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2013.10.10 14:05 minijasu Houses for Sale in Ghana

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2023.06.02 06:41 ADVENTUREINC Desperate Emergency Find & Match Wood Floor Boards

Hi Everyone:
I have a desperate home improvement emergency. Here's the situation. I had to remove a part of my wood flooring due to unexpected water intrusion emergency. The water intrusion is now remediated.
Now, because of contractor's schedule for other work at the house, I have a short window to find replacement wood flooring for my wood floor.
I've gone to a few flooring stores like Home Depo and I've been unable to find a match.
If you know or if you have any ideas or suggestions, I would be so grateful! Thank you!
Here are some reference photos and videos. The flooring looks ever so slightly redder in real life, otherwise pretty true to life.
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2023.06.02 06:41 username_choose_you Failing on every front

Been a SAHD for 9 years and I feel like I’m failing at every aspect.
My wife has a very busy and demanding job and as a result, has no energy, patience or time to help in any way at home. All child activities fall to me, house maintenance, pet care, book keeping, home improvements, scheduling, bills, investing etc falls on me. All shopping, food prep and planning is me. She hasn’t cooked a dinner in 10 years She also increasingly has me support her business but things fall through the cracks. It’s relentless and sacrifices constantly happen because time is just so limited.
We have 2 kids with ASD and I also manage all their care as well.
Today she told me I’m taking advantage of the situation and that I’m failing the family. She has nothing but contempt for me and I don’t support her.
How do people keep doing this? Giving their all and still , it’s not enough.
My kids are going to have high needs their whole lives and without her job, I don’t know what I would do.
I feel adrift at sea and really hope something improves.
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2023.06.02 06:40 AutoModerator [Download Course] Dan Wardrope – Click & Deploy Sales Android (

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2023.06.02 06:40 jebwosh Account recovery/catchup

Hey I played destiny back in the day around 2018-2019 and I remember I had some pretty cool shit. I took a break from the game and I found out that the game is no longer on battle net and my account has been purged. I know that account recovery is impossible and I’m truly sorry if this question is beaten to death like a horse I just would like to know if it’s worth playing again. Finding out that all of my stuff has been wiped is such a bummer. I had dlcs as well.
I grinded really hard on the gambit mode and I was one of the first few people to get whatever title associated with it and I had this legendary lightning heavy gun that I’d use to absolutely clean house when I would invade.
Is playing catch-up terrible? I would like to believe I had 200+ hours played when I took a break. I remember grinding for a specific handgun like no tomorrow, named something like the malfusion?
Thanks again in advance guys and I’d love to start playing again but when I recount my days, I spent a lot of time grinding for my gear and Im not sure if there’s any catch-up mechanism in the game because I feel like I’d be light years behind any meaningful content if I had to grind for my stuff back
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2023.06.02 06:39 EXIIPlays Why are tickets so impossible to get?

I was there for the artist pre-sale and regular pre-sale for all of the CA locations and they were sold out before I could even get the option to get anything. Hell, the Pomona show presale that popped up yesterday was gone by time I got the email and, at the same time, scalpers are already selling tickets for over $200 while the artist pre-sale was still going on. This is really disheartening. I really want to see them live and refuse to give money to scalpers who are making our lives miserable. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I was in the line right when the pre-sale started and they were gone. What's going on? Normally, tickets for bands I like are super easy to get and Sleep Token is still a fairly obscure band (as in, I'm the only person I know whose heard of them at all). Why are tickets so hard to get? Sorry for venting but this is really frustrating. This is the one band that I want to see live and it's seemingly impossible to do. :(
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2023.06.02 06:39 YogurtCloset642 Oli, Jubilant Avenger

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2023.06.02 06:39 ankita-raut image sensor market will Explore Robust Size & Growth During 2021-2029

The image sensor market has experienced rapid expansion in recent years, driven by the rise in demand for high-quality pictures and videos for use in a variety of devices, including smartphones, digital cameras, security cameras, and auto cameras. Electronics called image sensors are used to catch and convert light into digital data that may then be processed to produce a picture.
Due to the rising popularity of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies in the automotive sector, as well as the growing trend of adding multiple cameras to smartphones for better photography and video recording capabilities, the market for image sensors is predicted to keep expanding. Sony, Samsung, OmniVision, ON Semiconductor, and STMicroelectronics are important market participants in the image sensor space. Due to fierce competition, businesses are concentrating on
Get A free Sample Pdf:
Key Players:
· Canon, Inc.
· Galaxy Core, Inc.
· Hamamatsu Photonics K.K
· Infineon Technologies AG
· ON Semiconductor Corporation
· OmniVision Technologies Inc.
· Panasonic Corporation
· PMD Technologies AG
· Pixelplus
· Sony Corporation
· Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
· STMicroelectronics N.V.
· SK Hynix, Inc.
· Sharp Corporation
The advancement of cutting-edge technologies including complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors and backside illumination (BSI) has also contributed to the market's expansion. These technologies are perfect for a variety of applications because they provide improved performance, higher resolution, and less power consumption.
Additionally, the demand for image sensors in the automotive sector is anticipated to fuel market expansion. The need for image sensors in automobiles is anticipated to increase dramatically as ADAS and autonomous driving technologies become more widely used. Modern cars increasingly feature automotive cameras and LiDAR systems, which rely on image sensors for precise detection and measurement.
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2023.06.02 06:39 Education9294 Request Sample PDF - Sternal Closure Systems Market Size, Share & Industry Analysis, 2030

The global sternal closure systems market size was valued at USD 2,216.1 million in 2019 and is projected to grow from USD 1,600.1 million in 2020 to USD 2,345.2 million in 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.6% during the 2020-2027 period.
For More Information:
Sternal Closure Systems Market research is an intelligence report that goes through great lengths to get accurate and worthwhile data. The data that has been examined takes into account both the current top players and the up-and-coming rivals. Business strategies of the major players and emerging industries are carefully examined. Additionally, it offers data on the market's capacity and development.
Related Reports:
Cataract Surgical Devices Market
mHealth Market
Coronary Guidewires Market
Deep Brain Stimulation Systems Market
Dry Eye Syndrome Market
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2023.06.02 06:38 Kittencakepop Is it too late to apply for i-house?

Hello transfer student here. I was talking to my brother who also went to Berkeley and he recommended that I should try to apply for housing there. As I did research I learned that they review applications in order and that they only message the first hundred people they 'accept'. Considering it is already June, is it too late to apply?
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2023.06.02 06:38 need-motivation1233 i keep being irrationally angry at my siblings

writing from a throwaway account extremely new to reddit so sorry for anything i do wrong and formatting issues since i’m mobile
for some context, i (16f) am the eldest daughter of three in a hispanic household. my mother raised us by herself for the most part but got with a guy 3 years ago who’s been with us ever since. we’re not exactly super poor but our situation has both my mom and stepdad busy at work almost every day with long work hours. as the eldest, i’m given quite a bit of responsibility including cleaning the house and feeding and watching my siblings. they’re pretty grown now so it’s not as hard as it used to be and it’s not like it’s the worst thing in the world to help out. although sometimes i struggle with motivation.
for most of their relationship, my mom and stepdad had problems and they don’t really hide it. they’re kinda toxic and it used to be a big point of stress for me since it was usually me and my siblings who dealt with my moody mom afterwards. work has also been a big point of tension for my mom and she often vents to me about how hard and stressful work is for her or how worried she is about our financial situation and future. i usually only end up feeling extremely guilty about this and do my best not to be too much of a burden.
my main problem recently has been my intense anger towards my siblings, especially towards the youngest (10f). i feel like they’re often a lot more selfish than i got to be growing up and often lash out at them if i feel like they’re being burdensome to my mom who i think works really hard for us. i always feel extremely bad afterwards because it reminds me of how i grew up but i can never bring myself to apologize. my family has never been big on apologies and it feels odd to. i know it’s not really their fault most times and i’m just being a big nag but in the moment i can’t help but be angry. i feel like a failure of a big sister. they should be able to rely on me in this chaotic life but i only make them feel worse.
i know this is probably something i should go to therapy for but i’m not really in a position to for now. i just want to be able to change for them. they can be annoying sometimes but they’re good kids and i know they just need a bit more guidance. i know my mom is tired of raising kids on her own and as long as i have the ability i want to help even if it’s just emotionally. i want to do better and learn to cope with my stress and anger better so that i can stop being bitter.
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2023.06.02 06:38 lobstah_monstah Curbing and stopping reactive barking in an apartment

So I’ve been trying stop a bad habit my pup picked up from my roommates dog. The roommates dog used to be a guard dog before.The roommate never really got her to stop barking anytime someone was at the door or too close to the house.
The dogs got along fine but the problem is my dog, a 1 and 1/2 year old mini pincher picked up on the habit of barking anytime he hears noise outside and I just moved into a new apartment and really don’t want to piss off the neighbors.
So far I’ve been trying to keep treats in my pockets and if I hear the noise first I offer it and keep him distracted or make noise to associate with being quiet. I’m working on getting him to learn “quiet” as a command as well and only reward him with a treat if he doesn’t bark but he does it all day and night.
To distract him when he’s home alone and keep him quiet he usually has a frozen kong toy with kibble, ice and a little peanut butter in it. I’m going to get a noise machine or leave the tv on to have background noise of some sort but I’ve been trying to break this new habit for a little over a month now with minimal progress.
Any recommendations or resources to look at would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.02 06:37 Fit-Historian2431 Households that are well-off shouldn’t have garage sales.

I say this as someone who grew up in a $700k home on a golf course. I remember being little and asking my mom why we never have a garage sale while our neighbors do. From what I remember, she humbly brushed it off and basically said we don’t need a garage sale. Now that I’m an adult, I get what she was doing because we’d always just give everything away to women’s shelters or the Epilepsy foundation or some random cause. (She also grew up pretty poor and very Catholic so I’m sure that influenced her perspective).
I’m not trying to brag here but it just really frickin irks me when I see homes in similar environments doing a garage sales… like you don’t need the extra 200 bucks you might make; stop getting Starbucks every day and give your old items away to those who need it.
(Also yes I am probably coming off on some sort of moral high horse but there’s just been a lot of houses with garage sales lately and something that crosses my mind a lot!)
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2023.06.02 06:36 Asdzx17 Vocalising and tips?

I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but I'm new to the mastiff game.
This wonderful boy Loki, was dropped on my lap, because I'm known to give lost animals a home when I have the space. His story is very hazy as a result of him being rescued from a really bad situation for a dog like these. Small apartment room. trapped in it, shitting inside pissing inside all that. He was really thin when I got him, but not like...mange and fleas thin. He's doing much better now, he's legal, and got his shots. He's somewhere between 5 and 9 years old. I was told 8-9, but the vet and I both think he's more like 5-6. Just some backstory on the big guy.
I'm here trying to learn more about the breed, because again, he was kinda dumped on me. So I'm absolutely not prepared, which I know if you plan to own one of these dogs, you should be prepared. But I like to things are going well. I take him on walks, granted not nearly enough. But he's well fed, the house is plenty big for him, he can go where he pleases in it so he's not trapped in a room anymore. But I still find him very...talkative. now that doesn't bother me at all. It's actually fun to me. And funny. I like that he's a chatter box. But I'm curious as to why? I know all of his basic needs are met. And he's absolutely a bit bored, because I'm a bit boring. But even when I'm loving all up on him, he still insists on talking up a storm. Not a ton of barking or whining. Just general grumbling and that weird half whine they do? Again, I'm just here trying to understand my new best friend better. He especially gets talking when I'm rubbing behind his ears. The vet did say he's had lots of infections in his life, since according to her, his ear canals are a bit small. I've only had Loki here for about...2-3 months now, so he's settled in, he doesn't freak out when I'm not home, he's put on nearly 20-30 lbs, but has about 20 more to go according to the vet (he's currently sitting at 95 lbs). I know it seems like a rambling, and it sorta is. But I'm trying to connect some dots, and just kinda info dumping on you fine knowledgeable folk.
And anyone with any tips, I'm happy to hear what the community has to offer. I've been treating him like I treat most of my pittbulls, so far. But surely that can't be the correct way? Right? I just want to make sure he gets the best I can give him. We bonded pretty quickly, and now I can't imagine my life without him.
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2023.06.02 06:36 TBearRyder Wouldn’t smaller districts work better for Los Angeles neighborhoods? LA city is too big and the noise pollution is awful!

So I’m planning to leave LA after a work contract ends at the end of the year. One of my biggest issues is the corrupt LA city council and right now I’m struggling with noise pollution from all the helicopters (especially LAPD) and small plane owners causing excessive noise and fuel pollution.
Cities like Santa Monica and Beverly Hills fair better as far as getting direct support needed and I think one big problem with LA city is that it’s too big. DTLA should be it’s own council district, there’s no reason why Venice and DTLA should be in the same council district.
I think we need smaller districts with direct support and smaller safety teams to prevent LAPD using the lame excuse about LA being too big and needing to use helicopters. The noise pollution is really bad and despite what people say cities don’t have to be loud. That’s a failed policy choice. We need smaller districts, more green space, youth rec centers, and so much more. Housing and transportation should be at the county level and the board of supervisors should actually be supervising council districts. We need policies in place to prevent political corruption and we need more community owned affordable housing with trust accounts for said housing.
What are your thoughts on all of this???? Though I’m planning to leave LA I’m working to support a vote to have neighborhoods withdraw into smaller districts. #PowerToThePeople ✊🏿
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2023.06.02 06:36 Diksun-Solo What should I (24m) do with my relationship based off of these problems I'm facing with my (25f) GF?

I've been dating my GF for about 8 months now. Before this relationship we dated for a year (JUN 2019-JULY2020). But broke up for what i thought were solely long distance issues. So when i eventually came back to the US in 2022, I was willing to try dating again.
Topic 1: Current living and financial situations
I will admit some fault of my own to start with. Due to the driving I had to do to see her, after about a month of dating, i told her she could move in with me in my apartment and get a closer job if she wanted. I thought i had a good idea of what it'd be like to live with her but i clearly shouldn't have rushed into this.
That being said, I'm well off financially with my job so i pay the rent, all bills related to my car, and internet since all 3 of these were financial responsibilities i took up on my own. We split utilities, pet rent, and gym fees which usually ends with her contributing about $140 a month to bills and she usually contributes another 200 or so in various other things
In total, i pay around $4k a month to keep us living comfortably and she pays about $500.
She works a much lower pay job than me and hasn't done much in my opinion to get out of it. So that's why she's still making a lot less money than me. She also doesn't have a driver's license so anywhere we wanna go that requires driving is on me. She claims her vision may affect her driving ability if/when she tries to get one. I believe her as she doesn't have much of a reason to lie.
Topic 2: Jealousy/ Insecurity
I also can admit some fault as it pertains to a woman i am friends with. A while after I broke up with my current gf in 2020. I met another girl and developed feelings for her. We got drunk once and kissed each other, but never more than that. When i returned from overseas, I lived with this girl and her BF for about a month until i got my own apartment. One time i took my GF with me to her house to get some mail and on the way home she inquired about my history with my friend and i admitted to previously having feelings for her and kissing her in summer of 2021. My GF didn't like this and i shouldn't have hidden it from her.
This has created a trust issue in our relationship and to this day she clearly feels I'm hiding things. Any time she makes a statement that sounds accussing, i offer her to look in my phone and she declines.
However i think it's worth stating that she had trust issues the last time we were dating (before i met my friend) for no solid reason.
Everytime we talk or fight about the fact that i hid this from her, i feel like we hash it out and I even apologize again, only for it to come back up again in a month. I just want her to understand that I'm not hiding anything, which is why I tell her my phone passcode and offer her to look through it if she feels I'm hiding things.
She also got onto me about liking pictures of girls i went to high school with where they were in bikinis at the beach. She claimed these pictures were too "lewd" and "provocative". I assured her that i was just liking the pictures since it was a small demand and she still insisted i stop so i agreed to it to make her happy. I will say though, these weren't something like an only fans promotion. They were the most SFW bikini pics you could take.
This was also something we fought about last time we dated.
Topic 3: "I don't listen/ I don't care."
I can agree that sometimes I don't hear my GF when i should. That being said i also work in a very loud industrial environment so I may have some minor hearing damage after the past few years of working this job. This led to me recording what it sounded like at my job site and next time she brought up that "i don't listen " I showed her the video and said that i don't have good hearing after dealing with loud noises like that all day. She cried cause she felt bad for making me feel like i don't listen on purpose and i thought we had finally fixed that problem. But unfortunately she still asks if I'm ever even listening to her when I don't hear her, even if I'm doing something that requires my full attention like driving.
She also likely has a case of OCD. This has caused some contention as i sometimes forget to organize things how she likes to since I'm forgetful. When she put things back how she likes them, i have no issue with it and do it. But she'll still occasionally ask me if i even care about the fact she has OCD and this will usually result in an argument about whether or not I'm accommodating enough for her.
Topic 4: I don't spend enough time with her.
I will admit some fault here as the past couple weeks, I've been spending a lot of my days playing a new video game that just released. That being said, i still spent some time with her every day and spent all day with her on her Birthday and took her on a fancy dinner date.
Every day we usually cook dinner together. Spend an hour watching TV together. And we have sex about twice a week. We also run errands together and go with each other pretty much anytime we leave the house. We also go on a dinner date at least once a month, outside of special events.
That being said, she still says we don't spend enough time together and we should be going on more dates or doing more stuff at home together since the aforementioned activities aren't "quality time together".
The thing is I already make every effort to take her with me everywhere. I rarely go anywhere besides work on my own cause i don't want to make her upset, so saying we don't spend enough "quality time" together just makes me feel like shit.
Idk. I could definitely say more, but what do you guys think i should do with this relationship based off the info here?
TL;DR. Some of it is my fault, but my GF contributes less, is insecure, thinks i don't listen or care, and never thinks i spend enough time with her.
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2023.06.02 06:36 Peaceful-2 Photoworthy rules and guidelines -

We’re back to the usual until next Monday. Please be patient with me, you might question a couple of calls I make…sorry, I’m doing my best with that. I’m trying to keep it the place you wanted to join. Please don’t feel upset if you’re asked to repost a photo on Monday, some calls are hard to make and you’ll be in good company. I’ll make a few mistakes, I’m human. Thanks to all of you for making it the place that it is - I’m just the post-herder. 🌲🌲🌲
🌺MONDAY Fun pics: Please keep in mind: - Keep it light. No dark themes or sexy pics… This is for fun and to get to know each other a bit, to post those favorite pics that don’t usually fit our description such as pets, babies, houses, your latest hobby project, unusual dishes, fantasy, made to look unnatural, etc… - Original pics, please. You may still post a couple of “regular” pics as well.
🌺 ALL DAYS OF THE WEEK: Please follow our regular guidelines. Please submit original content and use the flair. Thanks.
For all days: landscapes, waterscapes (ocean, river, lake, waterfalls etc), flowers, wildlife sunsets, etc. **Avoid signs of Civilization and its chaos and noise, this is a retreat from all of that. So - avoid all those buildings, houses, vehicles, pets, etc. (You can use them on a fun post.)
NO unkind or snarky comments, we do not critique nor criticize. We do not use downvotes. We’re posting our own work not calendar pics off the net.
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2023.06.02 06:36 Armchair_Politiques How would you feel about a new, large city in Wales?

Wales has got an incredibly low population density (150psqkm), but unlike Scotland, there is still a-lot of flat and prime land. It's some 3x less than England, and as the housing crisis deepens, should we think about a new city in Wales?
I would brand this the "21st century Milton-Keynes" but that has poor connotations and it doesn’t have to be like that. There are lot's of reason's why people don't want a new city, though plenty of way's to come around that. For example, adequate services must be provided so instead of adding pressure to local services, it actually eases waiting lists in Hospitals and adds more police to the area. Secondly, the architecture of the city must represent regional designs and incorporate Welsh elements wherever possible.

How do you feel about this?
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2023.06.02 06:36 businessfundingn Business Funding Services in Florida - Helping Entrepreneurs Realize their Dreams

Are you an entrepreneur in Florida with a great business idea but struggling to find funding? Look no further! Business funding services in Florida can help you get the capital you need to start or grow your business.
Florida has a diverse and dynamic business climate, with a range of industries including tourism, healthcare, finance, and technology. The state's favorable tax policies, low business costs, and skilled workforce make it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs looking to start or expand their businesses. However, lack of funding remains a major challenge for many entrepreneurs in the Sunshine State.
Business funding services in Florida offer a variety of financing options to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams. Here are some of the most popular funding options:
Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans: The SBA is a federal agency that provides loans to small businesses. SBA loans are backed by the government and have lower interest rates and longer repayment terms than traditional bank loans. There are several types of SBA loans available, including 7(a) loans, microloans, and CDC/504 loans.
Business Lines of Credit: A business line of credit is a revolving loan that allows businesses to borrow funds as needed up to a certain limit. This type of financing is ideal for businesses that have fluctuating cash flow or need to finance short-term expenses.
Equipment Financing: Equipment financing is a type of loan used to purchase or lease equipment for your business. This type of financing is ideal for businesses that require expensive equipment or machinery to operate.
Merchant Cash Advances: A merchant cash advance is a type of financing in which a lender advances money to a business in exchange for a percentage of future credit card sales. This type of financing is ideal for businesses that have a high volume of credit card sales.
Crowdfunding: Crowdfunding is a method of raising funds from a large number of people via the internet. Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo allow entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas and receive pledges from backers in exchange for rewards or equity.
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2023.06.02 06:35 Hectic-Skeptic Automatic Circuit Switch Between Garage and Basement

Hi there!
Apologies if my lingo in title/this post is off, but I just bought a house which has a sub panel in the basement for the back yard, porch, and garage. The garage has a 220 circuit run since the previous owner was a mechanic and presumably had welders out there ect.
I am setting up a shop in the basement and have a 220 capable table saw I would love to use with that setup. Since I have close access to the sub panel, I was thinking of branching off of that 220 line going to the garage for use in the basement with my table saw (and other woodworking machines). Is it possible to have a switch/relay which has power available to the garage 220 until I draw from the basement with one of my tools? If so, what is the device I would need to do this called?
Ideally I'd want to keep the 220 line out there available as a car charger, which would cut off whenever I was using a tool in the basement.
Is there merit to this idea, and is there something out there that can help me accomplish this?
Thanks for the help/advice!
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2023.06.02 06:34 Useful_Sun9425 How would y’all book a Forbidden Doors with WWE and AEW?

They announce Survivor Series 2023 will be Forbidden Door. For me I’d do a two night event. They build in as most points per brand wins but show has an even number of matches.
Match Card Night 1 11.Brock Lesnar def Darby Allin (No Holds Barred) 10.Austin Theory def Chris Jericho (US Title) 9.The Acclaimed def New Day 8.House of Black def Judgement Day (AEW Trios Title) 7.Jay White def Drew McIntyre 6.Blackpool Combat Club def Brawling Brutes 5.Wardlow def Lashley (TNT Title) 4.LA Knight wins WWE/AEW battle Royal 3.Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens def Best Friends (WWE Tag Titles) 2.Edge def Christian (I Quit Match) 1.MJF (c) def John Cena (AEW Title)
Night Two 11.The Elite def Undisputed Era & The OC (WarGames) 10.Jungle Boy Jack Perry def Omos 9.Becky Lynch/Charlotte Flair def Toni Storm/Ruby Soho 8.Gunther def Orange Cassidy (Champ vs Champ) 7.Jamie Hayter def Saraya & Rhea Ripley (Triple threat AEW Women’s Title) 6.Bryan Danielson def Logan Paul 5.Usos def FTR (Build as best v best not for titles) (FTR heel turn) 4.Adam Page def Solo Sikoa (Texas Death Match) 3.Cody Rhodes def CM Punk 2.Bianca Belair def Jade Cargill (WWE Women Title) 1.Roman Reigns def Seth Rollins and Jon Moxley
The show ends in a tie which sets up a rematch for next year!
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