to get flanking and strike true.
Kol Jolts in melee costing them their AoOs.
The remaining two decide to focus Velius wounding them.
Vira rips more HP keeping us all nice and healthy
Spoon drops his spoon. Crit-miss, and picking up his weapon he takes the AoOs Kol usually laughs off, taking serious damage.
Silit runs past and attacks the Obelisk in the room.
Velius takes a look at the Obelisk and they believe it to be a summoning system that'll refresh the room
Kol steps away to look at the Obelisk...
Spoon gets hit by the elementals again.
Vira slays another elemental and redistributes it's HP
Spoon reduces the Earth elemental to rubble
Silit readies an action to counter a summoned elemental
Velius... walks up and pokes the Obelisk with their spear.
Kol throws Jolt and chips the Obelisk
Vira tries siphoning HP
Spoon's spoon does nothing to it.
Silit's turn... can't hurt this thing, she's on overwatch for elementals
Velius burns a FlameBlade scroll...
Kol Shocking Grasps the Obelisk and takes a decent amount of HP off of it.
The Obelisk summons a new elemental and Silit nails a bolt into it.
Spoon strikes the new elemental then twists his ankle falling flat on his face trying to follow through to the Obelisk
Silit reposition for a clear line of fire and hits the elemental again.
Kol wiffs his Shocking Grasp and crit-fails.
Vira rips more HP off the new elemental
Spoon cleaves cutting more HP off the elemental but does nothing to the Obelisk.
Silit continues to lob bolts at the elemental
Velius slashes with his Flameblade
Kol connects with his Shocking Grasp.
Spoon PAs and... no damage on the Obelisk
More SP tax on Kol trying to kill the Obelisk
Kobold overwatch from Silit
Velius FBs the Obelisk
Kol loses balance but keeps his charge of Shocking Touch
Spoon & Vira join Silit on overwatch.
Velius slashes it
Kol is just regaining balance.
Party overwatch continues.
Velius slashes it again.
Kol connects with his Shocking Touch finally
The Obelisk summons more playthings for us.
The plaything dodges Spoon, then gets nailed by Silit, and finally gets HP drained by Vira
Velius taps the Obelisk for more fire damage
Kol pumps another Shocking Touch into the Obelisk slivering it.
The elemental hits spoon, wounding him.
Spoon hits it back, slaying it.
Velius and Kol finish it off with a Jolt and Flameblade
Session called, after midnight

Previous Session
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2023.03.24 04:38 sleepysnow83 Everything has alcohol in it?

I’ve been on vacation in Arizona, and have been going out to eat a lot. I have zero desire to drink alcohol, and have found remaining sober on vacation thankfully an easy feet. However, I swear like 90% of the food on the menus of the places I have gone to have some alcohol component in the dish. Here are some examples from tonight, the oyster vinaigrette contained vodka. The teriyaki salmon glaze bourbon. The cheese and mushroom dish, cognac. Salads = champagne vinaigrette. Braised short ribs, port wine. Carrots, grand mariner. The pork chop, brandy. Lobster butter poached with Chardonnay. Blue cheese topping = bourbon. Deserts I know tend to have alcohol in them, but the deserts had Kahlua in one and bourbon walnut carmel in an apple pie dish. The key lime pie didn’t list any alcohol thankfully. Gelato had several alcohol flavors.
This was a very fancy restaurant, so that is perhaps why, but I found this to be so unbelievable! I figure some of this burns off in cooking or is just meant to enhance flavor but can children eat these dishes? I don’t have kids but I genuinely wonder if a child’s parents ordered the lobster could the kid eat it?
I don’t get triggered by alcohol in food, thankfully, but I know others might. I honestly did not notice how much alcohol is in dishes at restaurants until I got sober. The other night they dosed a cheese dish in liquor before lighting it on fire.
What do you all do in these situations? I avoid it because I just don’t want alcohol in anything. I knew everyone is different and his different ideas of sobriety and triggers, but have you all noticed this as well?
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2023.03.17 00:46 bigtree2x5 built the red wheelbarrow in minecraft (download in comments)

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2023.03.16 03:54 susanmuskats The Difference Between Calzone and Stromboli

The Difference Between Calzone and Stromboli
Both calzone and stromboli are Italian dishes that are a great choice for any meal. Both are made with pizza dough and can be enjoyed with or without sauce.
However, a key difference between these two dishes is their shape and size. Calzones are crescent-shaped while strombolis are cylindrical.

Calorie count

Calzones and strombolis are delicious Italian dishes that make great snacks or light meals. However, they are both high in calories so it is important to pay attention to the ingredients used and opt for leaner meats and vegetables.
Both calzones and strombolis are made with pizza-like dough that is filled with cheese, meat or vegetables. Both are easy to prepare and they are a healthy choice for anyone looking for a tasty snack or meal.
To lower the calorie count of both calzones and strombolis, you can choose leaner meats such as chicken or turkey instead of processed meats like salami or pepperoni and add vegetables like mushrooms, spinach and peppers to your fillings. You can also use a thin crust instead of a thick one to reduce the overall calorie count.
A calzone is a folded pocket of dough filled with savory meats and vegetables. It is usually sealed along the fold to keep the contents inside. To create a more secure seal, an egg wash can be applied to the edge of the calzone before baking.
Unlike a calzone, a stromboli is rolled out and sealed before baking. It can be stuffed with a variety of fillings but it typically features ham, mozzarella and tomato sauce.
For a stromboli that’s loaded with deli meats, try this recipe by Ree Drummond. She layers shredded Swiss and sliced string mozzarella with a mixture of deli ham, pepperoni, Italian sausage and fresh basil, which pulls double duty as a garnish. The result is a cheesy stromboli that’s perfect for feeding a crowd.
This stromboli riff calls for refrigerated pizza dough, which makes it quick and easy to whip up for any occasion. It gets mounded with a mix of shredded Swiss and sliced string mozzarella, topped with basil, tomato sauce and chopped olives then ribbons of mortadella for a salty-cheesy bite that eats like an Italian deli sub meets a Sicilian slice.
To help ensure the filling stays in the stromboli, you can roll it into a circular shape before sealing it. This will help to keep the meat and vegetables in place, as well as provide a better seal for the edges of the dish.


Both calzone and stromboli take their inspiration from pizza, featuring similar fillings like cheeses and cured meats. But there are a few differences that make these Italian-American dishes stand out from each other.
The two dishes use similar dough and sauce bases, but the shape of a calzone differs from a stromboli. In a calzone, the dough is folded and sealed together before baking. On the other hand, a stromboli is rolled into a log and twisted to seal it.
There are many ways to fill a calzone, but the most common types include cheeses, cured meats, and vegetables. These ingredients can be combined to create a variety of flavors. You can also mix in herbs and spices for a bit of extra flavor.
For example, you can try making a classic calzone with salami and pepperoni, or a stromboli with spinach and garlic. Both are delicious and easy to make at home.
You can also choose to make a calzone with a blend of different cheeses. This is a more traditional approach to calzones, and it can help to differentiate these from strombolis that tend to be made with just mozzarella cheese.
Another way to tell a calzone from a stromboli is their sauces. While both calzones and strombolis are dip-able, calzones often contain tomato sauce, while strombolis don’t traditionally have any.
Both calzones and strombolis can be made with different types of pizza dough, but there are some key differences between them that can make one much easier to cook than the other. For example, a calzone uses a thicker dough that makes it easy to fold and seal.
A calzone can also be cooked more quickly than a stromboli, so you can enjoy your meal sooner. This can be helpful if you’re on the go and want to grab a quick snack before heading out.
While both calzones and strombolis have their unique characteristics, they are both quite healthy and offer a range of nutrients. These include vitamins A and C, zinc, phosphorus, iron, calcium, and potassium. These are all important for your overall health.


Stromboli and calzones are Italian-American dishes that bring together a delicious combination of dough, ooey gooey cheese and savory toppings to create an incredible meal. They can be eaten warm or at room temperature, and they are also an easy dish to prepare for busy weeknights.
While calzones and strombolis are both made from Italian bread dough, there are some differences that make them unique from one another. These include their origins, sealing techniques and filling ingredients.
A calzone is a pizza-style dish that is filled with various Italian cheeses, meats and vegetables before being folded in half and sealed. The calzone is then baked until it turns golden brown and crisp on the outside, while the center remains soft and moist.
Calzones are often rolled into a circular shape and folded in half before being sealed all around the edges. These types of stuffed Italian breads are commonly found in restaurants and pizzerias throughout the United States.
They are typically served with sauce on top of them to provide some moisture as they bake. A calzone can be topped with a variety of ingredients, including mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese and meats like salami or ham.
However, many calzones are made with just a basic layer of cheese and may not contain any meat or vegetables at all. They are usually served as a main course or side dish and can be cooked in the oven.
When preparing a calzone, it is important to keep in mind that the recipe should be prepared on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or foil. This will ensure that the calzone is baked properly and that it will not become soggy on the inside as it bakes.
In addition, it is also important to place the calzone on the bottom half of the oven. This will help the crust to cook evenly on both sides.
Finally, it is important to allow the calzone to cool for at least 20 minutes before cutting and serving. This will allow the filling to set and avoid soggy slices.
The Difference Between Calzone and Stromboli


Calzone and stromboli are Italian dishes that consist of pizza-like dough, cheese and fillings. Although they are similar in terms of ingredients, they differ in many ways. Specifically, they are differentiated by the type of sealing and folding used to create them.
When it comes to calzones, the dish originated in Naples, Italy, and is typically filled with ricotta cheese, meats and tomato sauce. They can be eaten hot or cold and are a delicious way to enjoy Italian flavors without breaking the bank.
In addition to the fillings, calzones are also known for their unique shape. These pizza-like treats are shaped like a half-moon and are folded in half before being sealed up and baked.
The word calzone is derived from the word “calzoni,” which translates to “pants legs.” It was invented in the 18th century as a portable way for people to enjoy pizza without having to use a knife or fork.
It is made from refrigerated pizza dough and is topped with cured meats, vegetables and sometimes tomato sauce. It is then rolled or folded over the fillings and cut into spiral slices for serving.
Stromboli, on the other hand, is an Italian-American creation that primarily originates in South Philadelphia and is usually served fresh or fried. It consists of a rectangular piece of pizza dough topped with cheese and fillings that are then rolled up lengthwise, then sealed together with extra dough.
A stromboli is usually filled with low-moisture mozzarella cheese that helps it to cook evenly. In addition to this, stromboli is usually made from cold cuts that are not found on pizza such as salami and capicola.
This makes them a good option for families or those who want to stick to a healthier diet. They can also be prepared with vegetarian or vegan fillings.
When it comes to calzones, there are many different variations available, including a wide variety of cheeses and meats. They can be made with a variety of different types of dough, and they can also be stuffed with vegetables and herbs.
Both calzone and stromboli are delicious options that can be enjoyed by everyone. With a little bit of knowledge, you can make both these dishes at home!
#susanmuskats #susanmuskats #Chefsusanmuskats
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2023.03.15 13:28 sharktankreedrummond Is Shark Tank Ree Drummond Keto Gummies For Weight Loss?

Shark Tank Ree Drummond Keto Gummies:- The Shark Tank Ree Drummond Keto Gummies works by using combining the strength of the ketogenic eating regimen and apple cider vinegar to help sell weight loss and enhance normal fitness. When you eat the gummies, they work to put your frame right into a country of ketosis, in which it begins to burn fat for strength in place of carbohydrates. This will let you to lose weight and reduce body fat.
Furthermore Details Below:-
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2023.03.14 06:43 poopoochip How do I reach checkmate in these positions?

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2023.03.12 11:30 Firegoat1 TOC 4 - Episode 4 - Final First Round Face Offs - early watch on D+, Spoilers

It's Sunday morning so time for another early drop of Tournament of Champions 4 on Discovery Plus. What follows is an early recap with discussion of the match ups, the food, the judges but there will not be a spoiler of who wins the rounds in the recap. (Do expect those to appear in the comments section most likely, though --- so read on at your own risk.)
As usual, all the competing chefs for this round appear and go over the brackets with Guy. After the chefs are shooed away the audience comes in.
Round one: First seed Tobias Dorzon (who Guy calls "The Honcho") vs. eight seed Leah Cohen. It is Leah's first culinary competition in 10 years. (She was a Top Chef alum -- season five -- which was a horrible season). She owns several well known restaurants. Now I admit I disliked Leah for her behavior on Top Chef, .... but that was 10 years ago when she was 26. I'm happy to say she's matured and is a well respected restauranteur and I found her very likable this round. Tobias was a finalist on TOC. Tobias has opened several restaurants and recently opened his own restaurant "Honcho House." So I guess that's where the Honcho nickname came from. Again first round gets 30 minutes. Randomizer: Ground venison, jalapenos, panini press, sour and Guy's choice. So Guy gets to respin. Tobias wanted to respin sour, while Leah didn't like the wild game. Guy respins panini press and .... it lands on panini press again. Tobias is making curry venison meatballs with a jalapenos mash puree. He draws Justin. Whoa, interesting bold choice in suit there for Justin. Loving Simon's hat. Leah is making a venison Larb with lime jalapeno dressing, which is a Thai ground meat dish. She draws Simon. Leah uses the panini press to toast some aromatics including the jalapenos to go in the dressing for the Larb. Thereis a shot to chefs Karen and Christian in the stew room with Hunter. Hunter brings up that Tobias beat both of them in last year's tournament. We get a flash back to last year when Tobias was battling anxiety.
Now it's time for the judges for the blind judging. Judges are Nancy Silverton, Ming Tsai and Jonathan Waxman. Simon introduces Leah' dish first. Ming likes the traditional larb flavor. Says its a super solid dish but would like more fat. Nancy thought larb was a great choice but could use more fat as well. Jonathan disagrees on the lack of fat. He likes the lightness and delicateness. The judges fill out their cards with 50 points for taste, 30 for the ranomizer and 20 for presentation. Justin presents Tobias's dish. Ming thinks it was an ingenious dish. He appreciated the added fat in the meatball. Nancy thinks the dish is a stunner. She says she didn't get enough sour. Jonathan says the dish had cohesion. Here comes the scores: 86 to 88.
Round Two: five seed Elizabeth Falkner vs. four seed Joe Sasto (Mustache Joe -- he got that nickname on his Top Chef season when there were two chefs named Joe so they just started calling him mustache Joe and it stuck.) Elizabeth is no stranger to competition after being in TOC multiple times, she won the world Pizza Championship in Italy, was in the finale of next Iron Chef as well as having a restaurant empire. Joe's known for his pasta, has won Chopped, been on Top Chef as a finalist and beat Antonia LaFaso on TOC. Randomizer: chicken thighs, rutabega, toaster, buttery and lower seed respin. Elizabeth chooses toaster and Joe is happy with it. They get metal skewers. Joe draws Justin and is making spiced butter chicken with buttery rutabega noodles. Elizabeth draws Simon and is making chicken thigh skewers with rutabega hummus. She's using Turkish and Middle Eastern flavors. We get a cut to Shota and Antonia in the stew room. Joe is running around like crazy in the last few minutes. A redditor here who saw this battle in person said this was stressful... and it sure looks like it. The same judges return. Justin presents Joe's dish first. Ming is impressed. He says its full of flavor and perfectly cooked. He says the faux pasta could have used more salt. Jonathan says the chicken is perfect and the dish is spectacular. He thinks the rutabega is a little over cooked. Nancy seemed to like it but not much comments in from her. Simon presents Elizabeth's dish. Ming likes this dish as well. Chicken perfectly cooked and likes the rutabega puree. He'd like something crunchy. Nancy says the dish is perfect and looks like a cookbook cover. Jonathan would like more Oomph in the dish but calls it well executed. Here comes the scores and it's a one point round: 86 to 85.
Round three: five seed "The Great Hambino" Christian Petroni vs. four seed Karen Akunowicz. She did well in TOC last year. She is competing just 9 weeks after giving birth. She has eateries in Boston, was a James Beard award winner for best chef north east, and was a Top Chef All Star. (Guy calls her "The Fox.") Christian has had first round victories in TOC against Marc Murphy and Bryan Voltaggio in past seasons but lost to Tobias last year. He's opened 5 restaurants, won Food Network Star, and beat Maneet on SuperChef Grudge Match. Randomizer: turkey drumstick, argula, ricer, boozy and audience choice. Guy polls the audience who votes by applause. They respin protein and get pancetta. Karen notes that while pancetta is good, it is not normally the star of the dish so could be tricky. Christian draws Justin and is making a free-form lasagna with pancetta bechamel sauce with arugula salad. Looks like he's using pre-made dried pasta. Karen draws Simon and is making a pancetta chickpea stew with creamy polenta and arugula salad. Judging: Justin presents Christian's dish first. Ming likes the bechamel and the pancetta. He does think the bechamel could be lighter. Jonathan thinks its a beautiful, simplistic dish. He wanted more boozy. Nancy says she doesn't feel like it's a competition dish. She likes it but could see it as more a lunch dish. Simon presents Karen's dish second. Ming says it looks delicious. He likes pancetta 3 ways, and gets the boozy and likes the acid. He does think its a little starchy with both polenta and chickpeas. Jonathan and Nancy think the ricer could have been used more. Jonathan calls it simple comfort food. Score: 80 to 86.
Round four: (the one I was waiting for) Eighth seed Shota Nakajima vs. one seed Antonia Lofaso. Antonia is looking for redemption after she went out in the first round last year on TOC. She says she won't retire until she wins the entire tournament. She has multiple restaurants in her empire and has won more than a dozen culinary competitions. Guy still calls her the Princess Warrior. Shota is based in Seattle, trained in Japan, James Beard semi finalist 3 years in a row, won Beat Bobby Flay and was runner up on Top Chef and fan favorite. (Guy calls him the ninja). Okay kind of funny.... in an interview in his dressing room he makes a comment about time to take down the beast.... then immediately apologizes to Antonia for calling her a beast as she's completely lovely... it's so Shota. Randomizer: Antonia stops Shota before Guy can get him to say what he wouldn't like. It's a cute moment. Flanken short ribs, butternut squash, toaster, herbaceous, and move one up. They agree to move toaster to blow torch. Then Guy tries to trick Shota by saying ... Antonia will tell you we don't play 3, 2, 1 go here..... But Antonia grabs Shota by the hand and they run off together to the pantry. Antonia draws Simon and is making Moroccan spiced short ribs with herb labneh. Shota draws Justin and is making an herb-forward teriyaki short rib with a butternut squash puree and butternut squash pickle. Judging: Justin presents Shota's dish first. Ming says it is a beautiful, simple and stunning dish. That nailed the protein and the squash. Nancy was surprised how tender and tasty the ribs are. She thought the puree was a little underseasoned. Jonathan says it is delicious, simple and pure. He really liked the little bits of pecan in the dish. Simon presents Antonia's dish. Ming says it is delicious, comfort food. If he had to be extra picky he thought there was too much labneh. Nancy says "we are definitely in Flavortown" much to Guy's delight. She said it could have used more carmelzation on the ribs. Jonathan said this was a dish only one on the top of their game could do. He says it was a little of a hot mess but he likes hot messes. Scores: 84 vs. 86.
Next week begins the super 16 match ups. My take aways: This was overall a good episode. The contestants were all good sports. Even though one was clearly disappointed in the outcome, they didn't blame the judges or anything like that. The cooking was good and creative. There was no Simon or Justin full sweep. I'm not going to say if I lost any of my favorites just in case it spoils it. At least one round of judging from the judges' comments we were allowed to hear I was surprised at the winner as I thought they were going the other direction. Also, will be interested if our redditor who attended this round can see themselves in the audience. There is probably more Hunter in this episode than the prior three, but not an overwhelming amount. Overall enjoyable episode and now I'm hungry!
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2023.03.11 14:53 littlebakingfox Week 8 - Celebrity Chef: Ree Drummond’s Spicy Whiskey BBQ Sliders

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2023.03.03 22:31 CmonSeaLegs Vintage Earls menu, maybe from 1984? Found at my girlfriend's grandparents place

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2023.03.01 01:34 Cheatography biology grade 10 cbse 2022-23 Cheat Sheet by ree_____123 (2 pages) #education #biology #cbse #grade10 #ncert

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2023.02.26 16:30 teachdove5000 Was told to post this here!

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2023.02.26 04:07 teachdove5000 My menu was on an actual meat clever.

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2023.02.25 04:07 meapet Week 8- Celebrity: Ree Drummond's creamed spinach

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2023.02.24 23:32 SnooConfections5850 My favorite afternoon snack combo, 260 grams of frozen fruit(berry blend) and roasted seaweed. Totally hits my sweet and salty cravings!(120 calories for fruit+30 calories for seaweed)

My favorite afternoon snack combo, 260 grams of frozen fruit(berry blend) and roasted seaweed. Totally hits my sweet and salty cravings!(120 calories for fruit+30 calories for seaweed) submitted by SnooConfections5850 to Volumeeating [link] [comments]

2023.02.23 16:54 Hopeful_Cut Week 8: Celebrity Chef - Ree Drummond's Beef Noodle Skillet

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2023.02.19 17:43 dorkphoenyx The Hawaiian Pavilion's cookbook from the 1964 World's Fair

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2023.02.17 02:54 llchaoticpaynell Vent

I was just at my parents last Sunday. And to start the awful day, my “flow” moment finally came 🫠🫠. I had a weird hunch that it was going to be a shitty belated bday with them.
To start: 1) mother’s teriyaki ribs gave me stomach pain…I dunno wth or how she cooked it, but I’ve had diarrhea and other symptoms since that day 2) my mom vented out how my partner isn’t family. My partner and my kids aren’t my own complete family that I made. Only her, my dad, and my kids. 3) she wouldn’t follow my rule about discussing sensitive topics in front of my kids, to the point I had to blast my music so they wouldn’t hear
Yep, that’s sums up shortly.
Mom’s brain belief about my partner: 1) he brainwashed you! 2) he [email protected] you! 3) you don’t come for birthdays and holidays with your own family! 4) he’s the devil!
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2023.02.13 15:14 nlxfx17 Texas Roadhouse menu & prices in USA

Texas Roadhouse menu & prices in USA
Texas Roadhouse is a casual dining restaurant that has been serving up delicious food and warm memories for over 25 years. This restaurant is known for its hand-cut steaks, slow-cooked ribs, and made-from-scratch sides, making it a popular destination for meat-lovers and comfort food enthusiasts. The menu is diverse, offering options like juicy steaks, burgers, salads, and more, so there's something for everyone.
One of the things that sets Texas Roadhouse apart from other restaurants is their focus on quality and freshness. They hand-cut their steaks daily, and slow-cook their ribs over an open flame to ensure that each meal is as flavorful and juicy as possible. Additionally, Texas Roadhouse makes all their sides from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients. This commitment to using the best ingredients is what makes their food so delicious and memorable.
Texas Roadhouse menu & prices in USA

Texas Roadhouse menu & prices in USA
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2023.02.13 01:04 MsMacAttackBrat Exclusive AF menu

Exclusive AF menu
Mandy’s burnt dried Meatballs in “special” sauce Dry ass mozzarella sticks Half bitten deviled eggs No jalapeño poppers Marshmallow dip ✅ The anticipated fried teriyaki ribs Also some crushed ass Doritos not pictured.
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2023.02.12 22:44 MsMacAttackBrat Wtf are Fried teriyaki glazed ribs? I guess we’ll find out today. The special Meatball Mandy sauce has me intrigued. Will it be bbq sauce or a spaghetti sauce?

Wtf are Fried teriyaki glazed ribs? I guess we’ll find out today. The special Meatball Mandy sauce has me intrigued. Will it be bbq sauce or a spaghetti sauce? submitted by MsMacAttackBrat to MauriceMandy [link] [comments]

2023.02.09 18:52 _DemolitionDude_ Got a new microwave (banana for scale)

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2023.02.08 04:44 Abentura Instant rice, imitation short rib tossed in teriyaki sauce, seasoned pickled radish, green onion tossed in sesame oil and sea salt, sriracha mayo. 550 calories

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