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2023.03.25 17:20 whyizthisinvalid MK7 - 1.0 Ecoboost or 1.0 Ti-VCT

Hello guys,
I'm looking for a new car at the moment and found two mk7's for the same price.
1.0 EB 125 hp (imported from germany) 2013, 120k km
It as a lot of extras compared to the other Stiffer suspension, 17" Rims 3 doors Leather seats, don't know how i feel about these with the summer arriving.
1.0 Ti-VCT 80hp 2015, 75k km Extras wise, very basic 5 doors The seats have been upholstered Contactless key
I'm more inclined to the ecoboost one, just worried about the rust and stuff, due the the salt spread german highways. The vct, caught my eye because of the low milage and two years younger ..
So two questions. What are your opinions on the both engines? And does the 1.0 125hp have a timming chain or timming belt? I've read it's oiled belt but the seller told me it is chain.
Thanks !
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2023.03.25 17:20 Ravenclawprincess25 What is the point?

I literally don’t see my life getting better. Im tired of living in my car. I’m tired of always having to to choose between food or catching up on my bills.
Woke up this morning again in my car. Can’t get gas to doordash. No food. Spent my last dollar on an iced coffee to try to make my head stop pounding long enough to go pick my kids up one more time.
I’m tired of having to prove I’m worth helping. I’m tired of people telling me they are praying for me or just to keep going because it gets better.
I know no one really actually cares but I had to let it out so I can pretend everything is okay when I get the kids. Where I will sit in the library w them for a few hours because it’s too hot out for the park and I can’t risk taking them anywhere that they’ll need to eat or drink because I can’t even do that.
It doesn’t get better. Nothings gonna change. I’m tired of being hungry. I’m tired of always having to be hyper aware all night so cops don’t bother me.
I’m attempting to detangle my hair now just in case I’m not successful and get taken to the hospital. They don’t care that I have curly hair that needs conditioner and products. So at least it will be in a braid.
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2023.03.25 17:20 r3crac HCalory Diesel Car Heater 8KW 12V [EU] for 89.99 USD without coupon (Best price in history: $135.99) [EUROPE]

European warehouse
Here is the link (Banggood): HCalory Diesel Car Heater 8KW 12V [EU]
Current price is $89.99. The lowest price in my database is $135.99.There're already 3 records in DB. Price monitoring since 24.6.2022!
Do you want e-mail PRICE ALERTS or you're here from Google and coupon doesn't work anymore? Check out current coupons for HCalory Diesel Car Heater 8KW 12V on self-updating website right there: https://couponsfromchina.com/hcalory-diesel-car-heater-8kw-12v-eu/
Have fun.
Pretty good deal with big price discount.
Image: https://i.imgur.com/cWNvlvS.jpeg
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2023.03.25 17:20 dystopia32 18 [M4F] Looking for a sweet lady to connect with :)

A bit about me; I'm 18 years old (will be 19 in about 4 months or so), 5'9", blackish brown hair, skinny, medium length hair. I love cars, metal music, practicing guitar, and playing video games. I'm a reserved individual in passing conversation, however I can converse way better once I've known someone for a while. I'd describe myself as understanding, as I've gone through my share of unpleasant scenarios. I'm unfortunately a dry texter do I'd prefer to primarily chat on the phone or on a game. I'm looking for someone who is determined to accomplish their goals, is respectful and understanding, and is hopefully more extroverted than me. I would prefer someone closer to my age (18-23), and I would like to chat pretty regularly (the only time I wouldn't really be able to is when I'm at work). Anyway, if you're interesting please shoot me a pm, and I looking forward to talking to you :)
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2023.03.25 17:20 lurpeli 30 [M4F] St. Louis - Would love to find my life partner

I've been on the search for my life partner for years. It's been a difficult journey and doesn't seem to want to get any easier. I've posted here before, I spend time on all the apps, but progress doesn't seem to want to happen, but hope springs eternal.
A little about me. I have a PhD in Computational Biology and I work in the pharmaceutical industry on fun things like those mRNA vaccines you've heard all about. I enjoy what I do and get to tackle some very fun, cutting edge, science problems. Outside of work I enjoy videogames, photography, cars, and animals. I have two cats who I just adopted in February and they're slowly opening up more over time.
I love coffee shops and going to the zoo or doing other fun things in the city. (City Museum is always a hit.) But I also love staying in and doing absolutely nothing at all.
I'm looking for a similar accomplished life partner who has a job they enjoy, life passions, and a drive to always do new and fun things. I do not want children and have had a vasectomy, so definitely no children for me!
Here's a few photos of me.
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2023.03.25 17:20 Joshisbored1 Teen spirit - part 1

Memory transcription subject: Joshua, venlil foster program volunteer
Date [standardized human time]: October 23, 2136
I woke to the muffled blaring of my phone alarm. Whilst barely awake I started searching for the source of the noise, eventually finding it buried under a tangled pile of blankets.
I faintly remembered setting the alarm at 7:00 but as I squinted to look at the time it appeared to be 7:30. “Shit!” I said, realizing I only have 15 minutes to get ready to leave.
“Curse this planet and it’s forever sunset” I said as I clumsily threw on some clean clothing.
I shoved as much clothing and personal belongings into my baggage as I could. I grabbed all the essentials first, such as clothing and hygiene products. After rapidly storing those I went to my less important items, like my toolbox and gaming setup.
I went through my mental checklist as I was sitting atop my second suitcase, attempting to hold back the unfolded clothing from spilling everywhere.
Once I finally finished the packing I hastily fixed my bed-head and applied deodorant. In all the panic I had almost forgotten to put on my face mask.
I always hated wearing the damn thing. I hated how it rubbed against my face, I hated how it hid what I looked like, but I would rather just wear it and not terrify the adorable fluff-balls than not deal with it and scare the living crap out of them.
I speed-walked through the hallways of the building, trying to make up for lost time, eventually making it to the main lobby
“Bye Josh!” Called out Brenik. He was a venlil who worked for the foster program. Almost always at the front desk. Nice guy if I’m being honest, I’m gonna miss him.
I waved goodbye and said “see ya around!”
I walked out the front door to the car parked out front of the building. It was akin to your average sedan on earth, except with much less leg room, probably to fit your average venlil.
I hopped in the car and placed my luggage on the seats next to me, before calling out to the driver, “All set, let’s get on the road!” The driver flinched slightly in response.
Whilst fishing for my headphones in my backpack my mind started wandering.
What are venlil parents even like?
Would they hate me?
How many siblings will I have?
My mind abruptly stopped as I grabbed hold of my headphones. I turned the pair on, making sure it's connected to my phone.
I went onto my playlist and hit the shuffle button. Of all songs to start playing, it ended up being the song that my mother would always say reminded her of me. I struggled to hold back tears at the thought of what happened on earth.
The tears started to break through as memories came back of what used to be my life on earth. I used to spend every day of my life with my family. The day the federation attacked earth I was camping with some friends and their family; all of my other siblings didn’t come and stayed home. My home happened to be near enough to Los Angeles to get caught in the antimatter blast, leaving all of my family gone, nowhere for me to go….
A dam practically broke in my mind as I started sobbing. It had been years since I couldn’t stop crying. I tried to hide the sobbing in the back seat, I didn’t want to be seen breaking down in front of someone I didn’t even know.
“Are you ok?”
I struggled to form a response.
“I don’t– I-I’m fine, I just– never mind” I forced out between sobs.
“If you want to talk about it, you can”
I attempted to calm myself down so I can at least speak somewhat normally.
“I-I’m good, it’s too much– to talk about right now, thanks though” I replied.
“It’s gonna be a long drive so if you would like to talk, I’ll be here” the driver said.
All I responded with was a “mhm” and a nod of my head.
I went through many songs simply staring out the window, thinking. I always wanted to explore the galaxy before finding out that a bunch of aliens wanted all of us to die from our diet. We don’t even eat meat from animals anymore! It’s been lab-made meat for many years now.
Now when I think about the galaxy all I think about is why did we reach out to the stars when we were happy on our own planet. Before a billion innocent individuals died for their eye placement.
The driver announced “we are almost to your foster home! It’ll be about… 15 of your minutes”
The town the foster home is located at is in a more rural area of venlil prime. I heard these parts are very anti-human so I was surprised that it was in this area. I bet whatever school there is here is gonna be real fun.
I myself lived in a semi-rural area in California, the place was a high desert squished between the Sierra Nevada mountains. I used to go dirt bike riding all the time there. Most dirt bikes nowadays are electric, but I used to have a practically ancient bike that had a 150cc motor in it. Most things that still use gasoline are either antiques or generators. I’m proud of my knowledge about cars or motorcycles. It was one of my favorite hobbies before being thrown off earth, too bad I can’t do much with that skill on venlil prime.
I got abruptly pulled out of my thoughts as the car came to a small town, similar to one of those small towns on earth.
We took a right turn into a neighborhood, I saw venlil children around my age hanging out outside, simply chatting. I guess some things never change even between planets.
After not even 2 minutes, we pulled up to a medium to large sized house with a long dirt driveway. The house had some parts that were noticeably underground, but most of it was above ground. It was on a hill where a balcony wraps around from the front porch to the backside of the house overlooking a valley. It was quite beautiful if I’d say so myself.
I gathered both my stuff and my courage to get up and go. I thanked the driver for both driving me decently far from the city and helping me calm down. I made sure I had all my things and braced for meeting my new foster parents.
This is my first time writing anything so any and all criticism is welcome! Credit to u/Braquen for proofreading and a thanks to u/SpacePaladin15 for creating this awesome universe.
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2023.03.25 17:20 Mr_R26 New Season of Total Drama My Way

Since there was a teaser trailer reased yesterday, I wanna tell you about how I would make the first season, and my predictios. I will go through the labels and elimination order. I will make a separate post talking about friendships, relationships, and rivalries I would like to see too. For the labels I will provide additional info for labels that aren't as obvious.
First, I'll start with the labels:
Axel - The Military Punk
Bowie - The Unfashionable Fashionista (He basically thinks he's some kind of fashion icon but he really sucks at it)
Caleb - The Hunk
Chase - The Skater Boy
Damien - The Chill Musician
Emma - The Pick Me Girl
Julia - The Confident Wannabe Insta Model
MK - The Outcasted Leader (Based on screenshots, it looks like MK is a team leader, and the first time I saw MK I thought that she was an outcast right away. She is also a natural born leader, but her team doesn't trust her as much And often ignores her commands because of her look and she's who I think will be the amputee)
Millie - The Farm Girl
Nichelle - The "Perfectionist" (I put perfectionist in quotations because she's one of those people who think she is great and perfect at everything. She is very bossy and even when she sucks at a challenge, she forces her team to let her lead because she is "perfect")
Priya - The Introverted Bookworm
Raj - The Himbo Hockey Player (He isn't the smartest, but he has his smart-ish moments)
Ripper - The Easily Angered Daredevil
Scary Girl - The Psychopath
Wayne - The Smart-Ish Hockey Captain (He isn't a straight A student but he has great smarts when he's leading his hockey team to victory)
Zee - The Awkward But Laid Back Band Kid
Teams are the same:
Frogs of Death: Bowie, Emma, Nichelle, MK, Caleb, Raj, Wayne, Julia
Ferocious Trout: Axel, Ripper, Scary Girl, Zee, Damien, Chase, Millie, Priya
Episode 1: Zee is eliminated when he goes against Axels commands and does his own thing which causes his team to lose.
Episode 2: Ripper is eliminated after he gets triggered by someone form the opposite team saying something to mess with him so he starts to rip and break everything which gets on his teams nerves.
Episode 3: Emma is eliminated after Nichelle tricks Julia and prises to give her clout of she works with her so she convinced Julia to make comments to Emma about how she will never be good enough and make comments about her attention seeking personality which gets Emma to start arguing with her team during the challenge and cause her team to lose
Episode 4: Scary Girl is auto eliminated after she nearly kills Chris but she escaped before she can be sent away
Episode 5: Raj is eliminated because Nichelle made her team lose by her terrible leadership but she was saved because of the auto elimimation so Nichelle gets Julia to feed Wayne, who Julia has been developing romantic feelings for a bunch of fake comments that Raj made to him and then Wayne confronts him and he and Raj begin to physically fight which puts them in a bad position, but their team decides to vote out Raj as they see Wayne as a better teammate
Episode 6: Damien is eliminated after in the previous episode Nichelle finds Priya's diary and threatens to tell Damien who is friends with Priya About her crush on him if Priya doesn't give her info about her teams strategy, and the challenge is to build a car and race it and Priya tells Nichelle about her teams car and how their gonna build it so Nichelle sabotaged the cars breaks while the Trout are being distracted by Priya, and when the Trout lose she says that her and Julia both saw Damien sabotage it and makes his team vote him off
Episode 7: Priya & Julia are eliminated in a double elimination. Priya is eliminated after she acts nervous and anxious during the challenge which makes her team think she's hiding something so after they vote her out she exposes what Nichelle did to her which leaves everyone stunned. Julia is eliminated after she gets cancelled for her actions during the season so to make it right she gets her team to vote for Nichelle but the news gets to her and she finds out, so at the ceremony when she is voted with only 1 vote not cast against her, she plays an idol that gives her immunity and the sole vote and she chooses to eliminate Julia because she's outlived her usefulness and is a Backstabber.
Episode 8 Merge: MK, Axel, Bowie, Caleb, Chase, Nichelle, Millie, Wayne
Episode 8: Bowie is eliminated because him and Caleb have been getting closer after a really awkward start because of Caleb being "straight" and Bowie having feelings for him but they get together in the previous episode. Everyone sees them as strong players so everyone except Millie and Caleb vote for Bowie.
Episode 9: Axel is eliminated because she is seen as the hugest threat besides Nichelle who has immunity.
Episode 10: Caleb is eliminated in an auto elimination
Episode 11: MK & Chase are eliminated in a double elimination after MK & Nichelle make a pact but since their enemies their not gonna stay loyal for long, and Wayne & Chase have been friends for a while and are planning on voting MK as she has been won 2 merge challenges, so it relies on Millie's vote but she voted Nichelle which meant that Chase & MK tied so Chris eliminates them both
Episode 12: Nichelle is eliminated in final 3 challenge where whoever wins gets the sole vote, and Wayne wins & chooses to bring Millie to the final 2 which means that Nichelle has been eliminated but not before she gets whatever her punishment for the season is
Episode 13: Millie wins the final challenge, and Wayne is the runner up/alt winner
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2023.03.25 17:20 theojloa Jealous feelings about people seeing photos of my wife

I don’t consider myself a jealous person, but since my (29m) wife (26f) and I got married last year, some things are starting to bug me more than before.
As background, my wife does modeling part time for a women’s clothing boutique, and images of her wearing different outfits are posted on the store’s social media very regularly. It’s mainly clothing, but she also wears swimsuits and occasionally underwear in the photos. This is not a secret, friends and family will often comment to her about photos after they are posted, supportive stuff, saying she looks great, etc.
But lately the comments about her in underwear sort of bug me. I know I have no say in this, and I should be proud/happy (I am), and more to the point she was doing this kind of modeling before we met. But I guess it’s the idea that people see her like this and feel like they can comment about it that is making me feel weird.
Last week images were posted of her in a new line of underwealingerie, probably the most revealing she had ever done, and I found myself dreading people seeing it. She and I talked about it and she was kind of laughing it off, and I thought I was past it. But then of my close friends and his wife called me from the car after seeing it, saying “woohoo” and “awesome photos, wow”, stuff like that, and instead of proud I felt weird about it.
And then another close friend texted me just “holy shit dude!” and I knew immediately what he was talking about, and i guess it put me over the edge. I replied rudely and we haven’t talked since.
Am I a jerk for this? Should I apologize to my friend and get over myself, or is this an ok way for a husband to feel?
Tl;dr: I am having issues with jealousy over people seeing revealing photos of my wife
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2023.03.25 17:19 crimehive How Ted Bundy Was Caught

In Burlington, Vermont, on November 24, 1946, Ted Bundy was born. He would murder at least 30 people before his death. Principal investigators think that number may be closer to 40.
At three in the morning on August 16, 1975, Utah highway patrolman Sergeant Bob Hayward spotted a tan 1968 Volkswagen Beetle parked in front of a house. The VW accelerated as Sergeant Hayward approached. After pursuing the automobile, Hayward was able to eventually stop it.
Bundy, who had just seen The Towering Inferno at a nearby drive-in theater, informed Sergeant Hayward that he was lost. If The Towering Inferno had been showing at the neighborhood drive-in, Hayward might have been able to release Bundy with just this justification.
Sergeant Hayward checked Bundy's automobile out of suspicion. Handcuffs, an ice pick, a ski mask, a torch, some garbage bags, rope, torn sheets, gloves, and pantyhose with holes cut out to make a mask were among the items he found during his search.
Bundy was arrested by Sergeant Hayward for eluding an officer, but Bundy was released on bond. Sergeant Hayward spoke with his brother, Sheriff Pete Hayward, unable to forget the incident. Two of Sheriff Hayward's detectives heard the tale and thought Bundy and the tan Volkswagen Beetle sounded uncannily familiar.
When detectives in Utah got in touch with those in Washington, they discovered that Bundy was one of their top-tier murder suspects. Murders that, coincidentally, halted when Bundy moved from Washington to Utah, and then the unexplained disappearances started in Utah.
However, Bundy had committed a key error by leaving a witness.
In an effort to secure her as his next victim, Bundy abducted 18-year-old Carol DaRonch from the Fashion Place Mall outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, on November 8, 1974. But unlike so many others before her, DaRonch managed to escape.
On October 2, 1975, Carol DaRonch selected Bundy from a lineup as the person who had abducted her nearly a year earlier. Bundy was found guilty of kidnapping on March 1, 1976, and might have received a 15-year sentence; however, the narrative doesn't end there.
In June 1977, Bundy managed to escape from a second-story window after being briefly left alone after being extradited to Colorado for the murder of Caryn Campbell. A few days later, he was discovered in Aspen and returned to custody.
Only for him to break out of his jail cell at the Garfield County Jail in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, once more on December 31, 1977. Bundy managed to avoid capture this time, though, and the results were deadly.
Bundy would attack five people over the course of the following two months, murdering three of them.
Around 1:30 a.m. on February 15, 1978, Pensacola Police Officer David Lee stopped a man who was driving a stolen car. The man was taken into custody by Officer Lee. The individual refused to provide the officers with his real identity for nearly two days.
Detective Norman Chapman was then given the case.
"My name is Theodore Robert Bundy," the man finally admitted. Chapman didn't know who that was at the time. Bundy was quickly identified by the department as the man the FBI had just one week earlier placed on their list of the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives.
A Miami jury found Ted Bundy guilty of two counts of murder on July 24, 1979. A jury in Orlando found Ted Bundy guilty of one count of kidnapping and one count of murder on February 7, 1980.
Theodore Robert Bundy was put to death in the Florida State Prison on January 24, 1989, when he was 42 years old.
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2023.03.25 17:19 thenighthunter89 What can someone do with my insurance claims number?

I had this lady call me stating she would need my insurance claims number to contact my insurance company because I was involved in a car accident. She stated she works for Shipt.
It's been a month and I emailed her. Her email no longer works... I tried calling her and her phone number still works. I'm having a panic attack. My insurance will not cover the loss... Should I be worried...?
Her name is Kim David and works for Sedgwick...
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2023.03.25 17:19 SilverSt0ner Old heads when anything newer than 1995 has a manual: Mini Cooper 🤓

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2023.03.25 17:18 Lucky_Substance_1563 Car rattling, anyway to diagnose at home?

My car (rwd 08 Hyundai Tucson 150,000 mi.) has a rattle in the front I have tried pushing down/shaking the front and couldn’t replicate it. I also jacked up each front tire to check for play and there was none.
Is there an effective way to check bushings and sway ba sway bar links at home? Or anything else to check? I only have a scissor jack and normal household tools.
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2023.03.25 17:18 theojloa AITA for how I reacted to my friend seeing photos of my wife

I don’t consider myself a jealous person, but since my (29m) wife (26f) and I got married last year, some things are starting to bug me more than before.
As background, my wife does modeling part time for a women’s clothing boutique, and images of her wearing different outfits are posted on the store’s social media very regularly. It’s mainly clothing, but she also wears swimsuits and occasionally underwear in the photos. This is not a secret, friends and family will often comment to her about photos after they are posted, supportive stuff, saying she looks great, etc.
But lately the comments about her in underwear sort of bug me. I know I have no say in this, and I should be proud/happy (I am), and more to the point she was doing this kind of modeling before we met. But I guess it’s the idea that people see her like this and feel like they can comment about it that is making me feel weird.
Last week images were posted of her in a new line of underwealingerie, probably the most revealing she had ever done, and I found myself dreading people seeing it. She and I talked about it and she was kind of laughing it off, and I thought I was past it. But then of my close friends and his wife called me from the car after seeing it, saying “woohoo” and “awesome photos, wow”, stuff like that, and instead of proud I felt weird about it.
And then another close friend texted me just “holy shit dude!” and I knew immediately what he was talking about, and i guess it put me over the edge. I replied rudely and we haven’t talked since.
AITA for this? Should I apologize to my friend and get over myself, or is this an ok way for a husband to feel?
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2023.03.25 17:18 ThisIsNotMasq Engine mount or Valve cover gasket repair?

I just bought my first car (2007 Ford Focus SE) with 156k on it for $3200 last week and took it to a shop for inspection and they found a few issues with it such as a broken CV Axle, engine mount, and a valve cover gasket. I got a quote for it and I won't be able to do all 3 right now, but I will be doing the CV Axle as I know it's a major issue if it snaps. I wanted to ask what do you guys think would be the next repair that needs to be done to it (between the mount or the gasket) and if they're worth it. I only need the car for about 1-2 years so I'm not even sure if it's worth putting that much into it but I know almost nothing about cars and wanted to see your guys' take on it. I also wanted to know if the quoted price is reasonable or not. I did read CJM8515's post regarding the matter and while I don't think they're ripping me off or anything (They're extremely highly rated and I got the recommendation from my city's subreddit), I just figured I'd include the quoted prices in the imgur album posted below of their inspection and quote. Thanks!

Imgur link to their inspection and quoted prices: https://imgur.com/a/QA7d4hf
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2023.03.25 17:18 Ford_Fiesta- AITA for trying to help my friend with some clothes advice?

So, I(18M) have a really good childhood friend(19M) and I’ve been trying to help him manage his money a little bit better, every penny he gets, he spends on stupid shit (in my opinion), like games, virtual items in games, or gas for his car, he doesn’t take long trips or travel big distances with his car, he just strolls around town a few times then goes home, he has in total like 1 pair of jeans and 3 hoodies, which are 3+ years old and they’re showing it, some of them have stains on them. I’ve been trying to at least casually tell him he should spend his money more wisely, and that he could use some clothes, I don’t care if he buys designebrand or whatever. I’m not saying he wears ugly clothes, I’m saying he has none at all and that he could benefit from new ones. After a talk with him on this subject, he acted as if I tried to attack him and his choices, calling me an asshole and telling me it’s none of my business how he spends his money. I know I was out of my place to tell him what he should do with his money, but I was only trying to help him. AITA?
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2023.03.25 17:17 CarpenterApe Random question for you folks….I want to take off that mason emblem and repaint the guitar on the right. Does anyone know how to get that off without damaging the guitar? It’s a “car emblem” so the adhesive is pretty intense.

Random question for you folks….I want to take off that mason emblem and repaint the guitar on the right. Does anyone know how to get that off without damaging the guitar? It’s a “car emblem” so the adhesive is pretty intense. submitted by CarpenterApe to TomDelongeGuitars [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 17:16 Perfect_Plane_6712 4 best reasons to hire a limo for your hen party

Who doesn’t love the idea of sitting in a comfortable limo while someone else drives the same car to drop to all the places they want to go to? You’d be forgiven for thinking that the limo hen party experience is all about comfortable seats , but they’re just a couple of the reasons to hire limo one (though undeniably great ones, nonetheless!). Below, we’ve got four more for you!

Below I have given 4 reasons to hire Limo for Hen Party:

1. It keeps everyone together from starting
We’ve all been there at one place; we arrange to meet outside a convenient location at 7pm only to be standing there alone when the time comes or traveling alone to reach that place . A limo eliminates the risk of this happening if people travel alone. The driver can pick everyone up and deliver you all to the same spot at exactly the same time without missing any single minute.
If you are looking for Hire Limo in Manchester then Limo Hire Manchester is the best place where you can hire Limo at an affordable cost. You no longer have to hang around waiting for the friend who is always late, or waiting for friends stuck in traffic during travel. It’s an ideal solution to Limo for hen Party!
2. Parking won’t be an issue in your Hen Party
Have you ever arrived at a hotel for a party, event center, or nightclub only to find that parking is either non-existent which gives you lots of tension or only available for short periods of time which is also hectic? If you have, you’ll appreciate the convenience of a Hire limo in Manchester. You’ll be dropped off right outside the door of the venue without wasting any single minute you’re heading to, and be picked up in exactly the same place where your menu is. You won’t have to worry about walking through the city streets in the cold or warm weather, or fumbling with parking meters.
3. You will Feel like a VIP
Your hen night is a truly special occasion for you and you want to make it memorable, and your last night as a single woman. Why not celebrate this in a style or fantastic way? When you and your friends open the doors after reaching the venue, heads will turn as other partygoers stop and stare at you, wondering who you are and just why you are traveling in such fabulous transport which will make you feel happy. Go ahead and give yourself the VIP treatment in your hen party by Hire Limo for Hen Party; you won’t regret it!
4. No designated drivers!
One poor friend usually ends up being the designated driver on nights out which is not good. While the rest of you chat and have fun in the car or other place, the designated driver is responsible for keeping their eyes on the road and getting you to your destination safely and making you feel happy. And once, they have to sip on soft drinks all night while their friends indulge in cocktails and shots during the party. You will all be able to have full fun, and you’ll all be able to drink if you want to and you can take a drink according to you. This will be one hen party where no one friend feels left out due to circumstance Limo Hire Manchester will help you to make your party special.


Now that you’ve heard about all the great reasons to hire a limo in Manchester UK, isn’t it a great idea for your hen party? Get in touch with us here at Limo Hire Manchester so make sure you book early!
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2023.03.25 17:16 Sub-Tile95 Road trip charging question

This is my first EV so please forgive me but I can't find this exact question using the search. If I'm planning on a long trip with multiple stops, do I charge to 90-95% with EACH supercharger stop?
I left NC for Richmond, VA on 95%, and got there with 25%. For the same exact trip back, I charged to 95% and with less traffic, the estimated SOC is 4%. I know there are factors like AC, elevation, etc. But I'm curious to know whether I made a mistake here.
Car is 2020 M3P
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2023.03.25 17:16 Mesofly6969 Last Night

So last night I'm standing in Wendy's waiting for an order. This Driver from DD comes in almost taking his head off with the door. He then comes up next to me and starts talking about how he's working under his wife's account because he was deactivated on bout GH and DD. I asked why, and he told me,well tou can get free food everyday just tell them you have a flat, car broke down what ever it takeshe said i did that for a month straight. So then the guy gets his order with 2 drinks and leaves. He comes back in with his bag and tells them they have to remake the food cuz the bag broke. Also tells them that trying to catch the bag he dropped the drunks.
The restaurant remade the food. When I went outside no spills no nothing on the ground. I drove past him and there he is eating the food and drinking out of his own cup.
Just shows that you can't cure stupid.
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2023.03.25 17:16 objectofdesirex how to get over being honked at

i live in LA... i understand that people can be awful here
So i didn't realize how horrible the morning traffic was until i got my first 9-5 job. Every morning there's traffic all around my block. Multiple times this week i got honked at while trying to turn right onto the street. There's a middle school that's location across the street from my home and people are trying to get their kids to school and stuff, so the streets always has cars coming. I properly wait for a large enough window so i don't cut people off you know... so why do i get honked at? The cars behind me can't see if it's clear, only i can... I know when it's clear and when it's not and it's a very busy street in the morning so it takes longer than like 10 seconds to have a clearing. It's just so frustrating. Everyone else cuts people off left and right and I don't want to be like that. No one should have to pump their brakes when they have the right of way...
I just really don't like people right now. I know how to drive. Don't tell me i can't drive. I hate driving, and i hate horns. But i don't have a choice here. How do i get over this?
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2023.03.25 17:15 short_bus_genius Model 3 Headlight Replacement - DIY

Model 3 Headlight Replacement - DIY
2018 Model 3, LR RWD. Our Driver's Side Headlight went "dull." To be specific, I mean this LED accent strip on the headlight stopped illuminating:
Headlight LED Accent Strip
I didn't notice for a long time... Because really, how often do you see your own headlights when you're driving? It wasn't until my wife and I drove somewhere in separate cars. She said something looked off.
Honestly, it didn't bother me until I saw another Tesla on the road with the same problem. "My car looks like that??? Gotta fix that immediately!"
I submitted a service ticket, but because my car is out of warranty, the cost was something like $1800 to replace the headlight. That's too steep for me.
Fortunately, Ebay has tons of headlights for sale. I bought a replacement headlight for $150. I searched for one that said "New," "OEM" and "Tested." Generally speaking, these are B stock inventory. Meaning because of a cosmetic scratch on the glass, the manufacturer cannot sell the part to Tesla.
A little scratch to save $1650? Sign me up!
I used these youtube videos as a guide: https://youtu.be/ugg8s45aPfQ https://youtu.be/AIYY1XuVezA
My Kids helped with the bolts... until they got bored...

Pop clips under the bumper.

This was the most awkward part, getting to the bolts in the wheel well. OSHA approved footwear for the win!

Bumper off, old light out.

Testing the replacement headlight, before reassembly. Hard to tell in the photo, but it works!

Reinstalling the bumper. Note the blue painters tape. Got this tip from one of the Youtube videos. Helps to protect the paint where the bumper attaches.

Completely reassembled.
100% doable by a non-mechanic such as myself. It was a fun weekend project. I did the disassembly on Saturday, and reassembled everything on Sunday morning.
Definitely a rewarding project!
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2023.03.25 17:14 alexymusix [34/M] Online / Anywhere - Looking for people who want a genuine friendship!

I live in the U.S, on the east coast. I’m looking to make some lovely internet friends, who are looking for the same as well as make a connection. I would like to make long-term friends with similar interests or hobbies, but I know that takes time and effort. I enjoy getting to know different cultures, ideas, and lifestyles. I’m open to anything, but I think starting and getting to know someone is the best option!

I'm a ENFJ, I'm a compassionate, good listener, funny, and empathetic person. I'm a creative type who loves cooking delicious meals and exploring different food from other countries. I am always open to trying new things. I've started exercising more while trying to eat healthier. I enjoy the outdoors. I like to hike, camp, and fish whenever I get a chance. I enjoy art, reading, watching movies, listening to decades ('70s-'00s) music, photography, and gaming (PC and Switch). I got recently got back into playing video games. I found it easier getting to know someone over a game, as it helps ease the tension, thus making it easier to talk to. If you're not into video games, that's okay too. My favorite shows/movies are Bob's Burger, Rick & Morty, Brooklyn 99, and Studio Ghibli films.

Let's talk about your passions, life and what makes you happy! If you are interested in being friends, please provide some information about yourself, as it would help me get to know you better. I would appreciate it. Preferably you are 21+ or close to my age. If you're interested in a platonic friendship, send me a chat!

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is enjoying their day.
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